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What's that you say?
You say some part of my blog makes you uncomfortable?
Block the fucking tag! 馃し馃徎
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Shipping silco and viktor is awful why did you have to put this in my dash?
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the walking dead ends today... so expect me to be a bit extra for the next couple of days. if you don鈥檛 wanna see none of my TWD rants/posts/madness i suggest you mute/filter/blacklist #TWD.
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I posted 3,721 times in 2022
That's 695 more posts than 2021!
39 posts created (1%)
3,682 posts reblogged (99%)
Blogs I reblogged the most:
I tagged 3,721 of my posts in 2022
#lol - 663 posts
#beautiful - 308 posts
#vid rec - 234 posts
#tbl - 228 posts
#cats - 207 posts
#i love cats - 202 posts
#my life - 182 posts
#for anyone who needs this - 181 posts
#queer - 145 posts
#lgbtq - 141 posts
Longest Tag: 137 characters
#but in lakota i have zero difficulty differentiating between 'this' 'that' and 'that over there' or 'these' 'those' or 'those over there'
My Top Posts in 2022:
Just out of curiosity I decided to check the possible ship names that are floating around for La鈥檊aan/Coral/Rodunn, and it鈥檚 resulted in:
Ngl, I lean toward either Lacoro or Polyamorsea-- both because they each put all three on equal standing (Lacoro has the first two letters of each of their names and Polyamorsea doesn鈥檛 foreground any of the three of them ahead of the other two) and because they鈥檙e easily searchable and unlikely to be buried (unlike Trident).
Idk, I guess I鈥檓 just throwing this out there to see if we can reach any sort of fandom consensus over what their ship should be called.
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Now that La鈥檊aan鈥檚 Aquaman that brings up the question of if he鈥檇 change his outfit at all.
La鈥檊aan not changing anything about his outfit other than adding a clip-on Aquaman emblem to the waistline of his shorts because he gives no shits.
68 notes - Posted April 7, 2022
Everyone who talked shit about La鈥檊aan since 2016 owes me $50.
I freaking called it on the fact that
He鈥檚 queer.
He鈥檚 somewhere under the bi umbrella.
He鈥檚 great with kids.
He鈥檚 got a lot of love to give.
He鈥檚 a good character with a lot of complexity and depth to him.
Tumblr media
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddd by the way--
His name is La鈥檊aan. L A 鈥 G A A N.
(If you tag his name as anything else it鈥檚 not going to show up where it should.)
Oh, and uh, final note?
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鈥淟a鈥檊aan鈥檚 improving.鈥
鈥淟a鈥檊aan鈥檚 getting better.鈥
鈥淢aybe now La鈥檊aan will apologize.鈥
鈥淟a鈥檊aan鈥檚 getting a redemption arc.鈥
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My #1 post of 2022
Okay, I鈥檝e been meaning to do this for a while but kept getting derailed. Thankfully I鈥檓 fully caught up on Rise (though it took me forever) and I was able to mostly sort out the in-universe order for the episodes.
Because fun fact-- something I noticed way back in season 1-- is that the episodes weren鈥檛 released in in-universe order. This was true on cable, this has held true on netflix and hbo-max paramount+ (I goofed, oops), and while [turtlepedia] does have them listed in tv broadcast order and has the episode production codes listed, neither of those entirely match up with the various in-episode context clues for what order things happen in.
And believe me, some of those context clues, those in-episode 鈥渟ignposts鈥 are subtle enough to be blink-and-you鈥檒l-miss-it details (like the fact that the background video for Donnie and Mikey in Hypno! Part Deux! implies that it鈥檚 happening at the same time as Repomantis). Needless to say it鈥檚 taken a lot of work and a lot of paying attention. And thankfully season 2 wasn鈥檛 as all over the place (mainly due to more of the episodes not having any distinct signposts beyond things that made it obvious they took place after season 1).
(I鈥檝e done my best to get it as nailed down as possible. Episodes that occur at the same time are listed on the same bulletpoint in recommended watching order.)
So good news if you鈥檙e like me and you鈥檇 like to watch the episodes in in-universe order, because this is that list!
Without further ado, I give you:
The In-Universe Rise Episode Timeline
Season 1:
Mystic Mayhem
Origami Tsunami
Donnie鈥檚 Gifts
Smart Lair
War And Pizza
Repomantis & Hypno! Part Deux!
Down With The Sickness (Due to not really having any more than one possible signpost, this one could take place either before or after the previous point or The Purple Jacket. I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 any later than that, but it鈥檚 debatable.)
The Purple Jacket
Minotaur Maze
The Longest Fight
The Fast And The Furriest
Stuck On You
Hot Soup: The Game
Mascot Melee
The Gumbus
Shell In A Cell
Pizza Pit
Bug Busters
Mrs. Cuddles (Like Down With The Sickness this one has very few signposts, only two that I spotted and one of those is debatable, but it does take place sometime after The Fast And The Furriest.)
Al Be Back
The Evil League of Mutants
See the full post
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Get your Tumblr 2022 Year in Review 鈫
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I posted 4,963 times in 2022
That's 32 more posts than 2021!
283 posts created (6%)
4,680 posts reblogged (94%)
Blogs I reblogged the most:
I tagged 4,963 of my posts in 2022
#馃挄 - 537 posts
#鉁岋笍 - 273 posts
#aesthetics - 233 posts
#fic recs - 200 posts
#馃槏 - 165 posts
#a vibe鈩 - 150 posts
#fanart - 144 posts
#hot people - 142 posts
#馃グ锔 - 142 posts
#answers - 132 posts
Longest Tag: 93 characters
#we have collectively forgotten more wild shit they have done than they can ever shock us with
My Top Posts in 2022:
just a little cat nap. 馃樇
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there's potential. 馃崋
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the only charles the third i will ever recognize as king
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did not see that coming.
126 notes - Posted February 7, 2022
My #1 post of 2022
Tumblr media
the overthinker
129 notes - Posted June 10, 2022
Get your Tumblr 2022 Year in Review 鈫
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slashyrogue 2 years
I'm sorry I'm talking too much.
I'll stop.
*waits to lose more new followers*
I just missed it here.
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inkskinned 7 months
i got rickrolled today but it didn't work because i have adblocker installed, so youtube just told me i violated the terms of service. yesterday i was trying to edit a picture as a joke for my girlfriend, and google made me check a box to prove i'm human because i wasn't "searching normally".
it isn't just that capitalism is killing fun and whimsy, it is that any element of entertainment or joy is being fed upon by this mosquito body, one that will suck you dry at any vulnerability.
do you want to meet new friends in your city? download this app, visit our website, sign up for our email list. pay for this class on making a terrarium, on candlemaking, on cooking. it will be 90 dollars a session. you can go to group fitness, but only under our specific gym membership. solve the puzzle, sign up for our puzzle-of-the-month-club. what is a club if not just a paid opportunity - you are all paying for the same thing, which makes you a community.
but you're like me, i know it - you're careful, you try the library meetings and the stuff at the local school and all of that. the problem is that you kind of want really specific opportunities that used to exist. you are so grateful for libraries and the publicly-funded things: they are, however, an exception - and everything they have, they've fought tooth-and-nail to protect. you read a headline about how in many other states, libraries have virtually nothing left.
do you want to meet up with your friends afterwards? gift your friends the discord app. you can choose to go to a cafe (buy a coffee, at least), a bar (money, alcohol) or you can all stay in and catch a movie (streaming) or you can all stay in bed (rent. don't get me started) and scream (noise complaint. ticket at least).
you want to read a new book, but the book has to have 124 buzzwords from tiktok readers that are, like, weirdly horny. you can purchase this audiobook on audible! your podcast isn't on spotify, it's on its own server, pay for a different site. fuck, at least you're supporting artists you like. the art museum just raised their ticket price. once, they had a temporary exhibit that acknowledged that ~85% of their permanent art galleries were from cis white men, and that they had thousands of works by women (even famous women, like frida! georgia o'keefe!) just rotting in their basement. that exhibit lasted for 3 months and then they put everything away again.
walmart proudly supports this strip of land by the street! here are some flowers with wilting leaves. its employees have to pay out-of-pocket for their uniforms. my friend once got fined by the city because she organized a community pick-up of the riverfront, which was technically private property.
no, you cannot afford to take that dance class, neither can i. by the way - i'm a teacher. i'm absolutely not saying "educators shouldn't be paid fairly." i'm saying that when i taught classes, renting a studio went from 20 bucks an hour to 180 in the span of 6 months. no significant changes to the studio were made, except they now list the place as updated and friendly. the heat still doesn't work in the building. i have literally never seen the landlord who ignores my emails. recently they've been renting it out at night as an "unusual nightclub; a once-in-a-lifetime close-knit party." they spent some of those 180 dollars on LEDs and called it renovating. the high heels they invite in have been ruining the marley.
do you want to experience the old internet? do you want to play flash games or get back the temporary joy of club penguin? you can, you just need to pay for it. i have a weird, neurodivergent obsession with occasionally checking in to watch the downfall and NFT-ification of neopets. if i'm honest with you all - i never got into webkins, my family didn't have the money to buy me a pointless elephant. people forget that "being poor" can mean literally "if i buy you that toy, i can't afford rent."
you and i don't have time to make good food, and we don't have the budget for it. we are not gonna be able to host dinner parties, we're not made of money, kid. do you want some kind of 3rd space? a space that isn't home or work or school? you could try being online, but - what places actually exist for you? tiktok counts as social media because you see other people on it, not because they actually talk to you.
there was a local winter tradition of sledding down the hill at my school. kids would use pizza boxes and jackets and whatever worked, howling and laughing. back in september, they made a big announcement that this time, rules were changing, and everyone must pay 10 dollars to participate. when im not scared shitless, i kind of appreciate the environmental irony - it hasn't gone below 40. so much for snow & joyriding.
i saw a bulletin for a local dogwalking group and, nervous about making a good first impression, showed up early. the first guy there grimaced at me. "sorry," he said. "there's a 30-dollar buy-in fee." i thought he was joking. wait. for what? the group doesn't offer anything except friendship and people with whom to walk around the city.
he didn't know the answer. just shrugged at me. "you know," he said. "these days, everything costs money."
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gibbearish 8 months
love when ppl defend the aggressive monetization of the internet with "what, do you just expect it to be free and them not make a profit???" like. yeah that would be really nice actually i would love that:)! thanks for asking
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demadogs 1 year
nothing can break the bond between a friend who loves spoilers and a friend who just watched an amazing show and needs to tell someone the entire plot from start to finish
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call-me-schmidt 7 months
Warhammer 40.000. Just packed full of complete Specimens. Like. I had to define why characters like Perturabo and Mortarion pull me in as much as they do...I want to view all the fuckery they achieve with their Situations from behind a fence. Not unlike the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, and I wouldn't even get mad about suffering the inevitable Jurassic Park consequences. Fascinating, just to watch them. Causing problems.
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birds of a feather
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Apparently this needs to be said so
Forgetting things is morally neutral! Memory issues are morally neutral!
You're not a bad person if you...
forget things quickly
forget people
can't remember entire stages of your life
can't remember important things
can remember some things very well and forget other things all the time
can't remember things (or anything!) about your interests
forget to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, etc
forget to reply to texts
remember things and immediately forget them again
can't remember birthdays, events, etc
frequently answer 'I forgot' to questions
can't retain new information
forget things you used to know
only remember things when it's too late
have vague, distorted and/or unreliable memories
depend on others to know how an event you were in played out
have other symptoms that are worsened by memory issues and vice versa
... and anything else I might have missed!
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chikinan 9 months
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I'm sentimental about them. & about camcorders. [twt + insta + ptrn on bio]
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