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blackopals-world · 3 days
Vet!Yuu: (Putting up a sign) Okay, this week the best boi was Jack. He was very polite and very helpful. Ruggie is under him for also being helpful but he stole my sandwich so he gets points deducted. Leona is worst boi this week. He bit me when I tried to clip his nails.
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miloicy · 2 days
Tumblr media
i had to show my friend a vision (they dont know twst) (before you ask, no they didnt get it) :(
idk maybe jackdeu sprained their ankles during club
left box means expectations/fantasy, right means reality
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ryker-writes · 3 days
Hello! If you have the time and energy, can I request hcs for the Scarabia, Pomefire and Savannaclaw gang finding out that the reader has a crush on someone from their dorm but it isn't them? The reader actually has a crush on one of the NPCs, and that NPC requites the reader's feelings. How would they react?
It's ok if you don't want to do this also. No pressure
You really want the sad boy hours huh? That's okay because I happily write them <3
also some of the NPCs do be kinda fine tho-
Request rules and Masterlists
super smug when he finds out you like someone in Savanaclaw
he won't say anything but he's very sure it's him
he's just so great so of course you would like him
Leona even teases you lightly about your crush
until he finds out who it is
and then he's both very upset and confused
how could you like that guy?
he's just some brute and wouldn't treat you right
but then you tell them and he accepts your feelings...
Leona is angry
that student has way more spelldrive practice then usual and it's more intense
Leona is keeping a close eye on you and the student
if somehow he thinks they are treating you badly he is stepping in and stopping it
when he finds out that you have a crush on someone in Savanaclaw, he's not immediately going to assume it's him
but he absolutely wants to know who
once he finds out it's someone else he's a little heartbroken but won't show it
instead he'll just go along with it and support you with your crush
the student returns your feelings and Ruggie is happy for you
even though he's crushed on the inside
he's going to stick by you and make sure they don't hurt you
you have a crush on a Savanaclaw student?
he won't assume it's him, but that means there's a chance it's him
the tail is wagging
his behavior won't change until he knows for sure who you like
and when he finds out, the tail has stopped wagging
Jack won't say anything and he'll support you with your crush, but he's very sad
when they return your feelings, he's happy for you
but he will accept it and eventually move on
sad puppy
the thought that it could be him doesn't even cross his mind
automatically assumes it's someone else and is excited to find out who
Kalim wants to help you with your crush
so he's going to be chatting with your crush before you even confess
and when you both express your feelings for each other, Kalim is happy for you two
it isn't until he sees you acting like a couple with them that he starts to get a weird feeling
and somewhere in the back of his mind he wishes he could do that stuff with you
he would like to think your Scarabia crush is him, but he's not going to assume
he's very careful afterwards
Jamil will try to figure out who it is, but also may slightly test the waters by saying something vaguely flirty to see if you react
when he finds out who it is, he's very upset but good at hiding it
he will carefully observe your crush and how they act with you
may or may not make plans and set ups that frame your crush in a negative light
he can treat you so much better than that guy
at first when Vil hears that you like someone in Pomefiore, he's assumes it's him
he is the most beautiful after all
plenty of people are in love with Vil so it's only natural that you would be too
but when he find out it's not him...
he's offended
how dare you like that little nobody instead of him
but he'll act all nice and supportive of you
and when they accept your feelings he's very bitter
that Pomefiore student now has so much more work to do
Vil is very passive aggressive towards them
they are now held to a very high and almost impossible standard by Vil
once he finds out you like someone in Pomefiore he's doing his research
even if you don't tell him who he will find out
he needs to know
Rook will end up knowing more about your crush than you do
he will help you with your crush, but that doesn't mean he accepts your crush
you deserve the best and he's gonna make sure you get it
once your crush returns your feelings, he is keeping a very close eye on them
and he may threaten them if he feels they aren't treating you right
they won't be able to escape Rook if they tried
he won't assume your Pomefiore crush is him
but he clings to the chance it might be him
suddenly Epel is trying harder to impress you
until he finds out who it is
he's heartbroken when it's not him
he wants to support you, but it's hard with how heartbroken he is
Epel may distance himself for a little bit to try and get over himself
but he'll come back because he still cares about you
he may try to fight your crush if he thinks they aren't good for you or treating you right
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harunayuuka2060 · 5 hours
Crowley: D-Don't panic. This is just a simple meeting. There's nothing to worry about. *while sweating profusely*
MC: *smiling* Headmage, it seems you need that yourself.
Crowley: *takes a deep breath in*
Crowley: I'm nervous.
MC: *chuckles* You'll be fine, headmage.
Crowley: Please hold my hand.
MC: Yes, yes.
*both of them walked into the Dark Mirror*
*Kalim's father, the King of Sunset Savannah, and the Queen of Briar Valley*
Crowley: I hope we didn't keep you waiting.
Kalim's father: Do not worry. We all just got here.
King of Sunset Savannah: I was a bit late myself.
Maleficia: *already staring at MC*
MC: *smiles* Welcome to Night Raven College, Your Royal Highnesses.
MC: So what's the purpose of your immediate visit?
Crowley: P-Professor MC!
MC: *chuckles* Calm down, headmage. I'm sure there's no harm if I use a straightforward approach. Isn't that right, Your Royal Highnesses~?
*All of them nod in agreement*
King of Sunset Savannah: It would be easier for us.
MC: *turns to Crowley* See? *tilting their head*
Crowley: You are going to give me a heart attack.
Epel: Is Sensei not going to teach us today?
Ace: Unfortunately. They have to meet the leaders from three different countries.
Deuce: But I wonder what they need from Sensei.
Professor Trein: They are attempting to persuade them to work for them.
Epel, Ace, and Deuce: Professor Trein?
Professor Trein: Your teacher has asked me to supervise their classes.
Professor Trein: Though I'm not sure what I should be doing here.
Deuce: It's not anything difficult, sir. We're practicing how to make our breathing completely silent.
Ace: Yeah. And lol, do you remember how you completely failed on that?
Deuce: Because you were tickling me!
Epel: That's the point of the activity though...
Professor Trein: Interesting. I shall ask Lucius to test you on that.
Lucius: *showing his sharp claws to them*
Epel, Deuce, and Ace: *sweatdrop*
MC: I'm sorry, but I have to decline. *while still smiling*
Kalim's father and the King of Sunset Savannah: *sad frowns*
*Kalim's father offered them an arranged marriage to one of his relatives*
*The King of Sunset Savannah wanted them to be Kifaj's replacement once he retired.*
Crowley: Oh... How could reject such amazing offers...
MC: However, I've noticed Her Majesty hasn't said anything.
Maleficia: ...
Maleficia: I was silently waiting for my turn. And I'm not here to offer you anything.
Crowley: Really? *clears throat* Well?
Maleficia: I have a story to tell. Would you be interested in listening?
MC: Why? Who am I to refuse?
Sebek: AH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! *came shouting into the classroom*
Ace: What's wrong with you, Sebek?!
Sebek: S-Sensei! M-MC-sensei!
Jack: What about MC-sensei?
The first-years: WHAT?!!
Malleus: *watching the battle between his grandmother and MC*
Lilia: What do you think?
Malleus: I'm not sure what caused this sudden battle between them.
Lilia: I see. Well, Maleficia did mention something weird to me.
Malleus: Hm? What is it?
Lilia: She's saying that MC-sensei was once her teacher?
Malleus: Huh?
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oseathepebble · 24 hours
"I want to be alone with you."
Tumblr media
Tsukiko's List of Things Needed For A Perfect Weekend:
☆ Blankets ☆ Snacks ☆ Stargazing ☆ Extra Lip Gloss ☆ Jack
I was very inspired by @bunnwich and @comingyourlugubriousness and so I made some art heavily inspired from their drawings of Idia and Leona :D
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harukal524 · 12 hours
Happy April Fool’s Day !
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bloomin-szn · 3 days
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drawing has been hard lately since school started and all, im so tired
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Ghost wedding~ Alternative outfits k-imagination
More discount destock edit!!!!! Wouhou lol
Description edit lol:
Except for Ortho, Sam and Divus as being potential extra canon in the ghost wedding's story.
Everyone is just a wild imagination of mine with the help of @twiwoncrackpopcorn ~
Because.... Yay because xD that's the best argument !!
Oh my, some are wearing real outfits from "Balanciaga, Dior, YSL, Versace" yep !
At least big inspiration.
But yay just imagine that when Crewel's not here, K the rabbit is taxing Crowley's money against outfits.... Yes.... That's my job..... Robbing every madols from Crowley lol.
Asset game extract from @alchemivich and twst game
“Twisted Wonderland” concept belongs to Yana Toboso
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leonahateaccount · 3 months
"omg they are so attractive 😍😍"
The they in question pt.2:
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hyuckonia · 24 days
Tumblr media
count your seconds epel 💔
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random-twst-things · 2 months
*An Overblot happens (again)*
Sebek, jack, epel, Mc/Y/N/Yuu, grimm and ace in the cafeteria: ....
*Sebek, picks up epel*
*Ace carrying grimm*
*Jack turning to Mc/Y/N/Yuu*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Don't. You. Dare
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insertsomthinawesome · 5 months
Tumblr media
Did I draw Jack too big here? Probably. Do I care? Not really. Let him be a big terrifying woof woof who can dwarf his Dorm leader. As a treat. Leona has many thoughts going through his head, several he will absolutely bottle up and never talk about. But one of them is probably equivalent to D:< ASDFSDFSDFSDFASFSDFSDFSDFSDFSDF
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(Jack is being a good Freshman leave him alone) -NO ROMANCE INCLUDED-
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miloicy · 14 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
happy (belated) sebek day
silly comic for the silly boy
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ai-kan1 · 7 days
Tumblr media
What if Savanaclaw but in Pomefiore ✨
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fuzzybonefluffy · 27 days
Yuu with prosopagnosia p4
Yuu: Hi, Jade. Jade, who pretends to be Floyd: stops for a second, then nods in greeting Jack: Can't you tell people apart? Yuu: But Jade and Floyd aren't alike?? Jack: They're twins. Yuu, confused: Really?
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twisted-fishbaiit · 8 months
Pillow fight!🪶
Tumblr media
First years sleep over
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