#it's that. and then hair that COULD be fox ears if you so desired. the ponytail is the tail... the shape is more or less the same.
honeybeefae · 1 day
Eris Breeding Kink SP
Minutes passed as you watched yourself in the mirror, rubbing the pillow as if it were real. You were so lost in your fantasy that you didn’t hear the heavy footsteps of your mate or the door opening.
“What are you doing?” His voice pierced through your imagination, making you jump and turn towards him.
“Eris, I-” You flounder over your words, cheeks heating up as he stares at you with furrowed brows. “I was just, I mean, Eris I’m sorry…”
“Is that a pillow?” You couldn’t tell if he was teasing you playfully or if he was genuinely upset. Either way, the embarrassment made you want to be swallowed by the floor. Quickly you yanked the pillow out from underneath your dress and held it behind your back, looking down at the floor.
“I know you don’t want kids. I know you don’t want to talk about it. I promise this isn’t a trick or anything I just wanted-” You explained, tears wetting your eyelashes as he came over to you and lifted your head up. 
“What did you want, my lady?” Eris murmured, amber eyes softening at how upset you were. “You can tell me.”
“It’s nothing. I don’t want to pressure you into anything.”
“Y/N.” His voice was stern, knowing that wasn’t the truth. 
“I just wanted to see what I would look like pregnant.” You whispered. “It was silly.”
“Do you want to be pregnant?” He asked you lowly, catching your eyes once more. “Is that what you want?”
You felt the words stuck in your throat as he stepped closer to you, caging you in his arms. When he had found you thought that he was going to be angry or disappointed but this reaction was completely unexpected.
“My advisors have been hounding my back nonstop over this…prediciment of  ours.” Eris continued on, the corner of his lip turning upwards. “Day after day, night after night. I had been worried you weren’t ready, that you would be terrified, and yet here I catch you doing this.”
“I-” You tried to interrupt but quickly shut your mouth when he grabbed your hips roughly, turning you around so that your back was to his chest and you were staring at yourself in the mirror.
“You what? Hm?” He taunted, intertwining your hand with his and slowly dragging it down your body. Goosebumps rose on your skin as his smoldering eyes never left yours, his pupils blown wide with desire. “You want me to fill you up with my cum, little fox? To pound into you like a beast takes his bitch? To breed you?”
Eris loved to talk like this in the bedroom and you weren’t ashamed to admit that you also loved it. The control, the domination, of his words made you melt and want to please him. And with the words he was saying about breeding you…it was no surprise that your pussy was clenching in antcipation.
“I asked you a question, Y/N. I expect you to answer.” Eris reprimanded, his lips ghosting the shell of your ear as his other hand came to circle around your throat. “Is that what my lady commands of her lord? To fuck an heir into her?”
Whiplash was the only thing that you could describe as feeling with how things were turning out. It was like a flip had been switched in him but you were already too drunk on lust to question it, nodding your head and whimpering.
“Yes, yes, sir.” You answered, groaning when he untangled his hand from yours and squeezed your breasts through your dress. “I…I want you to fill me up.”
“Breed you. You want me to breed you.” He corrected, pinching your pebbled nipple which had you squirming. “Say it.”
You swallowed thickly and looked at him through the mirror. 
“I want you to breed me, my lord.”
Eris grinned wickedly and turned you back towards him, wrapping your hair around his hand and pulling your neck back until it was almost at a ninety-degree angle.
“Well then, I suppose we better get started. Now.”
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theysaidhush · 7 hours
- - > KindaPerv!Fox!Sunoo x Shy!Bunny!Reader - - > Sunoo's new neighbor is cute, pretty, afraid of him, and a bunny. He can't wait to catch her. - - > Smut (cnc (but not really, putting this since she's in heat), p in v, loooots of body fluids, it's messy, Praise kink, Impregnation kink, Primal play (yeah, I'm really dirty minded but hey it's a fox and a bunny what do you expect), MeanDom!Sunoo and probably other things), bad bunny puns, Reader is shy and I'm living for it (must protect), Sunoo's friends AKA Enhypen are chaotic, Sunoo is love struck
Tumblr media
[...] Sunoo suddenly knew why he liked her so much, even though he'd only just met her. It was not him, it was the fox in him. The fox that told him to go and catch that cute little rabbit in front of him, to run after that frail creature and play with it before devouring it in its entirety. It was the fox in him who found an almost sadistic interest in watching his new neighbor's hands trembling with fear, her ears twitching among her locks of hair and her tail wagging beneath the huge sweater covering her. It was all because of that horrible fox, the very one who would never make her life normal. And she was the reason one of her most primal instincts had just awakened somewhere deep inside of him.
The pretty boy had only one desire. Well, he had several. He wanted to torment her, to see what pretty sound that little mouth could make as he tugged on her ears. He wanted to catch her at the turn of an alley, see if she'd take off running, if she'd scurry like a rabbit. He wanted to see if she'd scrunch up her nose in disgust or pleasure when he cornered her, a face of false sympathy, telling her what a bad bunny she'd been, making her predator run again and again. He wanted to see a gleam in her big, round eyes when he told her he had only one desire: to devour her.
And while his cute new next-door neighbor had enter the code to her apartment, rushing in, fleeing from her predator, the fox had only one desire. Sunoo had only one desire, and it was to hunt.
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birdmenmanga · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
some kind of moodboard
@birdmenanime @kitsoa
#just thinking thoughts...#sorry. the phrase 'bird mom loves you both' was so fucking evocative#and then once I started drawing it turned out I had a lot of feelings about this#if either of you want me to take this down let me know#yeah so I've been sitting on that edit of the conversation between takayama and karasuma for ages. like 4 months.#but at that time ghost was still on hiatus I think and also we weren't that close. so it didn't feel right to show it. but it existed.#my mental image of ghostpun is actually largely just that chibi takayama actually#but like that would cause confusion. so i used your discord pfp. your goat person is really nice to draw actually#as for kitsoa. it's supposed to be your fox from tumblr. but I also really associate you with sora(?)'s silhouette so.#it's that. and then hair that COULD be fox ears if you so desired. the ponytail is the tail... the shape is more or less the same.#fistfighting on top of a ferris wheel is a reference to detective conan movie 20: darkest nightmare#it's just so stupid and ridiculous it's my go-to for ludicrous conflicts#yeah anyways onto the actual subject.#to ghost: sorry about this. generally when it comes to fandoms I read most text posts and nod my head thoughtfully and sip my drink#but I guess because I have more cohesive and coherent thoughts about this series in particular I'm less good at just nodding my head#I don't think there's been a single time where we've said something that made the other person go 'YEAH'#like it's always '......well...............'#some nights I wonder whether we read the same series or not. and I feel like you probably feel this way sometimes too#sorry for being so pedantic. I am really not trying to pick a fight with you I promise.#yeah I have no clue what I want to say actually#we go to the same church for worship and like what are we gonna do??? stop going??? fuck no#I don't hate you. I respect you. still trying my damnest to like you. we're still working on that last one#like look I want to be besties so bad but I feel like we just have a boatload of ideological differences to work through#so I guess. what I'm trying to say is. here's to being insane together for the next few years. cheers!#(additional apology for the brutal honesty. I'm not good at white lies.)#to kitsoa: uh. sorry about. This. I don't even know if you were aware we had a rivalry (???) going on#Uh I wish I didn't stir up trouble in your house (bm fandom) but I'm stubborn. for better or for worse. sorry...#I am going to be careful to keep discussions respectful etc. etc. so as not to cultivate a toxic workplace or whatever. prommy.#(but you have to admit. this is kind of funny) <- guy addicted to doing things for the bit#yeah that's all. I can't do anything in a normal way but I hope you guys can understand somewhat.
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nanamimizz · 3 months
tags:18+ minors dni, fem reader, reader has lamb attributes, prone bone position, fingering, overstimulation, unprotected sex under the stars, creampie, mentions of vouyerism
synopsis: the chemistry between you and a certain bough keeper finally blooms with a night under the stars.
Tumblr media
If one were to ask Dainsleif what was the catalyst for these events he would say he doesn’t know - whether this was a result of a slowburn of events or a case of him rushing into things head first like in his youth, he would not be able to say. All he knows is that he wants you - has wanted you since the moment you first smiled at him. So sweetly, so happily as if he was a man and not a rotted relic from a nation bygone to the world above. People with animal features are not usual in the world of Teyvat - cat, dog and foxes ears paired with tails are ever so present so it wasn’t surprising to see the rather endearing round ears of a lamb on top of your head, pressed against the fleece like texture of your hair. Of which is pressed into the ground as his hand molds into the shape of your head, his forefinger and thumb rubbing at the softness of your ear that can be felt even with his gloves on.
A part of him grows guilty - taking you from behind, pressed into the dirt it isn’t right, he should at least put his cape on the ground. That would be the right thing to do, the knightly thing to do but when you press closer to him, your undressed flank pressing to his front and your little cotton tail almost tickles the starved skin of his pelvis he can’t find himself to care about right and wrong. All he can think about is how your walls suck at the fingers that are in you, slowly curling to rub against the spongy nerves in your walls and you can only moan so softly when his thumb rubs against your clit.
Dainsleif hisses when you squeak his name, your blown out eyes looking over your shoulders to catch the pink on his cheeks and the barely contained groan ripping from his lips at how tight your cunt sucks at his fingers, blue eyes with stars in the center meet yours and you cum when he looks at you like he wants to make you his. Dainsleif groans, the flutters of your cunt and the way it soaks his hand, running from his fingers to his palms are all in time with how his cock aches in his pants. Your hands are clutching at the ground, nails leaving lines in the dirt when he pulls his fingers out - huffing at the ache of not being filled anymore, it pulls a laugh from him as he tugs away at his clothing as quickly as he can.
“Desperate are we?” He asks, voice rough by desire and by the annoyance of not being in you right now. You can’t even give him a vocal answer, only nodding and bending further down, presenting yourself to him as if you were in heat. Your tail trembles,raised and enticing and Dain can’t help himself to reach out to touch, to stroke the softness with his thumb. His cock, pink and ruddy is present when you moan at his touch to your sensitive tail, if you could look over rather than collapsing into your crossed arms at his touch you would have seen how his cock twitches at your sweet sounds.
“Come here, I won’t fuck you like an animal.” Dain grumbles, bringing his hands to your waist to press down, letting you lie flat on the ground as he crowds you from above. Your underwear is ruined, ripped and soaked from his fingers and the pretty skirt you wear on hot days is rucked up to your waist. Even your breasts that heave with each breath are free and they hover over the ground, your nipples puffy and tight for him to pinch at as he directs the shaft of his cock to the dripping slit of your cunt. When the head catches onto the opening he can’t help but hiss at how you whine, sighing so prettily at how he slowly inches his cock into you.
“Dain - please!” You whine, keening to high heaven as he gives you more and more, pressing a hand onto your back to keep you flat on the ground even as your back arches at the pleasure of being filled makes you bow into him.
“Shh, shh why do you cry sweet lamb? Am I not giving you what you want?” He rumbles from above, the scent of sex is so potent in the air if he were to wet his lips he’d taste your cunt in the air. You’re trembling beneath him, gasping and shaking with each breath as your fleece-like hair clings to your hot face. It takes you a minute to do anything but take what he gives you and as he finally is pressed against you again - your little tail tickling his exposed pelvis makes him laugh, breathlessly and emptily.
“You’re big - so big…ah…s’good.” You mutter, in shortened and sweet gasps that only break up more when he begins to fuck into you with slow, deep strokes that make you want to curl up into yourself to the point where you become a little speck rather than a person. You like it slow, he remembers from the time the two of you spent a night in a small hotel in between Liyue and Sumeru, and he could hear you pleasuring yourself with slow little touches to your clit and cunt. While Dansleif will forever bemoan his life as a sinner, a blasphemous man but still he has a man’s pride and to see how much he pleasures you to the point of tears from both your eyes and your cunt strokes his ego more than he’d like to admit.
“Sweet girl, shh, just take what I give you, can you do that for me?” He murmurs to you, one hand leaving your hips to grasp at your breast, fingers tugging at your tight nipple that it makes you mewl paired with the way his cock strokes at the nerves inside of you. You sigh, moan, cry, whine his name and each time it sounds more beautiful than the last iteration. Tight in the clutch of your cunt, your pliable flesh in his grasp Dain can’t help but think - is this what it’s all for? The destruction of his home, the failure of his duty and his suffering from then to now was all of it meant to make this moment with you all the more tantalizing sweet than it would have ever been? Dain can’t think about it anymore, not when he grunts when he feels you cum around him, your silken walls fluttering and milking at him with such desperation he wonders if you are trying to take his whole being into you and not just the physical.
“Dain, Dain - Dain! M’cumming, oh!” Your breaths are short and clipped, and you are tight but soft around him and he feels the tug of your cunt on his soul. He keeps you there, pressed into you even as you crumble beneath him to the point you go lax, thighs twitching as you take stuttering breaths. Your cunt burns, aches from the sensitivity and of being stretched so full in a way you’ve never been able to with your fingers alone. It’s sticky, wet and messy where you are connected - strings of your release clings to his skin and he can’t help but indulge in the cruel thought of fucking you fast and harsh unlike how he was before.
“More, give me one more.” He mutters into the fleece of your hair and the hand playing with your breast reaches down, down until it’s stroking at the wet nub of your clit and he picks up the pace again. Your breath goes from stuttered to haggard at the pleasure, it burns so good you feel the strings of pleasure ache in your lower belly from your sensitivity. Though strong of heart you are weak of body and you lack of stamina is demonstrated at how you ache with each swipe at your pearl as his cock fills you again and again. With your eyes blurry and hazy, you peer down your front to see where you are connected and you only gasp when you see the ring of sticky white that can be seen eahc time he pulls out only to fuck himself back in as the same white cream of your cum stains his still gloved left hand.
“D-did you cum in me?” You wonder, cunt clenching at the thought of a man like Dain giving you more than his cock but a physical reminder that he was deep inside of you. He grunts, sweat running down his temple as he feels his own hair begin to stick to the now pink tinted skin of his face.
“No, not yet,” He pauses to groan into your hair as he crouches down to press his front to your back and keeps his hips at the even pace he’s kept them at. His wrist burns and pleasure snaps at his spine and he knows this is it.
“It’ s just you so far.” He hisses into your ear, rubbing his not rotted cheek into the softness of your form, affection given in the middle of your coupling that makes your heart skip a beat and cum around him for the second time. It’s too soon, and the unexpected tugging of your cunt as you finish around him makes him come with a cut off groan of your name to the night sky above the two of you. He cums in you, it’s hot and thick and you even try to clench around what he spills into you as if to keep him inside you forever.
You both stay there, for a little while an Dain finds it hard to even think about the consequences of what follows from here on out. It doesn’t matter he thinks. You’ve turned your head and you press a fleeting kiss, something small an sweet just like you are and he finds it more charming than it should. You are warm, soft and sticky but he doesn’t think he is any different from you. Placing his hands on the ground next you he lifts himself up to press a kiss to your temple, you hum and he huffs seeing how that ever so cute tail of yours almost wags at the affection.
“Here, head back to the camp. I’ll get us water from the stream.” Dain says, reaching up to tuck back some hair from your flushed face. You nod, voice lost from all the noise you made and Dainslief is in awe at how beautiful you are, here under the stars and fucked out beyond what you’ve ever experienced before.
“Do you promise to comeback?” You ask, voice crooking and Dain can only nod, he can’t deny you anything. Not anymore.
It happens as he asked, together you sleep on your sleeping matts with the exception of now they are pressed together to form one big matt rather than on opposite sides of the fire like before. Dain doesn’t sleep right away, instead he watches you rest with your cheek pressed to his chest and thinks of you. Thinks of how he wants you, again and again until eternity comes to an end. He thinks of what you’d like for breakfast when dawn breaks and how he’ll carry you from the soreness of your legs. He thinks about keeping you safe, until his destiny comes to it’s end.
Most importantly, he thinks about how right now it doesn’t not matter. You are his and he is yours. That’s enough, no matter what it is the Seven or beyond say.
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autumnshighlady · 5 months
A Song of Shadow and Flame
Azriel x Eris x reader
summary: Eris and Azriel put aside their differences to give you the night of your life
warnings: smut, literal porn with no plot, threesome, oral sex (m and f receiving), edging, overstimulation, Eris is sadistic and mean, pleasure dom Azriel
word count: 5.5k
y’all loved my separate Azriel and Eris headcanons so as a happy new years gift, here’s an incredibly spicy threesome fic ;) I will be writing a lot more Eris work, probably not as much Azriel since so many people write for him already but I’ll still try! This fic is not proofread and I’m shit at endings so the last bit sucks but I hope you all enjoy the rest, let me know what you think!
A breathy moan left your lips as Azriel’s lips brushed against your neck from behind, sending goosebumps down your spine. His scarred hands gently caressed your sides, teasing your skin through the thin fabric of your robe.
“You enjoying this, angel?” Azriel’s deep, velvety voice sounded in your ear, lips lightly grazing the shell of it. Before you could answer, a second seductive, male voice spoke up from across the room.
“Oh, I don’t think there’s any denying that, shadowsinger.” Eris Vanserra remarked from his position on the couch. The princeling of the Autumn Court lounged on the sofa in his cream-coloured tunic, unlaced slightly to show off his toned chest. His red hair glowed in the light of the fire, and his smirk was nothing but predatory. After months of fighting over you, Azriel had finally made his move tonight – only to have your first kiss interrupted by a knock on the door. You had expected Azriel to ignore it, but instead he smirked as the door opened and the heir to the Autumn Court strode in, merely gesturing to continue before taking up residence on the sofa.
Thus, how you ended up in this predicament. Azriel’s lips continued to caress your ear, then down your neck, then up to your ear again. His touches were so teasing, so featherlight you wanted to scream at him to just touch you properly. Your pathetic whines had only lead to a sadistic chuckle, and a continuation of the relentless torture.
“Please,” You whimpered, arching into the shadowsinger’s touch as his fingers lightly teased at your skin beneath your robe around your thighs.
“Please what?” Azriel murmured.
Eris chuckled darkly. “Oh come on, Azriel. You’re being cruel.”
“Oh please, as if you’d be any nicer.” He snorted in response.
You whimpered pathetically, wetness pooling between your legs at the thought. You hated the sweet torture Azriel was inflicting on you, but you also loved it so much, and your reaction did not go unnoticed as Eris cocked his eyebrow.
“Something tells me you wouldn’t want me to be nice, would you, little fox?” Eris cooed, cocking his head. “You’re such a good girl, but you’re aroused at the idea of us torturing you for hours on end, aren’t you?”
You didn’t answer for a few seconds, only whimpering. It earned you a sharp nip on the ear from Azriel.
“The Prince asked you a question.” He growled.
“Yes!” You gasped. “Yes, please!”
“Please what?” Eris purred.
“Oh come on, Eris.” Azriel said, gripping your hips. “Don’t you think we should give her what she wants?”
With a smirk, the Autumn Court male nodded. As if silent communication passed between them, Azriel guided you over to Eris. When you were mere inches away, he stopped you, letting you stand above the seated figure of the redhead. Your heart raced with anticipation, unsure of what the two males were about to do.
“What do you want, darling?” Eris’ green eyes were swimming with lust as he drank in your flustered figure. ���I am feeling particularly generous tonight, as is the shadowsinger. All you have to do is tell us what you desire, and you shall receive it.”
Your throat was dry. Part of you wondered if this was a dream, a cruel dream indulging in your filthiest fantasies and you’d wake up in a few seconds covered in sweat. “I want you both.”
“You want what, with us both exactly?” Eris’ smirk was knowing, and you blushed at the idea of what he wanted you to say. Luckily, Azriel saved you from the humiliation.
“I think I have an idea of what she wants,” He said, gently fiddling with the knot keeping your robe together. “I think that our good girl wants to be fucked like a little slut by the both of us, isn’t that right? Don’t you want to get on your knees before the future High Lord and suck his cock and have him fuck your face? Don’t you want me so deep inside of you that you forget the name of every other male you’ve been with? You want us to ruin you, angel. I know it.”
A fresh pool of wetness dripped down your legs at the shadowsinger’s words. The room was spinning, and if you had your shit together you’d be ashamed of how one kiss, some teasing, and a few words could make you fall apart this much. You nearly shivered at the thought of what else they could do to you….
“Gods, yes!” You whined. “Please, please. Ruin me, please.”
Eris chuckled, setting his drink on the table before leaning forward. His slender hands brushed the back of your knees, gently caressing your thighs. “Good girl,” He purred. “I knew you’d find that pretty voice of yours. I cannot wait to hear what other sounds it can make. I think she deserves a reward for being so brave, what do you say?”
“For once, I agree with you, Eris.” Azriel muttered. “Let’s get this robe off, shall we?”
You nodded, and the spymaster tugged on the strings and the fabric easily fell off your shoulders. Your skin was exposed to the warm air as the robe pooled at your feet, kicked away swiftly by Eris. You now stood naked between the Spymaster of the Night Court and the heir of the Autumn Court – arousal was thick in the air as the males drank in your body.
“Gods, you’re perfect.” Eris groaned, a bulge forming in his trousers. “I can’t wait to see that pretty body of yours covered in my marks.”
“And mine.” Azriel added quickly.
“Let’s not forget whose idea this was in the first place, brute.” Eris snapped, but kept his eyes roaming your body. “You’ll be on your knees thanking me by the end of the night.”
“Or you’ll be on your knees thanking me for not breaking your neck–”
“Please.” You whimpered, cutting Azriel off. You knew the two males hated each other, and didn’t want their bickering to ruin the night.
“Look what happens when we take our attention off her for a few seconds,” Eris muttered, squeezing your thighs and resting his chin on your knee. “Greedy thing.”
“Absolutely pathetic,” Azriel murmured in your ear. “Our little princess is so desperate for us she can’t wait any longer. Indulge her, Eris. Or I will.”
Growling, Eris gripped the backs of your knees and pulled you onto his lap. You straddled his waist, core already pulsing on his bulge. “Mother above, she’s soaked already.”
Without warning, two scarred fingers reached between your legs and plunged into your folds. You cried out as Azriel collected your juices on his fingers, turning your head to look at him. The shadowsinger’s hazel eyes glowed in the light, and his gaze burned into you as he slipped his scarred fingers between his lips, groaning as he tasted your wetness. Your mouth went agape at his action – never before did it occur to you the feared spymaster of the Night Court would be moaning at the taste of you.
Eris, unhappy with having your attention off of him, grabbed your chin and turned your head to face him. He pressed his lips into yours without hesitation, and you groaned into his mouth instantly. Eris tasted like wine and cinnamon, slipping his tongue into your mouth with expert precision as he gripped your hips firmly and rocked them back and forth along his growing length. You whined again as Azriel knelt behind you, pressing hot kisses up and down your spine. Body alight with the extra attention, your shaking hands reached up to grasp Eris’ tunic hard, desperate for something to hold onto.
“Atta girl,” Eris purred against your lips. “Touch me wherever you like, darling.”
You didn’t hesitate this time, moving your hands to the bare skin of his chest and running them along the smooth muscle that was littered with scars. The Autumn prince groaned at your touch, smirking as you marveled in the feel of his skin.
You were surprised he was letting you touch him so freely – you had pegged the prince for a cruel, sadistic lover who took pleasure being in complete control. A bit of disappointment curled in your gut, but only a little – you would never admit it, but you wanted to be completely at their mercy, subjected to the males’ sadistic teasing.
As if sensing your disappointment, Eris pulled away with a knowing smirk that made you want to both slap him and kiss him again. “I don’t think this is what she wants,” He tutted, tilting his head. “Is it, darling?”
You bit your lip, embarrassed. How he could sense your disappointment you did not know, but you felt bad. You didn’t want them to think you were ungrateful, but you wanted them to give you everything they had. As much as you didn’t mind having your body lovingly worshiped, the dark side of you wanted to be tied up and at their mercy completely.
“If you want more, all you have to do is ask.” Azriel hummed, lips working against your shoulder blade.
“I want more, please.” You whimpered, staring into Eris’ eyes. “Use me, I’m yours. Please just…. give me everything.”
“I was hoping you’d say that.” Eris’ grin was nothing short of fox-like before he turned to Azriel. “I told you we should have done this approach from the beginning.”
“My apologies for wanting to give her a choice in how she wanted it, Eris.” Azriel snapped back.
“Well, I’m just glad we’re getting to do things my way.”
“It’s my way too, don’t forget.”
“I bet she’ll like me better, anyways.”
You snorted at their bickering, which halted Azriel’s response. The gaze of both the males burned into you as their expressions darkened. Wordlessly, the Illyrian male grabbed you from Eris and picked you up as if you weighed nothing. You let out a huff as he tossed you onto the large bed, bouncing on the soft mattress. Both males stalked towards you like predators closing in on their prey, and before you could instinctively close your legs, Eris came up towards your head, and Azriel your legs. Before you knew what was happening, you felt the Autumn prince grab your wrists firmly and place them above your head. A gentle heat encircled your wrists, locking them into place and before wrapping around the railings of the headboard. In contrast, a cooler yet silky sensation crept around your ankles after Azriel pried them apart. You realized that it was his shadows which bound your ankles to the other posts of the bed.
“That’s more like it,” Eris said proudly, stroking a piece of hair from your face. “Is this more what you envisioned, my dear?”
“Yes.” You breathed, heart racing with excitement.
“Excellent. Shadowsinger, warm her up for me. You can go first so that she’s not met with disappointment after her time with me.”
Azriel growled, clearly annoyed by Eris despite their somewhat of a truce. He scowled at him once more before turning back to you. “It’s ok, princess,” He said. “I’m going to make you feel so fucking good.”
“I want you both, too!” You exclaimed, desperate to have both males on your body at the same time. “Please.”
“All in good time, darling.” Eris hummed, sitting down in the chair next to the bed and propping his legs up on the dresser. “For now, I would like to see exactly what the shadowsinger brute has to offer.”
You nodded, excitement making your body jittery. So many nights had you dreamed of this exact scenario, the two males taking turns before taking you together. Your thoughts were cut off by the sight of Azriel removing his shirt, revealing tanned and chiseled abs and muscular arms with whorls of black ink detailing them. His smirk was more subtle than Eris’, but was evident as he noted your reaction to his bare chest. “I’m going to have so much fun with you.” Azriel purred as he crawled onto the bed. His body was massive over top of yours, heat radiating off him as he placed his arms on either side of your chest. He allowed himself one more look at your flushed face before leaning down and kissing you.
While Eris tasted like wine and cinnamon, Azriel’s lips were like the scent of a cedar forest after an overnight rainfall. You moaned into his mouth, arching your back and begging for more.
“Patience, sweetheart.” Azriel growled. Instead of moving back to your lips, his mouth found your neck, scraping the column with his canines before latching onto the junction between your shoulder and your neck.
You gasped as he nipped and sucked at the skin, knowing damn well he was going to leave a mark where everyone could see. The urge to run your hands up and down his back was killing you, but you were restricted by Eris’ band of flames around your wrist. After continuing his torture for a few more minutes, Azriel’s mouth moved to your chest, making sure to kiss around your breasts before finally wrapping his lips around your nipple.
You cried out, gasping at the contact. Azriel was not gentle, as you felt his teeth graze the bud causing you to yelp. With his other hand, he groped your other breast, kneading the soft flesh with such force you thought you’d explode. Every touch sent an ache between your thighs, and you were pretty sure if you looked down you’d see a puddle on the sheets.
“Gods, I love hearing you whimper like that.” Azriel moaned into your flesh, kissing a path down your stomach. “I can’t wait to hear you beg.”
“I don’t beg.” You shot back in protest. It was a lie, and you all knew it, but you wanted to challenge him a little. Sure, they were in charge here, but only because you granted them that freedom. Both would stop immediately if you told them to, but the glint in their eyes told you that they knew what you were playing at.
“You will.” Azriel promised, moving his head up and nipping the flesh above your breast. “When I touch you everywhere except the spot you want me most, you’ll be begging me to bring you release, won’t you?”
You whimpered again, rolling your hips in effort to bring your core in contact with the intimidatingly large bulge in his trousers. But the shadowsinger saw it coming and quickly pinned your hips down with one hand. The other shot to your throat, scarred fingers trapping it in his palm as he squeezed firmly.
“You’ll get what you want when I give it to you,” He growled. “And not a moment sooner. Behave, sweetheart. Or I have no problem bringing you to the edge all night long without letting you fall off it.”
You nodded best you could as his large hand gripped your throat. He released it moments later. “Good girl.” He said before continuing with his torture.
Azriel placed a pillow underneath your hips, then kissed and nipped the sensitive insides of your thigh. When he reached your center, he merely ghosted over it and switched to the other thigh. You didn’t protest, or tried not to anyways. The thought of him denying you any longer made you want to explode, you needed his mouth on you more than anything.
“I think she deserves a reward for being so patient, don’t you?” Azriel said to Eris, who had not taken his eyes off of the scene before him.
“I think so too,” The redhead male hummed. “She’s been wanting this all evening, give her what she wants and more.”
Before Eris even finished his sentence, the shadowsinger’s head dove between your legs. You cried out as his tongue swept up your pussy, lapping up the juice in your folds. He was eating you out like a man starved, those strong arms curled around your thighs and holding firmly onto your hips so you couldn’t budge. More than anything, you wanted to grip his hair in your hands or press your legs against either side of his face, but you could do neither due to your restraints. It made everything so much more torturous, forcing you to lay there and take it.
When Azriel’s teeth scraped your clit after a few minutes you cried out, feeling the tension in your body climb towards its peak.
“Azriel… Please” You moaned, toes curling. The Illyrian merely groaned, burying his head into your center even more. His lips attached to your clit, sucking and sending you straight over the edge.
Time and space lost all meaning as you came, body trembling as the tension in your core snapped and spread throughout your legs and up your spine. But Azriel didn’t stop, didn’t let you come down from your high. You nearly screamed as he inserted a finger into your hole, pumping gently.
“Fuck!” You groaned. You were so, so sensitive, legs trembling from your first orgasm. But Azriel ignored you, adding another finger and continuing his assault with his mouth. It was almost too much, and you tried to move your hips to relieve the sensation but his grip was too iron-tight.
“What’s the matter, darling?” Eris cooed in mock sympathy from his spot on the chair. “You were begging for this all night, dear Azriel is just giving you what you asked for.”
“You’ll fucking take everything I give you,” Azriel added in that deep voice. “And you’ll take it like a good girl, won’t you?”
You couldn’t even form a response as you felt yourself already heading towards another climax after a few minutes. You practically screamed as you fell over the edge a second time, and then a third. It was too much, yet you wanted even more. The edges of your vision were turning black as your body shook.
“Now, now, shadowsinger, don’t wear her out too much,” Eris chided, noting your exhaustion. “I still have my turn with her before you get another chance to make her cum.”
Begrudgingly, Azriel detached his mouth from your core. His beautiful face was coated in your juices as he stood up, licking his fingers clean before sending another glare at Eris. The Autumn prince stood up, gesturing for Azriel to take his seat. You noticed how Azriel’s pants were strained against his bulge, and you squirmed, desperate to relieve his neglected cock.
“You’ll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the shadowsinger’s cock later,” Eris purred. “But for now, you get me. I’ll make you forget all about his cock, do not worry.”
You could hear Azriel snort, but he remained composed regardless, watching Eris crawl over top of your body. His long fingers stroked your sides as he hummed. “Azriel was too forgiving with you.” He hummed. “He promised you would get what you wanted, yet you were a greedy little whore and demanded it from him anyways. The spying brute might let that slide, but I do not. You will take exactly what I give you and you will not complain or demand. But I will not deny that I shall love to hear you beg, and that is exactly what you will do. You’ll be begging for me like a good little slut, won’t you?”
You whimpered at his words, earning a sharp smack to your thigh.
“I think Azriel fucked you dumb,” He hissed. “Because I recall you knowing full well that I do not like repeating myself. So answer me, pet, will you be begging for me like a good little slut?”
“Yes!” You cried out, the teasing of his fingertips driving your already sensitive body crazy. “I’ll be your good little slut I promise, please just touch me, please.”
Eris chuckled darkly. “There we go, that wasn’t so hard now, was it?” He said before turning to Azriel. “See what happens when you don’t let her get away with being demanding? Just a minute and she’s already begging to obey me. Watch and learn, shadowsinger.”
If it were any other circumstance, literally any other, you suspected Azriel would have knocked Eris onto his ass for that. But he just bit his lip, ignoring the prince’s remark – you admired his restraint.
Before you could think, Eris plunged two fingers into your already drenched hole. You cried out, shifting as much as you could in the restraints as his long fingers curled inside of you, instantly finding the spot that made you see stars. If Azriel’s method of torture was his skilled mouth, Eris’ was his torturous fingers. They pumped in and out of you, thumb brushing your clit.
“Is this what you wanted, little slut?” The lordling taunted, laughing as he gazed down at your flushed face emitting pathetic whimpers. “From the moment your lips met mine I knew you wanted this, to be tied up and utterly helpless as we fucked you until you screamed. You’re such a good, polite girl in court who’s been dying to be put in her fucking place. We both saw right through the innocent act, and look at you now. Laying there letting us do whatever we please with your body.”
Eris continued to pump his fingers relentlessly, pressing on your clit and murmuring more filthy phrases in your ear. You felt yourself reaching your peak again, legs twitching as you climbed to it faster than ever before…
Only for Eris to withdraw his fingers seconds before you came. Frustrated, you cried out, angry at his denying you your release. He laughed darkly from above you.
“Oh, pet,” Eris chuckled. “You didn’t think I’d let you off that easily, did you? Pathetic. You will get your release when I feel you’ve learned your lesson about being demanding.”
You panted as Eris’ lips swarmed your neck, marking it on the opposite side of Azriel’s. His canines sank into your flesh, sending your senses singing. Your wrists struggled in the bonds – they did not hurt, but you wanted so badly to grip Eris’ red hair in your hands. You cursed yourself for not doing it earlier when he gave you the chance.
Once you had lost all sense of your upcoming orgasm, Eris’ fingers returned to your cunt. They started out more slowly this time, but quickly found the relentless pace from before. Your entire body was trembling as he once again denied you before your release. And then a third time. After that, you were practically sobbing. Black makeup ran down your cheeks as you sobbed with desperation. Your skin felt like it was on fire, every nerve ending singing and every muscle both taut and loose at the same time.
“You’re so pretty when you cry,” Eris cooed, sucking your juices from his fingers as Azriel had earlier. “You’ve done so well for me, darling. But I need to hear you beg for it if you want to stand a chance of cumming by my hand.”
“Please,” You did not hesitate this time, caught between the overwhelming sensations of Azriel’s earlier overstimulation and Eris’ lack thereof. “Please let me cum. Please, I’ll be good I’ll do whatever you want, just please let me cum. I’m yours, please.”
“Good job, pet.” Eris praised, kissing your tear-stained cheeks. “It’s okay, love. I’ll give you what you need.”
The Autumn prince shifted his weight and removed his tunic, moving down so he was kneeling between your legs. His fingers once again returned to your sensitive hole, but his sinful mouth attached itself to your clit. The heat around your wrists disappeared, freeing them of their constraints. Without hesitation, you brought your hands down from above your head and latched them into Eris’ hair. You tugged on the silky locks, relieved to finally have some movement.
“Release the bonds on her legs, Shadowsinger.” Eris growled against your core.
You heard Azriel grumble something about it being unfair, and if you were at all coherent you’d have laughed at his jealousy that Eris’s head got to be suffocated by your thighs and his didn’t. But he obeyed, releasing his shadows and finally granting your aching legs freedom. At once, you wrapped them around Eris' waist, pulling him close as possible lest he pull away again.
Eris curled his fingers against that spot again and you moaned loudly, lifting your head to look down at the sight before you. You hadn’t even realized you’d been dragged down to the end of the bed, but the future High Lord of the Autumn Court was kneeling before you. The sight of his head buried between your legs brought you the start of your orgasm, the eroticness of it tightening the coil in your stomach. Instinctively, your head went to fall back in bliss, but a cold wisp of shadow brushed against the back of your neck.
“Do not look away.” Azriel’s stern voice growled from the corner. “Keep your eyes on him. Watch as the Prince of the Autumn Court is on his knees before you and makes you fall apart.”
You obeyed Azriel, locking eyes with Eris as he doubled his efforts. Finally, your climax washed over you with such force you thought you’d pass out. Eris gently pumped his fingers helping you ride it out, letting you grip and pull his hair as your body shook.
When he withdrew, you finally flopped your head back onto the bed, panting. The orgasm Eris gave you was heightened by his edging, making your entire body tremble with exhaustion.
“Don’t tell me you’ve worn her out before the real fun.” Azriel growled at Eris, bringing a glass of water to your lips that you gulped down.
“Oh I don’t think so,” Eris hummed, unlacing his breeches. “I think she’s ready for more, isn’t she?”
You nodded, catching your breath.
“If it is too much, just say so,” Azriel assured you. “We can let you rest if you are too tired to continue.”
“I’m not,” You protested, propping yourself up on your elbows. “Please. I want both of you. Now.”
“What did I say about being demanding?” Eris questioned, raising an eyebrow.
“Oh, give it a rest.” Azriel growled, unlacing his trousers as well. “I think she’s done well enough that she can ask this of us if she truly wants it.”
Eris rolled his eyes, but didn’t protest. Instead he discarded his pants and undershorts, leaving him stark naked in the glow of the fire. Azriel followed suit moments later, and you let yourself admire the two male forms at the end of your bed. Eris was definitely more lean while Azriel was bulking muscle, but both were beautiful. You couldn’t help but stare at their cocks, jaw slack. Both were bigger than any male you’d taken before, Azriel just a bit wider than Eris.
“Oh I think she’s ready,” Eris chuckled. “She’s practically drooling at the sight of our cocks.”
Azriel nodded. “Alright, Vanserra. This was your idea, how do we do this?”
Eris smirked. “How about you take her from behind, and I take her mouth. Deal?”
“I like the sound of that.”
You nodded your agreement, quivering with anticipation. As Eris moved around to the other side of the bed, you flipped over and pushed yourself up on your hands and knees, presenting your ass to Azriel.
“So eager.” He murmured, large hands roaming the soft flesh and making you groan. He ran a finger down your spine, causing you to shiver. “And so responsive.”
“Thanks to–” Eris began.
“Don’t you fucking dare take all the credit for that, Vanserra.” Azriel growled before he could finish his sentence. Eris merely shrugged, climbing onto the space in front of you and sitting on his knees. He cupped your face, kissing you once before sitting up so his cock was level with your face. You stared up at him, a crimson god above you ready for you to worship him.
You felt Azriel’s thick head prod your entrance. “Don’t even need to prepare her, she’s so desperate for our cocks.” He remarked smugly.
You groaned, pressing your backside into Azriel. Mercifully, he obliged, lining up with your entrance. Ever so slowly, he pushed the head in, stretching you out. It stung, as you never had a male this big before. The male paused, before asking. “Are you okay?”
“Yes,” You panted. “Just move please.”
After a minute or so, Azriel was pushed fully into you, the pain ebbing into pleasure. You moaned, dropping your head at the sensation.
“As much as I love those pretty noises,” Came Eris’ voice from above you. “I can think of better uses for your mouth.”
You lifted your head and were met with Eris’ cock, red and leaking with anticipation. The prince smirked down at you, lifting your chin in his hands. You opened, maintaining eye contact as you closed your lips around the tip. As slow as Azriel pushed into you, you moved your lips down Eris’ cock. The wanton moan that left his lips ignited a fire inside you, spurring you on further. Tears formed in your eyes as you tried not to gag, pushing down as far as you could go.
“Gods, that fucking mouth of yours is perfect.” Eris groaned, gripping your hair in his hand.
As you came up for air, Azriel finally began moving inside of you. You could tell he was nearly shaking with restraint, having been hard for so long. The three of you found a rhythm after a minute, Azriel thrusting into you timing with your head bobbing down on Eris’ cock. The bruising grip the spymaster had on your hips was sure to leave marks tomorrow, and you loved it.
The faster Azriel got, the faster you moved up and down Eris. The males let their groans fill the room, the sinful sound of skin slapping against skin echoing throughout. You felt so full, stuffed at both ends and you couldn’t be happier. But something was missing, so you removed your lips from the Prince’s cock.
“Harder.” You panted. “Please.”
Azriel stopped. “Are you sure? We don’t want to hurt you.”
“I can take it,” You protested. “Please. Give me everything you’ve got.”
The heir to the Autumn Court and the Shadowsinger locked eyes, that silent communication from earlier occurring as they nodded. You gasped as Azriel thrust into you with a force that sent you flying forward – you were thankful you had removed your mouth from Eris in that moment or else you’d have choked. Azriel pounded into you deep and hard, while Eris quickly tightened his grip on your hair and thrust his cock into your mouth again. As Azriel took you hard from behind, Eris’ hips moved and he began fucking your face.
You thought you were going to see stars. It was an almost overwhelming sensation, having both males so deep inside you at the same time. Your dirtiest fantasies didn’t come close to what the two males were making you feel. You groaned around Eris’ cock, spurring him on more.
After a few minutes, a shadow caressed your clit, making you cry out. The tension you’d already felt four times tonight built up again for a grand finale, and you knew this would possibly be the orgasm that sent you into the realm of unconsciousness.
“You gonna cum so soon, sweetheart?” Azriel grunted. “Should we let her?”
“I’m feeling generous tonight, so yes.” Came Eris’ breathless reply. “Cum for us, pet. Let go and fall apart.”
You gladly obliged, letting your orgasm wash over you. It was more intense than the last few, heightened by the sensation of Azriel spilling into you and letting out a roar that shook the windows. Eris followed a few moments later, hot seed spilling down your throat.
“Swallow.” He ordered, gripping your jaw. You happily obeyed, letting his cum drip down your throat. You could feel Azriel’s seed mixed with your own, leaking out of your hole.
The three of you laid there for a few minutes after the males removed themselves from you, panting filling the room. Every ounce of energy you had was spent, and your eyelids were heavy.
“Let’s get you cleaned up.” Azriel murmured, kissing your forehead. “Eris, run a bath.”
You half expected the redhead to roll his eyes and ignore the shadowsinger’s order, but he obliged, quickly heading into the bathroom to turn on the water.
“Can you carry me?” You sheepishly asked Azriel. “I don’t think I can walk.”
He chuckled, nodding. He easily swept you up in his arms, carrying you over to the other room where Eris was waiting and sorting through the soaps. Seeing the shadowsinger and the prince of the Autumn Court working in tandem warmed your heart, knowing full well that they normally took every opportunity to wish the other dead.
“Was that ok?” Azriel asked, gently placing you in the tub as it filled with warm water.
“Yes.” You murmured, closing your eyes and letting your head rest against the side. “Although it would be even better if you both joined me.”
“We may need a bigger bathtub,” Eris remarked, gesturing to Azriel’s wings. “But that’s something we can have for next time.”
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Tumblr media
PAC: Your witchy side
~Your natural magical skills
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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DISCLAIMER. These general free readings are made in good faith for entertainment purpose. This pick a pile is very specific and direct, even certain people came into my mind when doing it... so I already say that it doesn't seem to be for everyone.
How to pick a pile
When you have different cards to choose from in pile 1,2,3… look at each of those cards. Wait until someone reminds you of a memory. Perhaps a character’s outfit resembles one of your own. It is this pile that has its message. What if they all remind me of something? Go for the one with the strongest memory, one might look like her earring but another might be the favorite candy you got from your grandma when you vacationed at her house. But what if none reminds me of something? Take a deep breath and wait a little longer, without charging yourself or creating worries. Relax, some will awaken some memory in you, I promise!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pile 1 - My Melody
(Justice - Queen of Pentacles - Ten of Wands - Two of Pentacles - Four of Swords - Eight of Wands)
You are most likely an air witch with a focus on magic involving people, technical knowledge, and extensive research. Therefore, you must enjoy practicing astrology and manipulation magic. Apart from that, as a witch, you believe that you must first give in order to receive, and that everything you receive has the same weight as what you gave. You believe in equivalent exchange, alchemy, and the idea that the effort you put in will determine what you receive.
Your primary area of study is the physical realm, specifically prosperity, abundance, and fortune. You concentrate on the material aspects of your magical practices, performing magic that involves your body and personal belongings. You have a precise way of speaking, addressing your spirituality with respect but also with authority, as if you were the head of a different organization. You admire your guides, respecting and listening to them, but you don't feel inferior to them.
You manage to produce excellent results with your magic, bringing abundance to your home, but it sometimes becomes overwhelming for you. This could be due to your guides having dense energy. As a young witch, you may find it challenging to handle the amount of energy they transmit, leading to instances like an overflowing potion. In other words, even if you try to control the outcome, what you receive is often more than you can handle, whether it's positive or negative.
That's why you should practice more restrained magic. You need to choose between focusing on one aspect or another. Either you ask for love or you ask for prosperity; you can't pursue both with this type of magic. Start by engaging in more basic activities and communicating with "smaller spirits" such as children or fairies—whatever you prefer.
As for magical objects, you can have a diverse range, including daggers and swords, as well as white clothes and furry animals like rabbits, foxes, and dogs with long hair (preferably white animals). Additionally, you feel a certain connection with the cycle of life, understanding that things die and are reborn.
Your shadow side, your greatest temptation, is the desire to curse others. Many times, you want to see those who have wronged you suffer and contemplate whether you should act on it. You genuinely wish to return the harm that was once inflicted upon you.
On the other hand, your light side reveals that your primary focus is yourself. This self-focus is both your greatest strength and power. You have the ability to learn and study quickly, initiate new cycles promptly, and bounce back when things go wrong without being harmed in the process.
Tumblr media
Pile 2 - Kuromi
(Judgment - Page of Wands - The Fool - The Devil - Page of Cups - The Emperor - Ten of Pentacles)
You're probably a generational witch or, at the very least, a member of a cult or coven. In other words, you're not a solitary practitioner and have been on this path for a while. You're deeply interested in matters related to the soul, rebirth, and karma.
Your studies now encompass new areas that you've never explored before, such as herbology and astrology. There's something you have little knowledge of but find highly intriguing.
Your greatest skill lies in the freedom to pursue whatever you set your mind to. Your magic knows no bounds, and you have the ability to accomplish anything you desire. It appears that your specialty lies in magic involving glamour, love, and relationships. You excel at making people like you or even fall in love with you. This can be through a well-chosen word that wins them over or by adding a special touch to food.
An area you should focus on studying is shadow work. Personally, I find this topic too personal to discuss, but it is what the cards reveal. It suggests that you should address unresolved issues from your past. You have traumas and situations that are currently influencing you in negative ways, fostering destructive desires. This cannot continue as it is. You need to learn to free yourself from these chains and rid yourself of greater dangers.
A magical object you can keep with you is a goblet of water, but it can also include fish figurines or an aquarium. Additionally, letters you wrote or received in the past, childhood items like dolls and stuffed animals, can provide you with strength.
As I mentioned before, your darkest side is the desire to destroy everything and start over again, hoping for a "better" outcome. You believe that if you have the power, everything will improve, free from problems and pain. You possess an explosive and uncontrollable urge that can bring harm to others and yourself.
On the flip side, your light side emerges through your involvement in a group. You have people who love you, and you reciprocate that love. You strive to do your best for them, presenting your finest version. You protect and support them, fulfilling their needs. You rarely find yourself alone, and the strength of the group becomes your own.
Tumblr media
Pile 3 - Cinnamoroll
(Four of Pentacles - The Hermit - Seven of Cups - Three of Pentacles - Strenght - Ace of Pentacles - Wheel of Fortune)
You are most likely an earth witch who focuses on material well-being. You are a zealous and capricious person. You take pride in your appearance, especially when it comes to your hair and jewelry. You are the type of witch who enjoys casting spells using your hair, colors, and accessories. You don't conform to societal norms, but you respect traditions. If necessary, you are willing to engage in mischief as a response to being hurt by others.
Your current path is a solitary one. You are discovering things that only you can comprehend, unable to share them with others who wouldn't understand. It feels as if you are keeping a significant secret and are on a journey to uncover its meaning. You are also pursuing a dream, striving to make it a reality.
You enjoy working with potions and food, crafting spells from scratch using your own ingredients. You are the type of person who can serve others their own poison without hesitation. You possess a repertoire of tricks up your sleeve, knowing the right ingredient for a recipe or the appropriate spell for any situation that arises.
It's time for you to focus on forging new paths for yourself, working with a small group to create something greater for everyone. Additionally, you can start studying flowers and aquatic herbs.
A magical object you can keep with you is images of large animals such as lions, whales, or camels—strong animals that command presence and whose names are generally recognized. Nets can also be beneficial to you, as something you can use to capture things, similar to a Dreamcatcher (although you're aware it's primarily decorative) or, if you prefer, pictures of spiders.
Your shadow side is your ambition—an insatiable desire to possess everything while doing little to attain it. It's as if you planted flowers but never watered them, allowing them to wither on their own. You desire more, craving abundance, but it's unlikely that you'll attain everything you want, which may lead to disappointment.
Your light side is your profound faith and belief in your spirituality. You likely have a daily routine that involves prayer or engaging in magical practices, making you naturally powerful. By allowing your guides to direct you when you're uncertain, you are able to navigate your path.
(CC) AstroJulia Some Rights Reserved
Tumblr media
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nymphoheretic · 6 months
˜”°•.˜”°• The Rare Gem •°”˜.•°”˜
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Animal mutation quirks are fairly rare so you were captured by the underground black market because of your quirk. You were to be put up for sale to the highest bidder. You just hope that whoever wins you was a kind soul and will not mistreat you. This is how you ended up with Todoroki Shouto.
Warnings: Temperature play, collaring, pet play. Master/pet, reader has a kitsune type quirk, dom!Shouto, sub!fem!reader, oral (both receiving) overstimulation, cum play, cum swallowing, orgasm control, black coded (but can still be read by others), breeding kink, edging, creampie, ,squirting, fingering, spanking, branding/marking dub-con with a twist(CNC), clit pinching, multiple orgasms (both receiving) praise, degradation, slut calling, pet name (baby, snowflake, my love, etc), implied kidnapping
Word Count: 10k
Pairing: Shouto Todoroki x Fem!reader
Small taglist: @tokyometronetwork @babiefwuit @stygianoir @bookandyarndragon @megumri
Tumblr media Tumblr media
How did you get yourself into the mess? You struggled against the chains binding your wrists with no avail. Sighing, you leaned your head against the cool metal of the cage they left you in. Perhaps it was because of your quirk that you were captured. Your quirk gave you the animal attributes of a fox. You had large ears, claws, fangs, and a bushy tail.
You usually maintained a good control over your quirk and only used the strength it gave you during missions, but at the time those men captured me, you lost control over your emotions due to an argument with your agency, causing your fox-like attributes to show.
The door creaked open loudly, the light blinding you temporarily. Squinting your eyes, you could faintly make out a figure. “Who’s there?” you asked, your voice cracking slightly from underuse.
Once your eyes had adjusted to the brightness that flooded into the dark room, you saw that it was the man that had captured you and you bared your teeth. “What do you want, you burnt bitch?”
Dabi, a man with burn scars that covered 60% of his body, smirked down at me. “Well, Doll, it’s your turn to be auctioned off. So, I’ve come to collect you.”
“You’re lucky these chains suppress my quirk, asshole!” you snarled, rising to your feet to glare at him. A blush lit up your cheeks when you noticed the look in his light blue eyes. Desire was swirling in them as they looked over your body. It was then you remembered that you were dressed only in a thin white dress. Squeaking out, you covered your chest with your hands and knelt back down. “Fucking pervert!” you cursed at Dabi.
He sent you another cocky smirk as he reached into his pocket for something. You watched as he pulled out the key that could unlock the cage you were trapped in. Dabi opened the door to your entrapment and quicker than what you could react to, he grabbed the chains circling your wrists, “Can’t have you running, can we, doll?” He then clicked something around your neck. A fucking shock collar!
You wanted so badly to claw Dabi’s face off. Who the fuck did he think he was putting a damn shock collar on you? “Take this damned thing off of me! I am not a fucking dog, Dabi!”
“Ooh.” He purred. “Such a dirty fucking mouth you have on you.” His eyes narrowed as he pulled out a remote and pressed a button on it. Dabi watched with sick satisfaction as you convulsed from the electric shock that went through your body.
You opened your mouth and let out a strangled scream, begging for him to turn off the collar. He pressed the button again, turning the electricity off. “Now be a good little girl and follow me.” He attached another chain to the collar and yanked you alongside him.
The light blinded you once more as Dabi drug you out of the darkness of the back room. Scrunching your eyes together, you waited for them to adjust and saw that you were approaching another room. You blinked in confusion when Dabi opened the door and you were greeted by a blond with her hair tied in two messy buns. “What’s this?” you asked.
Dabi ignored you. “Toga. Make her look presentable for the men waiting to bid on her.”
You jerked your head back when Toga reached out and caressed your face with a wide smile on her face. She said something about how smooth and soft your skin was, which made your skin crawl even more.
You had already had to endure having your body inspected by some blue haired, crusty skinned creep earlier, now some blood crazed blonde was going to have her hands on me? “I don't need this, Dabi! I look fine now!” You could feel your emotions boiling over and knew that if you did not calm down soon, your fox-like attributes would come out.
Toga reached for the remote that Dabi held out for her. “Oh, my little foxy, we’re going to have so much fun together.” Her golden eyes twinkled with a look that you could only describe as a yandere with her sights set on her prey. 
Eyeing the remote carefully, you sighed as you allowed her to pull you by the chain attached to your collar. Dabi had the decency to leave the room when Toga ripped through the white dress you were wearing with a knife she kept in the boxes on her legs.
The tip of the blade nicked your skin, not enough to break flesh but enough to leave a long red mark. You hissed when she leaned in to place a delicate kiss against the scratch. “What are you doing?”
“Making your owie better.” She said in her slightly singsong voice, her face flushing with a blush and she placed her hands against her cheeks. “You’re so cute when you’re angry. Do you resent us?”
“What do you think?” You snapped, looking away from her.
Toga pouted before skipping over to the clothing rack and pulled out a sleek red dress that had a high slit up to the thigh and was very low cut so that you were almost positive your breasts would pop out of it if you moved wrong.
You blinked in confusion when she pulled out her knife and cut a hole in the back of the gown. “Why are you ruining such a pretty dress?” The question slipped out before you could stop it.
The blonde flashed you a smile before pointing the knife at you and lunging. Your fear skyrocketed as your emotions flooded your brain. She was going to kill you? But were you not a precious item to the underground auction? You felt your fox-like attributes pop into existence as your instances told me to get out of the way.
You rolled out of the path of Toga’s knife, temporarily forgetting that you were chained to the table leg. The collar around your neck tightened, choking you. “Fuck!” you cursed as you tried to move back into your original position. Shooting a glare at the blonde, who was giggling up a storm. “What the fuck, Toga?!”
She said nothing as she turned around to look at you over her shoulder. Suddenly, you felt electricity send your body into convulsions. You let out a gurgled screech as you clawed at the collar around your throat. You watched through watery eyes as Toga approached you with a small orange medicine jar in her hands.
As the current still flowed through your body, you were helpless as she force fed you some kind of medicine. “There, foxy, that should keep those cute little ears and tail out for the men and women to see.” She pressed the button that shut off the shock collar and moved to help you into the short, sleek red dress.
Toga was careful with your tail as she guided it through the hole she made before zipping the gown up completely. “You’re so pretty! Just like a red bride.”
You shivered at the new nickname she dubbed me with. You had a name. Why won’t any of them use it? Still feeling the after effects of the collar, you had to let Toga help you to your feet so she could guide you over to the vanity where she did your hair and makeup. She gave you a red and black smokey eye paired with a bold red lip. To hide the thick shock collar around your neck, she placed a red ribbon with a bell attached to it over it.
For your hair, she simply curled it and tied black ribbons around your fox ears. “Just look at how beautiful you made you. If only they would let me take some of your blood. Then I could always remember what you look like, foxy.”
A knock came from the door before Dabi let himself back in. He took one look at me and let out a low wolf whistle. “Damn, dollface. If you weren't going to fetch us such a high price, I’d take you for my own.” He flashed you an attempt of a seductive smirk. If you had not despised him at the moment, you probably would have fallen for it. Your eyes worked fine. You knew Dabi was a sexy man. Hell, you were sure he knew it as well.
“Whatever.” you scoffed as he reached for the chain that he then used to drag me to your feet. “Slow down, will you? I am wearing heels.” Toga had finished off your look with a pair of five inch black stilettos with straps that went up the length of your calves.
You gasped when Dabi suddenly turned on you, a blue flame covering his left hand and a cruel look in his glowing blue eyes.
Dabi growled at me as he pulled me closer by the chain. “You are to be silent now, dollface.” He held the flame dangerously close to your face and you could do nothing but stare in fear.
You knew of Dabi’s quirk, Cremation. It reached temperatures that could melt everything it came in contact with, even wood that is supposed to burn. “If you utter a single word during the auction, I will not hesitate to kill you, understand?”
Swallowing thickly, you nodded your head and sealed your lips shut as Dabi curled his lips into a smile and snuffed out the flame. Yanking on the chain, he dragged you over to a large pedestal that had a cage around it. You could not help but to roll your eyes at it.
At least this one was a bit bigger than the last one you were placed in. Dabi then attached the end of your chain to a locking mechanism inside the cage and shut the door behind him.
“Good luck, doll. If you’re lucky, your new master won’t break you too badly.” He laughed as he walked away from the caged pedestal, but stayed within earshot in case you spoke out of turn.
You simply sat on the cool metal of the floor and curled your legs against your chest. You hated that it was because of your quirk that you were going to be sold off like livestock. Sometimes you hated having a mutation quirk, they were so rare that people would pay large money to have ya'll work for them.
If only you were stronger like Miruko, you would not have been captured like this. And if it were not for that medicine Toga forced you to swallow, you could have easily concealed your quirk, but no, you were in a constant state of heightened emotions. 
“And now for the main event!” you heard the voice of the man who inspected your body call out loudly over the loudspeaker. Closing your eyes, you awaited your fate. You were to be bidded off to the highest paying bidder. You can only hope that your new master will be kind.
“Lastly, we have a rare mutation quirk owner. Her quirk gives her fox-like attributes.” The blue-haired host announced, you think his name is Shigaraki. “Let’s start the bid at five million.”
You blocked out most of the bids since the auctioneers were wearing masks that conceal their identities. Wrapping your tail around your body, you tried to make yourself smaller the higher your cost rose. It was currently up to twelve million and steadily rising.
You were beginning to hate being born with such a quirk. You opened your eyes to look out at the crowd, trying to see who was currently in the lead. you t would seem as if you were going to be purchased by some fat, disgusting older man and that caused a shiver to travel down your spine. He would not be gentle with you.
“Twenty-five million!” Shigaraki called out, his red eyes shining with glee. They were going to be rich off of this one. “Do I hear twenty-six? No? Going once. Twice..”
“That girl belongs to me now.”
You lifted your head when a smooth tenor voice filtered throughout the building and saw what looked to be a young man. You could only see his eyes through the black mask he wore; the left eye was blue, similar to Dabi’s while the right was grey.
How could he say that you belonged to him? Just how much money could someone like him have? The amount of money to purchase you was nearing thirty million?!
Shigaraki narrowed his eyes at the newcomer. “Oh? Then what’s your price?” He pressed the button on the remote that activated the shock collar around your neck, making you convulse around in your cage. “She’s such a fine specimen, you know?” He shut off the power when you let out a strangled plea for him to stop.
The man simply pulled out a thin black card and flung it at the auctioneer, watching him scramble after it. “Just charge whatever price you want to this card.” He walked over to Shigaraki and held his hand out expectantly for the key he held. Once he obtained the item, he walked over to the cage and opened it. “Come here.”
You looked up at him with reproachful eyes. Who was he? You flinched when Shigaraki offered him the remote to your shock collar and quickly shot up to your feet, wobbling slightly due to the stilettos. “Y-Yes, sir.” You slowly walked over to him and placed your hand into his proffered one.
That was as far as you could move due to the chain still latched to the side of the cage. He noticed it and stepped inside and unhooked it from its locking mechanism. Once the chain was free, he turned to face you, his eyes intense. His stare made you feel warm in places you could not describe.
“We’re going.” He said as he pulled at your chain gently. He turned to look at Shigaraki, “Just return that to me once the charges are made. I’ll send someone to retrieve it.”
You sat in the seat across from the man that had purchased you. You still did not know who he was as he was still wearing the hood of the burgundy robes that the bidder wore and that black mask that only showed his intense heterochromatic eyes. Eyes which were locked on your body and made you squirm a bit under the intensity. You had wanted to cover your breasts with your arms but you were paralyzed by him. 
You watched as he lowered the hood of his robe, revealing his long red and white colored hair and realization slowly began to strike you. It could not be him? He reached for the black mask that hid his face from you. You gasped.
There was no mistaking it. The long red and white hair, those blue and grey eyes, the intense red scar on the left side of his face. “You’re Todoroki Shouto!”
He let a small smile tilt at his lips as he brushed back a strand of his long hair. “Yes, but you shall only call me Master now.” 
Shock rushed over you. Was he not a Pro Hero? Did he not purchase you to save you from the greedy men and women of the underground auction as a mission? You had been missing for nearly a week and you were an important asset to your agency. 
You pulled at the chains circling your wrists, glaring at Shouto. “What are you talking about? You are the Pro Hero, Shouto, right? Isn't this a mission to rescue me? I’m a Pro Hero too!” you froze when you saw him hold up the remote control to the collar hidden behind the red ribbon around your neck, fear wrapping around your body. “What are you...”
Shouto did not let you finish your sentence as he pressed the button to activate the shock collar. He watched as you shook from the electricity coursing through your veins, your tail puffed out from the pain. “You belong to me and I thought I said you are only to call me Master.”
He pressed the button again to shut off the power and you fell back against the cool leather of the limo seat, trying to catch your breath. Shouto moved over to where you were sitting and gently looped his index finger around the collar and lifted me up. 
“But to answer your question, yes I am the Pro Hero, Shouto, but this isn’t a mission to rescue you, my darling. I wanted you for myself. You should know how rare animal mutation quirks are and I find those little ears and tail of yours adorable.” The fingers of his other hand reached out and touched your ears at the base.
Without your permission, you had let out a moan when his fingers caressed the fur surrounding your ears. You quickly blushed and covered your mouth in a failed attempt to stifle the sound. You could only pray that he would ignore the sound. 
You peeked up at him and gasped at the look of lust on his face as a rush of heat flooded your core. Damn him for being so damn attractive. It made it hard to hate him for what he was going to do. “M-my ears are sensitive...” Was all you said as you looked away from him. 
He said nothing as he reached for you and pulled you into his lap. You tried your best to not stiffen in his hold as you curled your tail around your waist, protecting it from his touch. He already found out that your ears were rather sensitive, you did not need him learning that your tail was even more sensitive. 
“That was a rather cute moan. I want to hear more of them.” Without a warning, he yanked down the top of the dress you were wearing, your breasts popping free. You let out a squeak as you tried to cover yourself but he yanked your hands away with a sharp tug at the chains circling your wrists. “Don’t move. That’s an order.”
“You can't just expect me to just sit still and let you do whatever you want with me! I am not your property!” you screamed, fighting against the chains trying to free yourself from his hold. your body went limp when his fingers slid over your ears, sending a pleasurable tingle down your spine. Another pitiful sounding moan left your mouth as you felt warmth flood your center when Shouto’s other hand began plucking at your nipples.
Shouto’s warm breath hit your shoulder as he leaned in closer, his voice echoed around the small space of the limo. “I can and I will, Snowflake.” His tongue licked a long, wet line up the side of your flesh, sending streaks of fire down your spine. 
Damn it, you were attracted to him. Seeing him on television had spurned a crush on him. He rolled your left nipple in between his fingers as his mouth latched onto the spot where your neck and shoulder met. “Come on, Baby~...” He purred in a voice that should be illegal. “Let your voice out.”
You could not stop the wanton cry that left your throat when his hand moved from your breast to the increasingly damping spot between your thighs. His fingers slipped inside the dress you were wearing, skimming along the front of your panties. You let out another moan as he slid his index finger over that sensitive bundle of nerves. “Fuck...” you choked out, quivering in his arms. you were fighting a losing battle with both your mind and body. Your mind was telling you to resist, yet don’t at the same time and your body was accepting his touch.
He pinched your clit roughly between his fingers as he sucked at the junction where your shoulder and neck met and his fingers rubbed one of your ears. The overstimulation of having so many erogenous zones touched at once was leaving you breathless. 
You squirmed around on his lap and gasped when you felt it. Shouto’s cock was hard and pulsing against your ass. For some reason a sense of pride filled your mind. you were happy that you were able to turn on such a handsome man with your body. You let out another piercing moan when you felt his teeth bite down on your shoulder and his fingers graze over your clit again. 
“Do you want me to shove my fingers inside, Baby?” He asked. “Do you want me to fuck you with them?”
Your eyes shot open as you realized what he was doing. ‘He’s fucking edging me. you hate being edged!’ you stubbornly shook your head, refusing to answer him. you would not give him the satisfaction of hearing you beg. Suddenly, you felt a chill run down your body where the fingers of his right hand trailed and a pitiful sounding cry left your throat. You wanted to beg. you wanted to beg so fucking badly, but you had your pride. “Fuck!” you screamed out when those icy fingers of his slid through the fur of your tail, stroking it softly.
Shouto let out a chuckle. “So, that’s why you kept moving it out of the way of your touch. Your tail is even more sensitive than your ears.” His breath turned cool as he whispered against your neck and you knew that he must be using his quirk to manipulate me into begging for his touch. Running those sinfully cold fingers through your tail from tip to base was driving me insane. “Let’s see how much longer you can hold back from begging me to fuck you.” 
Youlet out another breathy moan when you felt his mouth close over one of your ears, his tongue swirling along the edge. you could literally feel your resolve breaking with each stroke of warm fingers of his left hand along your clothed pussy. When he squeezed your clit again, his fingers nearly burning hot is what made you break. “S-s-shit...Master, please?”
“Please what, Snowflake?” He mocked, rubbing his hot fingers along the sensitive bundle of nerves. His long hair brushed along your neck when he leaned over to watch your expression as his icy cold fingers found their way to the base of your tail and he rubbed his fingertips along the spot where it met with your lower back. you let out another wanton sounding mewl as you jerked around in his lap, grinding your hips down. “Say it. Beg for me, Baby.”
Biting your lip in irritation that he was going to make me beg for it, a low growl left me. Swallowing thickly, you lowered your head. “Please, Master, fuck me with your fingers. you want them inside me.” you let out a lusty cry of pleasure when one of his cold fingers slid your panties to the side and found purchase inside your dripping cunt. It was so cold that it hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt. His left hand went for your tail, rubbing hot circles around the spot where it met with your flesh. Dammit, you wanted him. You wanted more than just a finger. You wanted his cock rammed deep inside you. “I need more.”
Shouto smiled as he slowly moved his finger in and out of you, edging you on slowly. His hot breath fanned over the swollen mark he’d left on your neck. He let out a grunt when you grinded your hips down into his crotch, your ass rubbing against his cock. Quickly, he added another icy finger to your dripping pussy.  You could not hold back the lewd cry that left your mouth as you tossed your head back against his shoulder, sweat glistening on your forehead. 
“Was that enough, your darling? Or do you still need more?” He taunted, drilling those fingers of his deeper.
You hated to admit it, but you were so turned on by him. There was no denying your attraction to him. you wanted him. you wanted more of this temperature play he was doing using his quirk. It felt so good to have his icy fingers inside while his hot palm gripped one of your breasts, twisting a nipple. Pride be damned! “Master, please? More. I need to feel more of you!” But the instant you admitted that you wanted him, he stopped and pulled away completely. You blinked in confusion when he lifted you off his lap and back onto the seat next to him.
“Unless you want the entire mansion to see you in such a state, I suggest you fix your clothing.” Shouto readjusted the silk tie of the suit he was wearing, ignoring the large bulge in his pants.
Looking away from him as shame filled your mind. He got what he wanted. You begged for him like a needy bitch in heat. Glaring at him, you pulled up the top of your dress the best you could with your bound hands. Growling when the movement put your hands in an awkward position, you glanced up at Shouto. He was already watching you with amused eyes and you knew that this was what he wanted. Biting your lip and lowering your eyes, you asked, “Master, will you help me?” you growled when he gave you an expectant look. “Please, Master?”
He moved over and helped you pull the red dress up over your breasts, but he made sure to brush his knuckles over your nipples as he leaned in. “We will continue this inside, Snowflake.”
Your face flushed at the seductive tone his voice took on when he whispered the nickname in your ears before he bit one of them. You let out another loud moan before clamping your hands over your lips. you watched as the door of the limo was pulled open and Shouto slid out of the car, gently yanking on the chain around your neck so that you would follow him. You ignored the curious stares of the staff that came out to greet Shouto like he was a young lord. ‘He basically is!’ you wanted to smack yourself. The Todoroki family was one of the richest families around. ‘That’s how he was able to afford your price tag in the underground auction.’
Shouto pulled you alongside him, your stilettos clicking loudly with each step. Your back stiffened when he placed his hand against your skin, lightly rubbing circles on the base of your tail. You had to bite your lips to keep from letting out a pitiful sounding moan at his touch. He was playing dirty. Now that he knew that your animal attributes were sensitive, he was going to exploit that weakness every chance he got. 
It's been a few weeks since you were purchased by Todoroki Shouto and he’s been nothing short of a gentleman after that first incident in the limo ride to his mansion. Despite his promise to continue when the two of you got inside, He’d claimed that he was tired from having to deal with the underground and went to bed almost immediately after.
You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror and admired the outfit that was set out for you. Shouto decided that you would only wear traditional Japanese kimonos as they allowed space for your tail. So, today it was a short black kimono that had a red obi with white lilies on the material.  It was a cute outfit and you appreciated the clothing, but hated that you were basically being forced to take that strange medicine that kept your ears and tail out. The medicine also made them even more sensitive and he took full advantage of it.
A knock at your room door caused you to jump slightly. “Come in?” you said, watching the doorknob turn before it creaked open. Your eyes widened at the sight of Shouto stepping into your room wearing one of his robes, his hair tied up into a bun. You could feel the saliva build up in your mouth at the sight of his bare chest from the gap in his robe. Quickly, you turned your head away and swiped your mouth. “Hello, Master. What can you do for you?” you knew why he was here dressed only in his robe. That was his sign that he wanted to fuck you and you could feel yourself getting wet.
Shouto said nothing as he walked over to you, his eyes intense as he looked at you. He frowned as he stared at your neck and you realized that you had forgotten to cover the shock collar with the black choker that still sat on your bed. “The collar, Snowflake.” He growled out, his voice dropping in octaves. With a predatory look in his eyes, he began to advance on you.
Your breath got caught up in your breath as you took a step back for each one he took forward until your back was pressed against the wall. You let out a squeak when Shouto slammed his hands next to your head, trapping you. He was so close you could see every detail of his face and feel every breath he took as he leaned in closer. “I-I’m sorry, Master. I was about to cover it up when you knocked.” you placed a hand on his chest in a discreet attempt to put some distance between you two.
He grabbed your hand and brought it to his mouth, teeth grazing over the fleshy part of your palm. “Are you lying to me, Baby?” His lips spread into a seductive smile when you shook your head. “So, it’s your Master’s fault that you didn’t have enough time to put on the choker?” the fingers of his right hand stroked your cheek, leaving trails of frost in its path to the shock collar.
You shivered, whether it be in anticipation or from the chill of his touch, as he hooked a finger into the collar and pulled you closer to him. “No, sir.” you replied, looking him in the eyes. “It's my fault for taking too long getting dressed.” During the few weeks of you being in his care, you’ve learned that he likes a submissive partner. You even allowed a few tears to swell in the corner of your eyes, knowing it would please him. You’ve become his Snowflake, beautiful, delicate and fragile. Well...not that fragile.
Shouto, accepting your submission to him, smiled down at you and wrapped his large hands around your waist before seizing your lips in a slow yet passionate kiss that soon left you both panting and straining against one another. He reached for the obi and tugged at it gently until it loosened around me. The red tie fell to the ground in a pool of silk. He then reached for the pin that held your hair up, letting the locks fall down to frame your face and you knew that was your signal to touch him.
Slowly, you reached up and caressed his face, tracing your fingers along the edge of his jawline before moving them to tangle in his hair, gently pulling it from the bun he had it in. You felt him slide his hands into the fabric of the kimono, pushing at the edges until it slid off your shoulders leaving me only in your bra and panties. Shouto finally pulled away from your lips to admire your body. Seeing the appreciation in his eyes let you know that you picked out the right lingerie. So, maybe he will forgive me for not putting the choker on before he came.
He trailed his hands along your body before taking your hands and placed one on his chest and the other on the sash at his waist. You looked down at your hand near the tie as you pulled on it until it hung loose before you slowly parted the crimson robe, your hands gliding over his sinewy muscles of his shoulders. You could feel your mouth water at the sight of his chiseled chest, sculpted abs, and the V-cut of his hips. Sweet mercy, he was sexy and you wanted to run your hands all over his body. But you refrained from doing so without his permission, Shouto was the dominant one here and you were the submissive.
Shouto pulled you closer and trailed his fingers down your back, trails of frost forming in its path, until he reached the base of your tail. You immediately went limp with pleasure in his arms as a flood of moisture soaked your panties. Those sub-zero fingers stroked through your fur, teasing the spot where the flesh merged with your fluffy appendage. “I can smell you, my darling.” His voice caressed your ears as your face flushed with heat. “Your arousal is getting thicker by the second and you ’ve barely even touched you.” He bent down and caught your lips in a searing kiss that made your knees buckled from the intensity. “Look at how cute you are? You’re just my cute little captive fox. It makes me want to tease you more.”
You opened your mouth in a soft sounding moan when he leaned in and grazed your shoulder with his teeth, pulling down your bra strap in the process. Treading your fingers into his long hair, you silently guided him to the other side so that he could lower the other strap with his teeth. “M-Master...” you moaned out as he slowly lapped at the center of your chest. He was edging me again. You hated being edged so slowly, but you knew this was probably punishment for not covering the shock collar. Shouto moved down to your breasts, his tongue both heating and cooling on your flesh. 
You felt his teeth graze over your nipple as he pulled the cup down before closing his lips over the pebbled bud. First his mouth was hot, scorching almost as his tongue swirled over your peak, but then it cooled to near freezing. The pleasure was damn near maddening as you clenched your thighs together to ease the ache that formed between them.
“I will make you ache for me.” He whispered against your skin as he lifted his mouth back to your lips, placing another passionate kiss on them. You heard him chuckle at your disappointed moan when his lips left mine. He placed a warm finger against your mouth to shush me, his gaze predatory, before he lifted me up into his arms. 
Shouto dropped you softly on the large bed, hovering over you. You felt him reach behind you to unclasp the bra and you were anticipating his touch, but it never came. Holding back a frustrated cry when his fingers instead trailed lines down your shoulders. “Oh, you thought I wasn’t serious? No, you’re going to go mad with want. And I will not fuck you until you’re dripping wet for me.”
His words alone were making you ache for him. His low, timbering voice was like sweet music to your sensitive hearing. Hot tears of frustration pooled in your eyes and you tried to reach out for him, wanting to attempt to change his mind. Shouto saw your movement and with a twitch of his hand, ice formed shackles around your wrists and pinned you down to the bed. His grey and blue eyes narrowed down at me for your slight defiant behaviour and you knew that he was going to go even slower to torture you.
Softly, he placed his hands over your breast, kneading them without his quirk and you mewled at the raw feeling of his skin against youurs. Shouto then leaned in and bit the tip of one of your ears and your core tingled even more causing you to rub your thighs together to produce some type of friction. Your tears of frustration broke free when you felt Shouto shackle your ankles to the bedpost thus keeping your legs spread open.
“Master, please? I need you.” you were damn near sobbing with how much your body was throbbing for him. 
Shouto softly wiped at the tears that were streaming down your face. “You’re so pretty when you cry. Are you aching that badly, my little slut? Shall I end your suffering?” He let a sly smirk touch his lips as he slowly trailed his left hand down the length of your body, trails of heat flaring along your skin until he reached the edge of your panties. There was a flare of smoke and you realized that he was burning the underwear off of you. You were panting as his fiery fingers drew slow, hot circles along your inner thigh. “Such pretty thighs. Just the right size to grab a handful.” 
Your body was visibly shaking with each slow touch Shouto graced your body with. You were becoming so needy. You needed more. More of his touch. More of his lips and tongue on your skin. This slow torture was driving me inssane with desire. Your pussy was practically drooling by now, begging to be touched and fucked. Without realizing it, your tail moved on its own and wrapped around Shouto’s neck and pulled him down into your body. 
A gasp left you when you realized what you had done and quickly unwrapped your tail from around his neck. You let out another wanton sounding moan when Shouto reached out and grabbed the furry appendage with his icy cold hand. He slowly lifted his face from your chest and stared down at you with such an intensity in his eyes. You were in trouble.
“Snowflake...” Yep, you were in deep shit. He only called you that when you were about to receive punishment. And by the way he growled out the name, he was pissed that you questioned his dominance. “What have I told you about using your tail without my command?” His sub zero touch trailed up the length until he could not reach anymore of it due to you laying on your back. The ice chains holding you down lengthened so he could flip you onto your hands and knees. You shivered in pleasure as your body nearly went limp from his touch until you heard his command. “Don’t fucking move, Snowflake.”
When the first burning smack to your ass came without warning and tears sprang from your eyes from the sheer pleasure. He spanked you soundly with his left hand, practically branding his handprint into you with his quirk and you loved every second of it. What you were not expecting was him to use his right hand to send chills up your back from the next couple of spanks. The icy cold smacks felt so good against your hot skin that you could not help but to stick your tongue out and moan at the feeling.
“That’s a good little bitch in heat. Moan for me.” He smacked your ass in alternation of both hands until the flesh was raw. Shouto then leaned in and placed his lips against the heated and tender skin causing you to flinch slightly from the soreness. His teeth grazed along the curvature of your rear, tongue slipping out to cool the stinging flesh until he reached the spot where your tail met with your lower back. 
A shiver ran down your spine. He knew how very sensitive you were there and loved to tease you there. His tongue went from cold to hot as he lapped at the spot as his fingers teased at your dripping slit. “Oh?” He breathed, his breath turning cool against your back. “You’re a sopping wet mess down here. My Baby,  I’ll ask you again. Shall you put an end to your suffering? Tell me what you want.”
Your thighs were quivering by the moment and your face was covered with your tears of frustration. “I want you, Master. I want you to eat your pussy and then fuck me with your hard cock.” you begged, sobbing as you did so. You were so fucking turned on and you did not want to wait anymore.
Shouto sat back on his knees and you could see that his cock was straining against his boxers. He tapped a finger against his chin in thought as his other hand rubbed his shaft slowly, tempting me. Shouto freed his cock from the confines of his underwear. “Before you do that...” he mused as he reached and grabbed one of your ears, causing you to moan out loudly. He turned me around, the ice chains rattling. “Why don’t you suck my cock. Take your Master’s cock deep inside that pretty little throat of yours.” He slapped the head of it against your cheek. “Stick out your tongue, Snowflake.”
You quickly opened your mouth and did as he ordered. Soon after your mouth was filled with his flavor, his pre-cum sweet on your tongue.. His masculine scent filled your nose as you took in a breath. He was so large that it stretched your lips, but you were determined to take all of him. As always, you made sure to keep your teeth away from his sensitive anatomy, but would occasionally let your sharp canines drag over the bulbous tip. His moans were like music to your ears and only spurred you on.
His hand came up to caress your face. “Yes, just like that, Baby. Suck that cock.” he hissed out as he thrust his hips gently, pushing more of his length inside your mouth. “You look so beautiful with your cock shoved so deep in your throat, Snowflake.” Shouto tilted his head back and let out a low groan when you swirl your tongue over the thick length pumping in and out.
You kept your jaw slightly slack because you knew of his tendencies of losing all his composure and face fucking you. You hollowed out your cheeks and hummed lightly, knowing the vibrations would drive Shouto insane.
Shouto let out a grunt. “Yes...” he hissed. “That’s a good little slut.” He purred out as his hand tangled in your hair to push his cock even deeper down your throat. Tears were starting to leak from your eyes from the pleasurable pain and he wiped at them with his warm hand. “Crying again? We’ve only just begun, Baby.” He let out another deep moan as he tossed his head back, long red and white hair sparkling in the dim light of the room as it slid off his broad shoulders.
You moaned when Shouto reached across your back to play with the soft fur of your tail, drool leaking out of the corners of your mouth. Fuck, he was driving you up the wall with pleasure, but you could sense that he was getting close too. Your inner walls were clenching in tune to your sucking and you felt Shouto’s cock beginning to swell. You curled your tongue around him and gave him a hard suck. “Fuck...” He cursed. “You want my cum that badly?” 
Hot and cold hands wrapped around your head as he pulled me in closer. “Then you can have it. Deep down your throat.” you nearly choked when the first of the thick, white fluid shot out and filled your mouth. “Take it all, but don't swallow just yet, Baby~. Keep that cum in your mouth until you say you can swallow it. And don’t spill a single drop.”
You obeyed his command, holding his seed in your mouth. You allowed a small smile to cross your lips when Shouto wrapped his hands around your waist and flipped me onto your back. You shivered when he began trailing those sub zero fingers down your abdomen. “You said that you wanted my tongue, right, Snowflake?” you nodded your head vigorously, mewling when those icy fingers of his began circling around your clit, coating them with your honeyed essence. “You’ve been such an obedient pet that I should reward you, I suppose.” He licked a warm line down your stomach. “Your scent is addicting.” His hot breath fanned out over your nether regions causing another rush of liquid.
Shouto used two of those icy fingers to spread your lower lips and gave it a long, scorching lick with that hot tongue of his. Your toes curled as a sobbing like moan left your throat when those slender digits of his slid inside your drenched, slick cavern. He used his thumb to flick the swollen bundle of nerves at the top of your opening. “Make sure to keep holding that cum in your mouth, darling.” Shouto thrust his fingers in and out of your dripping center and you gasped when he entered the third cold finger, almost making you swallow what was in your mouth.
You let out a lustful humming sound as his fingers pistoned into me at such a furious pace, his fingers the perfect chilling temperature that it stung in a pleasurable way. your eyes shot open when his hot tougue swirled over your clit, attacking the swollen bud with quick flicks. you could feel your release building up and tears from the sheer pleasure were building up in your eyes. 
“Are you about to cum, Snowflake?” He growled against your flesh and brought you closer to sweet release. “Go ahead and cum. You have my permission.” Shouto lapped at your honeyed center with that scorching tongue again. With another loud, muffled cry, you came hard. White spots danced in your vision, blinding you momentarily.
He greedily drank all of what you had to offer as it dripped out of your pussy, not letting a single drop escape. you expected for him to stop, but then your body arched when his tongue turned cold and warm fingers replaced the cold ones. ‘Again!’ you had just come, you were not ready for his tongue again, especially when it’s so hot that it's causing maddening pleasure. 
You pulled against your shackles as your body shook from the overstimmulation Shouto was causing on your body. He stroked his fingers in and out at such a furious pace and flicked that burning hot tongue over your clit. Not forgetting that he liked it when you cried, you let hot tears stream down your face as you thrash on the bed only for Shouto to hold your hips down with his arm.
“Can’t handle what you asked for, Baby?” His voice dropped into that dangerous territory that made your heart beat erratically in your chest. He lashed at your sensitive budle of nerves with his tongue once more. “You’re so pretty when you’re crying those sweet tears.” His sub zero fingers moved faster within you as another round of pressure built up. 
You could feel another release coming and it was coming fast. You wanted to open your mouth and scream but could not due to the order to not spill any of the cum you held. “Keep that cum in your mouth, Snowflake. Savor the flavour of it.”
Your body gave a sharp convulsion when you came, lifting off the bed. Shouto did not miss a beat as he slurped up every drop, his tongue lashing over your clit and fingers never once slowing down. Once you had calm down from your high, he slowed down and gave your sex gentle licks and nips before pulling away. “What’s the matter, Baby?” He gazed down at your sweaty flushed body, your chest still heaving from exhaustion. “Don’t tell me you're ready to tap out. We haven’t even begun to have fun yet.”
You tried to plead with your eyes that you needed a break before continuing as your sex was still tingling from two back to back orgasms. Either Shouto did not notice or he ignored it as he slapped the head of his cock against your slit. He grabbed your legs and placed them over his shoulders as he stroked himself with one hand. His grey and blue eyes stared down at you intensely. “You can swallow now. I want to hear that sweet voice of yours as I take you.” You nearly choked as he timed his first thrust with your swallowing, his salty yet sweet tasting seed sliding down your throat.
“Fuck!” you cursed when he gave a hard trust, your breasts bouncing from the vigorous movement. Another loud gasp fell from your lips at the tingle of pleasure that grew within your core when Shouto picked up his speed more. You mewled when he bent down and nipped at one of ears, teeth grazing the fleshy inner part softly as he plunged his cock into me.  
It felt so good and you were so full of his huge length. You tried to wrap your arms around him, but the ice shackles around your wrists prevented that so you held onto his strong biceps. “M-Master...it feels so good.”
Shouto let out a grunt as he snapped his hips down into me, your walls clenching around him firmly. “You feel so good around me, Snowflake.” His hissed into your ear, sending shivers down your spine. your tail was swishing around until he grabbed it in his left hand, the heat of his palm caused tears of overstimmulation to burn at the corners of your eyes. “Are you about to cry again, my love?” he brought the tip of your tail to his lips and drew it into his cool mouth. You let out a scream as your body buckled at the feeling, the stimulation wrecking havoc. 
“Go ahead and cry some more. I am going to keep fucking you.” Tail still cluched between his teeth, Shouto reached out and wiped at your tears. Damn him for being able to cause your body so much pleasure that it hurts. His cock was almost too big for you, stretching you to accommodate him. But it only made you want him even more. The slight pain was addictive. He was addictive and you wanted more. Much more. His hips never faltered in his fast movements, deep thrusts that touched your cervix. It felt so damned good.
You could feel your climax approaching, but you knew better than to cum without Shouto’s permission. Hoping that he was not wanting a long session because it was geting harder and harder to hold back. Especially with his thrusts causing your inner muscles to clench and unclench on him. But then he said something that made you want to whine in defeat. 
“Don’t you dare cum until you say you can.”
You wanted to curse him. You hated when he controlled your orgasms! That was more torture than the overstim. You dug your nails into his forearms, knowing that he liked it, but it was revenge for the denial.
Shouto leaned down and caught your lips in another wild, passionate kiss as he let out a lustful grunt. You immediately felt warmth fill your womb and knew that he had just had his second release. “How does it feel, Baby? To have my cum so deep inside.” He stilled his hips momentarily, savoring the feeling before he began to pick up speed again. “Let’s go for another one, Snowflake.” 
The slickness of our combined juices made it easier for him to slip in and out of me as he pounded me into the mattress. Your inner muscle quivered as he pulled himself out before slamming back in. His mouth, hot from his quirk, captured your nipple between his teeth and swirled his tongue around the hardened nub. His fingers, cold to the touch, rubbed at your clit..
You opened your mouth in a lustful cry as you tried hard to hold off on cumming until Shouto said you could. It was just so damn hard. But those intense eyes were locked on yours, daring you to defile him. So, you squeezed down on him to try and coax another one out of him, so that he will allow you to have one. 
Knowing him though since you had already had two from his tongue, you were not going to be allowed to have one until he had another one. You pushed your hips up to meet his repeatedly, silently hoping that he would get his third one soon. But you know of his stamina. Shouto could go for hours if he wanted to. You really felt like crying this time when you felt the burn of salt sting at your eyes. This pleasurably torture was almost inbarable, but you could withstand it. 
You actually craved it. 
He moved your legs from their position against his shoulders and pushed them back until your knees were against your chest. Shouto pulled out only to slide back in just as rough. You knew that he could feel your throbbing pussy clenching down on him, trying to milk him of all he has to offer. you nearly disobeyed his direct order when his leaned down and grazed his teeth over your shoulder before sucking on the spot where it met with your neck as he squeezed that sensitive little bundle of nerves. 
“Do you want to cum, Baby?” At your nod, he chuckled, the vibrations tingling your skin. “Well, that’s too bad. You’ll only cum when I say so.” He leaned back down and took your nipple back into his mouth this time without his quirk, while his hand fondled the other with those icy fingers. 
“Fuck...” you heard him curse, your legs beginning to tremble as he grabbed your hips as his thrusts became erract. You clamped down on him once more and ground into his pelvis insistantly. “Snowflake...” he tilted his head back and moaned, sweaty strands of his long hair sticking to his forehead. “You ready for the second load? Beg me for it. Beg for me to fill you with my hot seed.” He pumped his thick length in and out, slowing his pace to a maddening level.
You tried to buck your hips to urge him into a faster speed, but he locked your legs in place, pushing them further into your chest. “Master, please!” you yelled, forcing out a few tears for good measure. you wanted it. you wanted him to fill me again even if you were not allowed to cum yet. you wanted to make him feel good. “I want it. Give it to me, please.” you cried out when he gave a particularly harsh thrust, locking his hips in place. 
You gave another loud lusty mewl as his hot cum filled me again for the second time. your vision was starting to get blurry from the passion that Shouto was giving me. “Please, Master, can I cum now?” The pain in your lower parts was so intense now, the constant throbbing of your clit was in tune with your own racing heart.
Shouto gazed down at you, his hair falling over his shoulders as he tilted his head. A soft, slow smile tilted at his lips. He pulled out, much to your disappointment, but took hold of your still quivering hips. You were then placed on your hands and knees again. You could feel Shouto rubbing the head of his cock teasingly at your hole.
“You’ve been so good to listen to me. I suppose you should.” you cried out in pleasure when he slid back inside with a slow, deep thrust. This position allowed him the deepest penetration and you loved it. You loved feeling him pressed so tightly against your cervix. “You may cum when you do, Baby.”
You whined. This was his fourth wind. It could take as long as twenty minutes before he came again. Your body was shaking with anticipation of release and your clit was burning. You wanted to scream and shout at him for being so commanding, but another hard thrust had me choking on your saliva.
“F-Fucking shit...” you cried out, your voice starting to go hoarse from your screams. “Please, Master..” you needed to cum so badly you were going to go insane. You did not know how much longer you could hold out. The slow, intense drag of his cock felt so damn good that it made actual tears stream down your face, not your forced ones. You opened your mouth as your tongue fell out and your eyes rolled upwards.
“Does it feel good, Baby?” He groaned. “Having my cock so deep inside you?” His hips snapped forward in another hard, deep thrust. Shouto then moved one of his hands from around your waist, sliding down to squeeze and flick at your clit. The feeling of his fingers without his quirk felt just as good as it did with it. “How badly do you want to cum?” 
His squeezing intensified, causing you to throw your head back, your ears swiveling back to lay flat against your head and your tail swishing around wildly. You were a panting mess under him. Every nerve in your body was heightened and sensitive to the touch. “Tell me, Snowflake.” He ran a heated finger down your spine as he leaned down and nipped at your ear.
“Fuck, it feel so good, Shou.” you moaned out. “I want to cum so fucking badly that  I’m going insane!”
Shouto bit down on your ear. “Cum, my love. Cum for me.” He gave one last slow, deep thrust and held it. The tip of his cock was pressed so tightly against you that you lost the strength in your arms as you came so hard that stars danced in your vision. The hot liquid dripped down your thighs as you felt Shouto’s third load fill you. He had wrapped an arm around you to keep you in place as he gave a few gentle thrusts. “I love you, baby. I love you so much.”
you smiled lazily as you turned your head to look back at him. “I know Shou, you called me your love in the middle of it all.” you whinced a little when he pulled out as you were still very tender.
“And you broke character by calling me “Shou”.” He said matter-of-factly, squeezing me against his body. “But I didn't hurt you, did I?” Shouto asked as he pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. 
“Shou, I could have said the safe word at any time.” you reached up and flicked his nose. Laughing slightly, you snuggled against him, a soft purr like sound rumbling in your throat. Todoroki Shouto was actually your boyfriend. You were so happy when Shouto had come to rescue you from that nasty black market. 
You were sure he was frantic when he learned that you had been kidnapped by Shigarki due to your quirk. Speaking of that auction. “You never did tell me how much you had to pay to free me or why you basically molested your girlfriend in the limo ride home.”
He looked down at me with those beautiful grey and blue eyes of his and a smile spread over his lips. “I didn’t pay a thing for what’s mine, but my father paid fourty million to have you back safely. And you did not molest you. I was just so happy to have you back safely that I had to touch you. Plus the limo ride was being monitored by the commity of the underground.” He pouted as he reached out and rubbed one of your ears softly. “You played along anyway, Snowflake.”
Another lusty moan left your throat as Shouto played with your ear. “Shou... stop messing with my ears. You know how sensitive they are. But fourty million?”
Shouto shrugged his shoulders. “I told Shigaraki that he could charge whatever price he wanted. I was not letting anyone else have you.” He looked down at me and you could see the possessiveness in his gaze. “You are mine. My rare gem.”
You smiled as you leaned up to press your lips against his in a sweet, passionate kiss. “Only yours.”
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seo--changbin · 23 days
"Hyung Will Teach You"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: Bang Chan x Fem!Reader x I.N
GENRE: Mature (Smut +18)
CONTAINS: established relationship (Chan and Reader), use of foul language, jeongin addresses Y/n as noona, brief implication of aftercare at the end.
SMUT WARNINGS: dom!Chan, sub!reader, switch!Jeongin, inexperienced/virgin!jeongin, established relationship, virginity taking, cuckolding, humiliation, guided sex, overstimulation, masturbation, fingering and oral (f. receiving), slight objectification (reader gets referred to as a toy), praise, piv, creampie, just Bang Chan teaching Jeongin how to pleasure a woman while he watches
WORD COUNT: 4,529k words
A/n: this was meant to be released for my kinktober series but since i didn't get to post it, I'll just post it outside of the series. It just so happens that this was also the top pick on the poll that I had on the other day. So what you ask is what you receive. Enjoy, ya filthies!
It feels weird to be under a man's body, even more so now that you lay naked beneath him— but not that it's your first time. Either way, this is still something you consider a foreign experience, but this said man above you is no stranger.
Jeongin is one of your boyfriend's bandmates and friends, and you've gotten to know him over the course of your relationship with Chan. He's the youngest one in the group, their little baby bread as they call him, and if you were honest, he is adorable— his youthful appearance with his cheerful smile was enough to make you gush. But right now, he's far from being his usual adorable self. His once bright eyes that you've grown familiar with are replaced with a lustful gaze, a dark aura surrounding him like a veil making him almost unrecognizable. This was a whole new side of him that you'd never seen before, something far more intense compared to his stage presence when performing.
"Isn't she pretty, Innie?" You hear your boyfriend say as he stays seated on the chair directly in front of the bed, giving him a full view of what was about to happen. "Really, really pretty, hyung," Jeongin practically breathes out as he moves his hand to grab your boob, the cold rings on his fingers against your warm skin making you shiver. You see him hesitate a bit at first, but he quickly pushes it back down. He's always wanted you just like this, to have you as his own, to just touch you, feel you, or even love you. But because he respects you and your relationship with Chan, and he values his friendship with him, he chooses not to act on it. He's no homewrecker after all.
But a simple crush on your hyung's girlfriend won't hurt, right?
Nope, not at all. Chan even thought that it was adorable seeing his little maknae blush whenever you're around. He caught on to Jeongin's little crush on you fairly quickly, because who wouldn't? He doesn't miss how his ears would turn to beat red whenever you would sit beside him during movie night, or how Jeongin would blush whenever you give his hair a little ruffle right before you leave the dorms, his fox-like eyes turning into little crescents as he smiles.
Chan has no problem with Jeongin harboring feelings toward you. because who wouldn't? You're beautiful, sexy, smart; a whole package. So when he realizes that the younger man likes you, he decided that he can use it to his own advantage— to fulfill one of his dirtiest desires.
"You'd do anything for me, right baby?" Chan finds himself asking you the other day while he fucks you from behind, your back flush against his back while he looks at you through the mirror in front of you, never breaking eye contact. Of course, you nod right away, eager to please him as always. "Yeah? You would? Hm?" All you could do was moan out a 'yes', way too lost in the pleasure his cock gives you. "What if I let one of my mates fuck you while I watch, hm? Would you like that, baby?"
You? Getting fucked by another man? While he watches?
Chan doesn't miss the way how you deliciously clench around him at the thought, making him chuckle. "I knew my little slut would love to have another man fuck her. Because my cock isn't enough, isn't that right, sweetheart? Always needing more to fill that needy hole of yours?"
He really does have a way with his words, like a fucking charmer, that was what he was. So it was no surprise that Chan got you on board with it so quickly. And Jeongin? To say that he agreed almost immediately the moment Chan told him about his idea and that he's allowed to touch you in the unholiest of ways is an understatement.
And that's how you ended up in this position, laying on an expensive hotel bed while Jeongin takes his precious time fondling your tits. "She feels so... soft," you hear him mutter, making Chan chuckle fondly. "She is, isn't she? I could never get tired of touching her," he sighs as he stands up and sits by the edge of the bed. "I don't know where to start," says the youngest, looking back to ask for help from Chan. "That's okay, Hyung will teach you and Y/n is more than glad to help," Chan replies, briefly flashing you a smile. "Isn't that right, angel?" You nod your head in reply, flushing when Jeongin looks back at you with the same lustful gaze.
"Good girl," Chan praises, reaching over to cup your face. "Now," he suddenly says, moving to stand beside the bed. "Do you know what you're here for, angel?" Your boyfriend asks you, his voice gentle as always, a massive contrast to what is going on right now. "T-to help Jeongin?" you squeak out, shivering a bit when Jeongin's thumb brushes against your nipple. "That's right, baby. All you have to do is just lay there and be a good little toy for Jeongin, yeah? He's gonna use you for a bit, so make sure you put on a good show for me too." With that, Chan retreats back to the chair, and for a moment, you start to miss his warmth beside you, but you push your feelings aside. Right now, your job is to be a good girl and let their youngest use you just as he pleases.
You quietly gulp as you focus your eyes back on Jeongin, only to see him smiling fondly at you. "Don't worry, noona," he breathes out, "I'll take good care of you." He tells you that as he rubs comforting circles on the skin of your hip. From the corner of your eye, you see Chan get comfortable on the chair, spreading his legs only to emphasize his growing boner. "Finger her first," he says as he palms himself through his jeans. "She likes getting prepped up before she takes my cock. It would be great if you manage to make her cum too." With that, Jeongin wastes no time adjusting himself so that he could spread your legs even further just to see your wet cunt glistening against the lights of the room. The sight of you laying naked beneath him with your legs spread, exposing your pussy to him made him feel like he was a high schooler again watching his first-ever porn video. He's that hard, cock twitching just from the slightest friction that he gets from his clothing whenever he shifts in his spot.
His long, slender fingers make their way through your folds, experimentally gathering your wetness and prodding against your hole. You feel warm under his touch, fingers easily gliding against your cunt as he familiarizes himself, besides, this is the first time he could touch a woman like this. Becoming an idol at such an early age has its cons, and one of them is not being able to date just like kids his age. He was too busy juggling training and school to even entertain even some kind of fling, and now that he's an idol, he's either too busy or too tired. In short, he's a virgin, with no experience whatsoever. Heck, he doesn't even have a first kiss yet. Every knowledge he has right now is either through experiences his friends have or through the porn he's watched over the years.
He doesn't know how Chan does it, being in a relationship while being an idol, but one thing is for sure— he's one lucky guy to have a hot girlfriend like you.
With a shaky breath, Jeongin manages to slip his finger inside, and he nearly shivers at how warm you feel around him. It was unlike what he had imagined it would be, your warm velvety walls wrapping around his digit. "So fucking wet," he can't help but grunt out while he feels he feels you, exploring the inside of your cunt. "Use two fingers, Jeongin. She likes being stretched out like that," Chan says nonchalantly, making Jeongin look back at him with concern lacing his features, "But what if I hurt her—"
"She can take it, it's just two fingers after all. She's had more." His voice was clear and firm, oozing with absolute authority that made Jeongin not question him any further. That's just how Chan was, his natural dominance making everything easily fall under his control. So, the youngest does what he was told, pushing in a second finger inside your cunt making you moan at the sudden stretch, your hole fluttering around Jeongin's fingers, and it nearly startles him. He doesn't know if you were moaning out in pain or in pleasure, so he looks at you, slightly panicked. You almost coo at Jeongin's worried gaze, heart absolutely touched that he's not too horny enough to not look after you, so you flash him a reassuring smile, and in return, you see how he visibly relaxes as he now focuses on fingering you.
You savor the pleasure Jeongin's inexperienced hands give you. Sure, he's not good at fingering you yet, but the length of his fingers surely makes up for it. He's reaching certain depts not even you nor your boyfriend can reach, and you absolutely love it, but it wasn't enough and you needed more. Chan senses your dissatisfaction judging by the way you sound and wriggle beneath the younger man, a skill he's mastered over the course of your sex life. "Try curling your fingers upward, Innie." He says, shifting on his spot as he adjusts his own length beneath his clothing, his jeans feeling a bit too tight now.
Jeongin briefly looks back at Chan, giving him a curt nod before looking back at you, experimentally curling and wiggling his fingers upwards, just like what he was told until he sees you jolt with the sudden burst of pleasure that shoots throughout your body when he manages to graze over your sweet spot. "There!" You blurt out, unconsciously clenching around the youngest's fingers. "Here?" Jeongin asks, a bit unsure as he grazes the same spot again, the action making you gasp. "Fuck— yes, right there. Keep fingering me like that," you babble out, shifting your hips to chase the pleasure his fingers bring.
"Good job, Jeongin. You found it," He doesn't know why, but his cock stirs at the sound of Chan's praise, which also gives him a profound sense of confidence. "Stay still, noona," he says, his free hand moving to keep your hips still when he finally drills his fingers faster into you, solely focusing on the spot that makes your toes curl and your eyes roll to the back of your head. "Feels good, baby?" You hear your boyfriend ask you, so you nod, not trusting your voice at the moment. You don't wanna hear how pathetic you feel for falling apart so easily under the touch of another man. "Speak up, Y/n. You know how to speak, do you? Tell Jeongin how good he's making you feel." You whine at his words, your embarrassment showing through the blush that spreads through your cheeks as you open your eyes to look at the younger man on top of you. "F-feels good," you mumble out, "Your fingers feel so good, Innie— ah! T-thank you."
"Good girl." You hear your boyfriend praise you, making you clench around the younger man's fingers. "You still feel so tight around me," Jeongin all but groans out, pulling his fingers out to rub circles on your clit, making you moan out loud, your hands grip the sheets below you. "Can she take in 3 fingers, hyung?" Jeongin asks, craning his neck to look back at him. "Hmm, what do you think? Do you think you can stretch that cunt out?" Chan's words sounded like a challenge that he absolutely wants to take on. "I think she can," he responds confidently before turning to look at you. "You can, right? For me?" All you could do was helplessly nod, wiggling your hips. "Words, Y/n."
You didn't know why but hearing Jeongin drop all of the formalities toward you sounded so hot, especially when he was starting to sound confident. You swallow the drool that was threatening to leave your lips before muttering a quiet 'yes' with a curt nod of your head. Moments later, you feel a third finger squeezing through your walls, making you hiss at the stretch it gives, your cunt fluttering around Jeongin's digits. "Holy shit," he says almost breathlessly. "I know right?" You hear Chan say in agreement with an amused tone. "I've been fucking that pussy for ages now and I still can't believe how much that tiny slutty hole of hers can take."
You clench at his words, already feeling the familiar knot forming in your stomach. You never thought that being in this kind of setup would turn you on that much, you never even thought that this would work out so well. Having two pairs of eyes on you, watching you in your most vulnerable state, fingers that don't belong to your boyfriend stretching out your cunt— everything was new to you, but boy were you glad to try this out.
"G-gonna cum," you whine out weakly, clenching the sheets below you when Jeongin brushes his thumb against your sensitive bundle of nerves. "Oh fu-ck— Please, I wanna cum! Can I? Can I, please?" Your eyes find Chan's as you pleaded for your release, giving him the best puppy eyes that you could muster in hopes that he'll allow it. "That's not up to me to decide, I'm just a spectator after all," he replies nonchalantly with a shrug, hand visible squeezing the outline of his cock, before shifting his gaze to Jeongin's figure. "You're Jeongin's toy for tonight, don't you remember? What he says, goes."
You whine at that, tears of frustration now building up in your eyes as you look at the younger man fingering you. "P-please, Innie. Let me cum," you beg as you look at him, lips trembling as you suppress a sob, hoping that he's not mean enough to rob you of your orgasm. But Jeongin only smiles, albeit small, as he wipes away a tear that falls from the inner corner of your eyes before pulling his fingers away from your aching pussy, only to adjust himself to lay in between your legs. "You can't cum yet, noona. I wanna taste you first."
His large hands grip the flesh of your thighs, further spreading your legs open while his eyes stay glued to your cunt, your wetness smeared all over it. Jeongin swears he can feel his mouth water at the sight, his heart practically beating against his chest. Your cheeks heat up at the close proximity between your pussy and his face, and for a while, you felt glad that you decided to get waxed a few days before, ensuring that you were completely bare and ready.
"Make sure you lick all over that cunt, Jeongin. Get her wet and sloppy," your boyfriend says, his cock already out and leaking. "Make sure you suck on that clit too, she always makes the prettiest noises when I do that." Chan then moves from the chair to the bed, sitting at the edge to get a proper view of Jeongin eating you out. The youngest briefly looks at him before focusing back on you, his tongue darting out to finally taste you. He drags the muscle from your clit, through your folds, then to your hole, gathering the wetness on his tastebuds. "Fuck, why do you taste so good?" Jeongin groans out before resuming his ministrations, lapping at your cunt like a starved man, making Chan chuckle. "See? Didn't I tell you she's got a good pussy?" Your boyfriend says, his hand gripping the base of his own cock. "Now try sucking on her clit."
Jeongin does as follows, wrapping his pretty lips around your sensitive bundle of nerves. The moment you feel him suckling against you, you choke out a gasp, your back arching off the bed as your hands fly up to clutch at his hair. "Fuck!" you moan out, your toes curling in pleasure as you look at your boyfriend, whining out his name, but he doesn't pay you any attention. "Yeah, that's it. You'll make her cum if you keep on doing that," Chan says, too busy watching the youngest member of his group lap at his girlfriend's pussy.
He releases your clit with a pop just before he uses his tongue to circle around it before trailing it through your folds, basically toying with your slit to savor your taste. "I just wanna eat this pussy out forever," he says before trailing his lips against your inner thighs, laying feather-like kisses on your skin. "This pussy feels even better around cock, you wanna try it?" Your boyfriend says, using his own fingers to drag against your folds, the familiar sensation making you whine and grind against his digits. He still wasn't paying attention to you, too focused on talking with the younger man, and all he does was firmly pin your hips against the mattress, a silent message that tells you to stop moving.
"Fuck," Jeongin only curses at the idea of finally getting to fuck you, "shit, yeah, I wanna fuck her."
It doesn't take long for him to shimmy out of his clothing, lowering his sweats down to his ankles along with his underwear, and discard it somewhere in the room. His shirt follows soon after, leaving him in his naked glory. His cock lays heavily between his legs and his abs look firm and taut. And his shoulders? It was always difficult to see Jeongin as a man because he's the youngest of all the members, and sometimes you tend to forget that he's already 22, not the same 17-year-old you first met with braces and all that. His shoulders were broad and his arms are well defined, obviously the result of going to the gym with his hyungs.
God, he's just so hot.
You watch as his long, veiny hands grip his cock that was already hard with precum beading at the flushed tip. "Go on, fuck her already," your boyfriend only coaxes, holding your legs open for him.
Jeongin shudders the moment his cock comes in contact with your pussy, practically grinding himself against your wetness, coating his length with slick. He felt as if he could cum just like this, but that's someone he wants to put off till later. He has to fuck you first.
"Wanna feel you around me, noona," he breathes out, using his cock to tease your clit just like what he sees in the porn he watches, and Jeongin just couldn't help but moan at how pornographic everything looks like— you under him, legs spread wide with your puffy cunt in display, and to make things even more arousing is that he gets to fuck you in front of your boyfriend.
Jeongin takes over in spreading your legs, his hands taking over Chan's before guiding his cock against your hole. His lower lip is caught between his teeth as he slowly pushes in, head thrown back in pleasure the moment he feels your walls wrap around his cock until he's buried up until the hilt, making the two of your moan in unison. He feels way different than Chan, even though your boyfriend was a bit thicker in width, Jeongin was a bit on the longer side, making you feel like he's deep within your guts.
"How does my toy feel around you, Innie?" Chan can't help but ask, admiring both of your blissed-out states. "Fucking perfect, hyung. Fucking hell." Jeongin replies almost immediately, gripping your thighs for dear life. You can feel his length twitching inside of you, that action alone making you clench around him, making him his. "God, stop clenching around me, please," Jeongin whines out, "I don't wanna cum yet. You feel so fucking good."
"Feels better than fucking your fist, right?" The sound of your boyfriend's voice makes you search for him, only to find him back on the chair, now stroking his own length, using his own spit as lube. "Way fucking better— ah, shit!"
With just a few experimental thrusts, Jeongin felt like he was gonna melt with how good you feel around him and you watch as how his chest rises and falls as he controls himself. He first started off slow, savoring the pleasure of your velvety walls around his cock before adapting a faster pace, making you grunt and whine. You so desperately want to tell him to angle his hips a bit or to at least put a pillow behind your back just for him to graze your sweet spot, but you stayed silent, letting use you just the way your boyfriend intended.
"Try thrusting deeper instead of faster, Innie. Angle your hips a bit," Chan says as if he's read your mind. "You can't just fuck and cum and call it fucking. Our toy needs to feel good too."
"Okay, okay— shit— okay," Jeongin says as he stills, catching his breath before adjusting himself, thrusting a bit differently now. "H-how will I know that I'm making noona feel good?"
"Remember to always look at her face and listen to the sounds she makes, that's how you'll know."
It took a while for him to get a hang of it, following Chan's words which helped him become more attentive towards you. He watches you intently, looking for any discomfort or pleasure, making sure to listen to all of the sounds you make. It didn't take long before he finds that spot that made you gasp and clench, eyes going wide as you grasp at the sheets.
"There you go," Chan says, "looks like you've found it."
With your boyfriend's approval, he did his best to hit the same spot over and over again until you turn into putty. "You can go faster and a bit rough now, Innie. Just don't forget to keep fucking her spot and rub her clit."
To say you became a moaning mess was an understatement. Jeongin was quick to learn and become familiar with your cunt, so it was long before you have tears spilling from your eyes while Jeongin fucks you with reckless abandon. You watch how he hungrily eyes your tits before taking a nipple into his mouth, wrapping his lips around the bud before groping the other, all the while he plays with your swollen clit. "Fuck, Innie— fuck!" You cry out, your nails scratching his back while your legs wrap around his waist, locking him in so that he can fuck into you deeper.
"Holy shit, look at you," Chan grunts out, fucking his fist at the same pace Jeongin fucks you with, "fucking my girl so well." He pushes himself off the chair and walks towards the bed, teasing the head of his pulsing cock as he watches you get fucked. "She feels so fucking good, hyung. I feel like I'm gonna cum," Jeongin whimpers out the moment he releases your nipple from his mouth, his arms now caging you below him as he continues to fuck you.
"You need to make her cum first, Innie," Chan coos out as he pushes the hair out of Jeongin's face almost lovingly as if he wasn't in the middle of fucking your brains out. "You can't cum first before the woman." The youngest whines at that, his legs almost shaking with how close he already is, but he chooses to hold it in a bit longer. Chan was right, if he wants to learn how to fuck, he needs to also learn how to not cum early. So he pauses for a bit only to let a dribble of spit fall into your cunt, his tongue lolling out to get every last bit of his saliva out before fucking you again, bending your legs, almost pressing it against your chest to fuck you harder and deeper while his thumb attaches to your clit.
"Oh my god, fuck! Jeongin!" You moan out, mouth hanging from the pleasure as you clench around him, the familiar knot in your stomach forming. "Look at you, baby," your boyfriend finally talks to you, making you look at him with hazy eyes. "You're about to cum around someone else's cock, love. Aren't you?" You wrap your lips around Chan's thumb that moment you feel him graze your lower lip, moaning in relief the moment you taste the familiar saltiness of his precum. You only nod dumbly, eyelids getting heavy. You're so so close, and Jeongin feels like he's about to combust with how you're clenching around him.
"Cum for me, noona. Please, please, please. I wanna feel you cum around me," he practically begs, his fucked out expression and labored breaths bringing you closer to the edge.
You cum with a silent scream, white blinding your vision as you convulse and arch your back, which only gave Jeongin the green light to finally, finally, cum. He moans against your ear, his body tensing up as he nears his release. All it took was a few more thrusts before he cums with a shout, his fingers digging into your hips as he spills deeps inside of you, filling you to the brim. Your boyfriend follows soon after, jerking off his cock until he comes with a groan, painting your chest and face before finishing the rest of the way inside of your mouth.
It took Jeongin all of his strength to pull after you soon after, poor cock spent and oversensitive to the point where pulling out felt like it was enough to make him pee, but the sight of his cum oozing out of your gaping hole makes up for it. Chan was quick to push it in though, his fingers stuffing it back up, making you twitch.
"Have you learned enough today, Jeongin?" Chan asks him, his cock now tucked back into his jeans, giving you loving pets on your hair before planting a kiss on your forehead. He'll definitely spoil you tomorrow and take you out shopping.
Chan chuckles when Jeongin answers him with a muffled yes, his head buried into the pillows as he lays beside you, obviously tired and spent from losing his virginity for the first time. "Good," your boyfriend simply says, now turning to check up on him. He wipes the two of you clean soon after before running a warm bath, something to help soothe your tired muscles.
The aftercare was equally amazing with Chan letting Jeongin and you cuddle up with him, now wearing comfortable sleepwear. But just as Jeongin was about to sleep, he doesn't miss what Chan had whispered into his ear.
"You need more practice. I'm sure Y/n will be more than glad to help you with that."
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kalilassecretplace · 5 months
Hi hi!! Im here to submit a tighnari x reader idea! I think taking care of a drunk flirty tighnari would be cute if you’re up for that?
Drunk loverman
Tumblr media
Drunk!Tighnari x female!reader
Fluff, sfw
cw: Cursing, Tighnari being Tighnari the way I see him, alcohol obviously
n/a: This is so cute stooop the way I dropped my homework to write this instead LMAO, I honestly never got drunk or was with drunk people lol, don't ask me how, so it was a lot of research, I hope I made it good lol, I apologise in advance if there's any mistakes, I'm dyslexic and English is not my first language :>
Tumblr media
*How did I got there?* the question keep repeating itself in the hybrid's head, and he would try to ask himself harder everytime anyone would violently bump into him. But then seeing her from far away, laughing and talking to the other forest rangers, he remembered the answer. He agreed to come only to see her. The party was a commun idea from all the rangers, and she agreed without hesitation. He would have said no, because he knew very well that water wasn't going to be the main drink of the night, and he knew much more how loud drunk people were, and his ears weren't willing to handle this. But how could he ever says no after he saw how thrilled she looked at the idea?
And that's how he ended up here, in a room full of noisy rangers, who pulled out their best bottles of wine and all sorts of alcohol for the occasion. He wasn't planning on drinking a single drop. First because being drunk was the last of his desire, and second because he didn't trust any of those peoples without someone watching over them. He was sitting on a sofa, in a corner of the room, his expression twisted in inconfort. But then he finally was able to put his eyes on her again, happily chatting with Collei, the both of them being one of the few who weren't drinking as well. As he got up to try and join them, as much as he knew he would regret it for the noise after, he got held back by two of his colleagues, grinning like two kids planning something.
"Hey Tighnari! You HAVE to check this thing out, i' is sO good!" the first one said, with a little hiccup.
"No, thank you Amir. I don't plan on-" he got cut off by the loudest scream ever, his eyes and ears aggressively twitching, before he grabbed the cup from the others hand and downed it in one shot. The other two rangers hyped him up, shocked at the fact he did actually drank it. Then, grumbling "fuck that, I am not doing this sober anymore", he went over to the drinks and impulsively downed a few others.
On y/n side, she was enjoying her evening in a peaceful way. But she spent a good amount of her time looking for Tighnari, even if it has only been a little while since it started, she wondered if he actually came at all. Collei went over and chatted with her for a bit, however, as much as she loved the apprentice, she couldn't really focus on anything else than finding her fox friend in the crowd. He said he was coming, didn't he? She was kind of disappointed for a split second, but her train of thoughts was cut short, as she heard the voice she was looking forward to hear, but not with the tone of voice she was expecting.
"Well hello there, beautiful." he said, looking straight into her eyes, coming from behind her.
"Tighnari?! You're here!" she happily underlined, "You're drunk?!" she panicked, the realisation of his state hitting her. Out of everyone, he was the last one she expected to see drunk tonight.
"What's with the big eyes?" he whispered inches from her face, as he gently put as strand of her hair behind her ear.
She was slowly decomposing inside, in complete denial that anything that was happening was real right now. He was holding onto her shoulder for balance, and his cheeks were pinkish. It was too much to handle for the poor Collei on the side, who cleared her throat loudly enough for the pair to turn to her. She declared she would be "leaving the two of you to it", and no matter what she said, Collei wasn't turning back, nor was she slowing down, literally running away from them. As she was confused what to do, he quickly took the opportunity to even do something away from her.
"Why are you always so mesmerising to look at?" the fennec boy said, and you snapped your head back in front of you.
"A-Alright", she put her hand on his shoulder and put distance between the two of them, let's bring you back, you're not you right now-
"Noooo", he whined letting himself slightly fall on her, wrapping his arms around her body messily, "I wanna stay with you.. All this other idiots are horribly noisy and annoying tonight! So reckless and unescessary loud, I would have never showed up if it wasn't for you, you can't leave me like this!" he protested with his head resting on her shoulder.
It caused her face to burn even more than it already was. She lightly patted his back, as out of character as this whole thing was, he still managed to be him.
"I'm staying with you, but not here." she almost pleaded, feeling some people's eyes on her, gosh she won't be able to face anyone after that.
She noticed his tail wagging after her proposition, and he pulled himself back up, stumbling. You put your arm under his shoulders, and he gladly took the opportunity to lean on you, while the two of you slowly walked out of the room. The first minutes of the way were filled by Tighnari's giggles, as he complimented everything he could about you. From you shining eyes, to the way you would brighten up any places you would enter in. He would also sometimes proceed to sarcastically criticise whoever he was thinking of, and he reeked of alcohol. She didn't want to take anything he said about her at heart, because she knew he was under the influence of the drinks, and now was not the time anyway. Though she couldn't help but wish everything he said were his actual thoughts about her.
After finally reaching his house, you helped him on his bed, it felt like he would fell straight to the ground without help to balance.
"Stay with me a bit longer, y/n, please." he looked at you with a pout on his face.
You tried and keep your face as neutral as possible, putting the blanket over him. You started thinking of what you were supposed to do in case you have to take care of a drunk person. First, you knew he needed to drink water.
"I'm not leaving until I did everything I can to assure you're in the best conditions for tonight, don't worry." you smiled gently at him, thankful for the dark of the room that was making you blush practically invisible. You went in the kitchen to fill him a glass of water, and then sat down on the bed next to him. As you helped him sitting back up, holding his back, you couldn't contain a little laugh, the tables had turned. He would usually be the one taking care of people this way, if you remembered right, it was your first time taking care of him. He didn't let go of your fingers after, keeping them like they were the most precious thing on earth. Then, she told herself talking to him was probably a good idea, maybe that'll help him falk asleep.
"So, why did you even got drunk for?" she scoffed, finally letting out the question she had a the tip of her tongue.
"Ugh", he complained, "I hated it there. I don' know, I acted recklessly, that was so stupid of me, damn it."
"Oh come on, it's okay-
- But I'm not the stupidest here, you are! So oblivious to my flirting, I'm pretty sure the whole entirety of Gandharva Ville knows but no, you don't notice!"
She stayed completely frozen, her mouth half open. Well, he sure was even more honest than usual, as hard as it is to believe. She pretended she didn't hear anything, clearing out her throat, but he was still playing with her fingers, looking into her eyes. Before he could say anything more, she puts her other hand on his mouth.
"We'll talk about it all tomorrow, okay? I promise." she nervously said.
"Not like any of us can escape the conversation now!" he spat out, slightly laughing. "But... I really mean it. Everything about you!!" He abruptly stand back up.
She softly push him back down on the bed, shushing him. Then, she told him it would be best if he tried to sleep now.
"You-" he started.
"Yes," she breathed, "I'm staying, I promise."
He smiled before he started complaining about the beginning of a headache, expected, she said. As he went on talking about literally everything that came into his mind with zero filter, they spent their evening together, him holding her hand, while she was sat on the ground beside the bed, her hand and arm residing on it. And as they both fell asleep, while one was already forgetting half of the events, the other had them still very clearly in mind.
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callsign-fox · 11 months
You Look Good - Rooster
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw x Fem!Mitchell (Pilot - Call Sign: Fox)
Prompt: You attend a Gala for the Navy where you run into an old friend.
Words: 1.7k // No Warnings 
Thank you @mrsroosterbradshaw02​ & @fanficgirl429​ for reading it over for me!! 
I really enjoyed writing this one so if it does well, I plan on doing multiple parts! Be sure to let me know what you think! Enjoy xoxo
Lively music filled the grand ballroom as I sat beside my uncle picking at my food. I glanced around the room looking for familiar faces as he conversed with another Commander to his left.
I placed my fork on the table in front of me after taking a few bites of my meal. The food was always sub par at these events, but the alcohol was very much desirable.
I stood up, excusing myself as I walked over to the bar. My hand instinctively straightened out my navy satin dress before speaking to the bartender.
“Champagne, please.”
He nodded and handed me a flute. I quickly brushed a piece of hair that had fallen on my face behind my ear, and thanked him.
“You clean up nicely,” a male voice said from behind me.
I turned around to see Bradley Bradshaw, the boy I had grown up with. He looked exactly the same minus the addition of a new mustache. He was also taller, and broader. In fact, he wasn’t a boy at all. I realized as he stood in front of me with a black tux on, that he was indeed a man.
I smiled, “You don’t look half bad yourself.”
He stepped forward and placed his empty beer bottle on the bar. “What are the chances I'd run into you here. How long has it been?”
“Almost six years. I think the last time I saw you I ran into you at the academy. You were smaller then.”
He laughed, “Yeah, I’ve been beefing up a bit. Have to stay fit in the Navy.”
I nodded before taking a sip of my champagne, “Well, you look good.”
“Hey, Fox,” Another man appeared beside us, a bright smile on his face, “Congratulations on graduating top of your class. Your family must be so proud!”
He held his drink up to me and I took another sip of champagne, “Thank you, I appreciate that.”
The man left as quickly as he came and I turned back to Bradley.
“You graduated top of your class?” He asked, and I nodded. “Your dad must be so proud. Wasn’t he top of his class?”
“No, he was 2nd in his class. It turns out I’m the better pilot.”
We both laughed and I couldn’t help but admire how handsome he had become. He stared at me for a moment, and I felt my heart beat a little bit faster.
He quickly looked away, but before he did I could have sworn I saw him blush.
After a brief moment of silence he finally looked at me again, “I’d like to catch up more. It’s been too long. Come and have a drink with me on the terrace?”
“I’d like that.”
Bradley and I couldn’t control our laughter as he reminded me of the time he stole one of my dad's old mustangs and took us on a joyride to get ice cream.
“I don’t think I’d ever seen him so angry,” He said, taking another sip of his beer.
“Oh, I’ve seen him angrier.”
He laughed, “When?”
I continued laughing, “When you got into that fight in high school! I was positive he was going to kill you. I remember crying and begging him not to!”
“Oh shit, I remember that.”
I shook my head, “He had to go down and beg them not to expel you!”
“It is possible he didn’t kill me because you were so upset, so thanks for that!”
“You’re welcome.” I leaned back in the chair and looked at my empty glass, “It seems I’m in need of another drink.”
Bradley pointed to the collection of bottles and empty champagne flutes on the table, “I think we drank all the alcohol.”
I looked over at the empty beer bottles on the table and a memory filled my mind.
It was a stormy night, and Bradley and my dad had been arguing for hours. They had both been drinking, which didn’t help. I tried to get a word in to try and diffuse the situation, but they both ignored me. They were so stubborn. I sat quietly on the couch minding my own business as they fought. After they were finally done screaming at each other, I remember Bradley packing his bag and leaving, forever.
“Y/N, are you okay?”
I was pulled from my thoughts to see Bradley leaning forward in front of me, his elbows resting on his knees.
“You never said goodbye that night.”
He sat up straight, his eyes boring deep into mine. “I know. I’m sorry.”
My vision became blurry as my eyes filled with tears. I took a deep breath and smiled.
“It’s okay, it’s nothing worth dwelling on now. I’m happy to see you, really.” I started, wiping the corners of my eyes carefully to not mess up my makeup, “Should we get another drink?”
He was still staring at me and I felt my cheeks grow warm.
Bradley smiled, “Will you dance with me?”
This time I stared at him. He held his hand out to me, not bothering to wait for an answer. I smiled and placed my hand in his and he guided me into the building and onto the dance floor.
He gently wrapped his arm around my waist, his finger brushing lightly over the bare skin of my back. My breath hitched at his touch, and he pulled me in closer.
I looked up at him and he was already staring down at me. “So, Fox,” he started.
I smiled at that.
“Is there anyone special in your life?“
The two of us moved side to side, dancing slowly to the music.
My arm slithered around his neck, and I pressed my free hand against his chest, “Not at the moment, no.”
He pulled me closer, “That’s good to know.”
I took my bottom lip between my teeth, “What about you Rooster, anyone special in your life?”
He smiled, “How do you know my call sign?”
“Ice told me.”
Bradley nodded, “Of course he did.”
“He misses you, so does Mav.” His eyes were still locked on mine and I continued talking, “I miss you too.”
His eyes flicked down to my lips and then back up again to my eyes, “No, there isn’t anyone special in my life.”
His lips were so close to mine, so plump, and beckoning me in. His nose brushed mine and I took a deep breath as his hand inched lower on my back.
“Do you want to get out of here?” He asked.
I didn’t hesitate, “Yes.”
He followed close behind me as I turned and headed toward the elevator that would bring us down to the lobby. I nodded and waved to people I knew as I walked by them, Bradley doing the same.
When we got to the elevator, I pressed the button and it immediately opened up to let us in.
Once the elevator doors shut, I turned to Bradley who was already beside me, and pulled him into me. We stumbled back as his lips crashed into mine, the taste of him warming my core. I was pinned between him and the elevator wall as his hand moved up my thigh and grabbed tight to my ass.
“This isn’t weird, is it?” He asked, his words shaky.
My heart raced and I took a quick breath, “Maybe a little, but I can get past it.”
He laughed and moved his hand to my cheek, as his lips moved in sync with mine.
A few seconds later the elevator buzzed indicating we arrived at the lobby. Bradley quickly took a step back as I straightened out my dress. The doors opened to a crowd of people saying their goodbyes to one another.
“I have a room at a hotel up the road, if you’re interested.”
I nodded and he grabbed my hand, moving us toward the exit.
I dropped Bradley’s hand and turned around to see my uncle in his fancy white tux.
“Hey, Ice.”
”Hey honey. Last I saw you, you went to get a drink, where have you been? And who’s your friend?” He asked, pointing at Bradley who still had his back to him.
Bradley turned around and nodded, “Hey.”
Ice looked back and forth between us, a surprised look on his face. “Bradley! It’s nice to see you, kid.”
Bradley and Ice shook hands.
“It’s been too long,” Bradley said, looking at me before turning back to Ice, “How’s Sarah?”
“She’s doing well. Uh-I didn’t know you two were talking again,” he gestured between the two of us.
I nodded, “Yeah, we just ran into each other tonight. It turns out we have some mutual friends that are having a fire on the beach so he was going to give me a ride.”
“Uh huh,” Ice mumbled, “So you don’t need a ride back to the house tonight?”
I shook my head, “No, I’ll sleep at my friend's place. I promise that I’ll be back before breakfast.”
He hesitated, “Okay, well, be careful. And Bradley, take care of her.”
Bradley nodded and I placed a kiss on Ice’s cheek, “I’ll see you tomorrow, promise.”
He nodded back at me before I turned and followed Bradley out of the hotel to his truck.
“Ice knows,” I said, walking in step beside him.
Bradley shook his head, “He does not know,” he followed me to the passenger side door of his truck, “No way he knows.”
I leaned against the door, “When I was still too little to fly, and dad took you, he would drop me off with Ice and Sarah. I know him a lot better than you do, he knows.”
Bradley leaned forward and placed one hand on the door beside my head, the other wrapped around my waist, “Okay, so he knows. We’re both responsible adults, we can do what we want with who we want.”
I laughed, “Uh huh.”
He stepped forward, closing the gap between us, “You’re not changing your mind, are you?”
My lips brushed his ever so slightly and I smiled, “Absolutely not.”
@mrsroosterbradshaw02​ @luckyladycreator2​ @dempy​ @fangirlofallthings22​
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sebsxphia · 6 months
seb my beloved!!! i hope youve had a good week ilysm!!
currently thinking about dilf jake and when his grey hair starts to come in. he’d be a little insecure about it first because he thinks he’s not old enough for grey hair but when he sees your reaction, he embraces it immediately. 😌😌
shelby my beloved!!!! thank you so much!!! it’s been busy, but okay!! i’m hope you’ve had a good week too?? ilysm!! <33
rubs hands together!! dilf jake and a lil bit of salt and pepper!! please!!
you can hear jake groan and curse quietly to himself in your en-suite. you’ve just put down your two year old for the night and you’re ready to slink into bed with your gorgeous husband.
you come into the bathroom and wrap your arms around his torso and peak out from behind his back. jake’s busying himself with his hands in his hair, parting it and moving it around to get a good look.
“you okay?” you ask, pressing a soft kiss to his back under his shoulder blade.
“i’ve got more and more grey hairs by the day.” he grumbles in defeat.
“what? come here.” you move from behind and turn him to face you. you run your hands through his hair and low and behold, you spot the collection of hairs on the side of his head, delicately resting above his ears.
jake grimaces at your focused gaze and raised eyebrows. “god, it’s a lot isn’t it?”
“and! i’m turning into my dad twenty years before him. we’ve only had the one kid honey. what if i’m fully grey by the time you’re pregnant with the second? i’m not the young blonde you met all those years ago.”
your heart swelled at the idea of a second kid with jake, but you focused on the matter at hand. although the thought of jake’s greying stubble in between your thighs made you feel dizzy with desire.
“and?” you repeated your same words from before absolutely dumbfounded that jake would doubt even for a second how attractive he is. “jake, you know i’ve already half heartedly joke about the whole ‘dilf’ thing but i mean it. you look fucking hot with the grey hairs and i think you’ll make an even better silver fox.”
he runs his hand through his hair again and wearily looks back into the mirror. “everyone loves silver foxes and i’m the lucky wife who actually gets to fuck one.”
a small smile breaks out onto his face at your words and he turns back round to face you, hoisting you up onto his torso making you squeal. “if that’s how you truly feel, how about i fuck the second kid into you now and go full grey for you?” he’s half joking but the notion makes you let out a moan.
“fuck, please jakey. i wanna run my hands through that silver hair.”
giggling!! thank you so much for this shelby!!! i could kiss ur brain!! 💌
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cozymoko · 1 year
How would yanderes Naruto, Gaara and Itachi(Separate) react to the reader crying after she got kidnapped, fearing that he’ll kill her?
Warnings: Yandere themes, kidnapping
Pairing: Yandere Naruto x reader, Yandere Gaara x reader, Yandere Itachi x reader
Format: Headcanons
Synopsis: Reader crying in fear of them hurting them.
🍜 Why do you cry? Bawl your eyes out like a child, a helpless infant. He assumed you were hurt, though he could not find a scratch on your body. Not a hair on your head had been harmed so, why are you weeping? Naruto would try to comfort you, he was in a frenzy much like yourself. His heart swelling painfully tight at your tears. He wanted to hold you, wipe your tears away. But alas, you wouldn’t allow it.
🍜 Somewhere in between, he began crying himself. Not with the hope for pity, no, not at all. But genuine grief for you, his beloved. Your tears had been long forgotten about as you found yourself consoling the hopeless man. Holding his shoulders in a firm grip as unruly sobs shook him, fled his lips like an uninhabited stream. Only then did you realize your mistake, how he somehow ensure your safety in mere seconds.
🍜 “Don’t hate me, {Name}-chan, I didn’t mean to make you cry!” What a pity. He wouldn’t even harm a fly, the poor boy. “Say you’ll forgive me!” He buried his head deep into your lap, wet tears damping the thin fabric. The fox’s grip was exceedingly tight as you could feel his nails chewing at your thighs. Now, what will you do?
Tumblr media
🏜 He did not know how to react. Gut-wrenching sobs tore through the air, you could do little to hold them back. They left in waves, just like the very seas you had once admired. Gaara was at a loss for words. His chest pinching painfully tight prepared to suffocate him in any waking moment. He had not wished to make you cry, oh god no.
🏜 The man knew little about the concept of “comfort”, let alone how to give it to someone. So rather than that he provides you reassurance. Heeding the hysterics pouring past your lips, each more inaudible than the last. The man simply could not fathom your anguish, nor did he desire to. All that mattered was stopping the pesky tears plaguing your being, ruining your pretty skin.
🏜 He rested his hand upon your head. Weaving through the troublesome tresses that resist him. His touch was warm and tender, almost comforting. Gaara felt terrible for not knowing what caused your tears. The faint trembling of his hands showed as such. "{Name}," His voice was hushed, no more than a whisper. "Now, take a deep breath, and tell me what's troubling you." Now, what will you do?
Tumblr media
🍡 A sight that would break his heart. The seemingly resistant surface shattered with just one whimper. He was quick to comfort you. Lying a light hand on the top of your head. There wasn’t so much as a twitch of his lips nor a softening of his eyes, almost as though he was negligent to your cries. As though he cared not for the sorrow devouring your joy. Oh, how he wishes it were true, yet his heart deceives him.
🍡 The Uchiha heaved you into his arms, careful not to startle you. Bitter tears swept from the corners of your eyes. You were cradled like a small child, slowly rocked back and forth to the sweet murmurs of his heart. He sought our warmth somewhere in your coldness, some form of acceptance…understanding of his selfish actions.
🍡 “I wouldn’t think of harming you {Name},” Itachi murmurs, his words nearly missing your ears. “So please, wipe your tears; Don’t cry anymore.” Now, what will you do?
Tumblr media
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muzanswaifu · 2 years
Pairing: Sanemi x Reader
Warnings: Smut, Aphrodisiacs, Size Kink, Creampie, Spit as Lube, Porn with Plot, first time using tumblr so sorry
Reader shadows the Wind Hashira on a mission to slay a succubus demon. Things take a turn for the worse when they take in more of her demon art than they can chew...
She rushed hastily up the stairs that seemed to go on for miles, her feet skipping every few steps and threatening to slip from under her completely. The sound of an anxious crow could be heard beaconing before the hurried woman. Harsh wind tore against her face, and the muscles in her legs burned from being pushed so hard. It didn't help that the steps were so elevated, forcing her to extend her calves and remain on the tips of toes, lest she be delayed. She was going to be late. Her pesky uniform skirt kept turning about from the breeze. The fabric rode up her constantly elevated thighs and surely revealed her underclothes to the lucky few behind her. But she couldn't care less as there were more important things to worry about. Although the exposure sure as hell didn't help. She pushed past other slayers that were taking their sweet, sweet time along the enclosed space, throwing out a weak apology when they cursed at her. Could they not see that she was in a rush? Her heart soared when she caught sight of the prized mansion being circled by her crow. Finally! She'd made it. That was the LAST time she would help that mop-headed blond kid. He had taken up more of her time than she'd anticipated, and she was paying the price for it. She rapidly ate up the last of the stairs. Her zori sandal had slipped on the last step, but she quickly picked herself off the floor, her face stinging with embarrassment as the snickers died down behind her back. It's fine, it's fine. She was almost there. The rest of her energy carried her through the maze of barriers. Her soaring guide hardly kept in her vision, forcing the slayer to push down any desire for rest. (Y/n) barged through the hard wooded gate and shot around the side of the house to the butchered training ground. She pushed past the sharp bush that cut into her hands despite their callousness and stumbled onto the premises. Finally, she was where she needed to be. Five slayers were already lined up, eyeing her like a crazy person. She crouched down and braced herself on her knees to catch her breathe. The voices of the team were mere buzzes in her ringing ears. "Why are you so sweaty?" "Where have you been?" "You're late!" But she wasn't, she was just in time! "(L/n)!" Shit, they were right, she was late. She straightened herself up promptly and looked to the superior. He must've been around the other side of the training grounds, she would've seen his pale white hair otherwise. The man stood tall in front of her, distant yet suffocatingly close. Tired eyes drooped in submission and mortification in front of such an intimidating presence. But the decline gave way to the glorious sight before her. The opening of his uniform was thrown to the sides of his torso, leaving his scarred chest and chiseled abs for viewing. The shading of the rippling muscle was ever so pleasing to the eye. Especially to her eye. She'd always known the wind hashira was an attractive man. Although the knowledge was never quite enough to act upon her feelings. As far as she was concerned, it was merely a little crush. Wishful thinking. The sound of a throat clearing snapped her train of thought. She forced her perverted eyes up. Her face burned red with the sound of chuckles from her fellow core members. This day really couldn't get any worse "I-I'm so so sorry, Master. I must've lost track of time - it won't happen again," she promised. She scanned his face for any signs of forgiveness. His brows were furrowed and lips frowning, but he always looked mad like that, so who's to say? But suddenly his mouth curled up into a smirk, riddled with mischievous intent. "We were just about to leave without you but looks like you made it after all-," hope rose in her chest, "-which means you get to join me on Mount Hanirai to take out the fox demon." Her heart sank. Serves her right for teaching that dense boy how to sharpen his blade... for three hours. She should've known he was trying to flirt with her the whole time. The next time she saw him, he was so dead! Shinazugawa turned to the group. "The rest of you - try not to be stupid and  maybe you'll find your way to the main village. Cut down any demon you see and evacuate the people south." He grabbed his nichirin and tucked it into his belt before turning heel toward the exit gate. "Screw up and you get slaughtered by me or demons. For your sake, I hope it's the demons. Now get a move on." The lot answered, "Yes sir!" (Y/n)'s reply audibly more delayed. Well that was one way to start off the mission. Her luck really was the worst. They all traveled as a group through the wood. Her crow pecked her head the WHOLE time for upsetting the master. "Ow... ow... OW! I'm sorry okay?" "Stupid, stupid, STUPID!" Once they had reached the boarder of the mountain, the tone was dramatically more tense. Everything felt... weird. Like a fluttering in your stomach and heat in your face kind of weird. The others had sensed it too. This made sense she supposed. The demon was reported to be a succubus of a sort. She allegedly had the citizens captive in her sex spell and had them rut for days to keep them obedient. They all saw her as a goddess and made sacrifices for more of her euphoric demon art. The only reason word spread was because someone had managed to escape a sacrificial orgy and made it to the neighboring village. Not to mention the many families who had loved ones trapped in there. Unfortunately the victim wasn't sure how the fox woman or her sub-demons infected them so the slayers would have to be careful and observant. The Vixen Goddess, as the town called her, resided in her own mansion up the mountain, the village a ways below it being guarded by her underlings. The group separated at the entrance of the settlement. The five Kinoto went their way while the pillar and (y/n) went theirs. They traveled silently until she spoke up. "Master Shinazugawa, sir, what is our... plan of of action?" He looked back at her in anger. "J-just so we're on the same page." She didn't want him to think she was dumb or something. She knew how to slay demons. Quite well actually. But she got the feeling he thought she was weak. She'd been on many missions led by him, and each one gave her the opportunity to embarrass herself more than the last. Whether it was nearly getting killed or messing up her form, he always seemed to be right there watching. Why could he see when she was good at something?! "Tsk, do whatever you have to to kill the bitch. I'm standing on the sidelines if you somehow manage to fuck up," he growled. That was hardly helpful, but at least she knew he was there to help. Surely he wouldn't let her die. The scent of sex only grew stronger as they traveled further in. It didn't smell good necessarily, but it could grow addicting given time. Like a drug. They didn't even make it all the way to the mansion when they found her, mangled corpse in hand. Her dress was that of a comfort woman, but one of her naked breasts was spilled out and her makeup was smeared. (Y/n) theorized she was fooling around with her victim before she killed them. She was definitely beautiful, a nice figure and sensual face. But her appearance was a bit disheveled and messy. She must've heard her livestock being freed. "My, my, more slayers! I rather enjoy toying with your kind, far more energetic," growled the woman. A group of slayers had gone missing a few months ago. Hence why the higher ranks were sent. The hashira was sent as well in case things got out of hand. (Y/n) readied her blade and stance, preparing to attack. It was best to get this over with as soon as possible. She could feel the effects of the spell start to weigh down on her, but not nearly enough that distracted her from what needed to be done. Sanemi was surprisingly silent and stood by, watching her but ready as well. The woman saw this and excitedly raised her claws to her face in awe. She purred, "Ooh~ the virgin girl is the first to go. Not very courteous of the gentleman." The slayer growled and charged in immediately. She tried not to think about those venomous words that would mortify her until the end of time. She pranced about, swinging her sword around the demons flexible and swaying form. This demon fought very strangely. No concentrated demon art in use that she could see, only tiny daggers that pricked her occasionally. The swordswoman blocked most and flung them away,  but the fox seemed to have an endless supply. She mostly tried to dodge (y/n)'s attacks. Horribly of course, her body was cut and sliced to the bone. Her subordinates must've been the ones to do all the fighting. However, the girl did start notice a strange fog surrounding them. It was light but very evident. She was sure this had to be the same mist that was encompassing the entirety of the mountain. Her face felt fuzzy and warm again and her body was burning up. This had to be how she infected the victims! Yes, her libido was increasing but desire was defeated by her duty to slaughter. She checked the vixen's person to look for the source while she continuously striked her. She would cut open parts of her dress, looking for a clue. Aha! Right in the purse on her waist, a kiseru. The fog was concentrated and heavy coming from it. Her eyes fluttered and face flushed when she got near it making it hard to see. She just had to destroy it. Just get a little closer. The scent filled her lungs as she got near. "Move!" An umph was forced from her throat as she was shoved aside. The clink of metal was heard behind her. She forced herself up and turned to see Shinazugawa using his blade to fend off the demon's slim katana. She must've been stashing it in her dress. Damn, she'd almost been killed. Thank the gods the man hadn't let her perish. She would thank him for it later. The demon's claws snatched the pipe from her side brought it to her lips. Before she could even bring it to her lips to breath, the hashira cut her knife away and sliced the thing in half. But it was too soon to celebrate. A thick cloud blew in his face from the explosion of dust, and (y/n) gasped. She quickly leapt behind and decapitated her while she was still unarmed. Shinazugawa stumbled backwards and waved the particles away from him. The body fell to the floor, her head with it, cackling. Strews of sound leaked from her mouth but her severed throat made it pointless. Whatever she wanted to say went unheard as her words came out in gargling drivel. The slayer ignored the wench and went to Sanemi who was still coughing up the smoke. "Are you alright?" she asked concerned, "I'm sorry, that was my fault." If only she had fought more diligently. Then he wouldn't have had to intervene at all. The hashira could have let her die then slew the demon; instead he saved her and put himself in harm's way. He barked out more fog. "Yah, it was. Let's go." She hesitantly followed him, still wary of what had just happened. She really hoped he was okay. She would never forgive herself if something had happened to him. Although, the enemy was dead, so the art should have perished with her. But something about the man just seemed... off. It was only about a minute in when she felt the effects of the mist she had inhaled begin to rise. It started with sweating, a light dew forming all around her body. The liquid made her clothes dampen and cling to her hot skin. Her fingers tugged at the top of her uniform to let some air in. Then nausea. Her vision blurred and her mind jumbled up. It was near impossible to focus for a long period of time, and she was heavily relying on muscle memory to keep her legs moving. The warm feeling in her face made the slayer's lashes flutter in a ticklish flare. Then that achy feeling at the center of her. The chaffing of her thighs made the space between them especially sensitive. She felt a wetness leak out of her and her spine arched straight. It subtly grew from a minor annoyance to a lingering problem. The feeling was severely uncomfortable and made it hard to walk almost. Her entire body was melting in lust, like she was in heat. But she would push through it. Slayer training was pure, grievous torture. She could stand a little sexual frustration. She looked on to the hashira and wondered if he was experiencing the same problem. He had inhaled the same aphrodisiac too after all. Even more than she had. The powder in the pipe would be stronger than the spreading air of it. And he got a face full of it. She inquired, "Sir, do you feel strange at all. I think the smoke-" "Stop talking." She flinched in shock. Sure it wasn't uncommon for him to be quite impertinent, but even that seemed a bit poisonous. Perhaps he was angry she had messed up yet again. She didn't blame him. She fidgeted with her hands in shame. It must've been just her feeling the effects then. They trudged on, (y/n) panting in frustration and discomfort. Her face was burning and fuzzy. Just opening her eyes was hard, the area feeling touchy. But she wasn't an animal. She could control her urges. She wasn't about to saunter off and please herself with company. And she also couldn't let on that she was feeling like this in front of him! She would die of shame! Well... she wouldn't mind so much if they were to... what was she thinking! Get a grip! This curse was making her lose all common sense. Now's not the time to be having such filthy, disgusting thoughts. They had to find the others and get the town to safety. She bunched up her fists and marched behind the pillar, so distracted from her own illness that she failed to notice his. The shrieking of a crow averted her attention. "CAW CAW Sanemi Shinazugawa report to Butterfly Mansion for treatment immediately. CAW CAW Sanemi Shinugawa repo-" (Y/n) jolted at the message. So something had been wrong. As even his crow had noticed his shift in behavior. She looked to the man now, acting a bit strange but seeming to be physically healthy. She could see him swaying a bit, fists clenched. He stumbled slowly and dragged his feet against the ground. His body so obviously wanted to betray him, but he was fighting it. Every vein was strained under his skin and the flesh was a deep blush. She ran to him promptly and called out, not yet understanding that being near him was dangerous. She tried to help him, grab for his arm to help him walk. But he jerked away and held his head. "Fffuuuck - wha'di'she...? fuck!" He cursed. The girl immediately went to him again, but he pushed her away harshly this time. This made her severely frustrated and a little angry if she was being honest. She was going through a tough time herself right now, and he was making this harder. He needed to stop being so difficult and let her help! She pleaded, "Master please, I cannot help you if you do not let me!" He paused and seemed to ponder for a second, his hands lowering. His breathing slowed and his face softened ever so slightly. She took the opportunity to finally take hold of his arm. The next thing she remembered was the air pounding out her lungs, a solid pain in her back and a thin prickling against the back of her neck She was on the ground. Held down by strong arms. Her eyes shot open to see the wind hashira on top of her. His expression was crazed. But torn at the same time. Sanemi's mouth was hung open in deep pants and his eyes were lidded and sultry. Large hands held her down by the arms. And he was shaking. Shaking and fighting a losing battle with himself. She could see it now. The demon art had indeed taken its effect on him. Made him torn with lust. And he was going to take it out on her. Her heart beat in her chest, loud enough that throbbed in her ears. (Y/n) pushed against his grip with all her strength, trying to escape. But he was strong. Impossibly strong. His adrenaline must've been boosted as well. Her eyes glossed over in failure and anguish. He didn't know what he was doing, she assured herself. He would see that this was wrong and let her go. He would let her go. He would let her go. He had to. But he didn't. His fists tightly closed around her arms and his legs held her down. It was suffocating being so trapped. She no longer had the luxury of movement and his grip was starting to bruise. Her mind was racing. And his clearly was as well. His eyes were shut and teeth clenched. He was trying to fight it off. Trying to stop himself from making a huge mistake. The satisfaction was not worth the regret after. The slayer trembled in fear. She could still feel the pang in her nethers, but it paled in comparison to her terror. Her eyes stared in horror at his tensed face, a vein popping in his forehead. She stiffled a sob and tried the only thing she could think to do. Beg. "P-p-please. L-l-l-let m-me g-g-go," her words came out nothing more than a stuttering whisper, a weak plea for her safety. Her dignity. Because all she could think of was her own fear of the man above her. Because he wasn't being sexual and provocative, he was being rough and aggressive. His body was positioned like that of a wild animal, ready to take its prey. And she was sure whatever came next would hurt. But she was also sure he heard prayer to him. His face turned away in contemplation and a bead of sweat dripped down his forehead. And the next moment he left her go, hands still latched, but loosely. (Y/n) realized what was happening and blinked away her tears. She wiggled out from under him, careful to not touch him too much so as to not encourage another bout of aggression. She crawled away quickly and rose to her feet. Once at a reasonable distance, her eyes looked back down to him. He was cringing in pain and need. His hands clutched at his stomach and growls curled in his throat. He was suffering. Her feet hesitantly moved behind her to flee away from the scene. She had to go. There was no telling how long the man could contain himself. But the pained groan that came from deep within his chest made her heart ache. Even as time slowly trickled out of her grasp, she couldn't help the thoughts that raced through her mind as she stared on at him. If she were to run away from him, to leave him behind, what would he do? The victim whom had been questioned by the core had been quite malinformed about much of the situation. He hadn't known the cause, nor much about the head demon at all, but what he had been able to understand was that the desire was insatiable without another. Only through the touch of another person could the need be sated, and the feeling was more addictive that anything in the world, he told. But he also said that the memory of the events was... foggy, at most. Hence why most didn't want to leave. As soon as the rut was over, so was the pleasure, leaving only the distant memory of ecstacy. She weighed her options. If she left, the hashira would likely go out for any other source of relief that wasn't given through her. He could hardly contain himself in the moment, much less for hours on end. He was one of the strongest swordsman in the land, but strength in fighting surely didn't extend to subduing carnal need as well. Who knew who else was around here. Only the village was to be evacuated until further notice. There could be several others just roaming about. And he would go to them. Be with them. And the thought was not one she liked to entertain. A twinge of jealousy was at the pit of her stomach, but she told herself her concern was for the wellbeing of those he might force himself upon. No, she couldn't let that happen. But he needed to be treated somehow. And she was the only one here. Although she wasn't opposed to laying with him at all, quite the opposite in fact, she didn't like this situation one bit. She was scared, and she wished this moment would have been more romantic (if it would happen at all). There was no other choice. It's not like he would remember later, but that made her feel all the more guilty. This is for the safety of everyone, she told herself. And for his own incurable pain. She shuffled in her steps and slowly stepped forward which made him all the more alert. The slayer was wary in her footsteps waiting for any sudden movement on his part. Once she had come up to his form, she leaned down to him. A shaky, delicate hand rose to set itself on his broad shoulder. It was hot to the touch, even with the clothes covering it, and she blushed at the fact that this was the first time she was touching him like this. The closest she had ever come to laying a hand on him was during training, and even then she could hardly touch him. Her hand trembled and her throat ran dry as she tried to find words to say. She hadn't thought about this part. Honestly she didn't expect him to be so sti- umph! Her blanking mind was set running again by the very man tackling her. Her eyes didn't even register the movement until she was pinned underneath him, his hands holding her in place. She could see him grit his teeth and clench his eyes shut. Sweat was pooling down his forehead and messy white hair was sticking all around his face. God he was so gorgeous. Maybe it was just the demon art talking but she could look at him for hours like this. And if this goes as it is now, she will. She could vaguely see the large imprint in his pants below her eyeline, evidence of his intent. His grip on her shoulders tightened and he growled out, "You damnn idiot." She bit her lip and nearly cried. He better not remember this later or she would never live to see the light of day. His reproof seemed to be the only logical thought he could muster, however, as she felt his hands crawl toward the collar of her uniform to tug at it. Her mind was racing in fear yet anticipation. She couldn't believe this was happening, especially so soon. This type of intimacy only ever happened in her perverted daydreams of Shinazugawa. In them she always imagined that he'd secretly been infatuated with her all along. That he'd pursue her when they were finally alone and passionately take her and bring her to the throes of ecstacy. She didn't much care if he'd degrade or praise her in the process, as long as he was utterly fixated on being with her. But she doubted his mind could comprehend proper lovemaking right now. Ahhhhh! But those were only little fantasies she had. Everyone has those! She wasn't to blame... His rough fingers ripped the clothing open without a second thought, making her gasp. The buttons tore off instantly and the only dignity left on her torso was her chest binding. His dilgent work cut through it annoyed, causing her generous bosom to fall out. She was shocked that he was undressing her top first, and bewildered that her naked breasts were visible to the hashira. Although it was quite embarrassing to be exposed in such a way, the cool air felt nice on her sweaty skin. His eyes caught a bit on the sight of her delicious rack before he mindlessly moved forward. A moan caught in the woman's throat when he gathered them into his hands and squeezed. The plump flesh spilling out of the spaces between his fingers causing him to groan.  She took her eyes off of his groping for a moment to look back up at his face. Her face instantly flushed when she saw the drool that was trailing down the side of his mouth and his lidded eyes so focused on her breasts. Confidence blossomed in her psyche with his pleased reaction. She was glad he was enjoying her body, even if it due to being out of his mind. And his hands were so warm. The roughness and callousness of them only made it that much more pleasurable. But the feeling was short-lived as they left her chest. The tightness in his pants must've been catching up with him. She supposed her tits were just eyecandy for him. His hands resumed their position on her shoulders to hold her upper half down while he nudged a knee between her legs to spread them. (Y/n) gulped and obeyed by opening her trembling thighs. A whine left her lips when the pressure of her closed legs was lifted off of her center. Although she wasn't as affected as Sanemi, there was still a lingering hunger coursing through her insides. It was almost a relief that he was going to get this over with so soon, as the aching was only getting worse. His knees dug under her thighs, raising her lower half to meet his own. The presence of his bulging erection against her cunt set fireworks off in her stomach. He was packing so much in there, it was so heavy. She'd noticed the large imprint of his manhood before, but it was so much different being pressed up against her. How had it not burst out yet? She moaned when she felt it throb. Oh gods! Her face was suddenly smothered against his shoulder and his onslaught towards relief began. His hips rolled into hers and his clothed cock rubbed against the entirety of her pussy. Oh! Her eyes rolled back immediately. It felt amazing. Every buck teased her clit and entrance so perfectly. And he seemed to be enjoying himself as well, grunting above her. She couldn't see his face, but she could tell from the wetness along his neck that he was salivating. He switched between rough humping to long, slow rolling that made her insides feel so painfully empty. She buried her head further against him and wrapped her legs around his hips. The intention of getting more pressure against her center ever present in her actions. He shuddered and rutted harder. A gust of cold wind hit her face when he got off of her and leaned back on his haunches, his dick still flush against her. Warm hands trailed down to grip her ribs under her breast, accentuating the curve of her rack. His breathing was heavy as he continued to grind into her, his head tipping back from the heightened sense of euphoria. She had to admit, it was nice to see him content with her for once. So enthralled in the pleasure of her body. Or, at least, what he had access to at present. Sanemi's patience was diminishing. There was only so much this particular intimicy could satisfy him, and it was starting to show. His grinding would falter every now and again when he would press himself as close into her center as possible, as if willing himself inside her. She could see it in the way his teeth would bare and his brows would pinch together. (Y/n) herself had also grown bothered of the barrier of clothing. And she would rather deal with it now then have him tear it off violently later. "Uhm...," she slowly inched herself away from him, "here, lemme just..." She began to peel off her broken soiled clothing. Starting with the top of her uniform, she tugged down the sleeve and crumpled it to the side. The pillar huffed from the removal of his source of relief but waited nonetheless. She was glad he still had control over that aspect. He was such an aggressive person that she was worried he'd give her no say in anything. Next was his own haori. Her tiny hands shrugged it off of him nervously. It was rather awkward for her to be doing this, even if he made no sign of discomfort with her doing so. The slayer pulled the black uniform top out from under his belt and glided her hands up his chest to guide the cloth off of him completely. She couldn't count how many times she'd gotten lost in staring at his body over the years. How could she not when he dressed like that! Perfect, rippling abs, chiseled chest, panty-dropping muscles and scars. He definitely knew what he was doing. Intimidate the boys, infatuate the girls. It made demon killing a lot easier when they saw how good you look and how they don't stand a chance. The girls in the core fawned over him nonstop. (Y/n) wasn't so open about it, but she obviously did as well. But she was the one who under him right now. But-but she had to be, this was to protect others! Right? Ugh she didn't have time to be confused about her feelings. She fiddled with his belt, her fingers suddenly forgetting how to undo it. A deep breath released from her lungs when she'd eventually gotten it (she hadn't realized she wasn't breathing). Her fingers dawdled along the leather. She was scared. She'd never seen a dick this close before, she wasn't sure she'd like it. That fox demon had gotten one thing right, she was new to this. There was hardly any time for hooking up when she was so busy training and going on missions. An impatient growl caught her attention and she forced herself to pull the cloth down. Her jaw dropped. And so did her stomach. This wasn't going to go well. Was he always this big? She looked down to compare it to her own size and bit her lip. It would be a tight fit, maybe she should work her way up to it. Regardless, she was surprise how good he looked. She knew what dicks looked like, and she wasn't a fan. Most were gross and wormy looking. But his was so... hot. Flushed red and so thick. Twitching. A trimmed patch of white hair right above it. And the prominent v-line right to it made her stomach flutter. No wonder he walked around so confident. While she was mesmerized by his length, the rest of his control had broken. The tearing of her skirt sounded in her ears and before she knew it, he was hovering over her again, brushing away the torn fabric and grabbing for the layers covering her cunt. It took her about half an hour to do them properly today, making sure that they were comfortable but covered her entirely. She didn't want any chance of exposing her special area. But he ripped through them in less than a second. The tear slightly burned her skin with friction, and she winced. Then blushed because her superior could see her completely naked now. She wished it didn't make her even wetter. Her hands nervously pushed at his chest, stumbling over her words. "I-I-I'm uhm mm not uhm I-I well, it won't... I don't think... uhm..." She didn't really know what to say, how to tell him she wasn't prepared. She wasn't sure he cared in this current state. This may have been the wind hashira, but he certainly wasn't behaving like it. If anything he was acting like an animal in heat. No words, no thoughts, just carnal need. Perhaps that's why she had the courage to come back to him in the first place. But she heard him grunt, as if acknowledging her nonsense. He moved down her body to the peak of her spread legs, his face inches away from her sex. She could feel him stare at it and wondered if perhaps there was something wrong. If he thought something was wrong. Fear coursed through her at the thought of him not wanting to take her anymore. It had become less of a mission now and more a goal. She gasped when she felt a warm liquid drip onto her opening. It ran down her slit and collected wetly at her entrance. Her head lifted up to see what was happening and gawked when she saw the saliva dripping straight from his tongue onto her pussy. The sight was so lewd, her insides glossed over in arousal. Her legs shook as she forced herself to stay open even as he lubed her up. Her hips were tilted up, allowing him to spit directly into her hole. The feeling was so strange but so good at the same time. She whined at the sticky, wet sensation. After what seemed like forever, he rose back over her and resumed his position in front of her now sopping entrance. His tough hands gripped her hips firmly, holding her up to meet the tip of his cock. His pale purple eyes were glued to where they were about to meet, his aching cockhead very nearly touching her. So close. She could feel the spit start to trickle out of her and knew he needed to hurry. Hurry before the moisture left her. Hurry before the spell wore off. Hurry before he didn't want her anymore. (Y/n) gritted her teeth and cried out when the tip painfully tore into her.  Even though there was hardly much in at the time, it was so thick. She spread her legs wider hoping it would help her stretch around him better. And he wouldn't stop moving in. It felt like she was being split in half. It was as if the moisture had done nothing. His fat cock pushed against her walls, pushing deeper and deeper. She let out a hushed scream to distract from the pain. She didn't blame Sanemi for continuing. He hadn't been in the right mindspace to keep himself off of her, much less stop when he was inside of her. His dick dragged on miles, never ending. As soon as she felt a grinding pressure in her stomach she knew he had reached her cervix. Panic erupted in her mind when he continued surging into it. The feeling of his pelvis against hers was an otherworldly relief. But her insides still stung and were still not used to being stuffed to the brim. Her only source of satisfaction at the moment was the pressure against her clit, the flutter of her opening around him and the twitching of his cock inside her. He was throbbing so hard it sent electricity up her spine. She was sure these little things would pile up in no time, and she could take him. She would just have to wait. "Aargg!" She screeched. The man was already starting, delivering shallow bucks into her sore walls. It hurt so much. Or rather, it was too much pressure that she wasn't used to. He was digging all the way up the her stomach, deeper than she thought possible. She needed to stop him, make him cease movement. The moment he was bottomed out inside her again, she locked her legs around his waist and threw her arms over his shoulders, trapping him. Every ounce of strength she had left was put into her hold to keep him from moving. He was much stronger than her, a hashira for gods' sake, but even in his primal state he understood what she was saying - don't move. She felt him sigh before relaxing himself over her. (Y/n) sighed herself in blissful relief and tried to get situated for what was to come. The slayer tried not to clench around him so much, but she couldn't help it. He was stretching her out so much! It was so strange to be filled up, she'd never noticed how empty she was before. Nor how cold she was without being stuffed. She wondered if this was how was with all men or just Sanemi. She took her time to get used to him, his size growing more bearable every second. But what helped extraordinarily was holding him against her like this. It was so intimate, like she was hugging him. The butterflies in her stomach went straight to her heart, and she was sure she was falling in love. Her cunny thought so too. Unsure of his reaction with removal of the entirety of her hold, she only slightly released herself around him, settling for keeping her legs loosely wrapped around his waist. He noticed the change in attachment immediately and started to roll into her. She threw her head back and cried. He was so so deep. Grinding into her guts. It was making her see stars. She could feel his balls rub against her ass, heavy and swollen in arousal. And she loved it. Shinazugawa grunted above her, pleased with attention that was finally being gifted to his aching cock. He moderately humped into her, barely pulling out before he slipped right back in. His pelvis ground against her clit and made her shiver with sensitivity. She didn't know if it was the spell or his own experience, but he knew what he was doing. His motions were calculated for her own pleasure and made her thighs quiver. Every thrust hit her perfectly and made her cream around him a little more each time. Oh yes, he definitely knew what he was doing. Her cunt was starting to drool around him, now akin to the pressure against her walls. And he just so goddamn hot. Hot in how sulty and deep his voice was. Hot in how strong he was above her. Hot in how fat his cock was inside her. And he knew it from how her honey was coating his dick. Her hands clawed desperately at his back when his strokes became more rough. His thrusting got longer and faster and rocked her with every harsh movement. It was overwhelming but so amazing at the same time. She wasn't sure if she wanted him to stop or not before, but she was now. "D-dont stop, pleeease! Ah~" She didn't care how wanton she sounded right now. She'd never felt so good in her life. Her cunt eagerly suckled around him as he pounded into her, loosing any interest in being treated gently. Large hands bruised hips in their tight grip, each thrust made her thighs ache. But none of the pain stopped the familiar knot forming at the pit of her stomach. She hugged him closer for more friction, more anything. His low groaning making her insides throb and grown that much closer. Tears streamed down her face and her head dug into the filthy ground when she came so hard around him that it hurt. Her walls convulsed and fluttered tightly but his pace quickened none-the-less, uncaring of her overstimulation. He needed more. Sobs ripped from her throat from his brutal thrusting. She was still sensitive from her climax but he paid the woman's struggle no mind, only further seeking out the pleasure of her heat. Her nails scratched crescents into his back and heels dug into his back as she helplessly took every inch of him over and over again. The crushing pain of his hand clutching her hips was drowned out by the euphoria of his rhythmic movement. As shameful as it was, she felt like she was in paradise. She'd never imagined sex to be so, well, amazing. Even her own fantasies didn't do it justice. But the satisfaction definitely stemmed from that fact that it was this very man on top of her. She hugged him closer and prayed to the gods that this moment would never end while her climax built up again. Sanemi let out a deep groan and rutted faster, barely pulling out before filling her again. His cock throbbed angry against the containment of her walls, and she wondered if it would burst from swelling so much. Her hips subconsciously swiveled into his with her impending release, causing him to finally tense up. She didn't understand at first why he had slowed down and was leisurely pumping into her. Not until he let out an exotic groan and warmth spread through her. She tried to jerk away and see what was happening but his strength over her kept her filled on his cock. Her body trembled from the otherworldly feeling. Why was his cum so, so hot. And thick. Pathetic whimpering cries fell from her lips as he unloaded within her. It was too full, too much, she wouldn't be able to hold all of it soon. Finally the flow seemed to stop, (y/n) letting out a moan when he slowly pulled his cock out with a dewy plop. Her legs were still shaking even as the thick cream leaked out of her cunt onto the grass. Her aching back settled down onto the mudded ground, uncaring of the filth. Lidded, tired eyes gazed up to the sky that was still littered with gleaming stars in the presence of swimming darkness. The heavy mist that had been clouded over the area had now declined, allowing for the natural lighting to resume its breathtaking image. Even the hovering foliage of trees couldn't block out the glowing vision. A smile tugged at her lips from the beauty of it all. She'd almost forgotten how gorgeous the night could be when it wasn't plagued by monsters. The visual made a nice setting for this memory that would forever conquer her heart. Her heavy lashes fluttered to a close and sleep began to sweep over her with the gentle rising and falling of her chest and the warmth that had been spilled inside her. She nearly slumbered there. Until a tug on her ankles shook her from brief unconsciousness. The woman too lazy to open her eyes when the hashira dragged her back to him and flipped her onto her belly. Too tired to crawl away when he lifted her hips up and positioned himself behind her. Too drunk to stop him when he held her down by the neck and bottomed out inside her for the second time tonight. Her eyes rolled back and she sang out in instant climax. That's how it went all night. Or at least, she's pretty sure. (Y/n) honestly couldn't remember much beyond that, only that he was content to stay on her for hours before she had eventually passed out from exhaustion. She doubted he went much longer after that himself. The chirping of life and whistling wind hummed in her ears when her eyes flicked open, the blaring light of the sun burning her face. She slowly rose up and yawned while her limbs extended to stretch in either direction. She flinched in instant pain and rubbed at her hip with an eye closed. She was sore. Why was she... Fuck! Her eyes glared open and she hurriedly looked around for evidence of her memories. His body was all the proof she needed. He layed there unmoving, his back facing her as he layed on his side. He was only a few feet away from her luckily, so she could see his obvious breathing pattern of rest. She sighed in relief. At least she wouldn't have to deal with his realization of what happened. In fact... she had to get out of here. There's no telling how he would react if he knew the details of what had happened, of what he would say. But her anxiety gave her some idea. Disgust. Shame Anger Disappointment. Tears threatened her eyes at the thought. He would never forgive himself if he knew what had happened, or if he knew it was her it had happened with. No, no, it was better that he never know. She slowly rose to her feet, the soreness over her body making it nearly impossible to walk without limping. And the caked, gooey feeling between her legs made her more than aware that she needed a bath. She blushed. Just how many rounds had they gone through?!? The slayer limped over to her clumped up clothes and through the tangible remnant over herself while grabbing for her katana. It wasn't much, but it was enough that she could travel to the next town and get some new ones without being judged too harshly. Speaking of which, she needed directions. Where was her crow? She peaked around the tree line, looking for any scuffle of feathers that caught her eye. It was unusual for her companion to be away from her for so long. Her stomach dropped when she wondered if maybe the bird had gone to tell on her. Shit he had a crow too. She paced around the foliage for any sign of them. The last they were seen was when Shinazugawa's crow had announced that he was to get treatment at Butterfly Mansion. But then they both disappeared. And the kakushi never even came. Where did they... A flutter of black caught the corner of her eye to her right and she leapt toward it. The prominent black feathers made her heart soar, and she wrapped around the trunk to catch the raven, and then "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!" Her mouth fell open at the scandalous sight before her. Her own Kasugai crow that had left her in her moment of need, was nesting with the hashira's crow?!?! The bird's briefly looked down at the shaken up woman at the sound of her voice but immediately cuddle back into each other, chirping into their gathered clump of feathers. She couldn't believe what she was seeing and tried to piece together what must've happened. If they were nesting here, that would mean they are mates, and that would mean that they mated... did that demon art affect the crows too? That WHORE of a bird. Although she really shouldn't be talking when she did the exact same thing... Regardless. "You get down here right now! I can't believe you left me behind for sex!" She spouted. The crow turned away from her lover to glare at her and squawked. "CAW! You were to get Master Shinazugawa to Butterfly Mansion! You are familiar with the directions CAW!" (Y/n) groaned and spun around in frustration. Damnit this was wasting so much time and she needed to get out of there now. She didn't really have any dirt on her own crow, she did her job - technically. Her eyes gleamed when her thoughts trailed to the hashira's. "Say, I wonder how Masted Shinazugawa is doing now then. Seeing as he obviously didn't make it to the Mansion with his crow," her eyes turned to glare at the man's bird. The raven stiffened in realization and glossed over in sweat. He let out a shrill cry and ruffled his worried lady's feathers lovingly before soaring off to look for his master. She cooed after him in sorrow and hopped out of their love nest, defeated. (Y/n) eventually did get some directions out of her, the bird pecking her head along the way and declaring her hatred for her. A couple hours later and she reached a town through which she got new clothes and a bath. She got some curious eyes but no one was brave enough to ask any questions, which she was thankful for. Then it was time for the difficult part. Going back to the core. Her stomach was tieing up knots all the way there, forming a story in her head of the events that transpired for when she was to be questioned. She tried not to think about what had happened between her and Sanemi, it made her heart race too much. She wasn't sure she could ever see him again without thinking about what had happened. With the clarity of a new day, tears streamed down her face at the remembrance. She didn't regret it per se. She just really, really, really wished it hadn't happened like that. And a part of her wished he had been of sound mind when it happened, that he understood it was her he was with and stayed regardless. He probably woke up, realized he had sex with some woman and went on with his day. She wept at the thought of that being a regular occurrence for him. It was hard to admit, but she was pretty sure she had fallen in love with him. It made her so nervous to be around him because she wanted so desperately to impress him. She just admired him so much, she wanted him to admire her too. Why couldn't it have happened naturally. Why didn't she tell him how she felt before all this? Even if he had shot her down, at least he would have known she cared for him. Now she'd never have a chance. She slapped herself for getting her hopes up and wiped away her bitter tears when she came upon her designation. Butterfly Mansion. She had no injuries to treat, nor was she there to help, but her team was likely here. Surely at least one of them had gotten injured in the fight and needed to reside here. She would ask them what had happened and be on her way. But she also needed... something else. The clinic was rather calm today. Only a few patients were roomed in and walk-ins were scattered here or there. She just had to find a teammate and a nurse. Opening several doors along the hallway, eventually she stumbled upon someone she knew. He had been cut along his chest facing one of demons and needed to get professional stitching for it. She'd asked him what had happened after they had defeated the demons, and he explained that they simply brought the victims south to a medical center and they were pretty much all cured after a couple hours. Once the fog had settled, they were back to normal. Strange, she thought. They must've had a low concentration of the demon art then, as Shinazugawa was still effected even after the cloud had distilled. "Did... you ever meet up with Master Shinazugawa?" She was curious what he had done after she had essentially abandoned him in the forest. Did he meet them at the medical clinic? Did he make it to the mansion? "He's actually a few doors down," he told. She tried to hide her surprised expression. He was here? Oh no. He continued. "You might not wanna talk to him though," he furrowed his eyebrows in thought, "he's really mad today. Don't know what for..." (Y/n) quickly hushed him, "Oh, you know how he is. There's no telling what makes him angry. It could be an injury or maybe his food was too hot. Who's to say?!" She held a fake smile on her face to throw off any suspicion of her involvement which didn't seem to work as the slayer gawked at her. She frowned in worry. "What?" "The food was pretty hot today." She nearly jumped out of her skin. Was she hearing things right. She whipped around to see him leaning on the doorway, his usual pissed expression lingering on his scarred face. But there was a tint of something else there too. She wasn't sure what though. Curiosity maybe? A gulp swam down her throat and she spoke up. "I-I sincerely apologize sir! I really didn't mean to-" He silences her with a wave of his hand. "It's fine, it's fine. I need to talk to you for a minute," he explained and leaned off the door to walk closer. She nervously fiddled with her hands and studied the floor "Of.. course." Shit what was this about. Did he know it was her? He stopped about ten feet in front of her before peering over to their company, annoyed. "You. Beat it," he growled. She looked over in sorrow to the injuried man who hastily apologized and carried his spilling abdomen with pain out of the room. She patted his shoulder with sincerity and apologized as he passed, but he huffed and jutted away from the contact. She didn't blame him for being angry. If she hadn't been in here, he wouldn't have been kicked out. She supposed her punishment was his closing of the door, trapping her inside the tense room with the last person she wanted to see. Her eyes refused to meet his and settled on the tile in front of him. She could make out his appearance above her eyeline and it made her blush. He was still so damn attractive. It didn't help that eyes refused to stop wandering to his crotch that left an imprint in his hakami pants regardless of their bagginess. She couldn't help but wonder if it was still as big as it was the other night. After a few moments of awkwardness, he finally interrupted the silence. "On the mountain, when we were heading back, what... what happened after that?" His eyes that were focused on her swayed off to the side as if looking for something in his head. She looked up for the first time to see his questioning expression. "We were walking down and... we walked down... did you... did I do something?" His eyes flicked over to her and she jumped. She's never seen him so blankly confused before. He's always been so pissed when questioning people for answers, but now he just seemed so lost. She felt a pang of sorrow inside her chest and swallowed. Tell him. Tell him what happened. He'll understand. Hell forgive you. But he'd never forgive himself. "No," she responded hesitantly. She bit back the bad taste in her mouth and continued. "No... we were heading down when you seemed to be affected by... something... you told me to... go away, so I traveled to the next village over," she bit her lip and looked down, "but no, you didn't do anything." The next moments of silence made her cringe into herself, and she prayed that he'd believe her. For the sake of both of them he needed to believe her lies. Her fingers dug anxiously into her palm while he seemed to gather his thoughts for what seemed like years. Dear gods, could he just say something?!?! The sound of him humming in acknowledgment gave her some relief. "Fine," he answered. She relaxed from his positive response and gave herself an opening to breathe. A smile tugged at her lips from her plan working out so well in the end and glanced up. Her heart stopped when she saw his anger, brows pinched together in disappointment and teeth slightly bared in a frown. Her eyes grew wide in fear and she nearly stepped back. "Fine. If you don't want to tell the truth, I'm not gonna make you. But until then you're laid off from any further missions." She stood there weakly as he turned to the door, opening and closing it behind him painfully quiet. Leaving her alone with herself, standing there in utter shock. The quiet enveloped her ears and made the pain in the chest so much worse. She felt like she was going to vomit. She didn't know what to do being at such a loss. She wasn't even sure how to get home anymore, suddenly forgetting the directions. Her body stood there motionless even as the sun slowly sank in the sky, thoughts never even gracing her mind. It was as if she was just an empty husk of a person. The door opening didn't even catch her eye until the visitor spoke up. "Excuse me, miss? Are you alright?" (Y/n) looked up expressionless to the nurse as she came closer. The woman tugged on her hand and further questioned her. "Do you need something?" (Y/n) looked off and sorted through her empty mind for an answer, almost forgetting the vital reason she had come here. "Do you have... a contraceptive."
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officialprimadonna · 3 months
just a quick rundown of my miraculous rewrite just in case you guys are curious
note: this still might change in the future (like the names) and some things are missing because is i still can’t think of anything. their abilities—the ones considered as overpowered—only last a minute or less, depends on how strong the holder is.
ladybug 🐞: creation and restoration (the same in the canon show)
LUCKY CHARM (creating an object to help you have an idea how to win)
PURIFICATION (to purify the akumas and turn them back to what they were once)
CURE (restoration of the major damages done by miraculous related stuff but draws the line with life and death)
earings & black and red yo-yo
cat 🐈‍⬛ : destruction and ???
CATACLYSM (the ability to destroy or decay anything they touch)
BLACK WELL (will pull anyone near it before it explodes and temporarily blinding the victim like astra from valorant)
ring & silver baton
bee 🐝 : subjection and courage
VENOM (to summon bees using the rapier and able to control them to do whatsoever and to immobilised opponents)
POLLINATION (to manipulate flowers and vines)
hair comb & golden rapier
fox 🦊 : illusion and devilry
MIRAGE (to create illusions and even make the holder shapeshift to look somebody else / change physical appearance of the holder)
HYPNOSIS (using the flute, to distract the oponents and place them in some kind of trance)
anklet & orange flute
turtle 🐢 : protection and tranquility
SHELTER (to create a shield / force-field type of protection)
HIDE (to turn invisible temporarily: not too long and not too short, long enough to cause a distraction)
bracelet & ???
butterfly 🦋 : transformation and empathy
EMPOWER (able to create champions through butterflies)
??? (to feel clear emotions of the target, to know what they desire the most through that, and to transfer yours to them - like reyna ramirez’s powers to transfer strength and lucifer’s ability to know your greatest desires)
necklace & staff / cane
peafowl 🦚 : intuition and ???
VISION (to see quick flashes into the future using the fan/foresight)
TEMPORAL (freezes time for a short amount of time/depends on the wielder's strength/)
glasses & fan
okay so, i’m thinking that the seven miraculous can form a team for a battle (??? it’s so hard to explain) like the butterfly is the leader, ladybug is the strategist, bee and cat are the soldiers (first line of defence), turtle is shield (second line of defence), while fox and peafowl operates in the background and not on the battlefield.
i don’t know yet what weapon i can give the turtle. can’t give it the shield since it’s already its ability. and i’m thinking on how i could make the peafowl miraculous be used if a villain uses it when all it can do is see a few minutes into the future and freeze time. like how can that affect your enemy if you attack using it?
There are only 7 miraculous now (the number of luck) because I think having THAT many miraculous is so unnecessary. The butterfly is now the miraculous of emotions while the peacock—now called peafowl, as it should be, since peacock are male peafowls—has the power of foresight because of its eyes theme.
okay that’s all 😭🙏
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bakumu-archive · 2 years
Tumblr media
cherry topped sundae
kinktober 2021 day 3 - virginity taking
Tsukishima Kei x virgin! fem! reader
wc: 1.4k
summary: you ask your boyfriend to take your virginity
cw: SMUT (virginity taking, biting, creampie, unprotected sex ) nicknames (bunny), ex scumbag tsukki, reader is a good girl™,
a/n: virginity is a social construct that means nothing in real life, but as a writing concept it is very sexy. anyway I wanted to make this dark and dirty but it turned out kind of sweet.
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minors do not interact. this work contains mature themes and if you continue reading you have agreed you are willing to see such content
Tumblr media
Tsukishima kisses your neck as you moan into his ear, “Kei, more please.”
There was something different about you tonight: begging him to touch as you snuggled up to him while watching a movie; your hands, usually idle, playing with his cock over his sweatpants.
He’s not going to complain if it ends with him like this: his long fingers buried in your tight cunt, curling and dragging against your velvet walls while his lips suck on the skin at your neck. He’s addicted to the hold he has over you as your walls flutter around his fingers.
You grip his arm tightly as you cum on his fingers, your legs squeezing together around his arm as he continues to finger you through your orgasm. Your panting breath in his ear sends shivers down his spine.
He kisses up your neck as he situates himself over you, pulling away from your face, and notices you chewing on your bottom lip.
Tsukki had been so careful with you, building up your trust little by little so that he could use you and break you down like all of his past relationships. He finds the most innocent people he can, and pretends to care about their problems just to get in their pants, to steal that piece of them that made them innocent in the first place.
But you... you somehow got under his skin. You cared about him and didn’t push him to be a person he wasn’t. You snuck in under his defenses, showed your belly to a predator, and asked for nothing in return.
He was a fox ready to kill and you were willing to let him. Always so sweet to him, so forgiving, so trusting, so unlike the people of his past.
“What is it, bunny?” he asks with furrowed brows, worried that he’s crossed a line tonight.
You shake your head, “It’s nothing, I was just thinking.”
He cups your cheek, squinting his eyes, and examining your face, “Thinking what? Is it bad?”
“No, no Tsukki, it's nothing. I was just—" your eyes wander his face and your chest swells from the amount of concern he has for you “—just thinking that maybe tonight we could… you know.”
You raise your eyebrows as he lets your words sink in.
The old Tsukishima would be mentally pumping his fist in the air, celebrating reaching his goal of taking another girl's cherry, adding it to his sundae before breaking her heart the next day.
But the new Tsukishima that has been built using your tender hands, building him up piece by piece, feels something different. It's a weight on his chest, a responsibility to love and care for you.
You may just be asking for sex, but to this new version of himself, it’s so much more.
He can feel the pride swell in his chest and the nerves settle in, but even so he can't help but tease you. “You know… I think I need you to ask me properly.”
He nudges your nose with his as you thread your hands into his hair, “Kei, will you please have sex with me?”
Heat blooms across his chest, as his dick twitches in his sweats. He’s going to be your first: the first to be inside you, the first to fuck you.
His mind reels as he leans down to nip at your neck, his hips grinding into the bed before he moans into your skin, “You don't know what you're doing to me right now.”
You pull his head up with a tight grip on his hair, forcing him to look at you. His pupils are blown wide, making his golden eyes darker in the dim light.
“Take care of me, Tsukishima Kei.”
The pooling desire rushes to his cock, the way you trust him makes his heart soar, and he pulls away from your touch so that he can take off his sweatpants. He pushes the waistband down his thighs, freeing his cock and letting it bob against his stomach before he flails his legs, kicking off the sweats in haste.
His eagerness makes you giggle as he leans back down over your body. “Is something funny?” he asks.
“No, you're just cute,” you giggle, trying to hide the smile on your face.
It feels so intimate being together like this. Your naked bodies pressing together as your barely stifled laugh pierces right through Tsukishima’s thawing heart.
“Oh, you think I’m cute, huh?” There's a dangerous tone to his voice, hidden under his cunning attitude.
His hands grab at your thighs, pulling you down the bed so that your ass is against his thighs and you let out a shocked gasp. He wraps your legs around his waist and kisses you, his lips stealing your breath.
“You're going to think I’m really cute when I’m inside you,” he snarls.
He lines up the tip of his cock with your entrance, putting pressure on your fluttering hole with the tip of his cock without actually pressing inside.
You've never had anything other than his fingers or tongue touch you down there and this feels so different, so much bigger and softer.
“You’re sure about this?” he asks, wanting to hear you say it one more time.
“Yeah—" but anything else you were going to say is lost in your throat as he pushes into you.
Your hole stretches around him with a delicious burn as he slowly inches inside you, pressing into you every so slowly, making you feel every inch of him.
He's so big and feels so good inside you. The way he fills you is indescribable, pushing through your velvety walls until his balls rest against your ass.
Both of you moan when he stops inside you and you clench around him, your walls convulsing from the intrusion.
He pulls out and pushes back into you slowly, again and again, getting faster with each thrust.
You can’t believe that it’s happening, the first time you’re having sex with someone that you possibly love, and it’s happening right now. It feels so good. Waiting and waiting for him, to give this to him, to give all of yourself to Tsukishima Kei.
You snake a hand between your bodies, your fingers parting as you feel where the two of you are connected. Feeling your slick pour onto your fingers with every drag of his cock makes you moan.
“F-fuck, Kei,” your head is warm and fuzzy as your core tightens around him.
“Bunny, your pussy’s so good, so wet for me,” he says with his eyes shut as he focuses on the feeling of being inside you. “I love it, I love you.”
Your eyes flicker open wide at his confession, your body reacting to his words. To think that you have this ex-womanizer between your legs, the man your friends warned you about, the one that has probably slept with more people than he has fingers and toes, the one buried deep inside you right now telling you that he loves your pussy. It goes straight to your heart, heating you from the inside and dragging you closer and closer to the edge.
You claw at his back, raking your fingernails against his skin, leaving red marks in their wake. His hips stutter as your walls flutter around him.
“Come on bunny, cum for me. Need you to cum on my cock,” he growls, enunciating each word with a thrust into your drooling cunt.
His dick twitches inside you before you come undone, gushing around his cock as you grab onto his arms. He kisses you through it as your legs tighten around his waist trying to hold him still as your walls milk him.
Your moans fill the room as he continues to rock into you, your mind fuzzy and hazy as he thrusts into you one last time, painting your walls white with his cum.
Your hearts beat in sync as you breathe, his cock staying inside you as he gently removes your legs from his waist.
You don't want him to pull out, you want to stay connected like this for as long as possible. You wrap your arms around his shoulders, pulling him into you and preventing him from moving as you slowly start to drift off to sleep.
Tsukki never thought that he was one for aftercare, but with you he is finding that he has a newfound love for a lot of things. He gently presses kisses to your face as you fall asleep, and he can't wait to break the cycle he's always known.
He meant what he said, he's completely in love with you and he's going to stay and laugh with you for as long as you'll tolerate him.
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beomslover · 1 year
gimme ur hybrid txt thoughts :)) anything in general. i really love to hear others ideas !!
(I’m a new follower and I love your account so far! Keep it up :)))))
FIRST OF ALL TYSM???!?!?!! this is so encouraging and kind, i’m truly glad you enjoy my work :(( thank you so much for this, and i hope you enjoy baby
secondly i have so much to say about hybrid!txt and idk how to organize my thoughts so let’s go :)
- first of all he’s a fox hybrid, nothing more nothing less
- ik everyone says that but choi yeonjun is such a fox. he’s more fox than an actual fox actually.
- i feel like you would meet him as a pup and he’d immediately imprint on you and stick to your side like a magnet literally for the rest of your life
- your little dog-cat boy will be all over you all the time :((
- he’d build comfy nests for the two of you, surrounded by your (his) favorite articles of your clothing, blankets, and teddies :(
(a lot more under the cut)
- he’ll get pouty and sulky if you leave your little nest so don’t leave :( he’s building a home for you, be nice
- did i mention that he wants your attention all the time
- he may seem like he’s all grown up but he’s still a clingy, playful pup inside
- loves to play fetch with you too
- even though he’ll always use his “old dog” excuse when you ask him to wash the dishes or pick up after himself
- imagine jjun is pestering you while you’re trying to do your work so you toss a bouncy ball to distract him but he returns it to you with a playful glint in his eye <//3 how could you say no to that face??
- buy him chew toys to play with while you’re busy :”) they’ll keep him occupied long enough for you to get some work done
- but it never lasts too long because he’ll get tired of playing soon enough and want to cuddle you again :((
- needy pup will just sit in your lap, attempting to tuck his long legs away so they won’t be too much of a bother
- “is this okay?” jjun would ask, and you’re mildly uncomfortable and a bit warm for your liking but you’d better say yes anyway
- tldr; clingy feline canine boy
- i tried to think mildly outside the box a bit so hear me out alright
- wolf hybrid
- everything about soobin screams wolf pup to me right??? like yeah he’s big and definitely not a pup but isn’t he such a wolf pup though??
- the answer is yes btw
- he can definitely be clingy but he’s a lot more quiet and calculated about it
- soobin will pretend he’s just hanging out in your space and patiently wait for you to give him the physical attention he so desires
- he’ll lie across your lap silently and patiently and then pretend to have no reaction when you scratch behind his ears
- a protector for sure
- but again, a quiet protector
- he’s no crazy possessive alpha but he’ll definitely guard you from other hybrids and gently tug you away if he notices someone making you uncomfortable
- always makes sure you’re okay before worrying about himself :(( just wants to know his beloved is safe and comfortable at all times, his needs can wait
- soobin will also trail you like the loyal puppy that he is
- no matter where you go, he’s right there with you, either with his arm wrapped around your waist or trailing closely behind you
- you never have to worry about him seeing anyone else because he only ever has eyes for you
- sometimes soobin can get too lost in you and you have to remind him to maintain his other relationships though (same)
- it’s never too extreme though, he just needs gentle reminders that you’re not the only person alive :)
- wolf hybrid!soobin loves having his hair brushed and will give you the biggest, most pitiful puppy eyes until you do it for him
- will probably make you wear a matching bracelet so everyone knows you’re his :) nothing too flashy though, he’s subtle about his possessiveness
- tldr; idk basic wolf hybrid things
- big-little baby bear boy with little baby bear ears :((
- he gets insecure because all the boys have bigger ears than him so make sure you pat his head and tell him you love his little ears!!
- gyu will giggle like crazy if you play with his ears :(( but no one else gets to do it or he’ll get mad
- a biter
- he just likes to gently bite down on your arms or legs for no reason in particular
- sometimes gyu bites too hard and draws blood but he profusely apologizes and helps you clean up right away </3
- poor boy doesn’t know how strong he is
- will get excited to see you and give you the tightest hugs before quickly remembering that you aren’t a bear like him
- beomgyu fiercely protective of things that are his :)
- his family, his friends, his things, his love, you name it
- it takes him a while to get used to your friends and make sure they’re good enough for you, but after that no one else is allowed to talk to you without receiving the coldest death glare from him
- grumbles under his breath about how ugly they were and how “they probably don’t even have pretty ears like me right?? ‘m prettier right??”
- sighs </3 he’s so cute when he’s jealous </3
- gyu would prefer if you relied on him for protection but he ends up needing your protection more often than not :’)
- baby bear is adventurous but very clumsy
- he really really loves when you lay on his chest or curl up in his arms </3 makes him feel needed
- which he is obviously
- you need him as much as he needs you (which he’ll never admit is a lot)
- tldr; protective boy who wants praise and reassurance sometimes!
- i must say i was conflicted about this one due to my desire to be unique
- but taehyun is just such a cat hybrid
- i think he’d be a deep grey chartreux for some reason, it just makes sense to me
- he’s elegant and quiet, and doesn’t mind spending most of your time together completing separate activities in the same room
- tyun also likes to sit at your feet while you’re occupied with work or whatever show you’re interested in at the moment, resting his head against your knee as he reads a book or watches along with you
- he loves socializing with you, contrary to popular belief
- even if you aren’t as social, he loves to go out with you on his arm because he loves to show you off </3
- tyun does prefer to spend alone time with you though
- his fav couple activity has to be curling up together in a sunny spot on the carpet and napping the day away
- sunny cat naps with tyun </////3
- he also loves loves loves scenting you
- because he’s totally not possessive but you need to smell like him because you belong to him, in his words
- imagine your kitty tyun curling up on your lap and nuzzling his cheek against your neck, gently purring and mewling as he “subtly” marks you as his :(
- he’ll get fussy if you’re ticklish though so stay still!!
- he won’t ever directly ask to you to pet him :) instead he’ll nudge you and poke you and head butt you until you get the message
- can and will cat nap directly on top of you and will definitely grumble if you wake him
- another biter but in a very different way
- tyun simply uses your arm as a mouthrest in stark contrast to gyu’s full on biting
- his little chompers get tired sometimes and he needs a nice warm cushion so deal with it :’)
- actually i think he might nip you sometimes just for fun
- kitty tyun is actually more playful than he seem, but he loves to play innocent if ever he does pull a little prank on you
- his best practical joke (in his opinion) is tickling your nose with his tail while you’re sleeping so you wake up sneezing :)
- he can barely stifle his laughter pls he really thinks he’s funny
- his pranks are lame but he’s cute about it so laugh with him <3
- tldr; i actually don’t remember u gotta read this one
- PENGUIN!!!!!
- idk if this is an uncommon headcanon but he’s definitely a little penguin
- first and foremost he trails you like a lost chick no matter what :((
- holds onto your sleeves and waddles so closely behind you that you can feel his unnatural warmth radiating off of him :((
- clinging to you always
- keeps the temperature very low solely for the purpose of wearing sweaters indoors and snuggling with you
- if you thought yeonjun was too cljngy you have another thing coming with hueningkai
- he’s always either holding your hand inside his sweater paw, snuggled up on your stomach napping, hugging you tightly as you sit on his lap, or following behind you with your pinky securely intwined with his :(((
- i love clingy!kai can you tell
- he loves when you rub his tummy or play with his freakishly soft hair
- mainly because he loves the way you compliment him </3
- tell him how soft his hair is and how much you love his squishy tummy, he’ll melt on the spot
- your sweet little penguin lives for your praise
- hyuka also loves to speak to you in “penguin” just to make you laugh :)
- “peng!! peng peng peng, peng peng!! peng peng peng!! …. that means i love you in penguin :>”
- and no matter how many times he says it, you’ll still laugh fondly at his adorable half smile and rosy cheeks as he tells you for the millionth time
- “peng peng peng peng!! that means i love you more”
- gets pouty if you don’t feed him like a baby
- sure, hyuka is much bigger than you now but he’s still your baby so you should still take care of him!!
- he gets jealous of hybrids who have pretty ears so often asks you to make ears for him out of his hair and decorate them with pretty ribbons :)
- sorry this is getting too damn long i need to end it here
- tldr; i love hybrid!txt
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