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peterchai58 · 2 months
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flowerynameslover · 2 months
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“All I've ever been to you is an accomplice. Never a daughter. I just...wish it hadn't taken me so long to realize it.”
Batman Beyond: Melanie Walker/Ten
Female Awesome Meme: Animated Characters (3/10)
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bumblebeeappletree · 2 months
In this video I talk about Melanie Walker, 10 from the Royal Flush Gang, and how she struggles with the weight of her family's legacy.
#batmanbeyond #royalflushgang #melaniewalker #batman
00:00 Introduction
01:05 Melanie Walker's Origins
02:10 Dead Man's Hand
04:23 Terry and Melanie's Relationship (ft. @PlayCONtent)
07:26 Two of a Kind
08:12 Once Burned
10:09 King's Ransom
10:28 Wild Cards
11:08 Mainline DC Comics Continuity
11:51 Conclusion
12:28 Self-Promotion
12:55 Next Time!
Special thanks to Gage Swensen for providing some original art for this video at 09:52. Check out more of his work at:
Join this channel to get access to perks, including early access to my next video essay:   / @serumlake  
Music by @Katt Strike - listen to the whole track here:    • Ambient Batman Music b...  
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spiderjellys · 3 months
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melanie is so interesting to me okay i’m sane about her. her suit is so similar to ace’s design, simple with no accessories, standing in direct contrast to the rest of the family (minus ace who is. a literal robot). most notably it has a lot less red (only the lips and eyes) than king queen and jack, barely more than ace has. the rest of the family has more intricate suits & carries weapons. they all posture and mock constantly on the job while melanie is silent. and like. the obvious. melanie is ten, she’s not a face card like the others. 10-jack-queen-king directly aligns to their standings in the family (ace is ig just like in cards, switching between values of 1 and 11). melanie doesnt matter to them, she doesnt have any autonomy or influence in the family, and so much about ten is so representative of that.
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dailydccomics · 1 year
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BATFAMILY BEYOND!~~~!! Batman Beyond vol 6 #42
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toweroftickles · 3 months
Batman Beyond Tickle Headcanons
Gotham Case File #489B-KRL
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Maxine “Max” Gibson
Ticklishness Rating: 7.5/10
Most Ticklish Spots: Soles, Hips
Despite her lack of superpowers, a skilled fighter who won't hold still. She kicks and punches.
Will agree to anything he wants if Terry playfully tickles her. This doesn't happen often but she enjoys it when it does. Far more tolerant of this from Terry than from others.
Sometimes pokes Terry in the ribs when he's being too serious.
Hates her tickle laugh…she thinks her throaty cackles make her sound like an old lady. This bothers her more than tickling itself.
Always fights back skillfully during tickle wars. Her intelligence, strategic mind, and competitive streak serve her well and bring out her playful edge.
Her go-to move in a tickle fight is to pinch the sides.
Displays plenty of snark and sass regardless of her position.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ticklishness Rating: 9/10
Most Ticklish Spots: Feet, Ribs, Thighs
Liquid morph makes tickling of any kind impossible. Matter phase distortion field is necessary to keep her in a human state.
Unused to most physical sensations, owing to near-constant viscous form. Very low tolerance for pain…and, as it turns out, for tickling.
Begs and pleads for mercy almost immediately. She’s completely crippled by tickle torture. Will surrender any information without much resistance...easy target for interrogation.
A seductress with very physical inclinations and a penchant for younger men, she occasionally enjoys playfully tickling them in her efforts. Sharp fingers would make effective tools.
Shows expert skills in teasing, taunting, and toying with her foes. A skillful tickler, if given the opportunity.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Melanie Walker/10
Ticklishness Rating: 7/10 (unfortunate lack of numerical synergy)
Most Ticklish Spots: Sides, Toes
Timid reactions: pouty, moaning giggles and submissive squirms.
Covers her face a lot.
Obviously uncomfortable with being tickled - the activity distresses her somewhat.
Lack of childhood friends & normal familial bonds may have created emotional distance from tickling. Shows no propensity toward it...the thought simply doesn't amuse her or occur to her naturally (and she certainly doesn't want to provoke any revenge).
Consequently not very fun to tickle.
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Dee Dee Twins
Ticklishness Rating: 10/10
Most Ticklish Spots: Arches of Feet, Belly Buttons, Armpits
Ruthless tickle fanatics. Love to hold down (or tie up) and tickle their victims without pity.
Giggle and laugh wickedly at the mere mention of tickling.
Sadistically tickled/wrestled one another growing up, and still do.
Active online “community” members. Each has a secret stash of tickling videos & fanfics that they think the other is oblivious to.
Switches through and through, but unable to handle doses of their own medicine for long. Low resistance. Violently kick and struggle.
Claim to have "gotten it from (their) Nana Harley."
Hobby: Spouting off dad jokes and terrible puns whilst forcing their captives to laugh. This usually involves either nitrous oxide or tickle torture.
Favorite tickle tools: their fingers, backscratchers, Wartenberg wheels
Add. Notes: Contact information exchanged with the twins. They showed more enthusiasm to join my research assignment than any other subjects encountered so far. Request funds to hire interns.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Terry McGinnis/Batman
Ticklishness Rating: 6/10
Most Ticklish Spots: Abs, Ribs
More ticklish than one would expect; less ticklish than one would hope.
Not overly physically affectionate; more rough-and-tumble from growing up as a gang punk. Doesn’t really tickle anyone except Max.
More mildly-irritated by tickling than anything else. Not sensitive enough for it to be a major deterrent.
Once bound and tickle-tortured by Dee Dee in the hopes of getting information about the Batcave. (Their methods proved ineffective.)
Add. Notes: Highly-advanced WayneTech exosuit taps into the user's central nervous system, inhibiting pain and increasing reflex speed. Practical applications obvious. Reverse-engineer at earliest opportunity.
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inksilvery · 1 year
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my commissions are open
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pridewishes · 7 months
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250x250 || lesbian || bordered circle
like / rb + credit + read dni if using
requested by anon !!
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weatherman667 · 8 months
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Melanie and Terry
by InkSilvery
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thedrown · 2 years
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Batman: Beyond
Some doodles n sketches I made the other day
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somereaderinblue · 8 months
So, recently I've been rereading the Batman Beyond tie-in comics & one of @theycallme-ook fics, which brought me back to a character that's criminally underrated: Julio "July" Jimenez.
(You can read the full story using this link. Sadly, it's his first & only appearance.)
I really wished the writers had utilized him more bcz good lord, he has so much potential as a character. We know Terry once mixed with the wrong crowd. However, Charlie's the only character from that part of Terry's past who made an appearance. Now, he was a pretty good antagonist (esp how he paralleled & subverted Bruce & Harvey's friendship) but at the end of it all, he's, again, the only character from that part of Terry's past that a wide audience got to see.
It would've been refreshing if July got to show up on the screen too bcz he would've been a perfect foil to Charlie in these 2 words.
Charlie -> greed July -> hope
July is one of the people Terry managed to successfully save. Whereas Charlie remained alone & went back to crime for personal gain; July was one of many who was pushed into it to support his family. However, unlike Charlie who manipulated & betrayed Terry's trust, when Terry offered July hope, he took it. He accepted Terry's hand & found himself standing on better ground with his own two feet.
If writers wanted to take it a step further, July could've been brought into the loop, having been inspired to pick up a Red Hood-esque mantle to help other ppl in his place (or remain a family guy, that works too. Man has a wife & 3 kids after all). Maybe Melanie & Jack could've bumped into him after they left the Gang, sensing kindred spirits in each other.
(Maybe he, Jack & his wife could've become a throuple bcz god knows that guy deserves love & a chance at a decent family after what his bio one put him through but that's a rare asf ship for another post on another day.)
Anyways, yeah. Batman Beyond has an amazing cast but this is one side character that has sadly remained unrecognized. I hope this post can change that.
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takaraphoenix · 2 years
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BAT FAMILY BEYOND!! All that’s missing is for Nissa/Batgirl to join the team
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Today's LGBT+ Headacanon is;
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Melanie Walker (Ten) from Batman Beyond-Lesbian Demigirl.
Species: Human.
Requested by @too-odd-for-ordinary
Status: Alive
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redwiccanrobin · 7 months
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//Terry + Melanie//
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dailydccomics · 1 year
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old man Barry is fine as hell and i’m not apologizing for that! Batman Beyond vol 6 #35-36
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mogai-headcanons · 7 months
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Melanie Walker from Batman Beyond is a closeted demilesbian who uses she/her and they/them pronouns!
She has a crush on Dana Tan, who is currently questioning her gender and sexuality!
dni link
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