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All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (Laura Poitras, 2022)
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philosophybits · 2 days
Of all the things that are beyond my power, I value nothing more highly than to be allowed the honor of entering into bonds of friendship with people who sincerely love truth.
Baruch Spinoza, "Correspondence, 146, Letter xix"
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elitadream · 6 hours
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Based on a short scene written by @bacidipesca as a personal take and follow-up to one of my earlier concepts. It’s so good, I think I honestly like it more than the version I was planning to post. 💝
Here’s the link. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go read it again. ;_;
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tsukii0002 · 1 day
Imagine that, in an attempt to befriend, Mc gets Mephisto to show them his horses. And this day coincides with the arrival of a new filly at the stables, a beautiful black demon mare with wavy mane and red eyes. She reminded Mc of Lucifer in some way.
Mephisto tries to ride the mare, to begin to tame her, but she turns out to be super surly and wild. And after many attempts the noble demon gives up, frustrated. But then Mc approaches her and the mare starts sniffing them and being affectionate with them.
In his amazement Mephisto tries again, but with him the mare is a beast. While with Mc the monstrous horse is a sweetheart. So finally, Mephisto decides to make Mc the owner of the new mare (as long as he has her in his stable because you know, rich people).
And so the friendship of these two grew stronger, because Mephisto discovered that Mc loved the mare and horses in general, loved learning things from him, discovered that they were not as nasty as he thought.
Mind you, the mare was never gentle with him.
Mephisto: Your mare hates me!!
Mc: Oh don't say that, Blodymary is a sweetheart.
Mephisto: She is NOT.
Mc: *whispering* So she is like Lucifer after all...
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lovelacefc7723 · 2 days
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It all started with Tobin Heath and Alyssa Naeher when they were 13. First dreams, first steps, graduation from college in the same year. They basically live the journey side by side. But they never play for the same club team.
Enters Christen Press. In NWSL she shares some of the most important years in Chicago with Alyssa. Despite the dark and toxic environment within the Red Stars, their bond is special.
And in the meantime, Tobin and Christen build a Life together.
In the USWNT, all of them work for a Dream. And it's like the three of them try to be around each other every time they can. They train together, they share moments, Alyssa talks with Christen's dad and Tobin's sister after the games, sometimes it seems like she's always there to witness of Tobin & Christen's stolen moments. But that's because they really can't leave her alone!
And in this time, they win, everything. World Cup and Olympic Medals, legal battles and equality fights. Life inevitably keeps them apart at some point, Alyssa stays in Chicago, T&C go to Europe, USWNT isn't anymore what It used to.
But this kind of friendship always wins over challenges of time.
Here we are in 2023. Alyssa, who doesn't hug people very often, goes to greet and hug Christen and the first thing Christen does is pointing to Tobin in the stands.
They find each other again and it seems like nothing changed.
And that's why Football truly is the best storyteller of the world.
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Reason to Live #9177
When your friends show you something that reminded them of you. – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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what-iz-life · 7 hours
The real flex is teaching your boundaries to be stronger than your soft heart. Being kind but taking no shit is self-care.
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freer-thoughts · 2 days
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k-wame · 2 days
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Sergio Guizé as Ariel & Gabriel Braga Nunes as Percy Verdades Secretas II (Hidden Truths) · (2021)
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unknowndanish-blog · 3 days
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I will never get tired of this, nope, not possible.
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transenbyconfessions · 14 hours
How do people find trans (or trans ally) friends online? Places where I used to hang out don't allow mentioning queer stuff anymore. I'm kinda lonely rn :(
Submitted May 25, 2023
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askarsjustsoswedish · 16 hours
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Happy Birthday @henricavyll Feliz cumpleaños Nancy!!! Wishing you a very happy fun birthday, and wonderful year to come. We have been friends for so many years, (I don’t want to count them, lol), and I treasure our friendship. Soy muy afortunada por tener a una amiga tan maravillosa como tú!!! Te quiero mucho! Enorme abrazos y besos! Suzi  🤗😘🎁🎂🎈🤗😘💚
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nellysview · 1 day
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Me taking pictures all the time of that one friend because their so beautiful.
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I can't say I'm loving Loveless, tbh, a lot of things in it annoyed me, but this passage is spot on. I always disliked the expression "just friends", as if romance will always be one step above friendship. In an amatonormative world, that's how it's perceived, but it really shouldn't.
Platonic and romantic relationships are different things, no need to grade them.
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saintsebastiensbf · 6 hours
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Herbert Mason, Gilgamesh : A Verse Narrative
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