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skiptomy · 2 days
Help a disabled trans person get back on their feet
Forcing myself to ask for help. It's really hard for me to do this cause I always feel like I've already asked way too much, but a few kind folks have suggested I do something like this, so I guess here goes nothing.
For more info about what's going on you can check out this post, but the tl;dr is that I'm flat fucking broke right now with no way to get extra income. A lot of my stuff is super old or super broken and at the point where I need replacements that I cannot afford.
So I guess here's a list of stuff, and general prices, though if anyone has better recommendations I'm super open. I'm limiting it to things I actively need rather than just things I want cause that obviously doesn't seem fair to ask folks for.
Bedding: at this point all my pillows are so old they are actively yellowing. My comforter is pretty stained and starting to tear up at the seams and whenever I come home from doing one of my dog sitting jobs I've noticed how much worse my allergies are. Fixing this will drastically help my lungs and sinuses, as well as help with joint support/comfort.
Allergy safe pillows: Usually between 8$-15$ x 2 at least, 4 preferred (joint support)
Cooling comforter: [link] 35$ plus shipping
Allergy safe mattress cover: Most I can find are between 30-50$
Cooling mattress pad: [link] 43$ plus shipping
Med support: This part is pretty self explanatory as to why I need them. But just in case you'd like to know; I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, fibromyalgia, chrons/ibs, asthma, pretty bad environmental allergies, as well as being recently diagnosed with ADHD/Autism. This leads to near constant pain, always constant fatigue, and just general bad vibes y'know? My body is essentially a poorly constructed ball joint doll that thinks it's funny to just sprinkle on the symptoms.
This one is just way easier to do as a wishlist, cause there's a LOT of things that could help and a lot of them are very expensive.
Work: I work as a digital artist, and the biggest thing I'm saving up for right now is a functioning PC, as my current computer continues to crash and is plagued with a whole lot of troubles and has never really had enough RAM to do what I need. Thanks to the incredible people in my life I have a little towards this already, as well as a big discount through one of my friend's jobs. The build that my tech buds and I worked out would suit my needs and keep me going for a good decade or so is about 1,400$. I've got 500$ towards it already that I refuse to touch for anything else (if it's not life threatening), and I'm trying my best to save up on the side, but bills and life keep making that very hard.
I've got Paypal, Venmo (just ask for QR), and Ko-fi.
I also do commissions but those are quite slow going right now because of all the aforementioned problems. But if you don't mind waiting a while (trying to catch up on older ones right now) you sure can put an order in.
If you are able to help, I cannot express how much that would mean to me. But I also completely understand if you can't. It's tough out there. Especially right now with everything going on. In any case, I wish you all the best, and thank you heartily for reading and sharing.
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thedreamscapes · 22 hours
donation and sale post
i’ve got a big amount of bills coming up, mostly due to health reasons, and i need to get my cat to the vet. all of the overtime i’ve been snatching up at work has had to go towards $1300 car repair and maintenance.
i started having problems with my thyroid and ended up with over $1,000 in tests that i’m fighting for insurance to look at. i have an appointment with a specialist scheduled for the end of next month.
the problems with my thyroid made my hand pain flair up to the point i can hardly do art work right now. i have joint pain and weakness, i’ve been dropping things, i can hardly hold a pencil for any length of time. i went to the orthopedist this past monday and he gave me a steroid injection in my wrist and that has helped my left hand TREMENDOUSLY. he didn’t want to do anything to my right, yet.
i have an ultrasound scheduled next week and i start occupational therapy the second of april. i am praying the shots and therapy will be enough; my doctor passively mentioned wanting to send me to a surgeon depending on the ultrasound results. hopefully not.
on top of all of this, my mum was diagnosed with hurthle cell carcinoma this past month and we’re trying to get her into a sister location of MD Anderson, thankfully right down the road from her. she’s scheduled a consult for her first surgery at the beginning of may...because that’s the earliest they had. we’re already looking at over $2000 just for the biopsy after insurance covered their part. the first surgery was quoted about $13000.
this doesn’t include trying to get my cat to the vet.
i am asking for help. i don’t want to, but i’m at the point, i can’t work more hours than what i’m doing (job won’t let me) and i’m beyond stressed. i have prints and pins and original art for sale and i’m linking ko-fi.
i CAN take a couple commissions if folks are willing to wait. i can’t guarantee a turn around time because my work time will be based on my hand function.
i’m so tired, y’all. i’m so fucking tired.
this is my ko-fi link
this is my store front link
this is my commission information
reblogs are appreciated beyond words.
i’m only trying to raise $500 right now to give myself breathing room while i get things figured out.
and cry. there’s lots of crying
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firethekitty · 1 year
tumblr guide for new users!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hyperesthesias · 3 months
Tumblr media
For those of you who are equally aggravated by Tumblr Live, there's a way to snooze it under Dashboard Preferences. It only snoozes for 7 days and I can't find any way to turn it off completely. Hopefully @staff gets rid of it altogether. I thought it was a joke at first.
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rors-grvs · 4 months
okay, for the people who clearly really don't seem to understand tagging on their Tumblr fics—
if a character isn't in the fic, you don't tag them 😐 i thought that made sense, but i keep seeing so many wrongly tagged fics it's really pissing me off. i'm done saying sorry for coming off harsh when i rant but i'm not sorry for this, it needs to be said so i'll say it.
(using the Cod community as an example here, but this happens in every single fandom/community.)
if you write something with John Price, (example) than your tags would look like this; John Price x reader (or OC, whatever your cup'a tea is) John Price imagine, maybe even a few Captain Price x or Captain Price imagine.
but if (for example) Ghost or Soap DO NOT show up in the fic, there is absolutely ZERO reason to tag your fic with John Soap Mctavish x reader and Simon Ghost Riley x reader. babe, they're not in there, so don't. tag. them. it's that easy?
and for the people who are gonna get mad, "but it's for the reach! the more characters in the same world you tag the better the reach!" babe, i guarantee you if you just tag your fic with the appropriate tags, people find find them— that's how tags work. if i tag a work with 'Phillip Graves x reader' and any variant of those types of tags with Phillip Graves, people will find them.
when i look under the Phillip Graves x Reader tag or Phillip Graves Imagines tags, i don't want to find full John Price fics, that's not what i'm looking for, and Graves is literally not even mentioned once in those fics, so don't, tag, people, who aren't, in, it. it's not that hard is it?
i am not sorry for my angry TedTalk, this needed to be said. 😐
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mcflymemes · 2 months
if you get SHADOWBANNED, here’s what you need to do.
(shadowbanned = able to like posts, but the other person won’t be notified, IMs won’t work, unable to message people in any way, and it may appear as if you blocked or softblocked people when you didn’t, header is blank when someone else hovers over your blog, etc)
your email will also be shadowbanned, so any tickets you submit with the email attached to the shadowbanned account will NOT GO THROUGH (i.e. you will not receive an email confirming they received your ticket).
because of this, you need to use a different email to submit a ticket, but in the details section, explain what’s going on, give them as much details as possible. what’s happening, which blog it applies to, what email it applies to, how you never receive tickets back when you try submitting through that email, etc.
BE AS SPECIFIC AND DETAILED AS POSSIBLE. i cannot stress this enough. if they have to reply to your ticket with more questions, it just stretches the process even more.
here’s another way to help. make a twitter account, or use your current twitter account and tweet directly at @ tumblr support. not tumblr, but TUMBLR SUPPORT. give them your url. tell them you were shadowbanned. be very detailed.
tumblr is really slow with tickets on weekends, so you may need to tweet them once or twice and follow up on your ticket number as much as possible. my blog was deleted on a friday, but i got it restored the next tuesday. hope this helps, and please feel free to comment with more helpful tips or correct things i was wrong about.
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trans-dwightschrute · 3 months
How to turn off the TumblrLive update for mobile users
Enter settings
Tumblr media
Enter account settings
Tumblr media
Go down to Dashboard Preferences
Tumblr media
Then snooze that beast
Tumblr media
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rpclefairy · 2 months
Tumblr media
collection of tweaks for tumblr.
note this is directed at roleplay blogs, which is why i may be removing features that a regular personal blog would use, but everyone is free to use and customize these to your own liking.
i recently posted a quick tutorial on how to use ublock to remove the annoying shop button with the permanent "new" notification and i was asked both if i use any other tweaks for the dashboard and if i could compile my previous tweaks such as bigger dms, so here i am bundling all my tumblr fixes / tweaks. to install these you'll need ublock origin (feel free to experiment and adapt this to other adblocker extensions!) and stylus (apparently stylish has some privacy concerns so i'm no longer using that)
Tumblr media
ublock / adblocker part: following the steps on this tutorial, you'll open the filters panel on ublock origin and paste this. all filters are named and categorized in case you want to pick and choose.
follow the instructions in the notes! you'll have to replace my url with yours and if you have sideblogs copy paste the filters with the urls of your other blogs:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
stylus part: install this style, follow the "get stylus" button if you don't have this extension installed. optional customizing the css:
.j17Mp makes the dms window size bigger, adjust to your liking.
.k31gt various is all text / posts settings:
1. "text-align: justify;" justfies text, remove if you don't want justified text. 2. "font-size: 13px;" changes the font size of both normal and small text to a default 13px, adjust to a size comfortable for you!
.k31gt.ljmFj removes the gap between blockquotes.
everything else removes the empty gaps from removing ads with ublock.
before and after still screenshots:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ladystardust34 · 3 months
Tumblr, i am fucking begging you, do something about these porn bots. i’m getting ten emails a day saying they’re following me and it’s a joke.
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kaity--did · 9 days
Hey y’all I need a favor.
My mom (yes the crazy Christmas vampire lady) has gotten herself a hobby. She is reviewing books on the TikTok
Okay well she’s trying to learn how to use the TikTok
If you have an account can y’all go follow geema_reviews
The book review place she’s working with releases books based on follower count so she’s trying to ✨build a following✨
She’s not influencing or anything just gonna tell ya if she likes a book or not.
Okay thank you love you bye ❤️
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cossiemoss · 1 year
Dear Tumblr,
Today, I sent out a little red Pikmin who was born in Hawaii whilst I was on vacation.
I got home a few days ago and today this red Pikmin wanted to return home to retrieve a souvenir.
Without thinking, I accidentally sent this Pikmin on the expedition of it's life.
A journey no pikmin has made before..
Tumblr media
This pikmin will cross 3,290 miles ( 5,295,926 meters ) of land and sea without stopping.
I do not know what souvenir type it is or what it will bring back. This will remain a mystery for 76 days.
I hope to rename the Pikmin when it returns so I'll need your help.
I will continue to update you on this Pikmin's progress every other day until it finally returns.
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noonetalksaboutpollux · 2 months
If anybody wants to talk about tsoa, pjo, the iliad/odyssey or anything greek mythology related pls interact I'm dying over here
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strawberry-crocodile · 4 months
if we're giving advice to twitter refugees, I'd like to add that quotes work weird in tags; rather than appear as a quote, it cuts the part in the quote out of the tag and drops it in the front as a new tag. I just use two apostrophes as quotes whenever i want to use them. Thought you should know.
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mrsmothmom · 4 months
so if my blog isn't all my own content, what on earth is it?????? 😨
ok, so you've been told to reblog, and that your tumblr blog shouldn't be only your own stuff... but like...
what goes on there then?
on tumblr, you curate a vibe. folks looking at your blog should see posts that match you, your style, and your energy.
as a streamer, posts on your blog should probably match the energy in your streams and your ""b r a n d"" (i know we all threw up but its fact).
Tumblr media
look at this blog. perfectly curated to have excellent bug content - [@onenicebugperday]
ok cool but how do i do that? 🤔
first, take your original content and post it where makes sense. you can schedule posts and/or put things in your queue to go up whenever.
second, find some extra stuff to bring to your tumblr page that matches. good memes you have permission to share, maybe some gifs, maybe a quote or two.
lasty, look in tags that contain stuff that makes sense - are you a frog vtuber that likes cake? reblog frogs and cake. do you play minecraft? search for pretty minecraft screenshots. are you a dank memer who makes nasty jokes? reblog cursed stuff.
people following your blog should be served stuff that matches the reason they followed you a few times a day.
ok a y ... but won't my stuff get buried? i have things i wanna promote! 😓
reblog yourself fam
wait won't people get annoy-
reblog yourself
but how often??????
reblog afternoon posts at night for australlia. reblog weekly schedules a couple times a week. reblog your own art always, always, always.
won't the people seeing the same posts again be frustrated tho?!
like, probably not. BUT if you're worried just tag all your self reblogs with something like "#self reblog" or "#posting again". people can filter out a specific tag, so they don't have to see it!
ok but will it always be alright to share/reblog other people's art and stuff?
reblogs do a great job of crediting the original poster. if an artist posts stuff here they want you to reblog it. just make sure that if the blog you get stuff from isn't the original artist or poster, that they have credit and permission listed in the post (you're smart, just be careful).
very occasionally stuff will be specifically marked with a request not to reblog (mostly really personal stuff). you'll find these warnings in the tags, usually.
last question, i swear - what if i want to save/share/reblog/post stuff that doesn't match my ~vibe~?
make a sideblog! thats what sideblogs are for - they're for collecting a different vibe then your main blog and keeping your nasty meme mommy content from getting contaminated with all your visual asmr food reblogs.
you can have as many sideblogs as you want, and you can just let them breathe without worrying about how popular they get or whatever. and hey, no reason you can't self reblog sideblog content to let your followers know they can visit another blog for different stuff (including SPICY stuff uwu).
good luck out there champ - i hope this was helpful! let me know if you have any questions in the notes :)
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captainhoers · 2 months
Good day new Tumblr blogs!
I have noticed many people making blogs in the last couple of months. The reasons are unimportant. Today I want to talk about:
✨ Tumblr Themes - A Public Service Announcement ✨
A standout feature of Tumblr that it looks like they’re trying to sweep under the rug is the ability to make your blog look like almost anything you want. The “default” Tumblr theme is, apparently, designed to look as much like Twitter as possible. You pick some colours, you pick a header, it’s dull, it’s drab, it’s boring. It looks like this.
Tumblr media
You can make it look like this!
Tumblr media
Or this!
Tumblr media
Or this, or literally infinite other things!
Tumblr media
Because there’s a world of themes out there that you can install off the shelf, or if you feel like it you can input CSS and do all the fun things that HTML and CSS let you do! All you have to do is go here..
Tumblr media
And enable this little checkbox. The “Edit Theme” button will appear and a world of possibilities will open.
Tumblr media
Enjoy having the design freedom of a custom webpage built into the architecture of an existing social network!
If you found this enlightening, please share it! Reblog, etc - I’m think a lot of newer tumblr users genuinely don’t know about this feature, or don’t know how to turn it on!
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thelaundrybitch · 2 months
How To - Tumblr Community Labels
Hey Friends!
I'm back with more helpful tips! This time I will try and walk you through how to fix your Community Labels Settings!
This is only for PC/Laptop help.
**If you need to set them through your mobile device, please see that instructional post: HERE
Please don't steal my hard work or pictures, but absolutely REBLOG to help fellow Tumblrinas!
First, you will need to go to your own page by clicking on your icon at the left of your Dashboard options:
Tumblr media
Next go to Blog Settings:
Tumblr media
That should bring up these options:
Tumblr media
Click on ACCOUNT.
Once your Account pops up, the first thing you want to do is scroll down and check out your birthday settings!
*Fun fact! If you don't have your year set or if you are underage, Tumblr automatically blocks certain content.*
Tumblr media
Once you've made sure your birthday and year are in there, keep scrolling!
You are looking for COMMUNITY LABELS.
Tumblr media
Please read through these CAREFULLY! And choose what is best FOR YOU!
You are responsible for the content you want to see and read!
If you scroll down a bit more, you will see this:
Tumblr media
"Hide additional potentially mature content"
This is directly under the COMMUNITY LABELS settings.
Again, choose what is best FOR YOU.
And remember, if you don't like the content you are seeing coming across your dashboard, you can always change your settings.
Please be responsible, choose wisely, and keep yourself and everyone else safe while rummaging through all the fantastic content on this Hellsite (affectionate).
As always, please reach out if you have questions or need assistance!💕
Love to you all!
theLaundryBitch 💙💜
Tumblr media
The Fam tags:
@leosgirl82 @turtle-babe83 @post-apocalyptic-daydream @tmnt-tychou @scholastic-dragon @nittleboo @8pmblackcoffee @raphslovemuffin80 @mysticboombox @raphsweapondealer @sharpwindow @fluffytriceratops @rheawritesforfun @s-s-ironnie @drowninghell @turtlesmakemehappy @chicchanmooshy @roxosupreme @xanadu-702 @pheradream15 @sewerninno @tmntspidergirl @zombiesnips-blog @meowph-132 @clockworkmorningglory @hotredphoenix @dilucsflame33 @happymoonangel @sketch-and-write-lover @memes-in-a-half-shell @morning-sun-brah @lec743 @shakeyourtrees @raisin-shell @sivy-chan-blog @dangerous-collection-nightmare @fyreball66 @waterstar2016
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