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CEOs deserve breaks too.
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when your dad wants another pic to show his coworkers in JL and you give him your 1000%
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I ena-fied him.
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in-som-niyah · 22 hours
"No, none of that baby. Let me see that pretty pussy of mine."
in which you catch Jason mingling with a girl you think is prettier at a gala, and he reminds you who he belongs to with his face between your thighs...
The night is young and alive. In the four walls of bruce's charity gala, there was expensive champagne, rich people music and gorgeous women.
You were advised, no instructed to come with Jason to his father's galas for a while now. The scene was nothing new.
Bruce would throw millions at a gala for a bunch of rich people 4 times a year to keep himself in their good graces. You would stand in the corner and watch people pretend to like each other with wide smiles and chaste hugs.
Secretly, you hated these events. Well, Jason knew you would rather stay home, but he thought it was because you just find them boring.
He could't be more wrong.
As you claimed your usual spot with your back to the wall in a corner, you watched the skinny, blond-haired girls in their tastefully fitted dresses garner the spotlight of the event. The way they batted their blue eyes up at a mesmerized man was the 8th wonder of the world. They were so effortless in their seduction, so enamouring in their figure.
So stunning.
It wasn't that you weren't pretty, no, it was that you were sorely out of place.
And Jason had no Idea.
How could he, when he stood at six foot something, broad shoulders and a physique to die for. Lush green eyes and prominent yet soft features.
And Gods above, his smile.
Any girl would have won the lottery if she saw his genuine smile.
It was no secret that you didn't match him, not at all.
It is in these moments that you begin to question your relationship. If these are the kinds of women he is surrounded with, why the fuck was he with you?
You scoffed and took a swig of your Champagne as you watched yet another girl wave to him.
Presently, he was doing his job, talking with investors and other important people in Gotham.
He was talking to some high up CEO when a gorgeous girl bumped into his side. He turned around to meet her embarrassed gaze.
Though you were out of earshot, you could make out her flustered apologies and Jason's attempts at reassurance. Out of courtesy, he asked for her name or other surface info and the two seemed to get to talking. She was blabbering on about who she was and what she does for a living and she made a joke. And Jason Laughed.
He laughed. Fully and genuinely. He laughed.
Then so did she, sparkling blue eyes looking up at him once again as they laughed over something you couldn't find funny. You would never find this funny.
Soon enough, the lights dimmed and Bruce called the attention of the crowd to welcome them and thank them for their attendance. His list of thanks and acknowledgements went on as normal.
"...And I'm so glad my son Jason found a friend at these so-called 'boring' events he hates going to." Bruce joked.
The crowd laughed.
But so did Jason.
You took this as your opportunity to leave, slamming your champagne flute down on a nearby table and making a swift exit.
Hot tears threatened to burn rivers down your face as your legs carried you out of the venue as quickly as they could. You found an elevator, and decided to take it up to Jason's bedroom.
Once on the correct floor, the floodgates opened and you began to sob.
You flung open the door to his bedroom and slammed it shut. You took off your expensive heels and pelted them across the tidy room. Everything reminded you of him; the portraits on the wall, his diplomas, old weapons, even the faint scent of him.
This was something you could no longer take. You were so tired of feeling inadequate, silently counting down the days until he found someone better than you. In your mind, that day had come and though it had been in the back of you mind for as long as you were with him, you were damn unprepared.
You undid the zipper on your dress and flung it off your body. Jason picked out this dress for you when he mentioned that he wanted you to come to this last gala with him. You painfully recall how happy and excited you were to be able to wear a dress in his colour that he picked out for you.
How foolish.
Your sobs grew stronger as you began to think that your relationship should have never happened, seeing that he would have found someone prettier, skinnier, funnier smarter-
Jason was at the door to his room. Growing bored with the festivities below, he wanted to find you and go back to your place. When he couldn't find you in the crowd, he went up to his room to check something. It was then that he heard your heavy sobs coming from behind his door and panic filled his system.
You stopped crying immediately and moved to dry your tears that have surely ruined your makeup by now.
"Yeah baby. J-just give me a second." you blurted in an unconvincing tone.
He couldn't know how distraught you were about something so trivial. It wasn't his fault that he was so hot, and it wasn't yours that you thought you weren't. There was nobody to blame for your insecurities, and you didn't need him to know how terrible you felt because of your own self-inflicted wounds.
"Can I come in?" He pried gently.
You appreciated his courtesy of asking if he could enter his own room. You scrambled to find a shirt of his to cover yourself with. There was no need for the added anxiety of what you thought you looked like right now. Your heels still splayed across the room and dress slumped against his armchair.
"Sure." you let out with a defeated sigh.
The audible twist and click of the doorknob filled the quiet space. Jason's brow was pinched with worry as the door swung open to reveal you, sitting on his bed in his shirt, in pretty bad shape.
He closed the door and locked it behind him, something you appreciated, and took off his jacket. He made his way to the edge of the bed and sat on the mattress with his back to the edge, facing you.
His soft gaze took in your state, and his shoulders slumped because he didn't like what he saw. He hated seeing you sad, it broke his heart into a million little pieces.
Jason reached out his hand for you to take, but you curled in on yourself and inched further away from him. You were still overwhelmed with your thoughts of his hands all over someone elses' body.
You wanted to vomit.
"Can you look at me, Y/N?" Jason asks cautiously. He doesn't know what you're thinking, and the last thing he wants to do is scare you.
The tears came back and you struggled to keep them at bay.
"C-Can't" your strained voice came through gritted teeth.
"Oh come here pretty girl" he cooed.
You resolve was gone and you moved to throw yourself in his arms.
Jason's strong arms came to wrap around your back, one hand on the back of your head and the other around your abdomen.
Your hands grabbed at his ironed dress shirt. Usually you were courteous, but now you were too hurt to care. Makeup, snot, tears and other fluids rubbed into his clothes as you broke down in his arms.
You were grateful he didn't say anything about his ruined shirt as his hand rubbed up and down your back.
Jason's mind was racing, searching all corners of his brain to figure out what would make you this upset so quickly.
Your sobs began to slow but your breathing remained erratic. There was too much and not enough air at the same time. Jason stepped in quickly to make sure you didn't pass out.
"Hey hey hey slow down baby girl. Follow my breaths alright? In. Out. Keep going sugar. In. Out. Atta girl"
As you breathed with him, you felt calmer, but the guilt of him having to deal with your outburst began to gnaw at you.
You lifted your head from his shoulder and broke out of his embrace. He studies your state, which was much better now, but stayed quiet.
"I-I'm sorr-"
"Absolutely not." Jason sharply interrupted your attempt to apologize
"There is nothing for you to be sorry for sweetheart."
You could tell he was searching your face for any kind of acknowledgement, but you couldn't look at him.
"Look at me baby. Please?" he whispers as his hands roam up your neck to cup your cheeks.
You shook your head no.
Jason tries again, pressing his forehead to yours, looking at your tightly closed eyes.
"You're breaking my heart pretty girl. Please? For me?" he whispers so softly.
Deciding to obey, you look up at him. A single tear escapes your eye as you stare into his worried green ones.
"None of that anymore sugar" he reassures as his thumb wipes away the tear.
You nod in agreement.
Jason and you stay close with your forheads on each others for a while, basking in the intimacy of it all.
He breaks the silence.
"Talk to me love. What happened hm?" he asks, his breath dancing on your lips.
You take a deep breath
"What got my girl so upset?"
Truthfully, you had no idea how to start. How to tell him you've been feeling like a horrible girlfriend since you've been having darker thoughts about your appearance. How can you tell Jason, whose only fault was loving you, that you feel inadequate in his presence. That you feel that it is only a matter of time until he finds someone prettier, skinnier, smarter-
His inquiry pulls you out of your head.
"It's stupid." You respond in a small voice.
"No. Not if it made you feel this way."
You drop your head again in shame. You don't deserve this kindness after you just questioned his intentions with you.
"But it has nothing to do with you" you mumble.
"It has everything to do with me because I love you. And I cant stand to see you so hurt over something I don't know about or help you with." He countered.
"But-" your voice begins to shake once more
He sneaks his index finger underneath your chin and lifts, giving you no choice but to look at him.
"But nothing." he shuts you down simply.
Jason kisses your forehead, then your cheeks, then your nose, making you giggle.
"There's my girl" he mumbles to no one in particular.
His face lines up with yours once again. This time, it is you who moves closer to capture his lips in yours. It was a soft and passionate kiss, a silent thanks for his patience with you.
Jason broke the kiss before you could and smoothed a braid from out of your face.
"Can you tell me why you're upset? You don't have to if you don't want-"
"I want to." You interrupted him.
After a long period of explaining your feelings with a few more stray tears, you both came to an understanding of how the situation came to be. Jason told you how much he loves you, and that nobody with a smaller figure or more socially "beautiful" than you could take him away from you. You were his girl; his to love, his to smile at, his to laugh with, his to touch, his to feel, his to caress-
His lips were now on yours. He kissed you with a fever of determination, a thousand feelings infused into the union of your lips.
His hands began to roam your body. Up your back and down to your hips. You know he loves seeing you in his clothes.
As the kiss deepens and both of your hands are all over eachother. Your hand roams down his front to find his bulge. He stops you abruptly, and you raise you head to look at him questioningly.
"Are you sure?" Jason whispers.
You chuckle at the question.
"Yes, of course" you answer incredulously.
At that, your hand made its way down again and was stopped once more.
"I want tonight to be about you, princess. Let me prove how much I love you."
You shot him a questioning look.
He smirked.
You have no idea what's coming He thought.
With his hands on your waist, he gently pushed you down onto the bed. He hiked up your (his) shirt to reveal your pretty tits.
Jason pressed open mouthed kisses on your neck, shoulders and chest. A hand came up to massage your breast and play with your nipple. His actions earned a moan from you, which only spurred him on in his antics.
"So beautiful" he murmured into your skin.
He continued down your body, only stopping to catch a glimpse of your head thrown back in painful anticipation.
Once he made his way down to your underwear he kneaded the flesh of your thighs and pressed kisses on the inside of each one.
"Gorgeous" he breathed between kisses
"Can I take these off?" He asks
You nod your head yes, but this is not sufficient for him.
"Need words pretty girl" Jason presses.
You let out a breathy yes and he begins to pull down your panties.
They were his favourite colour, Red.
"No other girl could wear my colour and be a sexy as you are. Understand?"
"Yes" you moan as his hands are at your feet, tossing your panties and rubbing your ankles.
At the cool breeze in the air, you snap your thighs together, unfamiliar with the change in temperature on your heat.
"No, none of that baby. Let me see that pretty pussy of mine."
You swear you could have cum at that statement alone.
Jason takes matters into his own hands as he gently and slowly pries your legs open, while maintaining eye contact to make sure you're still okay with what's going on.
Before he makes his descent, he lifts you slightly to move you further up the bed. A swift hand pulls a pillow and places it under your hips.
Clearly, he meant business.
Before your nerves had a chance to ruin the moment, Jason cuts the tension by turning to your inner thighs, leaving little bites and dark marks.
Without warning, he dives right in, relieving your sopping cunt of its misery.
The flat of his tongue drags up your soaking pussy, eliciting a surprised moan from you.
He continues with his affirmations.
"Nobody's pussy is a perfect as this one right here, yeah?"
You moan out at the praise.
"Need words baby or I'll stop"
"Y-Yes Jason!" you gasp as your hands desperately grip his sheets for relief. His tongue dancing with the devil on your soaked folds.
Briefly, he rises from between your legs and a scene of his saliva and your essence coats his lips and chin. His lips, now puffy, curl into a smirk.
"Now repeat after me. You make a mistake and I'll stop. Understood?" he continued.
"Fuck- Yes, I understand"
"There's my good girl" He affirms.
He goes back down with fervor this time. Jason's tongue wasted no time before lapping up what ended up on your thighs and circling your clit.
He begins. "There is no girl more perfect for Jason than me"
God he's good.
"T-There is- shit no girl- oh" You start, interrupted by his lips sucking on your clit.
"M-More perfect- ugh for J-Jason than me" You finish, proud that you were able to complete your first sentence.
Your success earned a proud "atta girl" from Jason as he continued his mission on your folds.
"There is no woman on this planet prettier than me" He started again, before his tongue resumed his actions.
This one was a challenge. Between his tongue and the suction of his lips, your orgasm was approaching quickly.
"There i-is no shit woman- fuck Jason I'm gonna-" you spit our frantically.
"Not yet. Finish the sentence first. You're almost there." He says as he raises his head from between your legs.
You let out a desperate whine at the sudden lack of stimulation and pushed your hips up against nothing. A strong forearm came to stop you, which your desperate state didn't appreciate.
You are left no choice but to continue.
"on this planted p-prettier than me." You finish.
Before you could beg, he was already there, hot breath ghosting over your need.
"Last one pretty girl. You can do it." Jason whispers. He moves his unused hand to interlock with one of yours that was previously gripping the bedding for dear life.
"Ready?" He asks
You nod weakly, followed by a whiny yes, knowing that only words will get you what you want.
"I am the only woman Jason has ever loved" He speaks over your heat.
You swore you came instantly.
Jason's heavenly mouth got to work again, leaving you a panting, mewling mess on his dark sheets. You were sure there was a puddle where his mouth met your cunt, and lewd, wet sounds filled the room.
Desperately needing your release, there was only one way to get it.
"I am t-the only fuck-" You were stopped by a particularly intense suck on your clit.
Jason's hand squeezed yours in encouragement. A silent "you can do this sugar" was mumbled over your pussy.
"Woman Jason ha-has ever- Ohh I'm so close Jay pleasepleaseplease". Your attempted recitation died with a desperate babble of his name.
His hand squeezed yours tightly, encouraging you once again to continue.
The tight coil in your tummy grew stronger and harder to ignore as Jason picked up the pace between your legs. It was as if he was a starving man, craving only one thing and finally receiving it.
"L-LOVED" You screamed as your release washed over you. Your eyes rolled and your back arched at the sudden sensation. Every nerve in your body was lit ablaze, burning so sweetly as he continued to lap at you through your high.
Nothing but, white-hot bliss filled each of your senses. You were so lost in your own pleasure, it almost hurt to come back down to earth.
When you opened your eyes again, you were met with a panting and disheveled Jason, juices all over his chin, and sweat down his brow. His collared dress shirt was unbuttoned and sinfully wrinkled. You couldn't help but marvel at his beauty in such an unkempt state.
Slowly, he began to remove the pillow from under you and pull your shirt down over your body. You hissed at the fabric dragging across your still-sensitive nipples, for which he apologized with a kiss on your nose.
Aligning his face with yours, he looked deep into your eyes and used his free hand to thumb away the tears of overstimulation on your cheeks.
"Don't you ever feel like you're not worthy of me again without telling me okay?" he remarks as he gives you a small, kind smile.
You nod, and he doesn't press you about it this time.
"I'll repeat this as many times as I need to sunshine, no questions asked."
He continued.
"I love you."
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arrowfam week 2023 day 7 - birthday
and that’s it!! happy birthday queen king <3
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Looking for DC x DP prompt
So Justice league (or all heroes) were kidnapped by some threat. But villains remained on earth and aliens started invading. In other words Chaos
Ghost king Danny stepped in to bring back order just JL returns.
He took over word by accident
@stealingyourbones @fancycat-thesilvertux @hdgnj @azulhood @percyisawesome @radiance1 @im-totally-not-an-alien-2 @long-live-astronerd-ghost-king
Maybe you guys remember it? (I hope that you don mind tagging you)
Great thanks to @youcalledsworld For finding and sharing it
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Tumblr media
I miss his long hair... But short hair was fun to draw too!
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Tumblr media
Last thing you see before you are killed for not answering a riddle
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Batfam as quotes from my life (with little to no context) pt 4
Jason: *hits himself in the eye with mascara* “AH YOU RASIST!”
Damian: *in a British accent; making fun of Alfred* “I HAVE TO PUNCH THE WALLS!”
Dick: “I have an irresistible dance 😃.”
Tim: “He’s from jail! He’ll kill you right there.”
Jason: “Hello? Shoot me in the face?”
Bruce after one of his children almost died: “Your life flashed before my eyes”
Cass: “High five 🤜🏻?”
Steph: “Do I have something against white people?”
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Tumblr media
He is wearing eyeliner
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Yandere Batfamily x Amidala! Reader
Inspired by the Yandere Damian Wayne x Alien Leader reader by your-regular-toast-enjoyer. But also because I like Padme Amidala and Star Wars. I want to use the Gotham Knights video game version of the Batboys, Batgirl, and Batman. Since Damian Wayne is not in there, I was thinking about Damian Wayne from the Injustice 2 video game but older. I'm going to change and add a few things from the Star Wars Universe and add a few new things to Amidala's character.
Warning: yandere, age-gap.
Tumblr media
Earth heroes have encountered a different galactic system not far from Earth's solar system. The Justice League has made contact with a planet that's part of the galactic government system, also known as the Intergalactic United Republic, and has agreed to send someone to the planet to at least show that Earth and the Justice League offer peace.
In the watch tower, the heroes are having a meeting about who should go on this diplomatic mission. Some voted for Green Lantern, Martin Manhunter, or Superman, but the results show that the best candidate for this mission would be Batman.
Martian Manhunter was a bit disappointed because he had heard about her reputation through some holo-nets and was eager to meet her. As well as introduce her to his niece, Miss Martian since she is a fan of her work.
"Then it is settled: Batman shall be the one to go on this diplomatic mission and talk with the queen." Wonder Woman had declared.
The meeting is adjourned. Batman boomtubes back to Earth to discuss details with the rest of the Batfamily.
In the Batcave, Bruce calls in Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood.
"As you all know, I summoned you here for an important reason. I have been chosen to lead a diplomatic mission for a planet called Naboo. But I'm not planning on going alone." Bruce pulls up pictures of the planet.
"This mission has to be taken seriously and delicately. Any hostile behavior will endanger Earth along with millions of civilians. Do not show any violent or hostile behavior, and do not engage or cause any conflict that may lead to dangerous consequences. Do I make myself clear?" Giving them a stern, firm glare to each of them, especially Damian and Jason.
Jason shrugged. "Got it. No violence unless they start it first, then we consider violence."
Bruce narrows his eyes at him.
Jason puts his hands up in mocking surrender. "What? I'm kidding. No violence, don't cause trouble got it."
Tim looks at the Bat computer screen, looking through the information. He looks over to Bruce and asks, "Question. Do you have any information on the ruler of this planet? Any photos of what they look like."
Bruce pulls up photos, "These photos were taken at the Watchtower when we made contact with the planet. We are still looking into other information from J'onn and Hal's research."
It shows a female, (Y/H/C), (Y/E/C), and the areas where white makeup is not covering are your hands, which are (Y/S/C). She was sitting on a throne, dressed in royal clothes and wearing white makeup with red dots on both cheeks. She stood straight and had a blank look. But her eyes showed kindness, patience, and seriousness.
The boys and girl are taken aback by how young the female is. They were expecting someone much older. Not just that, but how beautiful you were. It was like looking at an angel. If someone were to ask about the definition of an angel, they would show them a photo of you. But for some reason, if they had a photo of you, they would not want to share it with someone else; they want to keep you to themselves.
For Bruce, it took a lot of strength and restraint to not laugh at their expression and keep a straight face. He couldn't blame them. When he first saw you, he was shocked not only to find out that someone as young as you would be ruling a planet but also by your beauty. He has seen a lot of beautiful women (Selena, Talia, Diana, Lois, etc.), but you pretty much outmatched them all as well as caught his attention and kept a hold on it.
Snapping out of it, he puts away the photo, much to the family's displeasure.
"So that's who we're all going to meet. If I had known that, I would've been more 'ready to go' for this mission." Dick grins and crosses his arms.
"She's really beautiful, and she must be very smart to rule the planet by herself," Tim said, blushing and smiling.
"Is there any more information on her?" Barbara is very curious about this young woman.
Damian finally asks, "When do we leave for this mission? Most of all, who will be watching the city while we are gone?" At this moment, he doesn't care if they leave the city unguarded, as long as they leave soon. He is curious about this alien leader.
"While we're gone, I managed to get some League members to watch the city, as well as other independent heroes to keep an eye on the crime rate. Now that is settled, all of you pack your bags. We'll be leaving in 2 hours.
The Batfamily boomtubes to the Watch Tower, and from there, they enter the Javelin spacecraft (which upgraded to travel at a speed of light thanks to Hal, other Green Lanterns, and Cyborg). Once they are settled in the ship, Batman sets the coordinates for the planet Naboo, and on they go.
"Coordinates for Naboo are locked. Prepare yourselves for light speed." Everyone is strapped in. Soon the ship takes off.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
After the ship comes to a stop, everyone, besides Batman who is used to space travel by now, groans from the lightspeed, some felt either really tired or sick.
Red Hood groans and hunches over. "I'm starting to regret eating that Bacon Ultra-belly combo."
"You should wait afterward, Todd. We were going to travel through space at a fast rate. What did you expect, imbecile?"
"Shut it, demon-spawn."
"Alright, that's enough, you two. We're here that's all that matters." Nightwing lightly scolded them.
Batgirl decides to get into the conversation. "Besides, what did Batman say about bad behavior."
Red Robin includes, "What part of no hostile or violent behavior are you two not getting here?"
They all start to bicker until Bruce switches to autopilot. Turns the seat around to face them. "Enough" in a firm and stern voice. Narrowing his eyes gives them his famous Batman glare.
The bickering stops, and they turn their attention to him.
"Let me make myself clear, be on your best behavior and do not start trouble. Once we land, stay close by my side. Do you understand?"
Red Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl nod their heads. After a few moments, Red Hood and Robin show they understand by nodding their heads, too.
Batman turns back to the front window and starts to move the ship toward the planet.
Realization starts to overcome the bat family members, and they all look to the front to see the planet.
Tim and Barbara had excited expressions since they were about to visit a different planet and would meet the ruler soon. While Dick, Jason, and Damian were shocked to see the planet and about the possibility that they were about to go to a different planet.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile in the throne room of Naboo---------------------
A guard's com beeps, he answers, and a few words are exchanged. He nods and turns to the queen.
"Your Highness, the Earth's ambassador, has arrived and is now entering our planet."
"Very well, prepare refreshments and send starfighters to guide the ship to one of the land platforms."
"Yes, Your Highness." The guard leaves.
As the Javelin enters Naboo, they are encountered by starfighters.
Batman presses a button that allows him to speak to the Starfighters. "This is Batman, Ambassador of Earth."
"Batman, this is Captain Olie; we are ordered by Queen Amidala to escort you to Theed Royal Palace. You can just follow us."
The starfighters fly ahead but not far from the Javelin. Batman starts to follow them.
Tumblr media
As they fly to the palace, all of them look out their windows to look at the new environment. Tim and Barbara show excited and awe expressions. Jason and Dick are in awe too. And Damian, even though he tried not to show it, thought the planet was beautiful too and a bit excited to experience a new environment, a new planet!
Bruce had to admit it was beautiful, and it looked peaceful.
Once landing in a near landing platform, they exit the ship wearing their superhero suits. As they exit the Javelin, a handmaiden and two guards walk toward them.
"Sir Batman, Ambassador of Earth, I am here to escort you to the throne room to meet with Queen Amidala." She gestures for them to follow her.
The other bat members give each other glances. Batman just starts to walk with her as the others follow him.
They reach the throne room, and the guards open the doors for the guests. (Pretend there are more chairs.)
Tumblr media
On the throne sat the queen of Naboo. On both sides beside her are two handmaidens in their own seats. On her left is Captain Typho.
The batboys and batgirl look at the queen in complete awe. Batman just gives a neutral expression, but on the inside, he feels different.
'She is even more beautiful in person.'
"Batman, Welcome to Naboo. I hope you managed to travel here safely with no complications."
"Queen Amidala. Thank you for inviting us to your planet and agree to meet with us."
"The Council of Naboo, Chancellor Valorum, and I have discussed and created a peace treat, but I would like to discuss it more with you."
A servant brings in a tray of refreshments. (Y/N) notices the other masked heroes.
"I see that you have brought company with you. Would all care to introduce yourselves, please?"
The others glance at each other, finally, Robin decides to introduce himself.
"Robin, I aide Batman on his missions and patrols around Gotham City. It's a great pleasure to meet you, Queen Amidala."
She nods in his direction before looking at the person next to him.
"Nightwing, protector of Bludhaven, former leader of the Teen Titans. It's very nice to meet you." He offers her a kind smile.
She nods her head and gives a small smile back, but gives a curious look. "What is a Teen Titan?"
Then shifts her gaze to the female hero.
"Batgirl, formerly known as Oracle. Thank you for inviting us here. You have a beautiful home planet!"
She gave Batgirl a grateful smile, "Thank you." Then she looked at the other male hero; he looked a bit younger than her, maybe around her age.
He shyly waves to her, "Hi, Red Robin. I also help Batman, as well as the other bat family members. Y-you have a really lovely home, you're beautiful, I-I-I mean your home is beautiful. Not saying that you're not beautiful because you are." He continues to stutter.
Robin rolls his eyes. "Smooth, Drake. Very subtle."
Queen Amidala just looks a little amused and tries not to laugh. She offers a smile and raises her hand to him, which gets to him stop. "It's alright, Red Robin. I understand, and thank you. You flattered me."
Red Robin opens his mouth but closes it and blushes.
She then looks to the last hero. He's physically well-built and has his arms crossed. She notices the blasters strapped to both sides of his legs.
"Name's Red Hood, vigilante of Gotham. And I got to say, you are way more hot in person compared to the photo that was sent to us." He complimented with a hidden smirk and gave a noticeable wink in your direction.
The handmaidens give a soft offend gasp and Captain Typho stiffens and clenches his fists.
Queen Amidala, however, is thankful the makeup covers her blush. She gave a confused look, but there was a fluttering feeling in her chest. She snaps back to reality and fixes her face into a neutral expression.
"Thank you, Red Hood. As much as I am flattered by your...compliment, we should probably go into the discussion about the treaty."
Batman, after sending a scolding glare to Red Hood (who does not show any regret about what happened but instead smugly looks to the other bat heroes who are glaring at him), looks to the queen.
"I agree; I do have a few questions and concerns."
"Of course, let us begin."
After discussing and reviewing the treaty, it was dusk. The Queen had adjourned the meeting and would talk with the Council of Naboo and Senator of Naboo tomorrow about the treat.
"I'll have some servants show you to your rooms that you will be staying in for a while. Once you have settled in, I'll have a couple of my handmaidens come to escort you to the dining room for dinner."
"Thank you, Queen Amidala." Batman gives a small bow.
Six servants show up in the throne room. Each of them escorts the heroes to the royal guest rooms. Bruce, Tim, and Barbara are neighbors; across from them are Dick, Damian, and Jason. All get comfortable with their room.
Near evening, two handmaidens come to each of their rooms to take them to the dining room, where the Queen is sitting at the end of the table waiting for them.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
On the table are plates of food that seem questionable to the Batboys and Batgirls since this is their first time trying alien food. Bruce doesn't show it but even he seems to question the food but is curious to at least try some.
"Welcome, come every one, sit down. Enjoy the food."
Thinking for a moment, (Y/N) wonders if she should help them with which food is the best. After all, it is probably their first time trying food that was outside their planet.
"I would recommend the Shaak pot roast or the tip-yip but if any of you do not eat meat then I would try the Xizor salad or Aquaris Broth. Please let us know if you have any questions on the other food items."
The Batfamily sends appreciative looks toward her and starts to dish out. The servants that were about to dish out plates for them stop as they see this. They look to the queen, their expression partially asking, "What do we do?"
The queen just smiles and waves a hand to them. "It's alright. Let them dish out by themselves. It's getting late; why don't you all grab a plate and then retire for tonight or head back home to your families."
The servants smile at the queen and bow to her while both say. "Thank you, your highness."
The servants sit down and start to dish out as well.
There are different emotions running through the bat family. For all of them, there's admiration. For a few, there's surprise, confusion, and approval.
One who was most confused was Damian. It wasn't normal for the young adult to see a royal figure treating their servants like they were their equals.
His taught by his grandfather and mother that as royal figures, they are superior and therefore do not see non-royal figures, servants to be exact, as their equals.
But the more he thought of it, the more he started to admire the young ruler. This action showed that she was kind, generous, and fair. It made her even more beautiful.
They just eat their food for a while until one of the heroes decides to ask a couple of questions.
"So, what is it like being a queen? And how did you get the throne early? It just...you seem rather young...not that is a bad thing, but wouldn't your parents still be the ones running the throne?" Red Robin had asked.
Red Hood was about to scold him for asking those questions in the middle of dinner but stopped because he was curious, too. He wanted to know more about his sweetheart, about her.
The other masked vigilantes were curious as well.
(Y/N) stop mid-bite and set her spoon down in the bowl.
"Being queen can have hardships, but it can also be rewarding. I serve my people, and I do what is best for them. I've got to meet many different people and make connections and friendships with a few of them. As for how I got the throne, I wasn't born of royalty blood but rather I was elected by the people of Naboo. As for my parents, my father is an excellent builder, educator, and relief worker, while my mother voluntarily works in a variety of social services roles helping the underprivileged. I would sometimes go with my father to his relief missions to aid other people on different planets. It's what encouraged me to pursue this role."
Tim listens closely and pays full attention to her. He's actually surprised but amazed about her being elected for this role.
"Wow!...you must be very intelligent to have gotten such a role. It's amazing, and from the sound of it, you like to serve. Where did you go to school? Is there a specific school you have to go to? Different programs? It's amazing some your age could do this! I mean of course, I'm around you as well,...possibly. I mean I not old..not that I'm saying your old! Because you're not. You are young. Look young. B-beautiful, k-kind, and generous, and fair, amazing.
"Calm down there, Red Robin. I think she gets the point." Nightwing said.
"Stop. You're embarrassing yourself and us, for that matter." Robin said to him in a blank and annoyed tone.
(Y/N) just looks on in amusement and covers her mouth a little with her right hand but cannot control the small giggle that escapes past her lips. Even her servants find this amusing but manage to keep themselves from laughing at this event happening before them.
The Batmembers stop talking and freeze as they listen to her laugh. They thought it was a very nice laugh and couldn't help but smile. (Bruce and Damian gave small smiles, of course. But it is still a smile.)
Once (Y/N) got control of herself, she stopped giggling but still had a content smile on her face. She actually felt grateful for the young hero, it's been a while since she had even laughed.
"Thank you, Red Robin. You still continue to flatter me, and it's been a while since I laughed. You are one of a kind."
Red Robin couldn't stop the large grin growing on his face. He ducked his head and looked away, trying to hide his blushed face.
Unnoticed by the young queen, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin try but fail to hide their envious expressions. While both Batgirl and Batman look a bit amused but also a bit jealous.
"Who does he think he is, making my beloved laugh like that?"
"I could have found a way to make her laugh. I have great charm, too."
"I compliment her and get a negative reaction. But when he does it, they find it amusing and harmless. Back off, Tim."
"She has an adorable laugh. But, ugh!...serious, how does Tim do it?"
Bruce did feel a bit jealous, but he can be patient. He just needs to find the right time and place.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Ok. I just need to take a moment and say I absolutely love how Wally's reactions while dodging an alien hurtling towards him out of his 𝘞𝘐𝘍𝘌'𝘚 mouth are normal, but then his finishing expression and pose is like a Greek statue.
His face just goes from pure shock to ✨𝘔𝘢𝘨𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘤✨.
Honestly, it gives me "I want you to draw me like one of your French girls" vibes.
Tumblr media
Don't even get me started on Dick's reaction, lmao.
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Don’t mind him. He is just like that.
Tumblr media
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"Come on princess, don't be like that. Give Red what he deserves..."
You are Red Hood's relief. Nothing more. Nothing Less.
Your bedside alarm clock displayed an ungodly time in the morning.
It was a cold night in Gotham, your apartment filled with a chill accompanied by a familiar emptiness. It was just you, after all, and you didn't really have anyone over.
This changed, however, when a certain masked vigilante came to you for help when he was bleeding. Knowing you were a medical professional, he decided to swing by for a stitch or two. Who were you to deny him?
How could you refuse the six foot something, broad shouldered, panting, limping man barely making it across your living room?
You decided to indulge your curiosity, because let's be honest here: If he wanted you dead, he would have made it so a long time ago.
One night became two, then three, then a month and now a few times a week.
You were always welcoming him with a fresh roll of gauze and a chilled bottle of spirits for the pain, since he refused to take anything else.
But it was more than just medical attention. It was the way his chest heaved, back muscles flexed and forearms tightened when you hit a particularly tender spot. It made another certain tender spot on you wet.
Scandalously so.
You tried to hide it by wearing dark underwear and pants to bed, but it didn't help; he had you squirming and squeezing your thighs together in no time.
And there was nothing you could do about it.
He unknowingly infiltrated your senses, his scent of sweat and musky body wash making you dizzy, his vice grip on your bedsheets when you cleaned his wounds making your knees weak.
You wanted him.
You wanted him bad.
On this particular chilly Gotham night, you might just get what you want.
A loud pair of feet landed on the hardwoods near your windowsill. Heavy, irregular, yet determined footsteps proceed into your bedroom, where you've prepared your ensuite for a battered and bleeding Hood.
"Quickly, in here." you rasped having been torn from a restless sleep.
"I'm comin' sugar. Someone's eager to see me huh?" the familiar teasing tone of his voice modulator replied.
"You're only allowed to make jokes when you're not bleeding on my floor, Hood" you shot back, followed by a playful scoff and a silent eyeroll.
However, that eyeroll might not have been so silent.
As Red Hood approached the bathroom doorframe, he caught a glimpse of your feigned annoyance in the mirror.
He sat down with a thud on your toilet, exhaustion invading his bones.
You made quick, wordless work of his belt and jacket, revealing his toned exterior and the scars littering it. You never mentioned his scars, for fear of making him uncomfortable but more so because you couldn't bear the thought of someone hurting him so much that it left such a vicious mark.
"Sweet girls like you shouldn't roll their eyes, it's rude" he huffs between pained groans.
You briefly still your hand, look up at him and quirk your brow as if to challenge him. Then, you roll your eyes right in his face. You have no idea what prompted this pettiness, but your thoughts were hazy and disorganized as you looked back down to continue cleaning and stitching his wounds.
Red Hood chuckled darkly and sighed as he felt you get back to patching him up after your little stunt.
He lolls his head to the side, as if to emphasize his astonishment at your smart comeback. He didn't take you for a fiesty one.
"Really doll?" he prompts.
You say nothing and continue with your bandaging.
"Hey. Look at me." He tries again, this time with a gentler tone.
Still, you ignore him and repackage the unused gauze for another guaranteed visit from him in the future.
You go to get up, but his hand presses your shoulder down and you stop, entirely oblivious to his intentions.
Finally, your eyes meet his mask.
Red can tell you're both making eye contact, which lasts an unusually long time. You both bask in the absence of awkwardness as you indulge in this tender moment.
Slowly, you move closer to him and reach a hand up to caress his helmet. You know he can't feel it, but it feels intimate and personal nonetheless. It is only until your fingers roam lower, toward the base of his helmet and lift, that one of his hands flies up to stop your own.
"Nuh-uh babydoll, the mask stays on" he spits sharply.
The vigilante shifts in his seat, and it's only then do you realize the growing tent in his pants.
Your eyes flick back up to his helmet and it is only now, that you realize you weren't alone in your inappropriate arousal.
Hood maintains the eye contact and brings his hands to your hips, as if asking for permission before taking the plunge.
Carefully, you move your hands down his naked torso, noting how his sore muscles twitch at your light contact.
"Fuck baby-"
A hiss escapes his concealed mouth when your hands ghost over his bulge. You knew this was wrong. You knew he should be gone to wherever he should be by now. Were there people looking for him? For Christ's sake was he a criminal?
Too many questions for a mind too far gone. You weren't thinking anything beyond how sticky the bottom of your panties had become, how puffy your lips had become from constant chewing, and the cool air ghosting over your sensitive nipples.
There's no going back.
While looking at him for confirmation, you begin to unzip his fly, then massage his length from his boxers instead.
A drawn out, desperate moan is exaggerated by his modulator as hood grinds his hips into your hand involuntarily.
"Don't tease me darling, you know what I want" he orders.
Normally, you would have slapped anyone that told you what to do, but here, it only made your sopping cunt beg for relief.
Mesmerized by his boldness and not wanting to keep him waiting, you pull him out of his boxers and kiss the tip. You're met with another whine and roll of his hips.
You begin to stroke him a few times, working him up just to give him his relief.
Just as he was about to speak again, you swallowed him from tip to hilt, making his words die on his tongue.
His body tensed and relaxed with every moan and heave as you began to bob your head up and down, taking him in full each time.
His hand flew in your braided ponytail to guide your head down his shaft the way he liked it, your tongue licking at his balls every time you went down.
"Shit- Want you to touch yourself pretty thing. Show me how those dainty fingers make you feel good"
Warmth shot straight to your core at that, but you were embarrassed to pull down your shorts and panties, and show him just how bad you wanted this.
You hesitated for a moment and pulled off his length. Stroking him with one hand and licking stripes up his shaft with your tongue, you managed to smile sheepishly in a weak attempt to refuse.
Though the heat between your legs was almost unbearable, your potential embarrassment was stronger.
Red Hood cocks his head and tuts in disproval.
"Come on princess, don't be like that. Give Red what he deserves..."
You looked up at him with glassy and desperate eyes, as if to ask if he really wanted to.
The strong hand in your braids comes down to cup your cheek and rub at the side of your mouth.
"Don't keep me waiting pretty girl, I ain't asking a third time" he rasps sternly. You knew better than to disobey.
Slowly, your removed your hands, earning a groan from him. You stood up and hooked your thumbs in between your panties and supple skin and began to pull down.
Embarrassment still clear on your features, the vigilante outstretched his hands and placed them on your plush hips, rubbing circles in your skin.
This silent encouragement prompted you to continue, until you felt the cool air brush against your exposed, puffy clit.
"So pretty" Red mumbles under his breath as the hands on your hips apply gentle pressure to get you back on your knees.
This is his turn to stand up, doing so with his angry red and leaking cock in his hand.
He held it out in silent offering to you, which you took gratefully, and resumed your earlier routine.
Subconsciously, your hand made its way down to your core and your fingers found purpose in rubbing tight circles on your clit. You moaned on his length at the contact, eliciting a pleasurable hiss from him.
You could tell his eyes were trained on the target between your legs even from behind the mask.
"That's it sugar...make yourself feel good for me...good fucking girl"
Your eyes rolled again at that as you increased your pace and suction. He wasn't going to last much longer.
Though you would have no way of knowing, Red was a true gentleman despite his nighttime activities. As a gentleman, he wanted you to cum before him.
"Faster pretty girl, come on, you can do that for me fuck-"
You gave a small nod and increased the speed between your legs. You began to focus on the feeling of your fingertips sending sparks throughout your body, but you weren't close enough.
As if a psychic, he pulled himself from your mouth and sat back down. Confused, the hand between your legs stilled, and your face beginning to pout.
Before you could protest his hands again found your hips and pulled them toward him. Your hands moved to find the back of his neck as the hooded man pulled you onto him to straddle his lap.
When his hands retreated, you whined in frustration at the lack of contact.
"Shhh pretty baby you'll get it" he cooed.
You began to rock your hips against him impatiently, but his strong hands stopped your movement. Before you could complain, his right thumb began to press circles into your core with full intent of making you cum.
"Ah-ah Red please-" you cried out, unable to take the sudden pressure and pleasure at the same time. You gripped his wrist, a weak attempt to get him to slow down.
"You can take it, yes you can princess" he replies. The cheeky bastard knows just how to make your pussy throb.
"Fuck- I'm gonna-... pleasepleaseplease" you blabber desperately nearing your peak. The pressure in your tummy growing and tightening, just waiting to snap.
The Red Hood pressed his shielded forehead to yours and whispered in a deep, modulated voice.
"'M right here pretty girl, cum for me. I know you need to. Let go."
The coil snapped with ferocity and left you screaming his name. Surely the old woman next door wouldn't appreciate it, but you didn't care. Not while he was here, making you forget about the world.
You gushed on his fingers, and he took this opportunity to pump himself to completion with your juices smeared over his shaft. He came with a low grunt and short pants.
After you came down from your high, you slowly and carefully eased yourself off of him, minding his bruises and sore muscles which he appreciated.
It was still ungodly early, your eyes beginning to close with sleep as you washed your hands in the sink.
He will never admit to you that he's never been more in love with you.
Instead, he stuffs himself back into his pants and brings you back to your bed.
Once you're situated under your duvet, you reach for his hand and weakly grasp his fingers.
"Stay?" You slur, barely holding onto your awake state.
He chuckles fondly, and you can almost see a blush under his helmet.
"Maybe another time doll."
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arrowfam week 2023 day 6 - bonfire
brotherly bonding
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