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kevin owens is actually the sexiest man alive. btw.
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Description: You're far too sweet for him. He's determined not to ruin you, despite the fact that he seems to ruin everything, and everything about you just seems to make his fantasies worse. But one night can change everything, apparently, when Miguel finally sees how completely not sweet you can be.
Tags: Miguel O'Hara x Reader, afab!fem!reader, hoooh boy a lotta smut okay, oral (m and f recieving), unprotected piv (pls oh pls wrap it up irl fuck them kids), riding, doggy, missionary, some fluff bc i'm not completely deranged, light degradation (w/c: 2.1K)
A/N: oh lord the Miguel brainrot is REAL folks okay this is fucking crazy. I WANT THIS MAN TO **** ** **** * ****** ******* okay he has me fuckin frothing at the DAMN MOUTH actin like a DAMN DOG okay so please enjoy a bit of a miguel smutfest
Tumblr media
You’re too fucking sweet for him. That’s what he tells himself. Miguel O’Hara doesn’t do sweet.
You’re fucking sweet with the way you bring cookies in for the other Spiders that accompany you on missions. You’re sweet in how you brought in a ridiculous hand-made baby blanket for Mayday when Peter first brought her in, emblazoned with his Spider-Man logo to wrap her up tight in. You’d kissed the baby on the head, whispering tiny sweet nothings into her bright red hair, and Miguel had had to hide the emergence of his fangs at the sight of it.
You’re too sweet, too kind for him. You organize little movie nights at the office, you make him stay a little longer on missions so you can see the tourist spots from different universes. And the way you look at him, all wide-eyed and bright and smiling… it does things to him.
It makes him want to bring you flowers, kiss you on the cheek. It makes him want to plan fucking candle-lit dinners and bake cupcakes with you. All sweet, too sweet.
But, because he apparently can’t stop himself, you also want to make him do decidedly not sweet things. Like grab at your tits through your suit, pinching your nipples until your knees go weak and you whimper his name in your gorgeous little voice. Like force you down on your knees, fucking his cock into your hot mouth while tears leak down your cheeks. Like tying you up with his webs, eating your pretty cunt out while you struggle against them, whining that “it’s too much, too much Miguel.” Like fucking you deep, so fucking deep on his cock, making you squeeze around him while you scream for him, beg for him to fill you up with cum. He thinks about watching it leak out of your achy pussy, dripping down your thighs.
But you’re so goddamn sweet, too gorgeous and lovely, and he can’t ruin you, he can’t. 
So when you finally wear him down, finally get him to go to coffee with you, he tries to be just as sweet as you. You hold his fucking hand, you kiss him on the cheek. You smile into his mouth as his lips meet yours in front of your apartment door. Miguel swears that his heart will pop with how much it swells when you’re near him.
He brings you flowers, walks you to your door, brings you lunch while you’re filing post-mission paperwork. And God, it’s beautiful. It’s fantastic and bright and so wonderfully domestic that Miguel wonders if he’s died, gone to some heaven he doesn’t deserve. He’s determined to revel in the domesticity of this… thing he’s created with you, his disgusting fantasies be damned.
He doesn’t like to think about how he has to fuck his hand after he drops you off at your house, his lips still burning with the touch of your soft, soft kiss. He thinks about how your lips would look stretched around his dick.
He’s content. He’s happy. For the first time in so fucking long, he’s happy. And he’ll happily tug on his dick by himself for the rest of damn time if it means that he gets to revel in your soft, pretty, wonderful sweetness for a little bit longer. He will not ruin you.
As he kisses you softly in front of your apartment, the both of you still suited up from your latest mission, you tug him closer. You pull him down into your hungry mouth, and you lick into him like you’re starving for it. He can’t help how he growls at the feeling of it, his big hands coming to clutch at your hips. God, you’re pretty, fucking addicting with the way your tongue tangles with his and how you whimper when his hands cup your ass, tugging you up just that extra inch.
“Take me to bed, Miguel,” you gasp between feverish kisses, and fuck, he’s gone.
He hauls you into his arms, and his knees almost go weak at the way you wrap your thighs tightly around his middle, the way you lick into his mouth all over again.
And Miguel has spent so much time in his head, thinking, no, knowing that you’re sweeter than goddamn pie. It’s in every fucking breath you take, every moment he spends with you. 
But that night, as he lays you onto the bed, gently, gently like you deserve, he learns that you’re not as sweet as he thinks you are.
Not at all.
Not with the way you roll him over with your strength, begging for him to disengage his suit, looking at him like you want to devour him as it dissolves around him, leaving him bare to your gaze. You graze a reverent hand up his chest as he heaves under you, whispering, “God, can’t believe I’ve waited this long to have you like this. You’re so pretty, Miguel.” 
Pretty. Pretty? He can’t be the pretty one, no, not when you’re unzipping your own suit, and he can see everything. Every inch of supple, soft skin. Your nipples, hard and peaked and begging for his touch. Your pretty, pretty pussy; he can see how you’re practically dripping, the wetness between your legs glistening in the soft lamplight.
And you’re not sweet, not sweet at all, when you nip and suck little marks down his chest and abs, grinning up at him like a damn siren when he gasps at your touch. Fuck, you’re the opposite of everything he thought when you take his cock into your mouth, bobbing deeper, deeper until you just can’t anymore, jacking the rest of his cock while you kiss and lick and suck at him.
You grab his hand with your free one, and pull it into your hair. You pull up from his cock, and Christ, there’s a line of your spit that connects you to his throbbing tip, and Miguel thinks that he might die. 
“Fuck my face, baby?” you rasp, and yes, that’s it, Miguel is going to fucking die here. But he can’t refuse you, with those gorgeous eyes gazing up at him, the tip of his cock on your tongue. 
It’s not sweet, not at all, when he forces your head down on his cock, pressing himself deep into your pretty little mouth. And you moan like you love it, just taking it as he thrusts roughly into your mouth. Your spit runs down his shaft, your little whimpers and the way you choke when the tip jams into the back of your throat all echoing in his ears. 
He can’t hear himself, but God, you can. You relish the way he growls every time he pushes you down deep, telling you that, “You’re such a good girl, hermosa. Mierda, mi nena perfecta.” Your pussy throbs.
He isn’t soft, isn’t gentle like he told himself to be when he pulls you off his cock. You gasp for air, and Miguel groans as he pulls you up by your hair, dragging your spit-slick lips to his mouth. He can taste himself on your lips, all sticky and hot and puffy. 
You whine against his mouth, murmuring little pleas of “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” into him, and his cock twitches, red and aching desperately for your touch. 
“Have to make sure you’re ready,” he mumbles, even though he aches, even though his claws threaten to show. 
“Nononono,” you whine, and then you sit back, hovering over his cock, fucking monstrous compared to the tiny opening of your dripping pussy, and press down.
Fuck, it’s like heaven inside you, all perfect and wet and hot, and you whine, muttering that, “It’s so fucking big, God, stretches me so perfect, so fucking perfect, so much bigger than I could have dreamed-“
“Nena,” he interrupts you with a hoarse groan of his own, “gotta stop, ‘s gonna, gonna hurt you, oh fuck-“ 
And you grin at him again, filthy and raunchy and not sweet at all, as you say “I fucking want it to hurt, Miguel. Wanna feel you in the morning, wanna feel you all the time.” And you press yourself the rest of the way down his thick cock, gasping for air, your hips twitching like they can’t decide whether to run away from the sensation or seek it. 
“Fuck, wanna feel you all the time,” you murmur and Miguel can’t decide whether you’re actually talking to him or not. “Want you to fuck me so hard I can’t breathe, fill me up so fucking perfect, God, oh my God, ‘m so fucking full,” you roll your hips forward in desperate little circles, a weak attempt at getting him deeper. An endless stream of “fuck me, fuck me, please please please,” starts to leave your lips again, and you sound so desperate, so needy, that Miguel can’t help but roll you over, pinning you underneath him, and fucking his cock so hard and so deep into you that you dig your fingers into his back and sob.
He does what you ask that night. He fucks you and fucks you and fucks you, until tears leak from your eyes and your bed is soaked with a mixture of yours and his cum. And God, you scream for him, begging him for more, deeper, harder.
The slick sounds of your bodies meeting over and over must be heard all over the building, but Miguel can’t bring himself to care, not when he’s able to fuck you like this, disgusting and filthy.
How could a sweet, lovely, soft thing like you love this so much?
From that night on, it seems that all bets are off. From that night on, it seems that you make it a mission to show him exactly how not sweet you are.
Fuck, there’s no sweetness to you when you hump your hips into his face the next morning, practically smothering him in your pussy as you squeal and tangle your fingers in his hair. He digs his fingers so hard into your thighs that he’s sure they’ll bruise, and licks up your juices. Your pussy is honey-sweet on his tongue.
You’re not soft when you ride him into the mattress, throwing yourself down onto his cock and moaning as you stretch yourself out. You drag your nails down his chest as you bounce desperately in his lap, and Miguel kind of hopes you draw blood.
There isn’t an ounce of innocence when you sink down on your knees under his desk when he’s in a goddamn meeting, pulling his cock out and sucking at him until his claws shoot out and leave splintering holes in his desk. He has to hide his fangs from the video camera when you choke. 
When he finally, finally cuts the meeting short, feeding the other Spider-Men some bullshit excuse about a new anomaly, he presses your head to the base of his cock and shoots his cum down your throat. He means it as a punishment, but when he pulls you off his cock, and sees you with your eyes all glassy and smiling lazily, he can’t help but bend you over the desk and finger fuck you until you cry and scream and beg for him to fuck you with his cock.
You are so far from sweet when he fucks you on the floor after a mission, tensions run too taut and adrenaline racing through your veins. You throw your ass back onto him with every thrust into your sloppy cunt, moaning as he growls, “Such a fucking slut, can’t get enough of this cock, huh? My sweet, sweet girl, what would the rest of the Spiders say if they knew what a fucking whore you are for me?” 
And when you choke on your spit around your screams, he leans down to whisper that, “I know, cariño, I know. I'm gonna take care of you,” before he shoves your face down into the carpet and mounts you, shoving his fat cock down into you again and again and again.
Miguel is positive that he’s died and gone to heaven.
It’s not to say that you’re not the same, sweet girl who brings cookies to the office and holds his hand. No, you’re the same, perfect, sweet girl, only that you let him thank you for the cookies by eating you out on the kitchen floor. You hold his hand while you jerk his cock and swallow his moans with your kiss.
You’re just the right kind of sweet for him.
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Yuus Food Truck
Tumblr media
In which Azul loses his mind over a grilled cheese.
Content stuff: short, one sided enemies to lovers, Azul being a loser, general cringe.
Posting Reqs like this for a bit until Tumblr lets us edit asks. I had a request for Enemies to Lovers with Azul, so I came up with this.
That goddamned Prefect was the bane of Azul's existence. For the past few weeks, he has been gripping his leg in absolute rage within his office as he stares at his weekly reports. Practically frothing at the mouth at the mere mention of you.
Recently, the little Ramshackle prefect has begun a new business venture. A simple food truck on campus selling only grilled cheeses for a singular madol. That's it. He found the idea a bit funny, he'll admit, but he was far from worried.
Surely after a month it would shut down, or at the very least get so few customers it wouldn't impact his business. I mean come on, how much money are you really making from selling grilled cheeses for one dollar? You must be taking a loss!
He was wrong. So so wrong.
Not only have you somehow been profiting from your little side project, but you have taken all of his customers. He is looking over his lounge, nowhere near as full as it usually is. He grits his teeth and heads back into the VIP room. The twins should be here any minute now. 
On cue, the door creaks open, and in come those rowdy twins both with their usual smirks. Azul jerks up, staring up at Jade from his desk. His hand shook ever slightly as he gripped the feather in his hand.
“Well? Did you get it?” The mer asks, gaze steely. Floyd speaks for the both of them through mouthfuls of grilled cheese.
“Mmmhmm yeah, we got you a cheese, here you go. Mmmm.” Floyd took another bite of his as he tossed the wrapped-up grilled cheese onto the desk. 
“Hey watch the merchandise– Are you eating their food?" Azul stared at both of them. Floyd stuffing his face with the one in his hand and Jade elegantly nibbling on his own. He was shocked, betrayed by his own staff. “You guys gave them more money— ugh. I would have expected this of Floyd but you too Jade?”
“The prefect saw me ordering and put some mushrooms into mine that pair well with the cheese. Free of charge as well. How thoughtful of them. I must commend their customer service.” Jade wore a shit-eating smirk on his face as he took another bite, making a show out of it. He seemed to relish in Azul's misery.
“Free of charge?” Azul was flabbergasted. Not only were their prices ridiculously low but they were adding things for free? They might as well be handing their money away at that point.
“Right? I say they should have charged Jade for all he's worth for putting those damn things on. Yuck…” Floyd wrinkled his nose as he side eyed Jade, who just continued to eat blissfully. 
He needed to figure out just what was so good about the damn things. Gloved hands carefully lifted up the wrapped delicacy with such fragility as if it would break from a gust of wind. The wrapping was done well, nice and neat as he peeled it off to reveal what was inside.
Crisped and perfectly brown buttered white bread. It glistened in the light with its heavenly beauty. The cheese was ooey and gooey and so thick that it ran down the sides. So far the presentation was beautiful, but it was pretty damn difficult to fucked up a grilled cheese. He tried to hold back this drool from the smell alone.
Carefully, he took a bite and closed his eyes. His mouth was blasted with flavor. As he savored that magical bite, a gust of wind swept through the room, causing the curtains to dance dramatically. The cheesy aroma lingered, creating an ambiance fit for a culinary masterpiece. This grilled cheese has unlocked secrets of the universe with how much it expanded his mind. This mere sandwich has him on the brink of tears
Azul has to hold his expression. He's not gonna be impressed by some measly sandwich. He's better than that. Though he thought that maybe by tasting it he could be able to figure out what your secret ingredient was, it's clear that isn't the case… This is a simple grilled cheese. He would have to go undercover to discover your cooking secrets.
“Heyyy Prefect!” A wry voice hums near the truck, belonging to no other than Ruggie. He knocked on the side of the window and Yuu poked out their head.
Azul watched from the distance, narrowing his eyes as he hyper-focused on the conversation. He admits the front of the Ramshackle dorms was a great location. Close to the botanical garden, close to the main building, not as far as Octavinelle either, and had most of the foot traffic. It's why he had his eye on it for a second location.
“Well if it isn't my number one customer, what can I get ya, let me guess a grilled cheese?” Of course, Ruggie would be their number one customer, which makes sense given his financial state. Figures. Maybe if he introduced a dollar menu…
“You know what Ruggie, you're cool. For you, it's 50 cents. Two for one if you will.” Ruggie pauses for a moment before smiling again. “Awe really? Sweet, can't up a deal like that shyehehehe!” The hyena cackles and you get to work. The window for the truck is fully open, allowing Azul to see in.
You aren't even hiding your cooking technique?! You're just giving all your secrets away like that?! Ohh you foolish fool… This would be easier than he thought.
He must get closer, to see what sort of fuckery is at play here. However, walking up and just watching you cook work is suspicious. As much as he hates to fund this little project… sacrifices must be made… He will have to order a grilled cheese…
Ruggie slinks off, tail wagging happily as he munches on his food. This was the perfect opportunity to approach. He stood up even straighter and approached with determination hidden poorly behind his attempt at a straight face. His scowl dared to seep through but he managed to smooth it out into his sickenly sweet facade.
“Hello, dear prefect!” He watched Yuu perk up through the window as they wiped down their workspace. They glanced over at Azul, completely unaware of his evil plot. “Heya Zuzu what can I get ya?”
Zuzu? That's awfully bold… whatever eyes on the prize… 
“I'd like one grilled cheese please if I may…” Hell yes. Smooth operator. He's so good at this.
“Mkay, coming right up.” Azul leans in closer as you get to work, memorizing everything you do… You just make a grilled cheese… Nothing special. It's just simple bread and cheese you cook in butter. How the hell? Was it the oven perhaps? Did you somehow know of his intentions and we're trying to conceal it?? Ugh, whatever maybe he can sucker you into another deal.
“... You know Prefect, if you just raised the price a bit you'd be bringing in more profits.” 
You shrugged as you pressed down your creation with your spatula to make it sizzle more. “Yeah, I know how money works.” Azul paused and blinked.
“So why don't you do it?” You shrug again. “It's funny.” Azul was perplexed, bamboozled, perhaps even smeckledorfed perchance. You were doing this for fun?! Starting a business for fun. Not for profit which would be beneficial given your situation, but for fun.
“Fun? Really? But prefect– wouldn't you– shouldn't you consider raising the prices even slightly? I mean after all Crowley hasn't been paying you well and if anything—”
“I should shoot you for the mere suggestion of raising the grilled cheese prices. The price is firm. It's never going up even by a cent. Hell, I'm so offended I may lower it.” You pulled the cheese off the grill and started to pack it up, swaddling it with such delicacy and love reserved for newborns.
Azul's mouth hung open for a bit before closing it. “Are you serious? Prefect— Yuu at this point I'm not even mad about the competition I'm– hrk!”  
“You need to relax a little Azul, for your own sake.” You shoved the grilled cheese out the window a bit more forcefully than you intended, making the unwrapped part hit Azul's glasses. The melty butter left grease marks on them, and through the blurriness, he could see your expression. His heart skipped a beat and sucked in a breath. Oh no.
He was in love.
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ickadori · 1 month
Back bc im not okay <///3
Naoya so uptight and clan this and family that- he has no time for sex!!! Him getting a taste of pussy for the first time after you seduce him and you're thinking he's gonna be uptight and vanilla but he gives it to you nasty, spitting on your tits, slapping your pussy, making you suck his balls after he nut in you uhhhhhhh he definitely gets addicted and ur pussy is his now :3 i just know the dirty talk would be immaculate and its literally just him being his asshole self
-chosos loyal and unquestionable everloving bbg anon 🙈 (can u see the brainworms ur last drabble gave meeee)
fully stand behind the fact that naoya is a gross individual in the bedroom.
the man was always busy with something, whether it was killing curses, dealing with necessary clan bullshit, or being his usual cheery self to everyone around him, but that didn’t mean he didn’t think about getting his dick wet.
it occupied his mind more than he cared to admit - the thought of sinking into something warm, wet, tight, soft, fuck. watching porn was a frequent occurrence, usually in the dead of the night after he finally dragged himself back to the estate after a tiring day.
he’d search for a video that got his skin hot and his tip leaky, too tired to get mad at the fact that the actress starring in it looked damn near identical to you, and shuck his pants down before wrapping a calloused hand around his hardening cock.
porn is always graphic, fucking obviously, but the porn he tends to watch is always a bit more…vulgar. it borders on being too much - too much spit, too much cum, too much squirt, too much noise. it’s messy, how wet those sluts cunts get while a cock is fucking into them (would you get that wet? pussy sticky and drippy just at the sight of him). it’s loud, the way their holes squelch when they’re getting fucked, and that tacky sound that rings out (would you be loud like that? pussy practically singing his praises while he’s making a mess in it).
he’s coming before he knows it, teeth gritted and muscles tensed to bite back a hiss of your name.
after that it’s just a matter of time and proximity. you’re always around - talking, laughing, smiling, existing, and he’s just a man, after all. he has his dick buried in you before he knows it, and he was hooked the moment he pulled your panties off and caught sight of what you were hiding between your thighs.
and he was a virgin, too, but you would have never known it, not with the way he hadn’t seemed the least bit hesitant when he grabbed a fistful of your hair and pushed your head down between his legs and smirked as he told you to ‘suck’. or the way he had pushed your breasts together, slotted his cock between the fleshy mounds, and lubricated you with spit and cum. or the way he had pulled his hand back and slapped at your pussy when you had squeezed him just right and nearly made him cum too early.
naoya is very much nasty. i think that doubles when his partner is shy or just not that experienced bc he likes to overwhelm them with the vulgarity of it all. he thinks it’s funny when he spits in their mouth and they flinch and frown before their eyes gloss over when they realize they like it. or the amazed, slightly horrified look they get when he shakes his cock in their face, a mix of his cum and theirs frothing on the base, and demands that they lick him clean. or the squeals and sobs they let out when he’s sucking his cum out of their hole and making them have a taste.
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bro-atz · 23 days
daffodil [flower garden — hongjoong]
Tumblr media
inspired by an old one shot i wrote years ago
in which: you can't help but have a crush on your child's teacher, mr. kim hongjoong.
pair: teacher!hongjoong/mom!fem!reader
word count: 2.1k
content: fluff, reader's child is gender neutral, star-gazing, crushes, pining, there's not much to say other than general fluff
rating: PG/PG-13 | safe for work!
author's note: @pocketjoong @nebulousbrainsoup as promised!
flower garden masterlist
Tumblr media
You had a crush on your kid’s teacher. Honestly, you personally were mortified that you did because if your parent did that to you when you were a kid, you’d be so embarrassed, but here you were, a single mom, crushing on your kid’s homeroom teacher.
And to make matters worse, you had to meet with this teacher when you went for your kid’s parent-teacher conference. You thought that if you avoided this guy with all of your might and energy, you could get over this “inappropriate” crush you had.
“Mom, I don’t have to be there, do I?” your kid asked you.
“Yes, you do, sweetie,” you answered, a slight wave of relief washing over you as you realized that you had to remain professional in front of the teacher since your kid would be right by your side.
Your kid pouted and reluctantly got into the car before you hopped in the driver’s seat.
You wished the ride to the school would take long, that you would get stuck in traffic, that you would miss your allotted slot time with the teacher and be forced to miss the conference, but there was absolutely no traffic, and if anything, you got to the school way too early.
Instead of waiting in the parking lot like you wanted to, you and your kid were waiting in front of the classroom for the teacher since your kid really, really needed to use the bathroom. You shouldn’t have been checking your appearance so that you could potentially score a date with the teacher, but you sat and checked your lipstick for the umpteenth time as you waited for the conference before yours to end.
“Alright, well, it was lovely to meet you!”
Fuck, just hearing his voice was enough to get your heart pumping. You turned your head to see him, your kid’s teacher, standing and talking to the parents who were in the room prior. You couldn’t help but stare at his side profile, the way his nose shape was so perfect, the beautiful smile on his face, and the little mole on his neck that you desperately wanted to run your finger over.
“Y/N?” the teacher asked, snapping you out of your dizzy daydream. “Come in.”
You nodded and guided your kid into the room, the two of you sitting in the chairs across from the desk. Your eyes couldn't help but spot the beautiful bouquet of daffodils sitting near his computer monitor, only for your eyes to immediately snap to the man when he entered your frame of vision. The second he sat across from you, your mind truly went blank, and you went on autopilot. You couldn’t remember a damn word from that conference and remained dazed until you got home and tucked your kid in for bed.
“Oh my God,” you mumbled to yourself as you covered your face with a pillow. “Oh my God.”
Tumblr media
Luckily for you, the next couple of days at work were insane, and you didn’t think about him at all. You didn’t think about him at all until you ran into him at the grocery store a week later.
You would be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t froth at the mouth just seeing him. Usually he was wearing a semi-formal outfit while he was working, but seeing him dressed down slightly, an extra button of his shirt undone and revealing more of his chest, made your mouth water. You really were crushing hard on this teacher.
“Y/N?” he asked, snapping you out of your daydream yet again.
“Y-Yes! Oh, hi Mr. Kim—“
“Please, call me Hongjoong. I insist,” he said while chuckling slightly. “I think we’re around the same age, so there’s no need to be formal with me.”
You felt the tips of your ears heat up; the thought of being overly friendly with your kid’s teacher felt super wrong, but he insisted that you call him by his first name, so how could you say no?
“I had no idea you went to this grocery store,” you said softly, trying to get him to continue the conversation instead of standing there in awkward silence with you.
“I actually just started coming here since it’s closer to where I live now. I actually moved in yesterday,” Hongjoong explained.
“Oh, really? Where to?”
“The apartment complex around the corner.”
“Wait, building 1024?” you asked, your heart starting to race as you realized that the man you were crushing on could potentially be your building neighbor.
“Yes! Oh, wait, you live there too, right?”
“H-How do you know that?” you asked, your eyes wide open.
“It’s in your kid’s files since you’re listed as an emergency contact,” Hongjoong quickly explained while holding back a laugh as he realized how creepy it must sound that he knows where you live. “I only remembered because I looked through the database a couple days ago to see which of my students I might accidentally run into.”
“Oh… That makes sense…”
Just like that, the two of you sunk into a comfortable conversation while grocery shopping together— since you were neighbors, it only made sense for the two of you to leave the store together, right? And honestly, the more you got into the conversation, the more you realized that you really liked him. Thankfully, your heart wasn’t racing at the speed of light, but you found yourself developing more than just a crush on the guy. It wasn’t love— not quite yet, but you feared that it had the potential to get there if you didn’t keep your distance, and you had to out of respect for not only the teacher, but for your kid.
Tumblr media
Being neighbors with your kid's teacher proved to have some advantages. For instance, Hongjoong offered to bring your kid back from school with him if you had to stay late at the office, or the two of you would go grocery shopping together, easing the long day you had, and your friendship with the man had developed to the point where he would come over for dinner sometimes, and you and your kid would go to his place.
You thought your kid would be weirded out by the unlikely friendship you made with their teacher, but you were proven wrong.
"No, Mr. Kim is so cool! He can play so many instruments, and he's real nice. I like him," your kid told you when you sat them down to make sure they were comfortable with how close you were to their teacher.
"So you're okay with mommy and Mr. Kim hanging out?"
"Yep. Honestly, mom, you should date him." Your jaw dropped and your eyes flew wide open— when did your kid learn about things like this?! They were eight years old for crying out loud! Then, your kid continued, "He's single, and you are too, and you both really seem to like each other."
"W-W-What are you saying?" you choked out, flabbergasted.
"I'm saying date him, mom," your kid said matter-of-factly.
"Oh my God, go get ready for bed, please," you let out a deep sigh and shooed them off.
"At least consider it—"
Laughing, your kid scurried off to the bathroom, leaving you baffled and shocked for many, many reasons. Your mind was reeling to the point where you seriously needed some air before you fell over, so you hollered to your kid in the bathroom that you would be right back, left the apartment, and decided to go to the roof, only to see Hongjoong leaning against the railing and looking up at the sky.
"H-Hongjoong! H-Hi!" you stuttered, your kids words still weighing heavily on your mind. "I had no idea you were out here..."
"Oh, good! Come here and join me," Hongjoong gestured for you to join him at the ledge.
You slowly made your way over and stood next to him, leaving a little room between the two of you out of respect and, honestly, for your sanity. But, when you looked to the side and at him, you felt like daffodils and other flowers were blossoming all around him, the man sparkling under the moonlight, the soft smile on his face making you want to scream or cry or run away or all of the above.
"So," you started. "What are you doing out here?"
"Oh, just... Star-gazing," he responded with a gentle sigh.
"I see..."
You nodded and turned your head to the sky. You lived in the city, so there weren't many stars to look at— actually, you had no idea which stars Hongjoong was even looking at because you seriously couldn't see anything.
"So, you see that star right there?" Hongjoong asked as he pointed at the sky.
You looked, but you couldn't see a single thing even with his finger hovering near the star.
"No, I don't," you admitted.
"Here, right..." Hongjoong took your hand and folded your fingers so that only your pointer finger was out before holding it up and positioning your finger to where he wanted you to look. "Right there."
Your eyes followed your finger, and finally, you were able to see what he was looking at. You were dazed— the star was shining so brightly, and somehow, you missed it. Then, he proceeded to explain to you the significance of that star, and while he was explaining it, you were even more dazed and in complete and utter awe of the man. Soon, you weren't looking at the sky, but at him. You watched him explain the stars passionately, the soft smile on his face spreading warmth through your chest, and when you spotted the little mole on his neck, your heart started beating erratically.
"What? What is it?" Hongjoong suddenly cut himself off when he realized you had been staring at him and not at the stars.
"Huh?" you managed out when you snapped out of it.
"You've been staring at me, Y/N," he chuckled softly.
"Have I? Oh, dear, I'm so sorry..."
"Is there something on my face? You were staring pretty intently."
You were rendered mute. You had no idea what to say to him to save your skin. You couldn't admit to him or yourself that you were staring at him because he was just so gosh darn pretty, but you couldn't come up with an excuse for your behavior.
Hongjoong, suddenly realizing that he was still holding your hand, let go of your hand and leaned back slightly. A dusty rose blush rose to his cheeks as he looked away coyly before a slight look of disappointment painted his face.
"I'm so sorry, Y/N. I must've made you uncomfortable just now..."
"What? O-Oh, no, you didn't..."
A brief silence filled the space between the two of you. You knew that both of you wanted to say something, anything, but the words were stuck. The words got even more stuck for you when Hongjoong closed the gap between the two of you, his hand nearing yours as they rested on the railing.
"So what brings you out here tonight?" he asked in attempt to clear the air.
"Oh, that," you couldn't help but laugh. "My kid was being silly, but got in my head, so I came out to clear it."
"Yeah? Silly about what?"
"That you and I should date because we both apparently like each other."
As soon as the words left your mouth, you covered your mouth in complete and utter shock. You had no actual intention of revealing that conversation with the man, but you had completely let your guard down while talking about your kid with the one person you could trust completely with your kid, that it just slipped out.
"I'm so sorry!" you burst out before Hongjoong could say anything. "My kid— you know how silly my kid can be— and I— Well, I don't— I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable..."
Hongjoong couldn't help but burst into laughter at your reaction, the sheer happiness on his face making your heart swell up but sink at the same time when you realized he was laughing at the situation.
"Your kid really is something," he sighed as his laughter died down. "What do you think?"
"A-About what?"
"What your kid said. Do you agree?"
With a soft smile, Hongjoong placed his hand over yours and earnestly looked into your eyes as he spoke softly, "I think your kid is right— that if two people like each other, then they should date. I don't know about you, but I do like you..."
"You... You do?"
Hongjoong responded by squeezing your hand gently, confirming his feelings for you.
"I, uh... I would have to agree, too, then..."
"What are you agreeing with?"
"Everything, because I like you, too, Kim Hongjoong."
Tumblr media
flower garden masterlist
flower garden taglist: @eyeryis @sinnarols @k-hotchoisan @khjoongie98
networks: @atzhouse @cromernet @cultofdionysusnet @newworldnet @wonderlandnet
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sentoooo · 4 months
Hiii I’ve been following your writing for a little bit and first off want to say you write so well! <3
I saw your requests are open and I was wondering if you would possibly consider writing something for mk11 Kuai Liang with a masc/gn reader who hasn’t gotten top surgery?
✧ a/n: THANK YOU NONNY... of COURSE i'll do more than consider it... teehee.... needed this tho lowkey.... hgrhghrhrghhh anon you GENIUS im frothing at the mouth, actually.
🗒 cw: afab, male reader, manhandling, slight body worship, nipple play, titfucking, praise, yeah..., he whimpers too btdubs, not proofread
✎ wc: 544
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᴋᴜᴀɪ ʟɪᴀɴɢ [ᴍᴋ11] + ᴀ ꜰᴛᴍ ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ [18+]
Regardless of where you are– pre-T, pre-top surgery, on T, anything– Kuai loves you for you. So, he doesn’t mind, really. That being said… he is a chest man. He’s kind of grabby in the bedroom, and when his hands wander, they often end up on your chest.
He’s oh so touchy, half of foreplay is his hands roaming your body, all sorts of praises and compliments spilling from his lips. Good god, he won’t initiate any penetration unless he’s been able to run his fingers over every single inch of skin.
He’ll pepper kisses from your neck, to your collarbone, down to your chest. Every little noise you make is worth it, as you squirm in his touch. Sometimes you feel him smile against your skin when he nears your nipple… and he pulls away, only to continue teasing you with lingering touches.
Kuai enjoys making it a game, really. See how long you can last until you’re begging for him to get to the point. But, he breaks easily. All you have to do is pout a little and ask nicely, and he won’t deny you. As much as he’d like to draw out foreplay and tease you till you can’t take it anymore, you are his ultimate weakness.
He doesn’t do all of this to highlight your insecurities. The opposite, actually. He loves you for you. And there’s nothing that will make you any less attractive to him. If it makes you uncomfortable, then he can focus on other parts of your body. He’s got a myriad of favorites (and it’s just you. You in general. You’re his favorite.)
And if you’re shy? He’s slow, he’s real slow and tender and gentle, and sooooo goddamn sweet. Every little thing he does, he’s asking for permission. Don’t you dare hit him with the ‘what if you don’t like what you see?’ line, because he loves you. He’ll shut that line down immediately, damn near lecture you on why he loves you, and he’s going to do his darndest to make sure you KNOW.
But, holy shit, if you let him titfuck you… good gods, he’s in heaven. He can barely stay quiet, moans and whimpers and all sorts of saccharine words slipping from his mouth. He’s not necessarily quiet in bed, usually he’ll groan a bit, but something about this rips his composure from him. Sometimes his eyes will roll back, or his head will… force him to look at you and he’ll cum right then and there.
Ride him. For the love of all things pure, ride him. He will lose his mind. Kuai squirms a little underneath you, always. He finds it hard to stay composed. He doesn’t know what to do with his hands– one moment they’ll be on your hips, guiding you, the next gripping the sheets, and sometimes straying up to your chest.
His eyes go from your chest, to your face, to your chest. He doesn’t know what to focus on, really. He’s mesmerized by the way you move, and sometimes he can’t help but buck his hips up into yours. He isn’t trying to be mean or unfair, he swears. He just can’t take it, how beautiful you look, your entire body… he’s almost speechless.
Tumblr media
© sentoooo, 2024 | masterlist | kofi
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blvvdk3ep · 11 months
Hyperfixation is not an accurate enough term I can feel the piece of media clawing inside me I think about these characters and damn near start frothing at the mouth bruh
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see-arcane · 1 year
Last Night
It isn’t a dream. It isn’t moonlight or mist. It’s him.
The pretense shed, the door at his towering back, the teeth bared with a glee that borders on the giddiness of a child finally unwrapping a gift dangled out of reach until the appropriate holiday. All the world is shrunk down to the pieces of him Jonathan has had to endure by increasing increments. Mouth, hands, eyes. The latter are trying to hook him. He feels the push of them just as the Weird Sisters’ influence had fogged his sense when he was too near to sleep to fight.
But he is awake now. So horribly, implacably awake with that fearful energy which visits all prey spotting the pursuer’s jaws. Run! that energy demands. Run! Hide! Fight! Something, anything!
With no mode in which to answer any of these instincts, the energy is left to pace through his veins in frantic circles. It feels as if his own blood is leaping to answer the Count’s wishes, churning itself into a froth. Sickly, he thinks he sees exactly that answering delight in the horror’s pallid face; a twitch of the nostrils, a salivating shine on the saber teeth, a darkening of the eyes. A wolf before a lame calf.
“I do wish to thank you before we part. Most sincerely.”
Jonathan doesn’t answer. Doesn’t dare meet the trap of the eyes. Watch the red mouth. The white hands.
“You have given me so much more than I dared hope for after all this time.”
“I only,” his voice is thinned down to a rasp. A raw quavering. “I only came to sell you a house. That was all.” The flatness of the fact seems almost comical when said aloud. A noise that can’t decide between a laugh, a sob, or a scream lodges in his throat.
“And so you did. So anyone might have. Anyone else,” the Count takes a step closer, as Jonathan moves back a pace, “would have come and gone within a day. Less than. A mere workman, a living appliance good only for one thing before being discarded. Not so for you, my friend. You have gifted me such aid and pleasure in your company that it merits mention. That and more.” Step forward, step back. The door is visible over the high cloaked shoulder. Locked? Unlocked? Does it matter?
Jonathan digs for a response that isn’t bile, begging, or more incessant playacting to suit the damned game. All he can dredge up is more hot coal in his throat, more wet burning behind his eyes. He wants to wake up. Please, God, now if no other time, let the nightmare end, let him out, let him wake—
But you are. You are awake.
A single word makes it past his tongue. Empty and pleading, but there.
“Because.” Step. “Since your coming, since your staying, I have been met again and again with a joy I thought dead in me.” Step. “Dust piled on the clockwork of my mind has been swept away.” Step. “You have brought lifeblood into my nights and made me feel things I feared were buried in long-gone ages.” Step. “A lifetime of paling distractions, suddenly alight with something worth attention.” Step. “Such a perfect prelude to dear England. But more than that…”
Jonathan’s heel strikes a leg of the bed.
Door, door, get to the door—
He gets scarcely an inch before the white hands are on him. One is the manacle grip on his arm that first stole him up into the caleche and drove him away to this benighted hell. The other locks around his jaw like a cold vise, seizing him where the crucifix had once barred that touch on the night of his last shave. With bleary inanity, Jonathan wonders if there would be any difference if he wore it now rather than leaving it pinned as scant protection on the wall. The Son hangs his tiny head and cannot guard him from his spot above the bed.
Not that Jonathan could look him in his carved eyes now. The hand at his jaw has wrenched his face up and the red eyes are worming their way into him like maggots coiling through loam. A braided sensation of dread and calm, terror and welcome stitches itself through him. When he tries to open his mouth for a last word—he can’t guess whether it would be a prayer or an animal-cry of protest—there’s only the slackness of a doll.
“…you have made me feel young, my friend. In so many ways.” Cool digits stroke and cradle. “For that, you deserve all I mean to give.”
The red stare does not blink. Does not move. Does not end as the pressure of it softens the world’s edges into a dreaming haze. Jonathan feels himself going away. Away…
Dracula says things he can no longer hear. The room tilts as he is tilted, neck taut, back folded over the strut of a dead man’s arm, and it is bliss not to know the words whispering their endless litany in his ear. Murmurs of youth, of forgotten pleasures, of life, of love, of a dozen other endearments made profane through the sieve of those lowering teeth are all lost to him. Even the farewell, padded as it is in stroking hands and cold lips, hushing him away to an oblivion without sight or tears, melts into ether.
When the blood begins to flow, he does not have to see the turning of the wild white mane into a fall of iron.
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artemisrisen · 1 year
chapter 51 musings/impressions
This chapter caused every synapse in my brain to fire off like cannonballs during a battle at high sea. This isn’t anything coherent, just word vomit as I process everything that’s happened. I may go back and edit as I think of more things or decide how to phrase other things better. cut for massive spoilers below. 
By the way, this is fantastic for non-Japanese reading fans because there is barely any dialogue. Just mad, bad, and rad touching, baby
-          The color pages are so ominous. Let’s get this pissed-off parade going
-          I don’t like Doumeki shoving Yashiro like that. With that being said, Yashiro SHOT DOUMEKI IN BOTH OF HIS LEGS and LEFT HIM IN AN ABANDONED WAREHOUSE. Not to mention Yashiro gets him back tenfold (twenty-fold?) in this very same chapter. So I can probably get over it.
-          Doumeki, who hasn’t moved a facial muscle in days, yells at a resisting Yashiro to stop acting like that when they’ve already done it; his expression is nothing like the cold, remote Yakuza he’s role-played as, but pure-cut Doumeki from pre-Sakura days, pre-hospital days: it’s not just anger at all, but desperation.
-          And Yashiro sees it: he realizes Doumeki is truly angry –the angriest he’s ever seen him, he thinks— and the switch is flipped. Doumeki’s indifference has eaten at him throughout the time-skip chapters; no matter how he prods or ingratiates himself, Doumeki seemed to be as unmoved as a mountain. I know there were even readers who questioned if Doumeki still loved Yashiro (which is, you know, absurd.) But now—now Doumeki is furious and it shows all over his face and his actions - and it’s because of Yashiro. Doumeki, who was unreachable, is suddenly right here. You can see Yashiro visibly relax into the ministrations; he pets Doumeki’s hair and even begins to pull the other man’s jacket off, which is shockingly active for him as a participant in sex.
-          Of course, this causes Doumeki to freeze in his angry lovemaking. Because he seems to know that Yashiro will be Pretty Unhappy with the back tattoo – the bridge that cannot be uncrossed, the hope of any reintegration to normal society extinguished. But how upset was he anticipating? Maybe he expected some disgust, or being called stupid, or for Yashiro to roll away and close himself off.  
-          I think it’s safe to say he didn’t expect Yashiro to have a genuine meltdown and proceed to beat the shit out of him with his bare hands. Yashiro’s eyes resemble the same wide, unhinged look when he tried to kill Hirata with a rock –but Doumeki was unconscious then. He’s never seen Yashiro out of control, especially with his emotions. In their first conversation, Doumeki relays that Yashiro “smiles even when he’s mad”, so he knew off the bat that Yashiro hides himself. He’s seen Yashiro kick Nanahara to injury, but there was a distance in that act, like a parent calmly disciplining a child. This rage feels like the child himself is screaming and pounding on the ground to exhaustion.
-          And Doumeki can see it. He lets Yashiro just pummel him right in the face. I think, in this world they’re in plagued with violence, this is as damning as a love confession. If Doumeki’s reaction is anything to go by, which is that after Yashiro exhausts himself, Doumeki cups his cheek and then kisses him full on the mouth.
-          Their pose near parallel to their first kiss, with Doumeki kissing from above with Yashiro’s eyes still wide open in shock.
-          But this time, instead of pushing away, Yashiro meets Doumeki fully: their kissing becomes heated, and it builds until Yashiro is all but sitting in Doumeki’s lap. There’s a frame of a single line of spit connecting their lips and it’s beautiful and filthy and a precursor to the feral sex that’s about to happen.
-          Naturally it ends here, because sensei wants us frothing at the mouth and ripping the upholstery apart for the next chapter as always.
- so what’s next? I think the sex is an absolute given; Doumeki’s hand is already dipping into the back of Yashiro’s pants (and Yashiro jolts / shivers in response) on the last page, so unless Kamiya comes barging in - well, actually, even if he does come barging in, Doumeki is going to use his entire Yakuza Superior Authority and make him leave, so. I think 52 is going to be raunchy as hell, and also sad, and also intense, because that’s saezuru.
- I mean, they’re gonna break the bed, right? that flimsy-ass frame that only holds Doumeki and not a single pound more? they might have better luck on the floor, but somehow I feel like both want to deliberately fuck that poor mattress into the below neighbor’s living room.
- And what happens from here? There’s still an investigation happening; the bad guys are still out there, targeting Doumeki. Yashiro now has to contend with the idea that Doumeki is fully “in”. Will he rejoin the Yakuza despite finally getting one foot out the door? It’s really hard to say. Personally I think they should just move abroad to Hawaii or somewhere and live peacefully and anonymously on Yashiro’s hoards of cash he’s accumulated in the last 4 years.
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jazzyjj · 3 months
Feeling a little 😒 about the discourse I saw in reposts and whatnot of the 3 Hispanic champions post. Hispanic refers to people, cultures or countries in relation to Spain or the Spanish language. So yes, Bayley and Cody despite looking yt, are ethnically Mexican and Cuban. The fact that their Hispanic parent decided to have a child with a non-Hispanic white person doesn't change that even tho I thought Bayleys parents were both Mexican 🤔. Regardless, the Hispanic representation still stands. Idk why this is so hard for people to understand. Literally South and Central America are full of people with different skin tones, but you're gonna say just the yt people born and raised in those countries for generations aren't Hispanic? 🤨 I'd hope not because that would be stupid.
Why are y'all frothing at the mouth to take away people's ethnic identity because they don't have the "proper" features and skin tone. Y'all are literally doing the reverse of people who hate them because they have those features and skin tone. It's damn near just as damaging to them because they feel like they truly belong nowhere since neither side accepts them, and then even minorities of other races who this doesn't concern don't accept them. Mfs can't catch a break.
And it really made me mad with Cody because Cody has claimed his Cuban heritage before but the internet decided to go crazy and get mad about it instead of embracing it because he wasn't Cuban enough for them. And now it has made him shy/scared to claim it moving forward. Do you know how fucked that is? UGH
One half of you does not erase the other. People shouldn't have to prove themselves or feel like they don't belong when it's their own culture ffs.
Here's where Cody discussed his Cuban heritage if you want specifics on him talking about this: x
Original post I reference at the beginning: x
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aryanightshade · 7 months
Tumblr media
This Episode of Stranger Things is Called: Floor Is Lava
{you have four new messages}
“Hey, Eddie. It’s Wayne. Your Uncle Wayne. I was surprised to hear from you. It’s been a while. I, uh, you didn’t leave a number to call back, so I asked around town about you. Heard you’re renting a place from the old sheriff. Thought that was a little funny. You know, with how much you gave me the runaround as youngster. … I hope you’re doing okay, son. If you wanna talk, you know where to find me.”
- - - -
Eddie doesn’t puke from nerves, but it’s a near thing.
It’s Wayne.
Checking in.
It’s an immediate upset to the already delicate emotional equilibrium he’s managed to achieve after freaking out Steve’s porch, and it makes him spin in circles, frothing with panic, like an animal with its leg caught in a steel trap, drawing blood from his own panicked movements.
Wayne found him. After Eddie had made it so goddamned difficult, too. After he gave Wayne a virtual middle finger when he vanished into the night without a word with nothing but big dreams and his own teenage arrogance.
Damn that stubborn old man.
Eddie steps out onto the porch, hovering under palter shelter offered by the eaves from the summer rain, and sucks down cigarette after cigarette until his fingers are frozen and shaking and his pack is empty.
I hope you’re doing okay, son.
Wayne found him. He called.
Down across the yard, the Harrington house is still and lightless. They must be out and about, playing in the water. Eddie flicks his last butt away, watching it spin in lackadaisical circles in a puddle before vanishing between the boards of the porch. Why did Wayne call him back? He doesn’t owe Eddie anything. Anything at all. Eddie was only ever a nuisance, dumped on Wayne’s porch by Indiana CPS when his dad got arrested for his umpteenth DUI or whatever other shit he was involved in that week. Growing up, Eddie spent more time in Wayne’s trailer than not, and those months not being ping-ponged between shitty apartments in Indianapolis were definitely the most stable stretches of his life by a long shot.
Until now.
He sort of owes Wayne a response, doesn’t he?
That being said, Wayne and Eddie are two people astonishingly ill-equipped to have an emotionally probing conversation about anything.
Oddly, Eddie finds his conversation with Steve ratting around the inside of his brain, clattering like loose change in a dryer. About staying here. In Hawkins. About toughing it out. About this being worth it.
He makes toast for El, then a piece for himself, turning the nauseating idea over in his mind. If they stay here, in Hawkins, for longer than a few months, and that’s a big fucking if, then Eddie has to deal with this. He can’t just keep pretending Wayne doesn’t exist.
Eddie knows Wayne cares about him, deep down, under all the tough love and gruffness. He’s not stupid, but a little part of him, the part that’s a total fucking coward always looking for the easy way out, was sort of hoping that maybe Wayne had given up on him completely and they would never have to have this conversation. The whole sorry I disappeared and got a girl pregnant even though I’m a flaming queer and got then got addicted to heroin after she died because I didn’t know how else to get it to stop hurting conversation.
Eddie shoves the rest of his toast into his mouth. It tastes like glue.
Read on Ao3
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bklynmusicnerd · 7 months
Ava telling Trina that her feelings are valid is so important. Trina needed the reassurance that she has been a practical "saint" during Spencer's delusional coparenting era because he's been acting like she's the unreasonable one.
My only issue with Ava's statement to Trina is the framing of the sociopathic mooch as some regular "ex" of Spencer's that he's just spending too much time with. Nah, this is a girl that physically harmed Trina over her jealousy, tried to (and damn near succeeded) destroy her life, attempted to kill a witness cause she was frothing at the mouth to send Trina to jail, probably sicced her serial killer mother on the people around Trina to torment her as well.
Yes, there is an emotional component here, but Trina has every reason in the world to not want to remain in that sociopath's orbit in perpetuity. Spencer's "plan" to avoid his daddy issues trauma demands that Trina stay in the same traumatic mental space she was in all last year. It's bullshit.
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darlin-djarin · 1 year
luke skywalker finding out what gogurt is would have him downright frothing at the mouth.
han would bring a pack of gogurt sticks for the kids or something and luke is like “what the fUck is this?!?!” and then the tears a stick open and slurps that shit up and straight up ascends. bro just went through a mental orgasm. bro is down on the floor in lalaland having the most life changing moment he’s ever experienced. darth vader being his father comes near second to how mind blowing a gogurt is (he’s joking. he thinks)
luke becomes a gogurt addict and it is a problem. at any moment of any day, you can spot luke with a gogurt in his mouth fuckin that shit UP. bro eats gogurt like he’s never eaten a damn thing in his life.
leia and han try to get him to stop plowing through their supply of gogurt (bc they are for the kids) but luke will not take no for an answer. bro is having the time of his life slurping gogurt like an animal.
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andiwriteordie · 1 year
The end of the year is near! Give a shoutout to your favorite blogs and tag them to spread positivity before the year ends!
oh my god can i just slap half of byler tumblr onto here? probably not which is Dumb bc there are so many wonderful people in this community whom i am sending all my love and virtual hugs and tissues to (sorry i made you cry this year).
anyways umm category 5 emotional event incoming:
@astrobei my suni astrobei, my dear beloved, sweet unofficial little sister. you are so talented. so smart. so funny. so kind. and just one of the best people to grace this website. i love how grounded you are, how you make people feel so at ease to talk to you, how humble you are for being one of The Byler Writers Ever, how everybody just is so drawn to you because you are genuine and kind and supportive always. the byler community is so lucky to have you in it, but more importantly (sorry guys this is about me <3), i'm lucky to have you in my life bc you're amazing!!! ilysm!!!!
@wiseatom thea wiseatom, my sweet thea mouse with her bindle oh my GOD, where do i even begin? thea, truly you are one of the absolute best people here, and there is something to be said about how much you love your friends and how caring and gracious and wonderful you are. not to mention you might just be the funniest person i know, like pls i cannot count how many times you've made me laugh. also. i am still NOT OVER i'm caught up in you and i am frothing at the mouth waiting for exes fic because i know it's gonna wreck me in the best way possible, and i just think you're the bestest person ever that's it! <3 ily!!!!
@bookinit02 HAVENNNNNNNNNN. oh my god, you were one of my first friends here, and i remember being so so like nervous and thinking "i hope she doesn't think i'm weird or like bothering her by talking to her!" but i am SO GLAD we became friends because you are just literally one of my dearest friends here, and even if we don't talk super often, i am so so grateful for you and for how funny and kind and thoughtful you are!!! your fics kill me every time. shed scene you will always be famous. duffer brothers get out of the way, just let haven bookinit write the damn show already.
@messrsbyler nic? aka my personal pain in the ass? the demon on my shoulder? ugh god if i say anything nice about you, i feel like i'm going to be sentencing myself to 7 more years in hell with you. can't believe god decided "let's ruin the world and send andi into it," then got bored and said, "let's ruin it some more and send nic into it" a few days later. ok fine i'm done being not nice, stg don't make me regret this. nic, your brain holy shit. the way you understand characters (MIKE) and think of things to share with this community? dear god we're all suffering (in the best way) for it. not to mention i guess you're a nice friend. supportive and stuff. really nice. funny even if you annoy me. stuff like that. can't believe we decided to go feral over atla and now we're stuck in hell together.
@livsmessydoodles LIV LIV LIV MY SUNSHINE SWEET BELOVED LIV!!!!! oh my god, you are the best. literally so talented and so kind and so funny and so encouraging and also just so badass? like ok i'm not on twt anymore (rip to that hellhole) but the way you would so easily fire back at those people who tried to attack you asg jdle l HELP? but then like. you are also just the sweetest and friendliest person ever, and i??? i'm obsessed with you. your art makes me so emotional, and i cry ok. also thanks for putting up with me kicking your door down with sad byler thoughts. love you so so much.
@kidovna bhavna. ok. words cannot describe how much i adore you. you are literally one of the most talented people i have ever met in my life, so much so that i gush to my irl friends and family about your artwork and how cool i think you are. but more than that, you are truly just one of the most encouraging and most humble and one of the kindest people in our little byler fandom! i love how i constantly see you cheering others on and how i see you working with others and putting things together that make the community so excited (spider-will my beloved, thank you and every person who made this possible). your art never fails to make me smile and feel things, and i am sooooo lucky and grateful i get to call you my dear friend!
@elekinetic this is my official petition to put ella elekinetic in charge of stranger things 5. because hello. screenwriting. holy shit? holy shit. holyyyyy shit. ella, you are truly one of the most talented people i know, and usually, i read incredibly quickly because that's my default, but when i read your scripts i always take them so slow. i am like holding my breath in anticipation, feeling every single emotion, and i swear to you it's like i'm watching the show. and then on top of that you're just? one of the nicest people ever? literally i'm obsessed with you. thanks for coming to my tedtalk on why ella is the best.
@strangeswift abby abby abby abby!!!!! my stranger things x taylor swift partner in crime, you are THE BEST. god one of the highlights of the last few weeks of this year has been getting to know you because you're just such a joy to be around and to talk to. you have THE BEST takes on byler and on taylor swift, and i love how unabashedly nerdy i can be about this with you. also, i constantly see you on the tag just encouraging other people within this community, and look, i think that's really just such a special thing and is a testament to what an amazing person you are.
@toystoryfan TOY OH MY GOD. petition to make toy The Byler of the year please? because there is nobody i see lifting people up, making people smile, and brightening others' days like toy does. you are one of the most thoughtful and kind people i know. there is just a warmth and positivity to you that is SO wonderful, and it never fails to make me smile. i am hereby naming you sunshine incarnate and naming myself sunshine protector bc if anyone ever is mean to you, i'll end them.
@eightieslesbian MADDYYYYYYY. okay maddy, literally like i said with abby, one of the highlights of the last couple weeks of this year has been getting to chat with you and getting to know you!!! you are literally one of the sweetest people ever and also HELLO GIFSETS? THE GIFSET MAKER? OKAY. YEAH. THE COOLEST. plus our love for merlin has been resurrected (unlike arthur pendragon oof), and i love that for us. you always brighten my day whenever i see you around the tag, and i'm SO GLAD WE'RE FRIENDS <3
@smoosnoom MOON!!!!! a byler god among humans. the quality of fics that you put out is just absolutely outstanding? like i swear you don't miss, and i so appreciate how much thought and love and intention you put into your writing!!! literally top tier writing. and on top of that, you're incredibly sweet and so positive, so big win for the byler community that we have moon in it!!
@rotisserie5107 RORI!!!!!! rori oh my god, it's you and toy i swear. first off, you never fail to make me giggle when i see your tags or your comments because i swear you have the funniest commentary. rori comments are some of my favorite comments. i love how easygoing and friendly and funny you are and how easily you just vibe with everyone here? you're also SUCH an incredibly supportive and kind person, which makes this fandom an even better place. i return to work this week and i will be listening to ethel cain soon, so i will return to you with thoughts and feelings. 🫡
@wibble-wobbegong WIBBLE. ok i'm glad this ask came around bc i have been meaning to just stumble over into your asks and say this, but i'll do it here. wibble, first off, you're SO incredibly smart and do SUCH a wonderful job at analyzing the show and all its nuances. like bless you and your ministry. but second off, more than that (and not that the show and the fandom isn't important, but look there's also more to life than stranger things lmao), i can say without a doubt that you are truly one of the kindest people in the byler community. you always come across as so humble and so welcoming and so kind, which i think is often lacking (because it is the internet lmao), so it's always such a breath of fresh air to see you on my dash! also legit one of the funniest people ever ok?!!
god okay. that was so many people, and i could go on and on and on (and i have half a mind to just reblog this and add more people to it) because there are so so so so many people not on this list that i could gush about... but i'm hungry and probably need to go eat something since i skipped dinner last night. so that's it, thanks for making my 2022 brighter!!!
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kariachi · 5 months
More fic, same vein as the last two. Except now with added Manvin because apparently that's a thing in this au. Just a pair of guys chilling together.
There was precisely one spot outside of the village that was not only far enough away that nobody could come looking for trivial matters, but close enough that you weren’t wasting the whole day in travel, and got good sun. It made them very easy to find, yes, but also just remote enough that they got some peace before anyone could get the gumption together to come looking. People were generally nice enough to take a while.
“-so I tell him ‘if you’re that worried about it, you can go hunt a fucker yourself, save the herders and riders both some trouble’, and you can fucking guess how he took that.”
“I can just picture him frothing at the mouth.” Manny rose up on his elbows, Kevin’s hand slipping from his hair to his cheek as he did.
“Dad ended up giving me that whole talk about managing my temper again,” he said before huffing and slumping back down against Kevin’s chest. “Lived here my whole damn life, Crisam knows my temper, if he didn’t want to deal with it, he shouldn’t have gotten mouthy about our wares.”
“You’d think he didn’t like eating,” Kevin said.
“You’d think.” Shaking his head, Manny sighed. “Me and the rest of the guys in the shops are real tempted to just start pointing him at the quest board. See him try to tell your mom or brother the best around isn’t good enough.” Kevin snorted.
“Way our luck goes, your mom’d pick it up and he’d be perfectly civil about it.” With a groan Manny pressed his face into Kevin’s shoulder.
“Don’t say that, I wanna see him get his ass kicked,” he said, then turned to look up at him. “You’d kick his ass for me, right? My dad would flip if I did it myself, but yours practically expects that shit.”
“It would make Mom really proud,” Kevin admitted, going back to toying with Manny’s hair. “I can’t go hunt him down, because Dad would have Words, but if I catch him in the act I’ll get him upside the head for you, okay?” Breaking into a grin, Manny strained to press a kiss to her corner of his mouth.
“This is why I love you.”
“And here I was thinking it was ‘cause I’m funny,” Kevin said, grinning back.
“Looking maybe.”
“Check a mirror before you say that, babe.” There was a quarter of a beat before they burst into snorting and barking laughter, twisting about to butt heads and exchange kisses. “Lucky you’re so cute.”
“Damn right you are.” Settling back into place, Manny managed to grin wider as Kevin stuck his tongue out at him. “So, how about you? Temple or smithy doing worse.” With a groan like death Kevin flopped back on the grass.
“Rami showed up wanting me to take her fucking basarios armor in a couple inches. I damn near killed her right there-”
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jynzandtonic · 7 months
z, bestie, dearest of my heart, i come to you kneeling as i have just absolutely demolish basically your entire AO3 and needed to yell at you for how you have reawakened my absolute feral infatuation with adam driver
it was always there simmering, waiting to be unearthed but then i stumbled upon your sackler fics and i damn near lost my mind
and then i just could not stop could not cope dare i say could barely eat with the undying thirst that i am now constantly living in
anyways you're a fucking legend literally be my best friend im begging i will continue to froth at the mouth at anything you write <33333333 xoxoxoxoxxo
Veritable Trash, you are a Veritable Treasure. WE ARE BESTIES IT’S OFFICIAL!!!
I am so fucking happy you enjoyed my Sackler fics and I hope I will be writing more of them soon (they’re in the works!!) I PINKY PROMISE!
In the meantime if you’d like to scream about things shoot me a message and I’ll link my discord!
Big hugs to you xo!!
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