harunayuuka2060 · 4 hours
MC: *curled up into a ball, contemplating their life choices*
Kalim: You just need to see the brighter side of things—
MC: No, thank you. My eyes are sensitive to light.
MC: And speaking of being sensitive to light,
MC: Get out.
Kalim: *sulking* MC kicked me out.
Lilia: Because they're sensitive to light.
Kalim: Yes. But their lights were not even turned on?
Lilia: Kalim.
Lilia: You're a ball of sunshine. That's why they kicked you out.
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harunayuuka2060 · 8 hours
Cater: *snickers*
Lilia: What is it, Cater?
Cater: I'm watching Jade's vid with his kiddo.
Lilia: Oh?
Cater: Wait. I'll send it to you.
Jade: *recording himself, while putting Baby MC to sleep*
Baby MC: *sleeping*
Jade: You see that they're asleep. Now watch when I try to leave this room. *adjusting the camera so Baby MC is still on view*
Jade: *is already in front of the door and holding the door knob*
Baby MC: *is already sitting on the bed* *staring at him*
Jade: *stifle a laugh*
Baby MC: *climbs down the bed and runs to him* Mama... *hugging his leg*
Lilia and Cater: *laughs*
Lilia: Aww~ So they like Mama Jade more.
Azul: Jade, you've been slacking off with your responsibilities.
Jade: Which responsibilities are you referring to?
Azul: ...
Azul: Your responsibilities here in Monstro.
Jade: I see. Well, as you can see. *holds out Baby MC to him*
Jade: I'm busy taking care of this sweet, little thing.
Floyd: I can babysit.
Jade and Azul: No.
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harunayuuka2060 · 12 hours
Kalim: Prefect? What are those bite marks?
Jamil: Kalim, no. *sigh* Don't mind him, senpai. Though you look severely injured.
MC: Malleus and I were biting each other for fun. But I've had underestimated him and now I'm in this condition with a slight teeth pain.
Kalim and Jamil: ...
Jamil: You need to be sent to the clinic right away.
Kalim: Yeah. What if you suddenly become a dragon?
Jamil: ...
MC: If only that was possible.
Kalim: *grins* Right?
Malleus: ...
MC: *got bandaged like a mummy*
Malleus: Isn't this too much?
Professor Crewel: You should've seen your friend looking like a zombie walking into my clinic.
Malleus: *removes the bandage around their head*
MC: Don't.
Malleus: Why?
MC: I feel like I'm in a cocoon. It's surprisingly comfortable. I always thought that being bandaged like this would feel like you were in a condom.
Malleus: ...
Professor Crewel: *stern* MC.
Malleus: ...
Malleus: This is out of curiosity, but how could you tell?
MC: My dead brothers and sisters who failed to reach the final destination had told this to me in my dreams.
Malleus and Professor Crewel: ...
Professor Crewel: How are you still sane with this person?
Malleus: I've been asking that myself.
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harunayuuka2060 · 1 day
Ace: Sensei's day-off today, right?
Deuce: Yes. They're going to celebrate their mother's birthday.
Ace: So what are we going to do during their time?
Deuce: The usual, I guess?
Ace: I want to make that balloon castle again. Hey, Sebek! You in with the balloon castle?
Sebek: Yes! But I don't want your participation in it!
Ace: Haven't you moved on from last time?
Sebek: I was trapped because you popped it off!
Ace: *laughs*
Epel: *enters the room in a hurry* Guys! Sensei is on television right now!
Ace, Deuce, and Sebek: Eh?
Leona: How did they end up in a dating show?
Cater: Wait. I'll try asking people in the live chat.
Ruggie: But hey, Sensei's looking good with their get up.
Trey: *chuckles* Look at Sensei conversing with other contestants.
The host: I hope everyone's excited to meet our celebrity guest!
The contestants: *clapping*
The host: But before that! Let's have our contestants introduced themselves and hear the reason why they've joined this event.
Riddle, Azul, Vil, and Kalim: *have arrived*
Riddle: Is it starting already?
Trey: Contestants are introducing themselves.
Azul: I thought Sensei was supposed to celebrate their mother's birthday?
Kalim: Maybe their mom told them to?
Vil: *worried frown*
Trey: Is there something wrong, Vil?
Vil: No, nothing.
Cater: It's Sensei's time to introduce themselves now.
The host: Your name, please. Occupation and why did you participate.
MC: *smiles* My name's MC and I'm working as a professor in Night Raven College.
The host: Whoa! A professor in one of the prestigious schools!
*the audience clapping*
The host: How's teaching in Night Raven College?
MC: It's fun. *waves at the camera* I just saw one of my students' magicam username on the screen.
Cater: *laughs*
The host: So what's your reason for joining this dating show?
MC: I was shopping for a blender with my mom.
The host: ...Pardon? You were shopping for a blender?
Leona: What the hell?
Cater, Trey, and Ruggie: *laughs*
MC: *nods* Yes. And while we were busy shopping for a blender, a woman approached us. Ah, I think it was that camerawoman. *points*
The host: *baffled* Th-Then, is it okay for you to be here?
MC: It's not a problem. I'm curious what's the status of dating society today.
The host: ...
The host: One last question. Would you do your best to win here?
MC: Will you give me a blender as a prize? *smiling*
The host: ...Pft. Yes? *laughs* Thank you for your introduction, professor and now it's time to know our celebrity guest!
The host: It's none other than!
The host: Eric Venue!
Leona, Ruggie, Trey, Cater, Riddle, Kalim, and Azul: ... *all turned their heads at Vil*
Vil: ...
Vil: What?
Ace: Bruh... *starts laughing*
Sebek: What's funny, human?
Ace: Just imagine. If Sensei wins this?
Sebek: ...
Epel: They will have to date Vil's dad.
Jack: It's just a one-time thing, right?
Ace: Yep.
Jack: Eh. I'll just go and do my usual routine. Don't want to be lectured by sensei.
Ace: Stay, Jack! We should watch and see how Sensei will win this!
Sebek: Ha! This is nothing for Sensei!
Epel: *chuckles* Yeah.
MC: *just having a blast and is having fun*
The host: Now for our finale! Contestants! You'll have to convince Mr. Venue that you are deserving for him!
*The other contestants start giving out reasons*
Vil's dad: *listening to them and just smiling*
The host: Professor? Now it's your turn.
MC: Thanks. So, Mr. Venue, do you have a child?
Vil's dad: Yes. I have a son.
MC: Okay. So, are you looking for a co-parent? *smiles playfully at him*
Vil's dad: ...
Vil's dad: *laughs*
The host: ... Is that all, professor?
MC: Yes.
Leona: That's one of the most straightforward questions I've heard.
Vil: They're going to win this thing.
Cater: Yep. And look at all the single-parents simping.
Trey: Just now, did you hear the headmage squealing?
Azul: He was too loud for him not to be heard.
Ruggie: Hey, Kalim. Is your phone alright?
Riddle: It has been ringing nonstop.
Kalim: Just my notifications. My single aunts messaging me, asking for Sensei's contact.
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harunayuuka2060 · 1 day
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harunayuuka2060 · 1 day
MC: *sulking like a sad puppy*
Silver and Sebek: ...
Silver: You should comfort them, Sebek.
Sebek: Wha— Why me?!
Silver: You're closer to them and they will probably cheer up if you talk to them.
Sebek: Ugh... Why do they have to inconvenient me like this...
Sebek: *approaches them*
Sebek: Human! What are you being sad about?!
MC: *looks at him* Sebek... *sniffles*
Sebek: What is it? Huh? You're wasting my time.
MC: *starts crying* Lilia fed me something and he said I only have three days to live. *sniffles*
Sebek: ...
Silver: ...
Lilia: *appears* Oh, dear. I was just joking.
MC: *sniffles* I don't believe you.
Silver: *stern* Father.
Lilia: Hehe~.
Sebek: ...
Sebek: *gets something from his pocket, a candy, and gives it to them*
Sebek: Here. Eat this and you should live for a hundred years.
MC: *innocently* Really?
Sebek: Yes! Just eat it already!
Lilia: Aww~ Sebek. You're so sweet.
Sebek: *blushes in embarrassment* I— Because this human is being stupid as always!
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days
Lilia: I'm gonna eat those little toes if you don't go to bed early.
Toddler MC: ...
Toddler MC: *sits on the floor, bends to reach their toes then starts nibbling on them*
Lilia: NO!
Lilia: Sometimes, I forget how flexible babies are.
Malleus: They tried eating their toes again?
Lilia: Yes. And did you just say "again"?
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days
Trey: Congrats on being a mother, Jade.
Jade: I hope you're not teasing me by saying that.
Baby MC: *holding Jade's hand* Mama?
Jade: Yes, sweet little thing?
Baby MC: You pretty today.
Jade: ...
Trey: Can I squeeze them?
Jade: I'll ask Floyd to do that for you.
Trey: Haha...
Vil: Have you considered doing a paternity test to see if that baby is really your child?
Azul: Yes. However, my mom was so sure they were mine the first time she saw them.
Vil: How so?
Floyd: Azul, does your baby hate me? They wouldn't come out from their octopus pot. *has been carrying them around*
Azul: It's their sleep time, Floyd. Don't disturb them.
Floyd: *frowns* But I wanna play. *forcefully opens the pot*
Baby MC: *pops their head out of the pot* *looks at their Uncle Floydie*
Floyd: Mornin~.
Baby MC: *gets the cover from him then hides in the pot again*
Floyd: ...
Vil: ...
Vil: Your mother's right.
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days
MC: ...
Jade: I deeply apologize for bothering you when you were sleeping oh so peacefully in your bed.
MC: Uh... No. It's fine. Is there something I can help you with?
Jade: Why, thank you for asking. And indeed, yes. I do need your help.
MC: ???
Jade: How do I stop myself from feeling attached to you?
MC: ...
MC: What?
Jade: It's quite a predicament to me. Do you think you can assist me with that?
MC: ...
MC: I don't know... Just ignore me, I guess?
Jade: Are there no other options?
MC: ...
MC: There's a lot, Jade. You can do them yourself. Why are you even asking me?
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days
Leona: Are you not really going to forgive me?
MC: Not until I get the approval of the council.
The council — Vil, Riddle, Jamil, and Azul
Leona: What do they know?
MC: Like how much Ruggie knows.
Ruggie: Nope. Don't include me in your lovers' quarrel. I'm peacefully eating here.
Leona: *sigh* You're so petty.
MC: Haha. Glad you know.
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days
MC: Are you sure this is the school you'll be spending a few years on?
MC: Because I could already tell this is just a whole circus with a crow moron.
Crowley: Wha— Excuse me? And who is this Mr. Draconia?
Malleus: *smiles* My great ancestor.
Crowley: Your great ancesto— Huh. Though I see the resemblance, they're completely disrespectful.
MC: You're a joke. Why would I respect you?
Crowley: *gasped*
Malleus: Great ancestor, the Orientation is about to start.
MC: Is it already? Tch. *snaps their fingers*
Crowley: Excuse me! We're not done here! No one has disrespected me like th— Huh? What's this? My feet won't move!
Azul: The headmage is late. Shall we start without him?
Kalim: Um. Jamil just told me that Headmage Crowley has his feet stuck on the ground and he couldn't move.
Riddle: What? Are you serious right now?
Idia: Update: Headmage would be here in a few seconds in 3...2...
Crowley: *slams the door open* MR. DRACONIA!!!!! TO MY OFFICE! NO—
*and he disappears*
The students: Huh?
Leona: That didn't seem intentional.
Lilia: Great ancestor...
MC: What? He was being noisy.
Crowley: *appears again, much calmer this time* Mr. Draconia and his ancestor... Please. Come to my office at your earliest convenience.
MC: Huh. Fool.
Malleus: *who already fell asleep and his head resting on their shoulder*
Silver and Lilia: *sigh*
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days
Malleus: My understanding of humans have all gone out through the window.
MC: How unfortunate. *applying lip balm on his lips*
MC: Smolder for me, please.
Malleus: I'm not doing that.
MC: Alright. Would you at least bite your lower lip then?
Malleus: ...
Malleus: *does it*
MC: ...
MC: Hm. Unexpected.
Malleus: What is?
MC: You were surprisingly cute doing it.
Malleus: ...
Malleus: *laughs*
Leona: That damn lizard and the Ramshackle prefect are both weird.
Vil: Malleus is fine. The prefect is.
Rook: You don't like the prefect, Roi du Poison?
Vil: I'm not saying I don't like them. They're just weird.
Leona: Let me guess. They gave you a book?
Vil: Yes. And I haven't had time to read it yet because of my schedule.
Leona: It's just probably one of their erotic books.
Vil: Leona, the only reason you knew they were writing one was because the two spudlings sneaked one and you all shared reading it.
Rook: *laughs*
Vil: However, with mine, they promised to me that it was a historical drama and I should find satisfaction in reading it.
Leona: Oh, yeah? I see no difference with that.
Vil: *frowns* Very well. I'll read some parts and I'll let you know what I think.
Malleus: What's going on? Are you heading out?
MC: Not exactly. However, Vil is requesting that you connect our rooms to his. It seems quite urgent.
Malleus: I see. *casts the spell* There.
MC: *knocks on the door*
Vil: *opens it* *smiles then throws his arms around them*
MC and Malleus: !!!
Vil: I should've read your book sooner. Oh how I love it so much.
MC: I'm glad it's quite to your liking.
Malleus: *his eyes staring widely at Vil in an angry manner*
Malleus: Schoenheit, step back.
Vil: What?
Malleus: Step back. Now.
Vil: What's with you—
Malleus: *disconnects his room from them*
MC: Huh. It seems you still have a lot to work on in your jealous management, my friend.
Malleus: Hmph.
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days
Baby MC: Papa!
Azul: ...
Azul: Did this thing just called me "Papa"?
Jade: *chuckles* So it seems.
Baby MC: *looks at Jade* Mama!
Jade: ...
Jade and Azul: *frowns*
Azul: Look, child. We're not your parents and it's quite impossible in fact.
Baby MC: *shakes their head* No! You Papa! You Mama! *pointing at them*
Azul: Okay... *he's getting pissed*
Azul: Who is this then? *pulling Floyd*
Baby MC: Uncle Floydie!
Azul: ...
Jade: ...
Floyd: ...
Floyd: Oh no.
Riddle: So you're telling me... *tries to stop himself from laughing*... that you and Jade have a child?
Azul: Listen, Riddle. That child knows us and even called Floyd "Uncle Floydie" with no hesitation.
Jade: I don't see why we would be married though. Azul's not even my type.
Floyd: Hey, guys. Check this out. *holding Baby MC upside down*
Baby MC: *giggles*
Azul: Floyd! You little!
Riddle: ...
Riddle: I'll try reporting this to the headmage. For the meantime—pft.
Riddle: Enjoy your family reunion.
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harunayuuka2060 · 3 days
MC: I would probably marry Leona just to annoy him.
Ruggie: Ha! Jokes on you! He likes y—
Leona: *has sent him flying*
MC: ...
MC: What did he say?
Leona: Nothing. Anyway, what was that about marrying me just to annoy me? *smiling*
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harunayuuka2060 · 3 days
Lilia: Wow, Malleus! You've stopped breaking your phones!
Malleus: *pouts*
Lilia: *chuckles* So, what had helped you?
Malleus: I don't know what you're talking about, Lilia.
Silver: MC had put a cute band-aid on his phone case.
Malleus: ...
Lilia: ...
Lilia: Oho~?
Malleus: Don't tease me now, Lilia.
MC: There. You're not going to break it this time.
Malleus: How are you so sure?
MC: *smiles* Hornton is a gentle fae. You always handle fragile things with care.
MC: You just need a reminder sometimes.
Malleus: *pouts a little* But is this band-aid really necessary?
MC: Hmm... I wouldn't say it is. *chuckles* But back in my world, I like putting band-aid on my shoes.
Malleus: ...
Malleus: You're weird. *blushes a little while saying that*
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harunayuuka2060 · 4 days
Malleus and MC: *decided that it was a brilliant idea to connect Diasomnia dorm and Ramshackle, casting a transportation magic from MC's room to Malleus's*
MC: *knocks on his door* *still in their pajamas; holding some notes, their pen, and the book they're writing plus a cup of affogato*
Malleus: *opens it*
MC: Good morning. Here's your affogato.
Malleus: *smiles* Thank you.
MC: *walks into his room* Sorry for the intrusion.
Malleus: *closing the door* Writing a book?
MC: Yes. Smut.
Malleus: ...
Malleus: Why?
MC: I don't know. But I wish I know. Anyway, I need some help with my characters.
MC: What positions do faes like?
Malleus: ...
MC: Drink your affogato first before you look disappointedly at me.
Malleus: ...
Malleus: You can ask, Lilia. Though he hasn't left his room since you've given him one of the books you've written.
MC: It's a self-insert, toe-curling, mind-boggling, angsty romance between a vampire and a human. No wonder he's staying indoors.
Malleus: ...
Malleus: I'll talk to you after I finish my affogato.
MC: Sure. Oh, and by the way.
Malleus: Yes?
MC: Would you cast a protective spell on my books so only adults could read them?
MC: Ace and Deuce couldn't look me in the eye after they sneaked one and read it.
Malleus: *chuckles* Will sure do.
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harunayuuka2060 · 4 days
Silver: I'm sorry if I have inconvenienced you in any way. But Professor Trein has requested that I bring you to him.
"It's not a problem."
Silver: Are you not going to ask why?
"They're not the first who tried to seek me... Or my sister."
"Ah. But I could say that this was the first time I wasn't disposed of. *chuckles*"
Silver: Please excuse me. However, I don't think that's something to be laughed about.
"Is it not? Hm... I didn't mean to upset you."
Silver: No, it's not because—
Sebek: Silver! You're going to be late just by talking with that artifact! You've been walking too slow!
Silver: *sigh* Sebek, would you please not interrupt me while I'm in the middle of a conversation?
Sebek: Hmph! Watching you get attached to that thing pisses me off!
Silver: *stern* Sebek.
Sebek: *walks past him*
Silver: ...
Silver: Don't mind him. Sebek isn't usually like that.
"... It's fine. It's expected for a curse to be treated unkindly. *chuckles*"
Professor Trein: I will be asking you questions. Its purpose is to make some revisions about the twin artifacts.
"I will do my best to answer them."
Professor Trein: Did you kill your twin sister?
"I might or might have not."
Professor Trein: You're not certain?
"You could say that."
Professor Trein: Hmm... Then, what do you remember about your twin sister?
"Ah... I could tell you a lot about her. She's a beautiful being. She's the sun herself that I swore to cherish even if I burn under her rays."
Professor Trein: ...
Professor Trein: What about your sister? What does she think about you?
"...I don't remember."
Professor Trein: I see. I think that is enough for now. Thank you for your cooperation.
Crowley: How was your session with the cursed artifact, Professor Trein?
Professor Trein: ...
Professor Trein: It surprisingly went well. They were not hostile at all.
Crowley: *nods* Then have you discovered something about the twins? *smiles*
Professor Trein: They didn't deny nor admitted of killing their twin sister. And I don't think they were trying to defend themselves... When they speak fondly of her.
Crowley: It seems like a mystery.
Professor Trein: Indeed.
Silver: MC? I've heard from Professor Trein that there are things you have forgotten?
Silver: ...
Silver: But how is that possible?
"It's not anything difficult. I've had died a long time ago."
Silver: Sorry... It still confuses me.
"I'm only a piece of kept emotions acting consciously."
"I, who hold no significance to my previous self."
"I'm just a curse."
Silver: Don't say that. You're MC and you miss your twin sister. I think that's enough of a significance.
"*chuckles* Ha... I wonder if it is like you said."
"It would be wonderful if it is."
Silver: *gives them a sympathetic look* You've just had to claim it for yourself. At least what's my father taught me.
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