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krossan · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Due to a high demand of people who wanted Fright Knight to have one too... and Littol Bean wants to share her new talent.
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DP x PC prompt where Batclan ship “Pitch Pearl” or as they say, “We’ve connected the two dots”. 
Batclan has been watching the Phantom and the Fentons, especially their son. They were able to find some information but for some environmental reason the tracking devices are working in Amity Park with such terrible sound interference...it is difficult for them to understand a word.
Fenton kid's Audiotape: I hate..Phantom..threat..destroy.
Original: I hate that my parents think that Phantom is a threat and want to destroy me.
Audiotape of the Phantom: cause me trouble..Danny Fenton’s..guns..pointed at my back.
Original : Why everyone wants to cause me trouble? I don’t have time for Danny Fenton’s homework with all those guns pointed at my back.
Batclan arrives personally and is going to offer to rescue the ghost from the Fenton child. But. There is a problem.
They see the Phantom calling a Ghost Girl, very much like him, a daughter. The next day the girl flies to the son of the Ghosthunters without fear, calls him father and turns into a human girl. And the teenager hugs her.
Batman thinks their situation is similar to Lex and Superman but unlike them they both really love their "Conner".
Tucker hears this reasoning from the tracking device he planted on the Batman’s cloak.
Danny: Good news. They want to help Phantom and don’t think he’s a bad guy. They also fail to understand that Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom are the same person. Bad news.They think I, Fenton, am the villain. How can I dissuade them without revealing my identity?
Tucker: Well, you have a lair with weapons and instruments for diss and vivi in the basement.
Dani*feral half-ghost teen*: Say no more. I have an idea.
The same evening, Batclan sees Tik Tok video from the Fenton lab.
*Miike Snow's Genghis Khan plays in the background*:
The Phantom is tied to the autopsy table and Bruce wants to ask the children to look away, but Dick stops him and says he knows the song, so they should see it.
Tumblr media
The video has a happy ending. The heroes like it and they go home with a calm soul.
An hour after there’s a comment from DashHereForSlash: Cool cosplay, guys! I’m happy that someone knows about this ship! The equipment looks so real! Where to send a donat for a kiss in the next video?
GhoticPlant: Glad you liked it! Here’s a link.
Three hours later, the Red Huntress shoots a duet:
~I get a little bit Genghis Khan
Don't want you to get it on
With nobody else but me.~
Yes, they used Fenton Ghost Catcher and Tucker, Sam and Jazz played henchmen.
Tucker sits at the table with Fenton and Phantom.
Tucker: So, Danny, what’s more important..self-esteem or easy money?
Double Dannouble: Money
Tucker: All right, here’s your $50. It’s all fair. But next time you need to use a little more touch. And we change the platform to post the videos.
Danny: Suspicious..And I want $100. Double job means double salary.
Jazz: Danny, no more videos! You’re 15!
Tucker*with printed photos of the kiss the next day*: Remember, don't let people manipulate you to do things you don’t want to do. But we’re doing it to better cover up a little dirty deadly secret, money’s just a bonus. And Danny is narcissistic enough to be happy that now Paulina has his pictures in frames.
Part 2
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blackfoxsposts · 1 day
Cass stared in horror at the scene in front of her. Various tubes, needles, and wires connected the small frame on the examination table to different machines and IVs.
Cass's mind brought up last week when she found them passed out and injured. She left them at the hospital. The next day the hospital's receptionist told her that their family took them home. She should have looked into it. Maybe then she wouldn't have found them like this during a raid on a metahuman experiment facility.
"Cass," Tim's voice came from down the corridor, "did you find someone?"
Fighting back the bile in her throat, Cass mutely nodded.
"Then w- oh, no. Is that a kid?"
Cass nodded again.
Tim gave her shoulder a comforting squeeze and turned on his com, "Hey we need the medic team on the second floor down d-wing."
Entering the room, Cass picked up the medical chart while Tim checked the IVs.
"Hey," Cass flicked her eyes up at Tim's soft voice. The child's blue eyes were open.
"Danny." The child rasped.
"Hey," Tim soothed, "you're safe now. We're going to get you out of here, kido."
Tim made to move a little away and the child snatched a fistful of his cape.
"Danny!" She clung to him, pulling herself up and almost falling off the exam table before Cass and Tim caught her.
As they tried and failed to calm the child down, the medic team arrived.
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ovytia-art · 2 days
Tumblr media
For @green-with-envy-phandom-event, line art by fellow red team member @duchi-nesten
I just went through me camera roll for things to add haha.
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Tumblr media
This one was so soft and fun to do!! 
Submission for @green-with-envy-phandom-event
Lineart by @duchi-nesten
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layyeschips · 29 days
Patron God/Ghost King au
where after a few centuries of boredom, Danny gets a sudden influx of college student worshippers but it's not too worrying since all the offerings he's gotten so far are just different snacks ranging from crackers to a full bowl of mac n cheese. Without any other options, he goes to the only halfa he knows who had finally settle down from dimension travelling to studying in a dimension where she knows the people wouldn't need an extra helping hands of a hero.
King Danny "get me out off paperwork" Phantom: Heya Dani, do you know if something happened that resulted in mass worshipping?
Danielle "I built a shrine of my brother in the empty storage closet of my dorm building to see if it would work" Phantom: gee golly I have no clue on what could have happened to result in that
Words tend to spread really fast especially when it comes to tired students who has nothing else to lose. Besides, after leaving a a potato chip on the creepy looking shrine in the storage room and feeling a strange wave of calm/relaxed/focus and passing that paper you've been struggling with for the whole year, who wouldn't keep doing it and leave even more snacks.
Next thing you know there'll be a creepy little shrine piled with snacks on top of it in empty storage rooms of different college and universities. Eventually the students find out what to call their entity of calm after one claimed to left their notebook in the storage only to find a little scribble that says Phantom in that slightly glowing and possibly toxic green ink.
In hindsight, Tim should have probably stayed at home and rest after staying up all night finishing a paper due the day after tomorrow but Bruce had asked if he wanted to tag along the JL meeting with the JLD because of... whatever it was Bruce mentioned so who in their right mind would say no to that. So now here he was half listening to the banter meeting about some eldritch entity that could be a threat to humanity and what offering should they provide to complete the summoning. Of course after hearing a familiar name of his preferred deity of submitting papers on time, the delirious boy never even registered what he said.
Tim "barely conscious on his 11th cup of Pedro Pascal's Starbucks order" Drake: Phantom?? give 'em poptart... green flavour...
[this was just a fun little thought but I might add on to it from time to time]
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spacedace · 24 days
It was the final hour. Doomsday at their door, with only hours left before the world was consumed entirely and every last living thing was devoured right along with it.
Summoning the High King of the Infinite Realms was the only option left, and even then felt more like choosing a firing squad rather than a noose at the end of the day. Pariah Dark might - might - accept the task of destroying the foe they faced, but tmit would come at a cost that was near equal to doing nothing at all. Provided the tyrannical ruler simply didn't let them all die, an entire planet dead was an entire planet to add to his endless armies.
They had to try. Stupid and suicidal as it was.
Zantanna and John worked in silence as they created the summoning circle, hands shaking and stomachs cramping as they worked under the apprehensive eyes of the rest of the League. They all understood that no matter what happened, they would all likely end up dead by the end of it. That the best case scenario meant that death was only the beginning of their problems.
Candles were lit. Insense burned. Blood spilled. Words spoken.
It failed, not so much as a flicker of magic. Which was impossible, they'd checked and confirmed a dozen times that they had the right ritual, that they were following the steps, they had done everything right way wasn't it working? What had they done wr-
"Ugh, gross is that blood?"
Elle Phantom, fifteen minuted late to the site of the ritual with both the boys Super, the most murderous Robin and a sugary abomination of an iced coffee from Starbucks, scrunched her nose in disgust as she looked at the summoning circle.
"This ritual is so out of date, where did you even find it? Wait is that Latin? Who tries to summon someone from the Ghost Zone in Latin?"
John had burned through every drop of alcohol and cigarette he owned hours ago while trying to find this bloody damn ritual and was very much not in the mood for the little hellspawn's color commentary on the process.
"I don't bloody well seeing you providing with any alternatives for summoning the Ghost King." He swore, turning away from the gremlin to tear through the ancient book he and Zantanna had discovered with the ritual inside.
There was a loud slurping noise as the undead hero sucked the last remnants of her drink through the straw. John's brow twitched, even Zantanna - who usually seemed endeared by the chaos goblin - looked at the end of her rope.
Then - "Oh, is that who you wanted to summon? Why didn't you say so?" She drifted over, handing her empty drink off to a disgruntled looking Batman, and began rummaging through the unused magival supplies left over from the - failed - summoning circle. "Here, give me like, five minutes."
John was fairly certain his head was about to explode.
"You know how to summon the Ghost King? You?"
Phantom rolled her eyes at him. "Duh, obviously."
"Obviously." Zantanna repeated, looking like she was half a moment away from having a breakdown. She didn't try to stop the ghostly girl, though, and to be fair neither was John. They were already fucked, might as well let the gremlin try her hand at it.
It took less than the five minutes Phantom had claimed she needed.
When she was done there was a significantly smaller circle on the ground. At the cardinal directions of the circle, written clockwise she'd drawn not any magical runes but instead what appeared to be the Roman Numerals for one, then two, then something akin to a sideways T with an additional mark rising upward from the long horizontal bar, then the letter L.
It had to have some kind of ancient magical significance John didn't know as Shazam made a noise like a dying goose and squeaked out the word Loss like it was a question. Phantom gave the Champion of Magic a sharp toothed grin before adding some words in a language John didn't know before she finally allowed gravity to pull her back to earth and plant her feet on the ground.
She wiped her hands together a bit dramatically, looking pleased with herself, but at that point John didn't care. He could feel the building magic, heavy and oppressive as she had begun her task. Unlike the circle he and Zantanna had attempted, this one was working.
He couldn't help thr nervous swallow he gave as Phantom then declared, with a strange amount of seriousness. "All that’s left are the words."
She took a deep breath, eyes closing for a moment, and the world went utterly silent around them. This, John could feel, this was the real deal. Fuck him sideways the hellspawn was actually doing it.
Phantom's eyes opened, glowing with that bright eerie green light of her power. Another deep breath and then -
"You are my dad! You're my dad!" He watched, any scraps of hope she'd instilled in him dying an undignified death as she gave a terrible little wiggle dance while she sang(?) Off key, "Boogie woogie woogie!"
Every last person on Earth was going to die and one of John's last moments was going to be spent watching the little undead shit do the Macarena. Well fuck him, he guessed.
Then there was the sound of the veil between the world's tearing in two and the fucking Ghost King was standing in Phantom's summoning circle screaming in a screeching falsetto:
"When will you learn? When will you learn that your actions have consequences!"
You know what actually at this point John would rather the apocalypse kill him.
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halfghostwriter · 3 months
Half a year after defeating Pariah Dark, Danny ascends to the throne. A few months after his coronation, he receives many letters from nobles of varying realms, all asking to betroth their children to “Princess Danielle Phantom.”
After a lot of asking around, Danny finds out that, despite the whole “King” title amounting to little more than a boost in power, ownership of Pariah Dark’s old castle, and the loyalty of Fright Knight, the royal titles also come with a lot of influence in Infinite Realm nobility circles. There also hasn’t been anyone in the royal family other than the King since the start of Pariah Dark’s reign, meaning every single noble with an heir of their own was sending Danny letter upon letter asking for his clone’s hand in marriage.
Danny, not wanting to force Ellie to be engaged anyone but also realizing that ignoring all of the requests would make for a lot of angry ghosts who are still mentally in the 14th century, talks out the situation with Ellie, and the two come up with a plan.
Danny announces a tournament for the right to become engaged to the Princess, one that would span across several days. On the first day of the tournament, every suitor would fight in a ring battle-royal-style until only ten of them remained. Then, over the course of several days, each of the ten suitors would face off against Ellie. Whoever manages to defeat her earns the right to be her betrothed.
Of course, Danny doesn’t mention the fact that Ellie’s power is nearly on par with his own, and that she had been training with Fright Knight for about half a year. There was no way anyone would be able to defeat her without her letting them, therefore allowing Ellie to choose her betrothed, whoever and whenever she wanted.
Naturally, all the suitors get their asses handed to them, and the citizens of the Ghost Zone get the show of a lifetime. Of course, none of the nobles are happy, in fact they’re nearly ready to riot when Danny says they can simply try again in the tournament next year.
The tournament takes place, and once again, Ellie wins, much to the excitement of the crowd and the frustration of the nobles. The year after that, they send their children in with hidden weapons, none of which are a match for the Princess. The crowd goes wild, and many ghosts become curious as to who could possibly defeat such a powerful young ghost. She’s far more powerful than those in her age range, and ghosts above a certain age are forbidden from fighting for her hand.
Of course, a few fans realize that the rules never actually specified that the competitors needed to be dead, just within the age range.
So, a few fans of the tournament, eager for a good fight, kidnap the entire Young Justice team and force them to compete in the tournament— without explaining the tournament’s purpose.
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lilianade-comics · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rest in peace Danielle, you tried babe
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The age difference between Danny and Danielle in canon always confused me. Making them Chaos Twins is obviously superior. (/lh)
Bonus: Dash: “Why are your eyebrows-” Dani: “Juvie.”
(For my non native english speakers: Juvie/Juvy = Juvenile hall, Juvenile detention center, literal baby jail.)
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ghostly-frogly · 28 days
You were supposed to be normal
Part 1 and 2
After the initial attack and confessions, things went back to normal. Well as normal as a family of insanely rich hero vigilantes can be. But it was also calmer. No one had to walk around eggshells with Danny, no one had to worry about accidentally exposing their secret, and Danny didn’t have to be as careful either. He was free to float around the halls and haunt the manor like the good little ghost he was. He was now able to fly through the floor to beat the death match of his siblings fighting to get to the dinner table first.
Danny was able to show the more ghostly parts of himself that he was previously holding back. And his family took it all in stride. Were they sometimes put off by some of his more other habits? Yeah, but they weren’t scared and they never truly hesitated or shrunk away from Danny. He was still normal to them and he was still their little/big brother.
Damian still came to him to walk Titus, and now Cujo, together.
Duke still let Danny lean all his weight on him when he was being dramatic.
Cass still came into Danny’s room to just sit in silence doing their own thing.
Tim still came to show him any new photos he took of the night sky.
Jason still read to him in the library when he asked.
Dick still lets Danny stay in his apartment when the vastness of the manor was too much for Danny.
Bruce still doesn’t look twice when Danny barges into his office to bother him.
Alfred still tells him off for jumping down the grand staircase just like he does with the others.
It was nice how normal everything is. This feels more normal than anything he’s had in the past. No hiding and no secrets and no stress of someone finding something out. No fear of rejection.
Well, they don’t know everything. They don’t know that by defeating Pariah Dark he took the crown.
They don’t know about Dani.
They obviously know about Jazz, off at college across the country. They know about his parents, back in his hometown in his childhood home with children. (Not like they would notice anyways)
But Dani? They don’t know about her, not yet.
Dani was his to protect. She was his princess. He was her legal guardian Realms wise. But in the mortal world, she was off, Ancients know where, exploring until she wants to come back home.
Danny will tell them about her eventually. Maybe when he is able to ask her if she wants to be known and how she wants to be known. She deserves more than being only known as his Clone. She might be known as the Princess of the Infinite Realms but that was only on the other side of the veil. On earth, she’s been introduced too much as Phantoms clone. He can see how she wants individuality.
So one day he’ll tell his new family about her.
“Hey, string bean!”
That day seems to be today.
With a knock on his window as his only warning Dani phases through bouncing on his bed once before laying her head on his lap. She was sprawled out taking up a lot of space. But it didn’t matter considering how fucking big the bed was.
“Hey there, short stack.” Danny ran his fingers through the familiar black hair. Dani grinned up at him with that feral grin of hers with too-sharp teeth. That’s something of how they're different. In their human form, Danny’s teeth were blunt but with Dani, her teeth were as sharp as a predator's in both forms.
The most obvious difference between them, other than their gender, was that Dani had an electricity core while Danny had an ice one.
“So I heard through the grapevine that some finally got adopted by a billionaire.”
“Heard through the grapevine bullshit you got Clockwork to tell you.”
“Ahh, you caught me.”
“How the hell you’re able to make that bastard tell you something straight will always confuse me.”
“What can I say? I'm very persuasive.”
Danny pushed her off of him playfully. “More like you use ‘I’m the princess do what I say’ way too much.” He mimicked her in a high-pitched and whiny voice. That earns him a punch to the arm that he laughs off. “You shouldn’t have given me the title if you didn’t want me to miss use it.”
They just sat there laughing and catching up until Danny heard the call that dinner was ready. “You wanna meet them?” He asked softly, letting Dani decide if she wanted to. She rolled her eyes and sassed, “It’s not like I could scare them they live with you, ya helspawn.” She jumped off the bed and made her way to the door. Looking behind her shoulder she yelled across the room, “You coming?” Before walking out by herself.
Danny quickly got up to follow her and they both raced down the stairs already late. Anyone who was at the manor, which was everyone today, was already down in the dining hall.
Danny walked into the room first not really drawing any attention until he cleared his throat. That made everyone look up and give him a questioning look.
“So now that I have a new tradition of dropping unexpected news on y’all in the dining room,” he started only to get interrupted by Tim, “Let’s not make it a tradition.” Danny wasn’t going to dignify that with a response. “Anyways! Before I was rudely interrupted, as I was saying, it’s a new tradition so I would like Bruce to know you are a grandfather.”
There was silence for a good few seconds before Bruce let out the most pained sigh and put his head in his hands.
“WHAT THE FUCK” was about the majority of what was said other than Bruce’s dramatics. The look on all of their faces was worth stressing over them meeting Dani.
That was Dani’s cue to jump into the room with a wild smile on her face.
“What’s up!”
No one said anything again until Cass softly said, “New sister.”
“No no no, niece!” Danny corrected, way too hyper.
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now I need to make a part four of Danny absolutely obliterating one of the rogues
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herbatahleb · 1 month
Tumblr media
poor man does not know how to relate to this turn of events
Tumblr media
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blackfoxsposts · 1 month
"...I will not have you risk the safety of this family for someone who may not be here even a week from now."
Damian clenched his teeth and narrowed his eyes at Bruce. "Very well then, Father," he growled. Spinning on his heel, he strode out of the room.
"Damian, we're not done here." Bruce called out before the door slammed shut.
Damian marched down the stairs. He headed to the common room where Dani, Steph, and Tim sat each holding a set of cards. Dani set her hand down at Damian's approach.
"Do you want to get married?" Damian barked.
Dani gaped at him, "What?"
"Tt, do you want to get married?"
"Right now?"
Dani fidgeted with her cards. Taking in Damian's tense stare and clenched shaking hands, she made her decision. She got up from the table, "Okay."
Tim and Steph sputtered protest and called for them to wait as the pair ignored them and left the room, heading to the entryway.
"Do you have a ring? I don't have one." Dani asked, slipping on her coat and shoes as Damian fetched his keys and put on his.
"We can pick up one up on the way."
"There's a store on Fifth Avenue."
Before anyone could stop them, they left on Damian's bike. Dani sat behind him as he sped through traffic. He parked the bike infront of the jeweler's.
A bell jingled when they entered. There was a gaggle of ladies already in the shop. A sales clerk helped them while his two coworkers talked over some papers behind the counter.
Dani took the led, heading to the closest display case where silver jewelry sparkled under the light. As she browsed, she kept an eye on Damian stiffly following. It took 73 seconds - she counted- for the tension his shoulders to disperse.
"So," Dani crooned, "what happened?"
"Tt, nothing."
Dani side eyed him and waited.
Damian sighed. Placing both hands on the case, he leaned on it, "My father and I had a disagreement."
"Our-my- There's a family secret that I want to share with you."
Dani narrowed her eyes at him, "Your family isn't part of some secret cult that's going to use me a sacrifice to summon the ghost king, right?"
Damian snorted, "No. How often does that happen?"
"If I had a nickel for every time that happened, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice."
"There was another time?"
She chuckled, "Remind me to tell you about it." She looked back at the rings in the case. "Do you really want the reason you got married to be spiting your dad?"
"Tt, no."
"Then want to go back the manor? We could stop by Walmart along the way and get a ring that'll freak everyone out till they notice it turned my finger green."
Damian chuckled, "Why not get one here?"
"I don't want to by from a place whose employees can't even bother a greeting. We been here for how long now?." She shook her head. Leaving the display, they headed to the door.
"I don't want to head back yet." Damian opened the door for her her.
"We could walk around downtown for a while or, if you want to stay out longer, I could introduce you to my family."
"I have met your family."
"You met Jazz. I have more family than her."
"Only if they don't use me as sacrifice to summon the ghost king."
She chuckled, "Don't worry," her eyes flashed green for a moment, "we don't need that. By the way, the next time you propose, I better be sweeped off my feet - fancy diner, flowers, chocolates, the whole shebang."
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ovytia-art · 1 day
Tumblr media
For @green-with-envy-phandom-event, line art by @thepokeone
Did I do a whole background so I could do a funny? Yeah. What about it?
Jeff Jefferson created by @englandamericaitaly
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Tumblr media
Submission for @green-with-envy-phandom-event
Lineart by @minnowmarsh 
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basilf1res · 3 months
Dani: *sneaks into watchtower to explore* ehhehehe
Conner: *getting beat up in ‘training’*
Dani: >:0
Dani: *appears* Fuckin’ hell man I thought y’all were heroes!??
Superman: He’s my clone. He needs to be kept in check. Also, who are you??
Dani: *muttering* Heeellooooo very much placed aggression.
Dani: *chipper* soooo, do you want to join the clone group chat exclusively meant for clones?
Conner: *confused af* …sure????
Superman: *floating somewhere off in orbit with several broken bones*
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