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or as many of them as I could reasonably fit
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Ahab alone is enough to die.
[ID: A digital illustration for Moby Dick, based on the Twelfth Night Anne Hathaway photoshoot. Captain Ahab stands in the center, looking horrified as Starbuck, Fedallah, and Pip all grasp at him from different angles. All characters are tangled in a bright red harpoon line, except for Ahab, who is unharmed. Starbuck’s right hand holds the end of the harpoon line, with a heavy, sharp dart on the end, and the cord wraps around his hand and then throat as he leans in to kiss Ahab with a hand under his chin. Ahab’s eyes and mouth are open, as if he has been caught off guard, and he stares at Starbuck with a devastated concern. A bright red crown sits atop Ahab’s head and bleeds onto his face and collar. A drop of blood rests on Starbuck’s chin. The harpoon line passes in front of Ahab’s chest, and is grabbed by Fedallah, who holds the cord close to his chest, and buries his face in Ahab’s shoulder with an anguished expression. The line is tangled around Fedallah the most; wrapping twice around his neck and tangled all over his chest. With his free hand, Fedallah grasps onto Ahab’s waist. The line finally wraps around Pip, who is clinging to Ahab’s sleeve, and pulling at the line in front of Ahab’s chest. Pip’s mouth is open as if he is calling out, and the harpoon line circles around his shoulders, and finally hangs from his arm. Behind all of the characters looms the massive shape of the whale, Moby-Dick. Moby-Dick’s skin is wrinkled and scarred, and one massive eye stares down at the scene before him.
The next three images are all closeups of the drawing.
Character designs: Ahab is a large Arab man with short, curly, dark, greying hair, a pointed beard, and scars across the bridge of his nose, and over his lip. He wears a long, maroon coat with gold buttons. Starbuck is a thin white man with short red hair, a short mustache, and many freckles. He wears a dark waistcoat over a white shirt. Fedallah is a thin Persian man with a mustache and short beard. He wears a white turban and a dark long shirt. Pip is a teenaged Black boy with short curly hair, and he wears a light colored shirt. End ID.]
the ID for this is long enough already, so I’ll keep this brief, but hi I have spent weeks on this piece and it genuinely feels like a magnum opus or something. this is possibly my favorite thing I’ve drawn all year. designs as always from the delightful @pocketsizedquasar ‘s Moby Dick comic!
anyways I am constantly anguishing about the fact that Ahab thinks of himself as the lone sacrifice in his doomed journey, the one “enough to die”, but in reality, everyone who loves him, who tries to save him, faces his punishment first. Ahab ISN’T alone, despite what he thinks, and that connection directly gets the three closest people in his life killed. how am i ever supposed to recover from that.
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coulson-is-an-avenger · 2 months
i cannot stop thinking about Fedallah mobydick. the first description in the book calls him a phantom. he's the first major character to die. he's from a group of people that melville initially seems to admire and then spends the rest of the book being viciously racist about. Ahab trusts him enough to ask him to do seafaring crime for him and Fedallah likes him enough to agree to it. we never learn their history. he spends the whole story ostracized and under the suspicion of everyone around him and never does anything even remotely unkind. he tries to save his friend and fails. he can't save himself. he suffers the most gruesome death in the narrative. he is one of the only two people Ahab is willing to take any sort of council from. he's a skilled harpooner but doesn't get to bond with the other harpooners and we never see why. he's stuck on a doomed voyage thousands of miles from home surrounded by people who think he's the literal devil, and his only friend is hell bent on a suicide quest. he must be unbelievably lonely. he is despised by the narrative despite being objectively right about everything. he makes me so sad to think about in any capacity and i want to be his best friend
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this one was too good not to do.
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pocketsizedquasar · 12 days
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new batch of sketch pages up on Patreon! here’s some previews💖💖 ft starhab smooches and other starhab nonsense, short king fedallah, fedallah & ahab’s first meeting, and , most importantly, WAMEN!!!!! multiple wamen (including mary starbuck, ahab’s wife, and both of the wives’ (wamen) lovers) !!!!! and more
u can find me there @ pocketsizedquasar
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paulgadzikowski · 1 month
Starbuck's boat's crew, or Stubb's, or Flask's, or a secret fourth mate's crew
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charaznablunt · 1 month
Thar she blows!
It's a podcast surfacing! Hello, Whale Weekly, how are you enjoying the shocking twist of Ahab's secret boat crew? Want to hear more about the aesthetic and racial implications of that imagery? Or do you want to thrill along with us to the dramas of the chase for the whale, as finally presented to us in its full glory? Join me on another episode of Higgledy-Piggledy Whale Statements, discussing chapters 47-50!
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Chapter 100: Leg and Arm
Ahhhhhhhhh, a hundred chapters! Hard to believe I’ve made it this far. It’s very funny to me how the first 75 ot so posts were written in about a year, while the latter 25 have taken… significantly longer, shall we say. The events of the last, oh, three years have not exactly been conducive to my creative endeavors, or those of many others, I imagine. Speaking of, I must apologize for the gap…
Tumblr media
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supercantaloupe · 8 months
i really really hope dave malloy’s moby dick musical gets revised and restaged at some point because i think it has some of dave’s best songwriting yet. but also some of the script is. really really bad
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I’m very tempted to write a newsies moby dick au…
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the gilf density per capita on the pequod is unsustainable btw
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mossy-rainfrog · 14 days
hello everyone, I made a series of doodles to put inside of my copy of MobyDick and I would like to share them :3 pls enjoy:
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[ID: Two traditional drawings. Ahab shows off his new pegleg with a flourish. Ishmael infodumps about whales to a fond Queequeg. End ID.] [More detailed ID in ALT.]
New Leg Goofin is for chapters 108-9, when Ahab gets fitted with his new leg! it's right before a super devastating chapter so i needed to make myself laugh lmao
Wikipedia Page About Every Whale is for the whole goddamn book, honestly, but I chose to put it at the beginning of ch.32, Cetology, where Ishmael really does try to explain every whale ever
Tumblr media
[ID: A comic of Stubb and Flask bursting into Ahab's quarters, thinking the Captain is in danger, only to find Ahab and Fedallah playing a game of cards. End ID.] [More detailed ID in ALT.]
This gem belongs to p.344 where Stubb wonders if Fedallah means to kidnap Ahab, which was such a baffling ridiculous concept that I couldn't help but make fun of it. literally Ahab snuck this man on board bro, what the fuck is fedallah going to do to him. they're playing uno. shut up
Tumblr media
[ID: Two drawings, with the first showing Pip after being cast away, haunted and alone on the deck of the Pequod. The other shows Ishmael and Queequeg homoerotically grasping hands while processing whale sperm. End ID.] [More detailed ID in ALT.]
this goes out to chapters 93-95, because the UNREAL whiplash from "a child was just abandoned at sea" to "hey let's be horny about whale sperm" is still the most insane transition of all time. Ish, what the fuck
Tumblr media
[ID: A simply doodled meme diagram for how to greet a fellow amputee. The "wrong" answer shows Captains Ahab and Boomer shaking hands, while the "right" answers show Ahab in a handstand and then kicking his leg up high, both times to cross his prosthetic with Boomer's. End ID.] [More detailed ID in ALT.]
this goes out to p. 454. every interaction between these two absolutely delighted me but my mental image for the specific line about them "crossing ivory limbs" got. very silly.
Tumblr media
[ID: A small comic of Ahab asking the Harpooners to give him blood to temper his harpoon in. They stare back at him with varying expressions of confused, uncomfortable disbelief. End ID.]
the last one, for p.504. yknow that feel when your boss just walks up and asks you to bleed on his custom made harpoon??? yeah uh. normal workday things
anyways thank you for reading, I had a delightful time making these and am so very fond of them all, so yea :3
credit as always for the designs goes to the darling @pocketsizedquasar , as well as credit for pricelessly annotating my copy of MD and thus getting me to actually read it, love youuuu💙💙
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punkrockmixtapes · 10 months
Propagandhi - Fedallah's Hearse
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pridekirk · 2 months
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tagged by @swordbride to post 10 songs i like that have names in the title :^)
Fedallah’s Hearse—Propagandhi
Old Man Mose—Louis Armstrong
Hit the Road Jack—Ray Charles
Althea—Grateful Dead
Willie and the Hand Jive—Johnny Otis
Go By Richard, Not By Dick—Organ Freeman
Susan’s Gone—Dirk Powell
David Courtney—Rancid
Sally Ann—Dirk Powell
i tag @ashley-royale @transmantraut @shivroy @michaelmandog and You 🫵
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pocketsizedquasar · 2 months
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previews of some exclusive sketchbook pages on patreon 💖💖gonna start uploading more extra art + sketches there (in addition to page WIPs + early access!) ft fedallah, starhab, ahab being hot and deserving of a musical hobby as a treat (men w violins… hot) and Ahab And Fedallah Judging You Tm. patreon user is the same as here!
(ID: two previews of some sketchbook drawings of moby dick characters, some of which are cut off. the first image: there are two sketches of fedallah, a turbaned man with a beard and mustache, and a cut off sketch of two men, one reaching out his hand to the others face.
the second image: a cut off sketch of a man playing the violin from behind, and a couple other sketches of ahab and fedallah.)
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miraclesabound · 1 month
"So which one of you is Fate and which one of you is Free Will?"
I bet Archy's feeling proud of himself that he heard Fedallah and the others before anyone else did!
I've known people like Stubb who can make a joke of anything and still keep their friends.
Not surprised in the slightest that whaling will make a nihilist out of a person.
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