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Same words, different font.
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dawwn-art 3 months
Now that I made Ghoul the son of Jervis and Jonathan 馃帺馃巸, should I redesign the Dee Dee twins and make them the daughters of Harley and Ivy in my AU? 馃ぁ馃尡
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toweroftickles 4 months
Batman Beyond Tickle Headcanons
Gotham Case File #489B-KRL
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Maxine 鈥淢ax鈥 Gibson
Ticklishness Rating: 7.5/10
Most Ticklish Spots: Soles, Hips
Despite her lack of superpowers, a skilled fighter who won't hold still. She kicks and punches.
Will agree to anything he wants if Terry playfully tickles her. This doesn't happen often but she enjoys it when it does. Far more tolerant of this from Terry than from others.
Sometimes pokes Terry in the ribs when he's being too serious.
Hates her tickle laugh鈥he thinks her throaty cackles make her sound like an old lady. This bothers her more than tickling itself.
Always fights back skillfully during tickle wars. Her intelligence, strategic mind, and competitive streak serve her well and bring out her playful edge.
Her go-to move in a tickle fight is to pinch the sides.
Displays plenty of snark and sass regardless of her position.
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Ticklishness Rating: 9/10
Most Ticklish Spots: Feet, Ribs, Thighs
Liquid morph makes tickling of any kind impossible. Matter phase distortion field is necessary to keep her in a human state.
Unused to most physical sensations, owing to near-constant viscous form. Very low tolerance for pain鈥nd, as it turns out, for tickling.
Begs and pleads for mercy almost immediately. She鈥檚 completely crippled by tickle torture. Will surrender any information without much resistance...easy target for interrogation.
A seductress with very physical inclinations and a penchant for younger men, she occasionally enjoys playfully tickling them in her efforts. Sharp fingers would make effective tools.
Shows expert skills in teasing, taunting, and toying with her foes. A skillful tickler, if given the opportunity.
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Melanie Walker/10
Ticklishness Rating: 7/10 (unfortunate lack of numerical synergy)
Most Ticklish Spots: Sides, Toes
Timid reactions: pouty, moaning giggles and submissive squirms.
Covers her face a lot.
Obviously uncomfortable with being tickled - the activity distresses her somewhat.
Lack of childhood friends & normal familial bonds may have created emotional distance from tickling. Shows no propensity toward it...the thought simply doesn't amuse her or occur to her naturally (and she certainly doesn't want to provoke any revenge).
Consequently not very fun to tickle.
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Dee Dee Twins
Ticklishness Rating: 10/10
Most Ticklish Spots: Arches of Feet, Belly Buttons, Armpits
Ruthless tickle fanatics. Love to hold down (or tie up) and tickle their victims without pity.
Giggle and laugh wickedly at the mere mention of tickling.
Sadistically tickled/wrestled one another growing up, and still do.
Active online 鈥渃ommunity鈥 members. Each has a secret stash of tickling videos & fanfics that they think the other is oblivious to.
Switches through and through, but unable to handle doses of their own medicine for long. Low resistance. Violently kick and struggle.
Claim to have "gotten it from (their) Nana Harley."
Hobby: Spouting off dad jokes and terrible puns whilst forcing their captives to laugh. This usually involves either nitrous oxide or tickle torture.
Favorite tickle tools: their fingers, backscratchers, Wartenberg wheels
Add. Notes: Contact information exchanged with the twins. They showed more enthusiasm to join my research assignment than any other subjects encountered so far. Request funds to hire interns.
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Terry McGinnis/Batman
Ticklishness Rating: 6/10
Most Ticklish Spots: Abs, Ribs
More ticklish than one would expect; less ticklish than one would hope.
Not overly physically affectionate; more rough-and-tumble from growing up as a gang punk. Doesn鈥檛 really tickle anyone except Max.
More mildly-irritated by tickling than anything else. Not sensitive enough for it to be a major deterrent.
Once bound and tickle-tortured by Dee Dee in the hopes of getting information about the Batcave. (Their methods proved ineffective.)
Add. Notes: Highly-advanced WayneTech exosuit taps into the user's central nervous system, inhibiting pain and increasing reflex speed. Practical applications obvious. Reverse-engineer at earliest opportunity.
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reveluving 1 year
It's missing Rick hours, so why not talk about Rick and (Y/N) (crazy) family fluff!
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warnings: fluff & humour!
a/n:聽Dysfunctional but lovable family fluff >>> Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I had fun thinking about it! Don鈥檛 forget to leave some sugar! 釔( 釔 )釔
check out my j. kinnaman m.list for more Rick content!
Do you guys remember the Dee Dee twins from Batman Beyond? I know they're supposed to be Harley's granddaughters but imagine if this takes place post-TSS events, and yes, Rick lives, okay?
He's always been鈥攎f engaged to (Y/N) the second he woke up from unconsciousness and has lived together in a quiet lil' neighbourhood since.
But anyways!
I can't stop thinking about them being Harley's goddaughters or prot茅g茅s instead, and one day, she begs you and Rick to take care of them for the week while away for a once in a lifetime gig.聽
鈥淵ou listen to your aunt (Y/N) and uncle Rick while I鈥檓 gone!鈥 She鈥檇 say, though, she should鈥檝e known better than to think her own carbon copies, of all people, would listen.聽
I can just imagine you and the girls being joined at the hip, telling them stories from your days as a criminal, even if you鈥檝e left that life behind. Rick鈥檚 the聽鈥榞rumpy uncle鈥 they love to annoy. But! They may be opposites, but the second someone talks bad about you?
Rick will see red, no doubt, but if he hears the girls discuss on how to get rid of the loud-mouthing pos, he wouldn't encourage it. But he sure as hell won鈥檛 stop them either鈥攖hese are Harley girls we鈥檙e talking about; it鈥檚 not like they listen to him all the time. And, well, if they proceeded with whatever they had in mind, well, the bastard deserved it, didn鈥檛 he? Nobody really liked Mr Walker anyway.
What they'd do throughout the week their beloved aunt (Y/N) and uncle Rick, a headcanon:
Switching conversation topics when they're bored at the flower shop you work at. One second, it would be about the flowers, which, let's be honest, they're barely listening to, only to excitedly ask about what crimes you've done were the most memorable ones. Without the presence of customers, of course.
Pranking or scaring away any women who visits Rick's workplace solely for the purpose of gawking or flirting with the man, despite knowing he's married. A simple hiss or a quick display of the baseball bat they had with them ("We like playing baseball, don't we, Dee Dee?" "Yes, we do, Dee Dee!) and the visitor's out of the door!
Not once have you nor Rick seen these two play baseball.
They just really love their aunt (Y/N) and uncle Rick, okay!
BONUS: If you also have to babysit Bruce the hyena, the twins would sneak him out of the house at 3 AM, purposefully messing with Mr Walker's front yard and making sure he sees it. He didn't see the girls, however, so, when he tells his neighbours about a hyena on the loose, most of them just he was the one with the loose screws.
I initially thought Rick would work as a lumberjack, but, imagine if he was the sheriff of the neighbourhood?? Mr Walker calls him to complain about the hyena problem, obviously unaware of the culprits silently snickering at one another as they watch him desperately demand for 'justice'.
"Mr Walker, I personally don't think it's possible for a hyena to cross the city undetected for the sole purpose of terrorising just your garden," Rick responded calmly, though, he was unable to bite back the condescending hint in his words, "But, we'll look into it."
Once Walker's out, looking more stressed now that even the sheriff himself was looking at him funny, Rick would glance at the twins, raising a questioning brow at their futile attempts to look innocent before returning to his report.
"Good job." He'd say nonchalantly, and rather than looking peeved or disappointed, they spotted the small smile on his face. He didn't bother turning when they high-fived.
But other than the fact that he's been cockblocked since their arrival, and honest to God, it's been driving him nuts, they've made your and his days much livelier than the usual.
I can see it now; you're all watching TV, Rick holding you against him with one arm around you while he leisurely pets Bruce's mane with the other. Similar to the beloved house hyena, the twins sat on the floor in front of you, listening to them cheer for the antagonist and argue about what's for breakfast tomorrow.
Yes, the Flag's were quite the household, it seems.
藲 路 . f i n . 路 藲聽
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louthegothartist 7 months
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I wanted to draw my DeeDee's in Batman Beyond, this took FOREVER but it was fun to do. I had been wanting to do this for a while now and I finally got around to doing it. Delia is the one with Blue eyes and Deidre is the one with Green eyes. I DO NOT OWN BATMAN BEYOND OR ANY VARIATION OF BATMAN OR ANY CHARACTER FROM ANY BATMAN COMIC, CARTOON OR MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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plummyplums 2 years
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Props to Woof for carrying an unconscious Ghoul around like a sack of potatoes in the middle of a fight instead of leaving the guy behind so he could, y'know, fight
Bonus, the squad:
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delightfullyghoul 2 years
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What a friendly group of young people, surely they arn鈥檛 up to no good Hehehehe
I love how they鈥檙e all posed here, iconic
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doctorslippery 3 months
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sticksbatnix 2 years
You know, besides thinking that Ghoul will become the next Scarecrow, I always wondered what the other members of the Jokerz gang would become later on.
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amidst-wonderland 8 months
i've decided i'm going to do a complete revamp of collateral damage. following through terry and delia's relationship to what would've been the initial part two of collateral damage. i'm going to try aim it's release for january as i'm aiming for 20k word count.
i've been replaying arkham city and i honestly love the world building in those games, so it's very much going to lead on from them still (i probably won't mention it, but tim + babs won't be a thing, nor will the 'canon' babs + bruce from beyond).
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Can you make headcanons for harley Quinn and dee dee twins teasing a S/O that is a newbie superhero with fire powers (if you sont know much about dee dee twins it can be just harley then)
I don鈥檛 know much about the Dee Dee Twins, but I鈥檒l do what I can.
Harley Quinn
She constantly makes jokes about things getting聽鈥渉ot鈥. Stuff like:
鈥淲ow you鈥檙e really turnin鈥 up the heat!鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e gettin鈥 me all hot an鈥 flustered~鈥
鈥淥oooh, lookin鈥 hot today Firehands~.鈥澛
鈥淪eriously, you鈥檙e smokin鈥!鈥
鈥淣o seriously, you鈥檙e really smokin鈥! I鈥檓 sorry! No need to get so serious! I鈥檒l surrenda鈥! I鈥檒l be good!
She likes to tease them about their clich茅/stereotypical superpowers, but she knows how dangerous they can be when they get serious
As she gets away or gets taken away by cops, she always winks to them and blows them a kiss as one little last tease before they鈥檙e separated before their next encounter
Dee Dee Twins
They do their teasing in tandem with each other, both acting much like their grandmother would in the same situation
One will start pulling off some layers, complaining about them making things too hot to be comfortable for them, all while the other would sneak up on them either to surprise attack them or restrain them for a them both to get a few feels, depending on how the night is going~
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the dee dee twins (batman)
One of the twins is a bi lesbian and the other is a pan lesbian (i can鈥檛 tell the difference between the twins)
Tumblr media
The Dee Dee Twins from the Batman franchise are bi lesbian and pan lesbian respectively!
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detectivemaker 3 months
I thought of some more stuff for my Persona X Batman au
I've come to the conclusion that the only other non-oc party member other than Terry should be the DD twins, they're the Harley聽 analog and they share a persona, the ultimate Persona is eulenspiegel cuz he's literally a聽 聽harlequin and his association with mirrors(cuz you know twins)
Also James Gordon Jr doesn't end up dying, he has a little Redemption during the final fight after the rest of the party members except for him and Michael get their ass beat by Barbados,聽 and he finally comes to terms that yeah he's crazy but maybe that isn't a bad thing, and that gives Michael enough power to revert to his fully God form and have a rad Kaiju Battle with Barbados
I also thought of an animatic to the song evolution, it has a lot of mirror imagery and the second verse is of James Gordon Jr standing in the middle of a dance hall surrounded by his younger party members dancing with their ultimate personas, and the final verse is a big climactic battle where he dances with Michael to defeat Barbados
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clairethecutepup 10 months
Fan Art: Having a Certain Type (You Attract)
Tumblr media
It's not so much they're my type, but I'm apparently theirs...
No wonder I originally and accidentally wrote "5" instead of "4," when it came to the original version of this image! My mind was trying to tell me that I forget about the Scissor Twins... However, they are only one of the many duos, of this said feminine and acrobatic nature, I appear to attract through media consumption.
Allow me to clarify...
As a kid, there was the Dee Dee Twins, from the DC Animated Universe.
Tumblr media
Then, the teen years roll around, and I came across the Bailey Twins of Dead Rising and the Scissor Twins of Clock Tower 3.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In adulthood, I came across the Ed Edd n Eddy Assassin AU, by C2ndy2C1d, that involved this alternate version of Sarah and Jimmy; and then came everyone's favorite robotic twins of Atomic Heart, Left and Right.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(PS, the image of Sarah and Jimmy came from this post)
Therefore, insert popular Doofenschmirtz quote, albeit recreated, here! Seriously, why do these types of duos keep finding me?? Does being being a short, muscular tomboy suddenly make you attractive and alluring to anyone who: does fancy flipping, is female or embraces femininity, etc...? What especially concerns me is that I seem to be attracting the "bad girl" (and "bad boy") types... Well, it's a good thing domination isn't exactly unappealing.
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isabelopaque 4 months
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mutual destruction vs codependency (is there really a difference?)
reynolds vs reynolds, lindsey drager, belle and sebastian, the gang breaks dee, leonard cohen, collins dictionary, charlies mom has cancer, jenny han, kaitlin olson, @/filmnoirsbian, the gang goes to hell, clive baker, the gang gets analyzed, joseph telushkin
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chrliekclly 2 months
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im @ work nd also jst lazy but i saw this nd had to make it th twins asap
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