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bellamer · 1 month
Ngl Magneto looks baby girl as fuck right here. They didn’t attempt to make him look like an old man at all. He looks like a pretty ass anime boy. Pretty mother fucker. Like if he took off that ugly ass fuck ass helmet he’d get more people to join his cause. They wouldn’t even question, they’d be too distracted by how pretty he is. All he’d had to say is “Attack that bald fuck with the ugly ass eyebrows” and it would be done. Probably could get justice for mutantkind if he took off his helmet, flung his hair around a bit, batted his eyes and just said “please” in a husky ass seductive ass voice.
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alethianightsong · 2 months
Rogue: "Morph was barely on the team 30 minutes before we tossed them to the wolves!"
Me who watched the original '92 series: "That's funny cuz they're a non-canon character literally invented to die in the pilot."
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a-roguish-gambit · 24 days
Rogue/Gambit week day 8 theme: Free Day!
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Wanted to do one last art piece based on my little fan kid AU with gambit being a supportive dad of his kid’s interests.
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purpleisnotacolor · 2 months
watching that nightcrawler episode made me realize... I can't remember the last time I saw characters openly talking about their religion on screen. it's become really taboo for some reason.
I still see characters wear religious symbols and pray and make the occasional joke or reference, but rarely an actual conversation between two characters about what they believe where they're both portrayed kindly.
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bobbysunspot · 1 month
Tumblr media
“In the heat of battle, you find out who you truly are. And I am Sunspot, a beacon of hope and strength for all mutants”
Brand new Sunspot blog by @damonsrpblog , mainly inspired by the X Men 97 Animated show but also pulling from the comic verse.
Mun is 21+ so only open to writing with those 18 and above!! Non selective, mainly looking for long term roleplays and to write against Jubilee.
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branffro · 5 months
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I am rewatching X-men 1992 and I relate so much to Magnito watching Beast put back his chains after attempting to free him. Like bro you are literally putting chains back on yourself because you think the same people who put you in here and currently shooting at us will give you a fair trial in court!
And then find out your ex sent this guy into the situation that led him there? With the same make peace rhetoric
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lehoodcollector · 8 months
Psylocke's legendary Pikachu Swimsuit from 1992! Side by side with @mentalstudios (on ig) retouch of Jim Lee original art work.
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deancaslover · 3 months
Mutants fighting other mutants. That's fucking ridiculous.
Magneto is fucking right.
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1tuffprincess · 3 months
Gambit and Rogue moments X-Men The Animated Series
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bertoyana · 5 months
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2023 / 1992
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vertigoartgore · 10 months
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Russell Dauterman's tribute to X-Men: The Animated Series (2014).
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bellamer · 2 months
What I think the X Men team eats on their hotdogs
Wolverine: Mayonnaise. One of my older co workers does this and I think he would too.
Cyclops: slathered in Ketchup like a fucking bitch baby.
Jean: Ketchup and mustard
Morph: Likes chili dogs with cheese and onions
Nightcrawler: Stereotypical but he eats his with mustard and sauerkraut
Gambit: Eats his with coleslaw and old bay sprinkled on it
Jubilee: Doesn’t have acid reflux or digestive issues yet so eats hers with nacho cheese and jalapeños
Storm: Likes hers Chicago style,
Beast: Doesn’t eat hotdogs because “do you know what’s in those things ?”
Rogue: Relish and mustard
Professor X: Like Beast, doesn’t eat them because “don’t you know what’s in those ?”
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wolviez · 3 months
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a-roguish-gambit · 14 days
Would tiny morph love on Logan at all?
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Indeed in both cases!
Mini morph likes watching tv with logan. They enjoy holding the remote.
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themarvelproject · 4 months
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Marvel's most recent set of promo posters for X-Men '97 are a fantastic homage to Jim Lee's iconic art in Impel's The Uncanny X-Men Trading Cards series (1992)
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bobbysunspot · 26 days
Officially putting an ad out there🙌🏼
Like or reblog if you’d like to interact with my Roberto Da Costa muse! 18+ only, and I only ship MxF, but don’t mind doing a platonic m&m roleplay if the plots good!
Mainly searching for long term, literate RP’s and if you write Jubilee then even better!!
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