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fannyrosie · 2 months
Since today is my 35th birthday, I put together a compilation of outfits I filmed during my 35th year on earth.
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theroguequeenaniki · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
~ Baby you’re the one You can do no wrong You can make me Whole Again ~
- Whole Again, Play, RePlay (June 10 2003), July 8, 2003
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page-a-pages · 8 months
Pas l'temps je lis (novembre-décembre 2022)
Pas l’temps je lis est la chronique que je tiens dans le supplément culture qui paraît chaque samedi dans le quotidien Le Temps. Ci-dessous vous trouverez la liste des livres présentés dans les chroniques. Elle permettra aux abonné.es du Temps de les retouver facilement, offrira des pistes aux lecteur.ices du blog et sera utile aux éditeurs.trices qui verront ainsi quels livres ont été retenus et auront une idée du ton de la chronique.
Retrouvez la chronique sur le site du Temps
23 décembre 2022
Tumblr media
Dessus, dessous, devant, dedans, Fanny Pageaud, Les Grandes Personnes, 2022
Tumblr media
Tourne, pense, regarde, Beau Gardner, Les Grandes Personnes, 2022
Tumblr media
Pizza 4 saisons, Thomas Vinau, Anne Brouillard, Ed. Thierry Magnier, 2022
17 décembre 2022
Tumblr media
Animaux humains, Rosie Haine, Albin Michel Jeunesse, 2022
Tumblr media
Félixe et la maison qui marchait la nuit, Sophie Bédard, La Ville brûle, 2022
10 décembre 2022
Tumblr media
Photo de famille, Chloé Millet, Delphine Jacquot, Les Fourmis rouges, 2022
Tumblr media
Que fait-on quand il pleut?, Ralph Doumit, Julia Wauters, Hélium, 2022
3 décembre 2022
Tumblr media
Le Festin de Noël, Nathalie Dargent, Magali Le Huche, Gallimard Jeunesse, 2022 (L'heure des histoires)
Tumblr media
Le dernier mouton, Ulrich Hub, Jörg Mülhe, Gallimard Jeunesse, 2022 (Premiers romans)
Tumblr media
Le pire Noël de ma vie, Victoria Kaario, Juliette Binet, Rouergue, 2022
26 novembre 2022
Tumblr media
Le petit livre des grandes choses, Sophie Vissière, Hélium, 2022
Tumblr media
Bravo, maman manchot!, Chris Haughton, Thierry Magnier, 2022
Tumblr media
Un Océan d'amour, Pieter Gaudesaboos, Hélium, 2022
Tumblr media
Björn: une vie bien remplie, Delphine Perret, Les Fourmis rouges, 2022
Tumblr media
Le grand livre de ma planète, Raphaële Botte, Elisa Géhin, Thierry Magnier, 2022
Tumblr media
De Cape et de mots, Flore Vesco, Kerascoët, Dargaud, 2022
19 novembre 2022
Tumblr media
Trésors de collectionneurs, Lucie Brunellière, Albin Michel jeunesse, 2022
Tumblr media
Pirates Bric-à-brac, ATAK, Thierry Magnier, 2022
12 novembre 2022
Tumblr media
Ce Jour-là, Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet, Seuil jeunesse, 2022
Tumblr media
T'es pas mort!, Catherine Pineur, Ecole des loisirs, 2022 (Pastel)
Tumblr media
Où vont les doudous quand ils meurent?, Laurence Salaün, Gilles Rapaport, Seuil jeunesse, 2022
5 novembre 2022
Tumblr media
Mais où est-elle?, Marie Mirgaine, Les Fourmis rouges, 2022
Tumblr media
Tout se transforme, Tony Durand, Motus, 2022
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mossytrashcan · 11 months
At work and staring at our wall of taxidermy birds. Literally no one knows why we have this wall. It’s existed longer than I have.
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horsyunicorn · 11 months
bring back autumn I missed the cool weather I wasn't paying attention
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ephemeral-lace · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Based on red, the image color of Mary Magdalene Every day we introduce stylish ladies who gather at the "Shining Celestial Holy Maiden Tea Party"!
Fanny Rosie (Living in Tokyo) 30 years old, translator, 161cm Today's fashion theme: Mary Magdalene Hair accessories ♦ Handmade Blouse ♦ metamorphose temps de fille One Piece ♦ Mary Magdalene Choker ♦ Baroque Bag ♦ Moi-même-Moitié Tights ♦ Grimoire Shoes ♦ John Fluevog blog ♦  http: https://fannyrosie.tumblr.com/  Instagram  ♦  @fannyrosie
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trin-gvf · 8 months
soft days - S.F.K
Tumblr media
sam x fem!reader
2.4k words, minors DNI
WARNINGS: oral sex (fem rec), unprotected sex
pls lmk if i missed any!
When you had awoken, you rolled over, seeing your fiance, already wide awake staring at the view outside your window. When he realized you were awake, he smiled at you, placing a kiss to your lips.
“Good morning, lover.” he softly spoke, not wanting to ruin the energy of the morning. You let a hand brush through his messy morning hair, slightly combing it out with your fingers. He looked so pretty in the newly dawned light. He looked quite literally like an angel on earth.
The sun was causing his skin to glow and his vibes to thrive. You cherish mornings like this, when you could lay in silence with each other, just soaking in each other's company.
You wrapped yourself in Sam’s arms, your legs wrapping around each other. You could’ve stayed like this all day if you could.
“I was thinking, can we walk Rosie and Salem today? Then stop by the coffee shop and then the pet shop and get some of those treats that Cosi really likes.” He said, closing his eyes, hiding them from the light.
“That sounds like fun.” You smiled, looking over his features. 
You nuzzled into him even closer. He was so warm, all of the time. He was the polar opposite of you and you two fit like pieces in a puzzle. Sam wrapped his arms around you and you stayed like that for at least another 30 minutes until Rosie came in to give you good morning lovings. 
While Sam said good morning to Rosie, you got out of bed and gave your Cosi good morning kisses. She was old, almost as old as you, but she was your baby and you’d love her until the end of your time. You woke her up from the doggie bed that was placed next to yours. She did a big stretch and followed you to the living room. She slowly trudged behind you as you opened the sliding glass door to the backyard. As she did her business, your beloved Salem came to give you her daily “hello mom!” 
You gave her, her very deserved pats and loves while slowly getting ready for your walk. You put on some sweatpants, a cropped tank top, a sweater and a baseball cap. You put your favorite sneakers on and walked out of your walk in closet. Sam was ready too, he had on a pink long sleeve, sweatpants just like you, a fanny pack and some slides. You tried your best to not laugh at the fanny pack, he would always complain to you when you did. He called it fashionable.
“Ready to go?” He asked, putting Rosie’s leash and collar on. You nodded while you put Salem’s on. As you walked out the door, you gave Cosi a kiss to her forehead.
“You be good, Cosi, we’ll be back.” You cooed. 
She laid on the doggie bed you had in the living room and you were off. You admired your garden of different flowers and plants, laughing when one of the dogs would stop to sniff them.
You and Sam took your time on your walk, taking in the sights of the city and pointing out different cars Sam thought were cool. 
You eventually reached your local coffee shop. It was your favorite, they were animal friendly and gave you a free pup cup for each coffee you bought when you brought your pets in. The staff had known you two very well, you two always came in on saturday mornings with Salem and Rosie. 
“Hi guys!! The usual?” The barista asked, getting ready to put the order in on her computer. 
“Yup.” You smiled at her, watching her coo at the dogs.
You sat at a table as you waited for your drinks. The view was nice from the coffee shop window. 
“I love days like this.” Sam spoke over the lower murmur of the other people in the shop. 
“Me too, they’re my favorite.” you responded, petting Salem on the head. 
Soon enough, the barista sat down your drinks and two pup cups for your babies. 
“Here’s a caramel iced latte with oat milk for you and an iced americano with salted caramel creme. And as per usual, two pup cups for the girls.” 
You both thanked her, taking a couple sips of your drinks before allowing the dogs to lick up the whipped cream. Once the dogs were done with their treats, you threw the trash away and picked up your drinks. 
You started to walk to the pet store when you saw a group of three girls walking towards you, giggling into their hands. 
“Um- so sorry to like totally invade you but we were wondering if we could get a picture?” One of them asked, holding her phone up with shaking hands. 
“Oh my god! Yeah of course!” Sam answered with a smile. 
“Everyone get in!” You said, holding the phone. You took the picture and the girls squealed.
“I love you and the band so much we’ve been listening forev- is that a ring? Oh my god are you guys-” another girl started to speak before noticing the rings on your guys fingers. 
Oh shit.
“Oh- these? They’re just- just promise rings really.” Sam tried to play it off. No one was supposed to know yet. 
“Don’t worry, we can keep a secret.” They laughed. They all gave you hugs before parting ways.
You both would have rather not talked about it, so you talked about this and that until you made it to the pet store. It would have been a short trip but Sam wanted to look at all the fish they had in the back of the store. You, being the sucker for Sammy that you are, couldn’t deny him. 
You had fun looking at the different fish, seeing the colorful ones, the black goldfish and even some that would glow under blacklight. Salem and Rosie started to get bored in the store, whining every so often and huffing. You finally checked out and got the treats for your baby back home.
The walk home was much shorter but by now it was almost 12:30. You didn’t have plans for the day but you did want to be able to relax in the comfort of your bed most of the day.
You were finally home and were greeted by Cosi, her little paws tapping against the floorboard when she noticed you were finally home was one of your favorite things ever. You sat your drink down, grabbing the treats out of Sam’s fanny pack. You gave 3 or 4 of them to her, smiling when you saw just how happy they made her.
“Hey babe! I’m going to do skin care, wanna come do it with me?” You heard your fiance shout from the bathroom. When you heard the question, you smiled wider than you ever had before.
“I’m coming!!” You responded, running to the bathroom. 
Sam had some of your favorite products out. You did his skin care and he did yours. He placed the creams on so delicately, not wanting to get any in your hair, or even worse, your eyes. You guys moisturized, exfoliated, cleansed, anything you had in your bathroom cabinets. You took goofy pictures of Sam with face masks on, almost immediately posting them to your private snapchat story.  You both laughed at the stupid comments that his brother made in response to the post. Everything felt perfect. 
When you finally put your last lotion on, you were sat on the counter by the sink. You brought Sam in for a kiss when you finished rubbing in his lotion. Your arms wrapped around his neck and his went straight to your waist. 
What was supposed to be an innocent kiss, turned to much more. You were pulling Sam closer, feeling as if he was too far even though his body was flush against yours. You couldn’t stop yourself from grinding onto him. You’ve had sex almost every night since he’d got home from tour and it never ever seemed to be enough. You couldn’t get enough of him. 
Every bit of him was captivating your senses. You were breathing him, seeing him, tasting him. He was fucking perfect in every way. 
You were so in your head about him that you barely realized that he was carrying you into your shared bedroom. You were dropped onto the bed and he removed your sweatpants, along with your panties within seconds. He couldn’t help himself from diving into your cunt. He closed his eyes as he put his hands over your thighs, scratching at the skin below his fingertips.
Your hips were fucking themselves up into his mouth as a hand flew into his hair, pulling and tugging on it. 
It was soft despite the energy in the room telling you otherwise. The vibe was heavy and dark but Sam felt as if it was just right to go slow. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head before closing. Your mouth was left hanging open as you let out soft moans. He barely gained speed, just enough to push you over the edge. Although he’d been down on you for less than ten minutes, you were already so close, you were somehow still sore from the previous night of sinful actions. 
“Don’t fight it, sweet girl, let it happen.” He said, looking up at you through his eyelashes. You did as he said and let your pleasure wash over you. It felt like heaven, you were in complete awe. 
When you came down from your high, you were dizzy, needing to catch your breath. As you watched Sam kick off the lower half of his clothes, you felt more and more needy. You could already feel the sinfully delightful stretch of his cock. 
You almost cried as you watched Sam’s cock hit against his stomach as it was set free from his boxers.
“You love it that much? You’ll whine just seeing my cock? Tell me, baby. Tell me how much you love it.” He ordered as he slowly pushed into you. 
“I love it so much. It’s so perfect for me. Fuck it’s so good!” The longer you went on, the louder you got due to him speeding up and hitting deeper inside you. 
“You feel so perfect around me. So warm and tight around my cock.” He grunted.
He looked fucking beautiful, his hair was sticking to his face and his eyebrows were furrowed, god was he a sight to see. He buried his head into your neck, softly kissing and biting at it. You took the opportunity and lifted his shirt up, leaving scratches on his back. He moaned out particularly loud when you did so. 
You smiled at the action, doing it once more.
“Shit don’t do that or- fuck- I’m going to cum.” He said between moans. 
“Do it for me Sammy, cum for me.” You whispered in his ear, you being on the verge once again. 
He listened to you and let his cum paint the inside of your cunt. 
“Oh fuuuck!!” He moaned out, trying to get as close as possible to you. You were experiencing your own orgasm, this one being much more powerful than the last one you had. You were seeing stars and the only thing keeping you grounded was Sam pushing his body up against yours. 
You finally came down when Sam had pulled out and watched his cum spill out of you. It was one of his biggest guilty pleasures. 
He helped you clean up, getting you in new pajama pants and back into bed for a much needed nap. When Sam got to his side of the bed, he cuddled into you, breathing your perfume in. 
‘I love you so much, baby. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He softly mumbled to you.
“I love you most, Sammy.” 
“Not even possible, love.”
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ofthecaravel · 11 months
Bestie, I was talking to some other gresties about mini josh and we were talking about how Sam would carry him around in his fanny pack. And then I said but imagine mini josh breaking his back to lift up a regular to normal sized people sized dog treat and hefting it out the fanny pack like “oops Rosie a treat fell!!!” To the point Sam is exhausted by it and Rosie only cares about mini josh and now I’m leaving this thought here with you since you are the authority on mini gvf
Tumblr media
"Did you bring your own treat into my fanny pack?"
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griefrituals · 3 months
We the sodomites, the perverts, the inverts, the faggots, the deviants, the queers, the keepers of spoiled identities, the tribadists, the promiscuous, the popper sniffing fist fuckers, the bottoms and the tops, the vers, the queens and the fairies, the nellies, the nancies and the fannies, the lady boys, the butch lesbians, the leather angels, the dykes, the daddies and the bull-daggers, the crossdressers and the drag queens, the auntie men, the kikis, the trannies, the celesbians, the clones, the dykes on bikes, the sissies, the bone smugglers, the muscle marys, the jocks, the twinks, the bears and the otters, the sex pigs, the handballers, the gym queens, the hung, the carpet munchers, the pussy punchers, the fudge packers, the fruits, those who are light in the loafers, those who have sugar in the tank, the cocksuckers, the daffies, the friends of dorothy, the bent, the poofs, the poofters, the buggers, the uranians, the pillow biters, the sisters of sappho, the silver foxes, the temperamental, the homophiles, the masters and the slaves, the tatted and pierced queens, the tightly-bound, the lavender menace, the pansies, the go-go boys, the hustlers, the trades, the chapstick lesbians, the lucky pierres, the rough trades, the lacies, those who are queer as a three dollar bill, the mother superiors, the ring snatchers, the kissing fish, the tinkerbelles, the ursulas, the vampires, the punks, the agfays, the ass bandits and the butt pirates, the beefcakes, the yard boys, the zanies, the muff divers, the golden boys, the ten percenters, the sperm burpers, the boys in the band, the disordered, the dysfunctional, the diseased and the destructive, the bitches, those on the down low and the low down, the drag kings, the tammies, the he-shes, the fishy girls, the cunts, the cut and the uncut, the bum bandits, the lipstick lesbians, the hard and the soft butches, the flamers, the gender benders, the butt huggers, the chicken hawks, the femme, the fuck boys, the gaylords, the masc for mases, the no pie no chats, the tranny chasers, the homos, the baby dykes, the gold stars, the gender queers, the pillow princesses, the studs, the bug chasers, the barebackers, those who PnP, the campy queens, the sword swallowers, the confirmed bachelors, the members of a Boston marriage, the shims, those who read playboy for the articles, the rosies, the people who are batting for the other team, the AIDS carriers, the undetectables, the pozzies, those on PrEP, the weak and morally sick wretches, the deplorables, the sinners, the hedonists, those with the aristocratic vice, those who enjoy the bourgeois decadence, the cata mites and the calamites, the cake eaters, the chubby chasers, the midnight cowboys, the daffodils, the fey, the ganymedes, the limp-wristed, the salad tossers, the ponces, those who are swishy, those of the reprobate mind, the hermaphrodites, the chicks with dicks, the chemsexers, the bearded ladies, the serodiscordants, the heartthrobs, the theatrical types, the admirers, those who aren't 'clean', the freaks, the cum guzzlers, the cumdumps, the tea dancers, the mamma's boys, the hot messes, the batty bois, the degenerates … are and will always be the enemy.
Carlos Motta, John Arthur Peetz, Carlos Maria Romero, "We the Enemy," from "SPIT! (Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together!)
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smilton · 9 months
Early Dec. 1923 || Lord of the Northwood Forest contest 
The fairy ring by the river || Northwood Forest
“He’s gonna fall.”
“Will not.”
“Will too.”
“Will not.” 
“Could do.” 
It was Rosie’s anguished groan that ended the argument, punctuated with a huffed “Contrarian.” She stalked across the circle of trees, inserting herself between Fannie O’Keefe and Elsie Peats, huddled on a log bench of their own. She sent a rude gesture back to Sallie, who only smiled. Contrarian was a fifty cent word; someone was doing their writing homework. 
A smatter of applause, a hoot and a holler went up. Sallie bit down on her chapped lower lip, eyes flicking back to the center of the ring where Peter Lawrence and Johnnie Feigel were neck and neck as they hacked their way up the stripped trunk of a white pine. Johnnie was taller and carried the advantage, but Sallie had nursed a soft spot for Peter back at the schoolhouse. He had a shock of red hair that was upstaged by the flex in his bicep and the kind of wide hands you could depend upon.
A gasp cast across the crowd, carried on a winter wind whisper of bet too much-did you hear–between you and me. Peter’s wooden splint wobbled underneath his feet, and not in the way flexible hackberry should. Sallie’s mittened hand shot out, instinct sending her to grab for Rosie’s empty seat. 
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fannyrosie · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The tartan duchess
Outfit rundown Jacket: second-hand Atelier Boz Dress: second-hand Juliette et Justine Underskirt/petticoat: second-hand Black Peace Now Shoes: old Hush Puppies Hat: vintage with added blue flowers High collar: second-hand Abilletage Brooches: vintage Gloves: vintage Earrings: Phantom Jewelry Rococo panniers: a gift from the designer of @british_wardrobe
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nightshiftpodcast · 11 months
It's spooky season so I just have to ask, what's everyone being for Halloween? I can't settle on any single idea for any of them, but I can imagine Seb, Styx, and Quin doing that tiktok ghost challenge that's been going on for the past few years
This is the MOST important question ever asked and we've just spent over an hour deliberating in our production team group chat North: Night Shift Coffee throws a Halloween party every year, and it's a big deal for North, who was born to throw Halloween parties. For 2022, it's Max Mayfield from Stranger Things S4 with white-out contacts. If they weren't working, it'd be The Jackal from the movie Thirteen Ghosts, complete with head cage.
Justin: If Justin had gotten his way, he'd have dressed as Sailor Moon - but couple costumes with his girlfriend are an obligation, and she gets what she wants, so Justin and Celia come as Drogo and Daenerys. Celia loves Game of Thrones and Justin's shirtless, so it's a win-win for her (when North sees him, they get a bit dizzy)
Seb & Angelo: Angelo doesn't do Halloween, but since he's agreed to the party, he lets Seb coerce him into a priest outfit ("It's basically just a shirt with a collar, you won't even notice you're wearing a costume") because it was an easy win and Seb is not immune to hot priest, and then Seb spends like 4 hours on the sexiest demon costume he can put together, complete with eyeliner, horns and a tail
Quin: Quin hasn't really celebrated Halloween before but seeing as everyone around him now is super into it, he gives it a go and dresses as Morpheus from The Sandman because he's had some comments saying that's his vibe
Styx: Styx goes as Seb.
Phoebe & Spencer: Phoebe is always adorable on Halloween so she goes as Bo Peep from Toy Story. Spencer is always intentionally obnoxious on Halloween, so he goes as Jesus. He's extra obnoxious when he sees Seb and Angelo's costumes.
Cam: Cam dresses up as a mushroom, in a cute little white dress with a homemade red and white spotted mushroom shawl that lights up
Diego: Diego has been tempted out by Cam and his budding friendship with Seb (and Styx, sort of) so he's coming as Gandalf - but like, Gandalf the Beer Wizard. Staff made of empty beer cans, beard made of cotton wool.
Jenny: Velma from Scooby-Doo, with added lesbian pride this year, complete with oversized magnifying glass
Lea: Lea fully intends on an extensive costume but she runs out of time because she's working, and ends up throwing a Rosie the Riveter together last minute. It looks great all the same.
Olivia: It's gotta be slutty for Olivia, and this year it's Jennifer Check in her cheerleader outfit with blood all over her mouth.
Mira: There was no deliberation on this – Mira comes in an ABBA disco jumpsuit with platform boots. The coffee shop rents a karaoke machine and Mira and Seb hog it for half an hour
Rafe: To Angelo's horror, Rafe and Seb are friends now, so Rafe's coming too. He dresses up as a Dad. Socks and sandals, knee-length cargo shorts, fanny pack, Kiss the Cook apron. It's dad joke time, ALL the time this halloween
Miles: God knows why Miles is at the Night Shift halloween party but he is. He heard Angelo was going and wasn't going to miss an opportunity to bother him. He's wearing a full suit on his upper half - suit jacket, shirt, tie in a windsor knot, cufflinks - and fishnets and booty shorts with high heels on the bottom ;)
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theroguequeenaniki · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I wanna go left, but they tell me, "Go right" (I wanna, I wanna, I wanna be) Don't wanna be the little girl they're kissing goodnight (I wanna, I wanna, I wanna be) The moral of the story is I got no choice I must not chase the boys
- I Must Not Chase The Boys, Play, RePlay (June 10 2003), April 29th 2003
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talesofesther · 1 year
Go out on a date with Yelena would include...? (I love your fics and hcs. Thanks for all of them, you're an amazing writer)
Thank you so much, love <3.
Here's a deeper look into my opinion on how dates with Yelena would go:
- fact one: Yelena absolutely adores going on dates with you.
- fact two: you will never ever be bored, she makes everything fun.
- dates are one of Yelena's favorite things to do;
- and she's an easy one to please.
- she never had the opportunity to go on dates or be in love, so she cherishes every little moment now;
- take her to see the opera or go to an amusement park, she'll love it either way.
- that doesn't mean she wasn't nervous the very first time she asked you out;
- because it was also the very first time she was asking anyone out;
- but she stood her ground and came up to you with rosy cheeks, and a nervous but overly adorable smile;
- she literally took days to decide where to take you, but you reassured her that anything would be fine as long as you were together;
- she fell harder for you then.
- with Yelena, you'll end up learning to appreciate the little things in life.
- she loves to take you out on "simple" dates;
- walks in the park with Fanny, where she'll swing your hands back and forth while appreciating the view and your company;
- then you will stop for ice cream and she always insists on paying.
- she will want to take you to her favorite coffee shop at least twice a week;
- she likes to sit with you while sipping on a coffee and talking about anything and everything.
- your dates also become very important to Yelena, it's that time of day when it's just you and her;
- and she loves having you all to herself.
- Yelena loves simple dates and just spending time with you, she'll be happy with basically any plan you come up with.
- when going to the movies with her, you'll constantly feel her fumbling with your fingers when certain scenes play;
- she's adorable in her own way.
- she also has a passion for trying new things and different dishes;
- so be prepared to be taken to various different restaurants.
- she's always super fun to be around, always making sure you have the best time.
- and, you want to absolutely melt her heart? Surprise her;
- come up to her with an unplanned date and she will drop everything she's doing with the biggest happy smile, peppering your face with kisses before you two leave;
- she never lets go of your hand btw.
- Yelena also likes being fancy sometimes;
- for special occasions, she will take you to a fancy restaurant and be the best plus one you'll ever have.
- undeniably, she's a person with a lot of presence;
- and that presence only grows whenever you're dressed up beautifully beside her;
- her hand often rests at the small of your back and she keeps on a proud smile for having you with her.
- fact three: the best dates you'll ever have are gonna be with Yelena.
Yelena’s taglist: @alotofpockets
Let me know if you wanna be added to her taglist.
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Ghosts as Birds
Robin - Kiwi
Tumblr media
Mary - Buffy Hummingbird
Tumblr media
Humphrey - Cardinal
Tumblr media
Kitty - Pohnpei Lorikeet
Tumblr media
Thomas - Mauritius Kestrel
Tumblr media
Fanny - Grey Go-Away-Bird
Tumblr media
Captain - Cape Eagle Owl
Tumblr media
Pat - Lesser Ground Cuckoo
Tumblr media
Julian - European Shag
Tumblr media
Alison - Rosy Faced Lovebird
Tumblr media
Mike - Grey-Headed Lovebird
Tumblr media
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suitsyoumaam-blog · 6 months
Fanny Rosie, part 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media
source: Her Instagram
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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