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[A video of a white blonde person sitting at a laptop. Text on screen reads “Lesbians when they’ve hit the 1 week stage with someone they’re taking too:”.
They open up the Spotify app and click “Create Playlist”. Then title it “for someone special”. During the entire video the audio is a group of people disapprovingly repeating variations of “Emma no!”, “no!”, “stop it!”, and “Emma!”.]
End description.
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lgbt-tiktoks · 25 days
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lgbt-tiktoks · 27 days
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lgbt-tiktoks · 28 days
[The video shows two people, Divinity (left) and Nik (right). Text above their head says "Happy Aromantic Awareness Week". Their socials are also above their heads, with "@/officiallydivinity" and "@/nikhampshire (ig)". Divinity has the label "Aromantic/GreyAce" under her and Nik has "AlloAromantic".
Divinity: "What's up potatoes, it's Divinity."
Nik: "I'm Nik Hampshire."
Divinity: "Some of you may know it's Aromantic Awareness Week and we're both aromantic. We wanted to do a fun little video of some things we may find repulsive or that we may be into as romantic repulsed aromantics."
Nik: "True."
Divinity: "So we just wrote down a couple of things and we actually don't even know each other's answers yet, so this is gonna be fun. Hand holding. One, two, three."
Both of the hold up a thumbs down.
Divinity: Same! Cuddling. One, two, three.
Both hold up a thumbs up.
Divinity: (laughing) Yes!
Nik: Non-holiday gift giving. One, two, three.
Divinity holds a thumbs up. Nik holds a thumbs down. He switches to a thumbs up.
Nik: Nah. Like it depends who it is though. Like if its somebody that I-
Divinity: It depends what it is as well.
Nik: That too, yeah. So really there's like a lot of context that comes into that.
Divinity: If it's a funko pop, I- I want it. If it's flowers for no reason...
Nik: And it's like if we don't know each other, if we're just hanging out as like we're hooking up or it's just something casual and you start giving me gifts. I'm like... nah.
Divinity: That's suspicious. Nicknames. One, two, three.
Both give a thumbs down.
Divinity: No! Do not call me babe!
Nik: Pop Ins. One, two, three.
Both of them give a thumbs down.
Nik: Don't come by my house.
Divinity: You better text, call, send a smoke signal.
Nik: Don't call, don't call either- Good morning/good night text. One, two, three.
Divinity keeps her thumb sideways while Nik gives a thumbs down.
Divinity: I'm indifferent! (laughing) It just depends on who it is.
Nik: True.
Divinity: PDA. One, two, three.
Both give a thumbs down. Nik moves himself out of frame completely.
Nik: Uh, playing with a partner's hair. One. two, three.
Divinity gives a thumbs up and Nik gives a thumbs down. He switches it up and down a few times.
Nik: Eh, kinda depending on context.
Divinity: I mean it's a wig, you wanna wear it. You know. Cooking for someone. One, two, three.
Both give a thumbs up.
Divinity: I love cooking!
Nik: I love to eat.
Divinity: I love cooking!
Nik: Covering the bill. One, two, three.
Divinity gives a thumbs up. Nik hesitates before giving a thumbs up.
Nik: Uh yeah it depends.
Divinity: I like to go dutch though because if someone is paying for everything I start to feel like-
Nik: Yeah that's kinda how I feel.
Divinity: It just feels so much like a date.
Nik: So I go halves.
Divinity: Yeah, I'm a halfsies...
Nik: Again, until there's like a repertoire and we know we're friends then I'll cover-
Divinity: Yeah.
Nik: That being said, obviously what is and isn't romantic is subjective per person and even per incident. Like sometimes with the same person something might feel romantic at one point, it might not feel romantic at the next. So it's up to you guys.
Divinity: Never let what the appearance of what something looks like stop you from enjoying the activity with someone because you're afraid of being "perceived" as something.
The text "Bloopers" appears on screen, showing parts they messed up on.
Divinity: All that being said, I forgot what I was about to say (laughing). That's what she said, I'm sorry. That being said I hope that you all know romantic gestures- what are they?
Nik: Gestures.
Divinity: Yeah.
End Transcript]
Note: This video is at least a year old (maybe 2??) but it's been in my drafts forever so better late than never! Also happy aromantic spectrum awareness week (I'm so late I'm sorry)!!!
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lgbt-tiktoks · 29 days
sooo, in light of really needing to get my partner's cat's needs met so he doesn't end up developing more serious issues, i've got some slots open for emergency flat fee commissions.
$35 for a 1000×1000px 75dpi digital art image.
Can be character art [OC or canon media], other portraits [yourself, friends, family, pets], or other personal requests.
Simple backgrounds only, but are included.
For terms and more information email me at [email protected]
0/5 slots open. First come first served.
also accepting support tips through ko-fi [vaporwavelich], venmo [vaporwavelich] and PP [[email protected]]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lgbt-tiktoks · 1 month
[A video of a white person with long hair. Above their head are a bunch of screenshots of rude and homophobic comments.
They sadly say “Guys, these people said they didn’t like my gay pride patches”. In the background, the music is ramping up as they yell “So I bought seven more, bitch!” (laughing).
The video then shows him head banging and sewing the patches to the ceiling of the car where a bunch of punk, heavy metal band, and other assorted patches are already. End Description.]
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Hi everyone! No post today due to personal reasons but I promise I’m planning on regularly posting again either Sunday or Monday
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lgbt-tiktoks · 1 month
[The video has the caption “POV: you fell for a cat girl”. It starts off showing a woman sitting in bed and then pans over to a cat bed with an orange cat on it. The cat bed is made to resemble a human bed.]
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lgbt-tiktoks · 1 month
Caption: [My earlier video got about this got taken down because I was not being normal about it. That’s on me. Look at this fucking guy. It’s a build-a-bear werewolf! It’s a build-a-werewolf! Are you fucking with me? Everyone’s gonna love this guy. Gay bitches… furries… that’s all the kinds of people.]
Note: Here’s the tumblr post shown!
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#2 a reminder to trans femmes
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For those who are sensitive to needles and worry about possibly seeing it in this video, the syringe is the most visible at the start and then the rest of the video is from a side angle where almost nothing is visible.
Video by ErinInTheMorning on TikTok
[Transcript (there's captions on screen but in case you can't turn on audio):
Erin: "File this one away for the transgender history books, whenever they write about our history; today Lindsey Spero, a trans man, stood in front of the Florida Board of Medicine, which was about to vote to medically ban all gender affirming care for trans youth.
He stood there to deliver his testimony, he delivered a little bit of it, but then he took the remainder of his testimony time to stand there and inject his hormone therapy in front of all of them in stunned silence, and then he turned around and raised his fist. Watch this."
Lindsey: "My name is Lindsey Spero, I'm 25 years old, I'm a resident of St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm also transgender.
I am someone who was subjected to treatments that have been questionable, that were mentioned by people like that woman who came up and spoke, I can tell you for a fact that her child is going to grow up hating her.
I'm sure you've heard many stories that sound like mine already, over the last few months my trans siblings and family members have stood before you, put their hearts on full display and vulnerable pleaded with you to listen to our stories and perspectives.
The American Academy of Pediatrics has condemned your actions and our federal government has spoken out against the actions you seek to take regarding the necessary health care for trans youth.
I could stand here and tell you about the times I attempted to end my life because I didn't have access to gender affirming care but I know, I know you don't care. I see you sneering at us while we come here and talk to you.
Instead I'm going to take the rest of my time to demonstrate the sacred and weekly ritual of my shot in front of you, in this body.
My medication is life saving, I will use HRT for the rest of my life, your denial of my need for this medication, doesn't make my existence as a trans person any less real.
I will be giving myself my subcutaneous shot in my stomach. If you have a needle phobia, please look away."
Lindsey injects his T-shot in silence, helped by another person who passes him a needle and the testosterone in its vial.
After finishing, he raises his fist and turns around to the audience.
Lindsey: "Tomorrow and forever."
The crowd cheers and a few people get up to clap.
Erin: "That, that is what I'm talking about! Good job Lindsey! This is the kind of resistance that matters!"
End transcript.]
(As a sidenote, it seems that Lindsey identifies as nonbinary, not necessarily (or exclusively, anyways) as a trans man. Some articles identify him as transmasc but all of his socials state nonbinary.)
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lgbt-tiktoks · 6 months
Help for a disabled SE Asian artist fighting leukemia
Tumblr media
Please, please read this entire thread
Hi friends, as some of you guys know, my best friend Allanah is in need of mutuaI aid. She is fighting leukemia, and her chemotherapy meds alone is 1,500 pesos PER PILL. She needs to take midostaurin 4 times a day EVERY DAY 😵‍💫
Allanah was mainly the one who was working for her family, and rn she is in need of our help now that she is too sick to work. Her chemo, just her chemo is costing about 120-125 usd A DAY. She needs to be on chemo for TWO YEARS at least.
Please, please please, to anyone here who can help us get Allanah her chemo, anyone with disposable income, anyone in a position to help, please rt this thread, please send anything Allanah's way on her p*yp*l
And this is her ko-fi
And this is our gofundme
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lgbt-tiktoks · 7 months
I’ll keep this brief. I’m a newly single mother of 4 kids with complex needs. I’m also recovering from cancer, and I am currently battling liver failure brought on by said cancer. I’m working my ass off to make ends meet while trying to take care of all my kids, but it’s just not enough. My eldest is trying to get a job to help with funds, so it’s not just me working, and we're in the process of getting my 14yo on SSI, but until then, we need help. A lot of help.
Realistically, I need to make $10,000 to keep from losing our home by the end of the year. I have a GoFundMe set up for this amount (Here is the link to my GoFundMe). I know this is a lot and likely unattainable, so I am breaking it down into 3 monthly goals.
Right now, I need to stretch the paycheck I’m getting on September 8th by about $650. My PayPal is here. Please ignore my deadname.
Please signal boost and donate if you can. Even a dollar would help right now. Thank you.
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lgbt-tiktoks · 7 months
Can anyone help a disowned trans kid get back to school and work?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hey everyone.
I am sorry to do this because I know everyone is struggling in their own way, but I don't know what to do.
So I was staying with my girlfriend and her family over the summer (during the school year I live in student housing) and I was planning on driving back last weekend like I always do. Unfortunately, the junker I've had since junior year of high school finally broke down on me and the cost of repairing it is more than the car itself.
Classes started on the 22nd at my university and I need to get back asap but I'm completely broke. I also have this on-campus job i was supposed to start but i told them the situation and they are being understanding.
if anyone can spare like $5 or something i would be eternally grateful because this really sending me into panic mode.
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