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madbohosims · 2 years
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I know it is a simple fix but it is eluding me right now...How do I get rid of the odd shadow on the rod in the 1st pic?
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talaricula · 8 months
Things I've seen tumblr memeing about James Somerton doing à la "How did no one see how bigoted he was!" as if those things haven't been a significant part of tumblr culture for over a decade :
Presenting untrue and bordering on conspiratorial versions of (queer or otherwise marginalised) history without any sources
Completely disregarding and disrespecting any expertise on socio-cultural topics/humanities and distrusting academics and historians (incl. acting as if no academics or historians could be queer or marginalised)
Downplaying the role misogyny played in the historical oppression of queer women and concluding that queer men must have been more oppressed than queer women
Bi women are, at best, not as queer as "real" queer ppl, and at worst, simply equivalent to straight women
Despite nominal trans inclusivity, transmasculine ppl are functionally women when convenient (combined with the above, bi transmascs are functionally straight women)
Despite nominal trans inclusivity (bis), shamelessly attacking, threatening and actively endangering any trans woman who questions them or smth they find important (often by unfairly presenting her as violent or as a threat)
Having absolutely fucking wild and reductive takes about ace ppl, the oppression they face and their place in the queer community
Stating that marriage equality is an assimilationist fight while completely ignoring its direct roots in the horrifying consequences of the AIDS crisis for partners of ppl who died of AIDS
Praising western media creators from the past for queer coding even under censure and in the same breath condemning current non western media creators for being homophobic bc their representation isn't explicit enough
Blaming China for all existing homophobic censoring in western media
Assuming all queer media would be better told by western creators and by western standards
Only out queer ppl get to tell queer stories
Heavily criticising almost all queer media created by women or ppl they see as such (see above points about trans ppl) or involving/starring a significant amount of women for any perceived or real amount of "problematicness", but fawning over and praising and negating criticism of queer media created by and starring mostly or even functionally exclusively men (even when it could be argued that, you know, not involving/seriously sidelining women is a pretty clear example of misogyny which should probably be considered "problematic")
And I'm probably forgetting stuff or there's stuff I have internalised myself and don't recognise as an issue
Like idk but I feel like the takeaway from Hbomberguy and Toddintheshadow's videos should maybe be "be aware of such patterns in your communities bc they definitely exist" and not "this guy is uniquely awful" and I feel like a lot of the discussion I've seen surrounding this has been severely failing at that. Most ppl who've spent any significant amount of time on tumblr prob either have internalised at least one of those thought patterns, have had to de-internalise them, or have had to be extremely vigilant to not internalise them (which is done by, you know, seeking out other sources, which also seemed like an important takeaway from the videos)
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losttimpactt · 22 days
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i really need to animate more i hatelove it it's so funawful
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spacecolonie · 1 year
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fernsnailz · 10 months
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36 pages of artwork, sketches, and comics featuring Team Dark.
no one expected Rouge the Bat, Shadow the Hedgehog, and E-123 Omega to stick together as a team for this long. so what binds this trio of outcasts together? what would they keep from the rest of the world, yet share with each other? and why the hell wasn’t Omega in Sonic Free Riders?
out RIGHT HERE on itch.io for free!! donations are appreciated, but not required.
physical release COMING SOON (hopefully)
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belleski · 2 months
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this is one of my favourite scenes in all of Taz and i've wanted to draw something for it for ages now but then this took almost 6 months to finish because i had to keep stopping to figure out character designs aaaaaaaaaa
Indrid Cold my favourite guy of all time
Image description: A two page digital comic depicting a scene from The Adventure Zone – Amnesty where the player characters (Duck, Ned and Aubrey) meet Indrid Cold (the mothman.) The entire comic is drawn in shades of red with yellow highlights. Page 1: A smaller panel shows the interior of a camper van, with Indrid cast in shadows, reaching towards a scrap of paper on the wall. Behind him, Duck, Ned and Aubrey watch in confusion. The next panel is of Indrid from behind, silhouetted against the bright red of the wall holding dozens of pinned sheets over a map of Kepler. He is holding up the now removed scrap of paper in one hand and smiling, the yellow paper and his glasses standing out against the darkness. There is a yellow speech bubble coming from him that says ‘Okay.’ The last panel takes up most of the page and shows Duck, Ned and Aubrey reacting in shock to Indrid’s statement. The speech bubbles continue: ‘The funicular that connects topside and riverside is about to come crashing down the mountain, slamming into town, and destroying the base station.’. Behind the three players, there is a funicular train climbing a mountain – the full scale of which is shown behind it. Page two: Yellow text in the top left and right corners reads: ‘There are three passengers on it right now, they’ll all be killed- With two circular panels depicting three people on the funicular in one, and a man reading a newspaper in the other – his radio discarded on the table in front of him. Below these panels the text continues, first in yellow with: ‘-and an engineer at the base station will be injured as well, but he’ll pull through.’ And then in two red circular speech bubbles: ‘Good news though! You have six minutes this time.’ The two red speech bubbles surround Indrid as he faces the viewer with a grin, his eyes completely obscured by his red circular glasses. In one hand, he holds out the scrap of paper – a drawing of a funicular train falling down a mountain now visible on it, and behind him the wall is covered in scraps of paper that fade into the darkness of the background. [End ID]
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thefantastician · 2 years
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what if surge met shadow
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cringengl · 1 year
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Brb I'm going to SOB
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gummi-ships · 2 months
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Kingdom Hearts 3 - Nobodies
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THoaM Issue 9 PAGE 12
new to thoam or want to reread the comic but its really awkward to do on tumblr mobile? The official website has got you covered!
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rapidhighway · 3 months
In the light of recent events please enjoy this absolute gem, my beloved, beautiful, amazing issue and Knuckles in it. This might be my favorite issue of archie I've read. I think about this at least once a week.
Sonic Universe Issue 70 my beloved my beloved my beloved my beloved my beloved my beloved my beloved my beloved my beloved!!!!!!!!!!
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Knuckles and Shadow - stubborn as brick walls.
Knuckles and Shadow going from trying to kill each other to saving each other to killing each other to a nice little beat of teamwork.
Knuckles showing Shadow secret routes through Angel Island
Knuckles being so broken up about the possibility of having to break the Master Emerald again in order to save it there's multiple moments where he contemplates it.
Shadow going "was that... chaos control?" when he sees Knuckles break the M.E.
Knuxadow holding hands
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kazz-brekker · 1 year
the book ice court heist has big group project involving people who don’t like each other vibes but the tv version is just going to be forced couples counseling via trying not to die together
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dumbbitchawards · 8 months
"Nandermo is problematic because that's his boss" nandor turned his wife into a clone of guillermo's boyfriend and the clone ran off with the real version of himself
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superemeralds · 1 year
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ultimate power [61]
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aether-weather · 1 year
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lmao gay hedgehogs get grimaced
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draculasdatter · 1 year
why did i burst into tears when nadja visited little antipaxos like… her home and heritage were torn from her and she’s been separated from her family and culture for centuries… to walk into a place and be suddenly surrounded by her people, her language, her food. after centuries. i’m sorry but that was beautiful and i love her
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