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probably didn't happen but imagine.
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[Caption: Spoken by Eva Tsunaka to Damon Maitsu. "Poking you in the face, dragging you by the feet… I even bridal carried you at one point"]
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#genuinely i didnt do this on purpose i was just very tired when i went to draw yesterday and did pose practice instead of new comic#but then i see franz kafka trending this morning and i remembered this hellsite has the most arbitrary holidays i love it#dr draws#danganronpa#dr#ndrv3#drv3#kokichi ouma#ouma kokichi#kokichi oma#oma kokichi#glittersart#TAPP AU#if you want it doesnt have to be#but i am working on an ask about how everyone is holding up post-sim#mostly in writing if thats alright bc im not positive yet how to draw out the story i want to tell#and therein is a small headcanon that kokichi kinda. for several reasons has a bit more intense a time than most of his classmates#and sometimes he Needs to sleep at arbitrary times during the school day. if he wont do it voluntarily he'll just kinda faint-#- which is especially frustrating for him because the lack of control and his inherent distrust of most people fuel his paranoia-#- and over time he designates a couple of Probably Secure places around campus that he can sleep if his dorm is too far.#ive started setting it up (itll take a lot of drawing to explain it all) but one of them is the animal shed#i do want to try actively to write about Students Who Aren't Kokichi but this all did start bc im kinda fixated atm#actually i think kokichi has been in all of the comics so far. like at least appeared#which will probably continue to be true as kokichis brand of pranking#('i put a kick-me sign on kaitos back and when saihara sees it theyll have an excuse to talk. all according to plan.')-caliber#is a nice device to crash characters into eachother like bumper cars
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(click for higher quality, text description under the cut)
welcome to the hydraulic press channel
[Begin comic description:
Scene begins with Kokichi and Kaito during the offscreen Hangar Scene of Chapter 5. Kokichi, having been shot and poisoned, lay on his back on a hydraulic press. The first panel shows him from the side, with Kaito out of view behind machinery. Presumably, they are in the moments before enacting Kokichi's plan.
KOKICHI: "Momota-chan?"
KAITO: "Ouma?"
KOKICHI: "Before I die (which should be very shortly). I... need you to tell me something."
Zoom out. The camera focuses on the distance between the press and the control balcony. Kaito responds, "If robots didn't already have them I'm sure Miu—" Kokichi cuts him off. "Not that."
Zoom back in on a deliriously bemused Kokichi, who is slowly pulling the portion of Kaito's coat that will be trapped with him under the press over his still-bleeding right shoulder. "Did she hit it?"
Three small panels in succession show a confused close-up of Kaito's face: "... What?" as Kokichi fires back "On my jacket... the stitches make an 'X' pattern on the back!" Kokichi holds his crossed index fingers over his head, the intersection highlighted in purple-pink.
Cut to Kaito at the control panel of the hydraulic press, leafing through Kokichi's planning notebook with rigid shoulders and a determined expression. Meanwhile, from his position below, Kokichi less speaks to Kaito than in his general direction: "I'm such a nice murder victim, Momota! Ahahahahaha, I even showed her where to aim!"
Kaito is mildly alarmed as he hears a weak "Nishishishishi" from the press as Ouma loses steam, and he cringes as it progresses into a cough so severe it jars the outline of the speech bubble from its background with an overlain spatter of purple-pink blood. Kaito looks away from the press and toward the toilet where the two earlier attempted to flush Ouma's clothes and disrupt the future crime scene. A close-up confirms that the crossbow bolt went through between the large 'X'-shaped stitches on the back of Ouma's jacket, not through the center of an 'X'. Kaito sighs, and mumbles. "Oh, Maki...."
Regaining enough resolve to smile (and, perhaps, taking a few notes from Kokichi), Kaito forces a thumbs-up gesture Ouma cannot see. He lies through his teeth to comfort the dying kid with a morbid joke he just knows Ouma will prefer to any platitudes: "Yeah."
Kokichi, laying with his head tilted to one side and having determined he is isolated and out of view enough to cry, expresses genuine shock as he listens to Momota go on.
"She got it. 'Dead' center, Kokichi."
Ouma, crossing his arms over his chest as though he were to be lain in a casket, looks up at the top of the press with tears in his eyes. Even now, he forces himself to grin (or, since the expression is deep enough to affect his eyes, it may just be real. Dead men never need to tell.) "H-eh. Nice." His thoughts resound around the panel, unspoken. "but... I know that was a lie. Am I... proud?"
The camera pans over to a side-view of a sobbing Kaito and the shadow of an Exisal behind him as Kokichi's thoughts continue: "M-Maybe Mr. Luminary of the Stars..."
The final panel shows a side-profile view of a relaxed Ouma horizontally on the press, the sleeve of Kaito's coat dangling over the side behind him. He has one hand still crossed over his chest as the other lay palm-down at his side. His eyes have closed, perhaps for the last time. He smiles.
"wasn't so boring after all."
End description.]
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have had a hard time drawing the last couple days so i drew some TAPP!Kokichis for pose practice
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small break from comics proper to draw yall this. its old meme, but it checks out !
based on a conversation in the Amalgamate server, which if you like V3, my comics, and reading fic on Ao3 but have not read amalgamate yet somehow: you're welcome for your new weekend plans, yeehaw
EDIT: occurs to me some of you guys havent seen the original in all its 2007-era glory. behold
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[DRV3 Postgame AU Masterpost]
Sorry it's taking me a bit to answer asks, I read every one and cherish them -! I'd figured I'd doodle a bit in the answers, but then ah. This one changed course from 'whats up with shuichi' to 'actually we're overdue for exposition'.
Oh, backstory?
Since Class 79 is at Hope's Peak For Real in this AU, Danganronpa can't very well be like canon. Our solution: infighting, sabotage, and plenty of Drama! Discussion under the cut.
I'd call it a non-Despair AU; the world's not over, and I'm currently thinking V3 is the only killing game at this point in the timeline, catalyzed by good old-fashioned envy (and, truthfully, indignation that strangers get to live out your fantasy while you and your friends are stuck in the building next door... the nerve!) Our mastermind isn't exactly a master hacker, but she's also not working alone. This Team Danganronpa isn't trying to physically harm anyone, but showing off their collective capacity to coordinate and maintain a takeover like this is bound to catch the administrator's eye. All press is good press, and there's a lot (of investor funding, mostly) riding on stories of TAPP's success, so HPA is incentivized to intervene ASAP. The team did not account for the aftershocks of making their peers virtually kill each other. Rantaro is having memory issues, Miu has to catch her breath (to her chagrin), Kiibo doesn't have a body, Kokichi has his cane... and that's just the beginning.
TAPP is kind of like "what if instead of synthetically pouring all of the talents into just the one dude, we experimented on some charity cases to see if we can just artificially build an Ultimate from the ground-up". The tech in the flashback-lights is definitely at play here, though HPA proper wasn't planning on a full memory wipe/personality override (but kept the theoretical capability in their back pocket in case things went south as Advanced Gaslighting) but uh. A bunch of highschoolers took hold of the controls, which is how you get a bunch of kids that sound like characters. They still are.
In this case, Team DR is like at least 3 at most 10 disgruntled teens in the Reserve Course tired of being overlooked. More looking for mischief than harm, but hey, if they can convince the interlopers being Ultimates isn't worth it and they should leave the school after all this and free up the floorspace? They won't argue. One of the things that strikes me about DR as a series is how its internal logic is less concerned with logistics than matching the emotional weight of what it can be like to be growing up and going through high school, so I'm trying to lean in that direction. I'm not completely sure what all this means for the THH and SDR2 crews, precisely, but we'll cross/burn that bridge when we get to it I guess!
This comic taught me a lot of new tools and techniques, hence it feels to me like it took forever but I am super stubborn and couldn't work on something else until the script in my head was actualized, which turned into 'the whole thing being done'.
There's a lot of easter eggs and little jokes in the first page in particular, should you seek them! Consider this another 'cut' in case you want to try and read the Small Handwriting on Rantaro and Miu's desks for yourself.
I already brought up some of them in the WIP so I'll try not to repeat too much and just link here
Kokichi could join the toast, but doesn't (and yet he still sits with everyone). Kiibo doesn't drink anything at all but does want to be in the toast, so he gets a bluetooth speaker. Surely he will blast some vocaloid shortly.
That's Kaito's notebook Kichi is doodling in; Kaito draws a bunch of stars, and I tried to sort-of-almost emulate the drawing on Kichis whiteboard and also get across that it lacks line confidence (sketch over and over the same lines) and he keeps creasing the paper because post-press it doesn't take much activity for his hands to hurt. Also kinda wanted to imply that Kaito not only knows Ouma has his notebook, but probably gave it to him because he's learned it's inevitable Kichi will tease him and draw in it and at least being upfront about it he won't manage to hurt himself trying to steal it (phantom thief or not!) Kokichi's pride is a little hurt at first, but it becomes another of their small routines they don't acknowledge out loud that nevertheless are a kind of familiar comfort for both of them.
Space debris at terminal velocity is no joke man even a paint chip won't just crack your helmet (which you'd only survive via cartoon logic and presumably-magic duct tape) but easily crack your skull at least. I did a project on it in high school once, I should really look for it tbh
Rantaro’s To Do
Set up weekly meeting
Check what is up w/ Kiyo
Make sure Kichi goes to therapy this week
Call Rillianne
Rantaro’s Reminders
Blue: Class
Red: Study
Cyan: ‘Council (or w/e)’
Green: ‘Travel Nerd Time >:P’
Purple: ‘Hang out w/ me ~!’
Orange: Group Project
Yellow: ‘Call ur family this week, srsly’
Miu’s Notes (“Polygraph Improvements”)
Before install into K1-B0’s new body, improve algorithm for fig. (figurative) speech.
Consult Ishimaru?
- Gonta can get in contact
I really did make some actual charts based on data from the character bios comparing things like height, birthdate, etc. vs. victim, killer, or survivor status (tho that is a gantt chart template and not filled in, oop). TL;DR the most interesting one to me is this:
Tumblr media
Where basically when you account for how many students across the games are stated to have each blood type and the proportion of those students in a certain role, things are pretty even (AB has so few students its bars arent really representative of a trend, I just included them anyway) the type Os are disproportionately likely to be killers. For the record, there's one confirmed type O victim, and it's Nagito. I have no idea what this means. But if I am blursed with this knowledge, now you are too!
The code in tsumugis glasses isnt an easter egg bc i was getting tired and frustrated but the pods are roughly (no kiibo shifts things a bit) in class trial configuration, and on the base layer before all the Rest Of The Panel got added you could kind of tell who's who. Not so much anymore, so: Saihara has his hat on, for the record, and Kokichi is on his side while everyone else is on their back. Might even be a little restless, the feeling of underlying unreality playing substitute for some of (only some of, they're still being monitored) the surveillance anxiety. Fun!
And hey, as always, and especially if you've gotten this far: Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!
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Part 3 of the polygraph arc! [Part One] [Part Two] [AU Masterpost]
If you ask either of them, this never happened. In fact, they can't stand eachother, and Kokichi certainly does not find himself gravitating toward Miu's lab every so often to gossip and generally harass her while she works (and make sure she makes nonzero human contact for the week). Miu definitely does not decompress from the pressure of re-building your best friend's body from the ground up by making more little side-projects like this and testing them out on Kokichi, who is now fairly certain she isn't trying to kill him anymore even in spite of his paranoia, and usually agrees since it's, if nothing else, always at least kind of not-boring.
Obviously, she does not have it set in her mind that her next side-project is figuring out how to trick Kokichi into maybe-just-maybe taking some bare minimum measures to keep his chronic pain from getting worse. He, likewise, is not at all invested in occasionally checking in and pestering her until she actually goes to sleep.
This isn't the last time they'll have to talk about this, nor is everything magically fixed, but see. Closer to okay is a pretty big step up.
Here's that Ch.4 panel by itself, because I really like how it turned out
Let me know who you're curious about and want to see in this AU! I have a few more ideas already (none quite as complicated as this arc) but seeing what you guys think gives me life. Thank you for reading! <3
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(There's a prequel now)
[AU Masterpost]
So some of Kokichi's beta designs have heterochromia and I know I'm not the first to raise the possibility he wears a color contact to hide it, but has anyone done this joke yet
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(Click for higher quality, comic description under the cut!) [AU Masterpost]
I know per TDP Gundham doesn't trust Kokichi as far as he could throw him, but consider a timeline where maybe, just maybe, an upperclassman sees the most chaotic freshman in the school putting up a front a few steps removed from the one he built at that age; Ouma is committed to the bit, sure, but it isn't him. Not like Tanaka is the forbidden one, anyway.
There might be hope for him yet, if anyone bothers pointing him in a better direction.
[Comic Description: A black and white comic featuring Kokichi Ouma and Gundham Tanaka.
The scene opens on a front-facing view of a staircase and title card reading "Hope's Peak 20XX". Kokichi sits in the middle of one of the steps, one foot set aside next to him and the other on the step below. His arms are crossed in front of his face, scarf caught and pressed against his cheek, the kind of half-curled seated position intended to keep the small smile on his face hidden from potential onlookers. A few steps below him, a small black-and-white kitten digs the front half of its body into a metal dish. Kokichi speaks to the cat (or, at least, at the cat) as he gathers his thoughts: "Hah, you like it? Brought you salmon today. Bet it beats Chez D'umpstaire, at least."
The cat, a mostly-black kitten with a white splotch over the left half of its face and two differently-toned eyes, looks up at Ouma with adoration. The kitten then peers over the step Kokichi's foot is resting on. He lowers his hand for the cat to sniff and investigate, though the cat pays it no mind. "You know, you've got a good thing going, here."
Kokichi is now holding a very relaxed cat, one comfortable enough to have voluntarily flipped onto its back while in his arms. This, from a cat, is high praise. "Tanaka's nice, really, just the kind of underling worth keeping around,,"
The next panel is blurred, indicating a memory. The shadow of a kitten is barred from approaching its food dish by two larger cats, ostensibly in Gundham's animal shed. The hazy nature of the scene, paired with Ouma's tone, suggest a less literal interpretation applies as well. "No matter what you have to put up with to do it."
Outside the panel structure, a 'LOST' flyer with a photo of the kitten is taped into the comic strip. Along the bottom, tabs with the contact information for the animal shed are printed for passerby to take with them; about half of the slips remain. "He misses you."
In the next panel, Ouma smiles, index finger to his cheek. The smile does not reach his eyes. Behind him, a simplified sketch (presumably Ouma's) of Shuichi and Maki are in a group-hug with Kaito, whose smile is the only defined feature on his face. "'s somethin special, when you've got someone missing you. So I've heard."
In the next panel, the cat bumps into Ouma's chin with the top of its head. "Hey, c'mon... I mean it.
In a long panel, Ouma holds the cat over his shoulder, where it appears to be falling asleep. "You're too little to grasp the concept of deception, let alone how betrayed you ought to feel.... But you really should go back."
The last third of the panel fades into a cement floor as a hamster rund down over the words: "Nico-D! You cannot be so reckless with the clawed demon at large!"
Gundham bends down to pick up the hamster, Nico-D. "That most capricious of beasts has finally been quelled and re-contained..."
In a separate panel, Kokichi holds the cat on one shoulder, where it proceeds to lick his face. "By the Clown Prince of Lies?!"
Ouma laughs in mock-protest, saying: "Quit it, you sorry sack've mouse entrails...." and "You're so gross!" Despite these interjections, he smiles, wide and genuine.
As Gundham takes a step closer to Ouma, a sudden sound shocks Kokichi to attention. The cat continues to show him affection, even as Kokichi scrambles to re-assert his composure. 
Ouma slides a snide smile onto his face, with less joy than malice. "Oh, Tanaka-chan~! I was just about to take out your trash for you!" Even as he refers to the cat as 'trash', he holds it carefully as it purrs. A smaller bit of text reads "Aren't I nice?"
With a suddenly sullen and irritated expression, Ouma holds out a confused cat toward the camera (and Gundham). "Recycle your own damn breed-jects."
Gundham attempts to get through to Ouma, though he does not get a chance to elaborate beyond "Ouma—" 
Regaining his typical confidence, Kokichi puts his index finger to his cheek as he stares Gundham down. "Oh, so you do know my name? Careful, learn much more and I'll be feeding your carcass to those 'pwecious widdle hamsters' you keep around~"
Gundham tries to get a word in edgewise, but Ouma has already turned away with a small wave and an insistent shout of "Later."
Gundham can only watch as Kokichi leaves, wordless. The kitten slowly blinks in Kokichi's direction, paradoxically a sign of trust. Much to think about.
End description.]
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Would you do Korekiyo in f3? Match with Kokichi 👉👈
who wore it better
Tumblr media
“So?” Kokichi’s voice slices through the comfortable silence between them.
“So,” Kiyo echoes back, still a bit lost to the standing mirror before them.
“So, what do you think! It’s definitely different for you,” Ouma chirps, pacing from side-to-side with arms outstretched. It both draws attention and keeps his balance; it takes effort to be flippant. “You sure you’re not gonna break out in hives from Olive Green Deficiency? It’s not like we’d really know!”
Kiyo turns to face him, blinking away the thoughts clouding his reflection. Kokichi steps back, smiling as much as ever. “I think it’s. Suitable. The cardigan is nice, it’s.” Soft, in a way that uniform was not. Kind, in a way withheld from you until now.
“Definitely in the ‘maybe’ pile, it is easier than the straightjackets, but DICE has got an aesthetic, you know? I still think you oughtta join once I’m recruiting again,” Kokichi leans on the wall, weight concentrated on his left arm. “, , I can look for a longer skirt, if it’s bothering y–”
They are equally surprised by the interjection for vastly different reasons.
“No, I mean. I’d like to wear this one. ‘Try something different’, yes?” Something you wouldn’t have been allowed t–
“'Course! That is why I said it,” Kokichi teases. He doesn’t skip a beat. “Besides, we’re totally twinning! No worries about people staring at you, they’ll be staring at us.”
Together. On the same level.
Is that not itself beautiful?
For this ask meme [AU Masterpost]
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Answers to questions nobody had.
Prequel to this, some indeterminate time after this.
I don't consider it an inherently romantic gesture, for the record, but Kaito gave Kokichi the jacket in this AU after v3 (assuming it was like a VR simulation "class 79" went through before starting at Hope's Peak, Or Something) since he had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. (He can't sleep on his back anymore, and was so vocal in his own disgust about the possibility of. Leaning on people *gross* just to waste time sleeping that Kaito figured it was easier [re: spared Kokichi's pride] to see if the familiarity helped at all. It does.) Kaito and Kokichi are... (acquaintances? friends? close?) Connected now. You don't go through something like the hangar and come out the other side without some kind of bond.
I think kitty's name should be Bishop. Less for any christian ties than the idea of a therapy animal 'delinquent-pet-he-does-not-have-paperwork-for-but-keeps-in-his-dorm-anyway' as an "overseer" for him to talk to in absence of wax Rantaro. Also the third most powerful chess piece (probably after Kokichi and his 'beloved') and, though he will not verbally admit it, in part after the actual good robot android from Aliens. Because, of course,
Tumblr media
sometimes she reminds him of a friend.
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If I may ask, how do you think Kokichi acts around Maki after the game? Because I always imagined that what with the whole 'shooting him in the spine with a poisoned arrow' probably left him a little scared of her. I mean, if you consider that Strike-9 is likely named after strychnine, if the symptoms are similar, then that poison probably wrecked his body pretty good while him and Kaito were setting up his murder, he'd have been in considerable pain right up until the press came down. I can't imagine that Maki isn't a regular part of his nightmares.
Sorry it took a bit to answer. This is a lovely ask with much to think about, but your first question there really grabbed me and I immediately wrote a three-pager about it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think that after the game, Maki is actively trying to distance herself from her V3 persona. She's stated she doesn't like fighting in the first place in TDP, so in this universe I think she'd in the process of legitimately trying to change her title to SHSL Child Caregiver. It's kind of a probationary limbo in admin, proving she has the requisite skills to outright change tracks since IIRC there's not much if any precedent for it, but Maki works hard and has found herself opening up a bit more in the wake of surviving the simulation. She cut her hair to further put the past behind her (though she's not sure she quite likes it yet, it's a work-in-progress) and is, in part, trying to reclaim pieces of the childhood she functionally now never had. Kaede has taken her to I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Claire's at least once.
Now, Kokichi on the other hand.
He tries to avoid her like the plague, as he is (justifiably) terrified of her. They haven't spoken since the end of the game, but it isn't lost on Maki that Kokichi is the only person she's actually tried to assassinate (and, depending on who you ask, she succeeded. She, Kaito, and Kokichi each ultimately blame themselves for the press, even if Kokichi outwardly blames Maki for all of it and not just the torture) and it's just a bit difficult for her to stay angry. Especially when her one and only mark backs up against the wall and covers his upper right arm subconsciously so she cant shoot him there again when they pass each other in the hall.
Putting a nightmare sequence on the to-draw list, but Kichi has... thoughts, about potential poisoning he does as much as he can to suppress (only packaged food, even if that's not how he was poisoned before, because 'they'll have to get more creative now that it's not a game'; never leave your drink unattended anywhere, at all, even your own room; he started doing his own laundry again instead of asking Kirumi like the rest of Class 79, considering she defaulted to doing it to keep her hands busy and nobody else has really stopped her...) Little things.
Little things Kaito notices, now that he knows (now that he cares) to look. He thinks that they'll be friends, someday (but it'll be pretty far out, if it ever happens.) Mutual tolerance is a bit more viable.
Oh, hey. Looks like someone started listening to Miu.
[AU Masterpost]
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Click for quality. Part 2 of the polygraph arc! (Read part 1 here) (Part 3!)
[AU Masterpost]
Everyone's still in shambles after the simulation. No exceptions.
So Miu's polygraph is kind of a black box (you know what goes in and comes out but the rest is a mystery) but there is at least a basis in reading electrical and chemical signals in the body to discern things like mood and, with enough pattern training, attempt to predict intent. Granted, something like that would be incredibly specific to the patterns (people) it's trained on, so why not have the most unpredictable, unflappable ultimate in the school play guinea pig?
He just happens to be incredibly flappable, today. It's a jacket day, after all, and even if Miu heard in passing what that means, actually seeing it in practice is something else. But the program is mostly to decipher him in particular anyway; two birds one stone, making it less likely the class will overlook genuine distress and helping K1-B0 curb a major source of frustration when he comes back.
(Well. When he comes back, of course. Kiiboy's current deal in this AU is kind of its own story.)
They did, in fact, discharge Kokichi with a cane and orders to do physical therapy, a fact he has told nobody that spread through the class like a lighter to a gas line since someone, Kaito, can't just not tell his sidekicks secrets. Being Kokichi, he has elected to completely ignore both as often as he can get away with (which makes the bad days worse, naturally. Consequences? For my in/actions?) to What Did You Expect, Dumbass results.
It's just about time for an overdue conversation.
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Part 1/3 of a new Miu arc in my DRV3 AU! (Click for better quality)
[AU Masterpost]
Part 2 is done!
I do love these two, I truly believe they can care about one another when they each think nobody can see Make Eachother Worse.
Ouma will be fine, or as fine as he already was anyway. Just imagine the QI klaxon going off when he says something bolded and it'll make more sense.
Not sure if I should call this the Test Arc or the Detector Arc or something, since I've scripted a few more comics but honestly do not know if Miu will be in a bunch more of these and calling it the Miu arc will be Unhelpful. Thoughts?
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For this ask meme [AU Masterpost]
ya boi in 3 kinds of plaid (and light-up sneakers miu rigged. "testing LED configurations," she said, but it's mostly because it was this or heelys.) He was going to get dress-coded (HPA only cares about being out of uniform, of course) but it's paramount for a Supreme Leader to master a civilian disguise! Obviously!
Individual outfits under the cut!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
"I'm getting back into the swing of drawing TAPP comics, I'll start out this weird one with a relatively simple panel" ==> "I just learned a new neat lighting trick" ==> "Oops all painting"
I need to stop editing this at some point and I am semi-arbitrarily deciding that point is now. Also considering re-framing how I want to do this as a simplified panel entirely asdfghjkl;
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