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Tumblr media
thinking about simon fucking you stupid after he was away for weeks on a mission.
he had barely walked two steps through the doorframe before your chest was colliding with his, your arms wrapping around his neck as you placed kisses anywhere you could see skin.
“well, hello to you too, lovey.” you were silent as you continued your attack on his flesh. you nipped and suckled at his neck as you somehow pulled him to the bedroom, trying to maneuver his frame around so he could sit on the bed.
that’s how you found yourself here.
your back was pressed against his front, legs trembling as he dragged his cock out of your soppy cunt. your clothes were scattered around the room - some on the bed, some on the floor. simon had managed to swipe your panties, discreetly shoving them in his pocket before he removed his pants.
his hands held a firm grip on your hips, surely there was going to be a bruise - a little surprise for when you woke up. he set a brutal pace, leaning over to try and catch a glimpse of his shaft going in & out of your messy folds. the sounds you let out were obscene, a mix of whines and high-pitched moans.
you couldn’t focus on anything besides what was being given to you. your vision blurred as your hearing went fuzzy, your mind practically turning to mush as the coil in your lower stomach started to unwind.
a slap to your puffy clit pulled you right out from your daze, a loud whine escaping your throat as you looked up at the perpetrator, eyes glazed over, pupils blown wide with lust.
“oh, just look at you. don’t know what to think or say when my cock is stuffed deep in your cunt, do you? don’t you worry, sweetheart. just leave all the thinking to me, yeah?”
Tumblr media
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just wanna be yours ; ghost
Tumblr media
tags/featuring: fem reader, misogyny, unwanted advances, reader experiencing what literally every fem presenting person experiences on a daily basis, ghost protecting reader, ghost drinks respect women juice, simp ghost, smut, multiple orgasms
notes: italics are flashbacks. dedicated to my bestie @whore4dilfs
playlist: i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys, will be linked as well
word count: 3,257
🏷️: @viylikescats @whore4dilfs @warenai @briacreations96 @fullmoon-94 @breadboyye @kiroshang @zvdvdlvr @lunitalloronaa @itzzjxlyn @lonely-ofc @m0rganit3 @badbishsblog @wolfyland07 @angelsdemonsmonsters @unkn0wnd3ad @itstokyo-cos @c1rice @venusianlustt @bugonawall @wakusbonkus @shadowycreatormentality @blackrose4242 (if ur striked out, tumblr wouldn’t let me tag u, sorry)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Your senses are overwhelmed by Simon and Simon only.
Tears pricked at your eyes and you panted with every thrust of his hips. It took every ounce of your willpower not to let out obscene moans when he hit a particularly sensitive spot.
“No, no, no. none of that. You’re gonna let out every single moan and fucking whimper,” Simon growled, biting against your shoulder.
It all started when Graves directed his attention towards you.
Now, Simon couldn’t blame him because he didn’t want to become official with your relationship yet. He insisted that it was because he didn’t want you to get hurt, but since you work on the same team, you’re going to get hurt regardless.
So, to the rest of the team, you were completely available. Soap would throw in some harmless flirting from time to time but that was nothing compared to Phillip Graves, who would constantly ask you out on dates or comment about your love life.
Soap’s harmless flirting also never made you uncomfortable or scared, unlike Graves’ whorish attempts that always put a pit in your stomach. Thankfully though, Graves’ attempts at pursuing you were always slyly shot down or interrupted by Ghost.
Whenever you asked him why he would interfere constantly, he would stick with the same bullshit answer, “I can’t have him distracting you on the job.” You would scoff and roll your eyes, and he would let you because it was easier than telling you the truth. That he blocked any of Graves’ advances towards you because he’s in love with you. That he needs you in his life more than he needs the very air in his lungs. That he can’t breathe at the thought of you getting hurt.
He convinces himself that you’re safer if you’re not in a relationship with him. He convinces himself that if he lets you into his heart, a target will be painted on your back.
So he resigned himself to loving you from afar. That was good enough for him. As long as he could protect you and your friendship, he would be alright with not loving you openly.
Protecting you meant that every single time Graves approached you with that slimy grin, Ghost wasn’t far behind - ready to cut Graves off and shield you from his unwanted attention. He is hot on Graves’ heels the second he sees your eyes widen a fraction or your breath quicken. Ghost’s hackles ride the most when he sees the tale tell sign of an oncoming panic attack; you picking at the skin around your nails, leaving them raw and bloody.
Wherever Graves struck up a conversation with you and Ghost was in your vicinity, the Lieutenant would bark a command to some poor recruit. His loud, booming voice would simultaneously distract Graves and pull your attention back to your Lieutenant. Just the way Ghost liked it.
Other times, he would make up tasks for you that involve following him to his office or to the gym. Or following him to literally anywhere that Graves wasn’t. He might tell you that he’s having trouble with documents so he needs you to follow him to his office. He might say that Price called a meeting, when in fact, he never called one at all.
This was one of those times. Ghost was in the gym doing deadlifts when he heard Graves’s grating voice peeking out from his headphones. He tried to ignore it as he kept pumping the weights and pushing his limit, but to no avail.
“I mean, I see you around here all alone, and I just think it’s such a waste.” Ghost hears as he turns his headphones off. He waited a moment to hear whoever Graves was flirting with, if you could even call it that.
Ghost continued lifting the weight, jaw ticking when he heard your timid and shaky voice respond, “That’s nice of you to say, but—,” before Graves rudely cut you off.
“I could treat you—,” Graves was interrupted by Ghost dropping his iron weight on the padded floor, letting it bounce loudly. Graves was jolted from the conversation immediately and his eyes flashed to Ghost, who was now striding over to the two of you.
Your anxious demeanor calmed immediately once Ghost approached Graves, now replaced with a mixture of nerves and excitement. You knew Ghost had a possessive nature about him but no matter what, he would always put your safety first. And the second he noticed that anxious look on your face, or the way your eyes glanced toward the exit door as if planning an escape? His instincts went into overdrive, to not only claim what was his, but to protect what was his.
“Can I help you with something, Lieutenant?” Graves asked, annoyed that he was interrupted. He crossed his arms as he stared back at Ghost, who was now only standing a few feet from the two of you.
“You can, as a matter of fact.” Ghost replied cooly, without missing a beat. He spared a single glance at your nervous figure and without any hesitation, waved you over to stand next to him. You obeyed immediately, moving to stand behind the brooding soldier as he held his arm out to protect you.
As you eagerly took your spot behind him, your eyes grazed over him, admiring his muscles that were on display. You gulped, watching as his arms flexed and his veins bulged as his hands balled into fists.
You could tell he was getting agitated.
“What you can do is take a fuckin’ hint and leave her alone.” Ghost shot back.
Graves scoffs.
“And how exactly does this concern you, Riley?” The American shot back with a roll of his eyes, which Ghost didn’t take too kindly to.
“It concerns me because you can’t take no for a fucking answer, you piece of-” Ghost spat, taking a step further until he was in Graves’ face.
You reached for Ghost’s shoulder and tried to pull him away. You would love nothing more than for him to put Graves in his place, but you knew Ghost would get punished as well for getting into an altercation.
“Okay, LT. I think he gets the point. You get the point, don’t you, Graves?” You narrowed your eyes at the American, daring him to go any further.
“Sure do, Y/N! I’m sorry, it won’t happen again! I assure you.” He scrambled, his southern drawl breaking as he apologized. He looked back and forth between you and Ghost, gauging his reaction.
“Okay, great! Then why don’t we get out of here?” Without waiting for Ghost’s response, you dragged him out of the gym and away from Graves.
You kept dragging him by his wrist all the way to the showers, his boots hitting the pavement behind you.
“You know I appreciate it when you do that but you’re just gonna get yourself in trouble one of these days.” You muttered as you put your locker combination in for a change of clothes. He waited patiently next to you, studying your face while you opened your locker. You could feel his gaze burning into you.
“I’ll deal with that if it comes to it.” He waved your concerns off. You sigh at his nonchalant attitude, grabbing your towel and change of clothes.
“Not if, when, Ghost. You keep putting yourself in positions like that and Shepherd will have you on probation. Especially for something stupid like that..” You mumbled the last sentence under your breath as you slammed your locker. You turned to walk away from him only to have him grab your wrist and pull you close to him.
Impossibly close.
“Defending you from that pervert is anything but fucking stupid. I can’t stand how he makes you feel. How you tuck tail and freeze whenever he talks to you. I see that.” He grounds out. His hand moves from your wrist to hold the small of your back, bringing you flush against his chest. His dark eyes bored into yours, you couldn’t look away even if you wanted to.
“I see how scared you are, even if you don’t want to admit it. Even if you don’t wanna accept my help. I’m always going to be there.” He almost growls, his other hand moving to cup your cheek. His thumb traced small circles on your skin.
“I will always protect you.”
“Why?” You shot back, fire burning in your eyes. He visibly recoiled at the rare sight of your glossy eyes glaring daggers at him. He was so accustomed to two expressions from you: The first being your bright eyes, crinkling at the edges from laughing so hard at some dumb joke of his. The second being your face contorted in pleasure, throwing your head back as he pulled orgasm after orgasm from you.
“Why do you care so much? You’ve made it clear that you only want something physical and I’m trying to respect that, I really am.” You blink at the rapidly building tears in your eyes, forcing your emotions down. You refused to break down in front of him, not when you knew how this would end.
You knew that he would brush off your feelings as just a lust fueled crush that would pass any day now.
“But you make it so fucking hard.” Every word that comes out of your mouth is like a punch to the gut for Ghost. He can hear the pain in your voice and he hates that he’s the cause of it.
“One day, you tell me that we can’t keep doing this because it’s a distraction for you. The next day, you’re showing up on your white horse to ‘defend my honor’.” You use your index fingers to make quotations in the air while you spoke the last three words. You’re animated as you rant, waving your hands and raising your eyebrows. It was clear as day that you’d been holding this feeling in for a long time.
“So which one is it? Do you want me or not?” Ghost felt his heart sink when your voice broke. You were at your breaking point, he knew that. You were done playing games. He knew that if he wasn’t honest right here and now, you would end this arrangement for good. He would never get to feel your soft skin under his callused fingertips or have your soft moans hit his ears.
So being honest is exactly what he would do.
“What kind of question is that? Do I want you? You.. you consume every thought in my head. Every room I walk into, you are the first person I look for.” He speaks every word so slow and languidly, leaning down closer to you. He moves the hand that was on your face down to your back so that both of his large hands were splayed across your back.
“You occupy every fucking inch of space in my soul. I cannot breathe when you’re not near me. Of course I fucking want you.” He shouts, his voice echoing off of the lockers.
You jolt a bit in surprise and your eyes widen in shock and disbelief. You bite your lip to keep it from trembling as your mind races.
“That’s a sick fucking joke, Ghost.” You almost whisper, stomach feeling like lead as you avoid his gaze. There’s no way. There’s just no fucking way he would ever feel the same way about you, not after he adamantly denied it time after time. Not after he made the two of you promise that your arrangement would always be no-strings-attached.
“You don’t believe me?” He scoffs in your ear, his hands still sending tingles down your spine. He didn’t wait for your response before moving closer, so close that you could feel his warm breath on your neck.
“That’s fine. I’ll make you believe me.”
That’s how you ended up here.
In your quarters, naked, moaning and trembling under Simon as he thrusted into you. His big, rough hands were holding your thighs so your legs were pushed against your chest, putting you in a mating press position.
Skin slapping against skin, your breasts bouncing with each thrust. Your face was contorted in pleasure, brows furrowed and mouth hung open. Simon’s face was buried in your neck, grunting as his cock was squeezed by your tight cunt. Your cunt was sopping wet, your juices soaking his cock and mixing with his seed.
His mouth went to work on claiming you as his, for everyone to see. Licking, sucking and biting on the span of your neck, painting it red and purple like a necklace.
When he got to your jugular, he bit hard. You let out a particularly loud moan at the mix of pain and ecstasy. You could feel him smirk against your neck.
“Atta’ girl.” He praised, angling his hips to thrust even deeper.
“Oh God!” Your eyes rolled back as he hit the spongey spot over and over, the knot in your stomach unraveling as you came on his cock. That would make your first of many orgasms of the night.
“Just me, Lovie.” He muttered, pressing a wet kiss against the skin of your collarbone. The pet name fell from his lips so effortlessly, so naturally. You were too deep in your fucked-out state to even notice him use that name for you.
“I’m gonna ask you again. Do you believe me?” He asks, reaching two fingers down to toy at your swollen clit. Your juices mixed with his cum made obscene wet sounds as he rubbed the bundle of nerves. You cried out, still so sensitive as he rubbed mercilessly, not giving you even a moment of reprieve. His hips continued thrusting against your sweet spot. You could already feel the warmth in your stomach build again.
“I asked you a question. Do you believe me?” He demanded, slowing his thrusts so you would be able to respond.
You shook your head. It was small, but he noticed it all the same.
He clenched his jaw, and decided on a change of plans. He would fuck you until you believed him. He would pull every orgasm from you until you believed that he loved you. Every last drop.
So he hiked your legs up even further, ankles by his ears, and began pistoning into your swollen entrance. Your breath got knocked out of your chest from him hitting your cervix, only to turn into a wail as he slapped your abused clit, over and over.
Your second orgasm washed over you in waves, cunt squeezing around him and making him groan in pleasure. He fucked you through your high, rubbing your clit until your orgasm died down. By now, his happy trail was painted with your cum.
He never pulled out though. Instead, he stayed sheathed inside your warm pussy and pressed kisses to your ankle that was still hiked up on his shoulder. He watched your blissed out face as you came down from your high, admiring your parted lips and furrowed brows. Your chest heaved as you panted, reminiscent of how your breasts bounced just moments before. Your (hair type) hair was mussed and splayed across the silky pillow.
“How ‘bout now, huh?” He murmured against your ankle, dark eyes trained on your face. Your eyes opened after a moment, still a bit unfocused from two consecutive orgasms. You still looked up at him through your lashes, eyes all glossy and pupils blown from lust.
His eyes peered into yours, almost daring you to shake your head again. He almost wanted you to, truth be told. That would mean he would get to coax more toe curling orgasms from his girl.
You rolled your eyes just a fraction and let out a scoff. To others it might’ve sounded like a pant or just an exhale, but he was perfectly attuned to every noise and expression you ever make. He knew it was a scoff of denial and doubt.
“So fucking stubborn.” He growls deep in his chest, wrapping his arms around you to manhandle you as he wished. You let out a yelp as he completely changed positions.
With your cunt still squeezed around his cock, he sat back and pulled you into his lap with your legs wrapped around his waist. Your cunt was now damn near impaled on his cock, feeling impossibly full of his cum. He didn’t let you set the pace though, no. He was in control and you knew it, if the pathetic whimpers falling out of your mouth were anything to go by.
He palmed at your ass with his large hands and began moving your hips onto his dick and immediately you moaned against his shoulder. Hands grasping and clawing at his back, desperate to find purchase as he bounced you on his cock. With every bounce, he met it with an equally strong thrust into your cunt. Every thrust hit your g-spot just right, making the knot in your stomach tighten for a third time.
Your hips instinctively bucked towards the source of the mind numbing pleasure, grinding yourself on his cock. You let out needy whines with every sway of your hips. Every sound that fell from your lips was like music to his fucking ears.
Once you started building your own rhythm, he took his opportunity to remove one hand from your ass and use it to reach down past your stomach, and torture that swollen bundle of nerves once more.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck—,” You babbled, slumped against his chest. Your throat was raw with how much you’ve been moaning, whining, screaming in ecstasy. Your nails were leaving red scratch marks across his back and he would wear them with pride.
You squeezed painfully tight around his cock and he knew you were so close, teetering on the edge, and you just needed some encouragement.
“Come on, give it to me. I know you can do it, Lovie.” He murmured right by your ear, his husky accented voice sending shivers down your spine.
He rubbed your clit a few more times as he leaned down a bit to bite your neck, growling into the skin.
The knot in your stomach broke and your mouth fell open in a silent scream as your third orgasm cascaded over you. You squirted onto him and milked his cock for every bit of cum it was worth, making him moan into your neck.
He felt warm puffs of air hit his shoulder as you panted in exhaustion. He reached up to cradle your head and stroke your hair.
“You believe me now? You believe that I love you with every fiber of my being? Because I do. And if you want me to, I’ll spend every waking moment proving it to you. No matter what. Whether that means protecting you and making sure you feel safe, or worshipping you like the goddess you are, I’ll do it. Whatever it takes.” He pressed a kiss to the crown of your head.
“That sounds good.” He heard you mumble sleepily against his chest. He chuckled, relief flooding his chest because you were giving him a chance.
Tumblr media
“…You know I believed you the first time right? Just wanted to see how many times you could go.” You mumbled as you laid against his chest.
You felt his chest rumble with laughter at your admission.
“You little fucking minx.”
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Task force 141 found out about your soft spots | Part 2
Summary: Ever since they saw the softer part of you, the task force 141 has been trying to see more of them. a/n: This is a follow-up from the previous part! It can be read separately but part 1 gives more context :)  Also! The dividers were made by @gomzdraws (which is also me lol) apologies if I took too long! I'll have to admit I got a bit carried away with part :>
Tags: incorrect military terms, fluff, can be read as platonic or romantic, horrible attempt at Scottish accent(I gave up near the end xD), mention of dog bites, x gn!reader
Captain John Price
Tumblr media
The two of you returned to base after just recently completing the mission; the target was secured and handled, and you rested in the general area as you looked through your phone again, updating your to-do list as you had stumbled upon the photo of the cute latter art previously. You stop and lean on the counter as you smile. It's so freaking cute, you think to yourself before a nudge takes your attention.
"Come", was all the captain said before you quickly followed along without questions. You’re always eager to follow any instructions he gives; maybe he needed to discuss the upcoming mission. But it’s obvious it's not going to be that as you sit in his car. Where are we going?
You ask curiously as you fasten the seat belt. The Captain only gives you a smile as he presses the gas pedal. "Just getting something to eat", he replies as you nod and relax into the chair. Well, it's nearing evening, and you are, in fact, quite hungry, so a small bite before dinner doesn’t sound too bad. It wasn’t long before you finally reached your destination. It’s a quiet town that has a few stalls and shops, and you walk alongside the captain until you stop before a small cafe, tucked nicely at the end of the street.
You look through the window as you watch the few people and barista chilling inside. It looks warm and cosy; there were soft fairy lights lining the pale yellowish wall with brown pillars supporting the structure. The captain gently places his hand around your back as he guides you to enter the cafe. You follow along as you take in the fresh smell of coffee and pastries and the sight of the small place. Price let you wander around for a while before taking a seat near the stairs, and a waiter quickly came as he greeted him. 
"Ah John! It's been a while; I see you brought company." The older man then hands you both the menu as he chuckles and bumps the captain’s shoulder. Price nods back as he glances back at you and says, "Pick anything you want, it’s on me", You give him a surprised look before you nod and take a look. You smile as you look through the list on the menu; it has a lot of cute drinks and desserts, so he saw. You thought to yourself as you ordered a latte; it's apparently their best-selling drink with the 3D cat milk foam on top of the drink. The waiter nods as he looks at Price, to whom he orders tea and some apple strudels. The waiter takes down the order on his notepad before promptly returning to the counter and preparing the orders.
How did you find this place? You ask the captain as you take in the surroundings again; it's a hidden gem, that’s for sure, and the prices on the menu were not bad as well.
"I knew this place because Oliver, the man who took our order just now, used to go to the same college", you hum as a reply and nod.
It's a nice place, and I can’t wait to try the drink, you reply back with a smile as your eyes twinkle with excitement. The captain chuckles as he nods. 
"Well, I didn’t take you as someone who likes these kinds of things, but it's a pleasant surprise, don’t worry. So I figured I'd bring you here." 
He raised an eyebrow out of amusement as he watched you blush slightly. You huffed out a puff of air before you replied sheepishly, 
Ah well, I guess cute things are my weakness after all; who would’ve guessed? 
"Just don't let the enemy know, and you’ll be fine", the captain jokes back as your drink arrives, and you immediately close your mouth as you watch the foam wiggle around when it was placed gently on the table. 
Oh my god, you whisper to yourself as you gasp and take in the sight, quickly taking your phone out and taking a picture. You glance back at Price with sparkling eyes as you tilt your head, giving him a "are you seeing this?" look as he chuckles and nods. He can feel the joy radiating from your face as you go ahead and stare at the drink, and the way you carefully turn the cup around to see the whole thing? Precious.  
He watches you take a sip. You close your eyes and give a nod as you savour the taste. Not only was the drink cute, but the flavour was perfect as well. You can smell the coffee's aroma and see how smooth the drink is. You didn’t realise when you had a bit of foam below your nose as you smiled back at the captain. Price couldn't help but laugh slightly as he took a tissue and wiped off the foam from your face. "Guessing you like it then?", you nod as you place down the cup and cover your mouth slightly to hide the pink blush that’s creeping up to your cheek. 
Yeah, it's not too bitter, and it tastes pretty rich. I like it. You reply as you watch him hum and take his strudel and tea. 
"Good, we can come here again next time". He says this as he gives you a warm grin and a wink.
John Soap McTavish 
Tumblr media
It was another week of training with the two military dogs, specifically Max and Judy, two German Shepherds who have been quite fond of you as they follow the training. Over the course of the regimen, you are supposed to reinforce essential handling techniques and carry out a few conditioning exercises like generalised commands. You may not be a military dog handler, but the training has definitely improved your skills to be one. Soap has joined you on a few training sessions and watches on the side as you smoothly handle the dogs, carrying out the essential steps and watching as the dogs follow you obediently. He finds it inspiring to see you train with the professional dog handler, Sergeant Sam, who has been offering a lot of help and tips. 
Today, Sergeant Sam guides you through controlled aggression training for Max, something the dog has had some trouble with for the past few days. Max has shown a good level of precision when commanded to attack a target, but its restraint technique still needs more practice, as Max tends to move before you give your words. You coo and guide Max as you carry out the demonstration, pointing at the volunteer as Max growls. You hold onto the leash firmly when Max tries to run towards the target, and you speak with a steady, calm voice as you patiently coo at the dog. 
Alright Max, steady. Not yet. Stay. 
Your voice hushed Max as it reduced his growl and made him stand on the ground, no longer pulling on the leash, and wait for your next command.
Okay, good boy Max, you don't forget to praise it immediately. This is one of the many bits of advice given by Sergeant Sam, it is said to give the dog motivation and let it know it’s doing the right thing if you praise its action immediately. 
You finally gave the signal after a while, and Max immediately went to jump and bite on the protective coat the volunteer was wearing, growling and displaying its aggression as you guided the dog. Sergeant Sam and you continue to practise a few more times with Max to properly train him to improve his restraining skills. 
After a few hours, you were finally given a break as you sat on the floor, sweating as you gently rubbed Max’s head. 
There you are, good boy Max~ So proud of you!
 You whisper to Max as you feel something poke your back. You glance back and smile as you watch Judy (the other military dog) wagging its tail and giving your cheek a lick. 
Ah! Judy, did you miss me? Hey now, who’s a good boy~?
You immediately shower Judy with attention and pat its head as you glance up to watch Soap approaching you. You wave to him as he stands at a distance. You watch his nervousness show as he rubs his neck and taps his foot repeatedly on the ground. You then stand up and order Max and Judy to sit and remain still on the floor as you walk to Soap. 
Sergeant Soap, good to see you. You greeted him with a smile as he relaxed slightly and smiled back at you. 
"Aye, I saw da training todae; it seems yer gettin better at this!", he said as he nervously glanced back at Max and Judy before staring back at you again. You nodded appreciatively as you chuckled and spoke. 
Yeah, Max and Judy have been behaving well, and the training with them is running smoothly. They remind me of my own dog back home, you say fondly as you watch him glance back at you with a surprised grin. 
"Wut? You owned a German Shepherd? That’s perfect, then, actually", You watch as he shuffles around his pocket as he holds out a bag of snacks; it’s Milk-Bone dog biscuits! You smile widely as he hands you the snack. 
"Well, I wanted to give it to ya as a wae to say thanks since yer took the job for me; you seem close to dogs anyhow; I hope I bought the right thing". Soap says as he laughs and pats your shoulder, "What’s the name?", He asks before you take out your phone and proudly show him photos of your own German Shepherd. It's big, and it has a golden sable pattern that shines ever so slightly under the sun. 
Named it Meatball because he always managed to steal some from the kitchen. He is my little ball of sunshine, you explain with a soft giggle as you show him more pictures, swiping the gallery before stopping on one where you were carrying Meatball with a struggling look, face scrunched up with a frown with a grin, you chuckle as you look back at Soap, 
He’s almost 5 years old now and still jumps and expects me to carry him around like a baby, even when he's 60 pounds! 
Soap laughs along as he stares at the photo. You looked so happy and content, and he likes how cheerful and giddy you are when you start talking about your dog. He’s still scared of dogs, but he felt like with you, he might be able to overcome that fear a little as he listens to your stories. 
I'm sorry for babbling so much, by the way. You stop halfway when you realise you’ve been talking for the past 10 minutes about your own dog, but Soap quickly shakes his head as he rests his hand on your shoulder, giving you a reassuring look as he speaks,
"No, no, go on. I love hearing yer talk about Meatball. He’s really cute!", Soap says as he gives you a nudge. "might even visit the fella with how sweet he sounds". Your eyes beamed when he suggested that,
Really? I mean, I don't want to force you to meet him if you’re still uncomfortable and all
Soap nods again as he gives a chuckle. 
"Well, I think I'm still a bit nervous, but it's something I want to try again, ya know?", You nod in understanding before you think for a moment and give a reply as you glance back at the military dogs. 
How about you start by warming up to Judy? Max is a bit bigger and more intimidating, but Judy is smaller, and he’s more obedient. Do you want to try it? Soap sucks in a breath as he contemplates for a few minutes before finally sighing as he nods slowly. You smile as you rest your hand on his thigh to soothe his nerves. 
It's okay; you’re with me. It will be alright. You say gently as you call for Judy to come around. Soap watches as Judy slowly makes its way towards you and Soap, his legs shuffling a bit as his muscles tense up when Judy comes and sits in front of you.
Be good. Soap is going to touch you, okay? You coo at Judy as the dog gives a nod and rests its head on your knee. You glance back at Soap as you hold his hand and speak.
You’re going to be okay; Judy won't bite, I promise. Soap nods with a gulp as he lets you take his hand and guide it to Judy’s head. You watch as he retracts his hand a bit when Judy tilts its head to stare at Soap. 
"y-y/n…" Soap says nervously before you pause and rub his hand in small circles, 
It's alright; take it slow and don't worry. You speak patiently as you watch Soap nod and take a few deep breaths to calm himself down. You don’t move and continue holding his hand in the air, and wait to let him take the initiative to move, and not long after that, he starts running his finger along the head of Judy’s fur cautiously. Judy remains still as it closes its eyes and wags its tail slightly. You give a small chuckle as you whisper back to Soap,
You’re alright; look, Judy likes you. You say as Soap relaxes more as he watches in awe, smiling slightly when he watches the dog press its furry chin onto your knees and melt into his touches. It’s certainly a much different response to what he imagined, and the memories of dogs biting into his legs and arms still haunt him sometimes. He can feel those sharp teeth sinking into his skin and drawing blood in those nightmares, but now? This dog he's touching is peacefully laying on your knee, not moving an inch as he strokes his fur softly with his palm, it's unnerving to him still, like he still expects the dog to bite him if he lets down his guard. But slowly, he gets more comfortable when he sees no signs of that happening, he also knows that if you're here with him, he'll be alright.
Soap glanced back at you as he held his gaze. "Thank you...", he said with a tone full of appreciation as you smiled back at him and nodded. 
No worries, I'm happy you’re able to come this far, you say back with a soft tone as the both of you just continue like this, chatting idly back and forth as Soap slowly strokes Judy’s fur. By the end of the conversation, Judy was resting its head on Soap’s tight, and Soap was no longer trembling as he rests his hand on its head.
Kyle Gaz Garrick
Tumblr media
Ever since Gaz dropped off the bear in your room, you’ve been trying to reach out to him. But many times that has not happened because of the busy schedules, and it also doesn’t help that you’re not often teamed up with him. 
However, when you do see him, you make sure to give him a nod and an appreciative stare as he returns the same. You’ll admit you were not as close to Gaz when compared to Ghost, but ever since the IKEA trip, both of you have been trying to change that, even if it’s just a bit. Sometimes he brews you a cup of tea in the morning; other times you’ll secretly take on his paperwork when you notice those tired eye bags in the morning. 
But you wanted to return the favour with more than just these small gestures. You’ve thought about a lot of options; the first thing was perhaps to buy him a game of sorts. You heard from Soap before that Gaz is a gamer himself and owns a Switch. The problem is that you’re not aware of what kind of games he’s into, and asking those questions will raise suspicions. You have a rough idea that he might like action role-playing and multiplayer games like Elden Ring and World of Warcraft; sometimes you know Soap and Gaz will play Mario Kart because of how loud their laughter can be in their room. But you don’t like guessing and would rather get him something you’re absolutely sure he will like. The other thing you wanted to get him was perhaps a hat or a scarf, seeing as he likes wearing those. But you learned that he is very attached to his scarf, so buying him a new one didn’t seem right to you. As for the hat, you actually found a blue beanie that might look good on him, but you decided to save it for his birthday. After many sleepless nights of trying to figure out what on earth to give him, the opportunity finally presented itself one day. You just finished a mission with the team, and as the crew made their way back to base, you noticed how Gaz’s gloves were damaged; the thumb side was burned off, most likely due to the explosion previously. Gaz took notice of your gaze and gave you a smile.
"It's alright; the rest of it is still fine I can live with it." 
You give a nod as he turns around and speaks to Soap again, back to their usual banter as Gaz elbows Soap for not warning him when the bomb goes off. You secretly thank Soap for his recklessness because now you know exactly what to get him.
You tip-toed around the base during the late hours, being quiet and stepping cautiously on the floorboard to avoid generating any noise. You rest your hand along the wall as you walk before finally reaching the door. You glance around once and finally bend down to put down the little green box with a cute yellow ribbon. You smile softly to yourself as you stand up, only to yelp slightly when Gaz taps on your shoulder from the back. 
"Hey, erm, what are you sneaking around for?-", he stops as you quickly glance back as you nervously stand before the gift, shuffling it behind your feet as you shake your head. Gaz watches your demeanour before he smiles as he looks down, noticing a small gift box. "I didn’t know it was my birthday today", he jokes with that charming smile of his, chuckling softly as he tilts his hand and leans closer.
"You don’t have to be so shy around me. Come on", He bends down to pick up the box as he opens the door. You were about to leave before he stops as he looks at you, motioning to enter his room. You gulp as you nod and follow along, deciding to sit on his bed beside him. You have never entered any member’s room at this point, and you’re surprised at how cosy his room is. A few blankets here and there; he even has a few plushies himself! You get distracted by his place without realising he has already pulled off the ribbon and taken out the gift. You turn around and face him when he lets out a gasp.
Gaz said excitedly as he held a pair of Moto gloves, navy in colour with a dash of blue camouflage, lined with hard leather that protects the knuckles. You watch as his eyes shine and he smiles so big that you can see his prominent canine teeth protruding, silently satisfied with yourself when he thanks you for the gift.
I've been wanting to return the favour since you got me the bear.
You say softly as he nods and tests out the glove. It’s a perfect fit as he feels the texture and size.
"This is amazing! I love it. Thank you so much", He thanks you again as he gives your head a pat. Both of you decided to stay for a while and chat idly after that.
Simon Ghost Riley
Tumblr media
You were awake the entire night, blinking and shuffling around your bed as you sighed deeply. 
Another sleepless night 
You thought to yourself as you pressed a pillow to your own face. You usually have trouble sleeping sometimes—more than you would like to admit. Whether it's because of the stress that lingers after missions or because of nightmares, They plague your nights without mercy. 
You groan and sit up as you stare at the clock. 
It's about 5 a.m. already, and I still can’t sleep. 
You grumble to yourself as you stand and stretch, pissed that you can’t even enjoy a day off without getting a good night's sleep. You decided to run some laps around the field to tyre yourself out and nap afterwards. 
And you did just that, running around the field for the past half an hour already, yet somehow you can feel that you’re more awake than usual. You know you’re physically tired, but your mental state refuses to calm down and screams at you. You sat on the ground hopelessly before lying on it, staring up at the sky as you let out a long, defeated sigh as you let out a few more grumble.
"Good morning, y/n" comes a voice as you glance to your left, recognising it as you divert your gaze from his shoe to his mask.
Good morning, Lieutenant Ghost, You reply back as you sit up and frown, slightly embarrassed that he saw you like this. 
"Grabbing coffee for them, coming along?" He asks as he shakes the car key in his left hand, his other resting in the pocket of his black hoodie. You nod as you stand up by yourself and brush away the dust as both of you head to the jeep.
You’ve done this routine before with Ghost, sometimes doing it yourself. The group likes to take turns buying coffee and breakfast every weekend near the base; even the barista and workers have already recognised you guys at this point. 
"Ah, it's you, 3 black coffees and 2 Earl Greys as per usual, yes?" Ghost nods to the shorter barista as she promptly prepares the drinks. You stood beside Ghost as you glanced around when you waited for the order before catching your sight on the fridge that displayed pastries and other small bites. 
swiss roll!! 
You take notice of the delicacy as you step closer to the glass. They rarely have cakes, at least whenever you come to visit anyway; mostly they display croissants or sandwiches, and you have to admit that the swiss roll they sell looks pretty good and tempting. 
Matcha, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate
You take a close look at all the options as you stare excitedly. Ghost watches as he stands closer and bumps your shoulder. 
"Chocolate is good."
He whispers into your ears as you blush slightly at the sudden closeness and glance back at him. You nod as you stare back at that specific swiss roll. It even has what you assume is chocolate whipped cream with a small cherry on top. You whisper back softly as you grab his sleeve timidly. 
Can I try the cake with you?
You know you can finish this cake yourself, but you wanted to share it with him since he suggested it in the first place. 
Ghost blinks before nodding as he pats your hand, ordering the chocolate swiss roll as you smile and happily take a seat in the corner of the cafe. You watch as he brings the plate and sets it on the table. He hands you a fork as he watches you poke through the cake and take a bite.
Your eyes beam as your face lights up when you have a taste; the soft, spongy chocolate cake is perfect, and paired with the chocolate whipped cream? It tasted like heaven. Ghost chuckles as he watches you take another bite. 
"Told ya"
You nod as you glance back at him with a giddy smile. You were right. You say as you take a much bigger part of the cake and hand the fork to him, and he nods as he pulls his balaclava to eat the cake, making sure he watches you from the corner of his eyes as he eats it. He likes seeing you take in the sight of him shamelessly, even if it's just his jaw and lips. He liked how you always stare and trail along the faint scar he has around the chin; it's as if you’re mapping him out and memorising his features. He gives a hum of approval as he finishes the bite and hands you back the fork, urging you to take more as you shake your head. 
"It's okay, kid, I’ve tried this cake before already. Eat."
He says this as you frown slightly and nod along, then enjoy the cake again as your brows slowly relax. He smiles as he continues to watch you eat; he knows that you’re always eager and tend to be more compassionate than the other members, even if you don't show it. Gestures like how you always save a seat for him in the planes beside Soap, or how you silently wipe and clean Soap’s guns after missions, or how you always helped Gaz with reports, and you always brew a cup of coffee for Captain when he needs it, your actions doesn't go unnoticed by him. 
Do you have a sweet tooth? 
The question caught him off guard as he watch your eye. He took a few moments to ground himself before nodding. He watched the glint of amusement in your eyes as you smiled and leaned in to ask another question. 
Then what’s your favourite dessert? 
He smiles at your question as he leans in and rests his arm on the table as he stares back at you. 
"Chocolate, if that wasn’t obvious enough already."
You chuckle as you shake your head and slightly poke his muscular arm. 
Yeah, I have an idea, obviously, but you know, like, what kind? Like chocolate bars? Cocoa drinks? Chocolate brownies? You know what I mean, you list out the example as you bite on the fork. 
He chuckles as he goes on and answers back, then you shoot another question and the process repeats. They may be small and mundane questions, but moments like this make him feel human again, to remind him that he is not just a war machine in this world, that he too has cravings and such, plus it also feels like you get to know him better, and perhaps this friendship can flourish more.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a/n: am I biased towards Gaz? yes, yes I am(and yeah the gloves are from CSGO lol), like and reposts are appreciated! Have a good day/night! <3
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warenai · 2 days
Y/n: if I punch myself and it hurts, am I too weak or too strong?
Soap: you’re weak
Gaz: you’re strong
Ghost: you’re stupid
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pastelalchemy · 2 days
your first date:
Tumblr media
warnings: none.
Tumblr media
simon 'ghost' riley took you to your favourite restaurant for dinner. he made sure everything was perfect, even booking out a private room so the two of you could have conversations without anybody listening in.
when he first saw you, simon's breath hitched in his throat at how beautiful you looked. you were wearing a floral sun dress and had your hair styled so perfectly, simon could have sworn you were an angel sent down from heaven. "you look beautiful," he whispered to you, holding out his arm for you to take.
you blushed, muttering a silent 'thank you' before wrapping your arm around his own and walking into the restaurant.
simon pulled the waiter aside and whispered something before the two of you were directed into a side room. although the room was small, it was beautiful and elegantly decorated, a single table for two in the middle of the room. "here you are," the waiter said, pulling out your chair and motioning for you to sit down.
you smiled at the waiter and sat down, watching as simon sat down too and the waiter disappear. "this is beautiful," you smiled softly at simon.
"you deserve the best," simon replied, taking a menu from the middle of the table and passing it to you.
"you're going to make me blush," you said, taking the menu from him and scanning the pages. you already knew what you wanted, it was your favourite restaurant of course, but you pretended to look anyway as to seem so eager.
finally the waiter returned to take your food and drink order, disappearing and reappearing promptly with your glass of wine and beer for simon. "food shall be with you momentarily," the waiter said. you both nodded.
"so, simon," you said, sipping your wine. "what do you do for work?"
simon looked away from you awkwardly as if you had just asked an extremely scandalous question but cleared his throat and answered. "i'm in the military."
"oh," you said, placing your wine on the table. "i suppose there's nothing much you can tell me about your job then?" simon nodded his head, gulping his beer. "don't worry simon, i understand."
"you do?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.
"of course," you replied, the ghost of a smile spreading across your lips.
the two of you continued talking throughout the night, eating your food and ordering more drinks: all-in-all having a great time. the two of you talked a lot about your life since there wasn't much simon could tell you about himself. but, simon was more interested in hearing about your life than talking about his anyway.
when you had finished your food and packed up on the drinks, simon looked at your pink-plush cheeks and grinned. "you ready to head home?" he asked, standing up and holding his hand out to you.
"but i'm having such a good time," you responded with a pout, but taking his hand and standing up.
"well if it's okay with you, i'd like to take you out again," simon said, gazing deeply into your eyes.
"i'd like that," you replied softly. you realised you were still holding his large hand and let go slowly, letting your hand drop to your side nervously.
"come," he said leading you out of the small room. he paid the rather large bill and waited outside for a taxi. as you were waiting he noticed you shiver silently to yourself. "cold?" he asked, eyeing you up and down.
"a little," you replied, wrapping your arms around yourself. "i should have brought a coat."
"here, take mine."
before you could even protest, simon had taken off his coat and wrapped it around your frame. you immediately melted into the warmth and whispered "thank you."
"it's no trouble."
when the taxi arrived, you and simon funnelled in, quickly putting your seatbelts on. simon gave your address to the driver and within a few minutes you were parked outside your house. the two of you climbed out of the taxi and simon walked you to your door. you turned on your heels and placed your hands on his broad chest, smiling up at him. "i had a wonderful time tonight, ghost," you said, mocking his nickname.
"as did i," he replied. you went to take off his coat and hand it back, but the giant shook his head causing you to frown.
"it's your coat!" you exclaimed.
"yeah but, if you keep it, i know i'll see you again," simon smirked, winking at you.
"you'll definitely be seeing me again, simon," you smiled. you pressed your lips to his cheeks and turned back to your door, unlocking it. "i'll see you soon."
"see you soon y/n," simon smiled, watching as you walked safely into your home and lock the door behind you. simon's heart was racing as he turned off your porch and began to walk himself home.
Tumblr media
könig took you out on a picnic at the park. it was the height of summer so it was lovely and warm outside, a slight breeze settled in the air. although it was 9pm, the sun was still shining overhead as the two of you found a secluded spot near a lake and laid out the picnic blanket. "i hope it is to your liking?" könig asked, looking you up and down as you settled yourself on the blanket.
"are you kidding? it's perfect!" you exclaimed, looking through the picnic basket at all the goodies he had brought.
könig couldn't help but blush and smile at your enthusiasm. "i am glad."
you giggled at his shy nature and grabbed onto his arm, pulling him down to sit next to you. "get comfortable," you said to him.
"yes ma'am," he replied nervously, his body relaxing slightly as you smiled at him.
being an extremely shy person in general was difficult for könig, but being around you, well, just seemed to make him shyer. you picked up on this immediately, placing a hand on his and smiling at him softly. "don't be so nervous," you cooed.
"y-yes ma'am," he stuttered, causing you to laugh.
"and stop calling me ma'am," you teased poking your tongue out at him.
"sorry y/n," he smiled at you.
his smile made your heart flutter and you swiftly removed your hand from his and began to dig around the picnic basket. "what to have first," you mused, fingers dancing along all the sweet treats placed neatly inside.
"anything you want, liebe," he whispered, watching as your beautiful eyes twinkled in the sunlight.
"what does that mean?" you asked, taking a bite of chocolate.
"liebe?" you asked, swallowing down the chocolate and looking up at him.
"oh," he rubbed his neck awkwardly. "means love."
"that's so sweet," you blushed. it was then that könig slipped his hand back into yours, lacing your fingers together. both of your hearts were beating rapidly at this out-going but neither of you said anything. instead, you rested your head on his shoulder and watched as the world went by, enjoying the comfortable silence between the two of you.
it was 11pm when you decided it best to head home, your hand was still laced with könig's as you both stood up. it really was peaceful outside and as the stars set overhead, you didn't want to be anywhere else. you slipped your hand out of his for a moment while you folded up the picnic blanket and placed it back inside the basket. all the while könig watched you, a soft smile on his face when you laced your fingers back with his.
"did you have a good time liebe?" he asked.
"it was perfect," you replied as you both began to stroll back to your home.
"would you maybe like to do it again sometime? maybe, something different?" he asked nervously, refusing to look at you while you answered.
you giggled at his nervousness once more and responded. "i'd love too."
könig breathed a sigh of relief at your answer, "gut, gut."
you blushed as he mumbled his response in german and continued to walk along park. it wasn't long before you reached your house, könig walking you to your front door before taking the picnic basket off of you - you had insisted you carry it home. "thank you könig," you whispered, dropping your hand out of his and placing it on his shoulder. "i had a wonderful time."
"me too," he breathed heavily at your touch, his face heating up. "i will see you again soon?"
"yes please," you said, dropping your hand from his shoulder and turning to unlock your front door. "stay in contact, yeah?" you smiled.
"of course," könig replied, watching as you stepped into your front door. "have a good night y/n."
"you too, liebe," you smirked, closing the door.
könig's face was bright red at this point at your attempt to speak german. he he turned around and began to walk to his house all while a smile sat on his face.
Tumblr media
johnny 'soap' mactavish took you to the movies to see a film you had been dying to see for ages. he picked you up from your house in his car and had a bouquet of flowers ready to hand to you. when you opened the door and saw him, your eyes lit up, taking the flowers gently and muttering a shy 'thank you' before inviting him in.
you put the flowers in a vase and turned to johnny with a smile on your face. "i'm ready," you said.
johnny just nodded and offered his arm out to you, which you so graciously took. walking you to his car, johnny finally spoke. "you look beautiful."
you looked down at your casual clothes and blushed. "you don't look so bad yourself johnny." the car ride to the cinema, although short, was filled with laughter and catching up on how your week had been.
when you arrived, you funnelled out of the car quickly, waiting as johnny locked it before offering you his arm again. you took it and walked into the cinema, collecting your tickets, a large drink to share and loads of sweets treats. "are you excited?" he asked as you found your seats.
you nodded eagerly, "hell yeah! i've been waiting to see this film for ages! i think you'll like it too," you replied.
you watched the trailers and engaged in chit-chat while waiting for the actual movie to start. johnny listened intensely as you explained the plot of the movie, nodding his head in understanding. "sounds good," he said, stuffing his face with some sweets. you giggled and turned your attention to the final trailer, turning your phone off as to not be disturbed during the movie.
half-way through the movie, although you were enjoying it, you found yourself getting tired and so, you rested your head on johnny's shoulder. he looked down at you, eyes widened slightly, but relaxed as you nuzzled your head into him. "you okay?" he asked in a hush whisper.
"i'm good, just tired," you replied with a yawn.
"wanna go home?" he asked, looking down at you.
you shook your head and pouted, "no, now shh and watch the movie." johnny found himself chuckling at your childish antics before turning his attention back to the movie, watching with great interest.
when the movie finished, you stood up from your seat and looked down at johnny who stayed sitting down. "wasn't that amazing!" you exclaimed, throwing your hands up in the air.
"it was half decent actually," johnny smirked, standing up.
"just half decent?" you asked narrowing your eyes. "you don't know good films when you see one," you grinned pushing him lightly.
"let's get you home," johnny smiled softly at you, holding his hand out for you to take this time. you blushed at his gesture but took his hand and walked out of the cinema.
the car ride back was filled with chatter once more. you didn't want this date to end, but unfortunately it had too. when you parked up outside your house, johnny looked at you with soft eyes. "i had a great time," you said, looking deeply into his eyes. "even if you didn't enjoy the movie."
johnny's mouth hung open at your words and he laughed slightly. "i never said i didn't enjoy it," he protested. "i said it was half decent."
"we both know what that means mactavish," you grinned, turning to look at your door. you let out a soft sigh before turning your attention back to the man next to you. "i really did have a good time."
"me too," he responded.
you leaned over the seat and pressed a kiss to his cheek, leaving him almost too stunned to speak. "i'll see you again?" you asked hopefully.
"i'd be sad if you said no to another date," he smirked causing you to blush.
"next time, you can choose what we do," you both agreed silently as johnny nodded at you. "goodnight."
"sleep well y/n," johnny said, watching as you climbed out of the car and walk towards your door. he waited until you were in before driving off, thinking about where to take you on your next date.
Tumblr media
john price took you to a coffee shop, one where you didn't work. you met at the coffee shop and immediately his face lit up when he saw you walking towards him. "glad you could make it," he said, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his warm embrace.
"i'm glad too," you smiled.
"you want some coffee? one you don't have to make?" he joked, walking into the coffee shop with you trailing behind him.
"sounds lovely," you replied, giving him your order.
"great, you grab us a seat and I'll be back with the coffees."
you grabbed a seat for two by the window and watched as john gave the cashier your order. it wasn't long before he was making his way to the table, two drinks in hand.
"here you go," he smiled, popping your drink in front of you.
"thank you john. hold on i have the money in my purse," you said, reaching into your bag to fish out some coins.
"no need," john chuckled, causing you to stop in your tracks, a shocked expression on your face. "this is a date, y/n. it's on me."
you blushed profusely as you put your purse back in your bag. "sorry, i just feel bad."
"don't," he said simply.
you eyed him wearily but realised he was being serious. your facial expression softened as he smiled at you. "so," you said, attempting to change the conversation. "how have you been?" you asked awkwardly.
"can't complain," he replied with a smirk. "yourself?"
"good," you responded.
the two of you talked for the rest of the date, laughing and making jokes. you quickly found out there was a lot of chemistry between you and john, something you had been yearning for for a long time. when the sun started to set, john offered to walk you home. naturally, you said yes, and the two of you began walking back to your apartment. it was a lovely walk, not too hot, not too cold and the company was much appreciated. as you reached your home, john turned to you.
"would you maybe like to go out on a second date?" he asked, looking down at the ground.
"i'd love that," you smiled as the two of you walked to your front door. "i guess this is goodnight."
"i guess it is," john repeated, a slight snicker in his voice.
"goodnight john," you said before pressing a quick kiss to his cheek. he stammered out a goodnight and watched you head inside before turning his back. he let out a soft laugh as he thought back to the kiss you had gave him on the cheek before he began to make his own way home, whistling a tune of joy as he did.
Tumblr media
phillip graves took you to the fanciest restaurant he could think of. he was all about trying to impress you immediately, and impressed you were. when you walked into the establishment, your jaw dropped as you looked from the chandeliers hanging from the ceilings to the exotic paintings on the walls. "phillip," you whispered, trying to grab his attention. "are we in the right place?" you asked, eyes wide with amazement.
phillip couldn't help but chuckle. "of course," his southern accent had you hanging on every word he said. the two of you waited a few moments to be seated and eventually were placed at the back of the restaurant, away from the noise.
"this is exquisite," you mumbled as you sat down.
"not almost as exquisite as you," Phillip responded.
a blush rose to your cheeks at his words and you giggled like a school girl. "thank you, phillip."
"not a problem doll," he winked at you. it was then that you both looked over the menu before ordering and waiting for food. "so y/n," phillip spoke, cutting the silence between you. "tell me about yourself."
and so you did. you told phillip all about your life: your job, your passions, you told him absolutely everything. and in return, he told you as much as he could about himself. you were interrupted momentarily when food was brought to you, but you immediately got back to the conversation at hand.
you found yourself becoming more and more entranced by phillip as the date went on. you wanted to know more about him, but he told you that you had to go on a few more dates with him before he truly opened up to you. you couldn’t help but smile as he said those words, knowing he wanted another date made you beyond happy.
when the time came to say goodbye, phillip was disappointed. he had really enjoyed his time with you, but was already planning your next extravagant escapade. “i had fun tonight,” you smiled at him softly.
“that makes two of us doll,” phillip smiled, his face leaning in closer to yours. you felt your heart leap through your throat as he pressed his lips to yours softly, albeit quickly, before pulling away. “see you again, Y/N.”
you blushed as you made your way into your house, touching your fingertips against your lips. you waved him goodbye before closing your door and slumping into it, a huge goofy grin on your face.
Tumblr media
a/n || hey guys, i got a little too excited with simon and könig's first dates hah - i hope that you guys like this!
commissions are open here!
tags: @sarahs-secrets2 @alewesker
Tumblr media
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Heats ;(
Tumblr media
cw: my simon riley favoritism is popping off again, werewolf au, heavy themes of breeding, 🪢, you know what it is, you know what you're here for.
forgets heats are a thing until he's going through it. he was able to shrug most of them off, the military having trained him well enough to work through them. unfortunately its much harder now that he's mated to you
wants to be around you more than anything else.
notices himself getting irritated at much smaller things. he's getting downright dirty in training, slamming his sparring partners into the ground. No one wants to train with him when he's like this
doesn't get very hungry during his ruts but is very adamant about feeding you. hunter gatherer brained. provide for my partner brained
"gotta be well fed to hold all my pups, yeah?"
pretty lethargic overall. breed, eat, sleep, breed, eat sleep. doesn't stray far from these steps since he puts all of his energy into making sure you're well and bred.
bite and scent marking. he knows you can't be with him 24/7 despite his want for you to be. but he can make sure no one is sniffing too close to you. very obvious bite scar your shoulder.
as soon as you get home he's nipping at your heels to get you to the bedroom, or at least bent over the couch.
won't even complain if you have to put the muzzle on him for getting to bitey. as long as you're giving your body up to him, ⁰he'll do whatever you want
pulls you against his hips at all hours of the day. if you let him, he'll fuck your thighs and push his cum in with his fingers. doesnt use his fingers usually because of the claws, may gather it up on the tip and push it deep into your hole. doesn't have to knot you to breed you ♡
if you muzzle him, it only stops him from biting. he's licking your skin through the metal grate, drooling over your back
unfortunately his claws cannot be contained unless he's tied at the wrists. he also allows this, but much more begrudgingly
selfishly he loves having his claws pressed into your plush hips. threatening to sink into your jugular when he holds you by the neck, grazing over your bite mark
aint too proud to beg
"c'mon sweetheart.. you can go one more can't you?"
if you keep him without the muzzle, he's even more of a fiend
cold nose pressing against your sensitive skin, rough tongue digging into every inch of your drooling holes. hearts in his eyes when he looks up at you from his place between your legs. has a terrible habit of nipping all of your overstimulated skin.
tail wags when your hands drift to hold his massive werewolf head in place. scratch behind his ears, and he rumbles moans into your skin.
lots of foreplay because oh no his knot is huge. a lot like Captain Price in the way he was bred to breed. knows he's gigantic in comparison to your human body so he really does try to be easy on you
it's so cliche, but he can't give up doggy style. crouched behind you, pushing his knot in. inch by inch, thrust by thrust. splits you open, growling from deep in his chest. he knows you feel it w his chest pressed flush against your back
bunny-extract got me thinkin about headlocks too, lord- his big, panting muzzle right next to your head, spinning with pleasure. his giant bicep is constricting the blood to your head until youre getting tunnel vision looking up at him. encourages you to hold tight to his arm
"you can take it all, come on. thats it."
doesn't stop the steady push and pull of his hips even if your walls are firmly clamped around his knot. shallow thrusts that are more of a needy grind.
you always say it's too much, reaching behind you to paw at his abdomen, pleading with him to slow down on stuffing you so full. but you always relax your body enough for him to fit his knot, albeit a tight fit. holds your arms behind your back if you're really squirming
loses control of himself easy, especially with your small hands clutching his arms, his shoulders. running on instinct alone
get pregnant get pregnant get pregnant
"everyone is gonna know you're mine when you're carrying my pups."
"you like that?"
whimpery and whiny when he's leaking his spend into you. toothy nibbles against your bite mark. scent marks you when he's buried to the hilt in your walls. nuzzling his muzzle and neck all over you, drowning your scent in his own.
wants to sleep. sleep sleep. doesn't let you leave the bed. you're not going anywhere when he's knotted with you. he is literally ready to fall asleep, cock plugging your twitching hole
licks and nurses any scratches, scrapes and abrasions. he apologizes and he means it, but he secretly loved how you wear his bites like a badge of honor.
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sleepiexx · 1 day
Miscellaneous Valeria Garza Hc’s (including some x fem!reader content)
To get the creative juices flowing bc this Val draft I’m writing is going to be the death of me
Valeria hates men with a fiery passion. Years of having been a woman in the military only showed her how vile they are, now she refuses to put up with their shit.
Fully believes that if you want something done right, you have a woman do it.
Definitely treats women better than men, she has empathy for them that she just doesn’t feel for men.
Lesbian fs fs
With that, I don’t actually think her and Alejandro had a romance type thing, they definitely had some form of bond but I genuinely can’t see her with a man so I think it was more platonic
But tbh I think w the passionate hatred Alejandro immediately had for her, no hesitation whatsoever, they had a rivalry
And I think they’re character foils for each other. So similar (yet so different) that all they can see in each other is the things they hate about themselves.
(The way this has been in my drafts for like forever and now that season three is out they’re calling them two sides of the same coin)
Despite her hatred of men, she still has some issues with internalized misogyny and femininity
She’s just so used to having to prove herself in a male dominated field that it’s hard to let go of those things
Won’t wear dresses, have long nails (although that could just go w the whole wlw thing 🤭), or drink fruity drinks
But she refuses to judge other girls for those things, her internal misogyny stays geared toward herself and the standards she holds herself up to.
A lot of it just translates into her being more of a masc lesbian
Big spoon, always. No debate. Will make empty threats if you try to fight her on it.
“I will suffocate you with a pillow if you don’t stop,”
Pulls you around by the loops in your jeans, shirt collar, necklace, basically whatever she can pull on to move you places she will
TLDR: she has cuteness aggression to the max and shows her love in the strangest ways
I think she’s somewhat tall, like 5’9 or 5’10
Muscular af, I just know that turtleneck is hiding a ripped ass body
Abt her time in the military and her current feelings on it
I think when she was in the military, she got up to the lieutenant rank. Especially with the way Alejandro said she led the ambush on the son of La Araña.
She either still has her dog tags hidden somewhere because she couldn’t bring herself to get rid of them, or she threw them as far as she could in a fit of rage
If you’re in the military, she fs tries to convince you to leave and join her
“I could treat you better than any of these men”
And she means it
She means everything she says, even when she’s joking she’s dead serious.
Especially when she tells you she’d kill for you
When she allows herself to love someone, she doesn’t half ass it. She loves with passion.
You know that you are so loved when you’re with her because she makes it abundantly clear.
Overall just a rlly good partner, I’m actually in love w her.
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harveywritings92 · 6 hours
R/n, to Ghost after noticing he was walking sluggish: You look tired. You sleeping enough?
Ghost: Four, maybe five hours a night.
R/n: You should lay off the coffee.
Ghost: I need it.
R/n: Why?
Ghost: I only sleep four, maybe five hours a night.
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sofasoap · 2 days
Pictures of you
Pairing : John “ Soap ” MacTavish x F!Reader Side of Simon "Ghost" Riley x Mini MacTavish
Summary : The hallway of MacTavish house is dotted with family photos. But there is one that is your favourite. Part 2 of Hello There
This is following the Ghost timeline of the Mini Verse.
Part of “ Mini MacTavish verse” , The character is really flatmate of Mini which I gave her the name “Emma” in other fic, but here you can place any name you want here in this fic.
Warning : M rated, passing hint of smut time, flirting. Swearing.
Character of Mini MacTavish is from @saltofmercury fic  “The Favorite MacTavish” ” which she graciously let me borrow and write bit more expanded universe. Please go read her wonderful story to get bit of background
 “masterlist” for more prequel to this Mini MacTavish expanded 
Tumblr media
“What ye doing still up bonnie?” You jumped a bit when you heard the husky voice of Johnny from top of the staircase. His strong Scottish accent seeping through with his half asleep mind. 
“Johnny, you scared me.” Putting your hand over your chest, trying to calm your rapid beating heart. If you were half sleepy before from pacing up and down the corridor, now you are sure you are fully awake from his unexpected appearance. “Sorry. I heard noises so I thought I should check up on you. But you weren’t in your room.” he apologises as he slowly makes his way down the staircase. “I couldn’t sleep.” Stifling a yawn as you reply, Soap chuckled. “Doesn’t look like it.” Your body was tired, but mentally you were still running high from all the residue excitement from Simon and Mini’s wedding. 
While the rest of the Riley family stayed on bit longer at the MacTavish farm for extended holiday, you and Soap had returned to London for work. “Have fun with Johnny!!” Mini winked at you as they sent you off at the airport. That’s when it hit you, for the first time ever, you and Soap will be alone in the house. Without the Mini and Simon hovering around, or having to babysit the Twins. Just the two of you.
He had volunteered to travel back with you when you were helping Mini to organise the wedding and everyone’s flight.
“My duty as the best man is to make sure the maid of honour makes it back home safely.” He winks at you with one of his signature cheeky smiles.
You can see his figure a bit more clearly as he tries to walk around all the packing boxes scattered along the corridor. Mini and Simon had found a new house nearby to move into after the wedding. You decided it might be time for you to move out as well. You don’t want to overstay your welcome. Besides, the reason why you moved in was to help out looking after the twins when Mini and Simon were going through the period of rift before reconciliation. What you didn’t expect as Soap was almost half pleading and half jokingly asking you to stay.
“Who is going to clean and look after the house for me while I am away on duty?” He pouted
You shot him an unimpressive look. “Get a cleaner.” 
“Please bonnie. You know how I am with someone I don’t know snooping around the house.” grasping both of your shoulders with his callous hand, desperation sipping through his voice. All the while Mini looked on with a hint of amusement. You turned to face your friend, she just shrugged, letting you make the final decision. In the end you decided to stay on. You just couldn’t resist those damn baby blue eyes. Pleading you like a poor kicked puppy.You didn’t understand why he was so eager for you to stay on. Even promising you the free rent offer before Mini and you first move in still stands. 
After his admission during the wedding? Everything becomes clear. 
This man is absolutely besotted with you. 
Your face starts burning when you realise he is topless and only wearing his lounge pants. You swallowed hard. Get a grip!! You try to tell yourself. It’s not the first time you saw him half naked. You have seen him topless so many times. And each time you cannot stop yourself from ogling at his beautiful chisel chest and abdomen muscles. The corded arms that have circled your waist when you two were sharing the dance with the newly wedded couple. “So you just walk up and down the hallway when you can’t sleep?” Soap mused.
“Trying to tire myself out. Besides, I am looking at the photos.”
Photos you pass by everyday. The hallway is dotted with MacTavish family photos. From photos of Mini and a Pre-teen Soap holding his baby sister for the first time, to Mini’s university graduation photos, first photos of the Riley twins when they were still in ICU. and hiding in the corner, the newly printed photo of Riley family. Simon reluctantly ( as Mini said, he was too shy to admit he was embarrassed) agreed to take a family photo. Mini showing her brilliant smile (MacTavish trait? You wondered. Noticing the similarity between the two siblings when they smile.) The twins both had their hands reaching out towards the side, being distracted by their uncle Soap , trying to make them focus on the camera, and Simon, looking down at Mini, the softness he only shows when he is totally focused on his wife. You love looking at all these photos, the love of family. Give you that warm fuzzy feeling when you are feeling down or stressed and tired from work. Or missing your own family, who is living far away. 
and you always land your sight on the photos right at the end of the wall. Your favourite out of all. A photo of young John Campbell MacTavish.
In his SAS No.2 dress uniform, with the unusual serious expression. Piercing blue eyes as if he can see through you. 
Subconsciously, you have turned your head away from Soap, staring at the picture you had just thought of in your mind. Reaching out to touch the glass panel on the frame, pointing at the eyes.
“How did this happen?” 
“Badge of honour. Or you can say damn good luck from the first deployment.” He reaches out and guides your hand towards his left eyes. You can just feel the slight bump of the scar, but it has faded over time. 
Closing his eyes, you can feel him shiver slightly as you run your fingers delicately down the length of the scar.  “And this one?” you always notice the little tiny patch around his chin where the beard wouldn’t grow.
“Believe it or not. I have Mini to blame for that.” He chuckled. “Was teaching her how to use a combat knife, and I totally underestimated her swiftness, I dodge out of the way just in time.” Eyes drifting down towards his chest, towards the round bullet wound scar close to his heart.
“..... Was this …” hovering above it, not daring to touch it.  As if you are afraid it will provoke the wound. You remember the day you tried hard to comfort Mini, upon receiving the news Soap was critically injured and in coma.  From what she and Simon described later on, it was a damn miracle Soap managed to pull through. “Someone must have pulled his soul back into his ass that day.” Simon being Simon, showing the way he cares, with dry humour.
“Mini couldn’t stop crying that day.” You recalled. 
“Did you cry for me as well?” He leaned closer, with a slight smirk on his face. 
“You wish. I was more heart broken for Mini than for you.” You don’t want to stroke his ego. But in fact, other than feeling sad for your friend, you didn’t expect the news of his injury to hit you so hard. The moment you realise you have more feelings for him than just a crush. You care about him,a lot. Not just as your best friend’s brother. 
Sliding your hand lower towards his abdomen, there is a fresh looking scar, extending to the side of his waist. “Lass, if you go any lower than that. I am not sure if I can control myself.” He rested his head against your temple, voice dropped an octave, “ I promised you I will take you out for a date first before doing anything. And I intend to keep that promise.” 
You remembered what Mini first said about her brother. “My brother might be a man whore, but he is a very gentlemanly manwhore. He won’t make a move on you unless you say the word.” 
Oh the urge of having him right there and then was strong. And you gave into it.  Playing with the elastic waistband of his pants, you let out an airy reply into his ear, “What if I give you permission?” 
That opens a flood door. He grabbed you by the waist, pulling you closer, you can already feel his hardened arousal as your body is flush against his. 
“You don’t know what you are getting yourself into.” “Oh I do know.”
Tumblr media
You opened your eyes, looking at the unfamiliar bedsheet. That’s right, you are in Johnny’s bed. Naked, and sore. A very good,satisfying sore, you might add.
But his side of the bed is empty. Still residue of warmth to it, so he must have gotten up not long ago. Propping yourself up into a sitting position trying to recall details from last night after he hauled you over his shoulder like a sack of rice and carried you upstairs, full of purpose.
He made sure you are well satisfied before taking care of his own urge and need. You never had anyone else before that being so caring and thoughtful. They always focus on themselves first, not even concerned if you enjoyed it or not.  He treats you like a queen, pouring all his love into every touch and kisses he showered onto you. 
Creaking of the door pulls you back from the memory from the night before, you saw Soap pushing the door open with his butt, with a tray of food and coffee and tea in his hands. “Morning bonnie. Had a good sleep?” “Well if someone didn’t keep me up so much last night, I might have?” you stuck your tongue out with a cheeky reply. 
“I didn’t hear you complain about it.” Chuckling as he moves closer to the bed and sets the tray in your lap, before pulling out the little tray legs on the side and making sure it is steady before letting go.
“Breakfast in bed? What a great service!” your eyes went wide with choices of food in front of you. 
“Consider this as our first date? Even though we are doing it in the wrong order.” he smiled sheepishly.
“Hey. I don’t mind. I was the one that said yes.” patting the space beside you, he slides into bed with you and joins in.
“I don’t know what you feel like this morning.. So..” waving his hand gesturing towards the tray, “ Um, I got tea and coffee, some muffins, pancakes, fruits…oh, if you want cereal, I’ll go grab it from downstairs.” 
Is he flustering? Gone was that confident man from last night, now he’s a shy boy trying to impress his date with great effort. 
“Thank you Johnny.” You lean into his shoulder. You are quite touched with his thoughtfulness. You don’t want to admit it but you are falling for him even harder now.
“When are you leaving?” You asked while taking a sip of coffee. “Tonight.” putting his muffin on the tray, he smiled down at you sadly. The pang of sorrow hits you. 
Is this what Mini feels every time Simon leaves for work? How you hate that feeling. You don’t know how she endured it time and time again. You often see her sobbing silently, after putting the twins to bed, missing her love and not knowing when he will return. IF he will return.
Now you know how she feels.
“When will you be back?” you look down at the mug of coffee in your hand. Whispering. 
“Few months. Hey. hey, look at me."He lifts your head up gently by your chin, “ Don’t cry. I’ll keep in contact in between, ya?” you didn’t even realise you were crying until he started wiping your tears away with his thumb, caressing your cheek gently. Leaning down, giving you a soft kiss and leaning his head against yours, “Besides, I need to check up on you every now and then to see the house has been burnt down.” 
You let out a sobbing laugh. Trust him to lighten up the atmosphere. “I think you will hear from Simon before you hear from me if I destroy the house. “
“Mmm true. That gossiper.” pulling away slightly, “Come on, eat up before it gets cold. I’ll take you to work later.” He nudges you gently.
As promised, he returned to you months later, slightly scratched but alive and well. 
You were standing at the doorway, with an open arm to welcome him home . He was so overwhelmed and caught up by your excitement, for the first time ever, apart from his own family, he had someone to come home to. 
He dropped his duffle bag down, grabbing your hand with his, and kneel down and blurted out his declaration of love and proposed to you.
You froze. 
So did he. Gaped-mouth. Looks like he didn’t expect himself to do that either. 
“I .. I am sorry bonnie. Ah. um. Dont worry about it.” Soap quickly stood up, face and ears totally red after seeing your shock expression. Taking your silence as a rejection he grabbed his bag, shoulders slumped and quickly pushed past you, trying to cover up his embarrassment.
You touch his arm to stop him.
“Yes.”  You took a breath in, repeating it in a louder voice. “ YES.” 
He spun around, dropping his bag again.
“YES. I will marry you , John Campbell MacTavish.” you repeated again with a firm and convicted tone. You want this. You know deep down he is the one for you. Sweeping you up into his arm with a loud cheer, you screamed loudly as he started spinning you around. 
“Let me down Johnny!!” you laughed. 
He set you down on the firm ground, but not before peppering you with kisses on your lips and cheek. 
“Thank you.” After calming down, he looks at you with his beautiful baby blue eyes, full of love and happiness, voice wavering with emotion.
Oh wait until Mini hears about this……
“So I heard you proposed unexpectedly.”
“Haud ya sheesh. It was planned.”
“English MacTavish. You didn’t have a ring so it was not planned”
“I said shut up. I want her to choose her own ring.”
“ Whatever you say….”
Tumblr media
And the shit stirrer gossiper Ghost was quick at work. Everyone knew about it a day after both of them returned to the barrack. Gaz couldn’t stop poking fun at Soap. Price just look at his three pseudo-sons with amusement. 
Inspiration? This absolutely brilliant art by @beyondgoodandevil146, The OG Captain Soap MacTavish and Delicious Soap
And the song by The Last Goodnight  keeps going around in my brain. So… combine them together? Bam. 
Taglist : @kaplerrr @floral-force @homicidal-slvt
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honeymoon-ss · 17 hours
Old man price… grumpy, mean old man who we have wrapped around our bratty finger.. the entire squad bring shocked when we yell at him and he just chuckles and kisses us cause we are his little princess and he worships the ground we walk on 😩 (it is obvious I have daddy issues)
"johnnnnn...pretty please?" you say before going into the debriefing. "dolly, you can't just not go into the debriefing.."
you huff and punch his arm. "i don't wannaaaaaaaaa! i want a bath in your bathroom.."
"well, honey..you need to come to the debriefing. you know, if you sit through half of the debriefing, you can go have a bath, yeah?" he says, wagering with you. "yaaayyy! thank you priceyyyy~" you say, jumping up to kiss his cheek.
throughout the debriefing, you'd been giving him sass and rude comments. "johnnnn. its half way through! give me your room keysss." you kick his leg under the desk. "Don't kick me now. wait another 5 minutes. then we're done." he'll say.
when asked his reasoning for the favouritism, you just kiss his cheek infront of whoever is asking and say "who wouldn't?" and he'll just chuckle along and rub your hip and arse.
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homicidal-slvt · 2 days
Blue-Eyed Snake {Pt. 3}
Part 1 | Part 2
Phillip Graves x F!Reader
Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Hurt + Comfort, Injury Mention, Mildly Suggestive
You just couldn't help the way you were pulled towards the man and he felt the same.
He felt as though this was something he couldn't- shouldn't have. Yet here you were looking so perfect seated in his living room, thumbing through one of his books.
You couldn't resist teasing him about his taste.
"Do you not have any interesting books? Just hunting books and dull shit?"
He chuckled and ruffled your hair, earning a gasp and playful swat from your hand.
"Those books are important. I don't need any of those fantasy books like you have in your house, darlin'."
You rolled your eyes and then he got that cocky little smirk of his.
"Though I must admit- there was one with some interesting parts in it."
You flush red realizing he must of discovered your smutty book. You were convinced he wouldn't really go through them.
Of course the man was curious as all hell... You both had at least that in common.
"Shut up."
It was a weak retort and you knew it but how else should you respond to that. His laugh was ridiculously infectious though- damn it Phillip.
I'm trying to be mad
You thought with a huff biting back the trembles of laughter tumbling out of you.
Ah yes- that shit eating grin of his was back. He never failed to adore how he made you laugh even when you tried to pretend to be mad.
There was a certain weight in the air that was different as he stood in your homes entryway, blue eyes settled on you as you gazed back at him.
A current threatening to drag you under.
"I'll take you on a proper date when I get back, yeah?"
"Is that a promise?"
He stepped closer placing his finger beneath your chin, tilting your head up he leaned in.
Breath caught in your throat and eyes fluttering shut, he gave you the gentlest kiss he ever has. Revelling in how your lips fit with his, he'd do whatever he could to take that pained look from your expression.
Hesitantly he knew he had to go, pulling back he breathed out ever so softly and sincerely, words he intended to keep.
"It's a god damn guarantee, doll."
Of course it wasn't something he could truly for sure say but he was too stubborn to admit that to himself.
It was going on 7 months at this point.
Your home never felt more empty and cold, before Phillip you didn't mind the quiet but now all it did was torment your mind.
He's not coming back.
That thought made you ache, oh how you wished he'd just walk through that door again. Prove those nagging feelings wrong.
It was a guarantee- a guarantee he would come home to you.
You knew it was foolish to believe him- believe in that idea.
What's even worse was that bubbling anger, how could he steal your heart like this? Take it straight from your chest and leave with it.
A hold remaining within that you tried to fill with work and hobbies, none of which amounted to that teasing banter you had grown so fond of.
What you wouldn't give to just hear that southern drawl again, that voice that as time went on grew more distant in the back of your head.
You were torn between the thoughts of how it would be easier to forget and wanting so desperately for it to never fade.
It was late and you passed out asleep on the couch watching TV again, a knock made you jolt awake quite frankly rather startled.
Annoyed and rubbing at your eyes- who the hell would be here at this time of night? A robber? A serial killer?
Carefully you made your way to the door trying to be quiet, peeking out the peep hole you spotted a familiar form and your heart stopped.
Am I still asleep?
You felt as though you were being deceived somehow.
"I'm back, doll."
No further thought was put in as you flung open the door, diving into his arms right there in the dark on your porch, not even bothering to take a better look at him first- you just needed to feel him.
He tugged you closer to his chest and sucked in a harsh breath, it was clear the moment he was back he came to see you.
He moved to shuffle you into the house, shutting the door behind both of you. Your eyes finally landed on his face, his adoring blue eyes were the same...
However there were burn scars covering over half his face, it was clear he still had some healing to do as well.
"How bout' that date tomorrow?"
You were snapped out of your thoughts and couldn't help but chuckle, of course he remembered that and was even smiling. As if he hadn't been gone so long and had a near death experience.
Truly though- holding you and going back to how things were was his way of coping with it all. His main fear was leaving you here- not even being able to give you any closure. Nothing.
That little taste of near death truly made him appreciate everything all that more, he couldn't waste any of this. He was gifted you by the world and he couldn't let that slip away.
Not when the only thought on his mind was you the whole time he was teetering on the edge.
"I'd love to go to that cafe in town."
"Course darlin'."
{I was initially going to do a sad ending but I couldn't do that to y'all.}
{Similar fics by @sarahs-secrets2 }
{@sofasoap }
{More Content}
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ouchvns · 13 hours
COFFEE — simon ‘ghost’ riley x gn!reader
masterlist. nav.
WARNINGS — fluff! slice of life type of piece. reader enjoys coffee, simon? not so much. slightly grumpy!simon.
NOTES — i HAD to write this. based on a v recent convo between reign and i. everyone say ‘thank you, reign!!’ requests are open!
Tumblr media
you trudged into the kitchen, feet dragging on the floor as you made your way to what you considered the higher being - your coffee machine.
your eyes still felt heavy, leftover sleep pleading to drag you back down into your warm bed, under your warm blankets and next to your extremely warm boyfriend.
with a shake of your head, you began your little coffee making routine, grabbing a bag of your favorite blend and a small coffee filter. you made way to the fridge, grabbing the creamer.
you shook the bottle around as you walked back to the counter. the liquid that was left making a sloshing sound against the hollow plastic - it was almost empty. you’d have to put coffee creamer on the growing grocery list.
you sat in a comfortable silence as you waited for your coffee to brew, trying to rub away at the sleep in your eyes. you nearly leapt with joy as you smelt the coffee in the air. however, your joy was almost diminished as you heard the familiar sleepy rasp from your giant of a boyfriend.
“bloody hell. this again, lovey?”
“yes, si. this again. it’s like this every morning, you know i need my caffeine before work.” you stared at him, fighting the urge to laugh at his wrinkled nose, clearly bothered by the smell.
simon shook his head, moving to press his front to your back, grabbing his box of tea bags from the cabinet above the counter where your beloved machine resided.
“can’t stand the smell of that godforsaken slop you call a drink.”
“really? i couldn’t tell.”
it was normal for your mornings to start like this, excluding saturdays and sundays - those days being reserved for sleeping in and squeezing in as much cuddling as you could. your bickering came naturally to the both of you, even before you two had started dating.
simon rolled his eyes, grabbing the kettle from the drying rack, filling it up with water as he glared daggers at your coffee pot. “one of these days, i’m going to dump out anything related to coffee and force you to consume the superior choice of drink.”
it was your turn to roll your eyes. your conversation was interrupted as your coffee machine started to beep - indicating your coffee was ready to pour. you nudged his hip with yours, pulling his attention away from the kettle he was filling.
“keep that talk up and i’ll do a reenactment of the boston tea party, love.”
“boston tea par- oh piss off.”
Tumblr media
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polakina · 2 days
shacked up and locked in
'scars do heal' chapter 8
pairing: captain price x reader
rating: mature
outline: a way to escape chicago. a way back to Las Almas. all you needed now was a plan to stop Graves and put an end to Shephard's alternative motives.
warnings: canon violence
requests are open! hope you enjoy, petals <3
masterlist II 'scars do heal' masterlist
Head down. Fast steps. No words. Your hands in your pockets, fingers tapping against one another from anxiety. You shuffled forward, keeping up with your Captain’s steps as he hurried along, leading the way. You didn’t know he safehouse location. It was on a need to know basis, apparently. You’d be fucked if you were alone.
“Almost there, rook. Don’t worry.” Price could see you darting around with your eyes occasionally, peering at the locals and visitors you passed on the way. Were they dangerous? Were they a threat? Could they be Shadow Company hiding in plain sight? Finally out of the dark and on the hunt? You couldn’t tell. Who knew who else Shepherd had deep in his pocket, what other companies he had paid off or bribed to follow his orders. You didn’t even want to think of the endless possibilities that could come with that in that one singular thought.
The two of you came to a fork in the road, and you stayed a step behind Price to allow him to guide you to the safehouse. He looked up at the street signs, reading the signs quickly before turning right down a skinner one-way street. You stayed close behind him, eyes glued to his back as you followed his steps. “John, any idea how much longer until we-”
You were cut off as his hand wrapped around your wrist, pulling you down a darkened back alley behind a hotel. He pressed you against a wall, his body flush against yours as he looked to the street, watching the people pass the two of you. “The hell are you doing, Price?” You asked, confused. But he shushed you, putting his hand over your mouth gently to shut you up.
You turned your head just at the right moment when a large black truck passed the alleyway slowly. It was unmarked, blacked out windows, moving very slow along the road as though the driver was searching for something. Or someone. Shadow Company. Or someone else under Shepherd’s control. It had to be. You and Price looked at eachother knowingly, the look in one another’s eyes indicating you knew exactly who it was.
Price dropped his hand from your mouth slowly, cupping your cheek. “Gotta keep moving. It’s only around the corner, okay?” He whispered, and you nodded. Price kissed the side of your head before grabbing your hand. You had to blend. Tourists. That’s what you were. What you had to be. 
There it was. The building. It was desolated. Decimated. Perfect for the 141 to use. Looking around behind Price and yourself, you felt the Captain pull you inside and slam the door closed behind you. Coming face to face with barrels of several guns, you failed to breathe. But they lowered almost immediately, your team’s faces on the other ends of the weapons. 
“Shit, you guys are alright,” Soap’s brash accent cutting through the air as he pulled you and Price into an embrace. “Didn’t know if you would make it, Shadow dickehads are patrolling the streets. Have been all morning.” He released you both from the bone crushing hug and stepped back. “You are both alright, yeah?”
Price spoke for the two of you. “We’re good. Laid low for the night, didn’t raise any alarms.”
“What the fuck was Graves up to?” Ghost asked from the corner where he stood, leaning against a table. “Fucker tried to kill us all. Got most of Valeria’s men, the rest scattered when the shooting started.” His arm was bandaged, Gaz’s arm too. Alejandro and Rodolfo were stood together, silent as mice.
“Clearly Shepherd gave him different orders. Ones where we weren’t valuable as assets anymore. But he won’t get away with it, don’t worry. We’ll get back and find them.”
You thought for a second. How would you find them? Where would they even be able to take the missile that would have a large or safe enough space to contain it?
“Las Almas.” Everyone looked to you now. “It has everything Graves needs for the missile. The transport to get it to Shepherd, the weapons, the men. That’s where he has to be.” The boys looked to one another, nodding in agreement. 
“How do we get back there?” Soap asked. “Our ride was Graves, I don’t think he’d be willing to take us back.”
“No,” Alejandro interjected. “But there might be someone who would. To avenge her team. To get revenge.”
She chuckled to herself for a few moments. “So now you need me? Oh, Alejandro, isn’t this a fun coincidence,” Valeria smiled broadly through the screen. Alejandro just rolled his eyes, unhappy with the choices they were left with. 
“Valeria, think about this. With that missile, who knows what Shepherd is capable of. He could wipe out your entire operation, your entire country. We can’t let that happen.”
Valeria was silent. Thinking. “You are right, though I hate to admit it. You’re still in Chicago, right? I sent transport for my men after things with Graves went south, I’ll send the coordinates to their extraction point. They arrive in two hours, so make sure you get there.” With that, the line went dead, and several numbers came through the screen. Coordinates. A way out.
“Let’s get moving,” Alejandro grabbed his gear. “If we don’t make it, it’s only a matter of time before Graves finds us. Then we’ll all be dead and thousands of lives will be at risk.”
So you packed. You prepped. And you got moving.
Silently through the streets. Caps weren’t the best disguise but it was all, but it was all you had. It didn’t help that Soap wanted the one with a goddamn Scottish flag on. Very inconspicuous, Soap. Well done.
It was broad daylight, sun beams beating down on you like floodlights in a police hunt. Those lights haunted you. Took you back to last night. To the helicopter. To the Shadow Company. To Graves. 
“Alright, should be right around here,” Price announced, eyes surveying the surroundings as he checked your location. Quarter mile down the road. “Just this way. Gaz, how long we got till the pickup?”
Gaz checked his watch. “Ten minutes, boss.” You kept moving.
In the distance you saw a group of four men standing around on the outskirts of the field. “I assume that’s Valeria’s men?” Ghost said, pointing at the figures in the near distance. Price nodded as you all made your way closer.
Alejandro conversed with the men in Spanish, Soap’s eyebrows knitted together as he nodded along, pretending to understand them. You just rolled your eyes. He didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about. 
A swift gush of wind pushed through your hair and you looked to the sky with a hand shielding your eyes. A helicopter was lowering to the ground, about twenty meters from where you were standing. Blacked out windows, no tag or lettering on the body. It was definitely Valeria’s.
Boarding the helo, you all sat beside one another, entirely silent. You looked to Price who was seated on your left. He looked over to you, an unreadable expression on his face. He squeezed your thigh to calm you and looked to the rest of his team. “The second we land,” he whispered to the 141, “we head to Las Almas. We can’t trust anyone else right now, so we rely on eachother. Okay?” 
“Yeah, Cap,” they all answered in unison. 
The rest of the flight was silent, everyone’s brains wracking through the possibilities of how this was about to go down. How they could pull this off with just one team. The whirring of the blades filled the silent void of the compacted machine as you flew to the outskirts of Las Almas. Valeria’s territory.
Climbing off the chopper, you departed Valeria’s team and made your way to the 141 safehouse in Mexico of which Graves didn’t even know existed. When Price had first met Vargas, he’d asked him to scout for an undisclosed location that was unknown to Shepherd or anyone else in the military that could track the 141 down to there. 
It was a small barn, three miles from the military base holding the missile for transportation. Stocked with weapons, armour, supplies. Most importantly, a vehicle. A large armoured military truck that Alejandro had stored there for emergencies. This certainly filled the category. 
Walking into the barn, you looked around at the armoury, the truck, the racks of clothing and protective oerwear and helmets and stealth kits. You were impressed. 
“We’ll be safe here while we figure out our plan,” Alejandro said, walking through to an open space further into the large barn. For an old building, it was surprisingly well kept. Warm, heated, sheltered. It was a good place to hide out. For now. “There’s beds in the back. Separate rooms. Two to a room though, so you’ll have to pair up. Well, most of you, anyway. Nix, you get your own, okay?”
“I don’t mind pairing up,” you interjected. “As long as its not with Soap. The man snores like a freight train.” The boys laughed, and Soap looked at you in sheer confusion.
“I don’t snore, lass. I’m just an active sleeper,” he defended, rolling his eyes.
“Trust me, hermana. You don’t want to shack up with any of these guys. I did it for one night and wanted to throw myself through a wall,” Alejandro chuckled, Rodolfo joined in and nodded in agreement.
“Hey, Price. He’s even got a table like the one back at base!” Soap yelled out from around the corner. He’d wandered off by himself to explore. Much like a child in a toy store for the first time. “Now you can make all your big Captain-y speeches from right here. Yay. Go team.” His enthusiasms drifted to sarcasm at the end of his sentence, and it made you smile.
Hours had gone by. You’d restored to laying on the table beside Gaz who laid beside you, but the opposite way. Papers were strung around the room by string, loose files scattered on the other half of the table not taken up by your bodies. Soap was sat on the floor against the floor to ceiling corkboard, banging his head with files, as though it would perhaps whack some information or an escape plan into his brain. Ghost was pacing. Never a good sign. He was silent, pacing, occasionally looking at the corkboard with Graves’ face plastered to it, before shaking his head and returning to his routine of wearing a hole in the floorboards. Price, Vargas and Parra were hunched over the papers on the table, blueprints of the facility were practically imprinted into Price’s brain.
“So we need to get in, get the rest of my men, find the missile, and take out Graves,” Alejandro laid out as though it was just that simple. “But how do we do this quietly without walking through the front door? As soon as they see us, they’ll all my men, and then us.”
“So what if they don’t see us?” Gaz mumbled, still lying down on the table, his foot poking your shoulder. You were so glad for the sock covering his foot or you would have kicked him off this table two hours ago. Ghost stopped pacing and looked over as soon as he heard the mumbling.
“What are you talking about, Gaz?” Price asked. “Because if you say the words ‘invisibility gear’, I will put you through that wall right there.” He pointed to the direction where Soap was sat. 
“No. I mean, we spent a lot of time in that facility. A lot more than Graves did.” It seemed like Gaz was getting to something, but getting him there faster was a different story. “There are tunnels. Running right through that facility. Sewer grates all over the compound.”
“He’s right,” Parra spoke up for the first time in a while. “They run circuits all over that place. And the sewer tunnels are big too. I’ve been down there a couple times to help with maintenance, big enough for a person to walk through.”
Price thought about it for a few seconds. “So we enter through a tunnel outside the compound. This one here will have less guards,” he pointed to a grate on the map just outside of the facility, round the back, shielding from view by the hangar. “We collect the vaqueros from here,” he says, pointing to another point of the map labelled ‘holding cells’. “And then take down Graves. He’ll probably be in the main sector over here, so that’s where we’ll catch him.”
Finally. A plan. Something concrete. A way to end this all.
“Alright guys, I’m calling it for tonight. We do this tomorrow. No way we’re doing this without sleep.” Price sent everyone to get some rest, you included. 
The room was small, compacted. But it felt so empty. Looking to the bed, flashbacks of the previous night seeped into your brain. Dressing into something more comfortable, that being one of the oversized shirts Vargas gave to you along with a stack of clothes for the next day, you cleaned yourself up a little. You let your eyes flutter closed as you laid on the bed. It was too hot to lay under covers so you resorted to lying atop the sheets, the window open to let in a cool breeze. 
Memories of last night came flooding back. His arms, holding you. His hands, all over you. His lips, attached to your neck, your thighs, to your own lips. His shaky breaths in your ear, his quiet moans being the only thing heard in the entire room. You couldn’t help yourself. The temptation was too great. 
Your hand slipped under your shorts and you were embarrassed to find the dampness that had already collected there. Fingers gliding through your folds, you knew how incomparable it was to how Price touched you. You could only use your imagination now. Your mind racing through images of him, how he knew all the places to touch you, to caress you, to tease you. 
Gasps slipped from your throat as you slipped your fingers inside. They weren’t rough, callused, thick like his. But they would have to do. You focused for a moment. On your breathing, the own sounds coming from your mouth. You focused on how Price’s name also came from your mouth in a mergence of the raspy breaths you couldn’t help taking. 
You felt a knot in your stomach. Nowhere near as powerful as your night with the Captain. But enough to get the job done.
Knock knock. 
You halted immediately, hairs standing up on the back of your neck. You stood from the bed, adjusting your shorts and wiping your hands with a tissue from the nightstand. Making your way over to the door, you silently prayed it wasn’t Gaz telling you to shut up, knowing he was right in the room next door.
But it wasn’t Gaz. it was Price. Your eyes widened slightly but you managed to compose yourself as you opened the door fully. “Price? You okay?” You asked, trying to act as normal as possible. 
“Yeah, just…couldn’t sleep.” His eyes were slightly red from restlessness. His hair dishevelled from tossing and turning. “So I thought I’d come and check on you. See how you were doing.” There was something he wasn’t telling you. You could see it in his eyes. 
She sounded so pretty from the other side of the wall. Her gasps, her breathy moans. He gave thanks to the fact Gaz was fast asleep on the opposite side of their room. He couldn’t help himself, he had to see you. Now. 
Getting out of bed, he made his way out of the room, quiet as to not wake Gaz. Reaching your door, he hesitated. Quieting his breathing, he listened instead. John. That’s what he heard. Your words. Your voice. His name. 
So he knocked. With no other thoughts in his head, he knocked.
“I’m okay. Just surprised to see you up so late,” you whispered, not wanting to wake anyone else up. 
“Well, I knew you were up. Could hear you through the walls.”
Your throat closed up. Shit. He’d heard you. How much had he heard? Fuck, you were embarrassed. But not as much as you thought you would be. You actually felt sort of…glad? 
“Heard me? I wasn’t saying anything or-”
“I think we both know what I heard, rook,” Price smirked slightly as he leaned against the door frame. “Nothing to be ashamed of, love. Now do you want to explain why I could hear my name through your door in the middle of the night?”
Your heart was beating faster now. Pounding through your chest. But he just stood there. Calm. Collected. Almost smug. He just stood there, a smile pulling at the corners of his lips, his arms crossed across his chest.
“I don’t know what you mean,” you whispered, breaths shallowing as he leaned closer. His body was so close to yours now. His face inches from your own. 
“Let me rephrase that, rookie,” he said calmly back, his breath tickling your ear, his hand finding your waist. You melted into his touch. “Why don’t you show me what exactly it was that you were up to when you were moaning my name.”
You legs almost buckled to the ground, but you grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him into the room before locking the door behind you.
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gomzwrites · 2 days
The taskforce 141’s favourite steamy moments 
Contain smut(18+), minors do not interact
a/n: I wanted to write something that the 141 members like the most whenever they have some spicy moment with the reader >:) so I decided to give smut writing a go! These are arranged based on length, I apologise for writing such a short one for Ghost as I was struggling to make it as gender-neutral as possible(if it still comes out as fem, Im so sorry!), maybe next time I’ll do specific gender one post at a time, but for now enjoy this mess :> Tags: xgn! Reader, dry humping/grinding, eating out(reader receiving), submissive, teasing, riding(implied sorta), biting, slightly possessive behaviour, hand job - let me know if i missed any tags reader's text is in purple PLEASE DO NOT RESHARE MY WORK ON OTHER PLATFORMS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Simon Ghost Riley - taste
Ghost likes it when you run your fingers along his hair, soft and gentle as he closes his eyes and savour the gesture. But he likes it best when you scratch his hairline and lock your hands in his short blonde curls. 
Ghost has been in between your thighs since he dragged you into his room, he laps on your entrance as he sloppily licks up your sensitive sex, sinful slurping and moans filling the room. He works his tongue expertly, mixing those arousal juices with his saliva as he grunts and groans. You watch with teary, half-lidded eyes as he slowly retracts from your aching sex and trails teasing kisses around your thighs before he bites down as you jolt.
You whine out his name as he hums and graze his teeth along your thighs, taking his sweet time as he watches you grow increasingly desperate, turning into a whimpering mess on his bed because of him.
He spread your leg further as he let his tongue dance against you, watching your back arches up as he moan into your sex, causing a shiver to run down your spine as his deep husky voice reverberated through your entire body. He looks up to you with those dark eyes that are blown out and filled with desire, hungrily pinning your hips down with his eyes alone. 
“Be good”, was all he said before he latch onto you again as he devour you like there was no tomorrow. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
John Soap Mctavish - wants
You struggle to breathe properly as your chest is fully pressed on top of your desk, now messy and with papers and reports that are scattered about and long forgotten. 
Grunts and moans filled your room as Soap has your hands pinned on top of your head, his other hand grabbing your hips, fingers digging into your hips that always leave purplish-red marks the next day. 
“Fuck y/n…..” Soap slurs as he buckled his hip at your ass, both of you still have your gears and clothes on, leaving only the bulky vest on the floor as he grinds on you, so desperate, so fucking desperate. 
He leans down to bite on the back of your neck causing you to moan as you feel his tongue lap at the bite marks and suck gently to soothe the flesh, now littered with goosebumps. You can feel how warm and hot he is from your back despite the layers of clothes, and you can hear his heartbeat too when he starts thrusting you faster, harsher, pressing his chest and his hips on you, as if he’s moulding your entire body as both of you are mushed together perfectly. 
‘It's not enough…” he growls as he continues grinding on you, voice getting lower as he frowns and bites down on your neck again, another mark as he lets out pants of frustration, you gasp and moan at his bites as you push your hips back to meet his.
‘Yeah just like that…fuck…..fuck. me.” he lets out a deep sigh as both of you fight to push your hips towards each other to be impossibly close, you can feel it too, you can feel how he angles his hip so that every time he snaps and presses onto you, you can feel his tip poking at your entrance, making you roll your eyes back as you sob softly.
You want him, just as badly as he wants you.  God it’s not enough, it’s never enough at all and yet every single fucking time, he does it still, it's too painfully good to stop, to pause this heating moment to remove some fabric, no, there’s no way he’ll stop, it's as if he’s afraid that doing so will result in these pent-up emotions and arousal slipping away.
Captain John Price - voice
John likes it when you hold back your moans and voices whenever you guys do it in his office, since his room is in the centre of the base, that means there are other rooms besides, and the walls are not exactly the thickest.
Sure, he absolutely loves your moans and the way you scream his name whenever he pounds you hard never fails to make him lost in ecstasy. But nothing riles him up more than hearing the voices you make that only he gets to hear.
He loves it when you suppress your moans, because it makes it so your voice tends to become whinier, and more desperate, reaching a pitch that sometimes has surprised him and yourself. He loves it because when you try to be quiet by squeezing your head into his neck, mouth biting on his collar as he drags his thick cock in and out of you, he gets to hear all those little gasps and pretty little moans that are barely audible.
John loves it, and he absolutely likes to break that resolve of yours, he likes to push all the buttons to see you crumble before him, and he knows when he is on the right track when you start to pant harder, and those whimper escapes more as you shakily grab onto his arm, 
he smirks as the pleas come spilling out from your mouth whenever you feel like you couldn't hold in your moans more.
“Awwww….too much?” 
He would whisper back into your ears as he draws out each word in his deep honey voice, hands coming down on your waist before he slams it down hard on his hip, causing a startled yelp and a jolt of shiver running down your spine and let out a string of suppressed curses and moans.
He chuckles deeply, hot breath fanning against your neck when he watches your eyes tear up and your mouth opens as you let out a silent scream, still holding on as you shake your head and mutter to him, “N-no…m-my voice-” you didn’t finish your words as he clashes his mouth with yours, swallowing your pitiful pleas before biting down your lower lip as he pulls back, smirking as he bites down your shoulder.
“Let it out”, he challenges you with a raspy voice as he kisses the bite marks around your neck and nibbles softly when he coos at you, watching you squirm around as he gives you a mischievous look, oh he is going to, and will bully you until he has you screaming his name.  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Kyle Gaz Garrick - hands
Kyle loves it whenever you take your time and tease him with your hands, you can feel how his thigh muscle tensed up and how he let out his breath shakily whenever you trail your finger around him. He always likes it when you start slow, gently trailing along his neck first as you kiss and softly nibble his ears, before you slip your hands down lower as you rest it on his chest, and those eyes….those big doe eyes of yours whenever you look up to him and whisper so sweetly, honey tone dripping out from your irresistible mouth absolutely drives him mad every time, and send his head into a spiral heat of want.
You like it, hm?
He gives a nod as he lay back on the sofa, completely melting under you touch as he squeezes his eyes shut when he feels your teasing hand trailing around his chest, sometimes flicking his nipples that cause him to jolt as you giggle,
Mhm, you do like it…
Fuck, you’ve barely done anything and he already feels like his losing his mind, only being able to nod frantically as words fail to come into his mind. As you slowly reach down, resting your palm just shy above his pants, his grip on your hip tightens as he desperately wants you to go lower, to give him what he wants. He loves it because you always manage to rile him up, giving some relief but never enough, it's like you knew exactly how he works. 
Hmmmmm what do you want…pretty boy?
You whisper back teasingly as you brush your lips against his ear, you watch as his boxers get tighter when his arousal increases, even a small stain was visible now the more you tease him with the nickname, his favourite one, among all the other things you call him.
“Ah fuck….please y/n…”
He begs as you slowly pull down his boxers, bit by bit as he lifts his hips up on instinct to help you remove them, then you slowly let him free of these hellish restrictions, and you make sure your hand doesn't touch his hard cock that flings up as you remove the boxers, watching the red angry tip leaking as he lets out a content sigh. Yet as free as he is at the moment, he needs more.
He whines softly again as you rest your hand on his V-line, trailing those deep beautiful grooves as you hum idly and press your body against his. You continue moving your hand along the V-line before you lightly ghost his cock with the middle knuckle of your index finger, running it all the way from his tip to the base. 
Please what hm?
He lets out another whimper when you tease him again, trying to be good as he bites his lower lip to stop himself from flinching so much from how sensitive and needy he is, he nuzzles into your neck as he pleaded with a desperate tone, voice crackling at the end as he gulps in between words. 
“Please….fuck….please touch me….touch my cock…need to feel you please….”
You chuckle as you kiss his cheek and snake your hand down to hold the base of his cock, watching him buck his hip up to seek those sweet, sweet friction. Who are you to deny him when he begged so nicely?
Good boy~ 
you whisper back huskily as you wrap your hands around his length, he takes a sharp inhale and lets out a trembling moan as he slung his head back to the top of the couch, his hand holding your hips, to ground himself as you start moving your hands around his cock, sliding upwards as you wipe the precum of the tip, teasing the tip as you slowly pump your hand down and watch another string of precum leak and flow down his length, you run your thumb along that one prominent vein as you press on it slightly, the agonizing slow speed you’re doing makes Kyle gasp as he frown and grab your hips tighter,
“fuck, so good….hmm fuck your hands….ah…”, he lets out a loud moan lightly when you kiss his ear lobe, whispering sweet nothing as you attack his ear with your tongue, moaning and letting sloppy noises consume his head, you take this opportunity to reach out and interlace your finger with his other hand as well to overwhelm him in every sense.
He prays internally as he tries his best not to come right here right now, you just started stroking him but he already feels like he’s about to explode. He can’t help it when he can feel your hands, every crease of your finger swiping along his girth as you pump slowly again, god and your thumb? Whenever you use it to press down on him he swears his vision goes white for a moment.  
“Don't stop….” 
a/n: yes yes I know yet another longer section for Gaz, I am, and forever will be biased towards our babygirl, YOU CAN'T STOP ME *runs*
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soggyriceee · 11 hours
Moth To A Flame | Konig
{ more weeknd inspired smut bc why the hell not?}
Konig's hips met yours again, his hand gripping your thigh. " Fuck.. fuck stay quiet libeling. h-he'll hear you." he whispered, his head resting between your neck and shoulder. His other hand covering your mouth, his palm sweaty from your moans and rapid breaths.
this was wrong.
you both knew. but neither of you could stop.
your boyfriend was asleep just upstairs. he treated you so well. like a princess. bought you anything, planned for a future with you. never got mad at you, you had all his passwords. he was your dream guy.
but you couldn't keep yourself away from your ex. from Konig. you could hang up when he calls late at night, fucking himself into his fist while he tells you how much he misses you. how no other woman has made him as hard as you do. how much he wants to kill your new man.
and truthfully, you couldn't stop your fingers from rubbing your clit, collecting the wetness that dripped from you.
you felt ashamed, guilty even. but you knew that if you left your man now, going back to Konig he'd cheat over. and over. the same way he did the last 3 times. but they way he'd make it up to you, fucking you senseless, whispering how much he loved you, how he was thinking about you and your pussy while he fucked whoever.
but here you were, on your living room couch, knees pressed to your chest, tears brimming your eyes as his hips slammed into yours, jerking you and the couch up. " fuck.. can he fuck you like this? I b-bet he cant.. other-otherwise.. fuck.. you would've kicked me out." he groaned, gripping you harder. you clenched around him, your hands gripping his shoulders.
small whimpers left his lips every thrust, followed by either a praise or a loud groan. he wasn't scared of your man waking up. in fact he was praying he did. he hoped he'd walk down and see you beneath him, back arched and eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. it made him twitch in you, made him wanna fuck you on the bed even.
" k-konig~" you whimpered, muffled into his hand. he growled, moving faster, sucking your neck. he missed you. more than the sexual aspect, he missed you in his bed. waking up to you. but you were someone else's, even with his marking covering your body, his cum filling you up. you were someone else's now. "I know libeling.. me too. imma f-fill you up..fuck" his head raised, eyes hooded as he watched your face twist in pleasure.
your hands dropped to your clit, rubbing it at the same pace as his thrusts. his hand went from your throat to your neck, gripping it. " come on baby.. c-come back with me.. ill fuck you s-so good.. treat you b..better." he moaned, eyes pleading with yours.
for a moment, you almost said yes. the way his dick slammed into your pussy, kissing your cervix. how he knew just how to touch you, making you cum within minuets. but he was unloyal. he hurt you, over and over. you were happy now. with a man.
but when the tears from his eyes dropped onto your stomach, his thrusts becoming more aggressive, you felt a pain in your heart. what if he was serious? what if he changed? "y-your mine.. all mine.. fuck imma fill you with my cum libeling.. I-im gonna get you fucking pregnant." he slapped your hand away from your clit, taking over.
your back arched, whimpers and moans leaving your soft lips after each powerful thrust. " p-please Koni~" you whined, looking up to him. he grunted, leaning down and slamming his lips to yours. you felt him pick up the pace, whimpers from him leaving his lips. "I-im cumming maus I-im..fuck!" he groaned, a bit too loud, his last thrust a bit too powerful. the couch hit the table beside it, knocking off all the pictures. his hips jerked forward, trying his hardest to keep up the pace.
you felt the knot in your stomach quickly named undone, your own cries of pleasure slipping from your lips. hid body dropped to yours, his arms wrapping around you.
"please libeling.. come with me." he said into your chest.
"ive changed."
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antigonusyuki · 3 months
for @thychuvaluswife and @fwckriley. Welcome to Ghost week where I try to get all my Ghost requests done
"f-fuck, slow down—" simon groans, face set in concentration as he watches you slowly split yourself on his cock.
it's not often he takes his time with fucking. sex has always been more stress relief than a thing for love and pleasure.
simon doesn't indulge very often past the brutal pace he sets when his only focus is to chase release with his fist wrapped around his length, too pent up for patience.
but now— you.
soft, eager, teasing, you. you who smiles up at him and knock the breath out of his lungs when you trail kisses on his split knuckles.
and damn it all, he wants to make you feel good, wants his name spilling out your lips.
"sweetheart," he pants, voice broken as he trails a hand to squeeze your waist.
you're only halfway sank on his throbbing cock and he can already feel the painful coil of his orgasm in his lower stomach. "you can't, i'm gonna—"
"please," you interrupt him, voice breathy and all but begging him, slick and sweat glistening your skin. "need you to fuck me.. please, si.."
"mhmmph..fuck." simon grits his teeth, a tension setting in his jaw as he lifts you from his cock entirely. he tries to ignore the way a shiver wracks his spine. "fuck... okay, sweetheart, whatever you want."
it's damn near painful to not be inside you so he makes quick work to lay you underneath him, hands under your thighs and bending you till your knees hug your head.
he shushes your sweet cries, soothes your hands that are clawing at his arm to urge him to utterly use and ruin you.
"sweetheart," he growls, tipping forward so his weight presses you to the soft mattress, hard chest against yours.
it's a warning, if anything, to keep still.
he fails to keep the whimper from escaping him as your walls squeeze around his cock. "i need you to relax, love, you're, fuck, squeezin' me too tight-!"
when he finally bottoms out, fully wrapped in your hot and slick walls, his eyes roll up and his body tenses with barely held restraint. sweat covers his skin in a sheen, arms shaking as he tries to delay his orgasm from crashing against him.
"don't—" he manages to croak out when you start getting impatient, shifting your hips from under him to get any amount of friction you can.
he doesn't say that he's so near the edge that tears are prickling his eyes, shame coursing through his veins.
simon only gasps a breath and whispers, "don't" like a plea.
"si, please, just—" you whine, watching the furrow of his brow deepen as you clench around his cock to spur him on.
simon is big, bigger than anyone you've ever taken before, and so hot inside you that you think you'll simply die if he doesn't start moving.
you clench around him again, drawing out a keening noise from your boyfriend as he buries his nose in the crook of your jaw.
you're about to clench down on him again when he starts babbling out a desperate string of, "i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry-!" as you feel a searing warmth flood your walls.
when simon finally comes down from his high, his cheeks are aflame with embarrassment.
deep down, he fears you'll finally realize that he doesn't deserve you.
both emotions disappear quickly though when you stare up at him with big pleading eyes and beg,
"one more… fill me up one more time..please si," you shake with a sob. "wanna be full of you."
and goddamn, he is going to deliver.
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