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blessed brothers
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Tomorrow Never Came
What If Drabble
.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.
There’s glass everywhere, but Nacho can see that Lalo doesn’t care about getting bloodied.
He watches Lalo sit himself beside your body. You’re lifeless.
Nacho feels like everything’s on fire, things are muffled - and as much as the man in front of him pushes his knuckles into the broken glass, he won’t be as bloodied as you.
You’re so…red. You’re everywhere on the floor.
The kid’s eyes, your eyes - they’re not scared or helpless. There’s nothing.
Nacho’s failed you, but the way Lalo takes you in his arms tells him that the man doesn’t think the same.
“Princesa, it’s okay.”
There’s a long, long sigh from the man. Nacho gets so angry in the moment - he’s fucking delusional.
He’s telling you it’s okay, and you’re dead.
You’re dead.
“Nacho, you’re gonna have to call - I’ve got special guys to help her. Can’t call the cops.”
Lalo sniffles before wipe his nose, and Nacho’s reminded of something.
“The number is under the sink drawer. You call.”
Before he can say anything, get angry despite everything and because of everything, Lalo rises from the floor - holding you.
You’re so limp.
Nacho wishes, gets so angry at the fact that this is the calmest he’s ever seen you. You settled in Lalo’s arms.
When he begins to walk to the couch, glass crunches and blood drips. The sound of the splatter is so ugly.
His eyes follow the trail, and they feel like they’re burning.
Lalo places you so…gently on the couch. He straighten you and your shirt out. But he’s not looking at you - into your eyes.
Nacho knows why.
“Lalo, look at her. She’s not gonna wake up.”
It’s risky, and it’s the worst thing in the world - but it’s the truth. The shift in Lalo’s eyes, his silent look doesn’t change that.
Nothing changes anything.
“You gonna tell me that?”
From him telling your body it’s okay to his question, Nacho swallows the whole way through - not blinking.
“What if she doesn’t wake up? You know she’s not here, Lalo.”
Lalo doesn’t blink either, and he doesn’t look to you laying lifeless behind him.
“Do I?”
Everybody about you, or what’s left of you is gone, but Nacho has seen Lalo check your pulse.
The guy is trying to stop time.
“Let me check her pulse, then I’ll call.”
There’s no blinking, just fire and more glass crunching - the sun going down.
Something about his boss’s face…twists, and Nacho thinks glass crunches in Lalo’s hand.
“You don’t think I should have this?”
Nacho looks back to the sky, your kids will be back with Yolanda soon.
Nothing stops time. Not in the way they could’ve stopped this.
“They’re gonna be home soon, Lalo. They can’t see her like this.”
There, Lalo just stares at Nacho - and he lets him. Something goes in the moment, and Lalo’s breathing grows heavier. It’s so loud and mean against his eyes.
He turns to you - like you said his name, Nacho can almost hear it.
“Come on, Mama.”
When Lalo kneels to you, Nacho thinks this is the first time he’s heard Lalo plead - and it’s the last time.
Every come on is met with silence and Nacho doesn’t get it. Lalo knows, he knows death - at times he thinks he’s looking at it when he stares into Lalo.
Lalo’s head falls into your shoulder, and he takes your hand, so limp, to put it on his.
He tries to keep himself still so your hand doesn’t fall back, but it does - and he can hear Lalo’s breathing grow rougher.
“Come on, Mama. Gotta-“ Nacho watches as he slips a hand up your shirt, there’s almost a wince when he thinks Lalo met your blood. “Princesa, hey.”
Nacho sees the outline of Lalo’s palm in the middle of your chest. He knows there’s no heartbeat by the way Lalo’s breathing grows rougher.
He swallows. He sees Lalo push his head into your shoulder harder.
Somehow, Nacho knows Lalo’s never really hurt you - not psychically. He can tell he wants to squeeze and strangle, more proof you’re not here. But he doesn’t.
It’s ridiculously hard to look at - the way he’s so gentle with you.
Lalo’s movement shift your body. Your head falls to the side, eyes of nothing piercing Nacho. He turns instantly in the window - knifed by every feeling you ever gave him.
He’s sorry. He’s so sorry.
Nacho can’t turn back to you, he’s too stuck with you smiling and crying and you with your kids. But he hears wetness when he knows Lalo’s palm is back to your stomach, pushing on your death wound.
He doesn’t know why Lalo’s reminding himself of what’s in front of him.
“Princesa, sweet girl.”
The man sounds…off. Somewhere not here, the way you’re somewhere not here.
“Sweet Princesa.”
Nacho does turn back, avoiding every part of your face. He sees Lalo running his palm up and down your stomach - like he’s comforting you.
Maybe he is comforting you. Nacho doesn’t know anymore. He doesn’t know why Lalo continues to repeat all the names that aren’t yours - over and over and over again.
He doesn’t look how long it’s goes on for, what Lalo builds up in his head - but when the room is darker, he lifts you up.
You’re curled. You’re so small in the man’s arms. This is somehow the smallest you’ve ever been.
Lalo takes your limp, out arm and places it bent on your stomach. He’s carried you to bed like this before.
Blood drips. There’s you smiling with every splatter.
“It’s okay, Mama.”
Nacho knows - the worst thing is that this is the only way you could’ve ever been safe.
He sees Lalo kiss your forehead. Nacho wipes his mouth.
Lalo doesn’t turn, and the footsteps aren’t slow. He walks up into the stairs - taking you to bed.
Nacho thinks he hears one last it’s okay. Your real name is the only thing to follow.
He’s alone in the room. Glass and blood and nothing. Every failure.
He didn’t get to tell you sorry, he doesn’t get to hear the forgiving he doesn’t deserve.
You don’t get to hear all those okays you would’ve sunk yourself into.
Nacho looks to the blood spot on your couch. He hears the static of the radio in the kitchen. Scratched music.
For a moment, he’s so stupid to believe he’ll see you. He’s so crazy to hear your voice.
He only sees the sun going down, and there’s only the sound of glass shattering from above.
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Congratulations! You waited so patiently <3 This is another Asra x fem!reader for you. NSFW. 5218 words. 
Playing With Potions
The late spring morning air was warming up to be a balmy 75 degrees. You had your skirt pulled down and up, tucked in the back of the waistband, forming makeshift shorts. The shop was somewhat quiet, yet the din from the streets made its nimble way through the open windows.
You descend the ladder to the box of ingredients you were unpacking. They had come in the previous evening and Asra had promptly asked you to “organize them later”. Of course you said yes, the two of you shared this shop after all, and the work that came with it.
Asra himself was bustling behind the counter, sweeping the wooden floors free of the dust and fallen ingredients. He stops momentarily to pick up his cup of tea and take a long sip. The jasmine tea's steam billows into his face as he sighs with content pleasure.
The floorboards creak as you step down and Asra looks over at you, gaze soft. "How's the supplies look, dear?" He asks curiously, returning the cup to it’s coaster.
"Ah," you muse, counting the small containers in your hands. "Looks like we will be all set on lizard toes for a while, I think our supply captain read 1000 instead of 100." You can't help but chuckle, it couldn't be helped, at least you wouldn’t have to order more for a while.
Asra's eyes open a little wider, "oh my." He laughs, "I suppose we won’t". He sets his broom to rest against the counter and bare feet pad over to you, his deep-purple eyes examining the products.
You feel his hand settle on your waist subconsciously; a side effect of being close to one another. You breathe in lightly, smelling the sweet scent of coconut and honied biscuits wash over you. Asra's breakfast choice was apparent.
"Mm," you say, turning so the two of you were face to face. "You smell delicious."
Asra smiles, box in his hand now a little less important. "Care for a taste?" He teases, eyes falling to your parted lips. He sets his lizard toes aside and joins his other hand at your waist. You look up at him through your eyelashes and nod.
He is a mere millimeter from sealing the gap between you when the bell of the shop jingles merrily.
"Ah jeez," you huff good in good nature. "I forgot we have jobs and responsibilities."
Asra laughs at your obvious disappointment and steals a small peck. "Unfortunately, we have to eat somehow." He then turns away and walks back to the counter to greet the customer.
The man is short and has a little round face. He looks extraordinarily nervous, and this catches your attention. Yours and Asra's shop is well known in the city and the townsfolk trust their magicians. You hadn't seen anyone come in here looking so nervous, and maybe even a little embarrassed.
"What can I do for you, sir?" Asra asks charmingly, resuming his position behind the counter. Briefly you let yourself admire how nice he looks, comfortable in his shop and expertise, before turning back to the box you were supposed to be dealing with. Not, however, letting your ears miss the conversation.
"I," the man starts, already fumbling with his words. "I, well look. I need help." He finishes plainly, nervously clutching his shirt between his pudgy hands.
Asra smiles kindly, "many do." He says, tilting his head and examining his new client. "Are you here for a card reading? Need to get some answers?"
The man groans as though he is already exhausted with the conversation. "No, I already know what I need. I have the answers. I've heard about this place. The ways you can help people. I live an hour out of the market and I made this trip just to see you."
"We're flattered, for sure." Asra says calmly, you can hear slight annoyance in his tone from all the ambiguity. The visitor is none the wiser though. "To help you though," Asra continues. "I'll need to know what you need."
"Alright I need a potion," the man finally reveals. "One that will help me... with performance." His cheeks are redder than a bell pepper in the sun.
Asra raises a white eyebrow, "performance? Are you an actor?"
"No!" The man's voice came out in a strangled whisper, obviously trying to keep it down. You roll your eyes, chancing a glance over your shoulder. The shop floor wasn't that big, of course you were going to hear everything.
"No," he said again, this time a little more composed. "What I mean is... my sex life performance." The truth comes out. Your visitor wipes his forehead with a dirty rag from his pocket. "My wife and I well.. we've hit a slump," he explains. "And I've heard of potions that can help with that kind of thing. Stuff that will completely change the game." His eyes are shining now, imaging life post-performance potion.
Asra looks uncertain at best. "I see," he starts, shooting you a glance. "That.. does exists. But it takes awhile to make. And the price isn't cheap either."
You shove the last of the crow feathers into their designated drawer while listening. You have never heard of such a potion, but you were also still learning. Asra sounds a little unsure though.
"Price isn't an issue," the man sounds desperate. "I'll pay anything."
Asra sighs, he feels bad for the man wringing his hands before him, practically crying for a cure. "Alright," he finally concedes. "I'll make it, but you'll have to come back in the morning. This kind of thing takes all evening to brew."
Your customer nods vigorously, "I can wait." He says. "Tomorrow morning, yes! I'll be here!" His excitement apparent, he bows a few times while backing out of the door, tripping over his own feet.
The door closes with a sharp bang and the bell rings furiously. Asra blows air out of his mouth so that itf ruffles the curls between his eyes.
"Well," he says after a moment. "A sex performance enhancing potion was not what I was expecting to make today." He rubs his temples, eyes closed and looking thoughtful.
You grin at him from the shelf as you pick up the empty shipping box and rest it on your hip. "That's quite the name, I've never heard of a potion like that."
Asra laughs and opens his beautiful eyes to look at you. "Yes, you'll have to forgive me for not teaching you that kind of magic, it's not the.. safest." He ends uncertainly. "I don't even know how this guy found out about it. It's not talked about much amongst us magicians.. and it's certainly not a common one."
Immediately more questions than your mouth can keep up with flood your brain. "So how did you find out about it? And why isn't it safe?" You ask the two more important ones, eyes following Asra as he finds a piece of paper and quill to use.
He dips his quill in the register's ink well and starts scratching down what you presumed to be ingredients. "I've been studying magic for years, my love." He says simply, "and before you ask, no I haven't used it on myself." He looks up at you, mischief dancing in his pretty eyes. "I'd like to think my sex game is up to par." He adds innocently, licking his lips seductively when your ears tinge pink.
You brush imaginary dirt off your shirt sleeves and huff. "I suppose it's pretty good." You mumble. It almost feels like a lie to just describe it as "pretty good" but Asra doesn't need you to stroke his ego right now. You do that enough falling to pieces beneath him every night.
Asra is well aware of your attempt to keep him humble and laughs lightly. "And to answer your other question," he says, turning back to his ingredient list, "messing with ones body like this can be dangerous. You have to be very precise."
You nod as he explains, it makes sense.
Potions are always brewed in pots over a magic fire so you put yourself to work, removing a medium sized iron pot from a hook on the wall and carrying it to a fire stand. Asra is busy himself, opening various drawers and adding seemingly random ingredients to a basket he has looped over his arm. Iris petals, newt eyeball, and some shimmering gold flakes. You smile watching him, your gorgeous magician; smart and able.
In no time at all Asra has a bubbling pot of sweet smelling liquid stirring before him. You stand beside him, observing curiously.
"Why are you wearing gloves?" You ask, taking note of the large leather gloves that clad all the way up your lover's forearm.
Asra continues to stir and looks over at you, happy to hear your eagerness to learn. "I can't risk even a drop of this touching my skin. It's so strong, and will immediately absorb into anyone's skin, leaving them..." He shakes his head and trails off, amused. "That's why it has to brew so long, to burn off some of the potency."
Your mouth opens in amazement, taken aback by the idea. This is the real deal you decide, stepping back a couple inches in precaution. After watching the potion bubble for a couple more minutes you stretch and grab the watering can sitting by the floor of the door.
"I'm going to water the plants," you inform Asra, waving your hand briefly until the can is full of cool, crisp water. Gods knows there are at least three dozen inside and outside of the shop.
Asra is humming in confirmation that he heard you as you open the shop door to the plants hanging outside. You don't get very far before you're blindsided by a streak of purple darting through your legs.
"Faust?!" You yelp, dancing around the squirming snake as she winds her way under and into the open shop. A loud, booming bark makes you jump again. This time a large hound dog is rounding the tight corner from the side street and barreling full speed towards you.
All hell breaks loose. The water can is up in the air, crashing wildly into the side of the building. You are thrown back onto the dusty floor and a mass of fur and teeth race past you, paying no mind to your yelling.
Faust is racing around the floor, narrowly avoiding the jaws of the angry dog she seemed to have aggravated. There's a large crash from inside and you cringe, hearing bottles break and wood crunch. You look back, scared at what you might find.
The shop is a disaster, papers strewn, vials broken, and potion pot toppled. Asra is groaning on the floor, obviously doing no better than the rest. You glance at him worriedly, taking quick notice of the potion he had been making spilled everywhere, even on him.
You snap your fingers and the dog's growl, who was cornering Faust by the bookshelf, turns into a whimper as you lift him up with your magic. "I'm sorry pooch," you sigh, "but we can't have you eating our friend." With a wave of your wrist the hound is out the door and down the street in an instant. The hinges creak and bell rings as the door is once again closed to outside.
Thank you!
Faust wriggles happily, red eyes glowing in relief. You guess she got up to some trouble with the local fauna. She slithers up the stairs quickly, leaving you to look around at the ruined shop.
"Ah, fuck," Asra's words cut through your thoughts like a knife. He's laying flat on the floor, chest heaving as though he just ran a marathon. Sweat glistens on his tan skin, covering him from head to toe.
You step over the broken bottles and kneel at his side. "My love?" You ask, unsure of what to do. It was obvious what had happened, it didn't take an expert. The potion that was supposed to be for your customer was now soaked into Asra's glowing skin.
Asra opens his eyes and you swallow hard. You know that look, and it nearly makes you start trembling where you sit. Lust is prevalent, clouding Asra's eyes until they're a dark amethyst color.
"You-" you start to speak but are cut off by Asra sitting up abruptly. His face is close to yours and his breath washes over your lips, hot and wanton. He looks positively desperate, just the sight of you sitting before him doing wonders.
"Please," Asra's voice comes out low and husky, he watches your chest rise and fall quickly as a result. "Can I please have you, right now."
You could almost call him asking like that soft and innocent, if it wasn't for the raw, hungry look he was giving you. His eyes were traveling everywhere across your body, leaving an invisible line that you could almost feel burning into your skin. Your lips parted and you let out a soft gasp, the power that kind of look had over you was astonishing. You shifted your legs under you subtly, feeling the result of the hot atmosphere low in your stomach.
"Tsk, tsk," you had to tease for a moment. "Closing the shop at midday for some fucking?" You reach up and cup Asra's cheek, feigning uncertainty. His skin on your fingertips burns white hot and you have to hide your amazement.
Asra's eyes narrow, he knew you too well. With a quick flick of his wrist you hear the deadbolt on the door slide into place. It's only a second later and both of his hands have found a place on either side of your hips.
"Why do you torment me?" he asks, pulling you close so your legs straddle him. "Can't you see I'm getting enough of that from this damn mistake of a potion?" His words are almost shaky, as though he can barely speak anymore. He presses his hips up to meet yours, and a soft sigh escapes his lips as he finally gets a little friction.
You dig your nails into his shoulders and gasp, the feeling of Asra so obviously in need is enough to make anyone go wild.
You can't resist grinding down lightly and Asra's eyes practically roll back at the sensation. "How can I say no to such a pretty face," you whisper, completely in love with his reaction.
That was enough for Asra and without added words he gathers you up in his strong arms and lifts you both. Your head falls back pleasurably when his lips find your neck. It only takes a few quick steps on his part to bring the two of you into the plush back room.
The purple cushions lining the cozy futon sink in gently as your back hits the mattress. The room has a slight pleasing haze as sandalwood incense burns at the table. The smell washes over your senses and a new wave of sensuality comes over the room.
Asra's hands hold you firmly as his lips continue to press lovingly into your skin. He hovers over you, one leg pressed between your legs, causing your hips to involuntarily move along his thigh.
"I need you out of these clothes," Asra groans, lips being stopped at your chest where your shirt has suddenly become a hindrance. He's already tugging at the hem, untucking the loose fabric from your waistband. You raise yourself to your elbows and help him pull the shirt over your head. At once it is thrown over Asra's shoulder and his eyes are set on your bare skin, drinking in the sight of his lover.
You smile at his admiration and lay back again, stretching your arms above your head and arching your back. You feel his hands on your stomach, traveling up to rest on your breasts. Your skin prickles with desire, flesh lighting on fire from his ministrations.
"How did I get so lucky," he breathes out, looking down at you with a look filled with love and passion. He rests the tips of his fingers on your nipples and swirls them lightly, leaving you to twist in torturous pleasure beneath his touch. "Everything about you is beautiful." Asra continues to flatter, lowering his head so his curls tickle your stomach. He licks a long line from the dip of your hip up to the valley between your breasts.
After a few moments of tasting your supple skin he moves his hands to the top of your skirt and tugs. You lift your hips in compliance and the fabric slides down your legs easily. Asra licks his lips as your body is finally fully presented to him.
"I could feast on you," he announces, voice lowered with need. "And I wouldn't go hungry in a lifetime." These words he whispers into your inner thigh, they tickle your skin softly.
You watch with bated breath as the man before you adores his lover. It's hard to keep your moans controlled as you feel his sinfully good tongue lick you in a way that can only be described as ecstasy.
Asra shifts into a more comfortable position, lying on his stomach and he brings your legs to lay comfortably over his shoulders. You shudder as you feel his hot breath flutter over your dripping slit. He doesn't waste anymore time and lowers his face to enjoy you.
Your thighs squeeze his head lightly as your body arches in response. Asra is devouring you as though you were a feast and it was the only meal he is to have in a lifetime. He grips your legs tightly to keep you from moving and covers your slit with his mouth, sucking for a moment on the tight nub at the top. He groans happily into your skin before moving down to lick your hole.
"Oh please, yes," you run your trembling hand through his hair and raise your hips up to meet his greedy mouth. He laps short, quick strokes first, stimulating you into madness.
After a moment he slows his tongue down to swirl languidly, looking up at you. You make eye contact and groan at the erotic scene of him eating you out. "That mouth of yours is too skilled for its own good," you whisper, fingers digging into his scalp, trying desperately to savor every swipe of his tongue.
Asra smiles against your folds. "I live to make you feel good, my dear." He says, pausing a moment. "You intoxicate me. Your smell, your taste. I couldn't get enough even if I had all the time in the world." He presses his lips on each one of your thighs with hot, open mouth kisses.
You blush at his words, feeling amazing under his praise. "Come here," you command softly, pulling on Asra's hair lightly to guide him back up your body. He kisses every inch of skin he passes before finally reaching your lips.
"Mm," he hums, taking your face in his hands. "But these lips, are like the finest honey in Vesuvia." He lifts your head so your mouths meet. It's a hot and feverish kiss, full of staggering amounts of love.
You press your body into his and relish in the feeling of kissing Asra. Your mouths are opened to one another and your tongues meet in fiery unison. While you enjoy the kiss you allow your hands to roam. Your fingers find his shirt buttons and you start to undo them as best you can, only a little distracted. It takes just a minute and you sigh happily into his mouth when you finally remove the annoying clothing.
You part a moment to admire the divinity of his body; prostrated before you. He was calling himself the lucky one, but you could probably make a pretty good argument for it being the other way around. He looked absolutely glorious in the hazy glow of the room.
As you reach for the waistband of his pants and rest your fingers playfully on the skin above it Asra breaks out in goosebumps at the fluttering feel of your touch.
"Ah," he breaths out, raising himself to his knees and closing his eyes. Clearly, he's enjoying the attention finally being on him.
"You are the one with the potion affecting them." You say, drawing a line from one hip to another. "It'd almost be criminal to ignore you for any longer." Your eyes fall to the bulge straining under Asra's pants, just begging to be free. A smile plays across your lips as his breaths quickens significantly.
"I.. wouldn't complain." He finally manages to say in a strained tone.
You smile, maybe a little too satisfied, and hook your fingers under the band. "I know." You chuckle, pulling. The trousers catch a moment on Asra's hardened length before slipping down to his knees. You take time to admire the sight before you, licking your lips. Asra is panting slightly, looking down at you lustfully as your eyes graze over him.
He grabs your head on either side and looks into your eyes. "Please," is all he can croak out.
You swallow thickly and you feel yourself dampen even more at his begging words. “I’d like nothing more" you say; need dripping heavily from your words. You lean forward and kiss the tip of his leaking slit lightly. Asra's body shivers with pleasure when your soft lips meet his aching shaft.
You take a breath before closing your mouth around his tip. Your cheeks hollow and you suck in deeply, enjoying the small sounds of pleasure emitting from Asra's lips. He groans even deeper as you finally swallow down his whole length, tip sliding down the back of your throat.
"Ah fuck, baby," he stutters through gritted teeth, fingers threading through your hair. He thrusts into your mouth without hesitation, reveling in the way you feel around him. The pace is fast and vicious, leaving no time for extra room for breathing.
You choke back your gasps and feel the involuntary tears prick at the corners or your eyes. Your hands fall to your sides as you let Asra use your mouth how he pleased. Licentious noises ring around the room as he sinks his member into your mouth relentlessly, moaning at each stroke and the salacious feelings that come over him.
His grip tightens in your hair as he pounds into your face. You open your mouth as widely as you can and take him in, ignoring the slight pain of labored breathing. The feeling of being used so mercilessly is intoxicating, and you close your eyes, enjoying the pleasure that overtakes you.
With a loud pop he pulls out of your drooling mouth, leaving you to be the one groaning in disappointment.
"I'm sorry love," he huffs dazedly, need heavy on his features. "But if I don't stop this now I'm cumming in your mouth."
"That doesn't sound so bad," you complain, sticking your tongue out so Asra can view how much you want it. His eyes darken considerably and he looks ready to break.
He takes a breath in sharply, steadying himself before holding your face gently in his hand. "As much as I want you fuck your face, that pussy of yours I know is dripping for me and I have to comply." He chuckles, running his thumb along your lip.
You whimper at his words, practically climaxing at the suggestion. You meet his eyes in a needy manner and nod. "Oh, Asra," you start, already seeing excitement flit across his face at the mention of his name. "I want you more than I can even describe to you."
To this Asra inhales sharply, thumb still hooked in your mouth. "Tell me how you want me," he says, barely able to contain his own desire.
"I want you to fuck me from behind," you begin, knowing exactly how to please his ears. "I'm going to cry and moan, and beg you for relief but you will know better." His eyes widen in ecstasy but you continue anyway. "I want you to give everything you can to me, without holding back."
Asra seems to snap right in front of you. His features immediately seem to plead for consolation. "You'll get what you ask for." He growls, fingers tightening in your mouth. You lick his thumb seductively and the action throws him over the edge.
Asra's hands fly to your waist and hold you firmly, you're flipped over; ass to the heavens greeting him. He swallows at the sight and digs both palms into the flesh, enjoying the feeling immensely. "So needy and ready for me," he groans, finger finding your entrance and slipping in easily. You gulp at the warmth of having fingers enter you. Asra is unrelenting and curls them cruelly against your walls.
"Just fuck me already!" You cry, unable to hide your desires anymore. You hear Asra laugh behind you, yet despite this you know he is dying to sink himself into you.
"Alright, alright." He concedes, taking your hips in his hands. "If you insist."
You feel his tip slide against your slit and shudder, craving the feeling of him inside you. It doesn't take more than a moment before you feel him start to enter you. You lay your head down, turning your face so you can watch Asra take you from behind.
His lips are parted in a silent moan as he relishes in the feeling of your walls around him. You sigh softly as he fully sheaths himself in you, a small tremor passing over your body from the pleasure. One moment, two moments pass as you both bask in the feeling of being connected.
"Give me your hands," he commands, slowly sliding in and out of you, giving no care to his agonizingly slow pace. Soft gasps are falling from your lips as you try to register his request.
Carefully, you cross your arms behind your back. It's no use to keep the blush at bay as you take in the dirty scene. Your face is pressed to the pillows, unable to move much as Asra takes your wrists and pins them to your back. Your ass is raised in the air to meet his rhythmic thrusting.
Asra grips one of your thighs with a free hand and quickens the pace a little. Your eyes shut tightly as your body responds. You can feel his tip hit deep inside of you with each snap of his hips. It's unrelenting and you have to catch yourself from begging for more.
You feel the fingers around your wrist tighten a bit as Asra's breathing speeds up behind you. You know that he's set on giving you as much painfully slow torture as he can manage himself, but you also know that potion is working against him. There's nothing he wants more than to let go and pound you into the mattress.
"Baby," you choke out, words bouncing along with your bodies. "I know you want to fuck me so good right now." Your voice is deep with seduction. "Please just fill me up like I know you want to." You finish your plea, watching his face with satisfaction. His eyes are darkened with desire. He takes just a few more strokes before slowly to a stop inside you.
"You asked for it," he warns. He only takes a moment to let go of your wrists and flips your body so you're facing him. He cages you in on either side and licks his lips as he stares into your eyes. His hungry mouth meets yours in a kiss full of fire. You can melt into it for only a second before you feel him grab your hips and pull you flush against him; Your cries drowned by his lips as he sets an erratic pace, skin meeting with loud slaps.
"Fucking hell," he groans, still kissing you between words. "You feel like heaven on earth. You're so hot, and I can feel your insides squeezing me." He explains, hot breath falling over your face. Your cheeks burn at his descriptions.
You loop your arms around his neck and press your chest into his. Your skin meets, shining with sweat and burning from love. Asra presses back, savoring the feeling of your nipples brushing against his.
You start to feel that familiar blossom of unreleased pleasure pool in your lower stomach. Asra's shaft is hitting you just right, sending jolts of satisfaction right to your core.
"Oh-" you stop and whine pleasantly when he shifts angles. "Fuck. Please yes, don't stop!" Your arms drop and nails dip into his biceps and you grit your teeth from the hot delight searing through your body.
"I couldn't even If i wanted to," Asra answers, words strained as his grasp on himself starts to crumble. His breath is leaving his lips in short pants now and you can almost see the resolve to hold on slip away before your eyes.
He falls into you, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist and thrusts into you with all of the strength he can muster. You bury your face in his neck and take hold of his hair. You can feel Asra's body shuddering to not let go.
You bring your lips to his ear and bite his lobe. "Won't you come for me sweetheart? Please empty yourself in me." You whisper.
Asra takes in a sharp breath and you hear him choke at your words. They were enough to push him over the edge and he rams into you with a low, strangled cry.
Your head falls back and your mouth opens in a silent scream as Asra lets himself go in you. Your legs shake violently of their own accord as you feel your orgasm wash over you, leaving your body in euphoric fire.
Asra's lips immediately find yours as you ride out your orgasms together. You kiss him passionately, all of your senses in overdrive. His kisses are soft, and sweet, a clear declaration of his love. Happiness rushes in like a flood as you enjoy the afterglow. After a minute Asra removes himself from you and joins you in laying down, sides still heaving from the activities.
"My dear, how I love you." He says with a smile, running his fingers in slow, soft circles on your stomach.
You turn on your side and look into his eyes. He looked content, and his cheeks were dimpled from his growing grin.
"I love you too," you return, hand falling into his. His skin was still warm. The two of you lay there for a while, out of breath and simply enjoying the presence of one another.
Eventually, Asra sits up and looks down at you with humor in his eyes. "Well, I think I can tell our buyer that we did an extensive review of his product and it does, in fact, work."
Your face breaks into a smile and you laugh at Asra's words. "Oh goodie, I'm sure he'll be thrilled to hear all about it."
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kinanabinks · 2 years
how would bucky react to body acne (like chest or back) it’s kinda something i’ve been insecure about recently and i just want some bucky fluff to get through work today if you don’t mind
bucky would be an utter angel.
thank you so much for requesting! i hope you enjoy my love, and i hope work goes well for you today, and every day after today. <3
this got a little long as per fuckin usual
I'm Gonna Love You - Bucky x Reader
content warning: bucky x reader, angst, insecure!reader, fluff, soft!bucky, comfort.
• • • • •
You and Bucky have been dating for a few months. It's light and fun, but being that he's often tied up with work, you don't really get to see him a lot - but when you do, it's incredible.
He's a perfect gentleman, with the right amount of cheeky arrogance every now and then, keeping you flustered and falling head over heels for him, and fast. Bucky is falling too, but he isn't afraid of it like he thought he would be. Being with you is the easiest thing he's ever done.
One Friday night, after a long week at work, you're running yourself a soothing bath. You aren't expecting to see Bucky tonight, because he has some party at work.
You both agreed that it's still too soon for you to meet his coworkers, no matter how badly you want to meet the Avengers, seeing as his job is intense and there's a lot of secrets and danger and security issues involved when you start dating a superhero.
Instead, you're planning on having a nice bath and maybe ordering some Chinese later, and then you'll probably spend the rest of the evening texting Bucky to make sure you're still on his mind while he's undoubtedly surrounded by gorgeous women.
While the tub fills up with water, you're standing naked in front of the mirror. You turn around to look at your back, the sight of it making your stomach drop.
The acne has been worse recently, and you aren't sure why. Hundreds of different creams sit half-used in your cupboards, none of them curing your skin. You've tried everything from home-grown herbs to medically prescribed steroids, but nothing has ever worked in removing your acne.
Your heart aches when you think of how Bucky would feel if he was to see it. You've done well to avoid it so far; sticking to missionary and cowgirl during sex and keeping a shirt on the rest of the time, but summer's fast approaching, and with it your anxiety, too. Any week now, the sun will burst through the dreary skies of New York with the fury of a thousand fires, and when Bucky buys you a bikini to wear to the beach, what the fuck are you supposed to do?
There's a knock before you can get into the tub. You answer the door in nothing but the bathrobe that Bucky left behind a few weeks ago, wondering if you accidentally ordered the food already without realizing - but when you see Bucky there, you're shocked.
"Jamie?" You ask as he walks in, wrapping his arms around you. "I thought you had the party tonight?"
"Ah, I thought about going," He mumbles into your neck. "But then I realized I would much rather be with you instead."
With warm cheeks and a warmer heart, you lead him into the living area while he kisses you, almost tripping over the coffee table.
"Nice robe," He whispers against your lips with a smirk.
"Thanks," You reply sweetly, cupping his cheeks. "It belongs to this guy I'm seeing."
"Oh?" Bucky quirks a brow. "And what's this guy like, huh?"
You laugh softly, looking up at him. "Total idiot."
"Huh," he replies, before suddenly grabbing your legs and throwing you over his shoulder. "Must be an idiot if he's left you here alone tonight."
"Don't call him an idiot!" You scold him between laughs as he takes you into your bedroom. "I happen to really like him."
Bucky places you onto the bed before getting down onto his knees in front of you, resting his hands on your knees. "Oh yeah?" Leaning in closer, he lowers his voice to a whisper. "Well, a little birdie told me that he really likes you, too."
Playfully, you pout. "Which other little birdies have you been talking to, mister?"
He grins before standing up. "None but you, my pretty little birdie. None but you." Then, he teasingly takes one of the ties of the bathrobe before slowly pulling on it.
When you realize that he'll see your back if he removes it, you pull back, protectively grabbing the robe and tightening it around your body. "Stop."
Bucky holds his hands up in surrender, taken aback. "You okay, baby?"
Utterly embarassed, you look down. "I'm fine."
He sits next to you on the bed, his eyebrows furrowing. "I'm so sorry, Y/N, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."
"You didn't," You promise, your tone softening as you look back up at him. "You have nothing to apologize for, I just..."
Confused, Bucky takes your hand in his. "What is it, baby? What's wrong?"
What are you supposed to say? 'I don't want you to think I'm hideous'?
"I'm just a little..." You trail off weakly, unable to find the strength to verbalize your insecurity.
"It's alright," He whispers, stroking your hair. "We don't have to talk about it if you're not ready."
But you can't keep brushing it under the carpet and acting like everything's fine. You can't keep holding back the truth. It's going to come out one day, and you'd rather it be now before you fall even harder for him and his rejection hurts even worse.
"No, it's okay. I'm ready," You tell him, sitting up straight and meeting his concerned gaze. "I... I don't really like my back."
Your voice is small, and he isn't sure he heard you right. "What did you say?" Bucky asks quietly, leaning closer to you.
A sigh leaves your mouth. This is it. Moment of truth.
"I don't like my back," You say a little louder, fiddling with the belt of the bathrobe. "It- I have acne there. It's all red and... and ugly, and I just hate it. I hate it so much and I didn't- I've tried to hide it from you but I know that that isn't fair on you. But I've just been so scared of losing what we have - I have so much fun with you and I like you a lot and I like that you like me, and I don't want you to stop liking me-"
"And you think something like that could make me stop liking you?" He cuts you off, his voice soft and low. "You think it could make me want you any less?"
You want to fall into his kindness, but you can't. "Easier said than done," You grumble bitterly. "You haven't seen it yet. And when you do, you'll think it's ugly and you won't want me anymore, and you'll try to be polite about it but you'll slowly distance yourself and cancel dates and say you're busy with work, and then I'll see you out on the street with some new girl and it'll be so fucking awkward and-"
"Oh, my God," Bucky mutters, his hand running through your hair. "How much time have you spent overthinking this, baby?"
Sheepishly, you shrug. "Every night since we met."
A pained look overtakes his features and he instantly pulls you into his chest, holding you tight. "Oh, baby, come here. I can't believe you've had this weighing on your chest all this time."
Sniffling, you clutch onto his shirt. "It's okay if- if you leave. I'd understand."
Bucky feels his heart break. How hurt must you have been in the past to be so accustomed to being treated so badly?
"Listen to me," He begins sternly, stroking your cheek. "Remember when we first met?"
A soft laugh leaves your mouth. Your first meeting was an absolute disaster - some wannabe villain was causing havoc in New York, and attacked a bar while you were in it because the mayor's son was partying there that night, too. Bucky and the Falcon were thankfully there to save the day, and Bucky took your number while you were getting wheeled away in an ambulance.
"It wasn't that pretty little dress that truly caught my attention. And, although it definitely helped, it wasn't your gorgeous face either," He teases, wrapping his arms tighter around you. "It was the way you were asking everyone if they were okay and needed help, all while having a broken leg and arm yourself. The way you offered to help some guy pull a table off his friend, ignoring your own pain. That selflessness and purity is what drew me into you, and I saw the angel inside you."
You bite down on your lip, doing your best not to cry.
"And the last time I checked, acne doesn't kill the angel," He goes on to say, placing a kiss on your cheek. "And it sure as all hell can't kill the way I feel for you."
Still not convinced, you take in a shaky breath. "You haven't seen it yet," You repeat lowly, your eyes on the ground.
Bucky pulls you onto his lap, his loving gaze never once faltering. "So show me."
Knowing it's the next thing you have to do, you brace yourself. You loosen the robe before pulling it down your shoulders, facing away from Bucky as you expose your back to him. Unable to see his reaction.
There's a short silence, during which your heart clenches. and then, making your stomach flutter, you feel him press a tender kiss to your back.
"Buck," You whisper, your eyes wide. "What are you doing?"
"Kissing my girl," He replies soothingly, before wrapping his arm around your bare chest, his cold watch pressing to your nipple. "Is that such a crime?"
Having expected him to be disgusted, you're overwhelmed by his calm, unmoved demeanor. You're moved to tears, and this time you can't hold them back.
Bucky gently rocks you on his lap, his lips close to your ear. "I am so sorry that, somewhere along the line, someone made you feel like your body is something to be ashamed of. I'm sorry that you've had to be in the presence of people that are so insecure and self-hating, that all they can do is project negativity and hate onto others. But I promise you, baby, I'm gonna love you a hundred times as hard as they hurt you. I'm gonna love you until you're sick of me," He says, making you giggle as he kisses your cheek. "I'm gonna love you until all you know is love. And then I'll keep loving you after that, my pretty little birdie."
You meet his eyes, your blurry vision doing little to stifle his beauty. Even through your tears, you can see him for the angel he is. And he brings out the angel in you.
• • • • •
you are all so beautiful.
• • • • •
Bucky Masterlist
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strawberryspence · 9 months
Tumblr media
I am not taking requests right now.
🍦 Steve Harrington/Eddie Munson 🎸
for your eyes only (i'll show you my heart)
(7 Chapters completed on AO3)
“Damn you, Harrington.” Eddie shakes his head, looking back at the box again. He can see Robin looking at him, but Eddie avoids looking at her. He didn’t want to answer questions about his damn crush on Steve freaking Harrington and how he keeps getting more perfect by the minute. Eddie needs him to stop, like literally right now.
“Oh my god,” Dustin screams, making Eddie look at him from across the room. Eddie finds him staring at someone, so he follows his line of sight and finds one Steve Harrington, yeah, that one, the one he just asked a second ago to stop being perfect? Yeah, that guy is standing at the bottom of the stairs with a crumpled box in his hands and is wearing glasses.
Steve Harrington just exceeded perfect.
Or: 5 times Eddie falls in love with Steve wearing glasses and the 1 time Steve finds out.
choose the rose garden (over madison square)
(5 Chapters completed on AO3)
Eleven Blooms is Steve Harrington’s pride and joy.
The first time El visits the flower shop, she cries. She cries, and she cries, as Steve holds her in his arms, thanking her for everything she’s ever done for all of them, telling her that no matter how many flowers he’ll watch grow in his life, Jane Hopper would be the prettiest, brightest, strongest one of them all and it’s been a privilege to watch her bloom into the person she’s always meant to be
Or: It's 1991, Joyce and Hop are finally getting married. Steve owns a flower shop, Eddie's a rockstar and everyone's tired of their bullshit.
i’ve got you under my skin
(5 Chapters completed on AO3)
“Who’s getting married?” Steve whispers. Eddie smiles at him, and Steve swears he’s never seen that much of Eddie’s teeth.
“You and I, sweetheart. We’re getting married.”
Eddie gives him a look, thank God, something familiar in this whole mess. It’s the look that Eddie gives him that says Do this or I’ll fire you. Steve cocks his head, “Yes! Yes!”
He looks back at Gareth, “We are getting married.” Steve announces, enunciating every word.
Or: Steve Harrington has to marry Eddie Munson (also know as the Devil Incarnate), so Eddie won’t get deported back to Canada and for Steve to finally achieve his dream to be a producer.
Or: The Proposal AU Steddie Edition
Tumblr media
One Shots
i saw the world crashing (all around your face)
(9,7k words on AO3)
"How're you feeling?" Eddie quietly whispers, the conversation private for just the two of them, even if there are people around them.
"Okay. I think. Your injuries hurt like a bitch." Eddie laughs, full-on paughs, his eyes wrinkling into a crescent. Dear fucking god, he had dimples. Yeah, Steve is a goner. Eddie Munson had a smile that could rival the sun. He thinks this might be his new life mission: make Eddie Munson laugh and smile for the rest of his life.
Or: Steve Harrington begs the universe to keep Eddie Munson alive while he carries him in his arms. Someone must have heard im in the Upside Down because Eddie's injuries transfer to him.
you're beautiful (every little piece, love)
(7,5k words on AO3)
Steve Harrington would do anything for the kids. Anything.
Apparently that includes shaving his hair.
shakespeare and warm drinks
(4,8k words on AO3)
She’s not sure of a lot of things. But here are three things Joyce Hopper knows right now:
1. She makes the best hot chocolates in Hawkins, maybe the whole of Indiana.
2. She loved Shakespeare in high school.
3. She is not a great matchmaker.
Or: The one where Joyce matchmakes Steve and Eddie: Shakespeare Style.
this love came back to me
(15,9k words on AO3)
"And you do know that people are curious, right?" Oprah pushes her glasses up, "Everyone is curious as to who and how you can write such heartbreaking songs without anyone ever seeing your date?"
The camera flicks to Steve, and he blinks back at her, "Yes. I am aware."
"Where is this muse?" The camera flickers between Oprah and Steve as they laugh at the question.
"My muse is chilling in the skies, watching me play. He's probably berating me for stealing his sweetheart."
Or: After Eddie's death, Steve returns to the Upside Down to retrieve his guitar. He learns how to play it and ends up becoming a famous singer, famous for his heartbreaking songs about longing and yearning for someone. For a while, that's it. It's not until sixteen years later, that some secrets are uncovered.
Tumblr media
was there a lifetime waiting for us (in a world where i was yours?)
one: you're the pulse i've always needed
(9,2k words)
28 years after Eddie Munson's death, Steve Harrington watches The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and hears a song that changes his life.
two: my soul looks forward to loving you
(3 chapters completed on AO3)
"I don't shake hands." Eddie gives him a look. Steve can't decipher what it is. Fascination? Curiosity? Interest?
"Soulmate non-believer?" Eddie challenges.
Steve raises an eyebrow at him before answering, "Romantic soulmate non-believer."
"Shake my hand. Nothing's going to happen, love. Not ever.”
Or: In their next life, a universe where if you hold your soulmate's hand, you will see visions of a past life lived together, Stephen Buckley and Edward Munson both don't believe in soulmates.
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thychesters · 3 months
Tumblr media
#wipwednesday! wanna take a peek at a reincarnation fic i’ll probably never touch again? cool. luffy has two sets of memories operating at the same time and zoro has no idea what this guy wants but is inexplicably drawn to him at the same time. hanging out at the beach feels kind of familiar though.
this whole fic is just a headache with messing with style. || text under the cut:
Luffy digs his toes into the sand, just out of reach of the surf. The water crests in gently, foamy waves, and an instinctual part of him cries that it’s dangerous to tempt fate, but the more realistic side says it isn’t like he hasn’t been to the beach before. He’s spent most of his summers getting burnt by the sun or spitting out a spray of salt water after Ace dunked his head under the waves.
There’s a different familiarity with it this time, this visit less punctuated by his brothers stealing chips from one another, and as he gazes out over the darkening horizon he thinks there’s another ship to look for, one that isn’t a sailboat or from the regatta the town hosts every year.
Beside him, Zoro shifts, granules sliding as he folds his legs, and he glances over to find him frowning. He seems to do that a lot, more than (usual, since he can’t recall when) he’s (last) seen him smile.
“I don’t know how to explain,” he starts, and then says, “I don’t know you,” which hurts about as much as it did the first time, and it makes Luffy want to yell or claw out his stomach. His head cants. “I feel like I do though. It’s like — it’s familiar, maybe we met once before and didn’t realize it.”
“I’ve never met you before,” Luffy says, and it sounds like a lie before he’s even finished saying it, and he’s never been a good liar. “Feels like I’ve known you a long time though.”
Zoro turns and (shoves his hat down over his head, leaving him teetering on the railing, and he laughs, pushing it back to find) his eyes carry a different weight to them, even the fake one he called too much attention to that first (second) time they met.
He remembers but doesn’t remember a courtyard, does but doesn’t a man bearing his teeth at him and swearing — no? pledging? denying? — an oath that meant more than he could have ever comprehended at the time. Except he doesn’t get it now. They’re strangers; they’re (incapable of being) nothing to one another.
It feels a little like falling backwards, but he’s been rooted to the ground the entire time.
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periwinckles · 2 months
Tumblr media
(please note the rating for this pic has changed to M)
WEEK 7/9 - Thom
“So the rumors are true?”
Cyrus is standing outside his tent and I can only see his legs, but I can picture the smug look on his face.
“Depends on what the rumors say.”
I can’t stop a grin from splitting my face as I step outside. If that’s not enough giveaway I guess the fact that l have all of my possessions shoved inside a duffel bag, and my sleeping bag rolled under my arm should be a clear indication of the day’s events.
“So you’re finally moving out?”
I silently gesture to the duffel bag and he envelopes me in a hug. “Man, I could just kiss you right now.”
“Please don’t.”
“No, I’ll leave it to her.” He says with a nod to my left, and when I turn I see Delly approaching us. Cyrus takes off, probably to come up with a way to discreetly let Fern know I’m out of his tent for good.
She gives this cute little bounce when she reaches me and I think it’s the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I drop my bag on the ground as she takes my hands and holds them behind her back, pulling me to a close embrace.
“You sure you want to do that? I’m kind of smelly right now.”
“I don’t mind.” She tells me as she leans in for a kiss. It’s warm and gentle and full of excitement, just like her. I could hardly focus during the rest of the afternoon, as I kept replaying her kisses over and over again in my head, and I swear I’ll never get enough of this.
“I wanted to take my things back to the tent, before heading for the showers.” I explain.
“I can deal with it if you want. Go, I’ll get your things organized in our tent.”
I throw my head backwards in elation. I still can't believe this is happening. I pull her closer, our hands still connected behind her back, and I kiss her again. “I love hearing you say that.” I say, my lips still brushing hers.
“What? Our tent?”
We stare at each other for a few seconds, before we both give in to wide smiles.
“I spent all afternoon wondering if this was really happening or if I was just out in the sun too much.” I tell her “But it’s real, right?”
She moves her hands to my shoulders and gives that happy little jump again.
“Well I really hope so, because I've been calling you my boyfriend all afternoon. I’ve been casually dropping hints around every girl in camp.” I laugh out loud at this and it earns me another quick kiss. “What?” she asks me “I’m not taking any chances, these girls are kind of thirsty.”
There's a lot of new girls in camp, but they're still the minority, and for every new girl, there's about five different guys calling dibs on her. I couldn't care less.
“I really need to head to the shower, before I miss my time slot.”
“Go! I’ll take this!” She says taking my things and giving me a soft lingering kiss.
We're teased mercilessly during dinner time. I'm not used to being the center of gossip, but Delly finds it amusing and she makes a point to hold my hand in clear sight the entire time.
Our relationship triggers discussion about the former Seam-Merchant divide, and we end up dinner with an unplanned brainstorming about what the new town setup should be like, and how to prevent social feuds. Sae has a lot on her mind about this, and we end up making a few changes to our original plans.
"We're not divided now, but what happens in a generation or two? We need to make sure everyone is treated equally when splitting the land and the new houses." One of the newcomers says, and everyone nods in approval.
We expect the construction materials to start arriving in the next few weeks, and we'll be starting on the first houses as soon as we have everything we need. We end up taking a vote regarding the construction, and I'll be taking charge of the construction crew. Zac Steiner will take over the suppliers team, but he still reports to me and I'm still the one to contact the government. Delly is officially out of the suppliers and she's the head of a team of five women that tend to the garden.
"I say we build houses for the families first. I know everyone is dying to move to a house, and hopefully we all will have a roof over our heads before winter, but we need to make choices, and I say families with kids are top priority. Then families without kids. Then single folks."
I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I'm glad to find out everyone else agrees. Soon the fire starts to die out and we end our impromptu meeting. I linger a bit by the firepit, to make sure the fire is out, Saul right beside me, while Delly has her privacy on the tent. After a while, we join her inside.
The tent is not huge, but it can fit the three of us quite nicely. Our sleeping bags are all lined up, Delly in the middle, Saul to the right and me to the left. Our clothes are neatly folded into three piles on the far side from the door. She is wearing my gray hoodie again.
“So I’m losing that again, uh?”
She doesn't answer me but makes a point to roll over facing Saul so I can undress myself.
"So you're giving Thom privacy but not me?" Saul complaints. I think he's not serious though, as he shows no qualms in changing clothes in front of her.
"I've seen you naked before." She tells him.
"Yeah, but I have chest hair now."
"Oh Saul, trust me, we'll be back in a house before you have chest hair."
We all settle down for sleep. I’m still not sure exactly on her stance for physical affection inside the tent, so I take my time to lay down, but once I do she laces her fingers around mine.
Saul's voice is the last thing I hear, before falling asleep.
"Just for the record, I want my own room when we get a house, Delly."
Saul is an early riser, and he's not quiet either. I feel like a herd of elephants is shaking the whole tent as he gets up and gets dressed. Delly's head is resting on my arm and I can feel her sighing against my shoulder. She's awake for sure, and I hope the smile that lurks in my lips doesn't alert Saul to my state of consciousness too.
"Saul, you're up?"
Danny Thompson waits for him outside, and someone needs to teach these kids how to be quiet. What they need to do at six a.m. is beyond me, but since it's working to my advantage I'm not complaining.
"Coming!" Saul tells him in an attempted whisper.
As soon as we hear the tent zipper close again her breath is in my ear.
"If you're sleeping through this Thom, I swear I'll slap you."
Read the rest on AO3
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maysoulrose · 3 months
The Thief and The Moon chpt 1
You guys i’m doing it. I’ve been writing a fanfic about one of my skyrim oc’s and her relationship with Brynjolf because i’m a sucker for the man. I posted the first chapter on Fanfic . net if you’d rather read it there, but I’mma try and post here too!!!!!!!!!!! I finally finished enough chapters to where I feel like it could be at a stopping point, in case I take a long break or something, so here they come! I’ll try to link each chapter on every post for convenience sake!
here’s my story on the website of the fiction : @ maysoulrose
ALSO this whole thing started because I stumbled upon THIS STORY ABOUT FARKAS AND I’M DYING. it really inspired me to write my own.
it’s freaking steamy as HECK so get your eyeballs READY.
Chapter 1
“Pay up.” Brynjolf held out his hand in anticipation. The two guards at the front gate of Riften eyed each other. Bashfully, the one on the left scratched the back of his head before confessing.
“Sorry Brynjolf, the only person who came through today saw right past our scheme… and…”
“She scared the pants off of us!!!” the other guard burst out. Brynjolf gave his eyebrow a good raise.
“Really?” He folded his arms in thought.  “What did this person look like?” 
“Terrifying” The guard on the right said, followed by a smack on the back of the head by the other.
“He wants physical features, dimwit.”
“Oh. uh…” He collected his thoughts for a moment. “Tall, really long hair, like, super long. Dark elf… I… I think.” 
“... Fine.  But I expect payment later. Don’t mess the next one up.” Brynjolf jabbed the closest guard in the shoulder.
“Yessir” the two say in unison. Brynjolf swings open the giant gate and enters the city. 
It was just past midday. The market was gathering the usual attendees. Brynjolf scoured the crowd. No sign of this mysterious Dark elf. He had been meaning to find a new recruit or two for the guild and since she caught his little shake down, maybe this elf would be a good fit. She’s probably still here in the city since the guards hadn’t seen her leave. 
“Better take my usual spot at the snake oil counter and see if she shows.” He muttered to himself. He adjusted the quilted fine hat that sat atop his head and straightened out the matching tunic.  He felt a little uncomfortable in the getup he wore, for his merchant ploy to lure In a possible victim- I mean… Customer.. But it helped with the whole … ‘outfit.’
He leaned his hips against his booth and took in the crowd. Grelka was her usual angry self. Marise was over there, chiming about her crispy carrots.  Brand-Shei…  just waiting to be framed. 
“Where’s my little guinea pig…” he whispered. Balimund was working away at the forge. That one fisherman walked by, who definitely was having secret love affairs. He scoffed at the thought, then glanced back over toward the front gate.
An unfamiliar figure was making their way across the bridge and over the canal. That had to be her. Probably just coming from a visit to the town alchemist. 
Brynjolf ran through his mental list of introductions and tried to pick the best one for her as she approached the market. 
"Here we go."
His eyes traced her form from head to toe. She had a fur hood and covered most of her face with a scarf. A pouch of coin strapped around her waist. She definitely wasn’t afraid of showing a little skin. She wore a set of fur armor. Bare shoulders and arms with a thin strip of fur across her chest. Her hips draped with assorted pelts and skins. 
He continued his gaze downward… Through the fabric shifting as she walked,  Brynjolf got a glimpse of a dagger strapped to the inside of her thigh. Already promising to fit in with his crowd. 
The woman pulled back her hood, revealing a fountain of white hair, cascading down her chest and past her hips. A very small hint of purple shimmered off the waves when the sun hit it just right. 
“Wow. They weren’t kidding.” Brynjolf recalled the guard’s description of her. She then tugs on her scarf and tucks it under her chin. Brynjolf felt his heart twinge with excitement. 
She was beautiful. The closer she got, the more he felt himself entranced by her. She was elegant in the way she held herself. She was tall, and all of her features seemed to be just a bit longer than your average passer by.  Her skin is on the lighter side, for a dark elf, and a bit warm in tone. Almost purple, rather than gray.   A hint of pink revealed itself on her cheeks and the tip of her nose. Her skin seemed to have a velvet texture that shimmered like glitter. As if a diamond was crushed into pure dust and was sprinkled all across it.
By the time he realized he was gawking at her, she had caught his eyes. Hers were white, with only a hint of a pupil if you looked closely. Brynjolf snapped his jaw shut and approached her. 
"So… you're the little lady that sniffed out my scheme at the front gate."
The elf stopped in front of him; he had her full attention. 
It's a good thing he was skilled in the art of speech otherwise her otherworldly eyes might've made him stutter. 
"I admire how you were able to catch that shakedown, and even more with how you handled the situation."  He continued. "How about doing a little job for me, eh? Should be easy for a Lass like you." He paused for a moment, but she just kept her eyes on him. White lashes lining her lids. 
"... not much of a talker, I see." He clears his throat. "I have a bit of an errand to run, But need an extra pair of hands. And in my line of work, that extra pair of hands always gets paid. Handsomely." He waited for a response. 
She shifted her weight to the other side, extending out her leg slightly, and folding her arms. 
"I'm listening." Her voice was smooth and low, almost a whisper.  Brynjolf grinned at her response. 
"See that argonian over there?"
"EVERYONE, EVERYONE!" Brynjolf stood at his makeshift booth, waving his arms. "Please! Gather 'round. I have an AMAZING new product." 
Everyone in the market groaned and shuffled over to him.
"What is it this time?" Brand Shei huffed.  Murmurs and eye rolls were plentiful among the onlookers. 
The mysterious elf watched the crowd and disappeared into it the moment everyone had their attention on the presentation. Quite literally it seemed. One moment Brynjolf was giving her the nod of approval, the next it was as If she never existed.
She slipped away, disappearing into wisps of shadowy smoke. The Argonian had left his booth, just as Brynjolf had planned. She tackled the lock of his cabinet and the Strongbox within. As expected, there lies a silver ring. Swiping the piece of fine jewelry, and softly closing the cabinet behind her, She made her way to Brand-Shei. 
The dunmer had sat his rump on a pile of crates next to a couple of barrels.  She reached an arm between two of them, just behind his back, and slipped the ring into one of his pouches.
Brynjolf continued on about his new "limb growing serum". He scanned the crowd, and almost jumped when he saw those moonlit eyes staring right at him, as if she had never left.
"Uh, that's all from me for today! Please! 20 gold per bottle. It'll change your life!" He shook around the tall potion container, appealingly. 
Once the crowd dispersed, he jumped down from his platform and approached the mystery woman. 
"Done without a hitch! You continue to impress.. Here's your share." He handed her a small pouch of gold, holding about 200 septims. She took the bag and dumped the contents into the satchel already on her hip.           
Just a few paces behind them, sounds of a guard promptly arresting Brand-Shei for the planted ring filled the air. Brynjolf took a step closer to the lady elf and lowered his voice. 
"Listen, if you're interested in doing more jobs like this, come meet me in the ratway. Just a test to see if you really have what it takes. We could use somebody with your skills." He smirks at her. 
She ponders the invitation for a moment and shuffles around her freshly filled coin purse. 
"Sounds like a deal~" flashing him a smile. 
Brynjolf exhaled a breath of relief. He was really hoping she'd say yes.
"Good on ya. Do you have a name?" He asks. It takes her a moment to respond, like she's considering if she should trust him with it.
"... Allustria." She whispers with her alluring voice. Brynjolf smiles.
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whaleofatjme1920 · 2 years
In the Tent, Under His Arms (Eyeless Jack X F!Reader)
[Eyeless Jack X F!Reader]
[Warnings: literally just smut, knotted dick, breeding kink kinda?, possessive, I feel like EJ is his own warning, dubcon, rough, degrading(?), slight praise, if you are a minor DNI]
[AN: this thing is 8K words so have fun. Ngl, I had a lot of inspiration from the Wolf Man from Darkwood, so like,,,,,, that's gonna show up here as influence srry. ily <3]
To say you are nervous as you traverse the woods was an understatement. You could hardly breathe as you quietly stepped through the darkness that curtained the forest around you. Small little mushrooms and pieces of paper dotted your way as you continued to shine your flashlight at the deer path before you. Branches seemed to spring out from tree trunks in the blink of an eye scratched at your clothes as you pushed yourself forward. Every little sound that didn’t emit from you set you on edge.
How the hell did you even get here? You woke up on the floor of a rundown house. Cold tile had been your mattress as you slowly found your bearings. A quick glance around the darkened room showed a barren room, its walls littered with papers worried about a tall man in the woods. The only warnings were to watch out for him, fear him and not get caught by him lest you be taken. But you were still confused, scared and unsure.
Instead, you found yourself doing the only thing you could really think of. Securing your safety. This went on for a week without a hitch (save for the odd faces that peered into the windows every now and then) until one fateful morning where you were greeted by the only sentient living being that wished to talk to you since… Well… Since before you ended up here.
You had taken up refuge in a closet for the night and after stretching, headed to the kitchen to make something when you were rudely greeted to a… man?
Leaning against your counter drinking some coffee he’s already brewed.
You were about to rush back to your closet and pick up your blade when the man lowly chuckled.
A deep silence fell between the two of you as your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. From the silence came low, rumbling, almost animalistic breathing.
It was then that you finally got a clear view of who was leaning in your kitchen. You grounded yourself in the doorway, not budging as the man slowly sipped from the coffee mug. You took notice of what he was wearing as he did so - a big, dark blue hoodie, and on top of that, a big, brown jacket. He had worn blue jeans. Steel toe boots.
The most unsettling parts of it all?
He had ashy, grey skin. From his profile, you could see shark-like teeth, grinning at you like a wolf.
“It’s really rude to stare, sweetheart,” the grey skinned man interrupted before taking another languid sip. “Have some coffee. I went outta my way to get it for you,” he finished before you could even begin to register what he was saying.
You awkwardly looked off to the side as words failed to build in your mouth. However, your mind continued to race with thoughts.
The grey skinned man verbally rolled his eyes with a huff before placing his mug down. Then, he quickly turned himself around and opened up one of the cabinets, fished for a mug, settled on a slightly chipped white one, inspected it, then placed it on the counter beside his. His clawed hand reached for the pot of coffee and grasped it before pouring the pleasantly warm and aromatic liquid into the slight chipped mug.
“Here,” he hummed as he held out the mug to the still frozen in place you. “Before it gets cold.”
You felt immediate disgust but hit it from your face as you cautiously stepped forward.
Sighing deeply, he closed the space between the two of you by taking confident steps forward.
On instinct, you held your hands out and took the mug.
He smiled in approval before leaning back on the counter to drink from his mug. “Sorry about the lack of sugar and creamer,” he said in passing as he watched you take a slow, shy sip. “You’ve seen the state of things out there, haven’t you? Can’t find shit even if I tried.”
Upon deeming the drink not poisonous and not harmful to your wellbeing, you felt more at ease and took more confident sips. “Who are you?” You asked, effectively breaking the semi-comfortable silence.
“A medic in some circles, a trader in others,” he began, flashing his rows of pearly white sharp teeth. “Call me Jack.” His gaze then lowered, eyes still obscured by his hood. “And what about you, sweetheart? How did you find yourself in this wicked place?”
You shifted uncomfortably before leaning in the doorway and taking another sip from the mug. “I don’t know,” you muttered. “I woke up here,” you gestured to the cold, checkered tile the two of you were currently standing on, “and got to work,” you finished. Your eyes remained trained on the floor. You remembered the first few days you were here - how awkward and strange they were. The feelings of confusion and anger. Stumbling around in the dark.
Jack nodded thoughtfully at your words before he finished his mug in one big gulp. He then smirked at you, the corners of his lip tilting upwards before he began stalking towards you.
Instinctively, you backed up, ready to defend yourself.
Jack chuckled under his breath. He smelled of wet soil and pine. “I’m not going to hurt you,” he said as he stopped just an arm’s distance in front of you. He looked down at you, his eyes still observed by the darkness as you struggled to see what he looked like. His clawed hand suddenly reached out, and you flinched. He grinned, and took his lifted hand to hold your chin before slowly tilting your gaze upwards to meet his in full. “Let me get a good look at those pretty eyes,” he murmured.
And that when you saw his, or rather, the lack of. Just empty caverns. Dark, soulless, but they looked at you with such hunger.
Jack watched your pretty eyes flutter, mostly in nervousness before he leaned down. His sockets bore into you. His other hand left his coat pocket to your face, clawed came closer and closer to your eyes making you scrunch your nose. “Find me in the burnt clearing. I’ll be waiting for you.” His index finger came up to the bridge of your nose and slid down it. He chuckled at your confused expression before he tapped your nose.
When you reopened your eyes, he was gone.
You spent a few days wondering if you should go or if it was a trap. There was really no one to ask and the faces that peered into your window didn’t seem to give an answer one way or another. Your gut, however, kept telling you it was a bad idea.
That was what you were sticking with: it’s a bad idea, you shouldn’t go.
So, why were you stumbling through the woods near sundown looking for him? It was stupid, you thought, that you could be walking into your death. You quickly slashed through the brambles until you made your way to a small clearing. A light shined in the short distance when it wasn’t obscured by rapidly growing branches. A quick glance down at your map showed that this was the eyeless man’s camp.
Your fingers tightened around your blade as you left the heavy foliage to inspect the camp. There was a sizable tent followed by various crates strewn about. In the center was a fire pit and across from it was a worn down green couch. How did that even get in here?
You carefully came closer to the roaring fire with timid steps while trying to calm down your breathing. A quick glance around and there was nothing but silence to accompany you as the sun sunk further and further down the horizon. You let your guard drop for just a moment before prickling back to attention. A presence behind you made you swivel, lurch and raise your blade faster than what you were capable of.
“Took you long enough. You do know that it’s rude to keep people waiting, don’t you?” Jack states with a small frown before bursting into a fit of laughter at the sound of your still drumming heart. “What has you so nervous?” He questions, eyeing you like you are nothing but a piece of meat.
“This is your camp?” You say, more out of observation than waiting for affirmation.
“It is,” Jack hums. “Good to see you made it. I’ve seen some proxies barely make it here by the skin of their teeth,” he continues as he sits down by the fire.
“What?” You ask as you quirk up an eyebrow.
Jack picks up his back to rest between his knees and rummage through it before beckoning you over to sit next to him.
You cautiously sit next to him on another crate. You avert your attention from him back to the fire.
“Proxies are servants of this tall guy,” Jack explains after ensuring you took your seat. “They run these woods essentially, but they never come to my neck in fear of the things that exist past what is safe,” he grins slightly, still rummaging in the bag. “Out here, it’s just me and the things who lurk.”
“The things that lurk?” You whisper in a questioning tone.
Jack nods again and pulls out a little journal. He begins to thumb through it as he continues to explain to you. “Things known as the Rake, the notdeer, the proxies that succumb to their sickness early, y’know, the things that kill.” He finally finds what he’s looking for.
You turn your attention to the journal and see he’s amassed a collection of polaroid photographs of the things that lurk.
“See? These are some proxies,” he hands the book to you and points at the pictures. “And here is one of the things that lurk.” His clawed finger shows you what used to be a proxy, their body torn to shreds, organs hanging everywhere, and in the center, what you can describe as a monster hungrily devouring their flesh. “I have a lot of good shit out here, and most of them never make it past this guy.”
You shiver slightly and Jack furrows his brows for just a moment.
“Sorry,” he apologizes for a moment before briefly taking the book from you. “Anyways, very few people make it out of the woods unless you’re a proxy or me. We used to make it out a lot easier but there was this one guy, ugly fucker,” he hisses. “That left the woods after burning down the trees to the main road - one of our crossing points. The trees grew back so fast after the tall guy’s wrath and now we’re all stuck here as a result. That ugly fucker? He disa-fucking-peared.” Jack growls deeply as he says it, clearly not happy with the memory.
“I’m… Sorry,” you apologize awkwardly.
Jack shakes his head. “It’s nothing. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it, yeah?” He hums. “Anyways, flip a few pages and you’ll see the ugly fucker’s hovel before he left.” He pointed to the picture of a house similar to the one you were staying in.
Small world?
You studied the man who stood in the picture. He wasn’t that ugly in your opinion.
Jack then shows you other photos, places, effigies, proxies and one of a brilliant mansion. Apparently, you need to stay away from that place at all costs. There’s also pictures of him and other people, some of them you recognize from your time on earth? Is that right? Are you still on earth?
Jack explains a bit more to you. Mostly about this place. It’s like a pocket. Somehow, you were taken and brought here for a reason. Jack suspects it’s because the tall man, also known as the Slender Man, wants to make you a proxy.
“You’ll lose your humanity that way,” he tsks. “And that’s why I called you here. Not for pictures and conversation,” the warmth that was in his tone over reminiscing over things and learning about others is gone.
You notice it almost instantly. You watch as his posture changes and so too do his facial features. You know he means business now.
“I know you’re looking for a way out,” he begins. “I can help you with that.” Jack notices your eyes light up for the first time in well… It’s the first time he’d seen you look so hopeful.
“What’s the catch?” You ask as you slowly lean away from him.
Before Jack could say anything, a shriek was heard off in the distance. Jack’s face twinkled with excitement for a second before he nodded his head over to his tent.
It caught you off guard and sent your heart racing before yet another shriek emitted from the dark forest around the two of you.
“It’s dark,” Jack says as his gaze goes back over to his tent again. “Stay here for the night. Those things out there don’t really fuck with me,” he muses. When you don't answer, he stands up. “Unless you wanna try your luck out there, sweetheart. By all means…” He trails off as he slowly begins walking over to his tent.
You swallow your pride and stand up much too fast and catch pace with him.
Jack lets out an amused chuckle as he opens the flaps to the tend and allows you entrance.
You were immediately shrouded in the scent of petrichor and wild flowers. Surprisingly, it didn’t smell near as rough as you had originally expected. You felt a tad awkward standing in his tent as he zipped it up.
“You can sit down,” he says as he ensures the flaps were shut properly.
You nod more to yourself than anyone else and take a few more steps inside. It was tall enough that you could stand without brushing your head on the roof. On the floor interspersed with grass were carpets. It looked like a nest was in the near middle? Tons of blankets and two twin sized mattresses laid side by side were on the ground.
You glance around and see a small little desk, some writing supplies, just normal home stuff. Why was Jack living out here? There were tons of vacant houses.
Instead, you brush the thought off and settle on sitting timidly at the end of one of the blanket covered mattresses.
“Good choice,” Jack says as he procures from his pocket a box of matches. Then, he reaches over on the little desk for a kerosene lamp. After lighting it, the dimness of the tent became something actually visible. He checks his watch as he slowly makes his way to the other mattress.
“What time is it?” You ask as you struggle to get comfortable on the mattress.
“Surprisingly? Nearing midnight,” he answers. Jack stretches slightly before plopping down entirely. “Get some sleep, yeah? Tomorrow morning, we’ll set out to do what I ask,” Jack subtly demands. He props his elbows up on his knees and watches from the corner of his gaze as you shift awkwardly.
You felt strange laying down on the mattress, but did so anyway. It doesn’t seem Jack cared very much that your shoes were still on. You move your body slightly to find comfort on the mattress while Jack continues to eye you from the corner of his vision.
He takes note of your form, how delicious you look. How he can take you right now.
But he saw your eyelids grow heavy. Within moments, you were on the verge of passing out.
Jack relents softly. He knows she wants your full attention while he ruts into you making you cry out to gods that don’t want to hear you. He sees you begin to fade in and out of consciousness. Luckily for him, he does have some business to attend to, and those creatures didn’t ever get too close to his camp.
They wouldn’t touch you, not with his scent bathed all over you.
One of the last things you heard before Jack left to attend to other matters was a compliment. You barely heard it, and it would have shocked you right awake if your body wasn’t on the verge of shutting down.
“You look so pretty right now, Sweetheart. Beautiful, even.”
It wasn’t until 3am that Jack finally returned. You were fast asleep when he finally resented the tent, but he could smell you all the way from where his important matters laid. His nose guided him back to you. And funnily enough, it brought him back to you about a week ago as well.
Jack hadn’t smelled a fertile woman in a very long time. Well, since this whole mess came upon the Slender Man’s woods, really. He spied on you the first few days you were here. You weren’t as ready for him then, must’ve just been leading up to it. When he popped into your kitchen, it was because you were getting so close to your peak. The smell was overwhelming, sweet, and tender. Intoxicating. Like fresh peaches and the tangiest of strawberry pie. Lucky for him? You came to him at your peak.
Jack ressecure the flaps of the tend before his vision that saw all too well in the darkness his beauty that rests on the mattress he knew you’d choose. Your face and other gestures were gently lit up by the almost extinguished kerosene lamp’s flame. It drove him wild to see you breathe so peacefully.
Your chest rose every so slightly and he could have sworn he caught the outline of your nipples if it wasn’t for that stupiud bra you had on instead.
Jack licked his lips as he quietly drew himself closer to you. He couldn’t stop himself from crawling on top, quietly and slowly, so as to not wake you. One of his knees gently pried apart your legs, and then he took in your scent. You smelled of something not from the woods. You smelled of fresh vanilla and dark roast coffee. Of strawberry pound cake. Of good things.
Jack leans down and takes in your scent near the base of your neck, inhales deeply, then buries his nose in your hair. You smell divine, possibly even better than… Well, it’s best not to say. His hand picks itself up off the mattress to gently and gingerly brush near your hairline. Sily. Pretty. He then places it on your stomach and lightly presses, trailing his claws along your abdomen to your side. You are so soft. So delicate.
The moment his clawed fingertips touch your side and begin trailing down, you wake up.
Your eyes fly open and you almost let out a scream at seeing how this strange man is looming over you. Your mouth opens, but his hand quickly leaves your side to smother you. You breathe heavily against his palm, your eyes wide and with fear. You struggle against him.
“Shhh, he hushes as his hand presses a little firmer on your mouth. “Calm down.” His voice was low as his knee dug further into the mattress, just below the place he wanted most.
You continue to struggle against him, fighting against his planted hand while his other hand presses down on your hips.
“You promise not to scream?” Jack deadpans in a low tone with an edge that cuts you to your core. He sees tears welling in your eyes, and he knows you’re telling the truth. Slowly, he peels his hand back, watching as you keep true to your word.
You take in deep breaths to help self regulate. “What the fuck?” You seethe. Your arms, which have been pawing wildly at his chest, relax only slightly when his clawed hands catch your wrist in a vice grip.
“Easy,” he murmurs, only loosening his grip when he’s sure you won’t fight him any further. His head dips so his empty caverns can peer right through yours in the dim light.
One look and you know what he wants. Horor and something else - something wanton - pass across your face, making Jack laugh.
“I said I wasn’t gonna hurt you,” he hums, his clawed index finger trailing your cheek.
Before you can say anything else, Jack’s hand leaves your hips and grabs your face. With a wicked grin, he licks his teeth, then leans down and licks your face.
You contort to digits as he does so. He smells of iron.
“Why are you doing this?” You growl as his tongue leaves your cheek to your chin, slowly making his way to your neck. “I can leave if that’s-”
“No,” Jack growls. “You won’t leave,” he states before gently nipping at the soft flesh on your neck. “You smell so good,” he murmurs before taking another languid lick at your neck.”I’m going to make you mine,” With that, he entirely retracted his form from yours to look down at you.
Of course, you fight him. Your thighs grip around his upper leg that still rests between your knees and you almost maange to flip the two of you over. But he was much bigger and much stronger than you could manage. With a deep laugh, he grips your wrists tighter above your head and squeezes to let you know who is in charge. With his free hand, he reaches into his back pocket and gets the zip ties.
How the fuck did he get zip ties?
“Jesus fucking Christ,” you hiss as he dangles them in front of your eyes.
“I just can’t trust you right now,” Jack tsks in the tone of a pouting child. The black zip ties feel awful against your wrists (they also feel good) - and he’d secured them so tightly. He playfully watches you attempt to break free from them, and when it proves futile, he laughs. Jack then allows his hands to take free roam of your body while you begin to protest him less and less. “I know you don’t have any spare clothes,” he hums thoughtfully before his fingers waltz down to the hem of your shirt. “Luckily, I have some left over. You won’t be needing any of this,” he cackles as his sharp claws make waste of the fabric.
You feel yourself growing weaker and weaker under his grasp but still curse at him more than what you deem possible. Jack seemed to eat up your insults. “You’re fucking sick,” you spit as he eyes your bra hungrily. “A sick fucking pervert.”
“You stayed the night, Sweetheart,” Jack grins wickedly. “I’m only taking claim of what’s now mine,” he says before delicately tracing the cups of your bra. He likes the design. Dark blue with light colored polka dots. An interesting choice. Without wasting any more time, his claws cut through the fabric too - no use in unclasping while your hands are bound. “How beautiful,” he giggles. “How lovely. I could hardly tell when you were using those bags you call clothes,” he teases, making your knees clamp around his knee once more, making Jack break again and laugh.
You bite your tongue and try to avert your gaze from him, not wanting him to see that you’re flushed due to the intimacy and that your body and you yourself are growing keen to the situation you have found yourself in. “This is…”
“C’mon,” Jack breathes out as his fingers trail up your smooth flesh to your breasts. “You must’ve known something was up. A man doesn’t just ask a woman to stay the night. He’s got one thing on his mind if she isn’t family or a friend: he wants to fuck her.”
The harshness and pure lust that dripped from his tongue made your face heat up in response. Your gaze darts and bounces around before you finally settle on his hands that are now fondling your chest.
Jack’s hands travel to your pants. He takes in your scent again. You are intoxicating, so intoxicating.
“You’re gonna have to work for it,” you manage to hiss out, legs still clamped around his knee.
Jack’s expression falls. “You’re not in charge, I am.” And with that, he rips through your pants, leaving you naked before him.
You shiver slightly in response to the cool air, and of course, Jack has to see that and make note of it as well.
“Awh,” he coos as his nose gets closer and closer to your heat. “Are you cold? Do you want me to warm you up?” He murmurs in a sickening lust filled tone.
“You bastard-” you’re barely able to breathe out before you’re cut off by Jack dragging the flat of his long, black tongue from the bottom to the top, taking great joy in the arousal that was already present.
“What a naughty, naughty girl,” he teases before dragging his tongue again. “Already soaking,” he compliments. His thumb, careful of the sharpened claw, travels to your clit and begins to slowly massage it. He feels your legs shift. Jack hums as he does to, hsi tongue only playing with your lips. He was going to make you suffer before he stuffs you completely.
His teeth nip you every now and then, just to remind you who was really in charge as his tongue and lips press kisses to your lower lips. He doesn’t dare dip into your heat despite wanting to taste you in full.
You write in his grasp, trying to hold back any and all sounds of pleasure. You don’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing what he’s doing to you.
It’s a shame really, he could make you see stars if only you’d let him.
He must have gone near half an hour with his head between your legs, still fully dressed. He was a man of great patience, and he’d been edging you for much longer and harder than he should have. He could see frustration dotting your face when he finally came back up to look at you.
You look a little more flushed than he remembers. It’s probably all the heat rushing to your face. He notices your hands are quite restless too, that and being tied up couldn’t be the most comfortable thing in the world.
“You look upset, why?” He asks before sucking on your clit. When you struggle to say anything, his teeth graze you ever so slightly. “Use your words, please,” he hums much like an authority figure would.
“Tongue fuck me,” you mumble in embarrassment, eyes darting anywhere but at Jack who is still nestled securely between your legs. You watch as Jack’s ears perk up.
“Say that again,” he prompts, his fingers taking over his tongue on your clit.
“Please,” you say softly “Tongue fuck me and please untie me.”
A sly grin crosses onto Jack’s face alongside yet another chuckle. He momentarily leaves your legs and crawls back up to be face to face with you. His index finger reaches up and his claw slashes through the zip ties.
You freely move your wrists, getting used to your newfound freedom.
“It’s only because you asked nicely,” Jack coos as his sockets bore into your eyes. He presses a gentle kiss to your lips, pleasantly surprised that you don’t fight him like before. He then crawls back down your body to rest in between your legs, his clawed fingers parting your lower lips slightly before he dives his tongue in. He takes great joy in how you write beneath him as your thighs press harder against the side of his head.
He buries his tongue inside of you and curls it in places no human could ever reach. He has you seeing stars.
You buck your hips quite a few times and Jack’s hand reluctantly leaves your thighs to push your hips back down. As he tongue fucks you closer and closer to release, you become a little harder to control. He enjoys it though.
Jack hums absentmindedly as he does so, relishing in your taste. You are soaking wet and so, so close. All he has to do is push you off the edge.
He slithers his tongue out of you before rubbing your clit with his thumb, allowing you to take your mind off your pussy and to the assault your clit before your mind goes white hot in pleasure. Jack’s tongue darts so fast into your pussy that you almost yelp in response as he thrusts it back in and out, still humming like it was no big deal.
Your back arches and that’s all Jack needs to know to see you’re just about to cum. A few more rough flicks of his tongue and you’re creaming onto his face. Your hands grip the nest’s bedsheets and various blankets as he continues to carefully tongue fuck you through your orgasm. He grins as he laps up your sweetness, teasing you under his breath about the effect he has on you.
But he’s not done with you, not by a long shot.
You look up hazily while panting deeply as Jack’s tongue slowly leaves your pussy. The flat of his tongue slowly swipes up from bottom to top which makes you giggle, and he smiles against your skin. From there, he begins working on undoing his belt.
“Here,” you murmur softly, his ears once again perking up to catch your words.
“Hm? He hums in response as he cocks his head to the side, watching as you slowly sit up and stretch before your hands gently press onto his chest. You push off his dark brown coat and then trail down to his belt.
Your hands are soft and gentle as you work on freeing him, and within moments, you are tossing his belt to the side and unzipping him. You can see the tent in Jack’s pants, and you can already feel how delicious he’s going to feel inside of you.
Jack nods for you to lay back down when you shake your head ‘no.’ Interesting. Instead, your hands unzip him and you reach for his cock. Your eyes pop as you touch it - he was hot, much hotter than any man you’d previously been with.
“Come on, don’t keep me waiting,” Jack teases.
You roll your eyes playfully before finally fishing him from his pants, guiding him out with anticipation. You look up at him the entire time you do so, lust clouding your vision and burning through your soul as you do so, almost unaware of the monster you hold in your hands. When you finally look down, you feel heat rise to your face once more.
Jack smirks in response and tangles his fingers near your scalp, brushing you ever so slightly. He guides your lips down to meet the giant. He was big. No denying it. Had to be near nine inches, thich, veiny, with a girthy know he couldn’t wait to stuff inside of you.
You didn’t fight against him. Instead, you eagerly awaited him for your mouth.
Your lips are soft as they press the lightest of kisses to his tip. And just like that, you’re dragging the length of your tongue up and down his cock and listening to him growl in anticipation. When you know you’ve got him where you want him, you take him in your mouth.
Jack’s claws keep steady in your hair as you bob your head. Your lips couldn’t reach his know, and to be completely fair, he wasn’t expecting you to be able to take all of him orally, but he loves what you can do. Your tongue swirls around his tip and shaft every time you come back up, and when Jack was acting up? You graze your teeth against him.
Before he knows it, you are looking up at him with the sweetest gaze, giving him your permission for him to use you. Jack passes you a look of affection before his other hand reaches up to caress your cheek, moaning out deeply as your tongue swirls on his tip, trying to coax his cum out.
Without any particular warning, he pushes your head down and brings you back up before working into face fucking you.
Your face goes dark as he uses you, making breathing damn near impossible. He begins muttering in some language you don’t know - they sound like praises - but he’s coming closer and closer to his edge.
In a mix of English and whatever language he was mumbling in, you can feel his praises get filthier and filthier. Though, Jack doesn’t want to finish in your mouth. Not this time.
“Back down, I’m going to fuck you,” he murmurs deeply while looking at you with lust and… something you can’t quite name. It wasn’t animalistic, that’s for sure.
Jack expects for you to lay back and spread your legs for him but instead, he watches as you maneuver on all fours. Your face is burying into the blankets and your ass is just shy of his waist level despite you pushing up towards him.
You glance back at him and roll your eyes playfully before swaying your hips, attempting to entice him further.
Jack sees the slickness of your cunt and without any hesitation, takes your waist into his clawed hands and begins rubbing his cock with your slick. “Gods, you’re so fucking wet,” he murmurs as he continues to rub his cock with your juices. “I’m going to destroy you.” And then he slips into that language you just can’t understand. “I’m going to knot you and you won’t be able to look at another man without begging for me to fill you up,” he says as his fingers lightly part your lips that were so tightly pressed together as he lines up with you.
Before he does so, he begins to shrug off his hoodie.
“Stop teasing me,” you say in a teasing tone, making Jack pause from taking off the rest of his clothes.
Jack verbally rolls his eyes before taking his hand out from under his hoodie before gripping your waist again. Without any warning, Jack shoves himself into your roughly, hilting himself to his knot before resting there and taking off the hoodie.
Your eyes roll up slightly as he thrust inside of you. The thickness he had wasn’t anything you were used to, and he stretched you open with absolutely no lead up and it made you see stars again.
“I can feel your wet cunt,” he says in passing as he throws his hoodie up and over his head. “Squeeze around me while you wait for me to fuck you,” he chuckles with a devilish grin. He feels your body’s eagerness for him to fuck you, and like such a good girl, you squeeze his cock making him breathe out with a smile. He feels you pulsing, he feels you growing hundred with the need the longer he stays dormant inside of you.
He sighs in ecstasy as he begins to slowly move himself out of you. When it was just the tip, he roughly slid back in, still refusing to knot. His ears twitch at the sound of you gasping for air as he really begins to fuck you. “And here you were calling me a pervert,” he muses as he begins to thrust into you with deep, long strokes, adoring the sounds that pour from your mouth. “But you like fucking me huh? You like it, you goddamn slut. You like being fucked by something that is no longer human,” he continues in that same dead language, nails digging into your soft flesh. “You’re gonna milk my cock and then you’re gonna do it again in the morning.”
Your eyebrows furrow, mouth slightly open, hair bouncing slightly with every thrust. Your face is so heated in response. This is something you know you shouldn’t be doing, but fuck was it good at keeping you around and interested.
As one of his clawed hands undug itself from your flesh to slide down your hip and caress your abdomen, his claws trace your skin and press into your clit once more. He thumbs you and leans over you as he does so, his other hand propping next to your head as he engulfs you with his size. He’s pounding into you now, still refusing to know. His tongue lazily swipes at your shoulder as his hips thrust into you at a damn near inhuman speed and strength, making you mumble incoherencies.
Your moans are music to his ears.
“I’m gonna fuck you until you feel like you can’t anymore, and I’m gonna fuck you until I’m the only man you’ll ever fucking think about,” he roughly sneers into your ears as he continues to pound his hips against you. “I’m going to fuck you until you tell me to stop, and even then? I might not stop.” He breathes deeply into your ear, his tongue tracing the shell as you pathetically move in tandem with him, his fingers digging into your clit and swirling.
He’s trying to get you to cum again.
You are trembling beneath him as his hips shatter you. You can feel his knot greet your lips, but still refuse to enter as Jack growls deeply into your ear. Your legs clamp together as his hand roughly fingers your pearl.
He’s so intoxicating, and you feel like you can’t breathe.
“Cum on my cock,” he hisses harshly, still fucking you to orgasm.
And just like that, he got his wish.
You squeeze shut your beautiful eyes before tightening your thighs together. An immediate waterfall gushes from between your legs, filling the air with something sweet and slightly bitter.
Jack laughs as he pulls out from your pussy, watching as the liquids continue to gush out. “What a cutie,” he teases as he lovingly licks your cheek. “Turn over. I wanna see your face when I knot you,” he grins, nodding for you to lay back on the side of the twin mattresses that was not turned into an ocean.
On hellied legs, you slowly wobble and hum as his finger traces your slit before falling back to the side of the mattresses that isn’t soaked. Your eyes meet his gaze and you slowly spread your legs as he looms over you. You catalog everything about him. In your eyes, he looks so animalistic, and so human all at the same time.
Without his jacket or his hoodie, you’re able to see the scars that decorate his body. He’s so dark, and the cuts and jagged lines that dash across his form are so light in contrast. He’s still lacking eyes - so how is it that he looks at you with such love?
That stupid smirk is looking at you again and you’re tearing your gaze off it to see the head of his cock weeping with precum.
Jack whistles down at you, his hand resting on your knee. “You knew this was coming, Sweetheart,” he hums as he leans forward, hands placing themselves on both sides of you. His grin grew as he saw your face heat up once more.
Jack feels your legs shift followed by a slight weight on his lower waist, He makes a noise of approval as your ankles lock before he glances down to where your bodies are soon going to be connected again. “Let me know if I hurt you at any point,” he whispers softly in your ear as his slightly pointed tip prods at your entrance.
You find yourself almost taken aback by his sudden kindness - he was so domineering but so soft? Your trail of thought is almost entirely derailed as he pushes his cock in and past your puffy, swollen lips as you listen to him hiss at the new angle.
It’s intimate - neither of you can deny that.
Jack watches your expressions from the corner of his gaze as he slowly begins to pump in and out of you, working you to that breakneck pace once more. He watches as your eyebrows furrow as he picks up the pace, fucking you in your entirety. He feels your legs tighten around his waist and watches as your eyebrows furrow once more and knit together in pleasure.
You begin to pant as he does so, walls pulsing deliciously around him as his hips meet yours in thick, meaty thrusts. You feel his cock slide deeper and deeper with every thrust, pushing you to new limits.
Your moans are, once again, music to his ears as he fucks you senseless. Your hands wantonly claw at his back and brush against his sensitive flesh. Swears and curses escape your lips every now and then and that makes him blush.
“You are taking me so, so well,” he harshly compliments through pants as he lowers himself onto his forearms, his hips continuously snapping forward. “It’s almost as if your cunt was made for me. I wonder if you can take my knot as well?” He mumbles as his knot kisses your bruised lips once again. “I don’t care what you say, I’m gonna make you take it.”
“Fuck!” Jack swore under his breath as your walls vice gripped him. “You’re gonna take my knot and you’re gonna like it,” he mumbles into your neck as he kisses and nips at it. He hisses again when you rake your nails across and down his back. His ears fall back in pleasure and close to his scalp as you moan louder. The sound of your pussy gobbling him up has him weak at the knees.
“You’re getting close again, aren’t you?” He questions as he nips at your neck, threatening to bite in the longer you hesitate in answering.
You’re admittedly pretty tongue tied at the moment. “I-!” You’re cut off but his hips slapping forward making you choke and gasp for air. “I am-,” you breathe out through your moans.
“Perfect,” Jack chuckles as he slowly inches his way out. He watches your face carefully as he pulls out, his gaze trained on yours as his forearms push up so he can see you better.
Confusion etches itself on your face. “What?”
“I just wanna see your face,” he answers as his tip rubs against your entrance. He licks your cheek playfully once more before slowly, and deliciously dragging his cock back in, his knot just barely meeting your lips. “This might hurt,” he murmurs gently as he picks his hips back up once more before thrusting back in, much more forcefully, his thick, large knot finally breaching your pussy.
Your eyes widen as his girthy knot pushes inside of you, your legs instinctively tightening around his hips. Your hand leaves his back to grip onto his bicep. Luckily for you, Jack doesn’t mind. You wince as he wiggles in the rest of his knot into your pussy as it swallows him whole, the entirety of his knot being buried inside of you, making it hard for you to breathe. You feel so full and stuffed!
Jack is a little surprised by how strong your grip is! He’s almost completely smitten with it when he finally looks down to see tears welling in your eyes. He can tell it’s a mixture of both paini, from being stressed immensely, and pleasure in a way only pain could bring. It’s ecstasy. Jack leans down gently and begins to kiss your tears away, careful to not pull where the two of you are connected all the while restraining himself to what he doesn’t believe is bearable.
“You feel so divine,” he murmurs livingly before licking away another tear. “Just relax, let me do the work,” he continues. He feels your lips on his and he smiles, taking that as the green light to rock into you. Unfortunately, he would not be able to completely destroy you like he did prior to knotting you simply because of the knot.
Now, Jack takes the time to be intimate. He lovingly relishes in the feeling of kissing you as he slowly and tantalizingly grinds his hips against you and lightly thrusts after every roll. It was a little difficult due to the connection, but it felt sweet. His hand went back between your legs to work your pearl as he continued to sweetly roll and thrust into you, thoroughly enjoying how your hips are shyly coming up to meet him.
“Come on,” he whispers softly through his kiss as he begins to thrust a little rougher. “Just a little more, cum on my cock again,” he urges as he breaks the kiss, licking your cheek. He’s swiping and thumbing your clit in ways that have you writhing beneath him.
Your legs tighten around his waist, urging him to press deeper inside of you.
Not one to deny a lady from what she wants, Jack backs up as far as his hips will let him and pounds back into you. He repeats the motion, making sure to roll every time he does so.
Your hands grasp at his back once more as he fucks you with reckless abandon, his name being the only thing to spill from your lips as he does so. You can’t believe he’s overloading you again, and your heart picks up in response. You kiss him once more, feeling his chapped, rough lips against your soft ones before he leaves and nips down the side of your face and back to your neck. He lightly bites down, not hard enough to draw blood, but enough for you to know he’s got a claim on you.
You look up at him as he mumbles in that same dead language against your skin. He’s so lost in you that it’s almost adorable. Your hand gently asks for his attention, and he gives it to you. You give him a look of nothing but lust and possibly love, and Jack’s lips are on yours again, thickly, warmly, with something deeper and much more passionate than anything you would have expected he was capable of. When he breaks away, panting, against your face, he makes you cry out in pleasure.
“I’m going to fill you,” Jack sneers through his panting, hips still thickly pounding into you. “I’m going to fill you for as long as I’m inside of you,” he mutters as his thrusts frow sloppy. Jack covers you entirely with his body as he roughly pants into your ear, so, so close to spilling.
Your walls begin to flutter around him, urging him to spill as he growls into you. You feel like you’re creaming rings around his dick, urging, no, begging him to bottom out inside of you. Your nails are leaving dark, jagged marks into the flesh of his back as he does so.
With a few more powerful thrusts, Jack finds himself going over the edge, his hips back as far as his knot will allow him before he buries himself deep, the tip pressing against your cervix as he releases himself inside of you. Hot, thick, sticky ropes of cum begin to flood into your needy cunt as lightly rocks himself inside of you, gritting his teeth as you tremble beneath him. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” He continually growls out like a prayer as your fluttering walls coax more cum from him.
Your eyes roll upwards as the heat floods your cunt, making you squeeze your eyes shut and burying your face into his chest. You’re squeezing tightly around him, vice gripping him as he continues to relish in the feeling of your body holding him so tightly. You can barely think straight as his cock weeps more cum, threatening, and succeeding in filling you to your brim.
“Gods, you’re milking me,” he murmurs as he finally stops pumping you full of cum. “This… This is gonna take a while,” he says darkly in your ear.
Jack nods down to where the two of you are still connected. “Gonna be a while.” He sighs, secures your legs to his waist, and then flips you over so you are resting on top of his chest. “Get comfortable.”
“How long..?”
“A while,” Jack awkwardly coughs. “It’s just uh, a knot thing, I guess?” He attempts to explain as you shift your hips deliciously, making him huff and his cock spurt more ropes of cum. He looks away in slight embarrassment. “You can sleep, if you want? Like I said, this is gonna be a while,” he finishes as his hand fishes around for a blanket as his other hand travels down your lower waist to finally cup your ass. He squeezes gently once he finally throws the blanket over the two of you.
“Or,” you say as you plant your hands firmly on his chest, gradually bringing yourself back up. “We can go again.”
Jack laughs. “And you called me a pervert.”
You lightly slap him and grind your hips slowly against him. “Shut up.”
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teentvimagines · 2 years
Late Nights (The Outer Banks: Rafe Cameron)
Tumblr media
This song just gives giant Rafe Cameron enemies to lovers vibes! Also, Holy shit, this is my longest work ever! I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it!
This takes place season 1, before Rafe kills Peterkin. Let’s just pretend he’s not a psychopath. He’s still the resident bad boy of Figure 8, but not a killer…
summary: female reader (she/her) x Rafe Cameron When Y/N finds herself abandoned by her friends at a house party thrown by no other than Kook King, Topper Thornton, she finds odd company in the form of her classmates and neighbors that she has taken very little liking to. She is surprised to learn that her disinterest in all things “kook-related” has sparked the interest of a particular kook. tw: mention of alcohol/drug consumption, slight smut (18+) word count: 4.1k
Y/N might’ve been a kook, but if it wasn’t for her consistent attendance to Figure Eight events you wouldn’t have known. She hated all the superficial bullshit and quickly found herself befriending a certain group of pogues who she would often run into while working on the Cut. Everything in her life had been so easy for her, and although she was grateful, she couldn’t help but feel guilty about the privilege she received while her friends had spent their life fighting for a chance. Being able to find an ally in Kie was all that Y/N had to look forward to as she continued to find a place for herself among the fight between class divisions in her small hometown.
Summer was coming to an end, and with a few weeks left you couldn’t help but just enjoy the moments with your friends. Sitting on the small boat as the sun slowly set, passing the blunt around while you all tried to keep a serious conversation going before blurting out laughing at some stupid shit JJ had said. You had even found an unlikely friend in the form of kook princess, Sarah Cameron. You had known Sarah Cameron for as long as you could remember, always greeting each other’s families at events and having at least one class together every year. But this was different, you had known Sarah but never gave her a chance to hang out. When John B mentioned her a few weeks ago and started to bring her around you and the other pogues were stunned to say the least. You knew that she was dating Topper Thornton, I mean everyone knew that, but what she had with John B was different, at least from what you had seen. “This was great guys, but I promised Topper I would meet him at his party. Keep up appearances, you know?” Sarah said unsurely. Everyone looked around, nodding in understandment, except John B. “I don’t like him,” JJ spoke up, standing up for John B who continued sulking in silence. “Yeah, him and Rafe are always doing some shit,” Pope also spoke up. “You guys have no idea,” Kiara replied while rolling her eyes at the thought of the kook boys she had known so well. You also nodded in response. “Yeah, well I would invite you guys, but I can’t imagine that going over well.” Once again everyone nodded in agreement, except John B. “What if Y/N goes with you,” he suggested. “Thanks for throwing me under the bus!” you exclaimed back at him. Sarah turned to you with a shy smile, “It’s not such a bad idea. I mean you would know almost everyone.” “Yeah, so does Kie, you don’t see her being volunteered to go,” you exclaimed again. “That’s because they actually like you,” Kie replied, smirking when you rolled your eyes at her statement, she was right. “C’mon Y/N it’ll be fun. You’ll have me to hang out with and if you absolutely hate it, we’ll make up an excuse and leave. Besides, it’d be nice to have someone there that I don’t need to be fake with.” You thought for a moment before slowly nodding your head, cursing under your breath as your friends cheered around you. “There’s our little kookie,” JJ stated, jumping away in defense as you attempted to punch his arm.
The bass of the music pounded in your ears as you walked up the driveway. If even possible it got louder once you finally entered the front door, you swore your eardrums were about to rupture. Finding the kitchen, you reached out for two truly’s, your disappointment in the night continuing as feeling they were just room temperature. They weren’t your first choice of alcohol to get through a night like this and seeing as though they weren’t even cold made it worse. You instantly cracked it open, downing as much as you could on the first sip. You handed the other one to Sarah, bumping your open can to her’s in an attempt to say cheers. She laughed at you, “I’m gonna go find Topper. You’ll be okay if I leave you alone for a few minutes?” You took another sip before responding, “Figured this would happen at some point, yeah I’ll be good.” Watching her leave your eyes scanned the kitchen, deciding you needed to loosen up some more you pushed off the counter, “I need something stronger,” you whispered under your breath.
Making your way through the house you scanned the room for unattended bottles you could mooch off. To your surprise you were pulled by the arm, “Omg Y/N, what are you doing here?” a girly high-pitched voice screeched. You turned around, already ready to use your preppy voice, “Hey Claire,” you responded in a mock happy voice matching hers. Claire was sweet, n just not your cup of tea. The two of you had always been civil, sharing a few classes here and there. “Mind if I?” you asked, gesturing to the bottle of Tito’s vodka in her hand. “Oh sure, just be careful. I’ve gotten fucked up with this shit more times than I could remember,” she laughed while handing you the bottle. You lift the bottle up to your lips, the taste on the rim barely making an impact on your tastebuds. But as you thew your head back and lifted the bottle you took one big swig. The alcohol ran down your throat, a warmth following the path it took as it settled in your stomach. “Ugh, Claire, that shit is just straight rubbing alcohol. How the fuck do you drink that?” you exclaimed, handing her the bottle as you wiped the back of your mouth with your hand. She laughed at your reaction, “Believe me, in a little while you won’t even care how it tastes. Just know that you’ll feel it.” You nodded your head while once again scanning your eyes across the room. A few feet away was a coffee table surrounded by teens. Claire noticed your interest and dragged you over. Looking up from the table was Rafe Cameron, Sarah’s brother, who on more than one account you had gotten into a heated argument about your choice of friends. The two of you made eye contact as he wiped the leftover residue from the line of cocaine he had just done. Classy as ever Cameron, you thought as you broke eye contact and examined all the other teens waiting their turn. Rafe greeted Claire with a smirk and half-nod before returning his attention to you. “Awww Y/L/N, get tired of hanging around those boring old pogues, and decided to have some real fun?” he mocked while gesturing to the lines set up in front of him. You scoffed at his suggestion, “Keep dreaming,” you responded. Living in your teenage years and drinking was one thing, but if your parents caught you doing drugs there was a good chance you wouldn’t have much of a life to live. Making eye contact with you he slowly lowered himself closer to the table, quickly doing another line before looking up at you again. Is this kid trying to kill himself? you thought to yourself. You reached out for Claire’s bottle, taking another swig before motioning it up to Rafe. “Always a pleasure Cameron,” you stated before handing Claire her bottle.
Leaving the room, you realized that you hadn’t seen Sarah for a while. Wandering around the house in attempt to find her you bumped into Topper. “Hey Top, seen Sarah anywhere?” you asked. “Uhm a little while ago, she said she went to go find you,” he said quizzingly. “Yeah, right. Just kidding, she went to the bathroom. I’ll go find her,” you quickly spitted out. Nearly running you got away from Topper as fast as you could before finding an empty spot on the wall. Leaning back against the wall, you pulled your phone from your pocket and found a few texts from Sarah and one from John B. “Hey Y/N, John B showed up.” “We just left, please distract Topper.” “I owe you one.” You responded back, “ughh ok, I’m on it.” Clicking on John B’s name you read his message, “sorry kookie, had to steal her. thanks!” You rolled your eyes at the dumb nickname him and the others decided for you, their attempt to always tease you about your kook lifestyle. You sent him the middle finger emoji and a yellow heart before turning your phone off and looking around for Topper. Spotting him talking to Kelce you kept your place on the wall. As long as you could see him and he couldn’t see you, there was no reason to suspect anything about Sarah. Besides, after about half an hour you could probably make a break for the exit, and no one would notice.
As you continued to scroll on your phone you were slightly startled by the presence of another human standing near you. Your eyes looked up to a boy standing in front of you. He was tall, but you couldn’t ignore how young and immature he looked. “Don’t even think about it freshman,” you said before he had the chance. He laughed while nodding his head. “Hey, I had to try. Should’ve known a girl as smart as you wouldn’t give me a chance,” he responded. You gave him a quizzical look as you quickly glanced him up and down. He wasn’t too dumb if he knew to compliment your intelligence over any physical feature. He reached his hand out to shake yours, “I’m Nathan.” You glanced at his hand for a second before reluctantly shaking it “I’m Y/N,” you replied. “I know,” he said a little too quickly making the both of you chuckle. “Mrs. Nichol said you were the captain of the mock trial team. She talked to you the other day about me joining,” he rambled on. You laughed at his apparent nervousness. “Oh yeah, well I guess it’s nice to meet you, Nathan. Not exactly the type of place to bring up extracurriculars,” you laughed while motioning to the number of teens, drugs, and alcohol around you. As you did you could feel the stare from a certain kook, no doubt watching your exchange with the boy in front of you. “Probably not, but it did get you talking to me,” he quirked back. Nodding your head in amusement at his reply you responded, “Touché.” As the volume of the music had apparently increased within the last few seconds of your exchange, Nathan leaned forward slightly so he could hear you better. “Can I get you something to drink?” He asked while leaning down. “I can take it from here,” you heard Rafe speak from behind you as he slid his hand around to the small of your back. Confused by the situation unraveling in front of you, you were quick to speak. “Uhm, actually Cameron, Nathan and I were having a lovely conversation about something you couldn’t possibly be interested in,” you stated attempting to distance yourself away from Rafe and closer to Nathan. “Yeah, I—” Nathan attempted to speak before being interrupted, “Seriously, Miller, beat it or practice on Monday will be hell.” You confusingly looked at Nathan and Rafe before finally understanding. Just like you would be Nathan’s captain, so was Rafe. “Water polo?” you questioned. “Yeah, you’ll catch a game?” he asked in return. “Yeah!” you said sweetly before a mocking scoff turned your attention to Rafe, to which your surprise still had his hand on the small of your back, it almost felt natural that you hadn’t noticed it was still there. Looking at him expectantly he pulled his hands away holding them up in an ‘ok I get it’ way. “Can I help you?” you asked expectantly. “Care to go for a swim?” he asked. You looked at him confused, you weren’t sure if it was your light buzz from your shots of vodka talking but he seemed just as surprised as you were as you answered, “yes!”
As he grabbed your hand, you quietly followed as he led you through the house. “I’m gonna need more alcohol before we do this,” you exclaimed as loud as you could, hoping he would hear you over the volume of the music. He turned to look at you for a moment before turning back and nodding, showing that he had in fact heard your request. Walking through the kitchen he left you at the counter while reaching into one of the cabinets, pulling down a full bottle of Tito’s. He motioned you from your spot and you continued to follow. “My parents got this as a gift for the Thornton’s but it’s not really their style.” You nodded understandingly, Topper’s parents didn’t really seem like the type to be chugging back vodka shots, they were more sophisticated. Following him through the house you were confused as you walked past the sliding glass door that led to the pool and the dozens of other teens who had the same idea you two had, or so you thought. “Where are we going?” you asked. Rafe stayed silent as you continued following him. Opening another set of glass doors, he let you exit first before quickly following. On the side of the house was a hot tub that apparently no one knew about, seeing as though you and Rafe were the only ones out here. “What the hell is this, Cameron?” you asked. He looked at you, confusion evident on his face. “You said we were going swimming. We can’t do that in a hot tub.” He laughed before handing you the now open bottle of Tito’s, watching you take a sip he replied, “What, did you plan on working on your breaststroke or something?” He said jokingly. “No, I actually planned on playing mermaids. Maybe it’s you who needs to work on breaststroke,” you responded wittily. He feigned shock and hurt, taking the bottle from your hand. “My breaststroke is amazing, just ask your friend Claire,” he winked as you scoffed in amusement and disgust. After taking another sip he handed the bottle back to you, removing his clothes he stripped down until he was in his boxers. That left little to the imagination as you could see the outline of his dick printed. Feeling your eyes, he gave you a smirk to which you sheepishly took another sip of vodka, shaking as you felt the liquid burn down your throat. Entering the hot tub, he sat with arms spread out to both his sides, resting on the edge. “Aren’t you going to join me?” he asked. You nodded, feeling your breath catch in your throat. You handed him the bottle, starting to undress as you felt his eyes drawn to your exposed skin where you had begun to lift your shirt. “Hey! Turn around Cameron,” you exclaimed. He put his hands up in defense, turning his head so his attention was drawn to the bubbles and pressure coming from the jets. Folding your shirt and jeans on to the table nearby you turned back around to Rafe examining your exposed body adorning a basic black sports bra and lace thong. You immediately turned red, not knowing how to react under his intense stare. As you entered the hot tub you slipped when placing your foot on the bench to step in, landing you a little closer to Rafe then you planned. He held your arm as you attempted to steady yourself. “You alright?” he asked. You were able to manage out a “mhmm” as you reached for another sip from the bottle. He gladly handed you the bottle, a lazy smile on his face.
You weren’t sure how you always ended up like this but something about being drunk and outside led to you staring at the moon and stars. “What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?” Rafe asked, breaking the silence. You tried to remain calm with his choice of words, not wanting him to know the effect he was having on you. “Just thinking,” you responded quietly. “About what,” you scanned his face for a second, genuine interest radiating off him. “As niche as it sounds, life…I mean doesn’t this all seem so pathetic,” you stated as you continued to stare off into the sky. “Life?” he asked, laughing to mask his confusion. You chuckled along with him, “No, this…pogues vs. kooks. It’s all so fucking dumb. There are so many more problems out there, so many people who need help and we can’t even come together to help people in our own community.” He just hummed as you continued to ramble on, listening to what you had to say. “I can’t help but just feel guilty. I mean what did I do to deserve this type of life. I mean my parents work hard but they’ve had so many opportunities because of their parents and their parents, and it just keeps going. This sort of generational wealth and success…” you quietly trailed off as you realized who you were talking to. “But I mean you probably don’t care,” you said while looking at him. He shook his head with a smirk. “Now I know why Sarah never shuts up about how smart you are.” You looked at him more intently, “what?” you exclaimed. He nodded his head, before turning his attention to the sky like you had before. “I mean, I guess I just never thought of it that way. Kind of blind to the privilege that I have.” “Must be all the coke,” you mumbled to yourself under your breath. He shot you a warning look before chuckling, “might be the coke,” he responded. You laughed along with him before a serious tone washed over him. “I mean it Y/N, you’re just so attuned to the needs of others,” He exclaimed. “Well, you can be like that too,” you reassured him. “Yeah right, there’s not a lot of hope left for me,” he replied sarcastically. “That’s not true. I mean sure you have your flaws, but from what I’ve seen you’re a good friend, loyal and family is important to you. Those are good qualities, and I mean of course you’re not half bad looking.” He laughed at the last part. “Well, Y/L/N, you’re extremely caring, intelligent, and hot as fuck! So, you have that going for you.” It was your turn to laugh and turn red at his comment.  You weren’t sure if it was the alcohol dulling your senses, but as you looked into Rafe’s eyes you felt yourself being drawn closer. You both leaned in, lips barely brushing each other as your breaths slowed. “Can I kiss you,” he asked. You could barely hear him over the sound of your own heart beating in your chest. “Please,” you nearly whined. Your tone making Rafe swoon as he gently pushed his lips onto yours.
As happy as you were with his gentleness, the alcohol you had consumed throughout the night had made you far hornier than you liked to admit. Leaning deeper into the kiss you gently placed your hands onto his chest before lightly pushing him back to so you could straddle his lap. As you did so, Rafe took a large sip from the bottle, as you looked at him expectantly. He gave you a smirk before bringing the bottle close to your lips, tilting your head back, you let him pour some of the alcohol down your throat. Before you could process the liquid once again burning the back your throat you pressed a heated kiss on to his lips. As your hands moved up from their place on his chest to the back of his neck, playing with the ends of his hair, his hands move from where he was setting the bottle down to trailing around your waist and landing on your ass, holding you in place. As your tongues continued to fight for dominance, he pulled away slightly. Kissing down your jaw and starting to suck on your neck you slightly grinded down on to him while continuing to play with the hairs at the nape of his neck. His hands left your waist, guiding your hips back and forth as you continued to grind on him. As he continued to work on your neck you moaned as he found your sweet spot, “Fuck Rafe,” you exclaimed. You could feel him smirk as he continued. Giving him a break, you leaned forward slightly, changing the angle to which you were grinding down on him and leaving marks over his neck and chest. “Fuck babe,” he stated. “Being so good to me,” he continued as he leaned in for another kiss. “Yes, sir,” you said, testing the waters. You could clearly tell that you were starting to drive Rafe crazy as he moaned into your mouth at your response. Roughly grabbing your hip, he speeded the pace of your grinding. As you continued to litter marks along his chest, he reached a hand up to pull your sports bra down far enough so that your boobs were spilling over the top. The pressure of the band along with the added sensation of Rafe’s mouth on your nipple was almost too much. Along with this you could feel how hard he had gotten under you. I mean, you knew he was big, but this was godly. Your makeout session was quickly abrupted as you both snapped your heads to the sound of the glass doors sliding open. Quickly removing yourself from Rafe’s lap and adjusting your bra, you sat silently, reaching for the bottle again. “What’s up Top?” Rafe asked nonchalantly. Topper looked at you both slyly, clearly knowing what he half-witnessed between the two of you. “Not much, I can’t find Sarah anywhere Y/N. And she’s not answering her fucking calls.” “Yeah, she wasn’t feeling well. Said she headed home; her phone probably died. Don’t worry Top,” you said as convincingly as the alcohol would let you. Topper seemed to accept your answer and reentered the house. Rafe looked at you unconvincingly. “She just left you?” he asks. Avoiding his gaze, you let your hands play with the water. Slowly nodding your head, you responded, “guess so…” “That doesn’t sound like Sarah,” he continued. “Well that’s what happened,” you snapped. Thinking about the conversation you would have to have with Sarah about how you failed to keep Topper distracted and the alcohol finally making its presence in your system known was too much to handle. “Ughh back to reality, I guess,” you groaned out. Rafe pulled you into his side so that his arm was around your shoulder and your head resting on his. “What are you up to now?” he asked. “Figuring how to make it home alive,” you chuckled dryly. He hummed in thought next to you. After a second, he spoke, surprising you in the process, “Stay with me.” “Rafe…” you dragged out unsurely. “Seriously Y/N, that way you don’t have to worry about going home right now.” You looked at him for a second before slowly nodding. Getting out of the hot tub he disappeared for a second before returning with a set of towels. As you both dried yourselves off and gathered your clothes you headed to Topper’s guestroom.
Stumbling around in your drunken state, Rafe grabbed the clothes from your hand. Setting them on a nearby table he turned so that you were facing each other. Reaching down slightly he grabbed your legs from under your thighs so that he was now carrying you. Feeling the warmth of his chest you pressed closer, wrapping your legs around his hips in the process. With each step you slightly bounced against him. The sexual tension from earlier quickly returning. Finally reaching the room Rafe laid down so that you were now on your back while he hovered over you. With your legs around his waist and arms around his neck you gently pulled him in, pecking a sweet kiss on your lips. “I need to shower,” you said shyly. He nodded his head, pulling away slightly so he was standing, and you stayed sprawled out on the bed. “I’ll go get us some water,” he stated as he slowly walked out the room. Leaving the door cracked enough so he wouldn’t bother anyone with the sound of it opening and closing you sat up, finally taking in your surroundings. Getting up and heading to the bathroom you folded your towel, pulling off your bra and underwear as you let the water run until it was hot enough. As you let the water run over your body you stood for a minute, just thinking about everything that had happened that night, you rub your hands down your face, muttering “fuck.” You weren’t sure what was happening, but it was a problem future you would just have to deal with later.
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The Harder the Rain, the Sweeter the Sun
Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) x gn!reader
Word count: 3.1k
Warnings: none really, no use of y/n or pronouns, fluff, protective!Din, pining, kissing, blindfolds, Grogu being adorable as always
Notes: This is written for two challenges: @startrekkingaroundasgard​ follower celebration writing challenge (prompt pic is the middle of the moodboard) and @agirllovespancakes​ 7 days of no smut challenge. It’s been a minute since I’ve written for Din and I miss him so much and I’m so happy with how this turned out! And of course when you can’t figure out a fic title, Hozier lyric are the best go to, lol! Enjoy! 
Moodboard made by me
Tumblr media
To say that life was chaotic ever since the Mandalorian rescued the little green child with mysterious powers was an understatement. If you weren’t trying to chase down a bounty for a quick payout, you were on the run from anyone who tried to hunt down the child and take him away from the both of you. You were a competent fighter, and Mando would do anything to protect you and the child, but it still took its toll on you both.
“How about that place?” you pointed to a green planet on the map from over Mando’s shoulder as he sat in the pilot’s chair, “It looks quiet and empty.”
“Alright,” Mando definitely sounded tired, even though he never showed it. You knew him well enough to notice the subtle changes in his demeanor, however, and you hoped that this place would provide some much needed rest for him.
He expertly landed the Crest in the middle of a beautiful lush forest and made sure to scan for any life before he unlocked the ship. When he found nothing other than local wildlife, Mando finally let himself exhale.
“All clear,” he called out to you as he gathered his weapons just in case.
The sound of the child’s laughter mixed with yours echoed throughout the hull of the ship as you both made your way out into the fresh air. You scooped the child up into your arms as you stepped off the ship and took in a deep breath. The planet was absolutely beautiful; as far as you saw, there was nothing but trees and flowers and the air felt fresh and clean. The sun shone brightly in the sky and reflected in the little pools of hot springs that scattered the landscape.
“How about a dip, little guy?” you asked the child as you made your way toward the closest one.
“Watch your surroundings,” Mando called to you from behind, “Keep your guard up.”
You looked over your shoulder and gave him a soft smile, “Don’t worry, we’re ok here.” 
You rolled up your pants and dipped your legs into the water and let out a contented sigh at the warmth you felt on your skin. Your eyes fluttered shut as you savored the calm moment while you could. The child cooed at your side, which called your attention, and you turned to see that he looked eager to enjoy the hot spring too.
“You wanna take a dip?” you asked as you lifted him up in your arms, “I don’t know if you can swim, but I won’t let go, I promise,” you told him as you carefully lowered him until his feet paddled in the water.
The child giggled loudly as he splashed the water with his little feet and you couldn’t help but laugh at the pure glee that radiated from him. You shuffled your body so that you sat on a large rock in a shallower part of the hot spring to keep him safer. And you felt safe yourself, because you felt the watchful gaze of the Mandalorian at your back, where he always was, and how he always kept his eye on the both of you.
What you didn’t know though was the fond way he watched you and the child as you splashed in the water and laughed like there wasn’t a care in the galaxy. Perhaps in the moment, you didn’t as you took in the beautiful calmness that surrounded you. Mando wanted to join you more than anything, but he knew better than to drop his guard, even after he triple checked that you all were alone there. He couldn’t bear the thought of something happening to either of you, especially if he could prevent it. You both meant too much to him to slip up like that.
After some time, the child let out a big yawn and you immediately gathered him into your arms. “Did I wear you out there, buddy?” you asked him as you stood and turned to meet Mando’s gaze.
“I’ll take him,” he offered in a soft voice.
“You sure, Din?” you used his real name for once, which sent a wave of warmth through his chest.
“I’m sure,” he carefully took the child from your arms, and both of you felt a jolt at the brief touch of your hands. Both of you hid it well though, and neither of you let the other know how your hearts did a little flip at the contact.
Din gave you a nod before he turned back to the ship, and he felt your eyes on his back the entire time. You watched him walk away until he was completely out of sight and back on the ship. Once you were alone, you let out a deep sigh and turned back to the landscape in front of you. This place really was beautiful, and you found that you wished you could stay here with Din and the child forever. But you knew that wasn’t possible, so you decided to just enjoy it while you could.
As Din changed the child into dry clothes back on the ship, he couldn’t help but reflect the same feelings you had without even realizing. The child cooed sleepily at him as he fought to keep his eyes open. Din let out a soft chuckle as the baby yawned and quickly got cozy in his warm, dry robe.
“I should say something, huh kid?” Din commented more to himself than to the child as he thought about you. He couldn’t deny his growing feelings for you much longer, especially now that he had both you and the child to protect.
Din waited until the child nuzzled himself in his little hammock and was sound asleep before he made his way back outside. He knew as long as the child was locked in the ship, he was safe to be on his own. Din figured he would sleep for a while anyway after how much he splashed and played in the water. But when Din got back outside, he wasn’t prepared for the sight that met him.
You had stripped down to your undergarments and completely engulfed yourself in the warm water of the spring. It wasn’t big enough to swim, but you dipped your entire body in and remerged for air, leaving you soaking wet as you stood waist deep in the water. It was also more skin that Din had ever seen on you before, and he felt himself tense up at how beautiful you looked as your wet skin glistened in the sun.
“Din?” you asked when you turned around and saw him standing there watching you, “You alright?”
He quickly gathered himself and regained his composure, and Din was extra grateful the helmet and armor hid his expression and body language, “Fine,” he sounded more strained than he meant to.
You furrowed your brows as you moved over to the edge of the hot spring to close the gap between you, “Why don’t you join me?” you offered, “The water feels great, and you haven’t let yourself relax since we landed here.” When he was quiet, you added, “You checked yourself, Din. We’re alone and we’re safe here.”
Din’s helmet moved slightly as he scanned the spring up and down. It wasn’t more than waist deep for you, and nothing lived in the water. He also swallowed hard when he caught a glimpse of your bare legs under the water.
The silence ate at you so in a hurry, you added, “I’ll blindfold,” your voice was louder than you meant it to, but you couldn’t help it with your nerves, “It… it’s not too deep… I’ll be alright,” you tried to fill the air with any excuse you thought of.
“What?” Din tilted his helmet with his question.
“I’ll blindfold,” you repeated yourself in a softer tone, “So… So you can,” you felt nervous as you tried to form your words, “Be more comfortable.”
The air felt heavy between the two of you, and you took the initiative and moved toward the edge of the little pool and reached for a scrap of fabric from the pile of your clothes. You kept your eyes on him as you slowly covered your eyes and tied the makeshift blindfold around your eyes, effectively blocking your vision.
You bit your lip as you stayed still and listened intently for any movement. After a few long, agonizing moments, you finally heard a shuffle in front of you followed by soft thuds on the ground. You grinned as you knew that he gave in and slowly shed his armor piece by piece, and you felt your heart pound in your chest with every sound.
After Din shed his armor save for his helmet so that he was only in his undergarments, he slowly slid into the water. It did feel nice, and the warmth was welcome against his aching muscles. It wasn’t until he was in the water that Din finally removed his helmet and took his first breath of fresh air.
You blindly reached out for him, but as you stepped forward, you slipped slightly on a rock on the bottom. You yelped as you felt yourself lurch forward, but instead of splashing into the water, you felt a strong pair of arms around you.
“I got you,” the familiar voice spoke in your ear as Din helped you stand.
You smiled, partly because you heard his voice unmodulated for the first time, and part from embarrassment, “You always do,” you whispered, “I knew I could trust you to catch me if I slipped.”
“You know I’d never let anything happen to you,” he replied as he kept his hold on your body.
It took you a moment to register his words because you were infatuated with the touch of his bare skin against yours. It was the first time you touched him without the armor or fabric as a barrier, and it made your skin heat up more than the hot spring did. And once you realized the sincereness in his voice, it made your breath catch in your throat. Did Din care about you as much as you cared about him and you never even realized?
Without a word, you slowly reached out and placed a hand on his chest and felt his heartbeat right under your palm. You let out a sigh as you traced your hand up his body and to his face. You had no idea what expression he wore, but you moved slowly enough and your touch was light enough that he could push you away if he wanted to. But you really didn’t want him to.
And Din didn’t want to push you away either. He felt a wave of nerves at your touch, but he surely didn’t want to stop you. He kept his eyes on you as you carefully caressed his skin until you reached his face. You stopped at his jaw line and rested your hand there for a moment, and Din watched you break out into a huge smile.
“What is it?” he asked.
“Guess you never have time to shave, huh?” you said with a smirk. Before Din could say anything back, you added, “I like it, though.”
You felt him smile under your hand and you rubbed your thumb along the skin of his cheek. After a moment, you trailed your hand up the side of his face and into his hair. It was softer than you had expected, and you brushed your fingers through the short but thick locks as you wondered what color his hair was. 
Next, you traced the tips of your fingers across Din’s forehead and down his nose as if you tried to figure out his features from touch alone. You found that you loved his prominent brow and the shape of his nose already and you felt your heart pound even faster in your chest. The entire time, Din’s eyes never left your lips as he watched you with such fondness. Unconsciously, he furrowed his brows as a thought popped into his head.
But you felt the way Din’s brows scrunched under your touch and you gasped as you immediately withdrew your hand, “I-I’m sorry, I overstepped.” You tried to back away, but he grabbed you and held you in place.
“No you didn’t,” Din murmured as he pulled you flush against his body, “I was just thinking…” he trailed off as he couldn’t help but watch your lips once more.
“What?” Your voice was just a whisper as you leaned in close again, “Tell me.”
“How much I want to kiss you,” Din admitted.
You smiled through your nerves and you swore if he wasn’t holding you up you could have fallen over, “Then kiss me, Din,” you tried to keep your voice strong but you knew it came out weak.
Din waited a moment for you to change your mind, but once he saw the resolve in your face, he leaned in close and placed a soft, light kiss on your lips. Your lips were soft and Din already wanted more, but he kept his control as he pulled back just enough to catch his breath. You couldn’t see his face, but you felt the same way about him and the two of you seemed to explode in your passions as you both reconnected in a more wanton and passionate kiss.
This kiss was deeper as your tongues tangled together in your own unique dance while your teeth clashed together with the fervor at how you kissed each other. Your arms wrapped around his broad, strong shoulders while Din kept his arms around your waist and used the leverage to pull you as close as possible. All the unspoken emotions and feelings all but exploded in the kiss as you stayed locked together in your passions. 
But, your moment with the Mandalorian was interrupted by a rustle in the nearby bushes. Din immediately shifted into defense mode and jumped over to where he left his gear. In one swift movement, he slid his helmet on his head and grabbed his blaster. He placed his body in front of you to protect you as he aimed his blaster towards the bushes.
Din didn’t even think about the fact that he didn’t have his armor on when he jumped in front of you. All he cared about was keeping you safe, especially since you still had the blindfold on and you left your own weapons on the ship. A fact that you mentally screamed at yourself for in that moment.
Several tense moments went by as he kept his weapon trained on the movement in the bushes. You held onto his arm to keep yourself steady as you listened for whatever happened.
“Din…?” you whispered.
“Stay behind me,” he told you in a firm voice as he gripped the blaster tight. 
The two of you waited in a tense silence for several moments. Just as Din was about to fire a warning shot, the source of the sound emerged from the woods: a small, harmless woodland creature native to this planet. Din let out a heavy sigh as he lowered his blaster and set it back down on the ground. He quickly turned back to you and said your name in a soft voice.
“I’m going to take this off,” he told you as he slipped the blindfold off your face. You kept your eyes shut, unsure of what to do, but your name in his voice again calmed your nerves, “It’s ok.”
Slowly, you blinked your eyes open and were met with the visor of his helmet trained on you. Your eyes trailed down to his bare skin and your breath hitched in your throat for a moment before a movement from behind him caught your eyes. That was when you saw the little woodland creature and you lit up in a smile.
“Such a vicious hunter,” you couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m glad I have you to protect me from that dangerous creature.”
“Hey,” he tilted his head as he gave your arms a squeeze.
You giggled as you laid your eyes on his bare chest once more and the sight took your breath away. His skin was littered with scars, but he was still the most beautiful man you laid your eyes on. You couldn’t help but trance your hand along his skin as Din watched you with fond amusement.
He said your name in a hushed whisper that made you look up into his visor again, and even though you couldn’t see his face, you felt the affection through the metal of the beskar. He hand cupped the side of your face much like you did his earlier.
“Close your eyes.”
“But Din…”
“I trust you,” his voice was soft as his thumb brushed your skin.
You did as he asked and closed your eyes. Once you did, you felt one of his hands leave you. Din lifted his helmet just enough to cover half of his face before he leaned in and kissed you once more. This kiss was soft and sweet, but still held the same amount of passion and need from before. You sighed into his mouth as you parted your lips for him and allowed him to engulf you completely. You trusted him just as much as he trusted you, and it was something neither of you took for granted.
When he broke away for air, Din dropped his helmet back down once more, “Open your eyes,” he watched for you to do so before he continued, “We should head back and check on the kid.”
You bit your lip and nodded as you let him guide you out of the hot spring. You shivered when the rush of air hit your skin, but you weren’t cold for long. Din immediately grabbed his cloak and covered you with it without a second thought.
“Thanks,” you whispered as you wrapped the fabric around your body and relished how much it smelled like him.
You sat and watched as Din redressed piece by piece, and you found he was a work of art in how meticulous he was with his armor. When he was fully dressed, Din reached his hand out to you, which you graciously accepted. You felt a fresh rush as he helped you to your feet, and you found that you were more grateful than ever that you landed on this beautiful, peaceful planet. 
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Girls like you
JJ Maybank wasn't really sure why the Y/L/N family had hired him to clean out their pool when summer started. They seemed to like him around the hotel when they went for meals but he wasn't exactly qualified, he wasn't complaining though, they tip well and it couldn't be that hard.
His only problem was Y/N.
They never got on well. She was friends with Kie in her kook year, who even went as far as to dub her 'the only kook who doesn't make me want to gauge my eyes out', so she knew the pogues from around although they'd grown apart the girls shared no bad blood and always stopped to catch up when they saw each other around.
He was in the middle of raking the leaves from the large pool when he saw her. She was crossing the garden from the large mansion, clad in a bikini with sunglasses perched on the end of her nose. JJ hates how good she looks, her curves perfectly on display and a confident aura around her.
She's got headphones in, he notices as she saunters closer.
"Hi princess," He smirks, watching as she rolls her eyes
"I'm not your princess. How long are you gonna be?" She questions, settling onto one of the sun loungers next to the pool
"An hour or so," JJ states
"Well, could you do it quietly I'm hungover and I wanna just relax," She states, slipping the second headphone back into her ear before he can reply.
He cleans, unaware of her watching him from behind the glasses as she sips on her bottle of cold water. She would never tell anyone but watching him work, his muscles tensing and untensing under his vest shirt, a light sweat from the hot summer day on his skin, she couldn't help herself from thinking he looked good.
He would definitely admit to John B that he thought she looked fit. Her breasts spilling out of her bikini top a little and the barely there thong bottom's high cut making her legs look excruciatingly long. He'd probably make some crude jokes about hate sex being way more fun. He wouldn't admit though, to finding something very comforting about her presence, and finding the way she hummed along to whatever she was listening too adorable.
It's a further 40 minutes, JJ is trying to work out how to get the pool vaccuum to turn on, when her phone rings loudly.
"Hey Sare," Her voice speaks. JJ figures quickly it's Sarah Cameron, the pair are practically inseparable and the whole island knows it.
He half listens to her side of the conversation, more out of boredom than interest.
"No, babes, I love you and all but I really don't wanna. The last million times I've seen Rafe he's been so weird and creepy and I don't wanna be alone with him,"
JJ doesn't know why the comment angers him so much. Why does he even care if Rafe is clearly trying to pull her? It's none of his business. Yet, he can feel his blood boiling at the thought.
"No Sar, if I go and you have to stay with me then you can't go and be with Topper,"
She's silent for a few minutes before sighing "Fine. Fine, I'll come. See you in a minute. Bring me some shorts, I'm in the garden and can't be arsed to go upstairs and find some. You owe me forever,"
JJ wants to scream. Wants to tell her she shouldn't go if she feels uncomfortable around Kelce. He wishes Kie were here, maybe she could talk her into staying where she felt safe.  Maybe she would be able to explain why JJ even gives a shit.
"Maybank," She states, he looks up, trying to act like he hasn't been listening. "I'm going out. You'll be the only one here," She informs
"Okay," He nods.
"My keys are on the kitchen counter, lock up when you're done and I'll just grab them from you at the hotel,"
"All right," He agrees
"When will you be there?" She questions, looking at him like he's an idiot. He groans internally, obviously she needed to know that.
"Tomorrow, 2 until closing,"
'"I'll swing by around 4," She informs. He nods, trying not to stare at her as she lets her hair down from the ponytail it had been in, shaking it out. A car honks outside and she turns, walking up the garden towards the side gates, turning a few metres away,
"Oh, there's an envelope on the kitchen counter with your tip in," She adds
"Thanks. Goodbye princess," He smiles,
"Still not your princess," she shouts back, turning and disappearing round the corner.
JJ felt a lot more in his element when her dad had called him asking if he could fix her car. He hadn't specified it was his eldest daughters, and JJ knew the family owned 7 cards despite only 3 of them even being able to drive.
JJ recognised it though, a white convertible porsche, he'd seen her driving it around before. Wether she was blasting music with the roof down singing with Sarah, picking up a take out from the wreck, driving around in the middle of the night, she'd even given Kie a lift to the Chateau before. He realised that he always seemed to notice her presence.
He was working in the family's garage, the bonnet popped open and grease all over him. It was an easy fix, if a little fiddly.
He jumped out of his skin when the door burst open.  He is immediately taken aback by how good she looks. Clad in a tight black skirt that is ridiculously short, heels and a tight black V neck top with a lace trim around the neck. Her hair falls in bouncy curls around her shoulders and her makeup looks perfect. He would have sworn on everything he'd never seen anyone look so beautiful.
"You're a boy," The girl states.
"Good job noticing that one princess," JJ smirks, she rolls her eyes.
"I have a date and Sarah is being so unhelpful, can you help me pick a top?" She questions, he gulps, nodding.
"Okay, so this is option 1,"
"It looks good,"
"Right. But is it sexy? Do you look at me and think I wanna slam her against a wall and rail her?"
His eyes widen a little, that's one way of putting it he decides.
"Look, I'm your families help, I shouldn't be answering that,"
"Like I care Maybank," She groans, exasperated.
"Okay fine, I look at you in that and I think I wanna rip your clothes off,"
"Okay good. Option 2," She starts. JJ is shocked when she pulls her top off in front of him, without even turning around. He turns around, although not without taking a mental picture of her boobs being pushed up in a red lace bra. "Who knew you were a prude?"
"Just respecting you princess," He comments
"You've seen me in a bikini, what's the difference?" She questions, he stays silent having no quick comment to respond with. "I'm dressed," She states
He turns back around, she looks good, a forest green top made of satin.
"The first one is sexy, that one is cute,"
"Thanks JJ, oh, and hey, thanks for fixing my car,"
"Uh. Yeah, anytime,"
JJ was happy to paint the summer house. He claimed to his friends it was just because they way over paid and tipped big. In reality it was because for three days straight he would get to catch glimpses of her. And he did.
He saw her when she swam in her pool.
He saw her when she played in the garden with her little sister.
He saw her when she cloud gazed with Sarah Cameron.
The best times he got to see her though, were when she would bring him stuff. Every so often she'd knock on the open door to the summer house, sometimes with water, sometimes with snacks, a few times even with a beer. A couple of times she stopped and made small talk, one time she even smeared paint on his cheek and giggled as he chased her through the garden.
He enters the kitchen, used to how the family worked now. An envelope of money waiting on the kitchen counter, they always seemed to be coming and going so it was easier.
He was shocked to see her in the kitchen, she's scrolling on her phone sipping on what looks to be an iced coffee
"Oh, hey JJ," She smiles
"Hey, I'm done," he informs, she nods, watching as he picks up the envelope "So, I'll be seeing you around,"
"Did you want a lift?" She questions, he looks at her slightly confused "I just noticed your bike wasn't here and it's kinda late to be walking back. It's a long walk,"
"You really don't have to princess,"
"Honestly, it's fine," she assures, jumping up and grabbing her keys before heading towards the garage.
She wasn't sure when she stopped hating JJ Maybank, wasn't sure when she started noticing little things like the blue in his eyes and which snapback he was wearing and how tired he looked. She wasn't sure when the sight of his bike in the driveway started giving her butterflies.
"So where is your bike?" She questions, the roof of the car is down and the wind blowing through her hair as she pulls out of the private estate her home is on.
"Didn't have enough fuel to get to yours and back," He shrugs
"Why didn't you just-" She cuts herself off "Shit, I'm so sorry. That was insanely rude, I wasn't even thinking and-" He chuckles, watching as she splutters and blushes
"It's okay. Life is different on the cut I can understand how a kook princess wouldn't get it," He shrugs, she nods, still not sure what to say.
"Y'know my life isn't perfect," She comments, he scoffs, unable to help himself. "I'm not kidding. It's privileged as fuck, I know that, but it's not perfect,"
"Go on then princess, what's so shit?" He doesn't mean for it to sound so harsh, he's genuinely curious
"My parents, they have basically planned my entire life, down to where I'll go to college, what sorority I'll be in, where I'll work my summer internship, who I'll marry, where I'll get married, which big kook house I'll live in,  at what age I'll have to give up my career, which has been decided for me by them, to start trying for babies. It's 24 by the way so in 8 years. My whole life is decided and I don't want it. I wanna go on a trip around the world and surf and travel and explore. I wanna fall in love and get my heartbroken again and again until I find the right guy. I wanna live in a New York apartment and I wanna see the world. I don't wanna marry Rafe Cameron just cause our mothers are friends. I mean he's literally scary and harasses me and acts like even though I'm 16 I shouldn't have a choice cause one day he'll father my kids. And no one gets it, none of my friends, not even my best friend. The only person who ever understood why it was so shit was Kie and then she left, she left and lives her life and it's fun and exciting and anything could happen. I don't hate her for it but it fucking sucks that she left me miserable. I'll be miserable living my planned out life and then I'll die. Yeah, I have money and that's fucking great, but my life is far from perfect,"
JJ sits in a stunned silence. He's not really sure what to say. Their problems were very different but hers were just as shitty. He feels like he's seeing her in a whole new light.
"Sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I don't tell people that and we barely no each other," She mutters, not wanting to look at him
"Where would you go first?" His question surprised her
"On my fictitious surf trip?" She questions, he nods "Europe, Spain I think,"
They sit in silence the rest of the way, it's not awkward though, both of them feel comforted by each other presence. He gives her instructions to the chateau.
"We are probably gonna drink some beers and smoke. You wanna stay? You could crash here and drive home in the morning," JJ offers
"I can't. My family are having dinner at the hotel. Thanks though," She smiles gently
"Yeah. Uh, I hope it's not too shit. Thanks for the ride princess,"
He climbs out of the car, his friends who sit on the porch immediately calling out to him, they're all laughing and teasing him about his lift home and when he looks back he almost thinks he sees a look of longing in her eyes before she's reversing out of the chateau.
"Can you fix it?" She questions. JJ Maybank has never seen her look nervous before.
It was only 6:30 AM when she'd started banging on the door to the Chateau, tears in her eyes and panic on her face hoping JJ would be here. John B had pulled the door open, half asleep and groaning a little at the bright sunlight. He'd let her into the small home and disappeared to wake JJ up. John B opted not to put too much thought into the way the minute her name was said JJ leaped out of bed and shoved into the living area, the way his hands cupped her cheeks to see if she was okay, the way he was calling her princess as he tried to calm down her hiccuping tears.
"I can fix it," He confirms. They're standing on the deck of her families boat "It's an easy fix princess, okay? don't even worry," He speaks in a comforting tone
"Thank you JJ,"
"No worries. It'll take me a while, you got anywhere to be?"
"No. Well yes, a breakfast thing with the Cameron's but it's at my house and I can't exactly show up without the boat so,"
"So you're hiding out here all day?" JJ questions
"Well, I don't wanna intrude. I can go and hang out at the beach,"
"Don't talk nonsense, you can hang here. C'mon, I need to be down the bottom with the engine, you can sit and entertain me,"
She watches intently as he works, now that he's not working at her house he hasn't bothered with a shirt, instead just wearing shorts and his infamous red baseball cap. He glances at her occasionally, her makeup streaky from crying and wearing a short white dress.
"So, wanna tell me what happened?" He questions
"Not really," She admits, he nods and she sighs before beginning to explain"Rafe wanted to go boating late and then it all went wrong and then we got the boat to the nearest dock, hence why we are in the middle of nowhere, and he said he was going to call someone to get a lift and it was rainy so I was waiting in here.  It had been a while so I went outside to check on him and he was gone. I didn't know what to do. Dad would kill me for breaking the boat, do I just kinda figured I'd walk to yours and hopefully you would no how to fix it. Then I realised I have no clue where you live so I walked to John B's and hoped for the best,"
"He just left you in the middle of nowhere alone?" JJ doesn't know why he's so mad, they were hardly even friends
"Yeah. He texted me to let me know it was cause he's already in shit with his dad and didn't wanna go down for breaking my family's boat," She shrugs, JJ wants to go and find Rafe Cameron and beat his skull in.
"Look, a girl like you deserves someone who would treat them a million times better than that,"
"I always thought you hated me," She admits
"So did I, until this summer I kinda did," He shrugs
"What changed?" She asks, the question is so vulnerable he can't help himself from looking at her
"You aren't what I thought you'd be," He admits, she nods slowly
"How should a girl like me be treated?" She questions
"Like they're the only thing on earth," He's not really sure why he's so openly telling her how he feels but it feels too late now
"Is that how you'd treat me Maybank?"
"Girls like you don't date boys like me," He shrugs, turning quickly back to what he's doing, not wanting her to recognise the disappointment on his face.
It was no secret her family hosted a big formal party on the 10th of July every year, her parents wedding anniversary. JJ had waited the party the last 2 years and this summer was no different, he'd even managed to get John B and Pope a job too.
His heart had stopped when he saw her, her dress was the exact shade of blue as the sky and flowed beautifully down to her feet, her hair curled with the front pinned back, her makeup beautiful. She looked like an angel approaching him and god why did she have to look so perfect.
"Hey JJ," She smiles, grabbing a glass of champagne from the tray he's holding "Could you do me a favour?"
"Of course," He agrees, expecting some job that needed doing for the party
"If you see Rafe and I'm on my own..." She trails off "I'm trying to avoid him, after the other day,"
It's three hours into the party when JJ grabs her hand, pulling her along behind him and away from Rafe who is clearly trying to catch her alone. He pulls her into a small cupboard slamming the door closed behind him and locking it.
"What was that about?"
"Rafe," He shrugs, he didn't outwardly say he'd been watching her all night to make sure he could look out for her. He also didn't say he would have been watching her all night even if she hadn't asked him too.
"JJ, you know how your coming over next week to fix that one  door that you can't open from inside the cupboard?" She question
"Yeah," He states, peering out of the key hole to see if Rafe is still looking for her
"Well, this is the cupboard,"
"Shit!" He shouts, pulling away from the door to face her. "Shit, it's your parents wedding anniversary and I got you locked in the cupboard,"
"It's alright," She shrugs "They hate each other most the time anyway,"
"Call someone to let you out,"
"Where on this dress did you think there was pockets, you call someone,"
"My phone is in the twinkie,"
"The what?"
"John B's car," JJ sighs. "Fuck princess, I'm so sorry," He groans
"It's fine. Sarah will come looking for me eventually," She shrugs. He nods, watching as she sits down on the ground, patting the space next to her.
He obliges, sitting next to her, knees touching in the tight space.
"You look nice tonight, I like the shirt and tie," She compliments, he can feel himself blush and is glad the cupboard is dark enough she probably can't see it.
"Y'know what you said on the boat the other day?" She questions, he immediately knows what she's referring too "About how girls like me don't date boys like you,"
"Yeah," He confirms
"Why is that?" She questions quietly
"I couldn't make you happy princess. Your parents would hate me. I couldn't take you on the fancy dates you're used to. You wouldn't be happy,"
"My parents love you, they think you're resourceful and hard working. I hate the stuffy dates figure 8 boys take me on," She informs, he laughs a little at that. "Besides, you already make me happy. I'm just saying Maybank, if you don't wanna date me just say it, don't try and put it on me,"
JJ isn't really sure how to react. How to explain he desperately wanted to date her, wanted her to be his girl and wanted to shower her in love and adoration. He isn't sure how to tell her that by inadvertently telling him she wanted to date him she had made him the happiest man on earth. He's not really great with words and it all feels too hard to say.
So, instead, he turns slightly, taking her face in his hands and pulling her to him, his lips crashing against hers and somehow she knows everything he wanted to say.
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strangelysamantha · 2 years
bittersweet ☆
possessive!rafe x plus!sized reader.
warnings: crazy rafe, possessive and obsessive behavior, swearing, underage drinking, reader gets hurt, physical fight, ect.
words: 2,167.
summary: you went to a local party by the beach when rafes unstable side peeked out. jj maybank finds you alone, and decides to talk to you. rafe gets possessive and upset, thinking that jj was hitting on you.
request?: no :)
a/n: i’m working on requests but since my computer is down it’s taking longer because i hate typing on my phone especially because tumblr always deletes what i’ve written. i’m hopeful that my computer will be fixed by tomorrow, until then i’ll try and produce a few stories since i’ve been MIA for a few days. remember to like and comment if you enjoy this! <3
my masterlist
“please just come with me.” rafe frowned as he sat on your porch pleading to you, telling you why you should go to a beach party with him. “why rafe?” you frown, not in a partying mood. instead, you would much rather stay home and do a movie marathon. “please baby, i swear i’ll make it up to you.” you roll your eyes at his begging. “fine, but only because you are so cute.” his eyes sparkle as a smile lifts on his lips, you pull him into a quick kiss.
you walk back inside to get dressed for the bonfire. rafe was wearing blue and orange, and you wanted to match him. so, you grabbed a pair of dark blue ripped jean shorts, and an orange v-neck. you apply some perfume and jewelry before putting on some shoes. just as you were finishing up, rafe walked into your room smirking. “awh, you wanted to match with me.” he smiled. despite you knowing his look was filled with adoration you couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable under his long glance. “obviously, don’t you want people to know i’m yours?” you question him, waiting for his response. “well, matching clothes won’t change anything. everyone already knows.” you nod smiling before pulling him into a kiss.
once you pull away from the kiss, he grabs your hand and leads you to the car as he drives to the beach. his hand finding its way on your thigh; gripping it tightly. while he drove to the beach, you paid close attention to your phone, checking social media for any major updates. rafes grasp on your thigh loosened as the car came to a halt. you were parked on the beach, the sun was already setting.
you both exit the car, rafe swiftly moving from his side of the car to yours. “thank you for coming with me.” his hand finds yours, pulling them together. “of course, i love hanging out with you.” he lets go of your hand, and moves his arm to hold closely around your waist. the two of you begin to walk towards the already drunken teen filled beach.
you frown at the amount of trash that litters the sand. you stay close to rafe, as he approaches topper and kelce. “hey guys.” you say to them to make conversation. they nod in your direction, acknowledging you before their attention turns towards rafe again. you don’t pay any mind to what the boys are discussing. after a while you become bored, so you slowly slip out of rafes arm to go get a drink. “i’m going to go get a drink, do you want one?” you ask rafe, and he glances at you smiling. “yes please, thanks baby.” you lean in for a quick kiss before leaving to go get drinks. you weren’t a heavy drinker, always scared of what you would say or do under the influence, so you grab yourself a water and grab a beer for rafe.
you return to the spot you were in earlier, but it’s now vacant. rafe, topper, and kelce all leaving you behind. you frown, looking around for them but coming up short. you had no idea where they could be since this beach was huge. you don’t bother wasting your time looking for them, instead you start to head for the bonfire.
you weren’t surprised that rafe had left you all alone. this always happened. he would beg you to go to something, just to abandon you half way through it. it didn’t bother you, it just worried you, scared of what he was doing without you.
once you arrived at the bonfire, you decided to down the drink once made for rafe, the beer stinging your throat. you drank three more chugs before drinking water as well. it doesn’t take long for the alcohol to come into effect. you knew it had clouded your judgement when you were laughing at jj maybanks jokes of all people. “i’m telling you, these people were fucking crazy.” you giggled as he made exaggerated reactions. “you’re telling me! that sounds scary as fuck. i wouldn’t have survived.” he shook his head looking down at you, “i’m sure you would have figured something out.” you nod at him.
“have you seen those dudes since?” you ask, intrigued by his story. “actually, yeah. their story isn’t the brightest… sheriff told me that they-” his voice cut off as he made a slicing noise above his throat. your eyes widened in shock. “oh my god! really??” you grab his arm, “what if they came back for you! bro no way…” your heart rate quickens at the thought of evil men chasing random kids. “no, i know right, scary as shit. i guess it’s bittersweet because they died, but now they aren’t after us anymore.” he shrugs, sipping his red solo cup. “i guess. it’s still scary. so many people are unexpectedly dying nowadays, i definitely-” you were interrupted as rafe put an arm around you, eyeing jj up and down.
“continue baby, what were you saying?” rafe asked, smiling at you for a split second before it disappeared when his eyes focused on jj again. “oh we were just talking about bad men, and how this town is scarier than it used to be.” he nods at you. “jj what are you doing talking to my girl?” jj stands up straighter, “why do you care? do you own her or something?” rafe scoffed, “yes.” the confusion on your face was evident and jj was quick on acknowledging it. “oh really? by the look on her face, she doesn’t agree.” he glances at you, but you have quickly recovered. “what are you talking about maybank?” you interrupted the two immediately not wanting a fight to break out. “i was just talking to jj because he had a funny story. it wasn’t anything like that, i swear babe.” you words slurred together and it was evident you weren’t in the right headspace.
rafes eyes widened as he fully realized that you were so intoxicated that you had no idea what was going on, “what the fuck maybank? you got her drunk for what? you trying to fuck her?” jj couldn’t believe rafes nerve. “one, she was drunk when she came up to me, and two, i don’t need to fuck her, i already have.” your heart dropped at jj's confession.
“maybank, do you want to take that back?” you could tell rafe was trying to give jj a chance to redeem himself before all hell breaks loose. your hand tightened on rafes bicep trying to get him to move on, but he wouldn’t budge. “can't take back what’s already happened.” jj shrugged again, smirking.
rafe was the first one to throw a punch, you stumbled back as he had pushed you away. with your luck, your head had landed right against the beverage table, scratching the side of your face from your temple to the side of your cheek. you hiss in pain, moving your fingers to feel it. when you retreat your hand you see it covered in blood. you groan in pain, hissing as the cool air makes it sting.
you clumsy stand up, looking ahead to see rafe and jj were still fighting. “rafe!” you weakly call out, but he was stuck in his own little bubble as he pounded his fists against jjs face. you stumble away, walking far from the beach. you were too tired to even try to process what was going on. the yelling behind you quietly faded as you made your way farther along the beach.
not even a minute later you hear rafe running after you. “what rafe?” you ask, but your back is still turned to him. “baby, please just- i’m sorry okay. i, i don’t know. i was just scared he’d take you from me. i don’t want to lose you, you are all i have. you mean too much to me for some pogue to take.” his rambling only pissed you off more. “rafe, please. i have a headache, all i want is to go home.” you frown.
his eyes moved from the sand up to your face, surprised by the huge gash on your face that was oozing blood. “baby?! who did this to you?” you couldn’t contain your anger any longer. you used all your strength, pushing his shoulders back. “you did! you fucking asshole.” the fact that he didn’t even budge from the push you sent his way, pissed you off even more. “baby, i, you know i would never do anything to intentionally hurt you?” your silence only scared him even more.
“baby, i wouldn’t- i didn’t mean to hurt you.” his breathing was heavy as the realization hit him. he had undeniably hurt you, and he had undoubtedly lost you. “no, because this can’t be happening. i can't lose you. baby, i- it was an accident. please, you gotta understand i didn’t want to hurt you, it was just jj fucking all over you, and the way he tried to claim you, saying he already had you, it just- the anger i couldn’t even hold myself back.” you nod at his words. “rafe i understand that. i, just. i don’t want this. do you think i want you to assault every guy who even looks at me? it makes me feel like shit. do you know how shitty it makes me feel? that you think i would chose anyone else when i have you. it hurts to know that you think i’m not loyal enough.” you frown, tears easily falling out of your eyes.
“baby- it’s not you i’m worried about.” you nod, “i know… it just doesn’t feel that way.” he goes to speak again but you quickly interrupt him. “can we please continue this at your house? my head seriously hurts.” his eyes soften, his hand cupping your cheek. he hesitated before he pulled you into a kiss, when you kissed him back he could feel his smile come back. “rafe.” you say again, before pointing to your head. “right baby, i’m sorry. let's go.” you nod.
he walks you to his car, opening the door for you before you hop in. he puts your seatbelt on for you. his protective side shining through once again. he walks around, before hopping in himself. he starts the car. “seatbelt…?.” you question. he laughs quietly. “of course, baby.” you nod as he puts his seatbelt on. his hand reached for your thigh again, before he drove the two of you to his house.
when you arrived, your head was pounding. you could feel it throbbing, the blood dripping onto your orange v neck. you frown at the sight. the two of you walk inside, and he immediately pulls you into his room, placing you on the edge of his bed. he runs to his bathroom grabbing a table cloth and the first aid kit.
he opens the first aid kit, placing it beside you. he takes the wet washcloth, wiping away the blood. after cleaning it, he added antibacterial cream, and then covered it in gauze. he kissed the bandage covering it before walking to his closet.
“here. wear this, and i’ll wash your t-shirt.” you nod, “thank you rafe.” he turns around and you swiftly change your t-shirt. he turns around, his heart hammering inside his chest, still scared about where you stood.
“rafe. i don’t want to lose you. i love you a lot, but i don’t want to continue this if every time a guy looks at me funny, you beat him up. i appreciate you protecting me, but they aren’t worth it.” he nods, soaking up every word. “if you can promise me that you won’t fight random people anymore, then i think we can work this out, and work through this.” he smiles softly, “is that a deal?” you ask. “of course baby. i promise i won’t fight anyone unless they really deserve it.” you roll your eyes, “fine. that’s good enough; but please, let’s hope it doesn’t get too bad.” he laughs, “let’s hope.” you grab his hands, realizing they were quite bruised. “let’s ice these.” he follows you to the kitchen, as you prepare an ice pack.
once the ice pack is ready, you place it on one hand, the other is intently grabbing your thigh. “baby you don’t have to do all this.” he reached for the ice and you lightly pushed his hand away. “you fixed me up, let me fix you up.” he sat back and watched as you cared for his bruises. rafe was glad he didn’t lose you, and he was glad you were still there with him. having you so close to him made him realize he couldn’t sacrifice anything to lose you. he kissed your bandages once more before you two prepared for bed and started to comfortably cuddle together.
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atlabeth · 2 years
everything happens for a reason part one - zuko x fem!reader
I am not your concern 
masterlist | part 2 
summary: as a servant in the fire nation, you’ve learned that life is often unfair. but as you venture through a tumultuous relationship with a certain prince, you come to learn a very tricky lesson: everything happens for a reason.
a/n: im so excited about this guys you dont even know. i have so much planned and i hope you all love it as much as i do - just for reference, in this first chapter y/n is 9 and zuko is 10
wc: 2.3k
warning(s): mentions of a raid, reader and zuko both being little shits lmao
chapter title comes from not your concern by the hush sound! 
Tumblr media
Y/N sprawled out on the grass and sighed contentedly as the sun shined down on her and her mother. Today was easier than most as they had been given the day off, an occasion that was rare in the royal palace. She closed her eyes and breathed in the fresh scent aerating their surroundings. Her senses were blessed with a mix of sea salt and fire lilies, an ever present reminder of the two worlds she walked in.
“Y/N,” her mother chided as she glanced down at her daughter from her sewing. “You shouldn’t lay in the grass like that. You know how hard those stains are to get out; I don’t need even more work on my plate.”
“Yes, mother,” she sighed as she sat up with mock exasperation. “I just feel like I should take advantage of this! We spend all day inside, and now that we’re out here you’re worried about things like stained clothes.” Y/N pushed herself to her feet and spread her arms out as she spun in a small circle. “Life is short, and I already spend all of it sewing and healing. Don’t you think I deserve some grass stains?”
“Did you find your way into the poetry books again?” she joked. “Of course I think you should have fun, but you know how things are here. I’m just trying to keep you safe.”
She continued to twirl, the soft breeze a welcome sensation on her skin. “I know, I know, but you don’t need to worry! I can—”
“Dear, watch where you’re going!”
Her mother’s warning didn’t reach her in time, a fact that became known to Y/N as she collided into the boy in front of her. A small gasp escaped her as recognition filled her now wide eyes.
“Prince Zuko!” she exclaimed, nervous hands finding their positions as she bowed. “Please forgive me for the accident, I didn’t realize you were there.”
Y/N had never spoken to the young prince directly — she mainly shadowed her mother while she did her work around the palace or honed her healing abilities under the watchful eye of Rika, their most skilled healer — but she knew enough to understand that she was to never disrespect the royal family in any way.
“Don’t worry,” he said with a small smile, alleviating the tension that had built up in her shoulders. “I’m sorry too, I wasn’t paying attention either. I actually came here for some help.” As she straightened her back, she noticed the bundle of fabric he was holding. “Are you Kura?”
“Oh, no. That’s my mother.” She pointed behind her where her mother greeted the prince with a respectful nod and smile of her own. “Did you come to get something fixed? She’s the best seamstress in all of the Four Nations.”
“My daughter flatters me,” Kura chucked. “What is it that you require, Prince Zuko?”
“She’s right, actually.” He held up the bundle of cloth which Y/N now recognized as one of the many outfits he owned. She didn’t consider herself a jealous person, but the prince’s extensive wardrobe was an exception to that rule. She had one set uniform for her work supplied by the Fire Nation, and a threadbare set for everything else that her mother had bought for her after saving up what little copper they had to spare. Y/N didn’t mind it too much as she was able to practice her sewing whenever the seams broke, but she was sure that her handiwork made up more of the outfit than the original by now.
“I tore one of the sleeves while I was training with Azula,” Zuko expressed with a frown. “I showed it to my mother, and she said that Kura would be able to fix it. I had to go through every single servant to find you, so I really hope you can. ”
Kura set her current project down and took the cloth from the prince, examining it with the skillful eye of a seamstress before meeting his eyes with another smile. “Of course, dear. I should have it ready for you by tomorrow; my daughter will deliver it to your quarters around midday.”
“Do it well,” he demanded. “I can’t focus on my training if my clothes are falling apart.”
“Hey!” she spoke up, scowling as she crossed her arms. It was like every shred of sense Y/N had disappeared the moment he talked down to her mother. “This is our day off, so you should be thankful that my mother is taking time out of her day to do this for you. Be nicer to her.”
“Y/N!” her mother scolded, her tone frantically apologetic as she turned back to the prince. “Please, forgive my daughter. She speaks her mind far too often, she doesn’t mean any disrespect.”
“No, you’re right.” A thoughtful expression found its way onto the young boy’s features, his eyes trained on her own displeasure. “My father always talks that way to the servants and I guess it came off on me. I’m sorry. It’s not nice.”
“Apology accepted,” Y/N said reluctantly.
“Thank you for your help. I’ll make sure to tell all my friends about your work.” The young prince smiled and walked off, though not without a curious second glance at the girl who righted his wrong.
As soon as the prince was out of range, Kura began to berate her daughter. “Y/N, by now you have to understand that under no circumstances may you ever speak to a member of the royal family like that! Do you know what kind of punishment you could’ve gotten if anyone else was around to hear that?”
She sighed and settled back on the ground, plucking a blade of grass from the ground. “I know, mother, but he needs to learn manners, prince or not!”
“That’s not how it works here. Our job is to serve the royal family without question. Sometimes they say mean things, but we can’t do anything about it. Apologies are not yours to demand or accept.”
“That’s not fair,” she mumbled as she wrapped the strand of grass around her finger. “Back home I could say whatever I wanted.”
“I know, honey, I know. But we’re not at home anymore, so the rules there don’t apply. We have to follow the rules that are put in place here. Can you promise that you’ll do that for me?”
“Yes, mother.” It was a phrase that seemed to always be at the tip of her tongue now that constant apologies were littered throughout her days, usually accompanied by a sigh.
“I miss home,” The murmured sentiment was almost too soft for Kura to hear and her heart sank. Her daughter’s gaze was trained on the ground, idle fingers tapping against her legs, and she put a momentary pause to her sewing with a sigh.
“Dear, don’t you have a healing session today with Rika?”
“You know I don’t,” she grumbled. “It’s my day off, which no one seems to remember.”
“Y/N.” Kura’s voice was more firm and she now understood that it wasn’t so much a suggestion as a demand. “I think you should pay Rika a visit.”
She heaved an exasperated sigh and stood up in a far more exaggerated gesture than necessary. “Alright. I’ll see you later tonight, mother.” And as Y/N began her walk back to the palace, a sour feeling brewed in her chest.
Kura watched on, unable to prevent the fear that permeated her thoughts. They were fortunate that the young prince was generous, but along with his mother they might’ve been the only two who shared those views in the royal family. She hated having to constantly admonish her daughter — the girl was too young to constantly live in fear, especially having already been through so much — but in the Fire Nation they couldn’t afford to do anything less. A spitfire girl like her daughter was constantly treading on thin ice, and it was all she could do to keep her safe.
Kura feared the day when she wasn’t there to protect her.
After a short walk that consisted of muttering things to herself and taking her anger out on the pebbles unfortunate enough to be in her path, Y/N found herself back at the palace. She let herself into a side entrance meant only for servants and set on her way to the infirmary when she collided with someone else — an apology was already on the tip of her tongue when she recognized it was Prince Zuko once more. She truly had rotten luck.
Y/N shot quick glances around to ensure that they were alone, then lowered her voice just for extra security. “My mom says I’m not supposed to talk to you like this, but I don’t care. Just because you’re the prince doesn’t mean you can just go around bumping into people!” she whispered angrily.
“But— you were the one who bumped into me the first time!”
She could feel her face heat up from embarrassment and she crossed her arms. “Just— whatever! Do you want something or do you just like popping up in places you're not supposed to be?”
“I guess I just wanted to talk to you,” Zuko shrugged. “I’ve never really seen you around before, and you’re interesting.”
Y/N scrutinized him trying to find out if he was tricking her somehow, but after staring at him for a solid ten seconds she finally caved. “Fine,” she said, already beginning to walk. “But you’d better make it fast. I have to get to a healing session.”
He took a few quick steps to catch up to her and frowned. “I’m the prince. Technically I could order you to stop and you would have to listen.”
“Yeah, well when it’s just the two of us, you’re just another boy. I don’t have time to talk to boys for hours.”
His brows creased for a moment as he thought about it, then ultimately shrugged once more. “Okay. You said you were going to a healing session- does that mean you’re a waterbender?”
She nodded, and Zuko waited for her to explain further. He heaved a sigh, realizing that he was going to have to carry this conversation. “Well.. what’s a waterbender doing in the Fire Nation?”
She fixed him with a puzzled look. “I’m a servant. That’s why I’m here.”
“I know that,” he frowned. “But most of the servants here are from the Fire Nation, and there are hardly any around your age. I’m just trying to get to know you better.”
Y/N sighed heavily — she now knew that the child prince of the Fire Nation had zero sense of boundaries, and if she wanted to get him off her back she had to answer to his satisfaction. “My mother is a waterbender from the Northern Tribe. She left home when she was young to travel the world and help who she could with her healing, and eventually she fell in love with an earthbender. That was my father — they ended up marrying and settling down in his village where they had me a few years later. Last month, my village was raided by the Fire Nation, and my mother and I were captured after they discovered we were waterbenders. And now I’m here, being annoyed by a prince.”
Zuko frowned once more — it seemed if he continued hanging out with this girl the expression would be stuck permanently on his face — and he suddenly felt ashamed for pushing. “I’m really sorry,” he muttered. “I had no idea.”
She heaved another sigh and shook her head. “Yeah, well they probably keep a lot of the bad things they do from you. It’s easier to send raids to destroy families when your children don’t know.”
“What happened to your father?” he questioned.
Y/N’s body stiffened, and she had never been more thankful to see the infirmary door. “Save your questions for next time,” she grumbled.
Zuko’s eyes lit up, her earlier stumble going unnoticed, and a small smile found its way across his lips. “There’s gonna be a next time?”
She managed to cover up her own growing smile with an ambivalent shrug. “As long as you don’t bump into me again.” Y/N opened the door and gave him a polite parting nod before disappearing inside.
“Good afternoon, Master Rika,” she said with a small bow. “I know this is unexpected, but my mother insisted that I come here to—”
“Let me guess,” the older woman interrupted with a raised brow. “Kura got tired of you and sent you here to annoy me instead?”
Y/N chuckled and rolled her eyes good-naturedly as she pushed the sleeves of her tunic up to her elbows. “When have I ever annoyed you?”
“That’s a question you don’t want me to answer,” she joked as she rummaged through the closet to get supplies. “Besides, what was that smile for? Meet a boy on your day off? A girl?”
Her eyes widened momentarily and she felt the heat rush to her cheeks intensely. “I don’t ask you about your life while we heal, you shouldn’t ask about mine!”
Zuko, who had been eavesdropping by the door in an extremely un-covert fashion, felt an even bigger smile. The girl was prickly as a cactus, but he found himself strangely drawn to her — not in spite of it, but because of it. He was so used to anyone he talked to outside of his immediate family and friends bending at the knee to fulfill his every will, and it was exhausting at times. But this girl — Y/N, as he had learned — was the complete opposite.
He started to walk away, sure that he was late for some kind of session of his own. Zuko found himself thinking of the glimpse of a smile he got, already finding himself scheming up ways to make it return.
And despite her request, he was almost certain he would try to bump into her again.
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leydileyla · 2 years
hi i love ur writing sm! could you please do a cedric x reader where he sees her wearing a dress for the first time and he can’t control himself?
Hey there lovely anon! Thank you for your Cedric request, he's one of my new favs on this blog 😍 (on this blog we presume he's still alive and happy ofc)
Also, my phone has been broken so I haven't been able to post my requests. I've missed interacting with you guys so much, so feel free to pop into my DMS or askbox 😍😍 Hopefully I'll get them done in the next few days xx
So here we go!! Love the idea btw ☺️
Warnings: 18+ Content, Minors Dni, soft smut, oral (female receiving), fingering, Cedric Diggory on his knees, praising you and eating you out.
Tumblr media
Cedric's always seen you in your school uniform, or Muggle jeans with a sweatshirt, or jumper.
He's never seen you in a dress before, because you're not really one to wear a dress.
Plus, let's be honest, wearing a dress in the cold British air at Hogwarts never really made sense to you.
it's a warm, June day and school's nearly over with the term coming to an end, it's a Sunday, and you're just gonna hang by the lake with your friends, and your beautiful lover, Cedric Diggory. (Yes, lover seems like the correct word for him.)
You pick a simple cotton, light blue dress out of your chest and throw it on, not really caring about your choice of clothes.
When he sees you, skirt swishing in the wind, walking freely towards him, he does a double take.
You're surprised to see how desperate he looks.
Desperate to rip your dress off.
So you sit down beside him, like you always do, and you start chatting with him and your friends.
Everything seems normal, although you hear the occasional sound of Cedric cracking his knuckles and you swear you can hear him clenching his jaw.
His hand is wrapped possessively around your waist and his fingers are playing with your body, wherever he can get his hands on without being too revealing around his friends.
You can hear his breath hitching as time passes and finally he whispers into your ear.
"We need to get out of here."
He pulls you into his dorm and makes you stand in front of the mirror, his hands around your waist, his head in the crook of your neck and he watches you intently while he praises you.
"Such a beautiful girl."
"You're so perfect."
"You look like the sun Y/N."
He kisses your neck and plays with your straps as you moan and whimper. Soon, he's got the top of your dress hanging loose so he can fondle your breasts as he kisses every inch of your body that he can reach from behind you.
When he touches your core, you're already soaking wet because of all the attention he's been giving you.
He walks in front of you and lowers onto his knees, looking into your eyes before he lifts your skirt and disappears under your dress.
He knows exactly how you like to be eaten out, where he needs to put his tongue and when he adds a finger, you're already screaming his name.
"If I'd known you were this desperate, I would have brought you up here way before, Y/N."
And let me say, Cedric Diggory on his knees, his head under your dress as he eats you out is a sight you'll never be able to forget till the end of your life.
"Come for me, baby girl. Show me how beautiful you are, show me how clever you can be."
And you finally let yourself go with his words. Because you want him to know such a good girl you can be. Especially for him.
He pulls his head out and grins at you, and chuckles.
"You're so perfect, Y/N. And please, wear a dress more often. I have plans."
"I'll be happy to."
• leydileyla's Harry Potter Masterlist •
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bbdaydreams · 2 years
Big Baby
TikTok inspo (warning: close up of a wasp)
a/n: @pinoyrella and I came up with this like 3 months ago. I’m just very lazy
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ran Haitani x Reader
Summary: Things go south for Ran when he finds a wasp and has to wait for you to come back home
Warning: very ooc and poorly edited
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Having both of yours and Ran’s days off is always a blessing, but it’s unfortunate when one of you have already made plans. Your schedule was more regular whereas Ran’s was more spontaneous so you and Ran either made last minute plans or didn’t hang out at all. Today was one of those days. You both had off but Ran had gotten his schedule late and you had made plans in advance to hang out with a friend at a theme park.
“I’m gonna get going now, call me if you need me. If I don’t answer I’ll call you back as soon as I can.”
“Why don’t you just ditch them and stay home with me?”
“I’ve had this planned for a while, Ran. It’d be rude if I just bailed on them. Plus I haven’t seen them in a while,” you explained, checking yourself out in the mirror one last time. You turned around only to be greeted by him sitting on the edge of your bed with a fake pout on his face. “Don’t give me that. I’ll be back before you know it.”
“Whatever you say, doll,” he smirked before getting up and leaning towards you to give you a quick kiss. “Have fun, don’t miss me too much.”
“Says the one that was just pouting.” Your phone buzzed, signaling you had received a text. “Ah that’s them, gotta go.” You gave him one last kiss before saying your goodbye.
Tumblr media
After you left, Ran decided to go back to sleep to get a couple extra hours of rest. Waking up to the sun seeping through the blinds, he lifted his head up off your pillow and started stretching. Letting out a yawn, he got up and pulled the curtains and opened the doors that lead to the attached balcony. The sight from the top floor was something he would never get tired of. Stepping out, he crossed his arms and leaned over the railing before taking in a couple deep breaths to enjoy the fresh air. “Ahh, this is the life,” he spoke to himself, only wishing that you were by his side to accompany him.
Feeling hungry, he turned around to walk back inside but made his way over to your side of the bed to pick up the glass of water you placed there the night before. Noticing it still had a bit left, he drank it only to spit it back out the instant he heard a violent buzzing sound. “What was that?”
He set the glass down and started looking around the room in a panic as he slowly made his way back over to the balcony and closed the doors, hoping that whatever made the sound was gone. Going back to your side of the bed to retrieve the glass, he picked it up only to hear the buzzing again. “Where the fuck is it!”
Ran is a calm guy. He knows how to keep his composure in every situation and to do it all with a smirk on his face. The only exception being when he fears he’s near a wasp. He’s fine with flies, just knows they’re gross. He’s good with bees, because he knows they don’t mean to hurt him. But wasps? Absolutely not, they are vicious and attack just because you made eye contact with them. They also hurt like a bitch.
Holding onto the cup, he closed his eyes to try and focus on the sound. Unfortunately he didn’t hear the sound but he did feel 6 tiny feet slowly crawling up his arm. Jumping about a foot into the air, he ran around the room to get the insect off of him, which he succeeded in, and saw it fly off to the wall on the opposite side of the room. Feeling a rush of adrenaline he quickly made his way over to where the wasp was and put the cup around it, encasing it. “I win. I don’t even know how the hell you made it up here. Now I just have to get you outside…. Dammit.”
It didn’t take long for him to realize the situation he was in. He trapped the wasp but at what cost? He has nothing to slide under the cup to move it outside. There’s nothing within arms reach for him to grab to slide under. And he’s nowhere near his phone. “Shit, I can’t even call Y/n.”
“Calling Dollface.”
“Hmmm? Oh Alexa, I knew you were a great investment!” Standing hopeful with his hand firmly pressed against the cup, he waited to hear your voice. Luckily on the first ring you answered.
“Y/n! I’m so glad to hear your voice. I hope you’re having fun with your friend.”
“I’m glad to hear yours too and I am! It’s nice catching up with them. We just took the last exit to get to the park so I’ll have to leave soon to head over to check in.”
“I think you should come home,” he proposed only to hear your end go silent. “Doll? Are you still there?”
“… you want me to what now?”
“I said you should come home?“ he suggested again, this time his voice small.
“Not happening.”
“Hear me out! A nice and lovely relaxing day, just you and I. We could go to your favorite café. Shop at your favorite store. I’ll buy you anything you want and more.”
“Ran, what’s going on? Are you okay?” While he may be good at getting what he wants, you know there’s more to it when he’s willingly trying to give you anything you want instead of teasing.
He should know better than to try to hide anything from you. “I’m not on speaker right?” Hearing you say no, he took a deep breath. “There’s a wasp and I caught it with a cup but I have no way of taking it out. I’m not near anything that could cover the bottom half to I can throw it out so I’m kinda just stuck standing next to a wall.”
“Oh I see.” He felt a little guilty asking you to come back home on a day you already had plans. And while he may be calm now, his heart is still rapidly beating from the fact that the only thing that separates him and his worst fear is a glass cup. “Want me to call Rin?”
“No! Please don’t, I mean.”
“What? Why not?”
“Please, don’t make me say it.”
“Say what, Ran? You asked genuinely confused with his behavior. He decided to stay quiet on the line which led to you to thinking and remembering a story his brother once told you when you guys were on an outing together.
Tumblr media
“I’m gonna go to the bathroom. Don’t say anything about me while I’m gone.”
“I would never gossip about you.” You told your lover.
“I might.” Rindou answered, giving him a small smile while looking at him with lazy eyes.
“Rin,” the oldest warned while giving his brother a glare reserved only for him.
“Fine, I won’t.”
“Good. I’ll be right back.” He finished and kissed your cheek before walking away.
Looking at Rindou while sipping your drink, you waited for him to give you the signal to say that his brother was out of earshot. “He’s gone.”
“You got any embarrassing stories of him? What’s his worst fear?”
“I’m not sure exactly what his worst fear is, but I can for sure say he’s terrified of wasps.” You took a sip of your drink and looked around before locking eyes with the younger Haitani to encourage him to keep going. “When we were kids we would play outside a lot visited our grandparents often and they lived near the woods so we’d always venture out. One day I was playing near a creek when all of a sudden I just hear Ran screaming for help and running past me to go back to the house. I look up and there’s a whole swarm chasing after him, I assume he must’ve stepped on their nest because damn were they angry.”
“And how long ago was this?”
“Hmmm, probably over 15 years ago but I know he’s still scared of them. If we’re walking and he hears a buzz he’ll walk a little faster while looking around trying to find them so he can avoid them.”
“Awww, he’s such a big baby,” you cooed.
“Who’s a big baby?” Ran asked, slipping into the seat next to you.
“Your brother ,” you snickered while Rindou rolled his eyes and leaned back to go along with your white lie.
Tumblr media
Realizing he was probably embarrassed by the situation going on at home, you decided not to make things worse for him. You gave a sad look to your friend, hoping they don’t hold this against you. “It’s okay, baby. I’ll come back home. It’s gonna be a couple hours though. Can you wait that long?”
“I’ll wait for you.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m not going anywhere. I’ll wait right here for you.”
“You say it like you have another option. We’re almost at the place. I’ll get there and figure out how to get home. Sound alright?”
He hummed in response before speaking. “I’m sorry for doing this to you doll. I’m thankful for all that you do for me.”
“I didn’t know this is what it took for you to stop teasing me. A wasp? Really?”
“Shhhh! At least say I love you back before you hang up.”
“You didn’t even say it yet for me to say it back.”
“I love you, Y/n.”
“I love you, too, my big baby.”
He was about to bark back at you but you had hung up before it was too late. Looking at the cup in his hand, he realized he was gonna be standing there for a while. “Might as well get comfy.”
Tumblr media
Stepping into the penthouse, you set your things down before picking up a magazine and making your way to your bedroom. When you came in you saw Ran sitting on the floor with his right hand on a cup and his body leaned forward so he could rest his head on the wall, peacefully asleep. Trying to be as quiet as possible to not disturb him, you knelt down next to him and tried to get a look at the creature you were dealing with, thing is you didn’t. Moving your head around the room in search of the wasp, you found nothing. “Ran-Ran,” you started lightly tapping his shoulder, “hey, I’m home.”
Letting out a yawn he opened his eyes and closed them again, still groggy. “Hey. Thanks for coming back,” he spoke, giving you a lazy smile.
“Yeah about that, I don’t see the wasp in your cup.”
“What?” He asked, immediately picking up his head and looking at you with wide eyes. “What do you mean it’s not in the cup? I’ve been here all morning.” Watching him frantically look around his hand into the cup was an unusual sight so you couldn’t help but laugh a little at his antics. “Stop laughing this is a serious matter!”
“I’m telling you it’s not there!”
“Where else would it be!”
Out of frustration he removed the cup from the wall and turned it towards himself so he could get a better look. It was at that moment that the wasp revealed itself and flew up to land on Ran’s nose.
“Ran don’t move. Just stay still,” you instructed, rolling up the magazine as quick as you could without startling the insect.
Ran was so shocked with fear all he could do was freeze. He was so terrified of the six tiny feet he could feel on his nose and the thought of the stinger that he didn’t even notice you raise your arm to swat him in the face.
“Ow-“ Ran whimpered, throwing his torso back to land on the ground so he could hold his nose.
“Mother fucker, get off him!” You yelled at the bug, shooting up once it started flying away. Running to the balcony doors, you opened them and ushered the wasp outside, immediately closing them as soon as it left but not without giving it a few last words. “And stay out!”
All Ran could do was look up at you with admiration while you crossed your arms and huffed about the situation. Making eye contact with him, you gave him a small smile before apologizing for hitting him and not killing the wasp in the process. “It’s okay, love. You got rid of him and that’s all that matters. Sorry for ruining your plans.”
“It’s okay,” you started, sitting down on the bed and tapping the spot next to you so he could join you. When he did he wrapped his arm over your shoulder and gave it a squeeze to encourage you to keep going. “After you and I hung up, my friend’s sibling called them saying there was an emergency so we would’ve had to come back regardless. It’s okay though. I now get to be with you, my big baby,” you teased, wrapping your arms around his waist and leaning into his body.
“Thank you, what would I do without my hero. This means you’ll take care of all the spiders on your own now right?”
“Oh fuck no. They have eight arms, and I only have two, that is not a fair fight.”
“Big baby-“
“Shut it.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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