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Moody throwback ✨🖤
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msterpicasso · 6 months
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free-my-mindd · 30 days
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Perfume Collection
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curseofmxcbeth · 6 months
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Whispers in the Library and Coffee Break - dark academia fragrances from Replica by Maison Margiela
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dailygrande · 6 months
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arianagrande: introducing our first ever fragrance duo, the Mod sisters: Mod Vanilla and Mod Blush 🤍🍨🤎♡ available online at Ulta.com on Dec 1
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da4ngel · 4 months
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angeljpg · 9 months
feminine fall & winter scents.
listed L to R with prominent notes.
soft & sweet:
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candy kiss - orange & vanilla
juliette has a gun (OG) - your skin but better
beyond romance - raspberry & vanilla
her - strawberry candy
lost cherry - black cherries & sugared almonds
eden - juicy apple & dark berries
complex & rich:
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tobacco vanille - spiced vanilla with tobacco
by the fireplace - woodsy spice
fresh cream - buttercream
milk - spiced cinnamon milk
angel’s share - cinnamon apple pie
vanille - true vanilla
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Britney Spears 🧚🏼‍♀️
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limi-strology · 4 months
Quick astrology question
Drop your sun, venus and rising signs and your favorite 3-5 perfumes (if not specific perfumes, what kind of scents do you gravitate towards?), I'm curious about it.
I'll start: Taurus sun, Aries venus and Leo rising
My favorite perfumes are:
Prada Candy
Gucci Bloom
Angel Nova
YSL Black Opium Extreme
Victoria Secret Noir Tease
If we're generally talking about scents, I love the smell of books, candles with a woody or musky base, paint and food being cooked (okay, these are just my Taurus sun talking 😅)
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thenib · 10 months
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Jen Sorensen.
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mangalsutra · 2 years
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malachitechrysocolla · 5 months
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Pretty Dior’s Hypnotic Poison bottles
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forjongseong · 11 months
Jay's perfume I have tried out...
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Jo Malone's Blackberry & Bay: sampled it, loved it, absolutely fresh and suits everyone
Diptyque's Tam Dao: bought the full EDT version on a whim, thankfully loved it too, warm and spicyyyy the way I like my perfume too
Diptyque's L'Ombre Dans L'eau: bought it in a set of five 7ml bottles, SMELLS HELLA EXPENSIVE, ELEGANT and luxurious, if I wanna smell like money I will wear this
Maison Margiela's REPLICA in Jazz Club: also bought it in a discovery set of 10 different fragrances, smells like cigarettes and alcohol ngl, manly af, would not wear this myself
Penhaligon's PORTRAITS in The Tragedy of Lord George: bought a perfume 12ml size that is inspired by it, SMELLS GOOD sort of like the Tam Dao scent? The same warm and spicy vibe, I bet it smells better on Jay
Tom Ford's Fvcking Fabulous: bought a replica/similar perfume to it, it DOES smell effing fabulous? But this one is also unisex, I can wear it tbh
Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille: bye... the moment I spritzed it onto my wrist and inhaled it I freaking CHOKED and then COUGHED because the tobacco and vanilla scents were so strong they were beating each other to death in my nostrils... And I don't even like vanilla... IDK why this is Jay's favorite tbh I am so sorry
I should try the Gucci and Kilians next... if I have the opportunity 👀
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shakira-fan-page · 3 months
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New photo of Shakira for her perfume line.
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