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miniaturecatmentality 5 months
guys I just found the greatest video on the internet
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evidently-endless 3 months
i think we should remind musicians they can absolutely make up little stories for their songs btw. it doesn鈥檛 have to be about them at all. you can invent a guy and put him in situations to music. time honoured tradition in fact.
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liquidstar 9 months
If my mom sees a significant amount of blood she gets lightheaded, and has fainted on some occasions. Once it happened when we were kids, I wasn't there to witness it but I heard the story from my dad. Basically my brothers, around 7 or 8 at the time, were playing outside while my mom was making their lunch, and she accidentally cut her finger. It wasn't anything serious, but it drew a fair bit of blood and she passed out. My dad saw this and rushed over, but he didn't really know what to do so he just sort of started slapping her to wake her up (not recommended, but he had no idea and panicked)
At that exact moment my brothers both came in from playing, and all they saw was our mom unconscious on the floor and our dad slapping her. So, like, without even saying a word to each other they both just INSTANTLY start whaling on him, like, full blown attack mode to defend our mom. Which obviously didn't help the situation, but she did wake up and everything was fine.
Now our dad says that he's actually really glad they attacked him over what they thought was going on, because it means he raised good boys. And I still think that's true, they're very good boys.
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tariah23 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
White people are miserable, racist losers period. They鈥檝e even been getting mad at Japanese people for correcting them about Yasuke as well.
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lgbtlunaverse 6 months
There's a version of the "don't go grocery shopping while hungry" rule specifically for writers where you should never under any circumstances be allowed to touch your draft within 3 hours of reading a really good story. Because sometimes when you read something great your head goes "fuck this is so much better than my stuff I should make that more like THIS instead!" Look at me. That's the devil talking and you should close the document NOW.
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emptyjunior 8 months
Can't stop thinking about reverse Scott Pilgrim au where Ramona has to fight all of Scott's exes, Punk drummer Kim, Megastar Envy Adams with an army of groupies, Femme fatale Lisa Miller, Jaded obsessive Knives Chau, maybe an alternate timeline version of herself.
And when she's all done it's just kinda Wallace standing there and she's like Wallace what are you doing, I'm meeting Scott's ex here and he just gives this sad shrug smile and she's like Oh and then he pulls out the baseball bat-
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minionsuncle 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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nerdpoe 1 month
Danny, new Ancient of Space (but not quite yet) may be in a little bit of trouble. He saved a dimension from collapse and sort of. Just. Shoved it into a broom closet?
So he was out training, like Clockwork told him to do. He was just observing and trying to "understand the fleeting nature of realities", looking over the dimensions scattered in the Space Between Spaces.
When he got a little attached to one.
It was a dimension with heroes and villains, and because one of the heroes that was based on speed kept making changes to the timeline, it was about to shatter. The fragments of it would be tossed to similar Dimensions, and the surrounding closest ones were already reaching out to grab bits and pieces of it. The one Dimension he really, really liked checking in on would be gone.
Danny...kind of just picked it up.
Removed it from the dimensions trying to absorb it, isolated it from the same flow of time and space that connected it to the others.
Snuck it into his lair.
Annnnnd shoved it into a broom closet before the Observants or Clockwork could realize what he did.
He just needs to keep it hidden and then all the people he likes will be fine!
Meanwhile, the Flash Family find themselves unable to use the Speedforce, and no matter how much research they do, they cannot figure out why.
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thirdtimed 4 months
Tumblr media
still figuring out how to draw them
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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unicornpopcorn14 22 days
So we all know by now that Dazai is comfortable enough around Chuuya to show nervousness/worry.
Tumblr media
Enough times for Chuuya to pick up on that pattern. The pattern, may I remind you, that doesn't have evident correlation to either nervousness or worry to most people. One that can even be interpreted as misplaced given the situation.
Which means that Dazai has done this in front of Chuuya so often, that Chuuya at first was hella confused, before he finally made a connection between when and why it happens. And still remembered that connection after four years of separation. Which gets us to my point:
What if this isn't the only emotion Dazai displays weirdly?
What if he has multiple weird patterns he displays for sadness, frustration, content, or disgust? The times he really feels them, and they become too strong for him to just deal with normally? What if these are the only times he's actually being genuine with his emotions?
And Chuuya is the only one who is actually familiar with them all?
Dazai would be jumping rope and Chuuya would be like, "quit sulking, let's get icecream"
Dazai hanging upside down on the couch and Chuuya going, "It's okay, mackerel. You can cry."
Dazai actually crying, full on heart-wrenching sobs, and Chuuya unironically going, "What, good news?"
It's just... comforting, for one person in Dazai's life to read him like a book. Everyone else would look at him like he's crazy, displaying wrong emotions/behaviors at the wrong time, but Chuuya knows that it's just how he processes feeling properly, and thus he's the only one Dazai can count on to put things into context and understand, which makes him display them even more openly.
Because Chuuya never shamed him for his weird quirks, as much as Dazai never did his.
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arunneronthird 8 months
Tumblr media
and whether his eyes stay shut or he just stops caring enough
it feels the same
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puppetmaster13u 4 months
Prompt 271
鈥淕randmother is visiting,鈥 Damian suddenly said with no warning and with his usual not-quite demanding tone.聽
鈥淲ho?鈥 Tim wasn鈥檛 the only one to startle, seeing as Bruce had practically froze, a downturn to his lips in a silent show of confusion.聽
Damian scowled. 鈥淎re you deaf Drake? Grandmother is coming to Gotham to, quote, make sure I am being properly cared for.鈥 None of them had known that Ras was with anyone actually. At least Tim was pretty sure that would have been in the files.聽
鈥淥h?鈥 Dick didn鈥檛 quite crouch to Damian鈥檚 height but it was a near thing. 鈥淪he-鈥 鈥淗e,鈥 Damian corrected, interrupting him. They all exchanged a glance before Dick continued.聽
鈥淚s he coming to the Manor or鈥︹澛
Damian scoffed again, a tiny bit of a flush against his face. 鈥淣o, Grandmother will most likely be staying with Akhi-鈥
Now wait one moment-
#DCxDP#DPxDC#Prompts#Deadly Decisions#Danny & Ras are the homoerotic rivals that no one knows if they鈥檙e flirting or attempting a murder#It鈥檚 actually both they鈥檙e just also both Immortal#Danny to Jason: You can become a crime lord if you finish college- you鈥檝e said you wanted to get a degree this is ur chance#Dusan (nodding): Mother has made all of us finish at least our basic education nephew#Why yes this does mean that RH has just made the heads in a duffel bag debut & the bats have no clue it鈥檚 Jason#Normally Danny wanders the universe but RAS (affectionately derogatory) HOW DARE U TRY TO HIDE THE GRANDCHILDREN#Morally Gray Danny#He鈥檚 well over 300 and that has an affect lol#Also has some fun fae vibes thx to his ghost half & human half finally balancing out#Let Jason & Damian be brothers#Tiny Damian: Akhi look I found a frog :>#Jason (newly not brain damaged & has no clue who this small child is): 鈥. That鈥檚 great#Tiny Damian: *GASP* Akhi you can talk now :D#Fuck it- all the Al Ghuls deserve fangs from ecto contamination#Is Danny actually Dusan & Talia鈥檚 mother? No one knows and no one wants to ask the probably immortal fae being okay#Danny brought Damian a ghost hound puppy & Jason an original signed Pride & Prejudice book#How come Bruce wasn鈥檛 aware of Danyal? Talia forgot to inform him that the mother she was speaking of is in fact still alive#He disappears for a decade sometimes longer she was using past terms how was he supposed to know
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ghostbsuter 3 months
He'd moved to metropolis on a whim.
The city was big, he's earning good money via commissioned things (most people come to him for cosplay actually, who knew that knowing how to build a sci-fi gun that doesn't even work would be this wanted??) and he's got a nice apartment!
Superman and Supergirl were the active heroes, he didn't need to involve himself anymore with the world of heroes, he would continue as a civilian. It was better this way.
So how come LexLuthor, of all people, what is his luck?, sends him an invitation to LexCorp AND once declined, seemed to have created some sort of energy absorbing weapon that directly zoomed in on his immediate whenever around?
Civilian life is one thing.
Being rescued via Super for the 9th time is another.
"Hey Danny." Supergirl grins, they're floating to the side as Superman deals with Lex.
"Hey, Supergirl." Danny replies with a sigh, holding his bag.
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its always funny when i remember hamilton was a big deal because i know about it rationally like i was into it as well. but so many people in the doctor who tag knowing jonathan groff primarily as king george still amuses me because he is in so many other things
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goldensunset 1 month
when people refer to canon story-relevant kingdom hearts games as 鈥榮pinoffs鈥 it makes me sad not only for the obvious reasons i always say but also bc like man i WISH this series had spinoffs. imagine what they could do if they had permission from nomura to truly go off the rails and ignore the greater canon for a second and just do some fun whimsical plotless thing in an alternate universe. imagine a fishing/boating game on destiny islands. kh fighting game. it is an injustice that we have been deprived of kingdom karts. can anyone hear me
#in terms of alternate gameplay and lack of reliance on plot#i feel like melody of memory is the closest thing kh has actually had to a spinoff#but even that is important in its own way in the end#union cross to a certain degree as well what with being an online multiplayer gacha type game#its original concept i would definitely classify as a spinoff game#bc it was set in a totally different world and time period and was supposed to be about customization and fun with friends#and nomura or someone said it wasn鈥檛 meant to be connected to the plot#but then like. he did very much go and give it a plot. like he went back on that almost immediately#and even then. given that the game is still very much combat and exploration#even from the beginning can it really be called a spinoff? it鈥檚 just kh in a different format#i鈥檓 talking like a game in which the objective is something totally different.#racing game or cooking game or fighting game or (another) rhythm game#ace attorney style detective game. dancing game. dude i don鈥檛 know#there are so many different flavors they could go with here#alas nomura is allergic to genuine whimsy which is hilarious given that this is a disney series#like he apparently was like 鈥榦hhh should we really let sora in smash? would it make sense in the story?鈥#my brother in christ surely we鈥檙e not supposed to interpret this as canon to kh right? right????#i guess it鈥檚 just that the kh franchise has a very specific pristine vibe he wants to maintain#which is disney shenanigans as a seasoning on top of a main dish of Stone Cold Serious Anime Plot#kingdom hearts#kh#mine: kh
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