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archaeologysucks · 2 days
PSA: if you ever hear this sound, or see one of these birds exhibiting this behavior, you are near a killdeer nest, and should watch your step!
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ecoamerica · 2 months
Watch the 2024 American Climate Leadership Awards for High School Students now: https://youtu.be/5C-bb9PoRLc
The recording is now available on ecoAmerica's YouTube channel for viewers to be inspired by student climate leaders! Join Aishah-Nyeta Brown & Jerome Foster II and be inspired by student climate leaders as we recognize the High School Student finalists. Watch now to find out which student received the $25,000 grand prize and top recognition!
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h0neyfreak · 6 months
helping “The Environment” as an individual is such a nebulous and ever changing concept and seems to be very much in the Discourse™️ at the moment so I just want to take a minute to shout into the void with some reminders I gave my enviro students when they got to the “oh dear god we’re all gonna die” phase of the class:
“Individual choices don’t matter” is like. true(?) for climate change (unless you’re a kardashian or CEO or something) but that just means you can’t reusable tote bag your way out of a private jet society. NOT that you can’t have any impact through community initiatives and activism. Advocate for municipal composting and public transit!! Get involved locally!!!!! Write weekly to your representatives! Do whatever you can to get unstuck and scrape together some modicum of hope.
Also on individual choices. There are some that “matter” but be very wary of outsized benefits promised for seemingly small choices (e.g. the straw debacle). An app is not the thing to save us from a hundred years of industry. Going out and collecting litter DOES have an impact even if that impact is just “this area of the world no longer has trash in it.” It’s not solving the issue of microplastics or whatever but it is helping local birds. And it’s helping YOU feel more connected to your local environment and getting you involved with the world and your community.
Finally, the best thing you can be is well informed, persistent, and kind. Be willing and able to help if you bump into someone who is open to the idea of not letting Shell and SHEIN pour toxic sludge directly into every river. It’s more people than you think. But most people only know how to buy things that are “better.” (Electric cars, reusable bags, expensive neutral clothing made of flax). They want to do SOMETHING but we’re all just kind of vibrating balls of anxiety all the time. Know what sort of things are going on around you and invite them! My go to’s are composting initiatives, textile recycling programs, and pollinator friendly/grass free gardens.
Again, it would be great if we were all willing to drag the Shell and Nestle CEOs out to account for their crimes but being paralyzed by fear is not gonna help. Neither is another ethical clothing brand selling $400 linen underwear (probably). I’ve found time and time again that people who have any amount of tangible connection to the world outside have a much more visceral reaction to billionaire super yachts than defeatist suburbanites who drive EVs and have a kitchen full of dubious organic snacks.
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The owner of one of the 15 properties removed from -- then returned to -- the Greenbelt has launched a constitutional challenge of a law that reversed Premier Doug Ford's plan to open up the protected land for development. Lawyers for Minotar Holdings Inc. filed the application Thursday in Ontario's Divisional Court, arguing that the way the law is written violates "the constitutional principle of the rule of law." The Greenbelt Statute Law Amendment Act is the legislation fulfilling Ford's promise to restore Greenbelt protections to 15 parcels of land. His government had removed them last year, but scathing auditor general and integrity commissioner reports found the process unfairly favoured certain developers and Ford was forced to reverse course.
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diogenesz2020portugal · 5 months
Nem fér be a kartondoboz a szelektív hulladéktárolóba? Aggodalomra semmi ok: segít Margit, a környezettudatos konfettigyártó macska! (Mellesleg így kényelmesebb is.)
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othmeralia · 1 year
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Let's play a game!
This board game is Ecology: The Game of Man and Nature.
The object of the game is to lead a population through four ages of Civilization, Hunting, Agricultural, Industrial, and Atomic, to reach an ideal Environmental Age.
Urban Systems, Inc. was a consulting and research firm, whose president, Richard H. Rosen, was an ecologist and environmental engineer. While teaching undergraduate air pollution classes at Harvard, Rosen produced a number of anti-pollution board games for educational purposes.
There are a few more photos on our digital collection site, so please click here to check them out!
Image citation: Science History Institute. Ecology: The Game of Man and Nature. Photograph, 2022. Science History Institute. Philadelphia.
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teachersource · 1 year
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Rachel Carson was born on May 27, 1907. An American marine biologist, writer, and conservationist whose influential book Silent Spring (1962) and other writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement. Although Silent Spring was met with fierce opposition by chemical companies, it spurred a reversal in national pesticide policy, which led to a nationwide ban on DDT and other pesticides. It also inspired a grassroots environmental movement that led to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
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cavorta · 11 months
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July 29, 2023 Have a good weekend and a blessed Lammas/Lughnasadh if you celebrate it.
I have created a Sigil for Climate and Environmental Protection and it is free to use (not commercially). Here you can read what went into it and download printable files: https://cavorta.substack.com/p/sigil-for-climate-and-environmental
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troythecatfish · 9 months
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thatsleepymermaid · 2 months
Hey y'all! The Twin Pines Mining company seems to be moving towards strip mining the Okefenokee for titanium. We have until April 9th to leave a public comment to save the swamp!!
The Okefenokee is one of the last pristine Black Water Swamps in America. This strip mine will spell disaster for the wildlife and the people in the swamp.
Please please please leave a public comment about this and please visit this website for a list of things you can do to save the swamp.
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The British Columbia government is moving to protect more old-growth forests and critical habitat with a type of crowd-source funding.
Premier David Eby says the government will work with the independent B.C. Parks Foundation and First Nations to introduce the funding tool that backs efforts to protect valuable ecosystems. Eby says the province will contribute $150 million to a conservation funding mechanism that will be matched by a B.C. Parks Foundation commitment.
The government says the $150 million provided by the province will leverage further donations in a crowd-sourcing approach, encouraging other organizations and people to contribute to ecosystem protection.
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sordidamok · 3 months
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safety-pin-punk · 2 years
Environmentalist patch slogan ideas!!!
Any and everything to do with recycling!! (Bonus points for reusing materials to make patches and pins, but not a necessity)
State park/forests patches & marine life patches
Critters!! (Racoons/possums/bugs/lizards)
Earth/Earth Day Everyday patches
Anything about adventuring and exploring
Anti pollution and anti climate change patches!
Any and all quotes from the book silent spring
“No human is illegal on stolen lands”
“Stop denying the Earth is dying”
“No system except the ecosystem”
“Respect our home”
“There is no planet B” / “Be kind to our planet”
“The Earth is not dying, its being killed and those who are killing it have names and addresses”
“100 companies, 71% of emissions”
“Eco defense is self defense”
“If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention”
I also recommend checking out Retirement Fund on Etsy for patches if you’re looking. They usually have some good ones
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Once again, images are not mine
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canichangemyblogname · 4 months
Let’s Gooooooo!
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