only-tiktoks · 3 days
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z-mizcellaneous-z · 15 hours
a compilation of comments ive left on fics as a reminder that you too can go batshit over fics
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authors don't think your excitement over their work is weird or off-putting. they love seeing people get as excited as they themselves do about their work.
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hekateinhell · 2 days
It's no secret I write VC porn... right? 🫣
So naturally I have a pretty detailed visual in my head whenever I'm imagining the scenes play out beat-by-beat like a movie (porn).
But it just now occurs to me that there's a certain anatomical detail I've neglected to insert into my smut fics and I don't think I've seen it anywhere else, and it's this: going by historical and cultural context — Armand has a foreskin. He's uncut. Whole. Completely uncircumcised.
So are Lestat, Louis, and Marius.
Which makes—and stay with me here—Daniel Molloy the only circumcised vampire in the immediate coven. Having presumably been born in 20th century USA, he would've been sniped shortly after birth.
It's all there in my head so I took it for granted but now I'm realizing that I need y'all to know.
Pour one out for Daniel Molloy; he's the odd man out in this orgy tonight. 😔
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anchoeritic · 23 hours
hello everyone. i’ll be a bit inactive for the next couple of days due to the loss of someone very close to my heart. unfortunately that means i will not be consistently posting writing until then. i see everyone’s asks in my inbox and i’ll be sure to respond to them once i’m in a better state of mind. thank you all for understanding. xo, kells.
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my-quirk-is-fred · 2 days
Beware the DARVO tactic. It is used by abusers, particularly r*pists.
If you see a situation involving abuse, make sure to watch out for the DARVO tactic.
Tumblr media
Edit: just to add, it doesn’t have to be in that exact order. Abusers will be different, so some may not use the DARVO tactic as a whole.
Do not write off strange behaviors just because not all of the signs are there.
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transphobes really like to come into trans spaces and ask things along the lines of “so you think children should be getting sex change surgeries?” and this question is just so ridiculous i had to write about it
i don't think kids should be getting any surgery (gender affirming or otherwise)unless absolutely necessary. recovery from any major operation is INTENSE and painful, and young children are more likely to suffer from complications while under anesthesia. it's also a very long and tedious process to get gender affirming surgery, a process which puts not only your identity but body under a scrutinizing microscope which is incredibly stressful and can make you seriously question yourself and feel like shit, and that constant mental strain could really mess up someone so young. the entire process is rife with medical gaslighting and constant ignorance. plus plenty of trans people realize that they don't want to transition medically, and that’s okay, it doesn’t make them any less trans.
so short answer, no, but not for the same reason as you, you bigoted dolt
besides, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what i think about trans surgeries on kids,
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omnibused · 11 hours
...I woke up with a thought, and I can't get it out of my head, so a little PSA, I guess.
Maaaybe slow down with the headcanons and "loopholes" about what might be able to give Ominis his sight, or let him experience it temporarily? I can't speak for every disabled person, and I don't aim to try, but it can be a little disheartening, and disrespectful.
In my experience, it took me years (and sometimes I backslide) to accept my disability as a new, permanent part of myself. I don't want the people I love to imagine and dwell on ways to "fix" me, or make me "normal". This is my normal.
Ominis was born without his sight; all we know is that his family may have tried to "fix" it, presumably, before he was old enough to realize he was "different" at all. He never openly expresses his frustration with it - it's his normal. All his friends accept him for who he is and that's such a lovely thing.
Anyway, this isn't aimed at any one person, and I don't want anyone to feel attacked by it. Just a friendly reminder from your fellow disabled friend in the fandom. ❤️👋
Keep on creating you beautiful folks.
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cinamun · 1 day
My new theme supports the new post editor and my pics don't shrink anymore, hence the longer posts! I know others had this issue as well and you may need to change themes.
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tempusumbra · 3 days
I’ve seen someone in tags not knowing how to really refer to me because of username alone- I actually wrote this down not long ago on Twitter because people also don’t know what to do either so, I’ll drop it Calling me:
Neo - 100/10, v comfy and giddy with it, obsession
Dev - 10/10, the usual to not make people confused with the first one
Tempus - 0/10, it's a cool part of my nickname but nah
Umbra- 5/10, better sounding but not a pref
TempusUmbra - 0/10 nah
Birth Name - -/10, only super close people
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jessiarts · 3 months
Hey, PSA:
On your phone, go to Settings> Security and Privacy> Privacy> Other Privacy Settings> Ads> Delete Advertising ID
Then go back to Other Privacy Settings> Google location history> Turn off Location History &/or Turn-on Auto-Delete (you can set a time period of how long to keep it)
Then, staying on Other Privacy Settings, go to '+ See all activity controls'> Web & App activity> Turn off (you can also turn-on Auto-Delete for here too)
Then Scroll down to Personalized ads> My Ad Center> Turn Off Personalized Ads.
Google has no business knowing/storing everything you do online, and knowing/storing where you go everyday. Turn it off.
These instructions are for an Android phone, IOS might be different. If you have IOS or another operating system feel free to add on with your own map to where they've buried these settings in your phone to help others.
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damnation-if · 6 months
Tumblr Community Labels PSA
hey guys, just a quick PSA message to let you all know... tumblr has released a new feature called “community labels” where you can label your posts as mature so that people can voluntarily filter or blur posts that contain certain subjects... however while your first encounter with it will likely be while posting, it’s also Already affecting your settings. if you go into your dashboard settings you’ll see a new section that looks like this...
Tumblr media
tumblr is currently hiding all flagged mature content from you unless you manually turn it on lmao. just thought i’d let you all know!
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theygender · 3 months
Tips for dealing with below 0°F temperatures, for anyone who's not used to it and is now having to deal with it in this winter storm:
Tuck your shirt into your pants to prevent the cold from sneaking in
Put on a sweater or a hoodie over that, and then also wear a coat over that
Put on a beanie and then pull your hood up over that (BOTH hoods if you're wearing a hoodie instead of a sweater)
Wear a scarf underneath your coat hood. You want it to be kept as close to you as possible, and hopefully high enough that you can tuck your nose into it while walking outside
Wear solid pants like jeans, and put on tights, leggings, or (if you actually have any) long underwear underneath
Wear two pairs of socks—at least one of which is long socks—and tuck your leggings into those
Wear boots or some other thick shoe with good traction if you have any
GLOVES. Wear two pairs if you need to. I only have one pair and now my hands are my only weak point 😭
Try not to stay outside for too long if you can help it, frostbite and hypothermia are painful and very dangerous. When you're inside, make sure you're eating plenty of food and drinking plenty of water. Your body needs energy and hydration to fight off the cold. Stay safe out there everyone
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atohii · 29 days
in yet another failure to care about people sensitive to flashing, the new Scream movie ad includes aggressive flashing within a second of the ad starting. It seems to just be in the usual format of an ad, not one that haunts the background, but if you see the below at the top of an ad
Tumblr media
go ahead and either exit the app or close your eyes and scroll. I was not able to get a screenshot of how the whole ad starts as there is, again, less than a second before the flashing starts.
really loving how people stopped caring about flash sensitivities lmao
anyway you should reblog this to warn your followers as well, I'd rather as few people have this violent surprise as possible
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todaysbird · 2 months
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just so everyone is aware - one of the best ways for bird flu to spread is by encouraging birds to congregate. while the bird flu epidemic from 2022 continues strong into 2023, you should almost always stop feeding birds. this illness can spread between types of birds - you encouraging birds to feed in your backyard could cause the death of the person down the road’s backyard chickens. the disease RARELY spreads to other animals and humans, but it is zoonotic and CAN infect both pets and people, so be cautious and discourage spread of the disease. if you find a deceased bird do not handle it without protective wear and do not let pets interact with dead wildlife. im not going to launch into an outdoor cat spiel but if you have a cat that catches birds regularly, consider stopping them from doing so while this is going on for their & your safety.
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chemicalarospec · 5 months
Tumblr media
I just made a new sideblog and found out this setting (found under "Edit Appearance") is disabled by default.
Edit: Tumblr settings are unpredictable and devious. This may not be disabled by default for you. People have also said that their themes have been removed. Please look to the notes if experiencing complications.
This means that ALL new blogs will NOT have a [username].tumblr.com page. Not only that, but they will not have any themes besides the mobile-default.
As someone who really likes custom themes and Tumblr still having a fully customizable profile page, please turn this on!
You can make a website for your tumblr blog that is entirely your own!
Finding posts on your URL.tumblr.com page is much easier due to the ability to use your Archive and url.tumblr.com/tagged/[tag] pages!
Visiting your mutual's tumblr pages will become much more fun if they do the same! I used to always associate blogs with the themes they had, but that's sadly not possible anymore :(
If Tumblr themes die out, it will truly be an end of an era for the internet, and the future will hold only mobile-orientated, endless-scroll design devoid of personality.
Even if you don't like themes, this is a move that almost destroys Tumblr's origin as a blogging website and showcases the takeover of social-media-sameness.
Tumblr media
Having your own URL and custom theme is fun! Try it today!!!
Edit: I focused on promoting custom themes but I do encourage people to simply turn on this setting for the URL. You can pick a free tumblr theme or even leave on the tumblr mobile-orientated default!
Also sorry I didn't think of this until now, but there are versions of this post in the reblogs without the colored text, with extra information, with how to find this setting, and troubleshooting why it might not be working!
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zombearzilla · 5 months
Tumblr media
This is just simply hilarious.
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