eccentricstylist · 2 days
Animated Mandalas (With Code!)
In some of the rare times where I create something small and cool, I love sharing it with other people :)
For context, I've been working on a video game and started looking into some loading screens. I got carried away a bit, but I loved the capabilities and parameters I could experiment with here!
Since my game is set in a Mystery Solarpunk world, I was aiming for brighter and lighter color schemes :).
I was surprised with how beautiful all the parameter combinations can be!
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So if you want to try it yourself, feel free to check out the following repo:
You will need to download Processing in order to run it. It's a nice open-source sketchbook language built on top of Java to draw some cool visuals :)).
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If you end up creating something with it, please tag me so I can see your creations! B)
Also, if you happen to have a GitHub account, I would love it if you could star the repo as well (but no pressure on this!) :))
More Inspiration?
Want some more inspiration? Check out the examples here! :)
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gremlindehaus · 2 days
Tumblr media
Tried a lineless one :) I regret that I didn’t believe in me and so it turned out sloppy, but I rolled with it and want to share it
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crazyfox-archives · 3 days
Tumblr media
A hanging scroll of the Hie Sanno Mandara (日吉山王曼荼羅), a mandala depicting the local deities of Hie Jinja Shrine (日吉神社), i.e. present-day Hiyoshi Taisha Grand Shrine (日吉大社) in Ōtsu, Shiga Prefecture, as manifestations of the Buddhist divinities of Mount Hiei (比叡山) north of Kyoto, with the deities and divinities matched up throughout the landscape of the mountain
Color on silk dating to the Kamakura period (1185-1333) from the collection of Hyakusaiji Temple (百済寺) in Higashiōmi, Shiga Prefecture
Image from "Shintō: The Sacred Art of Ancient Japan" edited by Victor Harris, published by the British Museum Press. 2001, page 173
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Flower Mandalas by Kathy Klein
via Colossal
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transmutationdice · 3 months
Tumblr media
Dark Rainbow Mandala
One of my floral mandala dice sets in a dark rainbow colour scheme. This material is actually reflective, so these appear even more bright and colourful when light shines directly on them. They also glow in the dark!
Numbers still to be painted - I'm not sure what colour to paint them so suggestions are welcome!
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everythingperfect · 6 months
Tumblr media
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aurosoulart · 2 months
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Moonflower (prints)
finally finished another celestial art again. ;w; this will have a companion piece titled 'Sunflower'!
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triplethreat77 · 1 year
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Another one down. I should get a photo with all of us and our parasols one day (when we're in the same state again).
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ybon-paramoux · 2 months
Tumblr media
Jia Lu, Mandala, oil on canvas, 1999
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geometrysacred · 12 days
cc @sergioalbat
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ane-doodles · 5 months
So I was bored and it occurred to me to draw something relaxing, and I ended up with a kind of mandala inspired by Sun?
Tumblr media
I really like how it ended.
if you want to color it go ahead! I would love to see the results! don't forget to tag me (below is a transparent PNG version)
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laorelcreates · 5 months
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Another floral mandala design from me 😊🌸 This time dedicated to The Moon 🌓🌕🌗 You can find it in my shop: 'Thistle and Moon Mandala' ➡ https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/148451711
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scapeartist · 3 months
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Off to visit family for the weekend and I made a couple of pendants for my aunt and cousin to thank them for putting us up and entertaining us. These are no bigger than an inch in any direction.
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crazyfox-archives · 4 months
Tumblr media
A copy of the Godai Kokuzō Mandara (五大虚空蔵曼荼羅), a mandala focused in the center on the five emanations of Kokuzō Bodhisattva (虚空蔵菩薩), dating to the Kamakura period (1185-1333) at Seinanin Temple (西南院) on Mount Kōya (高野山) in Wakayama Prefecture
Image from "天部の諸尊 / Divine Figures in the Realm of Deva" published by the Kōyasan Reihōkan Museum (高野山霊宝館) on Mount Kōya in 1994, page 32
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shihlun · 6 months
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Akio Jissoji
- Mandala
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remash · 8 days
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self similar ~ jim denevan | photo © lace gerber
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