thewoodbine · 8 hours
Call her Harris not Kamala. If you don't call him Joe and you don't call him Donald, don't call her by her first name.
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defsiarte · 2 days
HUGE warning for anyone responding to Sticker Mule’s trump email
Tumblr media
For those who can’t read the tweet: Sticker Mule is doxxing people who respond negatively to their posts supporting trump, with the help of LibsOfTiktok.
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claraameliapond · 2 days
Israeli character in trailer for new Captain America movie reignites calls for Boycott - make sure you boycott the entire film and don't engage in any positive marketing for it
Tumblr media
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snufkepo · 1 day
hi wild kratts tumblr here is a nice casual "please be aware of this user" post of the following individual on tiktok. pictures have been attached.
Tumblr media
i reached out to this person 3x in their comments, (their DMs are only available if you're mutuals), and they seemingly have deleted my comments. because i sincerely want the posts that took my work down, I'm creating a PSA about the issue.
if you are a wild kratts artist posting on tumblr, chances are high this person reuploaded your work without permission or credit. I'm unfortunately one of these people, and I want to express explicitly, right now, I do NOT want anyone to reupload my work without my knowledge, explicit consent, or credit. here are the following people i know that have their work stolen:
@clementartz @ranfordgallus @littlecrittereli @beanskcid @burntnoodls11 @starruby-123 @yes-asil @jessadamsdraws @creatorping @vazaez
it is fully possible for there to be more people out there, i've just cataologued the ones i've recognized.
There is an example in particular I want to go over in more detail.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warning for the following of mentions of incest.
Tumblr media
I'm going to emphasize this STRONGLY. I do NOT, never have, never will, and will not condone any form of incest, or any type of proshipping, for that matter. It is uncomfortable and distasteful that this user reuploaded my work not only without asking or credit, but also with the assumption that my work is proshipping. I do not want to associate with those types of people, so it is especially important to me to remove this post and all associated stolen content.
In addition, it just generally sucks that this person reuploaded a work that's really personal to me, (my high school graduation artwork), because that's something that reflects a major event in my life in particular. To have it cheaply reused for likes and attention removes the meaning I put behind the piece, disrespecting me, the artist, and my intention behind it.
If you're one of the people who's had their work stolen, you can file an Intellectual Property Report on TikTok. This is the action I will take for the work stolen from me.
Though their account appears to have some original works, their general post catalogue consists of mostly stolen content, so reporting their account rather than just a singular post is also an option if they've been a repeat offender to your work, + might be easier for those who haven't had their work stolen but still hope to help.
If you, the reuploader, are seeing this post, I want you to know I don't hate you, nor do I want anyone to attack you. I want you to know that this behavior is wrong, and is disrespectful to the artists whose work you exploit for your own personal gain. Even if you did leave credit, permission is always an expected courtesy of reposters from artists, so please, for future reference, take that to heart.
We're all people. Please be nice to each other and respect each other's boundaries.
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folkling · 2 days
Hi friends,
It looks like I’ll be gone a little longer than expected. Yesterday I dropped my computer on the floor trying to transfer it. It’s a small form factor PC, and it was quite heavy, so as you can imagine things got pretty messed up inside. It looks like everything is fine accept my motherboard and my PC case getting bent. I’d like to have the same PC case, but unfortunately it’ll take some time to get to me as they don’t sell them in the USA. I was hoping to create some singles for the new Lovestruck expansion pack, but alas.
See you all soon.
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sgiandubh · 7 hours
Thank you
On behalf of our girls and of course, on my own, know that each of your reactions has been read and appreciated.
You have been many. We tried our best.
I will try and find the time to answer all of you, but if I don't, know you are all special and loved.
I have many Anons in my inbox right now. I am also pretty much doubtful I will be able to properly answer them tonight. Despina Vandi Anon - I loved your submission, it reminded me of a cherished fantasy novel : maybe bear with me a little more?
I will try my best tomorrow. But until then....
Tumblr media
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benchspkmnirlhub · 10 hours
A short PSA
To preface this, I must stress that I'm not mad at anyone. I just really want things to improve, and for people to be ok.
Recently, it has come to my attention that Beleth, blogrunner of blogs like @that-dog-in-him, @in-your-reflection, and @non-mouth-haver, has been harassed and shamed for not wanting to name someone who has hurt it in the past. From what I've heard from him, this harassment started after he asked people to stop bullying him.
Harassing someone is never ok.
Please be kinder towards Beleth.
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coolingrosa · 3 days
Tumblr media
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uncle-fruity · 9 hours
Y'all know that "trans men don't suffer from significant oppression" is just the logical end point of the TERF belief that trans men transition to escape misogyny & sexism, right? Like, y'all realize how bullshit that is, right? That when you downplay and ignore and make assumptions about the experiences of trans men that you're just doing the work of transphobes who want to prove that we're "escaping" oppression to become oppressors. And surely that is not the hill you want to die on? Surely you care about trans people and have enough understanding of transphobia to know that you shouldn't take TERF talking points at face value and uncritically adopt them into your worldview, RIGHT? Surely you understand that oppression relies heavily on misrepresenting the group it's targeting and that the best way to combat that is to actually listen directly to the members of that group and get to know them as individuals, RIGHT? Surely you wouldn't shout down the throats of the trans men while they’re trying to speak on their pain and the effects of systemic oppression on their livelihood, RIGHT? RIGHT???
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sluttywhor3 · 3 days
you guys need to be better at making sure theres enough contrast between ur words and ur header color. i am not gonna sit here and squint to try to read ur thing. im blocking u bc what is going on here. also you people w the black out header and the black words are also blocked.
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serioussideblog · 9 hours
With Biden stepping out of the race, now is not the time to get complacent. Now is not the time for apathy. This is the time to reckon with ourselves. This is the time to support whoever DOES end up being the Democratic nominee.
Because the only real options are a Democrat, or Trump.
A Democrat, or a convicted felon.
A Democrat, or a rapist.
A Democrat, or the guy who put kids in cages.
A Democrat, or the guy who told us to inject bleach.
A Democrat, or a religious bigot.
A Democrat, or a homophobe.
A Democrat, or a transphobe.
A Democrat, or a climate change denier.
A Democrat, or an ableist anti-vaxxer.
A Democrat, or a misogynist.
A Democrat, or an insurrectionist.
A Democrat, or the guy whose statement inspired the term “both-sides-ism”.
A Democrat, or Putin’s favorite.
A Democrat, or Netanyahu’s favorite.
Any questions?
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notchainedtotrauma · 16 hours
Word to Elmo, not only is genocide(s) the air that emanates from the surrounds, but so many people are sinking, suffocated and in various states of trauma. And they need help. So much help. And if you're here, with the bandwidth to bring relief here and there, especially if you're one of those that aren't at the brink, it's time to help. I mean it's always time to help but right the fuck now help is needed. Everyfucking where.
Utilities/ Personal Care/ Groceries/ Housing Security/ Toiletry/ Rent/ Food Safety/ Long Lasting Financial Security/ Mom's Personal Medical Care (Urgent)
venm0: sleepisforlovers
General Living Needs/ Urgent Medical Needs/ Long Lasting Financial Security
p*ypl: starstellium
vnmo: @spicathe6th
cs: $starstelliium
Urgent Computer Rehabing/ Phone Rehabing/ Utilities/ Personal Care/Gig Work Insecurity/ Long Term Financial Security (Urgent)
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lustsickdoll · 1 day
alright, tumblr.. let's have a sit-down, shall we?
as you know, my name is izzy. or angel, doll, whatever you know me as. crazy obsessive bitch, if you will. and..hmm..
well! i'm done. with tumblr. with twitter, tumblr, etc etc. i'm done with it all. yes, i love all of you, all of you have made for a sweet summer, but it's the middle of july, i just lost my fp, things are crappy, and really thinking about it..
i don't want to be this way anymore.
i'm struggling with my 3d, and $/h again, and it's not..it's not good. and i'm very tired of it. i'm tired of letting my disorders control me, i'm tired of letting my mental health be shitty, i'm tired of giving in to everything. i'm tired of being treated like i'm helpless.
so, i'm going to try recovery.
yes, this'll be one of the hardest things i've done. yes, it'll be hard. yes, it's going to suck. yes, i'll have mess-ups. but i'm done being like this. i'm not letting my bpd control my life anymore.
i'll start journaling again, eating again, sleeping normally, etc. i deserve it. i deserve recovery, i deserve love, i am deserving.
so..farewell, tumblr. if any of you want to keep in contact outside of here, dm me.
stay safe, all of you.
your darling angel.
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sweetiebarnes · 3 days
vellicore -> sweetiebarnes
vellicore will now be used for my gif blog. I’ll be working this weekend on updating all my links/masterlists.
Tagging some mutuals so everyone is aware. 🥰
@moonlightbvcky @sgt-seabass @shadeysprings @wheezy-stucky @navybrat817 @flordeamatista @lilacevans @buckysburdens @mrsmischief209 @jobean12-blog @onceuponastory @goldylions @perdidosbucky-yyo @buckets-and-trees @bucky-bucky-bucky-bucky @rookthorne
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cru5h-cascades · 2 days
Think of how the next game could look like! So shiny, so cool!
We can get hella creative new weapons and gear if the next game's got that futuristic theme to it!
Possible cyberpunk aesthetic for the next game?!
A chance for those who weren't pleased by the S2 final fest results to get that futuristic world of order they fought for (I guess)!
In the future, anything can happen! There's almost infinate possibilities to what could happen!
If you like Deep Cut that much then fight for them (I don't really like Deep Cut but I'll be on team future regardless)!
Splatoon Future sounds like a cool af name for the next Splatoon!
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heywriters · 3 months
btw the majority of your life will be lived as a adult. yeah i don't make the rules. go have fun in your 40s or 70s or whatever. no one expects you to accomplish everything at 17 or 27. you've got time and in the meantime get some life experience, it will pay off
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