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toweroftickles · 4 months
Batman Beyond Tickle Headcanons
Gotham Case File #489B-KRL
Tumblr media
Maxine “Max” Gibson
Ticklishness Rating: 7.5/10
Most Ticklish Spots: Soles, Hips
Despite her lack of superpowers, a skilled fighter who won't hold still. She kicks and punches.
Will agree to anything he wants if Terry playfully tickles her. This doesn't happen often but she enjoys it when it does. Far more tolerant of this from Terry than from others.
Sometimes pokes Terry in the ribs when he's being too serious.
Hates her tickle laugh…she thinks her throaty cackles make her sound like an old lady. This bothers her more than tickling itself.
Always fights back skillfully during tickle wars. Her intelligence, strategic mind, and competitive streak serve her well and bring out her playful edge.
Her go-to move in a tickle fight is to pinch the sides.
Displays plenty of snark and sass regardless of her position.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ticklishness Rating: 9/10
Most Ticklish Spots: Feet, Ribs, Thighs
Liquid morph makes tickling of any kind impossible. Matter phase distortion field is necessary to keep her in a human state.
Unused to most physical sensations, owing to near-constant viscous form. Very low tolerance for pain…and, as it turns out, for tickling.
Begs and pleads for mercy almost immediately. She’s completely crippled by tickle torture. Will surrender any information without much resistance...easy target for interrogation.
A seductress with very physical inclinations and a penchant for younger men, she occasionally enjoys playfully tickling them in her efforts. Sharp fingers would make effective tools.
Shows expert skills in teasing, taunting, and toying with her foes. A skillful tickler, if given the opportunity.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Melanie Walker/10
Ticklishness Rating: 7/10 (unfortunate lack of numerical synergy)
Most Ticklish Spots: Sides, Toes
Timid reactions: pouty, moaning giggles and submissive squirms.
Covers her face a lot.
Obviously uncomfortable with being tickled - the activity distresses her somewhat.
Lack of childhood friends & normal familial bonds may have created emotional distance from tickling. Shows no propensity toward it...the thought simply doesn't amuse her or occur to her naturally (and she certainly doesn't want to provoke any revenge).
Consequently not very fun to tickle.
Tumblr media
Dee Dee Twins
Ticklishness Rating: 10/10
Most Ticklish Spots: Arches of Feet, Belly Buttons, Armpits
Ruthless tickle fanatics. Love to hold down (or tie up) and tickle their victims without pity.
Giggle and laugh wickedly at the mere mention of tickling.
Sadistically tickled/wrestled one another growing up, and still do.
Active online “community” members. Each has a secret stash of tickling videos & fanfics that they think the other is oblivious to.
Switches through and through, but unable to handle doses of their own medicine for long. Low resistance. Violently kick and struggle.
Claim to have "gotten it from (their) Nana Harley."
Hobby: Spouting off dad jokes and terrible puns whilst forcing their captives to laugh. This usually involves either nitrous oxide or tickle torture.
Favorite tickle tools: their fingers, backscratchers, Wartenberg wheels
Add. Notes: Contact information exchanged with the twins. They showed more enthusiasm to join my research assignment than any other subjects encountered so far. Request funds to hire interns.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Terry McGinnis/Batman
Ticklishness Rating: 6/10
Most Ticklish Spots: Abs, Ribs
More ticklish than one would expect; less ticklish than one would hope.
Not overly physically affectionate; more rough-and-tumble from growing up as a gang punk. Doesn’t really tickle anyone except Max.
More mildly-irritated by tickling than anything else. Not sensitive enough for it to be a major deterrent.
Once bound and tickle-tortured by Dee Dee in the hopes of getting information about the Batcave. (Their methods proved ineffective.)
Add. Notes: Highly-advanced WayneTech exosuit taps into the user's central nervous system, inhibiting pain and increasing reflex speed. Practical applications obvious. Reverse-engineer at earliest opportunity.
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clairethecutepup · 1 year
Fanart: Having a Certain Type (You Attract)...
Tumblr media
Click "Keep Reading" For Commentary...
Hoo boy... I dunno what it is about me exactly, but there's always been one type of character I've always managed to stumble across, one way or another: a duo, of feminine nature, who uses some matter of martial arts or acrobatics to combat others.
As a kid, it was the Dee Dee Twins from Batman Beyond.
Tumblr media
As a teen, it was the Bailey Twins from Dead Rising 2. I know they weren't exactly backflipping and all, but the way they moved about with swords and all definitely speaks: "athletic and agile," close enough to everyone else.
Tumblr media
As an adult, it was Sarah and Jimmy from Ed Edd n Eddy, as their alternate versions in C2ndy2C1d's "Assassin AU" of the series. Yes, I'm well aware Jimmy's male, that's why I said, "feminine" and not, "female"...
Tumblr media
(Image copied/pasted from this post)
Then, also as an adult, here comes the "Twins" from Atomic Heart.
Tumblr media
(For the record, I'm having "Left" stand on that side of Claire and "Right" standing on her respective side, too)
In honor of my strange "attractions," if you will, I've drawn Claire in a semi-harem situation here. I know, it's odd NOT having the only male, in a group consisting of only him and females, being the center of... attention.
Seriously, though, why are all you feminine, agile and athletic duos drawn to me, apparently...? 😨 Do you all just have a thing for short, muscular tomboys and seek 'em out...?
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minnesota-fats · 8 months
There is a episode of justice league ultimate where Batman Wonder Woman and Green Lantern go 50 years into the future because a guy made a time traveling belt in his garage and tried to take something from the watchtower for his “collection”
Anyway I was just thinking about this episode in particular and how a time traveling villain vs Danny Fenton (because of course this is a dcxdp idea) where the villain keeps stopping and starting time and it doesn’t effect Danny at all and in frustration the villain asks “why isn’t this working on you!?”
And Danny, ever the harbinger of chaos shrugs and says, “nepotism, maybe?” And punches the guy in the jaw.
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violent138 · 2 months
Companies that hire Gotham grads: "What do you mean you finished all your work? Didn't I just give it to you?"
Gothamite: "Oh it was easy, it's all in the report. If you have any more questions, I'll be in the break room, testing out the new explosive I made while I was waiting."
Manager: "Yeah sure, you've earned a brea-- wait what?"
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atomic-chronoscaph · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Otto Preminger as Mr. Freeze and Dee Hartford as Miss Iceland - Batman (1966)
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DP X DC Prompt
Vlad moves to Gotham with his four sons and his not daughter.
The eldest is an athletic twink, his second son is built like a brick shithouse, the third son is a sleep deprived nerd who's definitely an evil genuis barely held back by his family from a life of villainy, the youngest son is a murderous baby boi, and the girl who's only sometimes there is just pure fucking chaos.
Naturally, Gothamites start connecting the dots (they didn't connect shit) and come to the only logical conclusion;
Vlad Masters is Batman and the children are his various Robins.
This is made all the more evident to those who believe in the sugar daddy Bruce Wayne theory when Vlad and Bruce start publicly dating.
(For the record the kids are, in order of mention, the Skeleton clone, the Frankenstein clone, Dan, the Pixie clone, and Dani.)
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Tumblr media
Quick sketches of some Harvey designs I like for 2/22 :)
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deepwithintheabyss · 9 months
There are already jokes circulating around that the Red Hood is just like a rabid dog
Despite that everyone is surprised when he shows up wearing a collar with Red Robins symbol dangling from it, clearly showing who he belongs to
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valmha · 6 days
After many hours of pondering.. It’s here!
Tumblr media
The unofficial Rogues! The Podcast Discord is done! Made as a love letter to our favorite podcast.. (And as a complaint of the lack of discord servers).
Feedback is important to me! It’s still new, and i’d love some help with ideas for stuff in the server.
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localebra · 1 month
Henchmen & Women Mad Hatter
The Wonderland Gang which most of Mad Hatter's hench men and women come from first appeared in Detective Comics #841 2008.
Tumblr media
Introduced with the The Wonderland Gang March Hare real name Harriet Pratt. She was born in East London where she fell in love with a girl named Lily Shaw. When they grow up they moved to the America to start a new life. They would steal jewels and other valuable goods to get by before the two got a jobs as escorts at a club owned by William Warren. One night they discovered a new white noise machine created by Warren which would be able to control peaples minds. They decided to steal the it, but were interupted by the Mad Hatter who was being chased by security. Mad Hatter escapeb, but both women were shot and left for dead by security. Harriet was saved and nursed back to health by the Mad Hatter. He told her that is device was stolen by Warren and he wanted revenge him, just like Harriet. Harriet took on the name March Harriet joining his Wonderland Gang then attacked Warren's complex. Warren was away on business so they killed his entire staff begin her criminal career.
Tumblr media
Introduced with the The Wonderland Gang the Lion real name Lewis Yarnell was an enforcer before he joined the Wonderland Gang with Skitch Benson. They stole two hundred thousand dollars from the Empire Bank as well as a stylized rendering of the lion and the unicorn.
Tumblr media
Introduced with the The Wonderland Gang the Unicorn real name Skitch Benson was an enforcer befoe he joined the Wonderland Gang with Lewis Yarnell. They stole two hundred thousand dollars from the Empire Bank as well as a stylized rendering of the lion and the unicorn.
Tumblr media
Introduced with the The Wonderland Gang the Walrus real name Moe Blum was an enforcer for the Black Mask before his untimely demise. He was told Tweedledum and Tweedledee to join the Wonderland Gang as The Walrus. While robbing a bank he fought Nightwing and was utterly defeated by the him leading to his arreste.
Tumblr media
Introduced in Detective Comics #74 1943 Tweedledee & Tweedledum real names Dumfrey Tweed and Deever Tweed are cousins who resemble each other so closely that they are often mistaken for identical twins. Going by the names Tweedledum and Tweedledee they started stealing from different places at the same time, to confuse the police. Eventually being defeated by Batman and Robin. They escaped prison, making a fake hotel to lure people and steal from them and running a political campaign to become Mayor of Yonville. Using the the law to arrest Batman before being beaten. Then they were sent to Arkham Asylum were they met the Joker. Acting as his muscle after moving to Metropolis before being stopped by Batman and Superman. They were there at the start of great gang war of Gotham and the GCPD shot  Dumfrey Tweed dead. During the Infinite Crisis Tweedledee and the New Dum are work with the Joker and Secret Society of Super Villains. We would find out that Dumfree's twin brother Dumson Tweed had taken his place. After Infinite Crisis the new Tweedledum and Tweedledee were part of the Wonderland Gang. Originally believed to be run by the Mad Hatter, it was actually the Tweeds who ran the gang using one of Tetch's own mind control devices on him in order to cash in on his notoriety. Recuting Lion, the Unicorn, the Walrus and the Carpenter. Eventually Mad Hatter got back at them by sticking mind control chips on the them and making them fight. After some time The Tweeds reformed the Wonderland Gang before apprehended by Batman, Robin and Nightwing.
Tumblr media
Introduced with the The Wonderland Gang the Carpenter Real name Jenna Duffy was a pickpocket and con artist operating out of Keystone City. Later moving to Gotham when she got unwanted police attention. She was enlisted by Tweedledum and Tweedledee to serve as the Carpenter in their new Wonderland Gang. While they robbed a bank she fought Robin, who quckly defeated and arrested her. Duffy left the villain life in favour of working as an real carpenter. Though she tried some work in Keystone City, she later returned to Gotham. Taking jobs from super villains, among them the Gotham City Sirens and other who she would build lairs for extremely high prices. She was later found by the Broker, who gave her a job working for a new client known as the Director. When he tried to use her as a guinea pig for his deathtraps, she helped Batman in stopping him.
With all the different leaders like Mad Hatter, the Tweedle's and March Harriet as a potential candidate one has to be chosen. In the meantime though the disorder this brings matches the wonderland theme brilliantly. For March Harriet I believe you could push her into more of a Catwoman villain and have heard call Felicia the Cheshire Cat. With th Tweedles you could have them have to go up against the likes of the Joker gang given their previous connection and similar theming. Mad Hatter could easily come away with the wrong message. Instead of making an Alice he tries to make someone who can go up against Batman, a Queen of Hearts. Would the Gang expanding into her deck and him losing control as he sees her more as an Alice over time. The Carpenter in general should get more slice of life stories and any of the menagerie could make the protagonist of an interesting loser villain story. You have to remember Killer Moth may be lame, but he sits their thankful he's not the Walrus.
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onlylonelylatino · 4 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Batman's Rogues by George Pérez
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siblingshowdown · 1 year
Sibling Showdown Quarter-Finals Bracket C
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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duranduratulsa · 20 days
Tumblr media
Up next on my 80's Fest Movie 🎥 marathon...Batman (1989) on glorious vintage VHS 📼! #movie #movies #actionadventure #comicbookmovies #superheromovies #batman #thedarkknight #thejoker #BruceWayne #VickiVale #harveydent #MichaelKeaton #jacknicholson #kimbasinger #MichaelGough #ripmichaelgough #PatHingle #rippathingle #jackpalance #ripjackpalance #BillyDeeWilliams #robertwuhl #jerryhall #BobKane #DC #dccomics #detectivecomics #traceywalter #charlesroskilly #vintage #vhs #80s #80sfest #durandurantulsas6thannual80sfest
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writing-for-life · 10 days
Tumblr media
Dream and the Hecateae—Josef Rubinstein
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stagprince · 11 months
Tumblr media
when the guy has two faces
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thereasonsimbroke · 4 months
Tumblr media
A #BillyDeeWilliams #TwoFace panel from #Batman '89 🗯️
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