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mysteryg1rl1 · 2 days
just a reminder that if youre trying to bring success into your life u dont have to generate a specific successful moment like winning an award/being congratulated or something like that esp bc that doesnt feel natural to alot of people.
Feeling successful can just be moments where your whole family is in one place together and everyone is having a good time and everything is just okay. success can feel like being with your lover and exploring together and getting lost in the city cute little moments like that. success can feel like being out in a club and dancing and having the time of your life and just feeling lucky to be having so much fun surrounded by friends. tuning into the feeling of success is all about what excites you and whatever makes you feel content and relaxed in life. so if your imagining success/being accomplished as your goal imagine moments that excite you, because your inner self already knows that if you had *insert fun, peaceful scenario* you would be proud of yourself, and you would be succeeding in life.
so if your imagining playing with your siblings in the summer streets just enjoying life in the 4d reality and in the 3d yall live 300,000 km apart, your subconscious automatically knows youre in a good place, bc when youve succeeded in life your gonna be having all these good moments your gonna be living your best life and your gonna be proud of yourself and let yourself relax bc you deserve it.
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reverieaa · 2 days
When you said "you desire yourself and the truth of your manifestation, not the actual object itself." What do you mean by the truth of you manifestation ?
The truth as in the claim. You don't actually want the materilstic thing, but the claim that you have it. Do you think ppl want the physical version of money? It's just paper, but they want the feeling of security and freedom is brings them. How truthfull that is to you is important bc what you see as truth is what manifests. That's why ppl will spend years visualizing and affirming their dream life amd still experience lack, bc they are not focused on how truthfull their own claims are to themselves.
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iivenusii · 1 day
Tips if you feel “stuck”
Tumblr media
1. Take a leap of faith. Let yourself believe the wonderful things you want believe about yourself. Allow yourself to feel good. With brazen imprudence, dare to assume that your desires are yours, dare to recognise imagination as the only reality.
2. Relax. You do not have to feel good 24/7. It is so healthy to have different emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Remember you are GOD simply passing through a state, and your thoughts and emotions are not who you are!
Take it easy, creation is finished. All the possible riches and beauties of the world are already at your fingertips, at YOUR command and attention. Simply knowing it is done is more than enough.  
3. Fulfil within. Prioritise your inner world, and say “yes” to every desire. You don’t have to change a single thing outside of yourself, because you are the source. Imagination is your playground, go straight to the end and spoil yourself with your wildest dreams. 
4. Experiment. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with manifesting! Find out what works for you. You absolutely do not have to do what bloggers do. The key is what makes you feel good. Take time to understand the law and apply. 
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rosellesworkshop · 20 hours
(this was requested so, here it is anon :)
Best blogs for:
Void state:
@rosellesworkshop (hehe)
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When you make a choice, you change the future.
Deepak Chopra
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venstark · 2 days
༉‧₊˚🕯️🖤❀༉‧₊˚ It’s normal for me to not struggle to get what i want. It’s normal for me to only experience the good in life. I don’t conform to people repeatedly saying that “good things don’t last forever” because yes it fucking does! I’m safe and protected and my desires are with me forever. I never go through hardships because I’m privileged and lucky— it’s always been that way and that’s what i’ve always known. What i say goes, because i’m in charge of what happens in my life. I take control in every aspect of my life. I’m confident in the fact that things are always working out for me. I trust myself and my power to manifest things instantly and out of thin air. I always win and I don’t know what failure feels like. I’m surrounded by a supportive community and i’m always in a safe space, that’s just how it is for me. My desires arrive before a doubt could even arise. Actually— i’ve never even doubted myself because i’m just that powerful! I’m never affected by shit other people say because why the hell would i when i know my worth and what I’m capable of? People literally love me and they look up to me. They treat me as if i’m a blessing on earth and i am. I am meant for bigger things in life, it’s my destiny. I am meant for more and i’m not afraid to admit it out loud. I’m meant to be successful no matter what. I’m not ashamed of my desires and dreams. I’m not afraid of anything because i know everything is going according as i’ve intended it to. Isn’t it fucking amazing to be me? Isn’t it just wonderful how i’m living a perfect life? I’m so grateful to be me, living a life filled with miracles and i just never get tired of it. I sleep soundly knowing that i have everything that i want. I wake up refreshed and excited to go out my day. My life is really exciting and it feels like heaven! Everything that happens in my life goes as i’ve expected it to— filled with perfection, and happiness. I will always be in this state, i am permanently in this state because i fucking deserve it. I deserve great things and i know it in my heart and soul. All of my wishes are fulfilled— end of conversation. ・:*:。・:*:��゚✧*。
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glitzreya · 2 days
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affirmations to manifest instantly 💗✨
• my subconscious mind has always been able to give me whatever I want
• I have all the ability to shape my reality
• time and time again I always get what I want
• it is a fact that everything plays out into my favor
• things are always moving in my favor!!
• I have all the power to shape my reality
• any intentional desire I have is always drawn to me
• I have my desire already? Yeah, I know.
• this reality is mine
• I can manifest as easy as breathing
• the second I decide I want something I have it
• my subconscious loves to give me my desires
• I can change any part of my reality in a millisecond
• every part of my reality follows my commands
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nonbinarydeity · 10 hours
Big success story!!!
TW!! mentions of abuse
So some backstory. When I was about 11-12, my step mother came into my life. She was every "wicked stepmother" trope wrapped into one: extremely harsh punishments, Karen behavior, literally told me she hated me, etc. Lately, I've been wanting to talk with my family more, but she was a big block to that.
Through therapy, I started reflecting on our relationship, and started to change my assumptions about her character. When I tell you HER WHOLE PERSONALITY CHANGED, I mean it. She became an entirely different person over the span of a month or so, all from me changing the way I thought about her!!
The big success recently!!
So we were talking about the past, and out of nowhere she went, "in sorry I was such a horrible person" ⁉️⁉️⁉️ The funniest thing was, I was literally manifesting for her to apologize, but I didn't even realize it had happened at first!? Like I started to say something and then I just stopped in my tracks because, oh my gosh, she just apologized, exactly the way I wanted her to!!!
Suffice to say, our relationship has improved drastically recently, and I'm really glad that I can talk to my family again without feeling like I'm treading on nails 🥰
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fleurlx · 3 days
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violetvibrations · 2 days
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onehundredwishesss · 3 days
I'm so happy and grateful for all the good days and the good things that happened to me. I'm so grateful to go out and to come home safely. I'm so grateful for the calm days.
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reverieaa · 1 day
GIRL YOUR POST GAVE ME SUCH A MIND FUCK!!! I have been processing for hours.
It literally changed everything i believed it.
So basically, for those who may be still confused: I dont feel my current circunstances to be so "real" because its what the 3d shows up, NO! they are real because I accept them that way IN MY MIND. But i get to choose whats real or not regardless of whats showing up in front me. Thats genius! Your best post yet, i love this blog omg bless u ♡
Thank you sm you're an angel <3 and yes exactly, that's why I said in that post I don't worry or wonder how real everything is bc the point is that it's not, are you supposed to feel it real or is the 3D supposed to feel it real? You bring meaning to it bc everything is an illusion, ppl think of their desires in terms of physical things and that's the hole many fall blindly in. Remove the definition of "real" in your dictionary being the 3D world, you never actually react to anything outside of your mind.
Ik my most recent post can be confusing for some but I'm glad you understand exactly what I'm saying and I hope you all do too with time <3.
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midnightbish · 6 hours
So I was thinking... the void state is us, right? So this "power" of void is with us all the time, so it's completely possible to manifest instantly or wake up with our desires!! Even without actually entering the Void State... Maybe making an "I'm going to wake up with..." list or just saturate the mind/live at the end and intend to wake up to it all? I don't know why but when it comes to manifesting physical changes I like the idea of ​​"waking up with" better
yess love! exactly so. it's all within you- which is why us bloggers keep saying that void isn't the only way to manifest instantly. waking up with your desires is also most definitely possible! ♡
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rosellesworkshop · 16 hours
fun facts about harry potter/hogwarts (based off my shifting experience)
draco's hands are actually warm and he plays with his rings when he gets nervous
hermione is addicted to studying (i've never seen someone study so much) but yeah shes sweet
harry cares SO much about people like literally so much (its really comforting tho)
cedric will cheat on you (you should script he doesn't cheat if he's your s.o)
fred is the hotter twin, hes also more outgoing and flirty (sorry george)
luna and hermione are really very different
hogwarts food is delish (but they rarely have any asian food)
hogsmeade is literally a dream (esp in christmas)
the yule ball was AMAZING (the music choice was weird tho)
daphne is a bitch (sorry, not sorry- she literally tried everything to ruin my life)
let me know if yall want some shifting stories or a pt2? <3
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I am now receiving all that I've asked for.
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