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shadeswift99 · 1 year
"Redemption arcs are an overdone and badly executed trope" factoid is actually just statistical error. Redemption Arcs Mythicalsausage, who spent episodes after his Xornoth possession systematically apologizing to the people he hurt and working to regain their trust while also giving them ample space to forgive him or not forgive him in their own time, as well as setting up an accountability network to keep himself from falling into evil again, is an outlier adn SHOULD be counted because oh my god it is so refreshing to see someone actually make their redemption a real arc instead of just a tacked-on excuse and a guilt trip -
#Mythicalsausage#empires smp#the next time someone asks me why i watch series like this instead of mainstream shows and movies anymore I'm just going to show them this#because you have NO IDEA how good this feels#it's a redemption arc that doesn't make me feel bad!! it doesn't give me an inexplicable sinking feeling!!#it's not focused on guilt! it's not about Sausage feeling guilty and down on himself for the things he did#and it's not about guilting other people for not immediately accepting that he's cool now either!#and there's REALISTIC ON SCREEN HEALING TIME?? Both physically and emotionally? For everyone??#it's too good to be true#it's so so so good in so many ways#how the things he did have lasting repercussions that don't disappear when he decides to turn over a new leaf#but also the consequences don't isolate or punish him in a way that makes the viewer wonder why he bothered trying at all#the way he takes accountability for things and doesn't push away other people's pain#while ALSO having a clear boundary in terms of how much accusation he'll take before reminding people that he was in fact possessed#and he gave his tools to Gem#it's a tiny detail but i swear I'm going to cry about it#he gave his corrupted tools to Gem...for safekeeping...#and he can ask her for them back and use them for a bit if he needs to if she asks him a few questions to know why and that he's safe#but he gave them to her to keep because he didn't trust himself with them at that point and that's just... that's good. that's very good.#that's genuine very good coping right there#....yeah it's been a Day apparently I am in fact tearing up over this#but the arc is good okay! it's very good!!#sausage <3#this man can WRITE
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mxducktective · 1 year
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mal-zoya · 2 years
Darkling reading gushy love poems between mal and Alina and feeling like he can’t be THAT great, then meeting him face to face and immediately going: oh no he’s hot
i would say that scene was darkling bi awakening but let’s be real - it wasn’t.
(it was mal’s)
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p3rs0nne · 2 years
Was Sorta Hopin' That You'd Stay
By JayJFox
Is hands down the best Andreil Enemies to Lovers fanfic I have read so far, I loved every second of this fic, I cannot recommend it enough
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in-superbloom · 2 years
okay okay i really gotta go do my exams but i just need to yell about that fucker that goes by the name of daniel coulter reynolds just out of the goddamn blue posting a video of him playing (on the piano of all things !!) literally my favorite song ever by imagine dragons and that has never left my top 3 favorite songs of all time ever since i heard it for the first time in 2013 😭
you do not understand how much i love this song 😭 and he just dropped that? out of nowhere? just threw it on my face like that? a warning would be appreciated man 😫
like, i never heard this song live. like, ever. they sang a few times & there's some vids of it on yt but it's all phone recorded and i just can't watch it cause it won't be the full experience. that's how much i love this song
almost started crying when i saw the vid, cause maaaaan the amount of memories jfc
anyways, point is: i love imagine dragons and dan reynolds and that song is my baby and i'll protect her forever. they all have my full heart. that's all, thank you 😌
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inkskinned · 2 months
probably time for this story i guess but when i was a kid there was a summer that my brother was really into making smoothies and milkshakes. part of this was that we didn't have AC and couldn't afford to run fans all day so it was kind of important to get good at making Cool Down Concoctions.
we also had a patch of mint, and he had two impressionable little sisters who had the attitude of "fuck it, might as well."
at one point, for fun, this 16 year old boy with a dream in his eye and scientific fervor in heart just wanted to see how far one could push the idea of "vanilla mint smoothie". how much vanilla extract and how much mint can go into a blender before it truly is inedible.
the answer is 3 cups of vanilla extract, 1/2 cup milk alternative, and about 50 sprigs (not leaves, whole spring) of mint. add ice and the courage of a child. idk, it was summer and we were bored.
the word i would use to describe the feeling of drinking it would maybe be "violent" or perhaps, like. "triangular." my nose felt pristine. inhaling following the first sip was like trying to sculpt a new face. i was ensconced in a mesh of horror. it was something beyond taste. for years after, i assumed those commercials that said "this is how it feels to chew five gum" were referencing the exact experience of this singular viscous smoothie.
what's worse is that we knew our mother would hate that we wasted so much vanilla extract. so we had to make it worth it. we had to actually finish the drink. it wasn't "wasting" it if we actually drank it, right? we huddled around outside in the blistering sun, gagging and passing around a single green potion, shivering with disgust. each sip was transcendent, but in a sort of non-euclidean way. i think this is where i lost my binary gender. it eroded certain parts of me in an acidic gut ecology collapse.
here's the thing about love and trust: the next day my brother made a different shake, and i drank it without complaint. it's been like 15 years. he's now a genuinely skilled cook. sometimes one of the three of us will fuck up in the kitchen or find something horrible or make a terrible smoothie mistake and then we pass it to each other, single potion bottle, and we say try it it's delicious. it always smells disgusting. and then, cerimonious, we drink it together. because that's what family does.
#this is true#writeblr#warm up#relatedly for some reason one of our Favorite Jokes#amongst the Siblings#is like - ''this is so good u will love it''#while we are reacting to something we OBVIOUSLY find viscerally disgusting#like we will be actively retching and be like ''nooooo it's so good''#to the point that i sometimes get nervous if someone outside my family is like oh u should try it its good#(obvi we never force each other to eat anything. we are all just curious birds and#like. we're GONNA try the new thing.)#edit to answer why we had so much vanilla:#my mom is a very good cook and we LOVE to bake. so she just had a lot of staples in the house.#it's one of those things that's like. have u ever continuously thought ''ah i should get butter im probably out''#even tho u are not out of butter. so u end up with like 5 years of butter.#my mom would do that in a costco but like with vanilla extract#to be fair we WERE always using WAY TOO MUCH bc we were kids#so like she was right to stock up#ps. yes we were VERY sick after this lol i just didn't want to include it in the post in case ppl had an ick about that#u can tell it's real bc we knew "oh no we fucked up that's too much vanilla to waste'' but our reaction was to just. keep drinking it#> sibling understanding that vanilla extract isn't free > knowledge mother doesnt mind if we use it for milkshakes#> sibling choice to maybe get in a loophole of ''not wasting it'' if we drink it bc that's the same as using it (not throwing it out)#listen bud i was like 13 and my sister was like 9#when my mom discovered this we. got in. A LOT. of trouble. a lot of it. a LOT of it.#3rd edit bc i guess it isn't clear - i am 1 of my brother's 2 little sisters#i am the middle child#out of all the ways i have had to explain a post before being like ''did u forget a middle child can happen'' is my favorite
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the-half-guardian · 1 month
Tumblr media
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morallyambiguous · 1 year
how lucky we are that, even crushed under the weight of sadness & grief, we are capable of giving love and joy to other people, and they are often more than happy to give some back.
#i think abt this alot but when i realised you don't have to be happy to bring other people joy‚ it made life so much more bearable.#for the longest time i thought happiness was something you could only spark in others if you experienced it‚ too.#i'd seen that phrase—you can't love anyone until you love yourself—and internalised it. not just with love‚ but with everything else.#i didn't feel much joy‚ love was rotted over with childhood anger & hopelessness‚ home was the body i couldn't escape from.#i didn't understand what it meant to be cared for until i was 16 & things finally started getting better.#but better just meant i didn't have an excuse anymore to be miserable‚ nothing distracting me from how i felt.#it's so easy to see people in groups‚ people laughing‚ people telling jokes & see that as your goal‚ your expected‚ your norm.#the trap 'happy people want to surround themselves w/ other happy people. they want radiant people. people for whom jokes come easy.#they don’t want someone who is always sad‚ who brings the mood down.' is an easy one to fall into. it is not true.#you can be sad‚ you can feel hopeless‚ you can feel unlovable‚ but it doesn't change the fact that you are necessary & wanted.#you do not have to be happy to spread happiness to others‚ you don't need to have to feel hopeful to inspire hope in others.#you can exist as you are & people will still love you because you are not your feelings or your perception of yourself.#i'm still learning not to see my sadness as something unforgivable i have to repent for.#but it's nice to know regardless of what im feeling i have the ability to make someone feel good‚ and what's a better feeling than that?#thank u world for making humanity so wonderful & giving. kisses#text.
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no-place-to-be-happy · 6 months
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39fuwas · 17 days
Tumblr media
leon watching everyone jump out of the battlebus be like "where's everyone going? Loot Lake?"
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eatingfood · 1 year
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stealingyourbones · 3 months
Not sure if this has been suggested before but what do you think about a DP x DC Cross where the JL discover Amity because the "It's Not Gay if he's Dead" joke escapes containment into mainstream? Also I love your blog! You're awesome.
aaaaa thank you sm hun! I really appreciate that :D I'm glad you enjoy my funky lil blog!
And now, I threw this idea at a fellow who is simply me with prompts but even more unhinged and they wrote a thing. I present to you, This:
Escaping containment implies that the content got leaked somehow. 
Maybe after so long with dealing with ghosts on their own, especially with ghosts that can control and use tech the people of Amity Park decide to self isolate. Phantom and Red Huntress are considered the only main heroes allowed in Amity, one out of pride and two out of concern of a ghost possessing an foreign hero. 
There was a fight and the tech isolation software glitched or a satellite picks up something on accident, letting a small leak occur. Nothing major, just a small joke. 
A blurry photo of a white haired teenager with a fancam like edit around him and the words "It's Not Gay if he's Dead." 
Which on its own wouldn't have taken off very much on the internet, but someone pointed out that the teenager was wearing what was very obviously a hero outfit. Leading to people wondering just who exactly this hero is or was. 
So they dig, and it turns out the “one” leak wasn't the only one to happen. 
The internet finds out there's not just one meme. There's hundreds of them. All originating from a single midwestern city and mostly focused around one person, the white haired teenager that is referred to as Phantom in most memes. 
Theres edits of a female musician with bright blue hair with text saying “that moment when a dead girl is your bisexual awakening” and “Its not a crush on a villian if shes not alive.” 
There's even photos of these slime-like creatures. With dozens of different memes referring to them. Varying from calling them green pigeons, to talking about tossing them like a sports ball.  
Theres even a photo of Dash and most of the football team are wearing group shirts that all say “It's Not Gay if he's Dead” with Phantoms logo on it, half as a joke and half because some of them would definitely date Phantom if they could. 
It's not even the Justice League that finds the jokes first, it's the younger generation of heroes. 
(It's how Tim asks Kon for a date. He sends a meme with Danny getting flunged in the worlds most tumbling superhero pose with the below text "It's not gay if he's dead." Tim immediately sends another text "But it is gay if he's an alien, 10pm picnic date?")
The different memes get passed around, none of them taking them that seriously, until it gets to Batman. One of the memes is sent in the bat group chat by one of the Bat kids to ask Jason about getting group Batburger later. “If your hero’s dead its not gay, it’s just hero worship, even if you want to meet him behind the Nasty Burger.” 
It's the hyper specific wording that gets Batman to look into it. He only finds the memes, nothing else. No town called Amity Park, no hero called Phantom, no trace outside of a reference to a defunct and wiped completely clean government branch and references to a nonexist law. 
This leads him to contact the Justice League, including the JL Dark, for a meeting. 
Surprisingly quite a few members recognize the teen outside of the memes. Flash, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and some of the JLD. The Flash refuses to say anything due to timeline continuum dangers. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter mention someone like him appearing in ancient texts, but nothing beyond that. The JLD that know are physically and contractually unable to say much beyond Phantom being a hero and very important. 
It’s Captain Marvel that genuinely knows anything about him. “That's Danny, he's pretty cool. He's even helped me out a few times!”
The rest of the JL are surprised, Marvel gets more questions and answers some of them. He doesn't share the knowledge that he's helped Billy at handling the whole secret child hero thing, and that he's welcome in Amity. Just enough information to make the League stop looking into Phantom, Ember, Cujo, all of Amity. 
It works, mostly. 
Batman has never been one to let sleeping dogs lie…
-From Bones’ GhostWriter, S.
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eury--dice · 7 months
“battlemaster of ceremonies is shrek now instead of beauty and the beast” they’re still beauty and the beast if you’re not a coward about owlbears being hot
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unionizedwizard · 4 months
mostly... i think the main virtue of this game is how honest it is. how every xpac has you be part of the most epic story you've ever heard of... and then the patches are about doing the real work. sure, you've ended the dragonsong war/liberated former imperial provinces/avoided the 8th umbral calamity/literally saved the entire universe but NOW we are going to REBUILD and tackle the complexities and differences between all the people who now have to reinvent their entire lifestyle (clergy, lowborn, highborn in heavensward; former resistance/collaborationists, different factions and tribes in stormblood; dismantling eulmorean hierarchies & dealing with the Empty, healing the wounds left by a century of horrors in shadowbringers...). and it's all very honest and hopeful and it's not saccharine at all. thinking especially of the healer RQ in endwalker like. wow
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by-moonflower · 1 month
kaiser is an innate opportunist—always on his toes and ready to grasp at any chance life throws at him. it’s this go-getter attitude that convinces him today’s finally the day to ask you out. he’s been watching your energy drain like a machine running on empty since the lunch break. you’ve gotten up twice now to fetch another coffee drink from the vending machine, stretching and swinging your arms when you make the short walk—even though it’s not you running around the grassy pitch.
but still, he knows what the weariest of days look like on you and he doesn’t miss the opportunity to swoop in and make an attempt to brighten your day. because as soon as the coach announces a 10-minute break, kaiser makes a beeline for you.
“meet me at 7 tonight,” he says, leaning over the fence.
kaiser isn’t one for beating around the bush, which really means you’re given almost no time to prepare for the way he straightforwardly approaches you. then again, kaiser has been flirting with you since your first day as the team’s assistant manager, so you really should be immune to his shallow advances by now.
“does the team have a schedule i don’t know about?”
“nope, just you and me”—his eager smile is throwing you off—“on a date,” he clarifies.
“you’re making fun of me, aren’t you?”
kaiser meets your skepticism head-on, completely undeterred by your wariness. “no, of course not. when do i ever make fun of you?”
“um, i don’t know, when you joked about writing our wedding vows last week?”
kaiser chuckles at the not-so-distant memory, recalling how the tips of your ears reddened when you found out he was just autographing merchandise and messing with you. “i mean, we could skip the dating and just tie the knot, i’m down. are you?”
by now, you at least have learned how to maintain your composure whenever kaiser spouts nonsense like that, even if your heart is still racing at unusual speeds. “i really don’t know how to take you seriously.”
“i’m asking you out on a date. you can take that seriously. besides,” he adds, glancing back to see his teammates already making their way back to the middle of the field. why did 10 minutes with you fly by so quickly? “it’s been a long day, hasn’t it? i promise it’ll be fun.”
it’s hard to say no when kaiser is watching you so expectantly, his cerulean blue eyes keeping you from looking away. his request is sincere, you know that much.
“we can get pizza,” he continues, now fishing with your favorite foods, “or fried chicken, or noodles, or any other high carb foods you’re craving.”
you don’t bother to ask him how he knew that about you when you’re well-aware that kaiser is more attentive than he lets on. “aren’t professional athletes supposed to be on strict diets?”
kaiser scoffs, dismissing your concern with a flippant wave of his hand, “coach doesn’t have to find out. so? is that a yes?”
you purse your lips and pause, if only to make the moment that much more suspenseful before eventually agreeing.
“fine,” you say, and it takes everything in you to stay cool as a look of surprise flickers across kaiser’s face, his eyes lighting up in a way you’ve never witnessed before.
“yeah, i’ll see you at 7.”
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mersei47 · 3 months
Tumblr media
alternate post ending that I drew it out from my head
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