#and he's willing to throw all of that away and leave everything behind without even thinking about it if it's for Odasaku”
callsignmeiga · 5 months
Home | Jake "Hangman" Seresin
Tumblr media
A/N: Thanks to @bibissparkles for requesting this! Sorry for the delay, I've been bussy lately. I'm not really sure i like the final result but here it is so enjoy it!
A/N 2: Also i'm sorry for all the random things i just throw out there as 'your favorite things' if you don't like those things, just imagine your own answer <3
Warnings: fluff, mentions of alcohol, nothing more i think?
Tumblr media
Hangman met Jackpot at the academy. Jackpot (call sign given by the rest because if they wanted an easy win at poker, they just needed to go against you. You really sucked at the game) was a good girl, better pilot and one of those sunshine people you want to surround yourself with. He didn't think it was necessary for him to brag around you. You didn't care who was better. And that was something new in Jake's life.  
His family was full of veterans. They were expecting him to be the best everywhere he went. To finally found someone who was willing to ignore his rank, his medals and his skills... It was a relief.  
He could be him, for once. And even though that was exciting, to finally be able to express himself and show his true colors was something scary if you have never done it before.  
Luckily to Hangman, you were the nicest, kindest, warmest soul to ever cross paths with him. He allowed his heart to do as he pleased. And his heart did the most unthinkable thing: it fell in love you. Jake had never thought it was possible to love someone as much as he loved you, but he did. It was a love that kept him awake at nights, that made him search for you whenever he entered a room. It made him learn everything about you: favorite songs and movies, books that you loved, how did you have your coffee in the morning and what were your favorite snacks so he could always have some around in case you got hungry. It made him put you behind his body whenever a creepy guy approached you, even though he knew that you were capable of defending yourself. He just wanted to make sure you were okay. He just wanted to make sure that you were happy.  
And because of that, Jake Seresin could never allow himself to confess his feelings. He was scared that you only saw in him a friend. He couldn’t even imagine a world without you in his life. So... he kept his feelings hidden from the world.  
For him, you were like some kind of forbidden fruit that he could never get. The hugs became longer. His hands were always attached to some part of your body, normally hips or the small of your back. He would whisper silly things on your ear to make you laugh. At that point, everyone thought you two were dating.  
And at some point, you wanted those rumors to be true. When you two became close, you thought he was way out of your league. That man could pull any girl and you knew he wasn’t interested in you. He just wanted a good friend. And that’s what you became for him.  
However, the way he treated you, how sweet and caring he was, how he always seemed so interested and whatever you had to say, even though if you were just babbling about the last chapter of your favorite Netflix show... it made you fall for him. But you knew that your feelings were one sided and you had to keep them to yourself.  
When the academy program ended, however, each one of you had to return to their own base. That meant that you had to say goodbye to Hangman. It hurt, though, having to leave someone that had become such an important part of your life in so little time. You cried; he laughed a little trying not to cry too and after a long hug that felt like it would be the last, each one walked away.  
After that, you two kept in contact through text, calls and face time if you two had the time for it. But sometimes it is complicated to keep a long-distance friendship. You two worked, got deployed, signal was a nightmare and, eventually, you two talked less and less.  
Now you texted once a week if you were lucky.  
You got an offer to be an instructor at Top Gun. You accepted immediately, and got there in time to learn that some of your old friends were back, and in the middle of a difficult mission in some carrier in the middle of the ocean. You hoped for them to be okay and come back safely.  
A few days later, you are at the bar with Penny when you hear the voice that followed you in dreams, the one that you had almost forgotten.  
“Oh, c’mon Rooster, I saved you ass I shouldn’t be paying any drink tonight” you hear him say, walking straight to the pool table.  
“You’re not gonna let that go” retorts Rooster with a tired voice.  
You watch him intently. He hasn’t changed a bit. Well, his smile is less cocky and more genuine. He seems to be doing well with his team, sharing jokes and playing around. You smile. You are so glad that he’s able to be his own persona and not the arrogant douchebag he was all those years ago.  
You grab your beer and get close to the team. “Care if an old friend joins in?” you say out loud for all of them to hear.  
Phoenix is the first one to realize that you are really here. She hugs you really tight and calls the rest of the team to make some introductions, as you don’t know all of them. Rooster also hugs you, even Coyote. Hangman, however, remains behind the rest, looking quietly at you.  
“You know I don’t bite, right?” you joke, looking at him.  
“It’s just... weird. You’re here.” he admits, walking closer and stopping right in front of you. You thought he was going to hug you, but he doesn’t.  
“You didn’t know she was coming? I thought you were best friends” questions Rooster looking at the both of you.  
“Let’s say we really suck at being long-distance friends” says Jake, not once moving his eyes from yours.  
“...you’re really thinking that I'm going to disappear”  
“At any given moment” he whispers, his voice trembling a little.  
“Come here, you big boy” you laugh, hugging him and patting his back. He puts his arms around your waist, bringing you closer. Your heart beats faster, like you were back at the academy again, secretly in love with a cowboy.  
“I missed you” he mumbles close to your ear.  
“I missed you too”  
You spent hours with them talking, bringing up memories from the academy days. Some of them remember how Hangman and you were always together. Joined by the hip. It seemed that you were the only person who didn't had to suffer from Jake's cockiness. Every single story about Hangman they had to share with the new members of the group had you in it. You were always there for him.  
“I bet he still remembers a lot of things about Jackpot” says Phoenix while elbowing Hangman. 
“Try me” he simply responds.  
“Okay. I’ll make the questions” says the brunette, leaving his beer on the pool table. “Favorite ice cream”  
“Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough”  
“Favorite book”  
“Pride and Prejudice”  
“Favorite color”  
“Favorite song”  
“At Last by Etta James” 
“Wait, you still remember that?” you ask him, really impressed by all those trivial things he seems to remember about you. 
“Honey, I always had that song in my phone so we could listen it together” he says, smiling.  
You smile shyly, sipping from your drink. The rest of them keep talking, you and Hangman look at each other, his hand softly caressing your arm until his fingers intertwin with yours. It’s like you are in your own bubble, leaving the world outside and just relishing each other’s presence. You don’t even talk. There’s no need for words, just need for contact. Skin to skin. Knowing that you’re still there.  
“Bag man, can you admit that you’re in love with her already so we don’t have to see you two being all lovey-dovey in front of all of us, single people of the world” whines Rooster.  
“He’s not in love with me, Rooster. I’m his friend” you explain, letting go of Hangman’s hand.  
“Are you sure?” says Hangman, making your heart skip a beat.  
“About you not loving me? Well, I think that I would know if you were to have such feelings for me”  
"It took me being years separated from you and put randomly in a room with you again to know"  
"Know what?"  
"You're my home, y/n. You've always been. All the time I spent away from you; something was missing in my life. I forced myself to stop texting you so often. I always asked you the same questions: ‘how are you’, ‘how’s work’, ‘how’s your family’... and I was scared you thought I was annoying when all I wanted was to know how were you.” he confesses, talking fast and with a lot of emotion in his voice.  
“I had to keep you as my friend because I didn’t want to risk everything and lose you if I confessed my feelings and you didn’t feel the same”  
“You wouldn’t have lost anything, Jake” you reveal to everyone. “I never said anything because I thought you were out of my league and you would never date someone like me”  
“Sweetheart, all I've ever wanted it’s to date someone like you” he smiles coyly.  
“Can you just kiss already” says Bob, tired of all your conversation and lack of action.  
Jake laughs and shakes his head while reaching for your hand. You grab him by the collar of his shirt and pull him down to kiss him. You can feel his smile against your lips.  
“I guess he just hit the Jackpot” says Fanboy.  
You pull away from Jake to look at him, the rest of the group doing the same. “Way to ruin the moment, Garcia” you say, going to the bar to ask for some new beers for you and your best friend. Well, boyfriend now.  
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Wrangled and Tangled
Sasuga stood by the sink washing the last of the dishes from tonights meal. She smiled softly to herself as her tail flicked behind her, happy about the sets of cups and plates she had picked out, feeling domesticated and settled looking over the two sets of dishes her and her lover had shared, something about them in the drying rack felt almost romantic to her. But maybe it was just the way the sunset was showing so pink and purple over the water that was making her feel that way, the cool summer breeze blowing in from the open Lanai. She hummed to herself a little as she dried her hand and reached for the first plate, ready to dry them herself, when the dish cloth was plucked out of her hands swiftly.
“Let me take care of that.” Simon said perching himself onto the counter and starting to dry one of their plates.
“All the left overs put away?” she asked leaning against the counters and bringing her wine to her lips.
“Most of them.” he said with a nod. “Except for the second helping I couldn’t resist, which is now residing in my stomach.”  
She laughed lightly, brushing her hair back behind her ear “Well I’m glad you enjoyed it.” She said with a nod, moving to cozy up to him just a little bit, her eyes full of warmth, and maybe a bit of mischief. “Maybe we can enjoy some other things when you’re done putting those dishes away.” She said with a curl to her lips.
Simon returned the smile and took a moment to lean down to kiss her easily, drawing back with a little hum. “I can think of some things for sure.” He added. “But before we get too distracted.” He placed the clean plate down on the counter and reached into his pocket, pulling out a small ring box and placing it on the counter next to her hand. “Happy Anniversary.”
Sasuga froze at the sight of the small velvet box and her large eyes went wide, slowly looking up into Simon’s face, searching for the meaning.
Simon at once realizing what she might have thought smiled and blushed. “I know we’ve talked about it, but this is just a promise ring.”  Sasuga let go of the breath she was holding with some relief. He picked the box up and opened it. “See?” inside was a thing gold band with a small rose quartz crystal cut into the shape of a heart that side horizontal to the finger. He reached for her left hand and slid it on to her ring finger kissing it into place. “I love you Sasuga, I know that this might not be perfect, but I wanted you to know how much you mean to me.” Sasuga looked to the ring on her finger, feeling tears pull at the corner of her eyes. He hopped down from the counter “Oh no….is it too much? I know we said we weren’t going to do anything, that dinner was enough but-“
She shook her head “Don’t be stupid.” She said choking back her emotions. “I love it. I love you….Thank you.” She looked at the ring again before reaching up to tug on one of his horns pulling him down into a kiss. “Forget the dishes….come on.” She said, her tail already snaking up around his waist to guide him toward their bedroom.
Coyote woke up with a start, staring up into the dark ceiling above him. He contemplated for a moment what that dream could have meant, and his jaw tightened in his face. Did Sasuga sleep with Simon while he was away, it was the only rule he had given. Or maybe that had made the whole thing more enticing for the two of them. Still, why would Sasuga end up with Simon, he had the feeling he was absent, that house not looking familiar to him in the slightest. He closed his eyes again, almost willing it to come back to him, but some of the finer details were already fading from his memory, and all he remembered was the way the pair looked longingly at each other before they kissed. He gave a little growl and pushed himself up quickly to throw on some jeans and a shirt.
“Coyote?” Shishi asked lifting his head from where he was curled up on one of the pillows. “Where are you going?” he asked rubbing one of his eyes sleepily.
“I’m heading back to the Makai” he told Shishi as he pulled his shirt down over his torso.
The imp eyed the view appreciatively before his senses snapped back to him. “Should I be worried?” he asked knowing of Coyote’s sometimes prophetic dreams, and he wondered if he had some type of vision of Sasuga’s fights. “Do you want me to come with you?”
Coyote shook his head. “No. No. It’s nothing like that it’s….” only he wasn’t entirely sure he could begin to really understand it himself. He shook his head “Sasuga’s fine. I just need to see her. I only had that one other show at the end of the week anyway, stay here, I’ll go tell Russell to pack everything up and head on home. You’ll be fine finding a flight right? I mean, stay the night, don’t leave on my account.”
Shishi laughed “Oh it was that kind of dream was it?” he grinned. “Okay, Well, tell her I said hello and get back safely.” He said as he yawned and laid back down to sleep. “I’m sure Kurama and Gatlin will be happy to have me home, if they haven’t torn each other apart yet…”
Coyote slapped on his cowboy hat and grabbed a jacket though he felt his skin burning. “And you remember what we said about this right?” he asked as he headed toward the door.
“My lips are sealed.” Shishi murmured. “Not a word to anyone”
“Especially to Sasuga.” He confirmed hand on the door.
“Especially Sasuga.” Shishi promised “She’d probably be more upset with me than you anyway” and waved him off.
Coyote found himself easily at his ring manager’s trailer, pounding on the door. He felt bad to be waking Russell up like this but he knew he couldn’t just disappear in the middle of the night and leave Shishi to explain for  him, things looked weird enough having him around. Russell answered the door, looking as if he was still blinking back sleep. “Coyote, everything alright?” he asked looking around.
“No…Um no, there was a fire back at the ranch.” He said lying on his feet. Thinking easily of the fire at Thom’s he could use as a cover even if the time line wouldn’t match up. He figured it would never get back to Russell anyways. The manager looked concerned. “It’s nothing big, a small one thank god, no one hurt, but I really should get out there, I know we only have the exhibit at the end of the week so I was just going to head home now. Would that be too much of a pain for ya’ll to handle?”
Russell cleared the sleep from his eyes with his hand “Yeah, yeah I can handle it no problem. Take care, hope it’s as small as you say.” He said and headed back to his bed.
Coyote made one more stop, saying farewell to Poncho in his trailer, before he headed towards the nearest portal in the woods, which was still pretty far, and Coyote had to be careful no one saw him as he slipped into the woods and transformed, having to sprint as fast as he could to reach the portal before daylight. He was glad he had the foresight to try and keep his motorcycle as close to him as possible, as the only other way he could have gotten there was to fly back home and then race to her, and he wasn’t sure he could stand being on a plane the way he was feeling.  All cooped up without being able to run or move, or do anything. It would have been torture, not like the past few weeks hadn’t been. The time away from Sasuga had been harder than he’d like to admit, and he already knew he would never plan on being away from her like this again. All the time away from her he had felt like pulling his skin off. He had helped Thom around her house before he left, and at the rodeo he did more of the manual work than anyone really wanted him to. He ran Poncho as often as he felt he could without causing the poor animal too much strain, and then would run laps as fast as he could as long as he could well into the night. But it was never enough, the women that tried to greet him as soon as he stepped out of the rodeo corral still enticed him to the point he had to nearly run back to his RV. All that hair, perfume, and how the hell where they making such good bras now adays? Though he was sure that some of breasts out there weren’t only held up by a bra but maybe some type of surgery, that didn’t sway him away any. Then the fact that in some of the more populous areas there were actual demon women in the crowds, and those he really had to avoid. He was sure they’d sense something about him, and he was doing his best to be incognito. Luckily his prior years of fooling around with plenty of the women at these things rarely had any of his crew spotting him being social, so now that he was hiding out on his own it went unnoticed. Coyote tried to run himself ragged, exercise, the rodeo, his variety of plants and a few sex toys paired unironically with the body pillow he had snuck on board, none of it had done the exact trick. Which had then led him to call Shishi. It had been a long shot, but it didn’t take much convincing getting him to come out to see him in secret, even if he was a bit miffed at having to mostly stay hidden at the events. Coyote let him have the pass into where the wives or girlfriend’s normally sat, and he posed in his refinery during the events when it fancied him. It had helped tire him out, but he still hadn’t been getting enoug
He thought he could remain out here for the full month, and they had gotten so close, it was almost silly to run now. But after the dream with her and Simon he just couldn’t deny the ache he felt for his mate any longer and he had to find his way back to her. Dawn was just about to break as he reached the portal and he wasted no time heading through it and heading towards where he had hidden his bike. He felt like a dog that had gotten a scent, and he wasn’t going to rest until he got to her. **** Four days later still hours from dawn, Coyote stashed the bike behind the hotel, barely taking care to hide it, and stumbled into the lobby. He had all the faith in the world that Sasuga was still in the tournament, and held the most hope that meant she was still in the hotel room that he had the key stashed for. He limped into the lobby where the clerk paled at the site of him. “Sir….” He said rushing around the desk and towards him. “Do you need a medic?” he asked looking him over.
Coyote didn’t waste the energy to speak to him and only shook his head as he stumbled forward before catching his balance again. He knew what he looked like, but wasn’t stopped as it was clear the clerk in his pristine uniform was afraid to touch him at all.
“Is there someone I can call?” he said walking along side him as Coyote shuffled to the elevator, bracing himself against the lobby wall and causing a smear of blood to press into the wall paper.
Coyote considered it for a moment, but shook his head again. If Sasuga was still in the tournament this late in the game there was a chance she was injured as well, and he wanted her to save her strength for fighting. He’d be okay. He just needed a shower, some stitches, and her.
The clerk did not follow him into the elevator, being the main hotel for the tournament he was surely not the only injured guest they received, and he retreated back to their desk, probably to call for maintenance to clean up whatever other mess Coyote had left behind him. He leaned against the wall as it started it’s ascension toward the upper floors, again leaving a smear of dirt and blood where his shoulder braced himself. A few droplets of blood dripping from somewhere onto the floor. It seemed to take forever for the elevator to reach it’s destination, the doors pausing once as a couple was about to get on, but after seeing him let him go on without a question. Coyote almost passed out, unsure if it was from blood loss or exhaustion, but the dinging and wooshing of the doors riled him, and he staggered out into the hallway. Knowing he was so close to Sasuga spurred him on, and he was relieved to find that the card key still worked. He let himself into the hotel room, finding it dark and quiet and he did his best to move with stealth into the bathroom. He passed the bed and spotted Sasuga sleeping peacefully by herself, he was grateful for this because with the rage that was still somewhat in his veins if he had found Simon with her he might have taken a regrettable action. In that moment iat took everything in him to not simply cover her with himself, though with how dirty he was he knew it would only concern her more. There was blood in his mouth and under his fingernails, matting his hair down and sticking to his hat. Better to clean himself up first, and he shut the bathroom door behind him before turning on the light.
He did his best not to look at himself in the mirror, but finding it a necessity to assess some of the damage. If he had made it this far like this it couldn’t have been too bad. Still he was in rough shape. Not only was his face cut, bruised, and swollen, but he had also lost enough weight that he appeared gaunt under the torn and dirty clothes he wore. He slowly undressed, assessing each wound, fresh bruises forming on top of old ones, some cuts that were still bleeding every time he moved, gashes that would no doubt need to be closed up. He hissed as some of the clothing stuck to him where blood had dried, let his effects fall to the floor, his gun empty and tucked back in his holster, and stepped into the shower letting the water strike at his feet until it was warm enough to step into. He braced himself against the wall, letting it flow over his hair and down his back, feeling the sense of relief start to fill him as well. He had made it, he was close to resting, and he was close to his mate, that was all he could ask for right now.
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enchantinglyjade · 6 months
Milk & Honey - Ch. 23
Austin!Elvis x Black!OC
Tumblr media
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Summary: Elvis is trying to come to terms with Honey dating again. Honey isn't too fond of it herself
Warning: NSFW 18+ mild sexual activity, dirty talk, swearing, flirting
Song: Do You Love Me - The Contours
-Elvis POV-
God damn, this woman is driving me crazy. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. I see her everywhere, in everything. I can’t go one minute without thinkin of her and that blonde curly hair. Being near her felt like a little glimpse of heaven, even when she’s mad at me. I’d do sinful things to get a taste of that sweetness, especially if it meant escaping this hell for even a second.
I shake her from my thoughts. Gotta knock this shit off, I got a show comin up soon. Can’t be caught distracted now
I stand in front of the mirror while brushing my teeth. As I bend down to spit, I feel a small arm snake around my waist. Marcella reaches her head around my arm to peek at me through the mirror. “My mom’s wondering when we’re gonna be bringing some grandbabies over to visit her.” She whispers, as she begins to untie my robe.
I rinse the toothbrush off, throwing it over onto a nearby towel. “‘Cella, I just got Charles, can we slow down a sec.” I reply calmly, but feel irritated just looking at her.
She huffs, pulling away to put her hands on her hips. “We’ve been married for how long now, Elvis? You have barely made love to me since the day you put this ring on my finger.” She holds up her hand as if I’d need help realizing which ring she was talkin bout.
I clench my jaw, storming out the bathroom. “I told you, I just ain’t really that type.”
She scoffs, following close behind me. “‘Ain’t that type’? Ain’t that something. It’s cause of her! I’m not as stupid as you think I am.” I sit down on the edge of the bed, rubbing my temple with my hand. Everytime this woman speaks I get a headache. “My father already hasn’t taken the news lightly, so I suggest you finally move on from her to not further upset him.” She crosses her arms, stomping towards the door. I raise my head, just as she opens it. She looks back at me over her shoulder, taking a deep exhale before she speaks. “Look, I’m willing to forget about all this, but I did see a little blue shirt in the window of the boutique downstairs, if you wanna make it up to me. It’s the least you can do after everything.” And with that, she slams the door shut.
Lord, how’d I get myself into this mess.
Later in the day, I get the boys over to talk production, Charles in my bedroom watching TV since I apparently had to watch him for Honey’s…evening talk with an old friend. Things go fine, until I leave the room to grab a cola. On my way back from the fridge, I overhear their conversation.
“Damn she sure is a fine woman though.”
“She’s E.P.’s baby mama if you wanna get in between that.”
“You bet I don’t.”
“The hell you two talkin bout?” The boys go quiet, turning around to look at me, watching as I sit down at the desk in the living room scattered with papers and letters. I scoff at their hesitant faces. “She’s more than just a baby mama.”
“Really? And what would that be?”
I gulp down some of my drink, setting it down frustratedly with a loud clunk. “A good friend.”
“You hear that? She’s a ‘good friend’.”
“Oh, I ain’t got no doubts.”
The boys go back and forth, laughing and clearly having no fear of testing my patience today. “Alright, now all’a’ya put a sock in it, and keep her outta your thoughts ‘fore I have to leave a handprint across your faces.” I glare at each of them in the room, but they only snicker at my attempt to warn them.
Jerry dares to speak up. “Elvis, I’ve known you for years and you never mentioned a- what do you call her? Bumble?” He asks over the edge of his glasses.
“Cause I don’t want to. Now, I need you to go to those shops downstairs and buy a blue shirt in the window.” I say, steering the conversation away from her.
He raises an eyebrow. “Just…a blue shirt? What shirt?”
I rest my elbows on the desk, rubbing my temples roughly. “I don’t know, man. Any fuckin blue shirt you see down there.”
He thinks for a moment, before reluctantly standing from his chair and sliding out the door, following the orders I gave him. Now that that conversation is over, let’s move on to some real business-
“Billy, you said you knew her before right? You got any beans to spill on the whole situation?” Red questions.
I clench my jaw, throwing my head over the back of my chair in annoyance.
“Yeah, he was crazy bout her back in the day. Them two was always sneakin ‘round the cops. He’d even go dancing with her.” He snorts out a laugh until he makes eye contact with me, then his face drops. “Sorry, cous’.”
“See, how come we never heard this?” Joe asks.
“Ain’t easy to talk about.” I respond quietly. “Now can we move on from this topic?”
There’s a knock on the door.
George stands since he’s the closest to the entrance. “Yeah, come on guys. Gotta keep quiet before one of Elvis’ girls shows up.” He taunts with a laugh.
My knuckles turn white, gripping the bottle in my hand. “Girl. I have one.” I demand.
He only chuckles, opening the door to reveal Thomas standing behind it. “Hey, E.P.!” He greets, casually stepping in. He’d been stopping by for the past few days. Ran into him while I was out bringing Marcella shopping down the strip. We had already gotten pretty familiar with each other again before Honey reunited with him. Now I don’t even wanna look at him, just Michael all over again. “I was just wondering if you knew where Honey’s suite was. Supposed to be takin her out, you know.”
The boys amusedly turn to watch my reaction to this. I ain’t gonna give them the satisfaction of blowin up, or actin jealous, or anything childish like that. I have Marcella, and they know that. Ain’t nothin going on between Honey and I. If she wants to date, then-
I guess-
Damnit, it ain’t important right now!
“You know Honey too?” Billy buds in.
Please, Billy. Now ain’t the damn time.
But Thomas smiles at his question. “Yeah! We grew up together, Me, E.P., Honey, and Michael. We all lived in the same town, doin our best to impress her. E.P. and Michael was always fightin over her every time they got the chance. We all had a little crush on her, but I wasn’t bout to get in between them two. Whoo! They was bad.” He chuckles, pointing over towards me. “Glad that’s over.”
I scoff with a smile. “Easy to like the only girl in the whole town.” I add, downplaying incredibly.
Just then, the door knob spins, metal creaking as it opens. Little blonde curls peak through. Honey apologetically smiles as she opens the door further to reveal the rest of her. She has on a red dress, fitting tightly over her body, just like the ones I used to buy for her. Her hair is up, some curls falling over her exposed collarbone and breasts.
The boys laugh at my joke from before, but everyone’s smile disappears upon seeing her. My God, she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
“You sure that was the only reason?” My head snaps back over to Thomas, who’s biting his lip  looking at the exact areas of her body I was. 
“What they got growin in Tupelo?” Sonny whispers with his jaw on the floor.
I could slap each one of ‘em silly right about now.
Her heels clank on the marble floors as she walks over to Thomas. “Sorry if I’m interrupting anything.” She says sweetly.
Thomas stands pathetically quickly. “No, not at all. I was just looking for you actually.”
I can’t watch this no more.
-Honey’s POV-
“So, what are you doin out here with E.P. then? You his stage manager or somethin?”
I chuckle, following beside Thomas as we walk down the strip. “No, no. Just visiting. I used to be a singer too actually.”
His eyes widen. “Really?” He says with a big smile. “I’d love to hear you sing sometime.”
I force out a nervous laugh. “Oh, no. I don’t do that no more. Haven’t in a long time.”
He smacks his lips. “Tsk, don’t be that way. Once a singer, always a singer. You know what,” He stops in his place to face me. “I saw the perfect place the other day for you to sing for me.”
I cross my arms with a grin, anxiously excited by his offer. “Oh, I’m singin for you now?” I raise a brow.
He smirks at me. “Yeah, I wanna see what you got.” He tilts his head to the side. “Come on. Let’s go.” He offers his arm out to me and I gladly take it, following in the direction of whatever place he has on his mind.
We arrive at a club filled with song, drink clanking, and chattering. It’s very casual in its looks, yet somehow still refined and skilled, like its inhabitants are laid back with their excellence. I recognize tunes like these, the clothes they wear, the gently calloused fingers. These are actual musicians. 
A few customers turn to watch us enter, eyeing my dress as we walk by. I cross my arms around my body, feeling inexperienced and overdressed, as though I was trying to excel in looks where I likely lacked in talent. Great, another place to feel like I don’t belong.
I follow Thomas to two seats in front of the bar, where he orders drinks for us.
“So, you come by Michael at all?” He asks as the bartender sets our drinks down in front of us.
I raise my eyebrows, taking a sip. “Oh lord, he’s crazy.”
He laughs, slapping a hand down on his thigh and stirring his drink in the other. “Well, sounds like you have a crazy story to tell. What happened?” He stares at me with a soft, flirtatious squint that almost leaves me flustered, but not quite.
“Tried to make me a real singer and take me to Chicago with him cuse he thought I’d make him big money, but when I told him I didn’t wanna leave Memphis he got real mad. He started throwin a hissy fit and everythin. Real jealous type.” I scoff, taking another sip. 
Thomas wide eyes me. “Damn.” Is all he manages to say, causing both of us to laugh. Saying it out loud for the first time made me realize just how ridiculous that time of my life really was. Kinda miss it though, in a weird way.
I sigh, turning in my chair towards him. “Yeah, turns out he had a lot more on his mind when we were kids than he let on. Elvis was there to see it all, even fought him too. Shit, you shoulda seen his face when Michael and I-”
I pause.
In the corner of my view lies the door. In from the door walks a man in an obnoxiously bright suit with his infamous crew of men behind him.
Speak of the fucking devil.
I should have known this asshole would pull anything and everything to stop this date from happening, yet here I am, shocked and unprepared.
He yanks off his sunglasses, grazing the room, landing on me with an annoyingly knowing grin. I glare deeply into his face, hoping it would be enough to steer him away and back out the door, but he just keeps treading forward.
He opens his arms, reaching out to place them on the backs of our stools. “Hey! What’re you doin here? Heard this joint was busy, but had I known you two would be here, I’d gone another night.”
Oh, I’m sure he would have. I’d hiss at him if I could!
Thomas smiles, reaching for a handshake. “Hey. No problem E.P. Think you’ll like some of the cats in here anyway.”
No problem? This is a big problem!
I have no doubt that Elvis will stop at nothing to embarrass me in front of Thomas. It’s all he’d do as kids and he’s only become more of a menace with age.
“Hey.” I whisper through my teeth to him. “Who’s watching-”
“Marcella.” He answers, already knowing.
Oh, I don’t like that woman being near my baby so much. For all I know, she could be filling his head with lies.
A loud howl of a voice echoes through the microphone causing all of us to turn to the stage.
“Woo! That man ain’t singin, he’s sangin!” Thomas exclaims.
Elvis matches in enthusiasm. “You think that’s impressive, you should see Beale after the sun go down. Woowee, now that’s somethin. He got himself a nice 4 piece up there though.” The bartender hands him over a drink and he sips from it with a concentrated smile.
Jerry and the others sit at a table behind us, watchin the stage as Elvis works his torturous ways.
The song comes to a close. As the band exits backstage, a man walks on, dressed nicely in a suit, smiling wide for the crowd. ‘Alright, I’m back, remindin’ you once again that it is amatuer night, so any one of you is welcome to take the stage, whether you’re Aretha Frankin or just wish you were. Nah, I’m just playin. But if you got vocals, come up and show the locals! Ha ha!”
Elvis lets out a devious hum and I instantly know what I’m about to have to do.
“Honey ever tell you she used to sing?”
My heart immediately starts beating faster. I better start picking out a song now while I have the time.
“Yeah, she did. That’s why we came here. Said she’d sing for me.” Thomas looks me up and down in a very flirtatious way.
“Did she now?” Elvis says deeply, looking down at me in my spot. I could have laughed at how upset this whole situation clearly made him, but I’d have to hold it in for now, I have to think quick. He forces a smile on his face. “Well, I think that settles it. Show em what you got, Bumble.” 
I shake my head. “Oh no, I don’t think so.” Oh, I will, but I need to buy more time to think of a perfect song.
Elvis comes close, resting his arm on the bar right in front of my stool. “Go on stage.” He softly commands. “Wanna hear you sing again.” My chest fills with butterflies. Song. What song! I shake my head anxiously, as he grins, waving his arms in the air to get the attention of the man on stage. “Hey! She’ll sing! Right here!” He yells, so the entire audience can turn to look at me.
The man on stage shouts out a ‘woo!’ as he calls me up. I’m gonna be sick. I slide off my chair, but before I can walk towards the front, Elvis grabs my arm. “You’ll be great. You always are.” He whispers. A small chill runs against the sensitive part of my arm. I look down seeing the small silver band wrapped around his finger, cooling my skin. When I look up, I’m met with my two childhood friends, both of which smirking quite lustfully at me. They both think I’m beautiful, and they both know I’m talented. I know a lot more about music than either of them remembered. This fills me with a sense of confidence, all previous thoughts vanishing from my mind. I know a song.
Elvis takes back his hand, leaning against the bar and nodding me towards the stage.
I’ll show him what he walked away from.
The crowd cheers as I walk towards the stage with my head high. I fling my hair over my shoulder, which is contrasting so nicely against the red dress I chose out today. In this moment, I feel more beautiful than I ever did in my 20’s. Maybe it was maturity, maybe it’s because I know Elvis is looking, whatever it is, it has me feeling ready to take on the world. 
The man hands me the mic, but I lower it to speak to the band. I ask them if they knew the song I had in mind. They smile upon hearing the name, causing me to mirror their smile. “Alright, lay me down somethin.” I say into the mic now, facing the crowd. Elvis tips his head to the side in amusement, not expecting me to react this way.
The guitarist begins the first notes of the song. I speak the beginning lyrics, just like the real singer does.
‘You broke my heart
'Cause I couldn't dance
You didn't even want me around’
For a moment, my heart bubbles up with fear seeing how everyone’s eyes are on me, but I easily push it away, knowing that I had what it takes to wow them in the way I always dreamed of doing since I was a little girl.
‘And now I'm back
To let you know
I can really shake 'em down’
There was no time to lose now.
I conjure up all those years of practicing, shouting out the next part just like Michael, the church, and Elvis have tried teaching me to do for years, only just now finally succeeding in doing it right and singing with that power I always strived for.
‘Do you love me?
Now do you love me?
Now that I can dance.’
I parade across the stage doing little dances for the audience members in the front row to enjoy, getting a slight high for their positive reactions, which only helps me continue on.
‘Now tell me baby
Do you like it like this
Tell me
Tell me!
Watch me now, hey!’
I grab the mic stand, twirling my hips in big circles in time with the music, watching carefully over my shoulder at my men of interest. I smile when I see I’ve succeeded in entrancing both of them, and then some. There are a lot more things I can get away with doing now than I could in the 50’s and it’s clearly leaving them speechless.
‘(Work, work)
Ah, shake it up, shake it
(Work, work)
Ah, shake 'em, shake 'em down’
I giggle seductively into the microphone, taking a look in the back to make eye contact with Elvis. His face is in a war, deciding whether to smile in amazement or stare me down for dancing in such a provocative way in front of everyone, which only makes my smile widen further.
I'm working hard baby
Well, you're driving me crazy
And don't you get lazy’
I don’t look back at them for the remaining portion of the song, but when I do, I’m met with the most thrilled pair of eyes. The crowd cheers while I catch my breath, but I can barely hear them over the sound of my beating heart that longed to hear every thought that raced through the mind of one man in particular.
Under the shadows of the club, I catch Thomas mouth an ‘ooo’ with an impressed smile, watching as I walk to them.
“God damn, lil mama. Where the hell’d’you learn all’at?” Elvis asks quietly when I sit back down in front of them.
I shrug. “Just kinda felt it in the moment, I guess.” I giggle, but it fades when I make eye contact with him. The way he was looking at me, Lord, I could pounce on him.
“That was real good, Bumble.” He admits earnestly.
I mutter a quiet thank you, as he sits down at the table next to Billy and Jerry.
“Man, that kid of yours gonna be one hell of a musical genius with a mama like her.” Billy says, patting him on the shoulder.
Thomas eyes Billy with scrunched brows. Suddenly, I feel the need to hold my breath, as if that would stop anything bad from happening. He slowly turns back towards me, still in heavy thought. “Charles…is your baby?” Now he looks at me.
My body stills. “I-uh, I figured you seen the news, was alright with everything.” I’m surprised Elvis didn’t tell him the second he got the chance, he knows information like that could ruin my chances. In fact, why didn’t he tell him?
“You and E.P. had a baby together?” He asks again, just to clarify.
My heart drops. “Yeah. But we aren’t together anymore. Is that…okay…?” It obviously was not okay with him, but I didn’t know what else to say.
His eyes widen. He looks around the club, shaking his head, as if desperately searching for a way out. “Yeah, no- I- Listen, Honey. You’re beautiful and all, but I ain’t lookin to get involved with kids right now. And-”
“No! It’s fine. I’m sorry. I should’ve told you. I’m not mad.”
He makes a reluctant smile at me, but awkwardly stepping off his chair and leaving me there to walk out the front door.
I turn towards the bar, shielding myself away from the rest of the club. A lone tear rolls down my face, but I wipe it away angrily.
God, this is embarrassing. Why am I even crying? I didn’t even really like him, he was just to get back at Elvis. But-...is this how everyone will react? Am I too old to be dating? Will having a kid ruin my chances of finding love again? Will being involved with Elvis make everyone run in fear? Maybe I’m just destined to be alone now. I had one great love affair and that’s all I’ll ever get. I guess most people never even get to experience the love Elvis and I used to have, so I should just be grateful I had it at all.
“You okay, Bumble? Why’d he run off like that?” Elvis asks, taking Thomas’ old chair.
I let out a long, defeated breath. “What do you want?”
“I wanna know that you’re okay.”
I roll my eyes. “Aren’t you happy? Don’t gotta worry about me dating, and you were right, no man even dares to look in my direction, just like you wanted.”
I huff, about to put my old drink to my mouth, but Elvis pulls it from my lips. “Don’t go down that road. Please. I can’t lose you too.” I look into his soft eyes, letting him take the drink from my hand and set it back down on the bar. “But yes, I am very happy.” I scoff out a light chuckle. I hate that he can always make me smile, even when I’m mad at him. He reaches out for my hand. “Come on, let’s get to the car. I’ll bring you back to the hotel.”
I follow him out back, slouching into one of the cars with him.
He sighs. “I really don’t like the idea of raising my boy alongside another man, you know.” He spreads his legs out across the edge of the seat, not scandalously, but welcoming nonetheless.
I cross my arms. I’m not gonna give into my thoughts. “Is that the only reason I’m not allowed to date?”
He scoffs, shaking his head at me and looking out the window. “Ain’t never said you weren’t allowed.” His hand rests on his thigh, patting down on it. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he was taunting me over, unless that was my own heat talking.
I lean up in my seat, eyes glossing over him. Thomas or not, it’s supposed to be me teasing him. He’s supposed to be under my spell tonight, not the other way around. I reach behind me to push up the car’s partition, which catches his immediate attention. “So tell me right now, Elvis.” I gently push myself towards him, shimmying up my dress enough that I’m able to straddle his legs. He instinctively grabs my hips to ground me against him as we drive over a bump, which only results in me bouncing in his lap in a tortuous way for the both of us. “Tell me, ‘Honey, I’m perfectly okay seein you with another man.’” I whisper into his ear.
And here I thought all the childish bullshit games stopped after Michael. Guess we still have a little zest left in us.
He lets out a guttural groan, throwing his head back against the seat. “Bumble, don’t start this with me.”
I ghost my lips over his neck, purposely making an effort not to directly touch him. My warm breath glides down his skin, causing his hairs to raise. His grip on me tightens, making my body shiver, wanting so desperately to give in.
Those feelings are never gonna go away no matter how hard I try, there was little to no point in running any longer. I’m sick of pretending like I’m some saint, I wanna know how he really feels.
“Is she as good as me, baby?” It's the first time I’ve reciprocated a nickname for him. He tilts his head back up, looking into my eyes with his dangerously hooded ones. I giggle at his expression, knowing I was teetering over the edge of our respectable boundary. “Do you think about me when you’re with her?” I wouldn’t have had the guts to ask something like this, but I know he does. I know he still thinks of me, because I can’t stop thinking about him. “Do you think about how I used to feel?”
He twitches beneath me, pulling me closer to him. “Shit,” He mutters under his breath. Yeah, he still thinks about me. It takes so much effort not to touch him that I feel on the verge of passing out from exhaustion. “You’re playin a dangerous game and you know it, baby.” He digs his fingers into my thighs, pushing me down into him, but nothing more.
I’m older now, wiser, bolder. If I would have had this same confidence 10 years ago. I would have left him weak to his knees. However, I’ve quickly made a new discovery being with him for just these few weeks. While I’ve grown more assertive, it seems so has he. We have both changed and grown over the past years, but my strength to resist him has not. Instead of surprising him and making him weak with the new me like I thought I’d be able to do, I’m matched with an even more powerful force of lust and seduction than I ever dreamed of him having. As if he wasn’t enough as is, he just keeps getting better.
The car drives over another bump, making my breasts bounce against his chest, while the rest of my body adds pressure to his lap. I crumble into him, allowing myself only to wrap my arms around his neck. He grinds his teeth, closing his eyes to concentrate. 
I shouldn’t give in so easily, but he’s all I have left from my old life, all I have left of my youth. Every time I see him is a reminder of home, a reminder of what should have been.
Just then the car comes to a stop. Before I can get off of him, the door is pried open, shining the blinding garage lights onto us in the otherwise dark car. I quickly push myself off Elvis, exiting the car and giving an apologetic look to Jerry, who thankfully is the one that opened the car door. 
Elvis steps out next to me, straightening himself out. “Jerry, could you see Bumble back to her room, please.” 
Jerry agrees awkwardly, escorting me to the doors. We stay quiet through the hotel lobby, until we get to the privacy of the elevator. “I couldn’t help but notice you still have something going on with E.P, if you don’t mind me asking, cause I don’t dare bother him about it.”
I scoff out a laugh. Was he actually that intimidating to them? I know he’s prone to having a temper, but he’s nothing but a baby around me most the time. Then I remember he’s waiting for an answer. What could I possibly say?
I sigh. “I’ve known him my whole life, Jerry. Shit, I’ve known him longer than his own mama.” Unfortunately, it was true now. “I love him, as a friend, as a lover. I tried to ignore it, but he really does mean the world to me. I only ever wanted him and it should have only been him, but we were too progressive for the times.” I stare blankly into the metal doors of the elevator. “Shoulda been my ring.” I shake my head. “Doesn’t matter anymore.”
The door dings open. 
“Thanks for bringing me up. I got it from here.”
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thedaredevilsgirl · 1 year
Hello can you write more for andrew x reader like she is baking christmas cookies and it its fluffy but also turns into smut
Tastes So Good
Disclaimer: Fluff, Smut (Oral -F! receiving- fingering, sex without a condom -use a condom!!-) totally fictional story.
Word count: 1023
A/N: This is my Christmas present to you my dear readers, I hope you like it.
Love you.
Have a Merry Christmas.
Tumblr media
It all started innocently enough.
It was the 24th, Christmas Eve, and you and your boyfriend decided it was a great time to make Christmas cookies.
The problem was that neither you nor Andrew had any idea how to do it.
There were too many chances that everything would go wrong, the cookies would be too sweet, or maybe tasteless, or they would end up burnt.
Anyway, they were both willing to do it.
Andrew searched the internet for numerous recipes before finding the one they both liked best.
It didn't take long for the kitchen of his house to turn into a big mess started in his kitchen.
While there was a small amount of flour and sugar scattered on the countertop and her laughter mingled with his and filled the entire room.
Perhaps a little food war broke out when Andrew ran his dirty flour hand over your face leaving a smear on it and you fought back by doing the exact same thing and throwing some flour over his dark hair.
"That's going to be so hard to clean up" he says laughing.
"You started it, so take the consequences Mr. Garfield" you reply making him laugh even harder.
"OK miss" you say before you finally start actually preparing the cookies.
"Am I doing this the right way?" You ask as you stir the dough with your hands until it takes the shape it called for in the recipe.
He hugs you from behind, putting his head on your shoulder to see exactly what you were doing.
He can't stop noticing how beautiful you look wearing only one of his old sweaters to dress yourself in, with the hair you had tied up in a ponytail before you started cooking and a few strands already escaping from the simple hairstyle and a small smear of flour over your face.
"Yes dear, all right" you say leaving a tender kiss on her cheek before you step away to start making the frosting.
You finish cutting the dough into the shapes you wanted the cookies to be and place them on the greased baking pan, but before you can turn on the oven to put them to bake Andrew's voice calls you from across the kitchen.
"Babe" he calls again and you look up at him smiling "Taste this for me and tell me if it is good?".
"I think you could do it yourself love" you say moving closer to him.
"It's just that you have a much better palate than I do" he takes some of the frosting on two fingers "Unless we're talking about tasting you, because then I can tell you how tasty it is" he winks at you teasingly.
"Don't say things like that to me" he gives you a light pat on your arm.
"O darling, I know you love it" he says, and you just smile in response.
You hold his hand and bring your frosting honeyed fingers to your mouth, you moan as you taste it, incredibly good.
"Is that..." You don't finish your sentence because Andrew is soon on you kissing you as fast as he can " what is it?" you laugh half breathlessly.
"Nothing, I just need my girlfriend right now" is all he says before placing you sitting on the table, the only surface in that kitchen that wasn't dirty with cookie ingredients.
He kisses her again with intensity feeling the sugary taste of frosting still on her lips, his hands move up her thigh hooking his fingers over her panties and removing them quickly.
Two of his fingers find their way to your intimacy touching it only superficially so he can tease you.
"I've barely touched you and you're like this" he whispers against your ear "Always ready for me aren't you darling?" His thumb touches your clit moving slowly in circular motions "My good girl" two of his fingers enter you.
"Andrew" you sigh "Andy...please" you beg for him.
"You are lucky I am in my Christmas spirit today so I will give you exactly what you want" He says before kneeling before you and running tongue slowly over your intimacy "Like I said, incredibly tasty" he licks another long stretch "My sweet sweet girl".
His hand grips the edge of the table tightly while the other curls over your hair as he clamps your clit between his lips, he continued with both fingers inside you slowly taking them out and putting them in.
"Please please please" you beg when you feel he is close and he stops suddenly "Andy" whimpering "I need you".
"Don't worry baby" he leaves a little love bite on the back of your throat as he unbuttons his own pants "you have me" he says before penetrating you
You throw your head back, ecstatic with pleasure, your body falling onto the table as Andrew continued to touch you so intimately. He lifts up your -his- sweater leaving your breasts bare, he didn't want to take the huge sweater off your body, there was something primal inside him that loved to fuck you while you were wearing his clothes. He hooks his lips around one of your breasts making you even more desperate for him.
It doesn't take long before the two of you are so needy for each other and so close to climaxing, especially when he finds your G-spot and thrusts several times there leaving you almost at the point of crying with pleasure for him.
"Are you close honey?" He asks sweetly and you confirm "great, come to me".
It doesn't take long for you to cum clenching around him making him come soon after.
He helps you sit back down on the table resting your head on his shoulder and leaving a small tender kiss there as you both catch your breath.
"Good thing we didn't put the cookies out to bake, they sure would have been burnt by now" he says making her laugh.
"If I had known that baking with you would end up like this we would have done it long before now".
"Merry Christmas Darling" he whispers with his lips glued to hers.
"Merry Christmas."
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chellestrash · 6 months
Drastic measures
Shane Walsh x GN!Reader
summary: skinny dipping on a hot summer day and teaching your annoying friend a lesson when he decides to watch you from behind a tree? what could go wrong?
warnings: smut, bit explicit, voyeurism, oral, teasing, mentions of masturbation, sub Shane, hate fuck (kinda), swearing...
world count: 4,4k
an: first Shane fic so if it sucks just dont tell me! thanks to my pea @chelseasdagger​ for proofreading! 
Tumblr media
Yeah, obviously you were aware that going down to the reservoir all by yourself wasn't necessarily the smartest thing to do…it wasn’t encouraged… to be completely honest, it was actually forbidden. After a couple of close calls with the walkers around the camp, way past what you'd call safe distance, a set of rules was put into place. One of them being people were no longer allowed to walk away from the camp without at least one other person. It was easier to spot danger like this, easier to warn others, and if it came to the worst, it was easier to protect yourself as well. You were instructed to move in small groups like this, but for a chance of some peace and quiet you were more than willing to bend the rules slightly. And with the Georgia heat at its peak, the cool water of the nearby reservoir felt like one of those things worthy of putting yourself at risk.
You’ve mentioned it to Lori, just so that someone knew where you were in case something were to happen. She agreed not to “report you” to Rick or Shane, just as long as you promised to do the same for her if she ever needed to be alone like this.
The path down to the water always seemed way longer on days like these when the heat felt almost unbearable. The sweat soaked through your clothes that eventually stuck to your skin, effectively making you feel even more frustrated.
You weren't completely out of your mind yet and quickly scoped the area first, making sure there weren’t any people or walkers around, before leaving the tree line behind as you made your way towards the water. Looking back over your shoulder, you stop to rethink your decision. Squinting at the sun above you, you feel the slightly cool water breeze brushing over your skin, and it effectively stops you from questioning yourself any further. Quickly pulling the sweaty fabric off of your body, you strip out of your clothes and throw them onto the nearest rock. The cold water feels almost heavenly; a contrasting feeling to the heat of the sun basically radiating off of your skin at this point. You let your body relax as it gets used to the painfully cold water before diving under the surface.
Shane was pissed, of course he was. He noticed that you've disappeared from the camp, and it didn’t take him long to get his answers and figure out where you were. His heavy footsteps echoed through the forest as he ran in the direction of the reservoir, cursing you under his breath as he did so. Of course you'd pull some bullshit lie of this, of course you wouldn't listen to him or to Rick, of course if there was one person at the camp willing to ignore every single rule put in place by the two of them, it was going to be you.
“God damn it.”
He mumbles, taking a bigger step over a couple branches, hand on his gun as he approaches the treeline. He stops, scanning the waterline for any sight of you or anyone else.
He cursed, hand with the gun dropping to his thigh as he stood up straight, squinting his eyes at the silhouette of your body in the water. His lips parted as he swallowed hard when the realization hit him. Everything you had on earlier was now lying in a little pile on the big rock by the water. Which meant-
He ducks behind a tree quickly when you swim up to the surface, his eyes fixed on you as if he just couldn't look away. And that’s exactly how he felt. Unable to look away as he watches you swim closer to the shore and slowly walk out into the shallow water, not bothering to cover yourself up, not hurrying to put your clothes back on. Shane watches as you sit down in the shallow water, now with your back turned to him slightly. He can still see what you were doing, could see the way you tilt your head back slightly to let the sun hit your face, exposing your chest to him. He can see how you brush your hand over your body down from your neck to right under your belly button.
Part of him knew this was wrong. He knew he shouldn’t be here, or at least shouldn’t feel his cock slowly starting to strain against his pants as he watched the sun reflect off of your naked body. If it was someone else, yeah, he probably could have some decency: turn away, shout, let you know he was there. But no, not with you, not when it was you. Instead, he just watched, let his hand slowly move between his legs as he pulled the fabric of his pants away from himself.
You knew he was there, obviously. You spotted him behind the tree almost the second you opened your eyes again. It wasn’t difficult, not with his black shirt and tan pants against the green of the woods, but you decided not to spoil the fun, at least not yet. What's the harm in putting on a little show? You think about it for a second before slowly spreading your legs open to get a little more comfortable. As he watched you brush your fingers over your nipples and then push your hand between your legs, Shane swore he felt his heart pause for a second.
“God f-“
He huffs, quickly looking around to check his and your surroundings before hanging his head low for a moment. Fighting with himself he closes his eyes, sighing loudly as he shifts his weight from one leg to the other. That little bit of friction against his cock, very obviously unhelpful in his state.
“God fucking damn it.”
He palms the bulge over his pants before glancing back up at you, his belt already half undone as he pushed his hand under the fabric before taking a couple steps forward to get a better look, but it was a mistake.
The dry branch snaps under Shane's heavy foot, and you turn to look back over your shoulder quickly. You roll your eyes at the way he runs past the treeline, doing his best to make it look like he obviously just got here and didn't see anything you decided to do just moments before.
Shane yells as you grab your clothes and pull your shirt and shorts over your naked body before standing up quickly. The way he glances up quickly to check if your clothes were on again made you scoff, it was almost like he didn’t just stand there and watch you get yourself off.
“The hell do you think you're doing?”
He doesn't sound concerned, just pissed, but you could ask him the same question.
“Trying not to get a heatstroke. You?”
Your nonchalant tone rings in his ears as he tries to focus on your words and not the images of your naked body from just moments earlier, now stuck in his head.
“The fuck do you think I’m doing, came down here to check if by some god-damn miracle your ass was still alive.”
He snaps back.
“Oh, that’s a good one.”
You smile sarcastically.
“You came up with that on your own?”
His eyes widen slightly at your answer.
“Watch it.”
He warns, pointing his finger in your face, which only makes you want to confront him even more.
“Oh yeah, yeah, I’ll watch.” You nod quickly, crossing your arms in front of your chest. The cold water slowly drips down your body, the wet fabric clinging to your skin.
“Maybe you can teach me how to do it? Huh? Do I get to stand behind a tree and watch you swim around naked like you did with me?”
You keep pushing him, feeling a slight satisfaction when his jaw clenches tightly at your words, the realization hitting him hard.
“Yeah, you really think I couldn’t see you, Walsh?”
He doesn’t answer.
“You made it really god-damn obvious, too.”
He looks you up and down, hands on his hips and a frustrated expression on his face, his chest puffed out slightly as he tries to think of any sort of excuse.
“I didn’t-“
“Didn't what?”
He doesn't answer, and you shake your head with a quiet scoff.
“Yeah, that's what I thought.”
Turning around quickly, you head to the woods, not stopping when you hear him call your name and the footsteps behind you until he grabs your wrist to get your attention again.
You spit out but stop, crossing your arms in front of your chest again.
“Look, I'm sorry, alright?!”
Shane starts when he realizes you might actually be willing to listen to him this time.
“That's what you want to hear?”
You don't answer.
“I know I shouldn't and…it ain't an excuse, but-”
He rubs the back of his head a couple of times, carefully picking the words to form his next sentence with.
“The fucking…the show you put on back there, I- shit.”
He looks off to the side with a loud sigh. You glance down between his legs, catching the outline of his cock pressed against his thigh before he can shift his weight onto the other leg.
“Oh, so you liked it?”
You ask in a softer tone, eyebrows raised and a smirk on your lips as you revised, he decided to admit to it.
“Swear to god, sweetheart, if it was anyone else…”
He shakes his head slowly.
“Yeah, but it wasn't Shane, it was me.”
He licks his lips and reaches out for your hand, wrapping his fingers around your wrist gently this time. He pulls your palm closer to him and down between his legs.
“Feel that?”
He mumbles quietly, glancing up at you with his head hung low.
“Feel what you do to me? Huh?”
You rub your fingers over the bulge slowly, tilting your head to the side slightly with a curious expression before tightening your grip around him. The low grunt cuts through the forest air, and you smirk, satisfied with his reaction.
“Really? Got you that bad?
He hums quietly as a confirmation, and nods slowly. His eyes closing slightly and his head tilting back when you finally let him feel your touch.
“You wanna know what got me even more?”
“Yeah, what's that?”
You look up, the smirk disappearing from your face the second you notice his expression.
“You slipped, sweetheart.”
You let go of him, and he sighs at the loss of your touch. His hand pulls the fabric of his pants away from his crotch.
“The show you put on? Shit, said you saw me.”
He licks his lips slowly, scrunching his nose as he bites down on his lower lip, attempting to fight off the smirk.
“Yeah? I mean, you made it really fucking obvious, made sure I could see and hear you? It wasn't like I just-”
And then it hits you.
You protest immediately before he can finish the thought.
“Don't. Shut up.”
You point your finger in his face, and he scoffs loudly, looking off to the side before turning to face you, again. His eyes squint slightly, his face decorated with that god-damn smirk.
“I ain't saying nothing.”
He raises his hands in the air with a shrug.
“You tryna tell me you'd act like that on your own, if I wasn't there?”
It's your turn not to give an answer.
“Huh? Wanna tell me something, sweetheart?”
He leans down to try to make you look at him.
“That gets you off or something?”
The cocky tone of his voice makes it really god-damn difficult to not just punch him in the face and walk back to the camp on your own.
“Is it the watching or do you just like it when I get-”
“Alright that's it.”
You cut him off when you’ve had enough of his smart ass assumptions.
“I'm going back, we're not doing this.”
“Oh really?”
You feel like now that he’s found your weak spot, Shane wasn't going to stop.
“Know what? You did look ready to do something, back there. Still do.”
You sigh loudly and raise your eyebrows, pretending like he just made some grand discovery.
“Oh really? You think so?”
“Pretty god-damn sure ‘bout that, sweetheart.”
He glances up and down over your body, and you roll your eyes, fighting off another loud sigh.
“Oh I, actually.”
You take a step closer to him, ready to flip the entire situation upside down.
“I'm actually doing pretty good, I think.”
His eyes drop to your hand, and his jaw clenches tight when you slowly push it between your legs to cup over yourself.
“Yeah, no, I'm good, Walsh, you're the one with a hard cock in your pants right now.”
You lower your voice a bit, speaking slower as you take another step towards him.
“So, did you like it that much? Hmm? You liked the show?”
Moving still a bit closer to him, you make him take a step back, and then another and another until his back hits the tree behind him. A quiet gasp slips past his lips, and you look down between his legs before glancing back up into his eyes.
“Or do you just like when we fight? Hmm? That gets you off or something, Shane? Does it?”
You whisper the questions quickly, one after the other, not giving him time to think about answering them even if he wanted to.
“You like it when someone stands up to you?”
Pushing your hand against his cock again, you feel it twitch in your palm.
“That's what it is?”
Shane wasn't expecting the sudden shift in dynamics, he wasn't expecting you to get him back like this after he gained the upper hand on you earlier. Was he going to complain about it? Absolutely not. No matter now much he wouldn't want to admit it, you were correct. He can’t help the way this affected him, the way your words fell right to his cock pushing against the fabric of his cargo pants right now.
“Want me to help you, Walsh?”
He swallows hard, eyes glancing around your face, lips parted before he whispers.
You exaggerate a surprised expression.
“Oh, look at that, he talks again!”
He rolls his eyes with a frustrated sigh before opening his mouth again.
“Shut up.”
It is all you get, and the way you smirk at his words almost makes his cock twitch again.
“Yeah you wish.”
You ask him to get on his knees, which, to your surprise, he does without even trying to protest. Looking up at you to keep eye contact, he licks his lips, waiting for your next move.
You whisper and nudge at his wrist with your boot. He quickly moves his arms behind his back, wrapping his fingers around his own wrists to keep them in place.
“Attaboy, Walsh.”
You point out, unable to help yourself as you watch him follow what you say.
“Jesus…c'mon just.”
He mumbles, eyes at the level of your crotch, his hands behind his back, chest puffed up slightly, his cock hard between his legs and under the fabric. You step closer, and he moves his hand, reaching out to pull you in even closer, but he quickly stops himself. He moves his arm behind his back again before clearing his throat.
“Damn, Shane, you're a natural, anyone ever told you that?”
You tease him some more as you work your pants down your legs before kicking them off to the side quickly, but don't get an answer this time.
It takes his entire willpower and probably a bit more to stop himself from pulling you closer and shoving his face between your legs right there and then. But he knows, he knows, with you, that won't get him anywhere. He glances up one last time, and he can't decide what he hates more—the fact of how much this whole situation gets to him, or the fact that you are clearly aware of it.
“Can you show me what you want?”
You whisper and he huffs frustrated.
“Really? You're gonna do that?”
“It's not that hard, c'mon. Just show me, but no hands,”
What's worse? The fact that he can't touch you or the fact that he wasn't even thinking about touching you because he knows he's not supposed to. Because you instructed him not to.
“You really just have to be an asshole about this.”
“You know I do.”
You hold his chin up, making his gaze meet yours.
“And you can’t tell me you don’t like it.”
He knew you were right, there was no point in even trying to hide it, it was as if his body decided to betray him right here in front of you.
“Ahhh, fuck it.”
He mumbles quickly before leaning forward, pushing his face between your legs faster than you expected it. A quiet gasp escapes your mouth as you jump back slightly from the sudden feeling. Shane tilts his head up to nudge at your most sensitive spot with the tip of his nose.
“God damn it, Walsh.”
You whisper, moving your hand to the back of his head to push him even closer.
“Just doing-“
He pushes his tongue out to drag it over your underwear.
“What you said.”
You breathe in sharply, melting into the wet feeling right abound the hem of your underwear. Shane reaches up to pull the fabric to the side, but before he can do anything, you push his hand away with your foot.
“I know.”
He makes it clear that you don’t need to repeat yourself. Unable to use his fingers, he does the first thing that comes to his mind. Humming against your crotch, he pulls the fabric off to the side with his teeth, quickly dragging his tongue over your exposed skin.
Nodding eagerly, you encourage him to keep going when he looks up at you one more time.
“Yeah, alright, since you’re being so good.”
And with his pants feeling even tighter now, his hands locked behind his back, his throat dry from the need to feel you on his tongue and his cock leaking into his boxers, Shane pushes his face between your legs. The feeling of his mouth on your making your toes curl up, no matter how much you wanted to pretend it didn’t. But it’s not like he’d notice, not now. Your quiet moans fly past his ears as he focuses on working you with his tongue over and over and over again, not even for your sake but just because of how much he needs this, needs anything. He keeps his hands behind his back, not even as a conscious decision, but more as if it’s just an obvious thing for him at this point. The thought of disobeying you in that way doesn’t even cross his mind. He’s too focused, too lost in the feeling of you on his tongue, to let his thoughts wander into any other direction. You push your hips forward to grind against his tongue, and his low grunt rumbles through your body.
You half whine half grunt out, not wanting to give him the satisfaction, and he hums in response, feeling you slowly lose your composure.
“Don’t push it.”
You warn but have a feeling he’s long gone at this point. You push his face harder between your legs, not even trying to muffle the loud, wet sounds.
Shane whispers the phrase repeatedly, fighting with his own body, trying to stop his hips from bucking forward and towards you.
“That's it, Walsh, that's it, good boy.”
He chokes, pulling away quickly to look up at you and protest, but you push his head back between your legs quickly.
“Yeah, yeah, you can bitch about it later, now just finish what you started.”
You order, and he follows, speeding up the tempo gradually before he has you basically grinding against his tongue and then finally forgetting to breathe for a second when you let yourself finish. You try not to show it, but it gets to you, it does, with all the teasing and showing off, the games and that ridiculous "foreplay" you somehow both fall for every god-damn time.
He pulls away, gasping for air, and you hold onto his shoulder to keep yourself standing up as you try to catch a breath and slow your heartbeat. Closing your eyes and swallowing hard, you attempt to keep it together.
You start after a moment, pulling yourself together while you put your clothes back on.
“See you at camp.”
“Wait! Wait, shit-just—wait!"”
Shane’s voice cracks slightly as he reaches out towards you.
He pants, grabbing your arm before you can walk away.
“Don’t fucking leave me like-“
He drops his hand to palm his cock through his pants, and you smile sweetly at the grunt and the way his eyes roll back slightly.
Stepping closer to him, you lift his chin up. His eyes glossed over slightly, his lips stilling shining from you.
He whispers, and you nod after a moment, that to him feels like a god-damn eternity.
You brush your thumb over his lower lip, watching his rough expression soften slightly with your gentle touch.
“Say thank you, Shane.”
He tries to question you, but you cut him off. Pushing three fingers into his mouth, you stop him before he can even finish. You feel his tongue press against your skin, and he struggles for the first few moments before readjusting himself to take you nice and deep into his mouth. His lip spread around your fingers, spit slowly gathering at the corners, his eyes fixed on you.
“Say thank you c'mon, I know you can Walsh.”
You smile sweetly, pushing the soul of your shoe against his cock.
“Be a good boy.”
He half whines, half grunts at the sudden friction. His hips buck forward slightly and his eyes close shut before he spits out a muffled.
“T-shit t-thank you.”
He chokes at the words slightly, and you find it amusing.
“Sorry? Couldn't hear you.”
“Thank you-”
He repeats louder this time.
“Thank you, thank you, please just- shit, just-”
You cut him off again, pulling your fingers out and kissing his lips hard as you kneel on the ground in front of him. Reaching into his pants quickly, you wrap that same hand around his hard cock. Squeezing him in your palm before you start moving up and down his length quickly, feeling it twitch against you.
He inhales through his nose quickly, grabbing your wrist to slow you down, unable to take it so fast because of the overstimulation. You let him hold you this time, you don't push his hand away or reprimand him, just let him have this, this one time.
“Yeah? That feels good?”
You ask, half mocking him, half actually wanting to make sure he feels good after what he's done for you. Your hand slows down slightly as you push your thumb against the slit, rubbing his very tip in small circles.
His head falls back, and you watch his neck tense up, his Adam’s apple bobs slightly as the loud grunt and moans slip past his lips when he finally gets to feel you on him.
“Shit, yeah.”
He reassures you, and you smile at the way he can’t even fake the composure anymore.
You speed up the pace slightly, glancing between his cock and his face, not wanting to miss the darker wet spot on his boxers or the way his jaw is clenched so hard you’re not sure if he’ll be able to open his mouth again after this.
“That's it, Shane, good boy, c'mon, you can do it.”
You watch his hips push forward at your words, his tip red and swollen now, the precum dripping onto the grass. Working him like this for another moment you let him set the pace, slowing down when you see it’s too much and speeding up slightly when he asks you for it, finally closing your palm tighter around him to help him finish. He comes hard, falling forward and onto his hands, thrusting into your palm a couple of times. He’s not even fully realizing how desperate that makes him look, grunting so loud you're pretty sure half the camp can hear his pretty voice at that moment.
“Jesus fucking christ real—"
You start, but he shuts you up with his glare after he pulls his pants back up and falls onto his ass. His back is pressed against the tree as he sighs loudly.
He pants, trying to catch his breath for another moment. Swallowing hard, he closes his eyes, and you watch the way his chest rises and falls with every breath. You can see the way the small drops of sweat drip down his face and neck just to disappear under the fabric of his shirt. He stays silent, slowly replaying everything that just took place in his head. The moment he saw your silhouette in the water feels so distant, it could've well happened weeks ago.
“I’m sorry I left on my own and got you all worried.”
You speak up after a couple of minutes, leaning forward to pick a couple blades of grass off of the knees of his tan pants.
”So…that's how you say sorry? That whole fucking thing?”
You shrug, smiling at him innocently.
“Not with everyone.”
He chuckles, shaking his head, and glances down between his legs before speaking again.
“Thank you."
It’s quiet, it's subtle, and you're not sure if he's thanking you for admitting you've made a mistake by breaking the rules or for the fact that despite how much the two of you irritate each other on a daily basis you didn't leave him, you took care of him and let him feel good when he needed it. You lean towards him, pressing a quick kiss to the side of his neck before pushing yourself off the ground.
“You don’t gotta thank me, Walsh."
He watches your ass when you start to walk away.
"Just pray I won’t tell anyone at camp why it took you so long to get me back.”
You turn around and smile before winking at him quickly.
"And next time you'll need to help this bad? Just tell me."
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Hey 👋
I swear I'm addicted to your writing😁 Thank you for the amazing post❤
Can I request a usually calm reader coming home to Hanni and Wil with n bruise on their cheek and/or blue knuckles from n fight. And when they question reader they find out reader defended their relationship.
Them reacting to reader with cigarette burn scars from childhood or self harm scars.
Sorry if it's specific I had a dream about the first one and I'm insecure about my scars😅 Also if it makes you uncomfy ignore me🤣
Have a wonderful day/night/afternoon💕
Hey anon, sorry it took me a hot minute to get to this. Hope you enjoy!
Gender neutral y/n comes home covered in bruises. Their lovers Hannibal and Will need to know why.
trigger warnings: blood, threats of violence, mention of firearms, stalking
You spit a mouthful of blood into the snow before you even thought about turning the doorknob. Any random passerby would look at you and think you were attempting to rob the place. You couldn't say you disagreed, though: your hood was pulled over your head and you held a tire iron in your singular non-bleeding hand.
You knew it wasn't wise to let the old-money Baltimore socialites catch you in such a compromising position, but you had to double-check your mental map of the house one more time. Hannibal would undoubtedly be cooking; hopefully so in his element that he wouldn't notice you slipping by. Will was the one you had to worry about. When it came to you, he'd become as alert as a German shepherd with protective instincts to match. Where he was in the house was anyone's guess, so you needed to be on guard.
You removed your heavy boots and opted to leave them outside. You then tossed the tire iron behind a nearby planter and slowly, quietly turned the knob. The door creaked as it opened, making you cringe. The sight of neither of your partners immediately running up on you was a bit of a relief; you hadn't been discovered quite yet.
You just needed to make it upstairs so you could barricade yourself in the master bathroom and use that oh-so-rare sliver of privacy to cover up your bruises. Then you could climb down the trellis, grab your shoes and make a proper entrance with hello kisses and whatnot.
"[F/N]?" Hannibal called out before you could even breach the threshold.
With no thought on your mind other than "fuck", you turned your head away from the direction you heard him. "Yeah, I'm home."
"I'd rush to give you a kiss, but I'm a little tied up at the moment." He said, undoubtedly grinning to himself as he trussed a chicken with sturdy cooking wire. "So you'll have to come to me."
"Oh, yeah." You called back. "Let me just get cleaned up first."
"If you insist." He said with a dramatic dip in his voice. "But hurry right back. Dinner is almost ready."
Hurdle one was cleared. Now all you had to do was clear the second, much higher hurdle.
You ascended the stairs, but forgot to skip that one consistently creaky step that always alerted the dogs. A small army of dogs came pouring into the upstairs hallway, blocked only by the baby gate Hannibal had installed as a compromise. Enthusiastic barks filled the foyer as you desperately tried to calm them down from the top step.
"Winston! Max! Harley!" You rattled off as many names as you could remember. "Hush, please!"
"[F/N]?" Will said, turning the corner.
You momentarily considered throwing yourself down the stairs. It would be easier to explain the bruises and you could still soak up that sweet, sweet throuple affection without having to tell a story that even you didn't entirely believe. Common sense, however, kept your feet firmly on the ground.
Will appeared in your line of sight. You pulled the brim of your hat down and stuffed your hands into your pockets. "I, uh- forgot how to open the gate again."
The dogs parted in Will's path and he looked at you with suspicion as he effortlessly opened the gate. "Is everything okay?"
You turned your head to the side. "I'm fine. It's just really cold outside."
"I'm sure those wet clothes aren't helping." Will cocked his head. "We can start by throwing that hoodie in the dryer-"
Before you could pull away, he pushed your hood and your hat off in one fluid motion. He knew what was going on.
"I'm no doctor, but I don’t think busted noses and black eyes are side effects of low body temperature." He said, folding his arms.
You put your hand up, unintentionally revealing the bruises on your knuckles. "You learn something new every day."
You tried to scoot past him, but he grabbed your hand and pulled you back.
"[F/N]--" Will said, a blistering fury beginning to percolate in his chest. "Who did this to you?"
"I ran into a bus stop." You lied, not even trying to make it sound believable.
"That bus wouldn't have happened to be headed to Dacula, would it?"
Your silence spoke louder than any excuse you could think of.
Will sighed. "Right. I think I know what happened."
"Will, I-" you protested.
"Save it for dinner." He scolded. "I'm sure Hannibal would love to hear this."
You'd been found out it was much worse than anticipated. You felt like you were on trial, which, given the circumstances, you could have actually been on trial in a real court of law on the charge of aggravated assault. However, that didn’t make you feel any better.
Hannibal demanded an explanation and couldn't wait until dinner. He was willing to let one of his culinary masterpieces burn in the oven, knowing of course that a much rarer delicacy was in the cards once you gave him a name.
He brushed his finger over an open cut under your eye. A light click of his tongue reached your ears as he examined your face.
"Give us a name, love." Hannibal probed, holding your jaw between his fingers and following the trail of bruises down your neck. "Who did this to you?"
"It's not a big deal, really." You assured him, squirming against his grip. "I started it."
"Now that, I find hard to believe." Hannibal contested. "You're not a preemptive strikes kind of person."
"Nor would you go all the way to Dacula to throw a few punches." Will added, approaching you with an ice pack.
"Okay, so maybe I finished it." You corrected.
Hannibal smiled proudly to himself. "That's more like it."
"What exactly did you finish?" Will asked, gently placing the ice against your bruised knuckles.
You sighed. You mentioned Dacula once and they already knew the answer. They were just waiting to hear you say it.
"My ex-boyfriend, Sidney." You leaned back on your one good wrist. "He was a being a completely irredeemable shit, as usual-"
"Details, darling." Hannibal said in too singsongy of a voice than was really appropriate while wrapping your hand in gauze.
"Acting entitled, talking like I belonged to him-"
"You have no idea how little that narrows it down." Will shook his head.
You were compelled to agree, but couldn't bring yourself to admit that and the fact that you ever dated Sidney in the first place. "Right."
"That isn't out of character for him." Hannibal said.
"And certainly not enough to make you willingly drive back out to cousinfuck nowhere to beat him up." Will finished.
"I didn't go out there with the intent to beat him up!" You contested. "He said that if I could meet him for coffee he'd never speak to me again. I know it's a lot of gas money, but I really was gonna hold him to the whole 'never speaking to me again' bit."
"So what happened?" Will asked, growing impatient.
You looked at the ground, embarrassment stopping the words at the tip of your tongue.
"Somehow, he caught a whiff of our... arrangement." You tightened your hands into frustrated fists. "And he made some really shitty comments about... you."
Hannibal and Will exchanged looks. They let the silence linger, urging you to fill it.
"He went into obscene detail about how mmf threesomes are his favorite category of porn," you tried not to gag as you recalled the disgusting details. "And then said if I 'let him watch', he wouldn't tell the local baptist church that I was a whore-"
"The man is a pig." Hannibal said, matter-of-factually.
"I got up to leave." You continued. "Obviously. Then he said he knew where you lived. Announced it to the whole diner. Started to go through his list of semiautomatic weapons. So to make sure he knew I meant business-"
"You threw the first punch." Hannibal finished the thought for you.
You nodded. "Naturally."
Will smiled to the floor and pushed his glasses up his nose. "I would have loved to see that."
"As much as it pains me to say," Hannibal began, resignedly agreeing. "It's only fair that you stand up for us the way we stand up for you. From time to time."
Will brought your bruised knuckles to his lips. "Though we desperately need to teach you how to dodge. Because the next time you come home covered in scratches, someone will pay."
You took both of their hands. "I should get beat up more often."
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writer-akihiko · 2 years
so mc running away i love it the angst 👌 so if its alright can you the same but with the dorm leaders?(pls do a good ending my poor heart cannot take it-༎ຶ‿༎ຶ)
Dorm Leaders + MC Running Away
So I apologise for the lack of happy endings, if you want to call it that. The scenarios turned out much more different than the First Years probably because of the power gap I had in mind. Also, for anyone wondering, the Vice Dorm Leaders will have a shot of saving you next! When I get to it... Cut for length. Also please help to share because I limited the tags!
Warnings: Character Death [Not you or the main boy], mentions of abuse and emotional manipulation [On the Reader] and violent actions [The Dorm Leaders]
"I'm not going back."
"Wh... What?" He was astonished. "YN... I've looked far and wide for you- please-"
No words left his mouth as you stepped away from him, tears in your eyes and you were going to make a run for it again.
Malleus Draconia
Your words struck a chord in him. He didn't mean it, but when you said that you weren't going back, he almost lost control. What did you mean you weren't going back? You promised him to be his Queen!
No... he's not accepting this. His Queen deserved better. His larger hands encircled your wrists, stopping you in your tracks. No matter how much you tugged and pushed, Malleus' strength was beyond you. In your sole despair, you fell in his embrace.
Every ache and injury struck your core, as you cried your heart out. "I can't go back Malleus," you whimpered. "I... I'm sorry."
Your hands gripped tighter onto his clothes. "I don't mean to fight against you, I-"
The Fae Prince sealed your bruised lips with his own, pulling your smaller form into his lap as he took in the moment of the bittersweet, longing kiss. "YN... listen to me," He said, his own ice cold tears falling onto your cheek, healing your wounds. "You never have to apologise for your suffering. Not even to me."
Malleus held you close as you drowsed off. The gentle smile hardened into a growl, as his back arched, black wings bursting out of his body. Malleus, in his dragon form, summoned the thorns to protect you, holding you as if you were his personal dragon hoard…
The principal, or more accurately the culprit, Dire Crowley was a fool to step out. It disgusted Malleus to his very core, his claws setting the very ground on fire as Crowley stepped closer. No words were exchanged between them. For all the suffering you faced, it was to be paid in tenfold as the dragon took a deep breath, releasing the fire in his chest.
"It was a fraction of her suffering…"
Riddle Rosehearts
He was ballistic. Riddle had been eager to bring you back immediately, but the sheer refusal and attempt to run away made him think that you hate him. He was blaming himself, sobbing to the ground.
Riddle's breakdown made you stop. No matter what you did, you still love him. Riddle's hiccups of sobbing paused at the feeling of your arms wrap around him. He wanted this, he wanted your warmth, he wanted- no… he needed you so badly he'd ceased to function without you.
"I don't hate you Riddle," You said, kissing his tears away. Your pretty Queen of Hearts had ruined the uniform he so proudly kept up with and Riddle himself was unkempt. Riddle cradled your sore body, letting you tell him your stresses and your breaking point abused over and over again by Crowley.
Riddle's heart softened ever so much for you, as he realised that he was to a fault as well. It was then he started to cry for you. "YN… I… I lost control. I know I can't be forgiven for the stress you went through so-"
"Rosehearts! You found her, how wonderful!" The jovial Principal cried out. In his hand was a magic tracking spell and that's when Riddle was struck with guilt once more. He doomed you, again. He… no, he refuses to end it this way.
Your loving self became meek, frightened by the aspect of being under Crowley's care once more. You trembled, reaching out to the hem of Riddle's coat. "Riddle… Please don't let them take me…"
He pulled you up, whispering to you. "When I cast my magic, run YN."
"Never thought you'd defy me, Rosehearts. Being a law abider and all~"
"Off With Your Head."
Kalim Al-Asim
Kalim desperately hung onto your ankle, on his knees, begging and bargaining you to stay.
"YN… Please don't leave me again," He begged. "I'll… I'll stop dragging you to parties! I'll get you anything you want just please… please come back to me."
His tears wet your foot, as his grip left light marks on your ankle. Kalim never meant to harm you. He was so desperate to make you stay, but in his heart, he knew that he didn't have the strength to keep you with him if you desired to leave.
"How could you think that?!" You cried out. You stooped to Kalim's level, tackling him in hug so hard that he crashes to the ground. "I… I'd never leave you if I had the choice! I couldn't stand NRC anymore…"
You sobbed into Kalim's chest, wondering when it'd all end. You could never refuse Kalim, but what about everyone else? What about Crowley? Your spine shivered at the monster's name, wanting everything to disappear except for you and Kalim.
Kalim didn't know what to do. He didn't understand why Crowley would do such a thing to you. If Crowley was causing you such pain… He'd just have to get rid of the problem. You only deserve the best, after all. It's not his fault, nor is it yours.
You had cried yourself to utter exhaustion. Kalim gently wrapped you up in his jacket, cradling you to his chest. As if clockwork, Crowley appeared to the heartwarming scene, simply glad that you were going to be returned.
"Al-Asim, Dire should patch her up nicely-"
Crowley coughed. "What was that?"
"I said no," Kalim reiterated. "I have no reason to listen to you…"
"Since YN and I aren't your students anymore."
Azul Ashengrotto
How grateful he was to find you near the water. He almost turned red at the thought of you willing to search for him. Azul never thought you'd long for him this way, but you knew him, and you knew him well.
As if on cue, you looked beyond the trees to see your beloved, running from the sandy shores barefoot to be caught by your precious Azul. Azul doesn't have the best reflexes, trying to catch you without hurting you.
Azul took one good look at you, and the sight was enough to make him cry. Messy hair, cuts and bruises littering your skin possibly from running through the rocky forest, feet with sores from rocks… and tearful, sorrowful eyes.
Not an inch of sadness deserved to touch you. That was one of his core beliefs. He didn't say anything to prompt you to tell about what you'd been suffering. He knew. He knew every line of the story, and it made him ever so guilty that it led to this. If he just paid more attention to you, or at least try to.
Azul offered you everything. An ear to listen and his body for comfort, with his arms wrapping about you. If the simple action was enough for your forgiveness, he'd do it over and over again.
It was for a moment Azul held you, before running the water with you in tow. From the forest emerged the tweels, but what was behind you made you scream. Crowley, with his magic, retaliating against the twins' magic.
Azul wrapped you around his tentacles, drifting further into the ocean with you. He bent down to whisper in your ear. "YN, close your eyes. Don't look."
You shut your eyes tight as you did, hiding yourself in Azul's chest, away from the scene.
"May we never see you again, Crowley."
Azul and the twins in their merforms plummet into the ocean, deep down where Crowley would never come to touch you.
Idia Shroud
He wasn't surprised that the huge robot scared you. It was his secret project after all. He immediately let himself out of the robot, but he was hesitant to step into the forest. Idia was scared, but he still had to protect you!
You stopped running, seeing your boyfriend pop out of the robot. Idia was quick to get over his reluctance as his panic shifts to your injuries instead. He wanted to cry out of joy from the mere chance of finding you.
Idia tried to treat your wounds as best as he could with the emergency kit conveniently equipped [he really did think of everything] although his wrapping technique was unkempt at best.
Idia's attempts to heal you made you forget of all the suffering. You couldn't help but laugh, realising how much you missed Idia. He knew that you needed this time. Oh, how he wanted to whisk you away...
But he might as well. You're his, right?
Crowley didn't get close to reaching you. Idia thought of it all. He tracked every move the principal made, fooling Crowley to think that Idia was with you the entire time, with the tracking device that Crowley so faithfully gave him.
"How desperate... it's honestly funny..." Idia scoffed at the idea of Crowley getting to you.
With the S.T.Y.X androids, Idia confronted Crowley, who was in sheer confusion.
"Crowley… burn in hell."
Leona Kingscholar
Leona didn't hold back. He couldn't believe you would say such a thign to him… The only conclusion he reached to was that you hated him. You hated his very core, just like everyone else… He was scared. It frightened him to the core that after everything he did, you still hated him.
"YN… stop fucking around with me," He said, grabbing onto your wrist. He wasn't about to throw a tantrum then and there. He had to get things straight. "Hey… tell me. Was I just a waste for you?"
"W-What are you talking about Leona?" You pushed against his chest, trying to get some distance but Leona was way stronger than you. The lion couldn't listen to reason. He simply went on about how you must've hated him, and how much you despised him.
"Did I mean nothing to you, YN?" Leona was shaking, his shoulders trembling from the mere thought of hearing those words.
You wrapped your arms around Leona, pulling him in close. "I never did… How dare you think that you stupid lion?!" You said, sobbing your heart out. You were equally hurt, but you never once thought Leona would think such a thing.
The emotional reunion was interrupted by the principal himself, pretending to be moved by such a scene. The false pretense of safety caught on to you, and you were sent into a panic, clinging onto Leona for fear of your life.
"I hate you!" You yelled, your body crumpling to the ground just as Leona caught you. "I hate you, I hate you. I don't want to go back, don't make me!"
If you were to scream anymore, you might collapse from exhaustion. Leona was quick to carry you in his arms, holding you close to his chest, where you were comforted by his heartbeat.
"Hoi, good for nothing principal," Leona called out, a single claw drawn out, igniting his Unique Magic.
"Move before I turn you to sand."
Vil Schoenheit
He was stunned to see you in such a state. He called out for you, and you stopped in your tracks. Was he that incompetent that he can't keep you with him? Did he not treat you right? Was his mere presence just torture for you?
Vil couldn't keep it in anymore. He needed to know. "YN… why won't you come back? Tell me, is it my fault? Am I not worthy of you?!"
The once prideful queen fell into shambles of insecurity as his mind won't stop painting images of you walking away from him, of you calling him your doom, of him being your captor… No, he didn't mean it…
"Was I the villain in your story?! WAS I?!"
Vil had never cried as much as he did. He needed to know that you didn't of him as a nuisance. He really was worthless if he made you feel unwanted… so please, he needed an answer.
"How could you think that, my love?"
You stooped to Vil's level, brushing away the tears that ruined his makeup with your very hands. Oh, your poor Vil… You were too selfish, thinking of your own suffering. With Vil in your arms, you felt whole once again. You gave Vil your actual answer, relenting every moment of your stress that stemmed from Crowley.
Oh… how his sweet potato must've suffered. Vil had a stuck of guilt, considering that he was under an Overblot as well. No matter, he had to make things right. For your sake, for his love's sake.
"YN, Crowley is trying to find you. But I… I have to set things right," He said, pulling you up.
The rustle of leaves had you on guard as from it came Dire Crowley, revelling in the scene.
"Schoenheit. You are supposed to bring LN YN to me immediately as I ordered."
Vil for once scared you. It scared you how enraged he was, and your heart wrenched at seeing the ink droplets by his hand.
"Vil, don't you dare-"
He turned back to you, whispering for you to run to Rook's safety. "Don't cry, my love."
You tried to hold the tears once again as you saw Vil shifting forms to an ink-like mess, this time his rage directed at Crowley. You could only run away, praying in your heart that Vil was safe.
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silversatoru · 2 years
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dabi/todoroki touya x puppygirl!reader
synopsis: dabi reluctantly takes in a stray puppygirl on an especially rainy day and gets a lot more attached than he’d ever be willing to admit
tw: nsfw 18+, fluff and smut, puppygirl reader!!, dumbification, creampie, mention of overstimulation, pretty heavy degradation bc dabi’s an asshole but he comes around i promise </3
wc: 1.9k
a/n: this is my contribution to @katslutski ‘s paws and claws collab!! i love this event so much and i love kat even more so be sure to check out all the other talented writers (or even join it yourself)!! now please enjoy dabi and his cute lil pup on a very stormy day!!
Tumblr media
dabi’s life is a bitter, miserable mess, so of course it started to rain while he was walking home, black hair sticking to his forehead and his clothes clinging uncomfortably to his body. not to mention his head was fucking pounding, he was eons past being sleep deprived, and he was starving. everything that could have gone wrong today did, but his entire life has been one giant string of bad luck, so it’s not even surprising anymore.
he trudged down the flooding back alley of his shitty apartment, making his way to the old rusted door that led into the place. his fingers grasped the knob but paused there momentarily, his ears picking up on a few quiet whimpers from further down the narrow back street. his eyes rested on your pitiful form for only a few seconds, his pupils tracing over your wet clothing and drooping ears. just some dumb, mutt-hybrid who’d either gotten lost or didn’t have a home to begin with. poor thing, it’s a pity that dabi couldn’t care less, opening the door and pulling it shut behind him.
why should he give a fuck about you? he has enough of his own problems. or at least that’s what he’s trying to convince himself of while he showers and changes into dry clothes. he shouldn’t still be thinking about the adorable little puppygirl shivering outside his apartment, but he is, and it’s really starting to irritate him. after throwing a loose t-shirt over his head he finally caves to the almost insignificant shred of morals he has left, and grabs his rain jacket.
he’s not sure who the fuck is out here scooping you up and carrying you inside, cause dabi’s certain that he’d never be capable of this kind of compassion. and yet here he is, ushering you into his apartment as you give him a wary look. you’re grateful to be out of the rain but it’s not like dabi has the most inviting appearance for a frightened pup like you.
“god, you’re a filthy fucking thing,” he spits out as the two of you walk inside, your limbs a little shaky from being frozen to your core by the rain.
you simply look at him with big eyes, a silent confirmation that you’ve been out on the streets for quite some time. maybe that’s why he felt a shred of empathy for you, because he too spent an unfair amount of time being cold and alone without a place to call his own. maybe despite how miserable he was and how much he resented the world, he hated to see you in a situation that struck him with nostalgia.
“stay right there, yeah?” he pointed to the rectangular doormat, “don’t need you tracking fucking mud all over my carpet”.
he disappeared into a back room, your heart rate quickening when he didn’t come back right away. he’d saved you and he seemed nice, he wasn’t just gonna leave you here was he? would he be mad if you came looking for him?
you found your feet scurrying across the floor, tracking mud through the house and all the way back to the bathroom where you finally found him digging through a cabinet of old towels.
of course he instantly raised his voice at you, calling you a dumb fucking mutt who never learned how to listen. but you didn’t mean to make him so upset, you were just worried!
unexpectedly, your disheartened expression caused a small pang in his chest, his voice lowering as he suggested a solution.
“alright, well you’re already in the bathroom now. why don’t you just clean yourself up, then we won’t have to worry about the mud,” he let out a frustrated sigh, “soaps are right there and i’ll set the towels here, i’m sure you can figure it out”.
he was about to leave you to it, but then he saw you cluelessly paw at the shower handle with a pitifully confused expression scribbled across your face. fuck.
“really can’t do anything for yourself, can you? stupid dog”.
in a lapse of his typical judgement he turned on the water and helped you into the tub, reluctantly removing your dirty clothes and tossing them into his overflowing hamper. he didn’t particularly enjoy the way his stomach swirled as he squirted some body wash onto a washcloth — a pair of the cutest fluffy ears and a pair of the most perfectly round tits staring him right in the eyes. he didn’t realize it until his hands were scrubbing soap into your skin, but you were a pretty little thing.
he took extra care when he cleaned your chest, feeling your nipples through the rag and trying to ignore the way his pants felt like they were getting tighter. he nearly lost his mind when he began scrubbing behind your ears, soft noises of contentment sliding out of your mouth. those little sighs and cute whimpers were almost as pretty as you — he could barely even think straight anymore.
it’s a good thing he’s got a ton of self control, right? it’s a good thing he’s not fantasizing about absolutely obliterating you with his cock — good thing he’s not thinking about that because he would nev—
— and now you’re bent over his bed, cute little cunt stuffed full with his girth. he certainly didn’t expect to end up here, but this entire night had been one surprise after another. how he went from reluctantly bringing you into his home to slamming his hips into yours was a mystery — but your tight cunt felt so good wrapped around his cock that he didn’t care about how he got from point A to point B.
he was gonna make you absolutely gush around his cock, several orgasms of cum leaking from between your legs as you drooled all over his sheets. you were a goddamn dumbass when he met you earlier tonight, and after fucking you like this? he’d be surprised if you’d even remember how to eat, drink, and breathe on your own.
stupid little puppy-slut, feels so fucking good
never had someone treat you so fucking well before, have you? i didn’t think so.
and this is exactly how you’re gonna pay your rent, mutt, but you’d like that, wouldn’t you?
get to stay here, warm and out of the rain, and all you have to do is spread your fuckin’ legs for me.
he was saying a lot of words that you didn’t quite understand, too happy and dumb and overstimulated to formulate any kind of response. and the raspiness of his voice just made you even easier to please, another wave of fluids gushing around his cock and spilling down your thighs.
after that, dabi decided it was enough, and now it was his turn. he pressed deep into your pussy, a warm pressure building up inside of you as your insides became coated in his cum. and then he fucked it into you with a brand new intensity, your eyes crossing and your tongue practically lolling out of your mouth.
dabi’s compassion only goes so far, and it’s already gone way further than he ever intended it to go tonight. he let you inside his apartment, helped give you a bath, made you cum like four fucking times, and he even cleaned up the mess that resulted between your legs. so he’s sure that you can handle sleeping on the floor on the blanket he laid out for you.
and you’re more than grateful to have a warm place to sleep, but even after only spending a few hours with the grumpy man, you find yourself attached to your savior. you wanna snuggle your head into his chest and give him warm kisses to show him how much you appreciate everything he’s done for you. but, he said some more mean words and pointed at the floor like it was the only place you belonged, so that’s where you curled up for the night, tail tucked between your legs.
things went without incident until the storm outside picked up, a few bright flashes followed by cracks of thunder booming through the apartment complex. dabi heard you yelp from the floor, tiny whines and terrified whimpers barely audible from where he was tucked into bed. he grabbed a pillow and pressed it against his ear, trying to tune out your cries as another strike of lightening lit up the room.
maybe he should have just left your sorry ass out in the rain. was bringing you in here and getting his dick wet really worth losing sleep like this? why’d you have to be so fucking annoying? why’d he—
“hey, dumbass,” his voice makes your ears perk up, your quiet noises of fear subsiding for the moment, “you wanna come lay up here? will you shut the fuck then?”
he wasn’t sure what he was expecting but it definitely wasn’t your body hurling towards him from where you’d been situated on the floor. a wet nose and teary eyes immediately pressed into his shirt as you happily basked in his warmth.
“fuck- i didn’t mean right next to me,” dabi flinched away from you, face twisted up in knots as you stared up at him with big eyes and folded ears.
he was this close to kicking you right back to the floor for that — you were supposed to sleep by his feet or something — you weren’t supposed to cuddle up next to him like this but —
“alright, whatever,” he let out a sigh of unusual contentment, closing his eyes again and letting one of his arms fall over your torso, “but don’t get used to this shit”.
you didn’t really care what he had to say, you were just happy to feel safe from the big scary storm outside. his arm was the nicest blanket of security you’d ever had, so falling asleep after that was rather easy.
you certainly didn’t find yourself the best owner — dabi wasn’t someone who would coddle you, and he wasn’t someone that could afford anything all that nice for you either. he‘s usually emotionally unavailable and sometimes the things he says can be kinda mean. but despite it all, his shitty apartment quickly becomes a place of comfort for you. he lends you his old, beat-up clothing, gives you the leftovers of his food, helps you take bathes (the handle is still confusing </3), and makes no hesitation to stuff your cunt and make you feel good after he’s had a long day.
now, not only does he let you sleep with him in bed, but he even finds himself scratching behind your ears or stroking your tail until you’re softly twitching and falling asleep next to him. dabi’s life is a bitter, miserable mess, but having a sweet little pup to come home to has become his silver lining on even the worst days.
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plush-rabbit · 2 years
Pining For You
Request: Hi bunny! Can i request pining hcs for Lucifer and diavolo pls? For a reader that's very oblivious, and very physically affectionate with the others. Thanks!
A/N: This was really fun to do!! I hope that you enjoy!!
Pining for you ruins him. It ruins Lucifer in a way that it shouldn’t have ever been possible. He’s not one for the more romantic emotions, he’s far too busy with his own life to focus on something so frivolous. And yet, when the Avatar of Pride looks at you, he can’t help but feel a twisting around his heart and heat that settles in his chest and burns against him. It’s an odd feeling to pine over someone, especially when it’s him. It should be the other way around, it should be you wanting to confess and yet, he doesn’t find the entire experience awful.
It’s been a long time since he’s felt this way, so long that he can’t remember what the feeling is supposed to mean. He doesn’t have time for a relationship, and yet when you come knocking at his door, he’s willing to drop everything and run after you even if it’s for a simple task of reaching for the top cupboard. He’s willing to abandon his duties and promises, and have you lead him astray. It’s you that makes him a mess and it’s you that he’s fallen for. You’re oblivious and kind, and you’re human and one day you’ll die, but it’s you that he wants. If it’s you, he’d welcome any feeling, just to know that it was you that had left such a mark against his heart and soul.
You’re touchy with the others- constantly throwing your arms around them, leaning on their arms, and even playing with their hands. It leaves the demon with a bad taste in his mouth. He could easily return your affections, but it isn’t him that you’re choosing. He won’t admit it, but it makes him feel jealousy. He shouldn’t have to feel his way, and he doesn’t want to, but he does. He won't admit it, but due to you being so overly affectionate, he decides to have you closer to him. He has you sit with him during meal times, during council meetings he saves you a seat beside him, and he’ll find any excuse to just have you sit beside him.
Pride and obliviousness don’t go together. He’s sure of himself and he makes his attraction known to you, and yet, you can only smile and hold his hands in yours and tell him that you like him as well. It leaves him frustrated knowing that he’s confessed to you and yet you only take it as a friendly gesture. Despite the actions that he takes to have you notice him in a romantic way, you don’t. You take it as any other friendly gesture and he’s left with a headache forming between his brows and a heavy heart. It isn’t sadness- at least he doesn’t want to admit that. He’s a demon, a simple human shouldn’t be affecting him so and yet, you do. You make him want to scream when you accept his gifts and tell him how much you love them only to kiss his cheek and show them off to the others. It had to be in your nature to be oblivious, and while it’s frustrating, he’s still grateful that it’s you. He just wants you to see him the way that he sees you. You’re the one that turned the Avatar of Pride into such a mess that it's almost laughable if it weren’t his feelings at play.
A confession to you is not easy, but he doesn’t mind a bit of work. Lucifer knocks at your door, his head held high and hands clasped behind his back and he’s grateful that he has gloves to conceal how clammy his hands have gotten. When you open the door, he smiles gently at you and enters your room. His confession is meant to be short. He’s meant to just tell you that he has feelings for you but then he sees the way that you tilt his head and he’s left confessing himself to you. You are a human and yet you’re the one that has reduced him to nothing more than a mess. You’ve done so much for him and the only thing that he has to show for it are feelings that at away at him, feelings that make him lose his breath, and something so raw that it’s painful. He hadn’t known that pining after you would have caused such a ruckus in his life, but it has. You’ve left hi in a disarray. He’s your demon, and you’re his master, and whatever you want from him, he’d be willing to do.
Diavolo hadn’t expected to find himself attracted to you in a romantic sense. He loves humans and in turn, humanity, but he never thought that the exchange student would be the one to capture his attention- especially when he was a prince and you were only a simple human. He sits with his feelings and that’s something that’s new to him. He’s so used to rushing forward without a thought, without a fear of consequence, but this time, it’s different. He doesn’t know what to do, he just sits with his emotions until he finally admits to out loud that he does have feelings for you.
You spend so much time with the others that it isn’t fair. He can’t spend time with you because he’s a prince, he has things to attend to and oversee and that costs him so much. He’s glad that you’re spending time with the others, that you aren’t alone, but at the same time, you rely on them, but not him. At a certain point, he starts to request your presence for just simple things at first- joining him for a meal, walking through the garden, attending a few more human related events, and then it gradually increases to staying late at the castle due to him convincing you to spend your time in the library, sitting beside him while he signs documents, and even just the simple task of him giving you a proper tour of the castle- anything to keep you around him longer. It’s all just a cheap ploy to get you to spend time with him. Sure he feels a bit guilty about it, but he’s also a demon, guilt is something he feels and to him, it’s just another emotion that he can easily rid himself of.
It isn’t easy to get you to notice his feelings for you. He’s sure that you can sense something has shifted in the dynamic but that also may be him just wanting to believe in that. Demon courting and human courting are two very different things that he isn’t quite sure which one to do. He’s sure you’d accept his gifts, but would you know the meanings behind it? If he were to ask you out on a date would you simply believe that he was just requesting more of your time? It’s such a bother, but it’s something that he must deal with- it’s his feelings and he’ll sort them out for you. He ends up trying a mix of both, hell flowers that seep with fortunes when bled on, a lovely note written in your textbook, gifts that are weighted in jewels and gold, and stuffed animals that he’s seen you admire. It’s a mix of things, but you seem to enjoy them so he doesn’t stop.
Perhaps it’s the demon in him that makes him so territorial when it comes to you. He’s surprised at his jealousy of having others touch you and having you reciprocate the touch- to reach out and cup their face or for you to pull them close for a hug. It leaves an awful, acidic taste on his tongue, an anger brewing in him that has him huffing out like a child. There should be no reason for him to feel so awful, but yet he does. It’s no surprise that you enjoy touch, but he can still sense your hesitation when it comes towards him. He thinks that it might have to deal with his title, but that’s only a hunch. At a certain point, he has to take the step forward and grab your hand that is so small in his and let it cup against his jaw and cheeks and when you run your thumb under his bottom lip, he only leans towards you, quiet with his eyes closed.
The poor prince can only handle his own feelings for so long. You’re oblivious and while that’s just a thing of yours, he can’t just sit quietly and hope you’ll pick up on the signals. Eventually, Diavolo pulls you aside and sits you beside him, his knee pressing against yours and his hands clasped over yours. It’s straightforward, he leaves no room for miscommunication. He tells you how he adores you, how you’re the one that makes him nervous and how he wishes that you would look at him the way that he looks at you, and as he lifts your hand to touch against his chest where his heart rests, you can only look at him with wide eyes. All he wants is to hold your hand and have you be beside him for as long as you’d let him; he may be a prince, but you’re the one who holds power over him. He’d bow before you and kiss your knuckles, he’d sully his own name if it meant that you would only kiss his temple.
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willowedwisteria · 1 year
⁂~A Scar That Will Never Heal~⁂
Tumblr media
Summary -> Someone or something hurts you. Unluckily for them, your "knight in shining armor" happens to save you just in the nick of time.
Featuring -> Childe, Xiao, Scaramouche
Note -> A certain simp happened to approach me with this request, and the person that said simp happened to simp for was none other than the menace himself, Childe. Laughably, he fits perfectly into this trope.
Purposefully making Xiao's part longer because I'm also a fellow Xiao simp.
Warnings -> A bit of Gore, Fourth-wall-breaking, worshipping, soft yandere
Genre -> Hurt to comfort
Tumblr media
"What do you want?" You ask in a firm voice, struggling to move anywhere with the ropes binding your wrists and ankles together. One of the treasure hoarders chuckles, walking up to you and kneeling down, a smirk on his face.
"We're looking for mora, treasure, anything to get filthy rich. You seemed pretty knowledgeable about this place, dodging all the places where hillichurls stayed stealthily."
The Treasure Hoarder turned his head to the horizon.
"Since you're so knowledgeable, you should know where some treasure is, right?"
Your face turns into a scowl, a scowl of disgust. You couldn't believe the situation you were stuck in. You turned your head away from them, not willing to co-operate.
Plus, there wasn't any treasure around here, you were sure they just followed some false rumors.
The treasure hoarders scoff, pulling out a blade and pressing it against your throat.
"If you aren't going to give us everything you got, we'll have no choice but to use violence." The treasure hoarder warns you, informing you that they're willing to hurt you if you don't follow their orders.
The sharp edge of the blade cuts into your neck, blood oozing out of the open cut and painting the blade red. You flinch a bit in pain as the treasure hoarder gets angrier.
He throws the blade away and kicks you, the force of the kick sending you landing on your back, causing you to cough relentlessly due to the sudden pain.
"I don't want to kill anybody, just tell me where I can find treasure!" The treasure hoarder's tone becomes increasingly harsh.
An explosion happens in the distance.
All of the treasure hoarders divert their attention to the explosion, too distracted by the bright colors and worried to notice that Childe was right behind them.
One by one, they've taken out by him. Whether it was stabbing, pierced by an arrow, or taken out by blunt force, they all were massacred without mercy in mind.
Childe rushes to your side, untying all of the ropes before carrying you up princess-style. You were still conscious, but the cut on your neck and the kick you sustained still stung.
"Are you okay, your grace?" Childe asks you. You nodded your head, reassuring the Harbinger that you're just fine.
Despite your confirmation, he still brought you to Bubu Pharmacy just in case. Childe still worries for you after a week or two, asking if any part of your body aches and checking the cut on your neck often.
Tumblr media
You explored through the building, trying to find where Scaramouche could possibly be.
"How big even is this place?!" You complain to yourself, screaming through the hallways to hear your voice echo back to you. You can feel your legs aching due to all of the walking you've been doing to try and find your way through this maze of a building.
After turning a corner, you finally spot someone, a fatui agent! How lucky for you.
"Hi! Hi! Sorry, I'm lost. Do you perhaps know where Scara is?" You approach the Fatui Agent in a friendly manner, waving to him and asking nicely.
Your nickname for Scaramouche was your first mistake to the Fatui Agent.
The Fatui Agent ignores you, treating you like wind that simply passed by as if hoping you would get the message and leave.
In response, you look at him weirdly, wondering if you were too soft or if he was spacing out. Wait... was he ignoring you? No, no, it doesn't matter which harbinger this guy is under, he should know that you're the divine one, right?
You repeated yourself, this time, tapping him on the shoulder. After your second try, the Fatui Agent didn't even bother turning his head towards you.
You shake your head out of disappointment before noticing the wooden door that stood behind the Fatui Agent. You figure that you should continue your search by yourself, there's no hope in asking for help from someone who won't even acknowledge that you exist.
Once you unsuspectingly place your hand on the doorknob, the Fatui Agent immediately grabs you by the wrist, his grip like iron as he pulls your hand away from the door.
You shout in pain as he throws you against the wall, knocking you unconscious on the ground.
Coincidentally, Scaramouche's quarters happened to be right behind the door the Fatui Agent was guarding. He slammed the door open, complaining about the commotion.
The moment his eyes laid on your unconscious body laying on the ground, he glared at the Fatui Agent, demanding an immediate and detailed explanation from the Fatui Agent.
Before the Fatui Agent could utter a word out of his mouth, Scara shook his head, contradicting himself and shouting that there's no time for that.
He picks you up off of the ground, rushing to get any assistance from healers nearby.
Scaramouche stays with you the entire time the healers are taking care of you, lightly caressing your hand, inspecting the bruise left on your wrist.
Once you wake up, Scara is right there with you, calling for the healers to check up on you the moment you awaken.
Of course, after explaining everything to him, you could expect that poor Fatui Agent to go through a lot of grueling punishments. It turns out the Fatui Agent was a new recruit and didn't recognize you as one of the higher-ups.
He doesn't want to let you get hurt again, not when he could have prevented it.
Tumblr media
The Geovishap begins attacking you, hitting you with its tail, rolling around, and making you scramble around to find a safe space, it was as if it saw you as a toy.
The bruises on that your body were able to sustain get worse by the second and you don't think you can stop the bleeding from your head anytime soon.
As the Geovishap's armor began glowing, changing from gold to a navy blue, it begins infusing hydro into its own body and you realize how screwed you really are.
It leaps in the air, the moonlight shining on it as it casts a shadow on you.
You didn't want to die. It wasn't time yet! You still had so much to do, you still wanted to talk to everyone! You tried to look around for anyone or anywhere you could hide.
You feel your heart racing even faster, beating out of your chest and threatening to burst apart. In your state of panic and fear, you couldn't do anything as the Geovishap came closer and closer, about to land straight on you.
You couldn't run, your legs were too worn-out and beaten. You couldn't scream, your throat was too sore for that and you felt like your lungs were burning. You were helpless, completely.
Tears poured out of your eyes and you couldn't feel anything but desperation, desperation to survive.
You whisper softly, your voice hoarse and you almost choke. If anyone could save you, it'd be him... right?
He's always been there for you. With every calling and mention of his name, he'd always appear, he was always by your side. If there's was a time that he needed to show up immediately, it'd be now.
And there the Anemo Yaksha was, carrying you across the night sky in his arms, saving you just before the Geovishap landed on the hard soil.
"Your grace, please wait a moment." He lightly seats you on the ground before making his way to face off against the Geovishap, his Jade Spear in hand and his mask on his face.
In mere moments, the Geovishap was defeated before you and your loyal acolyte returns to your side. Xiao picks you up again while you wrap your arms around his neck, hugging him as tears begin spilling out of your eyes, extremely grateful about the fact that he saved you.
"Y-your grace?"
He's hesitant to talk, unsure of whether opening his mouth was the right decision. Should he have just let you cry silently?
"Are you... alright?" The Yaksha asks you, the feeling of you burying your face in the crevice of his neck a bit comforting. You nod, reassuring Xiao that you're fine.
With that, you arrive at the balcony of Wangshu Inn, Verr Goldet immediately rushes up to the both of you, trying to inquire about what in the world could have happened to you.
"That isn't important, just get them bandaged up." Xiao retorts, passing by Verr Goldet to let you rest on a stool.
Verr Goldet complies, instantly grabbing bandages to treat your head wound and escorting you to a guest room to rest.
Occasionally, you'll notice Xiao teleporting into the room to check on you in the middle of the night.
Tumblr media
Tag list: @under-a-starry-night, @xyliope, @yourfaveisblack, @bardisipatos, @kithewanderingme, @veritaoscurata, @irethepotato, @karmawonders, @lunavixia, @anfre109, @bamboowritess, @ellethesmolbutnotreally,@The-Psychotic-Blueberry ,@Hydrxngex,@darling-rikafu,@uchihaeirin,@callmemeelah
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Tumblr media
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hellsfirekeepsyouwarm · 10 months
"Mad More"
Guys, my first ever smut. Please be aware of that, cuz this is literary my first one. So happy reading everyone, it's not that freaky, but you can find a slight 'notsovanilla' moments in it. please let me know what you think. it's hella long. love yall
Matt Murdock x F!Reader
TW: swearing, blood, mentions of fight, doing the deed in DD suit, dry humping, oral (female receiving), p in v, unprotected sex, creampie
Summary: Matt did a stupid thing to keep you out of harm's way, so you let your anger and frustration out on him, more than one way.
Tumblr media
"Fucking hell Matt! You can't do that, shit was about to hit the fan, and you were in the freaking middle of it" You are mad. Furious even. Matt just threw your whole plan out of the window as soon as you were close to danger.
"I handled it. It was fine." His light tone, the dismissive motion of his shoulder makes your blood boil. How someone can be this stubborn? As hard-headed as this man?
He's breathing heavy, just as you, but his cause is exhaustion, your's is anger. Or something more complex. Mixed with worry and adrenaline, everything is swirling in your body.
He takes off his helmet, revealing his dreamy eyes, half lips turning up into a shy schoolboy smile, which looks much more devilish in the helmet. Hair pointing in all directions, giving him a messy look that would have looked cute as hell, but no. The blood dripping down from the corner of his mouth, reminding you how reckless and an idiot he is.
He smiles at your with a wide grin, knowing his charm always the answer for your heightened mood, but you are not having it today. No way he can get away with this without you giving the cold shoulder for a little while. So your turn around, heading to the kitchen, stopping on your way to grab a beer from the fridge. You aren't even a big fan of beer, but you need something to buzz in your head, besides your racing thoughts, and every possible horrible outcome that could have happened tonight.
A big sigh leaves his mouth when turn your back to him. The intoxicating smell of your perfume with sweat pulling him in, pushing him towards your body to close the suddenly aching distance between your bodies.
"You can't be serious. We had a freaking plan, and the plan was to let me do my part, so you can do yours. Teamwork. You know that word, Matthew? Because it seems like you never heard of it. Or you just choose to delete it from your vocabulary. Damnit." Your ramble on, not giving attention to the man behind you who is dangerously close to you. You open the beer with shaky hands, gulping a good amount down, before slapping it back on the counter, hands finding the edges to hold onto something solid. To ground you before you snap and pick a very much earned fight with him.
It's now or never he thinks. Either you will turn around and slap him on the face, living out your fury, or you will shut the hell up and finally give attention to him. He is willing to risk it if it means you will let go of this incident, him trying to keep you out of harm's way by throwing himself to the wolves instead. He can live with you being displeased with him, but he can't live with the mere thought of you being hurt. Especially because of him. No fucking way.
He takes careful steps, leaving the helmet forgotten next to the kitchen sink, not making a sound while doing it.
"Damnit, i thought for second you gonna wind up dead in middle of that shitshow, but no, you lucky bastard fought your way out, can't fucking beli..." He takes a shaky breath, inhaling the smell of your shampoo, before completely burying his face in the crook of your neck, his chest pressing hard against your back like a brick wall, hips following soon after. You choke on your sentence, words dying on your tongue, not remembering anymore what you were saying. His hands clutching on your stomach, pulling your ass against his crotch, leaving you absolutely breathless.
"What were you sayin'?" His playful voice fanning over your neck, his stubble tingling the sensitive skin. It's not stopping you from giving him more space, tilting your head so he can have more access of you.
His fingers works on your long sleeve shirt, desperately searching for bare skin under the material, lifting it up so he can feel your warmth under his cold palms. When he finds your waist, he drown his moan in a sweet kiss on your shoulder. Fingers massaging your soft skin, travelling around your stomach, ghosting over your bellybutton, not missing a spot he can reach. If he has you, there is no need for painkillers or any medication. His throbbing head and aching ribs fading away, brain full of you and only you.
You hum in response, the anger and irritation turning into a more pleasurable feeling, fueling your body with small waves of pleasure that comes from a skin to skin contact you have been craving all week. And it's not enough. You want more. More of him, more of his skin, of his touch. You hands still grabbing the kitchen counter gives you the perfect support, without them, your knees would give up on you, so you hold onto it roughly when your grind against him, feeling the growing bulge under his leather suit. You can't help but grin at the deep groan he lets out next to your ear, leaving wet marks where his mouth sucked on your sweet spot.
His breathing ragged, trying to catch up on the rhythm your hips dictate, his right hand leaving your waist to grab your hand on the counter, the other pushing on your lower belly, waking up the butterflies inside you. You quickly catch up on each others movements, meeting the other in the rights spots, making the most delicious sounds to let the other know what feels good. Oh and it's fucking feels good.
Soon your bodies rock in perfect harmony, Matt chasing the friction of your ass moving up and down on his boner, and you giving him small praises and love words as you adjust your body so you both can keep the rhythm up.
He makes the sweetest sounds, tiny gasps after raging moans from his chest that makes your legs tremble, and occasionally losing control over your own body. Your left hand leaves the counter, finding his head behind you, ruffling through his hair, pulling on it slightly, just a little move of yours to push his buttons.
You can feel yourself losing patience, body and mind wanting and needing more of him, and he matches your energy right away, whether it's his own instinct or he sensed your shift, he acts on it right away.
He spins your around in a swift motion, hands never leaving your waistline, wet lips crushing down on yours enveloping you in a heated sloppy kiss. You can taste blood and sweat on his tongue fighting for dominance, your nose filled with his own unique smell you can never get tired of.
You are lost in the kiss, you only realize he lifted you on top of the counter when he starts to fidgeting with your belt, loosening it, tugging on your jeans when it's free from the grip of the belt. His fingers caresses the skin while he pushes the material away from you, doing the same with your panties, grabbing them together, slowly pulling down on your thighs. He breaks the kiss, just to hear every little sounds you exhale while he does it so slowly it's a complete torture for you. Fingers tracing all the way with your clothes, following their way down to your ankles stopping at your shoes. He get's rid of them, leaving the boots lazily next to him, your jeans falling on top of them right after.
You feel the chilly air that never seems to leave the apartment, now it's colliding with your hot skin, the contrast making you yearn more of Matt's warmth, missing the close proximity.
"Matt.." You breath out his name, not being able to continue, when his soft lips plants a sweet and quick kiss on your ankle. You sigh dropping your head back with closed eyes, enjoying every millisecond his this torment.
"Yes love?" He asks despite knowing he won't get an answer. He smiles into the kisses, leaving your skin burn with desire. Every inch closer to your heat, making you wetter than ever before, the anticipation growing inside you with the familiar knot in your lower belly with every kiss dropping on your legs and thighs.
He places a kiss above your left knee before spreading them wide, placing both on his shoulders, carrying on, feeling his tongue dragging a line on your inner thigh. You look back at him, your trembling legs painted with small blood patches he left, your eyes following the breadcrumbs he dropped to his beautiful face between your thighs, waiting for you response.
"Can I?" He asks for permission with tender voice.
"Yes please." You almost beg, beg for him to dive in, beg him to not tease you any longer, beg him to do whatever he wants, just do it already. And that's what he does. His tongue slides up your folds, closing in on your clit, sucking the sensitive bud over and over before going back down, and do it again. Doing it with the right timing switching between licking and sucking.
You watch his head move, adjusting to the move of the rocking of your hips as you chase his tongue for more pressure on your core. He's more than happy to give anything you want, but he likes his own speed. He takes his time, leaving your clit when your hips swing too fast, when he hears your breath getting caught in your lungs, heart-rate up in the sky. You always get frustrated, greed taking over you every time he denies you the orgasm you want so bad.
"Don't play with me, Matt." You warn, but your voice comes out small, fragile.
"I would never do that." The vibration of his voice almost sends you over, but he leaves the prison of your thighs, coming up to face you. His grab on your waist is so solid there's gonna be a light bruise painted where his fingers digging into you. "Not yet" He murmurs into your mouth.
"Fuck.." You pout sharply, but lean into him, your hands searching for any way into his suit. "Fuck this thing." You groan into the kiss he places on your lips, feeling
"You need help?" He teases, a cocky grin forming on his face while he taps on the suit over his hips. You can't comprehend the way he finally gets rid of the red leather, but it's not important right now. You immediately shove your hand down the pants, carefully taking a hold of the base of his cock, pulling out his member slowly.
You see him trying to push the clothing down, but you stop him before he can do it.
"The suit stays on!" There is no room for argument.
"Is that so?" He tilts his head a little with a satisfied hum on his lips when you stroke him a couple times. You nod. "As you wish" He breaths out a whisper.
You push your ass closer to the edge of the counter, searching for the angle best for both of you. He moves with you, almost a growl escapes him when your thighs lock around his hips, pulling him in, his length sliding up on your wet pussy.
When you stop wiggling, he waits a second before moving his hips. And when he does, you feel his cock grinding on your bud of nerves, teasing you with tiny and slow circles around it. You grow impatient from it, already on the edge from the softness of his lips, and the heavy attacks from his tongue. You want him inside, you want to chase the release you desire, you want to see him feel good.
"Stop teasing, and fuck me already." You groan, flustered and frustrated, his smug grin plastered on his satisfied face is a sight to see, he always counts these moments as little victories, he just wants to hear the magic word, and he will give you anything you want.
He slides his length down your folds, your warm wetness coating him, making the movement effortless. The tip of his cock stops at your entrance, but stays there, frozen.
"C'mon, Matt." You plead, the attitude is gone from your voice, but it's not quite right just yet. Matt tilts his head, the unique move makes him even more sexier, knowing he listens closely to the reactions of your body, from the thudding blood in your ears to the slight tremble of your legs.
You move your hips froward, your legs around his hips and ass pulling him closer, hoping for the fulfillment you need from him. His firm grip on your hips killing your whole plan right there, his body unfazed from your attempt.
"Hmm, darling. Ask nicely." His words rolling down on his tongue with dark desire, the air stuck in your chest when you feel him move again up your slit, catching your lips in deep kiss, tongue battling with yours, teeth clashing together.
The temperature's rising with with his thrust on top of your core, your skin sticking to his leather suit, the blood red fabric rough and cold on you. "Let me hear it." He whispers after leaving your mouth, now sucking on your earlobe.
Damnit he's perfect and fucking annoying. You surrender.
"Please" You almost think he haven't heard you, but the stars appearing in your vision is about to prove you wrong. He slides inside smoothly, lost inside completely. He's starts slow, building up the pace consistently. He's taking the lead, listening carefully to every little noise you make, and you make a lot. Between sinful moans, and heavy breaths matching his own, soft words fall from your lips. Small pleas music to his ears.
The soft thrusts turns into a steady and hard rate, now you can hear his devil leather slapping on your bare skin, making the sound even more sinful. There is something undeniably primal in it, like that red clothing is his second skin, something that is already a part of him, a part he likes to hide, but can't do it properly. You love him and that hellfire in him.
You can count the times on one hand when he made love to you in the suit. Fucked you. That's more of an accurate description. It's always a rare occasion, Matt is always gets rid of it before even going near you, keeping the blood-soaked Daredevil at bay around you.
But fuck it, it's the best turn on you ever experienced before. Him in a sweaty and bloody leather, hugging his body perfectly, highlighting the parts of his body you see hidden away in his usual work clothes.
You desperately need support, but you can't help yourself, you need to touch him, it's an urge you need to fulfill at the moment before you go nuts. You hand brushes his chest, it's like electricity, his body jolts a little, his fingers digging into your sides like he fears you could fade away at any moment. Your hand travels up to his neck, pulling him down for a sloppy kiss, noses fighting with each other for space, your teeth catching his lower lip before he can slip away. He groans into the kiss you plant on his lips before you let go of him. Your fingers wanders around on his torso, getting to know the material and every detail of it.
You can see him getting closer and closer to his release, his brows furrows more frequently while he's trying to focus on the rhythm he chose to uphold, his mouth hanging open, moans escaping more.
His hands so glued to your hips you almost can't strip his left hand, he only eases the hold on you when you squeeze on his knuckles. You lift you right leg, sliding his free hand under your knee, your leg resting higher, giving you the most pleasurable angle the pose can give. He hits your g-spot with every heavy thrust, you moan out loudly, so loud the neighbors might hear it. Good.
"Harder." You ask, or command? You can't tell. You heard the words sweet in your head, but you sounded greedy. He does just that. Harder and slower than before, every time he buries himself deep in you, your mouth forms an o shape, feeling your orgasm cornering you.
"C'mon darling. I want to hear you." Gruffy voice laced with lust, deeply vibrating in his chest, coming from a place that only desire rules. You let out an inhuman groan when his thumb finds your clit, starting with smaller circles before speeding up as he hears your breath quicken. Thumb working tirelessly, his palm pushing down on your belly.
Everything is overwhelming. Him in and out contrasting the constant attack on your clit, the cold leather sticking to you ass everytime he pushes himself inside.
"Matt.." You breath out.
"I know baby." He's more than aware how close you are, his own release is in your tracks.
"Matt" You say, ask. You don't need to say again. He fastens up a bit hitting the spot in you one last time before you scream out his name. Walls clenching around him like crazy, you can feel the waves hugging him tightly, he comes soon after you growling into your chest as he pulls your body even closer. Your whole body is shaking in his embrace, your orgasm still working hard in your system, the aftermath almost as good as the peak itself.
Your forehead rests on top of Matt's head where he buried his face in your boobs. You start to massage his scalp with your fingers as your other hand clings to his shoulder. He slowly lifts his face up, eyes already sleepy, hazed with tiredness, the smile on his lips brighter than the big billboard outside of his windows.
"Shut up." You know what's he's about to say, planting a delicate kiss on him so he can't speak. He tastes like satisfaction, full and overflown with love.
"I should make you mad more." He states parting his lips from you. You whine.
"Can you do it without getting yourself almost killed?" You laugh, the resentment from his stupid act earlier tonight long lost.
"I'll think about it." He whispers into your mouth as he leans in for another peck.
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avtrbee · 2 years
summary: nobara and itadori asks megumi about the biggest fight y/n and gojo ever had
tw: abandonment issues (?)
please feel free to leave comments of criticism! i'd love to hear from you :> enjoy the fic !!
my masterlist
It seemed like the entire Jujutsu High School seemed to freeze in cold when Y/N and Gojo-sensei walked past each other near the training grounds. They were usually attached at the hip in the school as both were teachers and...well, they were married. They looked like lovesick fools on campus, but mainly Gojo sneaking kisses at any chance he got and Y/N silently letting him. No one missed the small smile of fondness on Y/N’s face every time.
“Oi,” whispered Itadori, nudging his shoulder. “Will they be okay? Y/N-sensei’s face looks so cold.”
“Yeah,” agreed Megumi without hesitation. This wasn’t his first experience of seeing a lovers quarrel- they practically raised him after all. He and Tsumiki always had the front row seats on Gojo’s tantrums and Y/N’s stubbornness. “They’ll get over it.”
“Hah?” Nobara poked his shoulder. “You seem pretty confident, Fushiguro.”
“Well, it’s not like this was their worst fight…”
“Huh, I never knew them to fight frequently. They always looked so in love that fighting seemed out of the picture. What was their worst fight like Megumi? Were you there?” asked Itadori.
Oh, he was there. He remembered every second of the week-long fight- the longest it ever lasted. Megumi didn’t even remember what it was about- the laundry? Stress? He really didn’t care about the specifics. From that point, Megumi has seen Y/N and Gojo have little arguments with a few ending up in screaming matches. They were always mindful to scream when he and Tsumiki were out of earshot, but they caught bits and pieces nonetheless. They were always greeted with a sleeping Y/N cuddled up with Gojo on their sofa the next day, anyway.
But this...this was something else. It was serious. It got so bad that Gojo even packed up a suitcase filled with his clothes and slammed their front door, going away from who knows where.
The house felt frozen like it was winter, similar to how Jujutsu Highschool felt now. All three of them looked at the door silently, expecting, praying, that Gojo would come back with a goofy smile calling his actions a prank, making everyone sigh in relief. But a few minutes passed by, and the door still hadn't opened.
It was Tsumiki that broke the deafening silence first. “Will- will you l-leave too, Y/N-san?”
Megumi and Y/N’s heads whipped to the girl. Tsumiki, always the bigger sister, was trying to keep a straight face, quickly wiping away the tears that were falling down her cheeks. There was a smile on her face as if trying to convince everyone that it's okay- it’s okay if Y/N leaves. Just like her mom, just like his dad. Y/N walked three great strides towards his sister and shoved her a little too aggressively to her stomach.
“No.” she croaked. Y/N raised her head to look away from them, presumably to cry. She never liked crying, much more people seeing her cry.
Megumi has always looked at Tsumiki as the older sister she was, always caring for him, fussing around him with a motherlike intent. But the sight of Tsumiki’s arms tightly secured around Y/N’s waist while sobbing into her shirt was the youngest Megumi has ever seen his sister.
He gets it. He does. Megumi might be nine but he was the first to realize that his dad and Tsumiki’s mom were never coming back. He realized this quickly, too. The slam of the door, a parental figure walking past without ever looking back...he and Tsumiki have seen this sight way too many times.
There was anger in his chest, both directed at himself and at Gojo. Did he trust too quickly? It was only two years since Y/N and Gojo took them out of the cramped apartment they called home, two years since he’s been eating take out and home-cooked meals for dinner instead of leftovers of a restaurant, two years since he and Tsumiki hadn’t slept on a thin mattress on the floor. He got too complacent, and this is where it got him.
Megumi’s heart ached, and all he feels is anger- anger towards Gojo for leaving, anger towards Tsumiki for caring, and anger towards Y/N for taking them in and making him trust again. He got too carried away with all the privileges and assurances they showered them with that Megumi didn’t even think it would go away. How stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
He’ll miss this, he thinks. Megumi will miss coming home to an occasional hot meal that Y/N would cook if she arrived home early. He would miss the weekly shopping trips they would go to- Megumi barely wanted anything, content at staring at the stores and observing Tsumiki and Gojo buy clothes for everyone. Megumi would miss Disneyland- he had only been there once but Gojo saw the excitement in his and Tsumiki’s eyes that he promised he’ll take them there again. He would miss Gojo carrying him out of spite, despite being too tall and holding his hand as they walked to stores despite him acting like he hated every second of it. He’ll miss the way his heart would swell every time an old lady would call them a cute family and the way-
“Megumi.” His head snapped to Y/N whose eyes were red and sad. “You’re crying.”
Megumi lifted his palm to hold his cheek and sure enough, he managed to catch a tear from rolling down his chin. He didn’t even realize he was crying, which made him angrier. He wanted to tear this place he called home for two years apart with one of his dogs, leave and never come back-
From Y/N’s stomach, Tsumiki peaked at him and held out her hand. Y/N placed a comforting hand on her head before giving Megumi a sad smile. It was then Megumi let all of his anger flow through his tears, he was ashamed of even thinking of leaving- Y/N just said she wouldn’t leave them, and he believed her. He felt more tears roll down his cheeks and he let himself wail, scream, and shout for the entire world to hear. He ran like a child to Tsumiki’s hands and to Y/N’s comforting hug and screamed more.
He didn’t know how long they cried together but at the end of the night, they were all tucked in a corner, Tsumiki and Megumi snuggled at Y/N’s sides.
They were comfortable at that, but Y/N insisted on getting up and getting ready for bed. She ushered the both of them to the shower and brushed her teeth with them. There was silence as they did their tasks, exhausted from silently crying and Megumi from throwing a fit with his wails.
It wasn’t until Tsumiki was buttoning the last button of his pajamas when they heard their doorbell ring an absurd amount of times. It didn’t have the intention to stop until someone opened the door.
“I’ll get it,” announced Y/N, her voice croaking from disuse. Megumi remembered watching Y/N figure walk to their doorway, then finally opening the door.
Behind it was Gojo with eyes as red as theirs, holding a bouquet of flowers on one hand and two paper bags on the other. He raised his gifts to them with shaking hands.
Megumi would have laughed at his sight, Gojo had snot coming out of his nose, his eyes were filled with tears, lips trembling. But the fact that Gojo’s blindfold was off, giving an impression that Gojo was serious.
“I-“ Gojo sniffed. “I meant to come back earlier, I didn’t mean it- it’s just the higher-ups gave me a mission to Europe as soon as I closed the door-“ Gojo breathed deeply, eyes darting at the three of them. Behind him was the suitcase he packed, untouched on their doorstep.
“-I teleported, I finished it as soon as I could, and-“
Megumi flinched backward at the sudden sight of Itadori’s hand waving in front of his face. He was suddenly pulled out of his memory, blinking several times to adjust to his new reality. “Sorry, I spaced out…”
“Well?” Nobara prompted, putting her hands on her waist. “What was their biggest fight?”
The expression on her face was similar to those she wore before she threw a fit of impatience. He wasn’t really in a mood to explicitly describe the emotional toll their fight took from all of them, nor was he willing to suddenly open up about his abandonment issues and how a Gojo going out and not coming back until three hours later triggered something in him and Tsumiki. After Y/N hugged Gojo, Megumi remembered racing against Tsumiki towards the white-haired man at their door, each of them clutching one of his legs.
Megumi trusts Itadori and Nobara...he just wasn’t there yet. He’ll tell them someday he thinks, he’ll tell them everything.
Megumi looked at Y/N and Gojo-sensei again and was pleased by what he saw. A small smile graced his face as he pointed towards the couple. “It ended just like that.”
Itadori and Nobara turned their heads towards the direction of the couple. From their position, they could see Gojo clutching a bouquet of flowers while audibly sobbing his apologies while Y/N tackled him into a hug.
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fly-forever-young · 11 months
•~Nct Dream + Shotaro & Sungchan Them flinching during a fight
Tumblr media
-You and Renjun are having a heated argument, you are yelling at each other trying as much as possible to hurt each other with words taken in anger.
-To respond to his sentence you suddenly and quickly approach him, he thinks you want to attack him, he backs away putting his hands in front of him to protect himself
-This scene makes your heart break by making you cry silently, even if in anger you would not dare to touch Renjun.
-You: "I- I didn't mean to scare you I'm sorry"
-You try to leave but Renjun blocks you by hugging you from behind.
Tumblr media
-It was supposed to be a romantic dinner together turned into a fight.
-You are both firm on your points of view and neither of you is willing to compromise.
-Jeno: "Okay I understand I can't tell you anything without you getting angry!"
-Tired of the argument, you decide to stop it here and wash the dirty dishes and glasses you used during dinner.
-You take a glass in your hand quickly and Jeno misunderstands your movement thinking you want to throw it at him so he gasps covering his face.
-His gesture leaves you shocked to the point that you drop the glass on the floor, only the noise makes you return to reality.
-You look at Jeno in regret before you start picking up the broken pieces.
-You: "I wanted to clean the dishes and glass- not throw them -at- you"
-You manage to say in a broken voice as Jeno starts picking up the pieces with you.
-Jeno: "I know- I'm sorry- let's clean everything and go to sleep my love"
Tumblr media
-Jaemin always tries not to raise his voice during a fight and expects you to do it too
-But the fight has taken a bad turn so suddenly you scream at him.
-You freeze in mid-sentence as soon as you notice Jaemin with his eyes closed flinching from your screams.
-When he opens his eyes he looks at you dumbfounded making you feel guilty.
-Jaemin: "Can we not fight like this please"
Tumblr media
-You: "Oh my God Chenle don't tell me what to do it's annoying"
-Chenle: "It annoys you that I'm right and you're wrong that's all"
-Chenle: "I know it will end badly and I'm warning you so put your brain to work and do what I tell you trust me and-"
-You stop Chenle in the middle of his speech irritated now more than ever.
-You: "WHAT ?!"
-You approach him looking straight at his eyes, raise your hand to fix your hair but Chenle winces and backs away putting his hands in front of his face.
-You: "Chenle ..."
-Chenle opens his eyes and sees the tears you try to hold back feeling guilty.
-Chenle takes your hand and approaches slowly until you join in a tender embrace.
Tumblr media
-Jisung has good self-control so when arguing he knows what to say and how to resolve the situation in a reasonable way.
-Unfortunately, while you are arguing, you lose your temper.
-Jisung flinches backing away not because you raised your voice but because you hurt his feelings.
-Jisung doesn't know what to say and the fact that he doesn't answer makes you realize how much you hurt him.
-You: "I'm sorry"
-You slowly approach hugging him, he takes a couple of seconds before returning your hug.
Tumblr media
-The times you and Shotaro fight are rare but when you do, the fight goes on for days, creating an unbearable tension.
-You: "I asked you to do one thing for me and you didn't do it"
-Shotaro: "I was busy how many times are you going to bring up this topic ?!"
-You: "Enough for you to realize what you've done!"
-You are face to face yelling at each other, you notice a crumb in Shotaro's hair you raise your hand to remove it but he flinchs as he quickly moves away from you.
-You: "Shotaro ... You have a crumb in your hair I wanted to take it off ... I didn't think you-"
-Shotaro: "I didn't want to- I thought-"
-You: "I'm sorry"
Tumblr media
-You and Sungchan are clarifying something that irritates you but what was initially an argument turns into a fight.
-Sungchan: "I'm not going to pretend I'm okay just because you want it!"
-Sungchan: "I'm not your fucking dog to train!"
-The fact that he thinks like that of you makes your brain go blood, you approach him face to face.
-You raise your hand to fix your hair but Sungchan gasps covering his face.
-You: "Did you think I would slap you?"
-Sungchan: "I saw that you raised your hand and it came natural to defend myself"
-You look at him shocked and Sungchan tired of arguing hugs you.
Tumblr media
Y / n's sentence in Chenle's piece "And you are not my father and not even my owner" I translated it from a film and I liked it a lot so I put it (I haven't even seen the film but on tiktok this line of the film was popular)
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lizandreil · 7 months
to those who claim that exy is the most important thing in neil’s life: you are wrong.
while i do agree that in the beginning on the foxhole court neil only cared about exy, his priorities change as the books go.
first of all, neil already chose andrew over exy once when they were barely anything to each other.
neil almost ran when riko murdered seth. who made him stay? andrew. not exy and a chance to play it as much as he can before he has to run again and face his inevitable death. it was andrew and his promise of a home and protection even though neil knew andrew couldn’t protect him from his father.
you seem to forget that neil went to EVERMORE just to get a chance to protect andrew, are you kidding me? he saw a chance to save andrew even though andrew never asked him for protection and took it, knowing damn well what riko can and will do to him. he literally told andrew he wouldn’t just let andrew deal with everything by himself if it means losing him.
and then again, after waymack tells him he wants neil to be vice captain next year, neil panics and runs. and then, in the middle of his panic attack, he subconsciously calls andrew and asks him to come and get him. HELLO??? my brain still cant register it actually happened.
he might not even realize it himself, but his focus from exy shifts to andrew (and yeah, the rest of the foxes) and it stays there. when he was with lola and saying goodbye to neil josten, he was thinking about the foxes and their smiles, then briefly throwing a line about exy balls. the literal last thing he does before saying goodbye is tracing the outline of a key into his injured palm. the same keys andrew have him. (i died several times at this part and cried my eyes out).
he could’ve gotten into witpro, live somewhere far away and play exy there, but he asks to stay. tells andrew that he will leave if andrew tells him to, but asks to stay with the foxes, with andrew, and be neil josten. and once again andrew tells him to stay and be neil abram josten when he asks if he really can be him.
and once he realizes his feeling for andrew? oh boy. neil might not understand how normal relationships work because he has never seen an example of one, but don’t tell me his single-track mind wouldn’t focus solely on andrew, pushing everything and everyone behind. he loves him dearly (fight me nora), was willing to get tortured by riko when there wasn’t anything between them, and you are telling him he wouldn’t choose him over exy when there’s this thing between them? the one andrew stopped denying? he abso fucking lutely would.
and don’t get me wrong, i don’t mean it in a way that he doesn’t care about exy anymore, he does obviously, his life literally depends on it, but if before it was exy, then andrew and the foxes, now it’s andrew. the foxes. exy.
also little thing i’ve been thinking about: neil was trying to fix the foxes’ relationships. he actually made andrew and aaron go to therapy together. in my opinion, so andrew would’ve had someone who isn’t scared of him and understands him once neil vanishes. BECAUSE NEIL WAS QUITE LITERALLY THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS EVER UNDERSTOOD ANDREW SO EFFORTLESSLY AND NEVER WAS SCARED OF HIM. it hurts so good.
he cares about andrew so much the thought of choosing exy over him wouldn’t even cross his mind. he would choose a weekend away with andrew in columbia over practice with kevin. after andrew graduates, neil would drop everything and flight out to andrew if he needs him.
i need to re-read the entire series to add more details into this because my brain knows i missed a lot of things. but even without remembering all of it, it’s clear that andrew is first for neil at everything, and i will fight anyone who disagrees.
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bougiebutchbitch · 9 months
Just saw your post about Kakashi secretly resenting Gai for sacrificing himself in the 4th war. If I may throw an idea your way (because I adore your kakagai content!):
Maybe you've addressed this arc in the past before and i haven't seen it but. I actually think a similar conflict would've come up much earlier in the series- namely when Gai vowed to kill himself if Lee died from surgery during the chunin exams.
It's been awhile since I've watched so I can't remember if Kakashi was even aware of Gai making this vow in the first place. But if he knew about it...
Wow. WOW. Imagine how freaking betrayed Kakashi must've felt, having Gai practically force himself into Kakashi's life throughout their adolescent years. To have opened his heart to another person despite the endless losses he'd suffered only for Gai to (potentially) throw his life away. Not in battle as a shinobi, not to save a comrade.. just. To honour his student. And this is not even touching upon the potential parallels that can be drawn between Gai and Sakumo in this scenario.... big yikes.
I think it would've been an absolutely HUGE turning point in their relationship. I'd really love to hear any additional thoughts you might have on it, if you're interested. No pressure to respond though, haha. :)
OW!!!!!!!!!!!! OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, I needed to cry today.
First up - you are 1000% correct. Gai's plan to commit suicide if Lee dies... buddy, that's not okay. I know he and Lee are supposed to be like... this jokey exaggerated spoof of dedicated Master & Student who are way too fired-up and passionate about everything, but c'mon, holy shit.
Gai has such an interesting relationship with self-sacrifice as a form of nobility and mAsCuLiNiTy and devotion - whereas for Kakashi, anyone else's self-sacrifice is a source of trauma and horror. But his own? He's more than willing. He's still wayyyyyyyyy too eager for die for others, even at the start of Naruto and throughout Shippuden.
Yet there's something numb about his sacrifices. From pleading with the kids to run away and leave him at Zabuza's mercy, to his literal death in the Pain arc, to him throwing himself in front of Sasuke to take Kaguya's attack without any hesitation... It's not big and dramatic and showy. It's in-the-moment choices, quick and decisive. I get the sense he's almost always ready to die for someone else - perhaps as an immensely fucked-up way of assuaging his own survivor's guilt, or because he still genuinely sees himself as someone who has inherently less human worth than everyone around him.
In contrast, Gai greatly idolises his father, to an unhealthy degree when it comes to following in his footsteps. For him, the ultimate display of love is dying for someone else - a philosophy that is equally as fucked up, in its own unique way.
But when we consider Kakashi and Gai's differing yet similar relationships to the concept of suicide and sacrifice... Isn't that what it all boils down to? Their fathers?
You have Sakumo, whose son found him slumped over, drenched in blood and moonlight, slain by his own hands because he couldn't face living anymore. And Dai, who went out in a brilliant conflagration, saving his son and proving all those who looked down on him wrong.
Doesn't that pose some interesting questions?
Is there ever a 'good' way to die? Is any form of suicide inherently less tragic, more noble? Or are they all just as messed up as each other?
Maybe it doesn't matter. After all, those are questions that can only be answered by the people left behind.
But I like the idea that out of those people left behind... Gai sees a difference there. Kakashi doesn't.
Which is to say: I cannot imagine Kakashi ever being cool with Gai offing himself if Lee hadn't survived his operation. I think he'd be pretty fucking worried about Gai - and even more so when he reaises Gai isn't suffering with depression or self-loathing or a lack of self-worth (all of which Kakashi is intimately familiar with, and could empathise with and understand). He just... thinks suicide is an ay-okay way of showing your love for someone. And that uncorks a whole barrel of trauma for Kakashi to deal with.
Did Gai not want him to kill himself, when he was in ANBU? Or did he just not want Kakashi to kill himself without a 'good purpose'?
I want Kakashi to ask that point-blank to Gai's face - and, perhaps, for that to be the point that makes Gai question his own convictions about what entails an acceptable reason to die.
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tokrev-roses · 2 years
Cool Cool Boy
Tumblr media
although you are happy with your love, your ex-boyfriend wants to be a part of your life again. jealous boyfriends and phones involved + NSFW (original request)
🖋Genre: Smut (Mikey, Draken Chifuyu), Fluff (Baji)
⚠️Warnings: 18+ for everyone but Baji, description of the female body and sexual acts, bad writing/grammar/spelling
👥Characters: Mikey, Draken, Chifuyu, Baji
Tumblr media
❧ Keisuke Baji
Fancy dates are not his thing
It was not only that he had a budget, being a middle schooler and everything, he also simply didn’t vibe with it
But it was your anniversary, so he saved up all his pocket money and tried to behave so mama Baji would let him out
Cue to him waiting in front of a popular restaurant for young couples, wearing his edgy street clothes
And to both of your surprise, everything went smoothly
He excused himself to the restroom for a sec, and while you were waiting at your table, daydreaming about the beauty of this evening, someone sat down on Keisuke’s chair
You turned towards the person, fully expecting to see your boyfriend, but were met with a less than pleasant view. Your ex-boyfriend greeted you with a satisfied smirk.
“Enjoying yourself, y/n? You know, I always thought you were one of those girls who loved fancy stuff, considering how much you loved our dates and my presents. That you’d settle for someone who is unable to offer you more than this…” He made a derogatory gesture towards the other tables.
This was no high-end restaurant with view over the Tokyo skyline, but it was Baji who put a lot of effort into this, and it meant more to you than anything else
As you were about to respond, a shadow towered over your ex
“What do you think you are doing her punk?”
“This is the trash you left me for, y/n?”
As he was about to laugh, Baji seized him by the collar, lifted him up, and threw him away like actual trash
Knowing Keisuke, you tried to stop the enraged berserker he was about to turn into. No need for a brawl in the middle of a restaurant
You managed to calm him, nonetheless the manager kindly asked all three of you to leave
Keisuke kept quiet on your way home. You knew why. He actually wanted everything to be perfect, to show you how much you meant to him and it was ruined by his temper and a slimy asshole
„♪Kei-Su-Ke♪“, you poked the dimples of your grumpy boyfriend. “I loved this evening. Minus that idiot, but that was none of your fault.”
He kept walking.
Ok, you’d have to bring the big guns in
With two big steps you were behind him to give him the strongest back hug possible
“Ya, you punk. Wanna pick a fight?”, your effort to imitate his voice didn’t go unnoticed.
“As if a small fry like you could win against me.”
With that you knew the ice was broken. What you didn’t expect was him turning around fast as lightening, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder.
You tried to scream but it ended in heartful laughter
A perfect anniversary indeed.
❧ Manjiro Sano
(Future!Mikey, Dark-Haired)
King of jealousy and most possessive out of all the boys, so you can imagine his reaction as you told him your ex-boyfriend visited you at work
The mood instantly shifted
“Come on, Manjiro. He didn’t ask me to marry him or anything.”
This joke was not appreciated by him, and he stayed broody for the rest of the evening
You should have known that he was up to something as he suddenly became very touchy with you, but you pinned it on his neediness
Things got even stranger when he didn’t let you touch or pleasure him, but instead kept making you feel like wax between his fingers
It wasn’t just the way he abused your neck with longing kisses or how he caressed the sides of your body with featherlight touches as he made his way downwards. Not the way he fondled your breasts with the utmost care, kissing and sucking your nipples until you couldn’t keep your whimpers from spilling.
The satisfied smile he gave you as you made the first sound should have shown you that there was more to it, but you were so lost in pleasure, that you really didn’t care
Things got worse (or better) for you as he reached your most intimate spot
If he was skilled at pleasuring you before, he was a god at doing so today.
White pleasure blinded you as his velvet tongue explored every part of you. Every moan and whimper you gave him was met with a pleased hum that vibrated through your body.
When you couldn’t stop your own need from feeling every part of him on you, you used your hands in his dark hair to push him closer to you.
Instead of understanding your silent plea like he usually would, he just kept going and going until your vision got blurred by tears and your voice was hoarse.
Only then he let you go, mumbling something you were too tired to understand.
You slept well that night, with Mikey hugging you loke a koala
It was only when you looked at your phone the next morning, that you realized what he had done.
A chat with your ex-boyfriend, who must have written you last evening about going out for dinner, cough your eye. Your answer, which you definitely didn’t send, consisted of a 30 second audio.
Innocent you played it, of course, and it took you a second to realize what exactly you were hearing.
That was you. You, moaning in ecstasy. You were frozen in place an listened all the way through it
The audio ended with a raspy voice you knew all too well
“She is busy with me.”
❧ Ken Ryuguji
Your phone was broken.
It did not show you, who tried to call you and called people you never meant to call. That’s why instead of putting it in your pockets, it usually laid somewhere beside you. Like today as you were cooking dinner for your finance who was about to come home from his bike shop very soon
The last days had been a bit stressful, he had a lot to do, couldn’t spend any time with you and you went to meet your ex-boyfriend for coffee, as he himself was about to get married soon
Ken tried to be understanding, but the amount of your time this past fling consumed annoyed him
That’s why he wanted to make up for lost time this evening
He didn’t hesitate when he saw you standing in the kitchen, stirring something in a pan and looking so perfect
On swift move and the giant had placed you on the counter, standing between your spread legs, face buried in your neck
“Well, someone seems eager.”
He wasn’t willing to waste time with your teasing but begun to assault your lips
Heavy breathing filled the room as he cupped your chin with one hand and tried to get rid of your clothes with the other
Your bodies soon met with a pleasurable sensation, moving in synch.
You held on to him like your life depended on it, ankles hooked behind his back
He wasn’t one to moan, but his heavy breathing had something so unexplainable erotic to it, that it made up for the missing foreplay
One couldn’t be without the other and if it wouldn’t have been for the laws of nature, you would have said that your brains your hearts and your pleasure became one
Sweat made the counter slippery, and your voice became raspy as you finally reached your high together
“Well, hello there.” You could literally hear the smirk on his lips as he said this.
You thought you were hallucination from your post-orgasmic bliss as you heard another voice talking to the both of you. But Ken’s shocked face as he looked towards your phone woke you up
It couldn’t be that your phone called your ex-boyfriend, right?
❧ Chifuyu Matsuno
It’s not like Chifuyu needs your attention all the time, but he kinda needs it when he wants it you know?
And today he really needed it
He had given the shop into the hands of his partner, Kazutora, to spend some time with you, as a surprise
The thing with surprises was, that they usually came at the worst times
His mood went downwards as he came home and instead of giving him a confused hug, asking him why he was home already, you were on the phone with god knows whom
He thought you’d end the call soon, so he gave you some space, but as you kept laughing 30 minutes after he arrived, he got annoyed, to say the least.
He didn’t mean to listen in on your conversation, but your constant laughter, bickering and smiling made him…curious
It seemed like your former high school sweetheart had called to “remember the good old times”, and although it wasn’t like him at all, he slowly but surely felt anger bubbling inside of him.
You had settled for the couch, and although the other party was on the phone, he felt the need to touch you, so he laid down between your legs, head resting on your stomach
You, of course, noticed the sour mood hanging in the air (not just because he followed you around like a lost puppy while you were phoning this old friend of yours)
So you petted his hair, knowing it would calm him
But the time for appeasement was over, at least for Chifuyu. He knew that you knew that he wanted you to hang up, yet you didn’t
It started as an innocent kiss on your stomach, which you answered with a silent chuckle, shaking your hand to signal him to stop
That he ignored it would be an understatement
Something you realised as he started caressing your intimate part through your clothes
As your friend on the other side was continuing to tell you about his life, your attention was captured by the innocent puppy-dog eyes your boyfriend gave you as he got rid of the annoying layers keeping him from feeling you
He began giving you kitten licks, that literally took your breath away. Good for you, the other man didn’t notice
Chifuyu, that devil, knew what he was doing, keeping eye contact with you while doing the most sinful things to you
It got worse as he took your pearl between his soft lips and started sucking
You had to press your fist on your mouth to keep any sound from spilling
He continued his assault with a steady pace, and you wanted him to stop as much as you wanted him to continue
“Y/n, are you still there?”
You hadn’t noticed that the excited voice on the phone had stopped
Faster than you could react, Chifuyu had snatched your phone away from you.
His breath tickled your now wet parts as he answered
“Something came up just now, and she needs to come. Try again, pal.”
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