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Hi! I love your posts about perfumes and I was wondering how did you get so into it? You don't have to answer if you don't want to of course, but I was just curious if you can and if so, where u can learn more about perfumes and recognizing the scents, bc it's something I have big trouble with ☺️
oh! my dearest stranger! you have opened the cursed door and let out the rambling plague upon this wretched world—alas, 'tis time to yap.
there are three main components to finding yourself engrossed in the world of fragrances, or really, should I simply say, scents. the basics are just as crucial as the study of ingredients and interactions, and the sentimental and memory-related just as thrilling as simply finding something that smells nice on you and for you.
basics: develop your basic understanding of different scents. find out what you like and what you dislike, and learn to recognise how things smell. it might sound silly but it is actually a very enjoyable experiment, especially if you feel a bit lost and you're not sure how to start.
do you have a favourite smell? favourite flower or fruit or body wash, or body mist, or a cleaning product? maybe it's the smell of freshly mowed grass or a particular baked sweet? learn what it's supposed to smell of and focus on remembering and recognising that smell. seek it out, think about it, know it.
smell things a lot. I mean it: products you use, food you eat, flowers you pass on your walks. smell your books and your sun-kissed skin, smell your pets and your friends. focus on the scents that inhabit every second of your life, and you'll notice there are so so many. smell some nasty things every once in a while, too, you might discover unexpected thrills.
start a basic note exercise. choose three basic notes you find interesting, ones that are simple and recognisable, and smell them on their own - either through an extract, single note oil or perfume, or other medium. as an example, for me it was rose (beloved), vanilla (super recognisable) and sandalwood (classic). remember them, revisit them, and once you get the hang of them, seek them out in different combinations: check out some perfumes with one or more of those chosen notes, and see whether you can spot them there. see how they interact with different smells, in products and perfume and on your skin.
study: develop a stronger foundation to orient yourself in the world of fragrances. learn what ingredients there are and what processes are used to combine them. it doesn't have to be laborious or tedious, simply explore what different notes are there.
start with one of these quick lists: parfumado or fragrancex. you don't have to memorise anything, but do take your time to read through them and learn what ingredients are even used in perfume making and how and what for. if you're hungry for some more, check out the list on perfume society or wikiparfum. explore!
learn about head, heart and base olfactive notes. sylvaine delacourte has a nice explanation, or charlotte tilbury, or olfa originals. test whether you're able to notice how a chosen perfume develops and unravels on your skin: can you spot this change from head to heart, can you recognise the underlying base? it's alright if at first you absolutely can't, there are many variables there and it's not so easy at all!
find a perfume you have access to on fragrantica, and study its accords and notes. read the comments. use the perfume on yourself and see whether you can recognise the notes. maybe the perfume smells like something completely different to you? that's entirely possible and a very fun part of exploring fragrances; for example, I have a rose perfume that for me smells strongly of black olives and not much more. trust me, no shame in genuinely just reading the notes on fragrantica each time you use this perfume and trying to crack it. you don't have to know things by heart or immediately recognise many notes, that'll come with time and experience.
experience: make fragrances a part of your everyday life and explore how they shift and bloom for you. don't assume fragrances are just for special occasions every once in a blue moon or something super complicated you have to focus very hard on. make them a part of your life.
whenever you have the opportunity, try out testers in perfumeries and drug stores and any other places you spot them in. they're there to be used. ask for samples, check out online sales for some discounts, treat yourself to a discovery set. play around, widen your horizons, have fun!
once you have some samples or perfumes, try them out in different weather, different times of year and different times of day. different moods. if you're someone who menstruates, try them out during different parts of your cycle. try them out on somebody else's skin. try them after sex, or before a workout, or right before you go to sleep. see how they change.
scent-code your events. scent is the most powerful part of our memory: choose a perfume you use when you see your best friend, choose a perfume you'll use only during this trip you're going on, choose a perfume to use when going on evening walks in the summer or reading books in winter. you'll have a path paved with perfume to revisit, and you'll thank yourself for it.
but most importantly, explore and enjoy yourself: read, spray, buy or nick fragrances, ask your friends to try theirs when you visit them, and let your friends try yours. have fun and remember that it is a very personal, varied and subjective journey, and there is no wrong way to do it.
best of luck!
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I need you to understand that these Fragrantica reviews are
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Just me nerding out about fragrances
I was asked about the scents I picked for the fragrances I use on my letters/the other sents I came up with, so I decided to make a whole document nerding out about my thought process behind each one XD I might come up with a few more in the future, I'll put a "keep reading" so this post doesn't clog your timeline because it's VERY long XD
Tumblr media
Scent description : 
This is what I imagine the castle/Philip to smell like - it's the scent I use for the first couple letters I send with Etsy orders. It’s not too overpowering, it’s fairly calming and reminds me a little bit of scents from old historical buildings.
Thoughts behind the scent : 
Incense is often used in churches, which I thought would be pretty fitting for the character, especially considering the castle is, well, a coven ahah. The incense scent also has notes of sandalwood, which according to google "Because of sandalwood's purifying properties, it is believed to help clear negative energy from our surroundings. For this reason, spiritual ceremonies often use it to create a sacred space." Considering Belos says he wants to purify the isles from wild magic, this seemed to fit his vibe too (Obviously I don’t agree with this, but I was trying to pick scents that would be fitting the vibes of specific locations, so I tried my best to represent them the way they were intended to be portrayed, if that makes sense !). "Library" scent was because I can see the castle having a lot of these, Philip seems to be the kind to enjoy books a lot. The scent also has undertones of leather, dark musk and teakwood which I thought were scents that could go well with the castle too. For the "sage and cypress" cents, I found on google "Sage is also a symbol of protection, a guardian that stands sentinel against unseen forces that may seek to disrupt one's state of balance.", and that also fits the way Philip portrays his coven, where everything is always in order etc. The cypress tones were mostly because the castle is surrounded by a forest, but cypress also represents "everlasting life" and is also "used in rituals with the dead", also very fitting for the character ! "Golden Santal" had a really fitting name because of the gold part, cedar also represents "protection, wisdom and strength", lavender is told to have calming properties (and Philip often has a calm demeanour), amber and musk also contribute to those castle vibes.
Scent description : 
This smells a little like after it rained outside, and has a sort of sad/gloomy vibe to it.
Thoughts behind the scent : 
"Rainy Morning" is a scent I wanted to use because rain seems to have significance to Philip, but also because rain scents can give a kind of sad/gloomy feeling, which I thought would be pretty fitting for 1600s Gravesfield "Noble pine" is a scent I picked because the town was surrounded by a lot of forest areas, Incense was used for the same reason as it was in the Emperor's coven scent, because church was very present in Gravesfield at the time. Sandalwood is "Said to bring people closer to the divine, inciting calmness and clearing the mind, it is the most commonly used incense for meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices across multiple religions.", which also felt fitting for the town.
Scent description : 
It smells really really sweet, it has a very “cheerful” and floral vibe to it.
Thoughts behind the scent : 
This scent isn't something I imagined a specific area to smell like, but was more meant to represent a certain mood, when I made it I was thinking about the good memories Philip and Caleb would have when they used to play as kids. Firewood is a scent I picked because I imagined this is what they used a lot to cook, and the scent also has undertones of sandalwood and incense. Even tho in that case the religious memories aren't the best for him, I thought that since these scents would have been a huge part of their upbringing, it would still bring memories of home. Moonflower is a scent I picked for two reasons, one of them was that during my research, I found "Moonflower is an essence that supports the heart in healing deep wounds of abandonment, rejection or betrayal.", which is probably what both of them felt when they lost their family (parents), but also being outcast by the town, and then how Philip specifically felt like when Caleb left. But the main other thing I found while looking it up was "Since they bloom in the darkness, moonflowers are also symbols of the ability of beauty to emerge in dark times. They can provide hope for people who are going through tough times and encourage them to seek positivity.", and I thought this was extremely fitting regarding the two brothers trying to make the best of their lives in a dark town like Gravesfield. Red roses can have many meanings, but in that specific context, I was thinking of "On a spiritual level, red roses symbolise passion and sacrifice.", so I was thinking about Caleb sacrificing his own childhood to raise his little brother. Red roses are known to represent love, but in that context I was definitely thinking of it in a familial sense. "Noble Pine" was meant to reference their time playing together in the woods.
Scent description : 
It has a strong smell of spices, like if you walked in an old caravan and a lot of spices had been left to dry there.
Thoughts behind the scent : 
This scent was specifically thought of in the context of the caravan I designed for Philip's preacher era, aka what I imagined the inside smelling like. "Mountain Mist" was definitely a reference to the outdoors, him travelling through mountains and snow from town to town. Sage and cypress are there for the same reason as they are in the Emperor's Coven scent, I was thinking of Philip seeing his quest as "bringing order", plus this is a very woodsy scent, and the caravan is mostly made out of wood. For Smoked Oud, I read "Eastern culture often uses Oud during moments of prayer with the aim of getting close to God. The extremely intense smell is linked to the sacred, in fact oud is called “the wood of the Gods” in the Old Testament." I imagined Philip burning a lot of incense-like scents in the caravan as if to remind himself why he was pursuing his "holy quest" as he would see it, the general "Lord Belos" fragrance has a very "spicy" smell which I found fitting for that. "Frosted Juniper" is mostly there because I wanted the woodsy sent to be really present and also have a "winter-y" feel because of the snow we see in the preacher era memory flashback. 
Scent description : 
It’s definitely not a sweet scent, it’s very citrus-y with a lot of forest type scents (think if you get really close to a pine tree for example)
Thoughts behind the scent : 
This one is more of a "vibe" scent than a location scent, I was trying to think of the mood from his preacher era. "Firewood" definitely had to be in there because of the burning cities, "woodland snow" was there for the snowy landscapes. "White Birch" also has Eucalyptus notes which is often associated with winter, and Pine and Cypress both have the same sylbols as mentioned in previous paragraphs, but Philip seemed to travel through a lot of forest-like areas, so  wanted the woodsy scent to be very present too. Sandalwood as mentioned above was used a lot in religious ceremonies and incense, it also has undertones of "amber" and "dark musk", and I wanted to make sure this scent didn't really smell "sweet" in any way.
Scent description : 
It smells like mossy wet dirt, it doesn’t have any “perfume” type scent to it. It’ll really smell like it just rained and you opened the window very wide.
Thoughts behind the scent : 
I know there are a lot of different interpretations of what Philip's beast form would smell like, some think it would be more like rotting flesh and some think it would be more like moss-type scents.
Personally I went with the moss interpretation (I felt like if the smell was as bad as rotting flesh we would have seen characters like Luz react to that when standing close to him, but there was no indication of that), and his curse spreading also seemed very plant/mushroom like. I also didn't want to create a scent that was fully repulsive because no one would want to smell it ahah
But in any case, with that explanation out of the way, the "cut grass" and "rainy morning" scents are there for that exact reason. Cedarwood is there because cedar, at least to me, has a very "dusty" kind of smell - I wanted to have some kind of woodsy scent that wouldn't be too floral in the mix, and Leather is there because I have some leather fragrances of my own, and I wanted something a little stronger that would balance out the other "peaceful" scents like cut grass. (Plus, the leather scent also has undertones of incense, so that was a bonus too ahah)
The scents after this one are more of "vibe scents" I created that aren't reflective of a specific moment from the show, so you can see those are more of my own things. (I picked the scents for every category, I meant more in the sense that these are my own original scenes/vibes ideas).
Scent description : 
It has a VERY overpowering smoky scent. Think if you just walked in the old Wittebane house but the window had been left opened and there had been fire outside. If you get it in candle form it won’t come off as strong as in pure fragrance form, but definitely think old medieval type outdoor house instead of modern time house.
Thoughts behind the scent : 
I wanted to have a scent vibe for what I could "home" smelling like for Philip. Library definitely had to be in there because Philip most likely enjoyed books and writing a lot, "Lush Linen" was because of the other fancy clothes he owns, like waistcoat etc, and I find the smell of linen very clean, enjoyable and calming. (Tho the more peaceful scents are first definitely overpowered by the smoky scent, you can only pick up on those when the scent settles a bit, if that makes sense). It also has undertones of white tea in the scent description, and I can definitely see him as a tea person. Lavender embers is a little different from the lavender scent I used in "Peace" later, but lavender is also calming, and "smoke" is a smell I thought would be fairly present in Gravesfield (mostly referring of people cooking over firewood outside). "Redwoods" is a very woodsy scent, and the outdoors would probably be a very home-y feel as well (more in the sense that it would seem familiar to someone from that time period rather than what a current home would smell like).
Scent description : 
It has a very floral and outdoors type scent, but it doesn’t smell as overpoweringly sweet the way “peaceful memories” does, it gives me way calmer vibes.
Thoughts behind the scent : 
I was thinking of this as more of an AU type scent of, what if things had never gone bad, the moonflower scent is there for the same reason as it is in "Peaceful Memories" ("Moonflower is an essence that supports the heart in healing deep wounds of abandonment, rejection or betrayal.", which is probably what both of them felt when they lost their family (parents), but also being outcast by the town, and then how Philip specifically felt like when Caleb left. But the main other thing I found while looking it up was "Since they bloom in the darkness, moonflowers are also symbols of the ability of beauty to emerge in dark times. They can provide hope for people who are going through tough times and encourage them to seek positivity.") Incense usually has a church feel to it, but a lot of people also use it for things like meditation, and I find the smell very calming personally. Library definitely had to come back once again ahah
Scent description : 
It’s a very soft and calming scent. When I smell it I really think “peace” ahah. You can definitely smell the lavender, it also has a very clean and fresh type smell.
Thoughts behind the scent : 
That one was more of a vibe scent as well. I'm guessing that back in Gravesfield, Philip had some moments to indulge in his hobbies such as writing, drawing, creating things in general. I was picked a lavender based scent because lavender has calming properties, tho the lavender scent doesn't feel too present to me. Library is there because I definitely picture him as a bookworm. The scent is super calming as a whole and something I love having around when I draw, probably one of my favorites actually ! Cedar and wood are also some undertone scents I could see him have in his old house.
Scent description : 
It has a very soft scent, very outdoors-like. You can smell some floral smells, it has a very mossy undertone.
Thoughts behind the scent : 
I know Violet can seem like a strange choice of scent, but I didn't want to re use too much of the other previous scents, and in my research I found a lot of little facts : Violets have a symbol of "faith and spiritual passion", there are also superstitions that "Carrying violets keep malevolent spirits at bay". Another interesting thing I found was "The ancient Romans gave the violet flower a sombre interpretation. They perceived the deep colour of the flower as an image of spilt blood while its soothing scent lent a peaceful aura to proceedings.".The color of (blue) violets also feels very similar to the Wittebane coat (my interpretation of that is that it belonged to their father, was then passed down to Caleb and then Philip). Saffron was also a scent undertone of the "Violet" fragrance, and saffron has a lot of spiritual meanings such as "being closer to the divine". Another meaning of saffron is "courage and sacrifice", which Caleb would have definitely went through for his brother. But even tho we know Philip didn't make the right choices, he probably saw himself as doing those exact same things for Caleb when he went after him to "save" him (since well, going to the demon realm was probably the same as going to actual Hell to someone from his era). Saffron is also a very expensive spice, and I felt like it was fitting to the vibe the Wittebane statue gives off (considering the clothes they are represented with, even tho we know they had a very difficult upbringing). Leather is another scent that I liked being used as an undertone, because it balances out the floral sweetness a little. "Redwoods" is there mostly because growing up surrounded by the forest is a big part of the characters, so I wanted a woodsy smell to be very present. Cedar, Moss and Embers also balance out the rest of the scents.
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Whispers in the Library and Coffee Break - dark academia fragrances from Replica by Maison Margiela
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Perfumes to smell like a bakery
Vanilla 28 by kaylali
Mod vanilla - Ariana Grande
Black opium le Parfum - YSL
Signature - Montblanc
Cheirosa 62 - sol de janeiro
Dama Bianca - Xerjoff
La Belle le Parfum
Fresh cream warm cashmere
Vanilla milk
Vanille - outremer Paris
Chocolate greedy by montale
Choco musk by al herab
Eilish by Billie Eilish
Hot cocoa - Bath and body works
Prada candy night
Yes i am delicious - cacharel
Egeo choc - o Boticário
Cinnamon bun by Demeter fragrance
Angela’s share
Lost wonderer by peosym
Oajam- Parfums de Marly
Ambré eccentrico by Armani privé
Amouage Crimson Rocks
Forbidden games - killian
Brown sugar
Floriental Brown Sugar
Vanilla 28 by Kayali (again)
Crystal noir - Versace
Alien goddess intense - Mugler
Utopia Vanilla coco 21 - Kayali
intense cafe by montale
Ristretto intense cafe by montale
Black opium - YSL
Pound cake
Burberry her
Frosted cream - Zara
Burberry her elixir
Strawberry poundcake by bath and body works (also heard it smells like white chocolate)
Kate spade by Kate spade
Mukhallat- Montale
American cream by lush
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There is a musk that comes from academia, which I'll attempt to describe.
It starts with the smell of wood. Where a building isn't stone, it is old lacquered hard wood that has also been absorbing the elements for centuries. Outdoors, it is wet and slick, but indoors, the dryness preserves it, and absorbs the scents brought in such as leather and cigarettes and cigars and the spilled whiskey.
There is the scent of people as well, permeating throughout. Academia is often thought of as a solitary environment, but lectures and classes and clubs and parties, they bring together women, men and others in a tight space often. There's the scent of sweat and perfume and cologne, but also the inimitable aroma that comes from worn leather and damp wool. Breath these in deep enough, and your mind and soul are transported to events that have transpired over the course of decades, if not longer. The deep bellied laughter, the intimate whispers, and even the silence between two or more forbidden lovers, gazing from across the room.
Finally of course, there's the musk of books. Of paper, flax, cotton and leather, of the glue binding in the spine, and the collected dust of a hundred years. That scent is the book dying, the materials with which it was made slowly degrading over a prolonged period. A finely trained nose might even determine a book's age, from the distinct smell of the materials used by printers at the time.
Breath it all in, and let yourself feel everything that these fragrances evoke in your mind. Longing, desire, nostalgia, lust, anger, sadness, melancholy. The history that has passed may guide your present and future.
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Email marketers take note: it's not that fucking hard
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Moody throwback ✨🖤
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Additionally, the perfumes also have their cadet variants.
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Additionally for Reiner, there's also this:
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Perfume Collection
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Here is a handy little generator I made for all your character scent needs.
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