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Can I get your main account ?
ofc! but for the sake of largely remaining anonymous (sort of) i鈥檓 gonna hide it in a bunch of tags 馃ぉ enjoy!!
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ive got a "test the tags things" to do
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hey, u said during some bingo asks that u think everyone else is wrong abt despa and desha, and im really curious what u think people r wrong abt jfhg
hihi, ill admit to like not seeing a lot of english works abt either of em too much beyond some of what ao3 has to offer (not a lot. but some.) and also it's been a lil bit since i've thought abt the brothers in general. so here are my best thots abt how ppl tend to write desha and despa
*ill say first that desha seems like Very Hard To Write in general (from a guy whos struggled w it a lot for comic reasons and is at his best bouncing off ppl who know him better.) getting the combination of Man Traumatized By His Family Situation / Growing Up Quick / Eldest Brother Dickheadedness / Being A Good Ruler, Bc Why Wouldnt He Be correct is hard. *my major criticism is that people just generally dont write him mean enough. hes casually just pretty rude and overall aloof a lot of the time (remembering how bored he was both when bojji was fighting the captain and when he was appointed #1) and tends to be cruel to people he doesnt already respect (bojji, again.) i dont super blame ppl for gettin him wrong tho bc hes a difficult character to grasp
*despa however bc hes my main contender for Guy Of The Year i get more. people usually write him nice enough (good!) and smart enough (great!) but he Also has his own mean streak. he says bad things abt desha (looks, personality) while uplifting himself (though he also compliments him later. family.), gets into More Than One fight bc hes insulted (yeah the 2nd one was scripted but he knows himself well enough to know hes sensitive abt his looks lol.), and is generally greedy (see: everything.) *both he and desha have good hearts but bc of the environment they were brought up in and also the fact they are Powerful Brothers they can just be like. Mean. idk i feel like this could apply to almost any characters ever, nobody ever writes anyone mean enough. thanx sorry this got this long for no reason
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transannabeth 3 months
if you opened discord鈥檚 april fools day loot boxes how long did it take you to get all the items? it took my friend 18 boxes but me 65 and i want to see how bad my luck is
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Moon walk on your cheese cus cheese moon rock
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to fight my artblock i decided to redraw some gerard p donelan comics as ds9. but once i started i could not stop....
so heres all deep space 9 of them. lol. again the poses and captions are lifted straight from his comics all i did was put space guys on there! please enjoy
(id in alt text btw!)
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Nothing like finding a body in the trunk of your cherry red sports car after a hard day at work!
edit: crying 5.5k notes this is crazier than finding a body in the trunk of your cherry red sports car
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All jokes aside I really do see 9/11 as one of the truly most evil and cursed events to happen in human history. Not because of the people who died in the actual attacks - easily dwarfed by a countless list of crimes against humanity and mass acts of violence the US alone commits every year just to sustain itself - but because of their fallout and the world order they produced. My entire life more or less has been lived in the shadow of forever wars, of the national security state, of ever-increasing militarism, of the so-called "Middle East" being torn and retorn apart over and over and over again and it getting worse with every single reconfiguration. There isn't going to be a way out until the entire US empire collapses under its own weight, and until then we'll all continue to suffocate.
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miku day yippee!!!
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cementing my place as the crossovers for no reason guy
(third pic based on)
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Mr. Riordan, it is truly a pleasure getting to experience your second draft.
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a former US president gets shot at and rather than trend himself he causes supernatural to trend instead because everyone is sharing the news via the destiel meme. unparalleled
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Tumblr media
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madlori 2 months
On Tommy Kinard
"It's not that I don't like Buck and Tommy, it's just happening so fast, he's underdeveloped!"
*clears throat*
Here is a recap of what we know about Tommy. And this is just off the top of my head, I didn't rewatch anything.
He was closeted at the 118 before and found the atmosphere repressive. He (probably) acted like a dick to fit in. When presented with the chance to make things better, he took it, and developed positive relationships with Hen, Chim and Bobby.
He was in the army and trained there as a pilot.
He knows Muay Thai and has a set up in his house.
He likes to work on cars and has a lift at his house (where TF does he live is my question - he has some nerve being agog at Buck's loft if he has a muay thai gym and a car lift)
He is down for violating departmental policy at the drop of a hat (has done so on at least two occasions) to help a friend and has no problems fucking with the fire chief.
He is a nerd. He likes pub trivia and has incorrect Star Wars opinions, and can keep up with Chim in the movie-quoting department.
His favorite movie is "Love, Actually" and he likes craft beer and monster trucks.
He came out when he transferred to Harbor and felt comfortable enough to stop lying about who he was.
He follows MMA and has friends in Vegas who like him well enough to hook him up to a frankly insane degree.
He'll risk his own life and engage in helicopter skulduggery to save people he doesn't know...I mean, apart from doing that for a living.
He'll take time out of his day to give a tour to the cute boy who called him up and offer to give that boy flying lessons (a significant time investment) which was probably maybe about more one on one time with said boy.
He yearns for the belonging and found family that the 118 became after his departure and probably befriended Eddie hoping to earn a plate at the cookout, aside from just clicking with him.
He likes Eddie and Chris a lot and they like him. Chimney also likes him.
He was attracted to Buck right away and was emotionally aware enough to pick up on Buck's jealous feelings over Eddie and his friendship, even if he was surprised that it was him Buck wanted to get to know.
He respects and values Buck and Eddie's friendship and wanted to make sure Buck knew that.
He's brave enough to shoot his shot by planting one on a dude.
He's a lil bitchy but also generous and ready to throw in with this insane guy who's inviting him to a family wedding after 0.5 dates.
He showed up to a bachelor party when he was on call because Buck asked him to, then showed up in turnouts after fighting a fire for like 12 hours yadda yadda we all know this part.
He has got it BAD for one Evan Buckley, who he only calls "Evan" which according to LFJR is a conscious decision by the writers, which fascinates me.
He was willing to take a chance with a man just discovering his sexuality BUT wasn't willing to put himself through that if the man in question wasn't ready for it. When Buck showed him that he was, he was all in.
He does NOT take his coffee like that.
Oh and
He's a beast.
This is VASTLY more information than we knew about ANY of Buck's previous girlfriends with the possible exception of Abby. Even Taylor did not get this much development over 20 episodes (things we knew about her: she was an ambitious and ethically flexible reporter, did not eat fudge, had a dad in jail, and sometimes jogged for exercise, she was capable of being nice and did love Buck, I believe). And as for it being fast? Sometimes it just be like that? A relationship doesn't have to have year(s) of buildup. Sometimes people do just meet, like each other, and start dating, in fact in the real world that's usually what happens. It's in TV Land that you have to have eighteen seasons of UST before pulling the trigger. Most of the time in reality people just vibe off each other and decide to go out and THEN they learn about each other.
And they've got a great start. You'd think they'd barely spoken by how a few naysayers are talking about it - the loft scene was like a solid five minutes of very open conversation, the Cringe Date seemed to have gone well and again, open and honest (if cringey) conversation before Cockblocker Eddie showed up, and the coffee meetup was again....open and honest conversation. They're not gonna show us long scenes of them exchanging firefighting stories and workout preferences (I mean, I'd watch that, but it's not what the show is about).
In conclusion, anyone saying he's poorly developed or the relationship is "out of nowhere" either is being willfully obtuse or has ridiculously unrealistic expectations for relationships and/or what constitutes character development.
As for whether they have chemistry, that's a matter of subjective opinion. Given that a TON of people watched that harbor tour scene (even when it was posted as a sneak peek) and started going "wait...what's going on here...are they flirting??" might be a clue. People were talking about Bi!Buck maybe happening with Tommy based solely off that clip of the harbor tour and what they were seeing between them. And imho that loft scene was crackling. But we all see things through the lenses of our biases, myself included.
Got that off my chest, whew.
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so uh guess what i watched
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