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the-halfling-prince · 10 months
Me: what I'm totally neurotypical idk what you're talking about-
The the little annoying voice inside my head that I argue with for fun: Remember that summer after eighth grade where you watched How to Train Your Dragon four times every single day for two months and by the time summer was over you could quote the entire goddamn movie by heart?
Me: what that didn't- This is Berk, it's twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It is located solidly on the meridian of mis-
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mothskiin · 11 months
Tumblr media
i have a horrible headache rn but please hear me out
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iguanodont · 2 months
Have you ever heard the hurdy gurdy? It's an amazing instrument and one of my favorite 'obscure' instruments
I have an oc I never post here who plays one lmao
It’s actually something I’d like to try learning once i feel confident enough with accordion. It appeals to me in a similar sense of producing its own background drone to accompany the melody notes
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musicalchaos07 · 4 months
Jancy - You Are In Love
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I can't remember a single instance of Team Flash mentioning feeding the pipeline prisoners. or giving them water, or letting them bathe, or have a change of clothes, or therapy (we all know some of the villian of the weeks need it)? 99% sure most of them are dead by now
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solradguy · 6 months
I don’t like talking about my work stuff on this blog but, despite my best efforts, my GG stuff is finally overlapping with my work stuff so I feel like I gotta lol.
Patreon’s latest security team debacle on top of them wanting me to send a picture of my actual ID to a mystery 3rd party site (to make sure I’m not a minor and can keep posting N/S/F/W content) has been the final nail in the coffin for me and I’ll be switching over to Ko-Fi come November. It’s going to take a while to move my content over because I’ve been active on Patreon for something like 4 years so I’ll be pausing my main work stuff through October while I get my Ko-Fi set up for a Patreon-like system. 
I was using my Ko-Fi as a tip jar for my GG scanlations and now it’s going to function both as that AND my main art focus. Coincidentally, October is also Inktober. Pausing Patreon/subscriber content is going to free up like a lot of time next month. This is also going to really suck financially because I’ll essentially be out a paycheck lol...
So, for October, for the Inktober/Soltober art challenge, I’m going to try to put more effort into each of the daily drawings than I did last year, where most of them were shitposts, and offer the whole thing (+whatever other Sol/GG drawings I do) as a digital zine for sale at the end of the month.
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http-numbah5 · 4 months
Turkish Dizi girlies where do you watch your stuff for free without signing up?
#anyway#Watching reborn rich#Getting into SVT#spending waaaay too much time thinking of Wonwoo send help#Finished twenty five twenty one and God was so true for hinting I should stop at episode 12#I didn't hate the show#I reeeeeeally appreciate it and Baek Yi-jin I will personally protect you from the harsh effects of life#Went through another ATEEZ phase (thanks Mingi :* )#They have the most *about that life* energy ever😂#Seeing that I even circled back to SVT (thanks Joshua)#I can certify that the diamond life to atiny (or vv) pipeline is real#However fans have a much bigger influence on how I enjoy an artist than one would think#Yes I am saying the less toxic a fanbase the more likely I am to stick around even if EYE am not interacting with the fanbase#But I want to get into Pentagon however I need a few months break from Kpop all together before I enter the rabbit hole again#Or maybe I won't#Maybe I should just enter my podcast era#TrIed getting into High Class but it annoyed me#Mine was too dramatic for me and that grandson of the household falls for the help trope upset me because SHE COULD LOSE HE JO#job do not be so wreckless young man#I hate the /he would risk it all including your safety just to be with you/ trope like she needed that job bruh don't get her into trouble?#High Class? I didn't want to see little children cry#JaeIn is a beautiful babygirl#I got so excited when I saw Turkey in reborn rich /.\#Start Up is so difficult for me to get through bro the first episode is just—MUST THERE BE SO MUCH SADNESS#Sky Castle had too much academic trauma—I'm good#Gaus Electronics you are my happy watch my favourite background noise best comedy favourite everything the cast was great the jokes hit ju—#CORRECT
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juhbebbie · 8 months
I am just thinking about how every moon knight writer ever has severely missed out on the opportunity to bring in hathor/sekhmet in some kinda way
like in the show when hathor's avatar was there I was kinda like 👀 but it didn't go anywhere which is fine it wasn't the place for it
but okok just hear me out!!!
so there's the obvious connection of the fact that sekhmet is actually the goddess of vengeance, not khonshu (obviously things are different depending on time era/region because this is ancient mythology and there were often nultiple gods for the same thing but moving on)
but there's also literally the entire thing where hathor ends up becoming sekhmet and takes out Ra's revenge on humans
the abridged version of the myth off the top of my head is as follows: humans stop worshiping ra as much and so like any good diety he gets mad at this and has hathor go out and punish the offending humans
well this is all well and good until she kinda gets addicted to blood and killing and eventually ra is like "dude i think you got em holy shit chill out"
this does not work and eventually hathor, originally the cow headed goddess of rebirth and happiness and cool stuff like that, becomes sekhmet, lion goddess of vengeance and pretty much wipes people out reguardless of their loyalty to the gods
eventually Ra tricks her and gets her drunk off her mind by disguising a ton of beer or something as a pool of blood and sekhmet of course can't resist it and drinks that shit up until she passes tf out
what follows is different depending on which version of the myth since, once again, everything is iffy but basically sekhmet/hathor redeems herself and goes back to being nice and cool, except that sekhmet is always a part of her from now on and comes out when she's needed. and sekhmet isn't even always bad!! sometimes she's depicted as a warrior goddess or protector of Pharoahs!
sound familiar??????
im just saying her story of a fall from grace to violence and causing pain (in which she was pushed toward by higher god) and then redemption and even acceptance lines up very well with the character of Marc Spector, even putting aside the obvious parallels of the relationship between hathor and sekmet and Marc and his alters.
khonshu turning marc into the fist of vengeance and ra getting sekhmet to punish people for him, but the difference being that ra wanted sekhmet to stop while khonshu just keeps pushing marc further and further until he's unrecognizable to himself, but still grapples constantly with the shame he feels as a result
maybe its just me but if I saw that in a comic run or something I would eat that shit up
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noire-lover · 8 days
I've fallen so bad for him 😩 I feel embarrassed almost tbh, but its been such a long time since I felt like this. Not even sure where to start with it.
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georgenootfound · 2 months
Okay fine I'll tell you how I joined the fandom I was a huge corpse fan in 2020 and the most I had ever heard of dream was when he was in an among us lobby with him but past that I knew nothing. Then in december 2020 I was talking to some online friends and was called "a George stan." I had no idea wtf that meant but it was said in the same way someone might call me a slur so I was confused and intrigued. Then I unironically became a George stan in January 2021 so they were right ig but I didn't want them to know that so I made an entirely separate Tumblr account to participate in fandom activities from there while lurking on Twitter because there were a lot of people I didn't want to know that I was very hyperfixated on Minecraft youtubers, including a separate online friend group. I stopped talking to that group sometime in 2021 and then in 2022 I talking with one of them again only for them to have turned into a total bitch in that time of no contact. They were a hardcore anti and got super pissy anytime I so much as mentioned anything to do with dsmp while expecting me to be invested in they're own interests that I couldn't care less about. And usually I would listen but I figured if my interests were getting shit on, it was fair play to call them a boring bitch and block them right after that conversation and now I havent used my old Tumblr account in nearly two years lol
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punkiezarts · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
in commemoration of the new year (it’s the 31st for me but who cares), here’s my first and last (colored) piece of 2021!! thank u all for sticking up with my stinky drawings and shenanigans for a whole year may 2022 bring me many art improvements, hella commissions, and another year of not posting what u all followed me for 😊❤
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catyawn · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tfw exactly one week from now i will be on a plane to see @spocksbong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ghostzzy · 10 months
anyway. last week my therapist told me i was grieving and it only just hit me how true that is.
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coredrill · 1 year
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presstoplay · 1 year
was watching top hat with my friend and during one of the dance numbers she was like “oh my god you know what this reminds me of? when davy was doing the dance number in head!” and i was like yes girl :) you're so good at making connections thank you for letting me influence you :)
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loneliesttime · 1 year
my favorite tragic white boy faves r the characters that make me cry when i think abt them while listening to vienna
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