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genderqueerdykes · 2 days
queer people are allowed to have multiple queer identities, even if you think that any of them "contradict" each other. queer people do not have to pick just one letter of the LGBTQIA+ acronym. we are not stuck with a singular choice, we can have as many, or as few, as we want. i've never understand people who say 'you cant be x because you're y' because this is the queer (meaning 'strange'!) community, we're supposed to accept everyone, especially the people with identities you've never heard of before and multiples of them, you can't suddenly start forcing people into 1 box and 1 box only. that's not the point. let people experience. let people express.
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sagasolejma · 13 hours
Happy 6-month HRTnniversary to this lil weirdo!🏳️‍⚧️
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To celebrate it, and also to celebrate my follower count reaching literally 4 times the amount of people my home town has (which isn't saying a lot cause it's a really small town, but still wtf you guys) I'm posting this EXTREMELY rare and exclusive picture of me smiling!
(holy shit balls you probably didn't even know I could do that!!!!)
I kinda hate this pic cause I don't really like my faciular area, and I look like a blobby mess but oh well, that's what I look like sometimes and I wanna show y'all that side of me too :3
Thank you to all my mutuals and followers on here who constantly support me and put up with my never-ending bullshit, I love y'all and I don't know what I would do without you💚💚💚
(seriously, y'all mean the world to me)
Now I'm gonna be a bit sappy here and tag some people, not really because I want them to see this or because I want them to interact with my silly little post, but because they're all amazing and have given me friendships and a community I never thought I would have, they're all amazing people and I want them to know who they are <3
In no particular order: @shakukon-to @crowned-lozar @shequotesherself @theprofmoth @whalesharkcat @godless-of-the-hunt @jessica-1103 @crowmance @coelii @lilithtransrights @anarqueeen @glowingemberz @girlthingnova @twiggybeing @pacificglovebox @subsequentlysilly @crystalline-fox-girl @something345
(if you aren't on this list please don't think I dislike you, maybe we just haven't talked a lot or I forgot)
BONUS: extremely silly and cringe picture from when I was like, 1 month on HRT xP
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Have a nice day everyone, remember I love you <3
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chrissy-kaos · 2 days
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Now accepting bf applications.. 😬
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psychiatricwarfare · 2 days
i havent seen anyone mention this so im gonna say it here-
staff is nuking a bunch of trans people's blogs, primarily run by trans fems, literally during PRIDE MONTH
i dont know about you guys, but this definitely feels like a directed attack that suddenly multiple blogs run by trans people have been shut down since the start of june. i know tumblr never stopped nuking trans blogs even after the hammer car explosion incident, but this is a whole other level of sickening when our trans siblings are being kicked out in droves during pride month on the 'queerest place on the internet'
the majority of the blogs being targeted are run by trans women and trans fems, the trans men & mascs ive personally seen disappear were also very vocal about their support for trans women & fems so its pretty clear that this is a transmisogynistic attack
this can no longer be ruled as an accident or an oversight or an issue with the software by the staff, this is a hate campaign to drive our sisters and those of us who stand with them off of tumblr, which, despite literally all of this, is still the safest place a lot of us have on the internet (due entirely to the userbase, staff hasnt exactly made this place a welcome and friendly place to trans women)
theyre nuking our blogs during pride month, they KNOW there's no way we wouldn't notice. this has to be calculated, i honestly can not believe that this spike in banning trans people happening at the start of pride month is a coincidence
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tsalexisandrews · 23 hours
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Blue angel!
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jamie-elbowz · 1 day
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lewderis · 3 days
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Want to see me masturbating and cumming? Uncensored gock? Check out my 0F, free trial for the first few subs!
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lotia · 2 days
Btw the Transmasc and overall tme reactionary hatred of transfems partially stems from a deep misunderstanding of transfem sisterhood as a means of survival. Theres definitely envy of a tight knit unconditionally loving community of trans women but theres a lack of understanding that that harm perpetuated against transfems is what results in this close community and it’s not so much aspirational (though the love between transfems is beautiful and community building itself should be something we all aspire to) as it is a girls only safety netting and I think we should all sit with that a bit
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catgam · 15 hours
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$gamsleep <- estrogen/dental (snapchat $10)
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I am not a “female man.” I’m going to need both trans and cis people to stop referring to trans men as “female men” and need to stop referring to trans women as “male women.” Sex is not immutable and it CAN be changed.
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genderqueerdykes · 7 hours
happy pride to you if you use a label like transsexual or transvestite primarily or as your only identity. these terms are awesome- they were 2 of the earliest terms coined for our community and they have a long history of still being used. many older trans people use these terms as their only identities. the usage of transgender was popularized heavily in the 1990's. i identify as a transsexual person, not a transgender one. i'm also a transvestite at times depending on my presentation. that is why my "trans" means. shoutout to you if you're in this umbrella with me, happy pride other transsexuals and transvestites!
here is a zine i've written about identifying as transsexual! it's free when you follow this link! (:
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sagasolejma · 2 days
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Damn I'm beginning to look pretty hot from behind~
Feel like I'm giving "your friend's hot older sister you had a crush on in 2009" vibes (⁠.⁠ ⁠❛⁠ ⁠ᴗ⁠ ⁠❛⁠.⁠)
The usual heretics:
@shakukon-to @whalesharkcat @theprofmoth @godless-of-the-hunt @subsequentlysilly @crystalline-fox-girl @jessica-1103 @definitelynormalbehaviour @aetherborn-witch
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chrissy-kaos · 24 hours
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Honestly, I don't know what to think now
I know I'm not the best to be around
Wanna die, put me in a coffin
Pop 20 pills, hope nobody stops it
When I die don't act like it's shocking
Gave you all the signs now I'm done talking
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They like... 65% of the way there
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tsalexisandrews · 22 hours
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All the cool people are checking out my OF page- don't miss out!🩷
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