#i don't have that much to say about vp
kinnspocketporsche 2 years
Rewrite: Starting over
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don't think about the parallels, don't think about Pete having an actual answer this time around, don't think about how "I can't run off to anywhere" isn't just Pete choosing Vegas, it's Pete deciding to give himself no other choice. He's not just refusing to run off, he's not allowing it to be an option. Handing the rope to Vegas, all over again.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you run now, I'm alright with that.
Don't think about Vegas being unconditionally selfless for the first time and giving Pete a way out anyway. Don't think about how this is better than all of the apologies because they're literally rewriting their lowest moment, going back and correcting all the wrongs of the past in order to move foward.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I got nothing left.
For sure don't think about this fucking line getting reused. Reframed. Don't think about the way it was originally Pete who was split open, hurt and empty, the fight drained out of him. How this was Pete with nothing left to give. Don't think about how now the fight is out of Vegas. How his will to keep taking is gone.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don't want to be your burden. I just want to follow my heart.
Don't think about this confirmation that staying isn't just what Pete needs, what Vegas needs, it's what they both want.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
From now on, you're no longer my pet. You're the most important person in my life.
Don't think about how it's so important for to them that they have this conversation in full before they even consider touching each other. Don't think about the way healing is important to them. Don't think about how KP said "Can we start all over?" and VP went ahead and did this.
Are y'all fucking??? Okay??????? Because I'm not.
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yujeong 14 days
Ok, but seriously. Give me an inexperienced Vegas who doesn't know what the fuck he's supposed to be doing in bed to please Pete. Give me a Vegas who's nervous about performing well. Give me a Vegas who can't get it up due to how nervous he is. Give me a Vegas who's a little *too* eager to serve, always down on his knees to eat him out because he remembers how much Pete had liked it and it's a guaranteed success, right? Pete loves it, he won't fail at giving him pleasure if he does this every single time. Give me a Vegas trying to follow a checklist to make sure Pete is having a good time. Give me a Vegas who couldn't fuck Tawan properly half the time, but Tawan was so smitten (delusional) that he didn't mind. "It's ok, Vegas, I wasn't in the mood anyway." Give me a Vegas who thinks his cringe attempts at flirting are effective, even though Porsche wanted to crawl out of his skin every time he used them on him. Give me a Vegas who's never properly dommed anyone in his life. Give me a Vegas who's clueless about proper domming, about safewords, about aftercare. Give 馃憦 me 馃憦 Vegas 馃憦 not 馃憦 being 馃憦 good 馃憦 at 馃憦sex 馃憦 And then give me Pete not giving a damn anyway.
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pollen 2 years
i seriously should propose my own promotion. nothing goes out that i don't get my hands on and 50% of the time i'm restructuring and rephrasing every piece of copy that goes out, and more like 90% for some of my more involved accounts, especially the account whose brand identity is 100% from me. i have a social writer who writes bare-bones copy and then gives it to me like "i don't know how to make this work please help me, edit what needs it and feel free to make content suggestions" and most of the time i end up scrapping what she writes and i handle it from there. she can't push anything to client approval without my ok on it. i even edit her content schedules and recommendations sheets before the client sees those. and when we're in a pinch trying to clean something up for production that requires a miracle to be worked, or if we have a pitch going out, or any kind of internal communication or file that's being distributed, or if we have a presentation in mere hours but the content needs to be completely redone, the executives call me in on it. like. make me the content director already i'm so -_-
#it's so frustrating idk the corporate structure we have is like. there's two departments. creative and accounts#and within creative we have the creative director (who does a lot of conceptual and visual work) who oversees the designers#and then we have a handful of copywriters and proofers for various things. most of whom are freelance or contract#and then there's me. who does QA/QC and proofs and copyedits and checks for tonality and compliance#and landscape research and conceptual direction for messaging and all that. and i'm in accounts technically.#so do we see the issue. who is the creative director for the writers. they don't answer to the creative director. neither do i#the creative director and i are like. equals. we get pulled in on kickoffs and he handles visuals and i handle messaging#so why the hell am i not the content director. god it would streamline so much. we need someone to manage traffic#and organize the writers and get messaging and structure figured out before it even goes to production for versioning#it's just soo......#my supervisor is the vp of accounts/vp in general but she doesn't.. supervise me and never really has? i just#ask her if i can get time off for things. otherwise i'm on my own. and last year i remember the director of ops#saying my supervisor was feeling bad because i work on my own and there's no one i collaborate with as equals and#i had no guidance really after onboarding so it was horrible adjusting to the workload especially because i started in the MIDDLE#of AEP so we were slammed. so i'm like. overseeing things with virtually no direction#and i get so frustrated when i get copy written by another writer and 15 minutes to edit but it's so poorly constructed#and so off brand that it takes me 45 minutes to edit. like can i please just talk to the writers#if i'm already fixing their work and spending so much time doing it how about we do that before they start writing#or before it's 'done' like please let me give them direction. god#anyway hi thank you and welcome to my post about work. i have to go edit a powerpoint now
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qqueenofhades 1 year
you don鈥檛 have to answer if this could cause some discourse, but what鈥檚 with all the republicans screaming about the documents biden had? that鈥檚 not the same situation, is it?
You tell me:
Is the sitting US President
Had one box of documents dating from his tenure as VP that, during a review by his own staff, were found to be classified
Immediately notified NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) that was the case, within one day
NARA came and retrieved them
The end
This "1,850 boxes!" thing Trump keeps screaming about refers to the UNCLASSIFIED documents that Biden put in his VP library
He does not own, physically possess, or use these documents; NARA does
Explicitly admitted (on tape) that as he was no longer president, it was illegal for him to possess these documents, much less encourage others to look at them, which he then did
Spent months refusing, ducking, ignoring, or obstructing requests by NARA to return the documents he took
Finally, when DOJ issued a subpoena, he also ignored/lied about it
This led to the raid on Mar-a-Lago and the retrieval of the documents, which had been carelessly stored in unsecured locations and shared with God knows who;
Some of these documents are still missing;
The indictment today explicitly spells out that these are extremely high level defense and national security documents, including nuclear, in regard to the US and foreign countries, and that there would be a substantial risk of harm to American interests or individuals if they were disclosed
Trump recruited staff and family in said months-long, ongoing attempted coverup, commiting more crimes (obstruction, etc) in the process
That.... does not happen by accident. Or even because you took some papers and genuinely forgot to give them back.
Hey anyone remember Mike Pence?
I know, I try not to either
He was also found to have had a classified document at home recently
He returned it and therefore, was not charged
It's so easy to not get charged with 31 counts under the Espionage Act
I cannot emphasize enough how easy it is
Just give the documents back when they ask! Or better yet, don't take them at all! And definitely don't LITERALLY WAVE THEM UNDER PEOPLE'S NOSES AND BOAST ABOUT IT!
Republicans (at least the establishment ones; the crazies are in full-on alternate reality) know this very well
But don't expect to catch any of them saying so
Once again: 31 counts under the Espionage Act
At this rate we will be at 100 separate felonies by the time this summer is over
Or more
I'm not picky
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jesswriteswrongs 7 months
After School Special
Fandom: Shameless USA
Characters: Lip Gallagher x Female Northside!Reader
Summary: Reader and Lip return to her house after school, but Reader鈥檚 mom comes home early and has a lot to say
Warnings: body shaming, discussion of food, discussion of exercise, discussion of weight
A/N: Readers mom reads like Emily Gilmore because I鈥檝e been binge watching Gilmore Girls
Tumblr media
It was mid-October and you had no idea how Lip survived without a coat, when you were dreading pulling your hand out of your pocket to unlock the door. Once you were both inside the warmth of your house you lead Lip upstairs to your room. 鈥淲anna help me with my literature homework?鈥 You asked him, putting your backpack on the floor and hanging up your coat.
鈥淚 do love you in that uniform鈥︹ he replied, sitting on your bed. You never thought that the kilt, sweater vest, blazer and saddle shoes were particularly attractive, but Lip always seemed to think so.
鈥淩eally?鈥 You asked, straddling his lap.
鈥淢mm鈥︹ He replied, pushing your blazer off your shoulders 鈥淪outhside bad boy corrupts private school girl? It鈥檚 like something from a romance novel.鈥 You let your blazer fall to the floor. 鈥淪hall I compare thee to a summers day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do-鈥 You interrupted Lip鈥檚 recitation of Shakespeare by clapping your hand over his mouth, hearing the front door open and close.
鈥淪hit! My mom鈥檚 home early.鈥 You whispered.
鈥淵/N!鈥 Your mom shouted. You put your finger to your lips to signal Lip to be quiet, and climbed off his lap. You headed downstairs to see what she wanted.
鈥淗i Mom.鈥 You said nonchalantly.
鈥淵/N! How long have you been home?鈥 She asked, looking you up and down. You squirmed under her gaze.
鈥淛ust a few minutes, I was just about to start my homework.鈥 She frowned.
鈥淗m鈥 well, remember your sister is coming home from Yale this weekend.鈥
鈥淵es, Mom.鈥 You replied monotonously.
鈥淗ow鈥檚 your application to Princeton going?鈥
鈥淚 don't need to apply until next year.鈥
鈥淵es, darling, but Princeton will look closely at your junior year. Extracurriculars are important.鈥 She placed her handbag on the bureau, paying more attention to the wood grain than to you.
鈥淢om, I鈥檓 already president of the Model United Nations and VP of the astronomical society.鈥
鈥淵es, but you鈥檒l need more. Your sister was captain of the swim team, president of the key club, class president and valedictorian.鈥
鈥淢om, I鈥檓 not Laura.鈥 You sighed, playing with your sleeve cuffs
鈥淒on鈥檛 I know it.鈥 Your mother retorted. She looked you up and down once more. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e looking fat. I鈥檒l tell Maria to skip the after school snack, you can wait until dinner, and you鈥檒l be taking salad for lunch for the rest of the week. Your father and I pay for the gym, you should use it.鈥
鈥淵es, Mom.鈥 You said once more. 鈥淐an I go back to my homework now?鈥 Your mother literally looked down her nose at you before she spoke.
鈥淔ine. But I expect you to be exercising after dinner.鈥 You nodded, fisting your hands inside your sleeves and wiling the tears not to fall. You quickly turned and ran back up the stairs, shutting yourself in your bedroom, back against the door, before you let the tears fall. You had completely forgotten Lip was waiting for you in there.
鈥淵/N?鈥 He asked quietly.
鈥淗ow much of that did you hear?鈥 Your voice was low and quiet, almost trembling.
鈥淓nough.鈥 Lip replied. He opened his arms. 鈥淓verything she said is total bullshit. You鈥檙e not anywhere near fat, and you鈥檙e going to get into Princeton.鈥 You allowed yourself to be hugged and comforted by Lip, tears falling on to the blue shirt you loved on him. 鈥淎nd if your mom really wants you to get some exercise I can think of an exercise regiment that she鈥檒l hate.鈥 You laughed wetly, before wiping your eyes with your sleeve.
鈥淭his is why I prefer your house.鈥 You said quietly.
鈥淲hat, too loud to think with the police turning up anytime they want?鈥 Lip chuckled. You rested your temple against his shoulder.
鈥淵eah but it鈥檚 family. You may not have much but you love each other, and most of the time you even like each other.鈥 Lip laughed at that. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e not competing against each other or trying to outdo each other鈥檚 achievements. Everything Laura does I have to be the same or better, whether I want to or not.鈥 Lip seemed to think about that for a moment.
鈥淚 guess you鈥檙e right.鈥 He said after a moment of silence. 鈥淲e鈥檙e dysfunctional, sure, but I鈥檇 do anything for my family. Our achievements are what they are. Shit, I鈥檒l be the first Gallagher to finish high school. Plus, Fiona likes you a lot more than she鈥檚 liked my other girlfriends.鈥 You ran your thumb over his shirt collar.
鈥淚t鈥檚 refreshing. Fiona thinks it鈥檚 great when I get a C, Debbie likes when I bring my art homework, it feels safe.鈥 You said quietly.
鈥淓ven with Carl running around?鈥 Lip asked
鈥淓ven with Carl running around.鈥 You laughed, and kissed him. 鈥淚鈥檓 totally serious though, my literature homework is due tomorrow.鈥
鈥淗mmm, can I be your reward afterwards?鈥 Lip asked.
鈥淐an we go to your house tomorrow?鈥 Lip smiled and nodded. You smiled back and climbed off his lap, grabbing your book and sitting back on his lap.
鈥淲hat are you doing, Y/N? I thought you were doing homework?鈥 You grinned wickedly at Lip.
鈥淵ou really want to wait until after?鈥
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foone 4 days
Alright, listen up:
We need to stop with the anti-rooting attitude for brainpals, alright? You're just doing mnemonocorps job for them. Cut out the discourse about people with modded brainpals, for TF's sake.
(scifi worldbuilding by way of fictional Tumblr discourse under the cut)
There's tons of valid reasons for by people would hack their brainpals! Testing new memory/skills without paying for a dev kit, piracy of skills (and do not @ me with that "but you're stealing from the original skill creator!" bullshit. All the legit skills on the market now are from people who did work for hire by mnemonocorps, and THEY ALREADY WERE PAID. It's only mnemonocorps that is losing money!), home ptsd/cptsd/jptsd treatment, the list is endless.
And before you jump into the comments, YES I KNOW PEOPLE DO SEXUAL MEMORY PLAY. People do every kind of weird shit, name me a technology that no one has used for sex in some way? Hell, the first topless photo was taken within a week of the invention of the daguerreotype. But we need to be adults here, okay? These things can be simultaneously true:
1. People do memory play
2. No kids have memorypals
3. The vast major of memory play is NOT VP.
Mnemonocorps has done a lot of work to try to keep people from using brainpals for memory pal, with their artificial limits on how much you can block at once, but that's fundamentally an over reaction to the negative press from the whole VP scandal. The news loves a juicy story like "people are using a new technology for weird sex shit" because their readers/viewers are always interested in Weird Sex Shit, either because "ooh, sexy!" or "BAN THIS FILTH" reactions.
And like all big companies, the last thing mnemonocorps wants is a new law aimed specifically at regulating them! So they stuck a bunch more restrictions on brainpals so they could say they have taken steps to prevent VP.
Now, I need you to listen to me before I say this: I am NOT saying I condone VP, alright? I'm not going like "oh but no one is hurt, everyone is (technically) adults, it's basically roleplay"? This is not an excuse for VP, alright?
Memory play is not just VP, and it's deeply insulting to everyone who engages in memory play to conflate the two!
The reasons people would do memory play are many and varied, as are the things that people do with memory play. And I think people are extra quick to jump on the "memory play is bad" bandwagon not just because of the spectre of VP, but because it's all "eww, kinky sex things".
And yes, I'm not going to try to sugarcoat memory play, alright? There's a lot of weird stuff going on there, and it definitely isn't for everyone. But the thing y'all need to keep in mind is that it's between consensual adults and they (usually*) know what they're doing, okay?
It's safe and mind healthy and consensual. (yes I know these are the same arguments the veepers use to definite VP but I'm not talking about VP here, damn it!).
People can do CNC play with mblocks. People can do roleplay with temporary personality patches, either because they're too awkward/shy/whatever to have sex or because they (or their partners) want to do some vcheating. All these are perfectly safe if done correctly and don't hurt anyone. Especially not you, who aren't even involved in their memory play!
And I promise the slippery slope argument is bullshit: even if people use mblocks to age regress, that doesn't make it VP, alright? There's plenty of people (especially us elderly trans who missed out on a gender-correct early adulthood. (I wasn't able to get genespliced until I was nearly 60!). If I want to experience how my 25-year-old self would have had sex as a girl, that's my own god damn business! And it's not VP and it hurts no one. And all these non-vp uses of memory play are completely blocked by the stock brainpal software, because of their heavy handed approach to trying to prevent VP.
But with this whole stigma against hacking brainpals means that if I ever even mention I've got mine modded, people immediately start side-eying me because they think the only reason anyone would want to hack their brainpal is VP.
No! Piracy of skills and mblocks and yes, memory play. Which isn't entirely VP, even if it keeps getting tarred with that brush.
The piracy argument you'd think would be an easier one to make. I know half of you have all the PS6 ROMs downloaded onto your tangles. How are you gonna steal half the video games on the iarchive and then turn around and say it's wrong to download fluent-Japanese or woodworking to your brainpal? Come on.
Basically my whole point is that mnemonocorps has done a great job convincing the general public to associate illicit (by their rules) brainpal use with VP, and it's solely because they know the average person (rightly, I would add) thinks VP is abhorrent. They're using that disgust to turn the general opinion against the idea of brainpal modding.
And look, look me in my eye, do you really think mnemonocorps is doing this because they genuinely think VP is bad and want the public to help them stop it by shunning people who hack their brainpals? Or is it, just maybe, because they don't want to lose trillions of n$ on skill piracy? And they're just using VP as an excuse?
It's like, come on gals. No one ever went broke assuming companies are acting out of the most basic capitalistic greed, because THEY ALWAYS ARE.
And don't get me started on the people clitriding mnemonocorps for inventing the brainpal in the first place. Look, we all love the brainpal, yes, but it's not like you owe them endless loyalty over it, okay? They can and have done wrong in the past. Accept that you can love the work and hate the company trying to control it.
(it's like: is Thomas Chellae an abusive asshole who should not be out of crimrehab? Yes of course, no question. Is Shadowed Skies the best album of the last 30 years? Also yes! It can be both! Bad people can make good things)
Anyway: end of the day, stop bringing up VP every time anything involving brainpal modding comes up. Don't judge people for modding their brainpals.
(especially since half the problem people have with memory play isn't VP, it's just y'all being antisex. Which is bullshit given how many people subscribe to those "expert oral sex" skills! You're using your brainpal to have better sex, then turning around and going "but I'd never use it for WEIRD sex!". Grow TF the fuck up!)
Also, just because I know someone would bring it up, the whole mind control thing is A MYTH. There have never been any legitimate cases of people getting hacked through their brainpals, hacked or not, okay? I mean, who knows what the nsa or uhsa can do, but no one has ever been able to demonstrate a remote hack on a brainpal. Anyone being "mind controlled" through their brainpal did it to themselves, either with a ppatch or intentionally routing their admin to someone else. "you'll get hacked and turned into a bpZombie!" is a bullshit reason to be against brainpal hacking: it simply does not happen. I used to be a rengineer, I've looked into the brainpal security: it's well done!
* Yeah, Adrian Reach was a tragic case, but it was definitely a million-to-one case. Make your backups, run the ccheck, and don't try to mblock your whole damn life on a failing bp! You'll be fine.
EDIT: I forgot to elaborate on the "no kids have brainpals" thing: yes, I know there are some kids who do have them, BUT they're not the same as regular brainpal installs. They're only done in some extreme cases of mental distress (like survivors of the cWar) and they're locked down. Only their doctor can adjust them, it's not like regular consumer brainpals where you can just fiddle with the settings themselves. So all this memory play stuff we're talking about is only between adults. REAL adults, alright? Even when people are doing VP, everyone involved is of age.
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kissporsche 2 years
Bad news guys it appears my braincells are starting to resurface after being on standby mode since saturday so i'm going to try stringing some words together. Sorry in advance.
Tumblr media
(10 image upload limit, my beloathed)
I've talked before about how much Vegas enjoys Pete's defiance, it's something that fascinates him and something he goads Pete into showing him more often. Food is a particular point of contention. Vegas uses food as a humiliation tactic and Pete responds by rejecting it, multiple times.
The line above kind of confused me on first watch but now with the benefit of comparison it makes sense. Not eating isn't a choice because it's a non-action, it's passive. Pete is resisting Vegas's dehumanisation attempts by retaining his agency in this one small area, something Vegas literally can't force him to do.
Anyway, fast forward
Tumblr media
Pete's confession had to come at this time. This is the most equal he and Vegas have ever been: Not only have they been through so much together, but Pete is no longer a bodyguard of the main family. Vegas is no longer heir to the minor family. They are just Vegas and Pete ("Just you and me").
And this Pete is choosing Vegas. You know I love how the show handled episode 12 to make it 100% clear that Pete chose to go back to Vegas, chose to kiss him, handed him the ropes and I don't want to discredit any of that. But we know from Pete's reaction in ep 13 that the whole situation was (unsurprisingly) a real mindfuck for him, one that it's taken until this point for him to unravel.
And the conclusion that he's come to is that he's hungry now. Not only that he's willing to take whatever Vegas will give him, but he desires it. Even further than that: he needs it, it's as necessary to him as food. He's gone from passive non-action (refusing food) to active (hungry for it). And not only just the act of being hungry, but the act of stating it, making his desires known, putting them out into the world, begging Vegas to satiate them. And that is what Vegas responds to.
Tumblr media
(someone give Build an award because I tear up just looking at the still images)
There's just so much here. Like before when he stayed on his knees, he's (actively) casting himself in a submissive role. And not just submissive but dependent, no it can't be anyone else but Vegas. No-one else can give him what he needs.
"I'm your pet, aren't I?" you made me need you, cracked me open and discovered this desire, you need to take responsibility now. "So I had to come find my owner" Not just wanted to, he had to. Again he is assigning roles, making them real and tangible by speaking them, telling Vegas this is what he needs from him. He is the one actively calling back to that part of their relationship and saying not only is Vegas not a freak for wanting that, he wants it to. He knows what Vegas will respond to but that doesn't make it equally Pete's own desire, because we know how Pete feels about honesty.
And in the midst of this declaration of submission, we also have this
Tumblr media
This Pete! Defiant Pete! The side of Pete that Vegas was always so drawn in by. But now his defiance isn't because he has no other option, either resist or lose his humanity, now it's his choice totally. Pete is asserting his agency not only through being the one to (re)establish the roles of their relationship but also by, again, making Vegas face up to his responsibilities to Pete. By making it something selfish. Even in his desperation for Vegas to see him, stay with him, there's no weakness in his submission. He demands and gets angry, but none of it is said to hurt, just to kick Vegas into seeing him again, the way only he can.
Tumblr media
And finally, pleading. Please turn around to see me. Because Vegas hasn't looked at him once since he ran out of the garage, not even when he pushed past him in the office. And Vegas and Pete are all about seeing each other [insert montage of VP staring scenes here]. So I think Vegas knows when he does see Pete, and sees Pete seeing him, there's no going back. He cannot leave when Pete needs him, will starve without him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This had to be Vegas's choice. Pete can beg and plead and speak aloud his desires but he cannot force Vegas to turn and see him. But he does, he makes his choice in the slow, hesitant turn with a look of disbelief that Pete really is there saying these things. Then the utter relief and smile when he does see Pete, his mirror and other half, seeing him back, desiring him, loving him, demanding him, following him, choosing him.
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vanwritesfan-fiction 6 months
Part Three: Don't Get Caught in the Crossfire
(Read Part One and Part Two)
Warnings: smut, language, mentions of cheating and couple fighting
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were racked with guilt after your night with Jack. Honest to God, you really were. From this moment on, you were going to forget about him, turn your life around, and be the girlfriend that Darien rightfully deserved.
Did that sound convincing enough?
You had practiced all morning in the mirror as you got ready for work. You buttoned your blouse like you hadn't kiss another man last night. You slid your skirt over your hips like you weren't thinking of the way Jack took control over you, had you submitting to his every desire. You applied a thick coat of mascara to hide your tired eyes after you didn't get a wink of sleep thinking about how good he tasted on your tongue.
The grind stopped for no one, not even cheating whores.
Atlantic Records was essentially an archive of musical prowess for the last 76 years, and you had spent the last three of those years getting coffee for some of the greats. You had learned to laugh to keep from crying at the fact that your life hadn't gotten much farther than a tiny desk with your own monogramed notepad, courtesy of the company of course.
It wasn't that you didn't have bigger dreams for yourself. In fact, when you moved to New York six years ago, fresh out of college, you had that same twinkle in your eye that you now snickered at when you saw it in the next up and coming artist that walked through the double doors of the record label. You didn't want to be the talent, but manage it, curate it, nurture it until your artist had their own photo hanging in the hall. The problem was you got comfortable.
That was the story of your life. Once you got somewhere, you got too comfortable. You settled, even downgraded if it meant that you wouldn't have to face change. It was the reason you were still an assistant even though you'd been offered opportunities to climb the ranks, and why it took you so long to get out of relationships that you knew weren't right for you. Its why you were still in a relationship with Darien after three very long years.
Dull, na茂ve Darien. He never stood a chance in the world.
As you approached the VP鈥檚 office, you noticed a large bouquet of roses planted on the edge of your desk. 鈥淒id you see who left these flowers?鈥 You plucked the card from the arrangement before turning to Sophia, another assistant who sat across the way from you. 鈥淣o. They were here before I got into the office鈥, she shrugged before turning back to her computer. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e probably for Jason鈥檚 wife, and he accidently had them delivered them to the wrong address again.鈥 You placed your bag and coat down before carefully opening the envelope so you could confirm.
I want to see you tonight. 8 PM -J
Jack had sent you the flowers. He knew where you worked; you had offered that information up to him at the party like an eager puppy. You looked frantically around the room as if you expected him to be standing behind you. That was the kind of hold he had on you after knowing him for only 48 hours. As much as you despised him and never wanted to see him again, a small part of you hoped that he would take you away from all of the monotony, make you feel an ounce of the thrill you felt last night.
"What does it say? Its not one of his dirty jokes again, is it?" Sophia was standing next to you, peeking over your shoulder. You quickly tucked the card back into the envelope and tossed it into the trashcan. "Uh, no. They delivered it to the wrong floor. I'm gonna take it to Hannah up on 15." You moved so quickly, sweeping the vase off the desk and heading toward the elevator, Sophia didn't even have a chance to react.
You rounded the corner, checking your surroundings as you approached the elevator bay. The last time you were waiting for an elevator, you found out not only were you cheating on your boyfriend, but you were also the other woman in another relationship. So far, you were two for two in the most twisted game ever. The doors swung open and you entered the elevator car, but instead of hitting the button for the 15th floor, you hit the button for the ground level. The elevator led straight to the parking deck, opening at the back of the building where the larger trash cans were located. You tossed the vase of flowers into the garbage, hearing the glass shatter as it hit the bottom.
You were serious about turning your life around. Jack Harlow would have to find someone else to play his games with.
As part of your attempt to be a reformed girlfriend, as soon as you got home that evening, you decided to cook Darien's favorite meal for his homecoming. He was coming home from London tonight after being away from New York for the past two weeks on a work trip. He did something with computers or servers, something like that. He had tried to explain it to you but you tuned him out after ten minutes. You shuffled your feet through the front door of your apartment with your hands full of bags from Whole Foods, the ingredients for Penne alla Vodka weighing your arms down.
It was the dish you both ordered on your first date. Darien never really wowed you, but he always knew how to find the best restaurants in the city. The two of you were cozied in a little booth of a mom and pop Italian restaurant on the upper west side, and as you tasted the combination of sweet tomatoes and kick of spices, you thought that maybe you could see a future with this guy who thought the world of you. There was no way you could completely replicate the dish, but you would at least try, hoping it would help you draw some of those memories back.
You heard Darien's keys slip into the lock just as you were plating the dish. You ran over to meet him, opening the door before he could grasp the handle. "Hi!" You knew you sounded overly excited but you were really trying to sell it; to him or yourself you weren't really sure.
"Hey", Darien let out a sigh as he dropped his bags by the door. You could see the exhaustion plastered on his face after a long flight. "What smells amazing?" He looked around you at the kitchen, seeing only a few of the dishes you had dirtied while cooking.
"I made your favorite." You squeezed his forearm as he led you to the kitchen. "Penne alla Vodka?", he questioned, grabbing a spoon from the silverware drawer, "I thought you didn't like cooking." You shrugged, giving him a big grin. He was right, you despised cooking, and were very vocal about how much you hated it, but as you said this morning, this was a new you. Someone who cooked for their boyfriend, without complaining.
"Not bad", he nodded as he took a taste of the sauce. "I'm fucking starving."
Thank God everything was working in your favor tonight.
As Darien turned around to grab a plate from the cabinet, you intercepted him, crashing lips with him, your hands wrapping around his neck. He was hesitant at first but you weren't going to let him go, deepening the kiss, lips pressed against each other hard. You were gasping for breath when he pulled away. You expected him to be happy, but his face was one of disgust, startling you. He wiped at his mouth before reaching around you to grab a plate.
"What's gotten into you?" You stood frozen as he moved around the kitchen like he hadn't just rejected you.
"I didn't know it was such a shock to kiss my boyfriend." Your hands shook, your limbs beginning to go numb. You didn't expect such a visceral reaction to his actions, but you were truly hurt.
"Its not, but I just got home from a long trip. Can I just breathe for a second before you're all over me?" He let out a huff that almost set you off. You took a deep breath trying to remember who you were trying to be. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was such an inconvenience to you." You curled into yourself, wrapping your arms around your chest.
"Fuck, Y/N!" You jumped as Darien threw his plate down, the porcelain rattling against the counter. "Why the fuck are you jumping down my throat?!" His voice was booming as he screamed at you. He had never yelled at you, let alone raised his voice, even during some of your most heated arguments.
"I am not jumping down your throat! What the fuck is your problem?" You gritted out through clenched teeth.
"My problem is that I get back from a trip, and my girlfriend, who hasn't so much as touched me in the last month, suddenly has her tongue down my throat." You could see the vein pulse in his neck, his face beet red.
"Don't pretend like you give any effort in this relationship, D. Fuck! When's the last time we did anything that didn't revolve around your hobbies or work? I can only go to so many stupid fucking company parties and talk to the fucking most boring people before I want to jump off a building." You balled up your fists, digging your nails into the palm of your hand.
"Yeah, well you're not the only one who's been pretending." He pushed past you to the living room. Most of your arguments ended when he decided he'd had enough and walked away, but you were too upset to let this go. You followed behind him. "What the fuck are you talking about?"
He sat down at the couch, resting his head in his hands. His tone was eerily calm and even. "We both know there hasn't been any love in this relationship for a long time." He scratched at his scalp, afraid to look up, knowing you were standing there. "I don't know who we're kidding here, Y/N." You couldn't believe how you'd gotten to this point. This night had escalated so fast, you had whiplash.
"You know what Darien. I don't have to take this. Fuck you." His head shot up just in time to watch you grab your purse and keys and slam the door behind you. You checked your phone as you headed down the street to the nearest subway stop. 7:35 PM. You had just enough time to get to the Waldorf before 8 PM.
Jack was still dressed in a crisp white dress shirt, the buttons open far enough to reveal a tuft of chest hair and his white tank underneath, and a pair of slim black suit pants, when he opened the door. You were standing in the hallway, out of breath from having to run the last few stops to get to his room in time. The first thing he noticed was the tears in your brimming in your lashes.
"What happened?" He asked as you began to come apart in front of him, tears rolling off your cheeks onto the floor. He gripped the door frame with such force. , feeling his fingers press into the wood. He had to resist the urge to find whoever had hurt you like this. "Can I come in please?", you wiped a stray tear from you cheek, your gaze at the ground. Jack stepped aside to let you into the room, studying you carefully to see if you were hurt in anyway besides emotionally.
You sat at the foot of the bed, forgoing any formalities of choosing the couch again after the night you'd had together last night. "What happened?" Jack asked again as he unclasped his watch, placing it on the dresser. You fiddled with the hem of your sweater before you looked over at him. "Darien came home and we had a fight." Jack let out a humorless chuckle and shook his head as he undid his belt, the metal buckle clanking as he slid it out of the belt loops of his pants.
"Are you okay?" You watched as he undid the rest of the buttons of his shirt, shrugging it off and folding it over a nearby chair. "I'm at the hotel room of the guy I'm sleeping with behind my boyfriend's back. Yeah, I'm just peachy." Your words were laced with sarcasm, but Jack enjoyed your quip, giving you a grin. He was dressed down to his tank top and boxers at this point. "Get undressed."
"What? I didn't come here to have sex with you." You stumbled to your feet, hoping you hadn't given him the indication you wanted to sleep with him. Jack moved toward you, cradling your head in his hands once you were chest to chest. He kissed you roughly, pulling your bottom lip into his mouth with his teeth, his tongue roaming your mouth. It was the same move you'd tried with Darien earlier, your way of letting him know that you wanted him right there in the moment.
You leaned into him as he backed away, wanting to continue the kiss. He wiped underneath your eyes, collecting any residual wetness. "I know you didn't come here to have a heart to heart. Now get undressed, before I do it for you." He placed a kiss on your jawline before leaving you standing in the middle of the room, to sit on the bed. He leaned back on his forearms, his eyes glazed over with lust as he watched you. You felt scrutinized under his stare, scared to undress in front of him for some reason.
"Don't make me ask again." He gave you that same strict tone that scared you last night, but tonight, it only made your core tighten.
Jack sat up, growing impatient with your lack of compliance. "C'mere." He held his hand out, and you took it, moving to stand in between his open legs. His hands were cold as they snaked underneath your top, first touching your stomach, before moving to cup your breasts over your bra.
"The fact that the first thing Darien didn't do was fuck you so hard you couldn't talk, is fuckin' ridiculous." He unhooked your bra with one hand, helping you to remove your sweater over your head, your bra straps slipping off your shoulders. He pressed a kiss between your bare breasts before moving to unbutton your jeans. "If that had been me, you wouldn't have been able to argue." Your hands found his curls, your nails raking through his hair as he pushed your jeans to the floor.
He toyed with the band of your tiny thong, ripping the fabric too easily. You stood in front of him, stark naked, your nipples budding in the cold of the room. "Some guys don't know when they have something perfect in front of them." He cupped your ass cheeks with his hands, pushing you toward him so you straddled his lap. You let out a content sigh as he took one of your nipples in his mouth, gently sucking on your skin, his other hand grazing against your pussy.
He looked up with you with those blue eyes that made you incredibly weak, his hands never leaving your body. This was more affection than you'd felt in months, something you'd desperately been missing.
"You deserve someone who will worship you." He whispered against your skin, as he leaned back, pulling your weight on top of him. "Do you understand?" You nodded, gently kissing his swollen lips.
"This is your last chance to leave." You weren't expecting him to give you an out, that was the last thing on your mind right now, but that was how he kept you under his spell. He gave you the illusion of control. He never met you anywhere, you always had to come to him. You had to make the decision to come to his hotel room, and while you felt for a split second like you were making your own decision, he knew there was no way you weren't coming. You were drawn to him, physically and spiritually. He was an escape, one you desired more than anything.
Instead of speaking, you climbed off his lap and flipped onto your back, bringing him toward you by his head. You latched onto his neck, applying even suction as he moved his hand to your legs, tickling your inner thighs before moving toward your core, pressing your thumb against your sensitive clit. You let out a sharp breath at the sensation, your nails digging into Jack's back.
"God, you're really that desperate for me to fuck you, huh?" Your answer was a sweet hum as you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth. "I want you to say it." He pressed one of his large fingers against your entrance, feeling just how tight your pussy was. He slowly pushed his finger inside of you, slowly thrusting against your fluttering walls. When you didn't answer he pulled out of you. You whimpered, trying to kiss him again, but he pulled away. "If you want something from me, you have to tell me what you want."
"I want you to fuck me, so bad, Jack." You sounded pitiful, but you didn't care. He punctuated your begging by sliding two fingers into you this time, making your back arch as his digits disappeared in and out of you. You felt your toes and fingers begin to tingle as he continued to finger you, feeling you clench down around his hand as you got close to your orgasm.
"Good girl. You want something, all you have to do is ask." He pulled his fingers out of you again, leaving you with an agonizing emptiness. "Jack, please." You grasped at his hair, as your hips bucked up toward him, but he held you down with one hand as he moved to hover over you, pushing his boxers down past his knees. His cock sprung free, already hard from your moans as he pleasured you. He collected some of your wetness, using it to stroke his dick before lining himself up with you.
He gave you an inch, and that almost felt like too much as you felt him stretching you out. He gave you a minute to adjust as he stroked your cheek, slowly pushing himself inside of your pussy until he had bottomed out. "Such a good girl for me, taking me all the way." He slowly began to move his hips back and forth, and you were already gripping the sheets, feeling fuller each time he re-entered you. "I've been thinking about you all day. Couldn't wait to feel how tight your pussy was."
The first forceful thrust took your breath away, but you were quickly lost in pleasure as he set a vicious pace, your ass slapping against his pelvis with every movement. True to his word, he was determined to remove any spiteful words from your vocabulary, and you were a babbling mess, no control of the squeals and moans that left your lips as he continued to fuck you. Without stopping, he grabbed at your thighs, kissing your calves before he pushed your knees to your shoulders, further exposing your pussy to him. This new angle hit your g-spot every time, making you cry out. "Fucckkkk, Jack." Your voice vibrated through your chest as you struggled to speak.
Jack chuckled as you tried to move his hand toward your throat. "Is that what you like? You want me to choke you, pretty girl?" You felt your core tighten, you were so close to your orgasm, your legs beginning to shake. "You know what you have to do."
"Please", was all you could utter out, and that was enough for Jack as he gently grabbed at your throat, careful to only squeeze at the sides and not constrict your airflow. The combination of pain and pleasure was enough to send you over the edge, and within seconds you were coming around Jack's cock, your eyes rolling back into your head as you orgasmed. With each pulse of your pussy you pulled him in deeper, making Jack grown as he was close to his own release.
You saw stars as he continued to fuck you through your orgasm, his thrusts starting to falter as he came, his cum filling you up. He collapsed onto the bed next you as his chest heaved with each breath. You both laid in silence as you came down from your highs, Jack's hand resting on your lower stomach.
He eventually leaned over, kissing you lazily as he cupped the side of your face, having lost all of his energy. "You have to go." He whispered against his mouth. Your eyes shot open at his words. "Why?" He could see the flash of hurt over your face. "She's gonna come back any minute." You felt your stomach turn as you remembered that you had just slept with a man in a committed relationship, again.
The new you had just left the building. Fuck.
You pushed yourself off the bed, quickly getting dressed. "I can't believe I did this again. What the fuck is wrong with me?" Jack watched you before standing up to pull his boxers back up. It looked like you were going to spiral, and he didn't have time for any self deprecation. "Hey", he grabbed at your arm, forcing you to stop. "You belong to me, always will." He grabbed your phone off the bed and put his number in your contacts. He knew you needed that reassurance as much as he hated to give it to you. Your body relaxed, your eyes softening as you looked at him. He was dangling the bait in front of you, and you grabbed it a little too easily.
You were quiet as you opened the door to the apartment, surprised to see that all of the lights were on and Darien was still in the same place on the couch were you had left him. He was now more relaxed, a half empty beer in his hand the reason. 'Where did you go?" He asked, looking at you with tears in his eyes. You sighed, not wanting to continue your fight. "I needed a moment to think." You placed your keys in the bowl of your entry way table.
"We need to talk. Can you please sit down?" He gestured toward the chair, and you sat down, thankful to give your legs a rest.
"I'm sorry for snapping at you." Darien looked at you, waiting for your apology, but you remained tight lipped. "I need to tell you something. I wasn't honest with you tonight, and I know you deserve that." You felt your breath hitch with anticipation.
"When I was in London, I went out with my team to one of the local bars, and we had a lot to drink." He placed the bottle on the coffee table. "Ok", you croaked out, "did something happen?"
He started to cry again as he sat looking at you. "I was really drunk and when I went back to the hotel room, Ashley, you met her at the Christmas party." Redhead, pretty, you always felt she was too handsy with Darien. You nodded.
"One thing led to another and we slept together. It was only one time, and I regret it completely." You slowly closed your eyes and leaned back in the chair. The irony was not lost on you, in fact, it was a blaring neon sign right in your face.
Poor, stupid Y/N. You never stood a chance in the world.
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infernomicia 26 days
I still believe this relationship is based on a business arrangement. It's so common in Hollywood, so much more than lots of people realize, as you probably know as well since you work in the business. There is lots of money, stress and power at play and celebrities are encouraged or pushed by the studio system to make such choices. My belief is that she came into the picture when he was trying to get Superman back, something he'd literally do anything for, look at Gina Carano's recent interviews, she says that too. His sexual orientation likely comes into play as well, I still believe that. So they did a deal, whereby he'd get an age appropriate girlfriend that would follow him everywhere and give him a family. I agree with you that where it stings is that as part of that, they tried to create a powerful and talented film exec persona for her, which is obviously not the case. That's what makes me really dislike him. Do what you will, but don't try and manipulate us into thinking that this Gilead-like arrangement has actually anything to do with women's empowerment. Quite the contrary. I genuinely find it pathetic and no amount of bullying from their disgustingly toxic paid fake stans will ever make me change my mind. The mere fact that such paid fake stans exist tells you everything you need to know about the veracity of this situation.
I didn鈥檛 know there was paid stans? But I have found it weird that there鈥檚 stans that blindly support just her (not him) and she is not the famous one. I鈥檝e also found it odd that she鈥檚 a VP producer since 2022 in TV and has done nothing, but somehow manages as a high ranking TV producer to work remotely and follow him around the world and attend events with a stylist that aren鈥檛 her projects. Also, she鈥檚 currently in LA and Vertigo released a TV show with Amazon, and she wasn鈥檛 at the premiere in LA. And as the VP of TV production at Vertigo, she should鈥檝e been there to oversee the project. But she wasn鈥檛. I do believe he goes for younger woman but if it鈥檚 over 18, legally it鈥檚 fine. However it lasting 3 years with a baby now is what鈥檚 preventing me from thinking it鈥檚 PR, because who would do that?!? But I do think the baby was unplanned because when questioned he sort of looked like a deer in headlights and deflected to talk about his career. And their lack of touching, intimacy and chemistry showed in the NY outings was odd for someone who is over the moon about his partner and the baby he always wanted. Especially as a gentleman people always say he is. What kind of gentleman lets his pregnant partner get in and out of a car onto oncoming traffic with paps surrounding on her own, doesn鈥檛 hold her hand down steps at hotels and doesn鈥檛 hold her hand or look at her in crowded areas like an airport? And he stated himself he is a very openly emotional guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. But comes across so cold to his love and mother of his child. His career is on a downward spiral since he鈥檚 no longer Superman or the Witcher. And Argyle bombed and the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare bombed too. I think his fans that have followed him since the beginning feel duped because he presented himself as being a self made, honest, kind, caring, truthful and nerdy person who always does the right thing. And she is someone who has bullied, loves attention, fame and has her career from nepotism and money. Seemingly the opposite. He comes across now fake and a liar, which fans don鈥檛 know how to defend. Blind loyalty is dangerous when what is being presented is strange to say the least. Also (not being hateful) but compare his 2019 self and Instagram pics to now and he looks really dishevelled. Lost weight, gaunt and dim in his glow. Even his smile looks forced. I was a runner, not within the Hollywood world, so I don鈥檛 know much about PR relationships. But it does look odd to say the least -
Again, this is my opinion and observation. Not saying hate, just saying what I see.
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yujeong 11 months
I remember stumbling upon a couple of comments about Vegas' "You're the most important person in my life" line, saying that it's a bad thing to say because Macau exists and I have thoughts about it.
Pete is the most important person in Vegas' life. He's the man who saved him twice - both from his enemies and from himself - , he's the man who opened his eyes about his father's abuse, he's the man who showed empathy and love to him despite being tortured within an inch of his life by him. Sure, Macau loves him too and without him, Vegas wouldn't have the capability of love at all (shout-out to Lusn's brilliant line in smog lights, it's still stuck in my head) but let's also keep in mind that he's his brother and younger brother at that. He can only offer so much to him, there are limits to what he can do.
People had said the same thing when Vegas was going to commit suicide too.
"What does he mean he has nothing? He has Macau. Why isn't he thinking about him? He's going to leave him alone, that's so cruel"
Well...I have never had suicidal thoughts in my life but I can assume that when a person gets to that point, they're 1. not thinking rationally and 2. not thinking of themselves as valuable. I'm sure if Vegas thought of Macau while pointing the gun to his chin, he'd think he'd be doing Macau a favour by dying.
Back to the original point, the same is true for Pete. Vegas is Pete's most important person in his life too. Vegas unlocked a part of Pete he kept hidden and was in deep denial about, letting him be a person with wants and needs and a voice, instead of background decor in his own life. But fans don't really think about that because Pete never said it and Pete's grandma was only mentioned throughout the show, only having two phone call cameos in which we didn't even hear what she said. What applies to Macau though, applies to her too.
I understand why it sounded off to some people. I think it's the innate belief most people have about family and it being the most important thing in someone's life, everything else coming in second place, including friendships and romantic/sexual partners. I need them to understand though that in the case of VP, it isn't just a sexual/romantic relationship. They're basically soulmates; they were two broken pieces that fit together. They bonded under such hard circumstances and came on top despite everything being against them. One would not be able to live without the other.
And in my honest opinion, I think Macau knows this. There's a reason he's smiling like the cute little gremlin that he is, while watching them kissing, having heard everything Vegas said. He knows Pete is the most important person in Vegas' life and he's extremely happy about it. Someone else finally sees Vegas like he sees him. Someone finally loves him with all his heart, so much so that they left their whole previous life behind for him. Vegas finally has a family that he loves and loves him back, Macau included. And I think that's beautiful.
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rottenpumpkin13 7 months
I think Sephiroth and Rufus should be weird, unlikely friends. They mostly bond over their shitty dads. They share plans on how they want to kill said shitty dads. Maybe give eachother constructive criticism
The gentle wind cooled Sephiroth's skin the moment he stepped outside, serving as a confirmation that it had indeed been too hot in the ballroom.
The mindless conversation, bragging and pathetic groveling clung to the air like heat waves, making every corner of the room suffocating and intolerable to so much as idle in.
Sephiroth's breaking point had been Professor Hojo. It was always Hojo. He was the one pulling him into whichever tight-knit circle the president was in, bragging about his creation, showing him off as if he were a prized, sacrificial lamb.
He had squeezed his way through the crowd and hurried to the nearest opening that gave way to the balcony outside.
The green lights of sector Seven scintillated through the fog in the nearby distance. The Shinra building was situated in the heart of the metal and mako. Everything could be heard from there; the bustling nightlight of sector zero below, the din of police sirens and helicopters polluting the air, and the permanent humming of the reactors.
Sephiroth let his eyes fall shut, taking in a gulp of breath and letting his lungs fill with the dense air.
"What did it for you?" A voice sounded from beside him.
Sephiroth gradually let his shoulder slump, opening one eye and sweeping his peripheral view to see another person leaning over the banisters.
Sephiroth turned to the side. Rufus Shinra stared at him expectantly, holding a silver flask in one hand and a lot cigarette in the other.
He didn't know how to reply.
"Was it Scarlett bragging about her new prototypes and comparing them to SOLDIERs or Heidegger pretending to be a materia expert and suggesting we force the troops to swallow materia for extra power?"
Rufus raised the cigarette to his lips, taking a long drag from it and refusing to break eye contact. Sephiroth looked away, shaking his head.
On any other night, he would have been cordial to the Vice President and excused himself to find a more secluded area.
Tonight, however, Sephiroth was too tired to wonder just how drunk Rufus was, and if he would remember anything of their interaction the next morning.
Rufus sunk deeper into his slouched position, widening his eyes briefly in show of understanding.
They fell into uncomfortable silence rather quickly, something which Sephiroth was compelled to morph into anything else.
"What about you?" he asked.
Rufus took one last drag of the cigarette before shooting it into the air.
"The president."
Sephiroth piqued one eyebrow curiously. "Your father?"
"Mm." Rufus straighted his legs, unfurling himself from his slouched position and standing to his full height. He sighed, tapping the railing lightly with his hands, gripping it.
Rufus looked at Sephiroth, opening his mouth and closing it. He did that twice. From the micro-expressions Sephiroth could decipher, it looked like he was gathering the courage to ask something.
"Forgive me for prying but..." Rufus jerked one shoulder. "He's your..."
Sephiroth nodded slowly.
There were a few more beats of silence, and then Rufus extended the flask towards him.
Sephiroth looked down at the offering.
Rufus jerked his hand, insisting.
Sephiroth's gloved fingers wrapped around the cold silver carefully, only then beginning to wonder how drunk the VP was exactly. Sephiroth knew the alcohol was strong before bringing the flak to his lips.
The strong scent was telling, and he didn't need the enhanced senses of a SOLDIER to know that much.
"For lack of better words, they suck, don't they? Fathers? They suck the life they gave right out of you the minute you become a man." He scoffed. "I never thought I'd say this, but I truly miss the days where he'd barely look at me."
Sephiroth listened closely.
"Granted, he was never home." Rufus's voice was shrouded in reminiscence, and it wasn't the good kind. Even Sephiroth could detect that much. "And when he was...." A pause. "He wasn't a father. He owned me. Just like he owns everyone else."
Sephiroth stood up straighter. Rufus noticed, his eyes falling on the flask Sephiroth still nursed in his hands.
Sephiroth awkwardly raised it, taking a small sip. It burned his throat unpleasantly and promised nothing at all. Had he been a regular man, perhaps the liquor would've been merciful and numbed his nerves.
"Forgive me. You probably can't relate to any of it, right? You must've been under a constant microscope in that lab."
Sephiroth huffed in amusement.
"Something like that," he said. "And I belonged to no father. Professor Hojo often made it explicitly clear that he could erase me from the very same life he gave me."
Rufus hummed. "Haven't I heard that one before. Let me guess, was it with a gun pointed at your head?"
Sephiroth lowered the flask. "Scalpel to the stomach."
"Ah, well I'll drink to that." He extended his open palm. Sephiroth gave him back the flask, watching Rufus down the rest of its contents.
The conversation was flowing, so he tentatively asked: "And your mother? Do you鈥揹o you have one? Did you have one?"
He held his breath as Rufus lowered the flask, tore open his suit jacket and stuffed it inside.
"My mother died when I was very young. You?"
Sephiroth lowered his head. "She died... shortly after I was born."
They fell into a quiet, bittersweet understanding. Neither of them outwardly said it, but they thought the same things.
It was the start of a strange friendship.
"Do you want to get out of here?" Rufus asked. "I'm sure they'll leave us alone if they see us rubbing elbows. For all they know, we're talking business."
Sephiroth considered for a moment, then nodded with his version of a friendly smile.
"I'd like that."
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mhbcaps 3 months
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hi I'm mhb and this is jackass my cyberpunk 2077 blog! you will find virtually nothing else here and I don't tag my reblogs except to occasionally hoot and holler about the content.
about me
I'm over the age of 25 and I live in the USA where I work in a school and play d&d a lot. I also draw, and once in a blue moon I write. my vp tag is mhbcaps
my ask box and DMs are open if you want to hit me up 馃槃
my ocs
Tumblr media
David 鈥淰鈥 Lozano: (he/him) my canon V, a born-and-bred Heywood brawler who never really cared about being famous but god Jackie made it sound so good. He doesn鈥檛 think he can make a difference and he doesn鈥檛 really try to. It鈥檚 all about survival, and corps can wipe you out in the blink of an eye. He would鈥檝e minded his damn business after the heist if it hadn鈥檛 been for Johnny.
He used to date Kerry but they broke up and now he's with Angel.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sanctuary Zelenko: (they/them) Medtech washout, ex-Scav, currently a ripperdoc in Northside. They鈥檙e eccentric, they鈥檙e enigmatic, they鈥檙e downright creepy sometimes. Their friends tell people they鈥檙e harmless, but no one knows for sure. Best not to find out.
Joey Armas: (he/him) Scav who grew up homeless in Pacifica. His brother was killed in front of him by some trust fund kid testing out their new combat-grade implants--that鈥檚 probably what set him down the path that led to the cyberware and organ black market.
They're dating each other.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Viggo 鈥淕ogo鈥 Day: (they/them) a Static of the Kessler nomad clan along with their three brothers and a sister. They鈥檙e David鈥檚 best friend, a bright and cheerful foil to his taciturn toughness. The city hasn鈥檛 beaten the optimism out of them yet, and they have a lot of friends in surprising places who鈥檇 like to keep it that way.
Brother "Bea" Calloway: (she/her) a statuesque netrunner that鈥檚 earned herself a spot in the Afterlife鈥檚 back booths. She鈥檚 highly focused and more than a little intimidating when she鈥檚 working, but in her personal life she tends to be quite demure in contrast.
Brother is dating Gogo's older brother Augie, and Gogo is dating River Ward.
There are NPVs available for David and Gogo (Sanctuary is coming soon) - you can message me here or on Discord if you'd like me to send them to you! they come with one-page guides to their character and shooting tips.
technical information (& transparency)
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660S (I use a prebuilt that I bought from Costco in 2020, don't come at me)
I use AMM and the game's photomode to take my screenshots, along with this effect replacer mod and a modified version of this reshade preset. Facial expressions are mods by pinkydude or xbaebsae. Except for some tattoos and Sanctuary's eyes, I only use publicly available mods - anything you see in my screenshots, you can also grab for yourself. If you need help finding it, don't be afraid to ask!
I occasionally will edit screenshots after the fact, usually to add text or reduce clipping but not much else. If I really fucked up the lights on one shot in a story, I'll fiddle with the color levels to match it to the others as best I can. Most of the screenshots I post are dragged straight from the folder to tumblr.
I think sometimes VP seems intimidating or impossible because it can be hard to figure out how some people get their shots looking like custom Blender setups or near-photorealistic. The answer is usually hotsampling, high-end GPUs, Otiscam, 4k texture mods, and photo editing software - sometimes all together, sometimes not. Not to say that these things are cheats or somehow invalidate the artistry behind the VP, but it IS to say that anyone can do it if they learn the tools, and those tools aren't even required. I don't use any of them. That's why I'm including this section - hopefully I can demystify VP a little. An artist's tools are only part of how they make art: having the same tools as someone else doesn't mean you'll magically make art just like them, and not having the same tools as someone else doesn't mean you'll automatically be worse at making art. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you love your blorbos and you think they look good.
thanks for reading
happy [day of the week]!
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chevvy-yates 5 months
got tagged by @alphanight-vp. Thank you sm 馃
As I got four boys I will only pick Ryder for now, as I assume he's the secret crowd favorite. If it happens I get tagged again I'll pick another as I do not have the energy to do all four atm.
Decided to let Ry answer. All in italic is what he thinks for himself as further answers as he usually doesn't like these sort of rather boring and timewasting questioning and even more so doesn't tell that to strangers. So it's not a must to let the oc speak but I felt like doing it for this one. It's just Ryder thinks a lot for himself especially with strangers. He holds back his true wants and interests very often and only gives harsh answers to them that don't tell much about him.
Tumblr media
"You scanned me, right? It says 'Ryder' 鈥 and that is how you are allowed to call me. No last name, Just Ryder. Is all you need to know." 鈥 I'm a fucking von Scharfenberg, some high royal German Corpo. If I would spit that into your face you would probably only laugh and your answer would be "This is a joke right?". Kein Scherz, I'm the son of the CEO of Militech. The useless boy who disappeard several years ago. I had reasons enough to leave this shitty live.
"You are a rando so for you I am still 'Ryder', ist das klar?" 鈥 My nickname is 'Ry' but I only allow my closest friends and loved ones to call me like that. Thyjs calls me 'snoep' and I think that sounds beautiful. He only says it when we are just for us. So ein S眉脽i.
"Cis male."
"It spans 210鈥240掳 ecliptic longitude under the constellation of Scorpius, so it's Scorpio." 鈥 Sometimes though I feel like a cancer in a leather jacket rather than a true Scorpio.
"I'm 1,88m tall. Translate it to inches, feet or whatever you count in by yourself." 鈥 Why can't this world have a consistent meassurement system? Geht mir so auf die N眉sse! Apple hat's doch auch vor gef眉hlt 50 Jahren geschafft Thunderbolt dem USB-C Standard anzupassen und heut' gibts das nicht mal mehr!
"Gay. Top only."
"I rarely eat fruits. They are expensive as fuck these days."
"Clearly Fall. I like the wet rainy air way more than hot sweaty summers."
There we go鈥 the standard questions are popping up once again. Wieso jetzt Blumen? This is getting lame. 鈥 "I always forget the name. Ask Thyjs, not me. He knows it for sure. It's pretty. Dark purple is all I can remember."
"The smell of a thick dark and green German forest. Cedarwood, moss and earthy scents. That paired with rain? Beste!" 鈥 I miss that a lot. 鈥 "If you want to know a fragrance instead: Aramis. Its notes? Like the way I'm smelling for you right now minuse the cigarette smoke." 鈥 I see you start sweating. Un眉bersehbar. Aramis never fails.
TEE? 鈥 "Brudi, Tee kommt mir gar nicht in die T眉te! Give me a fucking beer! Faust. Astra. Or a Tannenz盲pfle. Man, I even take your lousy American beer or a Heinaken if I have to but please 鈥 no fucking tea!" 鈥 Coffee in the morning is alright though and gets me going.
"Man, why always these lame questions? Fucking hell. I do not track my sleep. If I sleep, I fucking sleep! If it's 4 or 8 hours 鈥 I do not care!" 鈥 To be honest, I rarely got a good sleep 鈥 not before Thyjs came into my life as he distracts me a lot. I mean if I found sleep, i slept, but there's been a time I slept like two hours and I needed booster meds to stay awake. Beast pounds almost 24/7 in my head 鈥 try find some sleep with it. almost impossible 鈥
-Sighs rather agressively- These questions are getting on my nerves. 鈥 "Dogs."
SEH ICH SO AUS ALS W脺RD ICH DAS NEM RANDO WIE DIR MITTEILEN WOLLEN!? -tries to stay calm- 鈥 "Just be somewhere alone with my soldier visiting several spots in Europe. Where is none of your business." 鈥 I would love to show Thyjs where I've grown up and played as a kid. Back then life was easy and carefree. I would love to see Amsterdam. Love to travel up to Sweden or Norway and see the Aurora Borealis, have a great look at the stars as Night City's massive lighting during the night blocks nearly ever star up there. I miss Berlin and the clubbing there. Want to go back and lay down onto the old tarmac at Tempelhof. Explore old ruins along the Rhein and I want to do it all with my soldier.
"None. Don't read. Not much of a tv or movie fan either." 鈥 I wasn't allowed to read or watch anything that has to do with 'fandom' as it was only distraction and nonsense. I was told TV programs are there to keep people dumb and busy from looking away from what happens in the world and from edjucating themselves. But once I met V and he did his 80s retro movie nights I liked Indiana Jones a lot.
"Next question!" 鈥 Only one blanket and Thyjs in between. At least for a bit because we separate fast as the heat, our bodies emmit, becomes too much waking us up all the time. But I love to fall asleep with him this way. He calms me and it's like he pushes Beast into a corner, silences it for a while just by his presnece. No one else is able to do that.
"What would you do if I told you I am a cyberpsycho?" 鈥 -stares at you with a steady gaze and bared teeth- Now, pack your things an go before it gets worse. I'm holding back already.
@imaginarycyberpunk2023, @elvenbeard, @morganlefaye79, @ouroboros-hideout, @aggravateddurian, @dreamskug, @wraithsoutlaws, @gloryride @cherryrockpops and @streetkid-named-desire
as always not a must and idk if u been tagged already or not, but feel free to do anytime, especially if you got more blorbos than one!
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qqueenofhades 1 year
It infuriates me to no end how the online leftidiots complaints about Biden always seem to revolve around:
A. Biden isn't doing thing that the office of the president doesn't have the authority to do
B. Biden isn't doing thing that he lacks the votes in congress to make happen
C. "Akshully, Biden isn't really a liberal he's a conservative/centrist democrat" even though pound for pound Biden might be the most liberal/left wing president since FDR, his support of lgbtqa+ rights alone make him very liberal/left wing, more than any of his predecessors, hell he was almost fired as vp because of such support, online leftidiots love to forget that
Look... I dunno, man. I'm tired. I'm well aware that yes, there ARE legitimate criticisms of Biden to be made, and it is not just that he couldn't logistically do something. I have made some of them myself! He has legitimately failed at/not really delivered on/not gotten to some things that I would have liked to see focused on more! But I don't make it into a giant endless production screaming about how terribly He Has Failed! Especially while we are hanging onto democracy by the skin of our teeth and we still have people acting like it's an unforgivable moral burden for them for us to beg them to vote against fascism! And that if they do, we should be appropriately grateful and never say anything again, much less ask them to vote in each election and like... Tired. So tired. So, so tired.
Every time I make a post that gets semi-popular, I inevitably have to deal with nonsense in my notes, and like... I'm way too old to get into slap fights on the Internet. You will not change my mind. I will just get annoyed. I don't care how many ways you can demonstrate your superior leftism. I don't care why you personally think Biden is the worst. I want you people to just actually legitimately face up to what we are dealing with, and what the alternative is. And yet, going into the third election cycle of this, we are still doing this nonsense. So. It makes me, to say the least, very cranky.
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magicaldreamfox1 1 year
Do you have any vegaspete fanfic recs for someone getting into the ship?
hi! i'm so glad u asked!! i famously love having opinions and have great taste so absolutely i would love to recommend some fics!
so i don't know exactly what u're looking for and since u mentioned getting into the ship i tried to give u a wide variety of recs to choose from!
let's get started!
Plain & Pleasure (Series) by @onstoryladders
fantastic tattoo parlor au. just trust me on this it's really good
Black Velvet (Series) by @kerrikins
black velvet is a canon divergence from the ep 7 torture scene until the end of the series and it is one of the most famous works of the fandom i think. like it is to me. u can read the first two chapters of black velvet the work as a standalone but why would u am i right. don't be intimidated by the length it's amazing!
i fill you up, drink from my cup by @petes-vegas
mmmmmmm pwp? pwp. post-canon vegaspete attend an event both pissed at each other and they start trying to make each other jealous. this might have u thinking uhmmm this is getting worrying they're really doing the most is this gonna go into cheating territory? and fear not the answer is no.
in your eyes, in your arms (series) by @pressignore
great post-canon series about vegaspetemacau bonding in the hospital. very cute very fluffy 10/10 would recommend.
Blood & Lust (Series) by @kerrikins
taking a dark turn after the last one this is a series abt. horny torture. honestly all u need to know. #justvegaspetethings and so on and so forth. might be ur cup of tea might not be. only one way to find out
Visiting Home by @raelle-writing
another fluffier turn. u gotta keep up here i move fast. so this is post-canon vegaspetemacau visiting pete's grandma. everyone is experiencing feelings. look me in the eyes. do u see the tears. it's fantastic. i especially love the buildup we get thru the whole fic and it pays off so beautifully in the end and it's just. an amazing fic i loved it very much
If You Had Something To Lose by @raelle-writing
now pay attention! this is an ONGOING fic. but it makes the list bc man. MAN. so it's an au. the theerapanyakuls are in the mafia, peteporschechay are not. one evening pete finds beaten up vegas in a back alley and saves his life. love at first sight? no u misheard. horny at first sight. shenanigans ensue. raelle plays with my feelings. now disclaimer i haven't read the most recent like. 4 chapters bc i'm depressed scared of sad cliffhangers i just can't deal with it 馃槶馃槶馃槶. but really this fic is fantastic it had me hooked from the very beginning and it just keeps going on amazingly and i have no doubts it will continue being great until the end.
discoth茅que rouge by @lu-sn
now i read this one recently and yeah YEAH. classic vp shenanigans it's such a good time. post-canon mafia shenanigans starring vp.
the weight of it's like hands around my neck by @wegathpete
now listen! i'm not a member of the peteporsche ride or die besties agenda but i know a lot of people like it and this fic is just so good. i hope op knows the babygirl paragraph lives in my head rent free. it's a post-canon introspection of vegaspete which also includes porn. aren't we lucky 鉂わ笍
Silly Secrets by @raelle-writing
have u ever wondered what vegas would do if he walked in on pete's preferred exercising.... routine. well u don't have to wonder any longer! it's exactly what it says on the tin! post-canon vegas discovers pete's silly secret! whatever will he do abt it!! only one way to find out 馃槍馃槍馃槍
Your Secrets And Lies by @kerrikins
another banger by kerri. post-canon vegaspete in the hospital. pete thinks vegas is holding back and decides to do smthg abt it. very simple very fun!
we've now arrived at the shameless self promo part of this post!
so i happen to write as well and i happened to have written some vegaspete fics!
best stranger by me
so this is more like. vegaspete adjacent but it still counts in my humble opinion. gotta promote myself! it's set post-canon in the hospital. arm visits to check up on pete. my armpete besties agenda 鉂わ笍
after the dust has settled we must pick up the pieces by me
my most recent series i've started! it's also set post-canon and contains oneshots of moments in their lives. they can all be read as standalones but in my mind they take place in the same universe (it's not an au this is just how my mind works. they're connected but they're not connected. u know?) it's not a finished series i will be uploading new fics so feel free to subscribe to it if u would like!
i hope this helped! if u liked one fic/series specifically and want more of that kind or would like more recommendations in general feel free to ask!
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imaginarycyberpunk2023 7 months
Tag appreciation 6/?
I am having a bad time in real life so I decided to remind myself of the awesomeness of the tumblr CP VP community and make another one of these, which is long overdue.
In this series I shine a light back on the community and all the fun, love and sass going on in my notes.
@braindancer you show up in my activity feed a lot and always have something nice to say; I love your tags! This -> I have no idea what you're referencing here, I wanna know what you imagine Vinnie to dress up as! So if you can shoot me a message!
Tumblr media
@peaches-n-screem omg yes, this is exactly what I was going for! Vinnie can be messy but he is efficient. Not every fixer appreciates this but Muy tries!!! Because! That's his BOY!
Tumblr media
@chevvy-yates you know I sometimes run over to Discord to thank you for your always well-thought out tags and I just wanna emphasize here that it is not NECESSARY to leave a lot of or any tags on any post but I APPRECIATE it so much -> and I love silly tags as well, YES SHE WILL BONK YOU
Tumblr media
@punkraeman first of all, congrats on the new sideblog. Second of all, I agree 100% because this is such a DAD cap and not in a sexy way and I was like HOW THE HELL DOES HE MAKE THIS WORK? I am never sure at this point if it's just the amazing progress of my brainrot or if he is *actually* that sexy and I love affirmative sexy tags!
Tumblr media
@drunkchasind Whenever I shoot in this orange light I think of your gorgeous VP so I kinda figured you'd like it - it is heavily inspired by your work as well!
Tumblr media
@wraithsoutlaws I've said it before and I will probably say it again - the natural thing is what I am (usually) going for in my VP. I do like stylized, conceptualized VP as well, but my fav thing to do is making them come to life in a very naturalistic way, finding moments in between movements that make sense. In this set especially I loved the progression of their movement together and how flustered Vinnie is in the first pic which is a rare sight.
Tumblr media
@tafferling you apparently got the vibe I was going for with this. I tend to photograph Vinnie smiley and sexy and enticing but he can be an intimidating and dangerous presence. Just imagine this dude coming at you, very calmly, standing at 6"6 and tellling you to calm down. And you don't see any weapons (yet).
Tumblr media
@humberg I am so glad you're back and I love when I get tagged like this! EXCUSE YOU! hahahaha - another example of the tags on this post that were all so supportive of the edits -> I usually barely edit my pics because I never know, what to edit. I've talked to other VPers about this and we did edit exchanges at some points and it's interesting to see how others handle my material. I still gotta post some I got from @dustymagpie that turned out amazing and completely different from what I usually do!
Tumblr media
@juststayquiete I LOVE YOU FOR SCREAMING IN MY TAGS!!! and yes, I dare say myself that this was a really cool idea! And imaginary (her name will change) already might have met Macha and Vinnie. And old space movie vibes is what I was going for. I love the mechanical space ships (think "Aliens") -> I prefer them over the Space X clean look any day!
Tumblr media
That's it for today.
I will continue this series because it makes me see how much good happens in this space! And I love my community that I have gathered here!
Saying hi to my newest followers - welcome to the brainrot:
@ratsstick (ratsstick)
@water-dhavians (water-dhavians)
@sixty---six (sixty---six)
I have no idea why tumblr won't let me @ some of these blogs although they exist so adding their links and praying tumblr won't remove them because that is an annoying bug I have -> tumblr removing text links from my posts.
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