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chanelmonamour · 10 months
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So excited for this season <3
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karis17love · 7 months
For me it's the best cover that Just Dance has even done
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darkartfinds · 1 year
Created by Matt Guilfoyle (exhibit_ai_art)
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unholy-cvlt · 18 days
Sometimes I feel I've got to
Run away, I've got to
Get away from the pain you drive into the heart of me
The love we share
Seems to go nowhere
And I've lost my light
For I toss and turn, I can't sleep at night
Once I ran to you (I ran)
Now I'll run from you
This tainted love you've given
I give you all a boy could give you
Take my tears and that's not nearly all
Tainted love (oh)
Tainted love
Now I know I've got to
Run away, I've got to
Get away, you don't really want any more from me
To make things right
You need someone to hold you tight
And you think love is to pray
But I'm sorry, I don't pray that way
Once I ran to you (I ran)
Now I'll run from you
This tainted love you've given
I give you all a boy could give you
Take my tears and that's not nearly all
Tainted love (oh)
Tainted love
Don't touch me, please
I cannot stand the way you tease
I love you though you hurt me so
Now I'm gonna pack my things and go
Tainted love (oh)
Tainted love (oh)
Tainted love (oh)
Tainted love (oh)
Touch me, baby, tainted love
Touch me, baby, tainted love
Tainted love (oh)
Tainted love (oh)
Tainted love
Tainted love
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shieldofiron · 1 month
WIP Tuesday. I was tagged by @billyharringson and @adelacreations
Here are my current WIPs
Tainted Love
No hot, rich tattooed porn stars wanted to date lonely washed up losers who peaked in high school. Eddie might want to fuck him, but Jason can’t imagine what Eddie would do if he knew how Jason was thinking of him. Laugh probably. Let him down easy. Humiliation burned in Jason’s gut and he pulled his knees up to hide how it was affecting him. He cleared his throat, “Ok let’s start the movie then, what are we waiting for?” “Keep your top on, I’m working on it.” “My top is very much on, thank you,” Though Jason was still feeling quite warm. Maybe he was sick. “Yeah I am, I’m right here,” Eddie said.
Pretty Boy Live in Santa Fe, 1977
“We didn’t tour much after 'Hades,' but the label wanted us to make a few appearances, just in socal. We had this number one hit, and we couldn’t play it anywhere because-“ Chrissy Cunningham cut herself off, biting her lip. “Because Billy and Steve couldn’t stand to be in the same room together,” Eddie continued. Jason Carver laughed, “Billy was a convenient excuse. I can see so clearly now, Steve was just holding on to sober by the skin of his teeth. He couldn’t be around bands, certainly not back then. He was a fucking wreck, but luckily he had this convenient reason to not tour: he wasn’t the singer for 'Hades.'”
Nancy picked up a beer and toyed with it a little between her hands. “You gotta poke a hole in the bottom and…” Steve prompted. “I got it,” She smirks at him. “She’s on honor roll, Stevie boy,” Billy rolled his eyes, “I think she can figure out a shotgun.” The unspoken being that Billy was on honor roll too, and probably so was Barb, and Steve’s just this… jock douche. Steve leaned across the distance and shoved Billy’s shoulder, “I’m tryin’ to be a gentleman.”
No pressure tags for @dragonflylady77 @oopsiedaisiesbaby and @fizzigigsimmer
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80s-song-smackdown · 17 days
80 New Wave Tournament Side C
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They look so 🔥🔥
Thank you, Sara .
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love-and-books320 · 2 months
tainted love is so Jurdan coded
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karis17love · 7 months
"Tainted Love" and "Swan Lake" = 🖤
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vladdyissues · 6 months
Sometimes I feel I've got to
Tumblr media
Run away, I've got to—
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punk-in-docs · 2 years
Oooh and just thinking about detective Quinn laughing during sex, but maybe that’s just me
‼️Hold the Bourbon‼️Detective Quinn x Reader
Tumblr media
TW: uhm filthy slutty sex, PIV, doggy, pretty damn lot of dirty talk. Just man slut behaviour- my brain is broken. This is all I’ll be thinking about for the next 3-5 working days.
He’s such a whirlwind. That doesn’t skip any damn thing when it comes to sex; he’s flippant. Dominant and he will take what he wants from you, with zero seconds notice and the biggest knife edge grin-
Grin so cunning sharp you could cut yourself on it.
The confidence this guy has? Yeah, it’s totally unmatched and he’s down for anything. He’s done it all. It’s LA man. He’s with it.
Sex is a second nature to him. The well learned back of his hand by now. He’s had partners of either gender. He knows how to touch, how to caress, to flirt and squeeze, kiss, and certainly how to fuck them.
He knows how to make the person in his bed cum like a fucking faucet and still be trembling out moans for more. He’s good that way.
Honey his dick is a solid fat ten, and he fucks like a porn star with it.
Honestly, there’s no guy you’ve ever met that’s like him. Mercurial, switchy, a changing writhing ball of slutty and well dressed energy. He’s here, there and everywhere. A storm. He’s a tropical energetic pumped storm that smells like Pour Homme.
Gold medallion swinging slamming his neck. Rattling loud. Chopping a couple lines of coke (one time, birdie, he’d winked) joint tucked in his pocket. Dancing in his kitchen mixing you a Cosmo in a cocktail shaker, in his shiny new Gucci shoes and a striped Versace silk shirt. Red cherry gum and sweet chapstick. Kissing your waxy lipstick away and mumbling how strawberry sweet you taste.
Just when he’s got you thinking you have him pegged, he’s wriggled free and a new facet of his character is ready to stun. He cancels a date, with apologies and a huge huge bouquet of yellow flowers enough for a small Italian wedding, and a handwritten card. Work took him elsewhere.
Sorry Birdie, x. Always with a kiss.
And then a night later, he’s knocking at your door. Dressed in a slutty open necked black shirt and bright pink bell bottoms. Golden Saint chain. Tilts his head at you with a smirk that’s right off some terrifying horror film. Something with teeth and predator instincts. Whiskey eyes warm you and he makes your pussy damp.
He’s got a brown paper bag in his hands. Bottle of Bourbon. Bulleit.
“I want a bourbon with ice.” He greets you with that confusing sentence.
He smiles and licks his lips when you answer the door in a scratchy old aqua blue towel. He scoffs. And then adds;
“And then I wanna fuck you, hard, doggystyle.” He announces. Eyes never leaving yours. Your heart quivers.
Such a mouth on him.
He dances inside. All intent stares and throwing his jacket in the vague direction of your coatrack. He stalks you backwards and doesn’t even look to slam the bottle down on your kitchen table.
He’s stalking you backwards. Two steps become three. Three melt to four. Backs of your knees hit bed.
Now you’re treading the worn old patchy carpet of your bedroom. Peach satin sheets all tumbled and messy behind you. Hands at your side, heart ramming as he reaches for your waist over that crappy old towel.
“On second thoughts. Hold the bourbon. Pass the pussy.” He smiles. Full with pride at his own dirty joke.
“Real nice.” You smart at him. Made you sound like a joint he could just share around.
His hands zip to the front of your makeshift towel dress. Right over your tits. He takes both sides and peels them away.
His smile curls on one side when he watches that aqua blue swim away to gone. Dropped to the floor as a damp scrap of nothing.
“She’s real nice.” He promises you. Standing toe to toe and rubbing his thumb right through the slick mess of your cunt. You watch as he pops that thumb right in his mouth and sucks-
He hums. Slipping his thumb free. You lay thick on his tongue like molasses. Only ten times sweeter. Saltier.
“I think she’s missed me. Birdie. Look how wet she’s getting.” He laughs.
His fingers are back to slipping through your cunt. Parting lips. Coaxing out more of that delightful sticky mess he always drives out of you. Drives you wild-
“She’s a filthy girl isn’t she. Just can’t help getting so slick and creamy when I’m around right?” He grins. Tongue tipped pink between his teeth.
You can’t even get a word in edgeways and he’s already shoving you back to the bed.
He’s taking off his shirt and undoing his Prada belt. Waft of cologne comes your way. “I got something for her baby. I know she must be hungry.” He winks.
Shamefully, that makes you clench. Filthy man.
And there, sprawled in your bed, you stay for a good long while-
Once he gets going you’re not entirely sure your legs will work anymore. sweat-licked skin all over, love bites on your shoulders, and he’s well on the way to fucking your brains right the hell out.
He gets his wish and does you doggystyle.
Your hips cradled snug in his hands, hurting where they’re wedged wide to make room for the drive of his cock. Bottoming out ands scraping tenderly at the warm satin depths of your cunt.
Your knees shiver into the peachy sheets. You’re drooling - it drips slick down your chin and you’re so lost in pleasure you can’t count the amount of times he’s made you cum.
A throat screaming raw amount. Enough that you know it’a not just that silky lube you use rolling in drips down your sticky thighs. Pattering to the bed.
Your hands knock onto your headboard, slamming the wall like thumps. Your palms clammy. Hair wet on the back of your neck and all clumped together thick with sweat. Stuck to your cheeks.
He stops suddenly - sits back on his heels and reaches for the bedside, lights up a cigarette. Your body bows.
“Keep that ass up.” He warns as you stay there in the dark orange wet patch. A small pinch on your thigh to enforce the lesson.
You huff for breath with the small slither of a reprieve he gives you. You hear his cig packet. The flick and burn of a lighter. The slow cloud roll of silver smoke.
He slaps his wet-smeared cock to your ass. And then your clit. Rubbing and taunting.
Drags a bone wracking shiver out of you with the sudden sensation. Then he lines his head up and slips right back on in with a slick squelch.
Moaning from deep within in his carnal chest on an exhale, puffing out smoke as he does. Holds it in his lips. Slips out the cracks of his straight white teeth.
Watching below as one hand palms open your ass and gazes at how he pushes inside you. Girth stretch stretch stretching that pretty pussy so wide. Watching the push and tug of his meaty dick slapping balls deep to your ass. Closes his eyes and savours for a second-
“This pussy has definitely missed me, Birdie. She’s swallowing me whole. Fuckkkk. Look at her go.” He starts his deep strokes again. Deep, unyielding g-spot fucking.
“I’m gonna finish in that mouth tonight baby. Fuck that throat deep and fill you with my cum. Alright?” He says like it’s an afterthought.
You barely had the energy to sob. Or nod.
He’s stroking your hip and ass. Hand slowly crawling up your spine to feel the slam of his hips rippling through you. Your ass was so fucking round and nice. Every part of you is exquisite and he wants overdose on you like bad cocaine.
Another deep drag of his cigarette. He slows. He thinks. Devours you in your post orgasm gaze with those killer eyes. He rambled on.
“Then, I’m gonna eat her for a little bit.” He pauses to lick his lips. “Oh. She’ll be so nice and juicy for me by the time I’m done. Melting into my mouth.” He decided as his thrusts picked up speed and punching ferocity.
“Then-“ He huffs as he really starts to ram you up the bed. Smacks it to the wall. Wants to wake up some of your asshole neighbours. Anger some folks.
“I might have my Bourbon.” He finishes his words with a gasp that morphs into another laugh.
Your pussy choked down clamping on his dick. He hisses through his teeth.
“Or I might lick it off your tits. Haven’t made my mind up yet.” He sighs. Smiles and smokes some more. Pounds away.
You just lay there and take it- this man in all his filthy fleeting bliss. And you wouldn’t change it for a thing- you couldn’t even if you wanted too.
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disease · 5 months
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Thinking about what you said, I think it's highly probable Madelyn Stillwell raped Homelander when he was 14 or 15.
That's around the age he got stuck at, right?
I think fandom is probably right about her doing it as more of a means to control him than anything, but I think you're probably right about this making it worse and meaning she did much more than has been shown to us on screen.
Regardless, I think this would have to be the case and I would say is even implied, but you are absolutely right that it shouldn't matter why someone decides to be a child molester.
They're still a child molester and whatever reasoning they have, the act is still vile and inexcusable. There even being debate on that in fandom just seems like grooming apologism and abuse dismissal because of favoritism towards Madelyn.
But the results and actions are ultimately the same in the end. It's also implementing a clause to make it mutually exclusionary when it could very well be both.
In the final scene, she swears to him that she loves him but is afraid of him and Homelander thanks her for finally being honest with him before killing her.
What if she was being honest or at least believed her own words when she said she loved him?
And the other scenes between them never struck me as a one time deal or the first time something like them happened. He does look off put in some ways and not quite uncomfortable, but almost like he's regressing when he's with her. Like she maybe used to do that sort of stuff more frequently and hasn't lately.
The scene where they're finally together struck me as more regression too. He immediately apologized to her and she consoled him like it was something that has happened before and she was used to it from him. Even the words she used and the way she said it and the way things were.
"My special sweet boy." "You did good." "That was so lovely."
Do people really believe this or similar can't have happened before with the things she says? To me, they indicate the exact opposite of that thought.
The scene looked almost like it was his first time, and obviously not hers. But the only way that really makes sense is if he is experiencing a moment of regression, possibly to his actual first time with her.
The scene feels like mother and son incest after years of abuse where she's deliberately causing his regression and enjoying the power it gives her over him.
She's a predator and this to me is made pretty clear if not explicit.
OOOH~<3! my darling anon, i wish i could fucking kiss you<3!
you just put into a word exactly why i could never get behind the homewell ship or the homewell type elements being used in other ships in fics that were supposedly trying to *heal* him. easy way to get me to check out for a fic because you *CANNOT* use elements from someone's trauma and abuse, legit full on *exploit* them, and *then* dare to call it or frame it as *healing* and expect it all to be hunky dory, that is just not how that shit works. (at least speaking in terms of medical accuracy/no wonder this shit is so triggery for me, this ain't supposed to be fuckin' disney--)
obliviously or dismissively predatory, so not even in the fun way...
and i want to be clear here, because this isn't me trying to tell people to not like the ship or elements or stop making content for them or whatever the fuck else. i don't care if people have or indulge in toxic guilty pleasure ships or stories here and there (literally have my own), but i always think we should be self aware of our own shit (plus ranting is sometimes good for the soul~<3) and it really *really* shows some people just are not in this case.
i *also* know people don't always mean to set up that way, part of it is a major problem with society (i will get to that~) and the only way for people to be aware is to be *made* aware, butt~
"--you think love is to prey, but i'm sorry i don't pray that way!"
"once i ran to you, now i run from you, this tainted love you've given--"
1000% correct. madelyn, regardless of what happened *off screen* between her and homelander, what we *did* see of her is enough to confirm her as a *predator*, and this was *before* diabolical added to the story behind them. she is extremely predatory as a character, set behind a narcissistic 'mother knows best' filter and a lot of it has nothing to do with homelander.
look no further than starlight~<3
this woman attempted to get a victim of rape to have 'discretion' about what happened to her, TO HER FACE. and every step of the way, tried to bully starlight into 'line' for the company. literally using narcissistic abuse--guilt tripping and shame, questioning her core values, fucking gaslighting (all things we see homelander copy oh deary me what an *odd* cowinkidink!! I WONDER WHERE HE LEARNED IT FROM.)--among others with a 'motherly' frame and 'it's just constructive criticism' (BITCH NO IT AIN'T!!) to manipulate her into doing what vought wanted/what was best for the *company*, NOT for annie.
hell, i'd wager she fucking hired starlight *specifically* because they thought she'd be an *easy* target.
she was *vulnerable*, nearly alone in that big city. her only relative/support system was an extremely religious mother who was *pushing her* to push through any pain or abuse and still wear a smile *for vought* and *for her* because of *fame* and *fortune*, framed as *for annie* when no it def wasn't. (i do like that starlight's mum actually becomes self aware of this and tries to amend the trust she broke, but i digress)
her tapes and everything they showed us about starlight showed us a wide eyed, bright eyed girl who was *hopeful*--but also naive... and as much as it pains me, that would have made her more susceptible to vought's machinations.
and i think the main reason annie didn't completely fall down the vought victims rabbit hole is in part due her truly good nature<3, but also because she met *hughie* (side note, notice how every time hughie and starlight have a falling out or separate from each other, they both start to get *worse*. butcher also tends to swoop in--)
it doesn't get talked about enough, but butcher pulls the same kind of bullshit with hughie (honestly probably why i could never quite feel right about butchie, do still like it but i do prefer it if butcher catches some guilty complexes causa hughie lmao), another good kid who's just had something monumentally traumatic happen to him and is in a super fucking vulnerable place where he'd be easy to manipulate for whatever it is butcher has planned.
he scoped him out and *saw* that, something to *use* to his advantage. and recruited him as such. like a gotdamn predator.
the wrench in his plans (as well as madelyn's) came in *hughie meeting annie* because they *gave* each other a solid support system because they were both good people, dealing with trauma, who found each other~<3 (always a hardcore hughielight shipper)
and butcher even *knows* this, he *knows* annie actually *honestly* and actually HELPS hughie and ruins his plots for him, so of course that mofo is gonna keep trying to ruin everything and break them up. if madelyn had ever discovered hughie, she probably would have done the same shit if in her own faux 'concerned mother' way.
BUTT... you are absolutely right in saying that fandom is highly dismissive or even apologist of what madelyn did to homelander (like they are with fuckin' everything that happened to him honestly) and it doesn't matter what reason she had to abuse him, what should be looked at is the fact of the matter.
did she abuse him? yes or no
the answer is yes, period. asking if she was actually attracted to him or just wanted control becomes a moot point after that, she *still* fucking groomed him. people can go ahead and debate the other factors, but the least they could do is acknowledge the first bit and not use the others to try and deny or 'lessen' the gravity of what she did.
i blame part of this on ableism and victim blaming, but also with how dismissive people *still* are when it comes to male victims of just about anything. christ, we still have people in fandom who have watched the show and *refuse*, not hyperbole, they downright *REFUSE* to acknowledge that homelander could have *any* semblance of victimhood whatsoever. despite the fact that he was literally tortured as a child and fucking groomed and we are given glimpses of these facts on screen, they'll deny any form of nuance and paint it as completely black or white, because he became... pretty much the only thing that fate allowed him to become.
that's not limited to this site even, it's prevalent pretty much in any part of the boys fandom across the web. (which is ironic given the series exists to challenge this sort of thinking)
but how often do we still see cases of a male *child* being sexually assaulted by an adult woman and the fucking judge going, "wElL sHe'S cAnDy So He PrObAbLy LiKeD iT"?
thankfully, not as often anymore. but if i'm honest? TOO FUCKING MANY (once is fucking too many) and the thought is still INSANELY pervasive. and again, it leads back to the question.
did she abuse him? yes or no
it doesn't fucking matter if the kid 'liked it' or not, MA'AM, THIS IS A FUCKING CHILD--
*children can NOT consent*
or in homelander's case, an emotionally stunted extremely mentally ill person. and ALSO a child at one point.
*likewise, mentally ill/special needs/disabled people and informed consent is an issue all its own. all of these are among the most vulnerable to abuse and the least likely to get justice for it*
if madelyn had been a man, nobody would question this. (who am i kidding, i'd like to think that but i am well aware there are apologists of all kinds that would not give a shit and be equally gross about it.)
and you are def right, it *feels* 1000% like *regression* in the scenes he's with her. and now that you mention it, the scene where they're together?? oh, fuck me. anon... that is *dark* and it fucking hurts but you may be right.
it *was* absolutely the first time *we* as an audience saw them together, and i think that may skew the perception about. there *was* absolutely an effort to regain control over him in that instance. but the things she said and the way it plays out... no
plainly, just no... it *does not* feel like the very first time that has happened... it feels like something that is *rare* between them. but definitely something that's happened *before*, and perhaps something she maintains as *rare* specifically to keep a hold on him. (could this be one reason for the diabolical episode?? to further implicate this?)
and even his use of doppelganger hinted at this cause think of it.
a 'madelyn' that is *just* for him, *only* the parts of her that... gave him attention, the bits he *liked*. what she more than likely fed to him as *scraps* to keep him crawling back for more. but because it was never genuine, the confusion from the ratio with abuse was thrown off, and the entire illusion that it ever meant anything was shattered prior (along with stormfront manipulating him), well...
"i give you all a boy could give you, take my tears and that's not nearly--"
down to his hatred and jealousy of teddy. we have to imagine what things were like before she had him but i get the feeling homelander got a lot more attention before then. it was well over 20 years and people honestly think in all that time *nothing* else happened??? things were 'normal' and then boom, *random* mommy kink??? hell, even the kid was maybe just as much a means to 'reset' the balance and help her maintain control as he was for future profit for vought.
yes. madelyn is a predator. homelander is her groomed victim. and i don't think it gets mentioned enough in this discourse, but one of the biggest reasons predators prey on the vulnerable or even want to make a fucking victim of someone is *because* of the power trip it gives them over that person. (hell, homelander fucking does this *specifically* because it has been done to him his entire life!)
and *even former abuse victims* may not realize it when they pull this sort of shit. i'm not gonna dive into that because it is a fucking *depressing* can of tapeworms, but let's just say i've been there, i know people who've been there, and i know people who know people who've been there. so this shit is a big fucking problem for people when we don't notice it and massively persistent circle jerk of perpetuation.
but it's still fucking predation, it doesn't make a difference if it's done by someone with power/control kink, narcissistic disorder or 'mommy/daddy dearest' vibes, pedophilic disorder, etc. it still fucking harmful and victimizes someone (especially when they are unaware/cannot consent to the powerplay OH FUCK--)
goddammit... i just realized the problem lmao... PISS. POOR. BDSM ETIQUETTE. GOTDAMN.
and trauma management i guess.
basically, people tag dom/sub or top/bottom when they should be tagging a 'control' or 'abuse kink'. dom/sub play relies on the informed consent of both parties while 'control' relies on the lack there of (informed consent) from the 'sub'. and in homelander's case, this shit is particularly bad. (readers need to be given informed consent too!! always tag yo shit y'all!!)
which to be fair, ain't exactly the fault of the ship itself, but more so the lack of awareness/common dismissal on it. it's really hella normalized/often advertised as 'just a quirky lil guy with a mommy kink' when that's not even remotely the only thing at play here and it goes way deeper and darker than that. you toss in homelander's other traumas and it's just... it's a goddamn mess.
and now i understand why i am so incredibly grossed out by fics that push homelander through more of this nonsense (or worse) with a new person (any person) and never bother addressing the trauma he has *directly* related to this shit. (because my traumas directly deal in the control shit yayyyyyyyyyyyyy~... UGH--)
call me a pussy if you must (i am a pussy and a cunt and a dick and an asshole, i wear it shamelessly~<3) but i just ain't all that interested in fics that only exchange *handlers* for homelander instead of actually help him (when that's what they'll claim to want to do). seriously, lining him up with another 'madelyn' of all things just leaves me wishing he could *get away* from his shiny new abuser (because that is what she was, and would ideally be the inevitable outcome anyhow!)
homelander needs at least *one* honest *friend* who genuinely doesn't want anything from him to help him unblur the lines of informed consent that madelyn intentionally muddled *before* he can even make informed consent when it comes to this shit, especially if we wanna *actually* heal that boi (all he's had is more people capitalizing on it over and over if not just people with no clue of the minefield they were navigating)
he'd need to be able to experience true *independence* and *agency* before he decided they were things he actually wanted to put in someone else's hands or 'give up', so to speak, both of which would come *after* healing.
and if i'm indulging in toxicity with him, i'ma make him *get back at his abusers*~<3, give him a chance at some revenge porn for once and make it so much worse for *them*, not the guy who literally never had a chance or got to breathe his own breath (and def tagged properly of course).
but of all the whack ass takes i could see in the sea of fandoms, ANYONE in that position over this boi (or any character in similar situation) as he is *unhealed* is *NOT* his ally and doesn't give an honest shit about him, it's 100% all about *control* over him (which i know is a huge kink for tons of people and hypernormalized in society, especially heteronormativity, but again, trauma central for me so it'd be really fuckin' nice if people learned the difference and also started tagging this shit~<3)
fun for some, but not for me.
i've always generally preferred push/pull powerplay that purposely leaves the question of 'control' open/eventually balances it and helps empower and individualize both characters to be the best versions of themselves, i want them to learn and grow together. positive masculinity/femininity and emotional maturity are way more of a turn on for me and i want these bois and gurls and inbetweens to graduate to *men* and *women* and fairly *reasonable adults* when i write them, while preserving their core personalities and the things that make them *them*.
i also don't view 'bottomhood' as 'punishment'/something to use to deliberately rob a person of control/self determination (as much as we may joke about it, and also that is just rape with a pretty veil that at least deserves to be properly tagged) and i normally focus on empowering them just as much if not more than my tops so it's just damn weird to me to see that kind of mentality get popularized on any character and leik.
gotdamn, first off, what the shit, and second, i realize getting to the places i wanna go reasonably and responsibly takes hard work and pretty intricate writing but please lawd satan tell me i ain't the only one to feel this way, PLEASE!?
but very good point about it possibly being both/more than one element here. control is more likely to be *one* reason, but not *the* only reason and it could very well be a factor of both attraction and need to/getting off on the idea of controlling him (which still stems back to attraction, honestly, even if she didn't feel it towards him the sense of him being a child, it would still mean she feels it towards him in the sense of him being vulnerable which is just as awful, honestly.)
and i do think his stunted emotional maturity is 100% indicative that something *very* specific happened to him around that age (*maybe* she waited till after the debut??), but among all the other trauma, that is actually a question worth asking. why *then* and not any of the other times? he's got no shortage of trauma for his brain to pick from, so what the hell happened then?
as far as it feeling like incest? lil bit, yeah (if pseudo, which obviously we know it's not but i do think the vibe there is actually intended), suffice to say that madelyn is to homelander what billy's father was to him...
and y'know... i gotta admit, knowing this i am surprised we don't see all that much of butcher being shipped with his father because that and homewell are pretty much the same thing on opposite spectrums.
have fun y'all, as always butt leik... have fun responsibly--gawddammit i never thought i'd be *that* old fart but i guess i am... well i can still be fun about it... tipsy bartender is fun lmao<3<3<3 (altho these subjects are decidedly less fun... *sigh of the long suffering*...)
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vamperinee · 5 months
Once I ran to you. Now I run from you.
Soft Cell — Tainted Love, 1981
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rain is like tainted love~
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