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exo-dus404 · 2 days
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Logo of the Institute.
This is another rw au of mine! Been prepping this for a few months now. I will be revealing the designs and the lore soon :D Stay tuned!
The logo implies the biohazard symbol & holding cells, it’s quite telling of just what’s been going on within the au….
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lucettapanchetta · 2 months
I have not seen an AU of Rainworld that does this. So... here we go.
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hdra77 · 4 months
Iterator designs for me and my girlfriend's Voided AU!! but also my own take on how i draw them (but with some adjustments, i may draw it separately so i wouldn't confuse anyone on which ones from an au and which ones not) + some doodles
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+ rot pebbles
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spirit-of-limbo · 5 months
Thinking about them...
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nyaworld-askblog · 26 days
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the journey begins... [ENOT/INV IS AVAILABLE FOR ASKS!]
< START(you are here!) || NEXT >
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squenble · 5 months
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slugcats but i gave them clothes :) (except nightcat. sorry buddy. 2 dimensional beings that crawled from the void sea dont get clothing.)
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tarsomere · 7 days
Off their strings and on their way to marriage counseling
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Details + rambling below the cut
AU where they get biker leathers because I can. Hyperfocus and butts happened and I needed practice rendering cityscapes. The composition and motifs all were meant to represent freedom and self-determination and stuff but then I started having too much fun with the details of the bike and Pebbles’ uhhh metropolis. 
ANYWAY enjoy his. skyline
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I imagine the ancients having public rituals and festivals where citizens would visit their iterator, make offerings, etc. so this is meant to be a courtyard outside Pebbles’ chamber by which his citizens were occasionally able to visit him.
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batnip · 3 days
Reversed Karma AU
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A Rainworld Alternate Universe.
 The.. triple affirmative has been found- the affirmative that a ..solution has been found, the affirmative that the..solution is portable, and the affirmative that technical implementation is possible and generally applicable.
I remember that cycle... ancients swarmed the stuff, only privilege given to the founder, Sliver of Straw, was leaving us first.
And then cycle by cycle, our parents left..
Spoilered for absurd about of text, and general spoilers.
Saint never wanted to ascend anything. And by the time every last ancient was dead and gone, cycles passed, and structures fell. The green fuzzy thing was not once fuzzy, growing a coat as the rain sent by iterators stopped.
- - So it trailed along, guilty for what was not its fault, bringing iterators to life again. With a new name, [Pilgrim].
-- Footnote : Karma needs are reversed with the Pilgrim. Dying will up their karma, surviving will lower it. Secret passages will be added to cross gates you cannot with low karma, as it is needed to progress. =======================================
Rivulet is an odd case. I wanted them to obviously give rarefaction cells, as they did to Moon originally. So the tale goes they were created by a rebellious, younger Ancient who was fond of life and the cycle. One who refused the common ideals.
-- The swift little mouse they created, was given their own ability to create low-density rarefaction cells (singularity bombs) and refine them into more high-quality cells which the Ancient learned themself.
-- As soon as the news was spread to the general public of the triple affirmative, they sent the [Technician] out into the world, wearing several pearls describing their mission. ===========
Monk and Survivor lived with their colony, and were sent to scout a new home for the colony by the [Mapmaker]. They are named [Guard] and [Scout] in Reversed Karma. They brought Scout's two slugpups with them, even if the journey was dangerous, finding a new home for Scout pups was important to both Scout and their Sibling.
-- They find the tree in journey's end, Guard staying with the pups there as Scout tells the rest of the colony, including the leader, Mapmaker.
-- Footnote: Monk still brings Moon her cloak and several pearls. =========================================
The [Mapmaker] replaces Gourmand in Reversed Karma, making a map for their colony to follow. They are the leader of their colony.
-- Very similar to vanilla, leaving current living to the tree, showing the colony to the new home.
-- Footnote : Rain is beginning to return to normal, without cold mechanic. =====================================
The [Traveler] replaces Hunter in Reversed Karma, created by Five Pebbles to check on the local group. They spawn in the grounds of Unparralled Innocence. They do not have the Rot due to Five Pebbles more careful creation of a purposed organism compared to No Significant Harrassment.
-- Footnote : Cold mechanics are in work in these areas, as UI and CW were revived later than LTTM and FP.
-- Footnote : You may optionally visit Chasing Wind. ==========
The [Mother] replaces Artificer in Reversed Karma. Their slugpups are both alive, with the same explosive quality. They give Pebbles back his cloak and become a citizen after Sofanthiel locks onto them.
-- Footnote : Mother has bad reputation with scavengers due to passing tolls without payment before the campaign. They get a backspear due to one less hand slot having two pups.
-- Footnote : Rain has returned to normal.
-- Footnote : Mother has reduced food needs compared to vanilla Artificer due to needing to feed their pups. ===============
The [Messenger] replaces Spearmaster in Reversed Karma. They were created by Seven Red Suns to send messages between them and their friends, similar to [Traveler]'s check-ins with other iterators.
-- Footnote : Messenger has a mouth, and cannot duel wield spears.
A note from the OP: I hope you like them.. I've been wanting to show them off for a while. One of my headcannons for iterators was that the natural urges are coded into them with anti-ascension stuff. Like. Make ascension for us, but not for you. This is why they were wildly unsuccessful in finding the triple affirmative. Also.. Tumblr nuked quality of my image :c If u read all this and liked it perhaps a rb?? also hehe funny number thank u all
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tetheredfailures · 19 days
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Here's the finished product for @lucettapanchetta's Rainworld Roleswap Moon!! :D Took me some hours to make sure the shading was accurate to the reference image but yar!!
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faelingdraws · 10 months
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judgement of purity
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toxictoxicities · 8 months
Erm ermn uhm ihem uihhh I love your trafficlight art it's spread like a virus through my skull tysm I was on a call with my gf and I found your tumblr which led to 40 minutes of scrolling and staring in awe at SRS keep up the good work hell yeah I love ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️x 🚫📈🗣️ it's my favorite ship
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I love them too SERDFTYGUHIj
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exo-dus404 · 4 days
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AU Concept Arts.
Moon’s region is featured with the signature blood-red ocean(mostly resulted from iron mine contamination…or is it?), and pale building structures.
Grey Wind’s region is windy and misty all-year-long. The grass appear an eerie shade of pink at night.
NSH’s region is very industrialized and polluted. Valleys and cliff formed from erosion.
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lucettapanchetta · 1 month
The Rainworld Roleswap Timeline + Free AU Icons!
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For people you can't read the small text, I left a description for the image itself. I hate how images can be formatted so, I hope you all enjoy!
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hdra77 · 3 months
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skekbi · 2 months
So a friend and I were talking. He was telling me about Rain World (which at the time I knew little about) and started talking about this favorite character of his: Five Pebbles. Something he said reminded me of a Hollow Knight AU I had made a while back and I went “Oh what if the Pale King—”
And somehow that spawned this—
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(Random doodles from some of my favorite parts of the RP/AU that sparked from that conversation)
If anyone is interested in hearing more about this AU I may or may not do another post detailing it further. If you would like, that is.
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pi-roach · 3 months
I gave in and did more animation for this post 😭😭😭
@uhhhrandomshitgo because you seem super invested ig
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