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geek-22 · 1 month
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daughterofcainnnn · 3 months
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Hayden via her old tumblr acc ♡ rip
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saganssorcery · 2 months
Wonderpus octopus (Wunderpus photogenicus) in its juvenile or larval stage.
Tumblr media
Photographer: Wu Yung-sen
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sharkie-malarkie · 4 months
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ghost sharks have long tapering bodies and incredibly large heads. their skin ranges in color from black to pale blue to brownish grey and is quite smooth. they have large eyes, oversized nostrils, and large, visible teeth, which give them a rabbit-like appearance, though within their mouths are three tooth plates.
ghost sharks have mineralized tooth plates. they use these teeth to crush mollusks and worms, making for an interesting diet.
ghost sharks primarily caught as bycatch. while their meat is edible, the majority of their commercial value comes from their livers, which contain an oil known as squalene that's used in a wide variety of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
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whamss · 4 months
Every now and then I think I'm kind of sleeping on classpect analysis, but also what you have to understand about me is that I'm way less enchanted by the act of defining classes and aspects and way moreso by how individual Characters contextualize their relationship with their aspects and assign meaning to it based on their experiences
Something that I always found striking about late Act 6 Kanaya was the way she recontextualizes her relationship with her aspect as something so specific to her and her own experiences. Something about the juxtaposition between Alt Calliope mapping out hard rules about her classpect, saying "This is what it means to be a Space player" "This is what it means to be X" while Kanaya talks about how her experiences formulated her own relationship with her classpect. It's a fascinating difference between them where I never think that the story tries to say that either of them are Wrong about how they view Space. But there's such an underappreciated depth there where Calliope is demonstrated to be somebody who's obsessed with rules, strict categorization, while Kanaya says "this is what my experiences have told me, this is what Space means to Me." And Alt Calliope saying things like Space players are inseparably tied to loneliness are interesting claims, but also putting these beliefs in context with each other you can just as easily see how Alt Calliope's views of space can be formulated by her lifelong (deathlong) experience with isolation.
I think a big reason that I always found it hard to engage with a lot of classpect analysis is that there's this insistence that classpects must have strict categories that define people, when throughout the comic we consistently see how things like aspects and classes mean different things to different people. The way that Kanaya, Calliope, and Jade all see Space and their relationship to it is so so different, I sort of wonder if they'd have any common ground if they actually discussed it between each other (or wrote their thoughts down and passed it around, as Calliope would undoubtedly dominate that conversation lol). The same goes for Rose and Vriska with Light, the Time players... I don't know, it's striking to me. I can understand why the rumored Hussie Classpect doc is supposedly only a sentence or so per classpect because what do you even say? When the variety of experiences is so broad among them, it's impossible to define Classpects cohesively. Alternatively, aspects are something strictly defined by the meaning that people (characters) assign to them
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kingdrawcse · 6 months
Chemistry Behind Ancient Pigment, 'Chinese Purple'
Tumblr media
In ancient times, rare non-natural pigments, especially blues and purples. 'Chinese Purple' or 'Han Purple' a Barium Copper Silicate BaCuSi₂O₆ pigment, emerged from the Western Zhou to the Han Dynasty, found in terracotta army garments at the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum. Initially linked to Egyptian Blue, Chinese Purple predates Silk Road contacts by centuries, suggesting an independent discovery.
Tumblr media
Likely an alchemical serendipity during Daoist experiments, its compounds—copper, barium, and lead—aligned with materials used by Daoist alchemists in creating ancient lead-barium glass.
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skyward-floored · 3 months
May I request the math scene? I want to inflict math on Time :)
Poor Time. He had a reasonable education, and would normally be okay with helping, but then they had to go and switch up math on him... just wait until he realizes he’ll have to help Hyrule with his schoolwork too.
“...Okay, so then you divide here where the sixteen is—”
“No no, Dad, that’s not how you’re supposed to do it,” Wind said as he looked at his father’s scribbling, turning his math book around and pointing at the page. “They want us to do it like this.”
Time stared at the problems in front of him for what felt like the hundredth time, frustration building as a headache behind his eyes. He’d scraped by when he’d been in school, but the math hadn’t been like this, and he didn’t even recognize some of these symbols...
“Why do they want you to do it like that? It makes no sense,” Time said with a disbelieving look, and Wind shrugged.
“I don’t know. Nobody tells me anything. But the teacher said we’re supposed to do it like this.”
“Well I don’t know this way,” Time said, giving the math book a glare with both eyes. “Why would they change math?!”
“Dad, it’s okay,” Wind tried to interject, but Time had lost his patience with the math book.
“Last I checked, math was math!” he growled, jabbing a finger at the book, “MATH IS MATH!”
Wind gave him a concerned look.
“...You know Dad, I’ll just wait for Mom to come back, it’s fine,” Wind said quickly, and Time wrestled down his frustration with a sigh, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he sat back down.
“She won’t understand it any better than I do,” he grumbled.
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bisonaari · 11 months
hey have you listened to this song cha cha cha i've heard it's pretty good but don't quote me on this
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So I saw someone point it out somewhere, but I cannot remember where and who (I think tiktok maybe?), but apparently in the 2nd opening there's yet another easter egg, and I just had to check it out for myself
And it's actually true!
So in S01E19 Levi's OG squad bites their hands to show remorse for not trusting Eren after his accidental transformation
Tumblr media
Yeah, so in the 2nd opening, they actually show Petra having the bite marks!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Which is yet another example of how fucking amazing and detailed the OPs and EDs are and how many things are hidden in plain sight unless you go crazy and watch them frame by frame (which I will do soon for the analysis I'm working on)
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centarian · 4 months
Kind of the opposite of veganism
Alright, who wants to discuss this idea I just had and decided on a name for after a 30 second conversation with a guy on discord: DolorLenio
It translates from Latin into "PainReliever" but it will make more sense once you finish reading.
It is in almost every way the opposite of veganism. You can only eat something if it is dead, so mostly meat. Flour and flour based foods are relatively ok. Cooked plant is skirting the line, but eating raw plants or live animals is a sin. The idea is that since plants have a chemical nervous system that they can use to react to the environment, and most of the time plants are alive when you eat them, then it must be torture to the plants that are being eaten and it is therefore morally wrong. Dead creatures can no longer feel, and it is therefore ok to eat them, as they will endure no more suffering from their consumption. Fruits are an acception to the rule because they evolved to be eaten so plants could reproduce, but besides that, no living creatures. That's the rough idea. I don't know where beans would fall on the spectrum but I will let you guys decide that. Processed food I think should be fine, since most of it isn't alive, and the stuff that is was probably experimented on.
The idea here is that it is a moral compass values suffering over life, as nature gives and takes life anyways, so you can only prevent suffering. What are your guy's thoughts?
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nintendont2502 · 2 months
some interesting stuff from the homestuck book list survey so far
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Same anon: California SB 1459 - "(2) Existing law makes it a misdemeanor to willfully abandon any animal, except as provided. This bill would create an exception to the above-described crime for animals released by a licensed veterinarian or veterinary technician if the release is pursuant to a program of trapping, neutering, and releasing feral or stray cats." I apologize for the oversimplification in saying it "exempts cats" as technically it specifies TNR programs, so I should have said "exempts feral or stray cats."
Ooh I see, thank you for the clarification! Do you know which groups specifically are lobbying for this? (No worries if you're not comfortable sharing, I'm just curious!) And no worries about the simplification, there are only so many characters in an ask box haha.
I still definitely think it is odd to exempt feral/stray cats, even if it is for the purpose of TNR. In my experience and by what I've heard, fully adoptable cats are often encouraged to be released to the streets because there is an ongoing TNR/"community cat" program in the area. My local animal control won't even take in cats unless they're dying or dead. This would just encourage that. Sure it keeps cats out of shelters, but it also keeps friendly cats out of homes, too.
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wandering-whisperer · 2 months
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I used to be a person who would be soo scared to try anything new or something different. These days,I am trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I enrolled for a Soap Making Workshop, which by the way turned out to be quite interesting. Met some unique people and to top it off found out how to make my own soaps !
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vspin · 26 days
Interesting that in the notes of my DA:O vs BG3 poll some people are saying it isn't a fair comparison...but in my mind these games are linked.
DAO was ofc the spiritual successor to the og Baldur's Gate games. BG3 in my mind is what a modern day Dragon Age game should be. It is the natural evolution of Origins.
For me, Origins is closer to BG3 as a game than it is to Inquisition.
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sharkie-malarkie · 4 months
demon catshark 👉👈
Tumblr media
demon catshark is a catshark of the family Scyliorhinidae found only in deep water in the East China Sea. its length is up to 40 cm.
demon catsharks conservation status is least concern and the reproduction of this catshark is oviparous
demon catsharks don’t actually have a lot of information about them online :(
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constanzel · 1 year
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Information found in Tweet 
Encyclopedia Satanica 
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