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King Oliver and his Creole Jazz Band, Chicago (1923)
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JERRY ELIZALDE NAVARRO Pambansang Alagad ng Sining sa Sining Biswal-Pagpipinta (1999) Mga Manlilikha ng Musika, oleo sa kambas, 1950
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They didn’t get renewed.
Aricka’s legs buckle and she falls to the ground, the weight of her grief too much to bear for one person, but Luke sinks right down with her, pushing her hair from her eyes and cradling her face to his shoulder, kissing her forehead and whispering tiny comforts.
Alex and Willie turn to hug each other, numb shock making it hard to focus on any one feeling in the moment, later their sadness would be felt but not now. Caleb puts both his hands on a boy’s shoulder; letting them know he was there when they needed him.
Reggie and Bobby also hug each other but both are crying, angry tears that hurt anyone that listens. It just wasn’t fair.
Julie, Flynn, Carrie, Nick, Trevor, Ray; aunt Victoria and Carlos all turn and group hug, focusing on the love they had for each other and for the others in the room.
“Everything ends, but I didn’t think it would be this soon,” Aricka says, wiping her eyes and then doing the same for Luke. “You guys are my family, how am I going to be okay now?”
“We’re still here, Aricka, the band isn’t going anywhere,” Luke says, and Reggie and Bobby join them.
“This band is forever, Aricka, we promise,” Reggie says as they kiss a flushed red cheek. “You’re the one that helped me figure my truth out.”
“And you brought me home,” Bobby says, “I’m never leaving.”
“You’re my little sister,” Alex kneels beside her, tapping her nose. “Family doesn’t leave family behind.”
“Yeah, Sunshine, you’re not getting rid of us that easy,” Willie says and hugs her from behind, making her smile finally. The others soon join the group on the ground and Aricka throws her arms around Julie.
“You had so much left to say,” she whispered. “I’m so sorry it’ll never be heard.”
“It’s not your fault, Aricka,” Julie says. “I said what needed to be heard, that’s what’s important.”
“We love you, sweetie, nothing will change that,” Ray squeezes her shoulder.
“You’re my kid, I’m not leaving you,” Caleb adds.
And in that little group on the floor of Julie’s studio, Aricka knew in that moment that they were okay.
Maybe not perfect, but they were okay.
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zeravmeta · 3 months
jjba is one of those series thats like deeply and profoundly beautiful in near indescribable ways but also you cant take it too seriously because the series itself circles the wagon and takes itself SO serious it becomes ridiculous. and thus its incredibly genuine despite everything
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Title Screen 'Tails & The Music Maker' SEGA PICO
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type of shit ive been on
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confession comic
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Oasis in Melody Maker, Christmas 1997
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undertalethingems · 1 month
What was "the royal we" animatic about? and would you still consider doing it in the future? it sounded interesting 👀
well, it boils down to one thing: I Am Not Immune To Cool Murder Route Imagery
the murder route of undertale is not usually one I find particularly ripe for fanworks, partly because it's been, uh, pretty well covered for a long time. but that isn't to say there hasn't been some really excellent art and character analysis to come out of it, and of course, where would i be without the gaster blaster XD
so, like I said in the other ask where i talked about the animatic, the lines in the chorus are really great for a murder run--and particularly, a murder run from Sans' point of view. the "we" singing is Sans, playing with the idea of casting him as the royal fool, and follows him as he follows the murderous human's path. I can picture the whole narrative, starting just after Papyrus' death, and ending with... well, provided i get around to making it, you'll see. :>
and yeah, as long as a given project still needs to be worked on, it'll remain an option in any polls I post. So even though the animatic won't win this time, it's not out of the running. what's been good is that knowing at least a few people are interested in the concept at all, so I might even work on it outside of streams ^^
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Home, Morning 9:04 am
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I'm kinda "whatever" on the Sailor Starlights but nobody can deny that their transformation song is an absolute fucking BANGER.
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"are you watching, suguru?"
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Reverend & The Makers tagged Louis in a tweet 11/3/23
fellow Doncaster lads and LT Tour opener The Outcharms ended up playing the support gig
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Louis liked The Outcharms’ tweet 12/3/23
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Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Maggie Bell and Jimmy's daughter Scarlet attend the annual Melody Maker reader's poll awards at the Carlton Tower Hotel in London, September 17, 1975.
Led Zeppelin picked up a total of 7 awards that night:
1) Top Male Vocalist
2) Best Album
3) Best Group
4) Best Live Act
1) Best Male Vocalist
2) Best Guitarist
3) Best Album
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