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politijohn · 2 days
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Louisiana is ranked 40th in K-12 education quality. Glad to see their politicians’ priorities are right. /s
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pineappleciders · 3 days
hey, have you heard of the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA)? it's a law that's been introduced to the US senate a few times now, and it's coming back. here's the most recent version of the bill.
wel, what would KOSA do? it's goal is to "protect children online", as the name would suggest, by having online content algorithms changed in the US. it'd also make it illegal for social medias and "addictive" internet feed to notify you at night or during school hours. the billmakers like to depict it as saving teenagers from body images, substance abuse , addiction and the likes, but it's not.
what KOSA aims to do is to shield children and teenagers from progressiveness. this law will create censorship for every single marginalized community, including POC, LGBTQ+, and women. this law is pure censorship and only aims to create less transgender folks in this "free" america.
i urge you to fight back. censorship laws are already being passed everywhere in america, and there is a very real chance this can be passed as well. if you value freedom on the internet, and especially if you're LGBTQ+, please take a moment to visit these links.
stopKOSA.com lets you sign a petition easily and directly call your lawmaker's office.
omarsbigsister's linktree has a script on what to say, as well as many resources on KOSA. (go check out @omarsbigsister on tiktok, she has good input on KOSA and is cool!!)
faxzero.com lets you fax your representatives FOR FREE 5 times per day.
while you are here, don't forget your daily click!
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folklorespring · 5 hours
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Kharkiv after russian shelling today
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borkthemork · 2 days
I know a lot of people right now are still living in uncertainty over how to help with Palestine, especially if you can't donate due to having to prioritize personal expenses.
However, if you do want a way to contribute that focuses more on making art, music, writing, etc., then I would advise checking out Art for Mankind's Art for Palestine Campaign.
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It's a new initiative in close contact with families in Rafah. Their mission is to sell different services and art pieces as a shop (all donated from the community), where people's contributions will be used to help fund people's GoFundMes. Their organization takes all kinds of work, from graphics, writing, ceramics, crochet, films, and even live band performances.
Tumblr media
Of course, Art for Mankind has had experience running these campaigns before, having previously donated to causes such as Maui Wildfire Relief, and remains transparent about where their money goes through their Insta.
Currently, they're planning a Virtual Telethon to raise funds on July 12 at 7 PM EST and are looking for musicians, poets, and filmmakers to showcase support.
However, they're always looking for artists to reach out and donate to their shop catalog. If you have a poem, painting, or a service (basically anything) to contribute, then you can definitely contact them through their website on how to help.
This organization is only known in the local NYC area, so I would urge people to reblog and share this post around for others to see it! It's a great way to help with funding when donating financially isn't an option
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troythecatfish · 1 day
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But China evil and authoritarian for banning Facebook?
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notyourtoday · 2 days
Palestine Updates June 20, 2024.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
By @letstalkpalestine2 on Instagram.
Link to post.
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The mainstream Western media spent the last eight months trying to convince the entire world that these atrocities were normal and that the general public shouldn’t question anything.
And if you did point out how fucked up all this was, you were automatically labeled an antisemite, Trump supporter or a “Self hating Jew.”
Growing up as an Arab in a post 9/11 world is legitimately terrifying, because Anti Arab racism has become so normalized in the West that I’m pretty sure that even the most liberal and open minded person imaginable would still casually say racist shit about Arabs and Muslims during conversations.
Arabs and Muslims have been the go to scapegoats for the world’s problems for how many years now?
Not going to lie, there was a period of my life where I was legitimately ashamed to admit to folks that I was Arab, I would always lie and say that I was from Europe or that I moved to the Middle East recently.
Because it’s genuinely disheartening having to deal with racism at a young age (I was eleven when 9/11 happened) or constantly getting racially profiled whenever you traveled to any Western country.
So the next time an Arab or Muslim tells you that they don’t feel safe right now, understand that it isn’t hyperbole.
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workersolidarity · 2 days
[ 📹 Scenes of massive destruction and rescue efforts following an Israeli airstrike that targeted a residential home in the Al-Hasayna neighborhood, west of the Nuseirat Camp, in the central Gaza Strip, resulting in more than a dozen casualties, including women and children. ]
🇮🇱⚔️🇵🇸 🚀🏘️💥🚑 🚨
On 258th day of the Israeli occupation's ongoing special genocide operation in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) committed a total of 4 new massacres of Palestinian families, resulting in the deaths of no less than 35 Palestinian civilians, mostly women and children, while another 130 others were wounded over the previous 24-hours.
It should be noted that as a result of the constant Israeli bombardment of Gaza's healthcare system, infrastructure, residential and commercial buildings, local paramedic and civil defense crews are unable to recover countless hundreds, even thousands, of victims who remain trapped under the rubble, or who's bodies remain strewn across the streets of Gaza.
This leaves the official death toll vastly undercounted as Gaza's healthcare officials are unable to accurately tally those killed and maimed in this genocide, which must be kept in mind when considering the scale of the mass murder.
"We are in a bad situation and are not ready for a real war," the CEO for Israel's government-owned Noga electric company, Shaul Goldstein said at the National Security Research Institute conference, held in Sderot in the occupied territories.
According to reporting in the Hebrew media, Goldstein was asked whether he could guarantee that their would be electricity in the Israeli entity in a future war with Hezbollah, responding that "the answer is no, but we will rely on Israeli resourcefulness. Israel is an energy island and we have to provide for ourselves - this is also our advantage, we are trained to work on the island."
"When I took office and began to investigate what the real threat is to the electricity sector, I asked - let's say a missile hits the electricity sector and there is a power outage for an hour, three hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours and so on. What happens in such a situation to Israel?" Goldstein said, throwing back his own question, answering that "The bottom line is that after 72 hours - It is impossible to live in Israel."
"People don't understand how much our lives here depend on electricity," Goldstein continued, "I have 15 inspectors across the country, if there's a power outage then after 5 hours I don't have a phone to call him. Let's say he receives a carrier pigeon after 12 hours - the same inspector arrives at a gas station but there's no gas, Not a single gas station is working, at each station there is a queue of at least 30 km, if not more."
"All our infrastructure - the optical fibers, the ports - we are in a bad state. We are not ready for a real war. We live in a fantasy world in my eyes. The good thing is that we have invested a lot in protection, a joint team with the electric company as well."
Goldstein went on to say that "If Nasrallah [of Hezbollah] wants to take down Israel's electricity grid, he only has to pick up the phone to the person in charge of Beirut's electricity system, which looks exactly like Israel's. He doesn't even need a UAV filming, he calls a second-year electrical engineer and asks him where the most critical points are in Israel. Everything is on the internet, I'm not saying it here but anyone who goes on the internet discovers it."
"The recognition of our situation has not penetrated. If the war is postponed for a year, five years, a decade - our situation will be better," Goldstein added.
In response to Goldstein's statements, the CEO of the electric company Meir Spiegler stated that "Shaul Goldstein's statement regarding the lack of resilience of the electric network is irresponsible, disconnected from reality and creates panic among the public."
Similarly, the Occupation's Energy Ministry also responded, issuing a statement stating that "the Ministry wishes to clarify that the energy economy in Israel is robust and ready to deal with all possible scenarios."
The Ministry continued by saying that "since the beginning of the war, the Ministry has worked tirelessly to ensure the supply of energy to all citizens of the country, while carefully preparing for extreme scenarios and possible disruptions in supply. These efforts are carried out in close cooperation with the security authorities, with the aim of managing electricity demand, energy surplus and fuel stocks."
"The energy sector is organized according to the national reference scenario established by the National Emergency Authority (Rachel). There are several scenarios and the Alta scenario, where over 60% of households may be left without electricity for up to 72 hours, is an extreme scenario and the probability of this is low. However, the ministry is constantly working to reduce the likelihood of the scenario materializing and to prepare for an exit as quickly as possible from the Alta situation, should it indeed materialize," the Energy Ministry said.
"All the relevant bodies, including the Noga company and the electric company, are acting in accordance with the emergency scenario of Rahel and the professional guidelines of the ministry. The Ministry of Energy calls on the citizens of Israel to prepare in accordance with the directives of the Home Front Command, including equipping themselves with batteries, water and portable chargers, in order to ensure maximum preparedness in emergency situations," the Energy Ministry concluded.
In other news today, Thursday, June 20th, an American official, speaking with the Wall Street Journal, told the newspaper that the number of Israeli hostages still alive in the Gaza Strip is considerably less than the official estimates given in "Israel".
According to the official, whose conclusion is based upon Israeli intelligence, suggests the number of hostages still held alive in Gaza now numbers about 50, out of an original approximation of 120 hostages, suggesting that as many as 70 of the hostages have already died.
This number contradicts the data officially published by the Zionist entity, which suggests that just 43 abductees have been killed while in captivity.
So far, the bodies of 19 hostages have been returned to "Israel" in special operations, including 8 over the last three months.
In the meantime, in other news, two US officials spoke with Reuters today, telling the news organization that the floating dock built by the Americans is expected to resume operations to unload Humanitarian aid for starving and desperate Palestinians on Thursday.
The two officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the pier had been reconstructed on Wednesday after being temporarily dismantled last Friday due to poor sea conditions.
Humanitarian aid began arriving through the US-built pier on May 17th, while the United Nations said it had transported 137 truckloads of aid to its warehouses in Gaza, equivalent to about 900 tons of aid.
The Americans have also previously received criticism for supposedly allowing the Israeli occupation army to use the pier during its recent rescue operation to recover four Israeli hostages being held in Gaza, an operation in which the occupation army hid its soldiers using humanitarian aid trucks and which led to the deaths of 274 Palestinians and wounded another 698.
In further news, on Wednesday, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine (UNRWA) said that the Zionist entity has now destroyed 67% of the civilian infrastructure of the Gaza Strip since the start of the Occupation's war of genocide, including roads, bridges, public facilities, parks, sewage systems and water wells.
The organization also noted that the Israeli occupation has completely destroyed all water wells and sewage pumps, and that the process of pumping sewage has been halted entirely for 8 months as a result of the Occupation's destruction of Gaza's infrastructure and the depletion of fuel, causing large areas of the Palestinian enclave to become flooded with sewage.
Further, the Palestinian refugee organization also mentioned that all areas of Gaza are without water following the Israeli occupation's destruction of 90% of the enclave's water wells by bombing, shelling and a lack of fuel.
Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation continues its random bombing and shelling of Gaza, leaving dozens of casualties across multiple sectors of the Strip.
According to local reporting, medical sources in Gaza told Palestinian media outlets that two female civilians were killed, and 12 others wounded, after Zionist warplanes bombed a house belonging to the Jadallah family, in the Al-Hasayna neighborhood of the Nuseirat Camp, in the central Gaza Strip.
Occupation artillery shelling also targeted neighborhoods east of the Bureij Camp, along with the Al-Maghazi Camp, in the central Gaza Strip, while also targeting central and western neighborhoods of the city of Rafah and east of Khan Yunis, in the south of Gaza.
Speaking with the local media, Mayor of Rafah, Ahmed Al-Sufi, said the Israeli occupation's destruction of the Rafah border crossing aimed to make the Gaza Strip unfit for life, further pointing out that the occupation forces continue to destroy entire residential squares in the Saudi neighborhood, and that the occupation has also destroyed more than 70% of Rafah's infrastructure.
The Zionist army also bombed a gathering of merchants and aid protection committees on Salah al-Din Street, east of the city of Rafah, killing at least 11 Palestinians and wounding up to 30 others, some of whom remain in critical condition.
Further Occupation artillery shelling targeted the vicinity of the Al-Alam roundabout, west of Rafah, killing two Palestinians and bringing the total number of Palestinians killed in the city today to 23.
The Israeli occupation forces are also continuing to advance with reinforcements towards the west of Rafah, while destroying entire residential blocks nearly constantly.
North of Gaza, the occupation army bombed a gathering of civilians in the Shujaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza City, killing one Palestinian and wounding at least five others.
Zionist fighter jets also bombed residential buildings on Kashko Street in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza City, resulting in the deaths of three civilians from the Aslim family.
Occupation warplanes also bombed in the vicinity of Jabal al-Rayes, east of the Al-Tuffah neighborhood, east of Gaza City, while two civilians were killed when an Israeli drone fired a missile at them.
According to medical sources with Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital said they'd received the bodies of two martyrs after being targeted by a missile from an Israeli drone on Al-Sikka Street, in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City.
Meanwhile, in another attack, a Zionist reconnaissance drone fired a missile towards a gathering of civilians in the city of Deir al-Balah, in the central Gaza Strip, killing one Palestinian and wounding a number of others.
As a result of the Israeli occupation's ongoing war of extermination in the Gaza Strip, the infinitely rising death toll now exceeds 37'431 Palestinians killed, including over 15'000 children and upwards of 10'000 women, while another 85'653 others have been wounded since the start of the current round of Zionist aggression, beginning with the events of October 7th, 2023.
June 20th, 2024
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nateneedssleep · 18 hours
It breaks @mahmoudkhalaff and their families hearts to pieces to even think about evacuating from Gaza where they have lived their entire lives and have created an unnumberable amount of beautiful memories.
Throughout the six months of the ravaging war in Gaza, the 8 members of the Khalaff family have been displaced four times in the Gaza Strip seeking every avenue to escape imminent death.
At one point, the entire family barely escaped death when sniper bullets hit the building where they sought refuge. Both children and adults alike had to crawl on the floor to move from one room to another to minimize the risk of getting a bullet in the head or chest.
They had flashbacks flash before their eyes because of their journey in life and most thought: "This is the end. Here is where everyone in this family dies." They are always sick with worry thinking about the children: "They should be out playing football or hide and seek instead of trying to hide from Israeli sniper bullets. "
@mahmoudkhalaff has raised €6,876 of €30,000.
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snixkers-spams · 2 days
Hello 🖐
I am amira from Gaza, an application programmer and a lecturer at the university. I lost my job, my house, and everything I owned in the war. Can you help me spread my story so that I can protect my family from danger?
Reblog and share, and try to donate if you can!
Free Palestine 🇵🇸
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politijohn · 1 day
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lasttarrasque · 2 days
With all due respect, Israel is not a "settler colonial" anything...because unlike America, with the Pilgrims, there IS no mother nation Jews can go back to. The Pilgrims coulda just turned and gone back to Britain. Jews, their "home nation" WAS Judea/Israel. There is no other place they can go back to, especially NOW, cuz a majority of Jews in Israel were either born there OR come from Arab nations that kicked them out, from Iraq to Yemen to Jordan to Syria and beyond. Where are they SUPPOSED to go?
Ok, a few points to go over.
1. Settler colonialism is not defined by whether the settlers can go back to where they came from or not.
2. Actually many settlers were able to go back to where they came from, mini Australian, shepherds, were criminals, forced to go to Australia and the pilgrims of the US we’re fleeing religious persecution (it was intently their fault but that’s besides the point).
3. Most Israelis, especially the original settlers and their descendants, have dule citizenship and can very much return to their countries of origin.
4. Those Arab Jews what fled to Israel certainly are right be angry that the countries that expelled them, but we should also blame Israel for that. Israel has long helps to inflame antisemitism by forcibly associating itself and it’s crimes with the Jewish people, and one case Israel Israel used antisemitic proxy organizations to **plant bombs** in Syrian **Synagogues** in order to drive Syrian Jews to flee to Israel.
5. In a free Palestine Israelis can either go back to the country they came from originally if it is safe and they want it, or stay. According to pulling the majority of Palestinians want a one state solution with a democratic state from the river to sea with equal rights for all, this is not mean expelling all the Israelis, just as needed some thing from the expelling of the Afrikaans.
In short, Israeli is a settler colony and it must be ended, but this is not a threat to innocent Israelis, and if equality and democracy scares you, than that is a problem.
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sugas6thtooth · 2 days
Keep talking about Palestine. If you are available to donate to a family who is in need, please consider helping the families in my pinned post - many of them are very close to their goal.
We can't allow the masses to water down what is actually happening in Gaza.
Free Palestine.
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kanasakiis · 1 day
Hello, I hope you and your family are well. Can you please help me recycle the post on my account? 🌺 And help rescue my family from the war in Gaza? 🙏 Thank you.
link :
hello !! I too hope you and your family is well ! I know that times in Palestine now is tough so I'll keep you in my prayer !
read his story here
this has been vetted by @/90-ghost !! so please donate or reblog if can !
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girlinafairytale · 2 days
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troythecatfish · 2 days
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