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nelkcats · 24 days
Restraining order
Due to a problem in Amity Park with their parents, Jazz decided that it was in Danny's best interest to move in with her until she could have full custody of him, the legal process was really long when you had no connections, her brother was happy with that arrangement.
However when he decided to move to Gotham with Jazz, Danny heard rumors about Bruce Wayne and his entourage of black-haired, blue-eyed children, similarly there were other rumors about the "Gotham Knight" who kept adopting children and transforming them into "Robin", or at least, that's what the kids on the Alley told him.
So, he made the most logical decision possible: he applied for a restraining order, for both: Batman and Bruce Wayne, he justified in court that it was for his own safety and he had nothing against them but he preferred if they stayed far from him, considering his trauma it was for the better. Jazz supported him and gave her professional opinion which sped up the process; Harvey Dent found the case hilarious so he supported the siblings and they got the court order.
For his part, Bruce was extremely confused when he found Jason laughing at a document that had arrived in the mail at the mansion, his confusion only increased when his League communicator beeped, alerting him to an urgent call from Flash.
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anime-rambles · 2 years
“Welcome Home Omega”
Pairing: Alpha Bakugou x Alpha Kirishima x Omega Reader
Type: ABO Dynamic, SFW  
Word Count: 2700+
A/N: I’m new to all this, but I dreamt about this the other night and really wanted to share this with everyone. I have a tone more to write, so please follow along and any feedback would be hugely appreciated. Thank you so much.
Summary: Omega y/n returns home to her pack after so many years aboard being a successful hero, now they fear begin rejecting by her pack and more importantly her alpha’s.
“Everyone please welcome to the stage, the one you’ve all be waiting for, Pro-Hero Shadow…” a loud voice spoke into the microphone as I waited backstage. Once my name was called, I left the spoke I was hiding in and joined them. The crowd was screaming and shouting, holding banners of my name and posters with my face. This was something I didn’t expect to happen when I returned home to Japan from my many years abroad. I smiled towards the women on stage, already determining her as a beta.
“Welcome Shadow, to your first ever hero-con” She spoke to me looking in my direction. I brought my mic to my face,
“It’s so good to be here, look at all these people wow.” I smiled towards the crowd. The cheering began again.
“So shadow, how are you feeling being back in Japan and being high on the hero board, especially as an omega…” she continued on looking at me, this was something I was used to.
“It feels so good being back, I left Japan 6 years ago after I graduated with my friends/pack members from UA, which many of you know...” I waited for the screaming to stop before I continued. “I was faced with two choice really, be a omega hero that would only get 2 years in hero work before being forced to stop by the hero commission or I could leave my pack and go to America and have a really good hero career helping other omegas reach their potential and then come back home, I think you can guess what I chose” I said, and turned to the interviewer waiting for her reply.
Being an omega in Japan and America is very different from each other, especially in hero work. In Japan, you get an unspoken max of 2-year work and then often omegas go to desk jobs in hero agencies. In America, you can be a hero no matter your 2nd gender but the chance of being taken seriously as an omega is very slim and was something I worked hard at. During my time in America, I created an omega hero agency and left it all to the very capable hands of my sidekick, frostbite. It was my time to come home, I need my family back.
“So, tell me, does you pack know your back?” She asked with smile in her eyes.
“I mean, yes and no. Our pack is a big one and it was created when we were back in school. The time that I left, I had an agreement with the unmarked alphas that I would not contact them at all, but to know I was safe, I was only allowed contact with the omegas. So, they know” I replied, laughing slightly back.
“So, a lot of alphas in your pack, how does that work?” she pushed for an answer.
“I can’t really say, our pack dynamic is private, so I won’t tell you who or what position everyone is but, we have a main alpha who us our leader, they have a second and then we have one alpha that doesn’t really care and then one alpha who gave up their position years ago.” I replied smiling hoping she would not ask any more questions about the pack.
“That’s fine, tell me about your work as a hero omega and how difficult is” She asked again. This is something I could talk about openly. I took a deep breath and began to speak about the importance of separating your 2nd gender, from your workplace, and they it does not define you. Yes, you can still have a timid nature but do not let it halt your growth as a strong independent person. That if you want to be head of heart surgery you do it and tell those Alphas/ beats to shove it, its your time to shine. I continued until I felt the interviewer wanting to ask another question.
“Although I’m strong, I would not have gotten to where I am today without my pack, in public they treat me like a hero, not an omega. I mean it didn’t take long to do bu…” I went to say but was cut off.
“What do you mean, didn’t take long?” she interrupted. I hesitated for a bit, and then looked out into the crowd.
“Okay, I really should not be saying this, but he won’t mind. Okay so when our pack was created, I was never allowed to do anything, and it really annoyed me. So, when our first Alpha was being chosen, I kind of challenged Pro-Hero Dynamite…. And won.” I replied looking out into the crowd and everyone started cheering.
“Since then, I was treated like a person, not an omega. Well not in public, in private we still use the proper greetings.” I smiled and turned to the interviewer again.
“Wow, you are amazing. We all know your now number 5 on the hero board, can you remind everyone your quirk again.” She asked gesturing to my hands. I look down and noticed the black sut coating my fingers. I nodded and began to explain. I can create my own smoke from my body and ignite it. From this smoke I can create solid weapon and if I have enough smoke in the area, I can tell a person’s movements. I do have a drawback; the smoke uses up the oxygen from my blood and can make me pass out or it stains my skin with black smoke.
The interview continues and eventually is opened to fan questions, near the end of the questions. I notice the back wall starting to fill up with tall dark figures, already guessing that my pack got word I am here. Excitement rises through me, and I find it hard to sit still.
“Well, I think the cats out of the bag your home, Shadow” the interviewers says to me gesturing to the back wall. Light shines to the back wall, standing there when their arms crossed is Pro-heroes Dynamite, Red Riot, Deku and Chargebolt who is waving crazy towards me. I laugh to myself, locking eyes with Bakugou lowering my head slightly.
“I guess so” I reply, and the cheering slowly dies down.
While sitting at my signing booth, listening to some amazing stories from fans. I hear my name being called the curtain behind me. I have a break from the fans for a second and approach the curtain.
“Hello, little omega.” The voice says, as I instantly know its Bakugou. I smile to myself, wanting to rip the curtain away and wrap my arms around his neck.
“Hello Bakugou, don’t move the curtain, I can’t look at your right now” I say honestly.
“Okay, at least put your hand through the curtain, Kiri’s here to.” He replies nudging the curtain. I sigh, it’s been 6 years and I can barely hold myself together with he thought of being back with my family but being a hero right now is what I need to do.
“Okay, but only quickly I have to get back” I whisper, and slowly put my right-hand backwords them. Instantly I can feel like touching my hand and kissing it.
“Can’t smell you omega, how come?” Kirishima asks.
“Stupid American pheromone blockers, I’ll take them off later at home, promise.” I say and pull my hand back to finish quickly and get back to my family and quickly as I can. I can hear both alphas walk away, and I pull my hand to my chest.
Hero-con is over, and I can finally come home. After we all graduated, everyone pulled their money together and we bought a huge house together which allowed all of us to live together as a pack. Before I left, I entered a relationship with Bakugou and Kirishima but now I do not know if they still want me in a dynamic with because they’ve been an Alpha/Alpha relationship for 6 years. I don’t’ even have a room anymore, Denki took it when I moved to America. There might be room, I think, Midoriya (A) and Todoroki (A/O) have a room, Sero (B) and Mina (B) have a room, Shinso (A), Jirou (B) and Denki (O) all have separate rooms even though they are together which leaves Bakugou (A) and Kirishima (A) who have the biggest room. I could always share with Denki until I find a new place, I say to myself as I knock on the front door.
I wait patiently, until the door is opened revealing a very excited Denki. Practically jumping on the spot.
“Y/N YOU’RE HOME.” He shouts while throwing himself into my arms. I hug back, I breath him in and tears start to fill my eyes.
“Oi sparky, you know the rules. She needs to follow the greetings as she’s been away for so long.” Says Bakugou with his arms crossed. I enter the house and look around seeing everyone in their groups. I cannot believe I am home.
I quickly great Mina and Sero first, presenting our pack mark and then onto hugs. Next, I go straight over to Shinso, presenting my neck to show I am not a threat to his omega or beta. Which he simply nods and as these dynamics, Shinso does not really care for. I great Jirou and then great Denki properly by touching our noses together. I approach Midoriya next as he used to be the main Alpha who brought us all together, I greeted him the same way as Shinso but instead Midoriya threw his arms around me puling me into a hug.
“Please never leave again, Bakugou’s been impossible” He whispers into my ear. I laugh looking over his shoulder to a very anger Bakugou. I turn to Todoroki who is half Omega/Alpha, I greet him the same way as Denki, I know he prefers that greeting than the alpha one. Its finally time to see if they still want me. Kirishima is practically beaming at Bakugou side. I approach with my head down; I can feel everyone’s eyes on me as I approach him. As he is lead Alpha, I must wait to see what he will do.
“Still can’t smell you omega.”  Bakugou announces loudly.
“There’s a pheromone implant in my neck, Alpha, see you can feel it.” I reply, taking his hand to my neck. In American you are not allowed to use pheromones in public, so for hero work you must use an implant to block it. Bakugou feels my neck and I can tell he is not happy. He grabs me by my neck, slamming me on the wall behind him. Everyone runs forward but Kirishima stands forward stopping them. Telling them it must happen and that Bakugou won’t hurt me, much.
With his claw Bakugou cuts into my neck to pull the impact out, I do not make a sound and only look at him in the eye. It must be done, and I know he will not hurt me. Once the implant is out. Bakugou lends forward and breathes me in. He hesitates, and calls Kirishima over. Kirishima looks between the two of use and breaths me in.
“Oh, y/n, you should’ve come home sooner.” Kirishima says, pulling me towards him for a hug.
“Please, Bakugou, get rid of the rest they can’t see me like this.” I whisper.
“Oi, extra’s don’t you have a party tonight. Your hotels have your clothes, now get lost.” Bakugou calls out, looking at them all. No one moves.
“NOW!” Bakugou yells, using his alpha voice and everyone leaves.
As soon as the door closes, I start to cry. Six years of being all alone hit me at once, yes it was my plan to be a strong hero, its hard to do it without your pack or alphas.
“The first sign of your omega depression, you should’ve come home little one.” Kirishima says whispering into my hair.
“How could I, I would’ve let you all down and all other omega’s out there without a voice, so what I had to go through omega depression….. more than once.” I say back looking up into Kirishima’s eyes. Bakugou stands beside us, looking slightly smaller.
“Bakugou, go run a bath,” Kirishima calls out and Bakugou follows his orders.
“Wait, what’s going on. Bakugou what are you doing” I ask, looking confused. Bakugou leans over the stairs to look at me.
“Kirishima’s the Alpha now, we’ll the others haven’t picked up on it yet because we haven’t publicly fought, but he’s been the main Alpha for a while now, I can’t be number one all the time now can I.” Bakugou replies with a smile. I look to Kirishima who still holds me but is beaming with love as he watches Bakugou. I try to pull away from his arms. It is stupid why did I think this would work. They do not want me anymore, I just know. Kirishima noticed how I suddenly changed but decided not to say anything.
“Let’s get you cleaned up and smelling natural.” He says, picking me up with no issues. He climbs the stairs and I place my head into his scent gland in his neck. I notice that neither him nor Bakugou do not have a claiming mark yet. Once we reach the top of the stairs, I see my old bedroom door and ask Kirishima to put my down, he walks ahead to the double doors at the end of the hallway. Which is their room.
“I’ll only stay for tonight, and then I’ll find somewhere else to live, I don’t even have a room here anymore.” I say to Kirishima which makes him freeze.
“Silly omega, come here.” He replies, gesturing me to follow. I start to hear the water running in their private bathroom. Kirishima opens the door and lets me enter the room first.
The first thing I can smell is the strong smell of Alpha but slowly a familiar smell enters, I look around the room and see my stuff. Things that I had left behind, my paintings, photos of the three of use. The queen size bed with three sets of pillows, big enough for all of us. I look around and notice a curtained canopy hiding something. I look to Kirishima who leans on the door frame by the Bathroom and nods. I breath in again and noticed the familiar smell but I am not able to pinpoint it yet.
I pull back to curtain and freeze. “Is that m..” I say unable to finish as I look down, tears filling my eyes. Bakugou comes out of the bathroom and leans on the opposite side to Kirishima. I look at the two of them and then look down at my old nest, they kept it, they really kept it. I can’t speak, only cry. Bakugou comes over to me and hold me bringing me towards the bathroom. Kirishima entered first. He began to undress and tied back his long hair, He entered the bath first, as Bakugou began to undress me as my emotions were betraying me at his moment. There was nothing sexual about this moment, it was about Alpha’s taking care of their Omega. Bakugou lifted me and lowered me into the water to sit in Kirishima’s lap, he quickly undressed and joined us.
I started to calm down, feeling I could now speak. “So, you mean, you have forgotten me, and you still want to be with me.” I ask looking down at my hands. Kirishima wraps his arms around me more and places his head into my scent gland breathing me in, tickling me slightly.
“Of course, silly omega, we’ve wanted you since the day you knocked me on my ass.” Bakugou replied leaning in to kiss me.
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your--isgayrights · 3 days
hi its me your stalker. I saw your post about lsk and how her sponsor relates to her meta narrative role, can you elaborate? thank you as always
Hi bestie it took me a sec to get back to you and this is kind of just a big text block of my feelings about this so feel free to ask a follow up if it doesn't make sense
Ok so part of what I was talking about was that where omniscient reader is Kim Dokja's story, his mother and the stories associated with her represent the parents/ancestors/family of ORV, the literary works that SS were building on in making their own novel. Samguk yusa in particular is one of the oldest extant korean literary works, like if you ever take a Korean literature history class or smthn that's where you start lmao. So like, in relation to Kim Dokja as a reader LSK represents the influence of the classics that follow a lot of like the unspoken rules of literature vs YJH/HSY representing webnovels that are like not necessarily good or time tested but have an arresting passion and appeal KDJ is swayed by. Then this is also important bc in particular the story of the mother bear LSK is represented by is one that is /about/ following the rules of a narrative and being rewarded for it in the end. The bear and the tiger want to become human, the king of heaven gives them instructions, the bear follows the rules, bear gets to be human, marries king of heaven, and births the first king of Korea. So then in relation to the narrative of ORV, LSK has always been this influence of narrative destiny/inevitability in face of reality... When we see KDJ giving up on the things he wants and dismissing his hopes and dreams as impossible, it's coming directly from the way LSK has influenced him in writing her own narratives about their lives. "The only way for you to be safe is if I take the fall," the consequences have to fall somewhere, there's no ideal world where mother and son live happily ever after w/ no consequence for killing the father, there's no world where both the bear who followed the will of heaven and the tiger who did not get to be human, there's no world where Kim Dokja can reshape the very fabric of the universe to suit his ideals and go home to eat pizza afterward. The niggling thought we all had in the back of our minds when the most ancient dream was "defeated"... That can't be it, can it? It can't just be over like that... How could it be just that easy, in the end? It doesn't make sense... << That's what LSK represents, the sense of narrative that demands happiness be earned, sacrifices be made, anything else is unrealistic, it's not how the world really works, who wants to read that?
This is the real final boss of omniscient reader's viewpoint: the escape from narrative. The entire epilogue is concerned with this question, what ending does this story deserve? Kdjco have to fight KDJ's sense of narrative destiny to tell him it doesn't matter to them what the most artful or narratively complete ending he can come up with is, just that they want to fucking see their friend again. It's the feeling at the end of any tragedy where the reader wonders if the hero could have been saved. It's also the counterpoint to the question between the classics and commercial webnovel literary cultures. Does it have to be artful and poetic? Can't they all just be happy, in the end? Between "the ending is too sad" and "the ending is too unrealistic," ORV prioritizes the desires of the characters and the readers who really connected to them by giving Kim Dokja the ending they wanted.
TLDR; So whereas LSK consistently sacrifices herself or gives up on trying to make things better, consistently trapping herself in certain roles, KDJ is able to recognize what the original narrative of TWSA would make a binary decision and take a third path. this both represents her influence on KDJ as a character and the influence of unspoken rules about what makes a story "good literature" on the narrative of ORV, but that ultimately you have to follow love/influence on or emotions of real people instead of rules that seem set in stone.
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raayllum · 6 months
one thing that’s interesting in the “loved one / love interest is captured and needs to be rescued” plot line is that it actually, very rarely, ends up with the hero actively helping the villain. in both ATLA and star wars, the loved one being in danger is a cosmic warning from the universe, separate from the villain, and the hero leaves training early in order to try to protect their loved one(s). 
in star wars, it’s more a happy coincidence than anything else that vader is able to use han and leia in this way. and furthermore, all vader really does (besides some dismemberment, whoops) is tell luke the truth about their family connection and ask him to rule the universe together. none of the heroes help him at all. then, when luke and co. get han back in the following movie, they end up defeating/killing the main antagonist who took him (jabba the hutt) and escaping more or less completely scot free. 
then in atla, aang leaves avatar training when he realizes katara is in danger, temporarily blocking his chakra. him and everyone else manage to find katara (and zuko) but then are pinned down by azula, who again, could not have known aang was going to have a cosmic vision and come running. none of the heroes (as zuko is an anti-hero at this point and no one he loves is at stake until the very end when he’s already made his choice and uncle is on the opposing side) help her or zuko, either.
for me, one of the things that makes cube hostage exchange theory interesting/compelling is the 1) purposeful manipulation of aaravos to callum, and 2) callum making an active choice that also compounds rayla’s character arc in all the ways, because it’s a genuinely hard call - one life for the safety of the world - but it’s something the show has drawn attention to time and time again. 
and this was all before Tales of Xadia rolled in with callum’s bio literally written as “I am beholden to my inner circle, not some silly kingdom. I value those close to me more than anyone or anything” like 
Tumblr media
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nyx--knacks · 2 years
Afraid of Monsters
Tumblr media
Villains Bakugo, Shoto, Denki,and Kirishima x Reader. The new number one villain enlists the help of a few "extras" to punish his significant other for trying to escape from him. 
TWs for extreme non con. gangbang. squirting. foursome. degradation. objectification. no preparation.
A/N: My first attempt at writing a full on gang bang and my second attempt at writing for Bakugo. Don’t disembowel me too bad please haha
w/c: 3.5k 
Tagging: @mindninjax​ @what-the-fucdge-rin  @drxwsyni   @candyflosstoxicity @love-lost-insecure-blog @widow-nikki-smith
Tumblr media
It was simple, you thought. Build up enough trust with the blonde, keep him nice and delusional about reciprocating feelings for him you didn’t have, craft a lie about taking a girls trip with Kyoka and Ochako to celebrate the latter's birthday, and voila: you could make a break for it and escape to the countryside long enough to stay off his radar. But something went wrong. A little white lie you were caught in, a camera you forgot to dodge, but either way, you were so sure your plan was airtight--you played for time, didn’t make a fuss, followed all his rules.   
You were the perfect little submissive he could come home to at the end of a long day filled with wanton destruction. Something brought on by a hero society that let him down. As tough as nails as he was, those sharp ruby eyes always softened the second they landed on you. As you rode the bullet train that led out of the city, you felt like you could take a real breath of fresh air for the first time in what felt like an eternity since Bakugo had kept you under lock and key.  
You started counting off everything you’d do once you were off it and settled in your new hiding spot when the daydream and the train both came to a screeching halt. You’d heard the harsh shriek of the metal before the car came to an abrupt stop. Despite the fact that you were seated, there was enough force behind that stop to make you fall face first on the ground. Your right cheek collided with the cold filth of the ground  while the wind was knocked right out of your chest. All around you, cries of shock and murmurs of confusion filled the air while other passengers tried to no avail to figure out what was going on. You’d just started to rise to your feet when the announcement came over the loudspeaker. Something about a bomb threat being called in at the next station. 
Everything after that sounded as though it was underwater, garbled unintelligible gibberish that went in one ear and out the other as your heart picked up speed in your chest. No, you told yourself. There was no way in Hell he caught on to what you were doing. Even if he did, you made sure to leave your phone behind so he couldn’t trace it. You clung to your disbelief and denial as long as you could until your haze was broken by the loud shatter of glass and a thunderous explosion from nearby. You were quick to cover your eyes against the falling shards and bits of debris, but when you cracked them back open amidst the onslaught of shouts and cries, what you saw made your hummingbird heart plummet. 
That familiar blonde haired, ruby eyed combination that was Bakugo as he looked madly around the train car in search of you. He bared his teeth in a snarl that you recognized all too well, the crimson hue in his eyes had turned maroon with unabashed rage. After a few more frantic head turns did he make eye contact with you. The last thing you remember before he closed the gap between you in 5 quick strides and knocked you out with his gauntlet was the sudden urge to cry that overcame you. All of your plans for your reclaimed freedom went up in the smoke of his explosions. 
You’d spent the next 4 days locked in your room, bars placed on the window while the locks on the door were reinforced. Not even your best lock picking skills would be able to break through them.  With the exception of dropping off meals at your door, you hadn’t seen or heard from Bakugo. Not since he dragged you back to his place, a crying, blubbering mess that begged for his forgiveness as if it were your last dying wish. But his words, as minimal as they were, pretty much dashed whatever hopes you had at getting back in his good graces. 
“You don’t know what the fuck it is to be sorry. But you sure as shit are gonna find out”.  By now you were familiar with the pace and heaviness of Bakugo’s footsteps, but you raised a quizzical eyebrow when they were accompanied by more. Along with voices that you were all too familiar with. The quiet chatter and footsteps soon made their way to your room before coming to a stop. One by one, the locks clicked on the other side of the door until it came open to reveal a calm, but annoyed looking Bakugo. 
His arms were crossed over his broad chest, a posture that made the veins of his biceps flex while his black shirt hugged his toned stomach. You sat still on the bed, using the tiniest bit of your peripherals to look at him. As usual, he wore his trademark scowl while he glared daggers at you, taking in your petite form up and down. Not even one of his explosions could dispel the tension that poured into the room. 
‘You gave me your goddamn word you wouldn't leave me” he sneered. You kept your mouth shut, not trusting anything that came out to assuage his anger. Not that he minded when he started up again.
“I went out of my fucking way to make sure your pampered ass is comfortable and well fed and this is how you fucking repay me?” Lyin’ to my face so you could run off to God knows where?!” 
He raised his voice with each word he spat, talking at you rather than to you. As if you were another low life guttersnipe drunk on their own arrogance when they tried to attack him. Which meant you were drunk on your own hopefulness. Something that was about to be dashed to pieces by whatever he had in store for you. Stinging from his reprimand, you casted your eyes down to look at his shoes, hanging your head low as you did so. A second later, his thunderous footsteps came towards you as he grabbed your cheeks and forced you to look up at him. The anger both on his face and in his grip were clear as day. You were almost certain you could see him shaking, he was so enraged. And you weren’t too far behind him. 
It took every bit of self control you had not to make a move he didn’t like, a shake, a breath, a furrowed brow--hell you couldn’t so much as blink the wrong way without setting him off again. Those intense ruby eyes tracked your most minute movements while his nostrils flared with every deep breath he took. 
“You really have no idea the shit storm of worry you put me through”, he muttered “the fuck would I have done if something happened to you, huh?”
In a moment of tenderness that left you dumbfounded, he let the pad of his thumb run along your lips, a flicker of hesitation in his eyes dulled that intense vermilion to a more maroon hue. That was all it took for your worry to give way to a slow build of guilt. For all of Bakugo’s cockiness and hot headed arrogance, there were moments, as rare as they were, where he was able to shelf them for something a bit more tender and relatable. It was enough to make you mutter those same two  words in the smallest, most pathetic voice you could muster. 
“...I’m sorry…”
But as quick as that flicker appeared, it faded away until that familiar anger was back full force.  Bakugo shoved your face away with a scoff and turned his back to face you as he headed for the door. 
“We’ll see about that, dumbass” he added coldly. Just when you furrowed your brows in worried  confusion, he opened the door a bit wider to reveal the blonde’s company. Or has he liked to call them, extras. Kirishima, Denki, and Todoroki all filed into the room and surrounded your bed in a half circle as Bakugo closed and locked the door shut. Denki and Kirshima wore nervous half smiles while the more stoic Shoto sported a look you couldn’t make out. That is until he turned back to Bakugo who was in the middle of taking off his shirt. 
“You’re sure about this, man?” 
“Yeah. Just remember what I said ‘bout finishin’ inside her. That goes for you other dipshits” 
That was all you needed to hear for your heart to start picking up pace in your chest. Your eyes widened when the other three guys followed the blonde’s lead and discarded their shirts on the ground. Once Bakugo joined them in forming a full circle around your bed did you start to back away from them. But all that did was give them permission to come closer, starting with Shoto.
“Just relax”, he soothed
 He rested one knee on the bed and reached out to try and grab your ankle, but you were quick to slap his hand away, a fearful grimace on your face. If there was ever a time to regret your outfit choice--grey sweat shorts and a black tank top, now was it. 
“What the hell is going on, Katsuki?” you asked. Once your back made contact with the headboard did you start to shake like a leaf in the dead of winter. Rather than answer your question, he growled at your defiance and pounced on you, jumping in front of Shouto as he did so. You only had a second to react before he had both of your calves in his hands and dragged you back to the center of the bed. But you were just as quick to lunge forward and attack him with all the strength you could muster. 
“Get off! Get off! Get the hell off of me!” you shouted. 
Even knowing he wasn’t hurt by it, you still scratched and punched at his hands, desperate to be free as you let out a few growls of your own. That is until Shoto used his right hand to grab one of your wrists and pin you back down. Once it  was above your head, he weighed you down with a thick block of ice that not only scattered goose pimples across your skin, but was guaranteed to keep you still. But he used his left one to keep your free hand trapped just in case. 
Meanwhile, Bakugo yanked your shorts and panties down in one rough yank just to insert himself between your legs. One of his hands quickly undid the belt and zipper on his pants and pulled down the waistband of both them and his boxers in one go. His leaking cockhead  and shaft were fully exposed while he deftly rubbed the tip against your soft cunny lips. Had you  not been so terrified, you’d have laughed at the sheer herculean restraint he was showing. 
The heat coming off his body, paired with the contrast of your frigid wrist, and your own grappling just added to your growing exhaustion-- if your rapid breaths said anything. Not that Bakugo seemed to care when he latched his mouth onto your neck, licking and biting away at your skin as twinges of pain shot through you. Especially when he used his canines. 
“Stop fightin’ me” he snarled, sending a flurry of vibrations through your neck. 
 “You’ve got no one to blame for this but your fuckin’ self”. 
You’d been so busy struggling and shouting for your freedom, you hadn’t noticed when the other three males had started discarding their own pants, no boxers in sight to hide their own half hard cocks. Dread like a wave at high tide flooded your senses at the growing realization of what they were gonna do to you. Your heart free fell into the pit of your stomach while your insides churned. The urge to cry was overpowering while a steady stream of anguished mewls passed your lips. Denki came closer to your prone body until he was standing near where Shoto still held your unfrozen wrist. Seeing this, the ice and fire user put your hand in Denki’s so that he could slide his shaft into your palm, a pleasured groan on his lips. 
“...Ah fuck that feels nice...” he muttered. 
Like hell you were gonna even try and give him a hand job. But before you could sneer up at him, another girthy shaft was shoved in your face, courtesy of Shoto. Up close, you could see every blue vein that ran from tip to base where a tuft of matching multi colored hair rested. 
 Another inch closer, and you’d be able to better smell the musk wafting off of it. You’d forgotten about Kirishima until you felt another pair of hands reach around from behind and lift up your petite form. Just to have your back collide with another broad, muscular chest that belonged to neither blondes or Shoto. Further down, another meaty cock was rubbed against your ass crack while he groaned his impatience, his warm breath deftly brushed your ear. 
“You’re sure you’ve never dicked her down back here, dude?” he asked, resting his chin on your shoulder,  “I’m not even inside her and feelin’ up this perky ass has got me ready to shoot”. 
“No” Bakugo grunted, “but don’t get too happy about it.The second you bust your nut, you’re outta there”. 
 After a bit of shuffling and maneuvering from all 4 guys, all of their condom covered cocks--with the exception of Bakugo’s--were standing at attention and ready to stuff you silly while you were pinned to the mattress. All of Bakugo’s weight crushed your front while Shoto managed to pry your mouth open. The collective heat coming off all of their wide builds had a thin sheen of sweat dewwing up your nude form. You were splayed right in the middle of the half circle they formed, all 4 of them peered down at you like a slab of fresh meat on a hook. Lustful excitement pretty much glazed over Denki, Shoto, and Kaminari’s eyes. All the while Bakugo’s was a bit more well hidden behind a sterner expression. 
The minute you blinked away your tears, all 4 of their cocks were shoved inside you. A shrill scream that was stifled by Shoto’s cock was your immediate reaction, especially given the lack of preparation Bakugo gave you. Not that stopped the blonde from roughly ramming his cock in and out, forcing your velvety cunny to contour his girth and length. Shoto moved at a similar rapid pace, forcing your tongue to wriggle around the underside while his leaking tip touched the back of your throat.
“....ah that’s it, baby” he moaned “lick that shaft, make love to it”. 
 It was leaking so much that dribbles of precum slid right down your throat and straight to your stomach. His scent was musky, but not exactly unpleasant--guess that  was a good thing since it invaded your lungs with each inhale. Especially with the tip of your nose pressed right into his bundle of pubic hair. The temptation to bite down was strong, but the trouble that would follow if you did was enough to dash that urge completely. From behind, Kirishima  plunged away at your puckered asshole, forcing your dry walls to massage his length while he thrusted up with reckless abandon. Twinges of pain spasmed through your lower half from his own lack of preparation. Both his and Bakugo’s rough nails dug into your skin until you were sure that crescent shaped indents were gonna be left behind. On top of the phantom pain that came with the intensity of their grip.  
From what you saw with your limited vision, Denki looked pretty damn content just using your hand to get himself off. You could feel every vein on his long shaft before he dragged your palm along his own cock head. He made you gather a heavy glob of more pre and use it as lube to better slicken his shaft. A perverted symphony of skin on skin paps, creaks from the bed, and guttural groans sounded through the room mixed in with your own diluted gripes. Not to mention the haze of fresh tears blurred your eyes. 
“Don’t you fuckin’ start with the waterworks”, Bakugo grumbled from above “lyin’ cunts like you don’t get to cry yourselves outta situations like this. You’re just makin’ more water to add to how fucked out and soaked you are”. 
“Don’t be such a brute, Bakugo”. Who’d just said that? And more importantly, whose cold hand was that running cupping your chee-oh, it was Todoroki. 
“....you’re doing amazing--ugh shit--I’ve wanted to do this and more since we graduated from UA”.
 His hand trailed a path down your cheek to your bouncing breasts to grip the right one like a  stress ball. 
“Theses rose petal lips kissing my cock head while these perky tits massage the shaft-- pure perfection…” 
As if Bakugo wasn’t railing you hard enough as it is, he snapped his hips back in rougher than before so his own cockhead was now punching at the mouth of your womb, just shy of your G-spot. But that brush was all it took for a kernel of wetness to form in your core and coat his shaft. 
“He’s got a point, ya know” 
Was that Kirishima? That gust of breath near your cheek and eardrum definitely made it seem that way. 
“I can’t even tell you how many times I snuck pics of your ass during training to jerk myself off to later. You’ve got two fresh apples back here”--yep, that sure as shit was Kirishima. 
“And this hole a yours is about as tight and tiny as your pussy must be”. 
“I’ve gotten some pretty shit handjobs back in the day”--of course Denki had to jump in with his review of your body--”but feelin’ these cold little digits on my hot cock have got me ready to bust like a hydrant” 
You’d been trapped in such an intense whirlwind of pain and pleasure spurred on by their “compliments”, you almost missed Bakugo’s next growl to your face. Especially when your pussy started to leak with more sluice that made your lower halves squelch even louder. 
“Ugh...you get it now, dumbass? This is what woulda...agh...happened had you gotten away with your bullshit. Guys coulda snatched you right up and turned you into a three hole cock sock. Leakin’  jizz like a faucet while your gapin’ wide open for anyone who wants to drain their ballsack”. 
As if on cue, all four of them went still, save for tossed back heads and full body shudders while they reached their collective climax. Especially Bakugo who coated your insides in this thick seed. Meanwhile, you hadn’t even scratched the surface of your release. Not that that mattered when you felt his bulbous cock swell back to life inside of you. The rest of their cocks dislodged from your body just to switch positions, put on fresh condoms, and stuff you all over again.This time, Shoto was taking you from behind, while Denki filled your mouth, and Kirishima forced you to jerk him off. You gave another half hearted moan, but beyond that, you couldn’t summon enough energy to do anything but heavy your chest up and down while you struggled to breathe properly. 
Once Bakugo started back up battering your pussy with quick, rough thrusts, did that familiar orgasmic coil start to tighten in your stomach, making your nipples pebble while zips of mounting pleasure ran up and down your spine. And from how hard all of them were going, there was fuck all you could do to slow it down, let alone stop it. After a dozen more sloppy jolts with his hips cemented to yours, you clamped down on his cock. Showering it from base to tip in your small  but thick explosion of your sluice, twitching and spasming while you arched your entire back off the bed. All the while, your dewey wetness drizzled down your inner thighs and towards Shoto’s ball sack while his cock continued to gouge out your insides.
“...Well shit…speakin’ of leakin...” Bakugo muttered,stopping for a fraction of a second just to feel your hot walls squeeze him like a vice. 
 “You’re not supposed to like this, nasty fuckin slut….” 
The ecstasy laced moan you let out sent a flurry of vibrations straight through Denk’s length. It must've caught him off guard with how quick you felt his hips go still while his cock twitched--probably to bust a premature nut. 
“ Ugh come on, man” he groaned, “with a mouth this good, how the hell’s she not gonna like this? We’re practically...ugh shootin’ her up with all the protein she’d ever need”. 
“...All the while”, Shoto added with a laugh “we get to feel these heated fuck holes wring us dry” 
By the time you were coming down from your high, they all followed suit and emptied their next batch of loads into your spent body. All of their scents, sounds, and tastes had mingled together into a pure cock that had a minuscule, but pleased grin curling up on your face.
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Sorry I’ve been inactive recently! I’ve had (still have tbh) a huuuuuuge writer’s block. Thank y’all so much for over 150 followers!! I love you all 💗💗
NSFW hcs for a poly relationship w Tim Drake and Kon-el
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I know what you’re thinking; Tim’s a total bottom and Kon’s a bratty sub
However, may I present to you:
Bratty sub!Tim and obedient sub!Kon
I just feel like Kon would constantly be seeking out validation and wanting your praise, while Tim wants to be treated a little bit rougher
*cue Tim purposely misbehaving to get punished*
These two honestly have such a unique and cute dynamic that I feel like they would both feed off of each other’s behavior, though
Tim is being bratty? Suddenly you have a bratty Kon on your hands too
Y’all’s dom/sub dynamics would extend to outside of the bedroom
Mostly things to make sure your boys are taking care of themselves
Ofc, you’re very understanding about heroing and all that stuff, but there are still some rules they have to follow:
When they don’t have patrol, they must be in bed by midnight
Tim is only allowed 4 cups of coffee a day (he tried to argue 5 but was threatened to be reduced to 3)
No cumming/masturbating without your permission
Similarly, no getting each other off without your permission
They MUST tell you IMMEDIATELY if they are injured
They have to take at least 1 day a week off
They must eat 3 solid meals a day looking at you Tim
Both boys call you mommy bc *ahem* mommy issues and I have a mommy kink ok what about it
Pet names you call Kon: sweets, lovey, supes
Pet names you call Tim: pretty boy, pretty bird, Timmy
Tim loves to rile Kon up until he snaps and next thing you know both boys have broken the no cumming rule
Ofc, you have to punish them because mommies always stay true to their word
For Kon, this means edging him until he’s a crying, shaking, whiny mess begging to finally cum
“P-please! I won’t break the rules - ah! - again! Just please let m-me cum, mommy!”
“Hmmm, I don’t know. I’m not sure you’ve learned your lesson yet, lovey.” You pretended to contemplate letting him cum, even though both of you knew that wasn’t happening anytime soon. He had broken the rules, after all. Edging was always so much fun with Kon, too. Spread out on the silk sheets, hair damp with sweat and sticking to his forehead - he looked absolutely ravishing. His poor cock was an angry red as it strained against his stomach. Certain you had waited long enough he wouldn’t cum the second you touched him, your hand returned to his sensitive cock. Kon immediately arched off the bed as he tried to decide whether he wanted to chase the sensation or run from it. Your other hand slowly slipped back down between his tan thighs. Gently tracing his rim, you relished his whines and pleas to just fuck him already. Who am I to deny my sweet boy what he wants? Teasingly, you pressed you finger in up to the first knuckle only to pull it right back out. You had all night to stretch him out, after all.
Conversely, Tim always gets spanked for his punishment
Although, is it really a punishment if he enjoys it?
Bend him over your lap and slap his ass until it’s red and burning
Make him count, too
“Eleven! I’ll - hnnn - be good Mommy! Won’t do it again!”
“Just like you wouldn’t do it this time last time this happened, right, pretty bird?” Smirking, you lifted you hand and slapped it back down across his pale ass. Well, it was pale before you started. Now it flushed a beautiful red, slightly more red than the blush dancing across his face. You paused your spanks to grope his cheeks, feeling them burn with heat beneath your hands. Despite all his begging, you knew your pretty boy didn’t actually want to stop. The leaking cock pressing into your thigh was enough proof. Smiling to yourself, you raised your hand to finish his punishment.
What are their rewards when they’re good?
Tim’s is oral. He loves giving and receiving. Let him sit between you or Kon’s legs and work his magic and he’ll be down there until you force him up
Kon loves overstimulation. Especially if it’s from riding your thigh. He could do it all day every day, honestly
Both of your boys love it when you have one ride the other’s cock. The way you guide them both, one sinking down on the other’s cock and the other trying not to buck into the tight, wet heat is addicting
Aftercare is by far all of y’all’s favorite part
You normally run a hot bath with bath salts in Tim’s giant rich boy bathtub
You’ll wash both their hair and then, cleaning any release off of them and then leaving them to soak while you quickly get clean in the shower
Next, you’ll dry them off and help them slip into boxers (any other clothing is too irritating for their overstimulated and overly sensitive skin right now) while cooing at them
A snack, brushing teeth, and lots of water is next
After all this is done, you tuck your boys into bed on either side of you while whispering how well they did and how proud you are of them
Finally, you all fall asleep safe and sound and grossly in love with each other
I hope you all enjoyed! Constructive criticism is always welcome; I’m a new writer and always looking to learn and improve. Thank you for reading!
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tryingmyves · 2 years
Girl All the Bad Guys Want
Tumblr media
okay i won’t lie, i remembered this song exists and i could not get the idea of a badboy!iida out of my head
this is a bit self indulgent because i was definitely that girl in hs lmaoooo
anyhow hopefully y’all like it too
cw: badboy!iida
✨ tagging the iida army: @coleluuviida + @saturnity + @peachiileaf ✨
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You have a reputation at UA, mostly with the male students. It isn’t something you put effort into maintaining or even something you cultivated on purpose, but you’ve gained some notoriety amongst your peers. At first glance, you don’t seem too different from your female classmates. You certainly don’t feel superior or disparate from them, but you’ve also never quite felt like you belonged with them. You don’t excel at being soft and demure, and you refuse to shrink yourself down in order to make others more comfortable in your presence. You spit in the face of all the things typically expected of a lady. And frankly, you’re more than a bit awkward when you hangout with the girls from your class. They always invite you to their sleepovers and shopping trips, and try to engage you in their conversations, but you’re always worried about saying the wrong thing or accidentally offending them. You’re never really able to add anything of value when they talk about the boys in your class - a recurring subject. Mina knows everything about everyone in class; she loves to gossip. It’s like her horns serve as antennae and pick up on all the juiciest secrets. She is always interrogating the other girls about their crushes but you just never really felt that way about anyone. Honestly, you find the conversations about who likes who to be a bit boring. You typically end up hanging out with Bakugo, Kirishima, and the rest of that squad. Boys are just easier to be around. They don’t get offended at your crass comments and your sometimes gruff disposition looks outright friendly next to Bakugo. 
Your undeniably attractive appearance, unquestionable skill with your quirk, and nonchalant attitude have landed you in the sights of several of your fellow UA students. You are the embodiment of do no harm, but take no shit and something about you is intoxicating. Mina frequently jokes with you about how the entirety of the Bakusquad is duking it out to see who gets to ask you out first. You roll your eyes at her, convinced she’s imagining things. But in reality you’re just clueless. As cliché as it is, you really are the girl all the bad guys want. Too bad you didn’t want them back. 
What you didn’t expect with your tough exterior, competitive nature, and tendency to slack off on class work is that class rep, Tenya Iida, would want you too. God, not even he expected it but he had fallen hard. You frustrate him. You’re just as smart as Yaomomo or Todoroki, but you skate by in class. You don’t outwardly disrespect authority, but you won’t blindly accept orders just because someone says so. He thinks the rap metal music you listen to while training is abrasive and doesn’t understand why all your favorite artists sound like they’re mad at their fathers. He finally gave up on lecturing you on the fact that the fishnets you wear with your uniform are not regulation and he was still wrestling with how he felt about learning you were one of the students caught at a dorm party with alcohol a few weeks ago.  More than anything he hates that you’ve so effortlessly got him pining for you and you haven’t even noticed. Iida loves the rules! Order, structure, regulation - these are the things that Iida covets, so why was he craving the taste of your lips on his?
He is tired of silently lusting after you, and decides he’s going to try actively pursuing you instead. Tenya thinks that you like “bad boys” so as foreign as the concept is to him, he concludes he’s going to have to take on that persona. He starts off simply, making a playlist of songs he’s heard you blaring from your dorm. He eases himself into your music, starting with Linkin Park and Korn, before adding Incubus, Machine Head, and even some ICP to the mix. He’s hesitant at first… the music just sounds so hostile and aggressive to him. But soon he finds himself relishing the fierce energy the songs give him. Tenya gets why you train to this sort of music, his workouts becoming more intense than ever. They end in his chest heaving and his hair plastered to his forehead with sweat. His muscular calves throb vigorously after every run and he feels powerful. It gives him a new found confidence that he strategically channels into his interactions with you. For class today, Aizawa simply instructs you all to pair off and spar. You’re about to ask Sero to partner with you when he approaches. 
“Y/N. You’re with me.” Tenya doesn’t ask, he’s telling you you’re his partner. 
A small sound of surprise leaves your throat at his unexpected forcefulness, but you don’t question it. You just nod, giving a small shrug to Sero before following the class rep to a vacant spot of the training gym. 
You look over your challenger, rolling your head on your shoulders a few times to loosen up. “Don’t expect me to go easy on you. You asked for this,” you smirk, bringing your fists up in a defensive stance. 
Before you can even blink, Tenya has closed the 10 foot gap between you, sweeping a long leg beneath yours in a circular motion, knocking you off your feet. You land with a thud on your back and the air in your lungs is forced out with a nmph. 
“Just try to keep up, Y/N.”
Oh, it’s on. Previously you found Iida’s flustered demeanor around you endearing. But this new, assertive, almost cocky disposition is irresistible. His momentum propels him in a circle while he stays anchored in place on his massive left thigh. As he finishes turning through the motion he reaches forward hoping to pin your arms to the ground, but you’re just getting started. You plant the palms of your hands on either side of your face and kick up from the ground with a boost from your quirk. The added flow of air thrusts your legs up and over your head so you are now standing once more. You are sure that the soles of your shoes connect with Iida’s face during your arch through the air. 
“It’s not going to be that easy, specs,” you taunt. Now it’s your turn. 
You launch yourself at Tenya, closing the small gap between the pair of you in an instant. He extends a locked arm to block your approach but you simply dip your head, gliding underneath and down the length of his limb until you are just one step behind him. You pivot on your right foot as you swing your left arm across your body. Your open palm lands just between Tenya’s shoulder blades, your natural momentum accompanied by a gale force wind. The impact knocks him off his feet and sends him toppling forward. Tenya’s speed is unmatched and his large frame is covered in tone muscle, but with the addition of the very air around you, your strikes are ferocious. Your air quirk aids in your mobility, but you’ve used it to master hand to hand combat. You dominate in tight quarters, so you just need to keep Tenya close. He’s already returned to his feet, calculating his next move. The moment ‘s hesitation creating an opening for your right shin to collide with his side. Tenya growls through gritted teeth in response to the blow and the feral vibrations send shivers down your spine. Instead of recoiling from your attack Tenya’s hands clamp onto your shoulders like vices. His brows are furrowed in smug determination, and he practically sneers “Recipro Burst!”
You are propelled backwards rapidly, the gym surrounding you flashing by in a blur, the only thing you're able to see clearly is the dark glint in Tenya’s eyes and the zealous grin on his lips. You try to activate your quirk to counter his momentum, but it’s futile, he is pushing you backwards so quickly you can’t manipulate any of the air whizzing past you. Your back is suddenly pinned to the back wall of the gym, Tenya’s large hands holding your slender wrists to the concrete wall. He places a muscular thigh between your legs so his left knee is pressed to the wall as well - he has you completely immobilized. Both of your chests are heaving, your faces no more than three inches from one another. You don’t know what possesses you but you smash your lips to his, desperate to close the miniscule gap between you.
Tenya’s body stiffens in shock for a moment before he opens his mouth, snaking his tongue past your lips. You wrench your hands from his grip, placing one on the back of his neck and tangling the other in the mess of his navy hair. You didn’t expect the class rep to be such an amazing kisser, but when he catches your bottom lip between his teeth you can’t contain the soft moan that escapes you. Tenya swallows your noises and begins to pull away. Your lips hungrily follow after him, but you’re stopped when one of his calloused hands rests on your neck with just enough force to hold you in place. 
“Such public displays of desire are unbecoming of future heroes, Y/N. Come to my room this evening and we can finish this privately.” And with that, Tenya separates himself from you completely, already settling into a stance that signals he is ready to continue sparring.    
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themattress · 2 months
Leora W: Queen of Bad Takes
I won’t dignify this person with any links, only responses to her numerous fallacies.
On Season 5:
I had to suffer through what I would argue was not only the worst season of the show but the worst season of any show ever: Once Upon A Time Season 5.
Not only is there no way OUAT Season 5 could possibly be the worst of the show when Seasons 6 and 7 both exist and follow it, but the worst season of any show ever? Yeah, no. 
One of the major problems with Season 5 was they seemed to be bringing in characters or shiny toys for the sake of bringing them in without thinking about how they would affect the overarching plot. When that character or shiny toy didn't amount to anything, they would abandon it because they didn't think it through.
....Are you kidding me!?  You say that’s a problem with Season 5, and not the whole show!?  Where were you for the past three seasons or the next two? This isn’t a unique problem!
How come Killian wasn't haunted by former Dark One's in Storybrooke just because Emma wiped his memory? He was still the Dark One, wasn't he?
Apparently if there’s a mental block, the former Dark Ones can’t appear.
Or how come nobody tried true love's kiss on Emma in Camelot? And how come when she and Hook did kiss in Camelot, and she was actively trying to get rid of the darkness, it didn't work?
As wretched an episode as it is, “The Price” answered this already: by the time a kiss was attempted Emma was already thrilled by the power she wielded, which is why she waffled on getting rid of the Darkness afterward, like when she tried to justify potentially keeping it and using it for good. TLK won’t work when one party is enthralled with power; just ask Belle.
What on earth did that horse do to end up in The Underworld with unfinished business?
It wasn’t always there, it’s implied that Daniel sent it there from Heaven.
(Talks about lack of follow-through and dropped plotlines and ignoring established rules)
Again, what show have you been watching all this time!? This is sadly the norm for it.
Season 4 ended with Rumpelstiltskin's heart being scrubbed clean of the darkness and Emma Swan taking up the mantle of The Dark One. This provided many possibilities. More than anything, it seemed like an opportunity to redeem Rumpelstiltskin. He no longer had The Darkness inside him, and it allowed the heroes a chance to understand and sympathize with what made him so evil in the first place. Instead, the heroes adamantly advocate for Emma but disregard a newly pure and powerless Rumpelstiltskin worthy of their time or help. Rumple becomes a hero, pulling a sword from the stone, but he relapses to Darkness in the end.
The Darkness was never what made Rumple evil. Rumple made Rumple evil. That was the whole point being proven which was already proven in the Season 4 finale but I digress.
Killian Jones becomes a Dark One alongside Emma and embraces his newfound darkness rather quickly, despite all the character's progress throughout the series. Yet, once he is no longer The Dark One, he is forgiven, redeemed, and resurrected, despite all he did.
Because he “became a Dark One alongside Emma” because Emma forced it upon him against his will, and then tried to control him by force which naturally caused his progress to crumble and him to give in. He’s forgiven, redeemed and resurrected because of his own actions to rectify his evil actions, which are done without expecting any reward, I might add.
Worst of all, Zelena has a quickie redemption in The Underworld! So does King Arthur!
Zelena’s quickie redemption was no worse than Regina’s, and while I can see the criticism toward Arthur’s I felt it made perfect sense given his previously established character.
As for the Underworld, that plot was entirely underwhelming. Hades in the movie is a fun and charismatic villain, but his interpretation on the show was weak and meh.
No, he was still a fun and charismatic villain, just in a different way than in the movie. He’s actually a lot closer to the take Jack Nicholson, Disney’s first choice, likely would’ve given.
Megara, also, was a huge disappointment. In the movie, she was a badass. She didn't need a man, she had a complex backstory, and she was willing to sacrifice herself for love. On this show, she barely exists.
This wasn’t the Disney version of Megara, though! Unlike Hades, she and Hercules had no holdover from the Disney movie; they’re just versions of the old mythological characters.
(Complains about Rumbelle being toxic because “Rumple's story has always been about redemption” and Belle’s part in it is now ruined.)
You missed the point of Rumple and of “Skin Deep”, like so many did.
Emma, a character who we know has walls up to her head, went from not being ready for a relationship to crossing moral lines to save Killian and then literally dragging her family to hell to save him.
The line-crossing was dumb, but no, she didn’t drag anyone to Hell. It was the Underworld, not Hell, and her family volunteered to go with her, they weren’t remotely “dragged” there.
Basically, they wanted to make Captain Swan as epic as Snowing, even having Emma say, "I will always find you," the Snowing motto, on her way to the Underworld. Captain Swan didn't have the juice for that, and making them epic and tragic took away what was fun about them.
No, Captain Swan did have the juice for it. This was a fine idea, it just had bad execution.
Aside from taking away from every other aspect of the series and losing their fun side, many have described Hook's behavior toward's Emma as toxic.
It was! What these fans seldom focus on is how equally toxic her behavior toward him is. They just want a simple “bad man abuses good woman” narrative in order to condemn the Captain Swan ship, which ignores Dark Emma inflicting textbook domestic abuse upon Hook.
In the case of both Rumple and Emma, when they were the Dark One, their goals were usually to protect those they loved, even if it meant crossing lines to do so. Killian told Emma he wanted to hurt her and that she was a pretty blonde distraction from his true goals of revenge.
In the case of both Rumple and Emma, they actively chose to become the Dark One to start with. Killian literally begged for Emma not to make him the Dark One and she did it anyway. And again, no mention of what Emma did to him prior to him saying those terrible things.
(Talks about Robin’s needless death followed by an awful season finale)
.....Wait, why did I even list this? She’s got me there! :P
On Redemption Arcs:
The thing is, Arthur didn't really change. He deduces that the prophecy that he would rule over a "broken kingdom" refers to The Underworld and not Camelot as he always thought. It's the destiny he's been chasing forever, so of course, he would do it.
You misread that scene. Camelot was the broken kingdom that Merlin prophesized; Merlin himself confirmed this. Arthur’s flaw was that rather than just take heroic actions naturally so that the prophecy comes to pass, he fixates on the specifics of the prophecy, particularly Excalibur, and rather than actually repair the broken kingdom he just papers over the cracks with magic sand. Hook’s actions in the Underworld showed Arthur that you are capable of making your own destiny through your own deeds, and so he accepted the Underworld as a second chance to do something positive rather than accept any sort of heavenly reward.
Making Arthur a villain was a nice surprise, but his redemption was weak. The character wasn't likable, even as a guy you love to hate. Frankly, OUAT would have been better if the characters had never gone to Camelot, but that's a rant for another time.
I object; he was totally a “love to hate” type, the issue was that he became too incompetent to take seriously, and a villainous version of King Arthur is someone you absolutely should be able to take seriously. And OUAT would have actually been better if the characters just went to Camelot and never came back to Storybrooke within the same arc. That was the problem.
Rumple's redemption was seemingly written into the series from the beginning. For the first two and a half seasons of the show, Rumple's redemption arc was picture perfect.
It really wasn’t, and out of what you mentioned only that “a half” constituted an actual redemption arc for the character...and even then, it only ended well because his son was around to inspire him to die a sacrificial death. If he hadn’t done so, he would’ve relapsed.
By Season 6, not all viewers wanted Rumple to be redeemed. He had backslid so many times. His redemption was hard to trust when it happened. His final redemption was death, which kind of fit because he had lived so long and deserved to rest. Plus, after everything he did, seeing him live would have left us questioning if he was going to backslide again.
Thanks for pointing out precisely why he just should’ve bit the bullet (again) in Season 6.
Still, it would have been better if they had leaned into his initial redemption in 3x11 and let the character grow, instead of all the unnecessary back and forth.
No, the back and forth was fine since that was a core part of his character. It only became an issue when he went forth in a specific way he couldn’t feasibly come back from, and yet the show and other characters still acted as though back was a possibility, which wasn’t realistic.
One of the unusual and refreshing things about OUAT's redemption arcs, at least the ones they did well, was that instead of going for the familiar trope of person-redeems-themself-for-lover, they did the underrated and underused person-redeems-themself-for-their-child. Killian Jones is the exception to this. (*goes on to complain about this and then say Wish Hook had a better redemption since he did it for a child*)
1. I’ve seen this bullshit logic before, and I just have to ask that if Hook is an exception, shouldn’t he be considered the “unusual and refreshing” one here since the norm on this show is redemption-for-child rather than redemption-for-lover? Did you ever think of that?
2. Hook didn’t even redeem himself for Emma, he redeemed himself because he wanted to be better and Emma made him believe that it was possible for him to be so.
3. Wish Hook’s redemption arc wasn’t inherently better just because a ship wasn’t involved.
Later, when Killian becomes The Dark One, he gives in to the darkness entirely very quickly. He's willing to send the woman he loves and her friends to The Underworld. When he chickens out of his plan because he still loves Emma, he's called a hero. How is he a hero for sacrificing himself to stop an evil scheme that he was causing? If you want to kill someone but change your mind, you aren't a hero for saving that person's life. You're just not as bad as you were before. It's noble to turn yourself over to the cops afterward, but again, it doesn't make you a hero.
First off, notice how she’s once again ignoring how/why he “became the Dark One” and how that affected him giving in. And secondly, Regina is placed higher above Hook on this redemption ranking list, and her entire redemption was only possible because she was going to sacrifice herself to stop an evil scheme that she (and she alone, unlike with Dark Hook) was causing in 2x22! They even called her a hero for doing so! If you weren’t pissed off about that, you have no business being pissed off about this unless you have an irrational bias.
Regina's backstory was truly tragic. She was abused and manipulated by her mother her entire life, culminating in the murder of her boyfriend.
That’s a sympathetic backstory, not a tragic one. The rest of her backstory was tragic.
Regina's redemption arc was not rushed. It was drawn out as we watched the character grow, realistically backslide slightly, and then, with the support of her new family, find her way to proper redemption.
“Realistically backslide slightly”!? Did you just block out what she actually did / attempted to do in 2B? That’s why many people can’t get behind the whole “support of her new family” part; because she only got a place in that family after almost murdering them all and trying to force Henry to stay hers like a possession. This is why the whinging about what Dark Hook did that got forgiven rings false, especially when that had deeper context for why it happened whereas Regina’s only excuse for her turn is “those damn heroes dared suspect me, a known mass murderer, of murdering someone! I have no other choice but to murder them all now!”
Some have argued that her redemption is more about getting what she wants, i.e., a relationship with her son, than showing genuine remorse. She doesn't want to do better because she believes it's right. She wants to do better because if she doesn't, she loses Henry. Regina may have ostensibly switched sides, but she occasionally crosses the line, such as when she stole Belle's heart to manipulate Rumple. Whether or not Rumple deserved that is debatable, but did Belle? I should think not! There are also things she's never been held accountable for, such as raping and murdering Graham. In 5x23, Regina goes so far as to call her past evil self an alter-ego known as The Evil Queen; she attempts to split herself off from that part of herself. The Evil Queen was never an alter-ego. Regina only has one personality, and she needs to own her choices.
YES. That’s all correct! So you rank her redemption so highly why, exactly?
Say what you will about Hook and Rumple, but both of their redemption arcs had them deviating from their initial goals and giving up their ill-gotten gains in order to make things right for others. Regina kept all she gained from villainy and her mission statement from right before ripping her father’s heart out to enact the Dark Curse - “I just want to be happy” - never changed. It was still all for that goal; she merely changed her methods of achieving it.
On Rumple:
I'm not badmouthing Rumple. I actually think he's pretty great; I'm a Dearie, through and through.
And therein lies the problem - far too many Dearies accentuate the positives of the character and let that define their view of him; which is a stark contrast to Robert Carlyle’s own views.
The show had a family of protagonists and two big, scary antagonists. One was The Evil Queen, the main villain of the Snow White story. The other was Rumpelstiltskin, a wild-card that left the audience scratching their heads. He was a mystery. Both characters had the potential to be the great villain of the series. Then we learned the key differences between the two. (*proceeds to say Rumple was doing it all for his son while Regina was doing it for revenge*)   Given those two descriptions, if you had to pick someone for the big bad of the series, who would you pick? I think it was supposed to be The Evil Queen, and I think the show was written with that intent.
Um, no. Absolutely not. Rumple, no matter how sympathetic you found him compared to Regina, was clearly set up as the Big Bad of the series from the pilot and subsequent episode. He was the true mastermind behind the Dark Curse, and 1x02′s end scene screamed “this guy’s even worse than Regina”, something even Henry acknowledged in 1x08, an episode that officially revealed Rumple’s status as the Dark One. Why on Earth would some random evil queen with magic powers be a bigger villain than the Dark One?
He was willing to ruin and corrupt others to do so, but he also made David a prince, and helped him wake Snow White from a sleeping curse. He was always interfering in people's lives. Sometimes he did nasty things. Sometimes he helped. He was morally ambiguous, but the story could not unfold without him. He was deeply tied to all of their lives, and many of them might never have been born nor found love without his interference.
No. There is no “moral ambiguity” to Rumple. All of his helpful actions were motivated by his own self-interest that was ultimately going toward the evil objective of getting the Dark Curse cast, which would screw over all those characters he helped be born or fall in love. And while he was behind the Savior clause, this also came along with his plan to bring magic to Storybrooke, which further screwed everyone over just so that he could get what he wants.
Well, the rumor is, Regina was supposed to be the big evil on the show. She was meant to be sympathetic, but it had not been planned to give her a redemption arc. Then, the show got a lot of flack for being "anti-adoption." They didn't want to send that message.  Lana Parilla fought for Regina to get a redemption arc on Season 2, and the trajectory of the show was changed forever.
This rumor has been thoroughly debunked by now. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis actually created the show through the viewpoint of the Evil Queen, and her getting her happy ending was the true core objective from the beginning. They even called making viewers forget about all of her crimes and be furious at the heroes for not easily accepting her redemption as they logically should a “victory” and “the greatest thing ever”. Lana Parilla fought for a better relationship between Henry and Regina in Season 2; the redemption arc was always planned regardless of that happening because Regina is A&E’s pet character.
Rumple prophesized this big, Final Battle to come when the curse breaks. This was more or less forgotten after the curse, until Season 6, when the battle is fought between Emma, Rumple's mother, and Rumple's son. Basically, the Final Battle comes back around to Rumpelstiltskin. And he gets redeemed! Yea! Except that this wasn't the first time he was redeemed, nor would it be the last.
It should’ve been the last, though.  Also, the Final Battle was a retcon; in its original context he was clearly talking about the final battle against the Evil Queen, which thanks to his own interference in bringing magic to town would also draw in him, her mother, and his father!
The fact that Rumple exited the show a hero, combined with what we know about his actions and motives from the beginning would imply his character was always expected to be redeemed. And if Zelena can be redeemed, why not Rumple?
This notion she has that Zelena is more heinous than Regina and Rumple is hilarious. 
Maybe because he was, in fact, redeemed. In 3x11, Rumple sacrificed himself to save the town. He'd found love with Belle, and he'd reconciled with his son. He gave his life for them, his grandson, and everybody else in Storybrooke. Yea! He's redeemed. But wait, he's dead? Noooo!!!!That was my reaction, and likely the reaction of many fans. Rumple was a very popular character, both for those who loved him and for those who loved to hate him. He was also very useful. He was powerful, and he was clever. He understood magic, and he had pertinent information about nearly every character the leads ever came across. The show couldn't function without the man who had been puppeteering things for 200 + years, and they knew it. They needed to bring him back.
All of this is true; just felt like throwing her another bone.
Prior to his death, it seemed that Kitsis and Horowitz were setting Neal up to be Emma's True Love. It made sense from a story perspective. However, Killian and his flirtation with Emma were very popular among the fans.  The fan theory is that due to that popularity, the idea was to get Neal out of the way so they could give fans what they wanted. They didn't think Emma could end up with Killian if Neal was alive, so Neal needed to die.
Again, a thoroughly debunked theory. Neal was never being set up as Emma’s True Love, just her old flame, and the decision to kill him off had nothing to do with Emma/Hook and everything to do with Rumple and how to bring him back and spark his relapse into villainy, plus the fact that Michael-Raymond James just wasn’t feeling the show and wanted out.
Rumple had Belle, but nobody else seemed to give a flying monkey about him. All the other leads were then heroes, and he was a man who had just lost nearly everything. As the story moved forward, Rumple had fewer and fewer reasons to be good.
Oh boy, here we go. Let the Draco in Leather Pantsing commence!
Hook chose to blackmail Rumple. He threatened to tell Belle that after months of being enslaved by Zelena, the woman who killed his son, Rumple didn't give up his freedom again. And he killed Zelena. Rumple struck back, and all hell broke loose because, of course, those children couldn't play nice for five minutes.
The blackmail choice happened because Rumple was already refusing to help his supposed family and their new friend Elsa out when they needed it, and Rumple easily could’ve avoided it by just being honest with Belle. Of course, then Hook got cocky and stupidly tried to garner a second, more personal sort of favor from the blackmail, and he rightly paid the price for it.
Once the truth came out, everyone conveniently forgot that Rumple died for them, lost his son, was a slave, and that he was "family." He was in mourning, suffering from PTSD, and he had almost no support. Hook goaded him, and Rumple backslid. Instead of hearing his side or considering there may be more to the story, the heroes cast him as the villain in their lives.
First off, Rumple had backslid before Hook blackmailed him - he already had sinister plans for the Sorcerer’s Hat, and was immediately willing to cooperate with the Snow Queen. Secondly, they did not forget about any of that; Emma brought it all up in 4x08 to show support and trust for Rumple - as he was in the process of tricking her into walking to her doom, mind you. It was Rumple who showed he didn’t care about them (aside from Henry purely due to the connection to Neal); there’s no “hearing his side of the story” after learning he colluded with someone out to kill them all and had responded to his PTSD from being enslaved by gleefully enslaving someone else, Hook, and ultimately trying to murder him on top of that, which is as disproportionate a response to Hook’s initial blackmail as you can get and is going back on the terms he had already set for the blackmail he put on Hook in turn. Rumple cast himself as the villain in their lives because Rumple chose to be a villain again.
As the show continued, they continued to take that attitude with him. When something went wrong, they either tried to blame him for the trouble, or they tried to bully him into fixing it because, after all, they're "family."
Lol, most of the time he was in fact responsible for the trouble, and it’s laughable to say they tried to “bully him” when he’s the one who had all the power...again, all by his own choice.
In the end, he sacrificed himself to save his former enemy and finally got to die. It's the ultimate redemption. And it was great to see. But you know what would have been better?  If he could have come back from his first redemption and been brought back to life without losing his son, one of his main reasons to try. Then we could have seen him try, and succeed, to be better, for more than just Season 7.They could have made that happen if they really wanted to.
Sure, but they didn’t because for most of the writers and for Robert Carlyle, that wasn’t in the nature of the character. They didn’t want him to try and succeed to be better. To them, it’s like if Walter White stopped breaking bad. Given all that he’s said about the character, I doubt Robert Carlyle was even personally on board with his Season 7 redemption arc. He still played it well since he’s a professional, but if were up to him it wouldn’t have happened.
They could also have left him dead. Let him die as a hero instead of backsliding as a villain.
Admittedly, that would have been great too. Alas, it was never to be.
Even when Rumple got his final redemption, it was in defeating a version of himself from the WishRealm. Rumple was still expected to play the villain, even when he was also the hero. This character, who was built for a redemption arc, deserved better than being tossed back into the villain pile because they needed a bad guy. Sadly, it seems like that is what happened.
No, that’s not what happened. He was not “built for a redemption arc”; that was you seeing what you wanted to see. He was always supposed to be the main Big Bad and ultimately the Final Boss, regardless of how that happened. A&E did, in fact, screw him up, but not in the ways that you’re positioning. They screwed him, and many other things, up by not having a solid plan and ending point in mind, not because they didn’t have him do what you wanted.
From this book:
Tumblr media
And there you have it...dearie.
Tumblr media
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meatmuncherlol · 6 months
I'm sorry I didn't do part 3, I was busy 😅
Anyways, Adventures of 6 year old Akainu, 9 year old Kizaru, and Baby Aokiji
*The next day*
A: *yawns* Another day dealing with a dumbass
*Young Kizaru walks out of his tent holding Aokiji*
A:...Make that 2 dumbasses.
K: Morning Zuki! Wanna go fishing?
A: 1, we have enough food. 2, we don't even have fishing rods
K: 1, for fun. 2, we can use our hands.
A: 3, we all ate a DF and we can't get wet without feeling weak
K: 3, good point and who said we're using our DF?
A: I-
K: I thought so, now, let's eat breakfast and go to the pond
K: Alright, Kuzan can't get wet and since u keep complaining, u have to take care of him.
*Sakazuki didn't hear it*
*They all eat breakfast and went to the pond*
K: Alright, there's some fishes over at the right side so I'm just gonna he-
A: Caught one!
K: Awesome! Now- wait- HOLD UP
A: Wdym? I thought you were looking after him since he hates me
A & K: OH SHI-
*They both ran back to the tent Kuzan was in*
Bb A: *playing with sticks inside the tent*
K: Oh thank god you're alright!
K: *looks at Akianu* I told you to take care of Kuzan!
A: Hey man I couldn't hear you! I was too focused on catching fishes!
K: *mumbling* You could've heard better, deaf hot-headed idiot.
*Kizaru puts Kuzan back in the tent for safety*
*They started to fight, which led Akainu's magma DF to burn one of the trees and started a forest fire*
K: H-Hey Zuki! Don't use that much power! You're burning the trees!
K: NO! I'm serious!!
*Kizaru places a blow on Akainu which made him fall and into a tree, which Kizaru makes his chance to run at the tent where Kuzan was in and take him out*
K: *mind: Shoot..the fire already spread to the village we robbed yesterday.*
*Akainu runs at Kizaru, leaving him nowhere to run since the burning falling trees are blocking the way*
K: *mind: DAMMIT- I don't wanna die from a 6 year old!*
*While running, Akainu notices the burning trees and stops in front of Kizaru*
K: See?! The trees are burning bcs of your magma!
*Akainu scoffs and walks to the shore of the island*
*A few minutes later, Marines arrived and put out the fire*
*Kizaru sits beside Akainu while holding Kuzan by the shore*
A: What do you want lemon head.?
K: I want an apology.
A: Sorry to burst your bubble pal but you ain't getting one.
K: *sigh* I know how much you look up to your heroes, the Marines, but you're not even at an age where you can join the marines!
A: So?
K: So? I'm telling you that you shouldn't be like a Marine and follow Marine rules. You're still a kid, you should live like one
A: I don't care what you think! I will train hard day by day and there's nothing your smart ass can do about it.
K: Well, you do you Zuki. You do you..
A: *sigh* Fine. I'm sorry that I caused a fire, didn't listen to you, and took the fight to seriously.
K: That's why listen to your eldest is a rule
A: It's just that- I promised someone I would become a Fleet Admiral and be the strongest marine ever, and I don't wanna break a promise.
K: Yeah yeah I understand, wanna go and tease the Marines on the island a bit?
A: Hell yeah! Bring Kuzan a long! We could trick them into thinking its snowing
K: He makes Ice, not snow
A: Same thing!
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pufflocks · 2 years
Hello again Zen! First I just wanna say that you don’t need to apologize about what happened to the other fic. If you ever feel like you wanna reattempt it, just tell me and I’ll send it again. This request is also smut like the last one and I hope that’s ok!
So Bakugou, known by the public as the pro hero Dynamight, has been having it tough at work the past 2 weeks. He knew that technically it was partly his fault. You see, Bakugou is in a secret relationship with one of Japan’s most mischievous villains. Y/n L/n. (Male Reader) Y/n was in reality not necessarily a villain. He was seen as one, but he had never actually killed anybody. He was more the type to steal, start some fights/trouble and occasionally blow up some place. He was more mischievous than evil. Though Bakugou knew that Y/n wasn’t as bad as everyone thought, and he knew that Y/n did love him. He just had a bit of history.. With that being said: Bakugou had been having it rough lately because his secret boyfriend had been at it like crazy. He also knew that Y/n was intentionally making things difficult for him. So when he was on his patrol and got an emergency signal about trouble just a few blocks away, boy was he ready to hunt Y/n down! Once he saw him he immediately chased him into an alleyway. Y/n had escaped and ran into an abandoned apartment. He thought he was safe. But when he turned around, he wasn’t so lucky. Shit.. Bakugou was ready to completely ravage and take out all of his frustrations on Y/n, as he had him trapped with nowhere to run.
This one could be considered Revenge/Angry S*x. It’s not non-con since Y/n clearly knew what he was in for, and Bakugou wouldn’t do anything incase Y/n seriously stopped him. The request was kinda long, sorry about that lol. If you don’t feel like writing it then it’s fine, and if you’d like to switch some things up then feel free to do so! Also, don’t feel rushed and take your time. Have a nice day/night! :>
Summary: I'm not a dark blogger, but this req is honestly too amazing. I will change some things as to not make it exactly dark though— And thank you for being patient with me and the recent incident. 💛
Tumblr media
Warnings: NFSW • proof read • Aged up • mild angst{?}
Cast: Villian!M!Reader x Pro hero!Bakugou
Tumblr media
Y/N L/N. A name that was a hassle to spit out. Your name was spoke like a horrid sickness spreading west to east. All you were was some mildly lowlife starting cat fights on the streets of Japan. It usually happens at night, and that's also when you strike 24 hour open corner stores. Quite fun to be honest. Your skill being up to par of a spy since your original outing clothing you were seen with was mostly black. Your hair was dyed a certain way after a long past incident though, kinda making you stick out overall you camflouged into the night.
Your pro hero, hot headed, stress filled, boyfriend however, was gold spoon in it's prime. A pro hero who was rich with fame. Oh god he had it all in your eyes. You sometimes cried with tears of joyfulness just at the mere slick thought you were dating him. Not no female who just as good looking, like Creati. No, none of that. It's not like he would change that spite his efforts of frustration with your recent activities these part two years.
The streets are terrific to you for these two years though. Everything is nearly breakable and easily fixed with community money. You would think it was community money atleast. All is good since you made sure to leave your mark with explosives.
Hence your love and passion for your lover, you would smuggle cheap fireworks and set them off at random areas of the late hours. The most recent one being pulled off near a school and and anyone could imagine how the headlines went. The news was erratic with wow and terror of where the explosion even came from, who set it off. Little did they obviously not know —
It was pro hero, Katsuki Bakugous boyfriend.
On to other things. Bakugou was in a meeting. Apparently he was being caught up with some warning of a manic villain roaming the streets and city alone.
"So what ?" The room was silent as all eyes transferred front to the back where he sat. Eye bags slightly visible of how stressed he really was after the news confirmed he was.
A co-worker of his, Kirishima raised his hand in apparent anxiousness. "Um", he coughed into his fist before speaking again. "Well, Bakubro he has been going at it for nearly 2 years. No one even know what he looks like, hell man." Starting to get his voice back he finally said, "We probably don't even know if he is a he !" The rooms tension was held up to a few more minutes before Bakugou just got up and walked out.
Another co-worker of his, Mina sparked up and said, "Where are you going !" Her words fell on deaf ears as he was already gone.
Heavy weighted footsteps of his boots were heard along the agency's hallways as people made sure to step out of his way. Grabbing his stuff most important for his next move being his car keys. His brain hurt of how fucking frustrating it is to be held back from work because of his delinquent boyfriend wants to treat the world as a damn playground. He couldn't take it! The stress and anxiety he kept for 2 years was just high enough for him to fuck one out. And he might just.
Just because those assholes didn't know where to find you, doesn't mean he can't. You were always close to a rundown apartment in an alleyway doctoring up a new firework of your own or anything remotely for distruction.
And there you were. In a damn corner completely unaware of the 6 foot presence behind you. Horny and exhausted was a nasty mix for anyone and Bakugou is a worse case as he grabbed you by your arm turning you around.
Alert entered your mind as you nearly, by a measly hair burnt him with a match you had. Why was here was all you could ask yourself, feeling his dramatic hot pants near your neck.
"Why-" No time for speaking when he was highly eager to ravage your ass. You knew how he was from time time since you've met him and because of this you have gotten the worst and the best of him. Sex and life alone was hot and dangerous between the both of you.
His lips marked yours up with a grunt of his own making it seem as if he was feasting on your chapped ones. The dryness making it sting sweetly only adding to the arousal you now felt for yourself. Kissing him. Him not taking his time as he will easily swallow his food without chewing.
"I'm fucking pissed." He snapped. This version of him was the only version you couldn't take. No type of convincing could make an outsider believe your actions to one another was not non consensual. His slightly bigger form compared to your own was trifling as it was pressed up to your chest.
After minutes of searching eachothers mouths with fever and rush he finally stripped himself from his pants. You caught a rare glimpse of how hard he really was. Now this was irritating you at this point. You were no sore loser, but if someone ever took something from you like candy it would easily be endgame.
"Stop fucking pouting. I just got out of a meeting early", he adjusted his position a bit. "To fuck your meddling ass." He closed the space between you two as his cologne and natural scenticked your senses. A shiver went down your spine like a fresh cold drop of sweat as you backed away into the corner. He followed that and smirked. You couldn't be serious.
"Turn around. I wanna see it." He huffed, impatiently. You obviously did what you were told. No time in making him even more pissed. He admired your obedience when it came to your relationship. Only if you could follow that up in turning yourself in. Sadly you were too prideful, probably why you both have an odd ball bond with eachother.
Like lightning your pants were down just like his as he slapped your ass with a strikingly heavy hand. Watching your arse slightly move was guilty enjoyment of his own.
"Ah !" You covered your mouth quickly in fear of his scolding. Number 1 rule of him when frustrated was that on all accounts. Don't. Fucking. Make. A. Peep. That reminder did not fail to make you turn back with pleading eyes with him looking back at you with pliant disbelief.
"Yer' really trying to fuckin' test me, yeah ?" He asked. Not loud how he usually is, but a lower octave with a nonchalant expression. He was tired. Tired of your prideful denial of going to jail. Tired of these late damn meetings at the agency. Tired of his parents calling him because he was doing this to himself. He was fucking exhausted of it all. His top tier was you especially.
That's completely fine though. He can sex all of this out on his handsome villain boyfriend.
Y/N fucking L/N.
Tumblr media
I hope this is fine, again I'm not a dark blog so if I wrote this along with the req it would get a bit dark. { I love dark blogs so it would be a whole series 💀. }
Tumblr media
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alixdelcourt · 2 years
Maybe other ones opinions matter more to you than ours
Pairing Katsuki Bakugou x female reader x Eijirou Kirishima
Genre : angst to fluff and comfort at the end.
WC and warnings : 1.5 k / Polyrelationship, Angst, feeling down, abandon, injury, mention of hospital and sedative. Please be careful reading this, and skip it if you're insecure or sensitive, you'll just get hurt. Please be careful.
Note : Hey everyone, I am back ! I am sorry, I wasn't on hiatus so I didn't warned you, I was just sick and trying to recover. And now that I am totally healed, I promise that I'll catch all your requests up quickly ! Today's work is @d3nk1x's request. I am sorry it took my like forever to achieve it, really sorry. I hope that you’ll like it, please let me know, and feel free to ask anything else. I kinda like your requests :)
Requests are still open, and since my college year is over, I am totally free to write whenever I want. And I am bored a bit, so please send many requests if you want, I will be happy to oblige !
Tumblr media
The heart has its reasons which Reason knows nothing of… What was sure is that you loved them, from the bottom of your heart. But it wasn’t enough for you to be completely at ease with the relationship that you, Eijirou and Katsuki are entertaining. Well, such relations aren’t usual and you prefer to keep it for you. What would it be if people, even your friends, discover this part of your intimacy and feel free to criticize, or worse to judge you and to deprecate it… Would your ‘couple’ survive all of this ? You prefer not to take the risk. A happy life is a discreet one.
But, your significant others are not on the same page. Like, for the boys, you’re all adults and old enough to make your own choices. You chose them, you brought them together, so why couldn’t you assume this decision ? Why three people in love would be so odd ? This subject was the only point of contention for you, that comes up more and more often. Like tonight.
The three of you were in Katsuki’s room, for the usual nightly cuddles. To have some affection before going to sleep, each one in his own dorm room. For the other students not to notice, Eijirou is the first to leave, and after a couple of minutes, you follow him. But tonight, the guys made a big deal out of it. You argue, explaining again for like the thousandth time your position.
“I just… I just don’t feel comfortable with people knowing that I am in love with two guys. Maybe it’s okay for you to share the same girlfriend, but this isn’t was girls do.”
“And who cares about other girls ? They just don't know what they are missing !”
Eijirou winked at you, trying to make you laugh and give it all up as a joke, but you weren’t laughing. He sighed, and let your mutual boyfriend try. And he did. Like Katsuki really tried. He took your hand, and made you look at his crimson stare.
“Please, Y/n. Let us love you in full view of everyone. I am tired, we’re both tired of paying attention to our reactions around you. We just want to give you all the attention you deserve and the love you generate at any time, not bottling it up or botch it between two training sessions. I don’t want to hide anymore, because this means we’re doing something wrong. And we’re not. So please.”
He’s meaning what he’s saying, and you know it. Katsuki Bakugou ain’t one to beg, for anything. But even if this was the sweetest and the most romantic thing he has ever told you, you can’t overcome your fear. Which deeply hurt the boys in front of you. The ash blond haired released your hand.
“Maybe other ones opinions matter more to you than ours”
Usually, when he’s this rude, Eijirou stands up for you, but today he’s way too hurt and he agrees with Katsuki. Too many words jostle on your tongue, but none were sufficient for you to express how you’re feeling. With obvious teary eyes, you stand up and leave quickly before bursting in cries. You try to convince yourself that you’re feeling this way because they’ve been harsh on you, pressuring you like this, but you can’t fool yourself. Nothing hurts like the truth.
But you made it. You managed to sleep, and in the morning, you decide that you’re moving forward and as usual, leave the situation as it is. But you quickly notice that it’s not the case for Eijirou and Katsuki. When you went for breakfast, they were already done and heading to their own classes. Usually, you have your have your meals together and they accompany you before going about their business. Usually, Katsuki cooks in the morning, and you make the boys tea. Usually, Eijirou takes all of the bags on his shoulders because it’s manlier and ‘every little training helps’. But today was nothing like usual. You tried to avoid your paranoia during the whole morning, but you couldn’t anymore at lunch. They literally rejected you. In front of everyone. Maybe you finally ruined everything by yourself.
When you arrived to the cafeteria, you decided to wait for them before realizing that they weren’t late, but they didn’t wait for you. They were already eating with some classmates. Sero noticed you, lining up alone for your lunch and staring, with a troubled expression on your face.
“Why isn’t Y/n with you today ? The three of you are always together… Something happened ?”
“She decided that our company is no satisfying enough for her. We would not want to force her.”
You weren’t that far from them, and Eijirou’s hard words were sharp and loud enough to reach your ears. He said it that loud on purpose.
“I thought that you and her had a thing… Aren’t the two dating or something like this ?”
Katsuki growled at Denki’s curiosity.
“None of your business, you dumbass”
“I was asking Eijirou ! Of course, no one would date your rude ass”
“He’s right, Denki. Our love life is none of your business”.
No one could possibly ask anything after this, even if they took each other’s hand. They ain’t persons to take criticism. They just proved you that you can’t cut off people’s curiosity. You’re just not strong enough. So you ate alone, and reached the afternoon training late, sorrowed and unmotivated.
Since your two regular partners for training were sulking you, you paired up with Midoriya, who needed help for his frontal attacks. You were strong enough to repulse him sometimes, by putting all your frustration into your fight, and you were agile enough to avoid him when he was too strong. It wasn’t like your usual trainings, but it was instructive in that you were learning new things. And suddenly, just when your sadness has eased a little thanks to work, everything went so fast that you couldn’t understand. First, your eyes caught a familiar vision. Second, your turned your head to see that Katsuki was proudly and fiercely kissing a blushing Eijirou, that wasn’t ashamed to kiss him back. Third, your eyes went wide open, and your mouth in awe.
“… - SMASH !”
Fourth, everything faded away.
Before you open your eyes, you can tell that you’re in a hospital. The smell of disinfectant and the beeping of machines weren’t misleading. And when you opened your eyes, The memories came along with the severe pain. You remember… Izuku, Eijirou, Katsuki… Recovery girl… The hero trainer… The ambulance… The injury, the pain and the cries… The sedative… And then nothing. You got injured during the training, you weren’t paying attention and you received Izuku’s attack you were supposed to block or avoid with full force. If you were a villain, he would have neutralized you, which was the purpose of the training. He isn’t the one to blame, nor are the two who caught your attention. From the very beginning, you were the only culprit. And just when you were thinking of them, you heard Katsuki’s voice grunt behind the curtain that was surrounding your convalescence bed.
“We have to see her ! Oi listen you-”
“We’re in a hospital, quieter !”
“Please, doctor, let us see her. We are so worry, and we need to be by her side when she’ll wake up”
Eijirou’s pleading voice was trying to convince the relentless doctor.
“You’re not her family, I can’t allow you to do so. I am sorry, rules are rules.”
Someone, maybe Sero, intervened.
“C’mon, boys, there’s nothing to do but wait…”
However, they didn’t give up. Kirishima begging and Bakugou threatening almost made you cry. You struggled a bit, but managed to talk with a husky voice.
“Please let them in. They are my boyfriends. Please…”
The curtain was withdrawn in a hurry, and in a split second, the blond and the redhead were by your side.
“Y/N ! How are you feeling ! Is everything okay or are you-
“Don’t ever scare me like this again ! I might lose my mind if you ever-
They won’t let you get a word in edgeways, checking on you and their concerned eyes scanning you. You started crying.
“I am so sorry… I am so sorry that I was stupid enough to hurt you instead of overcoming my fear ! I don’t deserve you, I-”
Eijirou hushed to you, while carefully wrapping his arms around you.
“Shhhh… It’s okay now, sweetheart. We won’t talk about this now, and not anymore. Nothing is more important than seeing you happy and smiling…”
“Besides, all those who were waiting heard you… I am sorry…”
“What a plot twist ! Seriously, don’t be… I am not afraid anymore. Today was horrible, and I got more hurt by the truth then Izuku’s hit. I am not letting anything between us again. I love you, and nothing will stop me from doing so”
Katsuki took your hand in his, squeezing it against his heart and peppering it with kisses. Words aren’t for him, so he lets you know his gratitude in other ways. With a kiss on your forehead, Eijirou concludes.
“If it took you approaching death to realize it, you're more of a dumbass that he calls you so”
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inspired by the prompt by @danphanwritingprompts:
Danny narrowed his eyes as the Uber arrived at the church, and he finally remembered the occasion. “Wait, Mom? Did we just pregame Vlad’s funeral?” Danny asked. Maddie scowled. “Shut up and act sober. For some reason, your dad loved that miserable creep,” she told him. “It’s the only way to get through the day,” Jazz agreed, fumbling to open the door and step out.
and some other headcannons that I've seen float around tumblr about trans Danny fic below cut if you dont wanna follow the link.
Looking out the window was making him nauseous, like really  really nauseous. The kind of nauseous he only got when sick or from a good punch. He knew a thing or two about good punches. He’d been taking them for a few years now.
It really wasn’t fair if you asked him. One should ask him because it was an experience that only he could experience. After all, halfa's were rare as can be. Skulker had certainly told him enough for him to know. Every brush with alcohol in his younger days was, well, a mixed bag. He processed it faster than the average person so he was lucky in that aspect that he got drunk faster. But if anything his messing about with alcohol before he was 21 told him it was that it also left much faster than normal. Bullshit ghost rules and all of that. Genuinely being a ghost even half one had very few upsides. Some people online speculated about how cool ghost powers must be to have but clearly none of them knew about the burden that it came with. Sometimes he still wished that he didn’t know. 
However this time for whatever reason the alcohol was hitting him and staying. Maybe it was because the previous times he’d been drinking cheap party booze in Dash’s garage with Sam and Tucker, no one but the three of them aware that they were even there. Instead this time the booze was some semi expensive shit, he didn’t know the name or type but he’d been promised quality. Why he of all people was being given quality alcohol he'd never know but he wasn’t going to turn it down.
That being said seemed the trade off was intense nausea. It wasn’t that bad all things considered, he actually preferred being sloshed for the upcoming event but his body was not agreeing with that. Not that his body agreed with a lot of things. The disagreement between ghost and human sometimes really bit him in the ass. His head was floaty, the world in front of him was spinning badly, maybe it’d be worth it to never drink again. Especially if he was going to have this reaction . If only he’d invited Sam and Tucker. They were great fun and always knew how to reel him in. Man he missed them, if only they didn’t all go to different colleges. But nooo all of their majors just had to have few overlapping colleges. At least they were all within a drives (or in his case a flying) distance. When he wasn’t feeling too sick and unbalanced he’d have to fly over to their dorms for a movie night. It’d be nice. Sam might even be able to get them into someplace cool again.
In a stagnant attempt to push the feeling away he turned away from the window and towards his family. Jazz was studying a text on her phone. Probably a message from her girlfriend at university. Maybe she was inviting her. That’d be nice. She seemed nice when he’d saved her as Phantom a month ago, then everyone was nice when their life had just flashed before their eyes and they were rescued from it’s visions. Even when he and Valerie were on the worst of terms he was always grateful when ever she rescued him in either form. Bar Johnny 13 his sisters' taste in partners wasn’t actually all that bad. He actually liked her last girlfriend. Even then with Johnny he wasn’t sure how much of that was actually her taste and how much was Kitty’s possession. 
Certainly Jazz’s apprehension couldn’t be blamed, three of her previous partners both highschool and college were driven away by how weird their family was. She claimed she was fine with it, something about them not truly accepting all parts of her but still. That sucked. School had been rough enough, he couldn’t even count the amount of people that had been weirded out from being his friend because of his parents. Well there was also his reputation but his parents being renowned ghost hunters and chaotic town kooks certainly did not help. Looking back on it more of that might have actually been on his reputation. A nerd with A+ grades until highschool only to then end up with Ds on the best of days and bruises on the worst. Yeah some of that was probably on him.
Jazz gave him a look, he’d spaced out and looked at her for too long, it was weird now. He gave her a shrug and turned to their mother.
Laughing would be rude; he had to remind himself when he spotted her dancing along to the car radio in her dorky adult grooving. It was peaceful in a way. A down time he didn't usually get to appreciate before something bad (normally ghosts) interrupted. It was almost nice in a way to be calm with his mom and sister. Even if the former looked really really stupid.
He snorted anyway at his mom’s dance moves. Discombobulated shoulder jerks and little hand motions mixed in with little head rolls that had no rhyme or reason. It was wildly out of beat and didn’t match the tone of the song on radio. It was definitely the kind of dancing that Tucker would disparagingly call “white people shit”. The thought alone of Tucker's pain at his parents' dance moves was almost enough to send him into hysterics.
Man he missed Tucker.
He’d have to check in on Tucker soon, since he started the latest school assignment he’d sort of ghosted everyone, for the lack of a better word. It was probably the stress of dealing with his assignment partners, he’d done the same last time. Still… in a town and world with ghosts it couldn't hurt to try to check in on him. Tuck was a big boy now he could hold his own in a ghost fight but he didn’t like the idea of leaving him to it. Call him what you will but obsessions were just like that. 
Maybe he was a little possessive.
Just a touch.
“Oh Danny!” his mom squealed as a new song filtered in. The Uber driver rolled his eyes, clearly he thought no one could see him but Danny caught it in the rear view mirror. ” I love this song, isn't it rad!”
He tried not to laugh, he really did, but it was so ridiculous. His parents were doing this on purpose! They had to be! There was no way that they weren’t no one was that out of touch. That behind on lingo. Warm giggles and chuckles bubbled forth, messy and loud. The kind of laugh only those closest to him could coax out of him. Back in school it was only Tuck and Sam that got him to laugh like that (maybe Jazz if she was lucky) make him lose his composure so quickly, but more and more readily his parents had been able to also force the laughs out of him.
If only fourteen year old him could see him now. He’d be so embarrassed. Sitting in the back of an Uber laughing openly at something silly his mom was doing.  She said something he couldn’t catch, teased him probably for laughing. A random pop song and the air coming in from the drivers open window were just loud enough to cover even a raised voice. Even still the there was comfort. Whatever she said was from a place of love.
He loved car rides sometimes. He didn’t always appreciate them when he was younger, kind of like how he felt about his parents. Especially when he was 14 but now? They were some of his favourite times spent with his parents. He just couldn’t help it, something about the rolling scene and music with easy conversation lulled him. It helped keep his obsession at bay, blocking it from flaring if he could see that some of the most important people in his life were there, in front of him safe and sound.
He still ached. Felt that compulsion to check Sam and Tuck. Rather than scream like normal it was a soothing whisper. He was able to drunkenly send them a text about how much he loved them without the skin crawling need to see that they were still standing.
 The Uber slowed to a crawl, the Sudan squealing as they stopped. Man that guy really needed to replace his breaks. He could get in a wreck and then whoever he was ferrying around could get seriously hurt.
He shook his head; he couldn't let his obsession obsess on something so small. It was probably safe to look out of the window again so he chanced a look. Danny narrowed his eyes as the Uber arrived at the church, and he finally remembered the occasion.
“Wait, Mom? Did we just pregame Vlad’s funeral?” Danny asked. 
Maddie scowled,“ Shut up and act sober. For some reason, your dad loved that miserable creep,” she told him.
“It’s the only way to get through the day,” Jazz agreed, fumbling to open the door and step out.
Damn he hadn’t meant to forget the occasion but he couldn’t help it his mind was already prone to wandering and the alcohol was just making it worse. Really it was a miracle he passed highschool in the first place, even when sober his mind just struggled to latch onto subjects, and that was before he had to nightlight as Phantom, hell it wasn’t even nightlighting it was a full double life. Really he didn't even know how he was managing college with the heroing on the side. Best guess if he was pressed to give one was that his parents’ disappointment and the desire to go to space was combining into the ultimate peer pressure. Funny how his brain worked like that, maybe Jazz could explain that to him. She was good for stuff like that. Explanations for why his brain was weird. She tried to give him an acronym for it one time something with A's. An attention thing of some sort. He'd have to ask her about it again sometime so he could wrap his mind around it.
“Hey!” Jazz opened the door, her face inches from his, the scent of some fruity cocktail on her breath,” get out Danny, and remember, act normal. At least for dad’s sake.”
“Yeah,” he waved her off stumbling to his feet, honestly it wasn’t fair that the ground was so unsteady beneath him, kind of transphobic if you asked him. “If you wanted me to act normal then why’d we all get plastered?” he joked.
“Shush,” Jazz clamped a hand on his face, their slow amble up the church's  many  steps paused. “Don’t lick a gift horse in the mouth Danny, you know this will be insufferable.” 
He licked her hand, she recoiled, wiping the spit off on her fancy black dress. 
He stuck out his tongue in retaliation.
“Behave, ”she chided.
He rolled his eyes and followed her. It was just a funeral, what was the worst they could get into?
 The second he stepped in the church threshold he knew. It put his whole body on edge, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up and the faintest trickled of mist? ghost vaper? Ghost breath? He actually had no clue what it was that came out of his mouth. 
Well he never really understood what he was saying half the time anyways, his mouth had a habit of running out from under him. The worst case of that was just the other week, he was talking to Sam over skype about something and he’d forgotten that she knew about Phantom, how really he had no clue, and he just went on for about twenty minutes making some out there wild excuse for why he’d missed their last hang out when she’d stopped him.
Honestly it was getting embarrassing, even worse was trying to keep things he said to his parents in each form separate. He really had to tell them soon.
It was so easy when he was 14 the breadth of his conversations with them as Phantom at the time could be summed up with a snarky quip from him or a “I’m gonna dissect you” from them. Now though they seemed to be fully taking seriously the notion that ghosts had depth to them. Which while true was deeply inconvenient for him. That meant he had to have interactions with them as Phantom and keep his identity straight ( ha  ). Maybe he should be grateful, they weren’t threatening to dissect him anymore that was certainly a plus, they still definitely wanted to examine him however.  He had considered it, in the depth of the night, allowing them to examine him only to drop the transformation part way through. It’d be funny, just a little bit to catch them off guard like that. But they didn’t deserve a coming out like that. He stifled a groan, he thought he was done with the closet when he’d come out but no life just had to never end and add in ghosts.
“Danny,” Jazz hissed at him. 
He slurred out a huh at her in confusion.
Damn he’d been staring out at nothing, the Pastor? Priest? He didn’t know the difference to be honest, was still talking about Vlad. Shit that’s right! The second he’d walked in his ghost sense had gone haywire, Vlad was still (half) alive in that plush ass casket. He wondered how bad it'd be to fake a stomach ache and transform into Phantom for some ass kickery. Knowing his luck though Vlad might just feign full death embrace just to make a fool of him. 
He would do that, fake his death, hell he was doing it right now! Motive was still unclear to him but Danny was going to get to the bottom of it. The man at the front, religious figure of whatever denomination, was gesturing large and big as he wrapped up.  It was really official, and stuffy, when he finally fully died he wanted his funeral to be nothing like this. Maybe Tuck's ideas of dramatic funeral pranks were where it was at. Or maybe even Sam's ideas of celebratory parties that remembered the dead's life. He wouldn’t object to either of those. 
Alcohol was fading out of his system again, well it’d been nice while it’d lasted but it’d probably be best to not be sloshed if Vlad wanted to cause a scene. 
He sat at the edge of his seat as his father came up for a speech.
“Vlad,” his father stopped to blow his nose,” Vlad was a good friend of mine in college, w-we,” his lip trembled, his large jaw hammering up and down as he stammered for words. It took everything in Danny to not sink into the pew bench in embarrassment. Jack was for all intensive purposes the only person in the entire church that seemed genuinely broken up about the billionaire’s death.
“We drifted apart for a while, and he’d just started to come back to mine and my wife's lives a few years ago and- and- I-I sorry,” he winced as his fathers voice died.
While he didn’t understand his fathers affection for the man his heart couldn't help but ache for the man’s sorrow. His father had such a large heart. He was so trusting and held so much affection in his large beating heart. It was a weakness and a strength. One his mother often said he inherited. He didn’t know if he could see it. He wasn’t so soft, so trusting, so eager to love and care as his father. Then the larger man hadn’t been burned the same. Hadn’t had his heart half electrocuted to death like him.
His mom walked up on the stage, he was briefly impressed by her composure, she was buzzed but also in heels and looked to all the church exceedingly well put together. Quietly she was speaking her hands gently on Jack’s shoulders patting his back soothingly. She often sold herself short. Stating her heart not to be as big, Danny didn’t believe that, not really, his mother was just more careful in those she let in.
“I wasn’t as close to him as my husband,” she admitted, having softly taken the mic from Jack. her fingers were curled around it softly, but her other hand was in her hair. She was fidgeting and searching for words,” but I’m sure those he was close to will miss him dearly.” she said tight lipped. Jack whispered something to Maddie quietly making her smile tightly and nod. The man moved to his seat and let his wife continue his speech in his stead. 
It was nothing notable really, Danny wasn’t one for paying attention to speeches or lectures and a funeral would not be an exception. He caught a few snippets though, his moms implication that she liked him better in college. A line hoping that in death that he could hopefully move on from the past. He really tried to not laugh at that one clearly because she'd noticed the exes. How many of them had known before? How many of the exes had to learn of their blueprint right then and there in the funeral.
Still he sat teetering on the edge of his seat, half paying attention to her words and mind half trained on that open casket. Vlad lay there in the plush box waiting. What for he couldn’t tell yet but he wasn’t going to be caught unaware.
The speeches couldn’t have ended any slower in his opinion. He wished that the alcohol hadn’t run it’s course already. It was so much easier to get through shit when his mind was quieted and his obsession was dulled. Instead he was forced to wait, his waking obsession tearing at his insides making him wait. Watch the lingering guests with apprehensive eyes. A few were expected. Gaggle of divorced exes. Some smattering of people that vaguely had Vlad's chin and nose. It was bizarre, some looked wildly like him and others well. They were utter strangers to Danny. They all were but they seemed almost faceless in how unknown they were. Interestingly none of them really seemed that choked up. He’d never expected troves of people depressed about Vlad’s passing. Still to only have one sobbing mourner? Maybe they just grieved differently...
Yeah maybe.
About when he got his water from the refreshments table he realized that Vlad really wasn't pulling a stunt. Still he had no clue why he was in that damn casket if he was still (half) alive in there. He almost laughed at the absurdity of it all, his worst nightmare was being trapped in one of those, yet Vlad had clambered in willing foot after foot laying stricken and board straight for all that he knew to see him. It didn’t make sense. There had to be some trick.
There had to be.
He thought maybe after his father had bowed his head over the casket head in hands loud body wracking sobs shaking his shoulders that Vlad might then spring to life (ha) and attack them. No, instead he remained laying in that coffin, the soft plush pillow under his head holding him still, the flowers in hand still clutched in strict fingers. He must have some sort of long con going on then. Some sort of goal he was aiming to reach by laying stricken and dead.
Wouldn’t be the first time the man had pulled a bizarre stunt. The time he’d kidnapped Danny and his mom sprang to mind. But there were few situations that came to mind where faking one’s death could come in handy. 
A severe looking man walked up to him a small plate of hors d'oeuvres in hand.  Sam would hate the sight of the small snacks, not a single one was vegetarian. And Tuck? He’d be laughing his head off at the name and size. He really had to rope them into a trip to the movies or arcade sometime soon.
The man greeted him, straightening his professional looking tie as he spoke. The man was exceedingly out of place, in a clean and crisp business suit that hardly matched the tone of mourning clothes. Then his parents were wearing their jumpsuits under their fancy clothes so glass houses and all that.
The man was painfully dull giving Danny his condolences in a rather stilted and clunky tone. The man clearly didn't want to be there. He raised an eyebrow at the man as he finally asked how he knew the ‘deceased’. 
Telling the man something to the effect of, “Just through my parents,” somehow making it clear to the man that he wasn’t particularly choked up by the billionaire's death. Gee he wondered what gave it away, his flat unaffected tone? Or the fact that Vlad was a billionaire with no moral backbone. 
Huh, he must really be missing Sam a lot to be thinking like that. he hated to admit it but she was kinda right. 
Business suit was disinterested in conversation with Danny after that, he hastily wrapped up the conversation. Man even muttered “shame.” under his breath, if Danny wasn’t half dead he wouldn't have caught it. But well nothing ever really worked out well for bureaucrats did it?
Had Vlad seriously faked his death to avoid paying a few measly bucks? The man was a billionaire! He must really owe them a mean amount of money for them all to arrive at the funeral like this. Maybe they hoped the will would work in their favour? Not far in front of the refreshment table were two suits talking unabashedly about the amounts that Vlad owed them. If it weren’t for the setting Danny would think that they were coming or going from an important meeting.
For what was probably the first time he properly looked at all of the guests. Actually taking them in, a good chunk like he’d noticed before were the exes that half looked like his mom, and their kids (hopefully they weren’t biologically Vlads). Then there were the vague family members that looked like Vlad watered down with kindness. But the rest? Suits and-
Oh he had to step behind an archway and stuff a fist in his mouth to stop himself from laughing out loud. Vlad had fucking bounty hunters being sent after him! It was karmic, he had to stop himself from busting a gut right then and there in the middle of a church. It was already blasphemy enough to be the walking dead he didn't want to also throw in disrespecting the (only mostly) dead into the mix. 
Well at least they weren’t all debtors, lurking around the corners and edges of the room was a guy he’d worked with as Phantom a few years ago. He was kind of hot in a rugged sort of way. If it weren’t for Sam and Tuck he’d have considered flirting seriously with the other man. As it was his joking flirting got him in trouble with the other two.
He was really acting up being normal, that rugged man. Mingling about with other people dressed neatly.
Clear to only  Danny what he was, what the others like him were, the man wandered unaware that Danny was watching him. Ironically he only knew they were bounty hunters because Vlad had hired the rugged man and his crew to hunt Phantom that time a few years ago and now? Oh the tables have turned. Someone, maybe one of the exes, or the debtors wanted him dead. Damn what had Vlad done?
Ghost Zone inhabitants had mixed opinions on him, many of which wanted him dead or knocked down a peg. But that was the Ghost Zone, half of them wanted  Danny  dead at some point or another. This was the human world. Earth and shit, it was much harder to piss off someone to the level of murder. Not impossible but damn. He grinned at this, Vlad was (half) alive and (sorta) well in that casket and he couldn’t do anything if he started to stir shit up. Life was beautiful, twinkling and gorgeous, he decided. He Didn’t need Tucker and Sam to have fun.
 He started with one of the exes. He went out of his way to ignore her dyed red hair and pale purple eyes as he talked with her. It wasn’t her fault that Vlad had a complex, he reminded himself as the woman talked. Fault couldn’t be pinned on her for the parallels he could search between his mother and her. She was nice in a weird way, again really like his mom. It was unnerving. He kept trying to ignore her beady eyed gremlin of a child as she talked to him about the will. 
Whatever Vlad had done for all the people in his life to only care about the will and the will alone Danny wanted to do the express opposite. It was almost painful in a way to watch all of these people act like they weren’t only here for the money. Served the man right, it was still depressing, the man had everything on paper but not a damn thing in reality.
“Do you think his daughter will show?” he tactfully added into the conversation after the woman had made some condolences about his family and Vlad. 
“Daughter?” the woman asked, her large eyes blinking slowly,” I'm sure you're mistaken, Vlad told me he doesn’t have kids.”
“Oh,” he said, feigning apology, inside he was loving this, sure Vlad couldn’t admit the truth about the clones but clearly the man had seriously left out some details to his ex lovers. “Are you sure? ‘Elle is nineteen now,” he said, it was technically true if you counted right. She was also only seven if you counted right. It was all about semantics.
“Ninete-” the woman stammered something hard settling in her eyes,” he told me he didn’t want to have children,” she looked down at her angry eyed child (he hoped the little dude didn’t kick him in the shin) who had a hand fisted in the end of her dress. “If you’ll excuse me, Daniel, this was an- enlightening conversation.” he watched her walk away to a woman with a big chunky bracelet.
Also a redhead. Of course.
A sharp pain seared in the top of his ear he prevented himself from yowling out as the fingers attached dragged him over to a corner.
"ow ow ow," he whined out quietly trying heard not to draw attention to himself. It didn't really work.
“What the  fuck  are you doing?” Jazz hissed at him when they were hidden away from the rest of the group.
“First of all: ow!” He rubbed his ear delicately between his finger pads,” I’m not a child anymore, maybe borderline sibling abuse was funny in 80’s sitcoms but it's not anymore.”
Jazz rolled her eyes,” second of all?” she pressed, she was still slightly buzzed and yet she was still holding herself with so much composure. Kind of impressive, if she hadn’t just physically threatened to rip his ear off.
“Secondly I’m not doing anything wrong.”
“Not do-” Jazz floundered,” Daniel!” she hissed out again struggling to keep her tone low. Damn she was mad, she only pulled out the full name when really fucked up,” I know your relationship with Vlad was- complicated.”
He snorted,” he tried to kill me multiple times, Jazz.”
“Yes bu-”
“Dark Dan,’’ he pressed further.
“I get it!” she snapped in a whisper-shout,” but a funeral isn-”
“He isn’t dead Jazz. Or really fully dead I guess I should say,” he laughed
Jazz rolled her eyes,” This is concerning behaviour Danny.”
“W-what?” he asked.
She tapped her chin pensively, she was psychoanalyzing him again, gag, “You must be transferring your complicated feeling about him into-”
“Jazz,” he groaned. It was best to stop her before she got on a roll, “Ghost senses remember? He’s still not fully dead, I can tell. He faked his death.”
“Okay,” she said with a sigh," I'm not saying I believe you, but say he did fake his death-”
“He did.”
She shot him a look, “Why? Why would he fake his death? He’s a rich ceo multi-billionaire with more money than most of us can conceive of, nonetheless actually obtain, what does he get out of faking his death?”
He pinched the bridge of his nose, this was easier when Jazz was talking to one of Vlad’s cousins ignoring him stirring the pot. 
He explained what he’d pieced together so far, with the suits and hunters lurking around the edges of the room it was easy to point out how out of place they look. Slowly a realization fell on her face, an acceptance of what he was saying.
“When I was talking to the stepford exes they were all talking about who would get the estate.”
“Do they know who?” he asked.
Jazz shook her head,” no the will was kept really secretive from all of them. There was even a bit of an altercation from two of the younger ex girlfriends over it.”
He winced at that, he couldn’t blame them for being mad he just wished Vlad wasn’t faking death for them to take it out on. “The bottle red and the one with the big bracelet?” he prompted, remembering the end of his conversation with the former.
“No that’s Maddison and Maggie, the two that fought were Morgan and Melenie.”
“Maddison? Maggie? Morgan? Melenie?” he repeated with a grimace voice getting higher with each name.
“Yeah I know,” she said with a sigh,” a textbook case of projecting an ex, or in this case crush, on future partners leading to a string of failed relationships,” she frowned looking over at the group of clustered red heads. Danny followed and examined them, they were all looking at something their eyes occasionally darted over to- 
Oh of course, mom, they ‘d probably done the math already. He winced at the thought. He’d half thought about it before  finding the notion funny. Now in his sparkling sobriety of the evening he couldn’t find the humour.
“At least they all mostly get along,” Jazz offered, trying to look away from how the dozen or so women were looking at the one woman they were all stacked against.
“Really?” he blinked at her,” I’d have thought that they’d all be fighting cause of the- well you know,” he gestured to the, everything, of the situation.
She shook her head,” no, they seem to all understand that it was all on Vlad, two of them, Mackenzie and Melody,” she clarified to even more of his confusion,” even found out that they were seeing him at the same time. How they didn’t know with all of the press that followed him I’ll never know, but they decided to team up on the legal front if there are any issues with the will.”
Jazz nodded,” yeah I was surprised too, but good for them, Vlad went around causing too many issues in their lives.”
He nodded in agreement as he looked at at the sea of redheads, some of them had grown out their hair revealing dark roots, some had hair styled in poufy curls reminiscent of his mothers old style and one of them had completely cut her hair into a half shaved look, it was actually similar to the look that Sam had now.
“Want to cause some problems for him?” he asked.
“Danny, legally and socially he’s dead, what could we do?”
“Legally yeah,” he agreed,” but technically he’s still half alive in there, and can hear everything that people say-”
“Are you suggesting that we ruin his reputation?” Jazz asked with a poorly hidden smile. He loved that in the years she’d loosened up. It was a good look on her, relaxation.
“Ruin?” He said, in mock scandal, ”I'm merely suggesting we bring it down to where it belongs.”
“Oh ‘merely’ what is that a fifth grade word? I'm impressed!” Jazz teased.
He shoved her lightly with a laugh,” oh fuck off I’m in college now you know.”
“Really? Accredited and everything?”
He stifled his laugh,” shut up, you know dealing with ghost shit messed with my grades.”
Truthfully he’d expected her to joke further about it, to razz him about doing so much, or maybe analyze him, diagnosis him with trauma. Instead she hugged him.
“I’m sorry so much was put on your shoulders so young,” her voice was raw. Too raw.  
He patted her back, stomach squirming. Because what was he to do with that? The tender care held for him in the cracks of her fingers. The sorrow that settled in her pores all for him?
“Hey stop that,” he eventually said, pulling back,” or I'll make clockwork take me back in time so you never find out.” He didn’t mean it, he never did.
Jazz laughed a little wetly, he didn’t comment on it. Why would he? Also didn’t get a chance as she ruffled his hair, despite the fact that he was now much taller than her. “People are allowed to care about you, asshole.”
He scrunched his nose up at that,” ew what? I detest affection.”
“Oh detest another good one, really racking up those vocab words huh?” she sniffled her hands on her hips, a little lean in her back as she smirked.
Snorting, he stepped back and fixed his hair,” how about we make this a competition?”
“First one to make Vlad burst out of his casket and rage in ghost mode wins.”
“Really? What would the winner get?”
He tapped his chin making a humming noise,” how about this, loser has to reveal their secret.”
Jazz laughed nervously,” I don’t have a secret Danny.”
Danny gave her a look,” Jazz, I’ve met your girlfriend.”
She bit her lip looking down at his outstretched hand, a debate playing in her eyes.
“Hey you don’t have to if you don’t wanna,” he said softly,” this is just meant for fun after all.” he knew better than most what forcing this stuff did.
”No, it’s fine,” she took his hand and shook, if a little clumsily,” that doesn’t mean they have to meet her though.”
“Oh don’t worry,” he said,” it won’t be my fault if they do that’ll be entirely on them.”
“Danny!” she exclaimed at him as he fled to the other side of the church. Finally this funeral was going to be interesting!
“Can you keep a secret?” he asked the swaying uncle of Vlad. The man smelled of beer and hors d'oeuvres. Not that Danny could judge if it wasn’t for the thick layer of spray on deodorant that his mom smothered him in right before he got in the uber then he’d probably smell just as rank. Then there was the fact that he’d pregamed to.
The older man narrowed his eyes at Danny, he was shocked to see the man he looked to hardly be much older than Vlad yet he was his uncle? He’d gone to ask about it but thought better about it, the less lore he knew about Vlad’s family the better, he really didn’t want to know about how many kids and when and how the Masters ‘clan’ had. Conversation with the older man was… stilted, to say the least. But he was certain that if he told him something then it wouldn’t get back to him. And that was half the game wasn’t it? Finding a way to spread the most rumours without people finding out it was him or Jazz. All without powers of course, that almost went without saying. 
The man didn’t seem too broken up about Vlad, they probably weren’t that close and Danny had always gotten the impression from the billionaire that he was a smidge too snobbish to fully have developed relationships with people. As often as he teased Jazz for being snobby, she at least was nowhere near as bad as Vlad. Man damn near invented snobbishness and assholery. He’d have to ask clockwork if Vlad’s ancestors were just as bad. Judging by some of his family, probably not.
“Well before he passed,” Danny prompted, pausing in a way to snag the older man's attention.
“Yes?” the older man asked when he didn’t continue.
“Well,” Danny fidgeted with his nail,”  you know his signed Packers jersey?”
The older man nodded eagerly.
Danny looked to the side,” it’s a fake,” he whispered to the man.
He nodded,” yeah, but please don’t tell anyone,” he added,” it’s bad enough that they know he was banned from buying the team-”
“He was what?” 
Danny fought to hide a smirk. He knew it’d be easier to sell this lie if he started smaller.
“I thought everyone knew!”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, most of the town knows, it’s just, no one talked about it to be polite.” okay that might have been overselling it a bit but the distant relative seemed to really be drinking it in.
“What did he do?”
Danny looked side to side like he didn’t want anyone to overhear.
“Well a few years ago when he was closing the deal to buy the team he got caught stalking some of the members!”
“Really?” the uncle asked,” wha- why?”
Danny shrugged,” they never really found the reason he was following them, he was even trying to seduce some of the wives.”
The man gasped,” I- really?” 
Danny nodded. “But you can’t tell anyone you have to promise me.”
He watched as the man smiled in what he thought was slyness,” of course! I just, with all of those wives he had!”
 Within the next five minutes Danny heard the rumour circulate across the room and it had grown legs. How glorious those rumours legs were. 
“I heard he’d tried to break up a marriage on the team!” an ex wife (Maggie maybe?) hissed.
The other ex (Mary? The other woman might have called her) laughed,” would it really be any surprise? With what he did to Morgan and Melenie?”
The first woman nodded sagely,” fair I can’t believe I even fell for his tricks.”
All things considered the rumour was spreading well, and there was not even a gasp of a suggestion that he was the source. He couldn’t wait to hear what Jazz had invented, with the rumbles he’d already started to hear, it was probably great. Jazz always did have a way of getting into people’s heads. Find what interests them the most.
“So this daughter of Vlad's?” the woman he was talking to prompted, he vaguely remembered Jazz saying her name was Maddison. She’d found him again some time later; her child now safely deposited over by the other kids with their group babysitter. They were in the middle of the church now, the other two still whispering about the packers' spouses.
“ ‘Elle?” he asked as if he’d forgotten.
The woman nodded her curls bouncing as she did.
“Can I see a picture of her?”
He pulled up an older photo of them hanging out, the picture was grainy and they were both sticking their tongues out at the camera. Shit he’d really forgotten how alike they looked.
“You both-” the woman said before stopping. She glanced at his parents. 
Shit he had to go into damage control,” well she’s also my cousin,” he fibbed.
“Yes! Technically once removed? Or something like that, I didn’t meet her until a few years ago, we were really blown away with the family resemblance!” he laughed. "Really it's uncanny!"  He continued.
Too far! Too far! He was leaning into it too much! It wasn’t like he could just tell her the truth, that Dani was Vlad's only successful half dead clone of him! Then he’d also have to out two things about himself to her.
“She travels a lot,” he added. He really needed to learn when to shut his big mouth,” she was in Paris a few years ago actually.”
He couldn’t even blame the alcohol! He was just this stupid naturally huh? They’d been saying it for years Sam and Tucker, if only he’d taken them seriously before this. His idiocy might really be terminal.
“Yup, I haven’t seen her in awhile though, hopefully she visits again!”
Scrutinizing eyes scanned him up and down, darting from each corner of his face hunting out the ruse. He really needed to learn to shut his big mouth.
“Do you have her number?”
Crashing noises filled his brain. Her number? The last thing that he had expected was interest in ‘Elle. he’d just thought that they’d get upset at Vlad and leave it at that.
“ ‘E-elle's?” he asked.
“Yes, I’m sorry if this is prying but me and the other ladies,” she gestured to a few of them,” we’re talking and we want to support her!”
“I-” he hesitated, he hadn’t really planned for this,” what?”
The older woman nodded,” we all talked it out and if we get the estate we’re going to support one another and the kids, and it seems like ‘Elle just got stuck in the middle of this like the rest of us.”
“Yeah uh, let me just text her first?”
“Of course honey!”
Danny walked away from that conversation feeling distinctly weirder than before. Regardless he pulled up his phone and slid out the keyboard.
He opened up the “With an I” contact.
  Hey i accidentally got you adopted by like fifteen random women that used to date vlad
5:43 p.m.
  You what? Lul
5:45 p.m.
 He looked up around him before typing out the next message
  Yeah long story short he faked his death. Its weird
5:46 p.m.
I’m at the funeral and the exes wanna like support you?
5:46 p.m.
  Well Vlad wasn’t good for much but at least i now have a multitude of mothers
5:47 p.m.
  So i can give them your number?
5:47 p.m.
  Yeah have at it! If this causes chaos for vlad im all for it !
5:48 p.m.
“So her phone number is.”
By the time he’d separated himself from that conversation a few more rumours were floating.
“I heard that the reason he died in a car crash is because he was on the run from the law!” one of vlad's relatives whispered.
“Really!” another responded.
Elsewhere some of the attending staff were murmuring too. “I heard that he got caught smuggling maple syrup cans from canada!”
“Yes apparently the good stuff is canned there.”
He walked to a new group this time with the suits.
“I hear that the money in the accounts is dirty.”
“According to my source his invested stocks were backed with illegal funds.”
“If there’s drugs really attached to it like I was told then I don't want anything to do with it.”
“I agree it's hard enough to get money from wills with spouses involved. It's even harder if the feds sniff any drugs.”
“It might not even be worth it to try with all of the ladies,” a different suit complained,” I overheard them talking about lawyering up together if anything goes wrong.”
Another much older suit scoffed,” this business was much easier before the exes started working together.”
Finally he heard his own new rumour starting to gain some traction.
“Wasn’t it found out that he was stealing science equipment from the nearby college?”
“Oh whatever for?”
“I heard it was for making a specialty shampoo.”
“I’ve always wondered how he kept his hair so nice and shiny.”
 Jazz was good, too good, considering that neither of them had really clicked into any social cliques in highschool. Now she was gossiping better than even any of the A-listers.
“It’s just such a shame that they can’t come,” Jazz was even fake sobbing, damn he was going to have to up his game.
“Who couldn’t come?” One of Vlad's older cousins asked, Danny wondered if Jazz was screaming inside at the hand she had around one of the older exes' waists, it was casual and tender. If one of Vlad's exes was getting together with his cousin because of the  funeral , Danny would shriek from laughter, hell if he accidentally used his ghostly wail it’d be well worth it. Vlad of all people deserved to have a partner snatching occur to him. 
“Oh I’m sorry,” Jazz said,” I thought that everyone knew,” she looked from side to side,” please don’t tell the other ex wives Monroe I’d hate for their feelings to get hurt over this.”
Damn she was good. The wife- Monroe who was leaning comfortably on the cousin nodded.
“Of course Jazzie,” she said in a deep comforting New York accent,” this can be brought up to them later more delicately later.  Though I must admit,” she said after a pause where Jazz thanked her for her discretion.” I myself am curious who wasn’t able to come.”
“Well you know how he used to do ghost research with mom and dad?”
Where was she going with this? She was selling it well, Danny had to admit but for the life of him he couldn’t guess where this was going.
“Yes of course,” the cousin nodded as Monroe spoke.
“I can’t name the amount of times he used to write home in our youth about his little ghost adventures,” the cousin added.
Jazz nodded ,” well at the school there was the Lunch Lady Ghost and the Box Ghost, he was seeing them romantically in between their stays in the ghost zone.”
Danny held back a snort box ghost! If he laughed too hard in that moment he’d drop the ghost form and would fall on top of the group that’d gathered around her. As much control as he’d mastered over his abilities over the past couple years there was nothing that would be able to save him from Jazz’s wit. 
“I’m sure box ghost is very helpful for moves,” one of the crowd commented amicably. The others though had nothing to say. Clearly they’d all actually met Box Ghost. 
The gossip might have even stayed in that circle if it weren’t for another one of the cousins being right there and then deciding to tell his wife, who then told one of the ex-wives, who then told another, who then told a suit. So on and so forth.
By the time that Danny was back in human form and settled on the opposite side of Jazz’s conversation he was hearing the children that some of the wives had brought talking about Vlad ‘holding hands’ with the Box Ghost and Lunch Lady. Why couldn’t he have thought about that? It was so good, it was perfect, literally no one could prove it wrong. And embarrassing, seriously Box Ghost!
All the stuff he knew to be true about Vlad sounded so far-fetched.
Half ghost?
Well most people didn’t know about them.
The time he infected his two closest and longest friends with ghost pimples?
Needed the half ghost context. 
If only there was some-
“I hate Vlad!” one of the kids near him cried out stomping down his foot.
Unsurprisingly all of the kids agreed, okay he was a little surprised, usually Vlad had the wool pulled over on most people. So the fact that all of these kids  hated him really meant something.
“He stole my cotton candy at the fair!”
“Well he told me that I didn’t need to see daddy anymore cause he was gonna replace him!”
Eager ears pointed at them he drank in their every complaint. He’d known that Vlad was cartoonish levels of evil for awhile (see the infecting teens with ghost acne for personal gain as proof, or kidnapping him and his mom) but never had he truly expected for him to be so stupid as to do it all in the open in front of all of these kids. Then again some of this might be his obsession making him act out. Smallest sliver of him almost felt bad about that, the fact that Vlad was in a way forced to be this way, but it wasn’t really anything he wasn’t before. Obsessions just highlighted what was already there. Made it more severe.
 “Uhm excuse me,” he tapped the shoulder of one of the shorter women,” Mallory?” He'd asked the babysitter for her name but for the life of him he was struggling to keep all of the exes straight in his head. There were just too many of them and they all looked too similar to his mom.
“Yes,” her eyes flickered with recognition,” Danny?”
He laughed,” yeah that’s me!”
“Some of the others were mentioning you!” she said with a bright smile taking his hand,” thank you for telling us about ‘Elle! I can’t believe he kept her a secret from all of us for so long.”
He nodded in agreement,” well about Vlad-”
“Oh no, what else was he hiding?” she asked, there was a laugh ringing from her but Danny didn’t need ghost senses to know it was dead on arrival,” I’ve learned so much more here at his funeral than I ever did when we’d been together.”
He laughed a little at that, a stilted awkward laugh that only filled his chest halfway. He almost felt bad telling her about this, but she deserved to know the truth. “Well I overheard some of the kids complaining about Vlad.”
He filled her in on what he’d overheard about the kids, the petty little actions of Vlad. The cotton candy he’d stolen (which was weird he’s rich), the fathers he threatened to replace, it was all so bizarre. Danny was about halfway through when the casket began to shake.
Vlad masters was not an impulsive man. He was calculated, smart and forward thinking. At least he certainly liked to think so.  No impulsive man goes out of his way to plan his nemesis’ death and demise for twenty years. No reckless person would spend his time building an empire carefully crafting his abilities and connections for taking down his enemy.  Vlad however to his greatest distaste was in fact still half human and not infallible. While he was meticulous and in his personal opinion exceedingly intelligent he had no way to properly plan for wrenches in his schemes.
The fenton boy, Daniel was his biggest hurdle but it was only a matter of time before he found the right way to tackle the issue. He was just a particularly big roadblock. If only his emotional attachment to his dunderheaded father wasn’t so strong. These issues were all small potatoes compared to the one he was in now. The details can be spared and smoothed over all that was truly important was that he was at his own funeral.
He’d always wondered what people's reaction to his death would be. Contact with his extended family had been… loose, for the lack of a better term since his ‘accident’.  Deep down however he knew that when or if his time came, truly came, that they’d have a reaction. Probably sadness, he had been close to a few of them before his accident, hell he’d been close to them before his company had taken off. At the end of the day he simply had better things to do. Plans to make, revenge to ruminate on. It wasn’t his fault that they’d fallen to the wayside. They simply weren’t as important as Maddie.
He’d toyed with the idea that maybe his dear Maddie would sob over him, that she’d denounce Jack when she saw that he was no longer an option. How deeply poetic it’d be for that to happen. He never liked the idea of her only realizing their potential then but he couldn’t ignore the artful symmetry of it all. Some of the books that Maddie used to read in college had those even beginning and ends, those swooping through lines that tied it all nicely in a pretty bow. His first death had ripped her away from him. It’d gifted her to Jack on a silver platter, and his second oh how glorious it’d be if it drew her to him. Making her denounce her imbecile of a husband. Leaving the stocky man discarded.  Beauty was in the eye of the beholder and even with its harsh edges his death bringing her close to him was something to behold. If only that was what he was watching happen.
Unfortunately for Vlad Masters Owner, Ceo, and founder of Vladco. Life was not an art piece nor a well orchestrated game of football. No instead he got to lay still (half) alive in his exceedingly expensive casket and listen to the dolt sob.
It started like all of the worst things while heading to the Fenton's for another plan to be set in motion. The restraining order was still being held up in the courts so there was technically nothing legally stopping him from seeing them, or especially her. Besides he was a billionaire, those things were more fine machines than anything for him. Once it was enacted all he’d have to do was pay a fine.
Unfortunately it was during the drive that issues started. Again finer details notwithstanding for he’d run them all in his head a thousand times now while laying in this blastedly comfortable casket. While on the drive it became clear to him he was being followed.  No matter , he’d smugley told himself. He’d been followed by techbro fans before they were easy to deter. Easy to remove from his time and life. However in a deeply detestable turn of events the car following him did not belong to a fan.
He knew from the offset of seeing the make and model that it wasn't his average follower, those types usually had older beaters or worse highly expensive care that they had no business owning. No, instead this car was perfectly down the middle of class and price. How he detested those cars, they had no class. It was effectively similar to the many unmarked police cars that he used to have follow him during his brief stint as mayor. 
Regardless the car was tailing his limo, it was simple at first to attempt to outmaneuver them. Eventually his limo was pinned.
Blah blah blah mindless details later some pointless shooting at him with guns and he’d jacked their car. In the end it was simply easier to fake a fatal car crash. then there were all of those witnesses that had to see his death. Walking it back was impossible all circumstances considered. At least when they attacked him they only knocked his driver out, the legal case of that would have been a logistical nightmare and he still had some hopes of getting access to his funds later. 
It was almost funny in a karmic way. Almost as poetic as he had wanted pretending to be dead to be. Only problem was it was poetic in exactly the opposite way. The person that he hated most there sobbing the loudest. It’d be so much easier if it was Madeline sobbing. If she was sobbing, a faked death could be almost satisfying. If she melted down it could almost be worth it. Instead it was Jack Fucking Fenton. 
Numerous things were to be expected from his funeral, Daniel's arrival, yes, Maddie’s, undoubtedly. Even Jazz’s and Jack’s all expected arrivals. Some of them were more annoying than others but they were the requisite arrivals. Even his gaggle of ex flings was to be expected (they had to try and get their hands on the estate and money somehow. Well jokes on them he’d left it all to Maddie). No, what he hadn’t been prepared for was Jack’s incessant wailing and sobbing. 
The man was besides himself absolutely losing his mind right next to his goddamn open casket. It was getting hard to keep a straight face when he wanted nothing more than to leap from the plush silk sheets and throttle the man. His hands might not quite reach around the other mans thick neck but he could give it a good try he was sure. To put it simply and without intense amounts of rage he had mentally calculated for a lot of variables, not one of them being Jack of all people struggling to breath, choked out sobs instead of breaths coming from him as he hovered nearby. Not a single variable included being cried on by the most loathsome man in all of Amity Park. Every tear that fell on Vlad’s extremely expensive make up was another tally against the man’s. Had he no clue how hard it was to not flinch every time a drop of water splattered on his face? It was much harder than it looked he’d have him know.
Didn’t the idiot realize that he hated him? That he’d never cared for him? At least not since his death. 
Worse was when Maddie and the Fenton children staggered in, he could smell the alcohol on them from a mile away. It was tasteless! The smell alone nearly made him leap from his casket and throttle them where they stood (Maddie with exception of course). Have they no respect for the dearly departed? Have they no care for social decorum? Those Fenton spawn would never survive in high class society. Not like himself and Maddie. Oh how he wished he’d never gone for those pale imitations. They hardly kept up with all that he needed.
All he had to do now was ignore everyone and get through the funeral and he could be Plasmius full time. Pursue Maddie 24/7 with no worries of the law (though with some worries of Phantom). If only those blasted Fenton's would stop spreading rumours about him! And he knew it was them! Who else would say such outrageous things?
Okay certainly if one wanted to be technical Danielle was his daughter, but he hadn’t raised her. She was not his blood, she was not his in the most important ways.
Then there was that rumour about the-
“He-hey Vlad.”
Oh, oh no.
“I uh, I’m gonna miss you.” 
No no no no no! He couldn’t do this! He wouldn’t do this! He would not stand for this! He did not go out of his way to fake his death for this. 
Jack blew his big blubbering nose into a handkerchief so hard it honked. Honked! He was going to throttle this man at his earliest convenience. Getting cried on he could deal with, revolting as it was. What he couldn’t and wouldn’t deal with getting yammered at. That was not in the details. He did  not  plan for this.
“I- uhm- I know we weren’t really close these last few years.”
That was putting it lightly.
“Or really at all since college,” there was a wet laugh from Jack.
If that oaf ended up coughing slobber on him- Maybe if he tried hard enough he could die for real, that’d be nice. He’d never really craved death before, not like in this moment. It’d be so much easier if he just didn’t have to hear this.
“I-I know you didn’t really like me in the end.” 
Wait what? Had he finally gotten a clue? That was a first. Maybe his overt plotting had finally gotten through to the oaf. If Jack attacked him now that’d almost make this all worth it. He might even consider revealing he’s Plasmius if he did.
“I know I messed up, I-I must have hurt you, I don’t really know how, but- but uh, I just wanted to say I’m sorry.”
Yes ye- He was what?
There was another laugh sob from his  ex  friend,” It’s probably too late since you’re uh- dead, but whatever it is I did to hurt you, I'm sorry. I hope,” he trailed off into a high pitched keening whine. 
Stop stop stop! This is not what he wanted!
“I hope you rest well Vlad.”
Footsteps receded away from him at that. 
Well what the fuck was he supposed to do with that? What in the world was he supposed to do with that knowledge? Internalize it? Grow and change as a person? He was (half) dead! He was well past the point of growth! He was beyond growth.
For all Jack knew he wasn’t coming back! For him and basically all of them he wasn’t coming back! The only person that would know was Daniel and maybe his sister if he told her. Maybe his brat friends if he messaged them. 
What did Jack get out of telling him all of that?
Certainly not money, the will had left everything to sweet Maddie, not him. Some sort of moral upper hand? A sense of feeling like he got one over Vlad?
No the dolt wasn’t that complex, his intelligence lay somewhere between absentminded and incompetant on a good day, there was no moral forethought. Yet why did the words settle so deeply in a corner of himself? Carving out a crevice in him that ached and burned?
“Did you hear about why Vlad couldn’t buy the green bay packers?”
Why? Why did it dig in his flesh? why when he’d thought he’d burned all of that away.
I'm Sorry.
“No, why?”
Life was easier when he was fully alive. College life was simpler. At least then he could fool himself that Maddie thought of him equally as she did Jack.
“Well I heard that he was stalking the team!”
Why would he stalk them? He’d never stalked someone once in his entire life! (death maybe but he’d never admit that) he could buy all the tickets to their games he had no reason to stalk them!
There was no practicality in stalking them. Just like Jack had no reason to apologize to him! The idiot didn’t even know what he’d done to hurt him. He hadn’t ripped the apology from Jack. He wasn't on his knees begging from him. Hell he didn’t even know that he’d killed Vlad. Jack Fenton was as oblivious to the fact that he’d died back in college as he was to the fact that his own son was dead and playing hero as Phantom.
The density of the man was rivaled by no other.
But then why did he apologize?
“Did you hear?”
He got nothing out of it.
Why did it ache?
Burn? He wanted for years nothing more than to make the man sob and beg for forgiveness.
Why did having it fulfill nothing?
“About him and the Box Ghost?”
Would it burn just as painfully if he finally got sweet Madeline’s confession? Would it ring just as hollow?
“I thought it was the lunch lady ghost?”
No. There was something about Jack that made it wrong. Something about that blathering moron that lashed the words to him like a blade.
“I think it was both.”
And what the hell were they all blathering on about? What was all of this nonsense about Box Ghosts and smuggling and stalking? What were any of their empty little words? 
Did any of that really matter? Their blathering human rumours and petty squabbles when he, the very guest of honour in all ways but one was laying here before their very eyes on the precipice of something? He was teetering at some edge, he didn’t know what it was but he could just make out the shape of the hole he was almost toppling in, he just had to know what it was. He just-
“Well I heard-”
They heard- they heard! What did it matter what they’d all heard! Nothing that they heard could matter in the slightest not when he was dealing with this! Not when he was reeling with whatever this was! The weight and size of it completely overtaking him and yet none of them aware, he was suffocating being overtaken by the edge of knowledge some realization he’d yet to make and hee still couldn’t read it. All because they wouldn’t stop blathering on and on about what? Lies?
Stupid foolish tales spun by his greatest enemy!
By a child.
If it were not for the show and pageantry of it all, if it were not for the display that he’d set about around him he’d be yanking his hair by the roots, tearing it slowly strand by strand from his scalp. And if there was one thing that Vlad Masters was, it was a showman! He was dramatic and he was going to be so unabashedly it was not his fault that there was no one that yearned for his life to roll onwards like Jack. None of it could be held against him. He was a romantic! Everything he did was for  her.
Had it truly all been for nothing?
All these years.
Had she never really cared?
“Dirty money, attached to drugs. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pool.”
All this time.
Did he really-
“Never even mentioned a daughter!
All his schemes!
Jack's tears were so warm when they cut the thick funeral makeup.
“So many secrets for him to keep.”
Dozens of attempts on his life!
Did he really  care? The water on his face was still warm.
“Wasn’t the cause of his crash a run from the law?”
“Would you all just shut up already!”
Silence blanketed the church as Vlad’s voice finished ringing out the wooden box still perched on its little stage. The casket was still shaking and the flowers were falling from the box as the hush grew sharper. Energy crackled from the casket shooting out and blowing the bulb above. Glass fell from the light falling gently on the flower petals. 
None one spoke, Danny’s father had a hand over his mouth, new large tears welling up. He looked green and pale, unlike most of the stunned guests he looked like he was about to be sick.
Danny shot a glance at Jazz, she nodded and jerked her head to the side. He ducked out. Things were about to get hairy.
There was no response from Vlad for a second as it seemed the outburst was done. Even the children who’d been shrieking with laughter and joy from their play for most of the funeral were silent. The falling glass and shaking box were deafening in the silence. Danny ducked behind a pillar and into the doorway that led to the restrooms. There was no one there. The closest person was his mom but she was standing silent and stunned not an eye tilted away from the casket. He couldn’t blame her.
It wasn’t everyday your incel stalker had a breakdown after he’d legally died.
He transformed. On the most part there weren’t many people near the casket. It was just a few lingering Exes, most people were near the refreshment table. His first line of action should be to grab the people near the stage and get them to safety. Then?
Well the rest was adlib. 
At least he had stored the Fenton thermos in his suit jacket (just in case). If only Sam or Tucker were there. Things were so much easier with their help.
Just as he was about to jump into the situation, the group of exes all swarmed Vlad. Shit he’d have to replan everything. He wouldn’t be able to get in an ecto-blast with out the fret of hitting one of them. He could always try Ice or a little storm cloud?
Just as a new plan was starting to formulate one of them (Maria?) slapped Vlad hard across the face.
The noise echoed loudly across the church.
He grimaced.
He did not want to get in the middle of whatever that was. He really didn’t want to get in the middle of it at all. Backing back into the bathroom he turned back to normal. Didn’t matter what the situation was, he was not going to get in the middle of a dozen or so angry exes and Vlad. It was his grave (even if Danny had helped him dig it a little) like hell Danny was getting buried with him.
“Vlad Masters!” one of the exes screamed,” you slimy pathetic excuse of a man.”
Yeah Danny was not getting in that, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to watch.
“Ow!” Vlad cried out, his eyes were glowing red, but aside from that he still looked very much the same. 
Weird, Danny didn’t expect him to stay in human form. He guessed it made sense if he changed into Plasmius the gig would be up. There’d be a lot of questions too. Knowing Vlad’s tendency to monologue he might even explain the concept of Halfa’s.
“M-Maria!” the older man stammered out,” darling hello-”
The woman smacked him again,” I’m Maggie,” she spat out.
Danny winced, yikes. Makeup covered Vlad's gaunt face but Danny could imagine the smarting red forming on his cheeks.
“Y-yes of course, how could I mistake your beauty, how foolish of me to compare the two of-”
The clearing of a throat interrupted as Maria herself tapped her foot.
“Maria!” Vlad exclaimed this time correct, even if taken by surprise.
“Yes,” the woman agreed,” but don’t mind me, what were you saying? Something about comparison?”
The billionaire awkwardly laughed as he seemed to take in the fact that he was surrounded by all of his exes. Phantom wasn’t even needed. Villain defeated right then and there by the rage and power of his many exes. Again Danny found himself desperate to find out whatever the older man had done to make everyone hate him so just to do the express opposite.
When he actually fully died he hoped his funeral wasn’t this… whatever plan he actually ended up with he just didn’t want this.
“So,” Jazz said as she settled next to him leaning on the pillar with him,” any idea what got him up?”
“Nah,” Danny shrugged looking over to his sister. She looked more sober now, less unstable on her feet.” He didn’t really decree what his gripe was this time.”
Jazz sighed,” so no winner yet.”
“Unfortunately,” he said,'' He also technically didn’t go ghost mode.”
Jazz groaned resting her head on his shoulder,” I wanted to go home, these heels are killing me!”
He stuck a tongue out at her,” shoulda transed your gender like I did,” he teased quietly.
“Ha! Really funny Danny,” she flatly commented with a roll of her eyes at the tired joke.
“Ah meany,” he pouted.
“You walk in these heels at a funeral,” she complained again,” At least if he went full ghost It’d be socially acceptable to ditch them.”
He bit his tongue remembering a rant that Sam had gone on recently about heels and social pressure. How she’d then thrown one of her platform boots at Tuck when he made a remark. Jazz probably wouldn’t appreciate his lovesick ramblings about them.
“Looks like we'll just have to continue to watch this unfold.” he said instead with a sarcastic twinge.
“Oh what a shame!” Jazz said flatly,” sucks to be us.”
Danny snickered as Vlad continued to try to dig himself out of his hole. How he wished Sam and Tucker were here. Unfortunately for him they were both far too busy. Ah well he’d just have to video it all for them.
How unfortunate for Vlad that he was made to sit through his own will reading, and how fortunate for Danny Fenton that he was the one that got to watch it all go down. In the entire time that he and Vlad had been nemesis he never knew just how much he wanted exactly this to happen. Actually if someone ever suggested this happening younger him probably wouldn’t have appreciated just how funny this was. No fourteen-to-fifteen him was far too invested in things like learning his powers and finding out just how observant the rest of town was. Also looking cool. Adult him however? Freshly 21 and college attending him? Oh he could enjoy the fuck out of this situation.
There was some minor debate among some guests over how ethical it was since Vlad's ‘ghost’ was now here to view the reading. Some point could be made that it might be weird...
“Isn’t it rude?” one family member had suggested.
“It might be in bad taste,” another guest had even pipped up.
No one really liked Vlad anyways
“Oh no!” Morgan said,” I want to know what it says, and who better to see how accurate it all is.”
Oh how glad he was that those few were beaten out. How glad he was that the crowd was seeing blood. That the group was too nosey and invested in the drama to really get caught up in such small things as ethics.  How grateful he was that the exes were in half a mind to Kill Vlad a second time.
Fortunate he was, that his luck was finally turning up. It might even be the universe trying to pay him back for all of the shit he’d been dealing with since he was fourteen. Return investment on the untimely youth death. Honestly if it was it was a pretty bang up start all things considered. He’d have to find out if there was a ghost involved in the control of karma. They might just end up with an edible arrangement on their lair door. Older adults loved that shit so ghosts should too.
“Hm,” the lawyer said when they entered the room with the walking corpse of Vlad masters. The office was small and hardly held everyone, but snugly, far too snugly for comfort they all fit on the other side of the large desk.
No one said anything to the lawyer. Whether the man had been privy to the rest of the funeral or had just arrived Danny didn’t know but he had to admit this entire situation was bizarre even with full context. Not many of them knew ghost rules and the only ones that did were in either stunned or gleeful silence. There was no objection to the fact that Vlad had dragged his body with him, not a voice descenting on the fact that his form hadn’t shifted. Not a single attendee seemed perturbed by the fact that Vlad was not really a ghost.
Even the paid bounty hunters didn’t know how to discern ghosts from humans judging by their stunned expressions. Though he’d love to watch one of them attack Vlad in the middle of a church. Stabbing a man in the house of god might just be a big sin, though Danny wasn’t sure.
“Well this is unprecedented,” the lawyer commented,” never in my time have I ever seen a dead man rise for the reading of his own will.”
Vlad grumbled but no one could make out the words as the two exes on either side of him glared. 
Oh how fortunate Danny was indeed, never before had he ever been so glad for his untimely death. If it all led to watching Vlad squirm like this still trying to keep his alter ego a secret? Pain and strife, the many attacks and attempts on his life were worth it.
“Well if there is no protest,” the lawyer said. For a moment Vlad looked very much like he wanted to protest, but the glares of the exes kept him silent and made him snap his jaw shut. Danny knew what went into keeping a corpse looking fresh. Shame the mortician seemed to have skipped wiring the jaw shut. Then, Vlad didn’t seem to need physical wires to keep him silent and well behaved, his Exes were all doing that job very well.
“In that case,” the lawyer sounded queasy, if Danny wasn’t so invested with the drama unfolding he might have turned to verify. “Then I believe we will begin.”
The man started out by reading the long legal preamble, the paragraphs upon paragraphs of titles and information about Vlad that was included. Danny understood that him being the owner of VladCo was technically important for the will but did he need to include all of his ten titles at the company in the will? It just felt excessive. ‘Ceo, entrepreneur, founder, head of decisions, etc.’ did anyone care? Leaving out the most important title of ‘asshole’ was the biggest mistake of his will.
“Yes I think we get it,” Monroe said, her accent clipping the words in stiff professionalism. Bless her for cutting the pain short. “I do have,” the woman glanced at the cousin who was still holding her hand,” A more important social engagement to attend to with Carmila.”
The lawyer stammered,” yes of course ma’am my apologies.”
“It reads:
‘First, I hereby denounce all previous wills made by myself, Vlad Masters, no matter nature or kind.
Second I Vlad Masters hereby appoint,” the lawyer paused making a face before he continued,” Madeline Fenton love of my life as the executor of my estate, networth, and-” the lawyer paused,” the ownership of my beloved cat ‘Maddie the cat, the third-”
“Huh, I guess you listened to my suggestion after all and got a cat.” Danny muttered as at the same moment his mother reached her breaking point
“You what?” Maddie was standing out of her chair, indignation flaring in her eyes,” Vlad! I don’t want any of this.”
“But but,” Danny tuned the man out as he made the normal declarations of love. Trite at this point his mind was already trying to entertain itself. Fast forwarding this would be nice, if only his core was time based. But no he got Ice, and Weather, and other weird disconnected powers. He was electrocuted to death! Cruel that he didn’t get cool electrocution powers.
They were still arguing when he tuned back in. Loath wasn’t a powerful enough describer for this love diatribe that Vlad spewed every three to five business days. His mom yelled something back, a few of the ex wives even chiming in agreement. Well at least they didn’t hate mom that was a plus.
He shot Jazz a look as he repositioned his phone camera to get a better shot.
‘This again?’ he tried to communicated with his expressions. Tuck usually laughed when he tried and Sam told him he looked to constipated.
She shrugged and nodded as if to say  ‘this again.’
“I am happily married! I told you I won't leave Jack for you!”
Tuning out the conversation didn’t seem to leave out many details. Everything was falling exactly into the same patterns as always.
“Maddie please-” the billionaire tried to beg.
This made the woman snap,” no don’t Maddie please me! You have not respected my decision to marry Jack since it happened, well guess what Vlad it’s too late for you! You were never even an option!” she turned to Jack and put a hand on his shoulder. her voice much softer when she spoke,” come on honey we’re leaving. Kids?” She turned to the two Fenton children. The both of them stood with no protest. Like hell they were going to end up on the wrong side of their mother right now. Mission orientated as she was they had no doubt she could commit Vlad's murder and get away with it. legally she might even considering the fact that he was technically a 'ghost' right now.
Just as she was about to step out the door she turned,” oh and ladies, don’t worry about a legal battle I’ll work with our family lawyer to transfer everything to all of you.”
There were some small thanks from the stunned Exes as the office door latched shut behind them.
 The air in the car was-
Well the word tense didn’t really sum up the air but it was the best approximation that Danny had. It could have gone worse, he supposed he could have genuinely ended up fighting Vlad again. Chances where that if he fought Vlad while he was Plasmius that the formerly rich business mogul would then use the moment to out Danny as Phantom. Not just his family but all of the church. If he had to rate the evening it was definitely not as bad as he expected. About a six or seven, depending on his critical he was being.
“Uh so who won the bet?” he whispered to Jazz. he wasn’t worried about his parents, Maddie was soothingly rubbing circles on Jack’s back as the man drove. That and they were sat in the back, sometimes the front seats struggled to hear them at a normal level forget a whisper.
Jazz furrowed her brows,” I guess neither of us really won, he didn’t even go ghost.”
Nodding, he thought back to the man’s loud entrance,” He also didn’t say what rumour got him up.”
“So do we both lose?”
“I guess?” he looked over to his parents,” so we both tell them?”
Jazz sighed leaning back in her seat, hair dramatically laying behind her,” yeah I guess.”
“You don’t hav-”
Jazz cut him off with a snort,” no it’s fine, my things not really as big all things considered.”
Fair, she had a point with that. Their parents already knew that she was interested in men and women but still revealing partners to them was always weird and nerve wracking. The first time he’d introduced Sam and Tuck as partners and not friends he’d expected a lot more questions. Turns out if you hunt ghosts for a living nothing is really weird after that. They just bought him new sex ed books. Sentiment appreciated but still weird considering he could google that sort of thing now.
“So Danny,” his mom said, her fingers tightened on her phone. They were lucky she got old brick Nokias instead of those new Smart phones. She’d break them in a week. Jack wasn’t paying them much attention as he drove, he seemed to still be shell shocked. Hopefully he didn't crash, okay so maybe he didn't always like car rides. Sometimes the looming threat of a car crash really messed with his obsession.
“Yeah mom?” he asked.
“I was talking to some of the ladies.”
“Uh huh?” wherever she was going with this he didn’t like the tone.
“And imagine my surprise when one of them tells me Vlad has a daughter.”
“Weird right,” he said. Please stop, please stop! He begged, wherever this was going it was nowhere good. It would have been better if he’d just died in that accident. Screw whatever he thought back when he thought his luck was turning up. He was still the most unlucky bastard in all of amity park.
She hummed in agreement,” and imagine my surprise when they said she was your cousin.”
Danny didn’t have a response to that, Jazz was stifling a laugh next to him.
“And then,” she said,” she showed me a picture of her.”
“Yeah, Danny," there was a pause as she seemed to collect her words," why does she look like you pre transition?”
“Does she?” sweating wasn’t really something he did so much anymore, not since his core started cooling his mortal flesh, it was nice sometimes. But it didn’t stop nervous sweating. “I hadn’t noticed.”
“Hadn’t- Danny,” his mother sighed,” sweetie if you want to start presenting as a girl again you can. We won’t judge you.”
Wait what, “ what?!” 
Shrieking loud bursts of laughter came out of Jazz. 
That set him off, it was just so ridiculous.
“Honey I’m serious,” his mom sounded so upset her tone lost. She really was trying.
He couldn’t help it, it wasn’t his fault. It was just so out of the realm of what was happening. Man his parents really didn’t have any of the facts.
“Danny?” his father asked the tenseness in his shoulders from the funeral leaving way to confusion.
Him and Jazz made eye contact and the laughing got so much worse. If being part dead didn’t make him need to breathe so much less he’d be choking. He’d die, it was just- they still didn’t know and somehow that was all the funnier. God he was calling Tuck and Sam right after he explained everything they were going to get such a kick out of this. Especially Tucker.
“That’s not-” wheezes high and stringy, cutting him off, he was struggling even with his ghost lungs.
“Danny my boy,” Jack asked quietly,” what’s funny?”
“We’re trying to support you Danny!” his mother exclaimed.
Finally he quelled the laughter enough to speak,” okay okay,” he whipped a tear from his eye. “I’ll explain it all it just probably isn’t something dad needs to be driving for.”
“Danny what do-”
“Just trust me okay?” he grinned at his mom in what he hoped was reassurance. 
She sighed and looked at her husband, Jack furrowed his brows and the pair silently communicated before the man hit his turning signal.
 The small side road was perfectly out of the way enough that no one would be able to peer in. It was some half abandoned picnic area but none of them reached for their seatbelts to leave the car. It was just the closest spot they could stop.
“Okay,” he started giving Jazz a look, she nodded comfortingly,” Remember how the portal didn’t work at first?”
It took them a moment but they nodded in remembrance. 
“Right well I died.” it was best to just rip the Band-Aid off.
“Danny- honey you’re not dead.”
He thought so at least, he sighed pinching his nose,” I need you guys to wait for questions till the end okay?”
“But honey you’re not dead!” she didn’t sound so sure as she looked him over.
“What your mother said my boy! You’re sitting right there!”
Danny groaned,” guys please?” there was a pause as they looked at each other and finally finally agreed to wait till the end. “Sam said I should check it out, see if I could fix it. I put on my suit, and,” he made a buzzing noise with his tongue,” the button shocked me to death when I hit it. It was dark so I didn't see,” he looked to the side. The trees outside were swaying peacefully in the wind. Jazz put a hand on his shoulder, he took a steading breath and clenched the hand with the thin invisible scars. “It was an accident but,” he turned back to them resolution in his eyes,” I died that day, When I woke up, well, brace yourselves okay,” he let the tugging cold of hic core shift and change his appearance.
There was silence. He’d expected something but, no, even Jazz wasn’t saying anything.
He cracked an eye open, his parents were staring at him dumbfounded. Yeah that was about par for the course.
“Well this happened and now, I’m half Ghost,” he admitted,” everyone in the ghost zone knows that’s why there were always so many attacks at the school.”
“Half?” his mom asked despite herself.
Danny nodded,” yeah I still age, and need to eat and breath... mostly on that last one. It’s kind of cool I can go invisible,” he demonstrated before changing back,” and phase through things and float,” he demonstrated both in succession allowing the belt to glide through him as he hovered up an inch. “Shoot Ecto-blasts… probably best if I don’t do that one in the car though,” he laughed.
“Okay,” his mom said. 
“Okay?” he asked.
His father nodded,” sure Son, we love you. It’s weird but, well we hunt ghosts for a living.”
He laughed,” yeah fair enough.”
"I-" his mom looked over at Jack," We're proud of you sweetie, that's a lot to undertake at so young."
he chuckled," it wasn't so bad, I had a lot of help," he grinned at Jazz," Between her Sam and Tuck I don't know if I would have lasted half the battles I did."
"You knew Jazz?" Their father asked his tone soft and slightly hurt.
She smiled softly," yeah, I walked in on him transforming. Thought it was best if I let him tell you guys."
"Part of the apprehension might have been the dissection thing," Danny addmited.
"I- honey-" his mom put a hand over her mouth in shock.
"I'm sorry son," His dad said," it was closed minded of us to assume stuff about ghosts we didn't know."
"Well you weren't always wrong. Just usually."
“So ‘Elle?” his mom prompted before Jack could pepper in questions about what the got right.
He sighed,” yeah her full name is Danielle, technically she’s the only living clone of me Vlad made.”
“Only living Clone?”
“Vlad made?”
Man he had a lot to explain. Years of events just gone unsaid. Some small part of the divide between them was shifting, growing smaller. 
“Is now a good time to tell you guys I have a girlfriend?”
Danny choked on a laugh. Not to long after his parents followed after the tension disrupted, Well at least he had Jazz to help explain. Sam and Tucker too when they weren’t busy. It'd be a mess and weird to finally clear the air between them, but at least he knew they were proud of him.
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 years
Happy Little Accidents
Part Two: Hope
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Words: 2,317
Warnings: I don’t think there is any?? Crying/light angst, adoption process, stress??
Request: Yes
Summary: You work on getting you little girl back. And hope that it’s successful.
A/N: It’s been a long time coming, I haven’t proof read it or anything (but when do I ever? Lol), so bare that in mind.
Tumblr media
(Not My GIF)
Being a pair of Avengers and going through the adoption process was so very complicated.
On one hand, you were well known across the globe. Household names.
But on the other. You were dangerous people, with violent past's -and futures to come- with more enemies than you could count. Some of which you didn't even know existed. And who in their right minds would ever let a child into that environment? People have been turned down for much less.
You were basically celebrity's. And as everyone knows, that comes with a lot of special treatment. Even if you and Natasha -And most of, if not all of your team- denied to use any of it. But in this case? For little Hope? You would do whatever you had to.
So, it was thanks to that, that you were even allowed to be considered for adoption.
And there was so much work that had to be done.
Papers to sign, meetings to attend, visits and screenings every which way. And so much more.
It was a long and tedious journey. And you still had a long way to go.
Right now, you had to watch as someone picked apart your home -once again- to make sure it was okay for your little girl to come home. Where she belongs.
You had moved not too long ago, maybe a little over two months, and in that time, it had been looked at three times. Which really made it seem like you weren't doing anything, in their eyes, considering you were busy working and renovating the whole place out at the same time.
The day after you and Natasha had to say goodbye to Hope, you knew that you had to get a bigger place than the apartment you had both shared. And began looking for new homes the very same day.
Tony's help wasn't needed, you had plenty of money, but he insisted. So when you two found a townhouse that you absolutely adored, not too far from SHIELD HQ -where you both now worked most of the time. As when Fury found out that you were both to be adopting Hope- or trying to at least, the man lowered your hours and took you off missions altogether. Just until you were all settled-, the billionaire bought it for you, the moment he got wind of it.
You were moved in three days later. Deciding to work on the house while you lived there.
"So, where would the child be sleeping?" Your caseworker asked.
"Oh, right this way," you said, leading her down the hall to the newly decorated bedroom. Natasha following behind.
You gestured to the light pink, yet slightly sparse room. "This is it."
"We still have to pick up some of the furniture. But we've been waiting for the room to be decorated first," Natasha said, excusing the bare room.
"Yeah, Hope's not going to sleep on a stack of paint cans," you tried to joke. To which you barely got a smile from your caseworker, Stephany Halla.
"It look's decorated to me?"
"Oh." Natasha smiled. "We're having a friend of ours paint a mural or two on the walls."
"Yeah, Hope has a few favourite Avengers, so he's gonna paint them. And he's been learning how to draw cartoon characters for it, too."
"He's actually trying to adopt the two kids he took in with his fiance."
"Steve Rogers?" Stephany asked.
"That's the guy," you said, nodding along with Natasha.
"I've seen him around the office," She spoke again a few moments later. "So, when are you planning on getting the furniture for the room?"
"Hopefully, within a month," Natasha replied, "But with our and Steve's schedules, things are up in the air."
It was a difficult start to the adoption process, more so than it was now. Considering that the children legally didn't exist to the world. So, everything was so confusing and thrown up into the air while waiting for the kids to be registered.
Almost like you didn't know whether you were coming or going. Everything stuck in limbo as you waited to see what kind of adoption process you would have to take. And even with all of your connections in the world, you were still left in the dark.
There was the fact that the kids were found overseas in Romania, so they could be considered Romanian. And so, you would have to go through international adoption.
However, none of the children have birth parents and were brought to America because you had rescued them. So, some would say they could be considered immigrants.
Nothing like this had ever happened before.
Babies that had been grown in a lab and saved from a further torturous life, that now needed legalization in the world's eyes.
You and Natasha had to watch as Government's essentially fought over these children you saved. Over the same child, you clothed and fed. The one you played games with and bonded with the little girl you grew to love and consider your own.
So, as the world fought for the right of your child, your little Hope, you waited. Just wishing and wanting to bring your daughter home.
But, luckily for you, the children were now classed as American citizens. Which made it ten times easier for you to adopt than it would otherwise.
Which is honestly just crazy to you, considering just how intensely hard this is.
There were times you didn't believe you could ever adopt your child.
On more than one occasion, Natasha would come to you, saddened to her core, because she truly believed that you would never have Hope in your family.
It was so fucking hard.
Natasha had rolled over one night after you two had -once again- gone through the rules and regulations of adopting. Uttering how you were, "Never going to get her back" that there was "Juts no way, they will let us adopt", as she cried into your arms.
But still, the process continued.
"Well, your home seems to be in good standing. So for. But I advise you to get the furniture for the child's room as soon as possible," Stephane commented as she began packing up her belongings and paperwork.
"Oh, we know."
"Steve did say that he was going to start work on it in the next few days," Natasha added, nodding along with you.
"Well, that's is good news." Stephane smiled. "I'll see you at our next meeting with Hope."
Natasha sighed happily. "We can't wait."
"Well, goodbye then."
You whished the dirty-blonde woman farewell, closing the door behind her.
"We get to see our daughter in a couple of weeks," your red-headed girlfriend said excitedly, dancing from side to side out of pure happiness. Her bright smile filling your soul with warmth, that travelled all the way into your bones.
You matched her emotions, hands coming to curve around her shoulder blades and pulling her close to you.
"I know, Honey. It's been so long since we've seen her. And we're gonna bring her home one day."
That was all you could say before your mouth was covered, with the crushing feeling of Natasha's plump lips against yours.
Nerves rattled through you, but you hadn't the faintest idea why, considering this wasn't the first time you had seen Hope. However, it had been one of the first times you were able to see her since the day she was taken away from you.
If you thought you were bad.
Natasha was far worse.
She was practically shaking. From nerves or excitement, you didn't know. But you had a good inkling to think that it was both.
You had done so much for this child in the short span of time you had known her.
And yet, you couldn't imagine your life any other way. The thought of how your life had been that time last year.
No Hope. Surrounded by missions and work. Every free moment you had was spent with Natasha, and the rag-tag group of hero's you had grown to call your family.
It all seemed so foreign now.
Like a past life.
'Wow', you thought, 'Maybe I really am growing up'.
A part of you was afraid that the girl you thought of as your daughter wouldn't recognise you or your []. And would be scared of the two strangers that had just barged their way into her life. Breaking both of your heart's.
"Mommy! Mommy!"
Was the thing that greeted you, as soon as the door had swung open. Making you realise just how stupid your train of thought really was.
Natasha rushed forward, scooping the girl up into her arms, with a bright smile upon both of their faces.
"So, I still don't get a name, huh?" you joked, walking over to the reuniting girls.
Brushing a hand over Hope's short hair. Grinning when she reached her arms towards you, ready to give you a hug of your own, which you gratefully accepted.
"Don't worry," Natasha said, rubbing Hope's back as she hugged you, "You'll get a name soon."
"I better. Or else I'm gonna have ta tickle it out of her."
Hope's squeals reached your ears as you threateningly poked her side with your fingers.
"Here, baby. I'll save you," Natasha called, pulling the giggling girl from your arms. Both of them watching as you pulled your hand's in front of your face, wiggling the fingers almost spookily as them. The girls turned to each other, "They're silly."
Then they walked away.
With you calling after them.
"Hey! I may be silly, but-... I have no rebuttal!"
Natasha laughed at this, then greeted the care worker that was patiently waiting for you both. The one that you had only just noticed.
"Hello, Stephany," Natasha said in greeting, shaking the woman's hand. You following suit.
"Hey. How have you two been?"
"Missing this little one," Natasha replied, bouncing the girl on her waist. Receiving fun-filled giggles in return.
"I bet you have. And you, Y/N?"
"Exhausted," you told her honestly, "With moving house and everything, I just want to have Hope home, then sleep for a week."
The care worker laughed at that.
"Let's hope that that's sooner rather than later, then."
Your few hour's with Hope passed faster than you ever could have imagined. You played with blocks, ate lunch, "helped" Hope colour in her haphazardly filled colouring book. You absolutely adored the way her eyes lit up, and she started dancing and flailing her arms when she saw bubbles for the first time. You almost couldn't continue blowing them because of your bright smile.
And now you were watching as Natasha spoke gently to the little girl. Hope's hand's resting on the red-heads cheeks, watching her mother with such concentrating eyes.
You adored your little family.
You just wished you could have them all home.
'One day', you thought, 'one day'.
Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things you've ever had to do.
Just like the last time.
And the time before that.
And the time before that.
And the one before that.
It just got harder and harder each and every time you did this.
Hope was crying. And so was Natasha, albeit silently, as she tried to console the toddler.
"I know, my little love, I know-"
"Mommy!" Hope cried.
"I know, angel. We'll be back before you know it, I promise."
"I know."
Once in the car, you let your tears fall, Natasha sobbing in the seat beside you.
"I don't think I can keep on doing this anymore," you admitted. Deciding it was best you explained when Natasha turned to look at you, an incredulous look upon her face, "Keep on seeing her, and not being able to bring her home."
"We'll get there," your [] reached over the centre console to squeeze your hand, "We will. You're the one who's always saying that we've got to take after her namesake and have hope."
"But it almost seems endless, Nat."
"I know, honey." She wetly kissed your tear-stained cheek. Her lips, brushing against it as she continued, "We'll bring her home. I just know it."
"I hope you're right."
She was right.
Of course, she was right.
She was Natasha Romanoff, after all.
It was like she just had this inability to be wrong.
But in this case? You were so fucking happy about that.
Granted it had taken a while longer -a good eight months- but finally, you were here.
Exiting the courthouse with Hope in your arms, and Natasha by your side. Bright smiles upon all of your faces, about to take the little girl- Your daughter home.
You would never have to say goodbye to her, like that, ever again.
She was legally a part of your family now. And nothing would ever change that.
"Ready to go home, sweetpea?" Natasha asked the beaming girl.
"I don't know about you," you started, "But I think this deserves celebratory ice cream."
"I think you just want ice cream before dinner."
You gave an overdramatic gasp.
"Why I would never! How dare you accuse me of such a thing?"
Natasha laughed at your antics but nonetheless nodded her head.
"I agree. This does deserve celebratory ice cream."
"Yes!" you exclaimed happily to Hope, your free arm raising above your head in victory, making the girl copy you by raising both of her arms.
She was already taking after you.
Your red-headed girlfriend sighed dreamily after you, as you chanted, "Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!" On your way to the car.
She couldn't remember a time where she was this happy.
It had been a long time since then.
And Natasha just couldn't wait to see what the rest of her life would bring with the two of you now by her side.
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RQ: He’s upset and needs comforting
Ya'll want angst? Because I have some angst.
Very hurt/comfort
Set platonically and within the group since there was no specification. Hope that’s ok! Sorry it took awhile, it got away from me again. I think this may be a trend.
Scenario under the cut! It’s super long so take caution!
It took a while for you to notice but eventually you do.
Sky has been acting weird all day.
It was only clipped responses at first, then it was was the lack of attention where Sky would have been the first to comment or act otherwise. What really tipped you off finally was how he seemed to be evading the whole group. Not necessarily stepping away and out of sight but he didn’t interact with anyone and when they approached him, he didn’t make eye contact, seemingly trying to cut the conversation short.
No one has said anything. 
You mention it to Twilight about his out of character behavior but he says that it maybe a bad day, or he slept wrong, or some other reason that you stopped listening to because it didn’t make any sense.
Sky was always trying to be friendly no matter his mood and it took a lot to shake him up.
What was eating at the Chosen Hero?
Soon, the uncertainty begins to eat at you too and you wait for night fall, once everyone is asleep to strike.
Strike up a conversation that is.
Sky usually takes the last watch because he’s usually the first one out regardless of what activities for the day so you strive to wake up early.
It works for the most part, your internal clock doing what you want it to do when you blink your eyes open. Part of you begins to drift off again so you sit up and nearly fall asleep that way.
A hand comes up on your back and rubs a small circle. “Nightmare?”
It’s Sky and he’s looking at you with mild concern.
You smile and shake your head. “No. I’m alright but I think I’ll stay up with you if you don’t mind.”
“I wouldn’t mind the company.” He moves out of your space and back to where he sat.
You follow, still groggy from just waking from your slumber but succeed in not stepping on any of your friends or waking them up as well with the added noise. you sit next to the Hero of the Skies with little fan fare and let the moment settle on the both of you before looking skyward.
“Can I ask you something?” You don’t look at Sky and continue star gazing even if they’re a little harder to spot as the sun travels closer for it’s shift.
Sky hums in agreement and follows your gaze upwards.
“Are you ok? You seemed a little off lately.”
Sky doesn’t say anything for the first few seconds and you suspect that maybe he didn’t hear you. With him spacing out so much and the fact that you whispered for the sake of your still sleeping friends, you’re inclined to repeat yourself but Sky answers in time.
“Just thinking a lot, I suppose. Nothing serious.”
“Yeah?” You don’t look his way. This is casual. This is friendly. This is not a big deal. “Rupee for your thoughts?”
“It’s not that interesting.”
You shrug. “Hit me with it anyway. It’s got to be something if it’s throwing you off your rocker. Maybe a new perspective will help clear some of it up?”
Sky frowns at your attempts, once again retreating into his mind. You let the offer hang in the air and let it sink in.
You’re disinclined to bring it up anymore. Your brain is still tired and you’re wondering your effectiveness when half of your thoughts are still muddled with sleep and fatigue. You could have totally slept in some more. What on earth made you think this was a good idea?
“Time mentioned something earlier that I can’t seem to let go of.” Sky begins.
You hum back and let him keep talking.
“I never fought this Ganon guy they all so talk so much about. I fought the God Demise. Before I could land the final blow, he cast a curse on me, on us, that some cycle would continue. His hatred would last forever and my blood line and Zelda’s will be cursed to deal with constant darkness caused by him.” Sky admits, looking now at his intertwined hands. “I finished him soon after that but... I wonder... Am I the cause-... Is this all my fault? Am I the reason that we’re all here right now? That everyone has gone through so much? So many thing happened that should have never occurred. Time and Legend and Wild have all suffered so much.... more than I can possibly ever imagine and it seems like it’s never ending. Everyone starts they’re adventures so young... If I had killed him sooner... If I had just got it over with... If I had just shut him up-”
“Hey.” Your hand lands on his shoulder, cutting off his tirade.  “None of this is anyone’s fault. The only people to blame are Ganon and now, this Demise guy. You did what you could. You still got the job done and no one here will ever blame you for what has happened to them or to Hyrule. You were young too... you’re still young. Give yourself a little kindness and understanding, just as you do with everyone here. You didn’t deserve it either. It’s not like you asked to fight a God.”
“Sky you know what I mean.”
“I should have been faster. If-”
“There’s no use in worrying about what if’s.” You shove him slightly. “This is our life. Even if you ask, no one is capable of giving you the answers. I get it. It’s hard to know if the path you took is the right one if it’s all you’ve ever known and you can’t see where the other would have lead... But... Even if horrible things happen, I’m still glad to have met you. I’m glad I met the others. I’m happy to be here with you and with them, and I’m glad that it’s not just me anymore.”
You let the words sink in before leaning down wards and trying to get him to look you in the eye. “I can’t answer your questions. But what happened, happened and the best thing we can do is learn how to play with the cards we’re dealt.”
He take a deep breath and  finally looks in your direction. “I know you’re right.” 
“But I can’t help but feel responsible for being-”
“But you’re not responsible for their pain or any of this Sky. If Ganon has anything to do with Demise then it’s all Demise’ fault. His and his only. Understand?” You stress. “I wish... I wish I could do something more to help.”
Sky places his hand over yours where you still have it on his shoulder and sends you a small smile. “I know. Me too.”
“Zelda, would you please drop it!” You hear the Champion yell, his voice carrying over the wind and somehow getting louder. “We’ve had this conversation before and it’s not the time to have it again. I have things to do excuse me.”
Wild storms into his house and shuts the door behind, blocking it with all his weight and waits for the indignant shrieking on the other side to go away. The voice ends with a frustrated huff and after a moment of silence, Wild relaxes and steps away from the door and further into the house.
You’re almost scared for the moment. You’ve not known Wild to yell, even less so for a Link to be on bad terms with Zelda no matter the universe. To make matters worse, you were the only that was actually within the house at the moment and you weren’t entirely sure how to proceed from here.
“Trouble in paradise?”
That probably wasn’t the way to go, if you were being honest with yourself.
Wild groans, loud and exaggerated and sits at the table in front of you with as much fan fair.
“Do not...call it that.” He sounds tired.
“Sorry.” You amend with an apologetic shrug. “That-” You reference to the scene outside. “-Didn’t sound ideal.”
“No. It’s not.” Wild sighs and places his face in his hands with his elbows on the table. Bad table manners, a small voice in your head pipes up. But it’s his house, so you bite your tongue.
“Can I ask what it was about?” You hesitatingly venture.
Wild takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out. “I wanted to live a simple life.” He starts. “Everything was over now, right? That was the idea I had. Defeat the evil and get to finally live as a normal man. Maybe explore more of my home and show Zelda all the cool things I’ve seen and done. Everything I knew, everything I remembered is gone and has been gone for a while. No one alive misses it. No one alive even knows about it. This is the world they were born into and they wouldn’t have it any other way. I was prepared to accept that and join them.”
Your face twists in sympathy as you nod along. “I take it that’s the issue here.”
“When I defeated Calamity Ganon and reunited with Zelda, she seemed so full of hope and purpose.” Wild continues. “I saw it in her eyes. She wanted a different thing to what I wanted.”
“And what’s that?”
Wild gives you a pained look. “Zelda wants to try and rebuild the kingdom. Make it into what she remembers it to be. She wants to strengthen relationships with the other nations and reestablish the royal family and a whole lot of other things that I cannot begin to think of how long it would both take and last considering all the damage that already been done. She wants to be Queen. And over what? Hyrule Kingdom is no more. Can’t be a Queen without a kingdom to rule and there’s not a lot of Hylians left that would agree to being ruled over or even enough of them to count as a kingdom to begin with.”
“I suppose it’s not a bad goal to have but you do make a point.” You try and add to the conversation, feeling wildly out of your depth. “Does she know that you-”
“Yes. And she thinks I’m crazy for it. She thinks that I’ve given up on my friends and the past and the future and- uugghhh.” Wild leaned forward and slams his head on the table with enough force to make you jump.
“That look like it hurt.”
“I’ve had worse.”
“I believe you.” A small smile covers your face.
A beat passes before Wild continues to talk with his head still on top of the table. “I don’t think she realizes that I’ve changed after everything. Maybe if I had my memories to begin with, or maybe if I had managed to defeat Calamity Ganon sooner, I’d be more inclined to agree with her, but I’ve experienced so much and done so much that I don’t want to go back to how things were. I’m a different man now.” Wild looks up at you. “She’s different too but I don’t think she’s ready for that conversation.” 
“So you’re stuck with this one?”
“That sucks man.” You shift in your seat. “Anything I can do to help?”
“Not if you can change the past.” He pouts.
“Shame. I’m fresh out of past changing wishing powder.”
“That’s not a thing.” He pouts even more.
You chuckle at the display before sobering up ever so slightly. “Do you want me to talk to her?”
“What good will that do?”
“Maybe a third person party has to step in. It could be that it’s because you’re the one who saying that she isn’t listening.” You shrug. “I think you’re right but I’m willing to give her chance to tell her side of the story while you cool down in here. I can be a distraction so you can sneak out quietly and she won’t know you’re here anymore! It’s a win win! And maybe you guys can come to an agreement when you both see each other again with new perspectives.”
Wild gives you another tired look and leans into his hand. “I doubt it would work. Zelda is incredibly stubborn, one of the most stubborn people I’ve ever met. But if you think it would help, I won’t stop you. I’ve run out of arguments and I’m done hearing hers.”
“Ok.” You say getting up and moving around the table. “I think it’s worth a shot. There’s a saying where I’m from that goes, ‘it’ll all be alright in the end, and if it’s not alright, then it’s not the end.’”
You give Wild a hug around his shoulder and squeeze him tight. “I have faith that you’ll pull through and get to live peacefully, but until then, you’ve got us on your side ok?”
He leans in your direction and wraps his arms around your own. “I know. I figured as much.”
“Good man.”
“I’m definitely sneaking out of here though.”
“That’s fair. Go hide.”
“I will... And thanks for listening to me. I didn’t mean to go off like that.”
“That’s what I’m here for.”
"I'm sorry, what?" Four snaps his head up to stare at the Champion.
"What?" Wild tilts his head. "What? There's no stuff in the grass in my Hyrule. Just crickets and lizards...you know normal stuff. I don't know why there's tools and rupees in all of yours."
"You don't-" Four cut himself off with a click of his teeth, a piece in his mind clicking into place. He stands suddenly, clearly upset and tense as he processes the information.
"Four?" You call out to him but he doesn't respond to you, nor does he look back.
"Four!" Hyrule calls as well. "Where are you going?"
No reply.
"I'll go with him. Just in case." You stand up in a rush and nearly knock over the equipment at your feet in the process. "Don't wait up for us."
You follow him.
Four is fast and quiet and it takes very little time to lose him- or rather, for him to lose you.
Before you knew it, there's no trace of him and there's nothing within the forest that would give you a hint to his whereabouts.
"Great." You hiss and look around.
"Four!" If he won't show himself, you'll just have to make some noise. "Four! Four! Show me a sign so I know you're not dead!"
You wait.
"Don't make me get Wolfie!"
"Four!" You scream a little louder and begin to run. Now that you've said it out loud, despite being a joke in the beginning, the thought of Four being dead somewhere spikes your panic and anxiety and it fuels your quest.
It's only been a few minutes and Four can handle himself just fine but you don't think about that.
"Why are you screaming?" A voice come just beyond you.
You sprint toward it and find Four in a small clearing, crouched down and appearing to hold something in the palm of his hand.
"I was calling you." You don't know how you find it in you scold him. "A response would have been nice."
"Sorry." He shrugs. "I was having a conversation, it would be rude to drop it."
You get on your tip toes to look around him and find nothing. "With... With what?"
Four looks down into his hand and places it, ever so gently, on the ground, pausing and standing up to see you. "You can't see them?"
"See who?" You step over to him. "Four? Are you ok?"
His face twists in annoyance before sighing. "I'm fine."
"No offence, but I doubt that."
"It... a group of creatures that can only be seen by good children. They were important on my quests and have helped me greatly. Children usually stop seeing them around the time when they turn sixteen."
"Would it be easy for me to chalk it all up to magic?" You bit your lip.
"Probably. If it'll help you sleep at night." Four sighs and looks down to the ground, a small smile on his lips before it twists into a painfully and... he looks seconds from crying.
"I did so much to help them... and they helped me.... They leave gifts in the grass to help travelers and us heroes alike and yet... Wild says it doesn't happen anymore..." Four gulps and looks away from you and what ever is by his foot. "They wouldn't stop.... They're incredibly kind and hospitable and... There's no reason for them... Why are they gone?"
"Four." You reach out and place a hand on his shoulder.
"What happens to them?" His Adam's apple bobs a bit as he sucks in a breath. "It just means there was no one to help them."
"Oh Four." You pull him into a hug and nearly crush him with it.
"There's nothing I can do to help them, is there?" He sniffles into your chest.
"No, I... I don't think so Four. Not that far out into the future." You shake your head and begin to rub circles on his back.
You don't think he's crying but he might be fighting it because he does begin shaking.
He doesn't say anything else and you're loath to let him go when he's so emotionally charged. So you hold him. You hold him for as long as he needs and you wait for him to pull away first.
When he does, you keep your hands on his shoulders and he stays within your reach. Four begins to take deep calming breaths with his eyes closed and you instinctually run your hands through his bangs and push some of the loose hairs from his face.
Minutes continue to pass and the sounds of nature around you fill the void.
"I'm sorry." You say. "I wish I could help you but I don't know how."
Four nods and rubs his eyes. "I don't doubt that. Thank you. I'll be ok."
You don't think he's ready to go back to the group just yet, not after all that. "Tell me more about these friends of yours. How did they help you? How did you help them? What are they exactly?"
It earns you a small laugh and he grins up at you with a watery smile. "Sit down. And let me tell you about the Picori."
“You almost died and for what?!” Twilight screams at Wild for the umpteenth time.
It startles you to hear his voice reach such volumes but you’re inclined to agree with him this time around. After Wild’s stunt with taking a hit to the head for Wind, you’d been on the look out for his more... self sacrificing behavior. You knew he wouldn’t think twice to do it and you tried to make it so there wouldn’t even be a chance for him to make such a decision.
This time though, in this last fight, you took your eyes off of him for only a moment and that’s when he broke his streak of uneventful fights. 
Twilight, of course, is livid and has no regard for the poor creatures of the forest that have to endure his tirade as he unleashes his concern and worry in the form of rage and over exaggerated gestures.
When Hyrule finishes healing your more minor wounds, you slink away from the soon to be screaming match since Wild is very much still conscious, if a little roughed up. You don’t intended to stray as far as you go but you don’t find it in yourself to care for the time being.
Being around so many people for so long is taxing. You make the executive decision to remove yourself for the time being while tensions are high, to both cool off and to avoid getting hit in the crossfire.
There’s a small creek nearby, you find, and decide to make a small space for yourself there until dinner comes rolling around. The birds and the babbling waters calm your soul and snuffle out the last of the adrenaline. You don’t know how long you sit there, but you can faintly hear the screaming match in the distance that you dipped out of.
You don’t regret it.
More time passes and you find that you may or may not have taken a small nap in the meantime. If the position of the sun is anything to go by.
Despite the pain in your back from sleeping against a tree, the slight ache in your neck from the angle you slept in, you feel better. Clearer, even.
You hope your absence wasn’t entirely noticed but you can’t seem to regret leaving either.
Footsteps creep closer to you and you huddle into a small ball out of habit to avoid detection.
It’s Twilight.
He walks near the creek and takes a heavy seat next to it. He looks both pale or red faced at the same time but exhaustion is laced in his entire body from what you can tell.
He doesn’t notice you.
You uncurl and set your legs out in front of you. Leaning forward a little, as quietly as you can, you see that he’s upset. It doesn’t surprise you. But seeing as you don’t how to deal with an upset Twilight and you can’t really sneak away without crossing his line of sight or making any miniscule noise, you still yourself and wait.
And wait.
And wait.
Twilight calls your name. Quietly and hollow- like he’s not all there. Or in the way one would talk to a memory.
It’s immediately unsettling. Both in how he sounds and how he knew you were there without you doing anything. But you suppose Twilight can just sense things like that from times to time. It’s certainly not the first time he’s done it.
“I’m here.” You reply.
“How long?”
“A few hours I think. Longer than you were here that’s for sure.” You shrug and slowly crawl out of your hidey hole. “I think I fell asleep....The sun wasn’t over there when I first got here.”
Twilights hums in what you think is agreement but it’s really only a sound. “It’s a nice spot.”
You smile. It’s tense and little fake, but he’s not looking at you so you don’t care for authenticity. “Good thing it’s big enough for the both of us huh?”
“Yeah.” He looked into the distance again, noting that the sun is beginning to set and takes a deep breath. “Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls?”
“Can’t say that I have.” You move closer to him, aiming to sit by his side. “I’ve always enjoyed sun sets and I find them calming to watch but hearing someone finding them sad is a new one. Do you feel sad as dusk falls?”
He hums again. “They say it’s the only time their world interacts with ours.”
“Lingering spirits I suppose...” Twilight tilts his head upwards before twisting it to look at you. “It’s nothing. I’m just reminiscing about my life before my adventure is all. My... father told me those words and I haven’t forgotten them since.”
You hum this time and lean back to mirror him. “Wanna tell me why?”
“That Champion reminds me so much of myself and yet... he’s ten times worse.” Twilight falls backwards with a soft thump. “I know why he does it but I...”
“You care about him and don’t want to see him hurt.” You shrug. “It’s not exactly a new concept.”
“Tell that to him.”
“Maybe I will. He gets just as upset as you do when this happens, you know.” You shift your weight to make it easier to stand up later.
“Does he? You’d think that he’d get the point to stop doing then.” He growls.
“Maybe he’s scared of losing more friends.” You blurt before you can stop yourself. That was something Wild told you in confidence and while he didn’t say you couldn’t tell anyone- that was kinda implied.
Twilight stills for a moment, the fight leaving him again in a single breath as he considers your words. They don’t seem to be new news to him.
Wild is pretty close to Twilight...Maybe he already knew.
“I still think I’m entitled to not like it.” He settles.
“It’s not he’s asking you to be ok with it. I know I’m not.” 
“I guess that’s fair then.” Twilight sits up again and stands up in one fluid motion that you envy. With a turn on his heel, he holds his hand out to you to take.
You take it and feel him effortlessly lift you off of the ground with that one hand.
You don’t comment on it.
“Come on.” He says. “I’m going to need you for moral support.”
“If I yelled in front of him of the whole group, I should apologize to him in front of the whole group.” He admits and wraps his arm around your shoulders. “But I might need an excuse to get close to him again after all the things I’ve said.”
“I get your desert and you’ve got yourself a deal. I left to not get involved and here you are... involving me.” You tease. “I demand payment.”
“One desert? I can do that.”
“I can’t do this.” You snap your head to the sound of the voice and see Hyrule with his arms cross and shaking.
“What? What’s happening? Hyrule?” You step closer to him as you’re the only one within arms reach. “What do I need to do? How can I help?”
“There’s nothing. Nothing you can do, that can make this better.” Hyrule takes one ground step before throwing his arms down. “Don’t you see them? With all their tools and experience and then there’s- me. Just me. Some magic later and a old man with a sword and I found myself trying to save my princess and defeat some evil, but these guys...”
You look around, trying to see if Legend or Sky are close enough to give you back up, or better yet, take over. You suppose it’s better than a panic attack but it’s so left field that you’re stunned and floundering to catch this hot potato of a conversation.
He keep talking.
“For all that is good and holy, they are heroes. Do you see them? Some of them have training, and families and skills and I....was just a boy in a grave yard. How can I even compete with them? I don’t, that’s how. But how can they consider me an equal? When I was in town and listened to the elders and their stories, they would tell me of a legendary hero from the past who courageously defended our home until the very end and who was virtually undefeated in all his adventures. And then I meet Legend....and he’s so much cooler than all those stories combined.”
“Link.” You call out to him and back to the real world. “You need to slow down for me honey because you’re too fast for me to keep up. What do you mean how can they see you as an equal? You defeated Ganon just as they did. You stood up for your home just as they did. You did it all on your own just as they did. Why wouldn’t they consider you an equal? No one cares about where you’re from, if that’s what you’re concerned about.”
“But they can do so many things even without the sword!” He exclaims. “They all have a place to go to, a person who cares about them, a title or a skill and a world that’s not on the brink of collapse-”
“Ok, whoa, hey.” You step into his space and take his face into your hands, bringing it up for him to look you in the eyes.
“I have no idea what brought this up but I won’t stand for anyone talking bad about you. And that includes you. We... can talk about your home with clearer heads later, ok? Maybe the others can help with that when we get there, yeah? And well....” You’re sinking. You don’t know what to do with all this information and you have even less of an idea about how to address it.
“Good golly, when it rains, it pours with you lot, doesn’t it?” You hiss under your breath and bite the bullet. With a strong grip, you wrap your arms around the Traveler and pull him close. You try to keep your grip strong without fear of hurting him, but it hits you then how thin he is. How light he actually is. You can feel the hint of armor under his tunic and it does little to quell your fears.
“Clearly there’s a lot on your mind. And... I’m probably not the person to help you through this. If you want to talk about not belonging though, I’m free to listen. I’m the only one here who’s not a Link, if you haven’t noticed.” You try to joke but it falls a little flat. “You though... You belong here with all of us... all of them... And if you need more convincing then I’m bringing this up with Legend who’s is over the moon proud of you and what you can do and he told me himself that he couldn’t be happier to have you as his successor-”
“Not in those exact words admittedly,-” You gulp as the word vomit continues to bubble out of you in waves of panic. “-but I know that’s what he meant because he doesn’t stop talking about how cool you are.”
“And everyone has a different background, ok? Everyone has skills and people that the others don’t have. That’s ok. It’s not a competition. I get worried that one day you guys are going to create some game out of all your trauma. Like... who had it worse and just go around in a circle listing off all the things that happened to each of you... Whoever runs out of things to say or can’t think of something as bad or worse than the others is out. Last man standing wins.”
“Don’t give them ideas.” You feel him chuckle. It’s breathless and small and it doesn’t reach your ears despite your closeness but you feel it.
“Good thing it’s just you and me right now.” You sigh a little in relief and loosen the hug. “Look, just.....whatever you think you can’t do, just know that there is someone who is confidently doing it wrong right now. In the group or not, just keep your eyes and watch. They don’t plan on doing it better either and people are celebrating them for it. Please believe in your own excellence as much as they believe in their mediocrity.”
“Big words.”
“You’re awesome for trying. Others are not and don’t plan to. You’re already better than them.” You amend, stepping away to look him in the eye again. “The group can’t do magic like you can. That’s all you. They all have items sure but no one can do what you do... and you’re self taught, right? That’s incredible! You have just as much as a reason to be here as the others. I swear it.”
Hyrule sighs and gulps. He doesn’t believe you. It’s not enough.
You knew it wouldn’t be and it’s definitely doesn’t scratch the tip of the iceberg of the bomb he just dropped on you but... step by step. Little by little. you have a plan.
“Screw it. Let’s catch up with Wind and Warrior and get them to tell you how awesome you are, since you won’t listen to me. And if you’re still a nonbeliever then we move on to the next pair. We’ll go down the line if we have to.” You nod and grab his hand, beginning to drag him along.
He laughs after you, a little hysterical and in disbelief. “You’re crazy.”
“That is not new information.” You reply, hiding your grin. “I say it’s Hyrule loving hours and I’m gonna get everyone to join.”
“You’re not joking are you.” It’s a statement. He already knows the answer.
It was your turn on watch for the night. In an hour or two you were supposed to wake the Veteran for his shift and finally catch some sleep.
The others snored and slept away without a care in the world. It was just you and cackling fire that was active but you’d kill for something to help your mind get passed the boredom.
Anything but monsters or an attack that is. You’d hate to jinx your good luck so far.
In the corner of your eye, while fighting to keep your head up, you see Legend shift. Not necessarily unusual. You’re inclined to ignore it.
But then he shifts again, whimpering like he’s been hurt and a white knuckled grip on the blanket.
You still and begin to wonder what’s your level of care here.
Part of you, in kindness, wants to go wake him. The lack of sleep seems more merciful than letting him suffer a prison of his own making.
But you also don’t know how he’ll react.
You know he’d hate to be seen as weak for whatever normal reason and he’s been inclined to wake up swinging in the right circumstance.
Twilight suffered a broken nose for the whole night because he was disinclined to wake up Hyrule or take a potion.
Not you’d make the same decision and suffer the whole night in the same manner but it certainly fails to sound appealing.
Just as your about to appeal to your better nature and force yourself to go wake him before it gets worse, he shoots up into a sitting position with a strangled scream. The job seems to have been done for you- but in the worse way.
He’s breathing hard with his hand gripping his chest. Legend begins to frantically look around and slowly begins to piece together where he is and what’s happened. He never looks behind him, where you are, before running a hand through his hair a little harder than you think reasonable and getting to his feet.
You cough slightly, leaning away from the fire and back into previous position. You hadn’t realized you leaned into his direction as you watched him, inches from putting your face into the flame.
He startles at the sound and whips around, one hand poised to reach the sword he’s not equipped with.
“It’s just me.” You wave. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.”
He calms somewhat and you can see his jaw flex. “Well, goodnight to you.”
His voice is croaked- from disuse or an overwhelming emotion, you’re not sure.
“For me maybe. But you? That was quite a scare you gave me as well.” You play it off. You can at least pretend that you weren’t watching him. That you would have saved him a little earlier and took your sweet time doing it. You offer a peace offering to your morals. “Want to talk about it?”
“What’s there to talk about?” He snaps, furiously rubbing his face. “It’s nothing new. We all deal with it one way or another.”
“True. But it’ll be easier to let it go, and let the experience float up into the air and never return. Otherwise it’ll fester and grow.” You shrug. “But I won’t force you. I know you’re not exactly fond of me.”
Legend glares into the fire as you talk and refuses to look at you. Once you finish though, he moves his head away, still not in your direction but visually drops more tension from his shoulders.
He doesn’t say anything.
“There’s a spot next to me with your name on it if you want it.” You offer. “A little company wouldn’t hurt.”
He takes more time to respond and you resolve to go back to staring at the fire.
A moment or two passes and you hear the faint sound of crunched foliage. It takes of your will power to not look up as he approaches and even more so when he decidedly sits next to you.
The fabric of his tunic brushes your leg for a minute and it strikes you odd that he sat that close despite the rest of the log at his disposal.
It must have been bad if he wants to be close to someone right after. The thought enters your mind. Once it’s there you don’t chase it away and instead casually lean back with your hand behind you.
If the angle causes you to lean closer to him in the process, you don’t say anything. 
And if Legend notices, he doesn’t say anything either.
A moment of time passes in silence, the only sounds through the whole forest are crickets and a passing owl with the occasional whisper through the trees.
“How do you do it?” He asks.
“Do what?” You tilt your head in his direction.
He’s still not looking at you.
“Keep going.”
The answer shocks momentarily but you’re not surprised that it’s coming from him out of the whole group. “Legend-”
“I’m tired.” He says instead. “I hate this. I hate that sword. I hate that pig demon. I hate that I can’t be done.”
You hand comes up to his shoulder and you force him to look at you. 
He lets you and he looks up to you with tears building up in his eyes and for a moment you’re struck by the odd balance of how old he sounds but how young he looks- is.
You stuck floundering for a response to answer him with but he asks one more thing. “Why can’t I be done?”
You pull him into a hug before you can stop yourself. “I don’t know. I don’t know Link.”
You find yourself wanting to cry as well once Legend collapses into the hug. He’s not hugging you back but he’s being held for the first time in... you don’t know how long. Your grip tightens.
“But I do know is that you’re not alone. Not anymore. And maybe....maybe this is the final fight. That’s why we’re all together right? A darkness so evil ahead that every hero is required and then....rest. For each and every one of you.”
You sniffle, carding your fingers through his hair without a moments hesitation. “If it’s not then I’ll fight everything for you from then on. I’ll take your place you hear me. I’ll take your job and title and you won’t have to do this anymore.”
“I’m the Hero of Legend. That’s not exactly an easy thing-”
“No. I am the hero now. I’ve decided it.” You hide the tears in his hair to the best of your ability.
Legend snorted, loud and wet but you elected to ignore it just as you were ignoring the ever growing wet spot on your shoulder. “I don’t think that’s how it works.”
“It does now. I said so.”
A beat.
“...Ok.” He sniffled and rubbed his head on your shirt. He took a deep breath and exhaled, letting the night take over the atmosphere again. “Thanks.”
“Don’t tell anyone.”
“I won’t tell anyone.”
He nods once, definitive and final. Your expecting him to let go now and return to his roll, already electing to take over his shift as well and just push through the next day.
Except he doesn’t.
Legend calls your name, testing the waters and lifts his head up ever so slightly. “...It’s not that I’m... not... fond of you-”
“Save it for a rainy day.” You grin. “I think you’ve had your fill of emotions for the night.”
He nods and eventually slips into sleep with his head on your chest, no doubt lulled by your heartbeat.
With tearful eyes, you stare back into the fire.
Time marched from the stunned group the same way a parent does after making a scathing remark instead of a lecture.
You know the one. 
“I’m not mad. Just disappointed.”
The poor boys suddenly didn’t know what to so with themselves or how to get back into Time’s good graces.
You felt for them and their awkward meandering through the camp. So, with your pride swallowed, you follow in the vague direction where Time went off to and decided to at least talk him down.
He is... decidedly harder to find than you previous imagined.
Just as your starting to think the Old Man doesn’t want to be found, you hear subtle swing. It’s to your left and it sounds heavy.
So naturally you follow it
Which leads you to a small clearing just beyond a bunch of bushes.
Time is there, full armor still on and swinging his giant sword forcefully, each swing stronger than the last. It’s as if it weighs only as much as Four. You’ve wondered in the past what it would like if he decided to actually throw the smallest ones of the group but out of fear, do not voice your ideas.
Just because Time won’t doesn’t mean that the others won’t try.
It’s hard being the responsible one when there are nine Links to take care of, each as much as a gremlin as the last. It must be hell on Time’s back to carry the group.
You see where he’s coming from and yet...
“You can stand to be a little more patient with them.” 
The words are out of your mouth before you can actually stop them.
Time stops abruptly, in both the figurative and literal sense, before the man turns to you with that same face of neutral disappointment.
“They are heroes.”
“They are also children, Time. I think that it’s because they are heroes that they deserve to act their age every now and then.”
“Slacking won’t divert the evil away from our home.”
“Running face first into the problem won’t solve it either.” You sigh and walk up the man. He tenses as you approach and slowly lets his weapon down. The Hero of Time is an intimidating creature but you refuse to let that dissuade you.
“Look, I know why you’re upset. I get it. It’s hard to get a job done when you feel like you’re the only one it’s important to... But have a little faith in our group. Please.” You plead and stop right in front of him. You have to look up at him slightly due to the angle but he was forced to acknowledge you here.
His arms cross and he opens his mouth to respond but you cut him off.
“You’re right, they are heroes and there is a job to be done and an evil to be done away with. But they were even younger when they earned the title. They still vanquished the darkness even for their age. You have to trust that they will do the same here.” You reach up and put your hands on his shoulders, getting onto your tip toes to look him in the eye better. “And they will. Because they are heroes. Because they have the spirit of courage. Because they are Link... Just like you.”
He softens his stance ever so slightly but he still doesn’t look pleased.
“It’s not easy I know.” You get down again. “But they look up to you. I think all of them do. And I can’t stand to see how hurt they look when you get upset when they act their age. It’s not like they can help it.”
He takes a deep breath and uncrossed his arms. He takes a minute to respond. Time stared at you intensely before he drops all the tension in his body and finally lets his weapon go. A single hand comes up to pat your head. 
“Let’s head back to camp.”
He says nothing else and continues to walk past you and back the way you came.
You don’t ignore the sense of accomplishment and refuse to dampen it when you catch the tiniest slivers of a smile before he turns away from you completely.
You’re lying peacefully on the dirt when you hear someone sit beside you with more power than would ever be needed.
You don’t open your eyes for the sake of the other person, not really thinking much of it and even forgetting that they were there until you heard the smallest of sniffles.
Now, you’re sitting straight up with wide and concerned eyes locking directly onto the crying form of your beloved pirate. 
It’s hard not to feel for him and while you’re not sure what sprung this up, you don’t have it in you to turn him away, or to ignore that he was upset.
Neither of you say anything and you’re almost afraid it make the picture in front of you a little too real.
Instead, you move yourself closer to him and open up your arms.
Wind doesn’t hesitate to throw himself onto you and let his body sag with unwanted emotion.
As sobs silently rack his body, you begin to feel yourself rock back and forth for both his comfort and yours. Soon you start running your hands through his hair and rub small circles on his back. 
He cries for a long time and never once gives you a clue why.
You don’t ask either.
Still, once the moment has passed, you continue to hold onto him. He doesn’t make any moves to let go of you any time soon and you’re happy to be there for as long as he’ll let you.
That doesn’t stifle your concern over the cause but you’re loath to bring it up.
Minutes pass with the boy in your arms and it’s only when you shift positions, does he look up at your face. His eyes aren’t as red anymore with the amount of time that’s passes since he’s stopped crying but his face is still a little puffy and his cheeks are both stained in tears and incredibly red.
A small smile creeps onto your face when you look back at him. “Feel better?”
“A little.” He admits and sniffles the last of the tears away, wiping his face with his sleeve. “Thanks.”
“For you? Anytime.”
It struck you as odd that it was dinner time the group seemed to be missing someone.
Earlier that day the group had split up to take down some troublesome monsters on the border of some tiny town defenseless town and that was that.
It didn’t seem like big deal nor was it a particularly hard thing to do. The monsters weren’t infected and they didn’t have numbers on their side so your group took care of the pests in a matter of moments.
And yet, when everyone regrouped there was a visible tension.
Some thing had happened on the other side of the fight and no one wanted to fess up, even less so when Time mentioned it.
It worried you.
Now, as it stood the tension was still there but Warrior didn’t want to come out of the wood work.  He had left earlier claiming to need to check up on his appearance and no one had questioned him. No one offered to go with him.
It was always dangerous to go alone.
“Hey, has anyone seen Warrior?” You glance around again, hoping it was just a miscount on your part. “It’s been awhile since he left.”
“He takes his sweet time.” Legend snapped. “And you know how narcissistic he is. He’s probably trying to get every single little hair in the right place and working out every little blemish in his stupid uniform-”
“I’m going to look to him.” You stand, placing your cooling food down by your foot. You don’t know what happened or what caused it but at least an idea begins to form. “It’s been too long regardless. Keep my food warm for me, yeah?”
You don’t wait for a response and walk away into the tree line where you think Warrior might be.
“It’s getting dark. Be careful.” Someone calls from behind you, mouth clearly full of food.
“Yes sir.” You reply.
You march on.
When you’re sure you’re far enough away, you begin to call out to Warrior.
It takes a minute to get any results but you’re starting to worry about your friend. The sun is lowering in the horizon as time goes by and you’re beginning to feel silly and frustrated and-
“I’m here.” A tired voice replies.
“Oh thank goodness.” You cross the distance between you two. “I was really starting to worry.”
Warrior puts on a brave face and a small smile that doesn’t reach his eyes greets you when you stop in front of him. His look a little puffy and you think his eyes might be a little red but it easily be the lighting- or lack there of.
“Are you ok?”
You doubt him and it must have shown on your face because he immediately begins walking away. “Well look at the time. Crazy how fast the sun goes. Let’s get back to the group and eat. I’m starving-”
You grab his wrist as he pasts you and get a good look at him. “Are you ready to go back to the group? They can wait a little longer if you want them too.”
It irritated you that it’s come to this. How no one went to check on him. How no one offered to go with you. How no one seemed bothered by this. How long that he was alone dealing with something that’s been bothering him. How it took you so long to do something.  
“No. It’s fine.” He says. Lying. It must have really bothered him, usually he’s better than this. “It’s about time to head back anyway.”
“They can wait.” Your grip tightens. “The sun can wait. We’re not obligated to be there. What’s wrong? ...If you want to talk about it that is...” You trail off uselessly. It only occurred to you that near the end that he may not even speak about with you. You weren’t the closest in terms of grouping but you can’t stand the thought of someone hurting alone.
“I’m fin-”
“You look like you were crying.” You cut him off. “If you don’t want to talk about it with me, that’s fine, just say it. But you might need more time before you head back anyway if you actually want them to believe you when you say you’re fine.”
He sighs and runs his hand through his hair.
“Nothing. It’s nothing.”
“If it bothers you then it’s not nothing.”  You push. “But....fine. I won’t force you to talk to me. I just wanted to see if you were ok... You’re not but it’s better than seeing you bleeding I suppose.” You grit your teeth, annoyed by the lack of results. You did tell him that he didn’t have to talk to you and you don’t hurt him further but part of you wants to fix this. Even if you don’t know what it is, your heart calls for justice at his pain.
But he is unwilling.
“Camp is this way by the way.” You mention, looking at the ground. “You were actually farther away than I thought, so it’s a bit of a walk.”
“I just think it’s easier for people when I’m not around.”
You still and slowly turn to face him. 
He’s looking at the ground as well, unable to say it and look you in the eye. It’s not what you were expecting and you’re not sure how to follow after that.
It’s a rare moment of vulnerability for him- even rarer that he’s showing it to you and you don’t want to squander the show of trust.
“Back home...there was a lot of... attention on me. A lot of blame... for starting the war. Or at least being the cause of it.” He admits, scuffing his shoe against the dirt. A little bit kicks up and sticks to the toe. He does nothing about it. “People listened to what I had to say because I was some destined hero. At first I didn’t think anything of it because I had thought it was one big mistake and sooner or later people were going to see that I was just some soldier not worth the time of day. It happened to be pure luck that Impa got it right when she gave me this uniform. Zelda made me a captain because of it and suddenly I had all of these men I had to give orders to. And if anything failed or if we lost, it would all have fallen on me. The blame, the guilt, the responsibility of the war...and then we found out why Cia was even opening these portals to begin with-”
You hug him.
“Please don’t cry.” You say into his chest. Your throat is tight and it a little hard to breath but you power through. “I’m not good at this. I never have been.”
“I’m not going to cry. It’s not worth crying.”
“I’ll cry for you then.” You admit and hug him tighter. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry. It was no ones fault.” Warrior hugs you back and rests his head on top of yours. His voice seems a little tight too and you’re sorry for all the things that he must have gone through. 
You hug him for as long as you deem appropriate before letting your arms go lack and stepping away.
Or... at least you try to.
Warrior suddenly has a grip on you and refuses to let you leave.
“Please... Just stay a little longer.”
You do.
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the-royal-petals · 6 months
Sacred Oaths | Stephen Strange x Reader | Chapter 2 | [ Ashley's apartment ]
Being a SHIELD agent, you have seen some stuff; from asgardian weapons being used in bank robberies to another company trying to recreate the super soldier serum—you've seen it all.
One day you're thrown head-first into an investigation about a sorcerer named “Ashley Carrie,” wanting to know why HYDRA killed her and why they're after a book that could threaten the fate of reality:
"The Death's Reaping."
Maybe you need help from people who specialise in the weird and mystical.
Fic Warnings: Eventual Smut, Angst, Mentions of Torture and Abuse, Medical stuff, injuries. [Chapters will be trigger warned accordingly]
Rating: Mature/Explict
[ Prologue ]- [ Chapter 1 ] - [ Chapter 2 ] -
Tumblr media
Eventually, you and Bob made your way back to SHIELD. The traffic had built up more than earlier as a result of a blocked road. Your radio chirped to life as the first responders communicated with each other. you always kept in touch with emergency responders. You felt as if you had a duty to assist them; even as a kid, you saw them as heroes. That’s why you took martial arts, to get the strength to become a firefighter; never did you think it would lead to being a SHIELD agent who managed the avengers for a living. The radio chatter died down as they entered a quieter part of town where the SHIELD base was located.
A SHIELD building loomed ahead, welcoming them with agents galore. Upon approaching, two SHIELD agents stopped them.
“Name and passes.” An agent ordered.
You reached into your pocket dug your pass out and presented it to them. “Agent Johnstone, this is Agent Bob Stanton.” You watched the agent examine the badge and scan it on the reader, earning a green light.
The gate opened in front of them and  the agent returned their passes. 
You could understand the security measures, but after 9 years of doing this, it does become tiring. There were a few times where you wanted to walk straight in, but after recent reports of people wearing Nano-Masks, they had to be safe--you decided to follow the rules.
“What do we have?” You stood between Fury and another SHIELD Agent, Ross Marlow, reaching out for the file that was placed in front of you.. 
“Some random novelty items and files on their most recent missions.” Ross explained, reaching for the staff, “in that file” he pointed to the one in your hands, “it says an woman by the name of ‘Ashley Carrie’ who's a 25-year-old from Manchester, England, went missing roughly six years ago. HYDRA tried searching for her, but the police found her dead in her apartment.” He points to the paragraph. “No clue why they were after her.”
Your shook your head. “HYDRA will go after anybody for information. I’ve heard that name before, I don’t know where. Does Ashley have a family?” you asked, glancing over at Tony, “could you get Jarvis to do a check on her?”
A apart of you didn't understand why Tony was brought on board of the investigation; this would've been easily sorted with or without his help. Something told you he probably wanted to jump at an opportunity to show off.
Standing from his chair, he handed you another file, one which seemed like a biography. “Already done. she has a brother that lives a block away from here.” Tony reached for the bird statue. “He should be home right now.”
Fury turned to you, “find her brother. Find out anything you can on Ashley, the more the better. Stanton, you go with her. Stark, Marlow, find out what you can about those things.” He ordered, “take the file with you.”
Another mission? 
“Noted. C’mon Bob. I’m driving.” You sad, leaving the room the room. 
“Oh hell no, your driving is borderline dangerous driving. I’m driving.” 
The complex seemed rather quiet at this time of day. Many residents were at work and others didn’t go anywhere near the doors. Once at the apartment, you knocked on the door. On the other side, your heard shuffling before the door opened with a few clicks. A young male stood on the other side of the door, nervously eying you both. His fingers clung to the door as half of his face was visible. A couple of clothes blocked the door from opening any further. 
“Who are you?”
You presented your SHIELD badge. “Agent Johnstone, I work for SHIELD. We’re here to ask you a couple of questions about your sister, Ashley.” you introduced, watching the young boy shake his head, pushing the door close. Your stopped it with your foot.
“Listen kid, we just want to find out what happened to her. We want to help; and the only way we can do that is if you talk to us.” Your said, keeping a slightly more aggressive tone. you didn’t like doing that, never liked it. But you knew you had to with them. 
Silence came from the boy as he stared for a couple more seconds before opening the door fully, kicking the clothes away from the door. “My mom won’t like you being here.” The boy’s head hung low as you entered first giving a relieved nod to Bob.
More clothes scattered across the floor. It wasn’t like any ordinary apartment. Picture frames of Ashley hung across the hallway, all smiling with the family. It seemed like the place hadn't been tidied up in years; especially since Ashley's death. You could feel a sombre heavy atmosphere, your heart sank as you proceeded through the house.
On your right was the kitchen. The smell of baked bread welcomed you, sat on the countertop, ready to be eaten. The boy had exited the kitchen with a glass of water, watching you with beady eyes.  Dirt and food covered the floor, bringing a rotting stench to her nose. Behind him, you could see the sink overflowing with dishes; you had to admit, the kitchen had seen better days; the black-and-white tiles could tell a story or two.
Finally, you peered into the living room where a shrine caught your attention in the far left corner; candles surrounded a picture of Ashley wearing odd clothing. It seemed like fancy robes. You could only guess that she was apart of a group of sorts.
On the left of the picture sat a ring with two holes and a design on the top bar with her name engraved. Next to it was a belt.
Why did this feel so familiar?
It was only then it hit you she was one of those people you had heard about a couple months ago. A group of people who call themselves "Masters of the Mystic Arts"---or sorcerers as you called them. They're a group of mysterious people and you've never had the chance to see any of them in person, only hearing stories. They're like legends. 
“What did Ashley do?” You picked up the ring, showing it to the boy. You wanted to see if you suspicions were correct. “These seem really familiar, I don’t know why.” 
The boy looked at your hand uncomfortably. “That’s a Sling-Ring, she practised something called the ‘Mystic Arts.’ It’s a form of magic and spirituality I think; I don’t know for certain” The boy then approached. “She didn’t tell me much. . . only that she helped protect people from monsters.” He frowned and approached you, taking the sling-ring and putting it back on the shrine. “The masters gave her some gifts before she left training; it got too much for her.” He explained as he returned the ring back to the shine, “apparently. That’s what they told me at the funeral.”
So you were right. You felt your heart grow heavier as you knelt at the shrine, looking over the familiar items. Why would HYDRA kill Ashley? You felt grief wash over you, you didn’t know this woman, and yet you were mourning. Standing up, you looked around the room.
“Did Ashley have any enemies? Anybody she would avoid?” Bob asked. 
“No. She didn’t tell me anything. She kept most of her secrets in that diary, but it’s in another language.” The boy pointed to the mantelpiece above the fireplace.
You took the diary and flicked through the pages. “I uh, don’t know what this is,” she looked at Bob and the boy, “Would you be okay if I take this? I think I know some people who could translate this.” The boy nodded.
Bob glanced at you. “Do you think they’ll help? Do you still have contact?” 
“Well, I hope so. They might have information too. I can try and get Fury to contact a sorcerer? I've heard there's one working with SHIELD, so I'll try; we can use anything we can get,” you slipped the diary into your pocket. “There are some other things I’ll have to take, but I’ll have to take pictures of the rest. Will you be okay with that?” 
The boy nodded again, approaching you, hope in his eyes. “If you find out, will you tell me?” 
“Of course I will. It’s your right to know what happened--“ Bob cut him off.
“Uh, Johnstone. You didn’t call for backup, did you?”  Bob calls out.. He stood next to the window. You looked at him, confused. What the hell was he on about? You approached him and addressed what he was looking at. 
Outside, three trucks surrounded the building. A dozen armoured agents climbed out, yelling orders to each other, all armed with rifles. Your  heart started pounded within your chest as you watched them push over the SHIELD bike. That wasn’t SHIELD. You snapped your head towards the boy and then the closet. “That’s not SHIELD.” You said urgently, pushing past Bob, hand going for your gun, “kid, get into the closet.” 
“Wait, why?”
“No questions. Get in the damn closet.” You said urgently, pushing him inside. “Do not leave until my partner or I say otherwise.” 
Unlatching your gun from the holster, you approached the door, peering through the peep-hole. Nothing was there besides empty hallway. You unlocked door, open opened it and peered outside, pausing and listening for noise. You had to hold her breath, it was hard to hear much with your heart beating so damn much; who knew it could be so damn loud?
From the bottom floor, a metal door clanged open, followed by footsteps rushing up the stairs. You slammed the door, pressed your back against it and locked it. Bob stared at you with concern. “Right, they’re coming upstairs. And we’re like six stories up. By my estimation, they’ll be here in a minute,” you said, walking into the living room, looking around for the young boy. “I can try and stall them.” Bob offered, taking out his gun, “you know what to look for.” He said, leaving the apartment. You were hesitant to let him go, but you didn't stop him. He was a good agent after all. Within seconds you could hear gunfire echoing throughout the hallway. You had to be quick.
Around the apartment, you looked, scanning through the bookshelves and loose clothing. If only this place was tidier would you’d be able to look for more stuff. You snapped pictures of the shrine and other things lying around. The majority of the stuff was nonsense but with how little time you had, it couldn't be perfect. Once she entered Ashley’s room, you snapped more pictures and snagged a rucksack from the floor. You threw the items into the backpack with great haste (which were pens, paper and a makeup kit) and stashed anything you could recognise to be sorcerer related. From the door, she heard a familiar voice. Anything that could have her DNA.
A voice came from the door.
“Can I help?” “No! What the hell do you think you’re doing?! Get back in the damn closet!” You snapped, throwing the rucksack onto your shoulders before b-lining to the shrine. “But I can help get Ashley’s things. I know where she keeps–” “ Oh for fuck sake." You muttered under your breath stopping in the middle of the doorway, pointing at the door. "Any second a HYDRA agent is going to breach that damn door and you'll be in the crossfire," you said, pointing your finger harshly towards the door.
You watch his face drop. On one hand, you'd need all the help you could get.  “Okay fine! Go get them and stay away from the damn door. Put them in here, don’t overfill it.” She dropped the backpack onto the floor. “ --grab him!”
An unfamiliar voice screamed through your earpiece, followed by a grunt and pounding footsteps. A part of you hoped it was from another agent from another channel, but all signs pointed to Bob. “ KEIRA I’M COMPROMISED.” He screamed, static overloaded the radio, making it hard to hear him. You scrambled to the window and looked to see three agents tackling Bob to the ground and six agents darting towards the building’s entrance. Grabbing a nearby vase, you smashed the window and then shot at the agents. Two of the agents slumped onto the ground, giving Bob a chance to escape.
Within seconds HYDRA returned the bullets, forcing you to duck for cover, forcing the kid to join you.
This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. 
The door behind you slammed open. Bob entered , causing you to jump seven feet into the air. “Word of advice. Don’t disguise yourself as a HYDRA agent.” He joked.
However you could hear Bob's staggering breath; blood covered his clothing and his clothes looked as if he got in a fight with a bear. A red mark grew on Bob’s cheek, next to his bloody nose which he wiped away with his sleeve. “We need to get the hell out of here.” You didn't need to be asked twice.
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Soulmates, Actually Pt 3
(read Part 1/Part 2)
Soulmates protect each other.
Loki paces the length of the small bathroom, turning after only two steps. On each turn they catch sight of themself in the mirror, as hard as they try not to. They don’t want to see the cowardice marring their own features. They don’t want to face themself, knowing they are standing here in relative safety at the cost of their soulmate’s.
Through the thin walls, Loki hears another pound on the front door. Mobius calls out, “I’m coming, I’m coming!”
Loki stops pacing and presses their ear to the bathroom door, straining to hear outside of it.
After the creak of a door opening, Mobius says, “Can I help you?”
“Are you Mobius M. Mobius?” Thor has a weakness for Midgard and its people. Even as he speaks to Mobius now, his voice isn’t quite as booming as Loki is accustomed to.
“That’s me. Are you selling something?”
“I...? No. May I enter?”
“I’d prefer if you didn’t. I’m kind of busy, you know?”
“I see,” Thor says. “Wait! I’m looking for someone.”
“Sorry,” Mobius says. The door creaks again, loud, like it tried to close but was blocked by a hard shoulder.
“I must insist,” Thor says, and there’s the booming authority Loki expected. Heavy footfalls step into the apartment. Loki instinctively leans away from the bathroom door. “Do you live here, or is this a closet?”
“Hey, why does everyone think that,” Mobius says, his following footsteps much softer. “My apartment is not that small.”
“It is,” Thor says, blunt as ever, though perhaps his own time on Midgard changed him a small amount, because he immediately adds, “But... nice. Very... brown.” A long, awkward pause. “Seeing this... I feel apologies are in order. I cannot imagine Loki hiding here.”
Loki knows that their usual love of decadent flair is what’s saving them now, but the words still sting. It’s one thing for them to think disparagingly about their new home. It is entirely another for someone else to speak badly of it. Even Thor.
Maybe especially Thor.
“It seems silly now,” Thor says. “I had heard you are their soulmate.”
“It doesn’t seem all that silly,” Mobius says, voice much softer.
“I mean no offense,” Thor says. “Only that you are not their type.”
“Oh? Too old?”
Thor laughs. “Too human. But consider yourself lucky, friend."
"I don't know, I'd think it'd be okay to be the soulmate of a god."
"Not this god," Thor says, and that familiar self-hatred claws at Loki's ribcage from the inside out. They place their hand over their chest, physically pressing down on the feeling, but it does not stop.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Mobius clips his words short.
Loki braces themself as Thor continues, "They never stay with anyone for long. They haven’t met a person yet who could hold their interest.”
“Maybe they just hadn’t met the right person,” Mobius says, stronger.
"Right people tend not to hang around my brother. You may have noticed that they are..." Thor pauses and Loki holds their breath. "A villain." Thor, at least, sounds pained to say it, though that is little comfort for Loki.
The word shouldn't hurt them. It is true. Despite their glorious purpose, they will never be seen as a hero, but only ever as the one who stands in the hero's way.
“Or instead," Mobius says, stronger still. Irritation oozes from his words. "Maybe they got so used to being seen as a villain that they started to think that’s all they are.”
The scratching in Loki's chest slows until it ceases entirely. Mobius.
But the calming effect of Mobius's defensive fury does not linger.
Thor holds his tongue a moment, and in that moment, a thick dread buds in the pit of Loki’s stomach. Thor may be oblivious at times, but he is not totally obtuse. And Mobius is angry enough for even him to take notice.
“Have you seen Loki, Mobius M. Mobius?”
“I think you should leave now,” Mobius says.
“So it’s true?” Thor asks, like he still doesn’t believe it. “You are Loki’s soulmate?”
“You don’t have to say it like that.”
“They must be deceiving you. Tell me where they are, and I will take them back to Asgard. Then you will be safe.”
“Loki’s not going anywhere with you,” Mobius says, stupidly brave. Stupidly perfect.
Outside a storm brews. Thunder rumbles the walls, as loud as Thor’s voice. “Do not stand in my way, Mobius M. Mobius.”
“No, you don’t get to order me around,” Mobius says. “You barge into my home and try to kidnap my soulmate. You didn’t even do it at a reasonable hour. We were asleep!”
“I am a god.” Lightning cracks outside the window, the light so bright, it flashes under the door of the bathroom. “You are a human.”
Mobius huffs out a breath. “I’m not giving them up. You’ll just have to kill me.”
Every nerve in Loki’s body, every pulse in their brain, the very breath in their  lungs - all scream, No!
The bathroom door flies off its hinges from the force of Loki pushing through. Their daggers are in their hands, their armor has replaced their silk pajamas - there is no room for softness here.
Mobius glances behind him from where he’s standing, blocking the bathroom from Thor in the kitchen. “You broke the door,” Mobius says, entirely too calm for a man who was just about to throw his life away.
“We are going to discuss your blatant disregard for your own fragile life,” Loki tells him, stalking forward to Mobius’s side.
“I had it under control,” Mobius says.
Loki sucks in a deep breath to try to tamper down their roaring rage. “No longer will you risk yourself for me.”
“No, sorry, Loki.” Mobius crosses his arms. “You don’t get to boss me around either. I told you, soulmates protect each other. And that’s that.”
“You stupid, brave, impossible man.”
“Dying for you would be worth it.”
“And what am I to do at that point? Hm? Bid your corpse a fond farewell and move along?”
Mobius startles, like he hadn’t thought ahead that far. “Yeah, I guess.”
If Loki wasn’t holding daggers, they would grip him by the shoulders and shake him. “You have no idea what you are to me. You have no perception of how long I have waited for you. For us. For this tiny little room. For everything we shared last night. And all that we will share.”
Mobius’s eyes widen. “Loki -”
“No, Mobius. You will not be throwing your life away. Not now. Not ever. Not while I have strength enough to hold a blade.”
Mobius blinks. The surprise on his face lasts a moment longer, then softens entirely into fondness. “Let’s go to the store later. Buy some stuff. Spruce this place up a little. We can get a plant or two. And maybe a new bathroom door.”
Loki exhales, and the harshest of their anger slips away. “Only if we also buy you new clothes.”
“Hey, what’s wrong with my clothes?” Mobius is smiling now.
Loki almost mirrors it. Until he remembers their thunderous brother occupying the entire minuscule kitchen. Thor seems to lack his usual righteousness. Instead, he looks between Loki and Mobius like he has no idea what to make of them. His mouth hangs open but no sound comes out.
A moment, Thor tries, “Brother, you...” He closes his mouth. Opens it. “You... actually care for this little man?”
Loki’s answer comes easier than even they expected, “Yes.”
“I’m not that little,” Mobius says.
Outside the storm clears away and starlight returns. Inside, Thor lowers his hammer to his side, no longer holding it ready to fight. He stares at Loki for a long moment. “We thought you were dead. We mourned you.”
Loki’s impulse is to argue. They aren’t yet numb to the pain of Odin’s deception. Of Loki’s own monstrous truth.
But instead of drudging forward that pain, Loki draws strength from Mobius beside them. From the comfort of their home. From the promise of buying new drapes and bed sheets.
“I’m not going back,” Loki says, hating the way their voice cracks. Mobius inches closer to their side, and they stand taller.
“You cannot rule Midgard,” Thor says.
Loki glances at Mobius, who gives them a soft smile.
“Mostly,” Loki says, “I want to buy drapes.”
Mobius’s smile widens, and he dips his head, as if to hide it. Loki loses themself in the sight of such softness and warmth, until they remember their brother again.
Thor watches them, his confusion palpable. “This is not at all as father said it was.”
Loki tenses at the mention of Odin.
“A lot’s different since yesterday,” Mobius says. “Dubuque can really change a person, you know?” Mobius winks at Loki, and a fresh wave of comfort rolls through them.
“Yes,” Loki says. “Dubuque.”
“Perhaps I could return without you,” Thor says, confusion shifting gradually into something more sure. “If you hand over the tesseract.”
Loki pointedly refrains from glancing at the coat closet. As, to Loki’s surprise, does Mobius. Surely he had seen them place the scepter within. Surely he could parse together what the tesseract could be.
“You wouldn’t need it to buy drapes.” Thor’s grip tightens on the handle of Mjolnir, but he does not yet raise it again.
Loki’s body tenses like a bowstring. There is no way out of this then, without a fight. “You have no comprehension of its power, brother. Of what I could have, what I could achieve with it in my possession. With what I’ve been promised.”
“Promised?” Thor asks. “Promised by who?”
A chill creeps over Loki’s skin, inch by slow inch. They think of the creatures that invade their mind, that found them when they fell from the Bifrost.
You could have this, they whisper, even now. You are nothing without this.
“Loki?” Mobius whispers. “Are you okay?”
Shaking their mind free from the dark grasp, Loki thoughts travel instead to those same creatures wrapping Mobius in their viciousness. Tearing him down. Exploiting his deepest vulnerabilities.
The cold runs deep, all consuming.
With the tesseract still in Loki’s possession, maybe they could protect Mobius. Or, the opposite. Maybe those creatures will never stop hunting them until Loki finally does as they command.
When it was Loki alone, forgotten and fallen, following the icy commands was no question, when both vengeance and a crown were promised.
But Loki is no longer alone.
To Loki’s surprise, concern covers Thor’s face as well, and he has taken a step closer, hand half-lifted, as if in a halted attempt to reach out to them.
“The tesseract will not bring you happiness, Loki,” Thor says, and motions toward Mobius. “Not in the way your soulmate can. You must make a choice.”
“They don’t have to chose,” Mobius says. “I’m staying with them, regardless of what they want to do.”
“But they must,” Thor tells him. “I will be leaving here with either Loki or the tesseract. I’d prefer to do it without a fight.”
Mobius takes a step forward. “I already told you, Loki isn’t going anywhere.”
“If forced, I will take you both to Asgard,” Thor says.
Loki thinks of Mobius standing before Odin, of all the brave, protective things he would say to the All-Father in Loki’s defense. And Loki thinks of how fast Odin would cut him down, Loki’s soulmate or not.
“No,” Loki says.
Soulmates protect each other.
Loki disappears their daggers, then goes to the closet and draws open the door. They reach through Mobius’s brown suits and retrieve the scepter. It’s cold in their hand.
They could grab Mobius and teleport away. Together, they could go anywhere. Thor would need time to track them down. But they’d have to keep running. They’d never be able to stop.
Loki thinks of Mobius, sweating in the desert. Humans are weak, fragile things. Mobius would not be able to sustain that kind of life.
The scepter, the creatures, whisper to Loki, He will die anyway. Why shouldn't you have more?
"All my life, I’ve been in your shadow,” Loki says to Thor. Thor lifts his hammer, readying for the fight to come. “This is my chance to carve my own path. To find my own throne. The Midgardians are hapless. They are in desperate need of a ruler.”
Loki looks at Mobius and finds him watching Thor, body tense like he intends to jump in the way if Thor were to attack. He will die anyway.
“There is no happiness in the promise of a throne, Loki.” Thor frowns, and after a brief, sideways glance at Mobius, his eyes turn sad. “We have waited the same for a soulmate. You have found yours, while I am still waiting. I ask you, who lives in envy of who?”
A new feeling twists inside Loki - something like... pity? For Thor? No. Impossible. Thor has had a life filled with all of his whims being catered to. Ever the favorite. The favored.
Thor has no Mobius of his own.
He will die anyway. But. Not yet. Not yet.
“To be honest,” Mobius says, drawing Loki’s attention. “Humans are kind of a drag. We fight all the time, can’t agree on anything. I know that’s half why you think you can fix it all, but really, it sounds like a bigger headache than it’s worth.” He shrugs. “You and I, we’ll do whatever you want. I’ve got your back 100%. But... if you were King of Earth, do you get any vacation days? Cause I got some places I really want to take you.”
Looking at Mobius, hearing his words, listening to the steady cadence of his voice, Loki warms from the inside out.
“We need to go to the beach. You saw my jetski picture, right?” Mobius turns to Thor. “You ever been on a jetski?”
Thor blinks at him. “...No?”
“You’ll love it. It’s so much fun. Out on the waves, just you and the ocean - with the wind in your hair, and the sun all bright.” Mobius turns his smile back to Loki, and Loki doubts any sunshine could ever be as brilliant as him. “What do you think, Loki?”
The cruel whispers grow dim. Thoughts of, You are nothing without a crown, are replaced with, What worth is a crown without him?
The chill burns away, until the scepter is too cold, too painful to hold.
Loki moves closer to the kitchen. Thor raises his hammer. Mobius hurries forward.
But everyone stops when Loki surrenders the scepter - the tesseract - to Thor. As soon as it is gone from their hand, Loki feels a heavy weight lifted away. The chill leaves entirely, and their mind is silent once more.
“You’ve made the right choice, brother,” Thor says. They lower Mjolnir to the ground to look closer at the scepter.
“Odin will not be pleased when you return without me,” Loki says.
Thor hums. “I will pass along your promise to behave yourself.”
“I made no such promise.” With Loki’s new weightlessness, a small, sly smirk slips onto their lips. It's shaky and unsure, but Thor doesn't mention it.
Thor slides his gaze to Mobius. “I think you will have your hands too full to do otherwise, with how quickly this one throws himself into trouble.” He pitches his voice low. “I like him. He’s small, but brave.”
Pride swells in Loki. They didn’t need Thor’s approval, but having it...
“Mobius M. Mobius!” Thor walks to Mobius and draws him into a tight hug. “Now my brother. I await the day our paths cross again!”
Mobius awkwardly pats him on the back. “Yeah, sure! Sounds great.”
As they break, Loki begins to steer Thor toward the door. Thor looks as if he also wants to wrap Loki in a hug, but thankfully thinks better of it. Instead, he simply says, "We will see each other again."
"We will," Loki says, a promise. And for now, it is enough.
Thor starts forward, when Mobius calls out, “Wait, you forgot your hammer.”
Loki and Thor both turn away from the door, toward the kitchen - where Mobius stands, hand gripping Mjolnir’s handle, holding it up off the ground. He brings it forward and hands it to Thor, who stares at him, mouth agape.
Mobius says, “Surprisingly light?”
Loki bites back a smile. They knew their soulmate was no ordinary mortal.
Thor looks at Mobius like he’s seeing him for the first time. “Only to those who are worthy. You are small in stature, but not in heart, Mobius M. Mobius.”
“Uh, thanks?” Mobius says. Softer, he adds, “I’m really not that small.”
When Thor is gone, with the slightly damaged front door bolted behind him, Mobius turns to Loki and says, “Told you I’d get rid of him.”
Loki reaches out, grabs Mobius by the shoulders, and pulls him into their embrace. They do not let go for a long time.
Mobius holds them back, nose tucked into the crook of Loki’s neck and shoulder. “I would have followed you,” he says, voice muffled. “You want to be king? We’d make it happen. You didn’t have to give it up.”
Loki will tell him of the whispers and the cold, of the dark promises made. Later. “Perhaps another time,” they say. “Plenty of life to find a throne of my own.” Though as the words leave them, they know they are only half true. Plenty of time for Loki. No time at all for Mobius. The creatures no longer whisper in Loki's mind but they still hear their mocking, He will die.
“I was thinking we could get a couple chairs while we’re out.”
Loki can’t help and doesn’t stop their grin, even as their heart aches. “See? My fortune is already changing.”
“I’ll buy you the best throne,” Mobius says. “You ever heard of La-Z-Boy?”
Loki closes their eyes, presses their forehead to Mobius's shoulder, and wonders how, with the cruel inevitability of human mortality, they will ever go on without this man.
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