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todaysbird · 11 months
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just so everyone is aware - one of the best ways for bird flu to spread is by encouraging birds to congregate. while the bird flu epidemic from 2022 continues strong into 2023, you should almost always stop feeding birds. this illness can spread between types of birds - you encouraging birds to feed in your backyard could cause the death of the person down the road’s backyard chickens. the disease RARELY spreads to other animals and humans, but it is zoonotic and CAN infect both pets and people, so be cautious and discourage spread of the disease. if you find a deceased bird do not handle it without protective wear and do not let pets interact with dead wildlife. im not going to launch into an outdoor cat spiel but if you have a cat that catches birds regularly, consider stopping them from doing so while this is going on for their & your safety.
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bored-vet-student · 5 months
Bird flu survivor
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Really interested to see black eye gannets in Orkney. Researchers at the Bass Rock think it's linked to bird flu survival post HPAIV infection. Black iris gannets had antibodies for HPAIV showing they had previously been infected and survived! Nothing out yet about how and why their eyes change like that, but very intersting
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Blue eyed gannet for comparison
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industrialstate · 11 days
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york 02/2023
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thebrickdwarf · 4 months
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It's the Bird Flu!
We're all doomed.. again!
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reality-detective · 6 months
Back in February they were warning us about the "Avian Flu" becoming a pandemic. Multiple articles about it. 👇
Stay away from ALL inoculations they purpose for this next plandemic.
They have also been destroying chicken and egg farms in many countries. The ranchers have lost their livelihood and future saying they would be compensated for their loss. No one has received a penny. 🤔
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is-the-fox-video-cute · 10 months
The largest ever outbreak of bird flu is spilling over into mammals, including otters and foxes in the UK.
Figures released to the BBC show the virus has led to the death of about 208 million birds around the world and at least 200 recorded cases in mammals.
Public health bosses warn the mutation in mammals could see a jump to humans but the risk to the public is very low.
There will now be more targeted surveillance and testing of animals and humans exposed to the virus in the UK.
The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) still advises that avian flu is primarily a disease of birds, but experts across the globe are looking at the risks of it spilling over into other species.
Worldwide, the virus has been found in a range of mammals, including grizzly bears in America and mink in Spain, as well as in dolphin and seals.
In the UK, the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) has tested 66 mammals, including seals, and found nine otters and foxes were positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1.
Cases have been found in Durham, Cheshire and Cornwall in England; Powys in Wales; Shetland, the Inner Hebrides and Fife, Scotland.
It is believed they had fed on dead or sick wild birds infected with the virus.
The animals were found to have a mutation of the virus that could make it easier to infect mammals, but there was no evidence of transmission between mammals.
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wachinyeya · 2 months
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fatbirdpics · 7 months
Tl;dr an important Dutch bird sanctuary is in danger of closing due to rising costs associated with the avian flu 😱 If you have the resources to donate, link below, otherwise please help by spreading the word 🐤🪺
GoFundMe: https://gofund.me/6a6789c7
Details from a friend:
Vogelklas, one of the only remaining Dutch bird sanctuary in its area, is in danger of closing. They have tended to 11,000 birds in the past 12 months and they really need our help to keep their doors open right now. They are taking on more animals than ever since they are one of the only ones left, and there are many extra costs for them as they fight to protect their birds from the birdflu. Please 🙏 consider donating even just a little to this sanctuary so these animals stay safe and healthy, and conservation efforts in the Netherlands can continue. 💙🐦
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milf-adjacent · 7 months
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H5N1 has a 66% fatality rate in humans, BTW.
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johtonese · 5 months
Please make sure that the poultry meat you buy hasn't been exported from Poland
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They are still investigating the possible sources of the infection, but so far all evidence is pointing to infected poultry meat that has entered the market undetected.
Poland is the world's 3rd biggest poultry meat exporter, so please avoid feeding your cats raw meat from unknown or Polish sources until the matter is resolved.
On June 18, a vet in western Poland reported the death of a cat that had suffered from neurological and respiratory symptoms. Since then, dozens of cases of this unusual illness—many resulting in death—were reported across the country.
BNO News (following multiple local sources)
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todaysbird · 7 months
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if you needed a reason to keep your cat indoors or outdoors with supervision this should be it.
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acti-veg · 1 year
Keeping and transporting millions of birds in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions is not only inhumane for the birds but a risk to human health as well. 600,00 individual lives snuffed out in the most brutal fashion, usually by suffocation, foam or gassing, which can sometimes take hours. This on top of the 10 million birds killed in the U.K. for Christmas alone. All this for what - Christmas dinner?
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Bird flu: Brazil declares animal health emergency after several cases found
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Brazil has declared a six-month animal health emergency after several cases of avian flu were found in wild birds.
Seven cases have been reported in Espirito Santo state, with another discovered in Rio de Janeiro state.
The emergency declaration makes it easier for the government to now bring in measures to stop the highly infectious H5N1 virus from spreading.
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walks-the-ages · 1 year
As a random PSA, it's December 27th, 2022, and for anyone that buys and eats eggs regularly:
Make sure you're actually looking at all of the prices, don't just instinctively grab the large white eggs thinking they're going to be the cheapest ones still, right now because of the bird flu, millions of chickens have been infected and culled making the usually cheapest option go up in price dramatically (almost $5 a dozen)
Right now at our local Aldi, Cage Free, Large Brown Eggs are currently 60¢ cheaper per dozen than the Large White eggs ! So make sure you're scoping out all the local egg prices, not just the white eggs.
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Anyone who's seen Birdemic: Shock and Terror already knows the answer
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One of the things you probably haven't heard about the Highly Pathogenic Avian Flu is that red fox can get it. They exhibit neurological signs like tremors, stumbling, circling, vision deficits. 
We have admitted several with what we suspect is HPAI, however, testing is not currently being done to confirm. It has been confirmed by testing in other states, however, as close as Michigan.Bird flu is out there and not only in birds.
Wild Instincts 
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