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krossan · 2 days
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Due to a high demand of people who wanted Fright Knight to have one too... and Littol Bean wants to share her new talent.
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DP x PC prompt where Batclan ship “Pitch Pearl” or as they say, “We’ve connected the two dots”. 
Batclan has been watching the Phantom and the Fentons, especially their son. They were able to find some information but for some environmental reason the tracking devices are working in Amity Park with such terrible sound interference...it is difficult for them to understand a word.
Fenton kid's Audiotape: I hate..Phantom..threat..destroy.
Original: I hate that my parents think that Phantom is a threat and want to destroy me.
Audiotape of the Phantom: cause me trouble..Danny Fenton’s..guns..pointed at my back.
Original : Why everyone wants to cause me trouble? I don’t have time for Danny Fenton’s homework with all those guns pointed at my back.
Batclan arrives personally and is going to offer to rescue the ghost from the Fenton child. But. There is a problem.
They see the Phantom calling a Ghost Girl, very much like him, a daughter. The next day the girl flies to the son of the Ghosthunters without fear, calls him father and turns into a human girl. And the teenager hugs her.
Batman thinks their situation is similar to Lex and Superman but unlike them they both really love their "Conner".
Tucker hears this reasoning from the tracking device he planted on the Batman’s cloak.
Danny: Good news. They want to help Phantom and don’t think he’s a bad guy. They also fail to understand that Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom are the same person. Bad news.They think I, Fenton, am the villain. How can I dissuade them without revealing my identity?
Tucker: Well, you have a lair with weapons and instruments for diss and vivi in the basement.
Dani*feral half-ghost teen*: Say no more. I have an idea.
The same evening, Batclan sees Tik Tok video from the Fenton lab.
*Miike Snow's Genghis Khan plays in the background*:
The Phantom is tied to the autopsy table and Bruce wants to ask the children to look away, but Dick stops him and says he knows the song, so they should see it.
Tumblr media
The video has a happy ending. The heroes like it and they go home with a calm soul.
An hour after there’s a comment from DashHereForSlash: Cool cosplay, guys! I’m happy that someone knows about this ship! The equipment looks so real! Where to send a donat for a kiss in the next video?
GhoticPlant: Glad you liked it! Here’s a link.
Three hours later, the Red Huntress shoots a duet:
~I get a little bit Genghis Khan
Don't want you to get it on
With nobody else but me.~
Yes, they used Fenton Ghost Catcher and Tucker, Sam and Jazz played henchmen.
Tucker sits at the table with Fenton and Phantom.
Tucker: So, Danny, what’s more important..self-esteem or easy money?
Double Dannouble: Money
Tucker: All right, here’s your $50. It’s all fair. But next time you need to use a little more touch. And we change the platform to post the videos.
Danny: Suspicious..And I want $100. Double job means double salary.
Jazz: Danny, no more videos! You’re 15!
Tucker*with printed photos of the kiss the next day*: Remember, don't let people manipulate you to do things you don’t want to do. But we’re doing it to better cover up a little dirty deadly secret, money’s just a bonus. And Danny is narcissistic enough to be happy that now Paulina has his pictures in frames.
Part 2
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aziraphale-is-a-cat · 16 hours
Danny having the Justice League meet his family (sans parents) and being way too fucking casual about everything, like
Danny: this is my little sister/clone an evil billionaire made of me in a desperate attempt to recreate some semblance of family, her name is Danielle but we just call her Ellie.
Superman: can we circle back to evil billionaire who cloned you?
Danny: yep, he was evil and rich. Anyways this is my alternate future version of myself merged with my arch nemesis who took over the world in another timeline. We just call him Dan, he's currently serving community service but he gets a break for special occasions.
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mazamba · 13 hours
So I don't prescribe to the idea that Danny is Damian's twin, but I'm surprised no-one's come out with this scenario.
Danny, probably as a toddler, somehow ends up in the Lazarus Pit. Maybe someone threw him in or maybe he wandered off and fell in, but the point is he's in the Pit which then drags him into the Ghost Zone.
The Fentons find him in an early experiment involving a prototype portal and a fishing net. After spending a few hours making sure he's not a ghost, they conclude some evil ghost must've dragged him in and decide to adopt him.
All the paperwork is completely legit, from his brief stint in foster care to his adoption, so nothing looks particularly weird until the Bats run into either him or Dani by mere chance.
Actually, it'd be funnier if Dani ran into him.
"Damian, I think you got cloned!" "I'm not- well I am a clone, I'm just not his clone." "... We're gonna need you to take it from the top."
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blackfoxsposts · 1 day
Cass stared in horror at the scene in front of her. Various tubes, needles, and wires connected the small frame on the examination table to different machines and IVs.
Cass's mind brought up last week when she found them passed out and injured. She left them at the hospital. The next day the hospital's receptionist told her that their family took them home. She should have looked into it. Maybe then she wouldn't have found them like this during a raid on a metahuman experiment facility.
"Cass," Tim's voice came from down the corridor, "did you find someone?"
Fighting back the bile in her throat, Cass mutely nodded.
"Then w- oh, no. Is that a kid?"
Cass nodded again.
Tim gave her shoulder a comforting squeeze and turned on his com, "Hey we need the medic team on the second floor down d-wing."
Entering the room, Cass picked up the medical chart while Tim checked the IVs.
"Hey," Cass flicked her eyes up at Tim's soft voice. The child's blue eyes were open.
"Danny." The child rasped.
"Hey," Tim soothed, "you're safe now. We're going to get you out of here, kido."
Tim made to move a little away and the child snatched a fistful of his cape.
"Danny!" She clung to him, pulling herself up and almost falling off the exam table before Cass and Tim caught her.
As they tried and failed to calm the child down, the medic team arrived.
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Bnha x dp fic!
Aizawa is not one to freak out, he is calm and collected and he never shows his students just how badly things can effect him, that is if he's able... and right now he was freaking out. Kaminari had burst into the staff room yelling about Fenton having a daughter. Aizawa wasn't a rocket scientist but the kid was 14 and there is no way he is old enough to even get anyone pregnant, let alone have a daughter out of the womb already. The math just didn’t add up. If that was really the case then they had a very serious issue on their hands, Fenton wasn't the most mature boy and he definitely struggled with being responsible with Eri, they had a rule that he was not allowed alone with her for longer than an hour unless it was an emergency, Fenton was good in emergencies. He didn’t fool around when lives were on the line.
It was not because he didn't trust the boy to be alone with their new daughter, it was simply because he caved at everything that she wanted and dramatised everything further for his own entertainment. Which wouldn’t be too bad, 14 year old boys are silly and like to goof around. The issue was that no other 14 year old boy had ended up making all of his and Hizashis food come to life and attack last time they were left alone with their daughter, he was still finding left over yogurt in the kitchens corners and so the rule had been put in place.
It wasn't the first straw, just the one that broke the camels back and to his credit Fenton had agreed with no hard feelings.
So hearing the news that he somehow had a daughter was a shock but this was Kaminari, everyone knows to take everything he says with a grain of salt. That isn't to say he doesn't believe him, it was very clear that Kaminari did believe it and he had to have heard it from somewhere, he wasn't one to lie like that. If Fenton did in fact have a daughter then he was doing the correct thing in coming to the staff. Dread pooled in the bottom of his stomach, had Fenton been taken advantage of? The only thoughts running through his mind was that his student could have been hurt. Luckily for him Hizashi spoke up first and so he didn't need to find his voice right away.
"Woah there little listener! Slow down, who has a daughter?"
"Danny! He- oh my god he just told us he has a daughter, thats insane right?" He sounded hysterical.
"Because this is Danny we're talking about!"
"Kid." Finally speaking up he folds his arms and frowns at his student, "Fenton told you that he has a daughter? This came from his mouth?"
"YES!" The kid was pulling at his hair, eyes wild and face flushed.
"Are you sure?"
"Ask Tsu she was with me! He said daughter!"
"Christ-" cutting himself off he looks towards his husband, he found comfort in the fact he looked just as lost as him.
After calming his student down and comfirming multiple times that he did indeed mean a real human daughter and not a pet they sent him on his way. Both he and his husband went straight to Nezu, the rat had to know how to deal with this.
The rat did not know what to do and had laughed no cackled in their face, Aizawa didn't think the situation was funny at all and neither did his husband, However, they knew better than to try arguing with the principal. They had done their jobs and informed him of the development and had happily taken their leave as his manic laughter followed them out of the office, almost taunting them.
Hound dog was their next stop, Fenton had mandatory therapy sessions with the pro every week so he had to have mentioned something to him. It was just their luck that he seemed just as shocked as them, without breaching his client confidentiality Hound dog made it clear that this is the first time he's hearing about a daughter and that he is extremely concerned about Fentons wellbeing and the child's safety.
With the dead-end Aizawa decided that he would need to talk to Tsuyu, she was the other person present when Fenton had supposedly told Kaminari, she walking out of the cafeteria when he managed to flag her down.
"Fenton. Kaminari says he has a daughter?" She blinked her huge beady eyes at him, hands coming up to rest in her t-rex stance as she mulls over his words.
"He said so ribbit."
"What exactly did he say?" Maybe he was pushing a little too hard but if it was a misunderstanding then everything was fine and they didn't need to worry, if it wasn't, it was a different can of worms altogether.
"Her name is Dani, with an I but she prefers Elle, something about being her own person ribbit. He didn't mention much, you know how he is ribbit."
"And he said she was a human child?"
"Yes." She blinked again, "didn't the staff know ribbit? I would think UA would know about that kind of stuff."
"It's not on his file." Sighing he waves her off and makes his way to the teachers lounge, pit in his stomach, before he had even opened the door he was ranting off.
"Hizashi. Doing the math on if the child was born this month, thats 9 months ago for when she was conceived. He would have barely been 14, if she's older..." his husband put his cup of coffee down and nodded solemnly towards him. "If she was older..." He repeated the words but still couldn't find it in himself to finish the sentence but he didn't have to, Hizashi understood what his change of tone meant.
"How about we ask him? We need to know these kind if things, the fact it's not on his file is reason enough to ask, I don't know why Nezu isn't taking this seriously."
"And how exactly do you want to go about that? If it was traumatic for him- if it- he's fourteen Hizashi!"
"Who are we talking about?" Nemuri looked between both heroes, confusion clear on her features. "Did you say conceived?"
"Fenton. Apparently he has a child, two people witnessed Fenton himself saying he had a daughter." Aizawa watched his colleagues face carefully, she was a flirty woman and often made inappropriate jokes but her face only showed horror.
"He's a first year... that's... do you know how old she is?" Nemuri loved her students and it was clear the news was a shock. "Do we know how old the mother is?"
Taking his seat next to Hizashi he shakes his head glumly, scooting herself closer she leans on the table and hardens her gaze.
"You said Nezu isn't bothered? I would have- do you think he knew? He's smart, he wouldn't have let it slip past him." Sighing Aizawa picks up his husbands coffee and downs the cold liquid, the bitter taste grounding him.
"We don't know, he laughed when we spoke."
"But you know how he is," Hizashi spoke up, "He could already know and just be toying with us."
"Fenton doesn't get time off campus to even see his child, maybe he's not involved." While Nemuri brought up a good point it didn't feel right, Fenton was always involved with his friends and family, its who he is. "What did Hound dog say?"
"That he didn't know about it but that he's worried for both Fenton and his child's safety." Aizawa rubbed his eyes, this was exhausting. "Which is all he could say because of patient confidentiality."
"You're joking?" She sounded absolutely feral, "Surely that goes out of the window in a situation like this!?"
A groaning All Might slipped into the room, his skinny form hunched over as he dragged his feet and took a seat next to Nemuri. Deciding it best to drop the subject for the time being Aizawa stood up and left without another word.
The next day Fenton was in his classroom with Todoroki, they were Whispering in hushed voices over a sheet of paper, watching them for a while he leans against his desk with his arms crossed.
Fenton was young, his face was sharp and angled but he still had baby fat on his cheeks. His frame was small as if he hadn't hit his growth spirt yet, he may have the muscle but it was clear his body wasn't done growing, nobody would look at this child and think father. His tie was always crooked, his uniform untucked and messy as if thrown on half hazardly, like a child getting ready by themselves. He laughed at stupid jokes and played childish pranks on anyone he could, Fenton was not old enough to be a father. He was barely old enough to be a teenager.
"Fenton, a word?" Jolting up he shoved the sheet of paper they had been working on into Todorokis blazer with wide eyes, like a child getting caught doing something they shouldn't be.
He had never noticed how small his class was, how young, they were children.
"What's up!?" Now having his full attention he gets closer, taking a seat on the desk infront of the boys.
"It's about some information I've been told by one of your classmates."
"It wasn't me!" Keeping his face calm he raised one of his eyebrows as a challenge. "Sir I promise, Izuku said that we were allowed to spar and I didn’t mean to break the mirror but it's so hard to remember I can go intangible! Heat of the moment and all that!" Todoroki had a slight wide eyed look as he glanced between the two of them, "And okay maybe I did try and fix it with ice when i should have got help but I didn't know it would shatter as soon as it got cold."
Rubbing his temples Aizawa leaned foward, "I was talking about something else but please continue."
"No..." trailing off with a panicked look Fenton caved in on himself, "I've said too much."
Everything he had been thinking about slapped him in the face, Fenton Danny it was such a sweet and childish name, he doesn't even like going by Daniel, he was a child.
"I was talking about something you said to Kaminari and Tsuyu. Do you know what I'm talking about?" He seemed genuinely confused, eyebrows drawn together as he thought.
"This is a serious and private matter, would you like Todoroki to leave while we talk?" Shaking his head Fenton watches him warily. "Do you have a daughter?"
The strangest thing happened, instantly all the tension the boy was holding was gone, eyes lighting up and crinkling as he smiled a huge toothy grin.
"Oh Elle! Yeah she's awesome, you scared me!" Under his breath he muttered, "I thought I was fucked."
"Fenton. You understand that you are not technically underage legally in Japan, correct?" He hesitated and nodded, "However, i know you havent been in japan long. I know at your age You're going through changes..." Fentons face passed through a series of emotions, finally landing on horror while Todoroki watched on in amazement. "I know its not a comfortable conversation but it needs to be had." Sitting in a better position he takes in his students face, green flushing over his cheeks.
"I am only here to advise you, there is no judgement, if the mother is over the legal age then we dont have a legal issue. Unless it was not in japan. Do you understand?"
"I-what- Sir I dont-"
"Okay." Talking a bit softer he shuffles in his seat, "You are old enough to know consent and the law, and I fully understand being curious as you grow up but you're still young. Protection is important not only against pregnancy but also STDS. I understand if you're trying to protect the mother or yourself but I need full honesty here." Like a flip of a switch Fentons face flamed bright green as he flailed his hands around.
"Nono! Oh my god- fuck- Elle shes- oh my- Elle isn't my bio daughter! She's not even really my daughter!" Jumping up he looks between him and Todoroki, "She's my clone! Oh my gods, please don't say anything else!" Running his hand over his bright green face Danny uses his other hand to wave at him, "Please stop!"
"You don't have a daughter?"
"NO!" Aizawa would have laughed at the humiliation waving off of Danny but he too was feeling rather embarrassed, that and he was filled with relief that one of his kids was not a father.
"This Elle?"
"My clone! She was made by my nemesis Vlad, remember when I mentioned him!?" Aizawa did remember, it was hard to forget that his 14-year-old student was feuding with a grown man. "Yeah she has my DNA and some would technically call me her father but that is not how we work! She's 12! We just say that to mess with people, it was a joke!"
"Well okay, I'm glad we had this talk and I'm glad you're not responsible for a child." standing up Aizawa pauses, "Nezu?"
"He knows everything about back home, he asks so many questions." Falling against Todoroki Danny hid his bright green face in the others blazer. “Please stop.”
“Well... Good.” Walking back to his desk Aizawa felt his own face burn.
At least he didn't have a child...
(I googled the age of consent in Japan for this and It made me sick, at least their ministry panel has tried to raise it...)
@deltaoftheufe I wrote it!
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thingsaday · 10 hours
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Drawings from an old Danny Phantom animation that is getting properly scrapped - still like some of these screenshots tho~
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ovytia-art · 2 days
Tumblr media
For @green-with-envy-phandom-event, line art by fellow red team member @duchi-nesten
I just went through me camera roll for things to add haha.
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Tumblr media
This one was so soft and fun to do!! 
Submission for @green-with-envy-phandom-event
Lineart by @duchi-nesten
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corinnetheanime · 16 hours
Today’s 30 minute sketch is just a lil sibling moment that’s been living rent-free in my head for a while, and I’m happy to get it out now. No references used this time around (and it shows)!
Relentless teasing aside, Dani loves her big bro very much
Tumblr media
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jamiethebeeart · 1 day
Tumblr media
lineart by: duchi-nesten i love seeing these three interact
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krossan · 29 days
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so, a while ago, there was a dcxdp prompt that was like "Danny Fenton gets hired by the Justice League and slowly realizes that he was hired to hunt down Danny Phantom with Justice League Dark, so he has to gaslight gatekeep girlboss his way out of it" (link in the replies if you find it bc i can't)
but what if this prompt was more chaotic?
like, dani learns whats happening and instead of trying to get her template out of this, she decides to make it worse.
the team discovers the daughter of Ghost King Phantom (and Dani should probably have a different name in ghost form, maybe a star name? Maybe she can shapeshift into her original age, so she looks five) is sabotaging their work. when they finally capture her, she immediately latches onto Danny.
Dani: Papa! Danny, immediately: I'm not your dad! Dani, eyes tearing up with devious glee: I don't care if you and Daddy got divorced. You're still my Papa and I still love you! Danny: what. Constantine: YOU WERE MARRIED TO THE BLOODY GHOST KING!?
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jastard · 6 months
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Thinking about this dumb show again
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Dani is hunted by the JL
So dani was traveling around the infinite realms and came across a universe that she and danny would LOVE
Their are super heros, and clones and wizards, and alians
Dani send danny the location of the universe with the caption:THE WORLD OF HEROS AND ALIANS WHICH WILL YOU MEET FIRST
Danny texted her back a voice massage of his screaming the word alians
So dani was exploring this new universe when she saw asshole.1 berating a teenager about how he's not fit for this life
The asshole.2 chimes in and AGREES with asshole.1, at this point the kid looks upset
and dani could understand teenagers in the superhero business is not the best(she asked) and sometimes tough love is what it takes so she was going to leave
Then she heard asshole.1 say" clones should just be terminated to save everyone problems like this"...
No...dani didnt hold back in teaching asshole.1 a lesson in clone rights via: trial by fist
But now 3 months later she decided to ask the assholes what they want and why they keep harassing her
She didnt expect a rant about how an unsupervised meta(and a clone asshole.1(whos name is superman WTF is super about him))
Then they all had a meeting about her IN front of her
The options ranged from finding her original to termination to imprisonment to forcing her to be a superhero
They eventually decided to make her a superhero in training...
These people are IDIOTS, if you dont trust her why put her WITH A TEAM, why not just let her leave, the most she did was get payback for the insensitive shit superman was saying but the sheer notion she was a clone was enough to FOECE her into a life she dosent want...
Oh hell no
So when the JL and clones in the background came up to tell her that they decided to give her a chance at "redemption"
She looked then in the eyes, smiled a too sharp smile said
Then she screamed
The next thing anyone knowes is the watchtower is in an unknown location with a person that looked scarily similar to the unknown clone
And then he said
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nessatwene-art · 25 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Havent drawn dani since 2015
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