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happy 2 years, puppy @pommycore 鉂わ笍馃枻鉂わ笍
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headmate 馃尭
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quantumwitchgame 15 hours
Hey tumblr, I'm a solo game developer. very queer. My game Quantum Witch is a point-n-click meets platformer, with multiple endings and meaningful choices, where a town of lesbians fight god. You know, a typical queer Tuesday.
And I finally got it on steam! Maybe you want to wishlist (witchlist) it?
Oh and it has a lovely cute cow that you can pet.
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thinking about filming her while she rides my strap, her dripping cunt greedily swallowing every inch as she repeatedly slams her needy pussy down on my cock. then later, i'd make her watch everything that i captured on camera, so that she can see how much of a dirty little slut she is for me, until she's begging to have me inside of her again, stretching her tight little pussy.
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It鈥檚 hot boy hours in my little outfit
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hi 鈽猴笍 this is me trying to record an edging session with my vibrator... *trying* because there's a moment when i can't take it anymore and i start finger fucking myself until i squirt (several times) at the end 鈽猴笍
p.s: i was soooo wet i ruined the sheets
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put my hands on her hips and said, "just focus on me"
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sorta switch!ellie x reader, wc: 1,3k
summary: ellie has been gone on patrol for way too long now, leaving you guessing. but when she returns things get hot and messy. or: you're about to eat her out and make her go all subby for you ;)
warnings: not proof read, nsfw
foggy and grey, the sun's weak rays seep through the curtains. you groan in annoyance. how come you only noticed now that these curtains are awful? you rub your eyes, dry rheum poking your inner corners. you've managed to carry yourself to the bathroom, hands holding your body over the sink. you look at yourself, a dusty blue hue coating the room, coating your tired face.
god, you looked like shit.
amidst lost thoughts, you wait for the water to warm up, examining your face up close in the mirror. you splash water on your face, once, and then once more, at least ellie wasn't going to see you like this. right, at least she isn't going to see how awful you're doing without her by your side. but it is driving you crazy, not knowing where she is, not having her here. it was driving you insane. by now you've rearranged the kitchen cabinets 4 times, gone to tipsy bison every single day in hopes of clearing your mind, and even played with the children at the playground. and you're still in the bathroom, slouching over the sink. the absence of her presence is filling up the room, suffocating you slowly. and the fact that you are on patrol tomorrow makes you want to rip your hair out.
fuck, a teardrop falls into the sink, down the metal drain. and to make matters worse, someone just had to knock at the door. "i told dina that jesse is going today, ugh," you mumble under your breath while dragging yourself to the door. you rub your wet, puffy eyes and take a deep breath. it's fine, you tell yourself, going on patrol today would mean you could take your mind off the thoughts that have been plaguing you, not admitting that your worries about ellie were eating you alive, from your gut to your lungs, it was unbearable. your limbs felt heavy, and your hand could've ripped the door handle off, but the door creaks open, a scent and a silhouette, both too familiar.
no, that can't be possibly true. your eyes widen in disbelief as all your worries wash away, it's her. it's ellie, standing right in front of you, she smells like sweat, and her face looks rough. she gives you an apologetic look, her eyes give her away. and then it hits you hard, you missed this woman, and you were grieving her absence. it was an overwhelming feeling that was consuming you. she looks at you, eyelids low, eyes wandering from your shaky hands to the tear stains on your cheek.
"i'm so fucking sorry, tommy just鈥" ellie glances at you softly, the corners of her mouth twitching to form a sentence. but you reach for her hand, your other tugs at the strap of her backpack. you still can't believe that she's right here with you.
"shut up, i missed you," your voice breaks from being unused all morning. but it's enough to make ellie go all weak for you, she sighs a little oh fuck to the sky and smoothly glides the hand you're holding over your waist, pulling you close. your skin was burning underneath her fingertips, you wanted to melt into her. "i'm so sorry, my love," ellie's voice is small and croaky. "but i'm here now," she says, her other hand finds its way up to your face, cupping your cheek slightly before resting on your nape.
her words echo in the back of your mind, you feel yourself melt away under her lingering gaze. ellie can't look away, her yearning heart deludes her into believing that the second she looks away, you will disappear into thin air. her grip tightens around your nape, fingers grazing over the side of your neck. ellie missed you too much, the thought of you being by yourself was killing her slowly over the past three days. her touch made your heart beat faster, you just want to close the distance.
and ellie wanted you, more than ever. you could feel her hot breath tickle your cheek, but the way she was glancing at you made you think of all the other places you felt her hot breath on. and the auburn-haired woman picks up on that, her lips felt soft on yours. your hands search her body hastily, until your fingers are tangled in her hair, your bodies were pressed against each other. she slips her tongue into your parted lips, you breathe heavily. animalistic, the way ellie throws her backpack inside onto the ground, closes the door behind the two of you while forcing you backwards against the wall. her body on yours, tits pressed against one another. she slips an i missed you in between sloppy kisses, leaving you gasp for air. wet lips, you could feel your clit throbbing as ellie tugs on your bottom lip, the taste of her was addicting. she pulls away, a moan escaping her mouth.
oh how you've been dying to hear that, hungry to hear her sweet, croaky voice. it was everything to you. you watch her inhale sharply as you cup her tits and feel her up through the endless layers of clothes she's wearing, you want them off, now. ellie bites down her lip as she watches you unzip her jacket, unbutton her shirt, ready to rip it off her skin. "now鈥 hold up," she whispers in your ear, nibbling on it while taking her clothes off. her wet lips send shivers down your spine and heat straight down your clit. she smirks at the sight of your flustered face, her toned arms fully exposed now. ellie's exhaustion was clear, she struggled to take off her pants, but she looks so helpless. so helpless, you can't help but desire to devour her.
"slow down, ellie," you say gently as you wrap your arms around her waist, walking her backwards to her couch, pushing her down onto it. she looks up to you through her eyelashes, confused. you rest your palms on the insides of her thighs, they were warm. and it is bright enough to see goosebumps covering her whole skin as your fingertips touch her bare skin. "open them," you command, her cheeks flush pink. she blinks at you a few times, adjusting herself, you feel her squeeze her thighs together. you're hovering over her by now, tilting your head in expectation. ellie is losing herself under your gaze, she desperately wants to let loose and let you take care of the warm, sticky mess in her panties. "don't think it's a good idea," the woman says breathlessly. you raise your eyebrow in response.
"i was sweating my ass off, i haven't showered in鈥" you shut her up with a soft kiss, drag them to her cheek and over the side of her neck, all the way up her earlobe. she throws her head back, fuck did you feel good.
"just shut up for once," you whisper, earning you a scoff. but you weren't going to let that sit on you, ellie scoffing at you? your thumb gets dangerously close to her folds, grazing the sensitive skin through her panties. you feel her chest rising abruptly, legs slightly parting as she pushes her hips forward, it was exactly what you wanted. you could finally force your hands in between and spread her legs apart. you inch closer, eventually going down on your knees to examine the wetness leaking through her panties. you loved the sight of her, all desperate, flushed cheeks, just needy and dirty. you massaged her pussy through the fabric, oh how you missed seeing ellie squirm under your touch. and as you thought that it couldn't get any better, she reaches down for your hand, holding it firmly.
before you could question her, a weak and breathless please escapes her mouth. you're more than amused, you love making ellie go all dumb and needy for you. "please what?" you ask teasingly. she rolls her eyes. "fuck, just touch me, please."
i swear there is a second part coming this week where reader eats ellie out i just miss my girlfriend and am done for the day lol
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a-sleeepy-angel 2 days
I need fingers fucking into me until I鈥檓 crying and squirting, until I cum so hard that you need to put a hand over my mouth to muffle the noises I make, until I鈥檓 shaking and my hips can鈥檛 stop rocking because my whole body feels so euphoric.
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Y'all, where is Alysanne "Black Aly" Blackwood, who slew Ser Amos Bracken with a weirwood arrow during the battle of the Burning Mill and commanded three hundred archers of the riverlands? Where is the Lady Sabitha Frey, "who would sooner ride than dance, wore mail instead of silk, and was fond of killing men and kissing women"? The two shared a tent during the campaign but I doubt we'll see that
We saw the Lady Jeyne Arryn, but got no mention to the fact that she was rumored to prefer women. Where is Jeyne's dear companion Jessamyn Redfort and didn't one the few female rulers in westerosi history say her iconic line "In this world of men, we women must band together"?
They're erasing our sapphics and I won't stand for it
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hii! i would like to request a kate martin x reader fic with an age gap (kate being older). the plot could be abt whatever u want im js dying for older!kate x reader 馃檹馃従
ofc! love this idea, thanks anon xo ____________________________________________________
Kate Martin as an older gf headcannons
younger!r x older kate martin
warnings: none!
-> She's a senior and you're a sophomore
-> She often teases you about your age, though there isn't really that much difference.
"Hey baby, you ready to go?" Kate asks, kissing your forehead as you smile up at her. She stifles a laugh while you pick up your stuff and pack it away, getting ready to leave.
"What is it now, Martin?"
"Get it? Baby? Cause you're so young and you're like my little baby!" Kate throws her head back laughing as you groan, hauling your bag over your shoulder as you begin to leave the library.
"You know, if I'm a baby, that makes you a big fat pedo" you tell her as you spin around. She chuckles softly as she wraps an arm around your shoulder, shaking her head.
"Only you would call me a pedo after I made you see stars last night" she whispers in your ear as you both laugh, leaving the library.
-> She loves driving you everywhere and picking you up. She especially loves when you and the girls need a ride to girls' night. You're definitely her passenger princess, no matter what.
-> Loves taking care of you
-> 100% does whatever you tell her to, even though she's older.
"Hey ma can you please fill up my waterbottle?" You groan from the bed.
"Noo do it yourself, I always do it." She pouts back at you.
You lower your bottle and sit up in bed, raising an eyebrow at her.
She flushes as she mumbles and grabs the waterbottle from your hands, filling it up for you anyways. She returns quickly, your bottle filled with cold water and ice.
"Thank you babyy" You flash her a smile as she crawls into the bed with you.
"Yeah yeah whatever"
You both laugh as she cuddles into you.
-> Her friends and teammates tease her when she comes into practice with marks on her neck and body.
She's standing in the change room getting changed for practice when Jada walks in and laughs at her.
"What?" Kate looks at her, confused.
Jada points at her neck and stomach as she continues to stifle her laughter. Kate looks down and notices the purple hickies littering her body. She smirks and shrugs as Caitlin and Gabbie walk in.
"What can I say? My girls a pro" She announces to them proudly, knowing they'd never say a thing to anyone else.
They all laugh at her, nicknaming her "sub" for the rest of the week, giving the sporty phrase a new meaning.
-> Lets you use her little baby blanket when you want to, or when she's not using it. She loves just laying it over the top of you guys before you go to sleep, or wrapping it over you under the blankets as she cuddles you.
-> Secretly loves being older; also loves the idea of being bigger and stronger than you and being able to protect you if ever needed.
-> Thinks she has her own "spidey senses"
You got really bored one day while Kate was at practice and decided to attempt origami. You pull up a YouTube tutorial on a flower and less than 10 minutes in, got a papercut.
"Fuck" You groan, quickly sticking your finger in your mouth to stop the bleeding.
Just as you pull your finger away to examine it, your phone rings. Kate. You pick up and immediately hear her voice.
"Baby are you okay? I just got a feeling to call you and check on you."
You laugh at her words.
"Yes angel, just a papercut"
"Oh" You hear her audibly sigh, relieved it wasn't serious.
"Are you okay though?" She asks again.
"Yeah, of course"
"Okay good. I gotta go, Lisa's yelling at me. If something else happens- call me. Actually no, my spidey tingles will pick it up"
-> Literally worships the ground you walk on, adores everything you say and do. You're it for her.
Love this request, I hope I did okay!
Keep the requests coming, I'm slowly working through them xx
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from the script
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fixed it so it鈥檚 better
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Tumblr media
Source: The Femme Mystique, edited by Lesl茅a Newman
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sapphicschmapphic 2 days
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