chief-girl · 2 months
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tracksidequeen · 2 years
hey bestie! I really love the look of the bracelett you posted a picture of...do you by any chance remember where it's from? Thanks in advance :))
I made the bracelet myself, got it all from my local arts and crafts store! Had a girls day and made some good-old friendship bracelets. Then decided to also make one daddycated to our beloved Torgy <3
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luvmelikeaprincess · 20 days
how long would you recommend waiting before having a daddyc
Wait for what? Like being in the scene? Waiting to get to know them?
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prime-crime-time · 1 year
my wife told me she wants to seriously try for a kid but she was nervous if I was on board
I assured her I was daddycated
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Draft Week 1
Julie - P’Tha’s Bitches
1. Newwie 2. Tay 3. Force
4. Book 5. Krist 6. Mike
7. Drake 8. Arm 9. Mek
10. Mark J 11. Wave 12. Pompam 
Cassie - DaddyC Production 
1. Bright  2. Win  3. Mew
4. Gulf  5. Saint  6. Perth
7. Up 8. Kao 9. Kimmon
10. Copter 11. Boss S. 12. Noeul 
Rachael - Team Y Not
1. Nanon 2. Phuwin 3. Mix
4. Earth 5. Sammy 6. Jimmy J
7. Toptap  8. Singto 9. Kaownah
10. Turbo 11. Pond 12. Foei
Brandy - Backdoor Productions
1. Ohm 2. Khaotung 3. Boun
4. First K 5. Yin 6. Talay
7. Billy 8. Tee 9. Seng
10. Perth N 11. Santa 12. Cooheart
Carla - Hard Ride Entertainment 
1. Nunew 2. Zee 3. Prem 
4. Max 5. Nat 6. Sea
7. Fluke N 8. Ohm T 9. Fiat
10. Nut 11. Jimmy K. 12. Tommy S
Debbie - Red Light District
1. Gun 2. PP 3. Bible
4. Build 5. Jeff 6. Barcode 
7. Mile 8. Apo 9. First C. 
10. Ja 11. Chahub 12. Best
Miranda - MMM 💎 
1. Off 2. Billkin 3. Joong
4. War 5. Louis 6. Neo
7. Tae D 8. Dunk 9. Chimon
10. Love 11. Milk 12. Joss
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rqlalcr16 · 2 years
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Cheetah's DADDYcation Board 🤗 Joined & posted my message to Tatay 😁 Happy Father's day, Tatay 🤗 And to all the Dad, Daddy, Pop, Pa, Papa, Tay, Itay, Tatay, Ama out there 🤗 #HappyHere💚💜💟 #FathersDay2022 (at Telus House Mckinley) https://www.instagram.com/p/Ce9r6XzB4Vt/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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styledthese · 4 years
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iMagniphy Your Life! The iMagniphy 8X Desktop Hands-Free LED For Buy➡️ https://amzn.to/3dhqBU5 Magnifier is the perfect companion to help you enjoy your morning paper, read prescriptions, paint your nails, complete arts and crafts, examine your coins/stamps, and enjoy day-to-day life again. A large 5.5-inch lens with 8X magnification. 6 bright, energy efficient LED lights to fully illuminate the magnified area. Note: LED lights require external power source provided by a standard 120V outlet. For Buy➡️ https://amzn.to/3dhqBU5 #lighted #magnifier #house #flattrigger #aurai #mug #happyhalloween #edc #dance #combatcarl #2018 #300blackout #greatday #blackriflecoffee #daddycated #2a #canonphotography #tactical #canoneos #huge #pewpew #15december2016 #magpul #hauntedhouse #instalike #pookelapunzal #hoghunting #festive #vortexoptics #suspensionbridge (Syracuse, New York, United States) https://www.instagram.com/p/B9_wy0iA1wv/?igshid=17ga5u7xng7fu
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chief-girl · 3 months
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optimusveddieprime · 5 years
So here’s the thing...
If  Josh Brolin isn’t in Deadpool three, I will bite my fucking fingers off one by one! 
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chuckfurycomedy · 2 years
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#GhettoMentality #OriginalGhettoMentality #firstGhettoMentality #OGghettomentality #OG #1988GhettoMentality #1994 #1995 #1996 #801GhettoMentality #rap #gangstarap #westcoastrap #hiphop #daddycee #smoovedaddycee #daddyc #burtlocz #burtloc #TenWarriorsRecords #RapAttack #KRCL (at Utah) https://www.instagram.com/p/CWiGfeHLYOq/?utm_medium=tumblr
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teryster · 6 years
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@wannabeerwin’s and @tildacoon’s winning captions aka I died in public and looked like a delirious teen
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My SnK Favourites
Commander Eyebrows… he’s so handsome, he’s mysterious, he’s absolute daddy material. I love Erwin and I ship him with everybody.
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zozobegone · 3 years
@minzart I had an idea of like Some of the other au's (most the one's with the great seven) met the bad begging au
The canon! boys with the bb! boys
They are disgusted by this version of themselves of course. Their action go way to far and the way they treat Yuu isn't any better. To them it a mirror of them never being saved.
sgu!boys: Why would you want to hurt Yuu like that..... WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU. THE SH*T DRIVE THEM AWAY YOU IDIOTS!?
Horrified at the way these version of themselves especial how they treat Yuu. Their own crush. Is being treated this sickens them. It does make the fact that their a version of themselves any better. They will do any to be with Yuu but not this.
The great seven are trying to figure out were went wrong here because damn!
The one were the SG are the parents
Bby!boys: (Crying from fear )
daddyC and dadyM are throwing hands, someone get them!
meanwhile the SG's are calming their kids down. Why would they hurt Yuu? Isn't Yuu there friend. Doesn't want to be like them at all
Don't know if this makes Micky More protective of Yuu or grateful they will never be like that!
The First year gang's fist are fly at BB fy's , "How dare You treat Yuu this way do you know how much shit they go though just FOR THEM!!!"Did the same to the BB boy as well. Leave their friend alone.
When they go to their own world they hug Yuu a little titer that usual. Grim tell them that they appreciate them for eveything
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Blogs to block
(minor supporters attempting to follow this blog, both blogs contain minor supporting post(s) and have no 18+ warning, if either blog has changed opinions on minors in kink feel free to reach out and I will unblock you and make an update post! ) 
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