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tanglepelt · 3 days
Dc x dp idea 13?
Danny just gaslighting the JL and JLD.
They summoned the ghost king obviously Danny shows up cause i love that for him. He’s in human form. He does that on purpose.
Must ppl assume they messed up send him back and leave it at that. Nope not these people.
Constantine is checking the summoning circle again. Just tells Danny he won’t fall for his disguise and that he knows that he’s ghost king. And says he wants to make a deal.
Danny knows this man sells his souls more then his parents claim they want to tear phantom up molecule by molecule and he has no use for a soul anyways. So Danny just says if i was a king i wouldn’t be failing high school. He wouldn’t even go to high school.
Then Danny goes on about how he has a bully so obviously he couldn’t be a king. Not to mention his human non royal parents. They were mad scientist and ghost hunters but that’s as interesting as they got. Also hello he is alive what did Constantine think he was secretly a ghost.
Danny then walks around the circle just pointing at the total correct symbols going are you sure it’s meant to be a crown. What if this king is a queen and has a tiara. Like who are you to assume it’s a king if you’ve never met them.
John isn’t falling for it at all. Now everyone else is doubting him. Batman pulled up Danny on the computer a perfectly normal human child. So Danny is gonna pull out the big guns. Looks at him and goes if i step out will that prove I’m not currently the ghost king.
It’s one of the other JLD members who says he wouldn’t be able to if he was king. It was warded to keep the king in. So Danny who is currently human just steps out.
See he’s totally not the just king. Currently.
Turns out they needed someone to deal with the box ghost. Danny just say oh i got that. He soups him and goes i did say my parents were ghost hunters
Danny failed to realize once he stepped out of the circle they couldn’t send him back that way. So now he is stuck being questioned but hey at least he is in space.
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blackfoxsposts · 2 days
DpxDc prompt:
Dick woke up one day to find that a little girl broke into his apartment, raided his fridge and pantry, exploded a smoothie in the blender, and started cooking pancakes on his stove. When he asked for a name and what she thought she was doing in his apartment, she claimed that she's his daughter Dani.
Dick knew she was blowing smoke. With how old he guessed Dani's age to be, the only likely mom culprit is Babs, and she didn't have any kids.
For now, Dick will see how far this little gremlin will go with her farce and get her to clean up her mess, starting with the pink smoothie spatter on the ceiling.
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p0ssym1lker · 1 day
So ra's wants to see if he can slowly make tim a bit more immortal so he starts diluting some ectoplasm from his least favorite pit and starts putting him into tims drink and sometimes just straight up injects him
Problem, the reason why he doesn't like the pit is because it's too close to real ectoplasm and it rejects the bad ectoplasm in his body
So tim slowly becomes more liminal until Danny, who was taking a road trip through universes, sees him and picks him up
Like, actually picks him up and takes him with him for a bit
Normally Tim would freak but all his ectoplasm just cheers because ghost king is a soothing balm and Tim just takes a long nap
Even when he wakes up he is just feels content and listens to dannys rambles, whenever he gets agitated Danny chirps and calms him down
He is slightly worried when Danny explains that he needs to drink some actual ectoplasm to not die and it will have certain effects on him
But when he finds out it means it will also help with jasons pit rage? Sign him up
So about two months after he shows back up in the batcave mid argument and when he sees Jason he chirps loudly
It instantly calms him
So now the bats gotta deal with whatever happened to Tim, a ghost king (Constantine nearly passes away when he hears) and Jason clinging to Tim cause it helps his pit rage
Tim can't wait to tell them that he and Danny are going on a date soon
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chaoswarfare · 2 days
dp x dc text message crack :)
✨just because ✨
Bat Chat
danny: bruce
danny: bruce
danny: bruce
danny: dad
danny: dad
danny: father man
danny: daaaaaaad
danny: batman
bruce: what
danny:… do you have this set up just to notify you when someone says batman and nothing else.
jason: don’t be so quiet, answer the question old man.
bruce: what did you need
danny: oh yeah
danny: just about forgot about it
danny: so
danny: i may or may not have
danny: possibly/maybe
danny: ate a chunk of kryptonite on a dare
jason: …what????
dick: danny no
dick: we have better impulse control than this
danny: we absolutely do not and you know it
danny: but also say hi guys, kon is here
dick: why do you still need our help if the supers are there?
danny: kryptonite
jason: oh yeah, almost forgot about that part
tim: what did i just wake up to
jason: go back to sleep replacement
danny: scroll up
danny: i can say with full confidence that this has never happened before
danny: usually when i eat solid objects i can just phase them back out.
danny: like the time i swallowed a fork back at casper high when my parents raided the school looking for my ghost half.
tim: excuse me what the fuck
danny: i know right, they couldn’t have waited five minutes until i stopped eating
dick: why can’t you just phase the kryptonite out
danny: i would, but it’s wedged in there pretty good
danny: it just goes intangible with me :/
tim: i have decided i am going back to sleep
tim: it is too early in the afternoon for me to deal with this
jason: good
danny: well, b-man’s here to save me now so i’ll tell you all about it in a few hours
jason: are we going to bring up the fact that danny called bruce dad like 3 times?
dick: he did what
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hylianhick · 2 days
Tumblr media
Bought myself a tiny sketchbook for my 2004 flashback
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cyrwrites · 3 days
My Regrets Follow Me To The Grave
I'm thinking about...
The Fentons suddenly dying in a freak accident and almost immediately returning as ghosts- only to realize that if they are ghosts, they feel too real to be mere simulations and/or imitations of the real thing. And if what they are feeling feels real enough to matter, then what does that mean for the boy in their basement?
They had cut him open, this ghost boy that's claiming to be their son, not thinking much about the damage they put his ectoplasm through. And surprise, surprise! They have a change of heart after they realized that Phantom may be a real boy.
So, they try to sew back together his wounds... But it's not going well. They arrive at the operating table, only for their hands not to properly interact with the medical equipment.
They lose time trying to interact with the real world. Phantom has not jolted or reacted in any way in the entire time they've been trying to save him...
But the real horror starts to creep in when the ghost boy suddenly turns into THEIR BOY.
Their mental scream summons Martian Manhunter into their town.
He's extremely disturbed by what he finds.
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tobi-ka · 2 days
Danny Fenton is Damian's third parent
So, the Ghost King Danny infiltrated the League of Assassins to get rid of the leak (Lazarus Pit). There he meets Talia and Bruce and spends some time with them. However, their relationship ends, Bruce returns to Gotham, and Danny's mission also comes to an end. Danny says goodbye to Talia and is about to leave when the Clockwork visits them. He tells the couple about Talia's unusual pregnancy and the fate of their son Damian. This... NO, just not. Danny won't let his child become a murderer and a vessel for Talia's crazy father. Talia, of course, is not thrilled either. As a result, the two hide Talia's pregnancy, and then Danny picks up the baby and goes to Gotham.
"It's been a long time, Detective."
"Yes, me and our son Damian."
"Dick, would you like to meet Danny, my husband?"
"What? Do you have a husband? Since when?"
"And a son."
"Damn it, Detective, you remind me more and more of a fruit loop."
"I don't look like your godfather, Danny. And I'm not going to clone Jason."
"Wow, Bruce, warn your husband about the new baby, okay? Otherwise, I will become completely dead."
"Damian, don't you want to become like your father, Batman?"
"No, I don't want to be like you, I want to be the king of Ghosts."
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diadraws · 19 hours
Tumblr media
he’s a phantom btw, if you even care
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mfdragon · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Well at least he didn’t suffer any second -degree tea burns this time.
(Sorry it took a bit, I wanted to handle this moment with care.)
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tofuingho · 2 days
What if Dani's melting problem is less about being an unstable clone and more about the aging up process that she went through?
Obviously, if they can figure out how to reverse the process, she'll be fine. And they know just the right guy for messing with time!
But now they've got a baby with superpowers and nowhere to keep her. She obviously wouldn't be safe at Danny's house, the Manson's would flip their wigs and send Sam off to boarding school, and Tucker's parents would definitely ask a LOT of questions. Vlad's obviously a no-no since he's the one that made this mess in the first place!
I think either:
1) Jazz takes Dani with her to University. Maybe she pretends that Dani is her bio-baby or maybe she tells people it's her little sister. I think Jazz is smart enough to get some scholarships, but the Fentons also seem to be fairly well off, so she could probably support herself and a toddler with a part-time job. (Can be Jazz/Jason or Jazz/Dick; maybe go avant garde Jazz/Roy or Jazz/Starfire)
2) Danny, Sam, and Tucker use their skills to find someone to take care of Dani. At first, they wanted to drop her off with Superman, but then they find out about how he treated Conner (pre- or post-makeup.) and just don't feel comfortable leaving her with someone who's shown bias against clones. Then they thought about Batman, but the "No Metas" rule and how dangerous Gotham is made them decide against him. (I couldn't pick who they'd leave her with. Probably Wonder Woman or the Flash. Maybe they give up and decide to figure out a way to keep her. It'd make a good 5+1 fic)
To include:
*Several people mistake Dani as their/a friend's illegitimate child.
*Superboy has the same problem, but hasn't started melting yet. The JL/YJL finds out that Superboy has an impending melt issue due to meeting Dani. (Yes, they have to de-age Superboy too.)
*Dani hates one member of the JL and goes feral kitten on them whenever they're in the vicinity.
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merakimelareloaded · 3 days
Another DC × DP crossover concept, specifically secret twin au:
I've seen most people pick "Danyal" or the occasional "Abidan" as Danny's OG name (absolute bangers don't get me wrong)
I think we're all missing a great opportunity for it to be "Cosmas" (stay with me people!)
As in St Damian and St Cosmas, the twin Arab physicians who were the patrons of twins! There'd be no way it wouldn't cross Tahlia's mind after already coming up with Damian, right? PLUS, when you look at the meaning of the name, it's "universe". Who do we know who's obsessed with space? 👀
Honestly, it works perfectly in my eyes. I fully plan on including this in the fic I'm writing, but I definitely wouldn't be mad if I saw others using it too!
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tanglepelt · 1 day
Dc x dp idea 14
I always pictured Danny as liking galas. Not cause he enjoys the atmosphere but because he can cause subtle chaos. Then one time it’s not subtle at all.
Jack forces Danny to go events with Vlad. Danny just makes subtle remarks to Vlads peers about his bad practices.
Hinting towards how his wealth was massed odly and suddenly. Pointing out things that just went missing and suddenly one day Vlad just had. Overall each event he goes to Vlad looks worse and worse.
Danny has hinted to him being forced to be at event. That he doesn’t like being called little badger. He’s also getting the inside scope on new tech and ideas by playing dumb. Tucker is taking advantage of the inside info.
So there is a huge gala going to happen in Gotham. The masons and vlad are both going to be in attendance. Obviously this means Danny is getting forced into it same as Sam.
Now sam openly causes problems at the gala. Like standing on a table screaming about animal rights or something. She’s an activist she would so do it. Just imagine Damian joining in. He doesn’t like the galas either after all.
Both sam and danny snuck in reporters. Danny did it to ensure sam would never have to go to another gala. He could use them for his fun as well.
Dick is on a chandelier now to add more chaos. Jason is having the time of his life watching it all unfold.
So Danny just “unknowingly” talking to the reporters about vlad. He also starts talking about the masons. Vlad got distracted talking to another rich person he was planning to rob.
Tim assumes Danny doesn’t know he’s talking bad mouthing ti reporters and goes up to him. Danny is just like dude let me trash talk the fruitloop. When Tim subtle pulls him off to the side.
Danny “accidentally” reveals that vlad is trying to kill his father, marry his mom and adopt him. He is so used to people not believing him why would this rando.
So on top of making a gala a madhouse now the bats are investigating Vlad. Not that Danny realizes until the bats show up in amity.
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blackfoxsposts · 2 days
Serious chaos prompt:
"I trusted you," Dani's soft voice hit Damian like a truck. Her eyes glistened and a few somber tears escaped before she disappeared.
"Dani!" Damian called, taking a few steps toward the last place she stood, "Dani wait! Dani!" He searched the sky, roof tops, and the streets down below for any sign of her, "Come back." But there wasn't any sign. No familiar soft whisper in his ear. No gentle invisible hands teasing his hair, their signal to meet on the manor's roof later.
She left.
She wasn't coming back.
Clenching his fist, Damian whirled around, baring his teeth in a snarl, "Damn it, Father!"
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Tumblr media
Oh no the overprotective older sibling phase has taken over Danny.
Ps. Just before he left the house
Tumblr media
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chaoswarfare · 21 hours
dp x dc prompt 
tim’s horrible, no good, very bad luck with new siblings.
after both jason and damian tried to kill him immediately after meeting him, he thought that was the end of the problem.
enter one danny fenton; half ghost extraordinaire who is slowly working his way up from only trusting liminals to trusting non ecto-contaminated people again
and then in walks one tim drake-wayne, without a drop of ectoplasm in his body.
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hilariousseagoat · 19 hours
Do yall remember that thread about how someone can win in a fight against a geologist with an obsidian blade?
And also that one with how cool scythe look but aren't v good weapons?
Tumblr media
(Me subtly combines the two for maximum Danny phantom and the batfam shenanigans)
Danny is doing some training with Tim, who is like "bro u need a weapon" and Danny is like "oh i have one check it out 😃 "
Danny pulls out a scythe(and it's the most fantasy looking bs that seems like a strong blow could shatter) and Tim, known melee weapons expert, is like "hoho a scythe, while aesthetically pleasing, actually has no real maneuverability and will more than likely-"
and danny just knocks them out with the Fenton Creep stick he had behind his back.
Tim is unconscious and Dick comes in and is like"why is Tim on the floor?" And Danny us like "😃 oh i was just showing of my skills with my scythe! Isn't it cool? It glows in the dark!" And Dick is like "That is indeed a v cool looking weapon but in all actuality it takes too much energy to use-"
danny again, knocks a robin unconscious. Jason comes in, sees Tim and Dick on the ground knocked out and is like "what the hell just happened??!!"
And danny, being the lil shit that he is, is like "yeah they didn't believe me when I said I had skills with my scythe so they both lost the fights"
Jason is like "bullshit u did this with a scythe, lemme see it! it must be magical or ghostly bs"
danny again, summons his scythe and shows it off, maybe does a few swings. Jason is like "there's no way u knocked out 2 robins with a scythe that just glows" and danny is like "wanna bet?"
Same thing happens, Jason gets knocked out with the fenton creep stick and at this point danny is like "damn this is slightly concerning"
but then Damian shows up. And Damian is suspicious bc he sees 3 former robins knocked out and pulled off to the side. Danny may actually have scythe skills. But Danny is pushing his luck trying to see if he could get a Robin bingo and is like "hey look at my cool scythe! It makes lightsaber noises when you swing it really fast!!"(and it does) and Damian is like "tsh, that scythe doesn't even look like it can cut through paper, it looks ridiculous and-"
Fenton creep stick again strikes true and danny has beaten all 4 former and current robins(not including Stephanie who was out of town at the time) in single combat without getting hurt once.
Danny makes some tshirts that has "scythe:4-robins:0"printed on them and puts them on everyone he won against while they r still knocked out.
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