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That’s that me, Espresso | rockstar!eddie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@mmunson86 requested: I can’t stop thinking about rockstar!Eddie x pop!Princess! reader! & its all thanks to miss SC & Espresso! Imagine they are at one of her concerts right right & she has Eddie sit in the middle of the stage! she is about to debut this song its the last song for the night and she dances on him , for him , around him & Eddie is loosing his mind so right after the concert he wastes no time and takes her into the dressing room & the rest well you know the rest 🙂‍↔️💗
Cw: modern au, Rockstar!Eddie x Pop!princes wife reader. Age gap, Eddie is a filthy simp for his girl, soft!Dom Eddie (sir), oral (f receiving), p in v (unprotected), small bit of anal fingering. Talks of pregnancy.
We are back baby!!! From the Wildflower universe, if you want more of the lore on these two.
“You ready, Angel?” Your husband smiles at you.
Husband, it still has a nice ring to it. You’ve been married just under a year. Giving birth to your little one put the wedding on the back burner, but you started the wedding planning once Lila Rose was 7 months old.
“Yeah, I think so,” you smile. You’re already in your hair and makeup, just waiting for your turn to get on stage.
The rowdy crowd of music festival goers grow impatient as the crew tirelessly works to remove the previous acts' set design.
“You think they’re going to like the new song?” You fiddle with the bedazzled mic in your hands.
“You kidding me? They’re going to love it!”
Eddie always encouraged your work, even if it wasn’t his thing. He loved every song because it was yours.
“All performers take their mark,” you hear the stage director in your ear.
You give Eddie one quick kiss and make your way to the stage.
The set went perfectly, but the riding anticipation of the new single was still in the back of your mind.
“Okay, Coachella! I’m going to need you to help me out with something.” You smile. “This is my last song of the night, and it’s brand new, so I’m a bit nervous.” You pace the stage.
“Now I have a special someone backstage with me, and I know he won’t come out unless we pressure him, so I’m going to need your help, okay?” you walk over to side stage and look him in the eye
You knew he would kill you, but you needed him for the extra moral support, and you kinda had a plan up your sleeve.
“Come on out, Eddie, baby,” you smile, and the crow starts to chant Eddie’s name.
Feeling embarrassed and a bit proud of you for getting what you wanted. Eddie stocks onto the stage, giving a small wave, not wanting this to be about him.
“Sit,” you speak into the mic and point to the fold-out chair in centre stage.
Eddie sits, and before he can protest anymore, he hears the first few beats of the music.
“Nice,” you sing in your breathy tone your husband can’t get enough of.
Now he's thinkin' 'bout me every night, oh Is it that sweet? I guess so Say you can't sleep, baby, I know That's that me, espresso Move it up, down, left, right, oh Switch it up like Nintendo
Eddie really loved that last lyric. He thought it was very clever of you because he knew it was about him and how he eats you out.
Say you can't sleep, baby, I know That's that me, espresso.
You and your dancers moved to the beat without missing a step.
I can't relate to desperation My 'give a fucks' are on vacation And I got this one boy
You turn to your husband and wink.
And he won't stop calling
You take a few short steps around to the back of the chair.
When they act this way
You lean in from behind and run your free hand down his shoulder to his chest and back up.
I know I got 'em
You swear you hear him moan.
I'm working late 'cause I'm a singer
You twirl your hair around your finger, then summon Eddie to come closer.
Oh, he looks so cute wrapped around my finger
He gets up and follows you like a puppy as you strut across the stage. My twisted humor, make him laugh so often My honey bee, come and get this pollen.
You flick up the edge of your mini skirt, and Eddie can see the lacy underwear beneath your stockings.
He needs this song to be over so he can finally have you. You've been rehearsing for this moment for months now. Stressing over it and with the baby, you and him have had hardly any time to have sex like you used to.
He's thinkin' 'bout me every night, oh Is it that sweet? I guess so Say you can't sleep, baby, I know That's that me, espresso Move it up, down, left, right, oh Switch it up like Nintendo Say you can't sleep, baby, I know That's that me, espresso
Eddie is back in his seat by the second bridge, and your dancing is driving him absolutely crazy. You know what you are doing. He can see it in your eyes; your mischievous gaze tells him you had this all planned out. You probably faked being nervous just to get him out here so you could seduce him.
Eddie was losing the battle of not getting hard in front of the thousands of fans watching. He couldn't help it; his bombshell of a wife was so irresistible.
Is it that sweet? I guess so That's that me, espresso
Eddie listened as you thanked the crowd. He took your hand and yanked you off stage once he thought it had been enough time for your final bow, letting you soak in this moment before he whisked you away.
“Eddie!” You squeal while trying to keep up with him in your platform go-go boots.
“Gotta have, you know,” he growls in your ear so only you can hear.
“Really baby? I worked you up that much?” You swoon.
After all this time, Eddie still makes your heart flutter. You never thought soulmates existed, but when you met Eddie, all that changed- especially after having his baby. The way he was with your newborn had you wanting to jump his bones before the doctor okayed you for sex again.
The trailer was close but not close enough in Eddie’s eyes. A thin sheen of sweat was starting to form on Eddie’s brow, and he couldn’t tell if it was from the hot Californian sun or the fact that his cock was about to bust through his jeans, and he was trying not to have anyone notice.
“Get out,” Eddie commands as the trailer door swings back. Eddie opens it so hard.
Your team looks startled as you and Eddie enter the small space.
You give them an apologetic look and they place down their stuff and leave you both alone.
“You were perfect up there.” he pulls you in for a kiss. “So fucking proud of you.” He kisses down your neck.
“Mmmm, thank you, baby”
“You’re a goddamn succubus, you know that, Angel?” Eddie shuts the door behind them and locks it before drawing the blinds.
“Is that right? Mr. Munson.”
“Oh, it is, Mrs. Munson.” Eddie pulls you in by the waist for a heated kiss. Still, after all this time, you both were so greedy for one another. Nothing can ever break the bond between the both of you… not again.
“God, Angel, you were a goddamn tease on that stage; you got me looking like a simp.”
You pull back, curious as to where he had heard that term.
“VR tells me things.” Violet Rose, Eddie's oldest, whom you’ve adopted, is now twenty two.
“Okay, old man,” you giggle, and he walks you back to the sofa in the trailer’s back corner.
“Enough talking, more kissing.”
Your tailored dress, made just for you, was not easy to strip. Eddie was having a hell of a time trying to get out of it, only to groan when he saw your pantyhose as another barrier.
“Why do they make these things so tight.” He grumbles as you giggle at him.
“You weren’t complaining about it ten minutes ago,” you snide.
“Don’t make me put you over my knee.” He smirks.
“No, Sir,” you put your lip.
Finally, once you are out of your garments, Eddie kneels right between your legs.
“Baby, you’re going to hurt your knees,” You push his long hair back. “Why don’t we go -OH - to the couch” Not listening, his lips are already on your throbbing cunt.
The plus from your clit was relieved as Eddie’s tongue grazes it before quickly lapping and flicking at it.
“Oh fuck!” Your legs buckle, and your grip on Eddie’s hair tightens. He growls at the pain in his scalp, but he loves it all the same.
You feel his tongue go down, then to the left, then the right and finally circles your clit.
“Mmmmm, tastes so good, Angel”
“Please don’t stop!”
You feel Eddie's skilled tongue glide through your slick folds before you feel his hands nudge your legs, signalling to open them wider.
Eddie’s thick long fingers pump up into your warm wet cunt until you’re losing the battle to say upright. Your body is hunched over as Eddie sends waves of pleasure through you.
“Mmmm, that’s it, that’s my good girl. Cum for me.” The pads of his fingers graze you g spot each time. He doesn’t stop until he knows you are satisfied.
“That was a big one, baby; singing for me, go, you all worked up, didn’t it?” He stands and leads you to the couch until you’re lying down, legs spread nice and wide for him.
“Mmmhmmm,” you hum as you watch Eddie finally strip.
His body never looked better; he wants to be the healthiest to watch your baby grow up and maybe put another one in you soon.
“You ready for me, sweetheart?”
“Yes, sir, more than ready.” And it was true; it’s been a few weeks since you’ve had time to have sex, and it was long overdue.
All the pent-up sexual tension between the both of you is finally being released when Eddie's hard cock slides into yours effortlessly.
“Fuck I missed my pussy, baby girl.” His head tilts back, and you take the opportunity to suck on his neck, just as you know he likes it.
“So fucking beautiful” his cock pumped in and quickly backed out.
The tip of his dick ring never failed to make you see stars. Already you’re a moaning mess for him, cock drunk, and it’s not even been a minute yet.
“There she is, there’s my good girl” Eddie palms your tit as he continues to thrust deep inside of you. He watches your eyes roll to the back of your head, blissed out by how he makes you feel.
“More” you moan.
“More what?”
“Sir, please, I need you. Baby, I love you. I love you, please, I need it.” You babble.
Eddie's heart swells. He loves you so much he would give you the moon and stars if he could. Hearing you love him, especially when the two of you are like this, really makes him kick into high gear.
He will never take for granted those three words when you say them to him; your past is too painful not to.
“Tell me what you need, baby girl.”
“Fill me.” You pull him down into a kiss. Your tongue explores his mouth.
His hand that was planted on your waist is now travelling lower to your ass.
“This what you wanted, baby? All of your holes filled?” His finger teases your puckered hole.
“Yes!” You gasp.
“I think that can be arranged. Suck” he points his finger at your face, and you take as much of it in your mouth. You suck on it until it’s dripping with your saliva.
“Such a dirty girl, letting me fuck you and play with your ass hole.” His finger slowly glides in, and he pumps it to match the rhythm of his thrusts. “Isn’t that right?”
“Yes, sir!”
“God, I love you.” Eddie can’t help but to fuck you frivolously. The sound of wet skin slapping together filled the thin walls of the trailer.
“Please, please, please.” You were so close you could feel the pit building.
The pressure of his piercing brushing your g spot with every heavy thrust, each shape snap of his hips making him slide deep inside-mixed with the pressure of his finger pressed deep inside of you was bringing you to the edge of bliss.
“You going to come when I tell you to, Angel?”
“I can’t-can’t hold it!”
“Yes, you can,” he growls.
“F-fuck,” you curse him. You can’t hold it for much longer.
“Mmm, that’s right, babygirl. You’re going to listen to what I tell you.”
Your pussy naturally grips Eddie's cock so tight he almost loses it.
“Please, Sir. I want to cum. Please!”
The look in your eyes has Eddie reeling. The way you beg and submit to him, his perfect girl. His perfect wife, the perfect mother to his children.
“Cum” he growls, and you let out a cry of relief.
With your arms wrapped around the back of Eddie's neck, you pull him down into you on instinct. His body weight pressed into you, and your cunt grips his cock so deliciously Eddie is coming with you.
“Shit, baby girl, I think you nearly killed me that time,” Eddie chuckles as his legs give out and his total weight collapses on top of you.
You giggle dumbly as Eddie plants kisses all over your face.
You look up; his face is red and sweaty, but he’s never looked more beautiful.
“That was long overdue.” You sigh with relief.
“You’re telling me,” he chuckles with you.” “Let’s get you cleaned up, mama.”
“You trying to knock me up, Munson?” Deep down, you’d love to have another baby.
“What if I was?” He looks back over his shoulder, catching you checking out his juicy ass.
“Then I’d say we should keep practicing.”
“Wait for real?”
“You’re no,t getting any younger, “ you giggle.
“Oh, you little minx, you’re in for it.” He runs back towards you, lifts you off the couch, and plops you in his lap.
“I’m sorry!” You laugh as Eddie tickles your sides.
“You really want to start trying?” He asks genuinely.
“Yeah,” you nod.
“Guess it’s time for round two, gotta make sure it really sticks.”
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Yandere thoughts~
Yandere who stalks you for months to nervous to be seen by you, when you glance at him for the first time he’s fully convinced your inlove with him but just to shy to say so.
Yandere who sneaks into your room while your away stealing small things like your favorite t shirt covered in your scent, or your blanket anything he can get his hands on that smells and feels like you just intoxicating his mind making it go fuzzy.
Yandere who finally ties you kidnapping you when your asleep licking you away in a room for him to keep to himself, feeding you leaving gifts but never actually talking to you just watching you through cameras he set up around the room.
Yandere who musters up the strength to talk to you making himself look sweet being nice to you making you think maybe “he’s not so bad” and once your trusting of him enough he starts to cling to you holding you touching you all over soon starting with kisses til you grow fond of them.
Yandere who first fucks you growing crazed as he keeps humping and fucking himself into you whining as his cock twitches stretching you out shoving his face in your pecs drooling and sucking on them as he takes you snapping his hips til your ass hole burns from how long he has been inside you making it stretch wide for his girth as his hips stutter.
Yandere who grips your hips too tight when he fucks you making you whine as his hands tremble gripping at your plush flesh l tightly as he gasps ramming himself erratically into your prostate making it sore as you feel the pressure of his cock all the way in your stomach but he doesn’t stop even when you’re thighs are shaking and your a drooling mess he stays shakily thrusting like a rabid bunny in mating season on top of you.
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Tumblr media
"I really need someone"
Kenji Sato X [afab]reader (One Shot)
Best Friend AU
TW : Emi cameo/ screaming/ fainting/ swearing/ panicking/ fluffy/ slight angst/ petnames/ slight flirting/crude teasing/ mixed POV
The man had not been answering my calls and texts. I get it. He's busy..baseball and his own personal problems got him occupied but he was my best friend and he always..as in ALWAYS texted or notified me if he couldn't answer his phone. It had been days. Not even Mina was responding. I couldn't even get a chance to see him at his games because he left as quickly as he came. I decided to take things into my own hands.
I unlocked the door to Kenji's house and got inside. I thanked God he gave me the key and code to his house. I peeped inside his room and bathroom "Kenji?" I called out worried. I went to the kitchen and saw parenting books, spilled coffee and energy drink cans sprawled out on the table. I was confused however by the books.."What the?" I whispered with furrowed brows. My train of thought was stopped as I felt a rumble from downstairs.
I stopped moving and turned to the elevator that led to the basement. This was probably the only place Kenji didn't allow me to go in his house when I came over..but I mean..I am concerned for him. What if he's dead? Or hurt downstairs..I shook my head erasing any bad or irrational thoughts.
"Kenji..please forgive me" I whispered before getting into the elevator. As I pressed the button to the basement..I noticed that not even Mina had greeted at me at the door. Surely her systems couldn't be down. The elevator descended and I stepped out. I looked up and I was met with the most shocking sight..Ultraman holding a pink colored kaiju. Mina was off to the side playing some kid's cartoon. My mouth dropped and my eyes widened. That's when Ultraman noticed me and looked down at me.
"Oh my god! Y/N! W-What are you doing here? Mina!" Ultraman stammered quickly and put the kaiju baby into a containment unit. The kaiju didn't seem to fall asleep as she clawed at the walls of the unit. Ultraman's hand reached over and I screamed in ultimate terror. I stumbled to the elevator but didn't even manage a step as black spots clouded my vision and I passed out. Kenji was quick to transform back into his human self and caught his best friend.
"Kenji, it appears Y/N has entered the house" Mina reported. Kenji looked at Mina exasperated.
"No shit! Oh my god! Shit. How the hell am I gonna explain this?" Kenji murmured whiles gently patting his best friend's cheeks to wake her up.
"You could be honest because she's already seen Emi and Ultraman...in your basement" Mina responded whiles hovering over to Emi's containment unit and showing her games of Kenji's to keep her occupied. Kenji picked up his best friend and laid her on the couch. Kicking the drawer underneath his couch, Kenji grabbed a cool can of coconut water and pressed it against the cheek of his best friend. About 10 minutes passed before I fluttered my eyes open and groaned.
"Is this heaven?" I murmured as Kenji glanced down at me and sighed in relief. I blinked trying to adjust to the light.
"No, sweetcheeks..this hell." Kenji chuckled softly. I sighed and sat up rubbing my temples.
"Of course if you're here" I quipped. Kenji clicked his tongue and handed me a bottle of water. I looked around and my eyes widened when I saw a kaiju in a containment unit. I dropped the bottle"K-Kaiju.." I whispered fearfully as the memories from before I passed hit me like a freight train. Heavy and loaded.
"Calm down. Wait..let me explain okay? Just give me a few minutes" Kenji said softly whiles standing in front of me with his hands on my shoulders. His blue mauve eyes held desperation. I looked from him to the containment unit. I nodded. I took a good look at him, he had deep eye bags and he looked disheveled as if he hadn't slept in days. Kenji took a deep breath to calm his nerves before taking ahold of my hands.
"I am Ultraman. That Kaiju you saw over there is Emi. She's an infant kaiju. I found her when the KDF killed her mom, okay? I have to take care of her. I'm the only hope she has. This is why I haven't been answering my phone. I've been juggling alot. More than I can handle. I thought I could do it.."Kenji trailed off, rambling a little and a few tears fell down his cheeks. My eyes widened, I've never seen Kenji cry...let alone be deeply vulnerable like this. I put aside my shock as I gently squeezed his hands and wiped his cheeks softly. "I-I know it's alot to take in..I totally get it if you don't wanna be friends anymore...because you know this is alot"
I took a deep breath to properly take a second to process this. I gave Kenji a hug, considering he really needed one. "I'm not gonna leave. You might be an asshole but you're my asshole" I spoke softly. Kenji pinched me but hugged me tighter. "We..uh..still have alot to talk about but I'll help you out, dummy. You should've called me. You know..You're not an island"
"You know you're really mean when you're trying to console me but I appreciate it. T-Thank you..I promise I'll answer everything." Kenji murmured whiles hiding his head into my chest.
"You better, you owe a half dozen lunch dates. You're real shameless you know..those are my boobs" I whispered whiles hugging him and gently petting his head. Kenji pinched me again. I looked at the kaiju baby in the containment unit. Taking a good look at her..she seemed friendly and she was actually adorable.
"J-Just let me enjoy some peace" Kenji groaned "Thanks, sweetcheeks. It means alot though. I..I really need someone right now"
"I'll be your someone"
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CANT SLEEP - ( c.s )
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary- chris stumbles across your instagram late at night, unable to contain himself from participating in some self pleasure. but when he accidentally likes an old post, things get even steamier.
warnings- onlyfans!reader x subby-ish!chris, phone (?) sex, pretty much smut with a little plot don’t say i didn’t warn you
a/n: say you can’t sleep, baby i know! she’s working late but she’s definitely not a singer! anyways i hope you guys didn’t forget about me and enjoy this little fic. and thank you to the non who requested! (if you hate it im so sorry)
fucking instagram.
chris has a love-hate relationship with social media; it feels annoyingly formal considering the fame, but he’s also mutuals with lots of beautiful women because of it.
so it’s admittedly fun to scroll through the app once he’s alone in his room for the night, just like he is now, tapping his thumb to leave a like on the posts that really catch his eye.
and then a suggestion pops up on his feed, a tempting picture from someone completely different: you.
it’s a newer photo, from a day ago. you’re on the beach somewhere in the caribbean, trendy sunglasses perched on your head, covered only by a skimpy orange bikini.
all dressed up in his favorite color, just by coincidence.
he pulls his bottom lip between his teeth, exhaling a long breath out his nose as he analyzes further.
you’re laid out on your stomach by the ocean, ass fully on display as you prop yourself up on your elbows. it only presses your cleavage further together, an entirely mouthwatering sight. the lighting makes your eyes light up, mysterious smile frozen on your face.
call me on my shellphone.
chris smirks slightly at your caption, mainly because he actually does want to hit you up. but instead he clicks on your profile, intent on learning more.
his eyes widen slightly at your following; he can’t believe he’s never seen or heard of you before this. your email is in your bio, along with the pleasant surprise that you’re based in LA. then he sees the only fans link pasted underneath.
and as much as chris wants to click it, he won’t. at least, not yet. so he returns to your public posts, scrolling to find even more enticing photos.
there’s one of you in bed, hair fanned out around you, a suggestive finger between your teeth. you’re promoting a lingerie website, dressed in a sexy red set that leaves very little to the imagination.
then a picture of you leaning over the side of a pool, water beading on the slope of your back as you look down the lense, plush lips parted in faux-surprise.
he’s getting far too excited, and before he knows it he’s palming himself through his pants, admiring all of the revealing angles and outfits. chris finds himself thanking all of the companies sponsoring you.
a moment later he lands on a photo that quite literally leaves him breathless. you’re on your knees, bent over a little vanity stool with your legs spread wide apart. you’re glancing back at the camera, clothed pussy practically begging to escape the tiny blue thong covering it.
he’s applying pressure to his shaft in bursts now, teasing himself as his hips chase his fingers. it’s only when he glances back at his phone that he realizes he’s accidentally liked the post, from over four months ago. he was too focused on the movement of one hand that he forgot about the other.
his cheeks redden immediately, frozen in embarrassment as he yanks his hand away from his lap. he’s not sure what to do, and (un)luckily enough, you’ve already seen that he’s stalking.
when you check the notification you’re surprised, in the middle of your regular scroll now that you’re back in your room for the night. you’re still at a resort in the bahamas, enjoying a much-needed vacation (though you’re still occasionally working).
but looking at chris sturniolo’s big verified account in your likes, on a post from a while ago nonetheless, gets you a little excited. it surprises you, him being on your page, though you’ve always been a bit of a fan.
you click on his profile, going right to his messages since you already follow him. you’re mostly motivated by the fact that you’re buzzing off a few fruity drinks, so you type out two letters and hit send.
the dm comes through his phone a second later. it’s just a simple little word, but chris grows even more sheepish at the fact that you did in fact see his little slip up.
he bites down on the inside of his cheek, unsure of whether or not he should respond. but he’s already in too deep, and he doesn’t want to act like a complete loser to you. so he uses he taps the keyboard.
when you see that he’s answered, you feel yourself get a little bit giddy. you were really hoping you wouldn’t scare him away, and the fact that he’s rising to the challenge impresses you.
nice to see you in my likes
i’m quite the fan
chris’s heart quite literally skips a beat. you’re toying with him, but he also gets the sense that you like it, that you want more. he’s still ridiculously horny, and actually talking to you isn’t helping, but he doesn’t care.
i think i might be a bigger fan of you
it’s far bolder than he normally gets, especially online, and he kind of likes it way more than expected. you can feel your body heating up at his response, rolling over onto your stomach on top of the plush comforter.
your teeth clamp down on your bottom lip, gnawing on it as you consider what you want to say. you don’t want to be too forward, but it’s also the name of the game.
cute :)
what were you doing on my account this late at night christopher
he swears his face can’t get any more red. he instinctively looks at his lap, at his still-hard dick, and he decides that honesty might be the best policy.
because you turn me on
you fully smile now, happy that he’s continuing to match your energy. it’s impossible to ignore the way you’re throbbing now, imagining all of the dirty ways this conversation could go, so you keep it up.
oh really now
what’re you thinking about hmm
you, in my bed
in my hands
wish i could feel them right now
View Photo
here, specifically ;)
the photo notification sends his heart beating out of control, and his curious finger taps it open without hesitation. it’s a photo of your bare chest, perky tits exposed to the camera, shirt bunched up by your collarbone. your mouth is parted just a bit, and chris audibly sucks in a breath.
he’s already slipped his hand back into his sweats, really stroking his dick this time. he’s so fucking hot and bothered at this point that he’s sensitive as hell, and spreading his own wetness only adds to the effect.
holy shit
want my tongue all over you
chris is fumbling around with the keyboard, toying with himself as he continues the conversation because he never wants it to end.
you don’t want it to either, considering nobody has ever really piqued your interest like chris has. you’re practically dripping from the conversation, already soaking your thin silk shorts.
but at the end of the day this is still your job, and you can’t give everything away for free.
you should video chat me rn
link is in my bio x
and perhaps you underestimated him, because you get a notification a minute later that someone has requested a private video chat, which is insanely expensive to do because of your recent growth.
you know it’s chris, even though his username was definitely randomly generated. but people don’t pay frequently enough for it to be anyone else, so you open the app and initiate the call.
chris nearly crawls out of his skin when his phone starts buzzing, even though he was expecting it. he has no idea why he did this because he’s absolutely terrified, but the need took over and he had to really see you.
and now he is.
the call connects and you pop up, laid back against your pillows with your phone propped up on something he can’t see. you’re already topless, and a moan slips past his lips before he can help it.
“hey there.” you purr, smiling slightly from his little noise.
“fuck, even your voice is sexy.” he groans, bucking into his hand without a second thought.
it just feels so good, and having you on the phone is making it harder and harder for him to slow down. he doesn’t even care how obvious he’s being; why hide it now?
“aw, touching yourself already? how needy, i was hoping you’d wait for me.” you tease, one hand trailing from your neck to your breasts as you speak.
chris takes note of this, breath hitching as he watches you slide your fingers lower. you toy with the waistband of your tiny pajama pants, pulling them down so slowly that it makes him weak.
and then you spread your legs, fully revealing yourself now in the dim lighting from a lamp that’s somewhere out of sight. his mouth hangs open, pupils blown out in pure lust.
“god, i wish i could taste that pretty pussy right now.”
it slips out naturally, which amazes him because he’s never been very confident when it comes to dirty talk. but you bring it out of him.
and the least you can say is that you fucking love it. a sigh passes your lips as your fingers slide over your slit, enjoying his facial expressions as he strokes his own cock.
“mm, i just know your mouth would feel so good,” you praise, yearning for more of him in a way that forces you to continue, “let me see you, baby. wanna watch you get off with me.”
chris’s cheeks flush slightly at the request, but he would do just about anything you asked at this point, so he blindly adjusts his camera angle. now you can see that he’s got his sweats pushed down, shirt resting above his happy trail, dick in one hand while he holds his phone in the other.
“fuck, you’d fill me up perfectly too.” you tell him truthfully, applying more pressure to your clit in fast circles at the sight.
he whimpers as he pumps even faster, spurred on by your words and your actions. he ogles as one hand teases your nipples, simultaneously plunging the other into your cunt.
that’s when chris finally hears a moan slip past your lips, and he swears he’s in heaven.
“shittt.” you slur, driving your two fingers deep into your entrance over and over, wishing they were chris’s instead.
“so fuckin sexy, m’not gonna be able to last much longer.” he compliments, even though he’s barely able to string the sentence together.
not that there would be any right words to describe the way he’s feeling. this is not at all how he thought his day was going to turn out, but it has to be the best turn it could’ve taken. his muscles are tightening, and the familiar pit in his stomach is growing.
“keep going. want you to come for me, pretty boy.” your voice is sultry and strained as you build your own orgasm up, clenching around your own hand as you curl them inside yourself expertly.
chris throws his head back, biting down hard on his lip to contain the primal growl crawling up his throat.
the pet name is just the nail in the coffin. his dick twitches and he knows he’s only a few strokes away from finishing, so he draws it out of himself in a way that allows him to relish the feeling.
the sight of him unraveling makes your head spin, and the rubber band in your own stomach suddenly snaps. you’re a shuddering mess, riding your orgasm out as you whine his name.
usually you’re careful to not let yourself get too into it, never falling deep enough in the fantasy. but then again, it’s not every day that a guy like chris ends up in your likes.
it’s unfamiliar territory for each of you in different way, but at the same time neither of you want this to be the last time you interact. his chest heaves, and you take a brief moment of silence to catch your breath.
“wow, that was…” he trails off, because he has no idea what to say now.
“yeah,” you nod, sly smile lighting your features up, “i think you’re my new favorite customer.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’d love to wish dilf Matt sturniolo a happy Father’s Day since he’s the father of my kids
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mist-in-heaven · 1 day
Tumblr media
Stuck On You
Paige Bueckers x reader
summary: Your AC is broken in the humid summer. The sheen of sweat over your body erupts a certain feeling in Paige.
warnings: rpf, sweat, kissing, scissoring, 18+
In the heat of the humid summer, the AC chose the worst time to breakdown. The breeze from the open window is almost useless as it is no match for the summer heat. You and Paige lay on the bed splayed out side-by-side. The two of you avoid touching each other from the fear of your sticky bodies making contact.
You roll onto your side to face Paige, propping your head up with your arm. You sigh at the blazing heat. She turns her head towards you, the loose strands from her messy bun nearly stay in place due to the sweat.
"Whats up, babe?" She rests the back of her head on her forearms.
"Its so hot."
"Yeah, because youre here" she jokes, sticking her tongue out playfully.
"Shut up" you laugh "you're so stupid" your voice trailed off towards the end as you shook your head amused.
You stare into her pretty blue eyes and she does the same to you. A smile creeps onto your face as you admire each feature.
"God. You're so damn beautiful."
"I miss you." She rests a hand onto your hip and the weight makes your thin pj shorts soak into your skin. Her eyes travel from your lips to your thighs, then back up as she bites her bottom lip.
"Really, Paige? Come on, it's too hot for that." you half-joke.
"You know you want it" she teases, bringing her lips up to yours in a kiss.
She rolls you onto your back, straddling you without breaking the kiss.
"Here." Paige's fingertips slide down your sides and stop at the hem of your shirt, peeling it off of you and exposing your bare chest. "Because it's 'too hot'." she quotes your words with a smirk.
All you can do in response is stare as she moves her body down yours and pulls your shorts down your legs. She kisses a trail from your hips up to your chest. Before her lips can meet yours again, you rid her of her clothes. The muscles in her abs and arms are highlighted from the light sheen of sweat covering them.
Her lips move rhythmically against yours as her forearms rest by the sides of your head. She lays her body onto yours. Her bare chest is pressing up against yours, her hard nipples pushing lightly into your skin. She kisses up your jaw and down your neck before traveling between your hips.
Paige leaves little wet kisses on your thighs and around where you needed her most. After minutes of her teasing, you start to become impatient.
"Please. Paige" You tangle your fingers in her messy bun and guide her towards your pussy. She presses a firm kiss between your legs causing your legs to twitch.
She drags her middle finger up and down over your underwear, groaning at how wet you already are. "Haven't even done anything yet." she says and before you can respond, youre letting out a gasp as the waistband of your underwear slips between her teeth. Paige tugs them down, keeping eye contact the entire time.
Paige lifts one of your legs onto her shoulder as she straddles your other leg. You reach forward to being her hips closer. Soon, her pussy is pressed up to yours. The two of you let out a moan as if the contact is too much for both of you to handle.
She moves her hips back and forth letting out heavy breaths between each movement. One of her hands works on your tits while the other holds onto your leg that's resting on her shoulder.
Your legs open wider for her as she leans forward to bring her pussy closer to yours. Her chest was flush with the back of your thigh. You and Paige's sweat and pussy juice drips onto the bed with every searing minute.
Now, it all became too much. Shamelessly bucking your hips into hers while she gets more rough with her movements. The feeling in your core intensifies before the two of you are finishing against each other. Both of your eyes squeezing shut and the grip you have on each other is getting tighter.
She continues rubbing her wetness against yours to bring you both down from your high. She releases your leg from her grip and falls back onto the bed.
'Maybe the AC should breakdown more often' you thought to yourself, curling up to Paige with no revard for the sweat or heat.
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h3llis4teenageg1rl · 3 days
Tumblr media
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imnormal445 · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It is finally done 💀 I heard this song a bit ago and immediately was like "omg it's them" so after frantic scribbling at 4 am and 19 hours of work we got this comic
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“Jessie’s Girl”
Tumblr media
author note: inspired by the song Jessie’s Girl by rick springfield
summary: matt has a thing for his friend jessie’s girlfriend, and jessie treats her like shit so he tried his best to show her she truly deserves better
warnings: angst | y/ns bf is a cheating asshole | use of y/n😣 | cheating (jessie not y/n| smut (i couldn’t help myself | oral fem!recieving | grinding | p in v | riding | i think that’s it 🤞
word count: about 4k
matt’s pov.
i watched as they danced in the moonlight together in the parking lot we decided to hang out in, i sat on the curb watching them. he twirled her with a bland expression on his face. the rest of our friends were lost in their own conversation, something about internet drama is all i could assume they were talking about from what i had eavesdropped. it was so hard to try and be active in the conversation when she looks so happy with him. him of all people. he twirled and twirled her and she fluttered around him so gracefully.
she was truly the most beautiful girl i’d ever seen. she was flawless in every way. no matter what she seemed to do i couldn’t help but be infatuated with her.
i knew it was wrong, to look at someone else’s girlfriend like that, but he treated her so terribly. he would lie to her and ignore her, and what from i could tell she didn’t notice how badly he treated her. she didn’t realize how she deserved so much better. she deserved the moon and the stars. but she didn’t realize that.
i wanted to make her realize it. i wanted to tell her how badly i wanted to kiss the ground she walked on. how badly i wanted to show her she truly deserved to be loved. not held down like she was with Jessie.
i was broken out of my trance by her soft, beautiful voice.
“are you okay matt?” she bent down to meet my gaze, i looked up to see jessie walking off to the convenience store far off in the distance.
“yeah im sorry jus’ thinking”
she quickly glanced at the ground and giggled as she picked up a penny next to my foot. she sat down next to me on the curb
“penny for your thoughts?” she asked letting out a light giggle
god her laugh was so pretty
i took the penny from her before smiling and just changing the subject.
i kept that penny on my bedside table.
it was some random thursday night, i was with nate, chris, a few other guys, and jessie.
(not excluding nick!! i love nick!! he just wouldn’t hang out with something like jessie)
we were all kind of doing our own thing at this point, everybody was either watching the movie or on their phones.
jessie being one of the people on their phone.
he kept huffing and laughing every once in a while, which caught both mine and chris’s attention.
“you texting your little girlfriend over there?” chris spoke in jessie’s direction, breaking the silence in the room.
“nah i’m texting this chick i met last night at a party”
what the fuck?
“wait what?” i made eye contact with chris, and i could tell nate was uncomfortable with it from the way he tensed.
“yeah dude she’s so hot you wouldn’t believe it, i’m trying link with her”jessie spoke with confidence.
are you fucking kidding me?
“so you’re cheating on y/n?” i asked, trying to regulate my tone
“yeah what about it?”
i suddenly felt a wave of anxiety crash through me and my heart dropped.
“uhm- nothing”
why couldn’t i stand up for her? why couldn’t i tell him he was being an asshole?
thinking back on it, i think i didn’t want to be a problem.
Me, Chris, Nick, Nate, Jessie, and Y/n were all in our hot tub,
she looked so beautiful, the sun had long set and the moonlight bounced off of her pretty hair, she was wearing a blue bikini, it was my favorite color and she just happened to look so beautiful in blue. even though i couldn’t see much due to the rippling water, i tried my best not to let me eyes wonder down her beautiful body.
her and jessie were having their own conversation while i ‘listened’ to nick, chris, and nate’s conversation.
i kept peering over at Jessie and y/n, their conversation seems civil for a while, her letting out giggles and he let out the occasional bored huff.
but, his face slowly fell into a more angry look, hers a sad one.
nate, chris, and nick had wondered into the house for ,what i think they said, a drink.
i tried to keep my gaze away from them but his voice started getting louder, and before i knew it he was full on yelling at her
“no! no you’re fucking crazy! i can’t deal with your bullshit! you’re overreacting! i can’t ever fucking understand why you come at me with bullshit like this! we’re done i’m fuckin done!” he shouted mere inches from her face before getting up abruptly and storming out of the backyard, not a minute later i heard his car start and pull away.
he had broken up with her three times now, i wanted to say something but i felt glued to my seat, before i heard a hiccup come from her
oh no.
“oh matt im so sorry” her knees came up to her chest and a hand made its way to her mouth
“why are you apologizing to me? you didn’t do anything.” i immediately made my way over to her side
“did you hear him? clearly i did”
“no he’s dumb. can i ask what you said for him to do that? and im not saying it’s your fault i just wanna know what triggered him, but you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want” i rambled out, it’s like i couldn’t stop my words from pouring out to her
“uhm- *hiccup* he brought up something about last week last week and i remembered last friday, uhm he told me he was with you guys. but then nick posted your guy’s friday video and in the video you said that you had filmed the same day you were posting- so there was no way he was with you at all right? was he?”
“no y/n im so sorry he wasn’t. me nick and chris only left the house that day to record. i’m so sorry” i felt like my heart was crumbling and fading away. i couldn’t stand to see her so heartbroken
“oh no matt don’t apologize i should’ve asked you instead of him- god i’m so sorry i didn’t mean to start anything” her waterline suddenly filled and the sight broke me.
she was a much too beautiful person, inside and out, to be crying, especially over such an asshole.
“y/n, i’m gonna tell you something and please don’t get mad at me for not telling you sooner- i promise you i was going to tell you i just haven’t gotten a moment alone with you” i shuddered at the thought of hurting her anymore. but she deserved the truth.
“okay.. what is it matty?”
god that nickname.
“so, couple of weeks ago, we were having that boys night right? and… he kept laughing at his phone and chris asked if he was texting you. but he said no.. and said he was talking to some girl he had met at a party and-“ i stuttered, my hands started to shake under the water, i had suddenly felt so nervous under her gaze, why did i have to be the one to tell her? why do i have to break her heart anymore?
she noticed from the way the water rippled above my hands, she rested her own on top of my shaky ones, moving her thumb in slow circles.
“it’s okay matt. i trust you okay?”
i nodded before starting again, “he said that he was trying to sleep with her.”
she suddenly froze, not that i blame her. the circles she had been making on my hands had ceased, and her face remained the same. but from the way her eyes were i could tell something had clicked inside of her.
“y/n im so sorry you had to find out from me- im so sorry”
“uhm no matt it’s okay.” she let out in the most monotonous voice id ever heard come out of her. she was always so full of life and in this moment i couldn’t help but want to cry for her.
she didn’t deserve to feel any kind of pain. ever. and to know i was the one initiating part of her pain? god i wanted to take it all back. but she deserved to know. it was only right that she knew.
“no im so sorry, you don’t deserve any of that at all”
“matt you don’t have to lie it’s okay” she let out a light scoff
“lie? what do you mean?” why would she accuse me of lying?
she seemed genuinely confused by my question
“saying i deserve better- jessie made it clear that-“
“i don’t give a fuck what jessie told you- you deserve so much better than what he ever showed you. you’re such a beautiful person. you deserve to be loved by someone who truly cares for you and truly loves you, and i know that it sucks, but you won’t find that in jessie. you truly are an amazing person y/n and you deserve the very best”
i had kind of zoned out with my ramble, but i focused back in to meet her powerful gaze, her waterline had suddenly filled with tears again
“oh y/n- im sorry i didn’t mean to overstep”
her arms suddenly wrapped around me, hugging me, half her body on top of mine.
she had pulled away slight to meet my eyes, “you mean it?”
“every word.” god i wish she knew the power she held over me. i wanted her to ruin me-
not the time.
“matt you’re the sweetest- most genuine person i’ve ever met”
she wrapped her self back around me, her head going into my neck.
“y/n i’m always here for you- no matter what okay? text, call, in person, anything okay?”
“okay matt, i’m gonna have to unblock you jessie made me a whole ago” she giggled
“i was wondering why my happy birthday to you didn’t go through” i let out a light laugh. it stung that she has done that but who am i to say anything?
me nick and chris, and im pretty sure nate, had hardly talked to jessie after everything had went town. Chris told me he and nick saw jessie storm out that night and saw me go over to y/n and decided to stay out of it.
it had been weeks since i last saw her in person. We had texted quite regularly but she was struggling to get out of the house, which i understood, and i had wanted to ask if i could come over or something like that but i didn’t want to overstep.
it was 3:42 in the morning, i was mindlessly scrolling on my phone, nick had fallen asleep and i think chris was playing fortnite.
everything had been quiet until my phone started to ring.
i immediately picked up
“hey what’s up?”
i heard shuffling before it went silent, and then i heard sniffling.
“hey matt- uhm so you remember when you said i could come to you? for like anything?”
“yeah i do why? what happened?” i sat up in my bed, my blanket falling off of me.
“uhm so - im outside of jessie’s apartment, i just came to grab some of my things and i ubered so i dont have my car and- my phones at 2 percent and i dont wanna risk anything and i was wondering if you could maybe come pick me up? if not it’s okay i can try and-“
“ill get there as fast as i can” i hung up the phone and quickly grabbed some slip on shoes and ran down stairs, making my way out the door and into my car.
jessie’s apartment building wasn’t too far from my, nick, and chris’s house so i got there within five minutes.
i parked on the side of the road and immediately got out of the car and ran to her, she was sitting on the from steps of the building, she stood and i wrapped my arms around her.
she had been crying and seemingly got louder when i had hugged her.
“matt im so sorry”
“don’t be” i pulled away and lifted my hand to slip her hair behind her ear
“let’s get you home pretty girl”
“uhm matt? i’m sorry to ask for more- but do you think i could stay at yours tonight?”
“of course, come on” i led her to my car, hand in hand.
once we made it home i gave her some more comfortable clothes to change into, a pair of my sweats and a t-shirt.
we had made our way to my bed, i put on a movie of her choice , she chose ‘10 things i hate about you’
i had seen it before and my heart couldn’t help but swell at her choice because when she made the choice she had said, “since i know you also like this movie”
she knew the things that i liked.
could she get any more perfect?
i glanced over at her, just to check on her, only to meet her eyes.
“oh- i’m sorry” she stuttered out- moving her gaze back to the tv
“i’m gonna start tickling you every time you apologize” my hand krept its way towards her
“wait! no!” she practically screamed before quieting down remembering how late it was
i made contact with her ribs and started jabbing and tickling her .
“matt!” she whisper yelled and giggled and twisted around.
she had shot up at this point, grabbing my hands and tried to get me back, only to fall into me.
my cheeks flushed at the new position we were in, my arms were pinned to the sides of my head, her body had landed on mine and she was now straddling me
she giggled before letting go of my arms and sitting up.
“what you give up?”
god it was a beautiful sight to see her being confident.
in that moment everything in my head crumbled away, and i acted simply on impulse.
my hands moved to her lower back and pulled her down into me. as she fell towards me i quickly slipped one hand to her face and guided it towards my own.
once her lips made contact with mine, i heard her let out a light gasp
she pulled away, a few inches away from my face
my actions had suddenly come crashing down onto me- i panicked and realize what i had done
“oh my god i’m so sorry- i should have asked- i’m so sorry” before i could ramble any further her lips came crashing down again.
oh my god.
her lips moved in a soft rhythm and i couldn’t help but let out a low whimper.
god the power she held over me.
her hands nestled upon my face and she pushed further into me.
holy fuck is this real?
i could feel my dick harden at the thoughts that flooded through my mind. god please don’t be the wrong time.
“matt? are you..?” she glanced down quickly before meeting my eyes again
“yeah.. fuck i’m sorry if it’s not the right time”
she simply smirked before crashing back down into me, when she came down her body shifted in a way that she moved acrossed my length.
my breath hitched against her soft lips, i felt her smile into the kiss before her hips moved back and forth against mine
her movements sent a sort of shockwave throughout my lower stomach.
she pulled away to breath,“do you wanna keep going?” she smiled down at me
“oh god please”
she giggled before halting anything she was thinking , “are you gonna want to switch?”
“like positions?”
she nodded
“can i be honest?”
“of course matty, you know that”
“i have never wanted anybody to ever be on top of me more than i do in this moment”
this time her cheeks flushed.
“unless you wanna switch- because if you do we can and i don’t have a problem with it”
“no- probably a bad time to speak about him but jessie never let me- no matter how badly i wanted to” she smirked down at me before getting up and standing next to the bed.
she took off her shirt and pants before getting back on the bed
“can i try something first?”
“ofcourse matty i trust you”
i stood up, removing my shirt as i did so
“sit up at the headboard baby” i directed her before going to the end of the bed, meeting her halfway.
i scooted up forward towards her. i looked at her eyes to search for any signs she was uncomfortable, i put a hand on each of her knees before slowly spreading her legs apart
i looked to see her eyes had widened in a sort of shocked look
“matt- are you sure?”
“of course i’m sure. you deserve to feel perfect.”
i kissed a trail acrossed her thighs, stopping to kiss freckle next to her belly button
“you deserve nothing less”
i kissed across her tummy, and across her panties, and anywhere i felt necessary.
“you deserve the world”
i kissed her clothed cord, hearing her let out a stuttered breath.
i looked up one last time, just in case, and slipped my finger under her waistband, dragging her panties down her legs and tossing them next to the rest of her clothes
“you wanna take your bra off mama?”
i asked, looking into her eyes before realizing what i had said
“too much?” i had asked out of insecurity
“god no it’s perfect” she grabbed my face and brought me into a kiss, arching her back slightly. i took this as a sign to slip my hands underneath her and fumbled her bra clasp to get it undone. after i successfully undid it, i sat up slightly to pull her bra off of her.
oh my god.
she had the prettiest pair of tits i’d ever seen.
“you’re so beautiful y/n you don’t even realize. you deserve everything and more”
“you’re gonna make me cry matty”
i kissed down to her core
“i can’t stand to see you cry, i felt heartbroken seeing you like that”
i littered a few more kisses acrossed her thighs before licking a stripe through her folds.
she let out a quiet moan as i flicked through her folds
god she was like the embodiment of heaven itself.
i kissed her clit before circling it with my tongue
“oh shit matty…” her breathing started to pick up and i twirled my toungue around her puffy clit
i wrapped my arms about her thighs to have my hands rest on her soft tummy
i had one hand snake down to her clit, making figure eights while my tongue made its way into her entrance
“holy shit matt- god just like that” she had started to grind her hips against my face, hard and slow.
i peered up at her through my lashes, meeting her piercing her gaze.
god was she beautiful. her jack has slightly opened her eyebrows knitted.
but her eyes never left mine, they were open and i wouldn’t wish for it to be any other way.
everything was beginning to be too much, i need some form of release for myself
i slowly start to grind down my own hips,
unintentionally in the same rythym as her.
my fingers fumbled with her clit in the same figure eight pattern i had started with and my toungue made its way through her folds, making its way in and out of her velvet entrance.
from the way i was grinding down my hips i let a whimper slip out.
from the way she moaned louder, im assuming it wasn’t a problem for her.
i decided not to hold back on my own noises because god i was so sensitive.
i shamefully let out whimpers and moans, speeding up my hips unintentionally. my main focus was still on her pleasure
“oh my god matt- fuck fuck fuck i’m so close!”
i let off slightly, keeping my pace on her clit
“cum for me mama make a mess on my face”
“shit shit shit!”
her hips ground doesn faster as i went back to licking through her folds.
i could feel her walls clenching and before i knew it, i was covered in her arousal.
holy fuck. i never thought i would truly experience her.
as she was coming down i kept moving my own hips
“oh shit-“ from the sensitivity i had grown close to my peak.
“fuck fuck fuck!”
i scooted forward slightly to tuck my face into the soft skin of her tummy, my hands fumbled forward, reaching for anything and everything i could get my hands on. i felt her hands grip my own, one interlacing into mine, the other being dragged to her soft breast
“ohhh shit.!”
i quickly felt my peak wash over me, i couldn’t help but pant and whimper pathetically, it was all so rough and i was practically being held by the girl i’ve loved for so long.
as i calmed down and settled my breathing, i looked up to see her smiling down at me.
“my turn to do the work pretty boy”
i gulped and i could feel the heat from my cheeks flushing. i sat up, quickly removing my boxers and sweatpants, throwing the dirtied clothes into my laundry basket.
when i looked back to the bed she was off the the side of it slightly, smirking and waiting to me to get back.
i shuffled my way over, laying against the head board in the middle.
gazing towards her, she pecked my lips as she moved over into my lap.
god from how beautiful her body was, i had already gotten hard again.
she locked her lips onto mine again before grabbing my cock and moving it through her folds before slowly coming down my length
my jaw dropped and i shamefully moaned out
“f-fuck you’re so tight”
“you’re just big matty”
as she adjusted down onto me my eyes fluttered shut
my hands made their way to her hips as she slowly started moving. she sat up, almost completely pulling me out of her, before slamming back down and repeating her actions
“fuuu- holy shit”
i couldn’t even control myself at that point
loud whimpers and moans came out no matter how hard i tried to conceal them
“fuck mama you make me feel so good”
her hips kept going at a relentless pace up and down my length, my hips bucking up to meet her halfway every once in a while.
“i’m so sensitive- i’m already close” my eyes opened to see her face in pure ecstasy.
i can’t get over how pretty she is. how could jessie not see that?
“oh fuck matty- i’m getting close too it’s okay”
i could feel my orgasm building up, i needed more. my hands wrapped around her lower back and i quickly thrusted up into her.
“fuck matty i’m gonna cum”
“shit please”
her silk walls clenched down onto my cock.
“fuck cum with me matty”
my breathing picked up quickly- practically panting as i felt myself cum with her walls clenching down onto me.
she made a mess on my cock as we both came down from our highs together.
when her breathing calmed down she rested her head down ontop of mine
i leaned up go kiss her lips, trailing from her jaw down to the base of her neck.
“you’re so perfect y/n, and if you’ll let me i’ll try my best to prove that to you, every chance i get.”
“of course matty” she smiled that pretty smile at me
as she did so i felt a nervousness creeping over me.
oh the power she held.
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kalbimdekiriklar · 2 days
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"She's so tiny!"
Kenji Sato X Wife!Reader [afab] (short oneshot)
TW: newborn/fluff/Emi referneces/new dad au/cheesy dad moments
This is really just came to my head. It's kinda short. I'm sorry! 😙
Here she was Kenji's little baby. An actual human this time. The baby was beautiful. The apple in Kenji's eyes. She was perfect, his little Emiko. His thoughts drifted off to Emi, his first baby. He wonders what she'd do when she saw an a human baby or if she'd grown alot since the last he'd seen her.
As he stood by the balcony of his home admiring his newborn as he held the sleeping infant. Kenji couldn't help but reflect the long journey he's had. No doubt it was unique and crazy but here he was. A father once again. This time around more permanent but Emi would always be in his heart. Kenji glanced at his sleeping wife as he walked back into the house. God, he was so grateful to her. She brought him, his greatest blessing and his greatest gift. His tiny, Emiko.
"You know..I didn't think I'd be able to handle you. I thought that human babies would be alot harder than kaiju babies. "Kenji murmured as he spoke to his little princess. His pure copy. Those mauve, blue eyes. Those dark raven locks and a nose just like his. His little twin. "Looking at you now..after 9 long months..I think I worried too much. You're such a sweetheart and you're so perfect and tiny. I promise-no, I ultra promise I'll be strong enough for you"
The baby cooed as she woke up. A cute little yawn escaped Emiko's lips as she fidgets in her swaddle.
"Good evening, princess Emiko. Ready to eat, tiny girl? I wonder if you'll like fish" Kenji joked before pecking his child's face and walking into the kitchen. Kenji placed a breastmilk filled bottle into the microwave and waited for it to cool after taking it out. Kenji took the time to gently remove the swaddle from his daughter chasing her to do the cutest little stretch "Adorable" Kenji whispered whiles gently tickling his daughter's tummy.
"You know..Emi used to vomit if I did that. She puked all the time" Kenji chuckled to himself and his little daughter as fond memories of Emi clustered through his mind. "I wish you could meet her"
The baby cooed and since she was a calm and sweet baby, she didn't fuss too much as Kenji swiftly changed her diaper whiles singing softly. "B-I-N-G-O..B-I-N-G-O..and Bingo was his name-o"
Kenji grabbed the bottle and checked the temperature before he started feeding his daughter whispering sweet promises.
"I promise that you'll never go near a boy or girl romantically when I'm around"
"I promise I'll never ever neglect you and I'll take excellent care of you and mom"
"I promise I'll be the best dad and I'll teach you all the baseball skills so you'll be better than me"
"I promise to love you forever and ever"
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leilanihours · 2 days
Tumblr media
pairing: paige bueckers x ex gf!reader
word count: 851
warnings: arguing, crying, mentions of abandonment/past relationship
summary: you and paige both have things you need to get off your chests one year after you break up.
⭑ from lani: to that anon i told my next fic would be for kate im so sorry 😭 i was crying to this song earlier and i just needed to write paige to it - so heres my first ever angst fic i hope its not horrible 😛
"Y/N, YOU LEFT me, remember? you left!"
"you didn't even bother to stop me, to fight for me- for us!"
neither of you knew how this escalated so quickly. how a friendly reunion turned into a screaming match.
"it's not my job to pick up the pieces of the shit you broke! so i'm sorry if i didn't feel like working myself over for someone who had no issue leaving."
you know her apology is insincere, sarcastic. but for a split second when you hear her say "i'm sorry," your heart aches for the words you've spent the past year mourning.
"paige," you sigh, trying to calm down before you say something you don't mean, "i know it seems like it, but i did not want to leave the way i did. i didn't have a choice."
"can you just be quiet and let me talk?" you snap, immediately shutting her up, "last summer when i disappeared, it was because of my parents. they forced me to come home to them even after i told them i wanted to stay here in connecticut. i swear to you, paige, i fought for us. you didn't see it but i went through hell fighting. and i'm sorry for ending it the way i did but, paige...we were bound to end it at some point. we both knew that. i had to go home eventually."
you both had tears streaming down your faces at this point, chests heaving from not being able to breathe properly.
you stood in front of paige, slowly pacing back and forth as she sat with her arms crossed on the cold park bench absorbing your words.
the darkness of the night engulfed the atmosphere, contributing to the inevitable breaking of your once-intertwined hearts. the only light was dim from the far away lamp post, rusting away from its former beauty - similarly to how you and paige used to be a work of art together, but were now nothing more than a mess of spilled emotions and pent-up grudges.
"and i understand that, y/n, but i deserved an explanation- a goodbye, at the very least. or at least i thought i deserved that."
"don't do that," you challenge, referring to the way she degraded herself in front of you, "is that why you didn't try? to save us?"
"why else wouldn't i? i thought you hated me, i thought-" she pauses to catch her breath and wipe some of the tears that had fallen on her pink lips, "i thought you didn't care about us. as if that summer didn't mean shit to you."
"paige i-"
"no, now it's your turn to listen," she demands, pulling you to sit next to her on the bench, both of her cold hands holding yours, "i never felt so strongly about someone the way i felt about you. i couldn't imagine spending my time away from you, i mean, it literally hurt. so i took advantage of that summer, i took advantage of the little time we had together. and then when i found out you left without a word to me, it broke me. and i know you didn't see it but ask literally any of my friends. i didn't get out of bed for days in a row. i didn't eat, i didn't practice, nothing. it was like you stole the good parts of me, took it, and ran. i needed you, y/n, but you were on the other side of the country. what am i supposed to do with that?"
she's full on sobbing now, shoulders shaking as she doesn't even try to hold in her tears now. you swear you can hear cracks in your own heart and bones forming as she confesses what she went through.
you can't bear watching her suffer anymore, tightly wrapping your arms around her shaking frame. hugs like these were second nature, but this time was different. there was more meaning behind it.
your embrace acted as a shield against any future problems that were to be thrown onto your paths. your embrace acted as a glue repairing the broken pieces of your relationship that laid destroyed for the past how many days. your embrace acted as a genuine embrace.
"paige, i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry, baby, i never wanted to leave you, you have to know that. i'm so sorry," you whisper into her hair.
one of your hands stroke her head buried in your neck. you feel her tears drip onto your thin jacket, soaking you with guilt as it hits you how desperate you were to spend the rest of your life making it up to this girl.
it was clear to you that she actually did care, unlike how you thought last summer. and because of how she was crying on your shoulder, you needed to forget about that version of her you spent so long hating - the version that constantly haunted the back of your mind.
you needed to hold her. and hold her. and hold her. and never let go.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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