#and then once I started drawing it turned out I had a lot of feelings about this
candy-cl0wn · 2 days
...Sadistic Genshin Men!
[part 2!]
artist : in-game!
Tumblr media
anonymous asked for a part 2 !
cw : dub/noncon smut
pairing : alhaitham, diluc, kaeya, heizou, tighnari x fem!reader
ft : sadomasochism, individually labeled, fear play, degradation
a/n : ahh i accidentally deleted the ask i was responding to!! thank u for being so sweet tho :3 hope u enjoy!
// rivals to lovers, dumbification, objectification, humiliation
alhaitham takes pleasure in your humiliation. you get so frustrated everytime he gets a higher score on a test than you did, face flushing and tears pricking at your eyes. he teases and mocks your efforts. alhaitham thinks it's so pathetic how you still try to beat him, it would be much easier on your brain if you just gave up and accepted your place beneath him :(( he would prefer if all you thought about was him filling you up!
// noncon, enemy fucking, petite!reader, manhandling, size kink, yan!diluc oops, power play
diluc knew it was wrong to feel this way about a fatui subordinate, that he should just focus on killing you, but.. your feeble attempts of fighting him went straight to his cock. you were so tiny, he had no idea how you even got assigned to this! he shoved you harshly to the ground, and you just instantly collapsed. he could pin your whining and flailing body just with one hand, you would be nowhere near able to stop him! the power he felt over you was insane, it made him dizzy. and every squeal of fear you made when he hit you was endearing. he could just.. take you here. teach you your place in mondstadt. keep you as his own. youd never be able to stop him.
// dacryphilia, overstimulation, pain kink
kaeya knows its wrong, but it just does something to him seeing you cry. whether it's from him overstimulating you too much, slapping your ass till its red, or from the humiliating acts he makes you do for his entertainment, if it gets you to cry, he'll do it. he loves pushing you to the point you start begging him to hit you, yearning for the pain only he can give you. you blush and look away, but he's got you so desperate.. kaeya once gave you an orgasm just from a spank on the clit, he didn't let you live it down :((
// predator/prey, blood mention, aftercare, marking, dom/sub dynamic, dacryphilia
heizou has a lot of pent up energy after a hard day of work, luckily you're so willing to help him relieve some stress! biting hard into your soft flesh and sucking, leaving a dark purple mark on your neck, sometimes even drawing blood. you writhe beneath him in pain, and it turns on something primal in him. like a predator catching its prey. its even better if you sob, eyeliner running down your puffy cheeks. because after this, he runs you a warm bath and cleans and bandages you up. it just eases his mind when he marks you up. maybe, if you'd let him, he'd like to pick out your outfit tomorrow, he has the perfect shirt in mind that would really showcase what he's done to you!
// knotting, hes in his rut, breeding, dacryphilia
tighnari just can't contain himself from forcing you to take his whole knot :( he just needs to breed you!! has to make sure you're nice and plugged full, even if you're crying and saying it won't fit! he'll make it fit. clawing at his back just makes him force it in deeper, and everytime you sob from the stretch you can feel him get even harder inside of you.. and, when he does and his knot finally goes down, he pulls your underwear right back up without even cleaning you up first! he makes you walk around with damp panties filled with his cum all day :( everytime you wriggle around in your seat and blush he has to resist the urge to pump some more of his cum into you!!
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a-aexotic · 2 days
could you do a rafe imagine where reader is a pouge and she’s working at the country club as a server or as a bust gal and kelce says something about her but rafe secretly likes the reader and he defends her and gets pissed at his friends for talking bad about her or saying something degrading or ojectifyinfg about her and then the reader finds out rafe defended her from topper ?? Bc topper is secretly kind (apart from the fire tbh) and reader confronts rafe about why he defended her
yes i can!! i hope u enjoy<3 i love topper in this fic he makes me giggle
c/w's: sooo much fluff, degrading language towards women, a fight (kinda), out of character top/rafe, lmk if i missed anything!
Tumblr media
You were exhausted at this time of day and you just wanted to go home and rest. Your eyes were heavy and your feet hurt from these stupid heels the club makes you wear. You had one last table before you could clock out; you could already feel the warm bath you were going to draw tonight.
Until you saw who you were serving; Kook royalty themselves. Rafe, Topper, Kelce and a few guys you don't recall the names of. You prepared yourself for the longest hour serving these boys.
You walked up to them, a big smile on your lips. If you were going to serve some snotty Kooks you might as well get a good tip. "Hey, um. I'm Y/N, and I'm your waiter for tonight. Can I get you started with any drinks?"
You handed out the menus and you could already feel their stares at your body and face, making you feel a tiny bit self conscious. In the corner of your eye you saw Kelce turn to one of the boys to whisper something and he immediately turned red before letting out a chuckle.
You saw Topper and Rafe make eye contact before Rafe rolled his eyes, making Topper sigh.
"Sure, for me, I don't know about the others though." Topper nodded politely as you smiled.
"Yeah, I'm super thirsty." One of the boys had commented as the whole table (minus Topper and Rafe) erupted in laughter. You were disgusted and honestly disappointed, I mean, how low could these jerks get?
Rafe cleared his throat and the whole table became quiet once again. "Me and Top are going to get some Old-Fashion's. I don't know about the others."
"Make that three more." Kelce added and you nodded politely, jotting it down quickly on the notepad.
"Okay, I will be right back with your drinks. Take a look at the menus, alright?" You walked away with another big smile and as you turned, it immediately dropped.
You didn't necessarily hate Kooks; well, not to the extent of JJ or Pope. You could honestly stand them; sure, they made you uncomfortably sometimes but at least at the end of it, you have a good tip.
"Take a look at those menus, more like take a look at that ass!" The boy had said and Kelce and other one let out another laugh. Rafe couldn't stand it.
The jokes weren't funny and were low blows, they were some of the worst jokes he'd heard in months. It was stupid. Rafe held in all his anger because he didn't want to cause a scene, especially here or in front of you.
He's been trying to make a move on you for months; giving extra tips, complimenting you, asking if you could help with the golf cart. And now all his hard was going down the drain because you're going to think he's shallow and idiotic because of his 'friends.'
The only person he actually liked right now was Topper and that's saying a lot. He felt bad for you as well. Rafe didn't really feel empathetic towards anyone but seeing you put on a fake smile and nod off the joke like it was nothing reminded him of someone.
"God what I would do to take her to bed." One of the boys sighed as the others agreed. Rafe bit his tongue as they continued.
"I'm sure she would," Kelce took a drink of his water. "If you tipped her enough."
"You're right, she's a Pogue. I'm sure she needs the money."
Rafe was disgusted. Is this really what they thought about? "Shut the fuck up, dude. That's not funny."
The table went quiet as the guy turned to Rafe. "What the fuck is your problem man, you've been in a bitch mood ever since we came in here. I mean, come on, it's a fucking joke."
"A joke? You call that a fucking joke?" Rafe started raising his voice. "You're the fucking joke here, dude. Who the fuck says that shit? Especially while she's literally over there."
Topper nodded. "Yeah, have some decency. Y/N's actually so sweet."
The two boys looked at each other before laughing. "Oh I see what's goin on here. You two are acting like you're all above this, above us, so she can see how gentleman-ly you are and let you tag team her, huh?"
"Not everything is about sex, dude. Maybe we actually think she's nice and a human being that deserves a little respect. She's, y'know, a living breathing human with thoughts in case you've forgot." Rafe was seeing red and he was about to throw a punch before Topper kicked his leg.
"What, dude? It's true." Rafe looked at Topper before he sighed.
"Let's just finish the drinks and then we can go, alright?" Topper was trying to calm things down and Rafe took a deep breath before nodding.
You had come back with all the drinks on a platter. You felt the shift in energy, it was a lot more tense now than it was. "Alright, have you guys figured out what you guys wanted to eat?"
You passed out the drinks.
"That would be it, can you uh, get the check please?" Rafe's voice was much softer and politer than usual and you nodded. You appreciated the manners; you don't see a lot of that in the country club.
"Okay, sure. I will be right back with the check." You smiled at him and his cheeks turned a little red as he turned away. Topper noticed this and was a little confused.
Rafe had never mentioned liking you in anyway. He was now wondering if he had just started liking you or if this was something that's been happening for a while now.
"Okay, Kelce, how much would you pay me if I went up to her and asked her out on a date?"
"Nothing, dude. You'll be getting the award, why would I have to pay?" Kelce responded, drinking a little of his drink.
Rafe flared his nostrils as he kept in his anger once again. He didn't want to blow up again, people were already staring.
"Dude, you won't do it." The other guy laughed. "You're a fuckin pussy."
"There's no way she'll say yes." Kelce added.
The other guy rolled his eyes, "How much do you wanna bet?"
Kelce laughed, "100$ easy, dude."
He laughed, "Okay, I'll be a 100$ richer."
"You're definitely going to lose that 100, man."
You came back and put the check down with a small smile. "Is that all boys?"
"Yes." Rafe quickly said, taking the check and putting his card in. The others exchanged looks. Before you could away, the boy had started to say something.
"Y/N, right?" He looked at your nametag then to your low V-cut shirt before looking back at your face. "I was wondering if you could let me take you out later this week, maybe... Saturday? I'm havin a big party, I'd just love for you to come."
Rafe was angry he felt like his eyes were going to bulge out of his eyelids as he stared daggers at the guy.
You stood there, a bit shocked. There were a few seconds before you could respond. "I would love to. But uh, I'm already dating someone."
"Really?" Topper looked confused, you'd never mentioned one. You glared down at him before smiling and nodding. Rafe felt like his world had come crashing down. You had a boyfriend?
"Yup, JJ. Two months!" You said dramatically. "Sorry... About that."
The guy looked pissed, turning away from you. "You weren't even that pretty anyway." He muttered.
Your eyes widened and immediately took that as your que to leave, walking away. "Okay.."
Rafe quickly got up after you, taking out his wallet and taking out a 20$, handing it to you.
Your eyes had widened at how much he was tipping. "Whoa, are you sure?"
"Very. My friends were douches to you and I apologize. I don't even know the other two dudes' names."
You laughed, the first real genuine laugh you've had all day. It was a like breathe of fresh air. "Me neither, but I can't take this, that's so much." You pushed away the money.
He rolled his eyes. "Yes, you can." He put it in the pocket in your shirt before sighing. "Enjoy the rest of your night."
He walked away to the rest of his friends and you smiled at the nice gesture. Rafe, despite the opinion of your friends, was actually kinda sweet. I mean, he was sure as hell better than the rest of his friends (minus Topper).
"Dude, that took you long enough." You heard one of them groan.
"Shut up." You heard Rafe reply as you smiled to yourself. You immediately shook away the smile, sighing. Why was the Kook prince making you smile? Wow, you were in desperate need of a bath and a good meal, 8 hour shifts aren't your strong suit.
You were surprised and confused at Topper's words.
"Yeah, he was like, genuinely pissed. I've never seen him that mad and that's saying a lot."
Your eyebrows were furrowed, "Wait, wait. So he defended me?"
Topper looked at you like it was the most obvious thing of all. "That's what I've been saying for the last half an hour, have you been listening?"
You rolled your eyes at Topper's unnecessary sassiness, "Yes, Top, it's just been really hard to process."
"What's hard about it? Rafe has literally never had a soft spot for anyone except Wheeizie, like ever. And he's rich. He can spoil you and you're literally set for life-"
"Whoa, okay." You started laughing. "Let's not go that far. I am not marrying Rafe Cameron." ok girl...
"Okay but think about it." He smiled. "We could be like kinda related. If Sarah marries me... or if Rafe considers me a best friend, I could be like your brother-in-law."
You started laughing harder, "Sarah's not marrying you."
He didn't look too amused by that. "Okay, shut up, seriously. Rafe likes you."
The more you imagined his face and his smile, his dad outfits and the way he literally is an asshole to everyone except you, the more hot your face felt.
Topper smiled as he playfully pushed your shoulder making you laugh. "He's cute."
"Cute? Don't call say that to his face, he'll get all flustered and then roll his eyes."
You already imagine his face, making you laugh a little harder. "Okay, okay. If... if I were to like him back, how would I approach him?"
Topper sighed, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Okay, uh. Maybe just talk to him and flirt before he asks you out."
"That's so obvious-"
"He tipped you a 20 last night and you're worried you're making it obvious? Are you serious?"
You rolled your eyes. You reminded yourself to talk to Topper about his attitude problem later because it's getting a bit much. "Okay. Fine. I will."
Other than being a waitress at the country club, some days they put you on the Beverage Cart duty. It was probably because they were short in staff that day but honestly you didn't mind. You'd rather be out on the golf course then cooped up in the restaurant. You also get double the tips than you would inside.
Plus, you had a cute golf outfit on with the cute visor; you felt like a true Kook.
As you were going around, selling drinks, you saw Topper and Rafe. Of course they were going to the club today; it was nice Saturday afternoon. You face palmed yourself. You already knew what Topper was going to do.
Topper saw you as well, a smirk forming on his lips. "Rafe, uh. Remember Y/N?"
Rafe felt himself blush at the mention of you. He shook it off, nodding. "Uh, yeah. Doesn't she work here?"
"Yep. Also, I was uh, talkin to her the other day and she called you cute."
Rafe's mouth flew open as he whipped his head towards Topper. "What?"
Topper smiled. "Yeah, she called you cute. Like, really cute. She was blushing and shit."
Rafe smiled and he didn't even feel it. "Wait, seriously?"
"Yeah, dude. And, oh! Speaking of the devil, there she is."
Rafe's eyes widened as he looked over at you and shook his head. "Oh, uh."
"I know you like her, man." Topper added as he looked to Rafe.
He shook his head. "No, I don't like her. I think she's cute."
Topper rolled his eyes. "And you blush around you, you stumble over your words, you tip her real good. You were practically on the floor kicking your feet in the air and blushing when I told you she said you were cute."
Rafe frowned at Topper's wording and before he could protest, he started pushing Rafe towards the cart. "Dude, hold on."
"Ask her out, man."
"Not now, dude, I've been plotting for months now, I can't just-"
"Dude, do you trust me?" Topper stopped and looked dead in the eyes.
"No." Rafe stated before Topper rolled his eyes for what seemed to be the fifty-th time that day.
"I don't care, now come on." He pushed Rafe towards the cart before grabbing the back of his collar, making him walk towards you. If this was any other situation, Rafe would've landed a punch to Top's jaw but he didn't wanna scare you off, so he kept his cool.
You stared the two as they approached the cart. They seemed too... normal. They were both smiling and you felt like they were plotting. You know for a fact that Topper is.
"Hi." They both said in union, making Rafe look back at Topper, furrowing his eyebrows.
"What can I get you two?" There was unnecessary awkwardness between the three of you as they both looked at each other.
"Two... sodas."
"Sodas?" You looked assumed. Were they 12?
Topper looked back at you. "Yes."
As you reached for the cooler, you heard Topper make an 'O' sound. You turned around.
"Oh shit. I forgot my wallet, I will be right back. Rafe, you stay here and get us the sodas, alright?"
Rafe looked back with his teeth gritted, a warning to Topper. "Topper."
He shrugged. "I'll be right back." He jogged away as you and Rafe made eye contact.
You knew that he knew what you had told Topper. And then, Rafe realized the same thing. He didn't know what Topper had told you but he just hopes it wasn't too embarrassing.
"Um. I never asked but um, what sodas do you want?"
"Ginger ale. I'm pretty Topper wants something girly like Diet Coke or something like that." Rafe mumbled the last part but you heard it. You let a horrendously loud laugh because you knew Topper would get a Diet Coke.
You suddenly felt embarrassed but it melted as you heard Rafe's small laugh as well. Butterflies filled your stomach as you heard him.
"Okay, then. One ginger ale and uh... a Diet Coke." You laughed a little after, making Rafe smile.
As you handed him the Ginger Ale, your hands touched and you felt like your face was on fire. You quickly pulled away.
"Hey, uh..." Rafe started. "Did Topper say anything about me?"
"In what way?"
"Um, I don't know... something involving you?" Rafe inquired as you smiled.
"Did he say anything to you about me?"
"Maybe." He dragged out the 'e' sound as you rolled your eyes at him playfully.
"Topper may have mentioned a few things about you. But they weren't bad. They were actually a little... admiring to hear."
He went red as he looked down at his feet. "Topper just loves to run his mouth."
You nodded in agreement. "Yeah. He definitely loves to gossip."
He laughed at your wording. "He said some stuff about you, too. It was... admiring, too."
Your cheeks had begun to hurt from smiling this hard and it'd been only a couple minutes.
"Okay." Rafe sighed. "Are we talking about the same thing-"
"Yes, we are. I think."
Rafe was going to have to push all his pride and ego just this time. "I think that you're really pretty... and if you're not with JJ, I'd love to take you out on a date."
You had forget he heard that part. "I'm not with JJ."
"Okay, then what do you say?"
"Yes, Rafe." You smiled at him and he swore his heart did a little flip at the sound of that.
"Okay," he sounded breathless.
You then turned in your cart, looking for a piece of paper and your pen. You found one and then wrote down your number. You turned back and handed it to him. "Text me and then we can sort out the details, okay?"
"Yeah, for sure."
Topper finally walked back, wallet in hand, a big grin on his tanned face. He looked down at the paper in his hand and gave Rafe a proud pat on the back.
"Here's your Diet Coke," you held in your laugh as you gave the drink to Topper. Rafe smiled back at you as Topper opened it quickly and took a big gulp.
"Thank you. I knew you'd know my favorite drink, Y/N." He took out a 5 dollar bill and gave it to you before winking and you felt yourself cringe at Topper as you took the 5.
He and Rafe walked away and you stood there, your heart beating fast as you watched them walk away.
"What'd I say? Trust me, Rafe, I promise it'll work out and look, it worked out!"
"Yeah, for once, dude."
"Oh, shut up."
You heard their argument and laughed to yourself, getting back into your cart to drive to the next course.
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Slashers when you say “I love you” for the first time
Jason Voorhees
He freezes up and disappears for a while. But don’t interpret that as rejection, please. He is just utterly overwhelmed by the idea that anyone not blood-related to him could ever actually *love* him.
You, of course, are left confused and maybe a little heartbroken by that reaction. Did you do phrase it wrong? Was it too soon? Does he just not feel the same?
He returns a little while later, once he had a moment to process it, and immediately sweeps you up into a backbreaking hug. Good luck getting anything done for the rest of the day, because he won’t let go. Are you hallucinating or is there water dripping from under his mask?
Vincent Sinclair
Vincent knows just enough about love and romance by watching people getting caught in Bo’s charming web, so he sees the signs in the way you are acting around him. Still, when you finally gather all of your courage and confess your feelings to him, he pauses, surprised by how open you are about it.
When you want to start listing all the things you love about him, he takes your hand to stop you, and you see the expressionless mask shift as the mouth underneath curls into a gentle smile.
“So does that mean you feel the same?”, you ask softly.
In lieu of an answer, he gets out a sketchbook that has obviously been recently used, and hands it to you.
You flip through it and find it almost entirely filled with sketches of you, each sketch coming with little notes meant to draw attention to all the little things he loves about you; and there is a lot, from the way your eyes light up when you smile, to the shape of each of your facial features, to decidedly more intimate details.
“Aw man, that makes my confession look kinda lackluster in comparison”, you quip sheepishly and hand the sketchbook back to him.
Freddy Krueger
Be prepared for him to turn it into a joke. “Of course you love me. Look at me. I’m amazing.”
You roll your eyes. “I’m serious!”
“Hi Serious, I’m Freddy.”
“Really? A dad joke?”
“So why are you coming out with this now of all times?”
You open your mouth and close it again a few times. “I don’t know? I just felt like it was about time one of us say something like that?”
“Eh, talk is cheap. The fact that we’re putting up with each other is already enough of a love confession, don’t you think? And that’s way better than all that corny stuff about eternal love or whatever.”
You chuckle, despite being still sort of frustrated at him blowing you off like that. “If you say so.”
Bubba Sawyer
Bubba drops his chainsaw as soon as the words leave your mouth. He looks at you, nervously licking his lips, then clumsily tries to pick the saw up again. The sudden confession has his hands so jittery that he is really struggling though, so you eventually crouch down and pick it up for him.
“Sorry for just saying that out of the blue.” You hand his weapon back to him. “I guess I just… want you to know.”
Now *you* are the one dropping the chainsaw, mostly because you find yourself a foot or so in the air, held up by the vice-like grip of Bubba, who is pressing you against his chest and happily blubbering what you generously interpret as a reciprocation of the confession into your shoulder. Sometimes you really wished you could understand Bubba as well as Drayton did. But then again.. a loving gesture like this doesn’t really need words.
Brahms Heelshire
Self-absorbed as he is, he naturally assumes that you love him, so he doesn’t act too surprised when you tell him as much. Instead, he pulls you into a hug and replies:“And I love you.”
However, the fact that he expected it doesn’t mean that he takes it for granted. In his mind, the love confession is what actually begins a relationship. That’s how it works in stories, after all, and stories were the only real window to the outside world he has had since he was eight. Meaning that now, he views you officially as his significant other, rather than just a caretaker he just so happened to kiss and have the occasional fling with. Which also means that he at least tries to do a bit more for you instead of only ever taking.
The first results of his attempts at being helpful are disastrous, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?
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sssigil · 1 day
Hii love ur acc ♡♡
But I was wondering if u can write a Ethan x reader smutt but like there both v!rgins.
Heart and Soul
hiiii thank you so much for the support love I really appreciate it angel!!! ❥ I haven't done any like soft sweet stuff so I really appreciate this request, enjoy :) <;33
Tumblr media
Warnings: smut, soft Ethan, praising, tiny size kink, Ethan is so gentle and sweet, you both are so in love, he calls you angel princess and baby.
You both laid on your soft comforter hand in hand, Ethan laid on top of you head placed on your lower belly nuzzling your tummy breathing in your scent as your hands played with his brown locks. You could feel his warm breath against you almost making your breath hitch, he always made you nervous bringing those butterflies to your tummy anytime he was around. You are so in love with him you were head over heels for the tall curly haired boy.
You guys had been dating for two months and those two whole months you felt so loved and appreciated by him. Always felt the need to kiss him till you could no longer breathe but you both never went far, both you and him were virgins so you both thought you guys should save yourself until you were ready. Who knew that day would come tonight.
"Baby something wrong, you're moving a lot" Ethan spoke from below looking up at you with those pretty brown eyes shinning with curiosity. He had felt you shift you hips a little I couple times when he began to draw shapes on your tummy. Placing small kisses on your lower belly as a sign of affection but to you this aroused you so so much and you felt guilty, how could those innocent actions make your mind get all fuzzy.
" mm fine, just" you stopped yourself, your fingers were still in his hair and you felt your confidence boost at his innocent look. You tugged at his hair motioning him to come up here with you and he followed your silent orders. His face was now at your eye level lips so close yet so far.
"kiss me" you plead with a whimper eyes dazed; moaning once you felt his lips on yours, you could taste him you could taste the mint gum he had been chewing on before spitting it out. Moaning again when his tongue decided to play with yours once of his hands coming up to caress your face before pulling away.
"wanna do it e, please" begging him and you saw him nod at you going to sit up so he can take off the shirt he was wearing along with his pants leaving him in his boxers. You looked at his face then back down, hands running down his sides touching his soft pale skin to his abdomen fingers dancing along his abs down to his happy trail caressing it, you could admire him for ever he was so perfect. You went to kiss at his chest making sure to leave a couple love bites along the way. Pulling away, you could smell him he smelled like his cologne and a bit of vanilla, you loved it.
"you sure you want to do this angel" he questioned you, even though he barely knew what he was doing he wanted to make sure you felt safe and comfortable with him. Ethan heard you squeak a small yes before he began to unclothed you. First starting with your cropped plain shirt than your shorts leaving you in your undergarments. He took in your state, you had your head turn to the side and your arms crossed infant of you, you felt shy.
"None of that princess, wanna see you, wanna see all of you" his big hand could be seen making its way to your chin making you look at him. He then helped you uncross your arm kissing your nose before continuing his previous actions. He went to unhook your bra struggling a little but finally completing the task. He could feel his breath hitch seeing your breast for the first time but did not hesitate to finally place his mouth and hands on them.
You could feel his lips wrap around your nipple sucking it and swirling his tongue against one while the other got groped and played with by his hand. He could feel your body react to his actions, you had arched your back into his chest; soft fast breaths could be heard coming from your mouth. You could feel him move to your other breast reaping the same actions, your hands had made its way back into his hair tugging lightly moaning when he pulled away to kiss in between your breast.
"Gonna take off your underwear okay baby" he spoke before kissing down your tummy to your panty line making sure to pull away and look at you for some sort of permission. You let out a small 'mhmm' and he hooked both his fingers to the sides of your panties pulling them down your legs. You could see the wet spot left on your panties as he pulled them off and it embarrassed you. He didn't care though it turned him on even more, he could feel his cock throb at the sight of your pussy. He could see just how wet you were, his fingers went to play with your cunt rubbing at your clit watching as your face scrunched up in pleasure; thighs shaking wanting to close but were stopped by his hand which was spreading them apart.
He pulled his hand back going to push his boxers down to his thighs freeing his groin. You looked at his size gasping at how long he was spreading your legs even more just wanting him to finally put it in. He noticed your eagerness, he took no time going down to reach for his pants so he could open his wallet. Of course Ethan came prepared he had a condom hidden in his wallet just for you he wanted to be prepared for you. He made sure to open the condom right before he rolled it down on his cock. He then rubbed his length on your cunt making sure to coat it enough looking at you in the eyes before pushing himself in you.
"Fuck so tight, such a good girl" he groaned nuzzling his face into your neck, you could feel your insides burn as he stretched you out. Softly hissing at he finally settled himself fully inside you, he waited for you to relax and adjust to his cock.
"fuck me E please" you begged at him kissing his cheek finally encouraging him to start thrusting in you. He pulled himself out of you leaving just the tip before stuffing you again. He never knew it was gonna feel this good, you gripped him just right he could feel you pulse around him every time he went in and out of you. Ethan pulled himself out of your neck before going to kiss your soft lips. He could hear the muffled moans cum out of you with each thrust he gave and he didn't want to stop.
You could feel his pubic hair rub just nice at you clit every time he stuffed you. One of your hands had wrapped around his neck pulling him even closer while the other pulled at his hair. You could hear him whimper every time you tugged at his hair, lips never stopping your kiss though. He pulled his lips away from yours looking down at where you were both connected. Groaning at how he could see a small bump form at your lower belly every time he fucked up into you.
"You look so pretty angel, so so pretty" he breathed out looking back up at you not stopping his pace. He had one of his hands move to the back of your head holding you in place so you could keep eye contact with him. You had tears in your eyes at how good he was fucking you lips wet with his and your spit, he could see how red your cheeks were and how messy your hair got. He never wanted this to end, you looked so angelic and beautiful, you both were so close he just didn't want to let go.
Ethan could feel your cunt clench realizing you were close. He picked up his sloppy pace making sure to angle himself even deeper so you could feel all of him. Your hands now clawed at his back leaving red scratch marks on him. You let out little 'uh uh uh' with each thrust he gave feeling your tummy so close to exploding but not feeling enough. He noticed this pulling his other had from your hips, which probably now has his hand print from how tight he was holding you, moving it and placing it in between your and his body. He rubbed at your button, you could feel and hear yourself almost reach your limit at this new added pleasure. He circled your clit with his index finger making sure to rub small tight circles and keep his hips pistoning in you.
"Come on baby cum for me, I know you can do it, be good and do it" he praised. Your moans and whines got louder the more he kept his actions going, that rope in your belly so close to snapping. Finally you felt it, mouth agape as you let out a tiny scream of his name coming all around his cock. The feeling of your cunt clenching tight around him caused Ethan to come not so long after you. His hips stuttering as he came into the condom moaning your name softly into your neck. You felt him thrust into you a little more before pulling himself out of you. His hands going up to your face kissing you on your lips with so much passion, soft I love yous spilling from his mouth with each kiss he left on your lips.
You felt him plop next to you once he cleaned the post of you giving you a glass of water so you could drink up. You pulled your blanket up to cover the both your naked bodies after placing the glass of water to the side.
"That was really nice baby" you spoke first to Ethan who was now smiling at you "Yea?" he questioned kissing your forehead when you hummed "I love you Ethan" you said pressing your face into his neck. "I love you more angel" he said closing his eyes taking in this moment he'll never forget.
Please this made me so soft and giddy oh myyy ˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚
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birdmenmanga · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
some kind of moodboard
@birdmenanime @kitsoa
#just thinking thoughts...#sorry. the phrase 'bird mom loves you both' was so fucking evocative#and then once I started drawing it turned out I had a lot of feelings about this#if either of you want me to take this down let me know#yeah so I've been sitting on that edit of the conversation between takayama and karasuma for ages. like 4 months.#but at that time ghost was still on hiatus I think and also we weren't that close. so it didn't feel right to show it. but it existed.#my mental image of ghostpun is actually largely just that chibi takayama actually#but like that would cause confusion. so i used your discord pfp. your goat person is really nice to draw actually#as for kitsoa. it's supposed to be your fox from tumblr. but I also really associate you with sora(?)'s silhouette so.#it's that. and then hair that COULD be fox ears if you so desired. the ponytail is the tail... the shape is more or less the same.#fistfighting on top of a ferris wheel is a reference to detective conan movie 20: darkest nightmare#it's just so stupid and ridiculous it's my go-to for ludicrous conflicts#yeah anyways onto the actual subject.#to ghost: sorry about this. generally when it comes to fandoms I read most text posts and nod my head thoughtfully and sip my drink#but I guess because I have more cohesive and coherent thoughts about this series in particular I'm less good at just nodding my head#I don't think there's been a single time where we've said something that made the other person go 'YEAH'#like it's always '......well...............'#some nights I wonder whether we read the same series or not. and I feel like you probably feel this way sometimes too#sorry for being so pedantic. I am really not trying to pick a fight with you I promise.#yeah I have no clue what I want to say actually#we go to the same church for worship and like what are we gonna do??? stop going??? fuck no#I don't hate you. I respect you. still trying my damnest to like you. we're still working on that last one#like look I want to be besties so bad but I feel like we just have a boatload of ideological differences to work through#so I guess. what I'm trying to say is. here's to being insane together for the next few years. cheers!#(additional apology for the brutal honesty. I'm not good at white lies.)#to kitsoa: uh. sorry about. This. I don't even know if you were aware we had a rivalry (???) going on#Uh I wish I didn't stir up trouble in your house (bm fandom) but I'm stubborn. for better or for worse. sorry...#I am going to be careful to keep discussions respectful etc. etc. so as not to cultivate a toxic workplace or whatever. prommy.#(but you have to admit. this is kind of funny) <- guy addicted to doing things for the bit#yeah that's all. I can't do anything in a normal way but I hope you guys can understand somewhat.
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thvhoe · 1 month
In The Seom: Love For Dummies | JJK
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Female Reader
Genre: Camping AU, FwB To Lovers, College AU, smut, fluff, angst
Word count: 21k
Warnings: Shower sex, casual hookups, alcohol consumption, smoking, Jungkook hits a guy like once, toxic Jungkook if you squint
Always the friend, never the girlfriend.
Jeon Jungkook doesn't date. At least that's what he thought until he met you, a chemistry student who seemed to have it all—except for love. Meeting at a mutual friends frat party, you hit it off right away. However, due to both of your stubbornness, it has never progressed beyond being friends with benefits.
The annual camping trip with your friend group was supposed to be the turning point in your relationship with Jungkook. But what happens when your best friend of 18 years unexpectedly comes back from Busan and confesses to you, further complicating matters?
A/n: Not gonna lie I've had the idea for this fic for sooo long now and I finally decided to sit down and write it. I think it turned out great with just the right amount of comedy, Angst and smut. Enjoy!
"Oh my god, Jungkook!" You moan as he forced you down onto his dick while you ride him.
With the way he pounds you, his dick leaves you whining. One of his big tattooed hands fondled with your tit as the other manages to sneak around your belly to push you against him even more. The mirror in front of you did wonders to showcase the unholy position you two were in right now; you riding Jungkooks cock, your back facing him as he watched your tits bounce up and down.
"Fuck yeah, like this princess?" He moans, making sure to rub your clit a few times. Nodding you throw your head back against his broad chest—He'd been working out more lately, having taken on extra boxing classes.
"I wanna cum" you whine, pushing against him in an attempt to get him closer too. "Me too-fuck" he swears when you reach down to fondle his balls. "Baby- princess I'm gonna-"
"Me too, baby, me too," you whine and soon find yourself coming all over his dick as he fills the condom.
"That was great," Jungkook comments as he walks out of your bathroom in only his boxershorts.
You smile at him and motion for him to join you in bed, the ungodly hour—2 am.— making you extra tired. "Next time you're horny wait 'till the next day, please," you whimper against his chest as he draws circles on your back. "You and me both know that's not gonna happen." Jungkook laughs, and that's the last thing you hear before falling asleep on his chest.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
You and Jungkook weren't exactly dating by any means—It was more of a situationship at most.
You'd met him 4 months ago at a frat party—very original I know—due to your mutual friend Taehyung. The two of you just clicked and became friends almost immediately.
Kook majored in photography, whereas you studied chemistry. With the exception of Taehyung, who majored in art and spent the majority of his free time painting in the studio, your schedules were quite similar. You were all always available at the same time.
Jungkook and you simply happened to be lonely and drawn to one another, and soon enough, the two of you started hanging out and fooling around.
This 'situationship' as you liked to call it, has been going on for the fast 2 months; you were invited to a party? Jungkook was your plus one. Bored out of your mind on a Friday afternoon? Jungkook was the first you'd call. Hungry but too lazy to make food? Jungkook always had leftovers.
Naturally, someone will always start developing feelings when spending a lot of time with another person. In this instance, it was Jungkook who'd—while high and talking to his best friend Taehyung—had oddly confessed how he felt;
"I don't know, man, usually I'm not the type to buy flowers and shit y'know? I like to keep it lowkey—invite the girl for lunch every other week or so after fucking. But with Y/n, I just feel like I need to give her presents the whole time, like, last week when we were hanging out, she brought me muffins dude— muffins." Jungkook moaned in frustration. "I don't eat sugary shit like that. My trainer says it's bad for building muscle and all. But damn, when I tell you, I ate all of them in one sitting just cause they reminded me of her."
"So you like Y/n?" Taehyung just asks, laying on the ground, not really paying attention to his friend who was for the first time ever, confessing that he had feelings for a girl.
Rolling his eyes Jungkook shakes his head "didn't you fucking listen to- ugh fuck it yeah I probably do"
"Well, then you should tell her" Tae shrugs, taking another drag and turning off his phone finally paying attention to his friend.
"I'm not gonna fucking tell her, she's gonna reject me, we said from the beginning that it's just sex" Kook throws his head back in frustration "and it was me who proposed that too"
"You're an idiot for that, Y/n is kind, smart and fuck, she's hot. Honestly, if I weren't dating Jihyo, I would've made a move ages ago".
Raising a brow, Jungkook finishes his joint and throws it away, sitting up. "Don't we have our annual camping trip in 2 weeks? Maybe I'll pull some romantic shit like a picnic or something and ask her out? you think she'd be into that?" Jungkook wonders out loud.
"Go for it"
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"Morning, sweatpea," Jennie chuckles as she ruffles your hair, waking you up from your wonderful slumber. "What time is it?" You groan, trying to locate your phone without opening your eyes. You struggle for a second before finding it. 8:30. You groan. "Why are you waking me up at this hour? We're supposed to be on break," sitting up, you whine, and try to fix your hair.
Jennie shakes her head disapprovingly, "Girl, we have to pack! We're leaving tomorrow already." Taking your hand, she makes you stand up. You groan again, accepting your faith. "Right, I forgot," your belly grumbles right after you say that, making you move out of your room with your best friend right behind you. "I need a coffee first, then we can start packing."
The time of year had finally arrived when you and your group of friends—Jennie, Taehyung, Jihyo, Namjoon, and You—would rent a cabin in the woods and spend a full month there. The tradition started almost 4 years ago when you guys got drunk as hell and randomly booked the trip one night.
Taehyung suggested that Jungkook join you guys this time, and he did so for the first time. Because she is studying abroad for this semester, Namjoon wasn't bringing his girlfriend this year, so you invited your other best friend Jisung to attend for the first time as well instead.
"Is Jisung coming with us in the car, or is he driving himself?" Jennie asks as the both of you sit in front of your luggage and pack. You shrug. "I think he's coming 1 day later than the rest of us," you state, remembering him telling you a few days ago when you were on the phone.
Jisung and you have known each other for at least 18 years now. He was 1 year older than you, making him 22. Sadly, he visited another university, meaning that the two of you didn't get to hang out as much as you wanted to anymore.
"Can't wait to finally meet my competitor," Jennie chuckles. She's being on and on about having to compete for spot number one best friend with him. And even though you know it's a joke, she still seems pretty serious about it at times.
You shake your head laughing "I hope you guys don't actually start a competition when we're at the cabin"
"It would be kinda funny though, just imagine us doing races and shit." Jennie laughs out loud.
"It would be"
Even though you two had only just met when you moved to Seoul two years prior, you two had already developed a stronger bond than two magnets. And ultimately moving in together.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Pookie🩶: Can't sleep. Send me a pic of your boobies?
With a silent ping, your phone lights up, showing a message from Jungkook.
You: 🫣
You: can't, I'm already in bed, nervy for tomorrow
Sighing, you turn around onto your back in your bed, rubbing one eye as tiredness takes over your body. It was almost midnight.
Pookie🩶: how come? Nervous to see me?😎
You: in your dreams koo
Pookie🩶: what's up then? You scared of bears?
Laughing, you shake your head at Jungkooks attempts to distract you.
You: I'm seeing Jisung again for the first time since he left for Uni
Pookie🩶: Jisung?
You: Yeah, my best friend, I vividly remember telling you last week
Pookie🩶: Oh, you mean that childhood best friend of yours
You: are you jealous Kook?🙃
When it came to texting back Jungkook was the worst, he'd always pull excuses like; "oh I fell asleep" or "I had class"
You're sorta thankful anyway, since it was late and you really needed to catch some sleep before waking up at 5 am. Tomorrow morning to start the 2 hour road trip to the cabin.
"Y/n did you see my hair dryer?" Jennie yells from her bedroom as you pack the last few things like your hairbrush and toothbrush into your etui. "No, but you can use mine if you end up not finding it fast enough" you yell back, standing up and brushing your clothes clean before grabbing the handle of your luggage and bringing it outside to where the car was already waiting for you.
Namjoon—gotta love him for this— had managed to rent a minivan that fit all of you plus your suitcases inside.
"Hey guys," you greet Namjoon and Taehyung, who were waiting outside the car for you and Jennie. "Where's Jungkook?" Turning, you look around for the boy only to be met with anything but him.
"He slept in, should be coming in a few minutes though," Taehyung informs you, making you shake your head. Of course, Jungkook, out of all people, had slept in. This was not surprising at all.
"Looking for me?" You feel two strong arms hug you from behind as Jungkook kisses your cheek. "You're late, sailor," you joke, returning his hug and ruffling his hair much to his dislike. "You're lucky you're cute" he frowns making sure his hair is back to normal after ruffling through it a few times.
"You're lucky I even let you come on this trip after sleeping in." You cross your arms.
Jungkook was about to respond when he was interrupted by your best friend.
"Ready to go?" Jennie asks as she walks out to the parking lot with not 1 or 2 but 3 suitcases. "You've got to be kidding me?" You laugh out loud at your roommate. "What?" Jennie asks. "One is for my shirts, one if for my pants and one is for my shoes," she reasons, telling Namjoon to help her get the luggage inside the car.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"-Oh my, oh my God 예상했어 나 I was really hoping that he will come through Oh my, oh my God 단 너뿐이야 Asking all the time about what I should do-" the car is filled with joy as you all sing along to New Jeans' new song.
Soon enough, one hour had already passed, and you were halfway to your destination. When Jennie suddenly turns off the music making all of you whine in union.
"Jennie, what the -" Taehyung complains, but Jennie interrupts him. "I have to pee, let's stop somewhere"
"Can't you wait another hour?" Namjoon rolls his eyes, squeezing the steering wheel in annoyance.
Jennie had been trying to catch up on sleep for the first 20 minutes of the ride, only to be disturbed by you guys' singing. And she'd been complaining ever since. For you, it's funny how dramatic she can get at times.
"Guys I have to go too" you speak up, "and we ran out of snacks 30 minutes ago,".
"Fine let's make a stop at the next Gas Station, but don't take too long, I really fucking hate driving with an entire choir of people in the backseat, I want to get there already" Namjoon says as he eyes You, Taehyung and Jungkook who just laugh.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"I can't decide between these two," you pout, pointing at the skittles and kitkats and sighing. "Just get them both," Jennie shrugs as she herself gets some chocolate cookies. "No, they're always so expensive at gas stations." You continue whining until eventually Jungkook comes up behind you and grabs both packs of candy and your hand walking to the cashier and paying. Blushing, you thank him and intertwine your hand in his as the both of you walk to the car and have a little moment to yourselves before everyone comes back.
"How are you liking it so far?" You quietly ask Jungkook as you nibble at your chocolate bar. He let's out a chuckle, placing your hair behind your ear as he looks at your with endearment. "You mean the 1 hour we've been singing karaoke in the car?"
Hitting his chest, you huff. "You know what I mean!"
"Just wait until Taehyung puts on Celine Dion" you joke
Jungkook just nods and keeps you close to him as he seemingly stops to think about your question.
"I like spending time with you," he speaks up eventually, closing the little distance between you two and pecking your lips shortly after. His hand reaching to stroke your blushing cheek.
Every day, it felt like you and Jungkook were getting closer. You did things that couples do, such as kissing casually or spending time together without it having to end in sex. However, the fact that he hasn't asked you out yet has left you perplexed; if you two liked each other so much, why didn't he take the next step and ask you to be his girlfriend?
You talked about this with Jennie plenty of times already. You really wanted to have your cinderella moment and have Jungkook do the talking while you listened and eventually agreed to be his.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"Were here, children," Namjoon sighs as he walks out the minivan and immediately goes to his phone, calling his girlfriend—They were a cute couple, having been dating for almost 2 years now, the two of them were inseparable until she moved to Australia for 6 months. It took Joon some time to get used to not seeing Sana every day, but eventually, with facetime and the occasional visit, everything seemed to work out just fine between the two.
You were envious of just how effortlessly they carried their relationship. There was no pressure to get married yet, eventhough both of them were already in their mid 20's.
"I'm getting the bigger room cause I organised the trip." Taehyung speaks up suddenly, bringing you out of your thoughts as you help Jungkook take the luggage out of the car.
"What? No! Jennie and me were the ones that booked the cabin!" You protest crossing your arms.
Hearing Jungkook laugh beside should you send him a glare.
"Wait -" Namjoon crosses his arms as he walks closer to you guys.
"I was the one to rent the minivan that even caused all of us to be here in the first place"
"Good point" Taehyung agrees making you even more confused.
"That's a stupid point." Looking at Jennie, she nods. "So stupid." she agrees, rolling her eyes but not really caring anyway.
"Taehyung, you're one person. The ones who deserve the big room are me and Jungkook," you argue
Taehyung seemed to think of a way to argue back, but when he realizes that yes, you were right, he dismisses you with a simple "fine" making you jump up and down happily
You get a call from Jisung shortly after putting your belongings in the closet, somewhat embarrassed by how much you'd actually taken with you on this trip, leaving Jungkook with almost no space at all.
But he'd assured you that everything was fine and that he'd figure out a way to deal with it. After all, you were no better than Jennie.
"Hi, Jisung!" You almost squeak seeing your best friend, even though over the phone, for the first time in weeks. "How are things going, Y/n-ie? Did you arrive safely?" Jisung inquires from the other end of the phone. Nodding, you take a sip of water and settle into your bed as you watch Jungkook exit the bathroom that was connected to the room. With a small wave of your hand at him, you return to your phone. "Everything went off without a hitch! You should've been there! We sang the entire ride here; you would have loved it!"
"I'm sure of it, sorry again, but uni has been kicking my ass," he says, but you dismiss him almost immediately. "It's okay, it's only one day! I think we'll just have an early dinner and then go to bed because today was pretty stressful - "As you speak, you look at Jungkook. "Someone, I won't name names, slept in, and forced us to leave later than planned."
Jungkook crosses his arms at that, raising a brow. "Who are you talking to?" He asks, even though he knew it was Jisung he wanted to make sure. "Jisung" you prove him right by answering, looking back at your phone you laugh at something he said.
Jungkook simply rolls his eyes and settles beside you, having changed into more comfortable and clean clothing. He then pulls you onto his lap and rests his head on your shoulder, just to set some boundaries for your best friend. "Oh, see-" You raise your phone to Jungkook, "this is Jungkook."
Jungkook just nods his head towards Jisung completely ignoring his friendly "Hello" and how are you?".
It was safe to say that Jungkook was already pissed off at the fact that another guy had your full attention.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
You decided to take a small nap after you were done talking to Jisung, placing the covers over your body you inched even closer to Jungkook and closed your eyes.
"Tired? Mh?" He asks as he turn off his phone and plays with your hair as you just hum. "It's so cold here compared to Seoul" you whine, hugging the cover closer to your body.
"I know a way to warm you up that's always worked." Jungkooks voice was quiet but malicious, a smirk forming on his face. "Oh yeah? What's that?" You tease him, sitting up a bit and looking up at him with your cute puppy eyes. Taking your chin in his hand, he places a small kiss on your lips before answering, "I think you know".
His hand wanders to your ass, giving it a small squeeze as you moan in return. "Kook.."
"What do you want, huh?" He asks teasingly, playing with the hem of your shorts, tugging for you to take them off. "Want me to make you feel good?"
"I always want you to make me feel good, Kook," you say, kissing his neck and leaving a bruise here and there. He enjoys when you do that, he loves showing off that he's—although not officially—taken.
His hands roamed your body, and before you know it, the both of you are lying next to each other, naked.
His fingers pump in and out of you at a nice slow pace, just how he learned you like it. "You look so good like this," he moans, referring to your body that lays on top of his with your legs spread wide open for him. Anyone could walk in on you guys and see your pussy in all its glory at any moment. But you didn't care. It just felt so good.
"Take these off." Referring to his pants, you tug them down as much as you can, pulling them down just under his balls and taking hold of his hard dick. "You're so big, Jungkook," you breathe out, licking his tip down to his shaft. "Fuck, just how you like it huh?" He continues the dirty talk, loving the way your tongue makes hin feel like he's in heaven. "Suck on it, princess"
You don't hesitate to do as he says as you make an effort to choke on it a little. So much to taking a small nap before dinner.
"Fuck, damn-" Jungkook mutters under his breath, his hand guiding you up and down in nice swift motions. The sounds of your gagging almost make him nut just then.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Jisung😼: I'm 30 minutes away
You: omggg okay wait I'll prepare you some food for when you arrive
Placing down your phone, you run over to the kitchen and start preparing some lunch for Jisung to enjoy later when he arrives. To say you were excited to see your best friend after nearly a year was an understatement. You talked almost every day, sure, but it didn't compare to actually seeing each other.
Jisung😼: you're a Saint. I love you
I love you
Jungkook grimaces as he reads the message, he didn't necessarily mean to peak, but the message had just appeared when he sat down for lunch as well.
"What are ya making?" He asks as he watches you scramble around the kitchen
"Just some sandwiches for when Jisung arrives, he's had a pretty horrible taxi drive here" you start
"You want some too?" You ask as you turn around to a pouting Jungkook who just nods.
"Fine, I'll make you some, you big baby." You tease him, earning a slap on your butt when he was suddenly standing behind you.
"Can you believe they charged him 150$ for a 30-minute drive?" You say shaking your head as you cut some lettuce. Jungkook didn't care how much Jisung paid to get here, and to be completely honest, he'd probably pay 150$ for him to just leave.
Somehow, the feeling of having a guy close to you made him.. jealous. He felt as if your attention was not going to be on him 24/7 like he's used to.
Namjoon and Taehyung were eating their lunch outside at the lake, while Jennie was still fast asleep in her room, most likely from talking to her sister all night.
"Put extra cheese on mine, please," Jungkook mumbles as his strong arms encircle your waist, placing his head on your shoulder like he always did, watching you prepare the food.
Humming a random tune to yourself, you finish up the food and place Jisungs into the fridge, giving Jungkook his right away.
"Are you not gonna eat?" He asks when he notices your lack of food. You shake your head. "I'm too nervous," you say, shaking your hands showing just how excited you really were.
Jungkook rolls his eyes internally, grabbing one half of his food and handing it to you "Eat, I don't like when you miss meals"
"Jungkook don't worry, I'll eat when-"
Ding dong
"Oh my god," you jump up, running to the door, opening it almost immediately as you're met with your best friend.
"Jisung!" You yell, jumping into his arms, making him drop his bags and hug you back laughing. "What's up Y/n, missed you"
"Are you kidding me? I missed you even more!" You say this while looking at him excitedly. "You look great; have you started going to the gym? You've definitely gotten buffer ". That's when Jungkook had enough as he stood up and left to your room; no one else was allowed to be complimented on their muscles by you except for him.
"Wait until I tell you the shit I had to go through until I finally got here" Jisung groans annoyed as he finally let's go of your waist, walking into the house a bit more, looking around. "Damn, this place is huge. When you said cabin, I pictured a small cute house in the woods," he laughs. Hitting his chest, you cover your mouth giggling. "Well, it has to fit 6 people in it." Shrugging, you hush him over to the table where you thought Jungkook was still sitting.
"Im so excited for you two to finally meet I-" turning you see-.. no one?
"I could swear Jungkook was here like 5 minutes ago," you mumble under your breath, not letting the thought hinder you from enjoying the fact that your childhood best friend was standing in front of you.
"It's fine, I guess you two can meet each other later. Let me get your food. You can go set your luggage in the first room to the right!" You smile as you walk into the kitchen and open the fridge.
"Oh Jungkook, there you are." You jump in surprise when you turn to see him sitting at the small table inside the kitchen eating his food. "I thought you disappeared on me for a second." Laughing, you lean over him and kiss his cheek after setting the plate with Jisungs food down next to him.
"Nope, I'm right here, didn't wanna interrupt your little moment" he huffs, taking the last bite of his sandwich and taking a sip of water as he leans back into your touch, not being able to stay 'mad' at you for too long.
"Don't be ridiculous, I want you guys to meet!" You grin happily about to give him a small peck on the lips when someone clears their throat at the entrance of the kitchen.
With a small wave, Jisung makes his presence clear. "What's up, dude? I'm Jisung. It's nice to finally meet the guy who makes my best friend ignore me for says straight. " he obviously jokes, not earning a single laugh from Jungkook, though. Hitting his shoulder, you glare at him before laughing. "He's shy,".
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"And this is mine and Jungkook's room, we haven't really been able to do more than just put our clothes in the closet, but at least that means that it's not messy just yet" leaning against your doorframe you giggle. "Well that's it, it's honestly not that big when you think about it"
"It's pretty big y/n. You and Jennie did a great job," Jisung compliments.
"So you and Jungkook.." Jisung speaks up after a second, "are you two together?" He awkwardly asks, making you bite your lip nervously. "Um.. Well, we're not together, but.." You start, sitting down on your bed. "I really like him, you know?" Looking up at him, you wait for his response.
Completely disregarding what you'd just told him, his brows rise when he realizes something, "I actually brought you a present from back in Busan." he blushes a bit, but you fail to notice. "You did?" Placing your hands behind your back, you raise your brows. "Well...? What is it?"
"Right-!" Jisung jumps into action as you follow him close behind to his room.
"I don't know it just made me think of you." He scratches the back of his head after he hands you a cute blue bracelet. Looking down, you grin. "It's so nice, I love it." You thank him, hugging him tightly. "I really missed you"
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"Bitch this is so real" Jennie comments as the both of you are chilling on the couch, watching a random 2000's movie, eating some popcorn. "I'm not even paying attention anymore at this point," you chuckle, earning a loving hit from her. Looking down on your phone at the picture Jungkook had just sent you, you smile. All of the guys were currently down at the lake, drinking a few bottles of beer and swimming. While the thought of going for a swim in the lake sounded very much appealing to you, you preferred staying in the warm cabin with Jennie, binge-watching all of Netflix.
Pookie🩶: *attached picture*
Pookie🩶: are you girls coming down here anytime soon? we still have a few beers left.
You: 🥶
Pookie🩶: Get one of my sweaters and come down here, we made a bonfire, and everything
You stop to think for a second, wearing one of Jungkooks sweaters—that smelled like heaven by the way—and cuddling with him by a bonfire? You're sold.
Looking over at Jennie, she's already giving you a look. "Fine, you wanna go and hang out with your man instead of spending quality time with your best friend? Go for it." The sarcasm in her voice was clear, and after just looking at one another for a second, you two burst out laughing. "I'm just kidding, I think I'm gonna call it a night. You have fun, though." Blowing loving kisses at her, you make your way upstairs to your room, grabbing Jungkooks Balenciaga hoodie that he wore earlier and making your way down to the lake with a smile on your face.
"Hey boys," you wave as you walk towards them, hugging your arms around yourself. Even though Jungkooks sweater was helping with the cold, it was still freezing outside. "Princess," Jungkook calls, waving you over to him. "You look cute"
"So what did you guys do all alone?" Taehyung asks, taking a drag of his cig and blowing the smoke out with ease. You shrug. "Nothing illegal," you joke, leaning against Jungkook and closing your eyes for a second. "Just watched some movies, ate popcorn that was probably expired"
The whole round laughs as the music they put on faded to the background.
"You should watch the new show that just came out, what's it called..." Jisung speaks up, thinking for a second before continuing. "The Glory."
Your eyes light up at the mention of the show, turning to Jungkook, you smile. "Yeah, Jungkook and I started watching it like last week. It's so good." You nod, playing with Jungkook's larger hand as you discuss the show with Jisung.
Jungkook was filled with pride when you mentioned watching the show with him; something about the memory from last week—you cuddling up to him in only his shirt as you began watching the first few episodes—made his heart skip a beat.
"...yeah I really do hope they make a season 2" your voice breaks him out of his daydream, his hand wandering to your stomach and pulling you closer to him, noticing that you in fact are very cold.
"We should call it a night," he whispered into your ear, patting your hip to get up. Yawning, you nod, agreeing with him and standing up.
"Night, see ya tomorrow, I heard it's supposed to get pretty hot" Jisungs calls after you guys, making you yell out in excitement.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"Good morningggg" you singsong, walking into the kitchen the next morning. Jennie and Jisung sat at the counter, talking about whatever. "Morning," Jennie greets you, sliding a bowl of yoghurt with fruit towards you. Thanking her, you sit down next to Jisung, stealing one of his blueberries and poking your tongue at him in amusement. "So where are the others?" You query, getting up again after eating a few spoonfuls, and making yourself a coffee.
"I think Namjoon and Jungkook are in the gym downstairs, and Taehyungs still asleep. He facetimed Jihyo all night doing god knows what" Jennie rolls her eyes, already regretting choosing the room beside him.
"So Jisung, be honest." Jennie starts, and looking back at her, you can see she's about to ask something dramatic. "How do you like the guys? Cause I can totally understand if you hate either Taehyung or Jungkook, those two stoners -" "Jennie," you stop her from finishing her sentence as you give her a look of disapproval.
Shrugging, she just takes another mouthful of her food. "I know what I'm talking about, Are you blind or do you not see the way Jungkook literally bores daggers into Jisungs back every time he gets remotely close to you"
Sighing, you take a sip of your freshly brewed coffee. "First of all," you look at Jisung, "that's just how Jungkook looks at literally everyone." You smile, really not wanting your best friend to get the wrong impression of your boyf- of Jungkook. "wrong," Jennie interrups you. "He looks at me or Namjoon just fine when we're with you"
"That's cause..." You want to argue but can't find a reason as to why Jungkook looks at Jisung the way he does. "It's cause he doesn't know him. He doesn't trust easily," you brush her comment of by saying. Jennie just rolls her eyes and winks at Jisung, who visibly blushes, ugh Jennie and her charms.
"What's up? What's up?" Taehyungs voice fills the silent kitchen, drawing a smile to your face. "You want breakfast? I think I'm gonna make some protein pancakes for Jungkook," you smile "a-and Namjoon." You correct yourself. "Jungkook and Namjoon."
Taehyung raises a brow at you but nods, grabbing your mug of coffee and sipping from it "hey-"
"Helloooo" Namjoon is the next to enter the kitchen, making you wonder where Jungkook went off to.
"Hey Joon," Jennie and Taehyung say at the same time. "God, are you making pancakes? Can I have some, too?" Namjoon makes his way over to you, looking over your shoulder at the pancake batter almost salivating. "I'm making them for you guys, actually! You gym rats need the calories, right? Oh, and Taehyung also wanted some. " You shrug, laughing when Taehyung sends a frown your way. "If you must know, I am very comfortable in my body" ,"and that's great, sweetie." Jennie sarcastically comforts the older.
The whole kitchen laughs out loud, already starting the day with such a good vibe.
"Y/n," Jisung comes up behind you leaning against the counter so he could talk to you one on one as the others ate their—beforehand your—breakfast.
"Shoot," you answer him, flipping over pancakes. "So since the weather is nice today, I was thinking we could go out and swim while the sun is still hitting the lake?" Jisung proposes making you gasp excitedly. "Yes, we should all have lunch by the lake today and swim!" You agree with him earning a small cheer by the peers behind you.
Jisung clears his throat, though, seemingly something was wrong. Raising a brow, you look at him questionably "what wrong? You don't want to anymore?"
He shakes his head though, "No, but I was thinking we could just go as the two of us, you know? Like old times when we used to go to the outdoor pools?"
"Oh," you let out a surprised comment. "I mean,-"
"Morning," says a low, raspy voice, and when you turn around, you see Jungkook entering the kitchen area, his eyes searching for you.
"Good Morning" you respond amongs the others
Jungkooks face lights up when he sees you. His hair was wet, so he must have taken a shower after the gym, which explains why Joon arrived before him.
You return your attention to your friend and resume your conversation with him. "So you were saying?". "Right," Jisung clears his throat and prepares to speak to you when Jungkook interrupts him once more. "Good morning, princess," his arms circle around you as if it were second nature, his head resting on top of yours. Before turning to see what you were making, he gave Jisung, who was much smaller, a glare.
"Jisung?" You ask again only to receive a "nevermind" as he leaves.
"Kook," you whine, knowing the reason your friend left was because of him.
Jungkook just ignores your complaints, though, as he leans down to peck your lips. "What ya makin'?" He wonders out loud,
"Protein pancakes for the big boys" you joke, referring to him and Namjoon.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Later that day, you all find yourselves at the lake, the sun was shining, and there were no clouds appearing anytime soon. In comparison to yesterday, this was literal heaven.
"Y/n-ie, go stand by the water. I wanna take a picture," Jennie yells from behind, making you groan. "This is the last time. You've asked me like 15 times already."
"It's cause you're hot," she says, winking, quickly snapping a picture of you.
"She's not wrong" Jisung says from besides you, teasingly pocking your side. "Underwater breathing contest?" He asks in a challenging tone. "On the count of three" you agree.
"1...2...3!" And with a quick motion, you're underwater, eyes open and making funny faces at one another. About 20 seconds later you both go up for air "that was so" you start, stopping to catch your breath "that was so unfair of you" you whine, getting out the water and dringend yourself off. "I would've totally won if you didn't pull that face"
"Look at them." Jungkook nods towards you and Jisung, crossing his arms, his muscles appearing more toned than ever. "What? They seem to be having a good time." Namjoon just shrugs, pulling out the meat for the bbq later. "You should be having a good time as well. What's the point of pursuing Y/n if you're not even spending time with her? ". Jungkook cracks his knuckles as he looks at Namjoon. "I hate that guy." Namjoon comes to a halt for a split second, looking annoyed at Jungkook. "Do you even care what I have to say?"
"I do hyung, but just- fuck, look at them, they're acting all couple-like and shit" pressing his tongue against his cheek he finally looks away and helps his friend.
"Well, you're not her boyfriend, so she is perfectly capable of doing whatever she wants." Hearing Namjoon say this makes Jungkooks blood boil. It was his fault that you guys weren't dating yet. He knew that. When you first started hooking up, he'd set clear boundaries. Ones that he's now slowly breaking.
"My plan is to ask her out on the trip, I just haven't found the right moment yet," the younger shrugs as he places a piece of meat on the grill. "What do I even say?, I mean technically we act as if we're dating; we kiss, we fuck, we hang out, we talk about our feelings." Jungkook sighs, "I shouldn't even have to ask her out In the first place, were not 14, were adults. But Y/n is into all that romance shit and I want to make her happy"
"I asked Sana to be my girlfriend, and that was only 2 years ago, we weren't teens either." Namjoon starts speaking again, trying to speak some sense into Jungkook. "What I'm saying is that asking people to be their boyfriend/girlfriend is totally normal. Just because you think it's cringe doesn't mean that everyone else does."
"Jungkook, Joonie! There you are!" You say approaching the two boys as they prepare the barbecue. The only thing covering you was the skimpy baby blue bikini Jennie had convinced you to wear. In her words, it would make Jungkook ask you out even sooner. Sure, what she said made no sense at all, but the bikini is cute, so might as well.
"Jennie, Jisung, and I wanted to play some music, Taehyung said you had the loudspeaker?," you ask, looking at Namjoon with big expecting eyes. "Sure, I think it's in my room. Just go in and get it, " Namjoon tells you, placing another piece of meat on the grill. "Okay!" Walking into the cabin, you notice Jungkook follow you, turning you smile at him."You don't wanna go swim?"
"Might go later, I promised to help Joon with the food," you hum in acknowledgement before grabbing the speaker and turning to him. "We should all play some volleyball later, Jisung Brough a ball and net," you propose to him, grabbing his hand to head back to the others. "Whatever you want, princess." Jungkook laughs, shaking his head when you jokingly hit his chest and pout. "It'll be fun!"
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"Kids, foods ready!" Namjoon yells from the picnic table outside, placing the different kinds of food down on it. "Looks great, Joon," you compliment, sitting down beside Jungkook and already putting food on his plate. "Thanks, jagi." The nickname just kind of slipped out of him, the situation just feeling way too domestic.
"Y/n, pass me the salad, please," Jennie yells from other side of the table, your hand immediately reaching for the food and passing it to her. "The foods great Namjoon," Taehyung compliments, immediately digging into his meat, making everyone laugh.
"We should all definitely play some volleyball tomorrow. We should make use of the great weather," Jisung suggests, making everyone nod in agreement, even Jungkook.
Later that evening, Taehyung and Namjoon decided to go back into their rooms and call their girlfriends. While Jennie had already taken a shower and was now watching a movie on the big TV in the living room, you had just finished up doing the dishes with Jungkook. "I should take a shower too, I feel like I have sand everywhere." You laugh as you dry your hands. "I'll join you," he winks, grabbing you by the waist and leaning in for a kiss, but you teasingly lean away, running upstairs.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"Fuck Jungkook" you moan, his dick sliding in and out of you with ease as he holds you up against the shower wall. "Fuck you feel so good princess". His hands held you by the ass, head leaning down to your neck leaving hickeys and love bites all over it.
"Look at how pretty you are." Although Jungkook's words are adorable, you couldn't manage to mumble a thank you. The way his hips were rutting against you made you dumb. One could say you're cute, sure. But You were never one that tried to be overly sexy.
"Aren't you so good at this, baby?" You hum in acknowledgement, trying your best to fuck him back in this position. gaining self-confidence, you manage to change the position from getting fucked against the shower wall with your legs around his waist to your tits touching the cold wall and Jungkook taking you from behind. His tattooed hand holding you hip still while the other landed a few slaps on your ass.
"You like this?" He asks, laughing, flashing one of his toothy smiles.
You could swear this man is a demon of some sort, by the way his dick is jackhammering into you right now.
Mumbling a small "I'm gonna cum" you turn to see him form a small smirk at corner of his mouth. The small metal ring around his lips stands out to you as he licks his lips, his hips somehow managing to fuck you harder.
"Oh- fuck," he grunts, hips losing any kind of rhythm, as he himself gets closer to his release. His hips are practically right against your ass, giving him no more space to push in further.
The filthy words that come put of your mouth as you reach your orgasm seemed to make him go crazy by the way he was now holding you right up against his ripped chest and playing with your tits.
Jungkook locks eyes with you, parted lips letting out moans as he cums in you.
Brushing your hair back, you smile at Jungkook through the bathroom mirror, blushing cheeks, turning even redder when he walks up behind you, pecking the side of your lip. "What's that?" he suddenly asks, referring to the bracelet that adorned your left wrist. "Oh, this?" Looking down at the bracelet Jisung gave you 2 days ago, you smile. "Jisung gave it to me when he arrived, said it reminded him of me," you tell him, not really making a big deal of it.
Poking the inside of his cheek, Jungkook looks irritated, his hand on your waist tightening out of reflex. "Did he now?" cocking his head making eyecontact with you in the mirror. "Pretty little thing," he mumbles mindlessly playing with it.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"Jungkook, it's just a bracelet," Taehyung groans, rolling his eyes, his head hitting the pillow on his bed.
Jungkook had gone to complain to Taehyung after you two finished your shower. "I'll be right back," he'd told you. Now, it had already been 30 minutes since he left, and you were starting to get a bit confused. You initially thought that he was getting some water or just forgot something downstairs.
"Are you blind or are you acting stupid on purpose, hyung?" Jungkook moans and puts his head in his hands. "It's obvious that Jisung likes her."
"I don't trust the guy" Jungkook speaks up right after, "he keeps wanting to be alone with her"
"Of course he does. They haven't seen each other in ages." Taehyung tries to reason. "Why are you even jealous? You know how easy it would be if you just asked y/n out?" With an annoyed sigh, Taehyung sits up again, grabbing his phone and tapping the screen. "It's late. Get out. Jihyo is supposed to call me right about now"
"What? How would it make it any simpler? He would continue to make an effort to be close to her," Jungkook adds as he gets up and moves toward the door. "But at least you'd have a good reason for behaving like a total dick toward him."
"Fuck off" Jungkook mumbles before leaving Taehyungs room
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
You put on your headphones and begin listening to your favourite music as you go onto the treadmill. It was precisely 7 a.m., which was early, given that you were on vacation. Somehow, you couldn't fall back asleep after waking up at around 6, so you decided to be productive and work out a bit before starting to prepare breakfast for everyone because. Why not? You had the time to do so.
You supposed everyone was still asleep given that the lights were still turned off when you walked downstairs. The small gym being situated in the basement of the house, meaning that you had to walk down a flight of stairs that seemed like it needed some renovation.
"...oh say it ditto..." You singsong as you walk at a normal speed on the treadmill. Jungkook, being the gym bunny that he was, had taught you to always start your workouts lighty, so that's what you were doing. It was honestly a blessing to have Jungkook in your life. Besides the obvious, he was a great gym partner. Sure, you weren't much of a gym rat, but every once in a while, Jungkook managed to convince you to do a few workouts with him.
Due to the loud music playing in your headphones, you didn't notice someone walking into the gym, but when you suddenly look up and see Jisung smile at you, you wave at him turning off your music.
"Morning" you smile, slowing down on the treadmill as you talk over to him. "How'd you sleep?" He asks you, looking at himself in the mirror as he fixes his hair. "I didn't really expect anyone to be here this early"
You laugh "well here I am," shrugging and getting off the treadmill completely to do some stretching. "You're done already?" Jisung laughs, making you blush embarrassed. "You know I quickly I run out of breath"
"I remember." he nods, sitting down beside you to stretch as well. "How are you liking it here so far? Are you getting along with the guys?" You start the conversation again, stretching your legs and groaning in pain, mentally noting to work out a little more in the coming weeks.
"It's great here, I mean, the view is amazing" he answers and you nod agreeing with him "I know, when me and Jennie saw that the house was up for rent we immediately went for it, it's more on the pricier side though"
"Understandable" your friend agrees with you, watching you get up to grab your water and take a few sips. You looked hot in your black leggings and blue sports bra, your boobs looking amazing. Jisung turns his head away before you catch him glaring, clearing his throat.
"So what's on the agenda toda-" Jisung is cut off by the door opening once more, revealing Jungkook. Much to his despair.
"Kook," you run up to him excitedly, hugging a surprised looking Jungkook. "What are you doing here?" He laughs, squeezing your side as he places his small towel and water bottle down on the ground. Scowling, you hit his chest. "Hey! I work out too at times" you whine. Jungkook smiles before his gaze meets Jisung, his smirk immediately dropping.
"I guess we could do a whole workout sesh now," you joke, referring to the three of you. "Jisung, did I ever tell you that Jungkook sometimes gives me free workout lessons?" You brag, wiggling your eyebrows
"Really?" Jisung laughs along with you, "Yeah those are the perks of being friends with someone like him," you joke,
There it was again, Jungkook thought, that stupid label.
"You wanna work out with me, princess?" Jungkooks asks you teasingly, adding the nickname just to annoy Jisung a tad bit. Smiling, you nod in excitement, already grabbing his hand and leading him closer to the top to bottom mirror. "I already did 30 minutes on the treadmill," you proudly state, earning a smile from Jungkook. "Did you now?"
Nodding, you sit down on the yoga mat, waiting for Jungkook to instruct you.
Meanwhile, Jisung starts on the weights, feeling a judging gaze from the older male as he works out.
"Jungkook, I can't anymore. I'm exhausted," you whine as you hold your form, planking on the ground, sweat dripping off your forehead.
Jungkook taps your shoulder lightly 10 seconds later and you let yourself fall to the ground almost immediately, an exhausted grunt leaving your mouth.
"I hate this," you moan, closing your eyes. "I thought you wanted to work out, huh?" Jungkook keeps teasing you, tickling your side. "Alright then, rest a bit. I'll go get started on the weights." And with that, he stands up and walks over to where Jisung is, grabbing a weight that was double the weight the younger was currently lifting.
"Jisung! Pass me my water, please. " You call out for him, referring to the water that was right besides him. "Go get it yourself lazy" he teases you, earning a warning glare from Jungkook. "Shut up, I can barely move right now" you complain.
Placing down his weights, Jungkook walks over and grabs your water, handing it to you as you thank him.
"I would've brought it to her, you know." Jisung rolls his eyes at the older, only to be met with Jungkooks piercing eyes as he pokes the inside of his cheek. "But you didn't when she asked you to-"
"Okay, boys, let's calm down." You nervously laugh, standing up and heading towards the two of them, "I get that you don't like one another very much, but let's not fight every 2 seconds, yeah?" You sweetly ask them, more for the sake of Taehyung, Jennie, and Namjoon. You knew they wouldn't like the bickering between these two.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"Anyone who's up to go to the grocery store raise your hand." Namjoon exclaims as he walks into the living room where everyone else was. The silence indicated that nobody really wanted to leave this idyllic home and take a 30-minute journey to the grocery store. Yet it had to be done, there was no other choice, and the supply of food was running low.
"I'll go" Jisung and Jungkook say at the same time, making everyone else stare between the two of them.
"Well?" Namjoon crosses his arms, waiting for one to tap out. "I'll go" Jungkook repeats, already standing up and not even giving Jisung a chance to complain.
Things have been weird between the 3 of you since this morning. Ever since you said that the two of you were just friends, Jungkook has sort of been ignoring you. You know why, of course you do. The two of you liked each other but didn't want to admit to it.
"Damn, way to kill a mood," Jennie mumbles next to you as she mindlessly scrolls on her phone. "I'm sure Jungkook just wants to leave and not have to face you for a while." Taehyung chimes in next to you, making you raise your knees to your chest, hugging them. "I dont know what to do, guys," you mumble, leaning against Jennie. Turning off her phone, she pats your hair. "Admit that you like him." Looking up, you raise a brow at her. "I do like him"
Rolling his eyes, Taehyung speaks, "Not to us, you idiot, tell Jungkook"
Pouting you answer him "Jungkook knows I like him".
"How? Have you told him?" Jennie teases, knowing exactly that you, in fact, didn't.
"It doesn't take much of a brain to notice, I mean-" you scoff "we kiss, we tell each other what's on our mind, we-" you swallow, looking around in case someone was eavesdropping. "-we have sex"
"Y/n, Jungkooks as smart as a rock, if you don't tell him, he won't know" Taehyung shakes his head as he stands up, walking out of the room.
"Hate to admit It, but stoner has a point," Jennie shrugs, making you whine as you walk upstairs into your room and throw yourself on the bed, hugging a pillow in distress.
Is it sad? Sad, that you thought Jungkook was going to use this trip as a way to get even closer to you. To finally gather the courage to ask you out?
Another whine left your lips, the pressure of it all, being too much for your body and mind to handle. Thank god Jungkook was leaving for at least 2 or 3 hours, giving you time to think about your relationship, or lack thereof, and maybe even take a nice long bath.
Jisung😼: You okay? You've been in your room for quite some time now
You: I'm fine, just taking a really long bath 😴
Jisung😼: do you mind if we speak after you're done? I have to tell you something
You stop and stare at the screen for a second.
Taking a screenshot, you send it to Jennie, waiting for her to give her 5 cents.
You: *insert photo*
Jennie👩‍❤️‍👩: girl
Jennie👩‍❤️‍👩: he wants you so bad
Jennie👩‍❤️‍👩: Whatever it is that you took for men to want you like this, give it to me
You: Jennie.
Jennie👩‍❤️‍👩: okay what do you want me to say?
Jennie👩‍❤️‍👩; the man's head over heels for you
You: but I'm not, for him at least
Jennie👩‍❤️‍👩: time for you and Jungkook to have the talk then 🤩
You sigh, turning off your phone, re-starting your music, and eventually closing your eyes slightly. You can't help but unwind when you hear lo-fi music and smell the lavender scent of your bath salt. That is, at least, until you hear someone enter your room and disrupt your me-time. Confounded, you turn to check the time, gasping as you realize you've been in the bath for nearly an hour and a half.
It's none other than Jungkook himself, of course. He doesn't come into the bath, but he does knock on the bathroom door lightly, informing you that he's back.
You make an effort to get dry and dressed as quickly as possible to avoid being seen ankes by him. On other occasions you wouldn't mind, you be happy about it to be honest, but right now it's what you needed the least.
"Hey," you mumble as you enter your bedroom and place your phone to charge. You don't dare to make eye contact with him, and as you put on some house shoes to leave the room as fast as you came in, your heart pounds.
"Jisung" you call his name, making him turn around from where he stands on the front porch, probably wanting some time alone.
"You.. wanted to speak to me?" You initiate the conversating, watching as he tenses and clears his throat.
"I- well, yes. Sit down, please?" He asks you, motioning to the empty spot on the couch next to him.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"...honestly I don't know what I want at this point, I don't know what she wants at this point." Jungkooks voice fills Namjoons ears once again as they both walk down the aisles of the grocery store in the small town.
Cracking his fingers, Namjoon sighs out loud, letting Jungkook know that he's being annoying. "Do you want me to repeat my speech that I give you every time you bring up Y/n?"
Jungkook stops in his tracks as he looks at Namjoon with wide eyes, offended.
"Actually yes, go on"
"Y/n and you like each other, yes or no?"
"Yes." Jungkook states with confidence
"Then why is it," Namjoon rubs his temples with his fingers, casually placing some tomatoes in the cart. "That whenever one of us-" he points at himself but also refers to Jennie and Taehyung. "-Tells you to just get into a relationship"
"You just completely ignore us and go back to just being friends with benefits or whatever shit you've got going on"
"Cause-" Jungkook interrups, crossing his arms and playing with his lip-piercing with his tongue, annoyed.
"I'm not done yet" Namjoon warns the younger, pointing a finger at him
"You're 23 for God's sake, and Y/n-ie is 21, you're not kids anymore"
Namjoons voice is deep, his face showing anything but joy. "What. Do. You. Want.?"
"I don't know what the fuck I want! I want her!" Jungkooks' voice startles the other customers around him, but he doesn't care.
"She's told me before; she wants the guy to ask her out cause she thinks it's romantic and shit. And I get that okay? But whenever I'm about to ask her, you know, let her know she's the one for me." Jungkook grabs a coke and places it in the cart. "I chicken out, it's like- I want to date her, so bad, but I also don't want to commit to a relationship. What if I fuck up?"
"Do you even remotely know how many times I've fucked up with Sana?" Namjoon keeps talking as he helps Jungkook place the items on the checkout conveyor belt.
Jungkook shakes his head, nodding for the older to continue with his pep talk
"Exactly, I fuck up every 2 to 3 work days, but then we talk thing's out, get shit we think off our chests and then everything's back to normal" paying for the groceries Namjoon sighs as they walk out. "What I'm trying to say is; if you're scared to fuck up, don't be, it's normal to argue as a couple"
"Let me ask you this; how many times have you two argued since you started your..." he motions with his hands,"...whatever it is that you've got going on"
Shrugging Jungkook places the grocery bags in the car, "I don't know, maybe 2 or 3 times"
"See, you two obviously like each other, and you obviously make a good fit." Namjoon ends his speech. "You're young, just fucking go for it."
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Walking into your shared room, Jungkook notices the music coming from the bathroom, he recognises that it's your 'Lo-Fi Bath' playlist almost immediately, smiling to himself happy that you're taking time to relax. After the talk with Namjoon earlier, he's pretty sure of what he wants now, and what he wants is you.
With a small knock on the bathroom door, he lets you know he's back from the store. When Jungkook doesn't hear an answer, he assumes you either didn't hear or are purposely ignoring him like he did to you all morning and afternoon. Fair enough
Taking off his clothes, Jungkook changes from his jeans and sweater to something more comfortable, sitting on the bed and going on his phone, checking his messages.
Soon after, he watches you walk out the bathroom, fully clothed and with a frown on your face. He wants to say something, anything
But as soon as he gathers his courage, you're already leaving the room.
He spends around 10 minutes considering whether or not he should go after you. Everything always seemed so much easier in the movies you made him watch, but this was real life, and he was going to lose you if he didn't act out on his feelings and finally asked you to be his girlfriend.
Just as he was going to get up anyway, a text from Taehyung interrups his plan.
Taehyung: dude
Taehyung: Not to make you anxious or anything, but I'm pretty sure Jisung is asking Y/n out
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"Does he not know that we're together?" Jungkook growls as he watches you and Jisung talk outside at the porch. It was cold. Why weren't you wearing a sweater at least? You'd be sick by the next morning if you stayed out there any longer.
Placing a hand on his shoulder, Taehyung holds a smirk away "You're not"
"Fuck off hyung, if you're just gonna stand here and piss me off you better leave" shrugging Taehyung's hand off Jungkook crosses his arms, muscles bulking out.
He watches as Jisung places a hand on your arm, smiling. And when you return it, Jungkook nearly loses it.
With quick steps, he does what he promised Taehyung not to do not even 5 minutes ago, walk out.
"Maybe you should back off a little." You hear Jungkook speak from behind you, startling you. "Jesus, Jungkook," you breathe out in surprise, hand on your chest as you stand up just like Jisung. "What's wrong?" Seeing Jungkooks stressed expression you ask him, trying to calm him down by placing a hand on his arm just like Jisung did to you earlier.
"He's so obvious. It's embarrassing." Jungkook argues, making you raise a brow in confusion. "Wait- what do you mean?" Looking back at Jisung he just shrugs, placing both his hands in his pockets as he watches the scene unfold before his eyes.
"He-" Jungkook starts, stopping himself to breathe out. "You're stupid if you think he just wants to be your friend"
You're shocked, with everything you'd expected him to say this wasn't even close. "Excuse me?" You ask him offended, raising your voice just a little bit. "Jeon Jungkook what the fuck did you just call me?" It seems as if he'd hit a nerve with the way you were reacting so suddenly, your aura completely changed. "What the fuck is your problem dude?" Jisung intervenes, stepping in front of you and that way separating you from Jungkook.
"None of your fucking business" watching Jungkook push Jisung away just a little too harsh you look back at Taehyung and Namjoon who were watching the scene unfold from inside the house. Namjoon seemed to have noticed your worried expression as he hurried out and separated the two men before a fight could break out. By now, a few tears of stress and disappointment were running down your face.
"It's okay, come here," Jennie speaks as she grabs your shoulders and hurries you inside, walking you to her room so you can calm down.
"What the fuck is going on here" Namjoon is the first to speak up out of the 4, his brows furrowed and arms crossed. Taehyung just shrugs, and so does Jisung. "I don't know, I was talking to Y/n, and then suddenly this dude."
"Don't call me dude," Jungkook interrups him, walking towards Jisung, Taehyung stopping him once more.
"He suddenly goes fucking crazy and insults Y/n"
"The fuck?!" Jungkook grows even more furious at the mention of him hurting you in any kind of way. Struggling in Taehyungs grasp, unfortunately stronger than his hyung, he manages to get out, landing a hit against Jisungs cheek.
"For fucks sake!" Namjoon yells, face shocked as he grabs the younger and pulls him away, forcing him inside the cabin and away from Jisung. "The fuck is that guy talking about? I didn't just randomly insult Y/n! He was clearly flirting with her!"
You hear Jungkook yell from outside the door, anxiety taking over as you inch closer to Jennie, who just hugs you tighter. "What is going on- I don't understand." You silently cried, wishing this was all just a dream.
"Jungkook calm the fuck down before I'm the next to land a hit on your face" Namjoon threatened, not really meaning it. "Tell me what the fuck happened just now"
Poking the inside of his cheek, Jungkook looks away, clearly not proud of his actions.
"Taehyung texted me that Jisung was asking Y/n out." Jungkook explains, hearing Namjoon sigh, he stops him from speaking, "But I didn't want to do anything at first! I trust her, I know she wouldn't just - I don't know - agree to be with him, I guess"
Namjoon nods, waiting for him to continue.
"But then that fucking basta-"
"Sorry. Then he got all touchy with her and I fucking lost it okay?" Burrying his head in his hand Jungkook groans "I shouldn't have let my emotions get the better of me"
"I called y/n stupid..." he admits seconds later.
Joon lets his hand brush over his face as he sighs out loud "why" he just asks. "Cause- how can she be so oblivious about it?! It's so obvious he has a thing for her, everyone can tell, come on!"
"Dude, come on, let's get that checked," Taehyung says as he walks Jisung to the bathroom to take care of the bloody wound Jungkook gave him.
"Fuck" he groans, pulling away from the wet towel as he curses. "Well suit yourself," Taehyung speaks as he hands Jisung the towel and leans against the counter, observing him.
"The fuck did you do to deserve that anyway?" Taehyung can't help but laugh dryly. Jisung looks up at him through the mirror his eyebrow raised. "Doesn't concern you or anyone else but me and Y/n"
After a small silence, Taehyung speaks up
"You like her." He shrugs as he states the obvious, making Jisungs eyes widen in shock.
Was it really that noticeable?
Taehyungs phone vibrates in his pocket, Namjoons chat appearing as he unlocks the phone.
Namjoon: make sure that Y/n sleeps in Jennies room tonight, Jungkooks fucked up man. He won't stop beating himself up over what happened
Namjoon: he's crying
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
The next morning you can't help but feel horrible for your friends. Obviously, it wasn't your fault. Everything that happened yesterday only had one person to blame.
You'd slept in Jennies room last night. She told you that it would be best if you didn't have to face Jungkook or Jisung for the rest of the night.
It was morning now, though, and you had to speak to either of them at some point. But firstly, you needed to apologise to Namjoon and Taehyung. They shouldn't have to spend their vacation taking care of you three just because you were too immature to do it yourselves.
So you got up around 6 a.m., knowing that everyone was still sleeping, and went into the kitchen to make some bomb ass breakfast for the boys. You've always been good at cooking, so you might as well use that skill to apologize.
With blueberry pancakes in one hand and a bowl of fresh fruit in the other, you knock on Namjoons door first. It was now a bit later, maybe 7 or even 7.30. You seemed ti have woken him up since, when he opened the door, his hair was messy and eyes barely open.
"Sorry," you apologise for waking him up, smiling when you hold up the tray of food. "What's all this?" Joon asks, looking down and almost salivating at the way too good-looking food. "My apology for what happened yesterday," You sigh as you walk into Namjoon's room and place the tray on his table. "I'm truly sorry; you and Taehyung shouldn't have to worry about me and Jungkook all the time, and I understand how inconvenient that can be." Namjoon only nods and shakes his head. "I spoke with Jungkook before shit went down."
"I don't want to intervene in your relationship, I know it's been an up and down, but Jungkook seriously likes you, he's just scared"
"I know" you sigh, walking towards the door to let him enjoy his early breakfast.
"Namjoon?" you speak up before closing the door, making him look up. "Yeah?"
"Thank you for telling me"
Next was Taehyung, he'd be a lot easier to apologise to; give him a fancy flavoured juul and the guy was sold.
Either way you walked towards his bedroom, which was right besides Jisungs. Swallowing hard you knock on Taehyungs door, hoping Jisung wouldn't walk out, out of the blue.
Thank goodness that didn't happen; instead, a fairly awake Taehyung smiled as he opened the door and saw the tray of food. "For you," you say as you move closer to him. "Thank you, woah," he says, cheerfully setting it on his bedside table. "I suppose you understand why I'm apologizing?" You cross your arms and lean against the doorframe once more. "It's fine, you know how Jungkook can get, I've gotten him out of worse shit," Tae says, taking one of the strawberries and placing it in his mouth.
You nod a little, laughing, "Either way, I already told Namjoon this, but you shouldn't have to spend your vacation looking after us like little kids." Tae shakes his head. "It's fun to put Big Bad Boy Jungkook in his place sometimes," he jokes.
"Well! I hope I'm forgiven," You speak while clasping your hands together, leaving the room.
Well, now that that was out of the way it felt like a huge weight was lifted off your chest. You could barely sleep at night just because of how bad you felt.
Just as you were about to return to the kitchen to eat some of your leftover pancakes, you noticed Jungkook doing just that. Coming to a halt and lightly gasping, you duck behind the wall. However, it appeared that it was useless because Jungkook spoke up only seconds later.
"I saw you"
Shit, should you run into Jennies room? Or maybe speak to him like an adult would?
Taking a deep breath in and out, you comb your hands through your hair and make sure your shirt isn't wrinkled.
"I wasn't hiding" crossing your arms you lean against the doorframe, trying to act cool.
"I didn't say you were," Jungkook mumbles, raising a brow at you, looking you up and down. "Is that my shirt?"
Looking down at yourself, you blush, it was.
"Don't change the topic! Why did you punch Jisung?" You suddenly speak up, getting to the point. Body tense as you two just stare at each other. "Don't even try to deny it! Taehyung told me"
All Jungkook could do was shrug, not even able to look into your eyes.
"What? You had the balls to punch my friend, but now that I'm confronting you about it, you -" You scoff "- you should be embarrassed."
You watch him bite his lips before walking a little closer to you, not fully in front of you but definitely close enough to hear his breathing.
"I'm really sorry, okay?"
You scoff "I'm not the one you should be apologising to"
"Asshole," you mutter under your breath before eventually leaving, but not before brushing past him to fetch yourself the last pancake.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Later that day, you find yourself using the opportunity that Jungkook was in the gym downstairs to pack some of your things. You'd talked to Jennie, and both of you agreed that it was best if you stayed in her room for the rest of the two weeks you were staying at the cabin.
"This and that," you mumble as you place random things into your suitcase, not really acting whether or not they were packed neatly.
"Oh," you gasp, looking down at the bracelet Jisung had gotten you. You must've forgotten to put it back on after your bath yesterday. Further inspecting the jewelry, you just now notice the small engraving of both your names initials.
Now, it would've been cute if it weren't for the event that went on yesterday;
"You wanted to talk to me?" You ask, sitting down besides Jisung on the small couch at the porch outside. He nods. "Yes. I-" he starts, seemingly looking for the right words. "You...?" Smiling at him, you encourage him to keep talking.
Looking up, he locks eyes with you for a second before turning away, looking anywhere but you. "There's a reason that I came here on this trip with you all the way from Busan"
You nod, waiting for him to continue. Placing a hand on your arm, he inches closer to you, making you back up just a little. This felt weird. What was he getting at?
"The truth is," he sighs, now fully locking his eyes on you. The cold air of the night makes you shiver. "I've had a crush on you ever since we met, and -" he stops to link his lips, stating right at yours. "-I'd like for us to be more than just best friends"
You didn't know what to say. It's like your heart sipped a beat at his words. This wasn't happening right now. Please, god, let this be a dream.
"Jisung I-"
"Maybe you should back off a little"
You shake your head when your thoughts wander back to yesterday, the thought of having to talk to Jisung later, messing with your head.
Placing the bracelet in a drawer, you turn to your small suitcase to close it up. Having placed most of your shirts, pants, and undergarments in it, you should be good to go to live off it for the next few days, and you also had Jennies wardrobe to choose from anyway.
"I wouldn't talk to her just yet" Namjoon tells Jungkook as they both sit at the lake, enjoying the last few rays of sun before it got dark. "I want to fix things as soon as possible" Jungkook argues, throwing a rock into the water and watching it flip a few times before eventually drowning.
"Sometimes it's better to wait, Kook, everyone is still pretty upset about what happened, especially Y/n" he makes sure to let Jungkook know.
"I talked to her this morning, by the way," taking another sip of his beer. Namjoon starts to speak again after a small silence. "You did?" Jungkook turns to him in curiosity. The older nods, "she made me and Taehyung breakfast as an apology, 10/10, by the way," he laughs.
So that's why there were pancakes in the kitchen earlier.
"...well, what did she say?" Jungkook asks, leaning back and observing the sunset.
"Not much, just that she's upset that me and Taehyung have to take care of you like little kids." Jungkook laughs at that, yup definitely something you'd say.
"Have you apologised to Jisung yet?" Namjoon brings up the guy who's—in Jungkooks opinion—fault it was.
Shaking his head, Jungkook groans. "No."
Knocking on his door, you wait for Jisung to open it. Millions of thoughts ran through your mind at the moment. How would he take your rejection? Would he ever forgive you? Would he still want to be friends?. You honestly didn't know how or where to start, but when he opened the door for you, cheek bruised and hair messy, you knew you'd probably woken him up from a nap.
"Can I come in?" You carefully ask him, not really wanting to come off as too demanding. Nodding he steps aside and let's you walk in, turning on the lights as he did so.
"So?" He makes sure to let you know he's upset. You knew, of course. You'd known him for over 18 years. It was impossible not to read the others' facial expressions by perfection.
"I came here to firstly; apologise." You start sitting down on the little chair he had by his desk. When he doesn't say much, you continue. "I'm also here to tell you that" damn this was going to be difficult "Jisung I don't feel the same way, I'm sorry"
It felt like you'd just torn off a band-aid off an open wound.
"I should've known," Jisungs says, shaking his head, "I should've declined Busan University's scholarship and gone to Seoul with you," he admits angrily, his head falling into his hands. You make a shaky motion with your head. "That wouldn't have changed my feelings, Jisung," you say softly, not wanting to irritate him further.
"Yes, it would've, you wouldn't have met him!" He yells out in frustration, "every time we talked, every time we texted, you always mentioned him. Damn, do you even remotely know how fucking awful that felt?"
You sigh, standing up and walking over to him, placing a loving hand on his shoulder "Jisung, you should've told me-"
"Would it have changed your feelings, though? Huh? Would it have made you change your mind? Would I have made you love me?" He asks, one small tears falling from his eyes. You bite your lip. It wouldn't.
Grabbing a tissue from his bedside table, you give it to him, lightly patting his shoulder. "Jisung, I- I don't know what to tell you," you say honestly.
"I need you to tell me you love Jungkook enough to reject me like this. Tell me you have no feelings for me," he scoffs, his teeth clenched in annoyance.
There's an uncomfortable silence for a minute or two. We're Jisung just crying into your arms. "Jisung, I can't love you," you finally admit. "I love Jungkook"
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
The next day, things definitely seemed a little bit more normal, Jungkook had apologised to Jisung, and although it was a short one, you'd appreciate that he had at least done it.
You were preparing lunch with Namjoon in the kitchen when Jennie walked in, phone in hand as she grabbed a slice of your cut-up paprika and snacked on it.
"Hey," you laugh, "we still need that!". Shrugging, she smiled up at you and poked her tongue out, making you laugh. "So..." she raises her brows in anticipation. "So... what?" You ask her, placing the ingredients in the pan and letting Namjoon do the rest as you sat down beside your best friend and took a sip of water. "Have you talked to Jungkook yet?" She asks making you choke on your water.
Shaking your head, you scrunch your nose. "I don't even know if I should be the one to approach him? Shouldn't he be the one to apologise?"
"Ah, there you go acting like a kid again," Namjoon speaks from beside you, placing the veggies down on the plates and grabbing a can of soda for himself, sitting besides you two.
Offended you pout.
"It's not about who's fault it was and whose it wasn't." Namjoon once again starts with his pep talk, making you and Jennie roll your eyes. "She's right. He should be the one to approach her!" Jennie defends you. Fistbumping her, you smile. "Exactly"
"You, out of all people, should know how much effort it took for Jungkook to even apologise to Jisung in the first place" Namjoon lets you know.
You nod, he was right, Jungkook wasn't one to ever apologise for anything, so the fact that he went up to Jisung was crazy.
"Even if I were to come up to him..." You start. "I wouldn't even know how to start, let alone know what to say"
When Jisung suddenly enters the kitchen, you all go quiet, looking at the boy I'm shocked. Of course, he was entitled to walk anywhere in the house, but you genuinely thought he stayed in his room for a few days. At least, that's how you knew him.
"Hey," he waves, giving you guys a tight, forced smile.
"Jisung," you say in surprise, standing up and walking over to him. Jennie gives you an awkward look but puts her thumbs up. "Should we... go outside a bit?" You ask him, already grabbing his hand and walking out.
It seemed to be the worst timing ever cause just as you were leaving the house, you walked into Taehyung and Jungkook, who were cleaning the picnic table from yesterday day nights dinner. You give them both a tight smile as you walk past, pulling your hand away from Jisung as you pass Jungkook.
Jungkook turns around to look after you two, his fist clenching in anger seeing the two of you so close together after what happened.
"She already rejected the guy, chill," Taehyung says, hitting Jungkook shoulder and forcing him inside the house.
"So how are you?" You casually ask as the two of you walk by the lake, the sun shining, making the weather nice and warm. "To be honest..." Jisung starts, kicking some rocks. "I expected your rejection to feel worse than it actually did"
You cringe at his words, eventually nodding and humming.
"So does that mean that you don't hate me?" You ask him unsure of what his answer would be.
Laughing Jisung shakes his head, "Of course not, you idiot. How could I ever hate someone like you?"
Now you're laughing, too. "Well, I did reject you and told you that I loved Jungkook." Shrugging, you come to a halt. "No need to rub it in," Jisung warns. "Sorry"
"So..." he raises his brows at you "Do you?"
"Do you love him?" He asks in all seriousness.
The question hits you harder than it should, making you bite your lip and look out at the lake. "Me and Jungkook have a complicated relationship." You begin, unsure of how to continue. "You know, if you would have asked me 2 months ago I would've laughed in your face"
"And now?" Jisung asks
"Now..." you wonder, "now I wouldn't hesitate to say yes"
"I love Jungkook"
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
It's around 1 am. when you come to the brilliant idea to stargaze outside. You'd yet to talk to Jungkook, but what would you even tell him? I'm sorry for giving Jisung the wrong idea? I'm sorry for inviting Jisung in the first place?
God, everything was a mess. Your head was spinning with a million, thoughts that all led to Jungkook.
"Seeing you this upset over something I did makes me feel even worse," the voice of the man you were currently thinking about catches you off guard.
What the- did you just manifest Jungkook to come comfort you?
"Does it now?" You wonder out loud, not looking back to where he stood.
Humming Jungkook takes a seat beside you at the shore, his eyes set on you. You bite your lip for a second before turning to the guy you've been seeing for the best few months, the guy who stole your heart without even realising.
"I'm sorry for hurting you." He confesses, playing with his lip ring. Jungkook throws his head back. "Ah, it was so stupid of me"
"What was? The part where you called me stupid or the part where you hit Jisung across the face?" You ask sarcastically. The quiet sounds of the forest are the only other things that could be heard besides the two of you. The scenery was too pretty to be ruined by the two of you fighting.
Jungkook stopped to think for a second. He didn't come out here knowing you'd be there, too. He wanted to apologise the next morning, prepare a nice picnic for the two of you to talk over. But it seemed like destiny had other plans, as he saw you sitting at the lake all alone. It took him a minute to gather all of his courage to speak up again.
"I'm sorry for yelling at you. I'm sorry I made you cry, and I'm sorry that we fought." There's a second of silence before Jungkook continues. "And I'm sorry I got so fucking jealous," Jungkook says under his breath.
You nod, understanding but still not looking at him. "I know you're sorry, Jungkook." Shrugging you sigh, "it's been 2 days since the incident, and everyone's pretty much moved on. People who needed to apologise, apologised."
Somehow, you grow agitated, your brows furrowing in confusion to your own feelings.
Scoffing, you turn to him, locking eyes you watch him nibble at his piercing nervously. "Everyone had the guts to admit to their wrong doings but you!" Your voice grows louder, scaring away a few lizards that were brave enough to come closer.
"I just don't get how you can be confident enough to hit someone but not to apologise," you interrupt him. Standing up, you're about to leave when his hand grabs your arm, stopping you in your tracks.
"Y/n, please," he begs, his voice quiet. You bite your lip, not fighting him as you two just stand there in the middle of the woods, alone.
"Please, don't do this to me. I can't live without you." Jungkooks voice was soft, sort of like an angel. When you turn and see the desperate look of regret in his eyes, your heart swells. You were never one to stay mad for too long, let alone argue.
"Jungkook," you whisper, staring into his big doe eyes, waiting for him to say something that would make you stay.
"I've never done this before. I'm probably not going to be great at it." Jungkook whispers, walking closer to you so that he was now only inches away. "I don't know how relationships work, I've never been in one"
You nod, understanding.
"Neither have I. But we could figure it out together." You whisper against his lips as they were now touching yours.
"You think I'm gonna be a good boyfriend?" He anxiously asks, his hand finding its way to your waist pulling you closer to him, bodies now fully touching. You're cold. He could feel it. But he'd take his time later to scold you for not wearing a proper jacket.
Chuckling against his lips, you peck him lightly, barely closing the distance "we've been in a pretty good situationship until now"
"Situationship, huh?" Jungkook laughs lightly, his tattooed hand tugging a hair strand behind your hear, stocking your red cheeks moments after. "You're a creative one"
"Always been" you agree.
"This would probably be the perfect moment for a kiss.." You initiate, and Jungkook hums in agreement, Your hand pulls his face closer to yours kissing him.
Who would have thought that at the end of the day, you'd be the one to make the first move after all.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"Y/n would you like to be my girlfriend?" Jungkook chuckles, face buried in your neck as you make him ask you the same question for the tenth time that morning.
"Yes," you answer him sheepishly, smiling to yourself.
You'd moved your things back to his room. After your conversation at the lake, agreeing to be more cautious about each others feelings and properly talking things out, the two of you were now official.
"Ah, there they come, the married couple." Jennie rolls her eyes as she watches you two walk into the kitchen hand in hand, giggling to yourselves. "Well, what did Mr. Loverboy do to win you over?" Namjoon asks, taking a bite of his food as he observes how incredibly whiped Jungkook looked next to you. "I used my magic," he answers for you, making you frown. "I was the one to kiss him first!"
"Yeah well I was the one to actually ask you to be my grifriend so technically-"
"God, you two are already insufferable," Taehyung groans, making Jennie nod beside him. "You're just lonely," Namjoon tells Jennie, making her scoff and widen her eyes offended. "I don't need a man"
Shrugging off Jungkook, you walk over to her and first-bump her, nodding "me neither"
"Babe," Jungkook whines from behind you, making you and Jennie laugh in Union. "I was just kidding"
"Take care of her man," Jisung speaks up from behind Jungkook, suitcase in hand as he looks at everyone else. "You really have to leave already?" You pout, walking over to him and giving him a big hug.
Jisungs University had called earlier this morning informing him that a big company was interested in him to work for them. This was unmistakably an opportunity he couldn't miss.
"Yeah, it's a long drive home, I'll let you know when I'm back home"
"Okay" you whisper sadly, looking over at Jungkook who pulls you towards him, comforting you.
"Drive safely," Namjoon waves.
"Don't drink and drive," Taehyung adds
"Y/n still likes me better." Jennie shrugs, going back to looking at her nails.
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anantaru · 2 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— ꒰ including ꒱ — cyno, heizou, diluc, xiao, childe x fem! reader
— ꒰ warnings ꒱ — [ex]plicit, they're clingy, a lil messy
Tumblr media
— ꒰ CYNO ꒱
underneath your body, you feel nothing but cyno's trace, his touch, his warm hands softly scattered across your thighs.
be no mistake, he sought after taking the lead, but wouldn't deny you whenever you urged him to be the one in control for one. "keep still, sweet general." you coo and he listens, his cheeks being plucked within a snug enfold, taking pleasure in your well thought out nickname.
"s-say that again." he's muttering under the shadow of his heavy breathing, "call me that again." a sparse swell of pride brewed in you as he revealed his request.
you, on the other hand, spared no effort to fasten your hips on him, your sweet cunt restlessly working back and forth, back and forth, until you reached both your orgasm and his release.
"my general." you're breathless, poking fun at the way cyno would throb whenever you'd address him in that precise manner, how he'd massage your mushy walls a little better, would rub his imposing girth into you and you could feel it all, each rill and curve.
"y-yeah." a raspy tone greets you from underneath when his eyes closed to wholly concentrate in making you feel good and satisfied, even though he had promised he wouldn't interfere, it was now exceptionally more difficult to keep himself in check.
not when you began to tense your muscles whenever he sank into your hotness to the hilt.
you're lowering your body to be flushed on his chest when he had abruptly bottomed out, targeting the deepest ends of your spongy insides.
you feel nothing other than your sensitive nerves being hit by his restless hips smacking in and out, your little pussy helplessly grinding down and searching for more friction, sloppily smearing your own slick over his lower region as it began to seem like it wasn't you who was in charge after all.
Tumblr media
— ꒰ HEIZOU ꒱
heizou carefully adjusted himself behind you, a teeny tiny bit closer, idly pulling you towards his hips so your squishy behind would clumsily bump into his agonizingly erected cock.
"fuck, baby." he's setting his hands free around your hips, "you missed me, right? don't deny it."
the fact you didn't even have to turn around once to discern the filthy smirk smoothed down on his pretty lips said a lot about how good you knew your boyfriend.
"p-please heizou." to get your point across you began to wiggle yourself further into his cock which was now resting in front your tense hole, being tapped and prodded on, "now- i need you now."
once he hears you whine it's over, or beg that is, what about a combination of both? heaven.
"there— take it." and once now, he's shifting the mattress underneath him while carefully drawing you close in combination with digging himself past the flesh of your heat, your swollen pussy glistering when he rolled into you.
heizou made sure to bury every last inch of his length, have you feel it all over your walls, as if he was gradually claiming you from the very inside, liquifying his overturning touch on you.
"ah-" considering the fact you've done it multiple times over the course of your relationship, he felt especially hard in you tonight, warm and rigid when he continued to rub his tip over the prickling splotches in your gummy walls.
your arms were starting to strain from keeping your body on all fours and at the very last you plopped onto your elbows, still having your pussy open and wet for him to suitably use you, make love to you.
as patient as you were beforehand, you now couldn't help it but ceaselessly knock your ass back on his
at the impact, heizou fell right onto your back and licked from your spine up to your shoulder, feeling you more clear, the close proximity fastening each breath you inhaled.
Tumblr media
— ꒰ DILUC ꒱
"d-diluc, feels good." you babble into the warm room while delving your fingers into diluc's scarlet hair, selfishly crushing your pussy over his swollen lips, leaving his tongue to do all the work.
you taste pleasant, like saccharine, a little bitter but it only adds to your delightful scent. Diluc loves it, loves you, how you're wrapping your legs around his head, securing them closer while riding his tongue.
you noticed the sloppy sounds, or how his wet muscle continued to scrabbled into your puffy folds and digging past the flesh, assembling your compelling slick across his mouth.
maybe, you were selfish after all, how you had used diluc all night for your own benefits— but it's not your fault! he's way too good at this, not to mention skilled, he's reaching the places you were never aware anyone could poke and pat on in the first place.
your fist grabbed a handful of his hair and that's what brought him over, what had him moan into your pussy without an utter shame left in his boiling veins, "a-again." he's uttering from underneath.
"again, please— again."
you're crying at the vibrations he managed to set free, how they howled over your entire body and grasped at your senses, the overstimulating waves pistoling into your sweet cunt when you do as he says, graze him with another harsh tug of his hair, wiping yet another raspy groan off his throat.
the noises he made were almost as mesmerizing as his tongue, the twisting coil in your stomach forming into a painful ache as you continued to thrust into his mouth, faster than before, charging towards your delightful release.
Tumblr media
— ꒰ XIAO ꒱
if you were to describe how xiao handled you, how he worshipped your body, it was to be something in between a dreamlike sensation and a lulling musing.
he'd never hurt you.
xiao would always make sure of it and if he had to ask a lot more than three times, the last thing he'd want to achieve was to actually making his enchanting darling to feel pain, asides of him being the culprit in question.
"how do I feel?" it made you flustered whenever he'd ask you, because xiao did not perceive those things as embarrassing nor unspeakable, he needed to know each emotion and touch, if he's too fast, too slow or maybe too rough?
"you— you feel amazing xiao." you squeal into his shoulder, "always," you're spreading your legs a bit further so he could accurately huddle himself in between when he continued to rut his stiff cock into you, in and out, inch by inch and he took his time to make you feel it all.
you discerned the bigger vein on the underside of his length, how he had gotten a bit more drenched in your slick and the way he was leaking of his pre.
xiao appeared impatient in his mannerism, in any other occasion his strokes were slow but deep, yet now they were fast and uneven, sloppy and hungry, as if he couldn't wait to cum all over you, or maybe you'll allow him to finish inside for once.
his size was remarkable yet he wasn't aware of that fact, though when he made you scream his name it was clear on how good he made you feel and enjoy yourself.
you swiftly gathered your fingers downright to fiercely rub your clit while xiao rested both hands next to your head— as to cage you in, ferociously fucking into you with an everlasting pace, his tattoos brilliantly shining underneath the dimly lid room.
at this point, your cunt was soiled with his cum, your hands picking up on pace and archons, it was so disgustingly hot, so fucking good how he stretched you wide open, your spine arching into his body.
you could never keep your sounds in from how he handled you, being aware that xiao needed to hear you praise him, promising that he's doing such a great job for you.
Tumblr media
— ꒰ CHILDE ꒱
whether it was pinching your little clit, slapping your wet folds or delicately tapping at your hole with his rough finger pads, childe always had his precise ways of handling you in a (in his eyes) proper manner.
they were somehow typical for him and reflected on how he was in many aspects in life.
he‘s not hesitating to sloppily kiss you while his fingers were busy playing with your cunt, splitting your poor hole as you gushed around his digits, swallowing him knuckles deep.
"there you go baby." his voice caused you to jolt, it ran down your ears like honey, so smooth and hard to tell if he was being actually sincere or battering something ulterior behind his pick of words.
the torture on your clit felt endless, childe would fill your hole and spit on your cunt— but then savagely drag himself out to knead his pads over your clit, gently pinching your nerves— not too much pressure of course, he‘s aware it‘s not pleasurable if he‘s too rough.
your jaw was slacked, silent cries, sounds but you do not speak clearly, nothing had ever truly compared on how he fondled your pussy so expertly— your spongy walls tasting his blowing touch when he curled up to dig himself into your prickling spot, the one that had you moan out the filthiest of noises towards him.
you‘re extremely sensitive and rob all his free movements away when your thighs tightly squish around his arm, swaying while he‘s being back with mercilessly thrusting into your cunt.
"i could do this all day." he admits, brazenly, "you‘re so cute." maybe it was your worn out face, your slicked up pussy or his hands being drenched in your filth what made him say this.
you couldn't remember the last time you felt this way— so exposed how you were while he was working his fingers on you, delving his digits over your walls, please deeper, and rubbing onto the velvety skin.
so open and to be taken by him, soon— because right now, childe preferred to fuck your sobbing pussy with his slender fingers.
he clearly sees it, how it‘s igniting something in you, something mouth watering. Childe was ware of your limits but he didn‘t approach them yet, but he might soon.
Tumblr media
©2023 anantaru do not repost, copy, translate
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urlocalfeiner · 2 months
i love your writing so much!- can i request a neteyam x na'vi reader fic where he is confessing his love for her and it's like that sound off tiktok- 'you might as well take my heart catherine, it's already so full of you' idk why i can literally just picture neteyam saying this- he's such a lover boy! feel free do add anything you want.
thank you, hope you're doing well!
you may as well take my heart | neteyam sully
Tumblr media
pairing: neteyam sully x omaticiya! fem! reader
warnings: fluff, fighting, neteyam being whipped for you, slight angst, heated making out
A/N: i thought this request was really cool! please feel free to send in more!
neteyam sully was drawn to you the second he had met you when you were young, he knew as soon as he saw you playing by the river trying to catch a fish and failing miserably at doing so that you and him would become friends- he just didn't realise that as your friendship grew along with the two of you that his feelings towards you would turn into anything but what one would hold for their simple friend. neteyam sully knew he was a goner when he felt his heart start beating uncontrollably that he was sure that you and any na'vi from miles away could hear it's fast rhythm when your arm had grazed his accidently out hunting with one another. he knew it was only so soon when you too would realise his feelings for you had developed into more than he would ever want to lead on.
he couldn't concentrate when you were around him, he couldn't help but sneak glances at you when you were near- you were his best friend since young how could he have these feelings? but no matter how hard he tried to push down the emotions he felt for you they always managed to rise back up larger than before.
what neteyam failed to realise was your whole being yearned for his as well. you felt heat rush through to your face whenever he would brush your hair away from your face- what once was a simple gesture had turned into something that would make you want to melt into the ground.
everyone around you knew of what you felt for one another, but somehow the two of you were so blind for the love you held for the other that you couldn't see what was so painfully obvious.
but as the two to of you grew so did neteyam's responsibilities, he was the next olo'eyktan after all- the next leader of the omataticya clan. you and him started seeing less of each other as the days passed by, at first it didn't bother you. you knew he had a lot of pressure on him, so you didn't question it when he started telling you he couldn't join you for a ride through the hallelujah mountains or was needed by his father so he couldn't come along for a hunt with you. but it started to bother you when you noticed even when he wasn't being bothered by his duties he would still decline your offers- even go off by himself instead of going with you. you would be lying if you said you weren't hurt by his choices of distancing himself from you.
neteyam's reasoning behind it was quite stupid he had to even admit himself, he was so distracted by everything you did- simple or large- no matter what you did you made him distracted. he couldn't be distracted, no he just couldn't. so he decided to try and avoid you, in hopes it would make it better- it didn't, it only made him miss you and made him grow upset when he saw you with others. even though it was him who was the reason of the two of you drifting. if neteyam wanted to distance himself from you that bad then you would not stop him in doing so, even it it hurt you to do- you cannot be chasing another who is not willing to chase you.
eclipse had fell over pandora, you decided to go out hunting, you usually did so- neteyam use to join you in these nights but stopped. the darkness falling over the forest making everything glow a brilliant fluorescent.
drawing back your bow you took a deep breath pointing the arrow at your intended target, attempting to be as quiet as you could in order to not make the animal you wished to make your kill to become aware of your presence. you were about to realise the string to send the arrow flying when your ears perked up, hearing something shuffling on the large branch you were perched on. turning around quickly to the noise you pointed your arrow at the thing, about to attack it. "wow!" you slowly put your bow down only to see someone, neteyam. eyes wide and hands up from your sudden attempt at shooting him.
"neteyam!" you hissed at him, "do not sneak up on me! i nearly shot you!" you looked back down to the ground where the animal you were about to kill was suppose to be, but it had rushed away quickly at the sound of neteyam and you. "you made me lose a kill!"
he winced, rubbing the back of his neck in shame. "sorry."
you then turned back to him and grew confused, starting to regasture what was happening. what was neteyam doing here? neteyam?- wait neteyam! "why are you here?" you asked, it coming out harsher then you had intended it to.
"i need an excuse to see my best friend?" he teased grinning, stepping closer to you- the ground beneath him glowing as he stepped on it.
"i suppose not." you grinned back, still a little confused- he had not talked to you in a week and had been declining all your attempts to hang out for weeks now and randomly decides to come join you?
"how have you been?" he asked, the sight of you made his knees weak- he had missed you so much, he felt so stupid- so stupid for thinking everything would be better if you and him stopped seeing each other as much.
"i've been good," you weren't telling the complete truth, you hadn't been that good. you had been missing neteyam greatly, and had been hurting. "how have you been future olo'eyktan?" you joked making him chuckle at your choice of name for him.
"i have been okay, father has been pushing me a lot more lately." you felt bad for him, you knew how hard his father could be on him at times.
"he's only doing it because he loves you nete," you put a hand on his shoulder comfortingly- oh eywa, how he missed you calling him that. "he knows you are trying your best."
you always managed to know what to say to make him feel better. "i know." he looked up and met your gaze, silence fell over the two of you as you stared into each other's eyes. neteyam then reached his hand up to your face, brushing a loose strand of hair out of your face tucking it behind your ear softly. "you're so beautiful." he breathed out, it just slipped out of his mouth.
you felt a familiar feeling rising in your stomach, heat coming to meet your face. "neteyam, stop." you whispered, your tone was serious and filled with hurt as you pulled away from his touch leaving him confused.
"what? what's wrong?" he asked concerned, did he say something wrong? did he hurt you? but you didn't reply. "y/n, speak to me." he sounded desperate- because he was.
his hand reaching out to your face again, cupping your cheek gently. "don't touch me like that neteyam." you whispered again turned your head pulling away from his touch once more.
"y/n, what's wrong? can i fix it? please, love what is it?" he begged trying to figure out what was going on.
"don't call me that." you tried to push him away but he was too strong. you finally met his eyes, they were filled with worry and love as they looked at you. "stop looking at me like that neteyam."
"like what?"
"like- like you love me!" you put your hands on his chest and tried to push him, but he grabbed them with his own hands pulling them down gently- you couldn't protest as he was much stronger than you.
his face softened his voice becoming genuine, "that's because i do," he whispered pleading with you to meet his eyes. "y/n-"
"no, no you can't just do that- you can't it's not fair." you felt tears start to prick in your eyes, threatening to spill. how dare he?- how can he avoid you for weeks and ignore you then decide one day that he wants you? after he left you wondering what you might have done to make him want to not be around you. "you can't do that! you can't ignore me for weeks and shut down every attempt that i made to try and hang out with you then just get to say you love me like nothing happened!"
neteyam knew he had hurt you by doing all those things, if only you knew how much it hurt for him to do so. "i'm sorry, i'm so so sorry that i hurt you- i know it's no excuse but- " was all he manged to get out, "but i-i realised that i love you y/n." his voice was strained.
"no you don't neteyam- don't say that." you shook your head still trying to keep in the tears, neteyam had every woman in the clan begging for him- at his beck and call. why would he want you?
"i'm going to say it, because it's true- i'll say it a million times, i'll tell the whole pandora if that what it will take for you to believe me." neteyam brought your hands that were held in his and kissed them gently. "you might as well take my heart y/n, it's already full of you." he raised his hand to cup your cheek once more, this time you didn't pull him away. "while i've heard beautiful music i've thought, she'd like that. i've looked at flowers, knowing that one day i'd give them to you."
"y/n." he moved his hand down from your cheek to your chin gently turning your head to meet his, your eyes locked with his- neither of you breaking eye contact. "i see you."
you eyes searched his for falter- for any lies. but there were none, nothing but love for you. your mouth parted slightly- all the anger and sadness washing away, being replaced with excitement and happiness, neteyam loved you. "i see you neteyam." you whispered, neteyam grazed his thumb over your cheeks rubbing the tears away. leaning down to your face, placing a kiss on your forehead then your left cheek, then your right, and finally he placed his lips on your own gently. the kiss filled with passion as he deepened the kiss holding your jaw with one hand the other behind your back, holding you up- holding you delicately.
your hands slid around his neck, your warm hands sending shivers throughout neteyam's body- longing for you to touch every each of him with your sacred touch.
as your lips parted, both of you trying to gain your breath. neteyam examined your face, you were perfect. "so so beautiful." he breathed out, placing another kiss on your lips. "my beautiful girl." he whispered against your lips, resting your foreheads together, your breaths synchronized "i'm so so sorry for hurting you, i'll never do it again."
"i promise." he whispered into your ear, moving your hair that covered your neck gently, placing a tender kiss to your bare neck taking in your sweet scent, that always comforted him. "how can i make it up to you, yawne?" he whispered against your neck, making your breath hitch slightly.
"just kiss me." you whispered bringing his lips down to yours again, neteyam had no protests against your request. your mouths chasing each other, neteyam withdrawing his lips from yours to place his lips on your neck once more. earning light groans out of you, which drove him crazy.
"be my tsahìk." he said whilst peppering kisses from your collar bone upwards, he stopped when you pulled your hands back from his neck- missing the contact. you were staring at him with wide eyes. he suddenly started to grow nervous, "i'm sorry, did i do something?-"
"you want me to be your tsahìk?" you cut him off, staring at him as if you didn't believe what he said, he had just confessed his undying love for you and you were shocked he wanted you to be his tsahìk?
neteyam smiled softly, "so much." he ran his fingers through your hair, "do you want to be my tsahìk?"
a wide grin met your face, showing off your sharp fangs. "so much." you grinned against his lips, smiling into the kiss- him also doing so.
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sluttywonwoo · 5 months
so like. best friend hyunjin begs and begs and begs for a massage because he’s had a really long day dancing and you’re like fine okay but you owe me. and like,,, imagine massaging that man’s thighs and slowly seeing the buldge in his sweats get bigger and bigger and when you try making fun of him for it he just goes “so you’re not wet right now?” and when you say no he goes: prove it. bye i must never speak again -💛
COME BACK HERE you can’t just send me this and then disappear >:(
Tumblr media
word count: 2.2k (no excuse honestly)
details: smut 18+, thigh riding, handjob, switch!hyunjin + switch!reader
Tumblr media
“if i do it will you stop complaining?” you ask in a huff, crossing your arms over your chest.
“mhm,” your best friend answers, already grinning.
“fine, but you owe me. lay down.”
hyunjin does as asked and lays back on your bed, stretching out his legs for you. you sigh and climb onto the mattress, straddling his ankles a little awkwardly. you start with his calves, massaging the muscles through the material of his sweatpants. hyunjin groans in relief and lets his head fall back on your pillow.
“you know, if you wouldn’t push yourself so hard, your legs wouldn’t get this sore.”
“i have to, though,” he argues. “i can’t let the rest of them down.”
“yeah, yeah,” you mutter, not wanting to push the issue further since you know he’ll just be stubborn about it.
you’re both quiet as you make your way up his legs. his muscles are tight, almost like he’s tensing them on purpose, and you have to tell him more than once to relax. you’re extra gentle with his knees since there isn’t a lot of tissue there and then swiftly move on to his thighs.
hyunjin is in the studio almost every day. he’s naturally lean, but the amount of time he spends practicing has made him visibly toned. he has the body of a dancer through and through, which means his thighs are strong and firm. your hands have never looked smaller than they do on hyunjin’s thighs, a fact that you try not to think about as you begin to massage them.
you don’t want to make him uncomfortable so you start just above the knee, planning to slowly work your way up if that’s something he tells you he wants. you’ve been best friends for years now, but you’ve never touched each other… like this, so it’s a bit of uncharted territory and that makes you nervous.
he seems to like what you’re doing so far, though, if his little hums of pleasure are anything to go by.
“you’re really good at this,” he compliments suddenly.
you feel your face turn warm.
“thanks. i’ve never done this before, so i could be fucking up your muscles for all you know.”
“worth it.”
your roll your eyes and shake your head at him even though his eyes are closed and focus on applying pressure to the spots that feel the most strained. hyunjin tenses underneath you again and you pause.
“am i hurting you?”
“no, feels good.”
“then relax.”
your gaze falls to his hands that are clenching and releasing by his sides and you’re about to accuse him of lying to you about hurting him when something in his lap draws your attention away. then it all makes sense. no wonder he’s been so restless. he’s hard.
like. really hard. you can see the outline of his cock through the material of his sweats. the pants leave almost nothing to the imagination with how tight they are. no wonder he’s so tense, he’s been trying (and failing) to fight an erection this whole time.
you couldn’t really blame him. the thighs were an errogenous zone. but that didn’t mean you were going to let him off the hook.
“want me to massage that too?” you ask, eyeing the bulge in his pants.
hyunjin’s eyes shoot open as if he knows exactly what you’re referring to and his cheeks go red.
“i, um…”
“was asking for a ‘massage’ actually code for something else because that’ll cost you extra.”
“no! that’s not- i didn’t mean to—”
you smirk and squeeze his legs, making him jump. his hands fly to his crotch to cover himself, even though it’s far too late for that, and he refuses to meet your gaze. you like watching your best friend squirm so you decide to push him a little further.
“you know, if you wanted to get in my pants you could’ve just asked.”
“please, like i’m the only one affected,” he scoffs. “i bet you’re even worse off than me, i just can’t see it.”
you’re not sure where this newfound confidence of his came from all of the sudden but you you don’t think you like it. it’s your turn to be flustered as you stutter out, “wh-what are you talking about?”
“you. being turned on by this.”
“you’re the one with a boner,” you point out, trying to deflect.
“yeah, and i bet you’re wet right now.”
“i’m… i’m not!”
“prove it then.”
you blink. “what, how?”
“c’mere,” hyunjin says, beckoning you closer.
were you really about to do this?
you shuffle forward until you’re straddling his waist. he hisses as you unintentionally brush up against his erection, hands coming up to your hips to hold you still.
he eyes you carefully as if to ask if you’re really okay with this, thumb tracing the waistband of your joggers. your heart is racing, but not being one to back down from a challenge you nod for him to continue. he dips his hand into your pants, fingertips catching on the elastic band of your underwear before delving beneath it.
hyunjin smirks. “i fucking knew it.”
“yeah, well it’s because you moan like a pornstar when i’m touching you,” you protest defensively.
“who can blame me, with hands like yours?”
you smack him lightly on the chest with a disapproving frown. “get your head out of the gutter.”
“my hand is literally down the front of your pants right now.”
“and are you going to do anything about that?”
“do you want me to do anything about it?”
you stare each other down for what feels like several minutes but in reality is probably only a few seconds before being the first to break. your expression softens and your shoulders slump forward as you admit defeat.
“touch me?” you whine quietly.
“all you had to do was ask.”
hyunjin is entirely too pleased with himself, you decide. he’s the one who got horny first but you don’t call him out on it because it turns out you find it quite hot when he gets cocky and you’re already feeling impatient.
to your dismay, he takes his hand out of your pants, which is the exact opposite of what you want him to do. you’re confused until he brings his fingers up to his mouth and sucks your arousal from them, eyes fluttering closed as he savors the taste of you.
you’ve yet to pick your jaw up from off the floor when he opens his eyes again which makes him grin.
“why don’t you ride my thigh, baby?” he suggests, “since you seem to like them so much.”
baby. that was new.
“but… they’re still sore,” you point out.
“i’ll be okay,” he promises.
as if to prove it to you, he pushes your hip so that you’ll lift your knee up and he can slot one of his legs between yours while moving the other to the side. hyunjin can sense you’re still hesitant so he takes the initiative and guides you down onto him.
“how’s that?”
“it’s um, it’s good. does it hurt?”
hyunjin tucks a strand of hair behind your ear and sighs fondly. “no, baby. it’s fine. you’re fine.”
“but what about you? don’t you want to…” you trail off as you nod down at his dick.
“i don’t think i’ve ever seen you this shy before,” hyunjin muses, mostly to himself. “it’s cute.”
“it’s not every day you and your best friend get each other off,” you mutter in response.
“it’s just me,” he reasons as he helps you rock yourself on his thigh. “it doesn’t have to be weird if we don’t want it to be.”
“you’re r-right,” you agree, holding back a moan. “but what about you?”
“what about me?”
“don’t you want to cum too?”
hyunjin shrugs. “you can just palm me over my sweats if you want. i’ve been hard for so long now it won’t take much.”
“i don’t want you to ruin your pants, though.”
“something tells me you have a higher chance of ruining my pants than me,” he argues.
you whine again, spurred on by the pressure against your clit and the embarrassment his words make you feel. you’re already dizzy with pleasure but then hyunjin starts to bounce his leg on the bed, creating even more friction for you. you gasp and keen forward, bracing yourself with both hands on his chest so that you don’t collapse on top of him.
“you’re trying to distract me,” you accuse through grit teeth.
“is it working?”
“no. still want to make you feel good too.”
“what’s stopping you, then?” he asks, even though he knows exactly what’s stopping you.
that’s always been his weak spot. he relents with a sigh, not stopping entirely but slowing enough so that you can think with a clear head.
“you can do whatever you want to me,” he says earnestly.
“can i… can i take it out?”
you’ve been dying to see his dick ever since you noticed the outline of it in his pants. it seemed huge, even bigger than you imagined it being, but you still want to see it for yourself.
“fuck, if you want to.”
you do want to, so you pull his sweats and briefs down just far enough to get his cock out and take it in your hand. once again, your hand looks tiny in comparison.
hyunjin’s dick is so. pretty. it’s big, like you guessed it would be, and flushed like he’s aching for you. there’s precum pearling at the tip and it takes everything in you not to lean down and lick it off. you know he’s been hard for a while so you don’t waste any time spitting into your palm and rubbing it over the head of his cock.
your best friend groans and kicks his head back.
“you don’t know how many times i’ve thought this,” he admits.
this was obviously news to you. as attractive as hyunjin was you always tried not to think about him in that way— though in moments of weakness he was known to make an appearance in your fantasies when you’d get yourself off, trying to think of quite literally anyone else as you did.
“yeah?” you asked, trying to grab hold of that confidence you’d had earlier. you discover it’s a lot easier to sound sure of yourself when you have a man trembling beneath you. “is it as good as you imagined?”
“feels good for me too,” you tell him. “bet fucking you would feel even better though. you’d fill me up so nicely…”
“fuck you, i’m not going to last.”
you smile and begin to pump him faster, simultaneously chasing your own high by rubbing your clit with your free hand as you ride his thigh.
“wanna cum, jinnie?”
his eyes are screwed shut and his bangs have started to stick to his forehead. you’ve barely touched him, aside from the massage, and he already looks fucked out. “yes, baby, please!”
“so you don’t want to fuck me?” you pretend to sound disappointed which makes his eyes snap open in panic.
you watch as the muscles in his stomach tense and he pulls his bottom lip between his teeth, his entire body fraught with restraint. he’s right there on the edge, you can tell.
“i do! i do- i can go again! i promise, just please, i can’t stop it—”
“you sound so pretty when you beg for me.”
that’s all it takes for hyunjin to cum, back arching off the bed, crying your name.
seeing him fall apart is what does it for you too. your own orgasm catches you by surprise. you clench down around nothing as you cum hard and collapse against his chest.
his dick gets caught in between your bodies, still spurting cum… it makes a huge mess and ruins both of your shirts, not that either of you have enough energy to care.
“s-sorry,” hyunjin apologizes as soon as he catches his breath.
“no, i’m sorry. i didn’t mean to fall on you. are you okay?”
“i’m fantasic,” he assures you with a thumbs up. you roll your eyes. “i’m serious! i don’t think i’ve ever cum that hard before. you have magic hands.”
“so that’s why you enjoyed the massage so much, huh?”
“exactly. if anything, it’s your fault.”
you push yourself off of him with a scoff, only to be pulled back in by his arms wrapping themselves around your shoulders. you lay there for a moment and listen to each other’s breathing.
“did you… mean it about being able to go again?” you ask shyly.
“yeah. i can always get it up for you.”
you’re not exactly sure how to take that statement so you decide not to dwell on it now. just add it to the growing list of things you’d have to discuss later… after you fucked each other’s brains out.
“i mean since we have to clean up anyway, i thought maybe we could go for round two in the shower?”
hyunjin smirks. “say less.”
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m00nt4r0t · 4 months
✮ what type of beauty do you have? ✮
pile one, two, or three?
Tumblr media
topic suggested by yurdreamgirlfriend! thank youuuu!
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ ❀ pile one
song on shuffle: weston road flows by drake greetings, pile one! before i turn over your cards, i'd just like to say that you have the type of beauty that makes people assume that you're rude, for some reason. maybe you have a "mean girl" look to you, kinda like a resting bitch face, but i think that you walk and act a certain way that makes people assume this about you. they may get the feeling that you think you're better than them just because you hold yourself to a high standard. idk maybe this is true, or maybe people are just projecting onto you. either way, people see you as someone who looks like they run shit, like you should be in charge, or that you're very assertive. some may even think you're conceited lol. let's get into the cards now. the first card for you is the ten of cups! okay so you have the type of beauty that makes people think you're content no matter what happens in your life, which is a pretty shallow assumption, in my opinion. if you were to complain about something, i feel like people would think that you're too good looking to actually be sad or feel insecure. but i'm also getting that some could see you as wish fulfillment, and that they'd want to marry you and have kids with you because they want to mix dna with you. since the second card in your spread is the page of wands reversed, you have the type of beauty that confuses people. some people assume one thing about you while another group of people assume something completely different and i feel like almost everyone is wrong, which confuses them even more. ohhhh.... three of cups. okay so people in relationships could feel tempted by you, even if you're not even entertaining them, pile one. but i'm also getting a message that your beauty makes other people feel good??? people like being around you because they feel more beautiful with you, not in a malicious way. this is probably because they know you're very beautiful and you hype them up which makes them feel even more beautiful than before. yup, now we have the star. you have the type of beauty that makes people believe in a higher power, because there's no way you are that beautiful by chance. someone with a higher power had to craft you. your type of beauty gives people a mystical and magical feeling. you may have very unique/eccentric features and this draws people's attention to you like crazy. you have the type of beauty that tends to make people forget that there's a depth to you, as weird as that sounds. like, people start off liking you because of your beauty but then once they get to know you, they're amazed that you have your own personality???? idk this is a very weird message but that's what i'm getting. i'm seeing that you may have cat-like features such as almond eyes or a certain facial structure that could look similar to a lion. your hair could be a dark red color, or you may like to wear dark red a lot. this color really adds to your beauty, it's like a poisonous mixture, but in an extremely good way.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ ❀ pile two
song on shuffle: glow in the dark by tru heru heyyy, pile two! before i turn over the cards, i get the feeling that your type of beauty is the type that makes people... wonder. lol. you may have a dark aesthetic, dark eyes, black hair, and/or very sharp features that makes people think of occult-like things. you could have the type of beauty that makes people think of witches/warlocks, or you have the type of beauty that people want to manifest???? okay, lets get into the cards. the first card we have is the four of wands reversed. you have the type of beauty that people think you achieved by working out, or going on a certain diet, or cutting something out like smoking. even if your looks are 100% natural and un-altered by outside forces, people could possibly think you've had cosmetic surgery. you have the type of beauty that screams luxury. it doesn't matter if you're wealthy or unwealthy, people assume you have money. this could also indicate that your beauty attracts people who want to give you money. because of your beauty, people may think that you have high expectations and that you won't be impressed by them, which may or may not be true, i don't know. either way, a lot of people don't approach you because they feel like you won't even give them the time of day, let alone your number. you and pile one got the page of wands reversed, so if you were called to pile one then i'd suggest checking it out! but due to this card, you emerge new feelings for people because of your beauty. you could be a muse for artists, a new passion for those whom are interested in you, or even insecurity in some people. your type of beauty is the type that causes people to think new. if someone thinks you have high expectations but they really want to come forward, they're going to think of new ways to impress you. now, we have the wheel of fortune in reverse. your type of beauty invokes change in people in ways that inspires them to do their makeup a certain way, dress differently, act differently, get a haircut, start working out, change what they consume, etc. you have plutonian influence on people, meaning you cause them to look at themselves and change what they're not content with. you may keep up with your looks by frequently trimming and/or dying your hair, getting manicures/pedicures, doing your eyebrows, shaving, doing your makeup often, getting tattoos/piercings, and all of that gives people the essence of wealth. i know i've already said this, but it came up again so this energy is very prominent. your type of beauty makes people think of money, pile two. people also think you pay attention to the small details of yourself and that you're very creative when it comes to your style and/or makeup.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ ❀ pile three
song on shuffle: feelings aside by bamsavage (i don't remember adding this song lol) what's going on, pile three? before i look at your cards, i feel like you have the type of beauty in which causes people from your past to be stuck on you, or check up on you often. even in situations where they see you as the bad guy, they can't stop looking at you because your beauty is intoxicating. i'm also getting that your beauty is so intense and unsettling, that people who feel rejected by you may attempt to humble you in order to make themselves feel better lol. i'm going to look at your cards now. wow, all of these piles got the page of wands, but you got it upright and the other two got it in reverse. well, your beauty is the type of beauty that inspires people, much like pile two. people think that your beauty gives you unlimited potential and that you could pretty much do anything you want because of it. you may have more of a "messy" type of beauty, in which you may not brush your hair everyday, you wear baggier/cheaper clothes, but you still look really good to people and this is very admirable to them. since the magician is your second card, people see you as very powerful because of your beauty. for example, if someone is going up against you in a race, they may already feel like they lost because of your beauty. your beauty makes people feel like you can literally do anything. i'm also getting that people want you to dominate them???? okay moving on, we have the three of pentacles. you have the type of beauty that makes people want to work with you and learn from you. if you're into fitness, people want you to train them so they can look like you. people could also talk about how beautiful you are in groups, could be a group of friends, maybe even family. you definitely have the type of beauty that causes lots of attention to be on you in public. you could be very tall, or there's just something about you that sticks in people's minds. people that you e never met before may know of you or possibly even be a fan of yours because they’ve seen you in public or on social media. this unlimited-potential energy is coming back again, so you have the type of beauty that opens up opportunities for you, pile three. for example, people in higher positions could pick you over others just because of your looks, or maybe modeling agencies could scout you in public without you even trying to impress them because of the type of beauty you have. you have the type of beauty that makes people think you have a lot of self-love and inner confidence. you could naturally be toned, or you could be physically active! your beauty is extremely powerful, pile three. use it to your advantage, but do so wisely.
thank you for reading and interacting! <3
masterlist ⭑ personal readings ⭑ patreon
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lost-in-tokyo · 4 months
Blue Pills
Pairing: Satoru Gojo x fem!reader (au)
Words: 3,1k
Summary: Trying to get revenge from Gojo, Sukuna tricks him into taking viagra. Luckily for him, you’re around to help. (smut / nsfw)
A/N 1: I wrote this whole fic while listening to one song on repeat lol Hope you guys like it!
A/N 2: If you guys have problems reading this on dark mode, please let me know
Warnings: Mature content, Sukuna makes Gojo take viagra without knowing, unprotected sex, oral sex (male receiving), creampie, swearing, Sukuna hears you guys doing it, reader is Sukuna’s twin sister.
Tumblr media
It was a hot night in June when you and your friends walked back from a concert you had just watched. Enjoying your summer break, you and your college friends had decided to take a trip, catching on to a festival that was supposed to endure the whole week with many artists that you guys liked. 
The whole place was packed, full of sweating and drunk people dancing around and screaming songs at the top of their lungs as loud music blasted all day long. It was awesome! To say the least. 
The whole idea of coming to the festival was Gojo’s. He had convinced everyone to come, even your moody twin brother, Sukuna, who apparently was having a lot of fun, much to his dismay. 
“Fuck, today was crazy!” Gojo exclaimed, sitting on the grass beside Geto while you guys waited for your bus to arrive.
“I really liked that Dj, his show was awesome!” You said before taking a long drag from your water bottle.
You guys enjoyed the cool breeze hitting your bodies as the sun started to set in the horizon. Water bottles were emptied and Nanami’s last chips had to be shared among everyone. 
Once the bus arrived you sat on one of the free seats, beside Shoko, who seemed more tired than you were. The boys found places on the back of the bus, Nanami resting his head against a window as he tiredly closed his eyes. Sukuna sat on the opposite window, checking his phone while discreetly checking his pants’ pocket for a specific pill.
“Hey, I got your guys some beers before we left.” Your brother announced, showing Gojo and Geto two open beer cans in his hands. “For yesterday’s pizza, you know?” He offered the beer, reminding the duo of the pepperoni pizza they paid for everybody the night before.
You turned your head to look back. That was odd. Sukuna wasn’t a kind guy, if someone paid something for him, he would never feel like he had to pay it back, you knew that very well, and so did the boys, both of them frowned, staring at the pink-haired guy weirdly.
“What?” The tattooed boy asked innocently.
“What’re you up to?” Geto eyed him, trying to find his true intentions behind his red eyes.
“Just trying to make up for yelling this morning, I know that I get out of hand sometimes.” Sukuna shrugged before getting up and moving to sit on an open seat in front of you.
It was true, he got out of hand way too many times to be honest. That morning, Sukuna had gone crazy after a sleepy Gojo spilled coffee on his white t-shirt, making a big stain on it.
Suguru and Gojo eyed each other for a second before the white-haired shrugged and drowned a long sip of the beer. 
But Geto knew better, he knew Sukuna for enough time not to believe in a single word of what he said. He stared at the open can then looked at Sukuna, spotting when he had his head turned back, eyes fixed on Gojo, who was drawing the last sips of the can, a smirk forming on the pink-haired’s lips. That was all Geto needed to know that something was up.
“You can have mine.” Suguru gave it to Gojo. “I’m not really thirsty.”
“Thanks,” The white-haired replied, getting the can from the brunette’s hand and starting to drink it.
Taking a cigarette out of his pockets, Suguru got up, taking a seat beside Sukuna before offering him a cigarette. 
“I don’t know what you put in the beer, but it better be entertaining.”
“How did you know?” The tattooed guy asked.
“I know you well enough.” He shrugged, lighting up his cigarette.
Sukuna smiled. “In this case, don’t worry, it will be very entertaining.”
Time passed by and when you noticed you were entering the hotel lobby, Sukuna walking in front as he was followed by the rest of the gang. Nanami and Shoko followed behind while Suguru decided to flirt with the receptionist. You and Gojo coming last.
“Didn’t find a girl for yourself tonight?” You asked him as all of you stopped at the elevators.
“Nah, wasn’t feeling like it today.” He smiled slightly. Being in a place so full of people like this, you’d assume Gojo would be taking a different girl everyday to the hotel, but he hadn’t brought any, since day one.
“I find that hard to believe, buddy,” Geto said as he approached the group, the receptionist beside him. 
Gojo frowned and so Geto pointed towards his pants, where a huge bone was visible.
“Damn!” Shoko said laughing.
“I don’t understand,” Gojo looked down, eying his own tent in confusion. 
“Oh but I do very well.” Sukuna smiled proudly.
Satoru lifted his eyes to look at the pink-haired, demanding some sort of explanation.
“You found it really funny when you and Geto locked me out of the room naked last night, right?” His smile got bigger.
“Wait. What?” 
Geto chuckled.
“Relax, it’s just some viagra. Just so you can spend the night thinking of me.” Sukuna smirked, whispering the last part before a dry chuckle left his lips.
“You gave me viagra!?” Gojo raised his voice. 
“Yup. And you’ve got Geto’s dose too, so… have a good night.” Sukuna smirked one last time before entering one of the elevators along with you, Geto and the receptionist.
“Why did you do that?” You asked your brother.
“Relax, it’s just a prank.” 
“You’re such a dick sometimes.” You slapped his shoulder, to which he just rolled his eyes.
“You know that this can be dangerous right?” 
“Gojo’s young, there’s nothing to be worried about.” 
“How could you agree with this, Suguru?” You turned your head towards him, but he didn’t reply, his mouth was too busy kissing the receptionist. 
You gave them a disgusted look before looking at the pink-haired again. 
“Let’s take a look at the box, since you’re so worried,” Sukuna said as you exited the elevator, taking the viagra box from inside his backpack as you guys walked towards your rooms. 
“One pill… thirty minutes to take effect… usually lasts for two hours…”
“Two Hours!!??” Gojo shouted, he was at the end of the corridor. 
“Well, I bet on four since you took my beer too,” Suguru said chuckling before entering his room and closing the door behind him.
“I’m gonna fucking kill you, Sukuna.” Gojo started walking faster towards your brother, who quickly entered his room, closing the door right when Gojo got there, kicking the wood with strength.
Shoko and Nanami passed by, both being too tired to do anything about the situation, leaving you and Gojo alone in the corridor.
He looked at you, and you could see a mix of angriness and despair in his eyes.
“I’m sorry, Gojo.” You smiled apologetically, touching his arm slightly before entering your own room.
You sighed as you closed your door, a part of you wanted to offer yourself to help him. It wouldn’t be much trouble since you always thought he was really hot. But you knew that Sukuna would freak out if you even kissed him. 
His friends were forbidden for you. And you were forbidden for them. Those were the rules.
One hour after that, you had just exited the bathroom, after having taken a long bath, very calm and relaxing. Listening to your favorite album on your headphones, you were unaware of the loud banging at your door.
As soon as you took them off, Gojo’s voice filled your room as what you assumed were his fists hit the wooden door repeatedly.
“Open the door, Sukuna!” 
You heard him shouting.
Wrapping yourself in a towel, you opened the door, his fist stopping inches away from your face as he tried hitting the door again.
“Gojo! What the fuck!?”
“Y/n? Shit. Sorry, I was looking for your brother actually.” He lowered his voice, rubbing the back of his neck, embarrassed by the situation.
“No shit.” You rolled your eyes while his traveled down your figure, clenching his fists when he saw you were in just a towel, feeling his member twitch inside his pants.”
“That’s his room.” You pointed towards the door beside yours.
But Gojo didn’t reply, nor moved. You looked at his face and noticed his gaze fixed on your body. 
“Hey!” You snapped your fingers in front of him. 
“Shit, sorry, y/n. It’s just that I’m….”
“Horny? Yeah, I can see that.” You finished for him. 
“Yeah.” He looked down.
“No luck with that?”
“No…. Sukuna could at least give me the box, I wanted to see if there’s nothing I could do.”
“Knowing my brother, he’ll never open that door.” 
“Yeah, I know.” He took one step back.
“To be fair Gojo, I think there’s only one thing you could do…” You raised your eyebrows.
“Yeah, I know… Fuck!” He walked a little in the corridor before stopping in front of your door again. 
“You need to help me, y/n.” Pleading eyes, filled with frustration staring at you.
“What!?” You choked on air. 
“Please. I’m begging you.”
You bit your lower lip as your imagination ran wild on the things you could do to him.
“I can’t take this anymore.” He pleaded, face filled with despair. 
You took one step back, opening the door wide for him to enter the room.
“Thank you, y/n. Thank you.” He said as he passed through the door, stopping near your bed.
You took in a long breath as you closed the door, turning around to face him.
“Okay, let’s see our options…” 
He eyed you expectantly.
“Have you tried… you know.... jerking off?”
“Well, yeah, but it’s not happening.”
You blinked a few times. “Do you know why?”
“I don’t know, maybe I didn’t have the inspiration.” He looked at you up and down, and you cursed yourself internally as you felt your core start to get heated.
Fuck this. You thought.
Gathering all your courage you stopped in front of him, getting on your knees and starting to undo his pants.
“What are you-”
“What do you think? I’m helping you.” You answered, pulling his pants down to his ankles, happy for the fact that he came barefoot, making it easier for you to remove the fabric completely.
Even though you knew he was hard, you couldn’t help but widen your eyes when you pulled down his underwear and his member almost touched his belly. It had an average thickness but it was long, so long. His pink head was swollen, you could see that he tried to touch himself as precum was already leaking.
Your hands delicately touched his member, running your fingertips and nails along his length, hearing as he sighed from how sensible he already was.  You closed your hand around him, moving it up and down a few times before you got closer to him, licking his tip slowly. 
“Shit.” Gojo hissed. 
Taking that as an incentive, you opened your mouth further, taking the tip of his member inside of it. Starting to move your head up and down his length, you used your hands to take care of the rest as you created a slow pace.
Looking up, you saw Gojo’s eyes closed as he bit his lip. The sight was quite amusing, so you kept staring at him, trying to memorize every detail of it. He opened his eyes and looked down, meeting your gaze. His baby blue orbs filled with desire as his pupils dilated. 
His burning gaze making your core get wetter and a small moan leave your throat, causing pulsations on his member that made him moan in pleasure. 
Increasing the speed of your movements, you hollowed your cheeks, making Gojo groan as his hands went down to your hair, grabbing your strands firmly. After some time, his breaths were heavier and he whispered your name out while you kept on sucking him, tasting his precum in your mouth. 
“Fuck, y/n.” He moaned, tightening his grip on your hair with both hands as he started to thrust against your mouth.
Your hand let go of his member, finding his thighs for support, as you tried your best to relax your throat and not to gag on him. Your nose almost touched his thorax as he moved his hips back and forth in your mouth. Your eyes started watering as he kept going deeper and deeper on your throat. 
He stopped for a second, his cock completely stuffed inside your throat, holding you in place for a few seconds, causing you to gag against his length, making him groan. His member started pulsing and you knew that he’d cum soon, so you used one of your hands on his balls, playing with them gently to help him with his climax.
“Oh, fuck” He groaned loudly as jats of his sperm hit the back of your throat, slowly sliding down. 
He kept your head pressed against his thorax for a few more seconds before letting go of you, making you gasp loudly for air, as you let go of his balls. A thick line of saliva still connecting your lips with his member as you whipped the tears that had formed in your eyes.
“I’m sorry.” He gave you a small smile, as you licked the last remains of his sperm from his tip. 
“It’s ok.” You said looking up at him. 
“Shit. Don’t look at me like that.”
You smirked getting up.  “How’re you feelin’?”
“Better, but it’s not over yet.” He said looking down and realizing that he was still hard.
“Well, we can deal with it in other ways too.” You smiled innocently as you removed your towel from yourself, letting it hit the floor, revealing your naked form to him. 
He stared at you open-mouthed for a few seconds, before he removed his t-shirt, throwing it on the floor and wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you in for a heated kiss.
Your tongues swayed together in sync as the two of you started walking towards the bed, stopping when the back of your thighs hit the mattress and he gently pushed you on it, climbing on top of you. 
His lips moved to your neck, leaving sloppy kisses and small bites on your skin that set your body on fire. He obviously noticed that, and moved one of his hands to your right boob, playing with your nipple before his mouth started working on your left one. 
“Satoru” You whispered his name, so low that he wasn’t even sure if you had really said it, or if it was his imagination.
“Say that again.” He whispered in your ear, biting your earlobe at the same time as his left hand found your core, sliding one finger between your folds.
You repeated his name, this time loud enough for him to hear, making a proud smirk show up on his face. He slid his finger inside of you, feeling how wet you already were for him, making his member pulse against your thigh. 
“So wet already, baby.” 
You could hear the smirk in his voice as a small moan left your lips.
He moved a little, his eyes straight into yours as he asked: “Are you sure?”
“Yes.” You replied, pulling him down for another lustful kiss.
You slowly felt him penetrating you, your tightness around him making the two of you moan at the same time. Gojo placed one of his hands on the wall behind the bed while the other gently grabbed on your waist as he started moving in and out of you. At the same time as you grabbed his arm with one of your hands.
“You said your brother is in the next room right?”
“Yeah…. Why?”
“I want him to hear us.” A devilish smirk forming on his lips.
“Are you crazy? He’s gonna kill you.” You widened your eyes.
“After tonight… I don’t fucking care. ‘Been waiting long enough to have you.” 
He leaned down, kissing you hungrily as he started moving faster and rougher, finding your G-spot and hitting it repeatedly, making a loud moan leave your lips. Gojo kept his moves, creating a steady yet fast pace in and out of you, making your moans grow increasingly high with each thrust of his. 
“Fuck…. Satoru.” You moaned.
“You can be louder than that, baby.” His voice was hoarse with desire.
He started applying more strength on his thrusts, the bed involuntarily moving along, its headboard repeatedly hitting against the wall, and if you weren’t so lost in your own pleasure, you’d be worried about Sukuna hearing, but now, you just couldn’t care less.
You circled your legs around his waist, making his thrusts deeper than ever, every moan of yours filling the entire room as everything seemed to grow hotter and hotter as the time passed by.
Just as you started to feel your walls clenching around Gojo, a loud bang at the door caught yours and his attention. 
“Y/n!” Sukuna’s voice caught your ears.
But at this point, you wouldn’t be able to stop, not even if you wanted to. 
Gojo seemed too entranced to care either, his mouth stuck on your collar bone, marking you in hickeys as you finally reached your climax, your vision getting blurred for a second as your legs started shaking and Gojo’s name left your lips louder than ever.
You soon felt his liquids filling you up as he kept thrusting, riding out both yours and his climaxes, before he collapsed on top of you, his head resting on your chest, as the two of you tried to catch your breaths. 
“Y/n!” You heard Sukuna again.
Gojo chuckled lightly against your skin, sending vibrations through your body, making a smile appear on your lips.
“How’s your friend doing now?” You asked, eying him.
He looked up at you, before looking down. “I think he might need some extra care.” He smiled, making a small laugh leave your throat. 
“Y/n open this fucking door!”
“Fuck off, Kuna!” You yelled back.
You heard him yelling some curses towards the door, as Gojo got up. For a second you thought he’d open the door, but he simply stopped near it and said loud enough for Sukuna to hear.
“I’m gonna keep her busy for some more hours, Ryomen! Go take some sleeping pills, or whatever.” 
A proud smile was on display on his face as he turned towards you. 
“Join me in a bath?” His smile slowly turning into a smirk. 
Reblogs, comments and likes are very much appreciated &lt;3
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rosesbxrry · 8 months
The Laundromat
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stranger! Heeseung X Stranger Fem! Reader
Genre: Smut🔞 (Minors DNI), college AU, neighbours!
Warnings: unprotected sex (pulling out), Heeseung being a pervert, male masturbation, fingering, panty stealing thing, voyeurism (as in publix sex in the laundromat), reader being a pervert as well, handjobs, lots of cursing, dirty talking, and a bunch of unwash laundry. Hopefully I didn’t miss out anything else
Summary: Heeseung had just moved into his own place after abondoning his roommate. With a laundromat and you, his hot neighbour in the new building, eveything seemed perfectly good until he open the dryer machine, only to see a baby pink panty.
The problem? It has your name on it.
Main masterlist
Word count: 3, 220 words
Tumblr media
Lee Heeseung described himself as an ordinary college student who was just getting by. 
He went through the same shit as any graduated high school student does; move out of your parent’s house and get a taste of what the adult world feels like. To say he struggled was an understatement really, because he did move out together with his best mate Beomgyu, whom he made a pact with since high school— sharing a flat together once they’ve escaped from the clutches of their parents. 
The freedom tasted sweet, if only Beomgyu didn’t ruined it by having sex with a random chick every night. 
Heeseung was no prude— as a young healthy man in their early 20’s, he had he’s shares of hook ups and sexual fantasy evident by the amount of porno magazines and DVDs under his bed. 
At first, he was kinda turned on by the voyeuristic aspect of hearing your roommate having sex. With the walls being extremely thin, he could hear every moan and wet sounds that it got him jerking on his white bed, pajama pants down to his knees with a hand on his hard leaking cock. But when he starts to hear it every fucking night, Heeseung wished he didn’t have a dick to get hard. 
It didn’t help that sometimes it sounded like it came out of a bad porno. He had to wear noise cancelling headphones just to burn the midnight oil to finish an assignment at two in the morning. 
The last draw was when he went to the kitchen one night, oblivious to the fact that Beomgyu was doing the devil’s tango on top of the island bar seat (He was wearing headphones on so he didn’t realize in the beginning). Heeseung crashed at Jake’s place for the moment because ain’t no way he was eating cereal there anymore after witnessing that. 
It took him a few weeks just to find a good place when he scored a good deal on a studio apartment not far from his campus.  
The monthly rent was reasonable, he didn’t have to share with any roommates and he had exclusive access to all the facilities in the building, including the laundromat at the ground floor beside the gym. 
It felt like a reward after all the sufferings he went through. 
But this was all just the beginning. You see, there was one tenant in the building that got his attention. 
The first day he used the laundromat, it was late in the afternoon. He was minding his own business, learning on how to operate the machines when you waltz in, clad in freshly used workout clothes that were sticking tight to your figure.
Heeseung can’t help but stare at you in the corner of his eyes, your ass peeking out from the leggings you wore, back facing away from him as you used the coin exchanger to get some change. Even with the loud music from his air pods and the blinking lights from the washing machine, he can’t take his eyes off you. 
Heeseung hasn’t been indulging himself sexually, which he blames it on Beomgyu and his studies for repressing the need for it, but you were literally the hottest thing he’d ever lay eyes on. 
He contemplated introducing himself but he backed off every time due to his cowardly nature, and the fact that he can’t stop the bulge forming whenever you were in the laundromat with him. He was your neighbor in a way after all. It wasn’t like he wanted to get in your pants right? Wrong. He very much wanted to dive straight into them. 
It didn’t help that you were always wearing workout clothes drenched in your sweat. 
It’s been like this for the past few weeks— he would secretly look at you, run away in embarrassment after finishing his laundry and touch himself with the thought of you, whether it was in the shower or on his bed. 
It was so fucking wrong for him to that, but you look so fucking hot wearing that shirt without a bra on, perky nipples visible under the fabric. He was glad that it was one in the morning with no one else doing the laundry except for you and him, enabling him to be the only one who got to witness it. 
Heeseung was a routine man. He likes to do his laundry precisely at a spot that no one else would use. He uses the one at the far corner on the left, the lowest row possible that he had to squad down in order to reach it. When he opened the lid without much thought, he closed it back hastily in shock.
No, this can’t be true.
He slowly opened it back, and low and behold, a baby pink panty was just sitting there. 
Heeseung stayed in his position while staring at the article of clothing, confusion plastered on his face. He was sure that no one else would use this spot, but he was naive to think that, clearly. Don’t panic, Heeseung. Just move it to the next machine and act as if nothing happened. The male made up his mind, pinching as little fabric as possible from the undergarment before pulling it out of the machine. 
He was gonna toss it in the other machine when he noticed a label on the inner seam of the waist. It was labelled with a name on it, specifically yours. 
L/N Y/N written clearly. 
Heeseung stood there in bewilderment. Fuck, what was he suppose to do now? He could be a good normal person and leave it in the machine and just use another one. You were bound to notice it was missing and come looking for it next time. But the perverted side of him, the one that has been aching for you, wanted to keep it to himself. 
And he did. He tossed it in his basket and brought it home. 
The things that he did to that article of clothing was unimaginable. 
He smelled it first, and it was definitely washed, the faint smell of floral and detergent was evident as he pushed the fabric closer to his noise. The little void inside of him wished that it was a used one, hoping to catch a whiff of your arousal in any way possible.
God, to be able to smell the juices of your pussy, he would do anything to do that. 
Heeseung was laying on his bed, pushing his pants and boxers down, pumping his hardened dick with one hand while the other was grabbing your panty, smoldering it on his face.
“Fuck.” he let out a desperate moan, thinking about the curves on your body, and the sweat that was dripping down your neck after you work out. Your scent sends shivers down to his cock, tiny precum trickling down his length before Heeseung gathers it, spreading it across until the tip of the head.   
“Your so fucking hot, Y/N. I wanna fuck you.” 
Heeseung moaned in pleasure, hips bucking on his hand, imagining that it was yours that was jerking him off, delicate and soft hands with blue nail polish pumping his cock. He swipe the tender head with his thumb, sending shockwaves of pleasure as he hump the air with his back arched, the familiar knot in his stomach burning for more. 
“More, please.” His whines filled the room, moving your panty to his shaft and rubbing the cotton fabric of your underwear with every thrust of his hips. His stomach rises and falls, feeling the delicious friction of the panty against his pulsating cock. 
“Please, please.” He whimpered. “Y/N, please fuck me.” His desperate request to you was lost in the empty room as he neared his high.
He closed his eyes, imagining that you were on top of him, your wet pussy filled with his big cock as you ride him, hands on his thighs, fucking yourself dumb until you cried his name out. He would have the beautiful view of your tits bouncing with every movement, his hand gripping on your hips to speed up the pace. 
Heeseung groaned in agony, biting on his lips as he was close to orgasming. He imagines sucking on your nipples, eating your folds and pounding into you with your head down and ass up, feeling your panty giving him the most beautiful pleasure before he cums, soiling the cotton fabric with his hot seeds. 
Strings of moan echoed the room as he pump his cock continuously, feeling ropes of hot semen smearing the fabric of your panty. His breathing was labored, mouth open to savor the last of his delightful high before feeling the evident flush on his skin due to cold sweats. 
Heeseung used your panty until your scent was no longer there. 
He watches the baby pink panty among his clothes, the bulk of clothing spinning around the machine as he washes his shame away. With his head down, he began to wonder what was wrong with him. He was definitely classified not only as a pervert but also a panty stealer. 
He folded your panty and placed it ontop of his side table. There was no way in hell he would return it back to you with the amount of dirty things he did to it. 
Heeseung usually does his laundry every Monday, dead in the morning when no one was there. His schedule switches from time to time where he does the laundry at odd times due to restricted time.
It was three in the morning when he decided to do his forgotten laundry, hoping to end his lazy ass for procrastinating on doing his chores. 
With his air pods and a basket full of dirty clothes to wash, he stops in tracks when he spots you at the glass window of the laundromat. He backed away to hide himself in case you saw him, peeking at the corner to see what you were doing at this late hour. 
You were squatted down in front of the dryer, the one he specifically always uses. Heeseung felt his heart beating fast and throat getting dry, thinking you were there searching for your missing panty. But when you place your bra inside the machine,  leaving through the back door of the laundromat, he blinks his eyes in surprise.
To say he was shocked was an understatement. 
Did you leave it there on purpose for him to find?
So many questions bombarded his head. He slowly went inside after he was sure you had left, making his way to the machine. He opened it to see the red bra staring back at him, and pulled it away to make sure your name was there. It was. 
He decided to grab an empty paper and pen from his place to write a message, telling you to meet him at exactly the same time dead in the morning. He left a message inside the dryer but took the bra with him. 
Heeseung was sure you and him were the only ones using that specific machine because when he saw you in the elevator one day as he squeezed through the amount of people, the stare you gave him allowed him to be confident that you saw the message loud and clear. 
He was shitting in his pants waiting for you in the laundromat. 
He doesn’t know what to say— should he confront you about leaving your undergarments on purpose for him to find? Or should he apologize for taking it in the first place? So many worries cross through his mind when he hears the door opened, turning his head to see you walking towards him shyly. 
You wore a blue cardigan with white flowy skirt, in contrast to your usual workout clothes. 
The both of you stood there awkwardly, facing each other but with your gaze averted from one another. The tension was tense as neither of you found the courage to speak first, but when Heeseung took the chance to open his mouth to say something, you pushed him to sit on the empty bench; totally taking him off guard. 
When you capture his lips with yours, you taste as sweet as he imagines. He tightens the grip on your hips, letting you lean down further with your hands on his cheeks to deepen the kiss— he lets your tongue explore the cavern of his mouth. Your scent invades his senses, the same one that sticks to your bra and panty (yes, he smelled the bra you left him too)
It was at this moment that Heeseung realized that his fantasy was coming true. 
A soft moan left your mouth, sending all the blood rushing to his shaft. He was becoming dizzier the more you moved your lips, saliva coating at the edges of each other’s mouth. When you let go of his mouth, tugging at the hairs on the back of his neck, you said something that had him exploding. 
“I wanted to kiss you so bad.” Your breath was hot against his cheeks as he saw the lust swimming in your eyes, causing him to swallow down. 
“Really?” His voice cracked a bit, not believing the words coming out of your mouth. You now grip on his shoulder, resting your forehead against his as you nod your head. 
“Of course. I wouldn’t leave my underwear for you if I didn't want to.” Heeseung flushed when he heard you say that; so you did purposely leave it for him to find. He brings your waist closer to him, standing in front of him with your lips close to his. 
“I want you so bad.” He whispered, the lust evident in his voice. 
You grab onto one of his hands that was resting on your waist, leading it under your skirt. Heeseung let out a gasp when he felt his fingers touching your wet folds, feeling the dampness between your legs. You were not wearing any panties. Fuck. 
The dent on his jeans grew bigger when he rubbed your soaked folds, earning whiny mewls from you as his lanky fingers probed your pulsating hole. You lurch forward when he pushes a finger inside, letting out a high pitch moan when he slowly rubs the inside of your walls. When he moves to enter another finger, scissoring your hole with back and forth motion, you are holding him by the shoulder to regain some balance, feeling your knees buckled at the pleasure that washes over you. 
“You like that?” He taunts, liking the way your face contracts with pleasure with each movement of his finger. 
“Hmm…love your fingers fucking me.” You move your hips to reciprocate his fingers that were moving in and out of your hole, your juices leaking down your inner thighs. You move down to palm his dent, earning a groan from Heeseung’s pouty lips. 
“Want to feel your cock in me.” you unzip his jeans, searching for a way to free his hardened shaft from the confinements. With skillful hands, you pump his dick out of the hole of his boxers, he’s precum coating the palm of your hand as you move to jerk him. 
Heeseung hissed at the warm contact but he let out a chuckle, watching you desperately rut your hips against his fingers for more friction. “Your pussy is drenched, you know that yeah? Are you ready for my cock baby?” 
You let a string of incoherent words of affirmation, lost in the way his fingers were moving inside of you that tears were starting to form at the corner of your eyes. You move to straddle his waist, holding onto his dick as you slowly push him inside. He aids you by holding on your waist with both hands, watching you choke as he stretches you out. 
“Fuck, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this.” His eyes rolled at the back of his head, feeling you engulfing his cock with your wet and hot walls. 
“Hee you're so big, you're stretching me out.” You moan, pushing down yourself as close to his hips as possible, needing to feel him fill you up. 
His heart stirs when you breathe out his name. You knew his name. 
When you feel yourself adjusting to his size, you start bouncing on his cock, holding onto his neck as you feel him thrust into you as well. The wet sound of skin slapping and the moans filled up the vacant laundromat, echoing in the dead of morning when every tenant was still sleeping.
The both of you were glad that the CCTV inside was broken, making you feel less shameful at how loud your moans were as Heeseung continued to pound into you mercilessly. You burrowed your face in the crook of his neck, feeling his hands wander under your cardigan, hearing him letting out a curse when he pinch your bare nipples. 
“Fuck, no bra too?” He growled close to your ear, causing you to yelp when you felt him dick twitch inside. He played with your breasts, thrusting roughly into you to the point where your legs felt like jelly. 
“Are you that desperate for me to fuck you huh? Baby wants my cock so much that she puts on a show just for me?” Your fingernails scratch at the skin of his neck, unable to move your hips at the amount of pleasure overwhelming your senses. But Heeseung didn’t mind doing all the work, rapidly ramming into you until you felt the familiar knot in your stomach. 
“I’m close.” You sobbed into his neck, feeling him hitting your g-spot over and over again, not letting you rest in between thrusts. His finger snakes into the front, thumb latching on your tender clit, causing you to go haywire at the feeling. 
“That’s it baby, cum on my cock.” He coaxed, your pussy clutching onto him tightly and sending him over the edge at the stimulation. All he could think of is his clumsy thrust and your wet pussy sucking him in, feeling dizzy at the amount of pleasure that was about to unfold. 
He lets you cum first, the loud whine that emitted from your mouth sends shivers down his spine as he rides you out of your high. When he reaches his own high, Heeseung pulls out in time for the ropes of his semen to drip down his jeans, dampening the area together with your juices. 
Heaving breathing filled the silence, and the sound of the flickering fluorescent lamp from time to time. You lay snug on his chest, feeling the aftermath of the orgasm relaxing your muscles. Heeseung pushes his bangs with one hand that was sticking to his forehead, adjusting his legs to give you more space to sit on his lap.
“I guess we’re beyond introduction at this point huh?”
You laugh, the embarrassment evident in your tone. He laughed as well, his chest moving up and down at the thought that you had wanted him the way he wanted you. But the real question was— Heeseung moved to look at you, eyes staring back at you with a cheeky smirk. 
“Do you still want your bra and panty or can I keep it?” 
Tumblr media
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megistusdiary · 11 months
Can u do a part two to the taking turns one? I really liked the first one and I would love to have another one with Zhongli and Thoma taking turns 🙂
Tumblr media
you got it, nonnie!! a lot of people have been asking for this, so i hope this part lives up to the expectations oml ;w; this turned out to be kinda long, so i hope you all enjoy it.
(link to pt 1)
warnings: mean-dom!childe+ayato and soft-dom!zhongli+thoma with sub!fem anatomy/pronouns reader
penetration/oral (f!receiving), marking, praise, thoma calls you 'angel,' zhongli calls you 'dear,' full nelson 👀
Tumblr media
zhongli held you close to his chest, bare skin rubbing against the fabric of his suit. childe and ayato observed carefully. putting aside their quarrels, both were eager to watch how a god would ruin you.
you shivered as thoma nestled himself between your legs, smiling up at you sweetly. zhongli moved to tuck his arms under your legs before folding his hands behind your head. his fingers locked against your scalp firmly, but the sensation was anything but painful.
it was painfully embarrassing though to be spread out on display for everyone.
that thought didn't last very long though once thoma started licking at your clit. you writhed as much as zhongli's arms allowed you, gasping at the feeling.
your pussy was so sensitive from childe and ayato, and even thoma's gentle licks were too much. zhongli felt sympathy for your poor little mortal body, though he didn't do much to help. he simply leaned back against the bed frame, watching thoma press his face further into you.
"oh-fuck, thoma-" you carded your fingers into the blonde's hair. your hands were caught on the headband portruding, making you lose your grip when he took your clit between his lips.
"make sure she is thoroughly prepared and pleased. when pleasuring a woman, her satisfaction should be at the forefront of your mind. partners should always wish for their counterpart to feel good." zhongli commented, eyes locking with childe and ayato.
they seemed slightly embarrassed as they watched you writhe and let out soft moans. thoma looked up at you, mumbling praises into your pussy that had your hips twitching.
before you could reach your high, however, thoma gently pulled away. before he could move too far, zhongli held up a hand. "if you wish, you may have her first, thoma. we are guests in the kamisato estate, after all."
thoma's eyes shone with excitement as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "if that's what you want." he addressed you directly as you nodded, reaching out for him.
he carefully moved you off of zhongli's lap and onto the bed. as he unfastened his belt, removing the fabric in the way, your eyes widened.
childe let out a low whistle, reminding you of his presence in the back of the room. "didn't know you were hiding all that, housemaid." he smirked as thoma turned red.
zhongli pinched the bridge of his nose, saying nothing more as he watched thoma smooth his hands over your hips.
he placed the tip over your clit, gently tapping his dick over the sensitive areas as you squirmed. "thoma, please-" you begged, hands taking purchase on his shoulders.
he was ever so gentle as he pressed into you, allowing you to arch up against him while he stretched you out. "oh, archons-" thoma gasped, hips stuttering as you tightened around him. "you feel so good." he moved one of his hands to bite down on his thumb.
thoma worked hard to fuck you slow and deep, working to hit the spots you seemed to love. he wanted you to not only feel him, but to feel amazing.
you gasped out his name as he pressed his forehead to yours, moving his hips a bit faster. "oh, angel-" he whispered into your ear, nuzzling your cheek.
he felt himself coming close, hips moving at their leisure. he felt ayato take one of his hands, pressing the marker into his fist. he let out a gasp as you clenched around him, moving to draw a line across your stomach. his hands were shaky, making it slightly off-center as he leaned back up.
not wanting to ruin anyone else's fun, he carefully pulled out, trying hard to ignore your needy whines. "i know, angel, i know. but, mr. zhongli still needs his turn. he has been such a patient guest." he half-addressed the man behind you, tipping his head down out of respect.
zhongli gathered you back into his arms. wrapping his arms around your legs and re-locking his hands behind your head. you were once again on display shamelessly, feeling the tip of zhongli's cock dragging against your entrance. he continued gathering slick along the head, feeling your pussy twitch against him. you tipped your head back, trying to catch a glimpse of the former-god.
"now, dear. are you ready?" zhongli asked, taking your consent into careful consideration.
"yes, yes please." you gasped, mouth falling open as zhongli slowly pressed into you.
and by the archons, was it perfect. you let out a whine, feeling zhongli stuff you full with his dick. he was much larger than childe or ayato, making your hole clench tightly on him.
"you're doing well." zhongli praised you, continuing to push himself into you. because of the position, you were forced to stare down at the sight. and, oh, was it a sight to behold.
he stretched you out so well, and you could see gossamer strands sticking to his dick. your pussy was so sensitive as he continued to have you take more of him.
moans, pleas, and cries of his name spilled from your lips as he allowed you to adjust to his size by gently fucking into you. from this position, he felt deeper than any dick you had ever taken. he reached places and hit spots you didn't know existed. you were a shaking mess above him, held carefully in his arms and against his body.
the three men looked on with fascination and slight envy as you finally came on zhongli's cock. you were shaking like a leaf, trembling in his tight hold and unable to do anything but take what he gave you.
tears gathered in your eyes as zhongli slowly fucked you through your orgasm. the slick strands from your orgasm stuck to his dick, creating a milky ring around the base.
before you could recover, zhongli held up the marker. the men leaned closer, curious to see just how deep zhongli was.
childe's hands were balled into fists, and ayato seemed intensely pensive. zhongli slowly trailed the marker across your skin, creating the thinnest, most delicate line of the four.
it was higher than the others, causing the men to look on bitterly as he slowly pulled out. "you did so well, dear." he mumbled into your ear. he released your head, allowing it to fall back against his shoulder limply.
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nagitazer · 8 months
Childe x Adepti Male Reader
warnings: bottom childe/ top reader, size kink, power kink?, stomach bulge, cock stepping, power dynamic, it gets kinda sappy at the aftercare again
notes: late childe brithday gift, warning i use comrade once bc i think its funny, i have hated childe since i met him in game but the new birthday art got me so take this, also thank you for over 100 followers
3033 words
The sunlight peeked over the roof, making you squint as you went to check the address. Soon the sun would set, so you didn’t have much time. You had been speaking with Zhongli earlier and had noticed a small package in his hand, when questioned he mentioned it was Tartaglia’s birthday. He encouraged you to visit though he knew you would be hesitant, adepti tend to not be fans of mortal traditions. You saw no point in celebrating the years passing, but because Zhongli had asked you to, you couldn’t bring yourself not to go.
You sigh, forcing yourself to knock on the door in front of you. Hearing shuffling inside, you bring your hand down. Muffled through the walls, a voice says they’ll be there in a moment.
Not long after, the door swings open revealing a somewhat disheveled man, “Oh hey comrade! I wasn’t expecting to see you.”
You look him up and down, “Did I interrupt something?”
“Huh? Oh, no you didn’t, I was just cleaning up a bit. A few of Mr. Zhongli’s coworkers surprised me with confetti earlier.” He chuckles as you notice a piece of said confetti in his hair. Reaching out a hand you grab it and hand it back to him. He thanks you and steps to the side welcoming you into his house.
Once you enter, you look around for a moment before turning back towards him, “It is your birthday, yes Tartaglia?” He nods, mentioning to call him Childe instead. Pausing for a moment, you silently make a note to do so.
You continue, “Do you still wish to fight me?” His eyes widen, the excitement clear on his face.
“Wait can I really?” Perhaps this was a bad idea, but you had nothing else to offer him and it would be considered rude to not have a gift. You say yes and tell him to get what he needs. Quickly he runs off into the halls while you look around the room. You notice a photo sitting on a shelf, slowly you pick it up. Theres six people, Childe standing near the middle. The two on his left looked older than him but the rest were clearly children, who knew he had so many siblings. Putting down the image as you hear footsteps, he returns looking more ready.
“Your siblings look very similar to you.” He looks confused for a moment before noticing the picture bedside you. He smiles softly, the peaceful look in his eyes catching your attention. He must care for them quite a lot.
“Ah well, we should start heading for the golden house! If we wait any longer the sun will set on the way.” You shake your head and wrap your arm around his waist pulling him closer to you. Just a moment later you appear in the center of the golden house.
Childe has his hands on his knees attempting to steady himself, “Archons, warn me next time! I feel like my body was warped.” You notice he’s panting slightly so you scoff. Its loud enough to gain his attention as he stands properly again.
“If your body wears out from something as simple as that, you have no chance at beating me.”
He glares at you playfully, “Don’t underestimate me because of that, I fought far more times than I’ve teleported.” Rolling your eyes, you back up and draw your weapon, a determined look coming across both of your faces.
Childe had attacked first, but you ended up landing the first blow, making him take a few steps back from the impact. The power discrepancy is clear, yet that seems to make it more enjoyable for the mortal. The fight continues like this, putting him mostly on the defensive.
Once he finds an opening, you notice the energy of a second element appear. The strike is successful but doesn’t do much damage, leaving you more intrigued in what has happened. Looking down towards his vision you noticed it had turned purple, but it dawned the Fatui insignia rather than the electro one. A bitter taste fills your mouth as you recognize the device, a delusion.
You continue the fight nonetheless, hoping to force him to admit defeat soon. He proves to be far more stubborn than you had thought, standing no matter how badly you had hurt him. If you hadn’t been holding back he would be dead by now.
“Just give in already Childe, you are at your limit. You cannot beat me.”
He wipes his the blood from under his nose, “Didn’t I tell you not to underestimate me?” He laughs, voice slowly getting deeper as he transforms. The Traveler had mentioned this form, but based on how they described the after effects you were not expecting him to use it for this. The area shook as he stepped down, wasting no time he attacks you. Just barely you dodge, his weapon grazing your cheek. You have to end this now.
His back slams into a pillar, the damage forcing him to detransform. He coughs, arms trying to lift himself up. You walk over and kick him back into a sitting position, then kneeling in front of him. Grabbing his chin, you make sure he isn’t coughing up blood.
“Let your body rest, it cannot fight more.” You help him lay down, placing your hands over the most injured parts of his body. A warmth spreads over him, much like sitting by the fireplace back at home. He relaxes into the feeling, much of his pain subsiding. As the wounds heal, his tattered clothes become more obvious. The shirt he was wearing is nearly in pieces, revealing the scarred skin underneath.
One of your hands softly traces a scar on his torso, it is clearly quite old but it is bold and jagged. As though the person who treated the wound didn’t know what they were doing. Many of the others look similar, some may have not left a mark at all if they had been taken care of properly.
“Have you been the one stitching your injuries?” You take your eyes away from his chest, waiting for an answer. Childe is brought back to the present when you ask this, slowly he nods.
“Yeah. I know I didn’t do a great job, but hey my little brother Teucer thinks I look cool!” You shake your head at him, taking your hands off his body. He was healed enough for it to not get in the way, he’ll be back to usual in a few days. He sits up before inspecting your work. He mumbles to himself about getting a new shirt but then thanks you.
You hesitate for a moment, “…Childe. Do not forget you are a mortal, wasting your short lifespan for power is foolish.” Your voice is stern, he looks up at you, but doesn’t respond.
You sigh at his silence, softening your tone, “I can tell you hold your family dear, do not sacrifice the little time you have with them.” He turns away, choosing admire the structure of the wall. You don’t push further, instead healing the scratches on your own body.
A few minutes pass and your body is still sore, but there is nothing you could do about that for now. Looking back towards Childe, he seems to have moved on to memorizing the details in the ceiling. ‘If it were any other day I would just leave him like this, yet that feels too cruel.’ You run a hand across your face, letting out a deep breath.
“…You know, adepti have a form that few are aware of.” This grabs his attention, eyes finally meeting yours again.
“It is similar to a delusion, as it allows for us to gain far more power than usual. We store some of our strength in a reserve, its often only used when we are in serious danger.” He looks better than earlier, a soft smile crossing your face in relief.
“Many of us also transform, much like your Foul Legacy. The change is tiring, but it does not cost our lifespan.” That intrigued him, what would look like when you transform? Would gain another element like him? How long can you stay in that form? You could practically see the excited questions in his eyes. Pausing to think for a moment, you stand, taking a few steps away from Childe.
“Would you like to see?”
“Can I? You said you only use it-”
“It is a yes or no question. Do you wish to see it?” The strength in your voice reminded him once again of who he was talking to. The fact that an adepti as powerful as you was giving him such an opportunity, who was he to refuse.
Maybe he should have refused your offer, because he highly doubted the reaction he was having was a proper one. The way your shadow loomed over him, you looked far more intimidating than before. He could feel his pants tighten the more details he noticed, in particular how large your hands had gotten. Soon his head was filled with thoughts of your hand encompassing his waist and all the ways he could compare your sizes.
There was no doubt you were taller than his Foul Legacy form, if you had used this in battle Childe wouldn’t have lasted a second. Your eyes finally meet his, though the deer in headlights look on his face worries you. He swallows roughly, feeling a different kind of warmth than the one before.
“Am I frightening you?” Oh, it seems your voice had deepened as well. When given no response your eyes survey him, realizing his troubles once they reach the lower half of his body. He noticed your stare too late, attempting to cover himself the best he can. To be aroused when in front of an adepti, let alone while they were in such a powerful state.
You found his reaction somewhat amusing, not once had you imagined someone would respond like this to your transformation. Slowly you step closer, kicking the hand away thats trying to cover himself. You step on his cock, pulling a moan out of him as he looks up at you with surprise.
“Do you wish for me to help with that?” You press your foot down harder.
“…It is your birthday after all, consider it my gift.” It takes a moment for him to process your offer but nods hastily, eyes shifting from your face to the print of your dick.
You scoff at his blatant ogling, “How perverted of you, getting off on something like this. So boldly staring at my body, you just can’t keep you eyes off my cock huh?” You lean down, grabbing his chin and bringing it up so he’s looking at your face. You had lightened the weight on his cock, trying to not hurt him. It barely took a second without the pressure for Childe to whine, bucking his hips back up onto you.
“Please- I don’t care what you do, just haah~ do something.” He looked quite pretty begging, but you couldn’t leave him waiting for to long. This was supposed to be his present after all.
You take your foot off him completely; interrupting his whimper by grabbing his waist and lifting him off the ground. Your hand easily wraps around him, nails slightly digging into his skin. You keep him in the air with one arm, while the other removes his pants. He was clearly unsure of what to do with himself, being placed in such a vulnerable situation isn’t something he’s used to.
Pushing him up against one of the pillars you move his legs over your arms, giving you better access. He grabs onto your shoulders the best he could. Maybe he should have given a little more thought to the logistics of this, hes becoming aware of just how big you are compared to him. You had Childe lubing up your fingers with his mouth and he was barely able to take them without gagging. Judging based off of the tent in your pants, theres no way your dick could go inside him right? You’d rip him in half for sure.
“Relax your muscles, it is only going to hurt worse if you don’t.” You took your fingers out of his mouth, rubbing them against his hole. You move your gaze back to his face looking for a confirmation, he nods. Slowly you push one in, him moaning at the feeling and his back arching off the pillar. Was this really only one finger? You were already reaching so deep inside him, letting him adjust you move it gently.
“Haah~ more please, fuck-” He was leaking already, dick red from the lack of attention. You added another finger, steadily stretching him open for your cock. The temptation of fucking him now was strong, you couldn’t help but think of how it would feel. Yet you held onto your restraint, curving your fingers while thrusting in hopes you would find what your looking for.
“AHhh~” The grip on your shoulders tightened, his eyes rolling back. You continue pressing on that spot, his moans echoing off the walls.
After a while pleas fall from his lips, “Please fuck me- nngh~ archons I can’t take it an-anymore!” Hes already tearing up, trying his best not to cum until you’re inside him. He’s leaked so much, precum dripping down his cock with a small puddle of it on his stomach.
You chose to comply, pulling your fingers out of him and pulling your pants down just enough to release your cock. You see his eyes widen. Placing your cock on his, you both could tell just how deep you’d end up inside of him.
“Haah~ ther- theres no way that could…” Childe’s eyes jump from your cock to your face, worry clear in his tone and still his cock twitches at the thought.
“I make it fit.”
He didn’t get a chance to respond, whimpering as you pushed your tip inside him. Inch by inch, you watched your cock disappear into him. Stopping for a while each time to let him adjust, eventually you’re all the way inside.
“Fuck, you’re tight. Maybe- uugh~ I should have prepped you more.” He could feel you everywhere, it nearly drove him to the edge. With your hot breath on his neck and your quiet moans in his ear, he could barely focus. You filled him so well too, he can practically feel his body making room for your cock. It doesn’t take long before he pushes himself back on you, silently asking you to start moving. With both of your hands wrapped around his waist, you begin thrusting at a slow pace.
“D-Don’t take it easy on me I can- AaHh~” It seems you had found that spot again. You speed up your hips, leaning down slightly to kiss him. Your tongue is nearly fucking his throat, having become far longer with your transformation.
You pull away for a moment, “Bring your legs to your chest.” he does as asked, this only allows you to reach deeper inside of him. His back arches causing you notice something out of the corner of your eye. You move your gaze down to confirm and it happens once again. You say Childe’s name to grab his attention, telling him to look at his stomach. His eyes are glazed over from pleasure but listens nonetheless, catching sight of something in his stomach. He watched as it disappeared when you pulled most of the way out, becoming clear when you thrusted back in. Oh archons, you really were forcing his body to make room for you.
“Nngh…” His head rolls back leaning against the pillar. You place one of your hands on the bulge pressing down as you were fully inside him. That brought him to the edge, finishing on his stomach and your hand. He whimpers through his panting, you continuing to thrust into him. His bodies sensitivity after his orgasm makes the pleasure almost unbearable, the grip on his legs weakening.
“Didn’t you say you could handle it? You can cum again for me right?” Tears had built up in his eyes, whines escaping his throat, but he doesn’t try to pull away. Aw, how sweet he’s trying so hard for you.
“I could break you so easily haah… what might have happened if we had fought while I was like this. Mortals really are so fragile…” You chuckle lightly before licking the tears off his cheeks. Being able to handle all this… he really is quite interesting.
Slowly Childe gets hard again as your movements become sloppier, focusing on chasing your orgasm. You kiss him once more, feeling him tighten around your cock as he grew closer. Stroking him with your thrusts, you pull away from the kiss to mark his neck.
“Cl-Close, please let me cum- fuck aah~”
“Cum with me...nngh~” You speed up the hand on his dick, him practically trying to milk you. His hole squeezing around you as he came was enough by then. You finished inside of him, rocking your hips to ride out your orgasm. You take your hand off his cock and pull out carefully, before laying him on the floor.
Taking a step back you detransform, a wave of exhaustion hitting you. You allow yourself to sit for a moment to catch your breath but then go to clean up Childe. You do the best you can with what you have, him falling in and out of sleep as you help him. Once he’s mostly clean you dress him, giving him the shirt you were wearing so he’s not cold.
You pick him up gently, teleporting back into his house. It takes a few guesses to find his bedroom but eventually you’re able to lay him down under the covers. You look through the window at the sky, it had gotten quite late. ‘I should let him sleep, maybe I can bring him some food tomorrow.’ You turn away from the window, leaning down to kiss his forehead softly.
“Sleep well.”
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clockwayswrites · 10 days
Like Betta Fish Do - Part 13
Part 1 and prompt, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 , Part 11, Part 12 WC: 1563 (Ch 10 when on ao3)
Jason settled in, legs draped over the edge of the building, and unwrapped sandwich enough to take a large bite. Next to him, Dick did the same.
They had gotten back into the habit slowly— in fits and starts and Jason turning down Dick’s gentle inquiry (plea, it was a plea) more often than not— but now, once a month at least, Red Hood and Nightwing could be found perched on a rooftop, sharing a meal. Chili dogs to burgers to sandwiches— anything that could be easily held, quickly eaten, and was open late to serve the night owls of Gotham.
Tonight it was bahn mi sandwiches from an amazing little Vietnamese place in Blüdhaven.
It was easier to take these moments in Blüdhaven.
Jason knew that tonight's ‘Big Brother Bonding Binge’ (Dick’s name for it), had been purposefully arranged. Nightwing would have had no issue handling that bust on his own. Jason wanted to resent it— Dick had been more a mother hen than usual since Jason had been ‘sick’— but Jason… Jason wanted someone to talk to.
Every since driving Danny out to the ocean, Jason had been thinking. His little revelation that he didn’t want to stop living… no, that he need to actively start living, had been rattling around in his brain. It was leading to all sorts of thoughts and plans that he didn’t know how to handle anymore.
It was still a struggle some days to think about the fact that he had a future to look forward to.
Jason could practically feel Dick vibrating with the need to ask next to him, so he threw his brother a bone. “I’ve… been thinking about going to college?”
He hadn’t meant it to come out like a question.
“Really?” Dick asked, perking up like a damn puppy. “That’s great Jay. Are you thinking Gotham U? What do you want to major in? Wait— do you’ll need a GED—”
“Got my GED as soon as I was officially back from the dead,” Jason said, cutting off Dick’s rambling. “I was… I mean, probably Gotham U eventually? I was thinking maybe just online classes first? There’s still days that…”
There were still days that Jason just couldn’t handle people very well or that the pain was too bad.
“Online classes sound like a great way to start,” Dick said. “Are you thinking about just doing gen eds then?”
“To start, yeah. But I was… I guess there are a few things I’m considering? Mostly thinking that I could maybe get something in social sciences that would be good for nonprofit work. I’ve been doing that stuff with the foundation, but I know I’m not really qualified to do a lot. And if I got a degree that could help out maybe.” Jason made himself take a breath. “Maybe I could do some real good as me and not just as Red Hood.”
“I know you could, little wing,” Dick said with one of his soft smiles; the type that always made Jason ache a little.
Jason elbowed him lightly, more to jostle him than to wound. Dick just laughed for Jason’s efforts.
“B is going to be ecstatic,” Dick said after polishing off the last bite of his sandwich.
“You mean insufferable,” Jason grumbled.
“Overenthusiastic,” Dick corrected. Jason gave in with a little shrug. “I’ll try to hold him back, but you know he just gets happy whenever he can do something for you.”
“You’re talking like I’m going to take his help.”
“You are— you’re smart enough not to wrack up that sort of debt when you can use B’s money instead.”
Jason sighed, exaggerating the sound so that the full effect would come through his respirator. There were still nights when he missed his helmet and the anonymity it provided, but the respirator, domino, and literal hood did make it easier to express himself when he wanted to. “Fine. But you getter try to make him tone it down.”
“Cross my heart,” Dick said, complete with the motion. “You’re best off telling him at a family dinner then.”
He had a point. “Next month then.”
“Or,” Dick said, drawing the word out as he leaned into Jason’s side. “You could come by sooner. You don’t have to only come once a month, Jay.”
“Wing,” Jason said, the name a sigh.
“Think about it. I promise to be there if you want to— and I’ll call in favors to get whoever else you want there too.”
Jason was a little touched despite himself. Favors were no small matter in the Wayne family. “Thanks—”
“Nightwing, Hood,” Oracle cut in across the comms.
Both vigilantes straightened up at her tone.
“Here,” Jason answered for both of. His voice roughened as he slipped back into being Red Hood. There was no room for Jason in a mission that had Oracle sounding that serious.
“Two-Face escaped from Arkham.”
Jason could sense Dick stop breathing next to him. Two-Face wasn’t Joker level, no one really was, but Two-Face was still Dick’s Joker. They had talked about it, one bad night— too cold and too haunted up on top of a bridge. Dick had spoken in hushed, short sentences— as it by saying the words quick enough and letting the frigid winter wind rip them away he could finally be free of it.
It didn’t work.
Nothing ever would.
Jason shifted just enough to press his knee against Dick’s. The forceful intake of breath the nudge caused was so sharp that it must have hurt.
Jason slammed the hidden door in the back of his closet closed as he shoved through it.
He had gotten through patrol.
Somehow, he had gotten through patrol while holding off the worst of the Pit Rage.
Now the green was crowding out most of his vision as he stalked into his apartment. He fisted a hand in his hair, yanking as he tried to ground himself. He should be able to get a handle on himself.
It shouldn’t be this bad.
Nothing happened.
Maybe it was worse that nothing had happened.
Every missed chance of catching up with Two-Face, every bust of his henchmen that went nowhere, every empty warehouse— Jason had been forced to watch Dick grow tenser and tenser. Jason had just wanted to take his big brother out of there— take him back to a safe house where Jason could protect him from everything.
But there was no protecting anyone from their own mind.
Jason knew that.
Jason knew that with every creeping flick of green on the edge of his vision.
He was helpless against it all: helpless to help Dick, helpless to stop this pain, helpless to stop his own—
What he needed to stop was this… this spiraling. He was home.
No one knew he’d been fighting the Rage.
No one was in danger.
Da- Batman would be looking into Two-Face relentlessly.
Jason just had to look after himself, just for the moment.
Fuck he was such a failure.
Stop that.
Stop stop stop.
Jason collapsed on his couch. He dragged the weighted blanket up over his shoulders. Fingers laced, shuddering, behind his neck Jason struggled to suck in a breath of air.
One more.
Just keep breathing.
Someone was knocking at his door.
The sound pulled Jason out of his haze and he blinked, listlessly. His world was sideways from where he had collapsed on the couch.
The knocking continued.
He ignored them.
“Jason?” Oh. It was Danny. He sounded panicked. “Come on Jason, if you don’t open up I’m coming in.”
He couldn’t let Danny in.
If Danny got in, Jason could hurt him.
He couldn’t hurt Danny.
Jason surged to his feet, stumbling into his coffee table as the world spun around him. The mug he’d been drinking tea out of before patrol rocked off the edge and shattered.
The cold tea seeped under Jason’s bare feet.
A drip of red bled into the liquid.
A shard of ceramic must have cut his foot.
His head jerked up.
Danny was inside his apartment.
No no no—
“Get out.” The growled words tore themselves from Jason’s throat before he even was aware of speaking.
Danny took a hesitant step forward instead, reaching out like he wanted to get closer and touch. “Jason, no. Your whole haunt is— I can feel how scared you are right now, I’m not leaving you alone.”
“Get out.”
“Maybe an ectoshot?”
Danny wasn’t listening.
“I know we were going to wait at least one more week but it might help you stabilize—”
Why wasn’t Danny listening? “Get out.”
“I can always project with my core. You said you could sense me before?”
“I said get out!” Jason roared. He lost the rest of his vision to the burning green as he stalked forward.
“Jason, I can help—”
A fist slammed into the door Danny was backed up against. Wood cracked under the now bleeding knuckles that were inches from Danny’s head. Jason crowded in close, teeth bared with a growl— close enough for the toxic green glow of his eyes to reflect off of Danny’s tan skin. With a quiet viciousness he hissed, “Get out.”
And Danny did. He phased right out through the door.
Alone in his apartment Jason sagged against the bloody door with a half screamed sob.
AN: We are back~ sorry for the longer than normal delay- health and work have both conspired against me. I’m sure this is still full of issues but that’s why we do a rewrite and beta before it goes on ao3~
It’s a small chapter, but it’s what it needed to be I think.
Hope you enjoyed and stay delightful, darlings!
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futbol16 · 20 days
Me and the Devil  • Alexia Putellas
Tumblr media
This is my first time trying something like this but I hope you like it! Also, this fic does not follow the exact dates and scores, awards etc as they were in actuality.
Song - Me and the Devil - Soap&Skin
Word count: 2,6k
Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door
The first time Alexia Putellas and Y/N Lavigne - or more commonly known as La Reina and La Sang Bleue - faced each other was in 2015. It was also your first meeting with Spain’s rising star. While it had been well into her international career, it was only the start of yours at age 19. Yet if you were to ask any of the players on the field or the people watching that day, no doubt they’d say you were a natural.
You quite literally shocked the world with your talent, maybe even Alexia.
She hadn’t been paying too much attention as she shook the hands of the French players until a new face appeared in front of her, one she had not seen before. Though she gave herself a second to think about it, waiting to recognize you she eventually came up with nothing and moved past you. 
However, your presence was harder to ignore during the game. You were everywhere. While the friendly ended in a 2-2 draw you were causing havoc for the Spanish who struggled to chase you down every time the ball came near you. It was so frustrating that for a split moment Alexia lost her cool and took your legs out. 
She expected you to go off on her but you only brushed it off, hopping right back up and continuing to play. It wasn’t a clean tackle either but it looked like the referee hadn’t seen it. 
That friendly match marked the beginning of your rivalry, a rivalry that would last years, almost a whole decade. 
Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door
It had come as quite a surprise for the brunette when you approached her just a year later after another friendly, a game in which the only goal came from you, a late goal with an assist from Toletti. 
You were held tightly in a hug by Wendie Renard, your teammate who had taken you under her wing, literally, when you spotted her. Alexia was hanging near the tunnel talking to Jenni, seemingly closer than before but that didn’t bother you too much as you bounced over to her once Wendie let you go. 
Jenni watched in wonder as Alexia simply turned to you when you interrupted their conversation. If it were anyone else the 22 year old would have shown her annoyance clearly. But the beaming smile on your face forced Alexia to give you a gentle look, waiting for you to say what you wanted.
“Can I have your shirt?” you nervously chewed on your bottom lip, no longer having to keep up an image in front of the cameras. You rocked on the balls of your feet at the rather shocked look on her face and glanced at Jenni who was grinning widely. 
Hermoso jabbed her elbow into the other’s side subtly, who nodded at you and pulled off her jersey. Once you had thanked her and made small conversation with the two women you bid your goodbyes and headed to your changing room, not wanting to make the team wait for you. Though just before you could turn away a hand on your shoulder stopped you.
“Don’t I get your shirt?” Alexia’s sweet voice rang out from behind you and you turned back to her in disbelief.
“You want it?” Jenni nodded next to her, Alexia following along even though with the way she stood slightly in front of the dark haired girl she couldn’t see her movements. It was evident how in sync the two were.
“Of course” with a smile of her own Alexia made you more nervous than when you asked for her jersey and you scramble to pull the material off yourself. She takes it gratefully and with a wave of your hand, you’re off, sprinting down the corridor.
“I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we see her.” 
“Jenni obviously, we play against her team a lot” Alexia deadpanned, staring at the older woman who raised her hands in surrender as the two of them started walking towards their own locker room.
“That’s not how I meant it, Ale!”
And I said hello Satan, ah
I believe it is time to go
It didn’t take long for the fans of the football world to start comparing Spain’s number 14 and France’s 11, numbers which were coincidentally switched when you played for your respective clubs.
Every game of yours and Alexia’s was thoroughly analyzed by the fans as they started pointing out each of your best skills and weaknesses. They praised Putellas for her passing ability, her vision and her playmaking ability and leadership while you were praised for your dribbling, goal scoring ability and physical attributes. 
Who’s the best women’s footballer, is the question and some commentators choose to analyze the differing physiques and playing styles of the two of you, while part of the debate revolves around your contrasting personalities.
Alexia is often thought to have a more reserved character, humble and even sometimes camera shy. 
You were the opposite, loud and making sure to celebrate each of your goals in the best way, and despite praising your team for each game you were still referred to as cocky. 
“If you have something to show off, why not?” was your answer to an interviewer who was asking you for a response for the comments about you. 
There was not one game you or Alexia played that didn't end with people comparing the two of you, asking who the better footballer was.
Your rivalry with the Barcelona captain was without question the biggest rivalry in the history of women’s football.
Me and the Devil
The 2019 World Cup, it was something everyone was excited about but especially France. The tournament was held in France, the country oh so dear to your heart, much less to the Spanish players.
The knockout stage was a hard fought battle between Spain and France, a long 120 minutes of football and way too many tackles and fouls to count. It was the first match where the hatred the fans thought the two of you had for each other, was actually there. 
Both teams were under immense pressure, starving for that win to survive the round of 16 and with a game so important, it came as no surprise when every time the camera panned over to one of the players they were glaring down the opposition.
But a certain camera man seemed to only want footage of you and Alexia resulting in even more rumors surrounding the two of you and the supposed bad blood between you, fueling your rivalry. 
With a bit of luck, Spain would say, the final whistle was blown after France took the lead and the Reds were knocked out of the tournament. Truth be told, both teams avoided each other as much as they could, only interacting for the mandatory shake of hands, but again, the focus was on La Sang Bleue and La Reina. 
Barcelona captain, Alexia Putellas - still salty from another champion’s league loss - now loses Spain's place in the World Cup
Rival, Y/N Lavigne's French team knocks out Alexia Putellas' Spain in round of 16
Y/N Lavigne blatantly ignores Spanish rival after World Cup match, is she arrogant?
Walkin’ side by side
While the Spaniards took the next plane back home France moved onto the quarter-finals against the Netherlands before winning the final against the United States, another grueling match.
You ended the tournament with a World Cup trophy in one hand and a best player of the tournament award in the other. Still, the first thing you packed in your suitcase before leaving the team’s football center was the red Alexia Putellas jersey.
 Yet another jersey you got from the Spaniard herself, Alexia taking your French one home after being knocked out. 
And even though she and Spain were still less than happy about the loss, the brunette was amongst the many to congratulate you on your World Cup win.
"I believe they sometimes push each other in competition, which is why the competition is so fierce." your French coach opined in a conference interview. "I don't think their rivalry with one another bothers them. I believe they have a sense of personal pride in wanting to be the best."
Me and the Devil
Champions League, a championship where teams get to prove why they’re still considered the best or where other teams get to show how much they’ve improved, surprising the fans with the unexpected turn of events. 
It is a championship Barcelona tries to win every single time, much like any other team but it’s more expected from one of the best clubs of Europe. Unfortunately for the fans and the Barca players, more often than not they’ve failed at winning it. 
Each and every single time they reach the quarter-finals, the semi-finals or even the final, the players of Barcelona think; this is it, this could be the year. 
But Lyon are best at this, your team has won the championship more times than any other team and it’s often the players in white, your home colors, that snatch the win away from the Blaugrana women.
The number of spectators that show up for the final of the 2021/22 Women’s Champions League comes as no surprise as Barcelona and Lyon face off once again. There’s a mix of colored shirts supporting the teams in the stands but it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out which players’ shirts are worn by more fans. 
‘Alexia’ and ‘Lavigne’ are the names you could read off every other person’s back, but ‘J. Hermoso’ and ‘Renard’ come in close second and third. 
You’re always excited over a Lyon vs Barca match and while your excitement roots purely from the want to play against some of the greatests, Barcelona’s eagerness for the game comes from the hunger for revenge. 
It’s a beautiful match, on both sides but Lyon seem to be off to a better start with a 3-1 lead before half time. The Barca girls are itching to at least get an equalizer but the way you’re linking up with your teammates is making it very hard on them. Frustrations are let out on every inch of the pitch resulting in Ellie Carpenter, Lyon’s defender being stretched off the field. 
The match ends with both yourself and Alexia scoring another goal but the win is, once again, Lyon's. 
Barcelona was disheartened over the loss and Alexia watched with tears in her eyes as your team walked up to the stage. She watched when you lifted the trophy with Lyon your first time in 2018 and the following year, until finally it was her time and Barca won it for the first time in 2020, only to be defeated by Lyon again and watch you lift the Champions League trophy for a fourth time.
Barcelona Femení lose another Champions League, Lyon is just too good
Has this settled the debate - Lavigne over Putellas?
Alexia Putellas, Barcelona’s star player is for sure despising Y/N Lavigne after this one - find out why…
Walkin’ side by side
"It's only the media, the press, who wants us to be at odds, but I've never fought with Y/N."
Alexia had denied such accusations but ultimately it meant very little to the football community, a simple statement wouldn’t change the news and rumors about the now 6 year long rivalry between the two of you.
Fanatics still kept their eyes peeled for any interaction, wanting to prove their theories on the ill feeling between the pair of you.
Except they didn't know that yours and Alexia’s Champions League medals sit next to each other on the shelf of your living room, in the home you share with the woman. 
When the news about your transfer came out in the summer of 2022, many were questioning why you were leaving your beloved French club while others were asking where you were going. Supporters of the French club were furious at the news, you had become a club legend after all. But you needed a change of scenery and with everything going on with the national team you wanted to make a move to somewhere new.
The picture that fcb femeni posted just a week after you ended your contract with Lyon has the fans of the football world floored.
Y/N Lavigne to betray Lyon with this shocking move?
Barcelona Femení sign French striker Lavigne, is this the transfer of the decade?
Never would have anyone dared to guess you’d transfer to Barca, but the team welcomed you with open arms despite the many losses they suffered from you previously, some of them even on the international level.
Instantly rumors and speculations are spread regarding what the environment at Barca could be now that you and Alexia would be playing together.
For the first time ever the biggest rivals in women's football are going to be teammates, how will this end?
We wonder how Barcelona's changing room will be after Summer signing of Lyon's star.
All those words and comments are far from the truth though, which shows in the way the two of you link up in games. Your chemistry is unmistakable and an already successful Barcelona team only find themselves being more successful, winning games with astonishing numbers.
But behind the scenes, that chemistry of yours and Alexia’s extends beyond the ‘they know where the other is without having to look up’.
No, your chemistry is far from just teammates, if the soft lingering touches were anything to go by.
And I’m gonna see my man
Until I get satisfied
La Sang Bleue and La Reina’s statistics of the season are very similar and when you land in Paris for the Ballon D’or ceremony, it is evident it would be one of you winning. 
“It’s not the kind of rivalry where ‘Oh this player is better or that player is better’. It’s more like a ‘She’s amazing but I gotta admit, she’s good too’.” the commentator spoke during the half time at your last Lyon vs Barcelona clash.
“Like Messi and Ronaldo?” his partner asked, keeping the conversation going for the fans watching from home. She let out a small chuckle at the comparison.
“Yes, like Messi and Ronaldo.”
The only question is, which one of you would be winning your second Ballon D’ors?
Although the fans kept guessing, some even saying that they’d find a way to have you both win it, you know who you want to win.
When Alexia’s name is read from the envelope she’s sure you have the biggest smile on in the crowd as you urge her to walk up to the stage and accept her award. She’s rather stunned by the fact that she’s won it for a second time but as she starts her speech and her gaze stays on one particular person in the crowd of people, she knows you’re the best thing she’s ever won. 
You are shocked yourself when you get pulled along with her mother and sister to accompany her on the stage, but any nervousness you had melts away when your eyes connect with hers. There’s a silent conversation the two of you have but Alexia already knows the answer to her question when she recognizes the beaming look in your eyes.
Though to keep it appropriate for the event, the sweet kiss you share isn’t very long but the way you melt into each other is endearing to the ones applauding the two of you and the people watching from home. 
‘This hard launch definitely tops Kelley O’Haras World Cup kiss!’
‘Best way to come out!’
‘I guess the hatred has been resolved’
Rivals, Putellas and Lavigne share celebratory kiss at Balon D’or ceremony
Announcement of the year? Barcelona’s stars reveal their relationship at the Gala
See, See, you don’t see why
And you would dog me around
The almost decade long rivalry of Alexia Putellas and Y/N Lavigne ends in the best way possible. Though if people would have been less focused on the possible hatred the two of you might have had for each other, they maybe would have seen the signs way earlier. 
Because Alexia might be Barca’s La Reina, but she is your Reina too.
Now you'd only need to find sturdy enough shelves to hold the both of your awards.
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