ladyorchidia · 18 hours
I just noticed smt and idk if anyone saw this but
Tumblr media
The twins are eating octopus based meals.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can't tell me they don't know what they're doing, this is so disturbing but hilarious at the same time.
Floyd is probably like : "And so that is-, I mean was your cousin before she was turned into food."
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simplyycherry · 22 days
Peak abadoment issues?
Screaming, and more screaming.
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alice-angel12x · 2 months
Death is always around the corner
Tumblr media
Riddle + Death!Reader
This Death is greatly inspired by the wolf death from Puss In Boots, and Jenny-Jinya kind death. (some headcanons for some of the characters) Riddle, Leona, Azul, Jamil, Vil, Idia, Malleus
Let's set the Scene: Masterlist
Something was off about this Mirror ceremony, Crowley could feel it. But decided to shack it off and continue with the ceremony.
"Ah, my lovely Lord, The noble and beautiful flower of evil, You are the most beautiful, number one in this world. Follow thy heart and take the hand of the one reflected in the mirror. Flames that turn even stars into ashes, Ice that imprisons even time, Great tree that swallows even the sky, Don’t be afraid of the power of darkness, Come now, show your power. Mine, theirs, and yours, There’s only a little time left for us. Do not let go of that hand, at all costs," Crowley chanted as a green flame appeared in the mirror.
As the night continued, all the new students were neatly sorted into dorms. There was just one coffin left, and just as he was about to insert the key to unlock the coffin. The coffin began to thrash and shack, as puffs of blue fire spewed out from the creaks in the coffin. The headmaster quickly stepped away from the coffin when the lid suddenly blasts off its hinges in a blaze of fire.
From the coffin, a grey cat creature with blue fire ears skitted across the ground. The crowd of students stared in confusion till something caught their attention. An eerie whistle could be heard from the smoking coffin. Out from the smoke steeped a mysterious figure. A figure dressed in the school's ceremonial robes stepped out into the chamber. They stood unnaturally still as the hood of their robe completely obscured their face as they continued to eerily whistle.
"U-Um, excuse me young...Um... You could have waited a few seconds longer till I opened the gate. Anyways please present yourself to the dark mirror," Crowley stuttered as he hurried the stranger.
The mirror awakened to look at the figure, and only stared in... fear?
"Ugh, I can smell... a disgusting amount of blot," The figure spat.
Tumblr media
💗Riddle Roseheart💗
Riddle didn't really know what to think of this strange student. He never got a good look at them at the ceremony. The only thing they could tell was that they were a wolf beastman of sorts.
And his only other source of info was word of mouth around the school. And hearing that they were a part of the chandelier incident. Riddle already doesn't like them.
luckily he had the fortune to see this mysterious. Upon seeing this student, they looked strange, but he wasn't sure why. Maybe it was cause of how they just stared unblinkingly at him. With an ominous smile on their face.
When Riddle tried to scold the first-year group for all the trouble they have caused. Yet the student who went by Y/n, simply smiled, unfazed by his words.
This greatly annoyed him and he pulled out his magic pen, but in a blink of an eye, Y/n swiped it out of his grasp. He stood in shock as Y/n chuckled and took a sip of their drink.
Freaked out, Riddle decided to just leave. Yet for a week he felt watched, and whistling followed him no matter where he went. And Y/n's silhouette is always just on the edge of his sight.
One late night, Riddle had to drop off small books at the library, when the whistle filled his ears.
"Are you stalking me?" Riddle glared, as he turned to see Y/n resting against a pillar.
"Just observing. It's been a long while since I got a good look at the Roseheart family. And it's a shame to see how far they have fallen," They growled.
"How Dare You! Off with-'' before riddle could even finish his spell. Y/n swiped the pen from the boy's hand. And then quickly pinned him to the wall.
Riddles's heart started to beat insanely fast as he stared into Y/n's blood-red irises.
"Listen very closely, your life is crashing toward a terrible end if you don't change your tune," Y/n growled softly into Riddle's ear.
Riddle shut his eyes tight waiting for the next attack, but nothing came. As he slowly opened his eyes, he gasped when he found himself in his room.
When morning came, riddle ran to the library to apologize for losing the books. To only learn that Y/n had returned them for him.
Assuming it must have just been a dream, he didn't take Y/n's warning seriously. As blot continued to accumulate. Unaware of Y/n watching from a window across the courtyard, as they polish their sythe, with sad eyes.
They watched as Ace fail to properly apologize to Riddle's liking, and quickly banished the 1st years from the dorm. Which lead to this conflict.
As Y/n stood before Riddle and his overblot as he rampaged across the garden. Reading their weapons, preparing to claim Riddle's life before the blot does.
Suddenly, Aduece, Grim, Cater, and Trey stepped forward wanting to save Riddle. Y/n smiled softly as they dashed toward the blot creature to Find Riddle's soul.
As Riddle slowly came to his dream of memories, he found himself sitting at a party table floating in the darkness. In front of him was a book with his name as the title, and the silhouette of his profile was on the cover.
"Not a good start to life huh," said a voice, causing Riddle to gasp and look up at the source. at the other end of the table was Y/n, dressed in black silk robes. "Strict mother molding you, all the while claiming it is for your own good."
"S-she didn't want me to be a failure like father. He was lazy and couldn't handle the work of a doctor," Riddle said.
"Did your mother tell you that?" Y/n asked as Riddle nodded. '' Then you might want to read this.''
Y/n slid a tray over to Riddle, on it was a book that read Mira Rosehearts, his Mothers name. Riddle looked back to Y/n for an explanation. "Everything your mother had said, done, thought, felt, and heard is documented in this. I recommend reading pages 9131 to 9134."
Riddle quickly read through said pages but slammed it down in anger and disbelief. It read how Riddle's father began to outshine Mira, and when people started to praise him more than her. She divorced and made sure she had full custody of Her son. She vowed to mold him and make him the perfect Roseheart, to outshine everyone else, no matter the cost.
"That is not my mother! You're trying to trick me! Who do you think you are?!" Riddle growled as he stood up from his chair.
"I Have a Beginning, But No End, and I End All Things That Begin. Who Am I?” Y/n asked simply.
"What is this rubbish, the answer is... The answer is," Riddle said slowly as his eyes widened in horror.
"I am Death, straight up," Y/n said as their eyes glowed, causing the boy to fall back into his seat.
"S-so I'm dead?" Riddle asked slowly.
"No, you escape me this time. You are very lucky that some people came to your rescue. Or else you would have died here today," Y/n said as they flipped riddle's book all the way to the back. On the inside of the back cover was a "wanted" Poster.
In bold words on top was Wanted, with Riddle's face printed in the middle. And Dead or Alive is printed at the bottom.
" I would have had you sign, right here,” Y/n said as they tapped over the word Dead. Causing Riddle to gulp nervesly.
"But You attend our school, have I truly escaped you?"Riddle asked nervously.
"Just because I am Death, doesn't mean I enjoy everything it entails. I do not enjoy having to separate families and loved ones. It's just a job that needs to be done," Y/n explained. " And I came here to collect an arrogant little boy, who thinks himself as law and order incarnate. But I can't seem to find him anymore.
Riddle watched as Y/n collected the books and turned to leave, as a door of light appeared.
"You were given a second chance Riddle. Live your life your way for yourself, not how your mother wants you to," Death Y/n said as they stepped through the door.
Riddle finally came too, much to everyone's relief. When everything was set and done. Riddle apologized to everyone and promised to improve on his behavior.
Yet as the days went by, Riddle noticed that Y/n for the most part vanished. He would see them around every once and a while, even Ace, Deuce, and Grim don't seem to hang out with them much.
Grim already spilled the beans on Y/n's identity, and of course, most kept their distance. For who would want death hanging around them.
One day at the reunbirthday party. As All of Riddle's new and old friends gather around his table. Enjoying tea and baked goods, the young dorm leader noticed a lone figure at a table.
Y/n sat alone at one table at the very back of the party, even the tables next to them were empty. As everyone wasn't really comfortable being near them.
Riddle watched sadly as Y/n sat with no snacks, tea, or even company to enjoy. So with a wave of his pen, Riddle levitated a fresh teapot with cups and a large tray of baked goods. As he proceeded to pull out a chair himself at Y/n's table.
Much to everyone's surprise and slight fear. Even Y/n was surprised by Riddle, but they smiled softly as the two began to chat and enjoy the unbirthday party.
But sadly their job here at NRC isn't over yet.
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bunnwich · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"In becoming malicious he only picked up the weapon with which he had been wounded." -Victor Hugo (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
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bm-san435 · 1 year
Tumblr media
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forcebewitht · 17 days
Tumblr media
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axica-cattleya · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
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thecoolsquirrel · 4 months
Chapter 5 Sketches
Tumblr media
Almost forgot I didnt post this one yet!
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vveonnee98 · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gothic Azul for a TWST Doujin Project~
Here’s the post for the whole series: https://www.facebook.com/vveonnee98/posts/pfbid02VfL9ZzpYmQchikVuwaTDb3TWJSueNXUGcoucJyAaQicpajnDdWBziEDwrLZV7WCjl
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heartslabyulis · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Apparently Cater's hair isn't actually tied up, it's not even half it's a pompadour. I'm guessing he added the hairclip so it would look like his hair is tied
Tumblr media Tumblr media
( pompadour ; in which the hair is turned back off the forehead in a roll )
Tumblr media
: you can find this in the magical archives
Tumblr media
All this time my whole life is a lie 😭😭😭
Tumblr media
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ladyorchidia · 2 months
Twisted Wonderland Incorrect Quotes #14 :
Yuu/Mc : *exists*
Ace : This means nothing. I’m 16, I’m sure these feelings will fade.
*Two years later*
Ace : Any day now.
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simplyycherry · 21 days
Spoiler again ig? I have been getting into these theories on chapter 7
There are so many theories and they can make it end up in any way and it's scary
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alice-angel12x · 2 months
Death is always around the corner
Tumblr media
Azul + Death!Reader
Riddle, Leona, Azul, Jamil, Vil, Idia, Malleus
Let's set the Scene: Masterlist
Tumblr media
🐙Azul Ashengrotto🐙
Y/n is a being of darkness, so they are aware of things that go on in the dark. Both Literally and metaphorically. So they were aware of Azul's involvement with Leona and the potion Azul made.
And they know of the plan Azul was going to do with the upcoming exams.
Y/n warned the boys of Azul and told them to do honest studying. Or even come to them for answers and to study.
Yet the boys did not heed Y/n's warning and went to Azul. Y/n only sighed and let destiny take its course. Y/n sat down and contemplated their next target.
For they understood Azul's pain, but now he has let his pain blind him to the amazing person he could become. And now he tries to fill that void with greed and power. And now he is as cruel as those who had bullied him.
"What–!? I just suddenly said what’s on my mind–!! Ah…!?" the poor student gasped.
"Ah, what an upsetting result. I am so shocked. And right after I granted your wish in order to uphold the Sea Witch’s benevolence.  And yet you still call me wicked and scheming?" Azu sighed phoning hurt emotions.
"I-I’m sorry…! You’ve got it wrong, that was–!!" "Hm, it is already too late to take your words back! Floyd, come. It is your turn," Azul interrupted.
"You guys are finally done talking~? Can I start squeezing tightly?" Floyd laughed.
"Don't you think he's had enough," said a voice.
The group turned to see Y/n sitting at the bar counter, drinking something from behind the counter.
"What are you doing here?! The Lounge is not open to the public right now," Azul glared.
"I just let myself in," Y/n said simply. "Quiet the shakedown you doing here."
"Am Afraid you have to leave. Jade Floyd show them out," Azul commanded.
Y/n chuckled as they watched Jade and Floyd approach. Y/n slowly stood up and smiled up at the twins with no fear, and with one swift motion. All the air was knocked out of the twins, as they collapsed to the ground. Azul and the boy watched in horror as Y/n approached.
Y/n slammed their hand on the table and glared at the poor student.
"Remember this well, when you make a deal with anyone. Even the people you may despise, you should always be the bigger person and fulfill your promises and payments. Understood?" Y/n growled.
"Yes I learned my lesson. I'll never fall behind on my promises," The random student cried.
"Then scram," Y/n said as the poor student ran in terror.
Azul simply stared nervesly as Y/n sat in the chair across from him, and stared him down.
"So, how has your life been?" Y/n asked suddenly.
"You barge in here just to ask that. Well, I'm doing fine cause business has been doing great. If that is all, please leave," Azul asked as kindly as possible.
"Are content with life, with yourself?" Y/n asked.
"W-what are you talking about. Of course, I am. I'm well on my way to a very successful life," Azul smiled confidently.
"So what's with the side hustle then if your lounge is so successful. Why do you covet things that don't belong to you?" Y/n asked.
"What are you getting at, it's the suckers Um I mean, the customer's choice to agree to my terms," Azul corrected as he held a smug tone.
"What purpose do you have with these powers? Are you compensating for something?" Y/n asked with a smirk. Putting Azul on slightly and edge, as he slowly glared. "Tring to fill the void of self-worth?"
"I-I have no idea what you're talking about," Azul said as he stood. "Where done here."
When suddenly Y/n stood up and quickly shoved Azul back into the seat.
"Cause I can tell you this," Y/n said as their eyes glowed a deep red. "This will never be enough."
Sadly Azul did not take Y/n's words to heart and continued with his plans.
Of course, Y/n did not feel sorry for the students who were scammed or gambled on the contract to hope for the best outcome.
So Y/n let the boys suffer for a bit to learn their lesson, much to Jack's approval. But Adeuc and grim not so much. Though after seeing and hearing about the treatment of the tricked students. Y/n thought that this was enough.
So Y/n and Jack went to speak with Azul. The Poor octopus boy was still a bit shaken up from the last visit. But he put on a brave face and wanted to get his own revenge on Y/n.
"Oh? Do you want to make a deal with me? What an interesting idea," Azul smirked.
"Aha~ Viper fish's got some guts," Floyd laughed.
" Very well. I understand that you want to make a deal with me, however…  We have a little problem, see? If I remember correctly, you do not possess any magic. You do not possess a beautiful voice nor are you a royal country’s only heir. You are but a simple beastman.  If you wish to ask for something big, the collateral must be of equal value," Azul listed off.
"A collateral?" Jack growled.
"For example… giving me the right to use the Ramshackle Dorm that you are currently in charge of," Azul smiled, as he watch Jack grow frustrated.
"! You were after that from the start, weren’t you!?" Jack snarled. when suddenly the door to the VIP door slammed open, and a soap cover grim came running in.
"I’m on board with that decision! I-I’m tired of living like this, yanno! My fur is not made for dishwashing!" Grim shouted
"Listen to what your one dorm-mate is saying, Y/n-san. What do you say? Will you give the Ramshackle Dorm as collateral to make a deal with me?" Azul smirked, but that soon falter by Y/n's unbothered expression.
" Stop it, Y/n! It’s definitely going to be a contract disadvantageous to you!" Jack warned.
"I want to hear the conditions you have," Y/n yawned.
"It’s refreshing to hear that kind of confidence," Azul said forcing a smile through his irritation. "In three days’ time, I want you to steal a certain picture from the Atlantica Memorial Museum in the Coral Seas. It is the commemoration picture of Prince Rielle’s visit taken 10 years ago. It is positioned right near the entrance, so historically, it is of little importance. It is just that, a simple picture."
"And if I somehow fail?" Y/n asked.
"If you manage to bring me the commemorative picture from the museum before the sun sets on the third day… I will release all 225 of the servants that I have working under me right now. However, if you are not able to do so…  Ramshackle Dorm will be mine. And you both shall be working under me afterward," Azul smiled darkly.
" It’s a deal," Y/n smiled softly, like a mother simply indulging in her child's game of pretend.
"Very well! Now then, please sign here," Azul smirked, thinking he was won. He couldn't wait to crush their confidence and hope.
Yet Y/n was not afraid. For they went ahead of time and snatched the picture before they even told the twins that they wanted to talk to Azul.
But they simply played along and let Jack help them and grim. Yet Y/n being Death, they had no need to sleep. So they simply patrolled the dorm. Coming across the twins.
With an eerie smile, they gave the twin a reason to run with their tails between their legs. Earning the respect of many of the Savanaclaw students. Some even suggested that they just transfer to their dorm.
When the twins returned they were sadly out of commission for that day. But Y/n was not down dishing out the tournament. When one night,
Late at night, Azul sat in his office counting his sales, contracts, and another important document. When suddenly there was a crash, and the sound of glass Shattering. Azul sighed, thinking that now of the slave anemone workers failed to properly put the glass away. Sadly with nobody else around he had to clean up this mess.
Yet as he swept up the glass, the light suddenly went out. And the light from the tank turned dark. Azul tried to light up his surroundings with a light spell, but the darkness seemed to just eat up the light.
Before Azul could even compose himself, he heard footsteps around him. Followed by the sound of scraping of steel, and a familiar haunting whistle. There was suddenly another shatter, and in a panic, Azul ran toward his office. In the darkness flashes of red Eyes followed him as hands randomly grabbed at him.
The VIP door was just in sight, and he quickly grabbed the nob and ran inside. Just when he thought it was safe, the whistle returned. He looked up to see Y/n sitting at his desk, in his chair. Dressed in a black robe with the hood covering her eyes. They were fiddling with the golden coins on Azul's desk, as they continued to whistle. Y/n finally looked up to Azul as they placed a golden coin over their eyes, and pointed their scythe at him.
Azul began started to become hysterical as hey fumbled with the door handle. Y/n’s shadow began to stretch out across the ground, and just stop before Azul’s feet. The poor octopus boy finally got the door open and barricaded himself in his room for the whole night.
(Final Day)
When the final day and Y/n had one more plan up their sleeves. While The first years distracted the twins Y/n rounded up some savanaclaw student to cause chaos in the lounge.
While Azul, shaken up, still believed that he was ahead of the game. And was still certain about his victory. But was horrified by the sudden burst of rowdy customers, and there was no Jade or Floyd to handle them.
So he went to get supplies from the safe, only to gasp to see Leona with the keys. Leona taunted the boy a bit before returning the keys and leaving. But when Azul opened the safe.
The All contracts were Gone. When Azul confronted Leona, he learned that Y/n was the true mastermind in all of this. And they had long won before the battle even began.
Azul watched helplessly as the lion prince turned all the contracts into sand. The poor boy snapped, as the blot consumed him.
As life flashed before Azul’s eyes, he noticed in the infinite darkness a familiar door. The door to his VIP room. He swam through the darkness, but he finally reached the door and stepped in. It was his office, but sitting down at his desk was Y/n.
They were reading a book, with his name printed on the front cover.
“Ah, Mr. Azul you’ve arrived. Please have a seat,” Y/n smiled softly.
Azul slowly and nervously sat down in the chair as Y/n flipped through a couple pages. Then they finally spoke.
“Thank you for coming in today. We have some very important things to discuss,” Y/n said as they turned the book over to the final page. “ You were supposed to die today.”
“W-What?!” Azul gasped.
“But, because of your friends and enemies kindness. You are now at an impasse. You stand on the edge of life and death. And you have a choice to make,” Y/n explained, as they showed him the wanted poster of himself. “Just sign here or there.”
Azul held the bone fish pen. He hovered over the dead for some time, when he noticed something on the poster. It read, Azul Ashengrotto, greedy sleazy scam artist.
“That’s not who I am,” Azul mumble.
“What was that sir?” Y/n asked.
“This title. That’s not who I am,” Azul glared. “I want this changed.”
“Alright,” Y/n said simply, as they reached down into a drawer and pulled a paper with questions on it. “You don’t need to answer all, but fill out the best you can.”
Azul got to work on the paper, at first the questions were pretty standard. Name, date of birth, and parents, but then the questions started getting strange. For example, what are your skill you treasure? How should one live their life? How you you wish to be remembered, and why? And finally, what is your self worth?
Azul filled out the best he could, but he was unable to fill out the last question. He handed Y/n back the paper, and Y/n began to write something at the bottom of the paper. They soon returned the paper, and Azul saw where Y/n wrote. Under, What does Death think of applicant?
Slowly Azul read what was written
Azul Ashengrotto, a greatly insecure boy, who hides behind a business man act. This is how he might see himself, but he is so much more than that.
He is a bright young octopus with great potential in both the business world or culinary if he so desired. He is a smart, clever, and talented individual. I have high hopes for him.
Y/n Death
“Death, that can’t possibly be your last name,” Azul said, trying to distract himself from the overwhelming emotions he was feeling.
“Your right Y/n is just a name I add in front of my actual name," Y/n smiled.
“So you're saying your name is Death. That's unfortunate,'' Azul commented.
Y/n raised a brow as they just stared at Azul, as he slowly processed all the clues.
“W-wait Your... Death. As in Death itself?" Azul asked nervesly, as Y/n simply nod. "Then if you're the reaper then why are you asking me all these things. Aren't you supposed to kill me, are you toying with me?"
“Do you think of me as just a heartless monster? I may reap the life of the living, but I don't do this out of enjoyment. And what I write is simply what I see in the person in front of me," Death said as they sat up straight. " So what do you plan to do?"
Azul stared down at the wanted Poster, and the title under the name. And signed Alive.
“I still have many people I need to get back at, and there's still much I want to do," Azul said as he laced the pen down.
Death smiled softly and closed Azul's book. And before they stood they decided to give one more word of Advice.
“And Be careful of what you tie your self-worth to. Make sure it is the things you've earned, and not the gifts of others you collect," Y/n said as they offered a hand to Azul. "And knowing you. You already have many qualities to you."
As he took Death's hand, the VIP door opened revealing a blinding light. Y/n walked Azul to the door, but then stopped him.
"Oh, before I go I have to give you something," Y/n said as they pulled the photo out from their coat.
"The Photo! But, when?!" Azul gasped as he grabbed the photo.
"Since the beginning. I couldn't pass up the chance just to mess with you," Y/n laughed as they pushed him into the light.
Azul would finally come too, much to the twin's relief. As Azul recovered Floyd revealed the secret behind the photo. Much to Azul's horror.
As Azul hide his face in embarrassment, he noticed Y/n standing off by themselves. Looked over the Papers Azul signed and put them back into the book.
With a small nod, Y/n turned and left.
After all was said and done, Azul somewhat changed...Not really. But at least he wasn't enslaving people or scamming people out of their talents.
The young boy would notice Y/n visit the lounge every once in and while. Usually off at the far corner way from most. Yet Azul would usually be the one to serve them.
This was one of the few ways they would relax before winter came.
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bunnwich · 9 months
Tumblr media
Get him outta my house. 
Inspo: X
Idk if this has been done yet but I saw one with Grim so-
Tumblr media
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bm-san435 · 2 months
bagithi Babaーーー
Tumblr media
It was my first thing in my head when I saw the event title.
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zorinanana · 12 days
Tumblr media
do you think Leona ever does. the thing. the cat thing. the blep
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