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"Think of them like dystopian lunchboxes"
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Never give Percy access to a music studio, the cursed mixes this man would produce would leave Apollo in shambles
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a stroke of inspiration hit me
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lgbt-tiktoks · 8 months
Description: [A video of a woman riding a galloping horse bareback while holding a large rainbow flag.]
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titkoks · 10 months
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Tumblr media
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appraisedtiktoks · 2 months
Closed Captions:
The video begins with a man driving as text appears “Homemade flowers for the girl”
Cutting off some of his beginning dialogue, he explains that he stopped by the grocery store for flowers as multiple videos cut in of the flowers he’s describing.
He picked up one bundle of closed, open, and normal flowers before driving home to assemble.
“Alright let me get comfortable real quick. I’m just gonna have my Mr. Rogers moment here and get a little comfy” he states as he rolls up his sleeves and begins removing the flower bundles from their plastic encasings.
“Now it’s time to prep the flowers. Listen mc you can’t give it to her in the plastic wrap. Remember you’re giving her a gift, not a task.”
As he’s shown cutting off the thorns and removing and bruised petals, he continues, “And don’t wait for a holiday to do this-“
“Leaves and buds in water will quickly rot” appears on screen as he removes them.
“Just because flowers are the best kind of flowers.
Oh and here’s a tip. Save a flower for yourself, right? And when that flower dies, that’s when you know it’s time to get her new flowers.”
Throwing his tied tie over his shoulder he grabs a vase off screen.
“Alright, now grab yourself a vase, Florlab sent me this one, thank you. Measure the stem (of the flower) to the base of the vase and the greenery will help the flowers stay in place.”
More text, “cut at an angle” appears as he does so and begins placing the flowers, “And now just have fun! Use your creativity and design, express yourself through flowers and then boom. This is for you, and this is for her” he finishes off, panning to a beautifully decorated white vase with green decoration leaves and pink and white flowers
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(Via) @/ryanhdlombard
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When you have to study...but youre out of time
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lgbt-tiktoks · 1 month
[A video of a white person with long hair. Above their head are a bunch of screenshots of rude and homophobic comments.
They sadly say “Guys, these people said they didn’t like my gay pride patches”. In the background, the music is ramping up as they yell “So I bought seven more, bitch!” (laughing).
The video then shows him head banging and sewing the patches to the ceiling of the car where a bunch of punk, heavy metal band, and other assorted patches are already. End Description.]
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