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starplanes · 2 days
Audio Dramas by Black Creators
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Not an exclusive list, of course - if your fave isn't on here, recommend it below!
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spacespeckspod · 3 days
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The second end of the world and the people who refused to end along with it.
Episode 1 is out now as part of the 2024 Podcast Jam, with the rest of the first season currently being written. You can listen to the show on Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, or via the RSS feed. For updates, follow us here, on Instagram, Twitter, or on our website.
We'll see you again in the city real soon.
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worldgonewrongpod · 3 days
Out now- World Gone Wrong Episode 202: Should a ghost pay rent?
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Production Update:
Yesterday we finalised the theme music for The Holmwood Foundation, and now have the sound files fully prepped for use in Episode One (!!!!)
Contracts are being drawn up for our leads and main crew members, ready for signing
Availability is being checked for recording dates with cast and crew for episode one.
Open Call forms are being prepared for casting some of our lead/ensemble roles, to share very soon!
Awaiting edits from our Script Editor for Episode One
Social Media Platforms are up and running on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr
Important Meetings are Happening!!
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skyfullofpods · 2 days
85 is @thesiltverses!
Urban fantasy/horror. In a world where multiple new gods have been fabricated and old gods outlawed, two followers of a seemingly-forgotten river god are on a pilgrimage in a van, looking for other followers of their faith. They have to remain undercover, as they have had to in the past, in fear of grave consequences.
Currently on season three. Seasons one and two consist of a total of 29 episodes.
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re-dracula · 2 months
On May 1 we'll be clearing our RSS feed of episodes so they can once more release chronologically with the Dracula season.
If you're listening through right now, finish up this month, get your hands on the audiobook, or purchase the ad-free feed, where episodes will stay up.
Episode 1 will re-release on May 3! If you missed the Re: Dracula experience last year, join us this time around! It'll be fun!
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the-hive-is-alive · 1 month
Tumblr media
I hope Arthur isn't lactose intolerant, because I know it's supposed to be serious, I want it to be serious, but every time I look at it I go "CHOESE" DO NOT blind people with melted cheese folks, or at least apolocheese later
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candycassowary · 8 months
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Nonverbal communication :0
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boombox-fuckboy · 2 months
May 3rd is Bandcamp Friday, which means artists on Bandcamp get more out of your purchases. Why not support some of your favourite fiction podcasters, and get some crisp audio in the process?
Fiction Podcasts
Anamnesis (Full Audio Drama + Soundtrack)
The Dungeon Economic Model (The Complete Series)
Folxlore (Part 1 • Part 2)
Inn Between (Season 1 • Season 2 • Season 3)
Old Gods of Appalachia (Season 1 • Season 3)
Sidequesting (Season 1 • Season 2)
The Tower (Part I • Part II • Part III)
What Will Be Here
Podcast Specials
The Deca Tapes (Puzzle Box)
The Dungeon Economic Model (Halloween Special)
Leaving Corvat (TEMPLE OF SLEEP)
Welcome To Night Vale (Live Shows: Condos • The Debate • The Librarian • The Investigators • Ghost Stories • All Hail • A Spy in the Desert • The Haunting of Night Vale)
Where The Stars Fell (The Christmas Chronicle)
Music From Podcasts
The Adventure Zone
Aftershocks (Soundtrack)
Alice Isn't Dead (Music From)
All My Fantasy Children
Among The Stars and Bones (OST)
ars PARADOXICA (When I'm Not Here • Electric River (End Theme))
The Ballard of Anne & Mary (Soundtrack)
The Big Loop (OST: FML • The Fugue )
The Deca Tapes (OST)
The Department of Variance of Somewhere, Ohio (OST: Season One • Season Two)
Dreamboy (Silent Night, Holy Night)
The Dungeon Economic Model (Royal Musical Accompaniment • Chill Beats to Build Profitable Dungeons To)
Eeler's Choice (OST)
The Fall of the House of Sunshine
Folxlore (Music To Dance With Your Inner Demons To)
Friends At The Table
Gospels of the Flood (Soundtrack)
Greater Boston (Soundtrack, Seasons 1-3)
The Grotto (Soundtrack)
Hello From The Hallowoods (Starcrossed Gods OST)
It Makes A Sound (Wim Farros: The Attic Tape)
Kane and Feels (OST: Volume 1 • Volume 2)
Lake Clarity (OST)
Leaving Corvat (Re-mastered soundtrack)
Liars & Leeches
The Lost Cat Podcast (Musical Features)
Midnight Radio (OST)
Mockery Manor (The Music Of: Season One • Season Two • Season Three • A Midwinter Night's Dream)
Nowhere, On Air
Old Gods of Appalachia (What is Sung Under The Mountain Vol. 1 • The Land Unknown (Theme) • The Bride • Familiar & Beloved)
Our Fair City
The Pasithea Powder (Theme • Mary Ann • Odysseus)
The Penumbra Podcast
The Polybius Conspiracy (OST)
Re: Dracula (Concept Album)
ROGUEMAKER (Soundtrack)
Rogue Runners (OST)
Skyjacks (Call of the Sky)
Station Blue (OST)
The Strange Case of Starship Iris
This Planet Needs a Name (Albums: The Nameless Songs - Landing - Growing - Shifting)
The Tower (Original Score: Part I • Part II • Part III)
Unplaced (Soundtrack)
Unseen (Soundtrack)
Where The Stars Fell
Wolf 359 (OST: Volume One • Volume Two • Volume Three)
Zero Hours
2024 Bandcamp Friday Dates
May 3rd
September 6th
October 4th
December 6th
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largeicedpaintwater · 10 months
Sometimes while listening to a horror podcast I will be shocked that is scary. I am genuinely shocked that the audio fiction that I put on specifically to Heebie my Jeebies has done just that. What do you mean this is a scary story and not a fun little thing about these gay people?
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jouxlskaard · 2 months
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turns out I would.
this post marks my movement away from tma-only content into a bigger variety of stuff, which is honestly well overdue at this point. i said i'd do art for lots of different media and fandoms and then i never actually did it oops
also, please take the time to actually read that pitch! it's something i've been working on for a hot minute and i'm thinking of releasing stuff to do with it, so if y'all can have a read and let me know if it's something you'd be interested in listening to then that'd be great. it's very dear to me!
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starplanes · 25 days
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Horror podcasts for new audio drama listeners!
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muffinsnbagles · 11 months
Credit: Badjhur
Full audio: https://soundgasm.net/u/Badjhur/M4F-Ghost-Stories-Riling-up-Riley
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worldgonewrongpod · 2 days
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thepenumbrapodcast · 19 days
Tumblr media
What, indeed, is the honorable choice for the thief to make? "Juno Steel and the Thief's Honor (Part 2)" is now available for $4 Patreon supporters who want to find out! Everyone else will hear the episode on Tuesday.
We really want to see your live reactions to this episode, so if you'd like to make things a bit more interactive, film yourself listening to this episode for the first time, choose a short clip, and post it to any social media and tag us! (Make sure that audio from the episode doesn't bleed through, because we don't want people to get spoiled: mute it or put other music over top, please.) We'll repost our favorite reactions. And just a reminder: this is not the final episode of Juno Steel.
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twigsandhearts · 6 months
Non-verbal & non-speaking characters in Audio Dramas
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A PowerPoint was created after receiving questions as to how we could have characters that don't speak in our show. For an audio version, check our TikTok.
Suggestions for other ways to give non-speaking characters space in shows are welcome! This presentation was made by someone who is mostly non-verbal and previously fully non-speaking.
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