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moviesandmania · 1 year
MISSISSIPPI RIVER SHARKS (2017) Reviews and overview
MISSISSIPPI RIVER SHARKS (2017) Reviews and overview
‘There’s a new mouth in the river’ Mississippi River Sharks is a 2017 American action horror film in which sharks attack a fish rodeo and it is up to a group of locals to stop them. Directed by Misty Talley (Ozark Sharks; Zombie Shark aka Shark Island; editor of Ghost Shark and Arachnoquake) from a screenplay written by Marcy Holland (Ozark Sharks). Produced by Kenneth M. Badish and Daniel…
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raan-miir-tah · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Empires!Lizzie with sharks and ships for me, myself, and I <3
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magicinavalon · 2 years
have you checked for sharks in your local river?
I have! I found exactly 3 sharks, one of which attacked my horse. My horse survived, but the shark got away and I MUST FIND IT SO THAT I MAY BRING IT TO JUSTICE
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jacqueattack · 1 year
"i believe the two missouri shark attacks were in the mississippi river in the late 1800's. silly bullsharks."
ah yes...the might mississippi in missouri...a well known swimming location and not an over-polluted death trap that will drown you...
wtf no. it was ONE shark attack and at an aquarium show mishap in the 90's and it was a nursing shark. source
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fatehbaz · 1 year
About this inland shark-attack joke going around, people aware of the freshwater habits of bull sharks have suggested that the reason for documented shark attacks in Illinois and Missouri is attributable to “freshwater-tolerant bull sharks swimming up the Mississippi River”, but that’s not actually what happened.
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The documented attack in Missouri -- and also in New Mexico -- involved captive sharks, not wild sharks.
The map itself is kinda accurate-ish but it became somewhat famous in October 2021 because the governor of Colorado made a joke statement and social media post.
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The New Mexico shark attack record from 2005 was not some bull shark in the Rio Grande; it involved a captive sand tiger shark at an aquarium.
Here, a local F0x affiliate, in 2021, describes both the social media joke and the explanation for Illinois/Missouri attacks. The Missouri attack involved a captive nurse shark at a sports show in 1996.
But the Illinois attack, from Lake Michigan in 1955, is apparently unverifiable.
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Like, you’ve probably heard exaggerated or suspicious claims in local news or anecdotal story-telling, describing alleged sharks in the Mississippi River north of St. Louis, or in the lower Ohio River along Kentucky-Indiana downstream of Cincinnati or whatever.
However, also in 2021, some academics investigated a bunch of historic reports of shark encounters in inland, land-locked, freshwater sites in the US/North America. Results published in Marine and Fishery Sciences journal.
As The Telegraph reports, in 2021, only two historic records of bull sharks in the Mississippi north of or past St.Louis could be verified. (Including Rush Island, Missouri, in 1995, and the famous Alton, Illinois, case from 1995.)
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Still, bull sharks in Amazonia are another deal. A distribution map of bull sharks in the western hemisphere:
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Presence in such a tropical, warm, wide river with so much attendant biomass/prey makes for a more tolerable freshwater habitat corridor than the temperate Mississippi loaded with pesticide runoff.
A famous tidbit that gets tossed around is that bull sharks have been documented at least 2500 miles inland, upstream in the Amazon River. I don’t know exactly where that record comes from.
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But there are other obvious/verifiable instances of bull sharks in the Amazon: In 2015, some N@t-Ge0 television program filmed them 450 miles upstream in the river, so.
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bitey-baby-shark · 5 months
Facts of the Day: 🦈Bull Sharks🦈
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Scientific Name: Carcharhinus leucas
Length: 7 feet to 11 feet on average
Weight: Between 200 lbs and 500 lbs, max weight on record is 1000lbs
Lifespan: About 16 years old
Reproduction: They are viviparous and give birth to live young with around 1 to 13 pups per litter.
Diet: Fish, other sharks, marine mammals, birds, turtles, crustaceans, stingrays, or literally anything they can fit in their mouths including garbage.
Habitat: Tropical and subtropical shallow waters worldwide
Status: Near threatened
Summary: Bull sharks are a highly aggressive species of shark, so much so that it’s believed the original story of the book behind Jaws was about a series of bull shark attacks. This species is also known to be fully capable of breaching fresh water and swimming upstream. Bull sharks have been located 2,294 miles up the Amazon River in Peru and 700 miles up the Mississippi River in the United States. Due to their ability to travel up freshwater rivers this shark has a wide diet of any prey they can fit into their vicious jaws. Those jaws actually have the most powerful bite out of all sharks, clocking in at 1,350 psi per square inch. In comparison, the average human jaw bites at a force of 120 to 160 psi. This means this shark’s bite force is among the top ten strongest bites in the animal kingdom!
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rainypebble07 · 8 days
Fun asks to lighten your mood Rainy? Say less
Did you know
That the Great Lakes have currents as strong as the oceans
That the Mississippi River sometimes contains sharks
That you are awesome amazing fantastic
That your brain remembers things more (like studying or the rules of a game) after you do an activity for about 2 hrs and then take a break to come back to it later
That video game music, instrumental, helps you study/focus
That rain is my fav type of weather so your user is my fav
Did that lighten the mood moot? Hope your classes aren't that difficult 😵‍💫
Hoodie! Hello hello! I can always count on you to lighten the mood, friend. Really, you're the best. Now I'll see if I know all your fun facts!
I actually did know about the Great Lakes' currents. I live very near them, so I've got some unfortunate first-hand experience!
I didn't know the Mississippi had sharks, but remind me to never ever go near it now because I'm irrationally terrified of sharks. It's part of the talassophobia, I believe.
I'm awesome amazing fantastic? Awww, if that's really a fact, it's a very fun one indeed. I hope you know you're awesome amazing fantastic right back (It is a scientifically confirmed fact)
Huh! I'll have to try that one! I've heard the exercising between study sessions works well. I'll have to incorporate many more breaks into my schedule. You have very convenient fun facts!
Yes! I have an entire big playlist on Youtube of good Zelda music to listen to while I'm working. I love the Zelda game soundtracks with my entire heart. And you seem like more of a Kirby person, but I hope we can have Nintendo franchise solidarity.
Awwww rain is my favorite weather too, which is why my user (and secret internet name) is Rainy! And foodiewithdahoodie is an awesome user too, just sayin. I can't say foodie is my favorite weather, although.
Alright, that's all. And yes! It lightened the mood immensely, good friend! Fun asks make me so happy. I feel ready to take on the world! Maybe I'll sign up for double the courses now! (jkjk I'd never ever). You're much appreciated forever and always, mootiewithdahoodie (see what I did there?)
1000000 hugs for you and I hope you see the most beautiful sunrise tomorrow morning <333333
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please. more shark facts. pls. oh mighty keeper of shark knowledge i beg of you
i’m on a bull shark fixation a little so: bull sharks make up a lot of shark attacks, but not because they actively seek out humans more or because we are more appetising or anything!! it’s because bull sharks frequent freshwater rivers (further inland, obviously), meaning they more often encounter clueless humans swimming in murky streams or whatnot!! bull sharks have been found as far up the mississippi as illinois!! super cool :DDD
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goneahead · 1 year
The (very) Unofficial Bob Ross’ Happy Trees Poetry Tools Workshop Day 22 - Motifs!
Motif is the repetition of closely related ideas, imagery (days 14, 15, 16) and connotations (day 13) in a poem.
In our example, the poet used the motif of rivers and deltas:
the rain carries everything south, today the better parts of me are buried both feet two feet deep in the mouth of the mississippi, the sun on my shoulders and the filth of a nation being washed out to sea, the sands strain me out, weigh me down, always being dried out, wet again, spent a whole month some level of drunk, the little sharks and the brackish cats and the shrimp, my arms ache for the shape of the net in cast, strangers bound by our mutual connections to nothing, tethers made to sever, a time where gravity fails to apply @purgatorypoetry
Let’s take a look at all the tools the poet used in the last three lines : -my arms ache for the shape of the net in cast, (transitional phrase - day 10, connotations - day 13) -strangers bound by our mutual connections to nothing, tethers made to sever, (connotations - day 13) -a time where gravity fails to apply (volta - day 10)
When is motif a good tool to use ? Pretty much always! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having different motifs in a poem, but sticking to just one motif ensures all the parts of the poem will work together. It can also make it slightly easier to add a cool, shiny volta (or two!), since you are only dealing with one group of ideas!
Have fun writing happy trees!
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lindsaywesker · 6 months
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Good morning! I hope you slept well and feel rested? Currently sitting at my desk, in my study, attired only in my blue towelling robe, enjoying my first cuppa of the day. Welcome to Too Much Information Tuesday.
There is a Mt. Clitoris in the Philippines.
In 1999, the president of Niger was Major Wanke.
30% of objects left in hotel rooms are sex toys.
Your hair grows more quickly when you’re anticipating sex.
At any one time, 45 million people in the world are drunk.
Generally, most peoples’ lips are the same colour as their nipples.
The Japanese word ‘kareishu’ describes the smell of old people.
Turning up the music in a bar by 22% makes people drink 26% faster.
Whoopi Goldberg got her nickname from her childhood flatulence.
More than one-third of men using dating sites are already married.
In London, women over 40 are giving birth at twice the rate of teenagers.
It takes a male flea six to eight hours to unfold all the different parts of its penis.
Until it closed in 2019, South Africa’s largest baobab tree contained its own pub.
Sharing an article makes you think you know more, even if you didn't actually read the article.
Shark Bay in Australia is now called Safety Beach. It changed its name to attract tourists.
Gorgone macarea is an Amazonian moth known for subsisting solely on the tears of sleeping birds.
Early Arabic texts refer to cannabis as ‘the bush of understanding’ and ‘the shrub of emotion’.
A bite from the Brazilian wandering spider results in an erection that lasts for several hours.
In 1423, London mayor Dick Whittington established a 128-seater toilet that hung over the River Thames.
Johnny Cash’s daughter Roseanne was named after Rose and Anne, his nicknames for his wife’s breasts.
A polling company in the USA once found 4% of Americans responded, “Yes!” to “Have you been decapitated?”
In 1879, the Belgian city of Liège commissioned 37 cats to deliver mail to nearby villages. The project was a complete failure.
In 2009, an anti-kidnapping expert in Mexico was kidnapped, after giving a lecture on 'How Not To Be Kidnapped In Mexico'.
On April 28, 1988, the roof of an Aloha Airlines jet ripped off at 24,000 feet, but the plane still managed to land safely.
In 1926, mystery writer Agatha Christie disappeared for 11 days. When found, she claimed to have no memory of the missing days.
Researchers believe women prefer larger penises during one night stands, but something a bit smaller for long term relationships.
A Mississippi social worker, Georgia Tann (born 1891), stole more than 5000 children from poor families and sold them to the rich.
In Ancient Greece, small penises were celebrated and seen as a sign of high intelligence and self-control. Men with large penises were seen as grotesque, laughable and barbaric.
Lockdowns in 2020 were identifiable on seismologists’ sensors because humans stopped making the Earth wobble so much by moving about.
In December, some Japanese people go to BŌNENKAI, ‘forget the year’ parties. Attendees eat and drink to forget the bad things that happened during the year.
In 1997 Frédéric Bourdin, a 23-year-old French conman, impersonated Nicholas Barclay, a missing 16-year-old Texan boy, and spent nearly five months living with his family.
A smock or naked marriage was an 18th-century custom in some parts of Britain and the US where a widow would be freed of her dead husband’s debt if she remarried with very few or no clothes on.
In 1951, a 21-year-old Clint Eastwood was on board a plane that crashed into the sea but, no problem for Clint, who successfully escaped and swam three miles through shark-infested waters to safety.
William Whipple, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, eventually freed his slave because he believed one cannot simultaneously fight for freedom and hold another person in bondage.
Harrison Okene spent 60 hours underwater in darkness after his boat capsized 20 miles off the coast of Nigeria and sank to the bottom of the ocean. He was discovered alive by divers who were sent to recover dead bodies.
On the set of ‘The Terminator’, Arnold Schwarzenegger argued with the director James Cameron over the line “I’ll be back”. Schwarzenegger believed that a robot wouldn’t abbreviate so wanted the line to be “I will be back”.
In 2003, Elm Park - where a gang problem meant train drivers were too scared to stop - became the first London tube station to try the classical music approach. Within 18 months, robberies fell 33 per cent, assaults on staff 25 per cent and vandalism 37 per cent.
In 1859, a book review in The Economist stated, “Novels by male authors are more in keeping with the natural world, and … are more delightful as well as more profitable than the best novels by women.” The book was ‘Adam Bede’ by George Eliot.
Okay, that’s enough information for one day. Have a tremendous and tumultuous Tuesday! I love you all.
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bittenbea-blog · 10 months
DSMP playlist
These are (youtube) playlists that follow a (rough) timeline of events about how each of the characters progress through out my version of the dsmp. Featuring descriptions on why each song was chosen to be in the playlist. 
links to the playlists are the character names
Last updated: may 17 2023
posted below the break as to not clog up pages!
AS ALWAYS, this is just about the characters and world not the creators themselves. This is also my interpretation/head-canons of said characters so it's not entirely accurate to the canon versions.
 Name of the song - Artist (about/ to/ etc)
General  (songs that apply to most of the world in general) That's life - frank sinatra Bottom of the river First burn - hamilton Feast of famine - starkid (black friday) Lent - autoheart World on fire - old daughtry
Quackity  All you wanna do - six (Eret, Schlatt, Wilbur, Sapnap/Karl) Classic Quackity confidence and insecurities. Manix=Eret (without the underaged stuff, obviously) that one didn't last long (genuinely forgotten about in most circumstances) Frances=Schlatt, “stern” “gets what he wants” ”helps him in his office”couldn't be more of a perfect description of Schlatt. Henry the 8th= Wilbur, look the timelines a bit fecked. But this could be pre election or in pogtopia mans very persuasive. Short temper.(minus the marriage, duh)  Thomas=Sapnap/Karl, more leaning toward karl, mans got his heart broken by both of them. While both of them are sweet it just didn't work out. Absinthe - Mothica (Schlatt) The relationship between Quackity and Schlatt was rocky at best, toxic and abusive at worst. Quackity doesn't drink because of it. Doesn't mean he didn't do other things. A pearl - mitski (karl/Sapnap. Schlatt) Karl and Sapnap are pulling away, Quackity is closed off because of his past relationship with Schlatt. He's afraid of real intimacy and affection. It's causing a rift in their relationship. Jokes on you -charlotte lawrence Bois on his revenge arc, RIP “the fiances”. In all seriousness, Quackitys has the worst luck when it comes to relationships. This song kind of represents the climax of his frustration, mans going through it Hard to kill - beth crowley Las nevadas arc. He's kind of alone, with his only goals now being to build a legacy. Sharks - imagine dragons Ruthless business, literal collaborating with the devil.(Schlatt) Could be interpreted as Wilbur talking to Quackity mocking his efforts telling him that he`ll fail. (also nice touch with the literal shark man assisting him) Vices - Mothica Mans build a whole casino themed country, there are a feck ton of things that you can get lost in, drugs, strippers, gambling etc. also underlying theme of Quackity being lonely and using people not as companions necessarily but to temporarily stave off said loneliness. Mississippi moonshine - saving abel Quackity keeps missing opportunities, shit just keeps passing him by, he's sick of it. The other side - greatest showman (Wilbur) Quackity is Zac Effron, Wilbur's pulling the same shite “man, Quackity your a pathetic motherfecker let me help you” “if i help you no one will ever trust me again” “Eh your loss” “Fine” The sex is good - saving abel (Wilbur) *cough* *cough*. Anyway, love hate relationship, whatever the feck it is there is a whole bucket full of tension. You can basically smell it. (he is absolutely in love don't listen to this bich) Nails - call me karizma (Wilbur) Oof, I'd say Wilbur is the one with more daddy issues, but the relationship between them is definitely not… healthy. These bich’s can't just talk about their issues without antagonizing each other. Not what i meant - Dodie, lewis watson Quackity asks himself if he's the problem. Why do all his relationships fail?
Sapnap  Waiting in the wings- tangled animated series Sapnaps always felt inferior, with Dream being one of his best friends that is even more exasperated, he's frustrated with his situation. Waving through a window - Dear Evan Hansen Self esteem issues, he's always held himself back (for valid and not reasons) Attention - rainbow frog biscuits (George) Sapnap may have had a crush on Dream, he's feeling very jealous of George. Jealous - stories (Dream) Unrequited crushes suck huh? Sapnap sees what's going on with Dream and George, he wishes, perhaps selfishly, that it would fail. And it just doesn't, So hes jealous of the love that he sees, he wants to be a part of it. But it never happens. If I'm being honest - dodie (Dream) At first its about looking for a place to call their own, “could you love this?” then its about sapnaps unrequited crush and how that effects his self esteem. Then he realizes that Dream used him, that he changed and theres nothing that he could have done. Monster - skillet When you're prone to burst into flames when you're angry you're bound to develop some sort of deep rooted issues from that. Your heads on fire - louie zong Is this too on the nose? Also anger issues She - Dodie (karl) Sapnap is hoping, for the first time ever, that this can be something that is just his, that he is worthy of the love he feels for Karl
XD                                                                                                                Disciples - captain murphy Do I really need to explain why this ones is here? For the possessive god? Area Zero – Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Its mainly the vibes
Tommyinnit  Poser - weathers Is it just the vibes? Also Tommy is a menace with some self hatred. Set throughout his life. You can separate his first few deaths by the “i died to make it out alive” not perfectly but pretty close. Rule #4 fish in a bird cage - fish in a birdcage (Wilbur) Of course he trusts him, it's Wilby, his big bro. Right? Bruno is orange - hop along, queen ansleis (Tubbo) Really the disc and L`manburg wars were started over such petty things Loser - neoni Semi sarcastic, people are telling him that he's a loser, that they don't like him, that he's a bad person, he doesn't believe them. (or at least that's what he tells himself.) just before exile. Achilles come down (minor Tubbo) Exile arc, yes especially the tower. Monster - Dodie Tommy shapeshifts, he has a lot of self loathing about that especially since it was just another thing that people hated him for Breaking hearts - Sam Smith (Wilbur /p) After Wilbur died Tommy reflects on how feckin toxic he was, his lies, his abandonment, the absolute loneliness he felt after he died. Nature vs. nurture - Chase Petra Tommy's been listening to everyone for so long that he's kind of lost his own identity, he's also reflecting on how much the L`manburg war and Wilbur's betrayal really had an impact on him Recently - liana flores After his revival he`s been tired, depressed really. Isolating himself from everyone Anti hero - Taylor Swift Everyone`s left, at this point Tommy fully believes that he's the reason bad things happen to him, that there's something inherently wrong with him that makes every rotten thing that's happened to him justified Ep 3 pair - Ian McConnell (Tubbo) Tommy`s feeling more distant to Tubbo after his revival, his interpretation isn't as happy as the song's tone suggests. Escapism - Steven Universe He's doing better, kind of.
Wilbur  The willow maid (sally, sea instead of the forest/tree) Look, the thing with Sally didn't end well. She was a sea dweller. It was never going to end happily. Also plenty of magic bs. Fire hair, emerald eyes? Hell yea that's sally! Empire - beth crowley (empire of drugs more like) in all seriousness L`manburg started as a good thing mostly. It was ambition and hubris that eventually brought it to its knees. Wilbur played a hell of a big role in that. Saint bernard - lincoln (if only it was utah not ohio) Pogtopia, Wilbur is stuck in that ravine, for days planning in the dark. Throw in some heavy religious angst, (St. calvin is Schlatt) Ready as I'll ever be - tangled animated series Mans` about to blow up l`manburg. Tubbos giving a speech follow me! Ready for what Wilby? Pacific - Chase Petra Post revival. Wilbur has a lot of regrets that he's reflecting on now. Plus the sea and nautical imagery is a nice touch. Monster - Dodie Everything is said with a slightly sarcastic tone, after he's revived Wilbur is feeling a bit isolated because, well he blew up himself and a nation. He's still kind of public enemy #1 The other side - greatest showman (Quackity) Wilbur is hugh jackman, pull the same shite “man Quackity your a pathetic motherfecker let me help you” “if i help you no one will ever trust me again” “Eh your loss” “Fine” set post revival. Nails - call me karizma (Quackity) Their relationship had to start somewhere, where else than deep self loathing and sexual tension. It definitely doesn't help that they both have shitty past relationships and a LOT of issues to deal with The sex is good - saving abel (Quackity) *cough* *cough*. Anyway, love hate relationship, whatever the feck it is there is a whole bucket full of tension. You can basically smell it. (he is absolutely in love don't listen to this bich) Burning hill - mitski (about Wilbur by anyone really) Wilbur, for all of his flaws, is very charming. He had a personality that formed nations, sparked revolutions. He is also the type of person who would destroy as much as he creates. He leaves very little in his path unchanged.
Tubbo  Bruno is orange - hop along, queen ansleis (Tommy) Seriously so many misunderstandings and bs that happened in the early eras Nature vs. nurture - Chase Petra He was really to young for everything that happened to him, also hes having to contend with his adopted family, his cabinet family and his biological family all falling apart. The revelation that Schlatt was his dad really made him worry about what that meant for his own future. Surface pressure - encanto Mans been through a lot, several nations, a presidency, several destructions of nations, quite a few wars, being a widow etc. Ep 3 pair - Ian McConnell (Tommy) RIP clingy duo. After everything that's happened they're just not as close as they used to be, but Tubbo finds it fairly easy to fall into their old relationship.
Dream  A Million Dreams - Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman, Michelle Ingrid At the beginning of his story, he's ambitious, just a hint of his control issues are showing through “I think of what the world could be a vision of the one I see” then the jump is years later when George asks him to include him in his Dream. Nothing Left to Lose - Tangled animated series (Foolish) Dreams just told Foolish about his plans to confront/find XD, Foolish is trying to give him advice, telling him not to go, but it doesn't go well. Can be set just before he leaves or Foolish finds him after he's already gone. (caged bit not included) Crossing the line - Tangled animated series (Foolish, Puffy, George, Sapnap) Everyone is telling him that if he does this (find XD, Revive book, wars etc) that he can't come back Empire - Beth Crowley Near the beginning. More about him building a world in his image Disciples - Captain Murphy (XD) Hey Dream, you got something that you wanna tell us? The chattering lack of common sense - Gumi, Yohioloid, GHOST Something is changing within dream, his goal to unite the server is getting twisted, hes becoming paranoid. Dream starts to realize that something is going on, couldn't be that god that he made a deal with. Right? Echo - Gumi, Crusher The memory loss is getting worse. Hes no longer himself, the corruption has taken full effect. Hes quickly loosing his sense of self hes worn the mask for to long. Hard to kill - Beth Crowley Mid way, he's obsessed with knowing everything about everyone, he has a bit of an inferiority complex, he's kind of accepted the fact that he will not ever be seen as the good guy again. Nothing - Emile Autumn (Tommy) Dream is jaded, hes fallen so far into his obsession ( and murderous tendancies) that hes become numb to it, hes obsessed with Tommy, hes messing with him. “She is the closest thing I have to a companion” but fuck does he hate him Good for you - Dear Evan Hansen (Puffy, George/Sapnap) Dream leaves, Puffy and him part on bad terms (there is no they) she's feeling hurt that he's seeking out XD, George is sad more than angry he's feeling used, so is Sapnap but he's definitely more angry about it really into the leave them behind part. Ink (revival book) this is faaar into the story just before the prison everyone is turning against him. Summoning circle - Jazzwave Revive book, also more control freak Dream. We don't talk about bruno - Encanto By this point Dream has been gone for a while, so long that he's become a bit of a myth. Stories of him have been exaggerated, no he can't control the weather, no he doesn't have any affinity for rats. He's still dangerous (unlike said Bruno) so the stories are more like folk tales meant to keep you away from danger. like the tales of monsters in the wood to keep children from wandering too far
George  No big deal (i love you) - Dodie (Dream) You know at first it was nice, sweet even. If they never really said it that was okay, he was happy. Right? Tightrope - michelle williams (Dream) “Come with me George” and George said yes. Stone heart - gabbie hanna (Dream) Obsessive, possessive, co-dependant Jealous - stories (Dream) George is starting to realize that Dream has bigger ambitions, and he kind of doesn't fit in with that. There's a part of him that misses him, that wants to be closer, but he slowly realises that he can`t. So he tries to bow out gracefully. Doomsday - lizzy Mcalpine George is feeling very used, he's slowly realizing just how he got dragged along how little of a say he got in whatever they did, beginning of the heartbreak. Breathe - blu cantrell co-dependant motherfeckers. Gives you hell - the all-american rejects Huns` on his revenge arc (fuck he misses Dream) Nobody - mitski Lonely and missing Dream. Francis forever - mitski Dreams really feckin up this mans’ life Sleep in the middle - blu cantrell George wont go back, even if his bed is far too big now. Recently - liana flores George is pulling away, perhaps not entirely of his own will. Rises the moon - liana flores Nothing ever changes, the world moves on. Can George? Immortal - reinaeriy (Dream,XD) XD looks like Dream, it really doesn't help George and the whole “moving on thing” Hot mess - Dodie He's been waiting for Dream for so long. He can't do it any more just when he is finally ready to move on, Dream escapes prison Don't you dare (make me fall in love with you) - kaden mackay (Dream) dream breaks out of prison and finds george, he swears that he wont be pulled in again (God damnit, Dream)
Bad  Me and my husband - Mitski (Skeppy) Intertwined lives, destiny's etc. with some heavy angst. Truly they are the one of the only ones who fully understand each other. She - Dodie (Skeppy) Bad’s never had a relationship. At all, he was barely more than acquaintances with his own family (besides his parents, bless them) so having a crush on someone is something foreign.
Slime  Hello world - Louie Zong Slimy new boi just learning about the world Insane - black gryphon Slimy new boi, evil version. Set after slime’s “revival”. A bit more of a malicious version of slime
Schlatt  That man hes a monster - Adam Jensen “Listen to the sound of a dying old man, once he had it all, but it slipped out of his hands” “Opened up his eyes with a double-edged blade. Time to pay the price for the choices that he made. Whispers in his head slowly tapping on his brain. Praying to a God that he's never gonna face” “There is no forgiveness here Only devastation Wishes he could disappear Never find salvation” honestly just listing the lyric is enough of a justification for it being here. Absinthe - mothica Angry, addicted self loathing Schlatt. This is a much more literal interpretation of this song. Lowlife - Adam Jensen “I tried to outrun my addiction But all I found was a new one. I tried to outlive my affliction. A different bullet but the same gun.” Do you believe that there was a time that he tried to kick his habits? It was a bit after he left Tubbo, he had the thought that if he was just stable enough, financially, physically, etc that he would go back, obviously that didn't work out. He's got a lot of regret surrounding that. I can't get high - royal & the serpent Its been what? Almost 2+ decades of his addiction, his body is withering away, what worked before doesn't really work anymore. He's been numbed for so long that he's forgotten what it's like to be sober.
Fundy Sensitive - Mothica Dissasositive, anxiety.
Skeppy She - Dodie (Bad) How will he ever feel worthy of bad? The kindest person he's ever met (not that hes met very many people) all sunshine and soft velvet. Theres something that hes worried about destroying. Apple pie - lily alpine Bad and Skeppy travelled a lot, then one day it just clicked with Skeppy. I want to spend the rest of my life with this person, Bad is my home. My little island - lyn lapid Talking about the literal and metaphorical island, set all over the place, based on info we find out at the end of the october egg lore. Skeppy was really isolating himself. Skeppy isnt necessarily liked by the greater smp (its a joke, mostly) but it gets to him. He isolates himself in a bid to protect Bad. He pulls away.
Jack The court jester - Thquib ft Fukase Jacks always been someone who longs for some sort of control, thinking dream is his rival, taking over Tommy`s hotel, creating multiple countries named after himself etc. but he`s a bit of a joke, taking extended vacations (that I headcannon as him just going dormant). He`s not quite got the determination to really stick to any of these plans
Ranboo Help me Poor poor oblivious Ranboo Echo - Gumi, Crusher Their blanking out, so much. The memory loss is getting worse I got no time - the living tombstone The monsters are coming from within their head, they can't escape them. Also their frustrated with peoples perception of them, the fact that everyone's always fighting, no one listens to them.
Karl Over the ocean call - lily alpine Without actually breaking up, Karl's confused and is struggling with his memory issues. He knows that its causing issues in his relationships and is convinced that he should break things off to save everyone the heartbreak.
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antvnger · 1 year
I watch waaaay too much Shark Week. :D Here's another fun fact:
Did you know that bullsharks have been found as far up as well over 1,000+ miles in the Mississippi river? :D Did you know that albeit the great white featured in Jaws.... It was actually Bullsharks giving them the bad rep? :D As most attacks happened in brackish/fresh water!
Bet you can't guess who was to actually blame for those now eh? XD
But for real, I was hoping you'd give a shout out to our finny pals as most are hitting the endangered/highly endangered mark. :( Some we may lose as early as 2030 ;~;. Which leads me to my next question: Are you aware of what is happening to the many frogs of the amazon?
First of all, I actually did know about the bullsharks going up the Mississippi River! I didn’t know it was bullsharks, but I did know sharks have been seen in the river.
Sharks are becoming endangered? Really? Oh wow, I didn’t know that. Wow that’s crazy. I never thought sharks would hit that mark…
Tumblr media
I know the Amazon is a mess because we humans are pretty dumb, so I’m guessing the frogs are losing their homes and dying out.
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glamrockdrop · 9 months
they don't know about the Mississippi River bull sharks
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dailydoseofdeadly · 1 year
Bull Shark
Name: Bull Shark 
Species: Carcharhinus leucas
Class: Chondrichthyes
Size: 7.5 - 11 feet, 200 - 500 pounds
Habitat: Shallow coastal waters and freshwater deltas
Victims per year: 72
Fatalities per year: 11
Conservation status: Near Threatened
While it may not be the main character in Jaws!, the bull shark can still be named as one of the most deadly sharks. The bull shark is part of the “big three” or the sharks that are most common to attack humans and cause fatalities. The “big three” includes the great white, the tiger, and the bull. Unlike the rest of the three, the bull shark is able to survive in freshwater, often being spotted in the Amazon and Mississippi rivers. The bull shark also commonly lurks in coastal shallow waters all over the globe where most beachgoers tend to swim. So if you ever find yourself wading in the warm waters of Florida and happen to put your head under the water and see a shark with these characteristics, maybe it’s time to try skiing instead. The most common defining characteristic of a bull shark is the way its body is shaped. The bull shark is more bulky and more “chubby” than other species. The height to width ratio is  less in the bull shark than other slimmer sharks. Bull sharks also tend to have shorter and blunt snouts. Like many other sharks, the bull shark displays discoloration, where the top part of the body is a darker shade than the bottom. 
Other than its proximity to civilization, the bull shark has other characteristics that may make it a less friendly encounter than one with its family member, the basking shark. The bull shark possesses rows and rows of needle-shaped teeth that are used to pierce through fish, dolphins, and anything else that is unfortunate enough to come into contact with this chubby killer. With a bite force of 6,000 newtons, the bull shark can cut through bone and tear off whole limbs. Other than the major lacerations, the bull shark’s teeth are not very clean. While it may be the least of your concerns when your arm isn’t connected to the rest of your body anymore, the bull shark’s teeth is coated with tons of bacteria that may be problematic when they enter the human blood stream. This bacteria can cause life-threatening infections like sepsis. So what do you do when get bitten? 
Getting immediate help is crucial to help a victim survive. Stopping the bleeding by applying pressure to the affected area. Elevating the bleeding part of the body. It’s easier to avoid the bull shark than it is to get bitten and have to probably get airlifted off the beach. Paying attention to beach signs and flags symbolizing dangerous marine life and observing the surrounding can mean the difference between life and death. Avoid swimming in murky water, fresh or salt, and avoid swimming where rivers meet the oceans as these are the places where bull sharks and other unpleasant creatures tend to lurk. Avoid swimming after dark or in the early morning because many sharks are more active at night. Do not get into water when you see a bunch of birds diving into the water; this could mean that there is something or someone feeding under the water. Do not get into water when you see a shark fin or are bleeding. And most importantly, if you do see a bull shark coming toward you, be prepared to fight. Aiming for the eyes and gills could spare you a hand or foot. 
While sharks, in general, may seem like these scary creatures, many of their numbers are rapidly declining. Shark fins are often used for Shark Fin Soup, where sharks are finned and throw back into the water to drown. Sharks often get trapped in fishing nets and drown as sharks need to keep swimming to get oxygen from water. Sharks, like many other marine animals, are losing their habitats due to pollution and global warming. Many sharks have been seen moving north due to rising water temperatures. If shark populations keep declining, whole ecosystems could collapse and might mean the end of our oceans as we know it. 
Tumblr media
Happy Shark Week! <3
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lapis42 · 2 years
50 US states (+DC) if they were named like arrakis
Created with help from @storytellingfandom
Alabama: cousins
Alaska: moose
Arizona: old people
Arkansas: not Kansas
California: Hollywood
Colorado: mountain
Connecticut: lie
Delaware: skinny legend
Georgia: peach
Hawaii: volcano
Idaho: potato
Illinois: Chicago
Indiana: race car
Iowa: corn
Kansas: flat
Kentucky: horse
Louisiana: bayou
Maine: moose pt.2
Maryland: crab
Massachusetts: hook
Michigan: anti-Ohio
Minnesota: lake
Mississippi: river
Missouri: arch
Montana: doesn’t exist
Nebraska: corn building
Nevada: casino
New Hampshirite: wind
New Jersey: shore
New Mexico: desert
New York: building
North Carolina: Pepsi
North Dakota: badlands
Ohio: anti-Michigan
Oklahoma: tornado
Oregon: tree
Pennsylvania: cholcolate
Rhode Island: smol
South Carolina: shark
South Dakota: carved mountain
Tennessee: Dolly Parton
Texas: big
Utah: Mormon
Vermont: Bernie
Virginia: presidents
Washington: tree pt. 2
West Virginia: small mountain
Wisconsin: cow
Wyoming: bison
Washington D.C.: government
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newagesispage · 2 years
OCTOBER                           2021
We miss U Charlie Watts!!
The Stones performed at a private party for Patriots owner Robert Kraft of all people. The test run looked like just that. Shark jumped. I am becoming disillusioned.
SNL is back with Owen Wilson as first host of season 47. Kacey Musgraves is the musical guest. Episode 2 will have a ridic choice for host. Halsey will sing. I suppose $ is power with the Kardashians. I could think of about 10 million other people to host but more and more Lorne goes for the shiny object , what he THINKS people want instead of taking risk. Beck Bennett is out.
Is everybody watching the Amber Ruffin Show?? I loved her before but now… I learn so much from her show. Sometimes it takes a comic to get to the real serious shit. For example: Have you heard of drowning towns? Towns like Oscarville, Kowaliga, York hill, Seneca Village, Prentiss and countless other black towns that were drowned out to make lakes for the local whites. Central Park was also made after a black community was erased from history. Development displacement? Alleyway dwelling authority? Even those rabid for history can find out new things everyday. Thanks Amber!!
Bob Woodward and Robert Costa are finally giving us Peril !!!!!!  I’ve been waiting!!** I was in political nerd heaven on Sept. 24 when Yamiche hosted Robert, Bob and Weijia Jang on Washington Week. All of my favorite pundits all together at one table, my dream team!!
Iman looked great at the Met Gala!! Other great looks belonged to AOC, Tessa Thompson, Maluma, Helen Lasichanb and Pharrell Williams. Gigi Hadid, Kiki Layne, Ashton Sanders, Hailee Steinfeld, Kehlani, Zoe Kravitz, Michaela Cole, Lili Reinhart, Kate Hudson and Shai Gilgeous- Alexander were great. Whoopi Goldberg seemed a bit off.
Jason Isbell is back with his latest offering, Georgia Blue.
I see a lot of Title Max type establishment are closing down. Are they a thing of the past? Let’s hope.
Law and Order is coming back to NBC for season 21. Dick Wolf will own 2 entire nights of television. Some of the old cast is reported to be returning.
Britney Spears Father was suspended as her conservator.
Timothy Chalamet, Rowan Atkinson, Sally Hawkins and Olivia Coleman will star in Wonka.
The 2022 Super Bowl halftime show will bring us Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar.
People are doing test runs for school board positions to see if their political ideas will play well for the big leagues. If they don’t seem to work, at least they can sometimes change the rules in their own area.
Joe Rogan got Covid.
Lake Michigan beaches were closed down thanks to a US Steel plant chemical leak.
Is this country the master of endless administrative work?  None of us should have been surprised at the red tape that the slowed down the end of the war in Afghanistan.** Uber donated 50k for rides and meals to the Afghans when they arrive.**And why do so many waste taxpayer $ on useless recounts and recalls when people need real help with food and healthcare? They must really hate humanity.
R. Kelly was found guilty of 8 counts of sex trafficking and 1 count of racketeering.
Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. – Dwight D. Eisenhower
Texas has put a law into effect to allow most Texans to carry open without permit or training.
Texas has banned abortion at about 6 weeks. Uber and Lyft will pay drivers legal fees if sued under Texas abortion law. Lyft donated $1mil to Planned Parenthood. ** Look for the ruling in the Mississippi law over Roe V. Wade in June 2022.**Hear us roar!** BTW.. Go Jen Psaki!!!!!!!
They seriously banned plastic straws and abortion before assault rifles? – Eden Dranger
Please stop banning abortions, the last thing the world needs is more Americans. –Sarah Beattie
Women don’t inseminate themselves. Vasectomies are reversible. Should every man have one until he’s deemed financially and emotionally fit to be a Father? – Bradley Whitford
90 year old William Shatner will go to space for Blue Origin.
The Q Anon Shaman pled guilty to a felony for obstructing the Electoral College proceedings. I say 20 years and a $250K fine.** 600 others have been indicted.
Days Alert: The Beyond Salem thing was ridic but it was so great to see some old characters.  Days is so great at visiting old family. Who can resist Shane, Austin and Carrie, Billie and the old Kristen? I do wish that Peacock would get their kinks out!! Back to the real Days: Are we smelling an Emmy for Susan Seaforth Hayes and Bill?? ** Good to have Abigail back. It is always fun to wonder which actress and or personality it will be. ** Deidre Hall got her star on the walk of fame.**And just in time for Halloween, the Devil is making a comeback. The end of the year in Salem is always the best!! It is so brave to give the 96 year old man the old switcheroo into the Dark Lord.  It was fun to see the grandkids discover Grandma Marlena’s story. Delicious!! Hail Satan!!** It is past time for Tate and Teresa to come back to town. Brady needs to be put in his place. And thanks for the Philip and Chloe flashbacks!!
The breakdown of the vaccinated: 90% of Atheists, 86% Hispanic Catholic, 84% Agnostic, 79% White Catholic, 73% White mainline protestant, 70% Black mainline protestant, 57% white evangelical. 1 in 500 Americans have died of Covid.
So Mike Lindell and Jim Baker have teamed up to sell children’s Bible pillows.** Piers Morgan has returned to the Murdoch organization by joining Fox. That sounds about right.
Please stop saying the vaccine does not have severe side effects, I took my shots and now I’m alive and have to keep working. –Mohand Eishieky
In theatres Oct. 22: The French Dispatch.** October also brings us a new season of Curb your enthusiasm and Oct. 17 will catch us up on Succession. Whew!!!
So people under conservatorship are not free to marry who they want? What?
46% of Americans believe in ghosts.
Simone Biles, Mckayla Maroney and Aly Rasiman testified at  the Senate judiciary hearing about the FBI’s handling of accusations against Larry Nassar and it was eye opening!
We wanted a no -nonsense Dem who pushes on and does not puss out.  I am a bit surprised to see we have it. There are so many pressing issues that I hope Biden works a bit more on Haiti though.
The National Police Act was passed to celebrate cops. Still no police reform.
John Mulaney and Olivia Munn are going to have a baby.
The Emmy’s were a little different this year with more of a Golden Globe look.  Cedric the Entertainer hosted with Reggie Watts as DJ. Lots of minority noms but barely a win. It was a white people night. Ted Lasso had a great night. Mare of Eastown took home a few with Evan Peters, Julianne Nicholson and Kate Winslet. Now, Kate is great but how did Anya Taylor- Joy not walk away with that? Queens Gambit did win a couple and gave the longest speech with the seemingly arrogant director Scott Frank who opened up 2 page acceptance. Categories were tough but I was routing for Renee Elise Goldberry and Bowen Yang but perhaps next year. The people in England who had their own party for all the statues that the Crown won seemed to be having more fun! Hacks won for writing and directing and Jean Smart!! It was nice to see the Norm Macdonald love which was barely mentioned by Lorne but celebrated by John Oliver. Colbert ‘s election night special won as did JB Smoove. Hamilton won and Debbie Allen got the big one. I do not understand why real singers and or musicians have to be there for the in Memoriam. It takes me out of it a bit and concentrates the focus on them. Do they think that people will pay attention more? Do they want to keep the home audience or live audience from the bathroom?  My best dressed were Anya Taylor-Joy, Michaela Cole who won for I may destroy you, Jean Smart, Josh O’Connor, Kathryn Hahn, Billy Porter, MJ Rodriguez, Keenan Thonpson, Leslie Odom Jr., Catherine O’Hara, Trevor Noah, Eugene Levy, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, Bowen Yang,  Anthony Anderson, Leslie Grossman, Amber Ruffin, Allyson Felix, Renee Elise Goldberry, Samira Wiley and Rege- Jean Page. My worst were Sarah Paulson, Gillian Anderson,  Beanie Feldstein, Elizabeth Olsen and Aidy Bryant. To me the best part of the show was the enthusiasm of Conan and the way he injected himself into much of the evening .He was the show.  Go Conan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next year there must be some Emmys for Sarah Paulson and Cobie Smulders in Impeachment!!!!!
Oh Boy!! The Eyes of Tammy Faye!!
Looking forward to the Electric Life of Louis Wain with Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy.
Abba has a new album!!
Shang Chi is the biggest Labor Day opening with a $71.4 mil opening.
Sen. Amy Klobuchar has announced she has breast cancer.
Is it the 70’s? A streaker ran past the studio of the Today show.
Rascal Flatts Joe Don Rooney was arrested for DUI.** Nicholas Cage was thrown out of a prime rib pace in Vegas after being drunk and disorderly.
Jennifer Eckhart has filed a lawsuit against former Fox news anchor Ed Henry for rape and retaliation after allegedly being handcuffed and beaten.
Scarlett Johansson has settled her Disney lawsuit.
Pete Buttigieg and Chasten had twins they named Penelope Rose and Joseph August.
I noticed a commercial for Dancing with the Stars. Are we onto the E list because I have heard of hardly any of these people. ‘Stars’is really stretching it. And as I post this I see there are some covid issues there as well.
Virgin River was renewed for 2 more seasons.
Trevor Noah is right? Why do they stop giving lollipops to adults at the doctor?
Jon Stewart is back on Apple tv with ‘The problem with Jon Stewart.
Brooklyn 99 had about the best finale (other than Newhart) that I can recall. I had my fingers crossed that Chelsea would be back. Will they honor us like they did in the show and come back for a special about once a year? That would be fucking awesome!!
Don’t expect compliments from an insecure person.- Mr. Pickles
Thousands and thousands of people are in need. Haitian refugees and other immigrants have seen nothing like this what with assassination, a hurricane and earthquake. The Southern border is a mess.** Why does Fox news keep telling refugees the border is open as they sit back and laugh at Biden’s predicament.  Spreading false info to intentionally hurt poor, distressed people has no end for them.
Do companies know how fucked up their employment websites are? It is true that some people do not want to work. It is true that people schedule interviews and don’t show up. It is also true that companies have made it so hard to apply that many can’t. I suppose it is easier for them but the poor who may really want to work have a hard time. Paper applications are almost completely gone. The old fashioned way of walking into low paying job sites and finding a connection with a manager rarely exist. Some places only accept texts or have long ridiculous psych tests that a working Mother may not have time for. A Father working many hours already, may not be able to go to the library to get online if they cannot afford a computer. Many websites tell you that there no positions available in your area while there is a huge sign in front of the establishment. Can’t find people to work.. Gee I wonder why?? And treat people with respect once you find them, how about that?
Keep your head up in failure, and your head down in success. –Jerry Seinfeld
Hey.. There was a van air B’n B biz going that got busted. Hey.. The poor need vaca’s too. It is wrong but If they are willing to sleep in a van, why not. I truly think that many do not understand how much people are struggling.
Free coffee day came and went but only a few places really gave you free coffee without rules to govern the promo. Some places wanted to sell you something else and some made you belong to their club. Starbucks held that customers had to come inside for the free cup of Joe, handicapped or not.
One would think the Republicans would run out of $ for recounts but they have deep pockets. Just think how much good they could do for the huddled masses with that scratch.
Sad to lose Mick Brigden, protégé of Bill Graham who managed The Stones and worked with Frampton, Dylan and Santana.** And the comics were very vocal about the loss of Norm Macdonald. He was one of a kind and he will be missed!
R.I.P. Ruth Marx, Lee Scratch Perry, Willard Scott, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Isadore Bleckman, George Wein, Michael K. William,George Holliday, Anthony Johnson,  Basil Hoffman, Al Harrington,Willie Garson, Mick Brigden, Tommy Kirk and Norm Macdonald.
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