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First comments I've heard from Biden about the dehumanization of trans people (and It's not good)
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Please spread this wherever you can. The Internet Archive is battling for the rights of libraries.
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g-d bless the USA
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there is something so darkly comical about tumblr potentially outliving twitter
tumblr, which is held together with duct tape and madness, run by three raccoons in blood stained Yahoo! hats and a handful of crabs, its only discernible source of income the sale of shoelaces from an inside joke so inside no one knows the original source anymore and fake blue checkmarks... that website still lives on
truly the cockroach of social media and I love it for that
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End blood quantum now
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Blood quantum is how much native blood you have in you and it needs to be a certain threshold to qualify you as a tribal member. Blood quantum varies from tribe to tribe.
It means my mom is a tribal member but because my dad is outside of my tribe... I don't have enough tribal blood to enroll. Neither does my daughter. Our "official" indigeneity ended with me.
My dad is still native tho. Just southern native. Others have two parents enrolled in separate tribes and can't enroll in either one despite being Full native because their parents were mixed with other tribes so they don't have enough blood of Any tribe to qualify.
And to what end are they doing this?
Under the treaties the US govt can lay no claim to native land. So how do they fix that? Get rid of the natives, of course.
And since they can't slaughter us in broad daylight anymore they did the next best thing. What the colonial government has ALWAYS done to us and other poc.
Made up a bunch of arbitrary laws to restrain and limit our power and numbers.
And this can't continue. We are the only race who needs to apply to be part of the community we were born into. The only race who needs to prove our blood.
And that's the thing: it's not even based on blood. Racist scientists defined who was a full-blooded native based on things like shoe size, head circumference, and skin pigment.
Not blood. And besides that it wasn't uncommon for outsiders to become part of a tribe!! You didn't need to be native by blood to be native! Blood quantum has made it IMPOSSIBLE for them to qualify and made it impossible for tribes to practice that long time aspect of our culture.
So please share this post. So many people legitimately think natives are extinct and even less are aware that we do more than just sit around drinking all day. Few people have good feelings about us and within that there are a few who actively help. Please be one of those few.
We need support and allies and for our voices to be heard. Please don't let this post just be me screaming into a void. We need people to know what blood quantum is, how archaic and harmful it is, and to help us spread awareness to people who otherwise would ignore us. Use your privilege.
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The Death Toll of the Earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria may have reached 20,000 people, and that鈥檚 outside of all those who are injured and lost.
If you could donate PLEASE do!!!
Here鈥檚 a post full of charities you could donate to, but I鈥檒l add my own trustworthy ones here:
Islamic Relief: 聽teams are on the ground right now providing emergency food assistance, shelter, medical supplies to hospitals and clinics, as well as blankets and tents for those made homeless by the quake in Turkey and Syria
Molham:聽The team at Molham are currently on the ground helping displaced families in Turkey and Syria who have been affected by the earthquake 聽聽
The White Helmets: The聽team are on the ground in Northwest Syria searching for survivors and removing the dead from the rubble.
MSF:聽remaining in close contact with the local authorities in northwestern Syria and with the authorities in Turkey to extend their support where it鈥檚 needed. They鈥檙e providing聽essential life kits to displaced people in the region
please PLEASE reblog. Syria and Turkiye need our help!!!
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Not this, Joe
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I thought comedy and free speech was now legal? Unless it鈥檚 a tweet about Elon then I guess jail for 1000 years!!1!!1! >:(
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A little something made by me in honor of this momentous occasion
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My sister puts glasses away upside down.
Because our mother does,
Because her mother did,
Because her mother lived through the Dust Bowl.
One day my father sat me down and told me about epigenetics.
How the trauma he went through
As a child in an abusive home
Wrote itself into his DNA
And, in turn, into mine.
How he and his brothers,
In various ways,
Are all sick from it.
How I might be too, someday,
And I鈥檓 not sure I鈥檓 not.
I hear people say,
When will we get back to normal?
And I think of a woman born in the twenty-first century
Who puts her glasses away differently
Because of what her great-grandmother endured
Ninety years before.
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