coiour-my-world · 10 months
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"Fractured" | Tipsoo Lake, Mt. Rainier National Park, WA
Photo: Chris Williams
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dk-thrive · 6 months
Winter mornings are made of steel; they have a metallic taste and sharp edges. On a Wednesday in January, at seven in the morning, it’s plain to see that the world was not made for Man, and definitely not for his comfort or pleasure.
– Olga Tokarczuk, Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead (Fitzcarraldo Editions, September 12, 2018)
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sixpenceee · 2 years
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"It is -45°F (-43°C) where I’m working today. (South Dakota)"
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sliebman10 · 1 year
A frigid wind howled through the forest, rocking the shack that the four animals entered as the sky was growing light. Prongs and Wormtail stayed in the main room, but Padfoot followed Moony into the bedroom and nudged the door closed. 
When Moony was Remus again, Sirius rushed toward him, as he lay on the cold floor with a blanket and a warming charm. 
“It’s so cold,” he said, through chattering teeth, missing the fur that had kept him warm during their romp through the forest. 
“Yeah,” Sirius said, wrapping him securely in the blanket. “Better?”
“A bit,” he said, offering Sirius part of the blanket. Sirius accepted it and curled around Remus, letting their body heat warm them. “Madam Pomfrey is going to be here soon. You all need to go.”
“Nope,” Sirius said into his neck. “I’ll hide when she gets here but I’m not leaving you alone.”
Word count: 152
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I was left in the cold But it’s so much more than that I was abandoned in the tundra Left to die in the snowstorm Wet and vulnerable Naked and freezing There is no heat here. I am alone. Oh, how I miss your warmth.
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coyotebastard · 6 months
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yarameijer · 1 year
The thought process of each Tenma if they had a knife: A Guide
Based on my different stories.
AR!Tenma: oh my god, a knife. A sharp knife, too... better be careful with ittttt- wait a minute I can show this to Shindou-senpai and freak him out!
(T: senpai look what I found!!!! 😇
S: is that- is that a knife?
T: yup!!! 😁
S: oh my god oh my god oh my god WHO GAVE YOU THAT- PUT THAT DOWN RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP  ME-
T: aw, but I like my knife… 😔)
OoS!Tenma: why's there a knife here? It should be in the cutlery drawer, I'll put it back.
(Like a rational person because, beyond horrid self-esteem issues, he's actually pretty reasonable.)
Warped!Tenma: ...if I could I would literally kill myself, but alas, that’s outside of the realm of possibility, so I'll keep it hidden on my person so I can defend myself against my captors.
(I'm sorry for this but he is definitely sort of suicidal...)
OtE!Tenma: (...mental breakdown, probably. Someone should take that knife away from him.)
RoD!Tenma: oh my gods, Kyousuke needs to stop leaving these lying around everywhere.
Venous!Tenma: where did this knife come from? I should probably put this away before I accidentally cut myself. Oh, coach Endou is over there, I'll give it to him! He'll know what to do with it!
(Proceeds to run across the field to get to coach Endou, still holding the knife, because this Tenma has no self-preservation.)
Stand!Tenma: I haven't written for this story in so long, I genuinely wouldn't know. He'd probably just put it down?
Frigidity!Tenma: I'm keeping this. I can use it to threaten anyone who harms my team. Gotta give it a safe space tho, so no one can find it even if they claim I had a knife and people go looking for it.
AwA!Tenma: (before the story) hey a knife, weird. (after the story) hey a knife, wei- wait is this another assassination attempt, or is Ozrock just leaving his stuff lying around again?
(unpublished story in which everyone is some kind of supernatural being except Tenma, who is a regular human): I'm keeping this in case I'm attacked by vampires again. I've never managed to fight them off before but third times the charm, right? And otherwise I can just use it when the team gets into a hissy fit again. Lol they be doing their all mad alpha male posturing and I'll just pull a knife to sharpen it that'd be hilarious. They'd freak. I need to find a book on knife care. Maybe I can start collecting them?
Insane!Tenma: literally always carries knives, this isn't special.
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imperfectercell · 2 years
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fuck it. time to post my rev f art that came about bc me and my friends talking about Captain F having another tragic "family member grown in a tube and forced to adulthood" moment, but this time with his Son, Ize, from young jijiis AF who i adore. i think they should use the dragon balls to turn him small and Ize can go on adventures in space. as a treat.
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betajams · 5 months
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Frigid sketches :3
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adrelyr · 2 months
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[Gift] Fridge
Birtdhay gift for Frigidcoldboi! Art ©️ Me Frigid ©️ Frigidcoldboi
Posted using PostyBirb
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itsfullofstars · 1 year
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(1.6.14)-Chiberia-5 by ChiPhotoGuy https://flic.kr/p/iZeGG2
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thesoulspulse · 1 year
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Thankfully I didn’t have to change too much to update my genderbent Dan design but I’m glad I did! The left is the updated one and the right is the previous version which admittedly didn’t have the best looking gradient from white to black. Also, this evil Danielle (aka Astra as she calls herself since I couldn’t come up with a genderbent version of the name Dan) uses her ice powers to freeze over the Earth instead of just blowing things up. Plus her hair and skin is literally more like dry ice that’s so cold it burns anyone who touches it.
Full Outfit:
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doomboy911 · 5 months
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Theme Frigid Prompt List
Art Prompts 2024
a lovely palette conveys the feelings I'm going for. It could also be that I don't have the heat on. Originally I had icebergs and then I had ice monsters. Instead I went with a nice mountain view. I also ran with a tutorial in making the clouds. Its good for the bones to try new things.
Palette Picked
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Snip The Ends (1/9/22)
The frayed ends of the rope
Intrusive pulling 
Imagining the fray wasn’t there
Grasping yanking longing
Once we’re unraveled there’s no going back. 
I should have snipped the ends.
I will now
The rope is thinner 
I pulled and I tugged
Why did I want so badly to find something
Snip the ends 
I yell and I scream
I miss the pristine rope
I can’t find the scissors
The fray, its magnetized
I pulled too much
Run grab the scissors
It’s gotten out of hand
Finally, at  a little more than a strand
I snip the ends
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bookcoversonly · 1 year
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Title: Frigid | Author: Giao Chi | Publisher: - (2021)
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robbmommaerts · 1 year
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Happy Groundhog Day! A repost from last year. Gonna be a long winter! #groundhogday #groundhog #winter #sleep #midwest #frigid #cartoonillustration #funnyanimals #inkdrawing #robbmommaerts https://www.instagram.com/p/CoKTXV5uETA/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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